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    GM Approved and thank you Pashatemur and MOE for your assistance with bringing this character to life.

    Name: Xaverri (The Magician)
    --Age: 32
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Human
    -----Eye Color: Dark Brown
    ------Hair Color and Style: Long, heavy black hair.
    -------Skin Complexion: "Golden skin"
    --------Clothing: A stylish street outfit off-duty of her shows
    ---------Physique: Very exotic, voluptuous.
    ------------Force Sensitive: No

    Personal Ship
    -Name: Phantasm
    --Class: SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000
    ----Interior Description: An entire observation level included an exterior deck and numerous viewports. Xaverri's private suite and the five visitor cabins were decorated with rare art from around the galaxy. Conform-couches could be found throughout the starship, and the main deck contained a jet-stream meditation pool, and a small crystal garden.
    ------Crew Compliment: 1 pilot and one Co-Pilot
    -------Hyperspace Capability: Class 2.0 Backup class 14

    -Brief History: In the society of her birth, the surname was listed last after a series of ancestral ties, so she took no other name than simply her surname, "Xaverri".

    Xaverri was a trained stage magician by around the age of thirty, traveling the galaxy and reputed to be the "one of the best illusionists in the galaxy". Much of the profits she earned went to finance protection money to the Empire for her homeworld and friends, though even that was not always successful. However, for some reason, the Empire killed her husband and children, embittering her and creating a vast need inside her to take revenge on the entity that had robbed her of her family.

    On most of her tours, she spent much time trying to find ways to inflict damage on the Empire. Her past she kept secret, choosing to live alone after the death of her loved ones. Her solitude and lack of companionship was largely her choice, though, fomented by her natural suspicion and distrust of others.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: Xaverri had a large stage presence and was seen as beautiful and exotic in her performances. However, she was an embittered woman, an anti-tax demonstration by the Ghorman citizens ended in tragedy when Wilhuff Tarkin purposefully landed his ship on top of the crowd of peaceful demonstrators, killing and injuring hundreds which her husband had been within the area when the incident happened killing him and her two children instantly.

    Forever grieving for the loss of her family and seeking revenge against the Empire, to the point where she willingly chose solitude and to distance herself from others in order to pursue revenge. She kept to herself largely.

    Underneath, Xaverri was a loving, intelligent person with a sense of humor, but that part of her was buried under her hate for the Empire.

    Her years of hard living and deception made her suspicious and wary, though she was quite knowledgeable and skilled in a number of disciplines. Xaverri also had numerous ways of obtaining information. To her, all of these strengths and abilities were weapons to use in her private war. She would go to any length to harm the Empire, pursuing her vendetta against it with reckless abandon.

    IC: Lady Xaverri
    Coruscant - Galaxies Opera House - Change Room


    Sitting down, facing her own moment of reflection, taking in the contours of her face, her eyes tracing around as if drawing a mental portrait of her own facade. Her eyes slowly move to her dressing table before her and with a graceful flow of her hand as she brought into her hand eye-enhancers which flashed silver as she meticulously placed them over her pupils, giving her an ethereal aura.

    Her show wasn't due for another few more hours which always used this time to reflect, a long moment of reflection as now her eyes within eyes slowly met her reflection opposite her, with a slight tilt of her head to the right as if trying to proportion herself as an artist would on a canvas, painting the human for

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    OOC: Welcome to GAW Kisumi! I'm sure a certain Corellian will be most pleased with your entry into our game (looking at you Solo) ;) And also thank you to another Corellian (C_O) for your last minute input, I love it! And a reference to The Dark Lord novel.

    IC: Admiral Unbro and Admiral Maww'dur(NPCs) - Lone Ranger(General Kota)
    Obligon Nebula - Chommell Sector

    Space as far as the eye could see. Space potted with millions upon millions of pinpoints of light that were distant stars, planets and other such celestial bodies. A violent, unseen storm of cosmic rays and racing space dust filled the vast sea of dark, but it remained unseen so all was regarded as peaceful, still. Serene.

    That serenity was shattered by the sudden emergence of a giant ship out of hyperspace. At first the ship appeared impossibly long, stretching on for millions upon millions of meters, but as it reverted back into real-space it settled into its actual form?which was still quite enormous and impressive.

    The Independence was soon followed by a contingent of Lancer-class vessels, four of which were part of the Empire and then an Imperial-class Star Destroyer soon reverted out of hyperspace which represented the Kuati presence along with the Independence known as the Kuat's Glory.

    "Admiral Maww'dur, remember search and capture as many of them." The spectacled-Admiral Unbro reminding his fellow Kuati Admiral of their task of acquiring the Pirate General to bring back to Kuat.

    "Understood, Admiral. We'll hang back far enough to have them assume there is nothing here. I'll be ready. Maaw'dur out!" The brooding figure of the Kuati Admiral shimmered out as Admiral Unbro stood and pondered for a moment before turning a crisp 180 degrees to find the helmsman waiting.

    "Sir, we have opened frequency to the Lancer-class vessels for you." He informed the Admiral.

    "Very good." He said as he paused before communicating his voice once more. "Favourite Daughter, Ohio, Silver and Away, you will be bringing up the rear as we move into Obligon. The force we are about to encounter are a very rousy bunch, very formidable. Do not underestimate them. They are a contingent of Y-wing bombers which we are going to deal with for Operation Bith Slap as the Imperial's will deal with the Nebulon-B frigates that make up the Lone Ranger's armada." Unbro said slowly before continuing further. "Our objective is lure and capture nothing more. No disintegration. We'll play our part well enough for them to take our bait to have them lead out this way into the Independence's path. You'll be given further instructions as we move into the nebula." With that the transmission was cut off as the Admiral moved towards the centre of the Bridge and observed the coming nebula.

    There could be seen some floating rocks and debris at the edges of the oncoming nebula some of those from Arriss'a Field that's on the other side of the nebula as the Kuat's Glory followed by the four Lancer-class frigates smoothly drifted into the smokey haze of Obligon, within the debris something had been activated in the form of buoy's of some kind hidden within the wispy tendris of the nebula.

    Within Obligon Nebula......

    The gas and dust from the nebula tended to make most ships' sensors imprecise, and the pilot's line-of-sight was seriously compromised. Zigging in and out of the gauzy tendrils of the nebula was a confusing, chancy business, and there was always the chance that when a pilot zigged to avoid one asteroid, he'd zag right into another.

    Dropping into the swirling 'clouds' conjured by the nebula, Rahm Kota was reminded of meditation sessions with his former Master Mace Windu that had guided him when the Korun Master had brought him to the Jedi Temple soon after.

    No matter how fixed Kota had been on touching the Force, his mind's eye had offered little more than an eddying whiteness. Years later, when he had become more adept at silencin
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Paul Stobbs, Ace TIE pilot, shuttle Unidade Bravo
    Location: Arrissa Field

    Stobbs did not like to remain too far from the surface of the large asteroid, and they could not land and still deploy the Zero-Gee spacetroopers.

    He therefore waited until they had nosed to within a hundred metres of the craggy, fairly light grey surface, then ordered all stop.

    Unlike himself, the pilot was in the full black TIE outfit and helmet, and with a thick finger of his black gloves, stabbed a big red button on the panel before him. A tethered harpoon became visible outside the single wide port as it shot off and burrowed deep into the asteroid surface, melting it?s way into the rock.

    ?Alright, dep-deploy h-half the platoon.? Stobbs stuttered quietly. He was well jittery from just being inside the asteroid field, with the boulders of death flying every which way on random flight paths. They?d had glancing hits several times in pursuit of the TIEs that had absconded with the jedi shuttle, and at last check, their overall shield power had been in the high eighty percentile, though it was steadily climbing back.

    ?Sir, we have company. TIE Interceptors.?

    Stobbs? followed the man?s arm towards bright points of light that were resolving out of the maelstrom. There had been no point in having the proximity alarm on, which was why it had not alerted them first. ?Good eyes. Do they have the shuttle with them??

    ?Negative, sir. Scans show that they are charging weapons.? He started flicking a number of metal toggles in a line by his right elbow.

    ?What are you doing?? Stobbs enquired.

    ?Arming ours. We have a dozen M-s3 concussion missiles, which I am setting to home in on their P-s5.6 twin ion engine signatures.?

    Stobbs frowned. "Don't know what bothers me more; that you and they are willing to fire on each other, or that it happens so often, that we have a setting to get them back." He did not claim to know much about starfighters, but he did not have a very high regard for the TIE-series, their courageous pilots not-withstanding.
    ?Incidentally, they can't really touch us with those things anyway. Can they??

