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  1. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Colonel Sin, Captain Sohmer, Commander Merch, shipboard staging area Krayt?s Fire.

    The relatively fresh air of Imperial Centre?s spaceport breezed into the massive chamber, as the horizontal gash in the hull widened with the broad disembarkation ramp lowering.

    The crimson-clad Sith Marauder that was Colonel Sin, regarded the six-legged All Terrain Tactical Enforcer dubiously as they walked towards is, a phalanx of semi-armoured jumptroopers hovering above it.

    ?The Emperor?s remains are in there?? Sin commented, gazing up at the armoured behemoth. ?Wouldn?t a lartie be faster??

    ?I am not talking to you.? Sohmer groused, intending to ignore what else the buffoon had to say. He could not wait to hand him over to Skywalker. ?You are lucky we let you keep the towel.?

    ?And you have my undying gratitude, Captain. Hopefully, someday, I will have the opportunity to lend you a towel too.? Sin regarded the fluffy white number in his hand, blue aurabesh emblazoning the name of some star cruiser. ?The Byzantium??

    "She crashed." Sohmer supplied.

    ?Warp engines suffered a phase shift, according the the accident investigators.? Merch followed.

    ?Hello? Force Sensetive, here; I know you're fragging with me. What is it, some holoshow??

    ?Perhaps.? Sohmer reached up to haul himself up the ladder that would get him into the AT-TE?s hatch.
    Once inside, he paused to work out the way to the cockpit, then remembered that this was not one of those old tracked tanks with the two cockpits, and right at the moment, he forgot what they had been called.

    ?Lieutenant.? He acknowledged R?chael Yaer, who he had put in charge of organising the walker?s interior security. Outside was being taken care off by Doctor Hno, their Clawdite jumptrooper-cum-medic.


    ?Budge up.? Merch encouraged, half in and half out the airlock. ?I?ve got Sin staring at my choob, and I don?t want to find out why they called him that.?

    ?Not funny, Guys.?

    Sohmer chuckled and cleared the way, navigating the cramped interior to shuffle round the polished black medical cocoon containing the remains, and detritus from Kalee. It was draped in a black shimmersilk Imperial flag, emblazoned with the white, hexagonal logo.

    He nodded to the stormtroopers and ORIC agents standing guard, and proceeded to the cockpit, where the AT-TE drivers, in their grey coveralls, and white semi-armour, awaited his command.

    ?Someone smells freshly laundered.?

    Sohmer regarded the commander warily. Was the man going to flirt with him?
    ?I got changed on the way down. We are meeting with the provisional Emperor, so it seemed appropriate to put something fresh on.?

    ?So nothing to do with not believing that we can dock in a planetary atmosphere then.?

    ?Well if you know the answer, why ask the question?? The Captain huffed.

    ?What, did he sith himself?? Sin, King of Subtleness enquired cheerily. ?Ah, Lieutenant. You are on a commercial air transport. Oceanic Flight 121. Demonstrate the crash positions and life jacket, for the benefit of all the passengers.?

    ?Welcome aboard Oceanic Flight 121-?

    Sohmer exchanged a look with Merch and shook his head. Given what he figured was going to happen when the Executor took charge of the sopping wet Emperor?s Hand, he could indulge him one last Mind Trick.

    ?-nder the seat in front of you, you will find emergency instructions on what to do, should ?

    Sohmer leaned over the helmet of the nearest driver, ?Seal up, and lets get this show on the road.?

    ?-we need to ditch into the ocean.?

    ?Yes sir. Better hang on.?

    The cockpit lurched heavil
  2. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Lower Levels, Coruscant

    Han Solo had never been one for superstition or hocus pocus nonsense, especially when it came to fate and the belief that one supreme being or "force" controlled the course of all life. Fate was the result of the choices of the individual and how one reacted to each unique situation. It was all about self-preservation and sticking to your instincts in order to survive.

    And yet, sometimes, life liked to throw a curve ball for the distinct purpose to prove him wrong...or perhaps even to teach him a lesson.

    The events of the night had been anything but manageable. In fact, they were spiraling out of And despite Han's best efforts to set things straight, it only continued to get worse. It all started with an unsuspecting visit from his old boss and caretaker, Garris Shrike. The man had demanded he repay an old debt, one that had been unfairly placed on his shoulders due to a misunderstanding. Han was not about to put up with more lies and more cruelty from the older man and had lashed out with violence, spilling forth years of pent up anger and frustration in the form of red crimson.

    Leaving Shrike behind with his face a bloodied mess, Han had fled the known commercial district to hide in the lower levels, knowing quite well that if Shrike or his men ever caught up with him, he'd be a dead man. Unfortunately, this is where fate decided to mix things up even more.

    Sara Soto was a girl from the fringe who had been thrust into his life faster than a kirik fly on a bantha's behind. She had helped him evade Shrike's cronies and had even offered to set him up for the night at her rundown apartment. Not only was she generous and sympathetic, but she also had some real spunk and had managed to keep up with Han in a game of wits that had left him speechless. But she was also too smart for her own good and she had started to uncover his secrets and learn too much about him. It got to the point where Han was more than a little bit unnerved by her revelations and thought it best that they part ways.

    That is where they stood now. They were now facing opposite directions, but both ultimately facing the same unknown. Even now, as Han started to shuffle his feet along the permacrete to continue on his way, he couldn't resist the urge to look over his shoulder and gaze upon her one last time.

    But as he turned to look, his view was obscured by a rolling fog that had seemingly come out of nowhere. It had come on so suddenly and was so thick that he was finding it hard to breathe. He gasped, the action only adding to the condensation around him until he was forced to physically lift his arms to part the heavy blanket that was threatening to smother him. Surprisingly, it worked to some extent, causing the thick cloud to recoil and shift until it finally opened a brief window that was constantly changing with each swipe of his hand.

    "Sara!" he called as he caught sight of her briefly during one of those rare moments. "Come back! SARA!"

    He knew he had been screaming at the top of his lungs, but his voice sounded somehow distant and muffled. It would not be enough to grab her attention and he reacted in the only way that seemed right - he started to claw desperately at the white cloud as he pushed himself forward to meet her, each exhale only adding more density to the already suffocating sheet.

    It finally reached a point where he could no longer go on. The cloud was so thick, now, that he was having difficulty drawing in breath, which left him light-headed and dizzy. He staggered just short of his goal and he felt himself beginning to pitch forward...and then suddenly stop. It took him a moment to realize that he was now suspended in the air, the cloud itself holding him upright and preventing him from smacking his face into the pavement. But that wasn't all that had caught his attention. Sara was now looking at him, mere inches from his position.

    "You need to go," she said simply, her tone soft and almost angelic. In fact, it didn't sound lik
  3. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Dennii/Drakoniss Sunwalker

    on-board Galactica-class Carrier ?Hyperion?, Derra system

    Dennii had been pondering on her vision and its meaning for some time. Was it the Force or something else that showed her these images of her and Jori?s past. But why? Why was it so important to show this exact moment? This is a mystery she had to solve, maybe that was her mission in life. Who knows? One thing was for sure she could not go back to the Order.

    Deep inside her Dennii knew that she did not deserve the title of a Knight. This emotional outburst revealed that she had not learned one very important lesson - humility. Besides she felt more at home in the Union than with the other Jedi. She did not consider herself one anymore, not while Drakoniss was within her. Though the darkness young Sunwalker felt was not coming from the long deceased Sith Lord but from inside her heart. Maybe it had been lurking inside and now she let it loose. This was something she dreaded, to lose herself to the darkness. Was it always there?

    She stood up from the bed and moved towards the vanity. She could see on the mirror a skinny girl, pale with large...crimson eyes. Eyes that burn through ones soul that gleamed with such an unnatural color. She had grown pale over the months, her body showing signs of malnourishment and her expression that of a suffering person. She had to change something for the sake of the baby that she was carrying. Tears formed in her eyes, was it all so hopeless? Will she be able to ensure that her child to have a relatively normal life? Suddenly Dennii felt so alone...alone and weak. Hopelessness gripped her heart. Why it has to be so difficult? No one prepared her for the real life and more importantly she had not done anything.

    Dennii felt like a little girl standing alone facing the enormous Galaxy. Her life in the recent years was a string of misfortunes. Several Masters dead, friends dead as well and her loved one turned against everything he believed to rejoin the Empire. Was she the reason? Was her weakness the reason for those failures? Could she have done anything to prevent the catastrophe? Doubtful, she was just a silly girl with delusions of importance. As a Jedi she was a failure, as an adult, probably too. A surge of fear made her eyes widen. Will she fail as a parent as well? A large drop of tear trickled on her pale smooth cheek. Was her child doomed too? Like the other people that suffered around her.

    Her upper lip trembled. Dennii wanted to cry from the despair. And what about Alpha? Will she ever meet him again and will he accept her back? How would he react to the news that he became a father? Dennii knew that he was as unprepared to be a parent as she is. Though she doubted that anyone is. Unfortunately there was no-one beside her to tell her that or prepare her for this aspect of life. All she knew was her Master and the Order, and the few things she saw in the Union. She and Alpha were in a way child parents, having next to no experience outside their previous lives. He as an ARC Commander prepared all his life for war and she as a Jedi was being prepared for being a peacekeeper. The prospect for a family was unthinkable for both of them. So they had to learn as they go. Everything was so confusing, maybe she has to ask Jori about it. Maybe she knew something, maybe she would give her some advice.

    At least Dennii managed to keep her friend, though she found her very different - somewhat colder and there was something else...a lurking darkness! It even managed to reach her dearest friend. So there was nowhere to hide from it, or do one need to stand up against it, to fight? Dennii reclined her hands on the vanity, her head slumped and the eyes tightly shut. Another drop of tear fell. Was it all hopeless? She opened her crimson eyes and looked directly at the mirror. Was she already succumbed to it? Or she was just a lonely and afraid girl trying to solve her own problems. Will she ever find the answers?

    Suddenly she realized that Drakoniss was uncharacteristically silent. The ghost wa
  4. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ I would like to thank TheAdmiral for this joint post we had written.

    ~IC~ Jori Atreides and Rowan Halcyon
    0.6 deca-cycles before the incident at Coruscant
    Location: Island Villa, Kaladan

    Jori arrived on the island with a Vulture-class transport. It was a military grade craft, as her shuttle was borrowed by the Lord Advisor for his fool's errand to the planet of Naboo. The man had the rare ability to cause trouble for the Union and this one could become a very large one. Jori was irritated as she had forgotten some very sensitive documents in the villa, she hoped that no unauthorised eyes had seen them.

    The ship's speed decreased, then she felt it vibrating as the Vulture descended on the landing pad of the villa. The right bay door snapped open, an officer was already waiting for her to take her arm so that he could assist her to step out of the transport. These were the rare occasions when an underling could actually touch her. Jori didn't care much and passed the man as if he didn't exist. She was wearing knee-long white dress with next to none jewellery on her, only the Eagle ring revealing her status. The duchess proceeded forward through the alley covered with white sand, surrounded by palm trees, creating the feeling of being in a jungle. It was just before sunset, so the sky was painted in gold and pink. Usually she would sit there and marvel at this natural phenomenon, but she had work to do. As she approached the massive villa, the front doors automatically opened themselves, inside the maids and the butler were waiting for her.

    One of the maids approached her ?I am sorry Your Highness, I know you must be in a hurry, but I wanted to say that your guest has been acting strange all day. He was away all day and not long ago he hurried to his room then soon before you arrived went to the library.?

    The duchess nodded ?Very observant of you. You are to be commended.?

    The maid blushed and bowed slightly ?Thank you Your Highness, one more thing to add he also missed lunch.?

    A smile appeared on Jori?s lips and she did not say anything just started climbing the stairs to the second floor. The door of the library was closed, so she gently opened it and entered.

    The light filtered in through the arched windows of the study, I felt the lingering warmth of the sun on my skin as it makes its dip behind the horizon. Standing by one of several mahogany bookshelves, my eyes scanning through a text, picking up words that looks familiar and trying to construct the sentences from the base knowledge I knew of their language. Studying the text, the written language structure was there but the words were different, as though a variation of the one I am familiar with. A different subgroup perhaps. Glancing up from the words, I saw that the Duchess had entered the library, her gaze aimed at my direction.

