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    IC: Torian
    Location: Yavin IV

    Ben grinned wide. "Why didn't you just say so?"

    Torian returned the smile. ?All right then. I?ll assemble the TRT and requisition the proper ships for the operation. We?ll need a ship that can cold nose the enemy from a distance. The men need an ABS score of at least 85 for this job.?

    They continued out of the conference room and into the hallway. Torian kept up the conversation mostly, running through his head what he would need but talking out loud. ?I don?t want any Charlie Foxtrots covering my six on this one. We?ll probably put you at point so you can swing away at any fastballs thrown at us. Once we bag and tag the tangos will unload their goods and bug out.?

    Infarius gave Torian a confused look. ?TRT?Charlie Foxtrots??

    The General stopped, ?Son if you want to hang out with the heart breakers and life takers you need to learn the lingo.? He slapped the Jedi on the back hard and walked on ahead to lock and load.

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    IC: General Lehkauf and Lord Vader
    LOCATION: Emp. Palpatine I spaceport, Coruscant and Ursean Embassy

    The floor of the terminal vibrated with each metallic step the large squat AT-TE made as it lumbered forward looking nothing short of giant beetle, the turret and ?head? turning as the crew inside must be gathering information on the environs.

    Truly useful, the AT-TE was a real ?workhorse? on the field. Lehkauf had always thought the two flanking ball socket cannons in the forward section of the upper part of the ?tank? looked a lot like mandibles. Yet, in battle, there was nothing ?cute? about this vehicle and it?s unrelenting approach often rattled the calmest of the ?flesh? in the Confederacy.

    However, this AT-TE stopped and down it?s armor-clad side hurried a lithe man followed by another officer, Colonel Sin - who could mistake him for anyone but Sin- and two jumptroopers. Overhead, hovered some accompanying jettroopers, as well. Yet, the man in the lead approached with confidence if not a little discomfort, walking like a ?spacer? returning from a spree. Lehkauf cleared his throat. This must be Captain Sohmer, thought the General.

    The man spoke disarmingly offhanded as he came to address the General. "General Lekhauf? Captain Sohmer. Yeah, do we really need to tell anyone about Option 4?"

    ?Option 4?!? queried Lehkauf sarcastically and gesturing to the AT-TE. ?Captain Sohmer, I have to admit, ?Option 4? certainly demonstrates your understanding of the gravity of your charge, but I was wondering just how you were going to work out getting that thing through the checkpoints.? The General smiled slowly. ?Fortunately, your carriage awaits,? he said nodding to the LAATi. ?Looks like I am your ?Fairy Godfather,?? he added dryly, ?but you can call me, ?Sir,?? and began to walk to Sohmer.

    ?We have the terminal under heavy surveillance, as I?m sure you?ve noted.? Lekhauf smiled cordially. ?Let?s get underway. You can see your cargo is transferred, Captain. I understand there is a surgical committee ready and waiting and every second delay sees us all another hour closer to our own ?reward.? ?Option 4?,? said the General, referring facetiously to the AT-TE, ?shall have to remain with your ship. We?re to convey you to the Embassy is under heightened alert and I?d just as soon not draw things out further by going through the multiple bureaus it would take to find clearance for your assault vehicle.?

    He reminded himself of something. ?Ah, yes,? he said withdrawing a small holo transponder from his belt pouch and raising a com to his lips. Clearly an Ursean ?someone? on the other end of the call was a ?gate keeper? and Lehkauf replied with a series of numbers.

    He was approved to continue his call. A click and another voice spoke, male, and this time Lekhauf stood to attention as he replied and spoke quickly and to the point about meeting the Captain of the Krayt?s Fire and their intention to depart the spaceport immediately. The General held the transponder on the flat of his palm and a small holo sprang up, the image of the Imperial Executor, in lines of pale light, before the two men.

    ?Captain Sohmer, welcome to Coruscant. We stand ready to receive you at the Ursean Embassy. I trust Mr. Sin has kept you ...engaged...? he said, searching for the ?right? word and casting his glance to the ?hand? giving him a curt nod acknowledging the Sith?s presence, ?and that you felt adequately covered by Captain Vectis? group,? he said with a slight nod. ?I will meet you upon your arrival and look forward to an immediate debriefing,? Lord Vader added, quickly bringing the welcome to a close.

    ?Which should be in roughly ...10 minutes, General Lehkauf,? the image said with a slight smile.

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    IC: Master Chef Don Diablo, Minarai Mountains
    Location: Imperial Centre

    The tired chef took one last look at the shielded enclosure protecting his mountain home from the road, let the ?Secure? bleep from his luxury black limousine ring in his ears, and let himself through the disarmingly thin white door into his high-end, three-storied, mountainside home.

    ?Honey, I?m home.? He called out of habit, despite not re-marrying since the death of his wife back in the waning days of the Republic.

    Naturally, no-one answered.

    The chef made his way to the Kitchen, threw together a salad sandwich, and plastic vessel of blue milk, then with both hands full, made his way to the Security Room, where a desk and comfy chair sat before several holo-repeaters, where he could check the various parts of the house, grounds, three remotely-recorded areas of the Hell?s Kitchen restaurant. The hidden hard drive had recorded everything that had happened in those surveyed places, while he had been away from the Capitol.

    He could see a closed landspeeder out on the road, beyond the ?gate? shield.

    Don put the snack down, and turned a round knob on the black panel before him, magnifying the image, and zooming in on the tinted window.

    Another button caused the tinted window, on his display anyway, to become transparent, and he could see the Black Guard that the Reina had assigned for his protection, that ditzy female who had previously been assigned to the princess Ylestra.

    Diablo sneered. He did not need protection. He could handle himself, and he had no enemies. Not true enemies, anyway.

    Maybe some kitchen staff who had failed to reach his standards. But whatever they were being paid in their current dead-end employment, it would take them years to afford to come after him.

    He decided to get some rest, sleep off the supralight travel exhaustion.

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    IC: Obi wan Kenobi, Jedi General and Master
    LOCATION: a dust ball in the Outer Rim, known as Tatooine

    He should have been asleep hours ago!

    Obi wan sat in the cock pit of the old Aether sprite fighter, hands dangling as he rested his arms upon his thighs and sat in dumbfounded silence unhearing, for the moment, of R-4?s signal to inform the Master that his Padawan had risen?

