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    IC:ARC Commander Alpha
    -It was the Order 66,that means every Clone should kill their Jedi General.You'll ask me why I help you then,it's because my will prevented me to kill Jedi.The Temple was on fire because the army attacked it and I don't have much information.But you must leave elswhere,because the accompanying Clones are not like me.-said Alpha.
    He shot several times in the ceiling.
    -Now you are officialy dead-smiled Alpha-take off your robes and wear the uniform,don't worry the others won't hear us.I'll throw a grenade to be sure they won't find any trace,we'll meet on the street.Do you understand?
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    He glanced at the ARC trooper and sighed, the Jedi robes were a basic ritual he performed when he only just became a padawan. He had to craft himself, a lightsaber and knit up some robes similair to the ones available to the council and the students.

    "I can't, you see, it's part of the ritual I had to do when I became jedi, it's the only thing left I have to bring back good memories. Maybe we can rally more Jedi and create a rebellion for the meanwhile, once we get off the planet we can go seperate ways, you form a permanent rebellion and we go into hiding. It's the only way I can secure your own freedom from the war."

    His proposal stood strong, but he wouldn't wear any forms of armor, he needed to find freinds.
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    IC:ARC Commander Alpha
    -Ok,you can carry your robes,but you must wear the uniform it's the only way to leave the planet and I can't go with you,I must stay,I'll be your agent in the Empire.So wear it now then you'll wear your robes,but after you leave Coruscant.-said Alpha.
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    Name: Marie-Celeste Eugenie Isabeau
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: Amber occasionally overcast by yellow
    Hair Color and Style: Waist length reddish black, worn either down or pulled into a top knot
    Skin Complexion: Light olive
    Clothing: Formal court attire for Kavala Palace, Highly stylized corseted bodice with decorative stomacher in the manner of latter half of 18th century Europe, Deep square neckline, tight fitting sleeves, with full cartridge pleated skirts falling to the floor in an oval with short train. The color of the Matriarchy is silver and thus she is almost always arrayed in silver, gray, or blue. Occasionally other colors, but rarely.
    Physique: 5?4? long slender neck and waist, yet curvaceous, dark but childlike visage
    Personality: Highly intelligent, strategic and analytic, strongly focused, searching, quiet, regal, appearing aloof, passionate, yielding, musician, very active mind, well versed in economics, politics and philosophy.
    Quirks: Rings hands. Tends to become aloof under stress. Beset by seizures/visions, shies away from physical contact due to strange ?affliction?
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Personal Ship
    Name: The Sampo
    Class: Ursean Star Clipper, Malovian Royal Ship Wrights, Malove.
    Exterior Description: Sleek, blue-gray, mottled with iridescent silver markings, with distinctive up-swept amorphous ?wings?; organic wedge shaped core fuselage and articulated wing extensions or foils curving abruptly to 60 degrees in short and pointed extensions ( like the wing tips of starlings) from the plane of the wing base. ?Beaked? prow angled down at a 35 degrees. Anterior dorsal wheel house and bridge.
    Interior Description: Varied and luxurious. An antique, it is nonetheless sleek, highly ornate and plush of appointments.
    Weapon Systems: 6 small H9 Turbolasers cannons
    Crew Compliment: 60
    Hyperspace Capability: class 1.2; 60,000 light year effective range
    Misc. Specs.: Dimensions ? length 160 m; wingspan 110 m; height 40 maximum acceleration ? (in open space) 2,900G /class 0.9 (as with all Ursean craft, very easily maneuverable); 4 escape pods ; cloaking capabilities, albeit crude


    Marie-Celeste?s system is an important source for ores used in the smelting of durasteel. As ward of Ursa?s honorary Executor and former Minister of Finance, now Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, she was often used by him as a "prop" supporting his persona as "kindly statesman." She was given to be raised in quiet domestic anonymity to a large family on a bucolic idle of a world called Gripsholm, a preservationist protected natural preserve, and seat of the Marques of Gripsholm, Senator Vanya Federov.