    ?Hello..? I inclined my head as I turn to face her. ?I mean..Good evening."

    Just as the maid had told her she found Rowan in the library, though she did not find it surprising as there are few things that a man could do in such a solitary place. The surprising thing was that the man could presumably read Kaladanese, though there were some books in Basic, as the outsiders called their language, he seemed to be examining the ones in her native language. Jori made a disarming smile "Good evening to you too..." she moved closer to him " How are you? I hope the staff are treating you well?"

    Nodding my head, "I am feeling better for the most part, thank you. The staff are..." I shrug my shoulders and smirked lightly. "I guess..doing what they do. I am not accustomed to being a guest so I guess it works both ways."

    "Excellent..." she looked at the books "I see that you are able to read our language. I guess in the time from you came this was something common?" she added in a lightly teasing tone. Jori did not want to b
  5. pashatemur

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    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Grand Master Emi-to Shuri
    LOCATION: Yavin IV, temple chambers

    Upon seeing Torian ?take the floor?, Emi halted in her progress.

    ?Mission approved. Gather all the necessary equipment and supplies. Keep in constant contact with us here. We will be expecting daily reports at the same time of day. This will ensure that you are safe and not compromised,? stated her husband. Apparently, she and Ben Infarius had missed something further in the planning.

    Emi gave a quick glance to the Master at her side. ?I fear we?ve missed some crucial details, Master and you have been commandeered for another mission.?/color

    They were close to the Senator and Emi excused herself, gesturing for Ben to wait while she quickly interrupted to catch Mon?s attention, acknowledging the coterie which surrounded the stalwart leader. ?Pardon my interruption, but I?d like to speak with you for a moment before you depart the moon, Senator. If you must ready, I can find you,? said Emi as she continued on and nodded to the Senator?s response.

    As they round the expansive open circle of the black stone table that occupied the great room, Emi thought for a moment in silence and said to Ben, ?Best we speak promptly with the General,? and moved to gain Torian?s attention, coming up to his side.

    He was without doubt, one of the most imposing human?s Emi had ever encountered and to this day, when finding herself standing alongside him as she was now, she was astonished by the shear mass of him. Looking up she said formally, ?General Darkeyes, a word with you, if we may. I?d only just conferred with Master Infarius about a concurrent window of opportunity for the Jedi ? a mission to Coruscant, separate from that of Senator Mon Mothma?s, but perhaps a way in which we might provide some aide while we are there. However, you seem to have need of Master Infarius and now I think about this, perhaps it IS best I go alone ? my apologies Master, but now necessity makes itself known, I believe this may prove best,? she said to both Torian and Ben, knowing how Infarius would find this turn disappointing, but their profile in the Force would be greatly reduced if she went alone. She had a feeling Torian?s ?errand? would require Master Infarius? keenness in the Force anyway, but this was a discussion and she would hear what both had to say.

    If the ranks of the Imperial?s closed again, this window would close with them and with the pacifist cloistered enclaves at stake, how could they pass by this opportunity. There was little time to track down Master Yoda and as it was, she?d felt the way to him, cloudy and conflicted, and Mitch Nifesta, with whom she shared a particular bond, was enshrouded. It alarmed her, but she had little to go on. She was not at all certain she was prepared to stand alone now as Grand Master, but this was for calm meditative contemplation and not thoughts for the war room where lines action and exacting certitudes were attempted.

    TAG: Mon Mothma, Infarius, Torian, et al

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    OOC: This is a joint post authored by Pashatemur and the MaidofOrleans who due to computer problems, asked that I post on her behalf. Also, thank you to Corellian_Outrider for his editing and feedback.

    IC:Hsur Hgubmil & Company
    LOCATION: HoloNetNews Office Coruscant

    Despite all the technical capabilities of the Holonet service, things were still done the ?old school? way.

    A human sat in the booth on the other side of the ?newsroom? where Hsur was now putting on his communications pin as the holocams began to shift into preset positions, each lens on the holocaster whose portly frame filled the view substantially. Behind him on the curved up lit walls of neutral blue grey were fluidly running montages of happy beings around the galaxy doing happy things, gridded maps of this or that quadrant and planets, moons and other heavenly bodies of interest turned happily in their orbits.

    Live feeds from the landing of the Reina of Ursa and soon to be young Empress of ?1,000 Systems? could be heard over the holos in the background. Hsur Hgumbmill smiled. He couldn?t ask for a more engaging couple, both steeped in newsworthy origins, connected and complex, both young and compelling, he a war hero and enigmatic leader of severe repute, the Emperor?s favored and pardoned of the Jedi, she of haunting exotic beauty, the queen of a ravaged and remote system, ward to the now deceased Emperor Palpatine I.

    Public opinion. News was never about reportage, journalism was more than the passing on of facts, it was the making and forming of collective conscious. Reporting the news was the purview of ?worker bees.? No, real journalism was about the making of news, the shaping of the future. The politicos and warriors, the pundits and academics, they were the clay, but the true shaper, he was the most skilled. To recognize and seize opportunity, that took patience and courage, shear will.

    Anakin, Lord Vader/the Admiralty -those were the ?face? cards that always came out on top, no matter how one shuffled the deck and Hsur knew a winning hand when he saw one! This was going to be one hell of a ride!

    Ah, the escort had made planet-fall. Hsure could hear the noise of the crowds in the holo from the newsroom calling to mind the din of the crowds the day before directly after the bombing. He smiled toward the production booth and adjusted, happy Shilling had gotten the extra holos on her hidden camera. What verve and confidence the wounded Executor was unable to supply, Hsur was able to conjure during the editing process and he was quite happy with the outcome.

    Hsur moved into his ?unstudied? pose, half sitting on his chair behind the amorphously shaped transparent low table which served as his desk, a cup of hot tea steaming, his arm slung over the back of the plushly upholstered grey chair.

    The human in the booth got his nod from the producer and held up five fingers and counted:






    Then he pointed to the smiling Hsur.

    ?Greetings, gentlebeings! I?m Hsur Hgubmil and this is ?Holonet 360.? The young woman who joined Hsur walked with a gentle sway onto the set and offered the setup. She sat pertly on her like-upholstered chair opposite Hsur and informed the viewers about the arrival of her Royal Highness the Reina of Ursa.

    ?We?ll see more of Her Highness, Marie-Celeste later today, but right now, here?s Hsur with more on the transition of Imperial leadership...

    ?That?s right, Ms. Mon Peni! This morning, I will be sharing with you an exclusive interview I was able to gain yesterday after the Senate tragedy. What began as a much needed and timely report on the casualties, soon became an interview with the Imperial Executor and Re of Ursa, Anakin, Lord Vader.

    A holo rose up behind Hsur, of Hsur himself standing amid disoriented survivors in a triage unit and speaking about the quick response of the rescue teams and engineers in securing the living and the Senate. Soon
  7. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ It has been a pleasure writing this joint post with Pashatemur, thank you.

    ~IC~ Commissar Ahsoka Tano, Ledaren Quinlan Vos, Artoo-Detoo, Chief Riek Supiro, Lieutenant Roc Il?baratia and Detective Muncie
    Lower levels Coruscant

    Trapped beneath the shadows of the towering skyscrapers above, amber lights of advertisement boards lit up the street creating the illusion of dusk. Litter rustled and blown about, kicked up by the effects of passing repulsor crafts and all around, the constant howl of the megalithic towers funneling unnatural currents of wind and the intermittent whale of distant sirens.

    Swinging her legs free of the swoop, Ahsoka felt a chill in the air, her instincts triggered and her senses heightened, enhancing awareness of their surroundings. The atmosphere felt felt familiar to Ahsoka, reminding her of the older sections of Phira city on Rendili, only that things on Coruscant feel more intense. On the corner, a few overripe expressions from a few unsavoury looking people.were cast in their direction. Artoo cooed an anxious tone as he ejected himself out of the sidecar and followed beside Ahsoka to find a reassuring hand on his dome.

    They went back to their business once they realise that no attention was given to whatever dealings they might be doing or it might have been the walking mass muscle and shaggy dreadlocks along side her that dissuaded their interest in them. Glancing to Master Vos, catching the intensity of his expression. He can be an imposing figure.

    Lt. Il?barati brushed the crumbs of a half eaten confection from his chest lapel and motioned to the tall, willowy police chief next to him. ?Chief, looks like the officials are here,? he mumbled under breath, taking her attention from the detective who stood hard by questioning a possible witness. ?Um...? said Riek, not yet turning to regard the two former Jedi.

    It wasn?t like Ahsoka or Master Vos needed badges. Roc or Rocket as Riek called him, could tell by their gait and posture, they were healthier than the usual denizens.

    The witness declined. He wasn?t getting messed up with a police matter. ?...I kind?a like to go on livin? a bit longer if it?s no never mind t? you...? he said in surly response. The municipal trooper had the dirty man by the color, but Riek waved her hand. ?Let him go Detective Muncie. He?s not going to talk. Not right now, at any rate. Wait till he needs some protection, then he?ll be back.?

    Roc leaned in. ?Detective?s a rookie, Chief. I thought you said this was a special case.?

    ?I know, dont? remind me. Muncie tested high and he has connections. I thought this would be a good case...oh never mind.? said Riek, under breath. She turned about asking, ?So where are these offici....? but she broke off in mid-sentence upon seeing the Togruta and Kiffar approach.

    ?Chief Riek Supiro,? said Riek extending her hand and nodding to her second, ?and this is Lieutenant Roc Il?barati.?

    ?Commissar Ahsoka Tano,? Ahsoka shook Chief Supiro?s hand, flashing a brief smile and gave a nod to both Supiro and Il?barati before inclining her head to introduce the silent Kiffar. ?and Ledaren Quinlan Vos.?

    Artoo tootled quizzically, rocking side to side excitedly.

    ?...and Artoo-Detoo? Ahsoka added, giving the droid a curious glance for his enthusiasm.

    Both Rocket and Riek had noted the side arms both the Commissar and Ledaren toted. The two exchanged knowing glances, but Artoo?s tweetle made Riek look twice. She looked down for a moment and then reluctantly said very quietly, ?Hello there, little Tooie.?

  8. Ominous

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    Jul 30, 2004
    IC: Torian
    LOCATION: Yavin IV, temple chambers

    He was without doubt, one of the most imposing human?s Emi had ever encountered and to this day, when finding herself standing alongside him as she was now, she was astonished by the shear mass of him. Looking up she said formally, ?General Darkeyes, a word with you, if we may. I?d only just conferred with Master Infarius about a concurrent window of opportunity for the Jedi ? a mission to Coruscant, separate from that of Senator Mon Mothma?s, but perhaps a way in which we might provide some aide while we are there. However, you seem to have need of Master Infarius and now I think about this, perhaps it IS best I go alone ? my apologies Master, but now necessity makes itself known, I believe this may prove best,? she said to both Torian and Ben, knowing how Infarius would find this turn disappointing, but their profile in the Force would be greatly reduced if she went alone. She had a feeling Torian?s ?errand? would require Master Infarius? keenness in the Force anyway, but this was a discussion and she would hear what both had to say.

    Indeed his wife could handle herself on Coruscant alone. After all she hid there for many years as the light of the Republic was slowly extinguished and replaced by the darkness of the Emperor and his mighty Empire. Even worse she was married to him. A man, who drank too much, fought hard and often paid the price for his battles in scars. He looked at his wife with soft eyes, saving his hard looks for the men he commanded. He sighed, wishing that it had not come down to this but again, she was a good fighter and could take care of herself. He attempted to keep his tone professional in front of the other Jedi but how well that worked he wasn?t sure. ?What do you have in mind Master Jedi??

    His thoughts turned to their chance meeting on Coruscant and the whipping he took from her in the bowels of the planet. If it weren?t for her and her friends, he would still be there, a mound of dead, rotting flesh. What would have been the state of the Alliance if he was not around?

    TAG: Emi-to, Infarius

    DARTH_GOLLUMSMEAGOL Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 20, 2003
    IC: Ben
    Location: Yavin IV

    Ben listened to Torian and then to Emi-to. It was amazing how fast plans can change.

