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    OOC: Corellian, pashatemur, loved that joint post. Such flow and descriptions, a splendid imagining of what was going on.
    Also, thank you for addressing the PlanDef concerns, rather than simply landing.

    XTM! Good to see you back! TMM, always good to see another law enforcer.

    [b]IC: Captain Sohmer[/b], [i]Krayt?s Fire[/i] Venator.
    [color=red]Location: Sector Zero[/color]

    Seated in his command chair on the bridge, Sohmer gazed out the forward ports at the distant planet, and the fleet gathered around it.

    Rather than being among them, his ship remained several hundred klicks away from them, further away, even, than the civilian and commercial transports, now queuing to access the capitol planet.

    Lieutenant Stiles came up to his chair, standing at attention to the left of him. He looked up at her, saying nothing, resisting the urge to run his fingers through his thinning hair.

    ?[color=deeppink]Sir, [i]Executor[/i] acknowledges our message. No further contact, as yet.[/color]?

    ?Understood.? What the captain understood, was that he did not yet have orders on how to proceed. ?Have Flight Deck prep? a medical larty and V-Wing escorts.?

    ?[color=deeppink]Yes, sir.[/color]? The ORIC liaison officer inclined her head towards him, and moved to get on with the instruction.

    He planned to remain here, until either Merch or Colonel Sin came up.

    [b]Tag: Colonel Sin[/b]


    [b]OOC: [/b] Anyone who has seen [i]The Hangover[/i], may recognise the inspiration to Salenger's response to [i]Executor[/i].

    [b]IC: Admiral Salenger[/b], [i]ORBI?AL[/i] Golan II space defense platform and Planetary Defence headquarters.
    [color=red]Location: Coruscant orbit, above planetary shield[/color]

    Salenger was surprised at his own intense feelings towards raising and dropping the planetary shield periodically to allow ?metered traffic? access to the city-planet, and had had to remind one of [b]Teshik[/b]'s aides that it was ?a shield, not a yo-yo.?

    Still, at least the [i]Big Score[/i] had been one of the fifty vessels able to take advantage of the first opening.


    Salenger turned round to see that one of the random comms operators had spoken from his terminal, one of seventy identical copies of the one that Salenger was standing beside. Seventy operators were talking at once, in a low level murmuring that you got used to after a bit. ?Yes??

    ?[color=darkgreen][i]Executor[/i] requests the planet-side location for [b]Grand Moff Tarkin[/b].[/color]?

    ?Hell are they asking us for?? The harried officer returned incredulously, ?We are not his baby-sitter. Tell ?em, he?s on the corner of ask [i]Arc Hammer[/i] and [i]frag off[/i].? Salenger turned back to his own console, where he and the operator there were looking up the fleet records for a recently arrived Venator Star Destroyer, that was just sitting out there, apparently not communicating with anyone.

    ?[color=darkblue]Ah, here we go, Admiral. [i]Krayt?s Fire[/i]. Was Naval, but has been an Intelligence vessel since participating at the Battle of Dac. Assigned to the O.R.I.C.[/color]?

    The officer sighed. Why was life so complicated, sometimes?
    ?Let?s pretend for a moment, that I have [u]no[/u] idea what the Osk Resh Isk Cresh is.?

    ?[color=darkblue]Outer Rim Intelligence Centre, sir.[/color]?

    ?Oh. Well leave them alone, then. I?m sure they will put their hand up when they need the bathroom.?


    ?[color=darkgreen][i]Halcyon[/i] has just reverted.[/color]?

    ?[color=teal]Ah, that'll be [b]Grand Admiral Carthaginian[/b].[/color]? He overheard a supervisor say, ?[color=teal]Admiral?[/color]?

    "I heard." Salenger acknowledged with a sigh and and a wave. It was becoming a space version of the Emperor's Knot air traffic junction up here.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Master Whie, Agent Devon Robie, , bridge of the ?jedi cruiser?, Haven.
    Location: Ylix star system

    The idea of calling a meeting of jedi masters had been shelved until the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service got back to them, regarding the Order 66 report from Chommel Sector.

    Master Whie, yawning as he felt exhaustion catching up with him, paused at the open door leading off the bridge, and looked back at the rodian agent, now on duty at the Communications Station.

    ?What was that?? He queried.

    The agent leaned back in the chair and crossed his feet, legs stretched before him.
    ?Should I pass this business with the Eclipse Star Dreadnaught on to the ARR??

    The jedi shook his head. ?They will start to think we have nothing better to do; I have already forwarded what we picked up from Radio Ylix, regarding the defeats at Muunilinst, Mygeeto and Kalee. That and the rest. Leave it for now, Agent.?

    Tag: no-one

    [b]IC: Captain Che?att, Flight Officer Shaara ?Bait?, Sergeant Grillo (nrc?s all)[/b], board room of the [i]Doom 2[/i] blockade runner.
    [color=red]Location: Yavin Four[/color]

    The three Rebels had convened inside their new ship, at least, it was new to the two humans.

    The Rybet, Che?att, had brought the corvette into Alliance service in the first place, earning him the immediate rank of Captain, with the two blue pips on a square metal plate to denote the rank; plus [i]carte blanche[/i] from [b]General Darkeyes[/b] to do whatever kind of mission that he wanted, ?as long as it benefits the Alliance, and preferably, hurts the Empire.?

    Like most of the blockade runner?s interior, the board room was laid out with sterile white panels and furniture. Situated just behind the command deck in the hammerhead cockpit section, the board room would be where the captain and his advisors planned their strategies.

    Dominating the room was an eight place light-table, with ten chairs around in, and a subtle holoprojector in the centre. Various two-dee maps and charts covered the walls.

    The room had two exits; one leading into a long corridor and deeper into the ship, while the other led forwards into the cockpit.

    ?[color=darkblue]I am telling you,[/color]? Sergeant Grillo insisted for the third time, standing at the table, and glaring down at the Rybet. ?[color=darkblue]we need more men, Captain. Just say the word, and I can have a twenty-man platoon here within the hour.[/color]?

    Che?att nodded. ?I believe Command?s idea was to keep the crew at the bare minimum until we have completed our first mission.?

    ?[color=darkblue]For which we want a quick hit, like procuring weapons or equipment, we will need the extra bodies to keep security off us, or to take the fight to the Imperial infantry.[/color]?

    The Rybet lounged in his chair stubbornly, whilst to his right, the flight officer checked under her nails for dirt. She was not getting involved.

    ?Command does not fully trust someone of my species-?

    Grillo waggled a large forefinger at the captain. ?[color=darkblue]Oh no, don?t transfer your own self-paranoia onto the Alliance; our policy is to give every species the benefit of the doubt. You, more than Command, are playing up the danger aspect of having too many bodies on the ship! You-[/color]?

    Che?att straightened abruptly, making a horizontal chopping motion with a green hand. ?Enough of this! This is a proving flight. We maintain current crew numbers for that, so whatever it is that we do to prove ourselves, will have to be done with simply those resources. Is that understood, Sergeant??

    Grillo dropped back into his chair, clearly not happy about it. ?[color=darkblue]Understood, Captain.[/color]?

    ?[color=deeppink]Do you want this mission to succeed, Captain?[/color]? Shaara?s voice, though soft, cut across the tense silence.

    Che?att frowned aside at his pilot. ?Of course I do. Why would you ask...oh, you agree with me about-?

