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    IC: Sophia Anastasia - Enfanta of Ursa, Marie-Celeste - Reina Mavras of Ursa, Ahsoka Tano - Commissar, Maruuke - Nanny to the Enfanta
    Location: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy

    "HAN!" Sophia cried out. ?What's happened to him??

    "He is just a lil? banged up...? Ahsoka tried to assure her that her best friend would be as right as rain. ?He'll be okay.."

    Seeing him tucked into bed and being cleaned, Sophia looked on, impeded by the staff and Ahsoka. "But how....did he fall down? Was he in an accident?" Sophia winced at the sight of the cadet?s black eye, her face wearing a pout and showing a little worry.

    "He?s fallen some but I don't know exactly how it all came to be...? Ahsoka answered her. ?I found him and brought him back."

    "You found him like that? But where? Just like that and nothing wrong?" Sophia asked with suspicion, trying to grasp why he would be in such a bad state. It never occurred to Sophia that anyone except in a story might be beset by such injury.

    Ahsoka did not want to cause the young Enfanta any further distress. "He was already hurt when I arrived...."

    "But how?" Sophia stepped through the doorway to watch the Emdee clean Han's cuts and scrapes.

    "When he wakes up, I'm sure he will let us know and be pleased to see you."

    "He didn't tell you?"

    Shaking her head,Ahsoka said, "He does not know of me."

    Sophia looked to Ahsoka anxiously and put her hands in Ahsoka's. "What if you had not found him, he would be hurting all alone!" She bit her lips and pursed them trying not to cry at the heart rending thought of her friend, her pretend big brother in such a state.

    Holding Sophia?s hands close, Ahsoka reassure the little princess, "I am good at hu... finding things. I would have found him either way." Ahsoka brought an arm around to hug Sophia. "He will be well again soon."

    Sophia smiled a little at Ahsoka's reassuring words and let herself be hugged. Ahsoka had a warm, big hug that was cozy. She bowed her head and watched with an intent sideways glance Han sleeping, her eyes glistening. "I don't want him to go away again. I don't want anything to hurt him ever."

    Looking down, Ahsoka could not see Sophia's face, but she knew the tone. "Neither do I," she whispered.

    Sophia wished she was still little so she could climb into that warm hug, but she was very tall for her age and soon, it would be difficult to call her a youngling. She would miss being little. Sophia leaned against Ahsoka and nodded, feeling a less unsettled.

    "When we fall down, we jump back on our feet again. It's how we learn.... Someone is always there to give a helping hand back up when we need it most, there is always someone even if that someone has to ourselves. But we're here and I think we can give Han that hand when he needs it. Don't you think?"

    "I will take care of him," declared Sophia softly.

    Smiling at Sophia's resolve, hugging her still, Ahsoka affirmed, "Yes, we can do that for him." Her gaze moved to where Han lay on the bed. She wondered how he had wound up in the position he did. There was something Vos was not telling her, that was clear... but what was it to make events to play out the way they did? She didn?t understand from what little pieces of the puzzle she had come across.

    Out in the hall, the Reina approached and beckoned Ahsoka and Sophia

    Feeling a ?ping?, a pressure inside the hollows of her montrals, Ahsoka could almost ?see? the movement behind her and turning her head in the direction whence approached a strong, yet gentle presence, Ahso
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    IC: Colonel Sin, Lieutenant Yaer, Captain Sohmer, Commander Merch, Doctor Hno, Ursean embassy grounds.


    Sin looked towards the gathered solemn officers of the Vectis Allstars, as well as the other dignitaries present, the weight of the occasion even permeating his thick skin.

    Not faltering with his telekinesis, he transferred the un-adorned coffin smoothly from the LAAT, to the repulsor platform that hovered up to them.

    Yaer frowned at the black lozenge as it emerged from the flier. "That's not authorised carry-on luggage; that's a space station!"

    The Maruader made sure that the coffin was secure on the Ursean repulsor, and turned to the lieutenant, waving two digits towards her, "That is quite enough, I think, my dear. You are the Krayt's Fire' liaison officer."

    R'chael blinked, then took in her surroundings, wondering how she had gotten there. Noticing the General's jacket, she folded it and laid it on the floor of the lartie, then ran her hands down her own uniform, pressing out any undue creases.

    Captain Sohmer touched down beside her, while Doctor Hno took up a guard position beside the repulsor, and signalled his jumptrooper trio to drop in too, to the four corners of the hover platform, walking slowly along side it as it returned to the wherever it was programmed to go.

    The captain had not been expecting the pomp and ceremony already, but after the handover, and after some forensic checks having been made.
    "Guys, I think this is a saluting situation." He observed quietly, waiting till Merch jumped down beside him, so that Lt. Yaer, Col. Sin, Sohmer and March were standing side by side, with the lartie at their backs. "Atten-tion."

    The four saluted their Emperor.

    Tag: General Lekhauf, The Almighty and her Allstars, the Re, Reina, their Black Guard, their Black Guards' tennis partners, and a man that the Re met in the officers' mess called Vos

    OOC: OOC based on Blackadder the Fourth.
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    OOC: A joint post with C_O. Thank you, again, C_O.

    IC: Anakin - Lord Vader, Commissar Ahsoka Tano, General Lekhauf, Doctor Molita
    Location: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy private port tarmac

    The whirring chorus of holo globes was lost to the roar of the LAAT?s repulsors and the wind. They hovered close overhead of the disembarking party to record the somber occasion; their identification tags fluttering and catching the growing light showed like silver confetti in contrast to the sobriety of the moment. Marching as one and slowly, the color guard halted close to the LAAT?s doors and took up position in front and back of the palette upon which Sin had rested the sleek black medicapsule that was the sarcophagus of Palpatine I. White armor lined the way on either side of the cortege forming an alley from the transport to where young Emperor stood 60 meters away, Commissar Tano at his side.

    To Anakin, the strains of the Imperial march seemed garish and almost to play in parody to the moment. Rather than sweeping heroic leaps, the horns seemed to squawk and drawl like a circus orchestra. Pursing his lips in forbearance, he could not help but bristle over the thought that this ceremony would be trotted out yet again once the body was installed at the Senate. He lifted his chin as he noted the frustration and anger pouring from the LAAT was good indication that Colonel Sin had been up to his usual brand of humor and Anakin couldn?t help but wonder if the Sith had not cut another useless hole in the something. Sin liked the grand flourish and was not long on grey cells.