    At the time of Galaxy at War, Palpatine found himself in need of reestablishing his ?good? name and rallying the disentagrating alliance of the Republic. Finding a rallying point and desiring to demonstate to the public his true concern for the their best interests, Palpatine sends for his ?niece? and ward, the Infanta Marie-Celeste and later finds himself roiled in a savage and desperate campaign as Ursa becomes the object of a great Separatist assault.

    Sweeping changes had thrust Ursa System into this growing conflict. Ursa was farflung and had escaped the ravages of the Clone Wars. A system of incredible store and wealth, the Urseans wielded great influence in the galactic economy. A peaceful system and strongly isolationist, the Urseans were ruled by a feudal system just barely informed by democracy. The people were proud, effusive, exuberant, and suspicious of the Jedi and any force wielders, for that matter.

    The Isabeau family had reign unimpeded for centuries on end, and Celeste, recently coronated came to her throne with a terrible and guarded secret. Born an annoma
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    He became consumed in a foul aggression, his feelings for his companions and fellow Jedi weren't anything to be brushed away.

    "I am a Jedi general, I'm going to find my freinds. Stop me if you wish, but I wont leave without finding another Jedi. Their safety comes before my own."

    He leapt out the building using the force and landed safely after rolling into a successful posture. Standing stabley, he ran and dived into his speeder. Offering once more to let them follow and guard his life with their blasters.

    "Coming?" He gestured for them to enter their own speeders and paused for a while.

    TAG: Jedi and ARC Commander.
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    Jedi Temple

    IC: Boba Fett

    Symbols. What's in a symbol? This temple, this Jedi Temple? What was Jedi justice during the time of the Republic, right up until it died? Justice wasn't the word for it, and I know it first hand.

    A hiss from his pack and Boba put down at the entrance to the besieged temple. Up the stairs the bounty hunter went, and directly inside.

    It was dark within. DC-15 plasma shots, the lightsabers of straggler, and fires created a lightshow, its colors similar to those of a Coruscant nightclub. Pungent flames, mixed with the lingering stench of rotting corpses, produced a sell worse than a dianoga-infested sewage system. And such prompted Boba to activate the filters in his helmet.

    Boba switched on the lamp on his jetpack and slung the EE-3 over it and his back. Reaching down, he grabbed his father's Westar-34 blaster pistols.

    More firepower, faster.

    But whatever stragglers in the tempple were off in the distance, all of them being forced back and felled by the Stormtroopers.

    It seemed as though "haste makes waste" didn't apply.

    TAG: Jedi (PlamingBladeSaber or TheAdmiral maybe?)

    The Ravager

    Observation Spire

    IC: General Grievous

    A buzz.

    Half startled, I extinguished Himou's and put it away. The comlink. Comlinks be damned! When the Clone Wars still raged, every other minute someone wanted to speak to me, whether it be the noble Darth Tyranus, or the deceiver Darth Sidious. I grumbled at the thought of the gnarled old human.

    A bony finger of mine connected with a red switch on my chair and a rippled blue image appeared and I craned my head for a look.

    What was this? A Battle Droid Corporal? This had better be important, I said to myself.

    "What is it?" I held a fist to my ultrasonic vocabulator when I failed to hold back a cough.

    "General, I have been requested to connect you with Count Dooku. May I put you through?"

    If it was Tyranus, then it was obviously important, though I would've preferred that he would've contacted me himself, rather than have a mindless droid give an introduction.

    "Yes, put me through."

    TAG: Eme-ma

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    Name: Admiral Gavin Fidelis
    --Age: 36
    ---Gender: Male
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Color: Dark blue
    ------Hair Color and Style: Blonde, close-cropped.
    -------Skin Complexion: Caucasian
    --------Clothing: Military uniforms.
    ---------Physique: 6'2, tall, athletic build.
    ----------Personality: Friendly and faithful, but very intense and a very capable leader.
    -----------Quirks: Shows complete and utter devotion to friends and allies, natural leader, fierce combatant and a dead shot, and a phenomenal pilot.
    ------------Force Sensitive: No

