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    OOC: I usually keep my OOC's within my posts but I'll make an exception on this occasion, just wanted congratulate the Skipper of this magnificent little game we have here to Pashatemur for winning Best GM in the RPF Awards, thank you for your passion to inspire, guide us, motivate us and giving us one best tale to embark on thus far with many more to come for GAW.

    Thank you and congrats Pasha

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    IC: Colonel Uvye
    Location: Enforcer One command centre

    The General hummed as he mulled over the idea. ?Any troops we got on board would have to disable the enemy shields from inside.?

    The captain nodded and looked up at Uvye. ?What do you think, Colonel??

    The colonel looked at the space station read out. ?A diversion will have to be created for us, but I think if we come in high over the top of it or even underneath, we can breach the hull and disable the shields.?

    He turned to the Captain of the ship, ?You?re going to lose possibly 75% of your diversionary force for us to get aboard. Can you live with that??

    He walked around the control center, deep in thought. ?Another option is to go around them and again, come under them disabling the shields from within.?

    He stopped in front of the General, ?It?s your call General.?

    TAG: Sithy

    OOC: Sorry this is so short, work is very busy
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    Congrats, Mahlaydee Pashatemur...
    You've earned it, just count the pages in this installment of GAW.

    Your Vos salutes you!
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    OOC: I have been given ongoing permission to run NickLitYouAFlame?s characters in his absence, and authorisation from pashatemur to do same.

    IC: Master Whie, Knight Presli, Padawans Scout, Alex, Kilarn Vers, younglings, jedi cruiser Haven, deck 13, deck 7, main hull.
    Location: Ylix

    Marching down from the command tower turbolifts, Whie passed Master C?Boath, who ignored his respectful and cheery greeting, and instead made a critical comment about Whie?s attire.

    Seemed fair, and the Master was probably only saying aloud what the others were thinking.
    Continuing to walk, and his own head down at the rebuttal from the white-bearded jedi hero, Whie just hoped he would get his garb soon.

    ?Master?? The voice called from behind him, and on realising that there were just the two of them in the slightly sloping, medium-length corridor, Whie turned round to see C?Boath. ?Would you like to join me for dinner, master??

    Whie?s heart lifted beyond all reason, and with a quick thought that he should have time to fit in his sleep cycle first, he responded. ?I would like that very much, Master. If you tell me what time you would like, I will look you up after my sleep cycle. I have just done the graveyard shift on the bridge.? He explained.

    * * * *
    Deck 7

    With Padawan Scout at his side, the rodian administrator, Knight Presli, glared at the small group of younglings standing before what he now knew to be their Training Corridor, as designed by them and Agent Robie.

    ?I think you all owe Padawan Alex an apology.? He told them.

    The wounded teen stood to his right, between him and the younger children, favouring his stunned leg, and holding onto the Kiffar youth, Padawan Vers, for support.

    ?Sorree, Padawan Alex.? Eight little ones chorused unconvincingly. The Security Padawan said nothing, his arm round Kilarn?s neck.

    ?Right, you children will be helping Padawan Scout here...? Presli?s gaze lingered on the human female, momentarily seeing her as their late colleague, the blue twi?lek, Aayla Secura.

    Scout shifted uncomfortably. ?Master??

    Presli blinked. ?Ah, you will be helping Padawan Scout with laying the garden. Bring the soil up here for a start, and sprinkling over the floor of the cabin that she dictates.?

    ?OOOOHHHHHH!!? They chorused.

    ?That?s not fair!? A little Nautolan boy with big shiny black eyes, protested.

    The administrator recognised him from the physical education class, the previous day.
    ?And just for that, three laps of the ship. All of you.?


    ?Thanks, Hal.?

    ?What did I do??

    ?Run!!? Presli yelled, prompting sixteen boots to clatter on the corridor floor as they sprinted away. He turned to look at the others, eyes running over Kilarn, Alex (who was by now testing the leg), and Scout. ?Right, bigger children.? He nodded towards the graffitied door of the Training Corridor. ?I want all of you to get some practice in there, today, and make it part of your training routines. Alex??

    The Security Padawan looked up. ?Yes, Master??

    ?Danger does not always come with a warning, Padawan. You were caught by surprise in there, and you got hurt. But a jedi must train to be ready for anything, at any time.?

    ?Yes, Master.?

    ?Also, I don?t want you by yourself. Recently, you don?t seem to be doing well, left to your own devices, so for the time being, make sure you are always with one of these two. Padawan Scout??


    ?Unless and until their respective masters call for them, I leave Vers and Alex in your capable hands.?

    She watched him leave, then turned towards the remaining youngsters, and crossed her arms.
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    OOC: This is a joint post with TheAdmiral. Thank you, TA. I have taken control of Senator_Varanii's character Veroti for the benefit of freeing the plot at Derra.

    IC: Admiral Veroti, NRC Lt. Palmer, Jori Atreides, Duchess of the Ruling House and member of her entourage
    LOCATION: Derra


    Reporting to the Imperial dreadnought, Resolute, the Lieutenant toggled several switched on his control panel and glanced with a sigh to the hulk of a shuttle floating out toward his own craft. "Approaching Union shuttle and preparing to deploy harpoons and subspace loading ramp."

    "Very Good, Acelius! Deploy and keep this channel open," returned the dreadnought?s bridge.

    "Aye, Sir." Another channel opened using the predetermined Union frequency the name of the Union shuttle interrogated and presenting on the monitor before him the pilot addressed the shuttle, "Union shuttle ThunderhawkOne...., this is Lieutenant Palmer, HIMS Acelius, we are ready to receive passengers. We will deploy grappling harpoons and extend our loading ramp. Please inform Her Grace the Duchess. Copy?"

