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    OOC: Hello, Eme. For anyone not familiar with early GAW, Eme wrote prolifically for the thread and gamed with gusto as one of the early group. Best wishes for your current endeavors, Eme! Don't be a stranger.

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    OOC: I am posting master_of_les_pauls previous to post at the top, to which this joint post is a reply. Thank you, MOLP.


    IC: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker
    Location: Tatooine

    Obi-Wan 'woke' from his shock with a start, knocking the control that closed the battered red and silver fighter's "bonnet? and the pneumatics hissed as the clear cover began to close over the cockpit. The bearded Jedi looked about with a bit of flustered frustration and then put his hand up to say, "Just a moment!"

    After a couple of seconds, Master Kenobi climbed out of the old fighter and dropped to the ground. "Did you... I do hope I didn't wake you, Luke. It's...very early...eh...." he looked at his Padawan with concern born more of his hearing the news from Coruscant than anything else and remembering himself, he tried to smile reassuringly. It was more himself who needed reassuring and he knew it. Emperor! What would this mean? He sighed inwardly and gathered himself back together.

    He patted Luke on the shoulder. "Hungry?" This question was a loaded one, he knew, from years as Anakin's Master. Obi-Wan's culinary skills were "somewhat lacking" as he liked to put it.

    ?No Master, you didn't wake me.? If truth be told, it would take a hell of a lot more noise than Obi Wan rattling around in the garage. Luke Skywalker would sleep soundly if a herd of Banthas went rampaging past his bedroom window. ?Breakfast sounds pretty good though, Master.?

    The pair headed into the kitchen, Obi-Wan leading the way, and as they did, Luke began to wonder if this was a good time to mention the troubling dreams he had been having recently.

    ?Um," said Obi-Wan casting about and rummaging through the larder for what to put together. Surveillance in Mos Espa had been very high in the past two weeks and they were badly in need of supplies. He finally put his hand on a dry cereal, a gruel made from one of Tatooine's sparse indigenous vegetables, an orange tuber with a slightly sweet flavor. Fortunately, this sack of cereal was already pr/>

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    OOC: Sorry I was looking for Omi to post and missed that there was a joint post. And i don't know why it took me this long to put Jon Matrix together :p Awesome post. Mine will be up shortly.

    OOOC: And here it is :)

    IC: Ben Infarius
    Loc: Yavin 4, personal quarters

    After the meeting Ben went straight back to his room to get a little meditation in so he could focus himself and center himself into the mindset of using the Seventh form of lightsaber combat, also known as Juyo.

    Juyo was a very demanding form of combat as it drew on techniques from all other forms and was by far the most fluid. While in Juyo one has to be very kinetic, making erratic, short quick movements so as to keep your opponent off guard.

    When he was done he went to the closet and pulled out a largish trunk. Inside were old battle tools that he used what seemed like a lifetime ago. He striped out of his "civvies" He first put on a pair of dark brown very lightly fabric trousers, the bottoms of which he tucked into the black Trandoshian scale leather boots he had picked up on leave while he was still in the Employ of Vader. His shirt was the same color and fabric of his pants and his tunic likewise matched the boots. Instead of a robe he wore a long dark leather jacket. Aayla had gotten him this for a wedding present.

    As for weaponry he took three items with him. He had his main lightsaber. The hilt was smooth with no markings and was black, the blade was blue. The second was a lightsaber that he adjusted to make the blade only about eight inches long. This had intricate designs all over it and was a very shiny chrome. The blade was also blue. The last thing he grabbed was the force whip which he had acquired from Obi-Wan Kenobi. He figured even the General's crew of bad asses had never seen the likes of it.

    Since Aayla had died he had let his hair get scraggly and his beard grow out. He shaved his head to the skin and left his beard.

    He looked at the chrono on the desk and realized he was running late.

    He was a blur, moving through the corridors of the base on Yavin Four, heading for the landing pad. As he got there he heard Torian's very distinct voice giving some kind of speech. In an instant he gathered his strength and jumped to the top of the ship they were to leave in.

    As he looked down upon the men he had to say that he was impressed. Their sheer size alone would get this done.

    Then he heard someone say "Jedi" and honed in on the conversation Torian was having with one of his men.

    "Yea, it?s the Jedi Infarius. He offered to come along. I hope he doesn't mind if he gets blood on his robes." though he was sure that Torian was joking.

    Then the other man spoke up again. ?Well let?s hope this Jedi pulls his finger outta his A-hole and gets down here for my men are ready for war!?

    He was sure Torian responded but he wasn't paying attention as he silently dropped to the floor right between Torian and his officer.

    "So" Infarius said with a grin. "What are we waiting for?"

    Tag: Omi, MOLP

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    IC: Dennii/Drakoniss Sunwalker, Admiral Erast Fandorin

    On-board Galactica-class Carrier ?Hyperion?

    The young officer that came to give her Fandorin?s invitation for dinner saluted her once again when she accepted then turned and silently closed the door. Dennii was alone again, the man had interrupted her line of thoughts. At first she felt irritated but when she came to think about it maybe was a good thing. Dennii needed a distraction, she wanted to get away from all this, maybe to talk with Jori to arrange to be given a farm or house somewhere on Kaladan?s countryside where she could raise her child in peace. This was an idea worth pursuing, she was tired of this conflict, tired of being a Jedi. She knew that was escaping from her problems, but she felt powerless and this horrified her.

    Drakoniss was still uncharacteristically silent, by now he would have said something...anything. This was his way of showing concern for her, not that he was able to do anything to help her. Of course he could cast some illusions in her mind but all this would not improve the situation. The girl needs to find herself and what she wants. He could only stand there and watch silently. Their destinies were intertwined but he knew that their bond was not that strong so that he could help her solve her problems. This situation was a product of years of accumulated feelings of helplessness and despair. It was strange that the Jedi had not found that in her, but this would not be the first time when the Jedi were blind for the other people?s feelings. He knew the reasons for her to feel this way, the girl had an inferiority complex. Ever since young age she compared herself to the others and believing that she was somehow not as good as her peers. He contemplated on ways to reassure her unless he wants her to become an emotional wreck in the near future. The birth will be traumatic enough for her so the ghost had to find a way to improve her spirits. The irony was not lost to him, a phantom trying to cheer up a living person and helping her to find the joy of living again.