    ?[color=deeppink]It is not about that, Captain. Yes, you still need to prove yourself, for which the Alliance has modi>
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    Jun 21, 2004

    I'm going to assume that several of the previous posts concerning Wedge Antilles were made to share with us the writings of a very good author, kmdavisus AT yahoo DOT com . who's works can be found at Karen's Fiction, and specifically, "Beginnings" at

    The site specifies that the work may be shared with the proper attribution.

    I read everything in this thread, not only because it is necessary for me to perform my function as GM, but because I am genuinely interested in each and every one of you and your creative development. I am routing for all of you. Please, please, consider this, just because a work is in the public domain, it does not mean that it is alright not to reference it properly even if you are making a derivative post.

    In the future however, we will not share other's works in this thread without noting it. Mr. Lucas is well referenced for us on this site, so that's taken care of, bless him, but other authors who have worked hard - let's do the right thing! Please do not be negligent and compromise yourself or this site. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

    I'm not sure what has happened of late to make us so lax, but XTM is banned from this thread after a repeated offense. As with anyone banned, you may not post again till I have some assurances this will not happen again.

    Come on people! We can do better than this!

    Thank you,

    [color=green][b]I_H Edit:[/b][/color] Offending posts have been removed at the GM's request. I reminder to all that repeated plagiarism may lead to bans. Please respect other users works, on and off site.

    -I_H >
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    OOC: ?Lady in a blue dress? is probably the chorus line in a song I once heard, but I don?t know for sure.

    IC: Blue Guard Stefe Billings, Detective Kate Lockley, Inquisitor Nelf, Executor office level, Galactic Senate.
    Location: Imperial Centre

    The decorated door to the emergency stairwell barged open, and the Blue Guard corporal fell through, collapsing against the wall, and sinking down it with his azure robes billowing about him.
    ?Made it! I thought we were going to have to establish Base Camp down there before it got dark, and then strike for this level in the morning.?

    Behind him, Kate bounded out, helmet under one arm, looking as fresh as a daisy. She took in the corridor with a sweep of her eyes, then regarded the exhausted guard as his jellied legs could be seen to shudder uncontrollably beneath the ripples of cloak.

    ?You want to spend a spend a week in the Coruscant Guard,? she chided, smiling down at him as the rest of his Blue Guard contingent and the Inquisitor stepped into the hallway.

    ?No. I really don?t.?

    Nelf looked both ways along the corridor, unable to sense Lord Vader?s Force signature up here. There was a departing one that he had felt pass them as they were climbing the stairs, and there, yes, there was a faint one up here, to the left.

    ?So, Billings. Which way to the Executor?s Office??

    The corporal removed his feathered helm and waved it to the left end of the naturally lit hallway. ?Along there, my lord. Miss Soobie should be up there. Lady in a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress.? He finished his little sing-song. Clearly exercise did not agree with him.

    The other Blue Guard glared at their superior, obviously feeling that he was letting the side down.

    ?Blue dress.? The Inquisitor echoed, glancing in that direction. ?Got it.?

    ?Well actually, it is probably more of a blue jumpsuit, but that doesn?t come of the tongue so easily.?

    ?Alright, follow us when you can, Corporal.? He nodded to Lockley, who immediately fell in beside him, and swept in the direction of the Executor?s office.

    GCPD officers, bounty hunter, and Blue Guard fell in behind them.

    ?So,? Dak Trooper enquired from behind, as they neared the doors, ?do we knock? Or kick the doors in, and yell, ?It?s the Sweeney, son, and we haven?t had any dinner???

    The agent of the Dark Side flicked two fingers of his left hand towards Lockley, intending to direct his subtle mind trick, but with the required hand up on a larty somewhere, all he succeeded in doing was to hurt himself, and elbow her lightly in the side.
    ?You will call: ?Coo-iee, Miss Soobie! Anyone home??? He grimaced, pain shooting from his wounded wrist.

    ?Coo-iee, Miss Soobie! Anyone home?? Kate complied, a few metres from the Executor?s office. She blinked.

    Tag: Miss Soobie, and unless the doors are soundproof, Bail, Sabe, Artoo, and that cadet receptionist at the Ursean Embassy! :p
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    OOC: post refers to a previous encounter with a conflicted Sith, played by Eme-ma Himou.

    IC: Commander Henio Merch, Colonel Sin, Captain Sohmer, the Krayt?s Fire Venator Star Destroyer.
    Location: Sector Zero, Imperial Centre

    Commander Merch and Colonel Sin were riding the turbolift up to the bridge together, in response to the Captain?s address, and were..... bonding.

    ?Never been to Imperial Centre, me.? Merch admitted, at ease with his hands behind his back, standing next to the taller, imposing man in red. ?What about you, Colonel??

    ?I was here prior to the fleet gathering at Ursa.?

    ?Oh yes? Bidding farewell to an old girlfriend on the eve of battle??

    ?I was pursuing an intruder through the Palace of the People.? The Emperor?s agent thought about the young pup, Darth Tenebrius, whose attack upon Palpatine aboard the Imperator had earned Sin his commission, and with it, the automatic respect of this Empire's military.

    Merch stared up at the VIP. ?Did you catch him??

    ??Catch? is such a subjective word, Commander.? The parts of Sin?s face that were visible above the closed and upturned collar, shifted as if to indicate a change of expression, perhaps even a smile. ?Shot him in the ass with my Death Penalty, I know that.?

    ?Way to go!? Merch beamed, raising a hand to high five the other, but Colonel Sin merely gazed at the offered palm till he lowered it again. ?Er, right.?

    Feeling self-conscious was not an emotion that the grizzled commander suffered nowadays, so was quite relieved when the turbolift halted and the double doors slid back, revealing the long command deck.

    Visible at the far end of a grey tiled walkway flanked by crew pits, Sohmer leapt out of his chair and trotted over to greet them.
    ?It?s about time. Nice of you fellows to drop by.? The skinny captain indicated a door of to their left. ?This way please.?

    Sin and Merch trailed the captain into his ready room. The square box was dominated by a brown desk served by four easy chairs, and a throw rug of fine tan fur that from the glassy-eyed feline?s head, and four stretched areas to indicate limbs, used to be a Big Cat of some type.

    ?Corellian Sand Panther?? Sin guessed.

    "Certainly a sand panther." Sohmer barely glanced at it as he dropped into his chair and gestured his visitors to make themselves comfortable. "He was already like that when I got the room, so I was not able to get particulars.? He clapped his hands together once. ?So, to business. We have reached Imperial Centre, and signalled the Executor, and are awaiting instructions. Colonel Sin, did you wish to contact anybody??

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    IC: Mara Jade and Talia Marr
    Coruscant - 500 Republica

    The Marr family enjoying dinner together at the kitchen table. Mara's thoughts were somewhere off into the distance as she was eating playfully with her food as she was distracted by what that tall dark man said to her in the hallway.

    Talia noticed it too as she lightly observed young Mara having the look of being within her own world. I wonder if it had anything to do with the newly arrived neighbours, earlier? Then her gaze was broken by the sound of Jonas slurping up his noodles with all his breathe, which a small comforting smile appeared on the corner of her lips.

    Just like your father, slurping in and out of trouble it seemed. With a contemplative smile, she continued on her dinner and wondering what was going on with Mara. Talia felt in her private moments with Mara, that she wasn't meant to grow up as a normal child would, there was something aloof with the young girl, she was meant for something far greater than this life, it was the way she looked to the world around her with her clear cut viridian green eyes, the vistas of something more whenever she has that twinkle at the corner of her eyes when she is playful or her direct nature with the maturity of an adult.