    Anakin sighed, blinking slowly. Keenly aware of life roiling all around him, time seemed momentarily to stretch. The Force was showing him something, something was changing and he was at a moment of decision, he could feel it.

    The growl in his chest came to nothing on the wind and he hoped Ahsoka at his side was not second guessing her decision to throw in her lot with him. It is past, done. I cannot allow Sidious to control my actions and thoughts anymore, even in death or ?otherwise, Anakin silently admitted to himself. Your words are empty to me and your reign, over.

    Time to claim the legacy of the Sith had left behind, yes, now there was Sin who at least recognized that even he must obey the conventions of society. Anakin watched Sin approach. He could see, the marauder must have felt Celeste nearby, indeed, she watched from the Embassy several levels up and behind them.

    Standing tall beside her Master, only subtle movements animated the otherwise still Ahsoka; the smooth and slight twitching of her lekku tips as the wind buffered them against her, the blinking of her lids and the steady flow of her breathing. Her large, blue eyes were alert as she felt the mounting anticipation in the surreal atmosphere. The gunship had landed and a small group could be visible from within the hold, there were two items she noted immediately as they stood out in the group disembarking; A garishly dressed, very sickly pale skinned male and a sleek black coffin that she assumed contained the remains of the former Chancellor of the Republic. ?Which one?s the corpse?? she wondered, perplexity creasing her otherwise smooth brow for an instant.

    Already, she could feel a slow burn rising within Anakin compelling her to exude calm. Her eyes studied the pale visage of the approaching man flamboyantly dressed in a scarlet great coat with a preponderance of buckles. This must be the one known as Sin. An unpleasant sensation coursing her spine along with the forming of a sour taste in her mouth signalled to Ahsoka. ?Something is not right about all this?, she surmised to herself, though some of her thoughts bled out to the bond and in return much of Anakin's thoughts were among her own. This was of a deeper level than that of her own distaste. A cold ?burn? and she understood that this meeting had great intent beyond the momentous historical event and the metaphysical change that would come of
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    OOC: This is a joint post with C_O and Pasha. It was a very long but rewarding, if involved post. Thank you all for your patience these past months.

    IC: Queen Sabe Amidala II of Naboo; Dr. Giles Senob Court Medic of Naboo; Dr. Sigit Ranth, personal physician to Emperor Palpatine I and his wife, Mrs. Zinthia Ranth; Senators Riyu Chuchi and Bail Organa; Dr. Molita, Surgeon General of Ursa
    LOCATIONS: Coruscant: Sigit Ranth?s apartment, traffic grid, Ursean Embassy

    Part I

    "What information do you have on this Sigit Ranth?"

    "Very little," replied Sabe sliding her hand into a burgundy glove. She was at last out of the Executor?s Office on an assignment many people would find horrific - the examination of the mortal remains of the late emperor. The gruesome task had been assigned to her by the Executor, Lord Vader, who was now heralded as Palpatine?s successor. Sabe, however, was looking forward to seeing the battered corpse of the man who had caused so much suffering in the galaxy as well as to her family. She only wished she had been there to see Palpatine?s final moments.

    The enclosed black speeder hurried along the reserved airlane for those on government business. In front and behind the government vehicle were a mixture of Naboo and Ursean security. The speeder-cade had detoured from its destination to pick up Dr Giles Senob, official court physician to Her Highness, Queen Amidala II. Sabe had known Giles Senob for years and and yet lately, Amidala had wondered if she truly knew the good doctor.

    Sabe knew Giles had suffered personal tragedy in his life years ago with the deaths of his only child and wife. He had grown to love Padme Amidala as he would his own child. With her death, Giles attempted to drown his pain with alcohol, leaving the ARR in which he had been a founding member. He had clawed his way back to sobriety and was once more in the same office he held before joining the Alliance. Sabe knew Senob?s mother was still alive and well on Naboo and mother and son shared a close bond. GIles never mentioned his father.

    Sabe cast her eyes upon the antique black physician?s bag currently resting upon the gray upholstery beside Senob. The medical bag was practically an extension of Doctor. She hardly ever saw Giles without it. From that bag, the doctor would withdraw all types of potions, pills, liquids and medical instruments. Amidala was always curious about the case and would love to peer into it. It appeared as she joked that it was bottomless - no doubt she theorized - it lead into another dimension.

    Seeing her eyes upon his medical bag, Senob lightly rested his hand upon it, as if guessing her thoughts.

    "Sigit Ranth has been seldom holographed. He prefers to stay in the shadows. He is a middle aged human male with brown hair and goatee. Ranth became Palpatine?s personal physician 12 years ago. I was able to access a list of Palpatine?s personal servants and discovered he is paid a salary of 600,000 credits a year as the Emperor?s personal physician.?

    Senob whistled. "With a salary like that he could buy his own planet in a few years!...Perhaps I?m working too cheap...? Giles gave Sabe one of his rare smiles.

    "I was able to have all his monetary accounts frozen, so he won?t be able to access any funds if he decides Coruscant no longer suits him.? Sabe slid her other glove on. "Oh, I did discover a few years ago he stayed for a time on Kamino studying their cloning techniques.? Sabe paused. "It would not go well for the galaxy if there were a bunch of clones of Palpatine wandering about."

    "No, I daresay not."

    "Currently Dr Ranth is being held under house arrest and Palpatine?s personal quarters and Ranth?s office and laboratory are forcesealed, monitored and under heavy guard. If anyone besides Anakin Skywaker or myse
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    IC: Captain Scyther Vectis & the AllStars
    Location: Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    As the pallet was brought forward to bring the Emperor?s body to the Embassy itself, Bahari?s grip on Scyther?s hand tightened. The media probably loved this; with the amount of hover globes around no doubt it would make headline news this afternoon or tonight.

    Morelli and Grayson were still looking down, Morelli looking visibly upset, Grayson gritting his teeth and taking deep gulps of air. Terric?s salute was wobbling, even a man as cheerful man such as him could be affected by the sight of your former leader?s coffin being brought out.

    A group of people had jumped off the gunship Scyther noted, one of them looking visibly pale and looking rather dodgy to Scyther?s assumption. He looked over towards them, Scyther raising her eyebrow as if to say ?What are you looking for?? Also present was a man in Captain?s uniform, this was probably Captain Sohmer of Krayt?s Fire, the ship Danger Zone and Peace Keeper had escorted and kept an eye on.