    ?They also should not be able to jump through hyperspace, or shatter asteroids.? He shook his helmet. ?Too much that is unexplained about these guys. Aaand, we are getting a transmission.?

    ?On speaker.?

    ?This is Panthera Flight 2 of Panthera Squadron, your are trespassing and in decree of the n?Osnyi Treaty that is in place here, you are to leave immediately or we will fire upon you, no matter who you are!?

    The message had apparently had an effect on the shuttle pilot. Well, two effects.

    Deft typing across the weapons board brought a layer of HUD (Heads Up Display) graphics rippling across the inside of the curved windshield, and yellow crosshair/circle combinations floating till they overlaid and adhered to the images of the approaching craft. One after the other, they turned scarlet. ?Targets locked on all of them, sir.? The Ace reported, turning from the sight towards Paul. ?They do seem to have a point, Lieutenant. Especially if there really is a treaty we are violating by being here.?

    ?Do you want to go back and explain that to the Admiral?? Paul invited pointedly. ?I can bet you, he?ll point out that no local treaty takes precedence over an Order 66 Pursuit.? Thaw?s servant and confidante looked pensively out the port at the fighters. The instruments showed that they had decreased speed as well. They clearly were not going to make any headway butting heads, he realised, ?Open a channel.?

    ?Channel open.?

    One of the repeater screens on the horseshoe-shaped command console showed that about six of the bulky and heavily armoured spacetroopers had ascended through their hatches in the shuttle?s roof, and were jetting towards the surface of the ast
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    OOC: This is a continuation of a joint venture with C_O and SSS, to whom I am very grateful. This continues to be very invigorating effort with great input, creativity and very satisfying and enjoyable collaboration. Thank you C_O and SSS!

    IC: Marquis of Gripsholme Vanya Federov, Ledaren and Sheyftain Quinlan Vos, Admiral Colton, Dr. Molita, Lord Vader and Anakin's former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano at the Ursean Embassy
    NRCs Commander Margory Bri, Mr. Zarcov, and Sergeant di Berilini at the Ursean Embassy.
    LOCATION: Imperial Center, The Ursean Embassy

    Part 3 of (possibly)5: Apogee


    ?Are you ? ok, Miss,? a voice spoke from behind her.

    Ahsoka put her hands over her eyes and rubbed. Through the mirror, she saw an Ursean officer standing behind her, the singled breasted pleated peplum coat in pale grey-blue, westkit of charcoal grey, and cream breeches now identifiable to Ahsoka as the USF uniform. Ahsoka didn't need to broadcast her agitated expression. Dipping her head, she reached down to the streamlined spigot to cup some cool running water and doused her face.

    ?Ah, yes?? said Ahsoka, wicking her face with on her sleeve.

    ?You don?t look it. Do you need some assistance? ?

    Dark circles were under her bloodshot eyes, some of the muscles in her face felt like they had slackened. She was feeling weary. While the water on her face rejuvenated her somewhat, it didn't have the same effect as a hot shower.

    ?No, no?? Ahsoka calmed racing heart as she mentally seized the moment. Taking another look at herself again, she sighed.

    ?I do look terrible,? she admitted. ?I hurried here. I thought maybe I?d lost someone very ? very important to me in the Senate bombing!?

    ?Have you found out anything,? asked the officer, now approaching with sympathy.

    ?Yes, and now I just need to see him.? Ahsoka said emphatically. ?But thank you, I think I just need something to drink and then I?ll be better. I?m a little unsettled and lightheaded.? Ahsoka smiled fragilely and put her face to a blower to dry it.

    ?Probably a low in your metabolism,? said the officer smiling. ?Come and sit for a moment and have some jura juice.?

    Ahsoka smiled gratefully, falling in with the flow of the Force. ?Thanks! That?s very kind of you!,? she said as they walked and entered the club again, the wary sergeant nearly half-way along the path she?d taken to get to the lavatory.

    ?No, don?t mention it. I?m glad to offer some small help. My name is ?

    The Black Guard now stood before them as the USF officer was ordering a juice at the bar.

    ?May I escort you to your taxi, now, Miss?? di Berilini suggested. She was free to go at her leisure, her tool returned to her, no further questions. It had all happened quite quickly and the Sergeant was at a loss.

    ?Um? Sergeant di Berilini, this is Flight Commander Margorya Bri,? said Ahsoka quickly.

    The bar discretely thumped with the unmistakable sound of a glass being set down on a coaster, that soft thud, and Ahsoka turned to catch the Commander waving the bartender away.

    ?Hello?I?ll help her from here Sergeant,? said the Commander generously. ?She looked a little ill. Sit down, Miss and drink the juice before we need to pick you up off the floor.?


    di Berilini hesitated and considered, but the Commander had turned her back and outranked him and he was not at liberty to discuss Miss Tano further. He saluted in confusion and shrugging, exited the bar determined to go immediately to log his detail. Even in the lift he decided to give Zarkov a call. The young female was wiley.


    "Flight Commander? I miss flying. What type of craft do you prefer?" asked Ahsoka before taking another sip of the sweet and mildly spicy fruit juice.

    ??USF Bird TK-7 interceptor,? said the Commander, ?Feeling better ? you look better,? she affirmed with a smile. Bri looked up and across the bar to a fellow of
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    OOC: I need to put a shout out to my mate, TJ, who made the blemish remark when I pointed out my ship on that comparison chart.

    IC: Captain-Supervisor Katie Stiles, Captain Caltose, Denon fleet monitoring station, the Victory Star Destroyer Predator
    Locations: Denon, Corellian Run; Obligon Nebulae, Chommell Sector

    The worried captain-supervisor of the secret monitoring station took time out of examining her tresses for grey strands, to check out the foot-high blue holograph of Captain Caltose, the VicStar commander who, to all intents and purposes, was the leader of Operation Bith Slap down at Obligon.

    ?Captain Caltose.? She greeted, before her eyes moved down below the hem of his belted uniform tunic, to see the sagging flesh around one of his thighs, while the other leg was going into a pair of trousers being held for him by a kneeling subordinate! She was speechless, and could only wag a finger at him with words of admonishment stuck in her throat.

    Clearly puzzled, the man frowned at her, before the millicred dropped, and he was gesticulating off-holo?. ?Pan up, dammit! She can see my legs!? The picture hastily moved up and closer to him, so the focus was his face, nearside arm, and torso. ?Profuse apologies, Captain-Supervisor. I was just changing my trousers there.?

    ?Gas, uh, gastro-intestinal accident, Captain?? Katie hazarded, finally able to speak.

    ?Accident?? The officer glared angrily into the holo-recorder lens at his end. ?ACCIDENT?! Your damnable Eclipse turned up, that?s what. It ought to have a bell on it! A large bell, one you can hear tolling through hyperspace.?

    Katie stared at him, the idea slowly dawning on her that the recent veteran of the liberation of Geonosis, from vastly overwhelming Separatist forces, had been so startled by the arrival of the Kuati Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught, that he had actually?, no, she could not even finish the thought.

    Realising that she had zoned out for a second, she heard the Lok native still going on: ?-Yards want an advertising slogan for this drokker, they can try, ?Your enemies will **** their pants! Guaranteed, or your money back.??

    Suppressing a smile that threatened to collapse her reserve, she made a show of writing the phrase down. ?...Or your money back. Got it, Captain.? Stiles looked away from the holo? to check her notes for what that monster ship had been called. ?Has the Independence contacted you??

    "Don?t think it even noticed us, to be honest." Caltose? expression looked rueful, his fury, borne of short-lived fear, now faded. ?Ooh. What?s that blemish on the scanner-scope?" Though Katie could not see anyone apart from the captain, she could see that he was glaring off-camera. "Yes, what is it??

    ?Captain. We have intercepted a communication between the Eclipse and the star destroyer, Kuat?s Glory. The ISD and Lancers will be entering the nebulae to flush out the pirate starfighters, with us taking on the Nebulon-Bs. The Independence will hang back far enough for the bandits to assume that there is nothing awaiting them.?

    Caltose snorted. ?They would have to be drokkin? blind.?

    ?As you say, sir.?

    ?Alright, the bridge crew have three minutes to return to their stations, then we go join the ?Glory.? The officer turned to Stiles. ?We will be in touch with further developments. Predator out.?

    As his holo? dissipated, Stiles exhaled all of her tension, and turned to her operators, some of whom were sniggering.

    ?Alright, we can cancel that BOLO. Advise all commands that the Eclipse has turned up safely.?