    Even with some of her friends, don't or will never see the true nature of her soul, a slightly broken soul, even in their little arguments, even though Talia loved her like her own flesh and blood, on some rare occasions in her eyes, they both knew she could never fill the gap that's been growing within her heart of not knowing of her true flesh and blood.

    The Force

    The new word was like a sun burning an imprint within her as now she was curious to know more about it, understand this new world and where does it come from? These questions were dancing in and out of her mind.

    I wish you were here now, 'Arus'. She missed him so much, she felt at peace and calm with Atrus because he had the same definition as her, the Force.

    The games she use to play with him, those were the times she cherished the most. The happy times she holds onto when her world is filled with a touch of darkness at night when the nightmares come out to haunt her in her sleep. The strange figures, that somehow are so real to Mara that she could feel them surrounding her, and most often than not even when awake and she is alone, she could feel them when she is alone in her room and rare instances could see them reaching out to her and sucking the breath out of her.

    In those times, she would desperately call out to Talia for her presence but nothing would ever come out of her voice and it was Jonas who would stumble into her room and then everything would be back to normal. I don't like being alone...

    Then the sound of Tali's voice snapped Mara out of her world and returned her gaze back to her plate then upto a standing Talia.

    "What's that Tali?" The golden-red head child trying to make sense.

    "I said your going to finish your dinner or not Mara?" She said cordially to the distracted child.

    "I'm not that hungry Tali." Mara picked up her plate and brought it to the kitchen bench and left the kitchen to the living room as she spotted Jonas playing with his toys.

    Mara gave him a smile and went over to him by the couch and gave him a hug from behind and let him be into his own world which Mara would return to hers as she took the stairs and headed to the balcony for some air in her solitude.

    She brought her small chair and sat on it as she looked in-between the rails below and beyond as the city came to life, with lights and holo-posters and various advertisements. The dark heavens surround and the heart of lights coil open as this is Coruscant's day within the night and the night within the day as there is a symmetry within the Capital.

    The night always has been noisy compared to the day where its silent and yet there is still buzz that
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    Apr 23, 2004
    IC: Padawan Nashtah
    Location: Yavin IV

    As the suspicious Sergeant Odievo glanced warily at Nashtah as they came to an impasse, Nasthah calmed herself, surprisingly by a happy thought that flashed through her mind.

    In her former life as the notorious bounty hunter, Aurra Sing, she would have hesitated little in simply severing this man?s head from his body with her crimson light saber or perhaps simply a slug right between the eyes from her trusty blaster rifle would have sufficed given the chance at this man?s unabashed hostility directed at her. However, much to her delight, she realized her very mindset was changing - the idea of killing the man in a fit of anger now seemed almost foreign to her.

    Yes, she had experienced the expected irritation in response to the man?s thinly veiled accusations ? even without using her force sensitivity she could sense his mistrust. However, she accepted her feelings and while still repeating the often used Jedi mantra to herself in her mind, there is no emotion, there is peace, she allowed the feelings of anger to pass through her. It overjoyed her that she was able to do so but then again she wasn?t out of the woods quite just yet; the man was physically blocking her path toward the Great Temple, the destination where Master Shuri and General Darkeyes were expecting their offspring to arrive under her escort.

    Nashtah, her arms now protectively around her ward, the indomitable Youngling Achilles, who in true Jedi fashion seemed unperturbed by the whole business, tightened her grip on the youngster.

    Nashtah, still holding fast but now more peaceably as she met the Sergeants glare sighed in relief as the amiable Officer Quill decided to take the proverbial ?high road,? and instead of taking a side in the small squabble that had broken out between herself and the guarded Sergeant, whether the reasons be personal or more related to his position inside the Alliance, he played the conciliatory role:

    "Please forgive the intrusion, Padawan. The Sergeant meant well in protecting and upholding the security and within the mandate, if you would like an escort to where Consular Shuri is, we can easily provide to you without too much fuss,? he stated with a glance at his superior.

    "I'm sure that's within our mandate, Sergeant Odievo is it not?"

    Nashtah, unmoved but careful not show any stubbornness within her countenance waited for a response from the burly man. She could tell he was pondering the situation and she sensed legitimate concern from the Rebel commander, though perhaps misplaced but then again her history did lend itself to question and concern she ruminated grimly.

    ?Very well,? he began sternly. ?We?ll esort the ?Padawan? to her destination,? he continued with an askew glance at Office Quill and then avoiding her gaze he directed her to follow:

    ?Follow me, Padawan Nashtah,? he said with an unmistakable tinge of sarcasm in the word Padawan as he turned on his heels in the opposite direction and briskly began to walk.

    Nashtah, pleased at the result, smiled at the Anomid, Quill, and silently thanked him with a simple nod of the head, careful to not reveal too much gratitude lest the Sergeant believe the Officer had somehow taken her side in the dispute.

    Releasing Achilles from the one armed embrace, she took him by the hand and gestured him forward as she looked at Officer Quill and out of curiosity attempted to sense his feeling and thoughts but again his mind was very difficult to gauge.

    In truth, his actions had been very Jedi-like, demonstrating good diplomacy and discretion, qualities the Jedi would have prized in their prior role as not only guardians but peacekeepers in the galaxy during the days of the Old Republic.

    Taking a long stride as she was now concerned about her arrival in a timely manner so that she nor Master Shuri?s son would not be missed, she was glad for the Sergeants quick pace as once more she glanced at Officer Quill, thankfully, with a smile.

    Very quickly, the triangular shape of the Great Temple loomed
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    IC: Consular Master Jedi Emi-to Shuri
    LOCATION: the meeting

    The moment Torian spoke again, Emi felt she was going to be surprised. She knew the look on the General?s face and the revelation concerning the Khomite cloning facility ?saw? the Jedi?s shoulders rise and fall in recognition of the evolving situation. With some chagrin, she wished that Torian had brought it to her attention before the start of the meeting.

    This was indeed troubling news and gathering her thoughts, Shuri rested her hands within her robe and listened attentively as Senator Mon Mothma rose to answer her query about the intelligence from Coruscant, her eyes upon the holo of the massive weapon suspected to have ?fallen? to the Empire with their route of the Confederacy.

    Before she could acknowledge the Senator, however, the room began to erupt in excited calls for action, not the least of them from John Matrix whose suggestion concerning using Padawan Skywalker as a weapon shot all the unspoken intentions of the Jedi to the fore like cheap day-glow paint upon a grey wall, something unpalatable like a rotten promise gown overripe and fermented!

    ?the Chosen shall bring balance?

    ?Balance in all you do, Padawan. It is held, and justly so, that our ?still,? our peace engenders more. It follows, then that we strive to bring this peace not only within ourselves but to as many as we may. How that is achieved is a matter of debate. Unfortunately, a decidedly unpeaceful means seems to have fallen to us in our guise as ?defenders of that peace? and in the meantime we allow all manner of injustice to flourish?but?but?you asked about the excess or passion of the Sith. They are antithetical to all a Jedi understands as necessary to a transcendent balance, Emi-to, but we needn?t toss the tea out with the leaves??

    Each Jedi was as unique in their approach to technique as they were as individuals though, of course there were guiding standards ? each skill identifiable across practitioners.

    Posture had been the first matter addressed by her Master. Long hours in meditative positions, Master Jard knew that via this practice, a student could cultivate in herself the habit of a good neutral stance for breathing that would serve as the anchor for both shadow movement and aggressive. For shadow required immediate fluidity; aggressive, a spring of energy.

    The inherent stumbling blocks that could arise in the learning of aggressive, often led the student to hold their breath in order to provide a great reserve of ?loaded? resistance to the release. However, as Jard explained, ?it is a common misconception in which you must not long tarry, my Padawan. It is natural to doubt at first the seeming counter intuitiveness of it, but physics is with us. There is in fact only a very brief engagement of the muscles in that resistance.?