    The scratchy transmission of the holo made the voices in the holo sound small and tiny, every other word lost as the holo flickered and scrambled before the lines coalesced into a discernable form again. The small sounds bounce off the hard walls of the sunken and modest homestead under the still and chilled Tatooine early morning sky. It was early morning, but the Jedi had been up most of the night. It was only, when he worked reluctantly on the vehicle that he found himself fading in the small hours and had under a strange little urge tried the transceiver in hopes it worked for a bit and could keep him up just long enough to finish his task.

    To say Obi wan was not a natural mechanic was to say that Tatooine was a planet possessed of a somewhat arid environment. He was certain that one or two of his cries of pain and frustration had woken Luke and recovering immediately to listen for the boy?s stirring he would stand leaning out from under the open chassis, one ear cocked for a several minutes before salving yet another smashed finger.

    The tools lay on the hard ground where they had been dropped earlier. R-4?s tracks showed in the dust and sand in circular patterns where he?d worked with the General.

    The red-topped astro-mech whistled at the Jedi to no avail and trundled about to find Luke in the small corridor between the spare living area and kitchen.

    R-4 tweeted at the boy with his disarray of sand-colored locks and a look of mild concern on his face as he searched the darkened abode. ?Whuuuuuuu! Mbeep,? she said softly to get Luke?s attention, her barrel-shaped body swiveling in the direction of the round courtyard. A single small work light hovered under the fighter showing the scattered tools on the ground beneath, while in the cock pit, an intermittent holo?s blue lights joined with those of the fighter?s interior control board to illuminate the motionless Jedi sitting within.

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    Ic Jorus C'boath

    Location The Jedi Haven

    The old man had seemed to have lost any sort of focus of time, he had no idea how long he had been alone in his quarters. Jorus C'boath sat cross legged in the centre of the room there was just a lone flickering light illuminated the room. The Jedi master had spent his time immersed in the currents of the force, there had been a seismic disturbance in the force how ever no matter how hard he tried to figure out what had caused this change.

    To say this frustrated Jorus was an understatement.

    The more he tried to push and discover the source of the disturbance the more C'baoth's frustration grew, to the point that his frustrations were beginning to have an under current of anger. This anger was starting to seep into his every pore, the anger was starting to become a hard ball deep in the centre of his being.

    Despite his reluctance to try and put a stop to these emotions, Jorus knew how he felt was wrong. The Jedi master knew he was skirting close to the Dark side but he no longer cared. These feelings had been building up for a long, long time. They went back before the Jedi had left Dagobah, back even before the fall of the Order.

    It was he who should be leading the Jedi, not Yoda, not Emi-to. Jorus C'baoth was perhaps the one man who could have kept the Order from being destroyed, he who had the strength to lead the Jedi to there true place in the galaxy. The Jedi's place was not to serve but to lead, this had been there down fall, allowing themselves to become slaves to the corrupt senate, it was this that allowed Palpatine to bring the Jedi to there knees.

    However under the leadership of Jorus C'boath he would reverse the decline of the Jedi and lead them to there rightful place and now was the time to take his place at the head of the order.


    Sithy contact me please!
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    IC: Captain Scyther Vectis
    Location: Terminal 17, Emperor Palpatine Spaceport, Coruscant

    Scyther had noticed that the Lord Admiral had not joined them as yet; he was probably getting all of his belongings together for the trip off and maybe possibly the trip home. Scyther hoped she would see him again before the next time the AllStars went into battle once again.

    The warm Coruscanti air felt good, and it was nice to be back in the open again after being on board Roadblock for several months. Recycled air got a little tiring after a while. This was her childhood home, and it would always remain that way, Roadblock was more of a traveling home.

    As the other Captains and Lieutenants continued to chat away, her comlink chirped for attention.

    "Captain Vectis from, aah, Free Wheeling Fifty-Six. We have the cargo, but there is a lartie blocking our route out of the landing bay. Do we need to worry about it??
    Scyther sighed Not my problem mate, you want to get it out of the way, comm them yourself and deal with it. She didn?t say it out loud though.

    Thirty seconds later Sohmer came back on the line again, she recognised his voice over the comm.

    ?Roadblock from Krayt?s Fire, uh, Free Wheeling Fifty-Six; it?s okay, we?re cool.?

    ?Guess somebody likes a few too many holomovies? said Terric who had been listening in.

    ?Well Terric seems he wanted my help in getting rid of a transport sitting in his way. Guess that help is not warranted?

    ?Why didn?t he do it himself?? asked Bahari ?Is he not able to do such a thing and he has to get a woman to do it for him? No offense Scyther?.

    Scyther smiled ?None taken Bahari, but if it came down to a firefight, we?d show him whose boss around here?

    This raised chuckles from the others.

    ?I have just spoken to Control? said Lieutenant Spencer piping up ?Transport should be here in ten minutes, says they will probably land on one of the taxi bays?

    ?Good until then we?ll have to figure out what to do with all the crew?

    All the crew members from the AllStars group were mainly milling about, talking, laughing, sharing experiences and catching up on gossip. Some had found family members and were relating to them about all they had done, all they had achieved, and how much they had missed their loved ones.

    ?Might have to get the biggest hotel in the universe for all this lot? said Arazov.

    ?No doubt most of us can return to our homeworlds? said Ivanov, sounding rather wistful for once. He was looking forward to possibly returning to Ursa, seeing his relatives and the beautiful countryside.

    ?I will campaign til my eyeballs pop out for you to get a break. Those who cannot return home or decide not to can stay here, I?ll see if we can get somewhere for them to stay?

    ?I?m defiantly not going home ?said Bahari ?My family will just ask me why I?m not being a proper nobleman and just staying at home. All they keep saying is what a disappointment I am to them? Bahari shook his head sorrowfully.

    ?Ensgn Spion-Bomabardier gets that all the time from his father? Scyther said ?He keeps wondering why he doesn?t stay at home, become what he is supposed to be, the heir to a massive fortune?.

    ?Glad I?m just a commoner? said Terric.

    ?Me too? said Arazov ?I?m like Ivanov, from the countryside, where there?s no hassle, and all you have to do is farming and making ends meet. It got a bit boring for some of us, so we joined the Academy?.

    The crowds had dispersed a little but there were still a few diehards hanging around for glimpse of the officers. Scyther wondered what the holonews tonight would look like what with their entrance and all.

    Scyther turned to look at Roadblock, which unfortunately looked like it had quite a number of bangs scrapes and dents in its armour. It was then that the Lord Admiral Xavier then decided to show himself, striding out of the portal with measured and quick strides with the baggage he was carrying. It didn?t look like he travelled with a lot. The junior Lieutenant from Security who had been assigned as his guard was keeping up, but he was
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    IC: Captain Sohmer, Colonel Sin, Lieutenant Raechel Yaer

    ?Which should be in roughly ...10 minutes, General Lehkauf,? the image said with a slight smile.