    ?Some of them might want to know where it turned up, so they know if it is anywhere near them.? One poin
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    OOC:Well...I guess I'm back, excuse my absence...and excuse the low quality of my post...fighting a heavy case of "writer's block"

    IC:truthsayer sister Alia

    Ursean embassy, Coruscant

    Alia didn't remember when, nor how she ended up in this suite. She had lost her sense of time too. The Bene Gesserit walked around the room, black and yellow cape swirled behind her as she circled around in the middle of the suite. She had been experiencing some very disturbing visions. Alia was holding her chin, trying to remember and order them chronologically. They were mostly about her "future son".

    She reached for her inner pocket in her cape and took her smaller journal. Every self-respecting Bene Gesserit carried a second one just in case something happens and she needs to write it down. Well after that she will have to rewrite it on the main journal though. Alia then took a pen, opened the "notebook" on a blank page.

    Entry 7-13:

    Concerning recent visions

    Due to inhaling a large dose of spice I've been experiencing a series of visions concerning the Prophecy for the Kwisatz Haderah. In them there was a chamber clearly the one that Magister Loraine had used when she was alive. There a blond woman, who I called "Magister Sunwalker", was sitting and a ghostly form of a man standing beside her. This vision was rather vague and I was not able to hear, nor understand most of the things she was saying. There was an expression that caught my attention "Sith alchemy". I suggest that we should investigate this.

    Then the vision become even more vague, I was in a tomb with several other presences that I cannot identify, not just yet. Here is a list of expressions that I understood: "...Necromunda...", "...Tomb of the Three Kings...", "...Death Cult Assassins...", "...Khaine, Onimi and Sigmar...", "...Sith Alchemy...", "...Technobeasts..." and "...Equivalent Exchange...". This concludes my report, I hope the Farseers will be able to shed some light on this enigmatic situation. My conclusion is that our order is at the brink of creating the Kwisatz Haderah.

    End of entry

    In her entry she omitted the vision where she was proclaimed a Farseer. They are a special part of the order, all of them sisters with the power of seeing into the past and into the future. The only problem is that they should be careful because the future can change very quickly if affected. And most of their predictions are vague and need further clarification so that a good prediction to be made. Still the Farseers were one of the most respected members of the Sisterhood.

    Alia then turned her head towards a mirror hanging on the far side of the room. She could see her eyes completely indigo, no iris, no white area...only indigo...

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    IC: Captain Reed Close, Imperial Star Destroyer, Prestige.
    Location: Derra

    The commander of the ISD stood looking at the two fleets, sitting in empty space, the odd-looking ships of the Union fleet, and Admiral Veroti?s patrol squadron of creaky, old-style Dreadnaughts.
    The shooting had stopped, and all was serene once again.

    He accepted a report on a datapad from one of his juniors, cancelling the ?Be On the LookOut? BOLO order, for that Eclipse Star Destroyer, the Independence.

    Looked like it had re-surfaced, at the Obligon Nebulae.

    He frowned at the update. Admiral Thaw was out that way, and this Independence was not an Imperial vessel, to his knowledge.

    Close thanked the subordinate, and returned to his perusal of the starships outside.

    Tag: no-one


    IC: Lieutenant Esteban Corel, Super Star Destroyer, Executor.
    Location: Sector Zero, Coruscant

    The Intelligence officer quietly paged through the pics he had taken of the documents in the Bene Gessarit?s chamber, waiting for Dave the Sensor Guy to get back to him on the presence of an Arc Hammer amongst the fleet now ringed around the capitol world.

    Behind him, one of the other operators remarked aloud, ?I see they found their missing Eclipse. Down at Obligon.?

    Esteban blanked the screen and looked over at the speaker. ?Wasn?t Imperator an Eclipse too?? He referred to Emperor Palpatine?s gargantuan 17.5 kilometre flagship that they had seen torn asunder at Kalee, by the Confederacy Death Star, Requiem.

    ?Yes. Yes it was.?

    Corel looked around at his sombre fellows. ?Hands up who would buy another one??

    No-one moved.

    "That's what I thought."

    Tag: no-one


    IC: SGIS Agent Devon Robie, Jedi Crusier, Haven.
    Location: Ylix


    The rodian looked up from his musings, at the familiar sound from the bridge?s Communications Station, and shoved his boots against the deckplates to wheel his chair over there.

    For some reason, he considered, it either had not occurred to the Imperial Navy to cut the cruiser out of their communication network, or it was simpler to do a mass broadcast to their thousands of capital ships, and not worry about filtering out the ones that had been compromised.

    He just had to remember not to acknowledge the message, because that might, if they were awake at the other end, bring the wrath of the Empire down upon them.
    Come to think of it, that gave him an idea for a trap.

    He opened the latest missive. Ah, apparently, that Kuat Drive Yards? Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught, now known to be called the Independence, was at the Obligon Nebulae.

    Now his interest was piqued. Until his years past imprisonment for Grand Theft Astro, and the subsequent work under license for the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, he had travelled in the sort of circles that talked about that impenetrable nebula, on the other side of the asteroid field named after some pirate woman.

    Arrissa Field.

    Chommell Sector.

    Lots of double consonants.

    SGIS had an operative in Chommell Sector.

    Not waiting to get permission from the person who paid the bills, he powered up the Haven?s long-range communications, and directed a call to his superior at the SGIS Base Ship.

    Within a few moments, he had Lim's image on a screen, expressing delight and surprise that they were chatting twice in one day!

    He filled her in.

    ?Okay, Agent. I will take it from here. Good work.?

    Tag: no-one


    IC: SGIS Medtech Yavscout, Royal Starship Hangars, Theed.
    Location: Naboo.

    The wiry elf was not particularly happy with the course of action that he had decided to take, or the potential impact it could have on his adopted home, but as the others had stated, the galaxy as a whole required more from him.

    Pressure, much?

    After getting his assignment to go check on
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    IC: Colonel Uvye
    Location: Enforcer One Acclamator, Phat Base Golan II.
    Location: Astral Coordinates, 05-F.00I9

    The Colonel was in his quarters checking over encrypted messages sent from his office on Coruscant to his datapad when the ship?s klaxons started blaring away throughout the ship. He immediately shut down his datapad and stood up when another message came through on the ship?s intercom:

    General Quarters. General Quarters. Colonel Uvye, please report to the bridge. Major Bayliss-

    Juru stood calmly and walked out of his quarters aboard the Acclamator and to the bridge. He watched as men raced by him, not bothering to salute which was standard operating procedure during General Quarters.

    The bridge was alive with activity as the ship?s crew prepared for the worst. The danger of space travel was the fear of being sucked right out of the ship and into the blackness of space during battle. Your voice lost to the vacuum of space which didn?t make any difference as your lungs collapsed ceasing the supply of oxygen to the heart and the rest of the body. It was a sad way to go and a slow death. With every heart beat, your ventricles pumped less and less oxygenated blood eventually arresting the cardiac muscle and tissue death.

    He found Major Bayliss near the Captain.


    TAG: Major Bayliss
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    OOC: This is a continuation of a joint venture with C_O, SSS and permission from Sith-I-5, to whom I am very grateful. Thank you C_O, SSS, and Sithy!

    IC: Marques of Gripsholme Vanya Federov, Ledaren and Sheyftain Quinlan Vos, Admiral Colton, Dr. Molita, Lord Vader and Anakin's former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano at the Ursean Embassy; Riek Supiro, Chief of Municipal Police, 6 the district, her assistand, Lt. Roc S. Il?barati
    NRCs Ms. Soobie and Senate aide, Mercier at the Imperial Senate, Offices of the Executor
    And retrospectively: Obi wan and Yoda in the Jedi Council Chamber, Coruscant 7 years previous
    LOCATION: Imperial Center, The Ursean Embassy

    Part 4 of 5: Prism

    The Senate glowed as magnificently as its designers hoped, yet the massive flood lights turned on the building highlighted not only its beauty and monumental size, but also it?s hulking girth hovering precipitously above the plaza and surrounding scrapers, like a doting plump uncle whose business you didn?t want to know.

    Inside, the offices had gone mostly dark as the work to rebuild hurried along as a frenzied pace and Soobie surmised that her comment somehow forfeited her lollipop and she watched it as it was put away.

    ?I?m ?ah? I beg your pardon,? said Soobie taken aback by the Inquistor?s request. I was spoken like a request, but coming from an Inquisitor, Soobie knew it was a command.

    Soobie glanced down to Mercier and then her eyes flickered across to the closed doors of His Majesty, Lord Vader?s office where the Senator from Alderaan and Her Majesty Sabe Amidala had been in quiet conference for the past 20 minutes.