    Master Shuri, in her discipline breathed deeply and calmly, as she followed the impassioned responses around the table.

    They were not unexpected, though she was disappointed.

    Watching quietly, she monitored the wave of emotion sweeping through the room. The urge to be kinetic and effective required of the impassioned they flew to action and so they resisted adamantly the friction of forethought and structure.

    Captain Darklighter rose to temper Matrix?s outburst and presumption. Emi glanced to John momentarily and then looked to the table thoughtfully. Matrix was expressing an attitude that until recent history, was shared by many in the Galaxy. The Jedi had availed themselves of the guardianship to the degree that they were expected to be the proverbial ?magic bullet? whenever the ?weather turned rough.? Expectation was ever a double-edged sword!

    She kept her aqua eyes trained on the smooth and shiny surface of the table lifting them finally to gaze at Darklighter when she sensed the Captain?s distinct discomfort and the congenial Biggs ended in a query,?However, this does bring up the question of the Jedi?what is their role to be in the Alliance...?

    Biggs averted his eyes.

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    Jul 30, 2004
    OOC: An extension of my previous post to cover Pash?s writing.
    IC: Torian
    Location: Yavin IV

    MonMothma?s command to restore order in the meeting and Emi-to Shuri?s informative lecture of the Jedi Order left the room in silence. Torian paused to let the words sink into everyone before standing again to answer everyone?s concern.

    Rising up one last time before the meeting was to be called to an end, he spoke.

    ?First of all, everyone in here is considered a weapon against the Empire or any other antagonist of the Alliance. Skywalker is only a boy but will soon grow into a man and learn the truth. How he acts when he finds out the truth is anyone?s guess. But I strongly believe that with his Master?s teachings, he will make the right decisions. As for the Jedi, they are on our side.? He looked over at his wife. Why wouldn?t they be, after all he shared a bond with the head of their Order here on Yavin IV. ?Questioning the loyalties of those Jedi on this base would be questioning my loyalty to all of you and the men and women of this rag-tag bunch. They are here to rebuild the Order, not as a super-weapon against our enemies but as protectors of the Republic which will be restored once more. They are not expendable and nor is our non-military assets such as the Senator here. I on the other hand along with a select few,? he paused long enough to look at Matrix and Biggs, ?are and we will continue to put the blade to the throat of our enemies.?

    He walked around the table to face Matrix. ?I know you are itching to get back into action and this new intel from Khommite will give you that opportunity. I want plans drawn up and resources mustered for an operation to destroy this cloning facility.?

    He turned back to MonMothma, ?The ex-Senator of the old Republic, will follow through on her end and get us the intelligence we need on all projects the Empire is currently working on or even thinking of.?

    He paced the floor and then looked up at the ceiling and back down at the group. Taking a deep breath, ?This is far from over. It is true that are greatest strength right now is our hidden base, but a star fighter in the hangar is safe, but that is not what a star fighter was made for. We have to take certain risks.?

    He sat back down, ?You all know your roles, now get going and give me results. Find me a worthy target outside of this Khommite business and we will show the Empire and the Galaxy that they can be beaten.?

    Everyone collected their datapads and left the room, leaving Torian with his wife. He grabbed his notes and stuffed them into a briefcase under his chair. Torian and Emi-to were the last to leave and when they eventually reached the outer doors of the Massassi Temple it was pouring rain. Turning to his wife, ?I?m hungry! Shall we have some dinner in the mess?

    They walked out into the pouring rain as personnel ran around to take cover from the torrential downpour. Torian looked up at the sky and smiled. ?Don?t you just love the weather?? He laughed out loud.

    TAG: Emi-to Shuri

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    Nov 10, 2004
    OOC: This is a joint between Pash, TMM and XTM which now i have taken over of her respective crew. This is Part 1.


    IC: Princess Ysera Alexstrasza - Ariel the Last Oracle of Rakata - Master Chef Diablo - Reina of Ursa Celeste - Marquesa of Gripsholme Thalianna ?Lord Admiral Julian Leitman, Supreme Commander of the Ursean Security Forces - Lady Hohenstrahmer, member of the Ursean Royal Court (NRC) - Princess Laura of Hapes and Professor Xim Traza of Neo University Coruscant.
    Ursa - Gripsholme

    At times Ysera would forget that Laura was claimed by a revered royal lineage in her own right. The Hapes Consortium were a very secluded bunch in the Galaxy; due to the Transitory Mists that surround the Hapes Cluster, the Hapans were isolated from the rest of the galaxy both culturally and genetically.

    To preserve that natural rift between Hapes and the greater galaxy, the first Queen Mother closed the borders of the Hapes Cluster, with the consequence outsiders were dealt with swiftly and lethally. Over the years, interaction between Hapans and the rest of the Galaxy was extremely limited, due to this self-enforced isolation.

    Laura was Princess - the first daughter of the current Queen Mother, the now late-Rowan was Prince. His loss would be strongly felt and Ysera needed to speak with Laura about informing her family of Rowan's death. They were going to take it hard, so very hard and the attitude toward Ursa would be significantly skewed.

    Ysera had strong ties with the Hapans, as she studied at the vast university and library for a time during the upbringing of Ariel. The Hapan research had helped further her knowledge of the rumoured locations of some of the Capstone pieces. Access to the library, let alone Hapes had been hard won ? a diplomatic feat and now Ysera pondered the possible outcomes of the news of Rowan?s demise.

    She placed her hand on Ariel's strong shoulder as Aunt Thalianna gestured for them to leave and make their way with her to be fitted for the inevitable public reception at court, however brief it would be. She smiled to herself. Celeste was notoriously retiring of public ceremony, but a true Ursean, participated as was expected and submitted to the yoke of her service both as symbol and as leader. The ceremony would be as minimal as her cousin could manage. Thus, for 20 minutes of hasty fitting, the coveted ?fairy gown Ariel delighted in would be worn all too briefly. Still, she delighted in her daughter?s delight and left looking over her shoulder giving Celeste a look of curiosity before turning to oblige Thalianna and hurry along with Ariel chattering excitedly to Thalianna, undeterred by the Marquesa?s prickly social ?veneer?.

    "Come on kiddo, the Reina has a lot on her hands and the sooner we move the sooner you will get to wear your very own Ursean court gown." Alexstrasza said into Ariel's ear as they kept up with Thalianna's quick pace leaving the Black Guard Rikke to hurry off to make her arrangements.

    ?Your? Grace,? said Ariel to the Marquesa, quickly picking up on the customs of Ursean, as she did with nearly anyplace or any custom she encountered, but with Ursa in particular. It did not escape Ysera that Ariel was avid in learning all about her mother?s home system and all that had to do with her young life. ?Will my dress be like yours, with the stomacher and full skirts,? she asked excitedly.

    Thalianna sighed and couldn?t help but smile at Ariel?s infectious excitement. Laughing slightly, the Marquesa softened and answered without slowing, ?Yes? yes, although you may not find it so exciting and charming after a few moments of wear. I find those who are not in the habit of corseting themselves find court attire very binding. There are those who say it is offense to the female anatomy," scoffed Th

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    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Officer Magris Quill
    Yavin IV

    The Anomid acknowledged the Padawan Nashtah when the sergeant was focused ahead and if it wasn't for his vocalizer mask he would of returned her smile as they continued to make their way out to the ancient structure of the Great Temple.