    The Death Guard pilot turned towards the duchess, who had stood up and moved towards the cockpit to ask what was happening. She clearly had heard what the outsider said, so Jori just nodded.

    -Shuttle Arcelius, this is Thunderhawk One, we copy you. I have just one inquiry, is your tube large enough, one of the guests is larger than a regular human being.

    The duchess grinned and turned her head slightly to see the large figure of the Warmaster. He hadn't noticed her, he was just sitting there and watching closely the Archduke Moritani.

    The Gamma-class assault shuttle pilot raised a brow and look at his co-pilot questioningly, to which his mate shrugged wondering if a game of "20 questions" would ensue. "Cleary the passenger is bigger than a bread box."

    Palmer shot his co-pilot a dark glance before replying. "Um... ahem...our subspace loading ramp will expand to fit your passenger hatch. Is your ...uh passenger... larger than your passenger hatch?"

    -Negative, he fits perfectly... came the curt and rather serious reply from the Union shuttle. Palmer's co-pilot snickered.

    The Duchess hardly contained herself from laughing out loud. Sometimes the Death Guards could give some awkward answers. She didn't need to be Force-sensitive to feel their confusion.

    -Lieutenant inform the Imperials that we are ready to move to their shuttle as soon as they extend their "loading ramp".

    The man nodded and switched on his communicator again to convey her order.


    The harpoons deployed and the Imperial shuttle slowly drew the Union craft close until the harpoons locked with a rumbling metallic clank and jolt. The flexible ramp and seal attached to the other ship filling with oxygen. The airlocks depressurized with a muffled hiss and the shuttle crew and guard escort came to attention.

    "Thunderhawk One, we are prepared to receive passengers. Copy?"

    The Thunderhawk shook a bit when the harpoons locked onto them. The airlock opened and Jori watched the procession; first passed the Large Warmaster with his silver covered armor, she could see the uneasiness in his eyes as he tried to pass through the tube. When his scarlet cape disappeared inside, the old Archduke was urged to move by the two guards who remained flanking the airlock. After the old man came Inquisitor Ruhr - self-confident as ever, then sister Nastya, her long blond hair swirling. Then Admiral Helena Xavier passed, arrogant and cold as ever. Before the duchess the black figure of Mitternacht passed, he needed to make sure whether it was safe for her to pass... Then at last it was Jori's turn, she tried to walk as gracefully as the tube permitted it. When she reached the other end she saw the greeting party and her entourage staring at each other

    Palmer stood and exhaled pulling his uniform jacket straight and twisting in the high collar as he donned his cap. "Well, I'll greet our guests and then we shall be on our way," he said to his co-pilot. "Take th
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    OOC: Congrats, Pash, for winning best GM! Well deserved! =D=

    IC: Han Solo
    Streets, Senate District, Coruscant

    The last rays of Coruscant's sun were just dipping behind the tallest skyscrapers of the sprawling cityscape, casting long shadows throughout the vast canyons carved out out by the towering structures, as Han Solo emerged bleary eyed from the Soft Landings Inn, which was nestled in a slum neighborhood on the outskirts of the Senate District. Despite the building facing the brilliant glow of the Senate Dome and the extravagant 500 Republica complex, the Inn itself was nothing special to look at. Most of its amenities were cobbled together from salvaged materials and it had no trouble fitting the part. The whole exterior of the building was patched with durasteel sheets placed haphazardly across the surface and conductor pipes wrapped around the structure like snakes coiling around their prey. It was hard to tell if they were there simply for decoration or if they had some sort of real purpose, but judging by the way the whole foundation sunk in on the right side, Han figured they were there to prevent the place from simply collapsing in on itself. It wasn't a place he would normally choose to stay the night or even a few days in his case, but they offered one redeeming feature that he couldn't pass up.

    Security was extremely lax at the Inn and in many cases, non-existent. The owners didn't put much into the place and they certainly didn't intend to get much back. As a result of this mentality, they didn't really care who passed through their doors, as long as you had the credits. No background checks, no extra fees, and of course, no questions asked. It was a simple operation and it allowed Han to lay low until he was able to establish himself with some real work.

    But finding work...that would be a challenge in itself. He was young, inexperienced and the only thing he had going for him was his luck and possibly his passion for flying. There weren't many business owners, especially on Coruscant, willing to hire someone with that track record. In order to secure a position, he would need to tread carefully, keep his eyes open and hope for the best. Something would come along, but for now, all that mattered was food. He hadn't eaten since early this morning and by this time, his famished stomach wouldn't stay quiet. Sure, he was quite capable of preparing his own meal and staying in the room by himself for the night, but he had an itch to explore. The city was calling to him and so, he found himself out on the streets once more.

    Stepping off the curb and into the flow of pedestrian traffic, Han idly pulled a cred card from the breast pocket of his jacket and began twirling it over in his grip. It was the same card Vos had given him in the message back on the Stellarus and so far, it had done him a lot of good in providing him with a place to stay. But even with its quirks, something about its sleek surface bothered him. Vos had mentioned that it was hooked to a bank account in his name, but as the young man studied it now, he noticed that it was blank and no identifying features could be found. Had he been lied to? Where was it drawing funds from?