    If the situation was different he would have had a good laugh, but not this time. There must be a way to make her think about something else at least. Distract her until he finds a way to help her. Drakoniss knew that he could not find a permanent solution but he could at least ease some of her inner pains. Maybe that was part of his test to turn back to the light? Maybe that will be his release, to save that girl from self-destruction? The Force acted in strange ways and surely had a sense of humor. The ghost hoped he had found the way, at least his spirits lightened up a bit. Maybe when he is away, become one with the Force, Dennii will be accepted back in the Jedi ranks? He doubted that, her decision to flee from the Order probably severed this possibility and there would not be a way back... Her best course of action is to stay with the Union. At least these people kept her anchored, though he was not sure whether their influence was good enough. To makes things worse the whole situation in the Galaxy could not help her find peace. It was the wrong place at the wrong time to fall apart emotionally. Though this did not dishearten him, it only made things interesting. Only time will tell what will come from his efforts. His mission now was to analyze her memories and look for a clue where to start from. Though he had a faint idea... the Lightbringer?s influence on her, he will have to investigate further.

    Dennii knew that something was going on in Drakoniss? mind but even through their link she was not sure exactly what. He was keeping something from her and this made her nervous. A paranoid streak was slowly creeping in her mind. This worried her, are the changes so dramatic? There must be something she could do to stop it from progressing, she was losing herself in the darkness. This situation scared her, Dennii did not know what to do next. There must be a way to avoid the negative effects... She was once again distracted by another knock on the door.

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    IC: Torian
    Location: tarmac on Yavin IV, Rebel Base

    Then the other man spoke up again. ?Well let?s hope this Jedi pulls his finger outta his A-hole and gets down here for my men are ready for war!?

    He was sure Torian responded but he wasn't paying attention as he silently dropped to the floor right between Torian and his officer.

    "So" Infarius said with a grin. "What are we waiting for?"

    Torian stepped back slightly as the Jedi was in his personal space. There was only one Jedi that could invade his personal space as often as they wanted, it wasn?t him. As a matter of fact, he couldn?t remember the last time his personal space was invaded by Emi-to hence the reason for all his testosterone build-up as of late.

    Without missing a beat, ?Does your finger smell Infarius?? Of course, Torian was joking around with the Jedi. Everyone in Torian?s sphere of influence or command should have a sense of humor. Every day you could be in a world of hurt with no way out and if you panicked, you were hosed by the enemy. By maintaining your sense of humor, the General found that his men were able to keep their wits in the heat of battle.

    TAG: Infarius, Matrix
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    ~IC~ Dash Rendar

    Ororo Transportation Shipyard - Vergesso Asteroids - Bajic Sector

    The rattling of the air ventilation system was getting on Dash?s nerves, the rapid beating of metal against metal and it did little to bring relief to the stuffy room. It would rise in pitch at random intervals until it reached it?s peak, at that point it would briefly blast a waft of cool air against Dash's face before dropping it?s intensity back to a low rattling. Drumming his fingers on the arm rest, he waited for the supervisor to come back with the final invoice on repairs.

    Dash?s eyes wandered from the large desk steel desk opposite him, it was diagonally positioned at the corner of the room and belonged to the Ororo Transportation supervising manager. The office was lightly decorated and in dire need of cleaning. Streaks of grime and other muck had left smear marks on the walls, caked on over time which added layer upon layers. Sensing a set of eyes watching him, he looked beside him to find the pair of ice blue eyes belonging to his new companion staring back at him.

    ?There's nothing to worry about,? Dash leaned closer and assured her. ?Everything is under control.?

    She flashed him a smile. ?I?m not the one that's worried.?

    The woman is an enigma, ever since their paths crossed on Ryloth when he had found her locked in stasis and trapped in a cryopod. They did not have much of an introduction when they worked together to escape from the operatives of the slave cartel and a misunderstanding with the Imperials. From the quiet time they shared on their way to the Bajic sector, the more he tried to learn about who she was, the more puzzling things got. It was unfortunate that the cryopod had malfunctioned and caused her harm, her vocal skills had temporarily suffered but had returned. Her memory about who she was and how she got there still eluded her. Until they could get her to a proper medical facility, they had no idea of what might still be wrong with her. For now they had to settle with a temporary name to call her; Jenifer.

    Jenifer tilted her chin to the door as it opened, Dash looked back to see a tall, thin, uniformed man step inside whilst peering over a datapad. A taller Barabel, a reptilian sentient species, entered behind him and stood by the door.

    ?Sorry to have kept you waiting Mr...Davi Stanton.? The man fumbled over the name as he walked over to the desk, he sat down in the large crimson dyed leather chair behind it. The chair itself looked as though it had seen better days, random patches covered up the damages to it.

    "No problem, Supervisor Sidrak." Dash gave the man a confident smile that went unnoticed as his face was partially obscured by the flickering holoframe on the desk between them. "Tell me, how does it look?"

    A flicker of annoyance crossed the man?s face before he placed the datapad down. ?The cost of parts and repairs comes to sixteen thousand.?

    ?Sixteen thousands!?? Dash almost blurted out his immediate thoughts, ?this is criminal.? Keeping his face composed, his voice barely contained. ?That figure has climbed from the quote you had originally given us.?

    ?So had the extent of damage we previously believed your ship to have sustained.? Sidrak answered back. ?You still haven?t explained how that happened.?

    ?I told you,? Dash leaned forward, ?we wound up in the wrong neighbourhood and had to go to ground. Once it had quiet down, we got the heck out of there... fast.?

    ?Vague answers sounds like you are someone whom doesn?t want to be found.? The other countered. ?What type of neighbourhood??

    ?Let?s say that it is in both our best interests to not look deeper.? There was an edge to Dash?s voice that gave a warning to not press matters further. ?May
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    OOC: I know this was long in coming. Thank you C_O for all your help once again and thank you MOLP and Sithy for your patience. I'm reposting the last post in which my characters on Executor were tagged and that post was authored by Sithy.