    "Emi-to is right, as much as I would love to go to Imperial Center and stick it to 'em right under their nose, it is probably a good idea fro me to stay away from Vader as much as possible". He turned to Torian and inquired "So do we have a plan yet or we just gonna cruise around and jack the first Imperial ship we see?"

    Tag: All in earshot
  10. pashatemur

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    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Master Emi-to Shuri
    LOCATION: Yavin IV, temple chambers

    Nightgoggles, scanners, scopes ? technology made it possible for the eyes of most beings to see beyond their normal function, but a squint made that final adjustment needed to deal with the nearness of the lens. Crisscross lines worn over time radiating from the eye and around the lips told of one?s profession, one?s habits, yearnings and alertness, of years scanning the far horizon for enemy positions, extrapolating to strategies and Praetorian Darkeyes wore his lines of character with distinction.

    Just now, the hardness, grit, and indomitable will traced in his aspect softened. It was brief, but like the rays of light that burst from an ominous sky heavy with the power only gods of antiquity were said to wield, brilliant.

    Emi blinked, her brow cleared and she understood what a bushel of words were otherwise needed to say. Yet, as close as Torian and Emi were, she could not divulge the particulars to him, only what was necessary for the General to know with regard to where she would be operating on Coruscant, for how long, and why. She herself did not know the precise location of the maps which showed the hidden cloisters only the general position within the catacombs under the Temple.

    ?There are some enclaves - untouched cloisters of Jedi. They are pacifist, General. The urgency with which the Temple had to be abandoned left no time to retrieve the astralogues that show their locations. As a matter of security, these were not kept in the vault protecting the holocrons. There are very few of us who knew their precise location within the Temple much less knew of the real existence of the cloisters, but now, with this critical moment the Empire is currently experiencing, surveillance is likely to have lapsed. I?ll have to do some sleuthing to find the maps, but this is an opportunity I feel must be taken now while there?s still disarray within the Imperial order. Thus far, we?ve trusted the word of our resources that no such information has come to any of the Imperial departments we believe would be responsible for ?dealing? with these Jedi. I?m sure I don?t need to say why it is imperative steps be taken to protect that knowledge. There is no one else amongst our group here on Yavin who would know and I?ve not been able to reach or sense Master Yoda thought the Force or for that matter? Mitch? Mr. Nifesta.?

    She wondered if the complexity of her concern showed, just as her husband had of his own concerns. Emi pursed her lips. ?Ben was never at the Temple on Coruscant and is too close to Vader. It?s best he not be connected to this mission. If I have a week at most, I?ll have a good chance of finding the astralogues,? she said hopefully. ?While I am there, I can be available to Senator Mon Mothma if her need requires me and in the meantime, Master Infarius? skills would serve you well.?

    This she?d said before Infarius chimed in and affirmed that what Emi proposed was best, in his opinion and she mused with irony and self-awareness to herself, /?Now kiss me and tell me I?m a fool to go and the balance of the Force is not at stake and I?ll pretend for a moment that you are right!?/ She knew the expression that escaped her restraint for a moment had clearly telegraphed as much to Torian and that Ben had likely seen. It was likely the reason he threw in that last bit of bravado ? lightening the moment, "So do we have a plan yet or we just gonna cruise around and jack the first Imperial ship we see?"

    Emi raised up on her toes with a slight stretch as she pursed her lips and raised a brow. There were several ways Ben?s comically prodding query could be taken. ?Shall I leave you two to make those determinations? I should briefly consult with Senator Mon Mothma, as soon as possible, unless you need me further."

    TAG: Infarius, Torian, Mon Mothma, others in the confere
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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: Sorry for the delay J-L [face_worried]

    IC: ARC Commander Alpha, Lord Admiral James Xavier

    VenSD ?Roadblock?

    ?Relax and recuperate? were the doctor?s last words before he left the room. Alpha gave a silent snort. ?Easy for him to say.? he thought. He could not relax, not while the future of Alpha Squad was not clear, he needed to meet Vader and clear this before it was too late. The Commander needed to make sure that Skywalker had kept his word and that his men were alive. Then will come the hard part to convince them that rejoining the Empire was a wise thing to do. The problem was that Alpha was not yet clear about his motives, there was something wrong that it was so easy to switch sides as if nothing happened.

    And what if the others find out about his past? How could he serve under the command of Captain Vectis? Alpha begun to even like her as the respect for her grew. She seemed a competent leader unlike most under whom he had served during the Clone Wars. Well with a few exceptions. Why was he back with the Empire? To help his brothers, yes, that was it. The ARC needed to be with his ner?vods, which was a paradox. After all his training as an Alpha ARC excluded such things as fraternities and bonds with the rank and file. Not even between each other. Maybe he was altered somehow, Alpha remembered one of the Nulls...Ordo along with the others created a strong bond with Republic Commandos especially Omega Squad. So such things were possible after all. Speaking of the Nulls and Omega, he needed to find Kal Skirata to tell him that they were successful in reversing the fast aging process. So now he could have a regular lifespan and they would be able to distribute the treatment to the other Clones. Well at least to the ones that wanted it and to the ones that it was possible - the deserters. There was no covert way to do it in the Imperial army.

    But one step at a time, he needed to re-buy the trust of Vader and to gain it from the good Captain. So for a while he needed to play along and be a good Clone. A second passed until he remembered that he was not alone, Lieutenant Fisk was still leaning at the side of the door. Concern for his commanding officer could be seen on the boy?s face. At least someone cared, no that was not true, the visit of his ner?vods before that clearly showed that he was not alone. Maybe the fact that they were being replaced by non-clones knitted them closer together. The problem was that the Clone Wars were now over, thus making them, clones, redundant, anachronistic. So at least the Empire had more enemies, like Alpha?s former allies - the Rebels. He hoped he wouldn?t have to go after someone he knew, as the Commander would feel bad to kill them.

    ?Lieutenant, what is going on??

    The man took several steps closer to the bed.

    ?We are landing on Coruscant. How are you Commander??

    ?Seen better days, anyway you, young man, will have to help me get out of the ship. I have to speak with Lord Vader...? said Alpha as he tried to sit on the bed.

    The pain was unbearable so he gave up, breathing hard.

    ?I...I don?t think that is a good idea, sir.?

    ?I don?t want you to think now, just help me. Are you disobeying direct order soldier??

    Fisk?s face showed indignation.

    ?Only the stupid ones...sir!?

    In a different situation Alpha would have accused the boy of insubordination and punished him, but Fisk was right, it was a silly order. Probably they would have made it to the end of the corridor then the pain would have overwhelmed him and probably would have collapsed on the floor. Alpha tried to chuckle.

    ?I will make a soldier out of you.? he paused ?But be careful about what you say, next time I might not be as forgiving.?

    The man nodded.

    ?Understood, sir.?

    ?How are the rest??

    ?They are relaxing now, sir. Bessany wanted to visit you but I told her not to bother you. She seemed very concerned for your welfare. Luckily most of us made it out alive. I think the ones that were sent to the medbays are recovering, no fatalities there either.?

    Alpha was pleased to hear that. He hoped t
  12. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han Solo
    Lower Levels, Coruscant

    With one arm wrapped around his torso and the other snaked around his neck in a vice-like grip, Han was effectively rendered useless. He couldn't move, couldn't speak and certainly couldn't attempt any kind of escape in his current predicament. All he could do was stare ahead into the darkness and wait with bated breath as his heart beat rapidly within his chest.

    "Thought you could get away, huh?!" the deep voice rumbled at his back, the man's instinctive reaction was to hold him a little tighter and even shake his lanky frame in what could only have been an attempt to knock some sense into the Corellian. "Well, you were sorely mistaken." Han could smell the man's rancid breath from too many cigars as he leaned in close and whispered a final threat into his ear. "And it's gonna cost ya big time, kid. You haven't even begun to experience pain in your short, pathetic life. But I can guarantee after tonight, that'll change."

    The man's robust mid-section vibrated against his frame as he issued a sickly laugh. It caused Han to curl up his nose in disgust, but in a way, it also sent a wave of relief flowing over his body. The man's voice and his was different. It was obvious to him that it didn't belong to Shrike himself. In fact, judging from the man's rather bulbous belly, Han was fairly certain that he was dealing with Larrad, Shrike's brother. If that was the case, then there might be some hope for him yet. Larrad was slow and absent-minded compared to his brother. It was easy to trip him up in any given situation. All Han had to do was hang in there and wait for the opportune moment and then he would strike.

    And that opportunity may have just presented itself...

    Off in the distance where the alleyway connected with the main pedestrian thoroughfare, a contingent of police troopers passed by in a less than stealthy manner, their voices and radio sets echoing off of the empty streets and drawing the attention of any passerby in the area...including Larrad. Even with the heavy-handed grip he had on Han, the man tensed and immediately began to withdraw into a darkened alcove to stay out of view. Han had no choice but to stagger along with him, the soles of his boots scuffing along the stones on the worn pavement as he moved.

    Larrad scowled down at the noise the Corellian was generating and tightened the arm that was wrapped around his neck. "Knock it off, will ya?!" he scolded in a hushed whisper. "It'll be triple the beating for you if you end up giving away our position..."

    Han did his best to glare back at the man, the action proving to be quite difficult with the continual pounding in his head from the concussion and now the struggle to draw breath, which caused little dots to begin dancing before his eyes. But even that wasn't enough to prevent him from noticing a certain package slung over the obese man's shoulder. And not just any package, but his traveling bag which contained Han's personal belongings and a certain model he had attained as a gift from a very special friend.

    The expression that crossed Han's face must have given away its importance for Larrad narrowed his eyes, glanced over at the bag on his shoulder and smiled with a devilish glint in his eye. "Ah, yes...I totally forgot about this," he drawled, making the mistake to release the hold on his torso to pat the bag. "You seemed to have dropped this before you cracked your head real good on the sidewalk. Lucky I was able to keep it safe for ya, hmm? Wonder what you got in here..."

    He started to unsling the bag from his shoulder and that's when Han sprung into action. With his torso now free, Han was able to twist at the waist and plant his knee squarely into the man's bulging belly. Larrad immediately doubled over and lost what remaining hold he had on Han as his breath escaped him in a rush. Without a second thought, Han fought through the bleary haze in his head and reached for the dangling bag, which proved to be a deadly mistake.

    Surprisingly, Larrad was
  13. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    IC: Captain Scyther Vectis
    Location: Bridge, VenSD Roadblock, Coruscant

    ?I suppose we should get ready to go? said Terric after a while; he sounded eager to be getting off his ship for some reason.

    ?Woah steady on Terric, I know you want to get off and meet the ladies but steady on? replied Scyther ?Unless you want to go out running straight into the crowds, you?d better sit tight until we can get clearance?

    ?Just look at the crowds down there? said Arazov with awe in his voice ?It?s like Empire Day down there, the troopers won?t hold this lot back?

    ?They should do? said Bahari ?Who knows what?s in there, maybe a bounty hunter or assassin who wants revenge or something? he sounded really nervous.

    ?I hate crowds? said Madison ?Always wanting to touch you and swarm around you as if we are celebrities. We aren?t celebrities, we?re soldiers?.

    ?Unfortunately since we are the commanding officers, the public treat us as such Madison. You must have gone through this in the Clone Wars? replied Scyther raising one of her eyebrows in surprise.

    ?I did? responded Terric ?And believe me Madison; if you had a Jedi on board it was worse. At least you got less of the attention?.

    ?Ah the Jedi? said Madison, ?sorcerers all of them. Had one on board during the war, never liked him, always thought he was above all of us?

    ?Mine wasn?t? said Terric wistfully ?she was beautiful, kind, intelligent and feisty to boot. I hope she survived?.?

    The comm officer signalled for attention.

    ?Sir, Control says it?s safe to start disembarkation?

    Scyther straightened up in her chair ?Alright boys this is it, time to get off our mighty steeds. All crew to disembark apart from the engineers as mentioned before. All prisoners to be escorted out to the concourse and passed to security, Madison that includes ?the package?. Pilots troopers, you can disembark as well, you deserve a rest as much as the rest of us. All major injury cases to be taken off ship and given over to any medical staff that is on standby. All Captain?s and Lieutenants to come on down and meet me here at Terminal 17 which where Roadblock is docked. See you in twenty.?