    Lehkauf looked to Sohmer and then quickly replied, ?Yes, Your Majesty.?

    ?Excellent! Captain... General!? the young Emperor said and the image seemed to fall, line by flickering line like a fountain shut off.

    Lekhauf stowed the transponder and looked to the Captain. ?Need a hand??

    Sohmer opened his mouth to respond, but behind him, the Sith Maruader interjected, "Relax. I got this." he turned towards the AT-TE, gloved left hand raised towards it.

    Immediately, shouts and shrieks of concern could be heard from within the mighty infantry-supporting vehicle.

    The captain had an idea what was causing the commotion.

    "By the Core, its moving by itself!" Merch's voice could be heard coming from the open hatch.

    "Please remain seated while the captain has the sign lit." Yaer's voice too.

    "I never touched nuffink." Sohmer practiced his defense. As he gazed up at the Tactical Enforcer, he belated realised that the General seemed to have assumed that "Option 4" was the vehicle, and nothing to do with the automated answering message.
    The captain brushed the factoid under a metaphical carpet, and watched as the Emperor's 'coffin' nosed out of the vehicle hatch, over the standing officers' heads, and descended to where it could slot lengthways into the side of the LAAT's passenger area.

    As the lieutenant, Merch and ORIC agents scrambled down from the enforcer, a gust of wind, already funnelled by the straight enclosures of the capital-scale landing bay, snatched the Imperial flag of it, and carried it away.

    Sohmer looked pointedly at Sin. "Well?"

    "Well, what?"

    "Get the flag, Moron-urk!" Sohmer's breath froze in his throat as the red-clad Marauder's fist snatched at his throat, fingers not quite meeting round the commander's pale neck.

    There were several audible clicks as nearby jumptroopers turned and aimed guns at Sin's head.

    "I don't care how fast you think you are, unhand the Captain." Merch warned, stepping back out of harm's way. "Now!"

    "All one wants, is a little respect."

    "All one is going to get, if he does not let go, is get shot down like an animal, and buried in a shallow grave. Lieutenant-" The Commander gestured towards the lartie. "-go with the remains, in case the General needs to leave with them before we," He spared the Sith a stern look, "get finished here."

    The olive-uniformed liason-officer-cum-stewardess trotted ahead of the Krayt's Fire senior staff, where a Black Guard held her elbow to allow her to climb into the aerial gunship.

    Four jumptroopers disengaged from the defence of their leader, to take up hovering positions on either side of the lartie.

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    IC: General Lehkauf
    LOCATION: Emp. Palpatine I spaceport, Coruscant

    The Captain seemed to be on the verge of a response to Lehkauf?s offer when Colonel Sin, a creature not known for the application of much grey matter when it came to action, declared he had things in hand and began to manipulate the Force, lifting and moving the AT-TE.

    Lehkauf slapped his forehead in frustration as several more of Sohmer?s crew scramble from the assault vehicle. The deceased Emperor?s capsule floated out and to the LAAT?s open cargo bay, a gust of wind taking the Imperial flag off as if the drape was an insult.

    ?Just...? began Lekhauf, when he became aware the Emperor?s hand was now applying the Force in a less efficient manner.

    Now, not only Sohmer?s own jumptroopers took aim at Sin, but the safeties were off all round the terminal and the 501st clattered into position at the far end of the loading dock as one of Sohmer?s officer?s swiftly addressed the Sith who held the Captain?s throat in a deathly grip for the slight the Captain paid him, Sin declaring he only required a little respect.

    "All one is going to get, if he does not let go, is get shot down like an animal, and buried in a shallow grave. Lieutenant-" The Commander gestured towards the lartie. "-go with the remains, in case the General needs to leave with them before we," He spared the Sith a stern look, "get finished here."

    Lehkauf clapped slowly. It was a simple gesture, but meant to distract and defuse. Sin was needed, just as the Captain. ?Very good, Colonel Sin. But unless you?re as accomplished at impersonations too, I?d refrain from exercising your need to play god and let the good Captain be. The Re's expecting to debrief you both in ten minutes. Now, I expect Sohmer?ll need a throat lozenge,? said Lehkauf with noted frustration and gesturing to Captain Sohmer with a small container of fruit flavored pastilles with which the Captain might avail himself.

    ?The Commander is required by duty, Colonel, to protect his CnC. I think you can understand that. Let loose of the Captain, by order of the Executor.? warned Lehkauf. Sin?s repeated blunders were tolerated far beyond those of others by Palpatine?s whim and had more than caused the loss of historical artifact and important resources, they had compromised the battle. The Hsiss-chameleon was as bull-headed and wise as a sack of bricks when riled and his ?engine? on idle revealed not only his increasing mental degeneration, but his physical as well. If it weren?t for his personality and bravado, one could almost feel sorry for the wild experiment.

    There were two spotters hidden in the trusses high above them who were charged precisely with keeping Sin in their sites, their weapons fitted with mega-doses of a sedative based on the now prodigious amount of clinical information gathered on Sin?s biology from all his many previous escapades. No one was willing to hazard his torching the LAAT or the Embassy. Across the skyline, the Palace of the People stood pinnacle short due to Sin?s peculiar brand of logic.

    If Sin did not stand down, Lehkauf was charged with a plan ?B,? part of which he had a mind to implement as a precaution and, as he replaced the small tin of lozenges in his pocket, he touched the button of his comm to record the proceedings.

    ?I think the Captain?s swift actions over Kalee give sufficient reason to overlook whatever slight you felt, Colonel Sin. Now, I understand you took some rather hard knocks duing the campaign.- We?re all a bit short of temper,? he said glancing to Sohmer and Merch. How Lehkauf would like to have dispatched Sin with the pistol next his commlink!

    ? For the record, tell me, this creature you encountered with the Executor and the Emperor was preternaturally powerful. I know you found and protected the Emperor?s remains until the Krayt?s Fire was able
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    E and O in my post from Lehkauf in response to Sohmer, Sin and Merch. It is the med-capsule holding the Emperor's remains that is seen to move out of the AT-TE and not the AT-TE which Sin is causing to move.

    Forgive the interruption and mistake, Sithy.

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    Ic Luke Skywalker

    Location Tatooine

    Well seeing as I can't find Obi Wan I better make some breakfast Luke thought to himself. Just as young Skywalker started to make his way to the kitchen, the sound of R4 came from behind him causing the Padawan to jump out of his skin!