    IC: Admiral Ozzel, Capt. Jan di Toli, Trachta, Kadir and Motti
    LOCATION: bridge of the Executor in geosynchronous orbit of Imperial Center

    The Admiral heard some movement from one of the command pits. Murmuring voices drifted up, as they are want to do. You could always tell when something other than the work at hand had disturbed the order of things, but Ozzel couldn?t be troubled to note Agent Corel?s exit or Pit Lt. Danes bemused return. He was far too busy working out how to communicate with Grand Moff Tarkin about the return of the Imperial corpse without drawing undo attention and being cited for treason. He puz
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    IC: Lieutenant Esteban Corel, SSD Executor
    Location: Imperial Centre orbit

    Esteban stopped by the escape pods on the way to the Officers' Mess, slowing as he spied the gaggle of white armoured shocktroopers at the end of the ante-hall leading to the collection of circular wall hatches, dark grey plates against the white bulkheads.

    "-so it was like a scene from Mountain of Terror!"

    Mountain of Terror, eh?"

    "Yeah, that holomovie about the geologist trying to get abos to evacuate an active volcano area."

    The speaker, helmet tucked into the crook of his left arm, looked up as the harried looking naval officer appeared at the other end of the passage.

    "Lieutenant Corel?"

    "Ah, frag." The Intelligence officer sighed resignedly, giving the soldiers a lazy salute. "Carry on, Gents." He about-faced, heading back for the buggy that had dropped him off.

    * * * *

    Esteban stopped by the Officers' Mess on the way to Medical, grabbing a plastic tub of butter, laddofils and rycrits adorning the yellow plastic; foregoing the offer of a butter knife; and ending the server's suggestion that his new DDLO position could be nick-named "Daddy-Lo".

    "Not if you want to live past this day, it can't."

    * * * *

    Esteban stopped by Medical, butter tub in hand, striding up to the new group of shocktroopers looking anxiously towards the Medical Wing.

    He waited a few moments while the soldiers and a doctor conferred worriedly about something through the oval hatch and in the brightly-lit chamber beyond them.

    Finally, the lieutenant realised he was not going to learn any more by rubber-necking, and edged forwards to the sentry point.
    "So, what are we looking at, here?"

    Tag: Doctor and Shocktroopers
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    OCC Sithy my apology or taking so long with this post

    Ic Fredrick Kruggerlim

    Location The Executor

    The adrenaline was starting to wear off now but the pain that was searing through body was now fuelling him. It was time to get answers and it was time to full fill his masters wishes, as Kruggerlim finished dressing himself he decided there was one destination, the bridge. Of course it was bad protocol and even worse manners to march onto another?s ship and demand answers, answers that that person might not be even able to give, but Fredrick no longer cared any more.

    The burned KIG operative began his walk towards the bridge, Fredrick had no clue if Vader was on the ship or if it was under Ozzel's command. In fact since the last mission Kruggerlim had no idea what had happened in the galaxy or if the mission had even been a success.

    As Fredrick made his way to the ships bridge he saw the looks he was getting, the looks of pure horror and shock. Good he thought to himself, it would be this new image that would spread fear through his enemies. Inside he was almost looking forward to seeing the look on the one prize that had alluded him, Kruggerlim could not wait to see the look on Mon Mothma's face when he finally got his hands on her but that was of course for another day.

    Now was the time for answers.

    Kruggerlim stood before the Executors bridge doors and took a moment to compose himself, taking one last breath he took a step forward and as the doors opened onto the bridge. As Kruggerlim stepped through the doors there were audible gasps as people caught site of him. It was then that Fredrick stood and waited to be addressed.

    Tag Imperials on the bridge
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    OOC: Ah, no worries.
    IC: Pit Lieutenant Osward Danes, Executor bridge

    The Admiral seemed okay as Danes approached with the datapad, but while he waited, something started going on between the senior officers, and an ensign who had pushed in front of him to pass along the news from the Medical Wing.

    ?Why are you informing me when it is the medical officer?s duty??

    Okay, perhaps it was good that the unlucky ensign had gotten there first.

    ?It?s not that... There has been a security breech there. One of the patients in med bay has run a-muck.? The Ensign?s voice faltered slightly. ?A few of the medical staff are injured, one is in a critical condition. We believe that the patient, Kruggerlim has become deranged.?

    ?This sort of thing should not concern the bridge. Security has been notified??

    ?Y-yes sir.?

    ?Use whatever force necessary to detain and retain Kruggerlim, we don?t need any further mess aboard this ship. He?s obviously cracked under combat pressure, a weak link. The Imperial forces can not be saddled with such unstable individuals.?

    As the Ensign left, Ozzel suddenly had time for Danes', "What do YOU want, man?"

    Danes almost told the Admiral not to worry about it, but wisely bit his tongue. "Uh, in respect to the Kruggerlim situation in Medical, I have re-assigned Lieutenant Corel to handle it, as our new Dangerous Dignitary Liaison Officer. The role does not officially exist, so I need you to sign off on it, sir." He offered the open datapad.

    There was an increased murmur from the personnel towards the rear of the bridge, but Danes ignored them. The smell of cooked meat, that he could not ignore.

    "What? What the hey?" Danes' gaze swivelled from Ozzel's moustachioed features, to the eyed-barbecue that stood by the rear doors. Where in the Original Light is Corel?

    Tag: Ozzel, Kruggerlim, others/>
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    IC: Admiral Ozzel, Capt. Jan di Toli, Security Chief, Doctor and Sergeant
    LOCATION: bridge of the Executor in geosynchronous orbit of Imperial Center

    ?Sleep deprivation,? said the Sergeant and head of the fireteam using the euphemistic term Doctors employed when defining a case of combat fatigue. Combat fatigue marked a soldier as ?crazy,? got him discharged with lowered stipend and benefits, or in some cases, caught in friendly fire. You did not leave service due to combat fatigue. One took a mandatory sleep regimen along with a return to boot camp - just to reintroduce him to his prime motivation as a soldier.

    The Doctor looked to Corel, the medical man still holding a patch to his jaw. ?That and he had an adverse reaction to his enema.?

    The Sergeant spoke again. He was a clone of the Jango vintage. Mature, riddled with scares, at least on his face, which at the moment was exposed, his helmet under his arm. ?From first accounts, Lieutenant, Sir, the patient?s parted ways with reason and now he?s a danger to himself and others alike. It doesn?t look like a matter of simple extraction, sir. He?s got nothing to lose and it appears neither have we. We?re determining the best and most efficient way to put him and us out of his misery.?

    The trooper looked to the butter and sundries Corel carried. ?If you?ve a mind for a picnic, Sir, might I suggest the officer?s club?? Pointing to the small window onto the semi-private medical suite, the trooper continued, ?He?s imaginative, I?ll give him that.?