    Scyther guessed Sohmer was probably going to try to give her some verbal lip after she had given him a subtle ear bashing. She didn?t mind though, she had had worse verbal beatings mainly from her instructors at the Academy.

    As the procession moved towards the Embassy, the AllStars dropped their salutes and stood hands behind their backs. The solemnity of the occasion would undoubtedly shake them all but Scyther would see that their morale would be boosted; no doubt Terric or Arazov would come up with a novel way to brighten up the day.

    Ivanov, who was much taller than the other?s and could see over the trooper?s head?s what was going on, informed Scyther that Lord Vader had stopped the cortege from going any further and was looking at the casket itself, probably checking as to whether the body within the casket was Palptine himself and not some double.

    The read skinned alien named Ahsoka was beside Lord Vader and Ivanov was looking at her closely, as he was the pale skinned man who was in charge at the moment of the Emperor?s remains. Ivanov didn?t like the look of him, he looked dangerous, and anyone who looked dangerous in Ivanov?s mind was a danger to the group. He resisted from touching the butt of his blaster.
    Finally after a cannon shot which shook the tarmac a little and a bell tolling, Ivanov informed the other?s that the cortege was moving again towards the Embassy and eventually disappeared, guards moving to block the way from entry.

    The Emperor is dead mused Scyther heaven only knows what his body will be subjected to now.

    Madison leaning over Bahari?s shoulder said ?You know, I hope we never have to do this again. It was needless to say?.painful?

    Scyther turned her head so she could speak to him ?Well Madison, here?s hoping we don?t, but if there?s one thing the Empire does well, it?s pomp and ceremony?.

    Bahari nodded ?Being a nobleman, you get used to it more than most. Needless to say, it will probably be a smash hit on the HoloNet?

    Scyther nodded and turned back to the front, Ivanov had turned his head again to speak to the others.

    ?The pale man you no doubt have spotted is being arrested for something? Ivanov said his tone sounding if he wanted to personally drop kick the man out of his sight ?He?s being surrounded by guards. Looks like he did something pretty serious in order to warrant this amount of attention?.

    ?Defiantly looks like he has a screw loose somewhere? said Terric.

    ?Now now boys, let?s not be hasty. We don?t know what he?s like. I can guess he is pretty important though from what Ivanov says. If he wasn?t he wouldn?t have so many guards around him if he was just some lowlife they had picked up. But be on your guard, you never know what any prisoner is capable of doing?

    ?He?s greeting a man in Captain?s uniform now? reported Ivanov, ?his must be Captain Sohmer I presume?.

    ?Indeed it is Ivanov? Scyther affirmed ? Arazov and Bahari did a good job of watching and escorting him, no doubt he?ll probably want to have a word with me about t
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    IC: Colonel Sin, Captain Sohmer, Ursean Embassy
    Location: Coruscant

    For once, the Force refused to forewarn the colonel how this would go, as he found himself facing the new Emperor. He had felt the other Hand, Wayland, die, so at least he knew how bad it could get.

    ?I am in your debt for the return of the corpse, Col. Sin,-?

    Mm. Didn?t sound so bad.

    ?-which is why I will see to it, you receive a fair trial. General Lekhauf, arrest Col. Sin for gross insubordination and high treason, for dereliction of duty in the field of battle and for the destruction of the People?s Palace.?

    ?What?? Sin?s eyes widened, protesting while he had the chance, ?You cannot do me for the Palace fire, Anakin! I was in pursuit of a suspect.?

    ?As you command, Your Majesty!? General Lekhauf decided to re-iterate the charge for the hard of hearing, and those in the cheap seats, as he re-donned his jacket. ? Col. Sin, you are under arrest by order of your Supreme Commander and Imperial Executor for the reasons just stated. You will submit and go in complete compliance immediately. Attempts to do otherwise on your part will be taken as further evidence of your intent and you will be summarily executed. Sergeant, cuff the prisoner.?

    ?You?ll never take me alive, Copper!? Sin promised for the benefit of one of the myriad of spherical holocams, Coruscant News 24 wrapped over the silver hull in blue script.


    The influence of the locked force cuffs coursing through his body, the captive stared the holocam dead in the lens, his voice levelling and losing its power, allowing him to mentor: ?Today?s broadcast was brought to you by the word ?hyperbole?, and the number ?3?.?

    The Re separated the entourage into four ? the coffin going one ahead, it?s route getting sealed to further access; he invited the captains of the Krayt?s Fire and the Roadblock to accompany him; Sin?s group included Commander Merch and a Force Sensitive Togruta that he had never seen before; and left outside, everyone wearing armour.

    ?Captain Sohmer, I presume!? The Emperor had appraised the Venator personnel with a smile. ?Captain Sohmer, Captain Vectis, please, walk with me.?

    For his part, Captain Sohmer was slightly dazed to be walking along here in the personal company of the current Emperor!

    What a whirlwind time from five years aboard the Wraithis, secondment to the Krayt?s Fire; his tangle with Tarkin, and the other?s attempt to ruin his naval career?.that was a point. Was he Navy or ORIC ? Outer Rim Intelligence Centre ? now?

    As cries of dismissal echoed across the square, Sohmer turned to his jumptrooper guard to do the same, but the Clawdite looked back at him, and they exchanged knowing glances and nods.

    The four troops about-faced and returned to the LAAT.

    Sohmer walked at the left, and slightly behind the Re.

    ?I take it your journey from the space port to the Embassy was not without event, Captain Sohmer. Colonel Sin, when not brooding, is often busy at some private joke to which the rest of the Universe is sadly not privy.?

    The polished stone floors, and the shiny grey columns that they were passing, were a far cry from the interior of a star destroyer.
    This place evoked power and influence.

    ?I am sure Captain Sohmer knows how to deal with situations like this. I?m sure little things like transports don?t affect him either.?

    A few hours in the Sith Marauder's company was enough to push other matters out of one's head. While he recognised that her comment was some kind of swipe at him, he didn't know what she was on about.

    ?Sadly, Your Majesty,? Sohmer responded dolefully. U
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to Pashatemur for this joint post between us, it has been a pleasure.