    ?Damn R4, don't do that!" Luke said his face was blushed with embarrassment.

    Luke had to admit to himself that , dispite looking like an idiot, he was glad to hear R4's dulcet tones, because if the Astromech droid was still at home then that meant Kenobi was too. Thus narrowing down Skywalkers search for his master.

    ?Okay R4, where?s master Obiwan...ahhh? Before Luke could finish his question R4's dome rotated round to lead the young boy's gaze out across the courtyard to the garage. In the garage Luke could see Obi Wam sat slumped in the pilots seat.

    Luke couldn't help but let out a small chuckle to himself, Obi Wan was without a doubt a powerful Jedi and an amazing teacher but one thing he wasn't was good with tools. Well it was time to say good morning Luke thought to himself and with that he strode over to were his master was working.

    As Luke got closer he could not help but notice the various tools scattered across the garage. The Padawan turned to R4 who was following close behind him and spoke very softly to the droid.

    ?Has he been out here all night??

    The droid replied with a series of bleeps, which sounded to Luke's untrained ear like a affirmative. As Luke finally walked into the garage he couldn't help but notice the huge dark rings around his masters eyes.

    ?Good morning master,? The Jedi said with a warm smile ?Are you still trying to fx this bucket of bolts??

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    IC: Colonel Sin, Captain Sohmer, Commander Merch

    Sin just wanted a little respect!

    Was that too much to ask?

    He was the only one here with a high enough midichlorian couhnt to really defend this galaxy, yet these small-shoed, Force-blind ants, in their technological terrors, thought they were better than him.

    The Krayt Fire?s captain had called him a moron; his second had threatened him with a shallow grave; the Marauder looked expectantly at the Ursean general to see what he was going to bring to the table.

    Lehkauf clapped slowly.

    Okay, that was a little unexpected.

    ?Very good, Colonel Sin. But unless you?re as accomplished at impersonations too, I?d refrain from exercising your need to play god and let the good Captain be. The Re's expecting to debrief you both in ten minutes. Now, I expect Sohmer?ll need a throat lozenge,? said Lehkauf with noted frustration and gesturing to Captain Sohmer with a small container of fruit flavored pastilles with which the Captain might avail himself.

    For his part, the captain tried to choke an affirmative through the vice tight around his windpipe. He felt like his brain was going to explode.

    ?The Commander is required by duty, Colonel, to protect his CnC. I think you can understand that. Let loose of the Captain,?

    The crimson-clothed buffoon could not resist wheedling the Skywalker?s man. ?And what is the magic word, General? Come on, educated being like yourself. Begins with ?P?, and rhymes with ?sleaze?.?

    ?-by order of the Executor.?

    Sin smiled tightly. ?Not what I have written on the card,? he said as a flagging Sohmer's knees started to buckle, ?but that works just as well.?

    The hand snapped open, and returned to his side, while an agonised inhalation of air from the kneeling captain, was followed by a wracking cough which quickly dripped phlemy ichor onto the dusty front him.

    ?I think the Captain?s swift actions over Kalee give sufficient reason to overlook whatever slight you felt, Colonel Sin. Now, I understand you took some rather hard knocks duing the campaign.- We?re all a bit short of temper,? Lekhauf said glancing to Sohmer and Merch.

    ?I?ll see you hang for this,? Sohmer vowed from the deck.

    ?I think not, my good captain.? Sin countered, reaching for Lekhauf?s tube of pastilles, ready to deploy the Force to prevent the other denying him. ?I?ll have a lozenge.? A gloved pair of digits plucked one from the proffered pack, and popped it into his mouth. He smiled triumphantly at Lekhauf.

    How Lehkauf would like to have dispatched Sin with the pistol next his commlink!

    ?For the record, tell me, this creature you encountered with the Executor and the Emperor was preternaturally powerful. I know you found and protected the Emperor?s remains until the Krayt?s Fire was able to air lift you from the ruins of Kalee, did you witness Palpatine?s demise at the hands of this force??

    ?Hard to see much of anything with a volcano exploding in your face, General. It is very distracting. I sensed the creature?s Darkness though, like nothing I have ever felt before. An almost physical eddy of dark power, as you spacefarers would consider a black hole? He grinned as he swept past Lekhauf in the direction of the lartie. ?Swirly Thing Alert, indeed.?

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    ~OOC~ This post is a collaboration between HanSolo29 and myself. It was a pleasure working together on this post, thank you :) .

    ~IC~ Commissar Ahsoka Tano, Larrad (NPC)
    Lower levels Coruscant

    Panic and pain and rage. A swell of violence and desperation permeated the immediate atmosphere. Honing in with her senses, Ahsoka could feel the source acutely close by. Light on her toes, she sprinted through the grime covered alleyway, nimbly zig-zagged past waste disposal units, derelict droids and a sleeping drifter that obstructed her way. Rancid and sour smells wafted up from them.

    ?Just ahead, just hang in there?, Ahsoka told herself as she singled out two presences in a close proximity with each other; twisted cruelty mingled with an alarming fear of helplessness radiating coldly. ?I have you now.?

    Turning the corner, she ran into a cacophony of crates that flew out towards her. Ahsoka?s legs tucked up as she leapt out of the way, her feet hit the edge of a crate before kicking off and bounding over three others. She landed in a crouch position beside the lying form of a young man on the ground at the centre of the heap of crates. Double taking as she recognised his face before whipping her head up to face the culprit behind the bloodlust rage that bore down upon them.

    Acting on instincts, Ahsoka struck out her right leg, her boot connected with the man?s stomach with a sharp kick to drive him back before rising up to place herself between the two.

    ?Stand down!? Ahsoka growled, her voice reverberated off the hard surfaces. Her bottom lip curled showing off her sharp teeth.

    ?You don?t know what trouble you?ve got there, girlie,? Larrad sneered. ?Step aside and I?ll take care of it.?

    Ahsoka glared at him, her hands clenched, her nostrils flared sharply at being called ?girlie?. Her fist opened and relaxed as she exhaled, calming her mood. ?Thank you for the generous offer but I don?t think so.?

    Larrad?s blood boiled with anger and frustration at this Togruta that stood between him and the boy. His hand whipped up his blaster with the intention to remove her from his sight.

    ?STOP!? Ahsoka waved her left hand and nudged the blaster?s barrel sharply sideways with the aid of the Force. Two scarlet bolts rang out and missed their target, impacting on the alley wall creating two small smoldering craters.