    The banks had been closed by the time he had left the Stellarus and he'd been unable to check on the matter personally, but he had made a mental note to do it later. But somewhere between then and getting himself a place to stay for the night, he had opted to use it anyway. That might not have been the best thing to do in the grand scheme of things, but what was the harm? It had worked, right? He would just grab one more bite to eat and that would be the end of it until he could get it properly examined.

    With a sigh, Han slid the card back into his pocket and with a final tap to keep it secure, paused on a street corner with a wide array of other beings waiting for public transit. Many of them were human and didn't seem to mind his presence there among them, but others who belonged to a species
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    OOC:Excuse my absence once again, and please excuse the low quality of this post [face_blush]

    IC: ARC Commander Alpha, Hotshot (NPC), Lord Admiral James Xavier (NPC), various other NPCs

    on-board VenSD "Roadblock"

    Alpha's consciousness was slowly returning. He could hear distant sounds, some of which seemed like voices, through his eyelids a faint light passed. Slowly memories were returning, random thoughts raced around his mind. Finally the Clone's eyes opened, at first everything was blurred then his vision cleared. Nevertheless the confusion remained, he was disoriented, he could see a large sterilized room with a lot of beds, some of which were occupied, some droids hurried around. Suddenly Alpha realized that he was not alone, there was someone standing beside his bed. I?-his voice weak, his mouth dry and could still feel the metallic taste of blood.

    -Don't worry Commander, you are safe now. We're back on-board "Roadblock", you are in its medbay.-the reply came from a female voice.

    Alpha turned his head to follow its source, it was a girl still wearing a snowtrooper armor. At first it was hard for him to connect a name to the face. But the shortly cut black hair served as a reminder - Bessany.

    -What doing here, private? Go...get some look as you've been fighting a nexu...

    She chuckled softly at the comment, but this didn't cover the fact that her face was pale with black circles around her eyes and small drops of tears in them. She was still grieving for her now dead sister. Her attitude was unacceptable, but Alpha was helpless.

    -You don't look good either...sir.

    Alpha tried to stand up but as he tried to move his arms an immense wave of pain passed through his right shoulder. He gasped and fell back on the bed. It creaked from his weight.

    -Woah, woah, Commander you should be more careful, your shoulder was broken and you lost a lot of blood. I'll call the doctor to give you more details. Anyway he wanted to speak with you about something.

    Bessany turned to go to Rufus' office, she had disobeyed Lieutenant Fisk's orders to go and get some sleep but...somehow she cared for the Commander. He had bravely led them in this fight...if only her sister was still alive. Bes tried to stop herself from crying again. Maybe the young Lt. was right...she indeed needed some rest, but the doctor first...

    Alpha remained silent as he watched the girl go. She was a mystery for him, this sudden interest in him made him nervous. If only Dennii was there, this would have made things easier. This reminded him of something that he'll have to discuss with Vader...


    For some time Colonel Agathon was explaining how he courageously took over the capitol city. How tough it was, how the enemy had gotten them pinned down, but thank to his superior intelligence he prevailed over this powerful but not as bright as him enemy. Hotshot barely restrained himself from rolling his eyes in annoyance, this man was blinded by his own pride, he might be an expert in his field of work...but his egocentric way of thinking left everyone outside only he remained. Fisk was wondering how this man managed to survive this far to become a Colonel and even win a serious battle. Maybe he was underestimating the man. He would be keeping an eye on him for sure...

    Fisk was not sure whether his annoyance was visible on his face or not, well he didn't care much about it anyway. After a moment he realized that the Colonel and the Captain were staring at him patiently, it was his turn.

    -Oh...-be scratched the back of his head and almost drop his helmet that he was holding under his left ignored the irony on Agathon's face-Well, this moment I don't have the exact number of casualties, wounded and destroyed equipment, I will send you a more detailed report about Beta Attack Force. I will say this briefly that the CIS was very well prepared for the attack and my Attack Force was ambushed twice while we tried to reach the mining complex to assist Commander Alpha. The KIG had already destr
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    OOC: This is a joint-post with TMM. .


    IC: Princess Ysera Alexstrasza - Ariel The Last Oracle of Rakata - Professor Xim Traza - Princess Laura of Hapes - Master Chef Diablo - Apprentice Chef Yuri(NPC)
    Gripsholme -> Mavras Maelstrom

    Royal Kitchens....

    Doncasta had shown himself out after bowing to the Reina and nodded to the tall, broad shouldered man. He wouldn't be too bad in a fight from Doncasta's estimation. He can hold his own. With that the Master Chef, left the two to their own business as he made his way out of the corridor that lead him here in the first place and back down the long flight of stairs that was leading from the open corridor with the heavens still releasing a downpour of rain.

    Shortly after, he pushed one of the double doors to the kitchens as everyone were preparing food for the evening course and the Ursean young chef Yuri presented himself to the Master Chef with a bow.

    "Welcome back, Master Chef. How goes the meeting with Her Majesty?" He asked as Diablo gave the young man a reassuring smile as he placed a firm hand on the man's shoulder.

    "It was productive." He simply said as he gazed to each cook in the Kitchen.

    "I know my time here has been brief but I shall return here as I'm to journey with her Majesty the Empress back to Kavala as I have duties there too to attend. I have written out for you the new weekly menu for you to use as a template and with it as you build more, add to it, shape it like you would with dough and passion and your love for food." Diablo said in his reverence with his strong accent shining through.

    His deep brown eyes returning to the younger Chef Yuri.

    "I will leave you to your own charge until I settle matters abroad," He paused momentarily and slowly smiled to the Under Chef, "and I won't be going alone." He let it sink in for the young Chef.