    ?More like thirty? replied Bahari.

    As the captain?s signed off to prepare to disembark and mingle with the crowds, Lord Admiral Xavier reappeared once again beside her Captain?s chair, a silent wraith.

    ?Congratulations for your safe landing, Captain.? he paused for a second ?I have one question though, am I supposed to stay on-board or I can disembark as well? After all my ?mission? here is over.?

    Scyther felt a little sad at statement. After all he seemed a good addition to the crew, improving tactical and strategic information, and providing useful information, he seemed like a friendly father figure or even an uncle. But his mission was for the Union and eventually he would have to return.

    Scyther looked up im, her brown eyes showing a little sadness in them.

    ?Thank you Lord Admiral, well since the ship will have to be repaired and cleaned from the inside out, we can?t really keep anyone on board apart from the engineers. The best thing would be for you to join us, perhaps we can help you to contact the Union once again or reunite you with some of your people if they are here.?

    Her datapad pinged with a message ?Speaking of which?? she said looking down at the screen. The decision had been made for her; Lord Vader had invited her for a debriefing at the Ursean Embassy which wasn?t far away from the spaceport as they had passed it on the way in. The others must have gotten the message too as their names had been added to the list of contacts.

    ?Lord Vader has invited myself and the other Captain?s to the Ursean Embassy for a debriefing, perhaps he can help you get back to the Union, and you?d get to meet him.? She smiled up a him ?Pack up your stuff sir and meet us outside, we?re going on a little trip?

    She picked up her comlink and turned it to Doctor Rufus?s frequency.

    ?Doctor Rufus?

    ?Rufus it?s Captain Vectis. We need to take all the casualties off the ship whilst they repair it. And that
  14. pashatemur

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    OOC: Proud parent of an honors student. My necessary absence was occasioned by my daughter?s preparation for scholastic review. She performed very highly and so I?m claiming my right as parent to celebrate her achievements.

    Sithy, you are the soul of patience. Here I am reposting your previous post so that my reply dovetails effectively ? hopefully.

    IC: General Lehkauf
    LOCATION: Emp. Palpatine I Spaceport, Coruscant, edge of the Old Industrial Zone, approx. time: 0830

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    IC: Dazzle the Astromech, Doctor Hno, Lieutenant R'chael Yaer, Captain Sohmer, Colonel Sin, Commander Merch, Krayt?s Fire bridge, AT-TE aerial security, AT-TE interior.
    Location: Imperial Centre

    The jet black Imperial R2 unit that had befriended and allied itself with Sohmer during his wrongful confinement during the Battle of Calamari, and once offered to shave Admiral Valentine's legs, had the bridge.

    Not in a troll's sense of pay a toll or get tossed in the river, but in the sense of being left, alone, on the Venator's command deck.

    It had already drawn up plans to get the Ready Room door repaired, and hovered on it's thrusters before the impressive triangular bridge windows, to moon the planet's media.

    It hoped Hsur Hgubmil saw that one.

    "If you are calling from the Admiralty, please press 1."

    Dazzle dropped heavily to his two primary legs, dome swivelling to the answering machine voice coming from the Comm Station down in the crew pits.

    "If you are calling from another Imperial Navy asset, please press 2. If you are Imperial Intelligence, please press 3. If we are orbitting your world, and you are offering to entertain our officers and/or crew with a free or VIP-rated weekend of rumpity-pumpity, please, please press 4. If you are the Emperor of the Galaxy, please press Star. If you are calling from a handheld comlink, that doesn't have any of those fancy buttons, please hold, and record your message after the beep."


    "Krayt's Fire, this is General Lehkauf, 501st and Black and Imperial Guard. Could you very kindly patch me through to Captain Sohmer, please? I expect someone would like to confirm that the AT-TE disembarking your cargo bay is currently carrying Colonel Sin AND the cargo he accompanied from the battle theatre on Kalee. The Executor has commanded these be brought to his Ursean Embassy. I have a transport waiting at the end of this terminal for that purpose."

    The droid obviously didn?t know General Lekhauf from Adam, and in any case, had standing orders not to reveal where the Emperor's remains were, so even as it?s thrusters flared to launch it to the Comms Station, the most it was going to do, would be to pass the message on.

    * * * *

    Outside the ship

    The AT-TE reached the bottom of the ramp, and turned awkwardly to face the only route out of the huge landing bay.

    Floating aloft with a dozen of his best jet-troopers, the Clawdite warrior-medic's helmet visor picked out with electronic red silhouettes, a multitude of snipers in and about the bay?s gantries and levels.

    "Boys, we've got company. Stay frosty."

    * * * *

    Inside the AT-TE

    "Boys, we?ve got company. Stay frosty."

    "And if you look outside on the right side, you will see the beautiful Great Western Sea," The mind-tricked lieutenant announced pleasantly for the benefit of her Oceanic Flight 121 passengers. "Despite of all of Imperial Centre's bodies of water being drained and pooled for the benefit of the peoples of our great Capitol, the Sea was created as a tourist destination."

    Sohmer could not fault her historical accuracy, but still sighed and turned to whisper to the Sith Marauder. "Look, stop her doing that, and I promise I won't hand you over to Vader."

    "Oh, but I want to see Anakin." Sin maintained, airily.

    "No, you really don't."

    "Do not worry, Captain. Us Sith get on like a house on fire."

    The captain, who had heard about Gripsholme, paled. "Yeah, and I wouldn't mention that, if I were you."

    "Sir?" Sohmer looked ahead to the AT-TE driver who had spoken. He was pointing out the forward port. ?There is a lartie and lots of armed personnel blocking our route.?

    Sohmer looked over the soldier’s shoulder. “It’s a lot of people to tell us we have a broken tail-light, so it’s probably not a traffic stop. So long since I’ve been planet-side, its getting hard to tell. Mm. Merch, see if you can raise her Highness.

    I suppose I can try pumping some air into her shoes, but from you’re your last exchange, Captain Vectis did not seem that accomodating.” Merch got on the comlink. “Captain Vectis from…” He tapped the AT-TE driver on the helmet. “What’s our callsign?

    The soldier told him.

    Sin grinned at that. “Ooh, very Lethal Weapon. Hey, Merch?

    Merch looked back. “What?

    Grab the cat!

    You people watch too many cop holos. Captain Vectis from, aah, Free Wheeling Fifty-Six. We have the cargo, but there is a lartie blocking our route out of the landing bay. Do we need to worry about it?

    Meanwhile, Sohmer was listening to his own comlink, and attracted his peer’s attention.

    Stand by. What?

    That was Daz' on the bridge[/b]” The Krayt’s Fire captain pointed down to parked LAAT/i. “A General Lekhauf called, representing the 501st, and B.I.G. That is for us.

    Merch agreed, and opened the comlink channel once more. “Roadblock from Krayt’s Fire, uh, Free Wheeling Fifty-Six; it’s okay, we’re cool.

    The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer came to a halt, fifty metres short of Lekhauf’s LAAT.

    Sohmer sighed and pulled at his grey uniform tunic. “I better get out there and apologise for for Option 4.

    Moments later, with Merch, Sin, and a pair of alert and armoured jumptroopers at his back, Sohmer was striding across the ferrocrete to the multi-agency officer, legs and knees aching from the unaccustomed planetary gravity, grinning sheepishly and rubbing hands together.

    "General Lekhauf? Captain Sohmer. Yeah, do we really need to tell anyone about Option 4?"

    Tag: Captain Vectis, General Lekhauf

    OOC: ‘Free Wheeling 56 is the callsign for Riggs’ and Murtaugh’s police unit in one of the Lethal Weapon films. Riggs tells Murtaugh to “grab the cat” in the underground carpark of a high-rise office building.

    "Rumpity-pumpity" is from Blackadder.
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    Ic Fredrick Kruggerlim

    The Executor

    After the battle of Kallee the Imperial force's had taken huge losses and many men had either been terribly injured or killed. One such man who had been severely injured was Fredrick Kruggerlim, loyal servant of the Re of Ursa and member of the K.I.G, who had suffered horrific injury's while leading a group of Stormtroopers to destroy a communication relay.

    The long grey corridors of the Executor's sick bay were eerily silent, then almost out of no were one lone male scream broke the silence.

    The male voice hung in the air for almost an eternity, the scream was almost inhuman and was full of pain and anguish. Medics rushed to bedside of Fredrick, who was now thrashing around in agony and pain, to try and calm him and relive his pain. Every nerve ending was alive with pain and Fredrick screamed whist thrashing his arm's wildly.

    ?I thought this man was sedated?? Barked one of the medics hovering over his bed.

    ?Looks like his sedative ran out sir? Came the response from a female nurse.

    Giving the nurse a stern glance the lead doctor spoke again ?Get a argghh?

    Before the doctor could finish a charred hand came up and grabbed him around the throat.

    ?You don't touch me ever? Kruggerlim growled his eyes were aflame with anger and hate.

    With his hand clasped around the doctor's throat Fredrick's features turned into a mask of pain filled rage. Using adrenaline fuelled strength, Kruggerlim pushed out throwing the doctor back against the med ward wall. As the doctor smashed backwards the room echoed with a sicking thud, as the doctor slid down the wall a bloody smear marking were his head had hit the wall.

    While the Doctor slumped down in a heap, Kruggerlim leapt up from his cot and found himself flanked by a collection of four doctors and nurses, teeth bared in a feral snarl lashing out at any one who even dared to come close to him.

    ?Who are you,? There was a slight pause Kruggerlimg eyed those around him ?And were am I?? Fredrick snarled at them.

    ?You are in the sick bay of the Executor,? Said the doctor who had thrown against the wall ?you were brought here from the battle field suffering from almost full body burns?

    It was at that moment that it all started to come back to him, destroying the communication relay and then the horrific pain of molten lava crawling up his flesh burning through his clothes and armour. Fredrick looked down at his hands and arms and saw that he was now looking at charred and burnt flesh.

    ?We can perform skin grafts sir that can restore you back to how you used t looked? The Nurse said, her voice was almost quivering.

    ?Mirror? Came the reply.

    ?All it would take is several immersion?s into bacta ...? The nurse was interrupted before she could finish.

    ?MIRROR!!? Fredrick screamed.

    The nurse pointed towards a long tall mirror that was mounted on the wall. Kruggerlim slowly with measured steps walked towards the mirror, once there Fredrick was startled by what he saw before him. What ever hair he had on, head hair eyebrow's and eyelashes, had all been burned away and all that was left was crispy looking frame of a man.

    Kruggerlim stood there for what seemed an eternity looking at his chard burnt body, once again pain flared through Fredrick as scar tissue was stretched to form the most wicked smile.

    ?No, I don't want any sort of operation? Fredrick spoke firmly ?These burns shall be my badge which I shall wear to honour my fallen comrades? He turned round to face those in the room ?Bring me some clothes and food, I have job I have return too?

    Before the doctors could answer him Fredrick went back to looking upon himself in the mirror, the more he looked at himself the more he grew to be glad of his new look. For how he looked now, would strike fear into those who opposed the will of his master, Darth Vader. Those who did would be brought to justice or he would destroy them and at the top of his list was the former senator Mon Mothma and the rebel who had stopped him bringing her to justice.

    Tag Any Imperials on the
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    Ic Luke Skywalker

    Location Tatooine

    The twin suns were beginning to rise signalling the start of another day, with this Luke Skywalker stretched out in his small bed and let out an all mighty yawn. Kicking off his covers Luke pulled his small body out of bed and began to shuffle out of his room, through out his young life Luke had never ever been an early riser and he was defiantly not a morning person! As the young Padawan struggled to stretch sleep from his body he let out yet another, abet smaller, yawn he trundled out of his room and into the main living quarters.

    As he shuffled into the living area he was surprised to find Obi Wan was no were in sight, his master was normally up long before Luke was, or at least that was how it always seemed to the young Jedi.

    ?Obi Wan?? Luke called out but all he got was silence in return ?Master?? Again silence.

    Skywalkers young mind suddenly woke up, was this some sort of test or lesson Obi Wan was playing on him or was it simply something more innocent behind Kenobi's absence ? With this Luke went into the kitchen and began to prepare himself a quick breakfast and then he would try and contact his Master.