    Magris had marveled at the ziggurat-structure upon first arrival to the planet. Now coming out to the open clear-way as it towered above the jungles surrounding it.

    It was quite curious for the Anomid to witness the clear mistrust between the Sergeant and the Jedi. Why would he react that to her, was this related to the previous remark of her past? It really made the Anomid wonder more about the Padawan.

    From Magris's experience with the people that have gone and left from his life and through his observations of society as a whole, it truly is a jungle. Even now the Alliance was a jungle unto itself as sentients from all walks of life were doing their respective duties as they were providing the earth, the nutrients for the trees of the jungle.

    In this complex society, we constantly experience confusion and tension, with no means to relax. Beset by worries, tension, restrictions and demands on all sides, the cerebrum is forced to work the entire day. Even in sleep we dream, so there is never a moment's rest. If we can temporarily forget our worries and tensions, thus enabling the body to enjoy relaxation and happiness for a period and allowing the nerves an opportunity for true rest, this not only improves the health of body and mind, but can contribute to longevity and slow down the aging process.

    And where the Jedi stood so far from his interaction with the Consular Shuri, which were temporarily forgetting all cares and tensions and seizing a few moments of peace in the midst of this confused and stressful environment. There was a far more simpler observation to all this for the Order of the Jedi which seizing these few moments of peace, the Order was meditating itself.

    Meditation is mental concentration. Everything is put aside in order to maintain the peace and tranquility of the mind and to strengthen the control function of the central nervous system.

    Moreover, the Alliance in someways in their unique relationship with the Jedi were the deep breathing to allow the Jedi "blood" circulation to better improve their meditation process they seem to be going through.

    And like in actual meditation of the body, deep breathing during meditation improves blood circulation, increases the
    absorption of nutrients, and promotes all metabolic processes. And in retrospect, the younglings were the nutrients within the Jedi here on the planet, absorbing and growing within themselves like all children do and then take what they learn and blossom in their natural way and passing it on to the next generation and in a way the Alliance were the birth of that next generation.

    Both the Alliance and the Jedi Order to Magris's eyes are at a turning point, it was a sense collectively he had felt and observed ever since arriving, there was a tentative respect but still a fragile relationship.

    Magris gazed about the structure that was the Great Temple, he had toured and explored the massive structure when he had been instructed to do maintenance work on the outer defence perimeter surrounding both the Woolamander and The Great Temple. Internally, the Great Temple was divided into four levels, each representing a step of the ziggurat?each level was thus larger in floorplan than the one above, but all were outfitted on broadly similar plans with small cells, chambers and corridors around a large central space.

    From what Magris learned that when the Rebel Alliance set-up their base, the outer surface of the Massassi Temple was left as untouched as possible. Interior chambers, however, were roughly hewn by the Rebels prior to being filled in with chambers and a main central lift cluster. Rebel engineers also reinforced the temple's original stone floors with ferrocrete.

    It seems we intrude upon their
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Esteban Corel, Dave the Sensor Guy, bridge of the Super Star Destroyer, Executor.
    Location: Coruscant orbit

    The lieutenant stared at his disconnected comlink, having been rebuffed by Planetary Defence.
    Still, they had suggested he try calling the Arc Hammer, which he presumed to be Tarkin?s flagship, from the inference.

    Corel turned to his work-mate and friend, Dave, who ran the sensor apparatus for the star dreadnaught.

    The larger man, sporting a paunch that strained the threads of his uniform, glanced over. ?Hey back.?

    ?Run a scan of the gathered ships for me; we are looking for the Arc Hammer.?

    Dave frowned at the name. ?Didn?t we lose her to that Requiem battle station over Kalee??

    Corel spread his hands in surrender. ?I dunno. PlanDef suggested I call them regarding Governor Tarkin?s whereabouts.?

    Dave started typing on his black keyboard, feeding commands and filters into the sensor programme. ?Between the Azure Hammer home sector defense fleet, and our guys from Onslaught, this could take a while.? He warned.

    ?Azure Hammer?? Corel echoed, instantly curious. ?Arc Hammer. The Navy planners were really going for the toolbox motif that day. There any others??

    The sensor operator considered. ?Apart from the Chalacta Chisel sector group out near Sneeve... no.?

    Esteban chuckled good naturedly, assuming that his friend was joking, but still, he quietly entered ?Chalacta? into the Intelligence database, see if it came up with anything.
    And it did! Kastolar Sector. Not too far from Boz Pity, the site of that major Clone Wars engagement.
    He could not see if there really was a taskforce called by that name, but certainly, Chalacta existed.

    Learn something new every day.

    Surreptitiously looking both ways, the intelligence operative then informed the Ubiqtorate. Wearing the uniform of the Imperial Navy; found out by Lord Vader; still, he was first and foremost, an agent of Imperial Intelligence.

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    OOC: I was not expecting to write a joint post between pash? and myself, but since there does not seem to be the anticipated preceding post from her, corresponding to the material she provided to me, I guess this is one. Her main material in purple.

    IC: Inquisitor Nelf, Detective Kate Lockley, Dak Trooper, Miss Soobie, respectively, the HNN Skyhook, PlanDef Headquarters at ORBI?AL, the Galactic Senate ? Executor?s Office lobby.

    With Lockley walking alongside him, the maroon-robed Inquisitor had pushed through the semi-circular transparisteel doors separating the hallway from the Executor?s Office foyer, where a bronzed statue of someone who owned a boat, took centre stage.

    Didn?t look like this portion of the Senate had been damaged in the blast. Nelf noted silently. And the predominantly red decor of the place was not lost on his GCPD companions.

    Angel commented, ?Looks like we have finally found somewhere that our armour works as camouflage.?

    ?Cut the chatter. And stay sharp.? Kate warned as she peeked over towards the sea of grey cubicles to the right, between themselves and the curving windows of the outer wall.

    ?Coo-iee. Miss Soobie! Anyone home??

    Soobie popped her blond head up above the maze of grey cubicles in the predominantly scarlet clad office, like a marsupial in the bush.
    She could have sworn that was the second sing-songy iteration of the query.

    ?Hah hah hah! Very funny,? She said, perching one fist on her tightly clad pale blue hip, and flicking a bang from before her equally pale blue eye.

    ?Everyone?s gone loopy,? she huffed to herself before re-engaging the secretary over a set of lists she was compiling for Amidala.

    The rest of the 18 member skeleton staff looked around to see who the comedian was and with a few snickers went back to work.

    The blonde head popping up was enough for the Inquisitor, and he made a beeline her.

    The dark hair aid, Mercier looked out into the foyer. The bronze maritime sailor stood muscled and adamant against the waves of stars as always, the transparisteel doors unmoved, still in the open position in which Sabe had left them as she stormed back through the office.
    ?Uh, can I help you?? he asked as the visitor in the rich maroon robes strode past.

    The half-elf caught a glimpse of the skyline outside as he halted between the cubicles, and turned to the young man. The sky was dark above now, and ruddy with light outside the curving bank of windows.

    ?Yes, could you make up a contract for this bounty hunter?s services? He can give you the particulars.?

    ?Uh,? The aide glanced aside at where Yav had seen the woman?s head pop up. ?I?ll need authorisation.?

    The pointy-eared humanoid marched straight up to the cubicle where a petite blonde in a tight, body-hugging pale blue jumpsuit that emphasised her narrow waist and round posterior, leaned towards an administrative worker of some type, discussing data on sheaves of flimsi.

    ?Now that is a slap-able arse.? Officer Angel put in, behind him.