    ~IC~ Kaylee and Rowan Halcyon, Doctor Meril Blanik
    Half a deca-cycle before the incident at Coruscant
    Location: Icarus - hyperspace

    Kaylee directed Rowan to place Se?Iva down upon the examination bed at the centre of the room. Another doctor, Meril Blanik, had been called to assist and had brought the monitors online before giving Kaylee an affirmative nod. Regarding Rowan, Kaylee hesitated for a second as she watched a small grimace flash over his face as he caressed Se?Iva?s brow and cheek.

    ?Take a seat Rowan, there is nothing more you can do for the moment.? Kaylee gently assured him as she pulled her long blond hair back away from her face and into a rustic ponytail. ?Let me do what I can.?

    She pulled a frame into position beside the bed which resembled a mobile clothes rack. The frame matched the length of the bed with a large flat device overhanging out from the central rail. Activating the controls, a thin solid shaft of blue light cast downward from the device. The motors hummed as it tracked along the rail to the end of the bed, it?s light bending and curving over and around the contours of Se?s motionless form.

    Letting the medical scanner run it?s course, Kaylee joined the other doctor at the monitor and watched as the internal mapping of Se?Iva?s body compiled on the displays. There was so little they knew of the Cha?ala physiology and the data from the scan would go to help understand the species further, but this was not the time for scientific discoveries and she would not dare do so without Se?Iva?s consent.

    ?Heart rate is stable... her breathing normal...? Kaylee read out the vitality though there was something peculiar which didn?t make sense to her. ?I... these are unusual brain activities... I am guessing for heightened cognitive abilities...though-?

    Meril pointed to the folded wing structure. ?Aren?t these-?

    ?Fractures...? Kaylee finished and bit her bottom lip. ?There are several smaller fractures along the wing spines.? Pouring over the data, they tried to work out why Se?Iva was in a comatose state but there were roadblocks to making progress that kept reminding them that she was not a human.

    Sighing, Kaylee turned from the monitor to face Rowan whom was sitting at the corner. ?The cuts and the damage to her wings we can treat but for what is wrong with her...? She lowered her gaze and shook her head. ?I am sorry, we don?t understand... it is out of our league. We are going to run a few more tests but I guess it comes down to Se?s consciousness deciding whether she is ready to come back.?

    Rowan nodded in understanding and she felt a pang as she saw his expression had drooped somewhat. Moving to stand before him, she reached down and took his hand in hers. ?I want to keep her here for overnight observation... assuming it is currently night.? Her thumb stroking the top of his hand. ?Until then, I want you to come with me.?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Allowing Kaylee to lead me out and over to the next medical cubicle, the door closed behind us and gave us much welcomed privacy. I could sense some anxiety coming from her, as though she could not wait to rest. Locking eyes, I inclined my head to let her know I understood. She straightened her posture but the neutrality of her expression softened. Oh how I missed her so, I could read in her face that she indeed had missed me.

    ?You shall be my last patient for the evening.? Kaylee announced in a manner which caused me to smile, in turn she returned one of her own. ?Come, sit on t
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    IC: Han Solo
    Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    The light the medical droid shone into his good eye blurred his vision, making it next to impossible to track the animated Enfanta as she bounced to and fro across the room in an attempt to aid in his care. As she moved, she bombarded him with a flurry of questions, most of which went beyond comprehension as he struggled to adapt to his new surroundings. After all, it was his first time falling was a new experience for him.

    ?Did you worry about me?? she asked hurriedly. ?You look awful. I worried so about you, but Papa said you were very strong and it wouldn?t help to worry. Do you hurt very much? I didn?t know you were missing until they brought you back and that made me worry even more! Oh, water!?

    "I, head--what?" Han cut himself off and merely stared at her through his good eye as she skipped away from the bed again to retrieve a glass of water. Her actions were almost comical as she moved awkwardly to stay out of the medical droid's way while still trying to help. In fact, Han thought for sure that the droid would end up wearing the glass of water with the way they were dancing about each other. By some miracle, however, she returned to the bedside and made her presence known by shoving the glass into Han's face. The water splashed up over the side of the glass and dribbled down Han's chin and onto the blankets that were wrapped about his torso.

    Han winced at the incident, but still managed to offer a smile for her hospitality. "Uh, thanks," he uttered quietly as he started to sip on what still remained in the glass. "Much better, actually. It's just what I needed."

    Sophia seemed quite content with that answer and quickly moved on to the next order of business - applying a bacta patch to a nasty abrasion on the back of his hand. Han lowered the glass of water from his lips and simply watched her work for several moments. He was surprised with her touch and how a child of her age could show such care - it was as if she was cuddling with her favorite stuffed toy. It was in that moment that he came to realize just how much he meant to her, that she would go to such great lengths to make sure that he was fully taken care of. No one ever treated him with that kind of respect before...

    ?The patient needs rest, Your Highness,? the medical droid announced in its monotone drawl.

    "No, I'm fine," Han cut in suddenly, drawing his attention away from Sophia to give the droid a stern look. "She can stay. Besides, I don't think I could sleep another wink after being out of it for that long."

    ?It?s a good thing Ahsoka found you," Sophia said after a moment, remaining at his bedside.

    Han managed to smile, but something was bothering him about that comment. For one, who was Ahsoka? He had some recollection of a woman hovering over him, but he couldn't discern if she was only a dream, like Sara Soto had been, or if she was truly real. Was it normal to have lapses in your memory like that after being clocked over the head? He rubbed gingerly at the point of impact, just above his temple, and frowned.

    If he was having trouble remembering his rescuer, what else was he forgetting? His eyes suddenly grew wide with fear as the thought hit him like a ton of bricks. The knapsack and the model!

    By this time, Maruuke had made her presence known, but Han completely brushed off her welcome and instead, greeted her with a worried gaze. "Where's my stuff?" he asked simply.

    The answer to that question meant everything to him. While Sophia was one of the remaining few in this galaxy to actually show him some shred of respect, he had to go ahead and lose the model she gave him as a gift. What kind of a friend did something like that?