    The Security Chief puffed. ?Right! We?ll decompress the suite. The three other patients? vitals have gone flat.?

    The Doctor came forward hurriedly. ?You can?t do that. I?ve still got 3 personnel in there!?

    The Secutiry Chief shifted on his feet. ?You can?t seriously think that he hasn?t killed them as well? We?re getting nothing from in there to indicate there?s any reason to take another course of action.?

    ?SOD IT! Stow it Doctor,? cried the Security Chief. He was conversing with a holo from Ship?s Security Center. ?He?s not in there.? The Chief looked up, ?Turns out you are right Doctor, we can trace him and your lunatic?s made it all the way to the bridge...? He punched his fist at the bulkhead. ?Close blast doors now...inform the bridge they are locked in and take him ? What?... Yes, I see him on monitor now,? he said, face turning red with mounting anger. ?Son of a ?Shut that corridor off.?

    The Sergeant leaned in to look at the wall monitor and pointed at the screen, ?What?s he got dragging behind him??

    The Doctor stopped his pacing and looked on,saying in exasperation, ?Catheter, it?s his catheter.?

    The Sergeant looked down at the floor to see a wet trail leading to a nearby bank of elevator doors. ?There?s your sign, right there. Right! Men, fall in,? cried the Sergeant corralling his small team briefing them on the vantages they would be taking up in the structural hive of the bridge.

    ?HE?S ON THE @%o# BRIDGE!? cried the security officer in the holo to some one clear of the transponder?s lens.


    On the bridge, the guards stepped forward and leveled their blasters. Security on bridge during a high alert or indeed anywhere else in the ship was quite intense. If Kruggerlim?s raw state had not shocked enough, the sight of the medical implement dragging behind and protruding from his medical gown like a stiff long tail and leaving a trail of human waste did.

    Red lights flashing and klaxons sounding woke them and by his attitude, Kruggerlim seemed to be in some fantasy of his own where exposed tissue i
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    OOC: The tag of my last post should include Lt. Corel.

    Also, check with one another for permission in ascribing actions to others characters before posting. You don't want to god mode or rewrite "history." For the record, no one knows who all the leadership is in the ARR much less acknowledges the ARR as a cohesive organization given the emphasis on the protracted war with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Vader sent Mon Mothma a warning to leave Coruscant before she could be arrested. I realize a lot of time has elapsed and it's easy to forget all the details of plot points. Ask beforehand and that should help avoid mix up.

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    Ic Jon Matrix

    Location Yavin base

    Almost on cue the Jed the two old friends had been waiting for made his way across the tarmac towards them.

    "So" Infarius said with a grin. "What are we waiting for?"

    Jon looked across to Torian and raised an eyebrow slightly, these Jedi are so god damned cocky Matrix thought to himself. Then Darkeyes broke the tension.

    ?Does your finger smell Infarius??

    Jon couldn't stop himself from letting out a small laugh and then he spoke ?Well in fact we are waiting for you? With that Jon extended his hand towards the Jedi ?Jon Matrix and I'll be your host for this evenings festivities?

    Tag Torian, Infarius

    Ic Luke Skywalker

    Location Tatooine

    The ride into Mos Eisely had taken next to no time at all and as Luke sat in the passenger seat he was beginning to feel just a little excited. Obi Wan had come into the space port many times but so far Luke had never really been into the city properly, and with good reason too! On the many times Kenobi had come into the space port for supplies Luke as he always did had badgered his master to take him with his master but every time Skywalker asked his pleas were met with the same reply.

    "Mos Eisely? Mos Eisley is watering hole to every half-lobed wretch this quadrant of the galaxy, Luke. In a place like that, greed is thee motivation behind many a poorly considered undertaking. There's plenty else to occupy you before ere you set foot there, my young friend."

    But today was different, today they were heading into town for lunch and Luke had absolutely no idea were they were going to eat. The fact they were going into the space port but for a young boy who had spent the most part of his life living in a swap, going out for lunch doubled Luke's excitement.

    As Obi Wan brought the speeder to a halt Luke couldn't stop his eyes from taking in everything around them. The young boy drank in everything he saw and he quickly understood his masters warnings about Mos Eisley, through the Force Luke could feel the fear, suspicion emitting from every pore of the space-port. The young padawan steadied himself and jumped out of the speeder, pushing the feelings that were coming through the Force away he spoke.

    ?Okay master, were we going to eat??

    Tag Obi Wan

    OCC Thanks to Pash for the Kenobi snippet, mucho gracias

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    IC: Infarius
    Location: Yavin Hanger

    ?Does your finger smell Infarius??

    Ben laughed out loud. "Please, General you should know better than anyone, Jedi **** don't stink!"

    The other man standing with Torian let out a small guffaw and said "?Well in fact we are waiting for you?. Extending his had he introduced himself. ?Jon Matrix and I'll be your host for this evenings festivities?.

    Ben smiled. Grasping Matrix's(ooc:Matrices?) hand Ben said, "Jedi Master Ben Infarius."

    Tag: MoLP and Omi
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    OOC: Thanks to C_O again for all the input, proofing, mark-ups and of course, writing and encouragement during this hectic time. I really could not have kept up under my current obligations. Thank you all for your continued interest and energy and all your talents. You guys are truly a great bunch and I enjoy each and every one of you and the game you've all made so compelling that it's lasted so long! Thank you-


    The current post is a joint effort with C_O and is preceded by a post of his with HS29 for which tag, this post is in reply.

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    IC: Lord Advisor Eddard Dondarion, crew of the ?Aquila?
    Location: Chommell Sector - Obligon Nebula/Arrissa's Field - 'Relentless'

    Eddard paced in front of the Aquila crew. He was not sure how to start, if he talked to them apologetically he will surely lose face, but neither did he want to sound too stern - after all they were not the ones to blame for the current situation. The guards stood in attention, along with the commissar, the pilots and Thaddeus. The maids and the butler Jarvis managed to regain some of their composure. This must be a terrifying moment for them, they were not afraid for their lives, they were afraid of failure. They were not able to elude captivity and now the ducal shuttle was in the hands of the outsiders.

    The Jedi needed to address this concern first. So he cleared his throat and started speaking in pure and higher class Kaladanian. He knew that some of the outsiders and their droids are able to translate Uniatis but he doubted that they knew Kaladanian. Each of the planets of the Union had devised their own language to further confuse the enemy when trying to monitor their frequencies.