    The half-elf waited till he sensed a break in their conversation, noticing how her hair, though the same shade of gold as Lockley?s, was straight and swingy compared to the detective?s, which had a bit of curve and bounce to it. He knew which he preferred.
    After a few seconds had passed, he coughed meaningfully.

    As she straightened to look at him, he first noticed how large her eyes were, in comparison to the rest of her face, reminiscent of his shuttle pilot?s. Perhaps he would enquire from what planet she hailed.

    ?Miss Soobie, I believe? I am Inquisitor Nelf, here on the authority of the Emperor...? Looking down at her, his voice tailed as his gaze was drawn to the white bandage tied round her upper arm, level with her ample chest, and like with Admiral Salenger up on the Golan II, Rescue Ranger protoc
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    Ic Martino Riggism

    Location Pantolomin

    ?A probe droid would be cheaper.? The stormtrooper grumbled.

    ?Well then you wouldn't have the pleasure of my charming personality, would you? Martino snapped back at the stormtrooper.

    "The ship is a Firespray-class patrol ship, Mister Riggsim. Same kind as Boba Fett uses. Only one passenger, as far as we know; a female human sub-adult. Parked on the opposite beach of this island. You are looking for sign that an additional craft has joined her, or that her companions have come to pick her up."

    He stared into the man's eyes. "We will take care of the rest, Mister Riggsim."

    Martino listened to all he was told and shrugged of the thinly veld threat, he didn't give a Banthas hide for these people and there politics. All Riggism cared for was cold hard credits, so they could do what ever they wanted once he had passed on what ever information he gathered on this woman.
    He had never met him but knew Fett by reputation and if who ever he was meant to be watching had the same ship as Boba there was a big chance thing might get a little rough.

    ?It will be no problem at all? Martino turned to head back into his trailer to gather his things only to notice that the two Imperials were still stood on his porch ?Well gentlemen if you excuse me I'm in a little rush, you know places to go people to watch and that and with that I bid you adieu?

    And with that Martino turned slammed the door shut on the two men who were stood outside and then tossed the empty beer can aside. Quickly began assembling the tools that he thought would be needed on a job like this, mirco binoculars, vibro blades and a few small blasters and other surveillance equipment , all of which were thrown hastily into a small case.

    After a few more moments of quick packing Martino was ready to begin his current assignment, once outside the early morning sunlight hurt Riggism's it was a sharp reminder of the huge hangover he had and one that wasn't needed or wanted. Once he had gotten over the harsh glare of the first rays of morning Martino made his way over to the parked XP-38A land speeder, Riggism threw the small case into the passenger seat and quickly powered up the repulsorlifts.

    With the speeder primed and ready to leave Martino accessed the nav com and entered in the co-ordinates given to him by Comander Theta.

    ?Mmmm not to far off? Martino pondered to himself.

    With those final words he pulled the speeder of and left his home. Riggism decided not to bring the throttle up to full power as he knew that the sound would travel and as he was heading into a pretty much undisturbed and remote locations there was no way he was going to give any warning signals to whom ever he was going to be watching.

    As he started to come close to his destination Martino eased of the throttle even more and finally came to a halt. He had settled the speeder just behind a small rock formation, once he was sure the speeder was out of sight and that there was no one around Martino got out of the speeder. Keeping his centre of gravity low Riggism came to more rocks and hid behind them. The rocks he came to over looked a small cliff footing that looked down onto a small cove and just as Theta had told him housed a Firespray. The ship was in the landing position on dark the dark black sand and was surrounded by rows of palm trees and all sorts of plant life native to the coast.

    Taking out his micro binoculars and scanned the cove, at the moment he could not see any life forms but he was smart enough to know that didn't mean there was no one there though. With the afternoon beginning to set in Martino began setting up his various pieces of equipment and began to wait and watch for any signs of activity.

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    OOC: As before, written in response to material provided by pash'. Thank you!

    IC: Inquisitor Nelf, Miss Soobie, Galactic Senate.
    Location: Imperial Centre

    Gone all warm and floopy, Soobie?s lower lip drooped in a slight pout as she looked up at the otherwise intimidating Inquisitor with half-closed eyes. ?How ? Thank you? Sir! How?d you?? she looked down at her still healing wound and then back up shaking her head and feeling suddenly like she?d emerged from a hot shower. Her chest swelling, the aide inhaled deeply. ?Ummmm?You uh, didn?t come to dispense lollipops, did you??

    Nelf nodded sagely. Taking back the treat, since the aide showed no sign of wanting to claim it. He knew better than to give it straight to Lockley, and his initial idea was to hold on to it until she either impressed him, or got shot in the leg again.

    ?Your insight serves you well,? He told the blue-clad female before him, all the while, thinking, You patronising old git, Yav?. ?My masters have instructed me to gain entry to the Executor?s Office, and signal them from within.?

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    IC: Captain Eliforp Risk, Flight Officer Shaara ?Bait? , Imperial Star Destroyer, Ambivalence; a Y-Wing starfighter.
    Location: Mygeeto

    With his own vessel secure, the captain had decided to spend the hours until Grand Admiral Carthaginian?s designated ships arrived in-system, touring his star destroyer, and checking personally upon his valiant crew.

    ?Captain on the Deck!? The third Chief Gunnery Officer on the tour, bellowed as Risk stepped from the spacious turbolift into the dual level control area inside one of the eight huge Taim & Bak XX-9 heavy turbolaser batteries that flanked his vessel?s command tower.

    Risk, one of his lieutenants beside and a step behind him, nodded to the announcer. Thick over-sized gloves, the sloping targeting helmet that looked too cumbersome for the human neck, black uniform and partial body armour that would be of absolutely no help if the turret took a direct hit.

    ?Thank you, Chief.?

    ?Captain. Welcome to starboard turret Trill-Six. My men are ready for inspection, sir.?

    ?Thank you, Chief. Carry on.? Hands clasped behind his back, Captain Risk trailed the CGO the few metres to the row of a dozen crewers, uniforms pressed. Clearly they had gotten changed out of what they had worn during the battle.

    The second shift were seated at the controls, checking readouts and... other stuff.


    Everyone looked up at the unexpected announcement. Risk snapped his head round to look at his lieutenant, while the CGO dismissed the parade group to battle stations, and started yelling orders to the seated men.

    The lieutenant had his face and hand to a wall communicator, and was half turned from the captain, so Risk tapped him on the shoulder, pointed upwards to indicate the public address system, and enquired: ?What on Oseon is going on? Is this for my benefit??

    ?Negative. Captain, sensors read a non-Imperial craft, starfighter class, entering Mygeetan space.?


    ?Bridge does not think so.? The officer clipped.

    Well the tour was over, that was for sure. However, his first instruction, which would have been to launch TIEs, appeared to have been anticipated.

    ?I want that craft identified, asap.?

    * * * *

    Within the cockpit of her Y-Wing starfighter, and snug in her orange flightsuit, Shaara coasted deeper into Mygeetan space, her own long range sensors noting the small grouping of Imperial capital ships crowded to the left of the white and grey planet, and between it and her, a dense cloud of broken wreckage and shattered starships.

    Her craft was equipped with an Imperial interrogator module copied from one on a donated Nebulon-B, straight from the Sullustan shipyards.

    She aimed it towards the Imperial ships and activated it. A small dark square of a screen on the panel below the device, glowed with each additional name, as their telesponders reacted automatically to her electronic query:
    Rage of Ranroon

    She frowned down at the acronym attached to the third name, and wondered what the hell that meant.

    Something flickered in her peripheral vision as she looked down, bringing her attention quickly back up, just in time to see a slew of stars and the destroyers blink out of existence.