    TAG: Sophia, Maruuke
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    ~OOC~ This post is a collaboration between LZM/MOO and myself, thank you for this opportunity. @};-

    ~IC~ Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo, Defence Minister Yomin Nacluv, Captain Brandei.
    Location: Chommell Sector

    Location: Naboo - Theed

    The box shaped, navy coloured Gian speeder followed the road along the eastern bank of the Solleu River. The traffic was light leading away from the spaceport, the closer they got to the city?s centre there became a noticeable influx of pedestrians. The Nabooian vehicle reduced its speed, from the rear passenger seat Thrawn glanced away from his datapad to see they had entered a large open space. Gazing across, he could see that a series of stalls had been erected at intervals along the whole of the plaza. Patrons were mingling about enjoyed the warm tranquil nighttime atmosphere, a small band performing festive music to the crowds, bright lights and open air markets.  The view disappeared from sight as the speeder continued along underneath an impressive archway, the sandstone architecture of the buildings closed up on either side forming a narrow street, the lights flickered by.

    Indicating, the speeder turned out onto a larger street before it coming to one of the multiple bridges that connects the city together. From their vantage point, the view of the city opened up for just that moment as they reached the centre of the bridge. Smaller boats arranged by the boathouse, some had already departed, their lanterns and banners hung from posts as their wake languidly trailed behind their journey upriver. The Royal Palace towered over the other buildings in the city with it?s sheer scale, the exterior lights created harsh contrasts between light and shadows.  

    Several moments later the Gian Speeder had arrived at their destination, just ahead the entrance to the Palace was visible.  Inside is where Defence Minister Nacluv?s offices are located. Disembarking the speeder, the Grand Admiral leaned over and gave the driver instructions for where to wait for him. The air was still warm as he approached the main gates, he noted the pair of Naboo Security Guards that stood as sentries. The sentries followed procedure and halted his progress at the gate. It took a brief moment for them to authenticate the Admiral?s identification before allowing him to pass through to the palace.

    Following along the garden path, the view gave a different perspective of the city of Theed from between the branches and leaves of the immaculately pruned hedges and trees, the roar of the waterfalls were noticeably louder at night.  The lantern lit, paved steps lead up and into the Palace. The sound of booted footfalls reverberate about the cavernous space. There, standing alone, a young man was waiting for him. 

    "Grand Admiral Thrawn?" The man stepped forward and greeted the Chiss with a brief bow of his head. "Defence Minister Yomin Nacluv has been expecting you.? The man turned and gestured with his hand to a corridor leading off to his right. ?Please follow me.?

    Without any further words, Thrawn was guided down dimly lit passage ways that were not normally seen by the general public that lead deeper inside the palace. The second floor contains the nerve centre of the Nabooian government, where decisions are made and orders carried out that affects the citizens of this world. Doors lead off to other departments; Finances, Education, The Arts...

    They arrived at the Department of Defence and brought directly to head office to see Nacluv. Nacluv rose from behind his desk to greet the Grand Admiral and then gave a nod to dismiss the aide. The aide closed the door as he left to ensure privacy.

    "You've no doubt had received the message, our team had recovered the materials from the coordinates you had given us." Nacluv stated.

    "I appreciate the efforts your people had done for recovering said materials." Thrawn gave the m
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    IC: Sophia Anastasia - Enfanta of Ursa, Maruuke - Nanny to the Enfanta
    LOCATION: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy

    Sophia looked from Han to Maruuke when the nurse replied in her heavy accent, ?I did not see you when you were brought in, but perhaps your things have been put away,? said the tall, buxom Ursean who asked him for a description.

    Sophia jumped down from her seat nestled close to Han, adding that she would help. Soon all drawers and cabinets had been searched where were neatly hung and folded clothes and useful articles purchased for the young man?s use by some young Ursean staff member who?d never met Han Solo, procuring them over the space of two hours days ago in expectation of the cadet?s eventual leave from the Academy.

    Nothing held up was anything he could recognize as part of that which he?d carried from Vos? ship the night before.

    ?Maybe Miss Tano or Chief Supiro has your gear or mommie...? said Sophia helpfully and wanting to please Han as she sat down in her chair next to the bed, placing her chin in her palms to gaze up at him.

    ?Ja, the Enfanta is correct. I?ll ask for your things, Master Han,? said Maruuke, neither nanny nor her charge understanding the urgency behind Han?s query.

    ?Did you fly in battle with Papa? Was it exciting and terrible?? Sophia filled the quiet with questions she had really wanted to ask her father earlier. The notion of war had been on her mind and the idea of conflict on such a large scale seemed overwhelming to her, but over time, Sophia had learned that her father never liked to speak of what he did away from Ursa and his gruff and often cold replies to her queries were daunting enough to discourage her natural curiosity, at least to the extent that she refrained from asking him, though she longed to do so.

    Such missteps were often made in the forgetfulness that came of seeing her father after a long absence and for a very quiet few moments, Anakin?s daughter would cast her eyes to some object, or study the weave of his cloak over his shoulder upon which she rested and wait till he remembered to smile again.

    On approach to Coruscant, her mother had carefully curtailed information concerning her father?s injuries and all the while, waiting to disembark, mother and daughter schooled in noble restraint, a tutorial not available in a slave?s paltry education, had quietly waited in foreboding, impossibly overjoyed to see the Re was healed and sound!

    Still, aboard the Mavras Maelstrom, Sophia Anastasia had caught sight of a holo her mother had studied of ?Papa?s? injured state - blistered, bloodied and charred, and it had given the Enfanta a view of a world of violence and cruelty from which she had long been sheltered and it was slowly unsettling her. Thus, seeing Han so hurt, she was stirred to speak the worry she could not speak earlier. ?He was sorely wounded...? The Enfanta said of her father and linking the battle with Han?s wounds, she shook her head to clear her mind of the cruel images that wandered in like phantoms unbidden into her lovely and beautiful child?s garden; the concern she?d been feeling inside welled up in her eyes as she took Han?s hands gingerly by the fingertips and tried to be mature, smiling to him though two shimmering tears slipped quietly down her cheeks.

    Then she stood remembering just as she did not know the source of her father?s injuries, she did not know why her friend should be assailed. ?Han! Why were you hurt? Chief Supiro said Ahsoka had to fight assailant. Who did this to you?? This she asked stumbling over the technical word the police chief had used.

