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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by pashatemur, May 23, 2005.

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  1. LordDarthUmbrus

    LordDarthUmbrus Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 24, 2004
    IC Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

    Darth Sidious had not left the side of Darth Vader since the shunts had been removed.

    The young Sith Lord had been having fits off and on for hours. Memories returning. Sidious could feel the conflict. Anakin was fighting. He had always been a brave fighter. It was one of the reasons Sidious had at last revealed himself to the young Jedi.

    He would be a perfect Sith Warrior. Brave. Cunning. Intelligent. Merciless. Vastly strong in the Force.

    Maul and Tyranus had nothing on Lord Vader. He was indeed the Chosen One. Even the Sith Masters had foretold of the Jedi made Sith who would at last bring Revenge and Power for the Sith.

    Sidious had kept a rendering from a wall relief from the fallen tomb of Marka Ragnos the Great on Korriban. It spoke of the Sith'era, the Perfected One, who would rise and bring the Dark Side into control at last.

    Sidious sat in his chair watching the struggling young Vader.

    What will you become, my young Apprentice? Dare I allow you to continue? But you are a threat to me . . . yeeees. But you are the fulfillment of the Dark Side, foretold of the ancients. Even I cannot hamper that destiny. The price would be . . . too terrible to contemplate. Sidious reflected.


    Anakin had remembered.

    "Hush now, Young One. Let it die. Yeeeesss . . . there let the memory fade. She is a passing sight, dear boy. Your destiny is yours now. She cannot control you anymore. Sleep. Become stronger . . . " Sidious tapped again Vader's brow. He calmed again.

    Yeeeessssss. Goooooouuuuuud. With each passing hour he becomes more my servant. With each dead memory. With each cauterized thought Anakin dies and Vader rises. Sidious thought with relish.

    His wicked smile melted as a new sensation caught his attention.

    An intruder.

    A . . . fallen Jedi who fancies himself a bounty hunter. He stank of the dark resin of Dooku. He stank of his seeming knowledge. His imbicilic pride and arrogance. Dooku was a stage magician. A prancing fool with his little red sword and his hand of parlor tricks.

    Anyone who hoped to learn the Dark Side from that fool was the greater fool.

    Sidious' smile was a heinous thing to behold when prey was about. He looked like a perverted Cheshire Cat. His stained teeth wide like the grin of a venomous reptile.

    "Come hunter of the Dark Side. I can sense you. I can feel your hatred. You are naked to me as a newborn and just as vulnerable. I will spit you and roast you from the inside out." Sidious ground his teeth allowing the hate to flow. Allowing the Dark Side to swell in him as only it could through its Dark Lord.

    Sidious' hooded hell of a face gleamed inside with the red glow of his eyes. The beautiful phrik lightsaber clicked into his hand.

    Sidious melted into a shadowed corner of the darkened infirmery where Vader slept. He waited like a spider in its web feeling for the slightest desturbance before pouncing.

    A red fang would pierce this one. Sidious would send the fried entrails back to Dooku as a souvenier and a reminder . . . the Sith has but ONE Master and ONE Apprentice.

    Tag: Tarkin, Bounty Hunter, Vader
  2. LadyZaraMarta

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    Aug 21, 2004
    Padme Amidala - undisclosed location- 4 days after the fall of the Republic -

    "Take it away, Dorme.I'm not hungry."

    "Please, M'lady, you must eat."

    "I'm not hungry.Just leave me be."
    Dorme closed the chamber door behind her.

    "Refused food once more?" inquired Typho.

    Dorme nodded."Yes...nothing in 24 hours.She doesn't even look at me. She lays in bed with her head turned towards the wall."

    "The enormity of what has happened has finally hit her like a ton of duracrete ...not helping either that Senob has downed a complete bottle of Corellian brandy and sits by the fireplace." Hannes looked down from the inner hall balcony towards the main room. Sure enough, Senob was sitting on the sofa before the fire, his legs stretched out.
    "I think he's working on his 2nd bottle of brandy."

    "Well, the first thing we do, is take that bottle from him, get some food down his throat instead of alcohol, let him sleep it off ....then we work on bringing Padme from her funk."

    "Good luck taking the bottle from him."

    "I'm not, are..." grinned the security captain.

