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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by pashatemur, May 23, 2005.

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  1. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC:ARC Commander Alpha
    "My business is here the same as yours soldier; to 'clean out' the Jedi Temple. My orders come from his majesty himself, Emperor Palpatine."
    -So if you make it that way,you are free to go!-said Alpha.
  2. LordDarthUmbrus

    LordDarthUmbrus Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 24, 2004
    I.C. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

    The greatest hurdle was now achieved. At last Palpatine was Emperor. At last, Darth Sidious ruled the Galaxy, secretly, in the name of the Sith.

    In his mind Sidious could hear the cheers of all the ancient Dark Lords mingled with the still lingering cheers of the Senators in the Senate Rotunda. The Sith had won!

    Sidious swished along in his maroon velveteen robes, an inverted arrow for a smile on his lips. His yellow eyes shined like death stars as he walked with his retinue toward his new 'Emperor's Preperation Chamber' (once known as the Republic Chancellor's Waiting Room).

    Suddenly he stopped. The smile instantly vanished to be replaced by a deep scowl. Mas Amedda immediately came to his new Emperor's side, concern on his blue atrocity of a face.

    "Your Majesty, what is wrong?" Amedda reached a hand toward Sidious.

    Sidious was looking up and away and unconsciously slapped Amedda's hand away with a sharp brushing motion.

    "Pain. Lord Vader is in pain." The Emperor whispered absent mindedly. A look of deep concern crossed Sidious' face. Then it wavered between a half smile and a frown.

    "Get my shuttle immediately. We must to the Nubian Embassy, now." The Emperor's suddenly deep and gravelly voice commanded to Amedda.

    Amedda was not used to this new aspect to his lord's voice. It had happened since the assassination attempt by the Jedi. The voice was Palpatine's and yet . . . it wasn't. It was very creepy, Amedda thought.

    "Bu-but, what of the reception, your Majesty. You are expected in the Senate Lobby! It will look bad if . . ."

    DOOOOOO IIIIIIT! Sidious growled at Amedda. Amedda started at this kind of response. It was like being threatened by a vicious wild animal.

    "Bu-b-b-bu but of course, your Majesty." Amedda nearly stumbled in his panic to get away from what he instinctively felt was his impending death. He narrowed his small mind on the task at hand, comming the shuttle pilot.

    Sidious stormed to the turbolift to the shuttle dock. His red guards had a hard time keeping up with him despite their being a head taller and longer legged.

    Sidious touched his temple, suddenly feeling a nauseating pain there. Vader's pain.

    The guard offered a concerned "Are you all right your Majesty?!" through his voice filter in his red helmet.

    "Yes, YES, just get me down to that shuttle NOW." Sidious bit out impatiently.

    "We're nearly there, your Majesty." the guard soothed.

    Sidious was out the turbolift door before it was fully opened. His maroon robes billowed as he nearly ran up the hatchway. The guards double-timed to keep up.

    The shuttle was up and its stabilizers down before the entry ramp had fully closed. The majestic ship sped away. An Imperial Fighter Escort joined to clear traffic before the Emperor as he rushed to his Apprentice's side.

    Sidious rushed out the hatch and through the Nubian Embassy's enterance-way. Clone guards snapped to tight attention as they saw who had arrived. The red guards were left far behind, despite their best efforts to keep up.

    Sidious didn't even have to use the Force to track Lord Vader. He merely had to follow the trail of blood drops and smears left by him. He stopped a moment to notice a particularly gruesome spotting of it near the entry way of the Embassy's main living quarters. The blood spatter was coupled with bloody boot prints leading into the chamber.

    "Goooouuuuud." Sidious breathed, licking his lips and smiling at the site. He then rushed on through the opening.

    There Lord Vader lay. Curled on the floor in his own blood. Shivering. His dark cloak splayed messily on the floor.

    Sidious quickly moved and knelt to his Apprentice's side and touched his forehead. The cut on Vader's head and brow suddenly stopped hemorrhaging and began to knit slightly.