    Wonder filled the young Ursean and slowly swallowing the offer. "Of...of course sir! Thank you it would be an honour to serve you on the voyage and learn under you sir." He said filled with nerves, excitement.

    "I don't prefer the term under, more like with me Yuri. Okay, well enough of that, everyone has their jobs to do and your job is to serve the Royal Family of Ursa and of Gripsholme the best food your hearts and mind can produce." He gave them a wave to resume their duties.

    "If you have family or friends you want to let them know of your trip, Yuri. And once your done, meet me at the shuttle to Mavras Maelstrom. Force speed Yuri." He gave him a pat on the back to let him go and make his preparations, which left Doncasta to return to his office at the back of the Kitchen as he pushed the door open as he walked around his desk.

    He clicked a few commands on his keypad and wanted to check on the latest from Coruscant before he left Gripsholme.

    After a few moments of waiting an image blurred to life before him as he took his seat and sat down.

    "Doncasta? Is that you? It is you! So god to see you again, Don." It was Krystal in her usual non-breather moment as she looked exhausted.

    "Krystal, how goes with Hell's Kitchen?" He simply asked her.

    "Umm its well, just been hectic with all the helping with the survivors of the attacks. I just a few moments ago just returned from the Senate Medcenter, its real messy but we are coping well enough sir. Kay is still back at the Meddcenter helping out and also clear the lingering masses with the Senate Guards, they are coordinating still and most likely for the next day or so so they can start clearing the rubble and damage to the building." The ravenous but flustered Master Chef explained as she rubbed her eyes from exhaustion.

    With concern, Doncasta leaned closer with both elbows propped on top the desk with hands interlocked into one another.

    "Krys, you should let someone take over, you look you need the rest." He suggested to her.
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    OOC: I wish to thank Corellian_Outrider for assisting with writing Julien Leitman and K_D for his helpful advice and time. Thank you both.

    IC: Lord Admiral Julien Leitman and the Reina Marie-Celeste
    LOCATION: Ursa from Gripsholme to Kavala aboard the Mavras Maelstrom

    "Lord Admiral, Minn 'arri, I am contacting you on a delicate matter, and trust you will appreciate my using an Ursean frequency, Sir," said the pale and flickering image of the white haired Admiral Colton as he spoke from his private cabinet in the Ursean Embassy to the leader of the USF en route to Kavala. The small wood paneled room where Julien had retired, his excuses made to the Reina and the Prime Minister, Lord Neuewald, was still and the registers of the ventilation system gave a low hum in the back ground as Julien returned to Kavala aboard the Royal Yacht the Mavras Maestrom. The ship had been a small prototype of the Vitt line of destroyers designed by the Re and the titular flagship, the Vitt Utharde followed with the rest of its accompanying compliment.

    Having closed the door behind him, the Lord Admiral had earlier attended the Reina, now , as it seemed, Empress, and was prepared to discuss the matter of the Re's ascension in political terms.

    The holo image quality was rather erratic but the distance from Ursa to Coruscant was great. Julien put his right hand at the hollow of his back and nodded to the elder officer. "I understand, Admiral. Your discretion is appreciated. Continue as you need, Sir."

    "I will be brief, then. The Re's condition is .... acute, as I understand it. Measures are being taken now, which... I have no better way to say it, seem to be experimental. If they are not successful, the Re will be severely compromised. I felt the Reina should know... and in conveying this... Julien, I am taking my own initiative...The Ledaren felt it would ... distrurb her Majesty... Yet, the matter is one of political import, she must be prepared," said Colten, clearly uncomfortable with his action and with the situation there at the Embassy.

    "I'd have commed sooner, but they have only just started lifting the shields here," the elder man said to his Commander.

    Julien pursed his lips for a moment. He knew Colton did not wish to linger long, or give anyone who might have passed the security measures to garner much in details. ?Speak?Freely,? said Leitman giving Colton the signal to convey the rest in code. Julien would have to translate.

    Colton relayed as much as he had gleaned as well as his own kavalanic misgivings and including the progress on Imperial Center in quelling the government and citizenry. Julien wrote notes, his head bowed as he jotted down his thoughts and then looked up to reply when the Admiral indicated he was finished.

    Things were grave, yet, promising.

    Leitman himself had much to relay and when he was done he reassured the Admiral that he would soon be back in touch and the signal ended, he rose thoughtfully and straightened his grey coat before exiting the small study to stand within the parlor of the stateroom. The Reina sat alone awaiting him, apparently having dismissed Lady Osca and her undersecretary, the Prime Minister gone and family members elsewhere occupied on the brief trip to the capital planet of Ursa, Kavala.

    He could see the slight movement she made, though her hands and body were obscured behind her piano. The small jewels which hung from her earlobes glinted as they swayed. Although he had entered with as calm a gaze as he could muster, his smile cordial and light, she must know his news did not betoken ease and he exhaled, his shoulders lowered. ?Majesty?? he said, and bowed.

    Her brown eyes did not leave him but only blinked as she remained quiet and watched him step across the thick carpet to stand in the crook of the case instrument.

    ?The Re?s condition is critical, but, there are remedies,? he added quickly, before the first clause had time to give full rise to anxiety.

    The Reina looked down for a moment, or perhaps she closed her eyes
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks goes out to Pashatemur. These series of posts have and continue to be an absolute pleasure to work on. Thank you for this experience!