    "Thanks much."

    ****end of post****

    BUSHIDO Jedi Youngling

    May 15, 2005
  4. Mortimer_Nerdly

    Mortimer_Nerdly Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 19, 2002
    OOC: You rude child. [face_frustrated]


    [hl=black][]=====#[]<[/hl][hl=red]---------------- M_N! ----------------[/hl]

    BUSHIDO Jedi Youngling

    May 15, 2005
    Just a little bounty hunter humour...
  6. Nefertiti

    Nefertiti Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 15, 2004

    She couldn?t sleep. Tonight she was lonely. Since physically moving into the library, she had found a sort of peace. Things would never be the same, but somehow that didn?t seem as important as she thought it would be. In her 60 years, she could remember no change. Nothing that would have impacted the Order as a whole. She grieved every minute of the day for her family, but also thought that this was supposed to happen. The will of the Force. Then she would shake her head rejecting her own thoughts. Her wispy hair framed her face as she stood at her window and cried silently.
  7. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Anakin, Lord Vader

    LOCATION: Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center, Coruscant

    The room was both surgery and private suite. He lay in the surgery node, a circular wall of glass surrounding it. The perimeter was an ambulatory, the floors of which were covered in rich red carpet and the walls holding bronzed and stone-carved sculptures and Sithic rune castings. This was obviously a suite set aside for the Emperor himself. The Ubrikkian DD-13 stood silent for now to the left of Anakin?s head. The room lay in near darkness and the presence had withdrawn and the silence yielded nothing of much information; some lights blinking, crinolated outer wall with many dark recesses.

    Anakin, Lord Vader, had opened his eyes once again and sighed and stretched. Now, that didn?t feel altogether good! His head throbbed and he instinctively brought his left hand up to feel the protective bacta patch that covered his shaved head from mid-forehead to just beyond the ear.

    Oh, yes, that?s right! Poor Obi wan! Too bad, but I did warn him, and typically, he failed to take me seriousl. Vader sighed again and turned his head on the pillow and pursed his lips. He was suddenly anxious to get up and walk about, but there were restraints keeping him from moving about too much. Sitting up, it became apparent why that was necessary, as the room began to spin and he thought he might fall. In fact, the vertigo was so bad, he wasn?t certain for a few seconds which way was down! Alright, not going to do that again! His head throbbed all the more and he could see the DD-13 light up and it whirred and turned, ?Please remain still while procedure is in progress,? it said comfortingly.

    Lord Vader coughed hoarsely, ?And what procedure would that be?ah..?

    ?DD-13,? the surgical droid replied, ?removing fluid build up from the cranium, my Lord, your injury is healing nicely, but you must remain immobile for another day. Movement at this stage will only lengthen recovery.?

    ?I see,? said Vader flatly, and then in his characteristically deliberate speech he asked, ?and what precisely does ?healing nicely? mean??

    DD-13 did not get to finish the sentence as Vader held up his hand and narrowed his eyes. Anakin, Lord Vader felt that continued presence, and thought it his master, but there was something else; another presence, and this one had an intent, used stealth, and was definitely not where it should be! "S?spit! DD-13, is there anything you can give me to help with my equilibrium??

    ?No, my Lord, there is not, and it is inadvisable to move.? Vader thought he detected a hint of urgency creeping into the droid's vocoded voice.

    Well, now, I?ll just have to be creative. /?Spring the trap!?/ Anakin, pursed his lips at that little memory. Annoying little accretion! He closed his eyes and began to search and pinpoint the movement of the ?intruder,? and he smiled that crooked smile. ?Bring it on,? he said under his breath.

    TAG: Emperor Palpatine, Lord Sidious
  8. Dooku-of-Serenno

    Dooku-of-Serenno Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2005

    IC: Deragon

    The Bounty Hunter crept through the rafters, quietly hoping not to be heard.

    Then it hit him...

    He had felt this before, last time he was on Coruscant. Jedi Masters pouring their abilities to discover what lies in his mind. This was fleeting but it left a need to reach for something for balance. The Sith Lord...

    And I'm right above him...

    Deragon than severed the illumination cables heading into the room through the ceiling, then started sawing a hole into the room using the silvery blade...