    Larrad in frustration and realigned his sights on her and fired again. Again he felt the barrel yank to the side as though pulled by an invisible grip, his shots went wide. His brow narrowed as he realised that this is no ordinary Togruta, that it must be one of those blasted Jedi or something along those likes. An encounter with one of those is the last thing he needs.

    ?You?ll rue the day you have interfered into these affairs, Togruta!? Larrad shouted as he stepped back, firing another shot to keep her back. Glancing up, he aimed at the large sign overhanging where the boy laid. With two rapid shots, the support holding the sign in place broke free. ?We?ll be back and Shrike won?t be so lenient!? Larrad turned and bolted back down the alley.

    Ahsoka pounced to Han?s side, scooping her arms under his unconscious form and leapt out of the way. The sign impacted the ferrocrete with a loud crunch as it crumpled in upon itself, sparks sprayed out and danced along the pavement, the light flickered before blacking out. Crouched, cradling Han in her lap, Ahsoka glanced up to see that the large pungent man had disappeared from sight. Sighing, she looked down to Han and placed her hand tentatively on his brow. Her fingers probed gently, checking his head for any fractures before moving to check his pulse. The cadet seems to be healthy, just a few cuts, bruises and the bump at the back of his head from where he must have hit it. He might have a mild concussion and a pounding headache when he comes around but that can be easi
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    OOC: This is a joint post between me and Corellian_Outrider, and with the help of Pashatemur! Thank you for the enjoyable experience writing it!

    IC: Jori Atredies, Rowan Halcyon, Lord General Xavius
    0.6 deca-cycles before the incident at Coruscant
    Island Villa, Kaladan, Union

    Jori left the bathroom feeling refreshed after taking the zydrate medicine. Her mind was working at a greater pace. She decided to provide the man a ship. There was something that bothered her. His lack of concern whether they found survivors from the crash. From what she had seen, the ship was large enough and there was hardly any way that Rowan could have flown it all by himself. Thus far there were no bodies found near the crash site, nor other survivors. The commanding officer, along with the CSS operative that was charged with the investigation had shared their concerns that this could be an elaborate ruse to get outsider agents within their territories. Her gut feeling was telling her the opposite, that she could trust Rowan. Jori only hoped that this trust was not misplaced. Either way if there were other survivors that they didn?t know about, they would reveal themselves in due time. The Union had been in a state of isolation for so long that it would be next to impossible for an outsider to blend in with the population.

    The duchess went downstairs, moving swiftly through the corridors. She wanted to go to the communications room. Jori reached another set of stairs leading to the basement, that also served as a command bunker for extraordinary situations and as a communications room. There were a couple of guards flanking the big metal door. Both saluted her and the one standing on the right turned to key the access code in a small keyboard on the wall. She could hear the door unlocking then it slowly slid to let her enter. There were several officers inside seating behind consoles. As she entered they quickly jumped on their feet to salute her. The duchess just signaled them with her hands to resume their work. Jori moved towards a console and pressed the buttons to make a connection with Castle Kaladan. Lord General Xavius appeared on the screen.

    ?Your Highness, how can I be of assistance??

    ?I need you to send one of the freighters that we use for dealing with the outsiders, one of the Corellian ones for small cargo. Remove the unnecessary modifications and send it to the villa.?

    ?As you wish Your Highness. It will be there first thing in the morning.?

    Jori smiled and turned off the comm. unit, there were some perks being the leader of the Union and one of these was the unquestionable loyalty of her subjects. She just hoped she knew what she was doing as it could possibly lead to ruin. As she went upstairs again, the butler informed her that the table at the front terrace was ready and that the outsider gentleman was waiting for her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    The sun had just slipped under the horizon, it?s lasting rays turned the sky into a gradient of deep red to purple. I stood on the terrace, my arms folded behind my back as I gazed out over to the setting sun. ?It was kind of the butler to direct me here... or maybe he was sent to do it. I shrugged subtly to myself, either way I am here. What the Duchess and I had spoken about in the library had raised further questions; about the past, about the present. What else had happened since I?ve been away? Is this place truly what she says it is? There was a clash between what I know and what I feel mixed with what I have been told... I need to know with certainty.?

    I glanced to the table that had been elaborately prepared for us. With the effort that had been put into the table setting, for a brief moment it had me wondering if she knew exactly who... and what I am. ?How many would know of my previous exploits or the connection to Solkrest?? I asked myself before I dismissed that thought as it was clear that this is not the case. ?This would be more of a display of hospitality given by a Kaladanese host.?
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    OOC: Got a problem. During the year that we were out, I have forgotten what SPARTA or SPARTAN was supposed to mean. Can anyone help?

    IC: Agent Mike Tozzi, Acen Hunter, ISB Medical lartie
    Location: Galactic City, Imperial Centre

    The transition from low orbit, into the upper tranches of the atmosphere was a beautiful sight that never got boring, but the SPARTA operative within the Medical LAAT/i did not acknowledge the scene; he was thinking about his day ahead: he had a meeting with a pair of "professionals" in the operation to avenge the Reina.

    Just had to ditch this Imperial agent first, the thought making him focus on Acen sitting opposite, only to find the ISB man's hand waving inches in front of his face, while talking to him.

    "Coruscant to Mike, you okay buddy?"

    Tozzi blinked. "It's okay, I'm awake. So, Acen, can you drop me at the Emperor Palpatine Spaceport?"

    "Sure. Anywhere in particular? The place berths star destroyers; if we put you down in the wrong place, you'll have quite the walk."

    Looking out the window, Mike could see the low flat roofs of port structures, and the dorsal hulls of docked spaceships, and he was looking out for the dolphin-finned back of the royal Ursean "yacht", which would be a massive cruiser in Imperial terms.
    "Can you get me close to the Mavras Maelstrom?"

    "Pilot, did you get that?!" Acen called the flier, up forward in the craft's cockpit, and when he felt himself sliding sideways on the aft-facing seat as the lartie banked sharply, "Take that as a yes then."

    The structures below rose towards the passengers rapidly as the lartie lost altitude.

    "Agents, we are heading for Terminal Three landing area, ETA, five minutes."

    "Copy that." Acen Hunter acknowledged. "Afterwards, take me back to headquarters."

    "As ordered."

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    ~OOC~ This is a joint post between Pashatemur, TheAdmiral and myself. Thank you, it has been an absolute pleasure!