    ?I want first to thank you for your service, despite the fact that we were caught. This should not discourage you and I am sure that Her Ultimacy will not consider this a failure of any sorts.? he paused to let the words sink in ?As I am sure that she will do whatever it needs to free us...?

    He was interrupted by the commissar who stepped forward and said with a zealous fervour.

    ?Long live her Ultimate Majesty Duchess Jori the first of this name Atreides! The Keeper of the Truth and Justice, the Protector of the United Realms and the Holder of the Seal! Long live!?

    The others quickly repeated ?Long live!? in a chorus with Thaddeus thundering above the voices of the others. Eddard concealed his amusement, the people of the Union were like children pure and naive in their beliefs. That did not mean that they were harmless, they can be extremely cruel and xenophobic. They could justify any atrocity with their beliefs and that made them dangerous and unpredictable. In the past few centuries they have been living under the constant pressure of the expectation of an imminent attack by the outsiders. They are extremely paranoid and suspicious. And to add prideful to the mix and you get an approximation of their nature. This spectacle was just a show of the strength of their beliefs and the unwavering loyalty to the House Atreides who currently represented the Union. You can change the name and some of the titles with any head of a house but the reaction would have been the same.

    ?Yes, indeed, long live!? he tried to feign enthusiasm. ?Now, the captain assured me that there will be quarters for all of us, but do be careful what you say.?
    ?Don?t worry milord, we will not say a think to these barbarians! We are proud sons and daughters of the Union!? said the commissar.

    ?I am sure, but I needed to warn you. There is no need to be rude to them though, try not to act too hostile as it might cause Her Ultimacy some troubles.?

    He could not say that it will cause them problems as they will gladly accept this as a path to martyrdom and will surely start doing something stupid. The threat to the duchess worked, all seemed to accept these conditions, even the towering Royal Guard nodded in agreement. He was sure that they will keep their words, after all the command was given by the Lord Advisor and in these cases they became unimaginative and unable to take the initiative. He will have to exploit these traits to steer them properly. Surely given some degree of freedom he was sure that they will be creative in killing outsiders not fearing for their lives, but this was not the case so he will have to apply some manipulations.

    ?I am sure that you know how much you can reveal when questioned??

    All nodded again, he hoped that it won?t come to that, because they will surely accept this as another way to martyrdom. All unfavorable scenarios spelled disaster, at least in his opinion. But they were after all human be
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    Ok, I received this bit of information as a valentine from my sweetheart, but apparently there is a Mandalorian character in the Clone Wars cartoon that uses this bizarre black lightsaber called the darksaber?

    For those of you that remember our brief turn with the Penari blade/darksaber you will remember that they were originally black lightsabers... before our dearest Pash and others brought me to my senses and reminded me that there is NO SUCH THING AS A BLACK LIGHTSABER. It has taken nearly five years to get over this. As cool and badass as a black lightsaber is, it literally makes no physical sense. At all.

    And now I see this... and I have to hang my head in defeat.

    For those of you that were in the old crowd, I figured you'd see this and giggle. [face_mischief]

    EDIT: I put in a link to a 2005 character sheet for Himou that discussed the Penari blade/darksaber. It was LITERALLY an ancient Jedi artifact called the darksaber.
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    IC: General Torian
    Location: Yavin IV flight deck

    The ship that would carry the small force of soldiers was teeming with testosterone and the smell of cordite. The intensity inside the hull was great enough to launch them into hyperspace without the use of sub-light engines. Torian looked around and took a deep breath of jungle air. The humid, warm weather of Yavin IV would soon be replaced by the cold, blackness of space.

    He dropped his cigar on the flight deck and put it out with his combat boot. ?All right, drop your fun gun and grab your rifle. Let?s blow this taco stand.?

    TAG: Infarius, Matrix and the cadre of death in the ship.
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    IC:Captain Scyther Vectis & the AllStars
    Location: Speeder bus approaching Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    In the beautiful morning of Coruscant, the bus was now gliding smoothly towards the Ursean Embassy carrying the Captains of the AllStars and the Lieutenants, or in Peace Keeper?s case a Commander.

    Ensign Charios, who was representing Obdurate, was looking nervously down at his hands. He knew he had instigated a possible investigation because of what he had seen on board Huntress. Being debriefed by Lord Vader was not something you did every day.

    Scyther was nervous too. She hadn?t seen Lord Vader in person for a long while; no doubt he had seen some action from the recent battles with the CIS. He was a mysterious creature, he could be kind and yet he had a temper bubbling inside him, ready to release at any moment like a volcano exploding.

    Arazov seemed to notice Scyther looking nervous, so he placed his hand on her right shoulder as a reassurance.

    ?Hey, you okay in there??

    Scyther smiled behind at Arazov and patted his hand as a thank you gesture for his concern.

    ?You should be less nervous than I am; it?s not every day you get to meet the ruler of your planet, let alone one of the greatest warriors in the Empire?

    Scyther laughed ?True Arazov, true, but you never know what he?s going to be like, he?s so unpredictable?

    Meanwhile Ivanov who was sitting next to Arazov was concentrating on his datapad, silently hoping that a certain aide would be there at the Ursean Embassy, one that had melted his ice cold heart so long ago?..

    Bahari who was sitting next to Scyther was going paler by the second Scyther wondered if he would suddenly disappear into his seat. Madison and Terric were sitting in front of herself and Bahari and were talking about what they were going to do when they finally got the time off.

    As they arrived at the Ursean Embassy, the hover bus moving into position they could see two figures standing on the tarmac ready to meet them.

    The human was undeniably Lord Vader; the other was a lithe looking red skinned alien, her head surrounded by two tail like appendages which were coloured in blue chevrons with white with blue tips which reached down to her hips, there were also montrails which curved upwards and back from her head. She looked slim and athletic, she was probably one of Vader?s bodyguards or assistants Scyther figured. She was dressed in a purple top which clung to her slim frame, tan trousers and black boots with a lightsaber clearly viible and clipped to her belt.

    But Terric knew her differently, and he was staring through the windscreen at her shocked and elated at the same time. She?d survived, was his first thought and he was excited at the prospect of seeing her once again. He had only given the other Captain?s a hint that he had had a Jedi on board Unstoppable during the Clone Wars and now they would see her in the flesh.