    "Lord Vader! Can you hear me, my son? It is your Master. . . . Anakin! Anakin Awaken!" Vader stirred on the floor, groaning. He had lost much blood. Sidious gently stroked a lock of b
  3. FlamingBladeSaber

    FlamingBladeSaber Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 14, 2005
    Anaron searched Coruscant for any surviving Jedi at this time, no-one was around the greet him, he felt awfully scared at this time as he thought no Jedi existed anymore.

    "No, I can't let this be the end. For thousands of years the Jedi have served peace and justice to the galaxy, now the republic have turned their backs on us and made my family, freinds and fellow Jedi extinct! Justice, I promise each of my Jedi freinds."

    TAG: Remaining Jedi on Coruscant.
  4. Nefertiti

    Nefertiti Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 15, 2004
    Jocasta headed into the medical stacks looking for an old volume on Force Healing. She thought it might be?ah yes, there it was. Placing it in between several other volumes, she ignored the guards and went into her private office. Placing the books on her desk, she watched the door as she manipulated a code into the pad on the inside of her desk. With a hiss a small opening in floor opened. She knew she would only have a moment out of their sight before someone came to see what she was doing. She shuffled some papers and turned to the front of her desk constantly moving her hands and making noise. She didn?t dare look around to see if she was being watch. Sliding the books off the edge of the desk, she turned and stepped toward the opening. Within she could see several packages. This would be the last thing she hid in this spot.

    The guard, bored, tired and hungry, watched the old woman step deeper into the office, out of his sight. He waited a moment, stepped forward from his position, nodded to his counterpart and walked towards the librarian?s office. He could hear her doing something. Looking into the office, he saw her slight figure bent over a small table smelling flowers. She looked at him, or through him, he was never sure if she ever saw him.

    ?Breath, Jocasta. Just Breath?, she whispered as she walked past the guard back into the library.

    Her plan was to hide or destroy as many secrets as she could before time gave out. Eventually, he would get them, but not as many and certainly not whole ? not if she could help it.

    Today?s treasure was the first book on Force Healing. Unique in that it held secrets on healing not only the body but the soul. The disturbances in the Force, led her to believe that someone might be interested in that subject. Because the Force does not identify good and evil, she would do it this time.
  5. FlamingBladeSaber

    FlamingBladeSaber Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 14, 2005
    "I guess I should give up my searches, but I will find the people responsible and when I do, I'll make those twisted freaks pay." The hate, wasn't controlling him, but the force leading him towards the path of justice.

    He wasn't one to provoke murder, but no-one knew that he cared about his freinds that much as to defend each one of them with his life. He landed his speeder on the Jedi temple and began searching for his prey.

    TAG: Anyone on Coruscant, jedi preferably.
  6. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004

    Name:Dennii Sunwalker
    -----Eye Color:Ice-Blue
    ------Hair Color and Style:Long Blond hair
    -------Skin Complexion:pale
    --------Clothing:Jedi Robes
    ---------Physique:Not very tall
    -----------Quirks:sometimes very sensitive
    ------------Force Sensitive:Yes

    Personal Ship:none for the moment

    -Brief History:brought in the Temple when she was very young.She befriended Anakin Skywalker even that she was younger.She was shocked when her Master died and her training wasn't complete.And when she saw her friend Anakin to kill Jedi she fell unconscious,her heart was broken.Her special ability is to hide that she is a Force User so other Force Users can't sense that she is a Jedi
    --Military History:she was a Jedi Major in the war,but she didn't participate in many battles
    ---Traumatic Experiences:death of her Master and the destruction of the Temple

    -Lightsaber Blade Color:Silver
    --Lightsaber Type:Single
    ---Hilt Description:elegant,black hilt

    IC:ARC Commander Alpha
    Alpha walked alone through the corridors.He entered a room and saw a girl's body on the floor.He ducked,and saw that before she fell uncoscious she had been crying a lot.Fortunately she was alive.He took her body "I'll carry her to my living quarter,then will decide what to do".He walked to his speeder,the girl's body was not heavy."The poor girl,she had a very bad day" he touched her hair,it was soft and clean.
    He arrived to his quarter and placed the girl on the bed.Alpha wore off his armour and wore a normal clothing.