    What the blazes?! She thought, then instantly realised, throwing her fighter into a sharp bank to the left and negative-z loop that had her twin-engined fighter heading downwards on the elliptical plane to avoid and skim the lower flanks of the huge dark and unlit wreck that she had almost collided with. And that wasn?t all it had blocked!

    Proximity alarms came alive and warned her of four TIE fighters inbound and coming fast from the distant destroyers.

    ?Time to get out of here!? She decided aloud, thanking her lucky stars that her pursuers were not Interceptors. S
  18. Sith-I-5

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    OOC: Post cancelled. needs more work off-line.

    Subject: Ysanne Isard regaining consciousness.
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    IC: Captain Na?Than, Major Tim Bayliss, Major Jenney Rolston, Enforcer One Acclamator, Phat Base Golan II.
    Location: Astral Coordinates, 05-F.00I9

    Captain Na?Than, the commander of the Acclamator-class Star Destroyer operated by Emperor?s Hand Jacen Wayland, was racing to his bridge as soon as he sensed the change in the timbre of his engines, just like the huge vessel was preparing to drop out of hyperspace.

    He had been catching a couple of hours, after the especially trying time during the Battle of Mygeeto, then getting recalled along with the rest of Onslaught Fleet, back to Imperial Centre. Now this.

    He burst onto his command deck, the Acclamator carriers not having an actual bridge with windows, an oversight that Kuat Drive Yards would correct with subsequent SDs. Instead, sophisticated holographic repeaters were around the walls.
    ?Status!? He called to the seated men.

    The Navigation officer turned to face him, swivelling on his chair. ?Captain, we are at the correct destination. Fifty klicks short of the Rolston coordinates. Just, as I suggested, with little stellar matter out here in the Unknown Regions, we got here quicker than we thought.?

    Na?Than glared, pulling at his uniform in a futile effort to straighten any creases. ?Forty-five minutes earlier! Our calculations were quite out weren?t they, lieutenant? Comms, get Colonel Uvye and Major Bayliss up here, right now. Tactical, raise shields and get a perimeter scan going.?

    The communications officer acknowledged, as did Tactical, who had some information moments later.

    ?Captain? I have something. Space station, class Golan II, sixty-two klicks off our starboard bow.?

    ?Sound General Quarters.? Na?Than staggered as klaxons echoed through his vessel, and dropped into his chair. While the Empire made extensive use of those things to guard valuable assets like shipyards, this was too far out from Imperial space to be one of theirs. And, he would much rather face one with two or three Venators, rather than his pokey Acclamator. ?Continue scan, then switch to medium range, and then long range. Golans normally protect something larger or more valuable than themselves. I want to know what it is.?

    ?Yes sir. Sir? We are picking up a dissipating ion trail of sufficient intensity to suggest a capital ship was here recently.?

    The captain mused over this. Made sense, moving the prize before their arrival, no doubt fore-warned by their capture of Wayland?s woman.
    He had already guessed that there was something between the Hand and this personage. He did not often perform spur-of-the-moment rescues of ISB personnel, regardless of how good they looked in holos.

    * * * *

    General Quarters. General Quarters. Colonel Uvye, please report to the bridge. Major Bayliss-

    The young marine commander ducked his head to watch the deckplates blur past as he quickly strode over them, almost at the ISB officer?s door.

    Though he thought the colonel had placed his squad on the larty way too early, he had decided to do similar, to engender mutual respect between the two sets of troopers.

    He had given his teams a half hour on the shooting ranges, picking off holo-versions of B1 battledroids, B2s and even destroyers; then packed them on board their larties.

    Thank the Emperor that he had done that, for it meant he had craft ready to go.

    * * * *

    In the prison cell she shared with her two clone pilots, Jenney Rolston cocked her head to direct an ear at the ceiling, and confirmed what she had heard.

    There were, barely audible down here. Alarms were moo-whooing mournfully in a distant corridor.

    She looked down at her seated companions, looking dejected and bored, perched on her fold-away bunk.
    ?Hear that? Hopefully, that is a sign of rescue.?

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    OCC - I have lifted a quote directly from the Tim Zhan novel Outbound flight

    Ic Jorus C'baoth

    Location Jedi Haven

    The room was bathed in a serene darkness, darkness that was broken only by a lone flickering candle. One man sat crossed legged within the darkness his eyes firmly fixed upon lone flame, taking in a deep breath Jorus C'baoth was transfixed by the candle. Its beauty was astounding to him, C'baoth's often found himself amazed and distraught by the fact that the simplicity of life had almost been stripped minded and replaced by technology.

    Which was rather ironic, given the fact that the Jedi master was sat on the cold steel floor of an Imperial Star Destroyer. For that was righteous of the force C'boath loathed the fact he was sat on a vessel created by his enemies, created to destroy him and his kind. And it disgusted him even more that his own kind now swanned around this infernal ship, who had now lowered themselves to the level of petty thieving scum.

    But it was not the stealing of this vessel that bothered him most, it was the fact that the other Jedi betrayed there gifts and they betrayed the force. Whilst staring into the candle Jorus had a moment of clarity, in that moment it became crystal clear that in order to better serve the force the Jedi would have t learn to serve themselves.

    Which meant they would serve Jorus C'baoth.

    For in the instant that he gained this knowledge, the Jedi found himself coming to a great realization . That in order for the Jedi to serve the force, the people who had risen up and caused there downfall had to be ruled by those deemed worthy to use the force.

    He could remember the last time such a thought had came to him, it was during the Out bound flight project.. It was when the other Jedi on-board had suggested that he be relieved of his command. C'baoth had reacted to this with disgust, how dare these petty fools try and challenge his standing as the leader of the expedition, in fact if it were not for the fact he had been the one who had designed the purpose of the mission in the first place.

    If it had not been for the attack on them he guessed he would have had to bring these insolent pups back into there place. Still now he could remember the attack, the stench of burning flesh, the screams of terrified children echoing into the night.

    And then there was Lorana Jinzler.

    She had been his former Padawan and had just been promoted to the rank of Knight prior to the launch of the Outbound flight project.

    When she has begged with him to change course and avoid any more bloodshed he had replied with the same mantra he had told her many times.

    "We are the Jedi, the ultimate power in the universe. We will do as we choose. And we will destroy any who dare stand in our way."

    He would not bow down to these blue skinned fiends and it was her death that made his belief even stronger, he was Jorus C'boath master of the force! Just the thought of letting them get there own way still brought out dark feelings from within. With there attack on Outbound flight reaching its apex C'baoth had been left with no choice but to evacuate, he had no idea how many others had managed to flee but he found sanctuary in the last remaining escape pod. As he made his escape in the pod Jorus was knocked unconscious by a stray turbolazer that glanced the escape pod leaving him floating in the black reaches of space.

    Upon being knocked out the Jedi master went both into a healing trance and coma, C'baoth could still remember the utter shock and surprise he felt when he came out of his coma to find that eight long years had passed and he was now floating in an escape pod in the unknown regions of space. It had taken close to a decade of struggle and suffering before he had been able to rejoin his galaxy only to find out about the slaughter of his kind.

    And now he was here. Looking into the naked flame, alone again.

    Not that being alone bothered him in the slightest, it was in his own company that C'ba
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    OOC: Outbound Flight, I finished that at the weekend! Good stuff.
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    OOC: First and foremost I like to thank TheAdmiral for his participation for this joint-effort as this post took a very longtime to come together due to things beyond our control so thank you for your patience to those who are involved in this plot and finally thank you C_O for your insightful feedback and Pash for your suggestive input in this post. Thank you.