    She now looked older than when Terric had last seen her, but she still looked as beautiful and feisty as she was back in the days of war. Madison?s dislike of the Jedi was visible for all to see, and no doubt he would probably make a snide comment to Terric about fraternising with Jedi, and especially an alien Jedi.

    Scyther had noticed that Terric had gone stock still and was no longer talking; Madison looked at him and waved a hand in front of his face trying to snap him out of it.

    ?Coruscant to Captain Milos Terric, hello? Come back down from whatever nice dream you?re having?

    ?Can I get a witness?? Scyther said grinning ?Because I think in the first time in his career, Captain Terric is speechless.?

    Bahari tried hard not to snort, whilst Arazov laughed. Ivanov didn?t look up from his datapad.

    Madison grunted ?You know what he gets like when he sees a beautiful woman; well this is a new version, what he gets like when he sees a beautiful alien?.

    Scyther smiled and gave Terric a nudge to wake him up.

    ?Come on Terric, time to greet our Lord and Master?

    ?Sure?? he responded but he was still staring at the female alien.

    As the b
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    IC: General Lekhauf
    LOCATION: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy and ready to begin landing

    The General swallowed and found himself backed up hard against the bulkhead as a pair of arms and then legs danced up his frame like serpents. The Lieutenant was under undue influence; Lehkauf had to admit her skills as an exotic dancer were quite captivating!

    He shot Palpatine?s hand a steely gaze as he pulled off his black uniform jacket and hastily covered the unknowing Lieutenant?s frame with it. ?Ah...yes, Lieutenant, the customer is always right, so, listen to me; pay no more attention to that voice in your head! Colonel Sin is having a joke at your expense, I?m afraid. You sit there with Commander Merch - Merch get her into her uniform,? said the General in the most fatherly way he could and leaning down to toss the few articles of the Lieutenant?s clothing to the Commander.

    Wheeling round to Sin, Lekhauf gritted out,?I understand your personal code leaves little room for restraint, but you are ?? The General?s sentence was interrupted by an announcement from the cockpit and the view outside.

    A Hover bus before them was descending onto the tarmac on the side of mountain at the Ursean Embassy which spires and crenellated ramparts rose before them as the LAAT descended too.

    Lekhauf continued, ?...you?re about to greet your superior who I?ll wager will not be giving your antics any quarter. Put your ego back in your codpiece, Mr. Sin and zip it up, Man, before you find yourself singing soprano! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??

    Being the fop he was, Sin might not have felt through his numerous layers of precisely arranged shabbyness the press of the blaster barrel at his gut, but Lekhauf was fairly certain Sin grasped the situation clearly.

    The expelling of the hydraulics and a slight jolt indicated they had landed and the bay doors were opening with a metalic squeal. The strains of the Imperial March could be heard above the roar of engines. Ah, a formal and public reception, Colonel. Your timing is impeccable!

    TAG: Colonel Sin, Captain Sohmer, Commander Merch and Lieutenant Raechel Yaer
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    OOC: Thank you C_O for your work in this joint post.

    IC: Anakin, Lord Vader, the man who would be Emperor, Commissar Ahsoka Tano
    LOCATION: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy private port tarmac

    Anakin spied the Commander of the AllStars, the Captain Scyther Vectis lead her officers with ?polish? from the hover bus to where the young Emperor stood with the Togruta at his side, saluted and presented herself and her officers with due military procedure in three lines, arranged by rank.

    They bowed crisply, the Urseans a bit deeper out of respect for their Re more so than simply their Supreme Commander - a bit of system pride, thought Anakin.

    Anakin nodded his acknowledgment and Captain Vectis made her address with confidence, but he sensed some discomfort on her part. Her patrician bearing always presented a cool, if slightly acerbic wit, and despite her finely wrought features suggesting her underlying grace and closely guarded softer side, she was incisive and, from his personal experience, anything but equivocal. If she was, for whatever reason, reluctant to be in his presence, her sense of duty prevailed and she did not broadcast it in the sort of leaking emotional sponge of a way many non-sensitives did. Her hair pulled back, the wind was doing it?s best to undo her military ?spit,? but she stood at attention, green eyes meeting his gaze.

    We are making progress, he thought to himself. Their last meeting was abrasive. Though, he did not blame Vectis. He seemed to naturally engender a discomfort in others while with animals, it was the opposite. He sighed inwardly.

    ?Captain Vectis and the AllStars group of Onslaught fleet reporting as requested ... A pleasure to see you once again, My Lord, unfortunately we come at a sad time for the Empire. But seeing you alive and well gives us all the hope we need in these dark times.?

    The young Emperor tilted his head to catch more of her words against the howling wind and nodded to let her know he?d caught the gist of her meaning.

    The tall Ursean Captain Ivanov spoke up as Vectis? gesture advanced him and Anakin looked to the Captain noting the Ursean?s reserved demeanor and scars. ?Unfortunately, our group lost Obdurate? said Ivanov, ?And I have instructed my crew to go and get some rest immediately, which is also the reason why you do not see my two Lieutenants here with me. However, I have brought Ensign Kim Charios as requested, and he will brief you on what he saw aboard Huntress.?

    Indeed, Ivanov carried the weight of the deaths of those under his command and the loss of his ship. Anakin knew well that weight. He looked to Charios with interest. Yes, he anticipated that interview.

    ?Ensign Charios,? said Anakin with a nod and then, ?Welkommande, Kapitan Ivanov,? he called over the wind in crisp Ursean and leaning to note Arazov, said with hand cupped, ?Gruss Seele, minn bror.? Then to the Scyther and the rest, ?Welcome, Captain Vectis, and officers of Group AllStars,? he offered, his deep voice carried by the wind. ?Best we continue conversing ?? and he pointed in the direction of the Embassy entrance through which he and Ahsoka had only moments earlier exited out onto the landing area, ?inside. I must... prevail upon you to wait upon me just a bit longer.? Again he had to cup his hand to say the rest, as the LAAT began to settle on the tarmac not far from where the hover bus sat. ?The Emperor?s remains!?

    He remembered to smile and did so. His instinct was to take the Lady Captain?s hand, but remembered how well that had gone over the last he?d done so and was glad he?d reminded himself. He truly appreciated the worth of those who had given so much in battle and regretted having to make all wait, but it was a matter of both practicality and decorum. In this way, the deceased Emperor was going to be met by a
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    OOC: Yes, thank you yet again, C_O. Another post! I think I'm getting me sea legs back, argh!