    TAG: Vader, Sidious
  9. LordDarthUmbrus

    LordDarthUmbrus Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 24, 2004
    Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

    Bring it on . . . Vader bristled as he sensed the intruder.

    "Lord Vader . . . stay down. I will handle this." Sidious admonished quietly from his blackened corner. His head snapped up to regard a place in the ceiling.

    Red emergency lights activated in the corners of the room bathing everything in a bloody crimson glow.

    "Guards. Emperor's Personal Medical Suite. Now. Quietly." Sidious spoke steadily into a pickup on his person as he continued to regard the ceiling above him.

    Suddenly molten bits started to cascade down from the ceiling. They strobed the darkened room electrically.

    A silvery light blade could then be seen as it punched its way through the ceiling. It began moving in a circle through the wood finished durasteel.

    The transparisteel doors to the suite then opened allowing 6 red Imperial Guards to enter, their force pikes activated and humming menacingly.

    Quietly they entered the room and surrounded the area below where the impending drop-hole in the ceiling was being made.

    "Droid. Activate patient security measures." Sidious commanded with a low voice.

    Vader's bed was suddenly surrounded with the unmistakable shimmer of an activated deflector shield. His bed silently lifted on repulsors and began moving backwards into the receding wall behind his bed. The bed tucked away into a hardened chamber next to the surgical suite. An armored blast door hissed shut where the receding wall had been. Vader was safe.

    At that moment the circular piece of the cut ceiling dropped down hissing and white hot. The guards backed away from the hole so they could not be seen by the one about to descend the hole.

    Sidious grinned sadistically. He was going to enjoy this . . .

    Tag: Daragon
  10. LadyWhilla

    LadyWhilla Jedi Master star 4

    May 6, 2002
    IC: Aayla Secura


    Aayla shook herself out of her ponderings as Master Yoda's transmission came through.

    "To any Jedi on Kashyyk. Re-transmit this message you must."
    "Inspected the new training grounds, I have. Up to our standard, they are."
    "Heading to the shipyard, I will be."
    "Rescue the Jedi on Coruscant, you must."
    "When done, help you, I will."

    She sat for a moment then quickly sprang into action. Aayla sprinted to her ship, the Silverslip, and powered up the engines. As she lifted off the planet of Kashyyyk she took one last look at the Wookie homeworld that had been her temporary sancutary. It was lush and green and beautiful. Far different than the planet city she was headed to.
    Aayla tapped a code into her comm. "Acknowledged, Master Yoda. On my way. May the Force be with us."
    The ship soared up and into the atmosphere of the jungle planet. Aayla headed for the nearest hyper-ring, hoping it was still intact. If the Empire had destroyed the booster rings her journey would be short-lived.
    Setting co-ordinates, Aayla concentrated on her task at hand. It would not be an easy one but since when was any mandate easy.
    A small blip alerted Aayla to her target. The ring was still intact. She docked and reset co-ordinates. She would soon be on Coruscant.
  11. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    Name: Riek Supiro
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human , Coruscanti
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color and Style: Blond, long and straight
    Skin Complexion: Fair
    Clothing: Very neat and tailored, navy blue knee length fitted and pleated surcoat, trousers, navy utility belt, brown boots, and beret.
    Physique: 5?8?, trim
    Personality: Educated, but street wise, quick to smile and is good at the ?come back.?
    Quirks: Bites nails
    Force Sensitive: No

    Personal Ship
    Name: Classic sporty two seater speeder
    Exterior Description: Black
    Interior Description: Red.


    Grew up in the streets of Coruscant living with her father above the family owned business. Her father Verolo Supiro ran a droid repair and rental shop, which he once ran as a fence for stolen droids. Anakin Skywalker worked for Verolo growing up at the Jedi Temple, in order to sock away credits to buy his mother Shmi?s contract from Watto.

    2 years his senior, Riek knew Skywalker briefly.

    Riek put herself through higher education. Now working with the municipal police, she proved herself able and intelligent working her way into the position of Detective in the space of a year.

    Affiliation: 6th Precinct, Coruscant Municipal Police
    Weapon Regulation issue blaster and Ger Works multipurpose hypo-rifle, repeating.