    Personal Ship
    -Name: Semper Fidelis
    --Class: Z-95 Headhunter
    ---Exterior Description: Standard Z-95 design, will be fitted with Alliance markings later.
    ----Interior Description: Standard design.
    -----Weapon Systems: Two sets of triple blasters on each wing, fitted with dual torpedo launchers at the nose of the fighter. Will pack a punch against any enemy.
    ------Crew Compliment: 1
    -------Hyperspace Capability: Yes

    -Brief History: Born and raised on Naboo, Gavin entered the Military Academy at the age of 18, where he excelled. Due to his excellence in the Academy, Gavin began service at the rank of Lieutenant, later promoted to Captain, then Commander. Fierce and battle-hardened, Gavin will take the fight to any foe necessary.
    --Military History: Military Academy, fought in the Battle of Naboo. Will lead Alliance Military at the rank of Admiral. Not very fond of ground combat, Gavin prefers to stick to the skies, where he belongs.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Watched fellow soldiers and friends slaughtered at the hands of the Federation, later the Seperatists, and finally the Galactic Empire. As a result, Gavin pledges his devotion to the Alliance in effort to restore freedom and justice to the galaxy.
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    -I am sorry,but I can't follow,if someone sees me with a Jedi my undercover will be revealed.I shall return to the base to report of your "death".Contact me if you need something.-said Alpha.-I'll go to the Temple first.
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    "Affirmative soldier. Good luck and may the force be with you all, always." He allowed himself to pedal down harder, his foot steering down on the starfighter. He made his way through the smokey havoc and ran the fighter around the temple in search for survivors.

    "What in the force is happening in there?" He asked himself, lights buzzing past the temple and inside again. A blaster bolt flicker past his fighter and the jedi gave a sigh of relief. Once again, he picked up his comm and reported to the survivors.

    "Jedi Padawan Anaron Nexon reporting...If you are alive, please report to me now. I'll pick you up in my starfighter." He proposed, shooting downwards through the atmospheric haze of smoke and fire.
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    IC:ARC Commander Alpha
    Alpha entered again the Temple.His scaner showed that here is a another Clone."Strange,I'll go see what is happening".He walked and saw a very familiar armor....it was Boba Fett.
    -You there state your business!-shouted Alpha-And drop your weapons and prepare to be arrested in the name of the Galactic Empire!
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    Jedi Temple

    IC: Boba Fett

    Boba stopped himself rather abruptly. A voice so familiar, a command so odd.

    He roated his heas so he could steal but a glimpse of who was behind him.

    "You needn't trouble yourself or me soldier," Boba said, cool and calm. "I am an associate of the Galactic Empire."

    TAG: TheAdmiral

    OOC: Thanks dude, I was at a loss of where to jump back in. :)

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    The Draconus

    Command Deck

    IC: Yoda

    Yoda opened looked around the deck. The only Jedi he was able to take were Padawan's, who's masters had been killed by Order 66. Even then, he only had 12 with him, barely enough to pilot the Destroyer class vessel. Yoda looked towards the 'pilot'. The padawan was barely 14 years old. He looked at Yoda and smiled slightly, though Yoda could sense he still missed his master.


    "Cleared our departure, the wookies have. Their blessing, they wished, to go with us."

    "Activating launch sequence. All engines are at 60% output until we clear the forest canopy Master Yoda."

    "Good to hear, this is. A credit to lost friends, you are." Yoda paused at this, he didn't want any of the Padawan's to lose sight of the mission, but he also didn't want them to forget their former instructors. "Oriana, is the Cloak charged and ready?"

    A twelve-year old looked up from

    "Master, the cloak is still fluctuating with it's readings. I cannot garuntee that we'll remain undetected until we've activated the feild."

    "May the force be with us."

    The Draconus glided silently through the canopy of the darklands and rose gently above into the cool Kashyyk air. He looked at the Padawan's, all of them controlling the experimental craft with seemingly great ease. The engines surged slightly to boost them into the upper atmoshpere. Yoda smiled, he was proud of these students. After what they went through, it was amazing to see them work. The silent ascent was broken by a warning siren.

    "Master, we have a power loss in the rear, we're losing atmoshperic thrusters. Increasing power to the main engines to compensate."