    ~IC~ Rowan Halcyon, Kaylee, Se?Iva, Jori Atreides, Kal & Ariek, the crew of the ?Darius Atreides?
    0.6 deca-cycles before the incident at Coruscant
    Island Villa, Kaladan, Union

    The faint sounds of the ocean projected louder during the subtle and quiet night than the heat of the day, carried up to the villa on soft breezes. The intensity of the stars twinkled brighter in the clean tropical air that decorated the rich blue-black velvet night sky. The crescent moon hung overhead, it?s light cast down upon the land. Shimmering flecks of white traverse the ocean reflecting the moon?s illumination as the waves rolled towards shore.

    I folded my arms in front of my chest as I leaned against the balcony?s guardrail, the smooth marble still had the sun?s warmth trapped within it. Gazing out over the land, watching the silhouettes of the foliage sway in the light breeze, my hair blowing out in the direction of the wind, I listened to the rustle of the leaves, the crashing of the waves and the chirping of insects seeking a partner. This serenity is deceiving... this calm is all an illusion.

    Looking up at the heavens, clearing my mind, my eyes traced imaginary lines to connect the sparkling dots in the heavens, creating my own constellations. People, animals and stories. The brave knight setting out to seek fair maiden?s hand... his noble steed.... the fire breathing drakõn... and the evil sorcerer. The threat to the people vanquished, the knight a hero of the lands... ballads sung, stories told... ending with the hero leaving the realm taking no reward except a kiss farewell from the maiden. These are only stories... stories of hope... honour, courage and nobility. Stories from a simpler time...

    My gaze lowered.

    All the things that needed to be done kept piling on top of each other in my mind. The attack on the Queen?s escort that landed us here just added another level of complexity to an already entangled predicament. With the war, Corellia... my people...?my people? - the phrase holding a double meaning - things were certainly not as simple as the calm of this moment would have one think. Ha! They never usually are. If only I had retired... settled down... worked on a small farm just outside Coronet, but in my heart I knew that I could never do that. It would seem that it was not in my nature to settle into some idyllic lifestyle living the simple life... not that I prefered this always running... running. I bowed my head and sighed. ?What is in my nature?? Yet, my inward course was unsettled. I was distracted.

    My ears pricked up at the sound of a bow drawn over the strings of an instrument. Double blinking, I tilted my chin up, searching for whence the music came. Spying out through the tropical gardens of the villa grounds a pavilion, a lone figure at its centre was the origin. Leaning forward, I recognised it to be Jori playing. Her concerted skills on the strings sounded flawless, her playing intense and she seemed to speak longingly, beseechingly through each phrase. Could music be where her passion lies? A way to express and emote? As I listened further, the sombre tune resonating with my earlier thoughts and could not help but recognize the soul at the center of this music, a questing one, like myself. Yet, the Duchess? yearning contained a wildness and yes, a darkness to which I could not lay the same claim.

    Noting her attire, I realised that she must believe she played in solitude and uncomfortable as if I intruded, I bowed my head, turned from the guardrail and headed back inside the room respecting the lady?s privacy. Moving to the bed, I sat down on the end and closed my eyes to concentrate. There was that prickling sensation on the back of my neck, t
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    IC: Mike Tozzi, roof of Terminal Three, the Emperor Palpatine Spaceport.

    ?And we are grateful. Doesn?t explain what you are doing up here though. This is a restricted area on a normal day; Citizen. Today, more so.?

    The tall Ursean held his temper as he looked down into the anonymous black-and-white faceplate of the 501st stormtrooper who had been the first person to greet him, after the ISB lartie had dropped him off.

    Mike realised that he had made a basic error. Running with Acen Hunter around the Senate casualties, and up to the skyhook, had made him feel like a fellow intelligence agent, alongside the ISB man, with the authority to go where he pleased.

    And true, he was an operative of SAURRIAN, an elite part of the Ursean KIG, but his cover was that of a civilian paramedic, and one on vacation at that.

    So his being called to the post-Senate disaster was one thing; turning up on the roof of a spaceport terminal, within spitting distance ? favourable wind permitting ? of the new Empress? star cruiser, raised more questions than he had answers for.

    Tozzi made a show of shivering in his shirtsleeves, as the wind buffeted him on it?s way over the slightly curved roof.
    His jacket was in the back of a taxi at the Senate, or it had been, hours ago. It was probably in a Lost Property basket at the cabbie?s office by now.

    ?Look, sergeant, my good friend Acen Hunter is onboard that LAAT that dropped me off. He is Imperial Security Bureau, and can vouch for me.?

    An unusual combination of engine sounds drew the Ursean?s attention away from the guard, to the underside of another lartie passing overhead, accompanied by a quartet of jumptrooper silhouettes.

    Compared to the one that he had been dropped off by, which had been in good condition, this one looked almost pristine!

    The Force, which was naturally present in the Urseans, passively magnified his hearing to discern some voices from within the craft.

    ?-are now a twi'lek dancing girl, and Commander Merch has shoved a twenty credit note down the back of your panties.?

    ?I'm warning you, Sin.?

    ?Show him some sugar.?

    ?Sin, change her back, I'm not playing with you, Man!?

    ?General Lekhauf, do you want in on this??

    ?Ooh, fancy.? Mike observed, wryly, as the flier continued towards, and descended to, the distant Ursean Embassy.

    ?Keep your attention on me, sir.? The stormtrooper insisted, tapping a gloved finger onto the side of Tozzi?s head. ?Down here.? The trooper gestured with his blaster carbine. ?Why don?t we go down to the station, sir. You can make a free comm call from there.?

    Tozzi thought of his rendezvous with the bounty hunters. ?I have an appointment, sergeant. If I could call ahead, let them know-?

    ?From the station, sir.?

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    ~OOC~ Happy New Year, I hope everyone had survived and are well rested. The month of December had been an insanely intense time... it is good to be back!

    ~IC~ Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo, Captain Brandei, Lieutenant Garston
    Location: Chommell Sector

    Location: Obligon Nebula - ?Judicator?

    The atmosphere aboard the bridge of the ?Stormhawk? and ?Judicator? was filled with tension as the officers in the crew pit hunched over their terminals. A team of them were focused intently on the transmitted material sent back from the probes that were launched into the maelstrom of gases and dust, light and radiation. Another team were focused on the ship?s major systems. Reports filtered up to the Captains regularly; documenting the probes journey into the ?interstellar nursery?, to the power distribution of the shields that held back the constant bombardment of micrometeorites and radiation.

    It took the two Capital ships working together to punch through the dense soup to the deeper regions of the nebula where the probes traversed. A reddish-orangish glow illuminated the hull as they inch towards the edge of the recommended ?safety? zone as directed by the ?Relentless?.

    ?Sir!? Someone had called out from the crew pit, garnering Captain Brandei?s attention for the umpteenth time from over these past few hours. ?We?ve just received another burst of interference, five more of our probes have shorted out.?