    Though not particularly tall and sporting a white cloth sling for what seemed a somewhat short left arm, the dark-haired Inquisitor with his maroon robes cut an imposing figure. That was a requisite for an Inquisitor and Soobie hesitated for a moment.

    ?Obtain access to Lord Vader?s office?? Soobie put a finger to her pursed her lips and stretched her good arm back behind her, looking from Inquisitor Nelf to the blond Detective Lockley stepping back against the desk behind her and opening a channel to Vader?s private office.

    How many people did he come with, anyway?, she wondered counting mentally 2 troopers, the man in the pilot?s uniform and 3 Senatorial guard.

    ?Inquisitor,? she said inhaling and trying to stand the least bit taller though her lollipop had summarily been taken away. ?I guess I?m not going to get that lollipop back but?I received no word from Lord Vader about this ??

    Mercier who?d ducked past Lockley with a glum smile stood outside the cubicle to take a call from another aide and held his comlink close and looking confused he looked to the private office doors and back to Soobie.


    Molita did not speak as the door in the far end of the bed chamber turned operation theatre whooshed closed. ?So?are you going to tell me what it is you propose?? the dark-haired Ursean asked of Vos and then added very quietly, ?You? ahem? " he said nodding back toward the bacta tank. Vos cut him off with a silent "Shhhh," a finger over his lips, as he stepped sideways and into a shadow.

    Once out of the dim light, the Guardian shrank his presence within the stream. Without a sound, the former Padawan of Master Tholme crept around the far side of the tank and came to stand behind Skywalker's former Apprentice.

    The skin on Ahsoka?s neck prickled as if a breath zithered across her shoulders and she turned about, teeth bared, her elbow raised and driving round in a flash as her left fist bore forwards and upward in instinct, her left leg following through in a round house kick.

    Vos felt her tense up an instant before she wheeled around and the Kiffu easily avoided her initial strikes with hand and foot. The advantage still belonged to him and Quinlan seized the opening and he struck her squarely in midsection with a straight left handed thrust.

    Though of generous proportions, the dim lit corridor seemed close. Her sight blurred at first with salted tears, her focus became crisp as she landed back up agains
  10. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Oh, nicely done! This was fantastic; well done to everyone involved.

    "What did they do to you?"

    We threw a torpedo at him. :D
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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Been told to re-post this thing

    IC: SGIS Medtech Yavscout, Royal Starship Hangars, Theed.
    Location: Naboo.

    The wiry elf was not particularly happy with the course of action that he had decided to take, or the potential impact it could have on his adopted home, but as the others had stated, the galaxy as a whole required more from him.

    Pressure, much?

    After getting his assignment to go check on this stupid jedi, he had called the Ministry of Information to see what the deal was with travel off-world, at this time.

    They were tentative, but it seemed the planetary shield had been dropped. Again.

    He had then hoped to sign up with one of that day's daily tours of the Royal Palace and Grounds, including the river-way that ran between two wharfs, and cannoned over the cliffs of Theed, providing some of the energy that powered the city.
    Due to the recent alert, although over for now, the Palace had suspended tours and balcony waving.

    He didn't know what the citizens of Theed were going to do with themselves, without their dose of Amidala on the terrace.

    To be continued...
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Surgeon-Commander Debgate, Chief Surgeon Ny Brun, Taskforce Scimitar medical frigate, Huntress.
    Location: Coruscant

    Deb followed the directions of the ready-to-depart security chief, to stride into the mothballed observation deck, that had been re-opened and given a quick clean, to allow the multitude of guest medics who did not have rounds to perform with the patients of the previous day?s conflict, the opportunity to see their arrival at Coruscant.

    She looked over the sea of heads for her colleague?s distinct shrub of garish orange, and spotted it...him, near the front, his seat a few feet from a metal rail that stretched the length of the wide and high gash of transparisteel.

    The winding kaleidoscope of blue, grey, and black was still in place, but she could hear the thrum of the Immobiliser 418?s engines change as they slowed, threatening a break from the realm of hyperspace.

    She managed to plop into the chair he had saved for her, as, all at once, the view outside changed to dopplered starlines that started at infinity, and elongated all round the ship, overhead, and under the rapier shape of the cruiser?s domed hull.

    The luminous lines shortened, and within a few seconds, there was a field of blackness with a grey spot somewhere to the top right, rapidly expanding till they recognised the rear of an Imperial Star Destroyer, stopped dead.

    Their cruiser halted behind it, then a Nebulon-B braked and stopped to their left, and in that fashion, the first few ships of Taskforce Scimitar arrived at Coruscant, banking left and right to clear the way for the no doubt pursuing ships of Vectis and Perrinaw.

    ?Popular place.? Ny Brun observed, craning his neck as he took in the planet itself and the queue of myriad starships on approach to it - a clean and angular military warship here; a long tan-coloured freighter, skeletal form augmented with external cargo pods, there.

    ?The cradle of civilisation, some call it.? Debgate commented in a smug tone.

    ?I was forgetting.? The Ambivalence Chief of Surgery looked aside at his junior peer. ?You had your training here, didn?t you??

    He did not have to specify ?medical? training. In their circles, no other type of learning mattered or had any relevance.

    Tag: no-one
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    IC: AIL-1745 ?Piss-head?, Commander Theta, Master Yoda, Padawans Roland and Fenlaka, Fastern Island and the Darth Unlucky.
    Location: Pantolomin

    ?It will be no problem at all.? The investigator judged with a confidence that one did not expect from a naked drunk, smelling of stale beer.

    So that was it, the briefing was at an end; and this, the porch of the several metre silver lozenge that was this being?s home, was a surreal place to hold it.

    Riggsim moved to retreat into his home, then stopped, looking at the both of them. The clone commander and his guard. ?Well gentlemen if you excuse me I'm in a little rush, you know places to go people to watch and that and with that I bid you adieu.?

    The door slammed in their faces, and Theta could hear the sounds from inside of him searching for things; hopefully not another beer can.

    ?Re'turcye mhi! Piss-head commented to the closed door. ?Goodbye.?

    Theta looked at his armoured companion in surprise, recognising the language instantly. ?That was Mando?a! You are not one of the ?new guys?.? That was their collective and not very respectful term for a clone not descended from Jango DNA.

    ?New guy?? The stormtrooper leaned over and spat in disgust at the very thought. It was an emotional, instinctive response.

    Theta stared. ?Err. You?ve still got your helmet on.?

    ?Yeah, yeah thanks.? Piss-head stayed leaned over, helmet aimed down at the grey sand. ?Oh, bate, it?s all ober by dose.? He distractedly pulled his headgear up from the chin, so he could get a tissue from his utility belt inside without taking it off completely.

    ?You might as well take it off.? Theta nodded back towards their swamp speeder, as soon as he was sure the trooper could see him again. ?Ba'slan shev'la.?

    The two Imperials trudged back down the damp, bottle-strewn beach, back to their parked speeder, and turned in to climb onboard.

    ?We?ll stay here. Apart from Riggsim, all our other approaches are from the sea. If we stay here, we will be cutting off another point of entry.?

    They overheard the ex-CorSec? man?s unseen departure via speeder, and listened to it purr off into the distance.

    ?XP-38A landspeeder.? His upside-down helmet resting in his lap, and enjoying the taste of the salty sea-air, the stormtrooper sensed the commander looking at him quizzically. ?I can recognise things by their sound, sir.?

    ?When is that useful??

    ?When Rollers turn up. Uh, Hailfires, Commander.?

    A pilot by trade, Theta was not completely au fait with all the Separatist ground units. ?Hailfires. Those the chakaars with all the missiles??

    ?That?s them.? They sat in silence for a few minutes, and after a bit, AIL-1745?s thoughts turned back to Riggsim. ?He didn?t take the two hundred credits that you offered up front.?

    ?He?s an honourable man, Piss-head.?

    ?Well you couldn?t tell to look at him.?

    ?Verd ori'shya beskar'gam.?

    ?Yes, sir.?

    Biddley-iddley beep

    Theta answered the comlink. ?Yes.? It was the Executive Officer on his star destroyer. He probably had a name.

    ?They?re coming, Commander.?

    Theta smiled, unconsciously flexing the fist he had smashed against the deckplate on his bridge. He was going to get his chance at revenge, after all. ?Let them approach her position, then-?

    ?We slam the door??

    ?Negative.? Theta cautioned. ?We ease the door shut. Like it needs oiling.?

    ?Yes sir.?

    Theta switched off the call, and looked across at AIL-1745. ?Now we wait for Riggsim to call.?