    "Keep a cool head, you must. See what I can do, I will."

    Yoda motioned to the 15 year old padawan, who came over and allowed Yoda to climb on her back.

    "To the Rear Power Matrix, take me."

    The padawan nodded an raced off towards that area. The hallways of The Draconusweren't completely painted and lighting was at a minimum, given the limitations of building supplies. Yoda's cause for concern was justified when he saw the condition indicator at the Power Matrix: Condition:
    RED. Without a second thought, Yoda reached into the force and threw open the door. Smoke billowed out into the corridor and Yoda could sense a youngling trying to re-direct the power flow.

    "Master, I'll find a way to extinguish the fire."

    Yoda nodded and leapt up into the roof of the room. He could sense the youngling was near. Alone, sweating, struggling with the connections. He crawled through the roof cavity as quickly as he could, but felt he was going in circles.

    "Youngling, find you, I cannot."

    "Master, I'm over here. I'm trying to get power back to the engines. I could..."

    The younglings voice was overpowered by the sound of a powder extingusiher being activated below them. Yoda knew where the youngling was now. He found an opening in the trench above him and pulled himself through. He could just make out the youngling's figure through the smoke.

    "Young one, come. Safe up here, it is not."

    There was a quick flash of sparks from a relay near Yoda, followed by the sound of the thrusters firing. Yoda felt the ship returning to a normal flight path.

    "Fixed our problem, you did. Very pleased, I am, but out of danger, we are not. Come, get your wounds healed we must."

    The youngling nodded and followed yoda back down to the main deck. Yoda looked up at the condition indicator: Condition:
    NORMAL. He smiled as he walked the youngling to the medical suite.

    "Take care of him, you will."

    The 15 year old nodded. Yoda returned to the command deck. He saw the horizon of Kashyyk being replaced by the view of stars.

    "Prepare for Hyperspace, we must. In working condition, the cloak is?"

    "Master Yoda, after Jaku restored the power flow, the cloak is functioning norm
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    Name: Sevrance Tann
    --Age: 28
    ---Gender: Female
    -----Eye Color: Red
    ------Hair Color and Style: Black, long, straight
    -------Skin Complexion: blue
    --------Clothing: Tight, grey clothes
    ---------Physique: slender, athletic, tough
    ----------Personality:short tempered, evil, clever
    -----------Quirks:? (don't remember what those are :p )
    ------------Force Sensitive: Yes

    Personal Ship
    -Name: Slade
    --Class: ?
    ---Exterior Description: Black as the night with silver tribal designs
    ----Interior Description: Black and silver, leather seats, etc...
    -----Weapon Systems:?
    ------Crew Compliment:?
    -------Hyperspace Capability:?
    --------Misc. Specs.:?

    Biography Sev'rance Tann was a Chiss Dark Jedi and Commander in the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

    Favoured by Count Dooku as both a strategist and powerful Force-user, Sev'rance served often on the front lines in the early days of the Clone Wars.

    Sev'rance first gained the attention of the Jedi Order by slaying Padawan learner to Echuu Shen-Jon, Stam Reath, in defence of the Count. She was pursued by Echuu's forces from this moment onward.

    Her exploits suggest that Sev'rance was a genius in secretly striking the enemy, even in areas that where already considered potential targets. Sev'rance managed to not only seize the new Decimator weapon from its secret research facilityon Eredenn, but also to gain access to its activation codes. Furthermore, Sev'rance slipped through the tight security network of Sarapin, and, using the newly acquired Decimator, placed it under the control of the Confederacy.

    Counterattack came in the form of Echuu and his new Padawan, Naat Reath. Together they scored victories over Sev'rance's forces, before she was able to capture Naat and take her to Krant.

    Echuu followed, seeking revenge for Stam and the rescue of Naat. Sev'rance, upon her fortress being broken, issued an ultimatum. She told Echuu that he would face her alone, or she would execute Naat. Despite this, Echuu was able to destroy Tann, rescuing Naat and ending a major threat to the Republic.