    Tag Obi Wan Kenobi
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    OOC: MOLP. good to see you back on the boards. I have Imperials on Executor's bridge. None with a reason to come to Medical. If you want to interact, Fredrick Kruggerli-...wait a second...Freddy Krueger, so that's why you didn't use the bacta..., is at least going to need a hoverchair.

    IC: Agents Acen Hunter, and Mike Tozzi, HNN Skyhook
    Location: Imperial Centre

    The dark-skinned Imperial Security Bureau agent hoisted his high-impact case of collected evidence, and departed the charred and smoky-smelling hangar in search of his current companion, the Ursean agent, Mike Tozzi.

    Outside in the corridor, he saw the tall human, back turned to him, sounding like he was chatting on a comlink.

    The conversation soon ended, and when the operative turned from the wall, Tozzi started, as if caught doing something he shouldn?t have.

    ?Guilty conscience?? Acen laughed, smiling at his counterpart.

    Mike gestured with the comlink. ?Family business. I have to get planetside.?

    ?You have family at Imperial Centre??

    ?I have family, everywhere.? Tozzi gave nothing away, and the ISB agent was so new, he didn?t even realise the atmosphere had changed, grown colder between them.

    ?Come on,? Agent Hunter waved, ?let?s go find that Lieutenant Jetton, arrange a pickup.? He hefted the plastic yellow case. ?Gotta get this back to the office, anyhow.?

    Mike allowed Acen to walk ahead, and trailed him silently. The call had been from a Black Guard aboard the Reina?s yacht.
    That Master Chef Diablo who had insulted their Queen by throwing water in her face. He would not live past this day.

    Preparations had to be made.

    Tag: no-one


    IC: Dak Trooper, H, Emperor Palpatine Spaceport

    The TIE pilot-dressed bounty hunter ceased the pursuit of Ahsoka as soon as he spotted her meet up with that Anakin Skywalker, and slowed to a stop, the press of the crowd of onlookers soon pushing him and H away from the line of security personnel separating tourists and civilians from the Acting Emperor.

    "Well, this is certainly a brave new world." Dak admitted as he trudged away from the action.

    [The Bounty Hunter's Guild will have to seek official confirmation on the state of the 'Purge laws. Have the jedi been legalised again?]

    "So what do we do in the meantime?"

    [I have a feeling that something will transpire for us, before we have to rejoin the Inquisitor. Just keep your comlink open.]

    Tag: Any
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    OOC: Sorry it took so long to get the creative writing juices flowing again.

    IC: General Praetorian Darkeyes, Commander in Chief of the Alliance to Restore the Republic Forces
    Location: Underground conference room

    Emi-to was right about Infarius going to Coruscant to protect the Chandrillian. He would be detected faster than a fart in a skyscraper lift. He understood too well that war, battle, conflict, whatever you wanted to call it, required a certain amount of details to be left out of the discussion. The less he knew where she was going, the less he would worry about her safety. Then again, she was a Master Jedi and survived the swamps and creatures of Dagobah. She had even survived against her husband and his antics.

    ?Be careful.? He said to her. Be careful, of course that was a dumb thing to say. He should have said, kick butt and take names, I?ll see you for dinner later on. He reached out and touched her hand. The electricity of their bond flowed up his arm and over his shoulders as though she had wrapped her arms over his shoulders to say I love you. Goose-bumps raised the hair on his back. He looked at her with both longing and dismissive eyes. It was time for her to prep for her mission.

    He turned back to Infarius, a Jedi who was keenly aware of what was going on. ?Don?t say a word.? He commanded the Jedi and then winked. Putting his massive arm around the Jedi, he turned him around a walked to a private corner of the conference room. ?How would you like to go with me on a shopping spree??

    The Jedi had a confused look on his face and Torian saw it clearly. ?What I mean is, how would you like to board an Imperial supply ship under the protection of fighters and frigates, face innumerable armed stormtroopers and steal their supplies before they can call for back-up??

    TAG: Infarius
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    OCC Thanks for welcome back Sithy, if you would be so kind that would be great and also nice spot!
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    IC: sister Alia, representative Magnus, Lord Admiral James Xavier, ARC Commander Alpha

    Location: Ursean embassy; his apartment; VenSD "Roadblock"; Coruscant

    For some time Alia had been trying to write something in her journal. The last few days were quite eventful and she wanted to record everything she saw and hear. This visit changed much in her view of the outsiders. The thoughts in her head were in a state of turmoil and she needed to find a way to organize them if she was to give a comprehensive report of what she had seen and heard. These things take time so she relaxed a bit. It was early in the morning so there was an entire day for her to try and write anything. Alia rubbed her eyes, a thought formed in her head, to take another sip of spice but decided against it. It was not healthy to misuse it, besides it was not that long since she accidentally inhaled the large dose from her other container when it broke. So no more spice...for now. She is a Bene Gesserit, not a weakling that cannot control her addictions, besides what good will that powder bring her anyway? It did not have a clarifying effect on her, only made things more confusing, more symbolic and deducing what those symbols mean takes even more time. It was not an optimal course of action so no spice for now.

    Maybe the morning gymnastics of the Bene Gesserit would help her clear her mind. They called it meditation through movement. Usually it has a positive effect on her, so maybe that was what she needed to clear her mind and find a solution. Alia opened her window to let the fresh air in. She was wearing soft black pyjamas, the Bene Gesserit shuddered from the sudden influx of the cool air. Just as she stood up in front of it and started preparing her breathing for the exercise when suddenly she saw huge ships approaching the embassy. Alia did not know that they were expecting someone else. Not that she was privy to such information and no one was obliged to inform her so she just stared at the approaching ships. Then the Bene Gesserit remembered something so she turned quickly and picked her Aquila pendant communicator, she needed to call Representative Magnus.


    The Lord Admiral picked his luggage. He did not bring that much things with himself, just the bare minimum that can fit in a suitcase. James pulled the handle of the black leather case so that he could drag it in the corridor on its small wheels. The Lord Admiral then left his cabin, he felt that he would miss the ship. He started to grow fond of Roadblock and its crew and probably would miss them. At least he could hope this would not be their last encounter. Surely if the Union opened to the rest of the Galaxy there will be other such occasions. He wanted to return the favour to Captain Vectis and show her "Hyperion" - his beloved flagship.

    James moved through the corridors following his "guide" the very same lieutenant who appointed to be his "babysitter". The boy did not complain once, nor show any displeasure. The Lord Admiral was sure that the Lt. must have been feeling this way, but was a professional and did not let it show.While walking he remembered that there were no arrangements for where he should stay. This worried him a bit, as Coruscant was not a familiar world. An idea formed in his mind, he could call Representative Magnus and ask him to arrange something. After all the man was obligated to assist him in any way.

    As he exited the ship he breathed deeply. The marvels of being on an unfamiliar world. It reminded him of his youth when he dreamed about adventures on far-off places. Meeting some of the good outsiders and fighting the bad ones. The fact that in the Union folklore there were more of the latter did not bother him, it meant a even bigger adventure. At least now he will be able to spend some time on Coruscant and will be able to experience being there for real. Though surely the duchess will send someone to pick him and sister Alia back to the Union. After all they carried a lot of information and their brains will have to be picked. James was sure that it will be a long and tedious process with a lot of questions even regarding the smallest and insignificant things. He wanted to groan out loud while thinking about it, but remembered where he was. Seeing the Captain surrounded by the other officers the Lord Admiral started walking towards them.

    While doing so he fetched his commlink and remembering the number of the representative gave him a call.

    “Representative Magnus, this is Lord Admiral James from the House Xavier calling you. ”

    A short pause came from the other end. The man seemed a bit puzzled, from what he could deduce from the distance.

    “Ah yes, Lord Admiral, how can I be of assistance?”

    “I have just arrived on Coruscant and I require a place to stay, due to my lack of knowledge of this world I presumed that you could help me with that.”

    “Certainly, I can send a speeder for you if you wish? What is your location?”

    “I am not exactly sure, I will have to inquire, then I will comm you with that information.”

    “If course, my lord Baron, I am expecting a call from sister Alia, maybe we will be able to combine the meetings if you wish.”

    James refrained from snorting, throughout the years his disgust with that order of witches was growing more and more. But there was no room for that at the moment and certainly he would not mind some company from home.

    “Of course, I would be happy to meet with the good sister. I will call you in a moment.”

    Then before Magnus could reply he turned off his commlink as he approached the Captain.

    “Captain Vectis, it seems our paths will be diverging from this moment. If we don’t meet again I wanted to say that it was a pleasure being on-board your ship. I am sorry for your losses during the battle, but that this the reality of war.” the Lord Admiral paused for a moment “I have talked with the representative of the Union here on Coruscant for a transport but he wanted to know what is my location and since I am new to this world could you please tell me where exactly are we and where can I wait for the speeder that he will send?”


    Alpha lied back on his back and waited to be transported to the surface. Back again on Coruscant, certainly there was a measure of irony in all this. It was as if the cycle was complete. Now only remained to be sent to Kamino and the irony will be full. He decided not to think about that at the moment, there was no use in doing that. But being stranded in the infirmary left him no choice but think. There were a lot of things that needed processing. For years he managed to go on auto-pilot and just go on forward, not giving much thought of what was happening. Now at least he will be able to catch up.

    The ARC Commander saw the two guards nearby. A sense of unease was forming inside him. What exactly the Captain knew about him? And if she knew what she would do about that? Probably Vader have not told her much about the Commander and he wondered why. Maybe there was no time for that or some other reason. Besides how he could expect the Captain to trust Alpha to lead the forces against the CIS on Mygeeto. But clearly something had changed. Alpha did not care much about his fate, he was dead inside. Maybe it was only Dennii who kept him going, but she was not here, at least he hoped that she was safe.

    Unfortunately he won’t be able to meet her soon. A-17 wondered what will happen if they do meet. Will the Order 66 trigger itself again? Will he be able to resist it? The Commander feared those questions and dreaded the possibility of him killing Dennii. She was the only person he ever loved, maybe besides his brothers but that was not love in the same sense. They are his family, even the crazy Nulls and the arrogant RCs were part of it. Unfortunately bringing a Jedi into this family was a taboo, even without Order 66. It was inbred in them to obey the Jedi (as long as they were considered loyal to the Republic) not love them. Of course there were some exceptions, but they were rare.

    A couple of medics came into the infirmary to move him on a hovering stretcher. Soon everything will be clear...Very soon...


    Magnus was sitting behind his desk. Finally he will be able to fulfill his duties for the Union. For some years now this Empire blocked most of his connections and he could feel the fury of his masters back home. Hopefully with the arrival of the duchess all will get clear and he will be able to do his job again. In the past months he had found some good potential companies to invest in or become business partners with. At least they still received dividends from the numerous other companies that they had previously invested in or were part of the boards of directors. The latter case was a bit rare, but throughout the years they managed to move into some lucrative positions.

    The Union was mostly dealing with the Outer Rim worlds. Through bribery and other methods they were able to secure contracts for extracting natural resources or sell them weapons or commercial crafts. The Outer Rim was their biggest market and primary sphere of influence. The Republic mostly ignored those worlds so they were left to fend for themselves and were easily manipulated. In some places they were even able to convert parts of the population in their belief through missionary work. But with the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire all that progress was threatened to fail. It seemed that the new government was at least paying some attention to this part of the Galaxy.

    All in all his work was getting more and more interesting. So he hoped that Her Ultimacy will be able to find common ground with the new Emperor, or risk their doom. Surely they will be able to last for some time, but isolation from the Republic was one thing but from the Empire was another. They were able to work around the Republic, even some of the large corporations were willing to work with the Union and utilize their cheap but efficient labor and their position in the Mid Rim where most of the richer worlds are. So they had an easier access to this lucrative market. But with Palpatine and the Clone Wars all that changed. Of course most of their previous partners were willing to work again with them but only if they were recognized by the Empire and had some sort of an agreement.

    Time will tell what is going to happen. For a change he had a bit more influence on his masters in the Union now. Most of them have not even left the borders to visit the outsiders. They thought it was beneath them, thus making him in their eyes a second-hand person. He never felt offended by their contempt, he knew all too well that his time would come. At least he never had problems with the Atreides so he was happy that the ruler of the Union was one of them. At least they appreciated what he was doing and actually listened to what he had to say to them. Of course he regretted that the negotiations between his people and the Empire started so badly with the blockade of the Union and the interception of the duchess’ ship around Derra. But sometimes all turns out good at the end.