    IC:Dennii Sunwalker
    It was terrible,the Temple was destroyed,her friends dead,and she remembered the man,the friend who was responsible for all this suffering.......Anakin Skywalker.She ran to her room,crying and made herself uncoscious.She woke up....saw a familiar face....a Clone...No...she must react....he'll kill her...she jumped off the bed and ignited her lightsaber....strange the Clone was very calm and seemed friendly.
    -Easy now,I won't hurt you.-said the Clone.
    He was speaking the thruth,she sensed it.
    -You'll be safe here.-said the Clone.-I am ARC Commander Alpha.
    -I am Dennii Sunwalker.-replied Dennii.
    -I have a plan,you'll play my adobted daughter,I am a Commander and the Command will permit me to have a adobted daughter.But I must go now,I must return to the Temple and I'll come back with other Jedi I saved!
  7. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Lord Vader
    LOCATION: Nubian Embassy

    He lay for a long while, it seemed. He floated from conscious to unconsciousness. The dark came on so suddenly and overwhelmingly as to take one?s breath. Some part of him despairing held on tenaciously to all the betrayal. Why? Why? After all the sacrifice. I have given my life, time and time again, I trusted, I loved. Why? /There will never be enough/ No! That?s right, never enough and in the end, what did it matter? /She would never be able to appreciate the price you paid, and as it is/?No! She would never have left of her own will. She was made to leave, and now she is out there. She will die, if I don?t help her. Padme! Di?muori, di magdethe!

    If Obi wan had not come, I should have returned in time, to prevent this. Maybe that was the plan. No! Obi wan lied. I know she is alive and the baby too. I will find them. The Jedi took her. Finally the variables became far to many in number and his mind shut down.

    At least the whispering was gone. Now, there was a calming, a quiet, and a sure way, it opened before him. A warmth radiated, a sublime tenderness, a velvet caress and the dark felt comfortable and formed itself into a finite and specific path. Anakin turned his mind to it, and slowly, haltingly, he opened his eyes, his eyelids fluttering and to breathe hurt, and he felt himself yet falling; the room still spinning. His vision all a blur; no colors defined a discrete shape, but rather bled one into another. Yet the presence was sure, it called to him, "Lord Vader! Can you hear me, my son? It is your Master. . . . Anakin! Anakin Awaken!"

    ?Master,? he said weakly, pleadingly, ?she?s gone!?

    TAG: Emperor Palpatine, Lord Sidious
  8. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    OOC: Just to let everyone know, I have my character sheet ready, I am just talking with another character about some things with my character. :)

  9. Mukiruh

    Mukiruh Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 22, 2005
    IC: Alorian

    Alorian was shocked when his communicater blared to life.
    He dodged down a back alley to reply, "Jedi Knight Alorian Reporting, Padawan. Here are my coordinates."
    With that he punched in the coordinates that came up on his Comm Link.
    Finally another Jedi..
  10. Mertroid

    Mertroid Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 29, 2002
    Sevrance Tann (on the Ravager with Grievous talking with him and Dooku)

    Sevrance had nodded her head in acknowledgement of her master Dooku. The same face with beard and hair looked upon the droid and her as he always had with the emotionless face. Sevrance listened attentively and was pleased to hear this information. The coughs from Grievous rang in her ears as she swished her hair around and gazed to her lightsaber hilt and the other. Sevrance knew not to speak as the two discussed matters. She would answer Grievous' question later and of course she was in contact with the people near Arbra. Sevrance had given some lovely threats and slices to make sure they continued to work and do as they were ordered. Her face wore a calm face, and inside she was delighted and waiting for orders and action.

    Tag: Mortimer_Nerdly, Dooku

  11. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    OOC: Here is my character:

    Name: Arin Nely (pronounced Neely)
    --Age: 16
    ---Gender: Male
    ----Species: Falleen
    -----Eye Color: Blue
    ------Hair Color and Style: Black, slicked back in in a ponytail
    -------Skin Complexion: Green
    --------Clothing: Wears black Jedi Robes
    ---------Physique: Fairly Muscular
    ----------Personality: Good-hearted, nice. He can be a very aggressive fighter.
    -----------Quirks: Thinks of others before himself. Does things for the good of others.
    ------------Force Sensitive: Yes

    Personal Ship
    -Name: n/a
    --Class: Jedi Starfighter
    ---Exterior Description: Black and green in color. A modern style JediStarfighter
    -----Weapon Systems: Laser Cannons, torpedoes
    ------Crew Compliment: 1, and an astromech droid
    -------Hyperspace Capability: None, unless it has the hyperdrive ring.