    Aboard the Darth Unlucky

    Yoda was worried. Master Whie?s padawan, Roland, was at the controls of the ship, taking them towards
  14. ArgenPalos

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    IC: Padawan Nashtah, Sergeant Odievo
    Location: Yavin IV

    The three continued their short journey in silence although Nashtah was very attentive and curious to her surroundings. The Rebel base bustled with activity ? how different from the rather austere and meditative environment the Jedi had created just a short hop, skip and a jump away!

    In fact, looking at her still young ward she glanced over her shoulder and just out of the corner of her eye made out the Woolmander Temple in the distance, its apex just peering above the tall trees. Gripping Achilles? hands tighter because of his curious squirming, the three cut a swath through the Rebel throng.

    Many of the Alliance still stared, mainly at the two Jedi, distinctive in the traditional robes of the order. Despite the fact that their presence had been announced and some time had passed to allow the members of the Rebel Alliance time to digest the welcome news, many were still intrigued by the presence of the esoteric group.

    Nashtah nodded politely, acknowledging an occasional stare. How times had passed since her days at the Temple on Coruscant! The Jedi were a common fixture and to spot one on most civilized worlds would never have been thought of as odd but now, many years removed she could sense the uncertainty in the minds of those viewing her and young Achilles.

    Finally arriving at the Great Temple, the giant structure dwarfing them, the three entered through the main portal inside, two sentries, motionless, guarding the entrance while another two administered a scanner which checked everyone for high-grade explosives.

    Sergeant Odievo had been leading the way the entire way and once inside his stern countenance glancing at the Jedi duo and beckoning them on. Nashtah was actually glad to have a guide ? the inside of the massive Temple was a maze and she certainly would have had a hard time finding the location of Master Shuri and General Darkeyes without some help.

    Down a great staircase they quickly sped and soon after, after passing a security checkpoint, they arrived at an immense set of double doors, another two guards at sentry duty blocking the entrance.

    Sergeant Odievo, in hushed toned inquired of the two guards, Nashtah remaining aloof, certain that this ordeal of being guided by a man, who could barely tolerate her, would soon be at an end.

    Sergeant Odievo, nodding and ending the conversation with the two guards with a salute turned around and spoke:

    ?They?re still in the meeting but it?s been a while,? he asserted with little fanfare.
    ?For the time being, we can wait in these seats,? he stated gesturing to some nearby chairs.

    Nashtah nodded in agreement, eager to not antagonize the Sergeant any further though there was little she could do about her past and that was the part the Sergeant was having a hard part with.

    First allowing Achilles to take a seat, she sat primly next to him as she glanced thankfully at Officer Quill, attempting to decipher his thoughts or feelings past his mask which hid his features, she realized he was quite an enigma.

    TAG: Magris Quill, any others in the vicinity

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    IC: Representative Octavian from House Magnus (NPC); various other NPCs

    Coruscant, Downtown

    It has been a long day for Octavian, he had been trying to establish some new contacts for the Union. He had a partial success, several smaller companies seemed interested in doing business with them. Unfortunately the important senators and companies have been avoiding him for some time (since the establishment of the New Order), they still feared being connected with the Union. Only several of them regularly made contact with Octavian to share with him the new gossips from behind the curtains. That is how he knew that there was a new Emperor before the media announced it and about the terrorist attack on the Senate early today. This change of leadership gave him some hope for the Union. It was Palpatine who had severed his ties with large corporations and influential politicians.

    The luxurious speeder stopped at the level of his apartment. As soon as he stepped out of it he saw his daughter running towards him followed by her friends, he could hear them giggling at something. A pretty red-haired girl, not so bright as her father, but as sly as her mother and rather spoiled. At least Octavian was glad that she had not inherit his physique as he was rather obese. He could see the sparkle in her green eyes as she tried to make them look innocent.

    -Daddy, can we take the speeder, we wanna visit the opening of the new club in CoCo District? Pleaaase!!!

    He looked at her friends, they were grinning, there should be more than just this opening. But how could he deny her the meeting with the Coruscanti upper class so he just sighed.

    -Alright Atia, but do be careful...

    He was not able to finish his sentence as his daughter and friends screamed from joy and she jumped and kissed him on his cheek. Octavian slowly scuffed through the ramp towards the apartment, the door was still open and the protocol droid was there to greet him. The automaton started asking the usual questions like: how his day was, was it productive. Octavian muttered some form of an answer. As the they approached the lobby the droid turned away and left. There Octavian's wife Julia was sitting in an armchair, reading a book, there was also a glass of red alderanian wine on the small round table next to her. Octavian sat heavily on the opposing armchair and exhaled slowly. Julia peeked over the book.

    -How was your day?

    He chuckled.

    -You know, you are the tenth person today that had asked me the this very question.-he then slowly started massaging his temples-I'm making some progress in bringing the Union back in the grand business.

    He could see from the gleam in her eyes the annoyance from the mention of the Union. She disliked them, despite being from an aristocratic family herself, an "outsider" though, but still his wife. Julia thought of them as arrogant and snobbish who undervalue her husband's efforts to make them even more richer.

    -I know you dislike them, but it is their money that pay for most of our luxuries...

    He could see that she was about to burst out in anger, but luckily for him the protocol droid came.

    -Please excuse my interruption, Masters, but it seems there is an urgent call for Master Octavian from...the Union of the Great Houses.

    Octavian raised an eyebrow, his "Masters" from the Union rarely gave him a direct call, they always used couriers or other methods to let him know of their will. Octavian moved as quickly as his body permitted it, such a call must be very urgent. When he entered his cabinet he closed the door and sat behind his large wooden desk - a gift from the Union. He then switched on the vox communicator. On the screen appeared the wrinkled face of the Mother Superior. Before Octavian was able to open his mouth to greet the old witch she spoke first.

    Bey lah heifla Representative Magnus. I as the speaker of the Ruling Council want to inform you that Her Ultimacy is due to arrive on Coruscant to negotiate a treaty with the New Emperor. Currently she is experiencing some...diplomatic difficulties and we can't be s
  16. Sith-I-5

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    IC: Inquisitor Nelf, Galactic Senate.
    Location: Imperial Centre

    The Inquisitor could feel the petite personal assistant struggling with something, though he was unsure what.

    ? I?m ?ah? I beg your pardon,? said Soobie taken aback by the Inquistor?s request. Her eyes flicked past Nelf to the dark haired aide that he had just passed on entering the cubicles, and then further up into the hallway of the inner sanctum. ?Obtain access to Lord Vader?s office??

    Though intent on the young being?s face, he sensed no hostility through the Force, so ignored her subtle stretching behind herself, whilst putting a finger to her quite small lips. He did wonder, though, if she had to take small bites to eat her food.

    ?Inquisitor,? She said, inhaling and trying to stand taller, as if to impress him. In fact, it just melted his heart; it was like witnessing a youngling clop-clopping about in her mother?s shoes.
    She continued, ?I guess I?m not going to get that lollipop back but?I received no word from Lord Vader about this ? ?

    Yavinelf was surprised just how pleased he was that she was interested in the lollipop after all, and in unconscious response, started smiling broadly. ?The two matters are mutually exclusive,? he assured her, bringing her lollipop back out, pinched between the thumb and forefinger of his good hand, and putting it before her again. He released it physically, but used a negligent display of telekinesis to keep it afloat, spinning on its stick, whilst he reached over to pat her indulgently on her head, ?the lollipop was for being such a brave girl while I treated your nasty injury.? He lifted his hand, and drew back slightly but kept his voice low enough so that only she could hear.

    ?I also received no word from Lord Vader, Miss Soobie.? He admitted, almost losing himself in her large eyes. ?But, I am an agent of the Force, young lady, and I do not sense the Executor inside that office. So, on whose authority do you deny me access??

    Tag: Miss Soobie
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    OOC: This was a surprise joint-effort with Senora Pash, in-debted to you for your contribution. And thank you Morpheus from the Matrix quoting in this post.


    IC: Homicide Detective. Kol Phoenix and Chief of Municipal Police. Riek Supiro
    Coruscant - 6th Precinct, Coruscant Municipal Police Department(CMPD)

    The PD were inscrutable. The higher levels in the over all traffic grid were still highly restricted hours after the missile attack on the Senate and though her Skyhopper's registration was "fished" every 20 seconds, Riek was still required to give verbal report on her way down toward the Police tower where it sat in the west side of the Government district.

    On her descent she responded to Kol's message from the pleasant quiet and dark of the pressurized cabin, the blinking indicators strobing softly over her form as she sat back harness and seat. She sent it whole, a one way. That's what you did when you didn't really want a reply or were a little too hot to trust your own words, or the dog ate your homework!

