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    IC: General Torian
    Location: Alliance Rebel Base, Yavin IV

    As Yueh unleashed his fury on the Jedi, Torian thought to himself that the man needed a good, old fashion operation where they would kick butt and take names. The Alliance General had a gaffey stick the size of an Endor tree securely in his rear at this meeting. It was surprising he could stay seated for so long.

    Admiral Ackbar broke the tension in the room which was becoming thicker than an ice storm on Hoth. Torian nodded in agreement with the Admiral, and why shouldn?t he? After all he was married to a Jedi. There wasn?t a better alliance than that! Mon Mothma followed up the Admiral from Dac.

    ?I for one welcome the Jedi?s aid, and if the General has in mind sending the good Jedi along with us to Coruscant, then I for one am all for it?however, there is one concern,? she furthered now with a concerned and furrowed brow. ?Is there any way his presence, as a Jedi, can be detected by another force-user?? she queried with intrigue.

    Torian looked over at his wife for the answer, but before she spoke he had to say it. ?No more than a human can disguise a fart in a space cruiser, but I believe we should ask our Jedi friends. Is there a danger he could be sniffed out by another Force-user??

    Biggs, normally quiet at these meetings as he was not a full-member of the Council and only a member in an advisory capacity, was also looking upon the whole thing with interest and he could not hide a grin:

    ?The more the merrier I say,? he interjected with a mischievous tone. ?Jedi can handle themselves pretty well,? he continued of course referring to a mission to his homeworld of Tatooine where an aged jedi almost single-handedly subdued a troop of the fearsome Sandpeople.

    ?Bah, whatever,? General Yeuh stated dejectedly as he gave up the point as he looked askew at the two Jedi now interposing themselves into the meeting.

    Torian turned back to the cantankerous General Yueh. ?I think you and I should go out on our own mission. You need some fresh air and Imperial butts to kick.?

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    OOC: Well damn I see I have ruffled a few feathers......and only my second post back :p That was not my intent Perhaps I misread a former post but I thought that this room was a mere three floor elevator ride below the command center, which as a Master (though admittedly not on any "ruling" council) I thought (maybe falsely) that I would have access to at least the command center. I DID post that the guards at the elevator WERE at their posts and DID stop me at first until Torian acknowledged me and indeed said he was in need of me services. I tried to play that as lightly as possible so if I angered or offended anyone please accept my apologies :). On a lighter note.....who was it that started putting an "o" in my last name??
    P.S. Please understand that my response is in the fun of role playing and not meant as a personal snipe at anyone :)

    IC: Ben
    Location: Conference room, Yavin

    Ben felt the tension right away and realized that he may have overstepped his bounds in crashing this party. General Yeuh seemed to be the most perturbed. As soon as Ben was finished the good General interjected his own thoughts on what the Master Jedi had just relayed to the Members of the Council.

    ?General Torian is correct, you aren?t a member of this council, Master Jedi,? Ben could tell he was just getting warmed up. ?As far as your psychic rambling goes, I don?t understand any of it.? Then with a sarcastic smirk, he continued, ?I?m surprised that with your clairvoyance you weren?t able to divine the fact that Senator Palpatine would turn on the Jedi as he did those long years ago, or you weren?t able to predict that someone would plant an incendiary bomb on the purloined Jedi cruiser.? Perhaps the General did not realize that it was Ben's own wife that had perished when the bomb had gone off, that fact alone allowed Ben to stay calm enough not to react harshly to the comment. However General Yeuh seemed to be one of those people that liked to step up to the line and then tiptoe back and forth across it. ?Perhaps you should leave your esoteric visions to the meeting amongst your Jedi brethren and leave the fighting to the Alliance, and perhaps next times also please remember that doors are sometimes closed for a reason.?

    General Ackbar immediately interjected. ?General, please, you go to far sometimes,I understand your concerns but you must remember the Jedi are not our guests, they are now our allies and as such we must and will use them in any manner that aids our cause,?

    Ben nodded his thanks to Ackbar. He then turned to General Yeuh to make his response.

    "Perhaps the good General was recently swimming and still has a bit of water in his ears? I believe I began what I said a moment ago by stating that I was unaware of the protocol, as such then I would obviously NOT be apart of the council, for if I was I would certainly KNOW the protocol, yes?" Ben gave his own sarcastic smirk and continued. "As far as my "psychic ramblings" goes, I have never, nor will I ever claim to be a psychic, as I stated, sometimes the force shows me things. This gift is not like a light saber that I can turn on and off at the push of a button. Also if the General knew anything past the barrel of his rifle he would know that I was not WITH the Jedi order when order 66 was given. I did not come to join the order until much later." Ben stopped for a second and look directly into the General's eyes. " I want to make sure I have your complete attention for this next part. My WIFE was in that blast and gave her life to save many others, you make light of that situation again and we will have words."

    Ben stopped for a second to gather his energy and calm down. "Perhaps the General would rather the Jedi went our separate way and did NOT ally ourselves with the Alliance? Not that I have any say in that matter nor would I WANT to split from the Alliance but someone that is in such a high position should perhaps learned to bridle their tongue before making such brash statements."

    Mon Mothma took the opportunity of the silence
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    OOC: This is a joint post authored by Pashatemur and the MaidofOrleans. I am posting on MOO's behalf as her computer is conversing with Mars!

    IC:Hsur Hgubmil & Company
    HoloNetNews Office Coruscant

    The last few minutes of the biography of Darth Vader, the once Jedi General, Anakin Skywalker and now soon to be ?Emperor? were winding to a close. Hsur would make Skywalker Emperor. He?d managed to pull Phomas Caime out of mothballs at the 11th hour to get up the now ending biography. Soon, Hgubmil himself would appear ?live? to the billions watching across the galaxy.

    Was Hsur nervous? Not in the least; for he had appeared a thousand times before to the citizens of the galaxy, relaying all that was newsworthy to them through the years' bulletins of joy, tragedy, heartache and triumph. As his image was beamed to the denizens of the galaxy, each felt the caster was speaking directly to them. It seemed his eyes met theirs and the words he spoke had the ring of truth. This was Hgubmil?s talent: personable, serious, even passionate and above all, unrelentingly determined ? whatever it took to get the story, right down to creating just the right buzz around his own legend or that of others.

    As he waited, Hsur smiled to himself, recalling the moments leading up to his interview with the daunting presence that was the Imperial Executor and Re of Ursa, the handsome but redoubtable, Lord Vader.

    Along with his capable assistant , the delectable Ms Shilling, Hgubmil had wormed his way into the Lord Executor?s presence. He was recognized of course - his face and unmistakable voice was his entry pass. Vader was notorious for eschewing the journalists? holo-cams and the glittergads, but Hgubmil?s cache was nothing to be dismissed. He?d brought down the mighty just as he?d elevated the lowly. Still, even Hsur had to admit, it was probably a happy coincidence that he?d gotten his foot in that door. Yet, recognizing and seizing opportunity in itself took grit and raw talent and THAT, Hsur had in abundance.

    Ensconced with the soon to be new Emperor was that oily snake, better known as Grand Vizier Sate Pestage. From his vantage point, Hsur studied the two men who had served the late Palpatine I and he listened carefully to this battle of cleverly crafted words?

    Pestage clucked and then smiling again, hands clasped before him over his chest, he bowed. ?So good of you to spare me the time in the lift, my I do hope you take my words to heart.?