    ~IC~ Ahsoka Tano
    Location: Ursean Embassy

    Half ecstatic to see him again and half distraught at his condition, his visage filled her "vision". The frailty aside, only those deep dark enigmatic pools of blue remained and disarmed. ?The way he looked at me. The way...' Ahsoka couldn't shake the image from her mind and it dawned on her that she had kept that image before her for quite some time ? the intense gaze from beneath those dark brows! Maybe she saw reflected there, what she wanted, but the confrontation after so long shutting her mind, so long laying dormant inside, left her weak and she felt her stomach growl more insistently now. Eyes wide, as she was shown her sumptuous room, Ahsoka stammered her request and asked if she could have something brought up for her to eat while she settled. She remembered to smile and say thank you as the door was closed behind her.

    The lights of the megalopolis shimmered in the falling rain with a flickering brilliance and drew her to one of three floor to ceiling windows that gave her a panorama to which she might gaze. She loved the sound of the rain which she could discern softly pelting the windows and muffling the harsh unceasing stream of motors, exhaust and ventilation systems, and far off factories thrumming in the distance. Her room was far better than any place she had stayed in over the years, she thought as she glanced back over her shoulder to the large room, though quite cozy compared to the vast room the floor below where she knew Anakin lay.

    The bed was an embarrassment of comfort by Jedi standards, plush and large enough to sleep a family of humans, she thought with a slight giggle. She should feel thrilled to have a proper bed instead of the round egg-cup of a nest that the 'big' Nosaurian had given her for her own back on Rendilli. She smiled thinking of Kerm, gruff and imposing to most, but a good heart, and how he called her hatchling, looked after her and had daily kept fluffed quite properly by his own standards the large wicker basket full of soft dried matter to accommodate his adopted friend. Still, Ahsoka had to curl up to sleep in it.

    Kerm who had cleaned and treated her wounds, who had fed her, given her shelter, found her shoplifting food. He took her into his own humble home rather than turn her in. For two years he tended her, saw to her education, got her a job.

    She reached around and rubbed the small of her aching back where Master Vos had thrown her into that thickly carved desk leg in the study. ?Ah,? she cried out softly as her hand came back bloodied. One of a few deep cuts from which Kerm had only five days before removed glass shards, cleaned and closed up must have split open during the tussle with the adamant Kiffu. Ahsoka scowled and winced again, tasting the blood in her mouth. ?I guess Master Vos was under a lil stress,? she murmured tersely.

    Unable to focus just yet, her mood shifting wildly, she stared out at the rain again. ?I left so ? Kerm must wonder if I was abducted! Probably did and filed a report with the local authorities, too. They?d consider the ships that had been in the shop and recently departed.? Ahsoka sighed knowing she owed Kerm, but not knowing what the future would bring, she hadn?t wanted to keep the connection in case it boded badly for her. She kept a lot from him, from Sandy and the others. No one knew her past or that she was a force adept, let alone a ?sensitive.?

    She stood up suddenly with an alarming thought, though she felt unusually drained. ?Lando and those bounty hunters had to have left a bad mess! Sure, Kerm will think the worst!?

    She watched a little rivulet of rain drip down the window where the casement pane reflected her face as the hunge
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    IC: Major Tim Bayliss, The General, Captain Na?Than, Enforcer One command centre.
    Location: Unknown Regions. Fifty klicks from ?Phat Base? Golan II.

    ?A diversion will have to be created for us, but I think if we come in high over the top of it or even underneath, we can breach the hull and disable the shields. You?re going to lose possibly 75% of your diversionary force for us to get aboard. Can you live with that?? Colonel Uvye had stated.

    ?My men are ready, sir.? Major Bayliss intervened, standing at the side, batallion cape flowing behind his armour, and his helmet in the crook of his arm.

    Na?Than regarded the Major critically, regarding the man a fool. No commander worth his salt, would accept such a dire assessment of their troops, true or not!
    He waved Bayliss into silence, and looked back at Uvye. ?I think you underestimate our men, Colonel.?

    Uvye moved round the room, mulling over his idea, and stopped in front of the general. ?It's your call, General.?

    Before their tactical specialist could respond, the Executive Officer stepped up behind Na?Than and quietly informed him that all 156 V-19 Torrent-class starfighters, and all 80 larties, were crewed and ready for deployment. Similarly, all twelve of their quad turbolaser cannon, and their point defense laser cannon emplacements were manned. Same with the four torpedo crews.

    General Tacticus looked back into Uvye?s eyes. ?Our plan was to keep the ship back to bombard the space platform from extreme range, and send the larties in ahead. So, to confirm that we are all on the same page, Colonel, is your plan that we take Enforcer One directly above or below the station to pummel the shields from close range??

    Na?Than regarded the two senior officers carefully. Colonel Wayland?s order had been that Uvye be in charge of this rescue operation, so he would carry out the ISB officer?s orders without question; he just needed to clarify what they were.

    Tag: Ominous/Uvye

    [b]IC: Chaygte, Big Bunji[/b], [i]Phat Base[/i] offices.
    [color=red]Location: Unknown Regions. Fifty klicks from Enforcer One.[/color]

    The lepi-eared humanoid had been sitting in a reclining chair, black kneeboots up on her desk top, sipping on a glass of golden wine, when the alarm klaxon echoed throughout the space station.

    For an instant, she was transported to her days in the Centrality Navy, manning a boring little base in the Hosrel system, but in the next instant she was back, swinging her feet off the desk, and punching the security centre into her internal comlink panel.

    ?[color=deeppink]What is it, this time?[/color]? She demanded.

    The voice of that new guy, Bunji, came back. ?[color=chocolate][i]An Acclamator just dropped out of hyperspace. About fifty klicks off. Our shields are up, before you ask.[/i][/color]?