    "Greeting and solicitations, Detective Phoenix. I can't imagine to what I owe this honored summons to your office, but being as how you are seldom spied out of your hidey hole, I'll overlook your presumption and grace you threshold with my presence! You can dust off a chair between now and when I arrive, which should be in about 10 minutes...Chief Supiro... out!"


    "You've about 70 calls waiting, Chief. Shall I rout them to your office?" called her reception from the "pit".

    "Oh, Chief Supiro, we're from Galactic New Service. My name's Bolo Iges. Can we get a comment from you on the Skyhook fire? We understand there's and Order 66 up there. Is there any fact to the rumor this is related to the Senate bombin..."

    Riek flew by on her way to and from her office thrusting a flimsy with her initial report into the case file "Captain's" slotted face. The "Captain" was a stationary unit that took up one wall of the open office pool of each department.

    "I'll be downstairs for a few, hold my calls," called Riek as she entered the lift, the doors closing on a bevy of "fact seeking" journalists.


    "Well?" queried Riek as she stood in Kol's doorway, arms crossed.

    Kol smiled to the sound of the Chief's voice, with just the hint of vexation in her slightly clipped accent. He had just placed a desk mirror on the table behind him, exactly parallel to his desk as he sat 'in-between' the table and his desk with his back to the Chief of Police.

    He could see her standing at the doorway from the angle he had specifically placed in order to better observe the Chief as he had never had the time to 'meet and greet' the new Police Chief since the Old Horse stood down and there was a period of transition within the 6th Precinct and at that time the Old Horse had put a recommendation for Kol.

    Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

    He concentrated in wetting the warm wet wash-cloth slowly and looked at the reflection over his shoulder from his mirrored 'self'.

    "Take a seat, Chief. I apologize for my earlier presumption in my message to you ma'am. Anyhow I would greet you but my hands are occupied at the moment, Chief Supiro." As he showed both hands, his right with a razor and the other with a wet wash cloth.

    Kol gently wet his beard. To let the warm water softened the beard for a few minutes before shaving it.

    "Please, I did dust off the chair as per your request so its safe." He gestured to the chair directly in front of his desk with a hint of amusement.

    "You seem to have a knack with mingling with the Inquisitors and Hands, Chief Supiro." He commented to the recent Skyhook incident and even way back to the partial destruction of the late Emperor's Palace Throne room.

    He applied the shaving cream over his beard, with one hand, gently stretching the skin. With his other hand, started shaving.

    A drop of blood on a gym shoe. A piece of fibre found on a stairway. The impression of a spade used to dig a basem

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    OOC: Poem by French philosopher Simone Weil.


    IC: Officer Magris Quill
    Yavin IV

    The Anomid observed as the Sergeant took a moment with the two stationed guards to the room where the Consular Shuri had mentioned to Magris earlier of a meeting of some importance.

    His black orbs took a curious glance to the doors of the room then back to the Sergeant as he turned around as he informed of her the situation.

    ?They?re still in the meeting but it?s been a while,? he asserted with little fanfare.

    ?For the time being, we can wait in these seats,? he stated gesturing to some nearby chairs.

    After placing the young ward seated beside the Padawan Nashtah and her gaze turned to his own as he he could feel her examining him, he could feel her eyes and mind to gauge Magris from his observation of the Padawan.

    With a slight tilt of his head.

    "Is there anything the matter, Padawan Nashtah?" Magris slowly moved towards the chairs that are on either side of the corridor they are in and took the one opposite the Jedi as he adjusted his cape as he sat down gracefully before her. He slowly regarded the guards once more then back to the Sergeant before resting his gaze to the pale-skinned Jedi.

    An infinite spectrum of possibilities illuminated the sight of the Jedi Nashtah, why was she, why has she garnered ill-favour with the Rebels especially the Sergeant more so.

    It seems to the Anomid, the Padawan has a duality from what he recognized from the Sergeant's off-hand remark about her supposed past.

    This said, I found myself in a gateway to the "eternal present," that reality beyond time, which transcends the material world humanity deems its domain. Only when I stand in the threshold of the ineffable present, the reality between the illusions of past and future, can I participate fully with life.

    The Anomid was trying to understand the borderline he is in between the Jedi and the Alliance trying to ascertain the meanings between such coherent forces of nature personified. Trying to journey within himself to come to an understanding of such things especially in regards to the Padawan.

    I say "ineffable" present because the gateway is like sitting alongside a large river of mild current in which that part of the river immediately in front of me represents the eternal present, that which flows towards me a dream, and that which is already by me a memory. There is no stopping the flow of the river, just as there is no past or future, only the fluidity of the present moment.

    Which Magris's mind came to a paradox of his own making trying to come a reason of understanding the dualities that are at play between the Padawan, representing the Jedi and of Magris's self-awareness of the intricate threads at flow of the Alliance.

    A paradox is a statement that seems contradictory, but when understood, expresses a truth that illuminates the humor embodied in the "essential truths" of the transcendent mystery of the universe.

    The Anomid leaned back as he slowly digested his own understanding as it unfolds, conjuring an intellectual image of a paradox.

    Paradoxes are the windows of the soul.

    I say this because life's paradoxes are a "double vision" of sorts, like peering out of a house through a pane of glass. Through the window we see objects that lie outside the house and simultaneously reflections of things that lie within. And the glass, through which we peer, at once transparent and reflective, represents the unity of the transcendent mystery, whereas the view without and the reflection within represent the pair of opposites that comprise our intellectual understanding of the material world.

    Through his studies and experiences in his life, the Anomid recalled a fellow Anomid philosopher and the short poem that entailed the recollection as he returned his gaze to the Padawan with a curious penetration of his own.

    We see either the dust on the window
    or the view beyond the window,
    but never the window itself......

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    ~OOC~ I have moved things along for the Bestine Situation. As requested, your assets are free now Sithy.

    ~IC~ : Captain Cale Lawson, First Lieutenant Taryn Haywood (X.O).
    Location: Fondor - Victory-class Star Destroyer, Ulysses - Captain Lawson's Quarters

    Cale didn't know how long he sat there staring at the glowing terminal screen. His report was completed and attached to a letter he had finished typing directed to his friend in Imperial Intelligence. His finger hovering over the send option, unsure whether to send or not. In his head, he was reliving the events, questioning if he had done the right thing:

    Arriving early at Fondor, he and half his crew had prematurely performed a shake down on their new 'home' before they were even ready. Escorted by an Interdictor, they performed a few exercises to find and remove any kinks from the systems. The Interdictor unintentionally blocked the way for a Confederate Strike Force forcing an encounter.

    Shortly they were fighting for their lives. Taking the platoon of Stormtroopers with him, he defied logic and common sense in an attempt to storm the enemy vessel to capture the enemy Commander and also gather Intel. The
    Ulysses took heavy damage protecting the Interdictor Incarcerator while holding back the enemy. They successfully destroyed three of the enemy Recusant cruisers before Imperial reinforcements showed up from Fondor and also Sullust to help take on the Lucrehulk battleship.

    With the aid of Commodore Valentine, his team were extracted from the Lucrehulk before the environment was destroyed around them. The enemy vessel crippled and leaderless, the a salvage team sent from Fondor to recover the vessel while the prisoners were taken from the
    Ulysses' brig to a secure location. Badly damaged, the Ulysses limped back to Fondor awaiting extensive repairs.

    He cupped his hands over his eyes, he was worn out. The warm cup of caf by the terminal couldn't remove the sour taste in his mouth from the recent discussion with his Executive Officer.

    * * * * * * * * *

    "Permission to speak frankly sir." Taryn asked while stepping closer.

    "Of course. My rank is off so you don't have to-ooph!"

    Taryn whacked him hard in the face with her hand, leaving a glowing red mark on Cale's cheek. "What is wrong with you?" She growled.

    "Excuse me?" Cale asked and rubbed his cheek.

    She whacked him again. "What the hell do you think you were doing? How dare you recklessly put your life in jeopardy like that. You are an 'Officer of the Imperial Starfleet', not some 'gunslinger' from the Rim!"

    "I was doing what I thought was best for everyone." Cale reasoned.

    "Best? You almost got our troops killed by storming into the enemy ship. Some are in a critical condition and we lost two shuttles and personnel! You are not a pilot anymore. Get that into your head. You can't go around flying into a situation with guns blazing!"