    ?I have, Vizier,? said Anakin as discretely as possible, his voice low and quiet. Bold action was what Pestage advocated, a sweep of the halls of power, but that would incite those who stood poised for a coup to throw their own care to the wind and act precipitously. It was better to keep them poised. Pestage had to know how difficult it was for the Executor to restrain himself, to wait like this and not, as the Vizier advised, make an immediate strike against those suspected of treason.

    ?And I am considering them now. While I do, you will see to the continued smooth running of the existing government. This emergency has everyone distracted, and so it should. Best to keep them busy. As far as we know, the threat is still in effect. I shall rely on you,? the young Vader added finally and pointedly.

    ?Your Majesty,? said Sate with a bow, but it was palpable the disagreement between the two.

    Interesting to watch those two power brokers, one an older man of considerable political experience and intrigue and nominally in line to succeed Palpatine I and the other, a man of varied past, more a war hero than a man of state, clearly used to command, but a warrior monk, and one of a mystic and outlawed band. Now it was he who was taking the throne and the Grand Vizier seemed nonplussed. Now how was that, wondered Hsur, tapping his lips?

    Sate Pestage had advanced and signaled the guard to detain poor Ms. Shilling when she and Hsur had entered Lord Vader?s office, but Vader, coming round his surprisingly spare desk, rasped quickly, "I wonder if you would attend the sessio
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    IC: Doctor Hno, Captain Sohmer, main hangar, and bridge, Krayt's Fire

    The Clawdite medic held his helmet under an arm as he examined the platoon of semi-armoured jumptroopers standing in a circle around a single six-legged Armoured Terrain Tactical Enforcer standing in the middle of the ship's long hangar deck.

    The container with the Emperor's remains were inside the armoured vehicle, and it would be tough for any opposition at Imperial Centre to get to it after they landed.

    * * * *

    The captain listened to his opposite number, as she returned to the comm.

    "Watch your language, there are young ladies present."

    Sohmer frowned. He mentally replayed the words he had used before, and didn't recognise anything that could upset the 'young ladies' she referred to. Must be some right delicate flowers on her bridge.

    "?As to your request, I am having the C-50?s or Stingers as they are known by the USF being put on standby. My Head of Starfighters believes they should only be used in an emergency. However, the USF Birds are being put into service with the escort and will be used at the first sign of trouble. I can have them directed your way if you spot anything, I hope that is satisfactory."

    "That will be perfectly fine, Captain."

    "We shall hopefully be getting underway shortly, just follow the ships in front, by the way, I?m on the Venator on your left hand side in front."

    He pressed buttons on the armrest, switching the miniature monitor view from Mavras' backside, to the view from his ship's right flank. Yep, that was a Venator alright; boy, did she look like she had been through the wars.

    "Good luck, and hopefully, nothing should come our way. Oh, and it?s ?The Almighty? Scyther Vectis to you. Roadblock out."

    The comm line went dead.

    "The Almighty." Sohmer echoed with a chuckle. "Copy that. Helm, keep us within formation. We wouldn't want to upset The Almighty, would we."

    "Yes sir." There were enough Hands and Palpatine hangars-on with fancy names, the helmsman did not sweat who "The Almighty" might refer to.

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    IC: Mon Mothma, Biggs Darklighter, Admiral Ackbar, General Yueh (NRC)
    Location : Rebel Base, Yavin IV

    The meeting, despite a bit of contention still seemed to the auburn haired Senator from Chandrila to have gone well. Her mission to Coruscant was agreed upon and despite minor protests from Admiral Ackbar, she had resolved to dispel his concerns and go forward with her plans.

    However, the sudden appearance of the Jedi, Master Infarius along with his subsequent revelations only seemed to irk the already irritated General Yueh, and the crusty old General commenced to lay into the Jedi. The Jedi replied in anger to the General but the battle tempered man took it all in stride and his protestations fell on deaf ears as the General refused to even acknowledge the words. Evidently, after facing death in the face on the field of battle so many times, a few heated words had little effect as the General had already been rebuked twice and he still remain unmoved in his steely resolve: He had spoken his mind as he always didiand if the Jedi didn?t like, well, the Jedi knew where the door was. He dismissed the discourse as he looked to General Torian to continue the meeting as he was now impatient for some tangible course of action:

    ?Bah, whatever.?

    Much to Senator Mon Mothma?s delight, General Darkeyes decided to put in his effort and made his attempt to keep the peace:

    ??I think you and I should go out on our own mission. You need some fresh air and Imperial butts to kick,? he said to this bad-tempered partner-in-arms.

    ?Hehe, how about Coruscant,? Yueh replied with a wink, jokingly, with a hearty laugh, his first in long while.

    ?I hear there?s a bombed out Imperial Senate that could use some remodeling.?

    Admiral Ackbar cleared his throat and fidgeted in his seat, the General?s suggestion hitting a little too close to what he had recommended just a little while ago.

    Mon Mothma paused momentarily, still trying to figure out General Yueh ? on one hand she considered him rash and impulsive but certainly no one could question his commitment to the still fledgling alliance and for that she was grateful.

    ?Well, the Imperial fleet is still a bit in disarray now that their main enemy has been vanquished, the main part of the fleet will be without a primary objective so perhaps a raid on a base near a trade route somewhere in the outer rim might be prudent,? she said coolly as she nodded to General Yueh.

    ?However, regarding my voyage to Coruscant, it is indeed discouraging to hear that the Jedi Master?s presence might put our mission into jeopardy as the Jedi?s ?sixth sense,? would have made things easier, but I?m sure myself and Captain Darklighter and the our small crew will manage,? she commented with a slight nod to the young Captain.

    Biggs nodded back with a smile and wink: finally he would get back on a real mission, he thought happily. Although truly it hadn?t been that long of a time, he had felt as though he had been cooped up on that Calamari cruiser a whole lifetime!

    Mon then smoothly took a seat back down and all eyes turned toward the Supreme Commander of the Alliance, General Torian Darkeyes.

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    IC: Master Emi-to Shuri, head of the Yavin Jedi
    LOCATION: Yavin, ARR High Command conference room deep inside the large Temple that served as ARR base

    Emi remained seated at the eager Master?s arrival and during the not so subtle sparring match which ensued. She knew Master Infarious was not himself. His personal "challenges" seemed to be somewhat magnified in his sudden ?waking? from a long self-induced trance.

    Master Infarious was results oriented, always eager to get to the heart of matters. Yes, that was a euphemism for the Jedi's pronounced exuberance. She could appreciate that and of course, Infarious knew well he was not a member of the Alliance High Command, but one could not accuse him of being laconic. He had a some insight into what he believed was an unfolding event, something he thought he must bring immediately to the attention of the council. So he did.

    Never mind that he did not observe even the least of the Jedi way, he was not one for the deference, even though the rituals of comportment were small but significant reminders to be mindful, respectful of life, and to be humble. Master Shuri did not require her sense of self be elevate by constant acknowledgment of her position as Grand Master. Thus, Infarious' interjections without leave were not taken in offense. However, he was late in coming to his training and such lapses required attention.