    Octavian looked down at his notepad. He had a meeting with sister Alia and he needed to send a speeder to pick up the Lord Admiral and then arrange for a nice suite for him. But first he had to decide which of the hotels should be best suited for that purpose.

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    IC: Pit Lieutenant Danes (nrc), Lieutenant Esteban Corel, Dave the Sensor Guy, bridge of the SSD Executor
    Location: Imperial Centre orbit

    Compared to a vessel commander, a Pit Lieutenant only had a small team of beings to look after, and Danes felt it reflected badly upon him and his career, one of his men turning out to be an Intelligence spook.

    On hearing what had happened, and was still happening in the medical bay, though, he knew that he had a chance for some payback.

    Danes looked down at the pair, Esteban and Dave.

    ?Ensign Guy, please take over Lieutenant Corel?s station. Corel. With me, please.?

    Esteban looked over at his adjacent friend in surprise. ?Your last name?s, ?Guy???

    Dave shook his head. ?Nope, but I now suspect our lieutenant thinks ?Dave-the-Sensor? must be a triple-barrelled forename.?

    ?Jump to it, Corel!? Danes insisted, raising his voice enough for his team, but hoping it did not carry up to the command walkway. ?Meet me in the freshers.?

    There was sniggering from the crew from the other pit, opposite side of the walkway, that had the junior officer poking his head just over the level of the walkway to hiss, ?Not like that!?

    Corel found himself being hauled out of the chair to the back of their recessed area, where the door led into the duty freshers.

    The Pit Lieutenant closed the door, then checked the cubicles for anyone else present.

    ?Look, I?m sorry-? Esteban started to say.

    ?Shut it, Corel!? Danes? face was like thunder. Apart from being able to count the seconds till the lightning. So, on reflection, not like thunder at all. ?I am re-assigning you to other duties.?

    ?There is really no need, Osward. I?m sure transfer orders will be coming through soon.?

    Danes grinned. ?Nonsense! I would not hear of it, and I am sure the Admiral agrees. You are too valuable an officer. I am making you our Dangerous Dignitary Liaison Officer.? the man actually straightened and began to clap his hands.

    Esteban wisely, was not swayed by the applause. ?Never heard of it.?

    ?Literally just made it up. I will ratify it with Ozzel in a moment. In the meantime, Corel, swing by the Officer's Mess to pick up some butter, then report to Medical, where your first assignment really needs some.?

    This doesn?t sound too bad, the cov- rumbled operative considered warily. ?Who am I assigned to, Sir? Or should I just interrogate patients at random?

    ?I am so glad you asked. Fredrick Kruggerlim, one of Vader?s fanboys. I understand from Medical, that you literally cannot miss him. Heh-heh, heh-heh-heh. Dismissed, Corel. And don?t forget that butter! Good for burns, apparently...?

    * * * *

    Moments later, after Corel departed the bridge, a beaming Danes, with his proposal for the new position of Dangerous Dignitary Liaison Officer on a datapad, stepped up to Admiral Ozzel

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    IC: Ben
    Location: Yavin

    Ben waited while the two said their good-byes. The way just a touch could say everything between them reminded him of Blue and he smiled. Torian turned to Infarius and with a wink said "Don't say a word.". He then wrapped an arm around the Jedi and led him away to a quiet corner.?How would you like to go with me on a shopping spree??

    Ben turned to him and raised an eybrow. Torian smiled. ?What I mean is, how would you like to board an Imperial supply ship under the protection of fighters and frigates, face innumerable armed stormtroopers and steal their supplies before they can call for back-up??"

    Ben grinned wide. "Why didn't you just say so?"

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    Welcome back MOLP.
    More to come over the next couple of days.

    IC: Master Andur del Jinn, Master Emi-to Shuri
    LOCATION: Yavin IV Alliance Base, Woolmander Temple - the new Jedi Temple

    Mon Mothma had been quickly issuing commands as to the ensuing mission to Coruscant. She was far too absorbed and what Emi had to say was ultimately not crucial to the Senator?s immediate plans. It was just as well she wait another few minutes and catch Mon Mothma on their way out.

    Her heart was rather full with the necessarily brief and professional close she and Torian had just made. The Jedi blinked a bit of reserve back into her eyes and quickened her pace, refraining from looking back over her shoulder to Torin once more. She never doubted his abilities, nor his talent. A warrior deserved the demonstration of that trust and the Master gave him his due.

    She would compose the appropriate words with which she must take her leave of Achilles. The pang in her heart would not do! Trust in the Force, Emi-to,? she said to herself, her Master?s patrician voice, a distant echo overlaying and she wished with all her heart that he had taken his own words to heart. Every Padawan who has lost a Master must face the strange guilt of a survivor, Emi surmised...

    "Master Jedi…"

    She smiled and returned the salutation as she crossed the tarmac to requisition a suitable ship for her journey.


    The jungle was intensely humid. The dappled shade, though cool, was licked by the hot wet tongues of humid air that reached like mischievous lizards through the trees and left the wet stripes that rolled down the Master's neck and swelled the wicking fabric of his collar, the fibres swelling with the moisture. Little jade heart-shaped leaves fat with a juicy sweet nectar hung from the vines in this glade where now the Younglings, Padawans and Masters alike took delight laughing and passing the morning hour in recreation after long study that began before the break of day. The fetid air smelled sweet and sour with tannin as it rose from the jungle floor where they tread. High in the trees, woolmanders leaped and tossed nuts at them occasionally, birds of bright feathers darted and great moths flitted in the streaming light.

    Master Jinn found a boulder upon which to seat himself as he surveyed the gathered. He enjoyed watching the recreation.

    A displaced 'sunbather' scurried from an indention to join it?s little reptilian ilk on the adjacent rock, finding intense bright rounds of warm sunlight in which to luxuriate and await the movable feast that would soon come to partake of the heard of creatures that now overtook the once quiet glade. Eyes tracking the insect prey aloft, the lizards bobbed and popped, their large throats ballooning as they gave each competitor what they expected would be a certain comeuppance.

    Even now the Younglings had cast off their little surcoats and sashes, chasing in and out and much laughter. A group of Padawans began to sing the strains of a popular song, dancing in a manner that made the young Master laugh outright. How and when had they ever learned that song, he wondered. Their access to holos was restricted by rule and by necessity.

    “My heart’s a credit to my love, there’s no debit for my hugs....’cause I’m a pocket full of miracles.....ooooooeeeeee....!”

    His new Padawan, Nashta walking with Youngling Darkeyes caught his eye. She met the dark curly headed boy at the edge of the glade. He’d returned on his own from Base Command.

    Settling in to the old Sith Temple had been hard work even with all the help and preparation the Alliance had made for their arrival. The Jedi needed rest and Andur had called an impromptu recreation after his students had shown a marked lack of focus for the first three periods of the day. Yet, schedules, training, discipline, all were slowly being reestablished, the environs inside and out, were now familiar and minds reconciled to the recent upheavals, most to which Andur had not been party. He had only recently found the order himself after 7 years of nomadic existence and quickly had become the new Grand Master’s second.

    Master Shuri was charged with the guidance of this component of the ravaged order by Master Yoda who had left with another contingent of Jedi to run covert missions. It had been decided that they must create the two components for the safeguarding of the Jedi way. No one knew of Master Yoda and the other group’s whereabouts. Now Andur served the order as Master Shuri’s Lieutenant, a position for which he was surprised to find himself well suited. His nomadic existence had taught him valuable lessons, ones which in his training had alluded his grasp.

    Just as he thought it, here came the Master now. He watched her advance, her head of warm blond hair glinting as she greeted Younglings and Padawans, Masters and Knights in the glade.

    There words were brief but to the point and when he watched her leave by way of her son Hill, Andur had the urge to round the recreation to a close. He pursed his lips in thought as mother and child made a very discipline bow to one another and he smiled ruefully, wondering what his own mother must have been like.

    It was natural to wish to go to alert with Master Shuri’s coming absence, but best not to end the first real serenity so many Jedi had been able to cultivate for days. “The Force is with you, Master,” he said after her.


    Within another 15 minutes, Emi-to found Senater Mon Mothma and she called to the tall red-head as she drew near, small satchel in hand, “Senator?”

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    IC: Se'Iva, Kal, Ariek and Kaylee
    LOCATION: Union, Kalavala, Icarus

    "There she is." Ariek announced, breaking the silence that had fallen over the four passengers in the cramped, hot enclosure of the 'Valhalla's submersible. She pointed at the shape forming out the viewport. "The 'Icarus'. Easy does it Kal."

    Kal eased the throttle as he angled the craft down into the underwater gully. Raising the shortwave com, he announced their presence as the submersible arrived at the resting 'Icarus' where it stood, partially buried in the seabed. Docking instructions were given for them to approach the hanger and complying, the sub approached the open bay slowly. 'Icarus'' shields held back the water as a tractor assisted in gently bringing them into the bay.

    Kaylee ran breathless out onto the decking to greet them, anxious to see Rowan, Ariek and Kal safe aboard the 'Icarus'. Slowing down and stopping before the lowered submersible, she eagerly shifted from one foot to the other waiting for them to exit, her eyes watching expectantly.

    She smiled as Kal and Ariek climbed out and greeted them with a wave. She craned her neck, tilting her head to look behind them to see who the third figure that was following behind.

    "Rowan is fine." Kal called out to her as he turned to help Ariek off the sub. "He sends his regards."

    "Well, where is Rowan?" Frowning, Kaylee cocked her head before her eyes caught sight of the other passenger. Her mouth opened with surprise. "Se'Iva...! How-wha-" She gave her a brief embrace once the lithe and tall Cha'ala lit upon the deck, her wings furling quickly.

    "I'm glad to have you here," said Kaylee genuinely.

    Se'Iva's wings hugged her back as she returned Kaylee's embrace, the lacquered sheen of her spines belying their suppleness, but it was clear she was soaked. In truth, Kaylee and Se'Iva did not know one another well, but had already shared momentous history together. Still, their camaraderie was developing and the winged Cha'ala was grateful for Kaylee' s warm and genuine greeting.

    Around Se'Iva's legs, Estel the cub padded and looked expectantly up at Kaylee who bestowed on the cat a warm currying, "...and you too, Estel!"

    "Yes, yes...Kaylee, Rowan is well. He was hurt when I found him, but his hosts have tended him with great care," she said looking to meet Kaylee's gaze so that Rowan's mate would know she spoke true.

    "Hurt?! Where abouts? How serious were his injuries?" Concern crossed her face, she wanted to know everything that had happened to him. "You have seen him?"

    Se"Iva looked in distress to Kal for assistance but answered Kaylee's concern immediately, "I did not have a chance in all the difficulties to see, but on his head, here," said Se touching her own where she meant to indicate he was injured, not realizing she was probably making matters worse by pointing to the cranium. "He could not say because he was unconscious," she hurried. "And then our submersible exploded," she said looking to Kal in plaintive urgency, "but then I lost him…."

    Kaylee's hand covered her mouth, her mind whirring a moment to process what Se'Iva had told her. Nodding, Kaylee whispered. "Thank you. It must have been an ordeal, I am sorry."

    "Obviously, he's been found again. Hey, when we found him, he was taking a little swim," said Kal with a crooked grin. "Rowan's fine, just a bit delusional, nothing out of the ordinary." Kal remarked to ease Kaylee's concerns.

    “Kal!” He took a sharp nudge to his side. Ariek smirked as she removed her elbow from his ribs.

    “He’s fine, Kaylee. It’ll take more than a wee lil nuclear implosion to skip him off his “hopper.”

    Kal did not usually blush. Now it was his turn to nudge Ariek, which he did with prudence. Any harder and she might think it an invitation to wrestle and Ariek took wrestling seriously.

    “Hopper?’ What is this’hopper?’” Se’Iva looked from Kal and Ariek to Kaylee and back.

    "Ohh.." Kaylee shook her head at the play between Ariek and Kal. Sometimes it was difficult to tell if Kal and Ariek really were out to kill each other or on the verge of 'getting a room'. "Don't mind them, they are always teasing,” said Kaylee dismissively and turning to Se’Iva.