    "Don't tell me what I can and can't do!" Cale raised his voice. Taryn went silent, shocked by his sudden outburst and then scowled at him. "Look, I am sorry. I didn't mean to shout and I certainly didn't mean to upset you all by going off like that." He apologised. "Look at if from my perspective. If we didn't engage them and ran, we wouldn't know what they were doing. If we destroyed them and picked up the remains of the computer core in the wreckage, we would have fragments of information and that is not nearly enough to go by. Yes what I did was a big risk but the payoff would be even bigger once it has been passed onto Intelligence."

    Taryn nodded. "Now look at if from mine. The Commandeering officer goes AWOL and joins the fray. The ship dumped into my hands along with everybody's lives that are on this ship. Not to mention being outnumbered by an enemy force in an untested vessel! For you this might be a game, but I am not laughing." She held her glare for a moment before it wavered and she had to look away. "I'm glad that you are okay, but I am not happy with you
  20. Sith-I-5

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    OOC: Nice post Corellian. Hope this does not mean the end of all those characters!

    IC: Army Lieutenant Midge Jetton, Bree, main hangar, HNN Skyhook.
    Location: Coruscant skies

    The lieutenant had thought that ceding authority to the authoritative young woman in the blue frock coat, would ease his responsibilities, but instead there were two centres of chaos in the hangar now.

    The brown ISB agent before him, Acen Hunter, shield wallet flapped open over the breast pocket of his jacket, was pumping him for information on what had gone on up here.

    Hunter had, with the other paramedic, already removed the remains of his men ? the one sliced in half by this Wayland character, and the head of NTS-2334, the one decapitated by the sub-adult jedi girl ? to their medical larty, addressing the soldiers? concerns before his own, so Jetton willingly gave him a stripped down report for his superiors.

    ?So, let me get this straight. The bounty hunter came aboard representing the Municipal Police, and exchanged fire with the jedi infiltrators. Then the Coruscant Guard came along, joined forces with the bounty hunter and the same happened. Then you guys turn up, lose one of your gunships to a jedi girl padawan, she flies off. And to top it all, an unknown craft bursts from the top of the skyhook, and subsequently fires upon the Senate.?

    ?Well, we couldn?t see what they got up to after they left here,? Jetton shrugged, ?but for the rest, yes, Agent. And then Wayland turned up, and just went nut-so.?

    ?Ah yes, body bag number three.? Acen nodded as he snapped his datapad shut. ?Thank you, Lieutenant Jetton. Much appreciated.?

    A stormtrooper stepped smartly up to the pair before Acen could depart.
    ?Lieutenant? And you should hear this too, Agent. The medical frigate Huntress has just arrived. They have been apprised of the situation by PlanDef, and report that a lot of their patients were returned to their ships, so have ward capacity, and that they are prepping the requested Level One surgical team.?

    Both Midge and Acen immediately looked towards Isard?s prone form, on the stretcher that was flat on the deck. ?Can your larty make it to the frigate??

    ?As long as someone points out which one it is.?

    Jetton turned back to his trooper. ?Signal PlanDef that Director Isard is on her way-?

    ?Whoa!? Acen placed a hand on the officer?s upper arm, and looked towards the stormtrooper. ?Cancel that! We are not broadcasting over a channel, open or otherwise, that the director of Imperial Intelligence is travelling in a larty.?

    The lieutenant immediately realised his error, but covered by staring pointedly and silently at Acen?s hand till he removed it. ?Thank you.? He looked up at the stormtrooper. ?Belay my order, the agent is right. Do not volunteer any information regarding the passenger?s identity. Regardless of who requests it.?

    ?Yes sir.? The stormtrooper turned away from the pair, the rumpled green uniform of Supiro?s Executive Assistant momentarily vying with the trooper?s white armour to occupy the same space, then Roc Il?Barati was next to the officer.

    ?It?s Jetton, right??

    Despite being faintly repulsed by the crumbs of some past meal on the larger man?s collar, Jetton felt comfited in the presence of a fellow lieutenant, even one from a different Service.
    ?That?s me.?

    ? Chief Supiro?s remanding site authority to you and asks that you let her know who takes over if you change detail before there?s a debriefing to Command.? Il?Barati stated, giving it the full officialese that the transfer of responsibility demanded. ?You can comm me and I?ll relay your messages if any.?

    A heavy sigh escaped Jetton with the re-assumed authority, but Commander Ersky?a had chosen his second well. ?Understood,
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    OOC: Many thanks to CO for proff readinfg this post and his thoughts, much appreciated!:)

    Secondly I will be going on holiday from the 16th July to the 30th. All my NPC's and Scyther will be in suspension until I return.

    IC: Docotr Ashri, Ensign Charios (NPC?s)
    Location: InterSD Huntress, en route to Coruscant

    Doctor Ashei had just finished with his last patient and boy was he tired. He had frankly had enough and it was time now to rest and recover before being possibly transferred back to his comrades of the former Star Destroyer Obdurate. Or maybe Captain Ivanov would keep him here until the patients could be transferred safely back off Huntress.

    Ashri wiped the sweat off his forehead with the sleeve of his white doctor?s coat, which wasn?t so white anymore, and concentrate on stitching up the patient?s wound. A tough task even for an experienced doctor as it required precision, concentration and attention to detail. First he made sure the wound was clean and sterilised against infections before carefully and gently as he could closing the wound with the stitches he had brought with him.

    Finally, after twenty minutes of careful precision, the wound was closed and given one last clean before Ashri declared his work done for the day, or night, or whatever time it was. He had been working so long he had lost track of time. As he was dropping his last set of tools into the sterilizing bin nearby Doctor Debgate appeared with another woman, probably coming to check whether the two doctors would be leaving station for now.

    ?Doctors. I am being shown to a cabin? she said. Ashri nodded and watched as the other woman stepped in a put a comlink down on the side nearest where they had been working.

    ?This is keyed to my personal comlink; as soon as you are ready, call me, Investigator Linda, and I will show you to guest quarters?

    ?Of course, thank you? replied Ashri as brightly as he could, but inside he was really screaming for a rest. ?Alright Ny Brun I?m done for the session. I?m going to pop out and grab a bit to eat and then I?ll take up that lovely Linda?s offer of quarters. Call me if anything urgent needs attending to?.

    He collected his bag of medical supplies and tools and headed out of the stuffy air which had permeated the medical bay. It was wonderful to stretch his legs and get some fresh albeit recycled air, which was a nice change from the sterilized stuff once in a while. Now to go and find a bite to eat do one final round of the Obdurate patients and then off to bed.

    As he was walking briskly down the corridors in search of either a vending machine or possibly a mess hall that was?ent being used as a hospital wing Ashri bumped into Ensign Charios, his fellow Obdurate uninjured passenger and Captain Ivanov?s representative.

    ?Well good morning Doctor, or should I say good evening?? Charios said in his haughty Kuati tones.

    Ashri smiled ?Can?t tell sir, depends what the chrono says and to be honest, I?ve been too busy to look at mine. Everything OK down the diplomatic end??

    Charios nodded stiffly ?All right so far, nothing really to report. All of the Obdurate people have been treated well and I?ve been given as much access as I need to, I guess Captain Ivanov might have put the wobblies on to that Captain Illior.?

    ?Possibly? replied Ashri ?You look tired, come on, I?ll treat you to a bite to eat before we go our separate ways once more?

    ?How can I refuse such a gracious offer? replied Charios with a smile ?I graciously accept?

    They walked along together talking about the latest news, especially the concerning issue of whether Lieutenant Ellis would be back in action again. Charios had found out from one of Doctor Ashri?s assistants that the Lieutenant was stable but would be out of action for several months. Then they came on to the issue of a new temporary Lieutenant.

    ?Lieutenant Kazama commed me with the news when she and Captain Ivanov left with the bridge crew. Ensign Robertson was chosen as the new Lieutenant?

    Ashri raised an eyebrow
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    ~OOC~ Many thanks to J-L for reading over this before I post. :) . I hope you'll have a great holiday and a lovely time!

    ~IC~Hal Horn

    Location: An island chain on Manaan - 170 km from Ahto City

    'There is nothing like the thrill of participating in a race. The emotional high at the starting line. Sizing up the competition. Competing with others to see who is the better athlete. The question in your mind asks if you still got it in you...'

    My limbs felt like dead weights. My legs constantly kicking, losing their intensity with each stroke. My arms were tiring. My muscles were cramping and my body tired. My lungs burned for more air.

    'You are not as young as you once were years ago. You are not that old either. Pushing your body to it's limits. You are sore, not sure if you could continue.'