    This sect, those of the order who had remained with Emi-to on one of Yavin's moon's, a necessary scion of the Coruscant Temple was new to all the particulars of marital bonds. Infarious had just suffered the loss of his life partner and was now ready to think beyond his own sense of bereavement. Indeed, so deep had this ?loss? seemed to him that he had entered a seeming coma for awhile. The Grand Master felt it was appropriate to weigh all of these elements in modulating her response,for she had only to ponder her own bond with Torian to arrive at this point. She looked to Torian and smiled.

    General Yueh seemed to have expended his vitriol finally after Torian led him an impressive dance back to reason. Mon Mothma had made her decision and there seemed no further outright conflict to negotiate. Emi-to needed to speak with Ben Infarious alone.

    "Master Infarious," she said, when all were quiet with a nod to the revived Jedi, turning her seat to face him in greeting.

    "I commend the clarity of your understanding in these murky times. Yes, indeed, there has been upheaval on the capital planet. As you are no doubt ascertaining, the High Command were debating our approach at this juncture and have arrived at some preliminary measures.?
    ?It appears, the Imperial Administration are distracted by internal struggle. The Emperor is dead as report has it. Senator Mon Mothma feels her presence on Coruscant will provide us with a much needed intelligence we cannot get with ease through our sources there. Bail Organa informs us that communications in and out of Imperial center are highly scrutinized."

    "It will be a high risk for her team - whoever accompanies her - with dire consequences should any of them be taken. Your offer is very generous, but the point has been made that a Jedi could increase risk of detection. Jedi on this mission would need to be detached, perhaps a ?shadow.?

    ?It would be best to go separately. I think there is information our Order needs for itself and that only a Jedi would be able to get at. There is indeed a mission to Coruscant...but you and I will speak on this matter before I can approve it and General Darkeyes can decide if the mission poses any further threat."

    She looked to Torian, "If you'll excuse us, General," she said rising and nodding to the rest. She gestured to the Master to walk with her from the table to the edge of the room, "I need only a moment," she ended before walking to where she'd indicated she wished to speak quietly.

    "Master Infarious, you were long in meditation. Sometimes a return to the conscious world is rather like the fairy tale, you know th

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    IC: Jedi Master Infarius
    Location: Yavin

    When Emi-To motioned for him to follow he did. When they were out of earshot of the others she spoke softly to him. "Master Infarious, you were long in meditation. Sometimes a return to the conscious world is rather like the fairy tale, you know the one, about the man who slept for a hundred years?" At this she smiled, Ben also smiled, but just a little. "There's a lot to be mindful of. Are you sure your motives are clear to your own mind?"

    It wasn't exactly the response that Ben had expected. "Forgive me, Master. I did not come down here with any motives or agenda other than to relay what I thought may have been information that needed sharing." He stopped for a minute and looked down at the floor as he recalled his experience as he awoke. "Certainly I have no idea of exactly what happened, I may never. I came out of the woods with the intent of finding you and confiding in you what happened. I was told by an Army grunt that this meeting was going on, and when I saw everyone here......well I certainly did not practice restraint as I probably should have. Restraint even of coming down here in the first place." Now he looked back up at Emi-To. "Forgive me Master." He smiled now. "Though I won't go as far as to say it will never happen again, I will certainly be more mindful in the future."

    Ben looked over at the rest of the group and then back to Master Shuri. "So what do you think? Is there a way for us to get to Imperial Center without Vader knowing?"

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    GM Approved!

    Name: Nashtah (aka Aurra Sing)
    --Age: 29
    ---Gender: Female
    ----Species: Humanoid (mix of human and unknown humanoid species)
    -----Eye Colour: green
    ------Hair Colour and Style: Auburn usually worn as a ponytail atop her head
    -------Skin Complexion: alabaster white
    --------Clothing: The robes of a Jedi Padawan
    ---------Physique: Slender, tall.
    ----------Personality: Serious, pensive.
    -----------Quirks: Has a streak of negativism.
    ------------Force Sensitive: Yes.
    -------------Weapon: Lightsaber but it is currently not in her possession. As a former, prolific bounty hunter she is adept at the usage of a wide range of weaponry.

    -Brief History:

    A prodigal Jedi Padawan born of refugee parents on Nar Shadaa she was discovered as a force adept as a very young child and brought to Coruscant to the Jedi Order as a candidate for jedi training. Always possessing a streak of anger she slowly progressed as a Jedi Padawan and while only months away from becoming a fully fledged Jedi Knight, while on a mission with her Master, she was kidnapped by pirates who played on her deep-seated fears of abandonment and betrayal to shake her trust in the Jedi.

    They raised the conflicted young woman as a fellow pirate. Tragedy struck again when she was eventually captured by the Hutt Crime Lord Jabba Desilijic where he saw the opportunity to use the the Force adept and had her trained by the Anzati in the dark-side arts and to be a remorseless killer.

    Her training complete and now under the employ of the Hutt, she became one of the galaxy?s most prolific bounty hunters, performing many bounty jobs and even managing to slay a few Jedi who now her sworn enemies and thus became one of the Republic?s most wanted criminals.

    Neutral during the Clone Wars as Jabba the Hutt directed, she continued her reign of terror, joing with other Bounty Hunters in causing havoc and committing many crimes in the process.

    However, on one bounty hunt to capture Jedi on Ryloth while engaging Jedi in battle she was turned and surrendered to the Jedi. Under the direction of Mater Emi-to Shuri and her new Master, Andur Del Jinn she was tenatively allowed back into the Order, which is now in hiding which by now has been in hiding since Order 66 and the Purge.

    Aboard a purloined cruiser, now in possession of the Jedi, a bomb was detonated by an enemy of the Order, and it was decided to split the Order in two. A portion of the Order was sent to join with the fledgling Rebel Alliance on the forth moon of the Yavin system which is where she now resides inside an ancient Sith stone structure, now known as the ?Woolmander? Temple.


    Nashtah post coming shortly?..
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    OCC: This is joint post with DGS. Many thanks!

    IC: Master Emi-to Shuri, head of the Yavin Jedi and Master Ben Infarious
    LOCATION: Yavin, ARR High Command conference room deep inside the large Temple that served as ARR base

    Emi?s smile turned to a soft laugh as she clasped her hands before her with a soft clap. ?I don?t expect it will be the last time either, but as the poet said, ?A man?s reach must exceed his grasp or what?s a heaven for?? Of course, Ben, I ask after your motives, because of your past with ? Darth Vader.? The appellation was odious to Emi-to. Remembering the man this cruel Sith had once been, it seemed an insult to the memory of Anakin Skywalker and she struggled every time she even heard the name much less said it. ?Are you clear in your view, your feelings about your actions with regard to Va... uh...Skywalker?s son and now the Padawan who is in the care of one of our own? If you are caught, the ramifications could be terrible.?

    Ben?s smile vanished at the thought Vader?s reprisal if he was caught. ?Yeah I thought of that, about a hundred times a day since Kamino. I still don?t know why he let me go then. I don?t think he would be so kind a second time? Ben?s thoughts then turned to little Kal and what would happen to him if he were made an orphan so quickly at such a young age.

    ?Yes, mindfulness...? she said nodding and seeing the Master in thought. ?The Imperial?s have a compendium of all Jedi not accounted for after the return beacon was sounded. I?m sure you know how important it is for us to know for whom and where they are looking as well as who they are sending. If I remember correctly, you had contacts in military intelligence. Do you think you could have some influence there?? He had come up through the ranks in the admiralty very quickly. Emi-to hoped he would have some sway with some of his old associates.