    IC: Riek Supiro

    LOCATION: Interstices of the Em Pal Recon SU, above private suite 1-A0

    She had no idea what this new government was going to mean. It had been a mess dealing with the clone police; everybody stepping on toes and bickering over authority and interdiction, incarceration, etc. The clones won most of the time. Still they didn?t much bother with Coruscanti on Coruscanti crime. This is the environment in which she joined the Precinct.

    Reik's day began simply enough and then she got the call as she passed the newly constructed Medical Center. She happened to be right overhead when she heard the Security transmissions and just then avoided a suspicious craft. So, she was right on the heels of this guy. She called it in to the precinct and proceeded and what a freaking mess she made of her new suit. Why is it I always get these jerks, she mused.

    Well she hoped nothing of importance lay beneath that hole the perp had just cut, because he was letting go of the silver bladed lightsaber.

    He hadn?t even seen it coming! Riek didn?t bother to tell him to desist. It wasn?t necessary. The helmeted trespasser had just cut his way through a high security facility, for Pete?s sake! The muzzle lifted slightly off the perps neck as Riek let off the sedative and said quickly, just for protocol?s sake, ?You have the right to remain silent?blah, blah, blah!? But he didn?t hear a thing as he slumped over the hole covering what little light there was.

    Riek sat back on her hands and shoved him away from the hole where a dim bit of red light shown through, and she yelled as she moved toward the hole and pulled on her comm. ?Detective Riek Supiro, Coruscant Municipal, 6 th precinct, the perp has been neutralized.? Leaning through the opening her long blond braid falling through as she showed her smiling face through and piped cheerily, ?Everybody alright down there?? The perp started to move and she turned casually as she was receiving a reply and the lights below began to function again, ?Excuse me,? she said holding up a hand. Then she put the muzzle to the perps neck again and said, ?Oh, I don?t think so buddy,? and pumped another sedative into him.

    ?There,? and she kicked him through the hole and swung down herself and straightened her coat and smoothed her hair.

    TAG: Emperor Palpatine, Lord Sidious

  12. Shadow_Wolf75

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    May 18, 2005
    OOC: Aww bummer, Sidious doesn't get to slice and dice some bounty hunter. And he was so looking forward to it, too.
  13. Nefertiti

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    Oct 15, 2004

    The small blue light flicked on and off silently. Noticeable only to some one who would look, Jocasta realized it was a communication. Her heart-rate picked up. Cup in hand, she passed the console and made for the refreshment center. An idea. As she passed the guard nearest to her, she hesitated, lifted her cup and asked, ?Java?? She expected no answer and was pleasantly surprised when, ?No, but thank you.? was returned. On her way back to the console, she picked up a stack of papers that needed sorting and filing as well as data entry into the system. Adjusting her dress, chair and work table, she pressed the blue flashing light. Words ran across the screen. Yoda! Master Yoda was alive! Quickly she retransmitted the signal over low frequency bands. Looking about, she decided to take the chance and respond to the message. Not knowing how many switching mitters it had gone through, she took the chance it would get back to Yoda. ?Library secure. Cleaning house. Remaining.? Once mitted, Jocasta sat back and smiled.
  14. LadyZaraMarta

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    Aug 21, 2004
    OCC; You gotta admit....Jocasta has guts!!!
  15. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    OOC: *Chuckles*

    IC: Tarkin
    [The Surgical Reconstuction Center, Coruscant]

    As the shuttles touched down at the landing platforms of the surgical reconstruction center, the clonetroopers began pouring out of the landers. Tarkin strode down the ramp to his personal crack squad of 20 men. He had left the Hammer Stroke with an up and coming Petty Officer by the name of Piett. He figured it would be in good hands until this little crisis was over. Tarkin surveryed the troops.

    "Team Aurek, impound the perpetrator's vessel. Make sure he has no way to escape. If he makes a break for it, shoot to kill."

    The team of five men went off to the platform where the vessel was docked.

    "Teams Besh through Dorn, follow me." said Tarkin as he removed his pistol, discharged his old gas cartridge, and shoved a new one into it.

    The team of 15 plus one strode down the hall, checking in doors and whatnot. But Tarkin knew exactly where the feind would be. People just don't break into a medical facility for no reason. He was there for the Emperor.