    She was pleased to note that the new guy seemed reasonably calm with the turn of events, and instead turned her mind to the intruder vessel.

    From her limited knowledge of the Golan II capabilities, she knew it could handle an older cruiser of that class, but still, it was a bit of a step up from the ARC-170 fighter that their prisoners had turned up in.

    The Empire?s advantage, their distance outside regular Imperial space not-withstanding, was that they could call upon significant reinforcements if they wanted to.

    ?[color=deeppink]Jam their transmissions.[/color]? She ordered. ?[color=deeppink]There may already be other vessels on the way, but if there are not, we don?t want them calling for help.[/color]?

    ?[color=chocolate][i]Good thinking, Number Two. As ordered.[/i][/color]?

    Chaygte cut the connection, and pressed a different toggle to give her contact elsewhere in the station. ?[color=deeppink]Purge the computers of any remaining data relating to the Project, then start evacuating all non-combat personnel.[/color]?

    [b]Tag: no-one[/b]>
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    IC: Colonel Uvye
    Location: Unknown Regions. Fifty klicks from ?Phat Base? Golan II.

    General Tacticus looked back into Uvye?s eyes. ?Our plan was to keep the ship back to bombard the space platform from extreme range, and send the larties in ahead. So, to confirm that we are all on the same page, Colonel, is your plan that we take Enforcer One directly above or below the station to pummel the shields from close range??

    Uvye looked in the direction of the General and the Captain, ?Yes, that is what I am advising. This is space, not terra firma.? He stopped and walked away to once again look at the readouts of the platform. ?Think of it as burrowing under your enemy and striking him from behind. The station expects an assault to occur head-on from all directions, but its underbelly could be exposed.?

    He continued walking around the bridge. Movement seemed to clear his mind and help him think more clearly of the situation at hand.

    ?Sitting back and launching away will give the impression that we are soft and not willing to get hurt. A solid strike at close range, obviously not in direct line of their guns will show this platform and the Galaxy that we are not to be messed with!?

    He paused, ?Once inside, we will neutralize any threat to the ship or are you wanting this platform intact for your own use? If so, a distant strike as a diversion will allow us to get close and kill everyone inside, keeping damage to a minimum.?

    He turned to the Captain of Enforcer One. ?Captain, this is your ship, it is your decision.?

    He waited for an answer.

    TAG: Major Tim Bayliss, The General, Captain Na?Than
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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: ?Prodigal? based on UK band, ?Prodigy?.

    IC: Officer Cummings, Star Destroyer Chimaera.
    Location: close to Arrissa Field

    After seeing the second shift settled at their bridge crew stations, Cummings had repaired to the freshers at the rear of the twin crew pits.

    Now, scrubbing his hands with the creamy white soap, rinsing, and then splashing water into his face to freshen himself up, he suddenly remembered the Noghri, Ruhk, and the STANG force back on Naboo.

    It seemed like they were going to be in this spot for a while, surrounding the frighteningly cool Admiral Thaw's Star Destroyer, so he could have a message sent back there, allow the Grand Admiral?s favourite enforcer to catch up with them.

    Drying his hands on the blower, he emerged into the business area of the bridge, the command area. ?ComScan, anything for me??

    ?Commander, a signal has been received from Sector Command. The B.O.L.O. re. That Eclipse has been cancelled, and it has arrived at the Obligon Nebulae.? The ensign at that station reported, standing up.

    ?Obligon.? Cummings mused to himself. ?That?s not too far from here.?

    ?No, sir.? The junior nodded towards the mess of rocks outside the bridge windows, that went up and to the sides as far as anyone could see. ?Other side of that asteroid field, in fact.?

    ?That asteroid field??

    ?Yes sir. And there?s more.?

    Cummings sighed. ?I can hardly wait.?

    The ensign?s face took on a curious air. ?Sir??

    ?Just tell me.?

    ?The BOLO referenced a request that Sector Command attempted earlier, regarding a joint Imperial/ Kuati anti-piracy operation to take place at Obligon, which is, of course, at the edge of Chommel Sector space. We were in hyperspace, and have only just received it.?

    Cummings rolled his eyes. ?They really should have waited for the Grand Admiral to respond before acting. Though with pirates, they tend not to give too big a time window, in which to act.? He pursed his lips, thinking. The Grand Admiral would have to be advised, of course. ?Give me the mission title and objectives.?

    ?Commander. Objective parameters are the interdiction and complete annihilation of forces commanded by one,? He paused to bring up a datapad, while his superior waited patiently. ?Lone Ranger, sir. No pun intended. Mission title, Operation Bith Slap.?

    The commander smiled. ?Well well. Someone is a music fan.?


    ?You don?t know ?Slap My Bith Up? by Prodigal?? The smile turned to a toothy grin. ?I?ll sing the main chorus for you sometime...? The officer noticed the background murmur of operators hard at work drop away to a chilling, expectant, silence. ?...when we are not on the bridge, operating under an alert status.? The murmur rose again.

    Cummings nodded to the ensign, who sat back at his station. The commander turned to leave, but hesitated, returning to the junior officer. ?Do me a favour. Looks like we are going to be here a while. Send a message back to the Noghri?s team on Naboo. Tell them where we are so they can rejoin us.?

    ?Sir.? The young man nodded, and satisfied, Cummings climbed out of the angular pit, and trotted over to and rapped sharply on, the closed door of Thrawn?s meditation chamber where the Chiss and Captain Pellaeon were right now.