    With a rustle of her skirts, Maruuke hurried through the sunny shafts of light that fell with growing brightness across the floor to put her hands gently but firmly on Sophia?s little shoulders. It was becoming clear that Master Solo was anxious about this
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    Ic Fredrck Kruggerlim

    Location The bridge of the Executor

    Fredrick, who now stood on the bridge of the star destroyer, found him self being confronted by an Imperial officer who was barking orders at him as his face began to turn a shade of crimson. If Kruggerlim's memory was correct this man stood before was Admiral Ozzel, he also had no recollection or idea of the names of those who were stood near the Admiral. One thing Fredrick did know he had hopelessly over played his own hand and was now stood alone, the Ursean looked around the room quickly to spot that he would have to play this situation extremely carefully as scattered around the room were Imperial Shocktroopers.

    Fredrick could see that every one of the troopers hands hovered dangerously over there weapons and despite the fact that he worked directly under the Re of Ursa, they would blast him the second they thought he became a threat.

    You must be Kruggerlim...out of uniform, insubordination, striking your superior officers. Combat dealt you a bad hand, young man? I?m not interested in your sob story. I?m busy abiding my duty which is to keep the order! You are definitely out of place and if you?ve a shred of common sense left, you will remember your duty. This is your only chance,? 

    Fredrick lifted his hands to try and pacify the Admiral but before he could speak Ozzel was barking at him again.

    ?...You will leave my bridge immediately! Put this man in the brig.?

    ?Admiral, please? Fredrick spoke but this time not with a voice he was unfamiliar with, the voice he spoke with was rough and harsh sounding despite the fact he was trying to calm the situation ?I only want information on the success of the mission and to contact the K.I.G ?..?

    Before he could finish he noticed Ozzel give a slight nod of his head and then he felt the butt of carbine smash into the back of his head. Then darkness over took him

    Tag Admiral Ozzel and other Imperials on the bridge
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    IC: Jori Atredies, Director Aurelius
    0.5 deca-cycles before the incident at Coruscant
    Island Villa, Kaladan, Union

    It was the morning after the attack. The mysterious attackers vanished just as suddenly as they appeared. There was no trace of the fighter carrier, nor from its crew. It was as if they had never existed. The water looked serene as if nothing had happened. Except for the fighters from near Sokolovo Air Base circling around everything looked normal. Jori was sitting at the very same table where she and Rowan had dinner together. Conflicting emotions burned inside her and she barely ate her breakfast consisting of boiled eggs, some fruits and a citrus juice.

    She felt betrayed, Rowan had escaped her without saying anything. There were clearly other outsiders on the island and her guards in their incompetence were not able to find them. Probably the attack was orchestrated by him, he made a fool out of her and she was a person who does not easily forget, nor forgive. Though the reason of this attack eluded her, since clearly the assailants had the power they could have easily decimated any target in the Union. Or was this a message, a warning of sorts? But there were no further communications from them... Was this Empire?s work? They are the only ones possessing enough power to do so, but what was the motive?

    Jori noted that she had been too trusting and that man played with her feelings and manipulated her. Well now he will have to suffer the consequences of crossing him, this must not go unpunished. She rubbed her eyes, the duchess felt exhausted and this surprised her. Usually she was able to cope with staying up all night, but the emotional exhaustion took its toll. She refused evacuation despite the urgings of the guards though there was nothing she could do but due to mere stubbornness refused to do so.

    She drummed her gentle fingers on the table while looking absentmindedly at the scenery. Another pair of SuFs passed by, luckily they were high enough so that the sonic boom won?t break the windows. Since last night?s display of incompetence by her people she started doubting that anyone could actually do anything right in the Union. Jori then turned her gaze to her food and took the fork. She was not hungry so she just poked the pieces of fruit.

    ?It is not good to play with your food...? came a familiar voice.

    Jori managed to conceal the fact that she was startled by the sudden appearance of the CSS director Aurelius. The duchess forgot the man?s habit of sneaking on people. She didn?t hear the man?s ship arrive either. Probably he had taken the special CSS shuttles that had extremely silent engines so you can?t tell whether something is coming. She glared at him for startling her and for speaking to her like that. His mouth was smiling at her, but his eyes as always remained unnaturally cold and calculating. Jori was both afraid and attracted to this gaze. Without saying a word she just indicated for him to sit down in the chair opposing her.

    She then waited for him to settle down ?I will pretend that I did not hear what you said to me.?

    He nodded in appreciation.

    ?Thank you Your Highness...? his sly smile appeared again ?Or should I say future Your Ultimacy.?

    Jori rolled her eyes and waved with her hand in front of her face to indicate for him to cut to the chase and dispense with the pleasantries.
    ?I have some good news. Our satellites managed to record the incident with a lot of details. We are sending all the telemetry data to Ix right now for further analysis.?

    Jori raised an eyebrow.


    ?Well that is about it.?

    The duchess raised her hands and her face was not concealing her irritation.

    ?What about the identity of the attackers? Their motives??

    Aurelius stared at her for a moment.

    ?Unfortunately we have no idea about the identity, nor the motives. One thing is for sure it was not an Imperial attack.?

    Jori narrowed her eyes.

    ?How can you be so sure? Is there another force that can do this??

    A smug smile appeared on the director?s lips.

    ?If it was an Imperial
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    IC: Estaban Corel, Medical Wing, Super Star Destroyer Executor

    "Won't be need this," The lieutenant said to the shocktrooper and doctor, and tossed the small plastic tub over his shoulder, ignoring the soft double impact sound from behind him, ducking through the hatch, and wandering away along the corridor.

    Tag: no-one
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    Also, welcome home!!
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    ~OOC~ Reposting this post from 23 Jan to set up for the forthcoming posts, other posts are on the way.

    ~IC~ Captain Dorja
    Location: Chommell Sector - Obligon Nebula/Arrissa's Field - 'Relentless'

    While the ‘Ambassador’ from the Union moved to confer with the rest of his entourage, Captain Dorja sucked in his breath for a moment as he regarded the rabble of Panthera Squadron. Their undisciplined form and unconventional background made them stand out from the usual cadets but in the end, they are still a bunch of regular flyboys. As Dorja approached them, the pilots broke out of their loose circle and their chatter died down. Dorja held their gaze before locking onto Major Sam Sparro, whom acting as leader of the squadron in the wake of Captain Juno Eclipse’s ‘absence’.

    “Captain.” They said in varied tones and timing before they fell into ranks.

    'Sloppy!’ Dorja kept the comment to himself that these men do not share the same scrupulous procedures that his own people performs. The Captain folded his arms behind, his hands clasped together against the small of his back. He gave a brief nod of acknowledgement before he cut straight to business. “Are you all accounted for?”