    -Brief History: Arin was born on the planet of Falleen to two wealthy parents. However, he was not meant to be born, and, luckily, Jedi happened to be on the planet at the time of his birth. His parents gave him to the Jedi willingly, and has been at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant since.

    Growing up, Arin became good friends with two other Jedi apprentices, Julee and Arn. They practically did everthing together from the time they were 2. They became known as the 'Little Trio' within the order as a joke.

    Arin grew strong in the ways of the Force, and became and was thought to be one of the best Jedi, well, until Anakin Skywalker arrived. He had special talents, it seemed, and was a very fast child. He specialized in weapon fighting as a teen, and was quickly accepted as an apprentice.

    Now, he is a very promising Jedi fighting in the Clone Wars, one of the youngest on the battlefield. And he hopes to end this destructive conflict and bring peace to the galaxy.
    --Military History: Fought during the Clone Wars.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Has seen many people die, including his good friend Julee who died fighting in one of the battles.

    -Lightsaber Blade Color: Dark Blue
    --Lightsaber Type: He has 2, but uses one most of the time. He is training with two sabers. The second saber is that of Julee's.
    ---Hilt Description: The hilt of his saber is shiny black in color. It is slightly curved at the end, and is not too small, or too big. Arn's is silver metallic in color, and straight.


    I will get a post up later on tonight...after milney.;)

  12. Mortimer_Nerdly

    Mortimer_Nerdly Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 19, 2002
    OOC: I'll get a Grievous post up as soon as Eme posts.

    [hl=black][]=====#[]<[/hl][hl=red]---------------- M_N! ----------------[/hl]
  13. Nefertiti

    Nefertiti Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 15, 2004
    IC: Jocasta

    There was some disturbance within the temple. She moved to the balcony to try and see. The guard waved her back. Soon there were blasters heard, running and yelling. Her guards leaned over the balcony and looking into the Meditation Garden, they saw Clone troopers chasing after...someone. Stepping up behind them, she rested against the wall and leaned on her elbows, watching the sun begin to set, she closed her eyes and started to hum. The guards, still caught up in the excitement below, did not see the package slip from her hands and fall. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the branches in the Fischu tree move. She smiled and returned to the library.
  14. Dooku-of-Serenno

    Dooku-of-Serenno Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2005
    OOC: Mort, please refer to him as Dooku rather than Eme. It can get confusing! [face_laugh]

    IC: Dooku

    "Good... This is great news. Tann, I would like you to return to my ship once you've helped Grievous take the capitol. That'll be all for right now."


    Now I have to wait... Wait out this storm that is surrounding the "Republic."

    The Jedi will fight back, if I know Master Yoda well enough. Then.... THEN we'll strike the Empire right where it will hurt the most.

    Tag: Grievous, Tann
  15. milney

    milney Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 21, 2003
    The Draconus

    Command Deck

    IC: Yoda

    The doors to the command deck slid open with a little more than tolerable noise. Yoda stepped out and proceeded towards the pilot.

    "Master, we're about to leave hyperspace. The cloak is showing some signs of stress, we may not ge invisible."

    "Have much choice, we do not. Rely on the force, I will."

    Yoda closed his eyes and reached out into the force. He shrouded the ship with the force, preventing detection. He felt the Jedi throughout the Galaxy, some were scared, others confused, but most had not recieved the information that would ensure their survival.

    The ship exited hyperspace alot closer to the planet than normal. It hit the atmosphere as if they crashed into the ocean. The jolt rattled the ship and all of it's crew.

    "Master, the computer failed to pull us out of hyperspace on time, we've hit the atmosphere 12 times faster than we should have. The cloak is still functioning, but we're not invisible. The Kamino Militia would be detecting an asteroid striking the atmosphere."

    Yoda was attempting to get his foting, but it was difficult when he was pressed against the rear wall of the command deck.