    IC: Se'Iva, Kaylee and Rowan
    LOCATION: Union, Kaladan, Icarus

    From where she lay hugging the floor Se'Iva reached out with both tremulous hands as the Outrider entered the cabin, too distracted to speak or pull herself up, so strong was the mind touch with which she struggled. Fingers catching hold of his garment, she pulled her self to him, but could not form words.

    Kneeling down to her side, my arms pulled her on to my lap as my gaze darted about the cabin in search of a present danger. The room was clear and yet, I could definitely sense a strong and aggressive presence. My hand cupped her cheek as I spoke gently, "Se'Iva..." and caught my breath at her eyes, so wide and wild. I felt like I could see inside her. A strong invasive presence of the Cha'ala, a malicious writhing multitude surrounded us. It was like nothing I had experienced before. She could feel me. Her hands groped my arm. She could not train her eyes on me though.

    For Se?Iva, fractured streaks of light shot across her vision and left their searing traces on her brain. She tried to speak, but could only strangle out a whimper. She must warn him, but thought beyond that was not only difficult but dangerous in exposing others to the consciousness that sought to take Se?Iva?s will.

    "I am here." I whispered, trying to comfort her. I could feel that there was a battle going on inside, this vast presence assaulting her.

    "CHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhh...." she rasp throatily, her long narrow tongue rising out of her mouth and flicking. It was not her death by her will they sought.

    Collecting to my chest, I ?jumped? as she tried to speak. Closing my eyes, I touched her brow with mine. I reached for her presence and touched her mind. I gasped as I begun to understand the magnitude of what she was going through; the alien presence forcing their way into her mind, a swarm, their buzzing rising in intensity.... hurting. It had to stop, if they took over... Gulping, my thumb stroke her temple in a circle as I tried to convey to Se what I was attempting to do. Filtering my presence inside, I attempted to fill the blanks in her barriers, to give her strength and to push back them back. As I did so, the outside world fell away.

    Se pushed her face to his neck straining to get away from the searching strands that filled her mind's ear to deafening degree. Her hands knotted in his tunic. She struck out with her feet to kick the wall. Feeling held together. That's what it was like. She could feel Rowan working to pull her fractured mind together, but all her resources were needed to fend off the intruders.

    There was so many of them.... if this assault was from one individual or a handful, there would be ways to fend off them off efficiently, however this was different. It was as though an entire swarm was flinging itself against a shield with brute force.... it can break and kill. The source of them poured through the Force, a powerful meld. I could feel their resolve, they were going to keep coming and would not stop until she has been taken. 'Unless I take her first... cut off her presence to them. That direction is dangerous and painful on so many levels. To cause harm to myself to save others I can live with but to harm the ones I cherish to save others....

    Her arms shot down hard and close at her sides as she struggled. I knew that Se?Iva was unable to keep them out much longer. Raising the inner core barriers of my mind, I coax for Se'Iva to come to me, my own very fixed and strong barriers which had stood for decades, had fallen to form such a strong bond with the Cha?ala. It had happened with little struggle, so naturally and I had begone to feel and see as I had not previously done, now for her sake I invoke them to rise again!

    She slid her head back her cheek against his shoulder tilting her face upward t
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    IC: Captain Ewlla Iillor, Doctor Hno, Colonel Sin, Lieutenant R'chael Yaer, Captain Sohmer, Detective Lockley's apartment, and LAAT at ursean embassy, respectively

    Ewlla could not wait. Waiting in the detective's apartment untiol the morning was not going to work for her; there was too much feeling over the Senate atrocity.

    She called a taxi, and donned a white short-sleeved mini-dress and white thigh-boots that she had found in a separate part of Lockley's wardrobe, apparel that she could nhot see the policewoman wearing unless she were undercover as a prozzy.

    A small smile flitted across Ewlla's face as she waited for the bread to toast. There was not much in the way of food here, and she was nuking the bread to take care of the mould that had just started to gain a foothold on one side.

    She guessed that a working police officer would have no time to have a home-cooked, sit-down meal, but come on!

    The slice popped out of the device, the Imperial commander grimacing as she gingerly pinched the hot food between thumb and forefinger, blowing on it before taking a bite.

    * * * *

    Floating above the parked Low Altitude Assault Transport with his fellow jumptroopers, the black-armoured Hno observed the extravagant waiting preparations, and the band start to play the Imperial March, even while the LAAT sat silently.

    Concentrating the Clawdite concentrated on his own lower legs, generating extra muscle mass and sinews to cope comfortably with his next action, and feathered his Hush-About jump pack, dropping fast to the landing pad surface between the flyer and the waiting Black Guard and dignitaries, dropping to one armoured knee, and splaying a palm on the ground to steady himself.
    He rose in a controlled way, ignoring any activity from the waiting security personnel, and approached the open bay doors.

    Inside the flyer, his knees bumping against the side of Palpatine's black coffin, Colonel Sin looked on as General Lekhauf threw his jacket over the fully clothed lieutenant, but had to forego his confusion as Lekhauf suddenly got very close!

    ?I understand your personal code leaves little room for restraint, but you are?...you?re about to greet your superior who I?ll wager will not be giving your antics any quarter. Put your ego back in your codpiece, Mr. Sin and zip it up, Man, before you find yourself singing soprano! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??

    "Sprakken si Basic?" Sin enquired innocently, belatedly realising that the other had the nose of a blaster nestled in his stomach. "You make a persuasive argument, General." He put his right arm over Lekhauf's shoulder, and pointed a finger at his 'dancing girl'. Such a shame. "Back to stewardess duty, my dear."

    The marauder deliberately slid himself along the bench towards the open door, and emerged to stand next to the jumptrooper, turning to hold one of the lieutenant's hands as she delicately stepped down.

    "Why thank you, Colonel." She stood aside and gazed into the hold, ignoring the jacket draped over the front of her tunic'd chest and shoulders. "Thank you for flying Oceanic Flight 121; please have your documents ready for the security checks."

    The coffin began to slide out as Sin showed his left palm, and applied Force Pull, and inside, he could see Sohmer ducking down to follow the coffin out, rather than jump out the other side, and come round.