    Ben thought for a second. It had been almost like another lifetime when he had served in the Imperial Navy.. ?There was one cheeky Lt. named Bachman that took to me pretty well. He wasn?t always in line with the Admiralty either. I think sometimes he would say things to me just to test where my loyalty lied. Let?s hope it?s because he wanted to defect rather than find defectors.? Ben stopped for a second. ?Of course I have no idea where he is now or how to contact him. Perhaps Torian could help us with that.?

    Emi-to listened attentively, her hands in her sleeves. ?Yes, it will take some time to lock down your resources there, but if we can cross reference with their most recent data, it would mean a world of difference not only in saving more of the order, but in bringing us back together! - But there is something more, Master,? said Emi, to catch Ben?s attention before they discussed this in further detail. ?There were vaults containing information concerning some of the Order?s other enclaves, some of which were cloistered. They are small, very remote, but important and completely pacifist. I do not believe they have been discovered, but we?ve no way of knowing at this point. But you?ve never been inside the Temple....? Emi looked down for a moment. Andur del Jinn had been there, but he was still quite young. Everyone was so young! With alarm, Emi realized, she was the only Jedi in their Temple who would know enough about the Coruscant Temple to find those vaults.

    ?If you are wondering about my silence, Master, I am caught in a conundrum.? said Emi, biting her lip.

    Ben smiled. He had rarely seen Master Shuri look abashed, it took him back a bit. ?What seems to be the problem??

    ?It would seem I have been focused on the right Jedi for the job to the degree that I did not see myself in the running and now it appears....I must include myself!?

    Ben had thought that was what she was thinking. After all she was the only one he knew of on Yavin that had been to the Temple and therefore would alone have the knowledge to get what they needed. But knowledge was not the only thing needed on this mission. ?Yes, well if you
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    OOC: Please excuse my absence, I will answer my TAGs soon.

    IC: Adrias Stark, Nyll, Thorn

    YT-1760 ?Righteous?, somewhere between Derra and Naboo

    They arrived at a distance from the last known location of Master Dondarion?s shuttle. As he expected there was only empty space. A thin smile appeared on Adrias? lips as he imagined that he could help his old Master. These were foolish thoughts, the only way to help the old man was to deduce where they would bring him. If his hunch he should start plotting to get to Coruscant, but first they needed to get the other ship, the one they usually use to get to the capitol planet. Adrias only hoped they would get there in time, this rescue operation was getting even more difficult by the minute. Sometimes the ex-Jedi wished that he was not a man of honor and just dump that mission and get on with his life. But to do that would be a betrayal to his principles, to all he believed it. Without them he would become an empty husk and his existence would become meaningless.

    Before they make their next jump he activated the Union computer that he had installed on ?Righteous? to keep an eye to that part of the Galaxy. It started as a necessity, to check on the situation in the Union and to receive ?assignments?, later it became just a hobby as Adrias managed to break this unhealthy relationship with the Great Houses. After a long time of assassinating their presumed enemies the ex-Jedi decided he should step out of their grasp before it was late. They would have exploited Adrias until they drain all the usefulness from him. Usually that meant until he was alive and since he was planning of living some more years the ex-Jedi severed his links with the Houses. Though he kept making some favors to the Atreides and the ones he liked, but nothing more.

    Adrias downloaded the recent entries in the major news outlets within the Union. He needed to start from somewhere after all. Skimming through some of the articles he stopped, they were all identical. The Union was under siege by the Empire. He snorted in amusement, it was the second time in a decade that outsiders threatened the ?Soyuz? and Stark guessed that their paranoia must have kicked in big time.

    Another article caught his attention - the duchess Atreides was en-route to Coruscant to find a resolution to the current crises. So the Union was without its leader, probably that meant that the conservative ?hawks? were in charge and having a field day. He could see the creeping nationalistic and xenophobic rhetoric in the official media. Even the more liberal and moderate outlets had to be more aggressive to avoid being branded traitors, collaborationist, defeatist and all the other nice stuff. Given the ideological situation in the Union this could cause certain events that can easily spin out of control with disastrous effects. This time there would not be a Republic to come to their rescue and they knew it. Adrias hoped that Jori had left someone to keep an eye on the things. Of course there is a Ruling Council that can?t be trusted with something so important as the safety of the Union as it consisted of hard-liner narrow-minded elements who are most likely to cause trouble than to solve it. Maybe the CSS director will be keeping them in line at least he man?s agenda was to safeguard the Union?s interests. Adrias excluded the Royal and Death Guards from the equation as they were mere tools, like the droid and clone armies during the Clone Wars. No matter what they are always loyal and have a single-minded determination to go to war even when it could ruin them.

    All in all the situation was worth following, not that it would affect Adrias? life. He felt a bit revanchist, after all some of the Houses deserved punishment, but this was not a decision that he could make. Lucky for them...

    The ex-Jedi fetl a couple of presences approaching the cockpit. They were the ones of Thorn and Nyll. The Togorian was difficult to read at best, so Adrias did not even bother to do so, the Twi?Lek girl on the other hand was like an open book to him
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    OOC: Sorry for the double post. Also excuse the low quality of the post. Most parts a bit of retrospective since I was unable to react to the events in time so I had to make a quick overview of them.

    IC: ARC Commander Alpha, Lord Admiral James Xavier

    VenSD ?Roadblock?

    Alpha could not believe what he was hearing, two to three months out of action. So he would be having a support and administrative role or he could just die from boredom. The ARC wanted to protest, but he knew better and restrained himself. After all he was talking with a doctor and you can?t argue with the man who happened to have saved your life.

    ?Yeah I had my fair share of fighting during the wars. You can say that I am collecting scars.? he chuckled bitterly. ?I am sure that I will be back in line before you expect.? surely a little bravado could not hurt.

    Speaking of hurt, his shoulder reminded of itself sending jolts of pain to his nerve centers. You never get used to the pain even when you had sustained multiple injuries. He remembered every trauma he had sustained during the years. Most of them hurt him even to this day, these were the wounds of his failures. These were psychological traumas that were deeper than a regular one sustained by the flesh. Your body can heal easier than your soul and his was damaged beyond repair. Alpha wondered how he was sustaining his sanity ?Or maybe I am already gone. Who can tell what sane means?? he thought while the doctor was making call checking whether Captain Vectis was available.

    When the man got back to the Commander and notified him that the good Captain would not be able to talk with him at this moment Alpha moved his gaze towards the door. There was the young lieutenant Fisk leaning to the side of the door.

    ?Speaking of writing the paperwork I just found the perfect candidate for the job.? a grin formed on his lips.

    The young man looked startled at the prospect of doing this tedious job and unsure whether the ARC was joking or was being serious.


    The Lord Admiral was escorted by the young assistant to the bridge. He wanted to look outside, the feeling of being at the command center was soothing for him. Maybe all these years have deformed him somehow, not that he minded it. You cannot fight this, not at this age. Sometimes he wondered why the Atreides won?t let him retire and die peacefully. He did not harbor any idealistic dreams for a death in a battle. Those things were for the young, he was beyond heroism. James took a mental note to talk with the duchess when the opportunity arose. Probably Helena would ?inherit? his position, he would gladly leave all the responsibilities to his younger sister.