    "Stabilise the ship, we must. Reduce out speed, our first concern is! All drag flaps, extend!"

    The ship began to groan as the drag flaps began to extend. The decks began to shudder as the breaking thrusters began to fire. The Draconus began to level slightly, but it was still shooting through the atmosphere faster than was safe. There was a huge shock that spread accross the entire ship as one of the drag flaps tore off.

    "Master, our speed is too great, we cannot land at the Cloning Facility at this speed and we don't have enough distance to slow down."

    Yoda finially was able to make his way to the Padawan who was piloting.

    "Padawan, course we must set, for the sea under the facility. Use the ocean, we can, to reduce our speed."

    The padawan nodded. The atmospheric engines fired and the ship's speed began to slow at a better rate. The pilot tilted nose of The Draconus down towards the sea. A padawan in the engine room called over the intercomm with a very worried tone.

    "Master Yoda, in order to be able to lift off from the ocean, we must shut down the main engines 5 seconds before impact. This means we'll have no means of stabilising the ship if the waves become rough."

    "Do what is needed, you will."

    The ocean in the rainy planet of Kamino was always known for large waves. Yoda knew that this would not be an easy landing.

    "Brace yourselves for impact!"

    No sooner had the padawan called that, did the main engines shut down and the ship picked up speed. It sliced through the surface of the ocean, in the one break of the waves. Yoda felt releived, but he knew the trouble was not over yet. They still had to get back out of the sea. An emergency siren sounded as the condition indicators returned to their red status.

    "Master, the lower decks are taking on water. The doors to those areas are being sealed, but we'll need to get out of here pretty quickly."

    Yoda quickly searched the force. He was more than releived to see that no padawan was in the lower decks. The lift thrusters fired and the ship began to rise out of the water. Yoda looked around at the various displays. Problem after problem was beginnign to be shown. Power failure in communications sytem; Lower 4 decks breaches sealed off; Possible hyperdrive failure. Things looked as though they were going from bad to worse, until they broke free of the ocean. The padawan piloting put the ship down as carefully as possible at the landing platform.

    "A good landing, that was. Before we disembark, release the seals on the lower sections, we need to."

    The padawan who sealed the decks nodded and released the doors. A huge rush over water flowed over the landing platform as the decks were emptied. As Yoda headed down the loading ramp, he motioned for a few padawans to follow him. They were
  16. Shadow_Wolf75

    Shadow_Wolf75 Jedi Master star 1

    May 18, 2005
    OOC: Well, here's my approved character . . .

    Name: Kessa Danai
    --Age: 20
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Whatever that wolf guy in Clone Wars was
    -----Eye Color: Gold
    ------Hair Color and Style: Straight black, pulled back in a ponytail
    -------Skin Complexion: Grey fur
    --------Clothing: Pale blue robes styled after the Jedi's
    ---------Physique: Toned
    ----------Personality: Intelligent, relatively quiet, but doesn't like to see people suffer and will do nearly anything to put an end to that suffering.
    -----------Quirks: Not the greatest fighter ever, but she can hack computers like nobody's business. Is also a semi-decent shot with a blaster.
    ------------Force Sensitive: Yes

    Personal Ship
    -Name: Lunar Blade
    --Class: Jedi Starfighter
    ---Exterior Description: Jet black with crescent moon symbols on both wings
    ----Interior Description:
    -----Weapon Systems: Blasters and missiles
    -------Hyperspace Capability: Yes
    --------Misc. Specs.:

    -Brief History: Kessa was just your typical Jedi Padawan, until she and her Master were ordered to be part of the group that ended the Kaleesh-Huk War. She knew the war had to be stopped, but truly thought the Jedi and the Republic were supporting the wrong side. The Kaleesh were the ones suffering, and the sanctions only made things worse. She wanted to do something but she couldn't figure out what . . . that would come after she left the planet, however.

    Afterwards, Kessa went home to Coruscant and completed her training. Not long after that, it was discovered she'd hacked into the computers of several Republic freighters, they were all carrying food and she routed every last one of them to Kalee. This was just after the start of the Clone Wars, so she was dismissed from the order. Kessa eventually went running to the CIS, thinking that there she could help the worlds that the Republic all too happily walked all over.