    “Yes.. Ah..” The cheerful expressions of the pilots went sullen as the adrenaline high were not enough to overrule the memory of earlier events above Naboo’s orbit. “No sir, ‘Oxiana’ was disabled and we lost the Captain. She-”

    “I have been informed of the situation, Major.” Dorja interrupted him, a further explanation would have to wait until they are secured. They do not want possible eavesdroppers to overhear and their new guests to pick up on mixed signals. Loose lips shatters ships.

    “And that is, Captain?” One of the pilots interjected. “What is the situation?”

    “That it is far from over.” Dorja narrowed his eyes at them. With a raise of his hand, a platoon of Stormtroopers marched forward and encircled the pilots. “Until then, you will be escorted to a secure hold and there you will await until properly debriefed.”

    He ignored the look of surprise on the pilots faces as the troopers silently escorted them out of the hanger bay. His watched them until they were gone from sight before his gaze flickered to the closed bay doors. Situated in a bay on the opposite side of the vast Star Destroyer's hanger, a team of his best armed forces were being assembled. Raising his comlink close to his mouth, Dorja whispered. “Commander, is your team ready?”

    ["All set and ready to depart.”]

    “Very good.” Dorja responded. “You may begin the operation at your earliest convenience.”

    Given recent developments expressed to Dorja by the Grand Admiral, it is believed that the 'Ragnarök’ has been compromised. A leak like that should not be left unattended otherwise it can leave irreparable damage, if it has not already. The 'Relentless’ is a failsafe, Dorja realised, that it was for this very reason why the Grand Admiral had his command assigned to babysit the other vessel out in the middle of nowhere. Silencing his com, Dorja returned it to his pocket before turning around. From his vantage point he witness the elderly gentleman, garbed in white robes, converse with his people. When this Master Dondarion has finished, they will ensure his people are settled in the quarters that are set up specifically for them.

    TAG: Master Dondarion, Open
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    Due to the long sabbatical of the site and this game, the Alliance has won the war. They are now in control of the Galaxy. Anakin Skywalker died of skin cancer. Mon Mothma became Chancellor of the restored Republic. The Jedi Temple was re-opened and now accepts the fact that Jedi can love another and has recognized marriage amongst Jedi. Torian Darkeyes retired and opened a bar on Corellia and every Monday and Wednesday ladies drink for free and appetizers are half off. Good night everyone and may the schwartz be with you.
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    Yeah, well… It's about time they had come to their senses, us Corellians, has had that for millennia... unless they had recently changed their constitution on such matters.

    Welcome back, it's great to see you again Ominous and MOLP :)
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    I managed to stay away, all of two weeks during the Move, and now, I and my characters have moved on.

    Best of luck for the continuation of the Galaxy at War series; I had a great time with you all in GAW III. :)
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    OOC: This is a joint post brrought to you by myself and CO, nice to see you all, to see you all nice;)

    IC: Sam Gerard, Cosmon “Cosmo” Rendell, John Royce, Savah Poole-Cooper, Noah Noonan, Bobby Brigstocke, Nani Kali’iwa, Dan’el Denison (NPC's)
    Location: Chommell Sector - Obligon Nebula/Arrissa’s Field, ISD Relentless

    In the hangar bay next door to where all the activity with the Union visitors was going on, the strike team was preparing for their mission.

    Commander Sam Gerard, the leader of his team, or his “kids” as he called them affectionately, watched his team loading their gear aboard. They weren't going to take a lot with them this time, but Cosmo, Savah and Dan’el were going to need their kits and duffel bags filled with spare clothes. After all they were going to play the scientists in this little deception, meanwhile the others were dressed as officers.

    The main aspect of the mission was to gather the data on board Ragnarök, and then hopefully arrest the Captain of the ship and take him back to face charges. The scientists though were never going to know what hit them because they were going to be retired.....permanently.

    “Alright kids, saddle up” came the gruff tones of Gerard “let’s get this show on the road”

    The others nodded and began their final checks of their equipment before they boarded their Lambda class shuttle which would take them to their destination. Noah Noonan, the youngest of the team was looking quite nervous, but Gerard knew that when the action started he would be up to the task.

    Savah examined herself one more time before turning to Brigstocke and Royce and smiling “How do I look?”

    “Same as usual” said Royce with his usual disarming smile, his floppy brown fringe making him look younger than he was. Brigstocke just laughed.

    Savah just smirked at him and turned to Dan’el and Nani “Come on you two, you must have something more flattering to say....”

    “Ah...” Dan’el looked up from his datapad, he was aiming to catch up on last minute technical notes regarding the Ragnarök. He had only been on that Destroyer-converted-research-vessel several times since he had being stationed on board the Relentless and during those moments he had to act as an outside consultant for the Ragnarök’s scientists. “Wo-” He bit his bottom lip as he looked up Savah from toe to head. “Looks good... You certainly look the part. Hopefully we won’t lose you amongst the crowd.”

    “Like you can talk,” Nani rolled her eyes and shook her head with bemusement. “You all might actually be mistaken for a scientists if you aren’t careful.”

    "You make that sound like a bad thing.." Dan'el turned around to face her.

    "It's their egos!" Nani retorted and nudged him. “Now don’t start getting any ideas, okay?”

    “Since old Danny boy has been there several times, he’s literally part of the furniture” said Royce smiling “How can we lose such beautiful ladies as Savah and Nani”

    Savah laughed, winked at Royce and then walked up the shuttle ramp. Brigstocke shook his head and followed her after picking up her kit.

    Once everybody was aboard, Gerard being the last to board after making sure everybody had everything they needed, he commanded their pilot to take off and head towards Ragnarök after gaining clearance from the bridge.

    “Alright kids let's go over the plan one more time” Gerard said moving to the front of the shuttle so they could all see him, he ran his steely gaze over each of them.

    “Cosmo, Savah, and Dan’el, you’re going to be the ones acting normal on this mission, and by acting normal I mean going about your business as scientists do, try and get little titbits of information off your colleagues, might be useful later”.

    “That shouldn't be too hard” said Cosmo smirking slightly.

    “Myself and young Noah here will go and grab the Captain, we want to try to leave this person alive if possible, but if all our options are wasted then I’m afraid he will have to be dealt the death option”

    Noonan nodded understanding his role, was to basically follow Gerards orders and act when needed.