    Despite the fact he had more years of life he wanted to settle down, maybe create a family so that House Xavier won?t die. All he wanted was to spend time in his library, go sometimes to the officer?s club in Kala city to discuss politics and military matters. Maybe take up a hobby like gardening or write memoirs. All this warmongering made him feel old and tired. The Lord Admiral wanted to create not destroy, he didn?t even care about the technical superiority of the outsiders. There won?t be a war with them, not as long as the Atreides ruled the Union. Nevertheless he would do his duty and report everything he saw and would make in-depth analysis of the current situation and draw up plans.

    As he entered the bridge he was greeted by the officers that were on deck. He must have interrupted some leisurely activity. Everyone deserved some rest after a hard won battle. This is a lesson that some commanding officers in the Union needed to learn - not to treat their people as machines. This was something James tried to teach the next generation of commanders with varying success. Only time will tell what will come out of this.

    Lieutenant Haji approached him, good man.

    Ah Lord Admiral Xavier, so good that you could rejoin us? Haji said walking up the stairs fom the crew pit and walking towards him, Haji was playing the role of host well. ?I h

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    OOC: Just letting everyone know that I am on vaction in Indiana for the Labor Day weekend and will answer any tags on tuesday!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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    OOC: Thanks to JL and CR for their contributions to this post. I have taken the prerogative and taken all ships to port.

    IC: Marie-Celeste, Matriarch and Reina Mavras of Ursa, presumptive Empress of 1,000 Systems; Sophia Anastasia, Infanta of Ursa and daughter of Anakin, Lord Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa and presumptive Emperor of 1,000 Systems; Maruuke, nurse to Sophia, Lord Vader, Ahsoka Tano, and NRC Sten Chekov, Captain of the Mavras Maelstrom, Gen. Lekhauf
    LOCATION: approaching Coruscant and beginning descent to planet aboard the Ursean Royal Yacht, Mavras Maelstrom

    Sophia looked above, out of the aft slanting port and to the sides as a pointelle lace-like net of escort ships formed about them. Silvered bird-like craft and the batten framed TIEs flew in between to fill in the open spaces and ahead of them, the Enfanta watched as a large dart like ship called a ?Venator? slipped in deftly as vanguard, it?s brilliant white/yellow engines making her blink at the after images they evoked in her sight..

    To port and starboard, the elongated prows of two other large Imperial vessels could be seen.
    Maruuk the nurse advanced to stand behind the Reina and her charge, the Enfanta. The three of them watched in quiet awe as the surrounding ships all turned and banked slightly to port and then leveled and pitched down toward the coming atmosphere which seemed to come up suddenly to surround them. Each vessel before them now wore a bright and fiery halo that streamed behind in tails of gold and orange or white. It was like a tide of invisible fire which could only be seen as the prow or forward of each ship punctured the atmosphere.

    Indeed, Sophia could feel a wave of some small distortion pass through her and she beamed and felt her arms, flexing her toes to stand on them and bounce with excitement.

    She glanced up at her mother whose usual serene features warmed and the Reina flashed an unguarded smile.

    Sophia hugged her mother?s waist and pulled close, her mother?s arms about her.

    A click in the quiet bridge and the deep voice of the Imperial Captain Ivanov sounded firmly, ?Kapten Ivanov till Kapten Chekov , vi vill bli under väg kort efter , hålla den här kanal öppen till alla tider så Jag vill vara i ständig komma i kontakt med du. Ha det god och vi vill få du ned utan en problem. Hålla den här frekvens klar till alla tider.?

    Chekov answered in kind. ?Rättvis så du befalla den!? Then to the Helm he commanded, ?Helm , skjuta upp till Kapten Ivanov's direktiv.?

    And in Ursean the Helm replied they were in compliance.

    The signals and ship to ship commands carried over the transceiver as Captain Vectis ceded to the point guard, ?Terric, lead the way. Roll the ball?

    This Terric in turn gave the order, ?All ships, on my mark, roll the ball. 3, 2, 1, go.? And the Mavras? helm commanded engines, ?Ahead 4 on your bearings to entry vector.?

    Report could be heard relayed down the line and the ?heart? of the ship beat against her decking with a fast soft drumming.

    The pitch gradually increased, bright particles flared across the prow and the the planet filled the view port looking like a pale orange confection, points of light yet glinted at the far still purple dark curvature and the pull of the planet clasped the Mavras gently. The Enfanta felt for a brief moment as if the decking had been pulled from beneath her feet and she knew now it would be only minutes till they weighed ship.

    Beads coalesced into thin lines of water only to vaporize half way up their path on the thick transparasteele view port even as they passed through the high clouds of the upper atmosphere. The cloud cover parted before them quickly though and the details of the huge megalopis glinted below. Spires, obelisks, cubes, jutting high up into the sky as if reaching endlessly, yearning and crisscrossing at levels downward till out of sigth there could be seen broken lines in a grid pattern. Dots crowded together along this grid only ships sensors perceived, for there wer
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to Pashatemur for this joint post between us.

    ~IC~ Rowan Halcyon & Se?Iva
    0.6 deca-cycles before the incident at Coruscant
    Island Villa, Kaladan

    ?Rowan??  So many questions she had.  ?Where are we going?  Who is this person to whom you have spoken?   Shouldn?t we procure...another ship?  Can we count on this person?s aid??

    "We need to get to Corellia. We need to... procure some transportation and inform Feye of what has happened. The person I spoke of claims to be the ruler of the Union. The surname is known to me, but I have some doubts.  Certain matters were purposefully avoided and information missing. "

    "Surname," Se'Iva repeated, solidifying the term in her mind.  Her wings flexed partially as her circulation improved.   "Are we going to this ...person of dubious surname?"

    Smiling inside. "I've got the impression that she will come to us. Something about dealing with business elsewhere." Shaking my head. "Anyhow, if asking doesn't work, I guess we?ll put plan B into effect."

    Se'Iva flitted, lifting gracefully into the air beside Rowan as they both cleared a fallen marsh tree.  "Plan B?"

    Her wings spread and waved above the Outrider, partially shading him, though so fine was their thickness and seeming fragility that the sunlight penetrated the silvery scaled wings and showed the veins in a lacy shadow.  From her new elevation she looked carefully around to see what she might.

    Smiling now up at her, finding myself mesmerised by the beauty of her wings and the way light interacts with them. "Plan B is what we do best... Improvise."


    Se'Iva raised her brows as she looked down to Rowan and then ahead and lighted on the sandy loam  to continue walking at his side.  She followed Estel's playful path with her eyes as the cub searched for insects and slimy amphibians to eat.  The cub shook his head as one little frog perfumed Estel's nose with a mild toxin.  The sun felt luxurious on Se?Iva?s wings and skin and the Cha'ala stretched up to absorb the energy, her body scintillating as she imbibed, but she  reduced her profile once again in wariness.

    ?There is something I must warn you about these people.? I pushed aside a large frond to prevent it from connecting with my face. ?We are... different from them... from their point of view. Because of that, they will display... xenophobic behaviour towards us. Now that there are three of us...? I inclined my head towards Estel. ?...their attitude might be amplified.?

    ?....pho - beak...??  Se?Iva pronounce the strange word in a murmur upon encountered yet  another new term.  ?Do they commune as one body??  The Cha'ala wanted to know if these strange people were more or less like her own.