    Se’Iva trembled with a slight chill- there was very little left of her once regal and fragile aqua silk gown. She still did not know the answer to her question and not fully comprehending as the couple grinned and wrestled at one another, she nodded to Kaylee and bent down to stroke Estel between his ears as he leaned his lanky tummy into the side of her knee.

    She sensed Kal and Ariek had a perverse set of signals that made them communicate at cross purposes. The outsiders could be quite perverse, she noted. The Cha’ala was barely used to the social mores of the outer galaxy; when once the gown had been a long diaphanous tunic with train tied closed loosely at her waist, Scimitar had had to remind her how she must wear it at the least. Now, the tunic gown had become a far briefer article of rather tenuous integrity.

    Kaylee's blushed slightly, bowing her head, letting her blond tresses obscure her rosy cheeks.

    Picking the cub up Se’Iva held it in her arms for warmth and felt the emptiness of her stomach. All the while, during their return to the Icarus, Se’Iva had been puzzling over the events before the crash. She hadn’t had time to think about them since the harrowing escape from the exploding ship. Something as yet unformed in her mind began to concern her. She regarded Kaylee thoughtfully, but found her revelry disturbed by the growling of her stomach.

    Kaylee heard the faint growl and smiled in understanding. “Come, we’ll see if we can do something about that and find something to warm you up.”

    Clearing her throat, Kaylee gestured for everyone to follow her. "Let’s get off this deck. Fill me in on the way to the Med Bay, please."

    "Med bay? But what about dinner.. Or lunch for that matter." Kal protested.

    "I want to make sure you all are fine." Kaylee sighed as she regard Kal and Ariek, ignoring the toothy grin that played out on Ariek’s face. "And it keeps both of you out of trouble for the moment."

    The Cha’ala flitted her wings to stretch them and shake off moisture as she walked the corridors of Icarus along with the others, Estel happy to be held, though he was now far too large to be carried about long. Se’Iva hated to put him down, his purring helping to soothe her too, but as strong as she was, the cub was getting very heavy.

    The Cha seemed to walk in a haze, so tired was she while Kal spoke of the preparation and the confusion as to the few anomalies the ship’s operations had experienced during the first leg of the journey from after departing the homeworld of Rowan’s father, but Se perked up when they spoke of the waypoint and the encounter that had precipitated the crash.

    The more she heard the other three speak about the incident, the more uneasy she became, but she did not want to ask the questions she might ask without hearing more, her eyes going from one to the other, but by this point they had reached the med bay and each was required to undergo examination.

    Estel mewed and paced outside Se’s temporary room, brief as her exam was, for the doctor admittedly had little to go on with regard to her particular physiology. What she did find was more in the way of archiving the Cha’ala biology for the future. “Apart from minor abrasions and some bruising, you seem in fine health, Miss Iva. I can give you a pass. Be sure to get a square meal and tuck in for some sleep. You need it.”

    Se swung her legs at the edge of the exam table and smiled. “Thank you, is that all you will need of me, Doctor?”

    An affirmative from the lady and Se slipped lightly to the floor to stand and opened the door to leave.

    “Eh....Miss Iva?”

    “Yes, Doctor?”

    “Aren’t you forgetting something,” the doctor queried with some awkwardness and nodding to the aqua silk scraps that rested on a hook where Se’Iva had left them.

    “Oh, yes. Thank you,” said Se’Iva grasping them and donning the bedraggled silk.

    The Doctor did not think the function intended was met, but Se was out of the door before she could say more.

    Kal could be heard protesting from the next cubicle while Kaylee checked over Ariek.

    “He can be such a big baby.” Ariek complained.

    Nodding, half listening, Kaylee placed the instrument back onto the tray.
    “Well I can’t find anything wrong with you... physically that is.”

    “Ha ha!” Ariek feigned taking offense. “You think I’m bonkers.”

    Kaylee pursed her lips and refrained from adding further. “It’ll take a while for the results to the blood test but for the moment you’re the image of good health.”

    “Great!” Ariek jumped to her feet and nodded to where Kal was. “I’ll go see how the big baby is now.”

    Glancing to the chrono, Kaylee wished everyone was here and all accounted for. Shaking her head subtly, she packed away the medical equipment and cleared the workstation and left to find Se’Iva. There were a few things on her mind that she wanted to speak with the Cha’ala about.

    Se’Iva smiled as she knelt scratching Estel’s nascent ruff and looked up as the examining Doctor called softly from behind her, having opened the door and exited the room in pursuit of the Cha’ala. “You know...If you don’t mind. I’d like to do a more thorough exam. You’re physiology is new to us. I’d like to learn more so that we can properly see to your welfare. When and as soon as you can... say tomorrow if you are amenable?”

    “I’ve no objection. I think it would prove invaluable, yes. I will come again,” said Se’Iva thoughtfully.

    “ know...there is one other thing...Oh, Docto...I mean Captain,” said the Doctor seeing Kaylee approach. The Doctor bit her lip and with her eyes motioned Kaylee’s notice to the winged alien. Se’Iva rose, glad to see Kaylee.

    “Miss Iva seems to be quite fit, Captain, but I’ve asked that she allow us to continue tomorrow. We can learn much from her and she has kindly acquiesced. I was just going to offer to have some clothing brought ... for her... I’d like to talk to you at your earliest convenience too,” she added quickly.

    Kaylee smiled to Se’Iva as she rose, tilting her head to look back between both the doctor and Se’Iva. “Thank you, Doctor. I’ll page you in an hour if that is alright, there is still much to do.” Turning to Se’Iva, “I can arrange for clothes for you but in the meantime…” Kaylee unclipped her jacket, shirked it off and offered it to Se’Iva. “It’ll keep you warm while I com for some clothes.”

    Kaylee composed her expression. “Though I’d like to speak with Se’Iva alone for now, can you give us a moment of privacy, Doctor?”

    “Of... course...I’ve got...” she didn’t need to complete her sentence and gestured with her hand which held her report on a flimsie and she stepped from the door way to let the Captain and Se’Iva back into the cubicle.

    This time Estel wasn’t made to wait outside.

    Se blinked at Kaylee as she turned and waited for Kaylee to speak.

    Kaylee found herself disarmed by Se’Iva’s expressive eyes, catching herself before she spoke. “I can imagine how difficult all this might be for you…” she started. “I.. want you to know that I am grateful that you are here. The others…” She glanced briefly away and then back to Se. “They talk up certain things and omit details, they don’t think I-” Pursing her lips. “I didn’t know you were on board the ‘Valhalla’, would you be able to tell me how serious our situation is?”

    “The ships Kal described on our way to medical bay, they belong to Cha’ala.” Se’Iva said simply.

    Kaylee’s eyes widen.“The Cha’ala... that would mean that they are coming?”

    “It could mean Cho’etas is sending his scouts. I was confined to a room after I was found on ‘Valhalla’ and I was not able to see for myself. They would not let me go to the bridge, but I felt the Cha and it is entirely possible, my presence was felt, as well.” She looked away for a moment. If the Cha did perceive her presence amongst the outsiders, it was likely to make them even more determined to pursue. “I did not want to believe they had already begun sending the advance guard. There were ... explosions and disorder,” said Se, remembering. “I thought I heard Kal mention ‘a swarm’,” said Se’Iva tentatively.

    “Yes... we have recorded the flight data, I can arrange for that to be prepared for you to view,” offered Kaylee.

    “That is an excellent idea. It would be good that I see this..recording.” said Se’Iva stoically.

    “If Cha..Cho’eetas?” Kaylee arched her brow, having difficultly with the name, “if that was their scouts then we are in serious trouble. I hope Queen Solkrest is preparing her people and having them look over the data collected.”

    “Yes,” said Se’Iva simply.

    Kaylee sighed, cupping her face with her hands feeling frustrated and helpless. “Then our delay here might have cost lives, where ever here is.” Kaylee took her hands away to look Se’Iva in the eyes. “That is what I can’t understand: How did we end up at the bottom of an ocean? ...Don’t even know where we are.”

    Se’Iva thought for a moment over the things Rowan had said to her and what she felt. “We are out of place, out of ... time.” She thought more, “The ship’s hyperdrive malfunctioned...many operations malfunctioned. Kaylee?” The Cha hesitated for a moment. “Did this ‘swarm’ come to your ship as well?”

    Kaylee blinked as she tried to remember the details of the account. “Rowan made himself a target... most of the attention was directed to him. We took a few hits but... this ship is old... we still don’t know half of its functions. The Queen’s ship was allowed to pass unharmed.”

    Se nodded distracted for a moment as she thought about Kal and Ariek’s submersible and about all the people who had taken pods during the “abandon ship” command.

    The Cha’ala shook her head to herself. “You have not taken on any debris from the ‘Valhalla’, have you?”

    Kaylee shook her head, a tingle running down her spine. “Unless Kal brought some back with him... we haven’t moved from this spot.” Biting her bottom lip.

    Se’Iva interrupted urgently, “You must move. Immediately!”

    Feeling a sense of dread, Kaylee did not question Se’Iva’s instructions. Reaching into her pocket for her com... double blinking, half confused. The comlink was not there. “Jacket!” Kaylee leaned close and removed the com from the pocket of the jacket that Se’Iva wore. “Helm, Kaylee. Wake up ‘Icarus’ and get us moving.”

    [“We haven-”] The voice on the other side tried to protest before being cut off.

    “We have to get away from this site now!” Kaylee ordered. “Immediately. Move us…”

    Where would they go? Towards where they left Rowan? Would that endanger him? What is he doing there? Looking to Se’Iva. “..away from the last known position of the ‘Valhalla’ but maintain the same distance from the landforms.”

    “This planet is in danger while we remain.” Se’Iva remembered the beach and searching the debris with Rowan. They had both touched it and there was something she thought she’d seen in the tidal pool. It scooted out of her mind’s eye as she pursued mentally. Thinking aloud, she murmured, “... that’s why there was so little debris.“

    “We must collect Rowan and leave this place.” said Se’Iva firmly.

    Kaylee nodded in agreement. “Come with me, I’ll need your help. If we…” She half stepped towards the door but paused as she spoke her thoughts out loud. “We head to navigation... oh Kal... the bearings to where Rowan is.” She used her com to call Kal to head to the helm before setting the comlink back into her pocket. “Give me a min…” she told Se’Iva as she slipped out of the cubicle and returned with clothing for the Cha’ala.

    It was a pale blue hospital gown which was more than ample to fit Se’Iva’s rather narrow form and the back ties were spaced well to let her wings through, and with a little creative zip-tacking the waist down to the thigh length hem from Kaylee, they were “in business” as the petite Captain said. As Kaylee drew Se’Iva along with her down the hall, the Cha’ala used a strip of her old gown to cinch the waist in and the rest to quickly tie her hair into a long braid, Estel gambling after.

    “Now, we go to navigation,” queried Se running and flitting along after Kaylee.

    “Yes..” Kaylee caught the lift doors before they closed and pressed the button to take them a few decks above to where the bridge was located, scooping up Estel to not lose him. Vibrations could be felt through the decking as the engines were brought online. “We need to locate Rowan... this is to do with the ‘swarm’ and Valhalla, isn’t it?”

    “Yes,” said Se looking down. “The swarm are used to deliver various weapons. In this case, I believe they introduced what you call a virus. It causes a molecular breakdown of metal, like what you might consider a cancer. The ship is eaten; exponentially mutating new compounds, reshaping, breaking down, and it is very fast growing. The Submersible Kal used - everything that came from the Valhalla of metal may be infected.”

    Kaylee's face went white realising that not only is there an immediate risk to them but there maybe trouble heading home. "And of the pods Feye picked up?"

    They were entering the navigation centre as Kaylee spoke.

    “That may be,” said Se’Iva somberly, “The virus must run it’s course and eventually it weakens, It’s effects can be felt quite quickly, but perhaps the pods were launched before they could be exposed. It’s entirely possible. I can’t say. It would be important to know the time the swarm reached ‘Valhalla’.”