    Tag: Grand Admiral Thrawn (Corellian_Outrider), Captain Pellaeon (me)
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    IC: Padawan Nashtah, Biggs Darklighter, Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar
    Location: the Great Temple, Yavin IV

    Biggs was relieved when General Torian called a hasty end to the rather contentious assemblage of the Alliance High Council. True to form, the General seemingly grew tired of the jabbering and bickering and used his position as Supreme Commander to put a halt to the summit. Undoubtedly, a politician he was not.

    However, the most seasoned of politicians in the room was also thankful for the forceful commandeering of the General. Mon Mothma, once the youngest Senator ever to hold a seat in the Galactic Senate and despite her, grinned at the General satisfactorily.

    Although she was a consummate politician, she saw that it was ultimately the politicians of the once august body who had failed the Old Republic. Corruption, greed, conformity and a disregard for the welfare of their constituents had overtaken the true founding principles of the assemblage and as a result it had become a bloated, unwieldy ruling body unable to deal with the litany of problems that assailed the galaxy.

    If only they could have another chance, she was sure they would not squander their opportunity again!

    Biggs was glancing in Admiral Ackbar?s direction waiting to see what his plans where now that the meeting was over. After various recent undertakings, the Alliance Navy was resting and rebuilding. However, Ackbar didn?t meet Biggs? gaze, he was busy conferring with General Dodonna and General Yueh, who seemed to disapprove of the abrupt ending of the gathering.

    Biggs felt a firm tap and turning around it was his friend, Jon Matrix with a curious question:

    ?Hey old buddy,? Jon said putting his hand on his Biggs? shoulder. ?How do you fancy blowing some stuff up??

    Biggs grinned knowingly. He figured that Matrix was referring to the mission to destroy the cloning facility that had just been talked about in the High Council meeting.

    As Biggs nodded but suddenly wondering if Admiral Ackbar would give him a temporary leave from command of his ship, the Paladin, but eager to get in on the action, Matrix stopped him:

    ?Don't answer now, have a think about it and when you have an answer come and see me over in Lucius Fox's office,? Matrix finished, seemingly a man on a mission as Matrix hurriedly made his way out of the large room.

    Biggs was already wondering if he could finesse the Admral into allowing him leave for this mission but the wheels in his mind were already turning as he too made his way out. As he saluted the two sentries who stoutly guarded the entrance way which had now been unsealed, he passed by the ante-chamber where much to his surprise sat a familiar face, though he couldn?t quite remember her name, it was the same Force user that Andur del Jinn had faced in on Ryloth not too long ago. Biggs had enjoyed an eagle?s eye view of the heated duel, having piloted the Darth Unlucky, on request from the owner of the ship, Mitch Nifesta, and was in fact the pilot when Andur, like a pouncing hawk bounded out of the ship mid-flight and went to the rescue of another young Jedi.

    The all too familiar shock of red hair accompanied by the pale, almost white skin, he knew this female to be a fierce fighter and only through the patient, wearing down by the Jedi was able to stay her attacks. In fact, it seems she was formerly a Jedi turned bounty hunter but after a reconciliatory encounter, she was back in the fold of the Jedi order.

    However, though he knew what had happened, he was shocked to see her here, so close to the High Council, and not only that but in Jedi robes and looking after who he recalled was the son of General Torian and his Jedi bride!

    Biggs couldn?t help staring and Nashtah, the resulting stares by the other members of the High Council, most who now knew the details of the supposed prodigal Jedi (although the details had been kept from the population-at-large), was now sheepishly looking down, now avoiding eye contact with the exiting members though her senses could not help feel the qui
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    IC: Captain Eliforp Risk, Flight Officer Shaara ?Bait?, Sergeant Grillo, Ambivalence Star Destroyer, Y-Wing, Doom 2 ARR Blockade Runner.

    Captain Risk was enjoying the holo-communication. The captain of the Scimitar Taskforce? medical vessel, Huntress was making a courtesy contact to report the safe arrival at Imperial Centre, of her ship.

    And why did he care? Because his medical people were aboard, seconded there by Captain Perrinaw.

    Both the captain, and his Surgeon-Commander Debgate, were crowding into the holo-shot for him to see, the medic having to bend down to fit.

    ?I will be there as soon as I can.? He assured Deb? soothingly.

    ?Has Grand Admiral Carthaginian?s ships arrived yet?? Captain Iillor asked. She had less hair than his officer, but it was the same yellow blonde as the taller girl.

    ?Negative.? He had to admit. ?Probably a good idea that Perrinaw left me behind to guard these other ships.?

    ?Speaking of which,? The Huntress commander was looking out of shot whilst talking to him. ?Perrinaw?s group; Wraithis and the other ships, just arrived.?

    ?Oh that is great news!? Risk smiled, truly pleased to hear that the rest of his battlegroup had made it back, this day. There had been so many losses at Mygeeto, in the effort to eradicate the CIS. ?Alright, I have to go. See you soon.? He switched the button to disconnect the hyperspace commo, and looked up at his aide who had poked his head round the door to the holoprojector.

    ?Sir? It?s back.?

    * * * *

    Y-Wing, edge of the Mygeeto System

    Shaara sent her compact fighter-bomber forwards, tackling with a crisis of conscience.

    To be a member of the Rebel Alliance, you had to be prepared to take the lives of Imperial combatants, and she had the perfect opportunity to do that in the name of creating a diversion, ahead of her.