    When they arrived at the secure location, they found the door unguarded. Tarkin narrowed his eyes. Something was afoot. The Guards at least should have been there. Were they dead?

    Tarkin went to the door and entered his key code. Almost all the doors in Coruscant answered to his code, and that one was no exception.

    Tarkin made the signal for no comm chatter and then for the troopers to make a rush into the room.

    Tarkin held up his hand. 3. 2. 1.....

    Two Clones ran up and kicked open the door, guns drawn and a flash bang grenade in tow if they needed it. As Tarkin entered, he saw no sign of Lord Vader, the six Imperial Guards, looking quite confused, and some woman with a body on the floor.

    "Frell. Tell me your joking." Tarkin said under his breath as he entered the now very crowded room. He didn't see the Empire, but he reckoned that he must be safe if all six guards were inside.

    TAG: Palps, Supiro, Deragon
  16. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    [image=] - Dt. Riek Supiro

    IC: Dt. Riek Supiro
    LOCATION: Suite 1-A0, Em Pal Recon SU, Coruscant

    ?Exibit A, I would say..." The blast door fell with a thunderous clang that shook the room and blew dust up at Riek and DD-15. "Whoa! Whoa! WHOA!? cried Riek, standing her ground but holding a hand over her ear. She had just bent down and picked up the deactivated saber with a handkerchief. ?Ha, ha ,ha! Here they come to save the day?Wait, don?t tell me?you know this guy, am I right?!? Riek didn?t wait for the damn clones to answer and she turned back and nudged the rumpled perp with her foot. ?Of course, I am.? She could see by the clones' markings, and she?d only just realized she was surrounded by Red Guard, before the thin, and mannered Moff Tarkin appeared, that she had stumbled into yet another one of those ?need to know basis only? situations. "Hmmm," no smiling faces, not a good sign, "Dt Supiro, 6th municipal...Brother! Do you people always have to be so?dramatic??

    One of the clones leaned down and began to touch the bounty hunter. ?No, No, No, big boy, hands off my perp! I want him right here and I want it recorded. So, who?s going to start?? And she turned to Tarkin as she stood like a lioness over her prize, her thin lips set in a challenge.

    IC: Anakin, Lord Vader

    What! The doors closed shut as that silver blade had completed its task. Now, he lay, swearing and cussing in what amounted to a closet. He always suspecting he was the slightest bit claustrophobic!

    If he hadn?t known the previous realities, this would be quite laughable. What the hell was going on out there? ?I do not feel THAT bad?yes, yes I do,? and with that he stopped in mid?rise. Well, whoever the intruder, it was somehow not a threat at the moment, but his room was now occupied by 1?2?3???9 persons!?

    TAG: Anyone in the room
  17. LordDarthUmbrus

    LordDarthUmbrus Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 24, 2004
    OOC: Ooooooh, Dt. Supiro. Who's your daddy! ~ Pant Pant ~

    IC: Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

    Sidious grumbled inside of himself. He figured it would end like this. The security here in this facility was tighter than a Veralukan Drum. He so wanted to spit the assassin.

    "Excellent! All of you! Well done!" came Sidious' voice from the corner.

    No doubt they'll all think I was cowering there. Just as well I suppose. 'Appearances.' Sidious thought bitterly. Quickly the golden lightsaber silently retracted into its arm sheath.

    "Droid. Emergency Sequence Abort." Sidious' gravelly voice commanded.

    The blast door opened and Vader and his bed emerged from the hardened chamber into the suite.

    "Take the prisoner to the encarceration center at Imperial Center. I will want to 'talk' to him later. He is an operative of Dooku's. Brazen fool." Sidious sneered at the limp would-be assassin on the floor.

    At the guards: "When you are done with this you are dismissed. You have earned two week's R&R at the Yovinah Imperial Resort on Corsina. My treat! Off with you all!" The Emperor made a dismissive wave of his hand at the multitude, laughing hoarsely.

    "Governor Tarkin! A pleasure to see you again, my friend and who is our lovely savior this day?!" Sidious tried to make the most of his smile as he greeted the young woman detective. No sense scaring the lovely creature. Yet.

    "Lord Vader! We have visitors! Come! Meet the Hero of the Empire, my friends!" Sidious slipped into his oily 'man of the people' routine like it was a well fitted glove.