    ?Hmmm....? I remember back to what could be considered another lifetime ago. It is difficult to describe these people. ?Not exactly. I have limited experience with the people, only with those a bit higher on the social ladder. They are not united as one... from what I can remember... but brought together by an... idea, and kept in line by fear of diverging.?

    ?What is that idea??  Se?Iva asked immediately, pondering why these beings should share such a constraining fear of being different.

    ?Glorification.? I stated, my tone sounding half amused. ?It?s more convoluted than that but that?s it in a nutshell.?

    ?Phhhhhht!? exclaimed the Cha'ala, amazed at the simple answer.  So all the high drama was about vanity?  So she looked Rowan in consternation.  [
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    IC: Ewlla Iillor, the Lockley apartment.
    Location: Galactic City, Coruscant

    Clone Wars - deep under planet Nadiem

    Alerted by the ominously rythmic clanking of metal feet, the entrance of the IG-model assassin droids was a game changer for the Republic lieutenant, and she figured it would be a bad idea to show her hand to automatons that could out-think, out-shoot, and out-everything her.

    Ewlla kept her head down, making as small a target as possible, determined that neither droid should see her form beyond Jedi Master Starkey?s stasis coccoon as long as they stayed where they were.

    Stay calm. Uncle Mitch?s voice sounded in her head. Try not to move. Have you got your blaster?

    She nodded her head slightly. ?Yes,? she whispered.

    Good girl. She frowned, surprised. She fancied she could feel the twi?lek?s approval of her, accompanying his thought. Was she imagining that? Stay hidden, but see if you can burn into Starkey?s containment.


    Making as tiny movements as she could, squatting, with her knees almost sharing the same space as her head, she managed to manoeuvre her left hand to join the one holding the blaster, so that she could adjust the energy setting from bolt, to a steady coherent beam.

    The near constant thrumm was rattling the floor to ceiling panes, the cutlery on the scuffed metal dinner tray, and the dinner tray on her lap, then slipped off her thigh to scatter wet noodles over the white carpet, and Ewlla bolted awake, her stockinged feet kicking up off the pouffe, and looking about the cop's living room, startled!


    What the frag was that?!

    Her peripheral vision caught an indistinct, but dark shape to her left, and she slowly turned towards it, then on noticing it was outside the windows, padded quickly across the thick carpet to press her nose against the glase, her breath steaming it up.

    Several Imperial warships, and the white curves of an Ursean cruiser that she recognised as the...yes, the Mavras Maelstrom, were slowly navigating the skies over Galactic City.

    She, in her position as a ships' captain, the thought hit her that she might have compromised, in her position, she had a good view of many capital ships, but seeing them in space was a whole different kettle of fish than witnessing the majestic sights in the atmosphere of a planet, and from below, as a civilian.

    The Huntress commander stayed at the window, fingers splayed against the glase at either side of her rapt features, drinking in the sight as the ships made their way to their respective docks.

    Tag: You peeps making all the noise! :p

    OOC: Nadiem memories are from Star Wars...007 Series: Licence to Clone
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    OOC: Your pardon, all. I just realized a gaff in my previous post about the landing of the escort on Coruscant. The ship names referred to in two paragraphs toward the end were transposed. The part in question was unclear about the ships as they landed and should have read as follows:

    The Mavras Maelstrom settled in first. From the rear guard of the escort, the two ISDs were drawn out onto the huge tarmac to two open terminals in the distance. For each ship, the 8 moorings were mammoth rectangular mesa-like footings along side the fortress-like terminals which lights blinked in the grey/orange morning smog that settled over the plain of the tarmac. Here is where such behemoths of this size were accommodated. Tugs dotted the skies around the two ships like a swarm of fat black locusts. A sharp screech of metal echoed over the ferrocrete as the repulsor skiffs and sleighs were adjusted to support the ships in their berths.

    Empire?s Will was next. At the end of terminal the crowds were held way back as the droids and machinery and service techs and medics were assembled to care for injured and extinguish fires should fires have flared up aboard ship during it?s descent. Even as the tugs settled her in, the crowds gasped as they saw the gaping internals charred and exposed to the outside, bits and pieces still falling, a chair and cabinet, pieces of partition wall, and other things charred beyond recognition...

    Thank you,
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    IC:Doctor Marcus Rufus (NPC), Captain Scyther Vectis
    Location: Medbay, Bridge, VenSD Roadblock

    ?Yeah I had my fair share of fighting during the wars. You can say that I am collecting scars.? he chuckled bitterly. ?I am sure that I will be back in line before you expect.? surely a little bravado could not hurt.

    Rufus thought this man was brave but nonetheless a little naive if he thought he would be up and about before then. He did?nt dare say it though in front of this dangerous man.

    After he had spoken to Lieutenant Haji, he noticed the Commander look towards the door behind him.

    ?Speaking of writing the paperwork I just found the perfect candidate for the job.?

    The doctor turned to see a man standing there with lieutenants insignia on his armour.

    ?Perfect? Rufus said smiling, unsure whether the young man was joking or not ?He will do nicely. Congratulations Lieutenant you have been chosen to do the Commander?s paperwork whilst he is otherwise incapacitated?.

    A couple of minutes later an announcement came over the tannoy system.

    ?Attention Doctor Rufus and all medical staff. We will be entering Coruscant and landing soon, all staff to be on standby.?

    ?I guess my time is up? Rufus said sadly ?A pleasure to see you Commander, I?ll pop back and see you again when we land. Captain Vectis will back when she can, in the meantime, relax and recuperate?

    Rufus bowed his head in respect and left to go to his station.

    Bridge, Roadblock

    As they continued to descend into Coruscant, Scyther kept her eyes forward, not daring to look anywhere else. Terric was still giving ?All clear? notifications from Unstoppable, whilst Ivanov was relaying instructions to the Mavras. All was proceeding well so far, but Scyther didn?t want to relax just yet.

    Out of the corner of her eye she saw Haji return to his position in the portside crew pit. It looked like Lord Admiral Xavier didn?t need anything at the moment. She felt his presence as he moved up next to her chair, then he spoke which startled her out of her concentration.

    ?Captain, I wanted just to say that I am sorry for the loss of your leader. I know this is not much comforting but I have been through this and know how it feels. Please accept my sympathies.?

    Scyther looked up into his wizened face. He had become a sort of father figure towards her, even though he had been on board the ship for a short time. He had help out massively with finding out who had nearly wiped out half of the 917th squadron and had given her great insights into the mysterious faction known as the Union.

    ?Thank you Lord Admiral? she said with respect ?With what you have told me about the Union, I do not find it surprising that you have gone through this same thing many times. We will move on from this I?m sure, and under new leadership, we can continue to prosper and bring peace to the galaxy?

    She smiled ?Lord Vader will see to it that infighting will not be tolerated?

    She faced forward again, making sure that the Lord Admiral did not feel ignored. Madison then got on the comm.

    ?Sir, two of my Birds have just flown out to intercept a couple of fireships. They have responded, they say not to worry, it?s to put out the fires on my starboard side?

    ?Given the fact your starboard side is on fire, other than that you should be chirpy?


    ?Madison, you seriously need to get that repaired, no doubt one of your pieces of debris has hit some poor person on the head?

    ?If it does, I?ll take them out to dinner?

    ?I?ll hold you to that one Madison?