    Comparing her telesponder data and sensor readings from her earlier sortie, the analysts had been able to surmise that the Star Destroyer Rage of Ranroon had lost half of its hull and decks in some cataclysm of the recent conflict with the Confederacy fleet.

    What was left was protected from lethal vacuum only by emergency shields and internal blast doors.

    She could launch a spread of torpedoes into that weakness and claim fifteen to twenty thousand Imperial lives. Lives that would then not be available to crew other weapons of terror; that would not be able to wear the jackboots that could be pressed down upon the necks of the galaxy?s citizens.

    But could she do it? Would it make her and the Alliance into the monsters that they were arrayed against?

    * * * *

    Vehicle bay, the Doom 2

    Sergeant Grillo and nine ARR infantry men in sealed vacuum suits sat in the depressurised vehicle bay at the bottom of the blockade runner, awaiting deployment.

    The senior officers had been split over what target to go for. They would be picking their way through the shattered fleet or fleets ringing the wintry planet, and but should they go all the way to the planet, and pick up salvageable hardware and crystals lying on the surface; or instead land inside the wreck of a CIS or Imperial cruiser, and try to get something there?

    Decisions, decisions.

    * * * *

    The hammer-headed blockade runner proceeded slowly through the artificial asteroid field that the mighty vessels of the CIS and the Empire, had become.

    There were sections of starship that shone blue-grey in the half-light reflected off the planet, with enough shape and mass that you could tentatively identify what type of vessel they had come from ? a Nebulon-B frigate here, a Providence-class destroyer there.
    Thus far though, nothing that you would consider setting down a multi-tonne corvette inside.

    They continued looking.

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    OOC: This is a joint effort with SithStarSlayer, with a contribution from Corellian_Outrider, and *very brief excepts from Mr. Bear?s novel, ?Rogue Planet.? Special and most sincere gratitude to SithStarSlayer for his creativity and support, to Mr. Bear for his wonderful novel, and to C_O for his constant generosity. The collaboration, SSS, was more than I could have hoped for. Please accept my humble thanks for all you do.

    MEMO from the GM:

    Yes, the day is fast approaching. There will be posting here in GAW III until the new thread opens, that date to be arranged. I am preparing the crawl and as soon as that is done, I will submit the administrative requirements and open the new thread.

    Several things you need to know in preparation for THE GALAXY AT WAR IV:

    1. We WILL NOT EXPERIENCE AN ADVANCE IN TIME at the opening of the new thread and all plots may continue without interruption from GAW III to IV.

    2. HOWEVER, when posting in the new thread for continuing plots, provide in your first posts, a BRIEF and SUCCINT RECAPITULATION of the plot involved in your post.

    Those of you waiting on posts from me in answer to tags, I have a number of them working and have not forgotten you!

    Thank you all who have and who continue to contribute,

    IC: Vader, Vos, Dr. Molita, Jabbitha, Revan, Obi wan, Celeste, Qui gon, Ahsoka Tano, muted Padme, Vagno and a dark presence
    LOCATION: Imperial Center/Coruscant, the Royal bed chamber/operating theatre of the Ursean Embassy in the Embassy District
    ]Part 5 of 5: Crucible

    The question hung in the air thickly as the room sudden lit with a flash of lightning; a rare event on the climate controlled megalopolis and likely one that caused workers in the nearby towers to lift their heads from their desks and note.

    ?I will begin by purging the remnants of your tainted flesh; those wounds must be re-opened...?

    ?This is madness, my Re!? exclaimed Molita. ?I will not watch you suffer and die at the hands of this? Shaman!?

    ?Once cleansed,? added Vos with a dark glance, ?we must bind our wills to the Force in order to manipulate the essence of life into creating new lung tissue.?

    ?You?ve never done this before, much less, seen it done?!? stated Molita incredulously. ?I am a healer, Ledaren, my every breathing moment dedicated to the healing arts and I tell you, this man?s body is a ?divine field,? he has been cleaned and mended,? growled Molita, literally standing himself between the Vader and Vos and pointing to the floor. ?I have considered myself an open mind, but you WILL NOT experiment with the RE?s life! BY FIRE! ? PARTICULARLY, WHEN SAID EXPERIMENT CALLS FOR REOPENING MENDING WOUNDS! YOU WILL ONLY WEAKEN HIM FURTHER! NO SIR!?

    ?STO?..P?, rasped Anakin, coughing and then more subdued, ??Herr Doctor? stop! I ? know what ? hangs in ? balance??

    ?My Re?, said Molita spinning round and falling to his knee, ?I beg you, if not for your own sake, then for Her Majesty?s, we must not be this desperate. Wait, I will grow cultures from new samples of your tissue??

    ?You?? Anakin, closing his eyes, stopped to breathe and wheezed out a bitter laugh, ?you? said earlier? tissue? no integrity till ? radiation? poisoning proven purged?I AM considering ?Her Majesty?? he curled his fists and Molita felt the air compress, the room to quake slightly under foot and a split second later alarms could be heard to sound far off in the surrounding district and some within the Embassy.

    ?BLAAASSST!? gurgled Anakin, his mind reaching out, enfolding the image of Ursa as if to protect her against the ?horde? of his visions. ??.No choice?. You assist...M?lita?.?

    Anakin looked over the doctor?s head to Vos and nodded.

    The Ursean Doctor stru
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    "Emergency, emergency! Everybody to get from street," - The Russian Are Coming


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    Take a vacation, relax and prepare your opening post. Remember you will need to inform the readers of your plots and character's past exploits and current situation, however brief. I look forward all of your posts and if you have any questions, please send them to me via pm. Take care,

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