    Oh how he would have rather been gutting the heap being dragged away rather than "playing the part" right now.

    Tag: Everyone Here in this here room.
  18. LadyZaraMarta

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    Aug 21, 2004
    Dr. Giles Senob & Naboo Captain Hannes Vanepp- The Lodge - Undisclosed Location - 4th Day after the Fall of the Republic-
    "Thanks, much."
    Hannes shoved his hands in the pockets of his pants and slowly descended the steps.He stood before the sofa, watching Senob slowly drown his brain cells.

    "Hey...mind if I join you?"

    Senob staring at the fire still, waved a hand .


    Senob took a swig of the brandy directly from the decanter.

    "Can I have some?"

    Silently, the doctor passed the bottled brandy to Vanepp.

    "Let's not be ceremonious and drink from a glass.Nothing fancy like that around here."
    Hannes took a gulp and swallowed hard.
    "That's good stuff."

    "I've already been in the cellar and inspected the Senator's collection. Nothing but the best."

    "Why, of course..he is a prince as well. He can afford it.."

    Vanepp took another swallow and handed the Corellian brandy back to Senob.

    "It should get us through the winter."

    "'ve got to sober up."

    "Why?..and let perfectly good alcohol not be consumed?"

    "Padala needs you and her children need their mother. Amidala needs each and everyone of us."

    "Ah...yeah...lets pump her up, just to knock her down again..Yes, Amidala..we know you husband almost killed you and did kill your baby...hey...he's also a mass murderer... betrayed the Republic..but buck up...Chancellor-Elect...all we ask of you now is to separate and give your children to others to raise...that's nothing compared to what you've already been through!"

    Senob took a gulp.

    "It may only be temporary" argured Vanepp"...the children can't fall into Palpatine's hands...he'd kill them...and if their father finds them..."

    "Yeah, no matter what choice is made...its not good.She will only suffer."

    "Well, you certainly aren't helping her by getting drunk. She is going to need all of us, now! She's going to need us tomorrow and in the following weeks and months."

    Senob raised the bottle to his lips and Vanepp jerked it away.

    "That's enough, doc."

    "I could kill that b * * * * * * of a husband with my bare hands. "

    "We all could, but we can't. The best we can do is help Padme anyway we can. We have to protect her and the twins. You are not helping her by drinking yourself into oblivion."

    *** end of post***

  19. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Anakin, Lord Vader; Dt. Riek Supiro
    LOCATION: The throne room, Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    Tarkin had been about to engage her, she could see, when, ?Holy?? well of course the Emperor might be in the Emperor Palpatine Reconstruction Surgical Unit! Bow, BOW, Riek! She made an awkward and brief curtsy, ?Your Ex?Majesty.? Poodoo! You idiot Riek!

    But her surprise was even greater, ?You!? Anakin?? There lay a man, head shaven and bacta-banded, face drawn, dark circles under hard eyes, a severe scowl, and cruelty lining his mouth. Yet, he was still attractive. Though, the man she remembered, or rather the boy, he had been serene in aspect and bright faced.

    It took Riek a quarter of second to make a lot of connections that at their finish zapped the blood right out of her face; Anakin Skywalker is the Hero of the Empire ? all Jedi are enemies of the Empire ? Anakin Skywalker is a Jedi ? declared Hero by the Emperor - Oh! ? ?That?s what I thought,? she was saying under her breath, ?need to know??

    Anakin wasn?t particularly thrilled to see her, it seemed. ?Where in Hades have you been,? she blurted out. Poodoo! ?I mean, you look?horrible!?

    Hades, he thought sullenly and piered at this old aquaintance under darkening brows. Anakin reminded himself to smile, ?Riek, always the perfect words! Good to see you, too!? That?s what one does, isn?t it; return the small talk. It was clear it was expected. Lord Vader will appear...Lord Vader will speak...! From the miserable to the hysterical, he thought. Suddenly, nothing made any sense, and he lay there laughing.

    ?Right!? Riek smiled weakly. ?Well, glad to be of service!? She could not remember ever feeling this uncomfortable and she thought, well, that didn?t get me out of here. She unconsciously took a step back, the lightsaber still in her hand.