    They continued on in silence for a while, Scyther?s stomach feeling rather twisty. It was going rather well, and even better, there was no mishaps concerning Krayt?s Fire. Arazov was keeping an eye on things, and would report if Captain Sohmer even moved an inch out of the group?s formation.

    A while later they finally passed over the edge of the Embassy district, and the Emperor Palpatine spaceport appeared, a behemoth of a structure that housed Venators and Imperial Star Destroyers alike. Scyther was now feeling even
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    OOC: Thank you all for the great posting and J_L that post was terrific. This is a joint post with Corellian_Outrider, for whom I am posting this post with much gratitude. Thank you,

    IC: Rowan, Se'Iva, Kal.... and Ariek
    LOCATION: Union, Kalavala, Island estate of Jori Atreides

    Se?Iva helped Rowan with his salvaged debris. She knelt in the sand next to him and leaned down to watch him set pieces out, working out the problem of the ?Valhalla? and it?s crash. The surf played in the background, a benign lull, but the Cha was becoming increasingly unnerved and pulled her wings in tight till the ends curled up and the silver and dark iridescent spots lay crinkled against her back. The sense of decay grew uncomfortably prominent to her and soon she found herself urging Rowan to the place where they had come ashore the night before and were separated. She urged him quietly, leaning close. ?We should go quickly,? she said at his cheek, so close, his beard tickled her cheek.

    With the aid of the Force, they moved with great speed over the sandy strand and back in through wetland brush, through waving fan-like fern and leathery leaves and finally out onto another stretch of sand, this one far more remote than where they had crouched near the tidal pool.

    ?Is this the place?? he asked Se, when she stopped to look about, putting Estel down onto the soft but dirty sand.

    Se?Iva nodded and pointed out in the surf. The night tide had washed a few more bits of wreckage ashore and sure enough, out in the deeper water, there was a bit of metal protruding, only intermittently visible between swells.

    That all too familiar uneasy feeling returned to my gut, the sense to never linger in the one spot too long and the urge to keep moving. However, I couldn?t help but feel that it would be an opportunity wasted if we did not check things out further. ?....stay here with Estel and keep watch... I?ll see what we?ve got out there....?

    Se?Iva did not feel much like agreeing but he could not both investigate the wreckage and keep surveillance. She acquiesced reluctantly and watched Rowan stride into the surf. Estel paced and circled about her, sitting in the surf at one point to look back to shore and then back over his shoulder to where Rowan had disappeared with a small bit of suds into the water. The cub?s fur was spiked and dripping, he blinked but warily looked to shore, a low growl escaping from his chest. Once more he paced and flicked his tail, then ducked his head and nuzzled against Se?Iva as she crouched low, nearly toppling her into the rocking waves.


    Under the water, the waves rolling overhead. My legs pumped hard to carry myself against the drag of the tide to reach the debris that glittered under the sun?s rays that filtered through. Breaking the surface, I bobbed there treading water as I took deep breaths, preparing my lungs for a longer dive. Exhaling, I slipped back under with only a small splash from my feet. Surveying the fall out of the debris as I continued down, my eyes start to register common patterns. The way they broad surfaces are aligned, carried by the tide. Armour plating made up the majority, from small shingles to larger panelling, smooth on one side, pitted and scored on the other. Towards the middle and far end of the field I found more and larger debris. Scattered wires, ripped conduit cabling snaked between pieces of broken consoles, displays, chairs and other things mangled beyond my recognition.

    I reached out and grabbed onto one of the consoles, pulling myself down and planted my toes into the sand. The screen was broken, the circuitry exposed, the input device looked familiar... I had been standing in front of this when we made the jump! Letting go, I kicked over to another...a theme was starting to materialise... this all belonged to the bow of the ship.... this was part of the bridge...

    The burning in my lungs reminded me that I did need to
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    OOC: This is a joint post between me and Pasha, thank you for the good time writing this!

    IC: duchess Jori Atreides, Admiral Veroti

    on-board "Resolute"

    Admiral Veroti was now quite eager to transport this strange entourage to Coruscant. It was reported that the lockdown on Imperial Center had been lifted. He shared a few terse words with Grande Admiral Teshik. It was highly unusual to speak directly with the formidable old hero of the Republic. He was not a man who cared much for chat. A highly political figure, Teshik let you know he knew the value of silence.

    Comm-ing at the door of the stateroom she'd been afforded on his ship, Veroti stood before the guard, and straightened as he waited for the Duchess' leisure in giving him entry.

    Mitternacht studied Admiral Veroti without making any unnecessary moves. The man seemed not to paying much attention to him, maybe he had grown used to the fact that Mitternacht was a reanimated corpse. After a few seconds of silence it turned its head to the side towards the duchess. She wore a thin smile on her lips.

    "Let him in, Mitternacht," she said with a silky voice "after all it is his ship..."

    "As you wish, Your Ultimacy..." came the mechanical answer then the ghola moved to the right so that Admiral Veroti could enter the room.

    Jori stood up to greet the newcomer, her smile broadening.

    "Admiral Veroti, it is a pleasure to see you again. I hope you bring us good news..."

    "I bring you news, Duchess, whether it is good or not, I shall leave to you." He said stepping in cripsly and giving a curt bow. His nose threatened to wrinkle at the slight stench of decayed flesh the ghola exuded. Veroti did not let it do so.

    "We shall reach Imperial Center in another hour. I trust my crew have tended your needs satisfactorily. I apologize for the want of comfort. We are not a consular craft."

    Jori's expression did not change "Well, I think this piece of news is good, at least the events are moving forward." the smile disappeared slowly but she was still in a good mood "Don't worry about the comfort, after all we are meeting in a bit of an extraordinary situation."

    "Ah, your pardon, Your Grace, relations may be strained, however, we needn't be uncivil," said Veroti with a thin smile.

    "Wisely put Admiral..." she paused for a second "Being civil could be a good start for the negotiations, given the current strain..."

    He rocked shallowly on his heels for a moment and then nodded before turning slightly to walk in a short circumscribed circle. "Yes... well, I was not sent for the purpose of negotiations. I was to intercept. It is unfortunate matters were not dealt with before your departure and so much could have been avoided, but we cannot alter the past, only the future. So, in my debriefing, naturally, our exchange may carry some weight. I shall note your compliance and cooperation."

    Jori nodded in agreement "Indeed unfortunate events led us to this situation." she smiled at the Admiral "Thank you for your understanding."

    "Of course," he said still facing away from her. "May I ask, Your Grace, you seem an astute leader, one who commands loyalty and respect, how is it, such an unfortunate oversight occurred?"

    The duchess could sense a verbal trap in the man's words "Well I could simply say 'No one is perfect', but this would not answer your question." using her amusement to cover the nervousness she felt "The problem was the overzealous attempts of my subordinates to keep me protected. Bare in mind that those ships you encountered in Derra system were the minimum required for such visits. At least for our protocols, as there is still an ongoing conflict. It is very rare for the leaders of the Union to travel outside its boundaries and we were unsure about the size of the retinue as in our previous journeys there were no problems with a similar size escort."

    "You are referring to your journey to Ursa System." said Veroti raising a brow, a wry smile on his lips.

    Jori nodded in agreement.

    "It was at the leisure of his Imperial Majesty such leave was given,
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    OOC: This is another joint post with C_O. In the interest of getting things moving by providing needed characterization to support continuing story arcs, I have left this post all in one piece.