    Brandei cursed under his breath, that counts forty eight probes that died in that mid-region. ?Did we received their data before they died??

    ?Fragments of the data made it back.? The technician scrolled through the garbled data. ?Trace elements, a higher concentration of metals... alloys...?

    Brandei walked over and leaned over the man?s shoulder to view the monitor for himself. ?Do we know what they are??

    The technician shook his head. ?Impossible to know for sure without more information.?

    * * * * * *

    Location: Naboo - Theed

    The Imperial Lambda-class shuttle glided through the evening sky en route to the Nabooian city of Theed, it?s bright navigation lights blinked at the tips of the wings and the slanted nose of the cockpit. Altering course, Lieutenant Garston piloted the transport along the assigned flight path given to them by Theed Air Traffic Control. Glancing up from the instruments, Garston could see from out the viewport that the streets and buildings of Theed were casting sparkling lights of their own, a shimmering reflection on the Solleu.

    He couldn?t shake the sense of déjà vu, that events were playing out all over again. It wasn?t too long ago he had made that same journey to ferry the Chiss Grand Admiral to the Capital to investigate the crash sight of a Confederate shuttle. Shifting his gaze, he caught sight of twin red glowing orbs suspended above the city. Doing a double take, Garston realised it was the internal reflection of the small cabin, the orbs were eyes belonging to the passenger beside him: Thrawn. The Grand Admiral?s intense gaze are as though they were piercing the veil of the physical to a far deeper reality, Garston could only guess as to what was going inside the Chiss? head.

    Without saying a word for fear of disturbing the Admiral?s concentration, Garston initiated the landing sequence and brought the shuttle gently to the allocated pad, the landing gears lightly kissed the deck. Unstrapping himself, he lowered the boarding ramp and prepared to power down the shuttle.

    ?A moment, Lieutenant.? Thrawn?s neutral tone stopped Garston in his tracks. ?I have an errand for you while I am gone. I need you to collect any documentation and records pertaining to the Union vessel, ?Aquila? and it?s owner that the Naboo authorities might have on their file. No detail is to be overlooked, official and unofficial. Understood??

    Garston nod
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    IC: Investigator Cyrus Teg, Chief of Kala City Police Maximilian Fedorov

    Various locations in Kala City, Kaladan

    Several hours before the blockade of the Union

    Investigator Teg was in the Atreus Park waiting for the mysterious man that had commed him. He said that he had some information regarding his investigation, he was tasked to find who supplied the mercs that helped Baron Ordonnen kill the duke with military grade weapons. He knew this was an absurd case, but the orders came from the duchess? office so he could not say no. Thus far there were no tangible results, not that he put much effort in it. After all it was all clear that the Baron must have supplied the mercenaries with the necessary equipment. Even something more they could be Ordonnen Spec Forces but a mere investigator cannot prove that. All in all the investigation was futile, though it posed some uncomfortable questions, but he doubted he will be able to answer them.

    Cyrus was a tall man in his late thirties wearing a grey greatcoat with a light colored suit underneath and grayish trousers. He was a handsome man from a powerful family. Some believed that his father and brother were connected with the criminal underworld and that he was their ?inside man?. Throughout the years he tried to severe his ties with his family, trying to avoid doing anything for them that could be considered favours. Another thing that caused controversy was the fact that Cyrus was married to the daughter of his boss - the Kala City Chief of Police Maximilian Fedorov. The tabloids had a field day when he was awarded for exceptional performance. Few people believed that he was a good investigator and the reason was his private life - more precisely his family. He tried to ignore all the gossips and made up stories about him, but he knew that there will be time when all this will come to haunt him.

    The investigator circled nervously around the large monument in the form of a black monolith with carved names on. It was a memorial for the heroes of the Union that served House Atreides. After each civil war it was expanded with more names of men that performed exceptional feats during battle in the name of the Atreides. The man he was waiting for was late, not that it surprised him. Usually informants were nervous, some had second thoughts about the endeavour or wanted to take some precautions. Cyrus wished that the man contacted him during the warm season so that he wouldn?t need to endure the cold outside. The sky was overcast, they were expecting to snow these days. There were few people around - mostly elderly couples that took their routine daily walk outside. Since it was not a working day because of the elevation of House Atreides to House Ultima most people were in the shopping malls or stayed home.

    He was one of the few who did not have a day for rest. Cyrus shook his head to chase those demoralizing thoughts after all this case may be absurd but in his guts he could feel that it had the potential to become the most important one that he had ever investigated. He ran his fingers through his neatly combed brown hair, most likely ruining it. He was frustrated and so circled around, kicking the occasional pebble towards the grass. Cyrus heard steps approaching him from behind. This time he hoped it will be his man or woman. He was not entirely sure of the person?s gender. The investigator turned as the steps stoped, his heart was racing as for all he knew there could be a gun pointed at him.

    Cyrus was sure that the man was wearing one of the special masks that you can turn into anyone you want. These masks were hard to find using the usual means, it can be easily adapted to show an entirely different face every time you wear it, and it is very difficult to say whether a person wore one. If his guts were right, this was an intelligence operative. All the secrecy and mistrust screamed CSS about the man. But the question was, which division? The answer was very important as it would define what the man has to say and why he approached him. This was a dangerous s
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    OCCA joint post by myself and Omi

    IC: Jon Matrix, (RC) Bruce Wayne, Dirty Harry Callahan, Jimis McCaintir, Dutch, Norrislic Cucklo, Drago, Mislin 'Cobra' Cobretti, Snake Plistken, General Torian
    Location Yavin Base

    The large group of alpha males maintained silence as they made their way through the maze like corridors of the Yavin temple, although it wasn't' a large group of people each man was an army of his own. Their sheer size made everyone around them move out of the way and the ancient walls seemed to tremble at each strike of their combat boots on the stone floor.

    These men were the hammer in Jon Matrix?s commando team that would have the greatest impact on the Empire or anyone else who decided to get in their way. Matrix was hoping that these mountains of mayhem would become as feared as the 501st was in the Rebel Alliance. The team would be made up of the finest soldiers the Rebellion had to offer, with each man bringing their own unique talents to the team.

    The idea for the team was always in the back of his mind and he thought about it the more it had dawned on him that such a team was possible and would live on beyond his years. It was with this in mind he and Lucius Fox had selected each member of the team.