    -Brief History:
    --Military History: Years and years of fighting, and fighting in Clone Wars and destroyed a Jedi and works with Count Dooku
    ---Traumatic Experiences:

    Jedi/Sith/General Grievous Only
    -Lightsaber Blade Color: Yellow
    --Lightsaber Type:Staff (double bladed)
    ---Hilt Description:Silver flame, intricate textured designs and black

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    Name: Jocasta Nu
    --Age: Elderly
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Color: Blue
    ------Hair Color and Style: Grey/Bun
    -------Skin Complexion: White
    --------Clothing: Long dress with long vest and belt
    ---------Physique: 5 foot 9 inches, thin, spry
    ----------Personality: Acerbic
    -----------Quirks: Books
    ------------Force Sensitive: Yes

    Personal Ship
    -Name: N/A
    ---Exterior Description:
    ----Interior Description:
    -----Weapon Systems:
    ------Crew Compliment:
    -------Hyperspace Capability:
    --------Misc. Specs.:

    Caretaker of the Jedi library, Jocasta Nu?s attachment is the library. She walks the stacks daily looking for documents and books out of place, carelessly abandoned by the Padawans'. After leaving the Jedi Council she was offered and accepted the position as Archives Director and has served for over thirty years. As a former member of the Council, she is often included in discussions because of her sensible, quite input and her vast and immediate recollection of the knowledge contained in the library. Her preparation of mission briefs was invaluable and saved many lives, many times. The library contains not only the complete history of the universe and galaxy, but records, documents, icons and mystical talismans of known and unknown origin ? except by Jocasta Nu.
    She had watched Qui Gon Jinn grow up in the Order and at the library. His fascination with the Living Force set him apart from his peers and elders and eventually branded him a rebel. She knew Anakin Skywalker from his many visits to the library. She knew he was important ? he asked different questions.
    With the attack on the Jedi Temple, she closed and locked the library doors. That was her responsibility. Opening the secret door leading outside, she forced the young padawan's studying in the library, out into the night - she would never know if they survived. She disabled the computer system locking herself in the library, where she prepared to defend it to the last. Instead, she found herself a prisoner. Her days are spent dusting and maintaining the library integrity.

    -Lightsaber Blade Color: Blue
    --Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Hilt Description: Red Vermillion; presented by Council for above and beyond

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    HoloNet News Service: Serving the Galaxy...


    Peace has been declared! The hated Separtists are no more!



    A new age has dawn. The Empire is born. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is now Emperor Palpatine.


    Justice will be served. The Jedi assassins of Chancellor-Elect Amidala will be hunted down and destroyed.

    Long live the Empire! Long live Emperor Palpatine!

    EDIT: A note of explanation: Like all dictatorships, the media is seized by the government, so that the people may only hear, read, see, and think what the government wants them to hear, read, see and think!


    Advertisement: Drink Ovabeck!! The drink of champion pod racers!

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    Sevrance Tann (The Ravager to see Grievous)

    An aqua blue figure strolled down the halls. The duty of battle and blood called to her. The temptation was unbearable to fight....her eyes bled the blood of many she slaughtered, and glowed for the rage and need for more. Her blood raced as she was excited and enthralled in combat. She only wondered what her next duty would be.

    Her long, smooth, black hair swung across her bare back, as her top showed little cleavage, a higher cut halter top. Her pants were long and raven black and smooth. Her boots were of black leather, and her figure was foreboding and deadly to look upon. The figure of Sevrance Tann was approaching the droid army leader Grievous. Her face was calm, and her enthusiasm was held inside for the moment.

    As she reached the area, her eyes fell upon the metal body and cloak. She leaned her weight towards her left leg and placed her right hand on her hip.

    "Tyranus has called for you I heard. More battles I presume. I do wish to hear this," Sevrance gave a small sedistic smile as she started more towards the huge figure of metal and wires again, with his coughs continuing.

    Tag: Mortimer_Nerdly
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    The Ravager

    Observation Spire

    IC: General Grievous

    I looked up. Up and away from my wasted focus on the Battle Droid Corporal connecting me to my gentleman lord.

    "His lordship's apprentice," I greeted. "You surprised me.

    My Kaleesh eyes fell from the Chiss woman's face, beautifully attractive, to her belt.