    --Military History: Minimal fighting in the Kaleesh-Huk War, Intel ops during Clone Wars
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Witnessing the devastation of Kalee, encountering General Grievous on a CIS ship and narrowly avoiding getting killed by telling him of how she tried to help his people

    Jedi/Sith/General Grievous Only
    -Lightsaber Blade Color: Cyan
    --Lightsaber Type: Single
    ---Hilt Description: Silver with black accents

    Affiliation: Jedi(former), CIS(current)
  17. Mukiruh

    Mukiruh Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 22, 2005
    IC: Alorian

    The time of inactivity while waiting for the Jedi Padawan to either reply or find him, gave Alorian's memories time to catch up to him.

    //"Sir Alorian aid us! Please!!" A young apprentice screamed as the clones invaded the temple.

    Alorians blade came down across the shoulders of one Clone trooper, cutting through it. shifting his blades trajectory, he cut the trooper in half.


    Blood was everywhere now. it was impossible- Alorian's silver blade was a blur, deflecting bolts- Killing those he had fought alongside for months. He had to save the apprentices.
    .."Help me please"...
    "Am I going to die?"


    The voices of the children rang throughout his mind. Tears formed at the edges of his eyes.
    Not all the Jedi training in the world could stop his memories from coming, or his grief from overtaking him.
    They are dead because I could not save them..

    Tag: Other Jedi, Anyone on Coruscant.
  18. Shadow_Wolf75

    Shadow_Wolf75 Jedi Master star 1

    May 18, 2005
    IC: Kessa Danai
    Location: The Ravager, computer core

    Kessa Danai was currently one very busy Lunarian, what with being so deep inside a console only her legs and her furry tail were sticking out from the access port. She made the few final connections and started backing out of the console.

    "There, that should just about do it--"

    A tech droid nearby asked out of the blue, "That should just about do what, Miss Danai?"

    Kessa startled at the droid's voice and banged her head on the inside of the console. "Gwah! OW! Stupid droid . . ." She crawled the rest of the way out and glared at it; when there was no response at that she just kept talking. "As I was saying, TX-41, that should just about do it for the connections. We're finally done, The Ravager's computer systems are fully operational!"

    The droid processed that for a second, then replied with, "General Grievous would like to know this, you know how impatient he's been about getting this ship online."

    Kessa flattened her pointy ears at this, she didn't much relish the thought of encountering Grievous again, even over the commlink. 'Then again', she thought, 'he did seem somewhat willing to tolerate me after I told him I sent all those supplies to his homeworld, even though I'm a Jedi. I think he was still eyeing my lightsaber, though.'

    "Um, Miss Danai?" The droid seemed puzzled at Kessa's silence.

    "Huh? Oh, sorry TX-41, I was just lost in thought there for a minute. I'll just call the General, then." Kessa keyed her commlink to Grievous' frequency and then spoke. "General Grievous, this is Kessa Danai from Engineering. The Ravager's comp systems are online and ready to go. As soon as the other sections report all clear, we'll be ready to go."

    TAG: Grievous
  19. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    IC: Arin Nely

    [blockquote]Arin sat on his bed, resting. He and Arn had been in search of Arin's master, Master Yoda, who had disappeared a while ago. Arin felt the worst for his master, and always thought that Yoda would never die. But, this war was very destructive, and it takes it's toll on everyone, even the most powerful Jedi Master in the Jedi order.

    As he sat, Arn walked up to him. "Hey, Arin. How are you?" He asked.

    Arin sighed. "Alright, I guess," he said, shrugging. He looked up at his good friend. "Can you leave?" He asked. "I don't mean to sound rude, but..."

    Arn smiled. "I know Arin. I will leave you be." The apprentice then left the room.

    Arin began to meditate, stretching his feelings for his Jedi Master. Currently, Arin and Arn were located in Hutt Space. They were there for two reasons, the war, and their search for Yoda. They had no clue where he was, and had no clue where to start. Suddenly...