    The eight men made their way into armory, each man heading off into different sections each favoring different weapons. Bruce wasn't much of a weapons guys, even though he had no doubt he had been asked to join this group due to his skills as pilot, his preferred method of combat was hand to hand. Of course he could use a blaster like most people; any damned fool can pull a trigger after all. Bruce was skilled in various martial arts but the one he excelled at best was Tres Ki.

    Bruce looked around the room at the other men who made up this new team; out of them the only one he even remotely knew was Harry Callahan. Callahan was the primary pilot but with the formation of this team Bruce guessed he would soon be getting his hands dirty in some old fashioned troop to troop fighting.

    ?Hey Harry give me a hand with this? Bruce called out to Callahan.

    Dutch had a wide grin on his face as he pulled a huge case on the floor underneath a stack of shelves. The smile grew wider opening the Kevlar case. It was just the weapon he had been looking for, an M816 minigun, or as he often called it, ?Old Painless.? It was not mini by any standards.

    For a moment Dutch stood with the huge fire arm in his hands, in his mind?s eye picturing himself alone with ?Old Painless? wiping out hordes of incoming stormies.

    ?It?s definitely you? Jimis said breaking Dutch from his day dream. ?Help me with the explosives will ya big guy.?

    The two men carried a huge case and placed it onto the massive table that took up the centre of the room. Jon Matrix walked in, speaking in a loud and clear voice.

    ?I selected you guys because each of you are the best in your field of operations.? Matrix looked around the room at every member of his team. ?And because it?s also time to put the hurt on the Empire. You men ready to take the fight to the enemy??

    Each man in the room replied in unison with ?Yes sir!?

    ?Well boys, General on deck!? Jon said as his old friend Torian strolled into the room.

    In less than two seconds every man was at attention and saluting their leader.
    There was barely enough room inside with Matrix, his men and all the assorted toys of mass destruction. Looking around, cigar in his mouth, Torian could see that these men could put the hurt on just about anyone or anything. These were the kind of men that would eat their morning rations out of dead carcass.

    ?At ease men.? He took a long drag on his cigar and blew the smoke up above his head. ?I understand that Commander Matrix chose you select men because of your prowess in combat.? He walked around the men and continued.

    ?You are the tip of a very sharp spear. You will be asked to enter into some of the most dangerous environments and conditions ever imagined, situations that would make your cojones suck up into your body cavity and hide.?

    The m
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    IC: H the Hoojib, outside the Master Chef Diablo residence
    Location: Coruscant

    Early next morning

    The sun started to poke over the horizon, beams of light washing up the tree-covered flanks of the famous Minarai Mountains, illuminating the sunward side of the Master Chef's abode.

    Looking like a miniature and organic Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery (SPHA) unit, H gambolled along the roadside, where the grass verge met the two-lane ferrocrete, with a stokli stick, attached to his back, the business end swishing about with his forward progress.

    Fifty metres ahead of him, parked on his side of the deserted road fronting the wrought durasteel gates, sat the black limousine containing the Black Guard assigned to the Chef. The occupant seemed unaware of his approach, though admittedly, from his low angle, nose just above the road surface, H really could not see much.

    The occupant could be dancing on the car's rooftop, and he probably would not see, though he imagined he would be able to tell the speeder's rocking motion, even if all he could see was the road under it, and the vehicle underside.

    H trotted on all fours up to the left side of the car, turned to face the doors, and carefully positioned himself so that the squirted material only hit the door below the window line.

    Ready. He telepathed.

    Seconds later, a sticky white substance sprayed over his head to stick fast to the door, covering the crack between the door and the flanks behind. The material quickly lost its shine, as it hardened on exposure to air.

    Alright, stop!

    The spray stopped, and H stood frozen, hoping against hope that none of that gunk dripped onto his back from the makeshift tub. In a moment, he would head round the other side of the vehicle; secure the other door; slitch wasn't getting out of this thing in a hurry!

    To be continued...
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    ~IC~ Captain Dorja
    Location: Chommell Sector - Obligon Nebula/Arrissa's Field - 'Relentless'

    While the ?Ambassador? from the Union moved to confer with the rest of his entourage, Captain Dorja sucked in his breath for a moment as he regarded the rabble of Panthera Squadron. Their undisciplined form and unconventional background made them stand out from the usual cadets but in the end, they are still a bunch of regular flyboys. As Dorja approached them, the pilots broke out of their loose circle and their chatter died down. Dorja held their gaze before locking onto Major Sam Sparro, whom acting as leader of the squadron in the wake of Captain Juno Eclipse?s ?absence?.

    ?Captain.? They said in varied tones and timing before they fell into ranks.

    ?Sloppy!? Dorja kept the comment to himself that these men do not share the same scrupulous procedures that his own people performs. The Captain folded his arms behind, his hands clasped together against the small of his back. He gave a brief nod of acknowledgement before he cut straight to business. ?Are you all accounted for??

    ?Yes.. Ah..? The cheerful expressions of the pilots went sullen as the adrenaline high were not enough to overrule the memory of earlier events above Naboo?s orbit. ?No sir, ?Oxiana? was disabled and we lost the Captain. She-?

    ?I have been informed of the situation, Major.? Dorja interrupted him, a further explanation would have to wait until they are secured. They do not want possible eavesdroppers to overhear and their new guests to pick up on mixed signals. Loose lips shatters ships.

    ?And that is, Captain?? One of the pilots interjected. ?What is the situation??

    ?That it is far from over.? Dorja narrowed his eyes at them. With a raise of his hand, a platoon of Stormtroopers marched forward and encircled the pilots. ?Until then, you will be escorted to a secure hold and there you will await until properly debriefed.?

    He ignored the look of surprise on the pilots faces as the troopers silently escorted them out of the hanger bay. His watched them until they were gone from sight before his gaze flickered to the closed bay doors. Situated in a bay on the opposite side of the vast Star Destroyer's hanger, a team of his best armed forces were being assembled. Raising his comlink close to his mouth, Dorja whispered. ?Commander, is your team ready??

    [?All set and ready to depart.?]

    ?Very good.? Dorja responded. ?You may begin the operation at your earliest convenience.?

    Given recent developments expressed to Dorja by the Grand Admiral, it is believed that the ?Ragnarök? has been compromised. A leak like that should not be left unattended otherwise it can leave irreparable damage, if it has not already. The ?Relentless? is a failsafe, Dorja realised, that it was for this very reason why the Grand Admiral had his command assigned to babysit the other vessel out in the middle of nowhere. Silencing his com, Dorja returned it to his pocket before turning around. From his vantage point he witness the elderly gentleman, garbed in white robes, converse with his people. When this Master Dondarion has finished, they will ensure his people are settled.

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    How are you?
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