    To her lightsaber, her Sith weapon.

    "A new one?" I queried, holding back a wheezey couch. "Imagine seeing one of those in my collection. What happened to your first?"

    TAG: Mertroid

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    IC: Dooku


    ====== ======= ====== ====== ===== =====


    I looked towards my monitor, "General Grievous, I would like a status report. And stop playing with your trinkets, please!"

    I stopped. I'd recognize that Chiss face anywhere.

    "My apprentice... I see you have joined Grievous on the Ravager. I hope you are still in contact with those overseeing our project near the Moons of Arbra."

    TAG: Tann, Grievous

    Grr... mort... :p
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    OOC: Just plugging along

    IC: Tarkin

    Tarkin sat in his private office down the hall from the bridge at his desk. It wasn't easy controling a fleet group, and his own was no exception, as much as he would no doubt have liked them to be. He initialed here and there, read a few reports on drive outputs and fighter squadron status.... everything all right there. Every once and a while, he was reassured that he wasn't there for nothing as a blast from the turbolasers echoed through the ship.

    He pressed the call button and about two minutes later, a Captain came in.

    "Yes my Moff?" he nervous Captain said, snapping to attention.

    "Captain." said Tarkin casually. "Have we captured or killed any Jedi trying to flee on or offworld?"

    "A few sir!" said the Captain. "Their Aetherspite fighters revert from hyperspace periodically. We have the landing coordinates under constant survaillence. Shoot on sight my Lord."

    "Good. If you can, try to capture one or two of them. I am sure the Emperor wouldn't mind having an experiment or two to bide his time with. If the task is too hard though, have no qualms in destroying them."

    "Yes sir." said the Captain as he bowed and left the room.

    Tarkin mused to himself as he monitored some holonet transmissions. Indeed the war was over. Peace and prosperity was the issue of the day once more. And Tarkin was there on the winning side. It is the kind of stuff you could rest easy with, to know you are helping so many people.

    Tarkin smiled and looked a flimsy for shield coupling matrices.

    TAG: Imperials, whoever
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    Padme Amidala on board Captain Hannes Vanepp ship, 'The Millennium Falcon'.

    It took a few seconds for Amidala to remember where she was. Not the Naboo Embassy. Not Coruscant.

    She was fleeing, attempting to save the lives of her children.

    The emotions of the last day and a half attempted to engulf her, but Padme shoved them aside. I can't think about it...

    She rose and splashed cold water on her face and stared at the reflection in the mirror. Amidala did not recognize the face that stared back at her.

    Pain in her eyes...Anakin...what have you done?

    She turned away....

    "...an exile's life for me..ya ho , ya ho..."

    Padme could not help but smile. Hannes was singing at the top of his lungs, deliberately off tune. She followed the screeching to the cockpit.

    "I believe they will hear that all the way back to Coruscant, Hannes."

    "Padala!..I'm sorry...did I wake you sweetheart?"


    "Have a seat..." Vanepp nodded towards the First Mate's chair.

    "Are we making good time?"

    "Yep...the Falcon is a fast ship...pity..I think I'll have to give her up soon...but, I have a ship in every port..."

    "Is this Giles's flask?"
    Padme picked up the container and sniffed the contents.

    "Yep...he dranked enough so he could sleep rest the way..."

    "He hates space travel..." the two friends said together.
    Padme laughed. Curious, she took a sip of Senob's beverage...and coughed.

    "Careful now, Padala...you not be use to the hard stuff..."

    "If I thought it could erase my memory, I'd drink every last drop."

    What could one say to comfort her, thought Vanepp.
    He reached over and took Padme's hand.
    Amidala squeezed it in return.

    "I'm numb, Hannes...I'm afraid to rest or sleep long. I'm afraid I would just collapse and never get up again."

    "No one will deny that you've been through the 7 hells and back.No one would say you were weak if you cried, Pad. It's an emotional outlet...

    But, we've known each other since 8...you don't give up...while there's breath in your body...you don't give up...
    Palpatine underestimated you and your determination years ago when you were queen....well , history has repeated itself...he's underestimated you again..."