    Arin felt weak, he couldn't see, couldn't breathe, couldn't even hear. It was as if he was hit by a massive gust of wind...his mind was twirling like a tornadoe. All this happened within a few seconds. All this happened, because he felt the death of his master...[/blockquote]

    TAG: Noone

    OOC: This is just a starting post. ;)

  20. LadyZaraMarta

    LadyZaraMarta Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 21, 2004
    Padme Amidala

    Amidala thanked her colleague for the sanctuary he provided.
    The senator bowed over the Chancellor-Elect's hand,kissing it lightly.

    "Madame, I am at your service. You will find the lodge fully stocked and there will be guards on the perimeter of the grounds. "

    The lodge was a summer retreat used by the royal family .As it was now early winter in that part of the hemisphere the lodge had been closed.
    A fire had been lit in the main room which served as the gathering /dining room. The private chambers were located on the second floor, an exterior balcony wrapped around the circular lodge giving each room a magnificent view of the snowcapped mountains.

    Padme carried a sleeping Tanis, while Dorme carried Luke in her arms.

    "I feel safe here..." Amidala looked to each person gathered about her.
    "I..I can't begin to thank each of you. Each of you have risked your lives to come with me. I can't ask that of you any longer.
    Please, go now..."

    "Madame Chancellor, I think I can speak for all of us. When we came into your service, we took an oath to serve you...we shall continue to serve you...come what may." spoke Typho.

    End of post

  21. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Celeste (Marie-Celeste, Reina of Ursa)
    LOCATION: Mannerhouse Gripsholm

    Celeste stared with trepidation at the small white disc upon Vanya Federov?s old desk. The holonet transceiver sat cool, and thankfully, unused of late. Leaning back in the highbacked leather chair, Celeste gazed up at the painting of her late and lovely mother, the Reina Sofia. Such innocence! Creation has not spared me that innocence, thought Celeste angrily.

    Ursa was so completely different from the rest of the galaxy. The people were insular in their attitude toward other systems. Barely had Ursa worked out their own democracy and their participation in the Republic was tenuous at best.

    The Duma wished to return to the embargo, now the wars were over. ?We must preserve Ursa?s home rule. This Empire, it has little to do with us, and mark me, it means no more or no less, Republic or Empire, we hold great wealth and resources. Let us stand apart!? called the Whip.

    ?Here, here,? came the cries from the gallery.

    Celeste closed her eyes. They did not understand what had just happened. They could not possibly comprehend the magnitude. Celeste loved Ursa, and in her heart she wished they could withdraw. Yet, she knew. She felt, that her patron would soon call in his favors. He had not spoken to her alone since that horrible night of the vote of confidence. Then at the coronation, he?d whispered in her ear. She could not bear to think of it, and the very last time she?d seen him was before the Battle of Malove on Coruscant, at the reception and that too, had brought much fear and pain.

    Now, she was truly alone! Was there anyone else left who knew the secrets she knew? Anakin must be dead, she thought morosely. The Jedi were being hunted down. The Kavalad were happy any Force users were being taken, for their part. They had not ceased their agitating, even in the prison camps. There had been some sort of skirmish just outside the Kavala Palace gates involving a Jedi and the remants of the now defunct Republic's troops; a brigade stationed at the partially rebuilt base Ursa had ceded in a treaty for military aid.

    She had been celebrating the sacred feast when she had that feeling, of being empty, terribly empty. She turned from the acolytes and clutched her hands to her breast. /There will never be enough!/ said the voice. ?Oh,? she exclaimed and turning round, Celeste nearly fell.

    She stood alone in the somber light of the Chapel. Though a thousand little votives flickered in their ceremonial pots, It was dark and the incense hung in the air in thick swirls. Falling before the altar, on the cold and ancient stones, she began her prayers and then broke off, ?I am alone! Where is the hallowed voice? How shall I know the will of creation,? she pleaded in a whisper and then, ?Speak to me. What now? One word, one sign, anything. Unstop my ears! Please, please let me see the way! I put on reverence, I cloth myself in humility. It cannot be the blood on my hands calls for the suffering of my people! I seek strength. Speak to me!? Silence met her pleading and the fluttering of doves in the cross timbers above.

    And now, quite certain that the Federov?s were somehow gone too, she stood in the library of the Mannerhouse, feeling the press of a fierce future.