    “If it is fast acting, the ‘Icarus’ should be showing signs of it by now if we were affected. Umm... I’ll bring up the footage.” Kaylee said as she stepped to the holotable to accessed the database, she nodded and gestured for the attention of a crew member. “Have the hanger quarantined, send a cleaning crew down there. It’s possible that the submersible may be carrying a contagion, use extreme caution. Jettison,destroy…” Looking back to Se’Iva. “Would it be too dangerous to scrub the submersible for a sample to analyse? Do you know of a cure? Is it harmful to organics?”

    Se’Iva sighed. “Kaylee, I…” she felt horrible and responsible. “No...we know of none...the virus was an accidental discovery - an unintended result of experimentation which our military insisted be developed for use. They learned how to contain it, that’s obvious to you, otherwise you’d not have asked. It will effect organics in so far as they contain trace amounts of metals, but the danger to crew is in the behaviour of the virus once the molecular changes begin in the ship’s metal components. It’s why there were no bodies…” Se said choking with emotion. “The metal will become an alloy with whatever is near…”

    She stood immobilized with uncertainty for the moment, trying to think what she knew about containment. Scimitar had taken her from the general’s ship with such bravado, there had not been time to find and take that knowledge with her.

    Kaylee bowed her head, her eyes closed as she buried her face into her palm. She could imagine the results. Such a weapon should never have been created. This was why Se’Iva had sacrificed so much and been trying to warn us about and so few listened. “I’m so sorry.” she whispered. Stepping closer and taking her hand, giving a light squeeze.

    Se’Iva’s opalescent skin seemed to flicker as she drew in suddenly at Kaylee’s gesture, but she found herself drawn by the Captain’s warmth and bowed her head, tentatively returning the warmth.

    “I must think...I must work to remember,” said Se, touching her forehead with her fingertips. “I can see the holo of the ‘Valhalla’?”

    Nodding silently, Kaylee access the footage. The projection divided up into several boxes displaying the recorded feed from ‘Icarus’’ external cameras creating almost a panorama display. From one side the ‘Valhalla’ could be seen arriving in the region, on the other were an armada hanging there. The light radiating from a nearby planetary nebulae cast a bluish glow over everything.

    “We didn’t know what to make of it.” Kaylee’s voice was quiet as she explained. “We did try to contact them but all we got was this strange noise.” She played back the audio separately from the visual. The camera feed showed from multiple angles the vessels started moving towards them.

    In the subdued light, the pale Cha’ala leaned down to the monitors to get a better look, the light cast by the images reflecting and seeming to be amplified by her complexion so that she appeared to float in a bluish haze. It was easy to see why some might think her species “magical”.

    “You were being told you were not to move on peril of being destroyed.” said Se’Iva, her features set, her voice without emotion. The Cha’ala felt strange emotions, in truth, one of which was shame for the fear which resulted in the current situation.

    Not all in the military agreed with Cho’etas, but the subservient were not trained to exercise their opinions, nor indeed that they could have them unless received from a Dominant and actually opposing Cho’etas apart from bringing dire consequences for an individual who did so was not a an urge that would come easily.

    “...But they did not intend to permit you to continue on your way. They intended to make contact, learn what they could of your capabilities and then destroy you. These were scouts.”

    Kaylee lowered her gaze from the holo footage, a cold horrible feeling in her gut as she realised that there was nothing further they could have done. “Then this incident was unavoidable. That was not our finest hour.” She sighed, her eyes went back to the footage, analysing the vessels. If they could do this amount of damage with minimal casualties, how effective would their main fleet would be against our own? “These scouts... how are they compared to a full-fledged strike force?”

    “A strike force has a different function. This group are collecting information and were meant to penetrate undetected. A strike force would share the same compliment and more. They have the capacity to use your weapons against you and the natural pull of your ships as well. I was able to decimate Scimitar’s Sith fleet in little more than half a day - perhaps 14 hours,” said Se’Iva matter of factly.

    A shiver trailed down Kaylee’s spine, imagining the ease they would have had against a Sith armada. Gesturing to the display, a bit of frustration seeped into her voice. “If only I could get close.. if I could see how they work..”

    “I can help in that regard,” said Se’Iva, “but now, we must move, the ‘Vahalla’ was tagged during infection. It is standard procedure. The scouts must eliminate witnesses and ... me.”

    “Rowan... Feye…” Kaylee whispered before tilting her head to regard Se’Iva. “They are able to track us through hyperspace? We have to get Rowan, we have to warn the others.”

    “Yes,” the winged Cha’ala answered. “It is not as simple or as quickly translated. The expressions are quite complex, but yes, they can follow the thread through hyperspace. Perhaps they were convinced we could not make the jump. I would expect the Cha’ala to have shown themselves by now,” an edge in her voice. Her wings opened and she stretched up on her toes for want of oxygen and she sighed. “We must distance ourselves from the wreckage of the ‘Valhalla’...and …” her voice trailed off as her brow furrowed and she bowed her head.

    Kaylee’s eyes lingered on Se’Iva’s expression before turning away from the projector to speak into her com to inform Kal of their intentions to pick up Rowan. After a brief exchange of words she turned back to Se’Iva.

    “I can not be certain, but I believe the molecular mutations have run their course…” said Se’ Iva to the floor, both disappointed and relieved about the tracing. There still was the matter of her sense that things were more awry than they knew, but at the moment, while the planet and it’s people were another “unknown” could they leave the wreckage assuming the contagion had played out without warning them? Something in that tidal pool she and Rowan had found concerned her, something which moved and flickered in the light but which was obscured by the Estel, pawing the water.

    “I really hope so…” Kaylee closed her eyes for a brief moment. The last thing they need is for their situation to become worse. They were fortunate enough to escape by the skin of their teeth. “The sooner we are back on course…” her voice trailed off, the weariness catching up with her. Her head tilted up sharply as the chime from her com took her by surprise. Feeling self-conscious, she answered hastily to find Ariek on the other end. She glanced down as she listened to the news that they had circled around and cleared the reef, that they would continue traversing under the surface to keep out of sight of watchful eyes. They still didn’t know whether this world was hostile or not but given that Rowan had been tended and was among them still...she would remain hopeful. “Very good,” her voice sounded low even to her own ears. “Keep cautious. Inform me when we are near him and ready to breach the surface.”

    In the deep, the shadow of the ‘Icarus’ could not be seen as it passed over the half-eaten remains of one of ‘Vahalla’'s unfortunate. Had his arm not been consumed, it would have waved slowly in the subtle undercurrents, pale saggy flesh without the animating spirit which last inhabited it - a male whose uniform indicated he had been an officer of some rank. He was now headless; but had he survived the engulfing waters, he would have been unable to swim to the surface, his lower extremities melded with the a bit of decking thrown out in one of the multiple explosions which wracked the decimated ’Vahalla’. The crab which had scuttled from Estel’s paw continued trying to lose the tiny piece of circuitry that now it dragged behind it. It had dug it’s way into shallow sandy hole on the moonlit beach, a small green circuitry board protruding still, the rays of silvery light glinting off the fine and minuscule circuits and in the breeze, the strains of a sad and plaintive song could be heard in bittersweet legato. Someone played an excellent violin.

    Se’Iva had been distracted by the effort and frustrations of surviving. It was now that the reason she had gone into self-imposed exile starkly clear to her and that she felt the full gravity of her cause. There was no one of her species in whom she could confide. She would have been the one Dominant and she had left the community. It was the worst kind of betrayal. The good of the hive required the Queen give herself for the future benefit of the collective. Was she defective? Se’Iva was not born to reject her individuality, but the expression of her self was never to take from her people the sacred promise. They did say, when a strain had been spent, the hive would lose direction, go mad, die. This contagion was madness. It would destroy her own people and these too!

    Her wings beat slowly, their iridescence flickering in the low light, specks of light flying out and slowly drifting downward as a few scales fell to the decking in silence. The thrum of her wings was low, wavering in sync with the beat.

    Se’Iva had never in her life felt so alone as she did this moment and she turned from Kaylee to look out of a view port at the strange underwater world of this planet. Where were they? She found herself reaching out into the weave of what Rowan called the Force and searched for him.

    “I should use your .... ship’s library... I don’t have much time to learn. How do I access such a thing?” she asked resignedly, quietly.

    “Umm..” Kaylee double blinked her eyes opened and waved Se’Iva close. “We can access the database through here…” She glanced about. “Or would you prefer a more private spot?”

    “I need a facilitator, someone who understands the structure of, of…” she tried to think how to say this, “molecules, smaller things... you call them?”[/color] Se’Iva casted about for the word.


    “Also of viruses. Do you have such a one?” she queried.

    “We have been updating for our- I mean... yes we do.” Kaylee swapped out the playback for the database index and brought up the medical science directory. The text floated before them in an alien text and flickered for a moment before the script activated and translated the text. “Ah.. the interface here…” She ran through the basic controls. “Forwards, back, search... this ball dial to scroll... Which parameters do you wish to search for?” She enquired before biting her bottom lip, realising that Se’Iva might have wanted someone else to help.

    Se’Iva smiled. “Oh, you are a facilitator?”

    “You can say I am a bit of one.” Kaylee smiled. “I am still learning but that is always the nature of life.”

    Se nodded and gestured for Kaylee to join her and the two began diagramming what they knew about the contagion and which lines of inquiry to begin their research...

    TAG: TBC
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    ~OOC~ My reduced presence over the past few weeks was needed to tend to my studies. More posts are coming. Great to see you MOLP!

    ~IC~ Captain Cale Lawson
    Region: Fondor
    Location: Shipyard Drydock - Victory-class Star Destroyer, ?Ulysses?

    The new elongated wings were raised carefully into their mountings, the bracing arms kept them into position as they were attached to the broadsides of the Star Destroyer. The atmospheric appendages raised smoothly into open configuration and then back down to close, the process repeated several times before settled into it?s closed position.

    ?Excellent...? Captain Cale Lawson whispered, satisfied with the test.

    Steel pinchers held the antenna within it?s grip as it moved slowly. It carefully lowered the module into place with fine precision to the allocated slot on top of the command tower, a snap click followed as it connected to the communications array. The outer plating glossy new under the light that shone on the hull. Both the larger primary hanger and the smaller forward secondary hanger were in pristine condition.

    For the finishing touches, a large cerulean apotropaic eye was painted on either side of the command bridge. It gave the impression that the warship is ?alive? as the eyes gaze out across the stars, to intimidate and avert evil from befalling the crew. It go against regulations but it is Captain Cale Lawson's ship after all.

    The internal power source was turned on gradually, the lighting of the ship flickered and lit up across all decks as though for the first time as the ?Ulysses? awoke from ?his? deep slumber. The engines glowed and purred softly.

    "Beautiful" Cale remarked to himself as he admired the newly completed scale model of the command. Standing up from his cot that acted as his makeshift workstation, Cale carried the model to the other side of his quarters. Placing the ship over a small repulsor plate, it kept the scale ship suspended on the mantlepiece. He took a step back to admire it as it rotated languidly on the x-axis. Returning to his cot, Cale packed up his small tool kit, paints and adhesives into a container and placed it back under the cot and out of the way. Returning to the mantlepiece, Cale folded his arms behind his back as he gazed at spinning model. Remembering back to when he had accepted to take on this command and upon seeing his ship for the first time. If only his command ship was just as easy to built and fix as this.

    Chief Engineer Arno had informed Cale earlier of their progress on the repairs for ?Ulysses?. The tests and restart of their power generators had been successful without a hitch. Her teams were currently going over each of the ship?s systems to ensure they are one hundred percent online. While the construction droids repair the armoured plating on the hull, the hangers have been brought back into optimal conditions. A series of tugs and freighters unload cargo onto the deck. A brand new squadron of TIE?s have been transferred to their storage bays. The repair schedule is going according to plan.

    Catching sight of the chrono beside the model, Lieutenant Tulon should be reporting in shortly from Fondor?s moon, Nallastic. In collaboration with the local law enforcement, they were sent to investigate a small craft that landed there bearing markings affiliated with the now defunct Confederacy of Independent Systems. The last report had mentioned that the craft in question had been located, that it was a single one-manned, Belbullab-class starfighter. The identity and whereabouts of the owner of the craft has yet to be determined, only speculations about whatever their true purpose is.

    TAG: Fondor/To Be Continued
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