    TAG: Emperor Palpatine, Lord Sidious, Tarkin
  20. Nefertiti

    Nefertiti Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 15, 2004

    A terrorist group believed to be led by the Jedi attacked the Surgical Reconstruction Center today. At the time, the Emperor and Lord Vader were present and are believed to be unhurt. Our thanks to Detective Supiro of the Coruscant Municipal Police.
    The perpetrator was captured.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The memorial ceremony for Chancellor-Elect was attended by a majority of the ruling parties and Senators of the Council. Beloved by all, Padmé Amidala will be hard to replace, and even harder to forget.

    In Sports today, the team of Hugo and Sharp, have once again taken the Royal Trophy as their prize, in the Tatooine Pod-Races. Not since Anakin Skywalker
    became the first human to win the races has there
    been such a roar! Congratulations to Hugo and Sharp!

    In an attempt to maintain economic stability during these hectic times, Emperor Palpatine has suspended market trading for 48 hours. At the end of that time, he has graciously accepted the honor of opening the market once again for business.

    The Clone Army, in reserve here on Coruscant, are still bogged down in apprehending Jedi and bringing them to justice. In an attempt to ferret out the murderers, a general curfew is in effect until further notice. The business district will be closed by 1900 and residents should be in their homes no later that 2000 each evening.

    On a lighter note, it seems that Crystals
    are the new fashion statement. All sizes,
    shapes and colors. Prized by the Jedi
    for their magical abilities, crystals are now
    available at your local department store.

  21. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Reina Marie-Celeste, Mavras Ursa
    LOCATION: Mannerhouse, Gripsholm

    Caspar hurried along the ancient corridor, heavily paneled with wood and lit dimly. ?Your Majesty, your Majesty,? he wrapped on the door.

    ?Caspar,? came the muffled sound. She opened the door her hair in a braid and drawing her deep blue velvet robe about her. ?What is it??

    ?Your Majesty, the Ministers are assembling..?

    ?What do you mean?? said Celeste waking to his pleading look.

    Caspar looked about nervously, ?I may not say, Majesty. Please, they await you! Shall I bring one of the Ladies, perhaps the Lady Agathe to help you dress.?

    ?No, no! Say that I come, now,? she said softly, and closing the door behind her Celeste pulled her gown from the stand in her dressing chamber. Her slender fingers nimbly fastening the stomacher, she touched a cold cloth to her face, and smoothed her red-black tresses from her brow.


    ?I?m afraid our intelligence is quite good, Majesty.? Celeste blanched as she stood at the head of the table in the great Hall of Arms. There was no time for hesitance.

    Admiral Ulrich spoke, as he had been most prominent in both theatres of conflict. The USF, still working within ?Skywalker?s Amendments? was as prepared as they could be under the circumstances. ?So soon? Where have they gotten the resources? These Wars were to be over! I thought that this Lord Vader vanquished what was left of the leadersip," she said dissappointedly. It seemed so right and mete. So Grievous and Dooku had survived and were now rallying. Though the thought was repugnant, she must communicate with Palpatine. Then setting herself to the task, "I don?t want a defensive war, gentlemen,? spoke Celeste resolutely. "I WILL NOT LOOSE ANOTHER PLANET AND WE SHALL SEEK THEM BEYOND OUR PEREMETER. WE SLEEP NOT!" As she said this, darkness swelled in her breast. She could feel the Ministers respond in a vague fear, though they knew not why. No, they must not fear. They must have the fire in them.

    ?But, Majesty, we no longer have the Jedi?? spoke Admiral Popov lamenting the loss of the late Advisor Skywalker.

    ?We have ourselves!" Celeste began to move them, "While I draw breath, I WILL STAND. We will show them IT IS NOT WISE TO WAKE URSA,? said Celeste her face ever serene and eyes luminous in their amber. Yes, now they felt it! Now they were drawn.

    "I want the new snakeheads tested on Kavala, here on Gripsholm, and Astrachan, as well as the ones on Malove. Secure Jupe! I believe they have shown us their ways, we shall be prepared. We will call in our favors, too,? said Celeste inigmatically.

    ?Majesty,? said Ulrich trying to hold back his alarm and guessing at her line of thought, ?the Duma have bridled at the retention of the War Treaties. They were supposed to have ended. Surely, this will exacerbate our difficulties with the Kavalad.?