    P.S: Kuat and Lone Ranger posts soon to follow within the next day or so.


    Part One.

    IC: Lord Adviser Eddard Dondarion, "Aquila" crew (NRCs) - Panthera Squadron
    Chommell Sector - Arrissa's Field - Inside The Big One(Asteroid)

    There was a complete silence in the shuttle, the old Jedi could sense that everyone was nervous. Their fates were in the hands of Outsiders in an asteroid field. He could also sense their anger and frustration, they could do nothing to change their current predicament. The whole crew was gathered in the common area. At some points the shuttle shuddered...they could hear scratching on the hull. A dangerous passage...through such a field.

    The old Jedi was strapped in the large chair behind the desk of his cabin. Trying to sense the emotions of his captors, but there was too many things going on, so he could not be precise in his judgment. Then a call came, they needed something from him. It was automatically redirected to his room.

    "This is Major Sam Sparro of Panthera Squadron, do you read me occupants of the Aquila?"

    -This is Lord Advisor Eddard Dondarion, we hear you...

    Sparro heard the voice come through his com-link.

    "Excellent. We have little time for pleasantries, we have made a small pit-stop and this situation is getting dangerously out of hand, if you are indeed a Jedi, Lord Advisor then you must agree our intentions is to protect you and nothing else," Sparro said as he spoke through his in-built comm-unit in his helmet.

    The helmet design was reminiscent of stormtrooper armor, with a few notable distinctions. The shell was bulkier, possibly due to reinforced padding or internal pilot-to-ship communications equipment. Additional modifications enabled the pilot to survive in the cockpit's vacuum. Breather tubes extended from the helmet to the front of the chest plate, where controls for the suit's portable life support system were located. The actual supply of oxygen was built into the rectangular back plate of the armor.

    "I have a proposition to make for you that will make sure you will be safe and away from this immediate danger that's if your willing to cooperate and so far we have proved our worth by having your shuttle in one piece," Sparro said as forthcoming he could be.

    Commander Varian taking his spot beside the Major, and nodded at his handling of the situation, he was surprised by Sparro's leadership which had his head shaking, he could hear her voice in his mind's eye, I told you so, Varian, when the situation is provided he will step up, trust me.

    He couldn't but help chuckled inwardly, I should never doubt your decision Juno. As he waited for a response from this Lord Advisor.

    The situation was interesting, the captor was asking the "prey" to cooperate. The Lord Advisor took a look at the political officer and the Royal Guard. Both of them remained silent, but he could feel their contempt for the outsiders. A thin smile appeared on his lips. He felt young again, all of the excitement coming back.

    -I cannot hide that this grabbed my attention...So what sort of proposition is this?

    Sparro thought to himself, I've got their attention.

    "What I propose is two fold, how many of your crew are able pilots, since this proposition is no cake walk. That way I can determine if this proposition can succeed or not, Lord Advisor." Sparro gave a quick glance to his right to Commander Varian, trying to read Sparro's intent of what he has planned.

    Fulvidina and his flight were circling the Big One on Silvestris's orders and as they were coming around, his sensor picked up the anomaly of what
  23. HanSolo29

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    IC: Han Solo
    The Stellarus, Landing Platform, Coruscant

    The Stellarus wasn't exactly what you would consider an imposing ship, but she still had an air of sovereignty about her as she sat nestled against the windswept platform outside the Senate District - just where Vos had left her. In many ways, she was like a silent sentinel keeping watch over the hustle and bustle that defined the very essence of Coruscant itself. Some even considered a ship to be an extension of her owner, a living, breathing entity that complimented their biological counterpart in various ways. As Han Solo approached the vessel and stepped into the shadow being cast by her bow, he couldn't help but find himself starting to agree with that sentiment. The Stellarus' hull was craggy and irregular, just like the Kiffu's rugged face. Also similar to her wayward pilot, the freighter appeared to be ever watchful, sitting alone in a darkened corner and observing her surroundings, waiting to spring at just the right moment. The silent sentinel - yes, it was fitting for both Vos and his ship.

    But Han had not come here to observe - he was here on a mission. The datacard that was pinched between thumb and forefinger was proof of that. He had been sent personally by Vos himself to return to the freighter and retrieve the information the card revealed. It wasn't the most exciting of missions, part of him suspected it was a ploy to keep him out of trouble, but he vowed to remain loyal and carry out his duties, even if it meant spending the rest of the afternoon cooped up within the confines of the steely freighter.

    Heaving a sigh of frustration, Han came to a halt before the security interface located on the patchy hull. It was designed to keep intruders out and only allow access to those individuals who were privileged enough to possess the authorization codes. Unfortunately for Han, he wasn't one of those gifted few, but there were always alternatives. Vos had taught him well. What Vos didn't realize was he might have taught him a little too well.

    During their three year sojourn together, Han had done his best to observe and follow in the Kiffu's footsteps, picking up valuable information where attainable and putting them to use to meet his own needs. One of those instances occurred while Vos was standing in the exact same spot where Han himself stood now. Unaware of the prying eyes of the young man, Vos had typed in the access codes to his beloved ship while Han stood back and observed every hand motion. The same routine happened over and over again in various situations until Han was able to commit the pattern to memory. Now with furrowed brow, he recalled the pattern Vos had used several times in the past, following his exact motions and entering the authorization code into the panel. Several tense seconds passed as Han waited with bided breath until the familiar whine of machinery reverberated from the heart of the ship. It had worked! The welcoming sight of the landing ramp lowering into position was enough to ease his mind and blowing out a sigh of relief, he started up the slight incline towards the gaping maw that led into the interior.

    Once inside, the access corridor was dark, the only illumination coming from the dull emergency lights lining the base of the corridor where the floor met the wall. Han had to tread carefully in order to see, his right hand trailing along the wall to ensure that he stay on course. As luck would have it, his journey through the dark was short and he soon stumbled upon the cockpit.

    Where the rest of the Stellarus appeared to be quite dead, the cockpit was still a flurry of activity. Various lights and indicators continued to shimmer across the control panel almost as if they were competing with the running lights of speeders a
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    IC: Master Whie, jedi cruiser, Haven
    Location: Ylix star system

    The jedi heaved a heartfelt sigh of relief once the bridge doors closed behind him, signalling his release from bridge duty.

    He was definitely going to have to champion getting more people involved in the vital duty, the equivalent of being a Jedi Gatekeeper at the Temple.

    Drawing the stale ship-board air into his lungs, he decided to take the stairwell, and headed rear-wards towards the plexiglase encased cylinder, inside which the meta and plastic spiral staircase led up one level to the newly appointed Council Chambers, and two decks down to Command Tower deck CT4, and then turbolift the remaining floors into the Interdictor?s main hull.

    Running his right hand down the silver-tinted outer railing, he descended rapidly to CT4, allowed his momentum to swing him, boots still on the deck, over to the turbolifts, where he selected one, entered, and moments later, emerged into the top and rear-most deck of the main hull, Deck 14.

    A surprised smile spread across his face under the cultured black beard, at the sight of the esteemed Master Jorus C?Boath, coming the other way up the corridor.

    Whie felt a bit self conscious in his civilian attire, black trousers and sleeveless waistcoat over a silk shirt; but hopefully, within the day, with Knight Presli?s help, he would be in traditional jedi attire once more. In fact, despite his outside cheer, he hungered for the conformity.

    ?Master C?Boath!? He greeted as he came level with the Hero of Barlok. ?Good to see you up and about.?

    Tag: Master C?Boath
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