    End of post

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    IC: The Jedi Knight

    The squid-like ship soared through space in a matter much like the marine animal, it represents, in search of prey. Such a ship was filled with evil: evil created it and evil adorned the ship with the many devises now used by the pilot.

    But this pilot wasn't evil. Quite the contrary: this pilot was a beacon for good in the universe. Well... an unseen beacon. He's been known as the Jedi Ghost, a phantom roaming from system to system destroying Imperial military settlement that his path crosses.

    He wasn't exactly the quintessance of virtue himself. Using sneak attacks was the only way to keep this Guerilla War up against the Sith. Sith...

    Palpatine was slime, Himou knew it for years! He never trusted that man and, for a while back then, thought that Dooku might have been onto something about a Sith controlling the Senate.

    The Arm of the Rebellion blasted out of Hyperspace and into the Kashyyyk System. I'm home?

    Tag: Yoda, any Jedi in Kashyyyk
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    -Name: Aayla Secura
    -- Age: 22
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Twi'lek
    -----Eye Color: Brown
    ------Hair Color and Style: Lekku with head dress
    -------Skin Complexion: deep cerulean hue
    --------Clothing: Brown leather halter top, brown tights cinched at the hips with leather belt. Brown knee high boots.
    ---------Physique: Athletic
    ----------Personality: highly empathic, intelligent, and impulsive but seemingly devoid of anger.
    She has an impish and sometimes mischievious sense of humor
    -----------Quirks: Can be flirty and sassy at times.
    ------------Force Sensitive: Yes

    Personal Ship

    -Name: Silverslip
    --Class: Eta-A2 Starfighter
    ---Exterior Description: Silver
    ----Interior Description: Black leather customized pilot seat
    -----Weapon Systems: dual laser cannons; 2 secondary ion cannons
    ------Crew Compliment: One
    -------Hyperspace Capability: None. Depends on a separate booster craft for hyperspace travel
    --------Misc. Specs.: Astromech droid is hard-wired into the port side.


    -Brief History: Born on Ryloth, Aayla was taken as an infant and raised in the Jedi Temple. She was padawan to Quinlan Vos and later to Master Tholme.
    --Military History: A leader in many battles.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Brushes with the dark side; her imprisonment and subsequent loss of memories by her uncle on her home planet.

    Jedi/Sith/General Grievous Only

    -Lightsaber Blade Color: Blue
    --Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Hilt Description: Silver hilt
  23. LadyWhilla Jedi Master

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    IC: Aayla Secura

    Aayla's lekkus twitched as she stepped around the trunk of a giant tree and into a clearing. She gazed up into the night sky and sighed. It looked so peaceful and she longed for a time when peace would come for her Jedi brethren. So much tragedy had befallen her comrades that she shuddered when a light breeze crossed her folded arms.

    A falling star caught her eye and she followed it down to the darkened horizon. As it came closer, Aayla realized it wasn't a star but a spacecraft. Curious but cautious she moved forward.

    Tag: Himou
  24. TheAdmiral Jedi Master

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    OOC:No problem Mort
    IC:ARC Commander Alpha
    -Ok,and you don't want to mess with me!-said Alpha-State your business!
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    OOC: **High Five**


    Jedi Temple

    IC: Boba Fett

    Taking a few steps, Boba turned himself around and looked upon the Imperial Stormtrooper, only a head taller than he was. The soldier was right; Boba didn't want to mess with me. The bounty hunter simply wished he could resume his task.

    "My business is here the same as yours soldier; to 'clean out' the Jedi Temple. My orders come from his majesty himself, Emperor Palpatine."

    TAG: The Admiral

    The Ravager

    Observation Spire

    IC: General Grievous

    That was quick.

    A quick cough and I recomposed myself, giving my full attention to Lord Tyranus' crackly, miniscule image.

    "The Confederacy's first Providence II Class Destroyer is near completion. The last I checked, milord, she will be fully spaceworthy and ready for testing against live targets in six standard hours. My patience teeters on a thin rope in regards to the Ravager's launch as I'm sure yours does."

    TAG: Eme-ma, Mertroid

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