    IC: Anakin, Celeste, Sophia, Maruuke, Vos, and Ahsoka
    LOCATION: the terminal at the Emperor Palpatine Space Port and the Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    Just now he swallowed. His heart raced and he felt his hand hot and damp, adjusting his clasp of Ahsoka?s. There were too many people ?too many.

    If they could just skip this part!

    As if concurring, Artoo shifted from one treaded foot to the other and let out annoyed ?blat?.

    He closed his eyes for a moment and didn?t care that the two who stood beside him could feel his nervousness.

    Large jointed appendages began to extend from regular points along each side of the slip; magnetic clamps that would help anchor the large ships, each joint equipped with pneumatic shock absorbers to reduce both movement and the destructive forces of movement, in this case, should a tectonic shift take place or some of the enormous struts supporting the ships from beneath suffer failure.

    As the ships engines were shut down one by one, the noise and rumble began to subside, only to be replaced by the sound of the working elements of the space port.

    Was there life after war? The question wasn?t really whether there was or not, but how one was to live after surviving fallen comrades and enemies alike. Why had he survived?

    His brow furrowed as he felt the press of memory and thought with irony, /?Because I am the Chosen One!? No, I am a person, not an ideal, not a thing, not a monster. I am flesh and blood. I am ? Force open the damn doors!?/

    Guilt and doubt settled like dust as the ghosts of the past came unbidden. Why now? He wondered.

    War changes you ? living on the blade?s edge gave you alertness. Gave you certainty, confidence and ? the charged awareness of living in the stream of all that power, the Force ? it was addictive, but it also obscured one?s ability to think for the long term.

    How did one live in the intimate after all that?

    Who he was a week or two ago, he was no longer, nor were Celeste and Sophia. He?d missed their life experience, become detached. Even now, Padme?s children felt less and less his. They were growing, learning, building memories that did not include him, in spite of his promises, in spite of his love for them. The threads were slender and tenuous. How tenuous were the threads that knitted Celeste and Sophia, connected them to him?

    They would face one another with the memory of love, having to start all over. The concept was not foreign to him. Jedi were trained to be aware of the psychological effects of war. Who had he been to them mired as he was inside that tightly bound shell of rage and self-loathing? Who was it they loved, he could not help but ask himself.

    How must he ?fit? his family now, after all this ?.movement?

    He didn?t want Ahsoka to misunderstand what he was feeling ? and he knew she could feel his turmoil, that he felt guilty for sharing himself in his bond so immediately and deeply with his prodigal Padawan, but now stood here in doubt about his place in his own family. Such bonds shared between a Master and a Padawan often did not require spoken word.

    The words between husband and wife and father and daughter were likely to be awkward and inadequate.

    Yet words were needed, there was so much between them to convey and not enough time between duty and reconciliation and he loved them so, his heart ached.


    The protective windows held back a rush of steam. The public address system pinged and scratched with a procedural warning to stand clear of the gate, as the gangway bridge was extended. After the low pitched rumble beneath his feet sounded, the seldom used gateway doors of the space-going Mavras Maelstrom on the other side of the heavy duty metal pleated and covered gangway began to open to the repetitive blare of warning klaxons. The lig
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    Sorry for the delay, work has been crazy. I will post today. Ominous
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    IC: General Torian
    Location: Yavin IV, temple chambers

    It had been decided then and the others were waiting on Torian to give the stamp of approval. He hated to waste good people, but it was necessary to find out more about the events on Coruscant. With Matrix and Biggs going, the General was confident they would return safe. He stood and walked away from the table, rubbing his temples. It had been a long day up to this point and he was ready to end the debates within these dark walls.

    ?Mission approved. Gather all the necessary equipment and supplies. Keep in constant contact with us here. We will be expecting daily reports at the same time of day. This will ensure that you are safe and not compromised.?

    Now, with that out of the way, he must deal with Yueh. Ben would be a good man to have with him on the operation Torian had in mind. They would attack an Imperial convoy and ?unload? their supplies.

    TAG: Everyone involved
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    OOC: This is a joint post between me and Corellian_Outrider, it was a pleasure working on it!

    IC: Lord Commander Basil Xavier (NRC), Rowan Halcyon, Maya Fyodorovna (NRC)

    Year: 1113 ATC - (2519 BBY)

    It was a sunny day in Kala City, there was no clouds in the vicinity of the capitol. The sky was light blue and the weather was warm. After the long cold season this was a pleasant surprise for the Kalanites, as the citizens jokingly called themselves. The splendid weather was in contrast to the general feeling of unease on the planet Kaladan. The news from the outside the Union were grave, the war with the Sith was not going well for the Republic. Some of the Houses Major and Minor were considering siding with the dark armies as to prevent the future catastrophe that will come when they overthrow the Republic. The leading house that proposed this idea was the Ordonnen.

    The ruling house Corrino tried to balance between the factions despite the fact that it traditionally was tied to the houses Atreides and Dondarion. No one wanted to commit forces to support neither side of this Galactic conflict. For now the Union nominally supported the Republic with supplies and weapons. Every day outsider ships were coming and leaving Kala City spaceport with the ?goods? to be sent to the front line. The Atreides were considering sending humanitarian aid to the devastated worlds.

    A new wave of cargo ships had arrived in the last hour. Lord Commander Basil Xavier was walking among them checking their names looking for one ship in particular - ?Raptor?s Fury?. On it was supposed to be one of his good friends, Rowan Seiriol-Nye. They haven?t seen each other for a while now and hearing that he would be coming to Kaladan was clearly a sign from the Greater Good because Basil was getting engaged to a pretty girl and wanted to present her to the man who saved his life.

    He passed by several more ships until he found the Corellian light-stock freighter that he was looking for. There were other personnel from the port, people he didn?t know, going around doing the regular cargo procedures. So Basil stood by and waited, knowing that Rowan was a psyker and he could probably feel his presence and show himself.

    Standing in the cargo hold, my hand at the controls of the lift watching as the cargo was being lowered to the landing below. This was one of many transfers I have been doing for the past few weeks now for several worlds. The war has affect many worlds, trading lanes disrupted and the flow of resources. A cargo hauler can make a decent living doing runs like these, some play for both sides for greed... I choose the jobs that gives aid to those that need it. A heavy thud as the lift had reached the bottom and the sound of the container being taken off.

    I whistled and called out through the opening. ?Aiight! That?s the last one.?

    Grinning as I saw a hand came in view and gave me the thumbs up gesture, I hit the release and was greeted by the groan of hydraulics as the lift rose back into place. My eyes glance over the remaining cargo in the hold, instructions on the side to deliver them to a small colony located out near the Tingel Arm. Sighing, I was not looking forward to making that trip, my armament needs to be restocked if I were to get by the pirates that claim that region of space. Leaving the hold and locking it down before exiting the ship, I stopped by the landing gear and leaned against the strut as I watched the staff load the supplies onto a cart.

    Furrowing my brow, my gaze picked out a familiar face waiting not far off from the ship. Smiling inside, rarely do I get a chance to run into a friendly face. Pushing off the strut, I made my way over to the uniformed man, a small smile played out on my face, which some would consider to be a rare sight to see.

    ?Khasaan?l....? I extended my hand.

    Basil grinned upon seeing his friend. His medals and uniform decorations glinted from the sun. The Lord Commander was a tall and burly man in his early thirties.
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