    The wind picked up outside and in the distance, a smudge of light flickered in the perpetual twilight of Gripsholm?s winter; the aurora borealis. Celeste turned her head to peer out of the window at the quiet, snow-blanketed fields beyond the chapel.

    ?Your Majesty?? Caspar ambled in and lay down a tray of tea.
    ?Yes, Caspar??

    ?Minister of Finance wishes to speak with you.? It was clear this annoyed him. No one should trouble the Reina this time of night.

    ?I can not speak with him, Caspar. Tell him tomorrow,? she said a hand to her head. It throbbed so. She already knew what it was he wished to discuss. No, she had no head for it tonight. The Reina watched the elderly servant amble towards the d
  22. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC:ARC Commander Alpha
    -Anaron Nexon do you read me,this is ARC Commander Alpha,I found another Jedi,she is with me track my signal and come quickly!If you find other Jedis take them with you!-said Alpha.
  23. LadyZaraMarta

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    Aug 21, 2004
    HoloNet News:


    Today a Memorial Service in honor of the late Chancellor-Elect Amidala was held in the Senate.
    Senator Bail Organa of Alderean delivered the eulogy.

    ".....Never did democracy and freedom have a stauncher champion than Chancellor-Elect Amidala....She will be missed by freedom loving beings everywhere....."

    Senator Jar Jar Blinks of Naboo was too overcome with emotion to speak.

    Memorial services for the assassinated Chancellor-Elect were held throughout the galaxy.

    In further news....
    Jubilees to celebrate the end of the war were held from the Outer Rim to Coruscant. Hundreds of thousands of people filled streets, shouting praises of thanksgiving and hurrahs to Emperor Palpatine in his unwavering stand against the Separtists.

    Due to the Jedi's insidious attack on Emperor Palpatine and the cowardly murder of Chancellor-Elect Padme Amidala in their failed effort to take over the government, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)
    has offered a bounty of

    100,000 credits for Jedi.

    To collect this fee, the head and lightsaber of the hated Jedi must be brought to the main office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs located on Coruscant.

    "....the Jedi are scum...each and everyone should be hunted down like the cold blooded killers they are..."

    "....those wizards killed the CE...they should be killed. ..."

    " them alive...not one should be left alive.."

    Just some of the comments we have heard from the streets of Coruscant.

    In other news:

    ...."Goon Lake" will open tonight at Valioum Memorial Theatre...."

    The actress Jlowz Pexlz married today her 7th husband.
    "This time...its love...I know it..."

  24. Dooku-of-Serenno

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    May 17, 2005
    OOC: Great, LZM!
  25. LordDarthUmbrus

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    IC: Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

    "Guard. Quickly. Bring the medlift from the shuttle. Immediately." Sidious turned back to his faultering Apprentice.

    ?Master, she?s gone!? Anakin whispered hoarsly. A tear trickled from one eye back toward his bloodied ear.

    "Yes, my dear boy. I fear she was yet another victim of Jedi treachery."

    Sidious closed his eyes in mock grief for a passing moment and then, opening those yellow, reptillian eyes, beneficently smiled down on his broken tool.

    "I am so very deeply sorry for your loss, my young one.

    Believe me. Had I been given foreknowledge of her death I would have intervened. Alas, the Force, it seems, had her destiny fulfilled, without . . . us.

    This is why we must destroy the Jedi. So long as one lives, we do not have control over all of the Force and this we must have or we will lose all.

    This is a dangerous game we play, my Apprentice. It has always been so . . . for the Sith."

    Sidious used his thumb to tenderly brush away a tear from his sobbing Apprentice's face.

    "Rest now. You must be recovered for what must be done next."

    Sidious tapped Anakin's forehead once and with that tap Anakin instantly went limp. Falling into a deep healing trance.

    Sidious rose. The look of beneficence melted into a crooked smile of sly fullfillment.

    Everything was going as he had forseen it. Soon Anakin Skywalker would be crushed and Lord Vader would rise from the ashes.

    The Emperor of the Galaxy waved the med techs in with the medlift as he slowly, triumphantly strode from the Nubian Embassy's living quarters.

    Tag: Lord Vader
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