    Tag: Any
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    IC:Captain Scyther Vectis & the AllStars
    Location: Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    The wind was getting stronger on the platform, and Scyther?s hair was now blowing all around her face making it sometimes difficult to see. She had to try to tuck her wayward strands behind her ear, but it was proving a wasted effort.

    Lord Vader greeted Ensign Charios, who on recognising his name being called nodded his head in acknowledgment from the second line. He then greeted the two Urseans, Ivanov and Arazov, Ivanov responding with a respectful nod and Arazov responding with a ?Thank you Your Excellency? in Ursean.

    He then greeted the rest of the group, his deep and strong voice carrying well on the increasing wind that was blowing and kicking up a storm, no doubt Scyther thought there might be a little Force projection involved.

    ?Best we continue conversing ?? Lord Vader continued pointing towards the Ursean Embassy itself ?inside. I must... prevail upon you to wait upon me just a bit longer.? And again he cupped his hand over his mouth to amplify his voice over the wind to say this next bit ?The Emperor?s remains!?

    Oh no?.thought Scyther. Finally the Emperor would be laid to rest, but unfortunately the squabbling over the prize of who would rule the Empire would finally begin. Bahari next to her was shaking and looking down, Scyther wanted to clasp his hand in reassurance, but she showed restraint. He had to deal with this himself, and eventually he would when these bouts of his panicky personality showed through.

    Scyther saw out of the corner of her eye what was making the awful racket, it was the familiar shape of a LAAT gunship, so this was the chariot for the Emperor?s remains.

    ?Captain Vectis,? Lord Vader said "this is Commissar Ahsoka Tano. More on introductions afterward.?

    So the red skinned Jedi finally had a name, it wasn?t one Scyther remembered a lot about, but she had heard rumours of this Jedi serving in the Clone Wars. Perhaps Terric and her had met someplace during the war and had served during the war, perhaps all would be revealed later on. She would introduce her group later on when it was quieter. She gave the alien another of her smiles and her brown eyes studied the alien closely.

    Meanwhile Terric?s thoughts were tumbling around like a washing machine on spin cycle. Commissar, what the?had she gone dark like Lord Vader, turned her back on her Jedi comrades? Unlikely, but what was she doing here at the Ursean Embassy with Lord Vader? Probably keeping an eye on things, but it seemed odd to Terric that a Jedi was now hanging around with a dark side Force user. He didn?t hold it against her if she didn?t remember him; it had been years after all since they had fought together.

    The honour guard, which included guards and troopers along with a band, came to attention as the doors of the gunship opened. Scyther took a deep breath, time for officers to salute their deceased master and ruler of the Empire, even if some of her officers disliked him, they had the decency to at least lay Palpatine to rest.

    The band struck up the familiar tune of the Imperial March, a rousing anthem that was a symbolism of what the Empire stood for, peace, justice, order and the protection of its citizen?s.

    ?Vectis AllStars? Scyther commanded, making sure her voice was heard over the wind and the music ?Right?.turn!?

    The Captain?s Lieutenant?s Ensign and Commander all turned right with military precision and now faced the compliment of the honour guard and the repulsor pallet that would take the Emperor?s remains away.

    Vectis AllStars? Scyther once again commanded, took a deep breath and belted out ?ATTENTION!?

    The group all snapped to attention like elastic and saluted. As the coffin was brought out, two of the junior Lieutenants, Morelli from Danger Zone and Grayson from Unstoppable were looking down, unable to bear seeing their ruler?s coffin coming out. Bahari was shaking even more, Madison gasped, and Arazov unfortunately because of his small frame had t
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    IC: Han Solo
    Day Room, Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    Little by little, his senses began to return. It started with images in his mind that consisted of bright, exuberant color and shapes. There was no real meaning behind the patterns and the closest comparison that he could manage was how your mind perceives different kinds of imagery while listening to music. He knew there had been no music playing to stimulate those senses, but something was there - voices, maybe? Many voices, actually, all speaking quietly amongst themselves until they all faded away except for one. And this one voice, it was very close, very comforting...very familiar...

    Han wanted to open his eyes and meet the face that belonged to that voice, but a gentle touch upon his cheek stopped him. Instead, he winced with a wave of pain and discomfort that radiated from that spot. He knew it wasn't from the gentle caress, but rather, the bruise that was no doubt forming - a reminder of his recent scrape with one of Shrike's goons and how close to death he had actually been. He didn't remember much, only that he had been flung across the alleyway and then there had been nothing but darkness. It was a darkness he had been certain he wouldn't be waking up from.

    But then, that begged the question - where was he now?

    A wave of panic overtook the sense of calm that he had been experiencing and he squirmed a bit when whoever had touched his cheek then reached down to caress his hand and place something within his grip. He instinctively clenched down on the object and was surprised when he found that it was soft and silky...hardly the make-up of something that was intended to hurt him. Perhaps his fears were unwarranted and whoever was there actually wanted to help.

    With a quick flutter, Han finally willed his eyes to open - or, tried to. It was hard with one eye swollen half shut by a bruise. But once he managed to focus, his gaze instantly fell on the object in his hand and discovered a flower pedal. That was odd. Furrowing his brow in curiosity, Han then followed the length of the bed with his gaze until it fell on the figure hovering nearby. With her dark tresses and plush dress reflecting the golden light of the sun, she almost appeared angelic and for a brief moment, he actually thought that he had died, but the return of the relentless pounding in his head told him otherwise. He was very much alive and he was facing--

    "S-sophia?" he croaked out in a weak voice. He attempted to swallow and lick his lips, but he found that he was too dry. The action only proved to aggravate his throat more and he fell into a brief coughing spell that brought tears to his eyes and made his head pound all the more.

    "Ugh--y-you got any water around here?" he managed after a moment, reaching up to grab at his aching head. It was only in this vulnerable position that he took note of his surroundings beyond Sophia for the first time. The room was fairly dark and cozy with the only natural light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling window located on the far end. The furnishings were rather exquisite, which made Han believe that he was back at the Embassy and away from the harsh elements of Coruscant's underworld.

    That brought on a sigh of relief and he tried to relax as he pressed back against the pillows a bit. Too bad his throbbing head was preventing him from fully enjoying the moment.

    "How 'bout another round of pain meds?" he added on after a moment, closing his eyes once more. "I-I feel like I was run over by a herd of angry Grondas."

    TAG: Sophia, Artoo, anyone else in the room
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