    The swell lifted me higher, I spared a second to get a glimpse of the shore. The beach house partially visible behind the vegetation. The sandy path that leads to the water. I couldn't tell if I was closer or further away before the view became covered by the crest of the wave as I dipped down into the trough.

    'Your body is asking you to stop, saying that you should take a break but your mind is telling you to go just that bit more further. You are on the final leg, Then the finish line comes in sight. You strive with all your might to reach...'

    The continuous rolling motion of the waves . Feel the surge of the surf carrying me along. I risk another glance to the beach and saw something there that caused me to smile inside. I was so close to the shore. I pushed on and ignored the temptation for a brief relief at the sandbank.

    'That extra boost of energy spurring you on from reserves unknown. You push on. Competing against nature is one of the ultimate tests of endurance.'

    The waves were crashing along the edge of the beach. I relaxed and allowed myself to be carried closer. My foot brushed the sandy bottom and firmly planted in as I pulled myself up out of the water.

    I'm not sure how long I had been out here, time doesn't really matter. I'm sure that red sunrise behind me was just as stunning as it was the day before and the day before that. My eyes were focused on something far more beautiful.

    "Still trying to break that record?" I heard a laugh in Nyche's voice as she approached.

    I lowered my head and chuckled. "You know what they say: 'Records are meant to be broken...'"

    "So why were you attempting to do that when you have already broken it?" I imagined her warm smile as she spoke those words. The swishing of the sands as she walked barefoot towards me. My eyes lingered over her form as I gazed back up to her eyes. Her skin appeared soft under the light of the rosy-pink sky. She drew the ends of her emerald silken dressing gown closer as a light breeze lifted her hair across her face.

    I couldn't tell her that I was out to clear my head of the terrorist attack on Coruscant nor that I left shortly after she had fallen asleep. The slight downward curve of the corner of her lip told me that I didn't have to tell her. She knew what I was doing but not why.

    I sighed as I swayed, my muscles were still aching from the long swim. I knelt down to a sitting position and glance to the waves lapping the shore. "I'd thought that I'd better do it now than later so we can spend the day together before we go."

    She sat down beside me and stared over the ocean. The rays from the rising sun were not strong enough yet to warm us up. "Our last day in Paradise..." She wistfully sighed.

    I placed my arm over her shoulders and pulled her closer. Our heads nestled against each other. "We live in Paradise remember?"

    "Yes but on Corellia, how long does your leave last? How often do you take a break?"

    "That..." My cheeks glowed from guilt as I remembered what happened last time. 'I had been off duty for two days before Gil knocked on our door asking for help on this 'important' case even though they had everything under control. That wasn't t
  23. master-of-les-pauls

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    IC Jon Matrix

    Location Gavin Base, The Basement

    Jon felt that he should better clarify his ideas on the Sky walker boy a little better but before he could Dorian rose from his chair and brought an ending to the meeting but not before giving Matrix his new orders.

    ?I know you are itching to get back into action and this new Intel from Khommite will give you that opportunity. I want plans drawn up and resources mustered for an operation to destroy this cloning facility

    Jon just kept his mouth shut and nodded his understanding of his new orders, he didn't want to aggravate what was already a tense meeting with his views on the Skywalker child. As the room began to empty and the various member of the Alliance high command heading off in different directions, Jon made his way over to Bigg's side.

    ?Hey old buddy,? Jon said putting his hand on his friends shoulder ?how do you fancy blowing some stuff up?? There was almost a cheery tone to Matrix's voice which suddenly became a lot more serious ?I'm putting together a team for this strike this mission and I'd like you to be part of the command team for it?

    Before Bigg's could give an answer Jon butted in.

    ?Don't answer now, have a think about it and when you have an answer come and see me over in Lucius Fox's office?Then with that the pair went there separate ways, with Jon moving hurriedly towards Fox's offices on the lower 2nd floor.

    As the crowd began to separate Jon noticed something that startled him or should that be someone.

    Aurra Sing.

    She was accompanied by Sgt Odievo and another person, Jon had never met this person but he did how ever recognise his species as an Anomid. The only thing that stopped him from pulling his blaster and shooting Sing on sight was the fact that for what ever reason Torian's young son was with them. Blinking away his surprise he noted that the once famed bounty hunter was wearing what seemed to be Jedi robes, what ever was going on here with her he would leave for the Jedi master to deal with.

    Eyeing the group Jon shock his head, not only had the Sgt brought unauthorized people into a highly restricted area. If he could have Jon would have chewed out Odievo then and there but he outranked him, even though Jon was seen as a member of the high command his rank was relativity low. Jon looked over at Torian and motioned with his eyes towards the group.

    When he was sure Torian understood who and what he motioning at with his eyes Jon made his way from the crowd and headed deep into the bowels of the temple towards Lucius Fox's office. Once he reached the small office it was little surprise to Matrix to find Lucius sat starring into a computer screen while punching commands into the keyboard and seemingly not noticing that he had company.

    ?Thought I'd find you hard at work? Jon said as he stood in the doorway.

    Fox span round visibly startled by his friends voice and presence ?By force you almost gave me a heart attack!? Lucius rubbed his eyes before he continued ?What help can I be to our returning hero??

    ?I need your assistance Fox?

    ?Isn't that always why you come to see me Jon?? Lucius said smiling.

    ?I'm forming a team? Jon said his voice clear and true ?A special black ops strike team for highly sensitive infiltration missions?

    ?OK tell me more? Fox said shifting slightly in his chair.

    ?I want a group around Ten, that includes me of course? Jon words had a matter of fact tone to them.

    ?Of course?

    ?I already know three of men I want for this team? A glint filled Jon's eyes as he spoke ?I want you to find me the best men on the base who would be suitable for this team?

    ?Well care telling me who are three men you already have in mind for this team? Fox said rubbing his palms together ?So I don't suggest them to you of course?

    ?Of course?

    That mischievous glint was back in his Fox thought to himself as he watched Matrix.

    With a half smile Jon answered his questions ?I want Harry Callahan, and the pilot you gave me for my last mission?

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    Ic Master C'baoth

    Location the Haven

    Looked up to find one of the few Masters left on board this ship walking towards him, it was master Whie. Jorus could feel himself suppressing a sigh of displeasure as he noted that his fellow Jedi wasn't in attire befitting a master of the Jedi order but more befitting of a common street thug.

    Raising an eye brow C'baoth spoke almost totally ignoring the cherry welcome he had been given ?Mmmm I hope that your current attire will not become the standard for all Jedi to adhere to?

    And with that Jorus just walked past his fellow Jedi towards the bridge, when he came within a few foot of the bridge doors C'baoth span around and called out to Master Whie.

    ?Master,? Jorus called out ?Would you care to dine with me??

    Tag Master Whie
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    IC: Major Bayliss, Enforcer One command centre

    Turning from the wall readouts where the senior officers were staring, Bayliss spotted Colonel Uvye striding in, clad in his reflective black armour; and following right behind, the General in charge of Tactical.

    ?Major?? The colonel greeted.

    Bayliss nodded at both men, and quickly brought them up to date. ?Sirs, we have come out of hyperspace earlier than expected, but at the spot you,? he nodded past Uvye at their white-haired strategic expert, ?suggested, General. Fifty klicks short of Major Rolston?s position. Middle of the unknown regions, dozens of parsecs from the nearest mapped world, and we have found a Golan II space defence platform sitting out here.?

    Behind Uvye, the General put his two credits in. ?The Golan series of armed space stations were created to guard an asset more valuable than themselves, like a shipyard or something. The Golan IIs were designed because it was felt that the first version was not strong enough to hold off an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. ? He pointed a finger like the barrel of a pistol towards the 2D holographic display showing a much magnified image of the distant space platform. ?That thing can hold off, for a period of time, one-and-a-half, maybe two ImpStars. And we?ve only got an Acclamator, meaning-?

    ?Meaning,? interrupted the young, shaven headed junior officer at the Navigation console whom the captain had spoke to earlier. ?that we are boned.?

    ?Thank you, Ensign Spooner.? Bayliss chided, glancing at the ISB officer. ?Please leave the tactical assessment to the General.?

    ?The Golan II will have thirty-five turbolasers to our twenty quad turbolasers, but I still would not recommend moving in close to slug it out at close range.?

    Na?Than moved into the conversation. ?I suppose we could concentrate some of our firepower to knock a hole in their shields. So we can get gunships through.?

    The General hummed as he mulled over the idea. ?Any troops we got on board would have to disable the enemy shields from inside.?

    The captain nodded and looked up at Uvye. ?What do you think, Colonel??

    Tag: Colonel Uvye/ Ominous
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