    ?Nevermind, that! The Kavalad need us,? Celeste said as she dismissed the small assembly.


    The holovid transceiver sat before her on Vanya?s desk. She might call the embassy, but no, this must be more direct. The blue arose before her, ?Yes,? said Mad Ameda, not really recognizing the personal signal or the Reina. That hardly surprised the Reina. After all, that had been a sign of the difficulties with the old Republic only 5 days dead, and Republic or Empire, it was the same for Ursa. A major economic engine in the Galaxy and yet, treated as a backwater. Nonetheless, the galaxy needed them, and as rose the fortunes of Ursa, so rose those of the galaxy.

    ?I wish to speak with the Emperor,? said Celeste sitting resolutely.

    ?And you are??? said Ameda miffed that he could not see an identity code.

    ?Celeste, you may say, Celeste,? she replied patience melting.

    ?Well, I might be able to arrange for a correspondence but that might take a while. The Emperor is very bus??

    ?You will find him NOW! And you will say that it the Reina Marie-Celeste, who wishes to speak on a matter of dire importance!?

    ?I hardly think you will wa
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    Sep 19, 2002
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    Jedi Temple

    IC: Boba Fett

    [blockquote]The firing died down and lightsabers extinguished. All the temple fell silent, save for the footsteps of stormtroopers and the occasional screams of the last of the fleeing Jedi.

    Boba Fett strolled out of a scarlet room drenched, especially his right forearm. In his wake lay what remained of a clan of younglings and Jedi Knight protectors, shot up with blasterfire and ripped open from end to end.

    My work here, Boba told himself, is done.

    Past several stromtroopers on patrol and through a maze of labyrinthine corridors, Boba made his way to the the darkened Room of a Thousand Fountains, their waters deathly quiet. Boba approached the pools of the once grand room and knelt down at its edge. He dipped his arms into the inky black water and washed off the blood.

    It may still be on my hands for life, but I care not. They deserved it. Every. Single. Last. One.

    But then he remembered the Jedi Padawan that gave aid to him in earlier years. Ulu Ulix. A friendly enough fellow Boba had met after his ordeal with Count Dooku, or Tyranus as Boba found out, amidst the filth of Raxus Prime. But he quickly shut it out of his mind. Ulu was expendable and recent events swayed Boba to believe such.

    If I end up in a similar situation again, I'll use them to whatever ends. Then I'll butcher the fools when I have no more use of them.

    With his armor plating and helmet washed clean, Boba went to work on the legs of his flight suit which was not as messy as the rest of his suit had been. He scooped up little handfuls of water and, by way of rubbing them into his legs, removed the stains or at least to a reasonable degree. He felt cold and damp but the young hunter was abundantly satisfied with the slaughter he'd wrought.

    And lo, silence's glass was shattered again! The little splashing and rippling of the water Boba used cleaned himself with were drowned out.

    Cries. Aided by his helmet's audio receptors, Boba heard quite clearly. They weren't to far off. Was it a Jedi? Perhaps more than one?

    They must be cowering in fear. Rightfully so.[/blockquote]

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    She thought it was over. The killing. The cries. The smell of death. But no. Somewhere...over by the fountain shattering.

    She wanted to see. Had to see. But the guards prevented her from leaving the library. She was still a prisoner.
  24. Mortimer_Nerdly

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    Jedi Temple

    IC: Boba Fett

    [blockquote]It was getting darker as he moved on through the empty hallways. With a tap of a button, green filled Boba's T-Visor; the infrared. The view was but a grainy, but his solace was that he could see.

    This way.

    Boba turned a corner and headed towards an open door. His hands turned to ice as their damp coverings touched the cold metal of his Westar blasters. As he drew them, he stepped through past the opening.

    But what was this? Stormtroopers and old woman? Wary, Boba froze dead in his tracks as if the cold in his hands had taken over his body.[/blockquote]

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    Peering over the shoulder of one of the guards, she saw a boy. His cloths were wet and seemed?red. ?Run?, she screamed. ?Run fast?. They held her back as she fought to get free, to help, to run with the boy. The guard held her wrist, firmly - but curiously, not hurtful. He merely held her in place as the other two guards chased after the boy?.
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