    “Royce, Nani, you’ve got the most important task, to retrieve the data and then set the ship to self destruct in the best way you can determine, Brigstocke here will be your bodyguard. “

    “So it’s simple, pull off the data and make something blow up” said Royce smirking and then turning to Nani” I’ll bet you’ve got a big old surprise in store for these guys”

    “Ohh.... You’re going to love what I have cooked up for them... ” Nani matched Royce’s smirk as she padded her pack. “Thanks to Dan’s notes, I am pretty sure my ‘babies’ and I can handle whatever Ragnarök has got. I’ve written an application that disguises itself as a routine system check... debugging certain programs, taking some offline. Sounds innocent enough, however it will extract and package the data we need from their terminals as a hidden subroutine while it rewrites the operations of the destroyer’s systems... the ship will be ours and once I’m set, it’ll be too late for them to stop the take over.” She smiled proudly in the fact that her weapon can be more devastating than anything anyone could physically wield. “You could consider that to be my big surprise.”

    “The only weapon I have is right here” said Brigstocke patting his trusty sidearm which had been upgraded and modified to pack a nasty punch whether it be set to stun or kill “Hope I don’t have to use it”

    “So do we Bobby” said Gerard sternly “ Now if you have any problems with orders and such, then present them with the orders we have received from and approved by Grand Admiral Thrawn himself, and make sure they are not the orders to destroy the ship”

    The others smiled at that despite themselves. The Captain at least would know the real orders, but only when they found him and arrested him.

    “Coming up on the Ragnarök sir” said the pilot “Will ask for permission to land”

    “Excellent, let’s saddle up ladies and gents, myself, Newman and Brigstocke out first followed by the scientists. Royce, Nani, bring up the rear”

    They all gathered up their equipment, the scientists gathering up their duffel bags with the equipment they needed and spare clothes hiding it all. Royce’s and Nani’s computer equipment was inside one of the other duffels which Royce would carry, Brigstocke, Gerard and Noonan only needed their blasters.

    “So Dan’el” said Savah conversationally “What’s the best way for us to infiltrate this bird and get out again without us being blown to bits?”

    “Getting in will be the easy part.” Dan’el gave a nod in the direction of the cockpit. “At the moment, they have no reason to suspect us... we go in and act..” he frowned slightly, it didn’t settle well with him about who they are going against, but orders are orders, even if they conflicted with what he once knew. “Well, whatever is considered normal nowadays...” He muttered before shaking his head. “Sorry, I’m blabbering.” He flashed Savah a smile. “Ah- We will be fine... we just have to occupy Pete’s attention, the lead scientist there. He is harmless... and somewhat clueless about everything else that is outside of his field. If we stick together, we can make it out with nothing to worry about.”

    “Well that’s definitely a woman’s job” said Savah with a smirk “I hope he can handle medical jargon”.

    “Ah... well, who can resist conversing with such a brilliant mind in the field?” Dan’el grinned as he readjusted the weight of his duffel bag over his shoulder. The confidence of the team made him feel a bit more at ease about what they were about to do. “I guess we’ll find out soon enough.”

    TAG: To be continued.....
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    OOC This is a joint post between me and C_O, thank you!

    ~IC~ Captain Dorja
    Location: Chommell Sector - Obligon Nebula/Arrissa's Field - 'Relentless'

    Captain Dorja gave a tight smile as he watched the 'Ambassador' from the Union finish his instructions to his entourage, and the elderly gentleman had turned to regard him.

    Dorja stepped from his position and approached Dondarion, his eyes glanced warily of some of the armed and armoured personnel. "I do have one request, before you and your people are escorted to the quarters; that all weapons are to remain aboard your shuttle. This is for a safety and security precaution. I hope you’ll agree and understand that we don't want any misunderstanding to turn into an accident."

    Eddard turned to face the Captain and smiled pleasantly at the man.

    “I am pleased to inform you that we already did that. Just to be on the safe side. Of course you are free to frisk us if it is necessary.” he then turned his head looking at the Royal Guard Thaddeus.

    His deeply black armor glinted on the artificial lightning. The visor of the inhuman looking helmet was burning red. He was completely still, though despite that he still looked threatening enough. Even without his weapons Thaddeus can easily be considered a walking one. This worried him, as the Royal Guards were the most zealous members and their mechanically augmented bodies made them quite strong and resilient. Combined with the fact that Thaddeus can be easily considered dead for several decades now, only supported by the machine that his body is. So he did not fear death and he had the means to inflict a lot of pain and do some damage. Eddard needed a way to keep an eye on the guard and keep him docile enough not to cause any further problems.

    “I instructed the crew to be obedient and not to cause any trouble. I hope you will be understanding towards their peculiarities.”

    “Thank you, I do appreciate your cooperation.” Dorja turned his head partially and glanced across to where the remaining platoon of Stormtroopers stood, their flawless white armour glinted under the harsh hanger lighting. “If you would permit... would you be kind enough to assist the security detail to confirm no weapons are amongst your crew? I assure you that there will be nothing to be concerned about regarding those under my command, they have been instructed well.”

    Eddard nodded and turned towards his men in Kaladanese.

    “You heard him, you will all comply with their procedures. I know it will be hard for you to endure the torture of being touched by an outsider but you will have to bear it.” he couldn’t hide his sarcasm from his voice.

    He then turned again to Dorja.

    “Please do be careful with the maids, after all they are just young and innocent girls.” then his gaze shifted indicating the Royal Guard Thaddeus “And I am sure you won’t need to frisk Thaddeus he doesn’t react well to this, besides he can be considered a walking weapon.”

    “Hmm, we will take that into consideration.” Dorja answered the ambassador and gave a slight nod and motioned to the platoon. “We are required to stick to protocol after all.” Dorja explained as two armoured officers stepped from their ranks and walked over to them, they stopped and saluted smartly. “These two will conduct the inspection... if you would be so kind, Master Dondarion.”

    Eddard fixed his gaze on the two officers then nodded slowly.

    “I will set an example so you can start with me.” he said as he spread his arms and legs so that the two officers could properly frisk him. One of the officers withdrew a scanner which he pointed at the old man. Eddard could not see the waves of energy probing him for metal or dangerous substances inside his clothing. Next came the physical frisking which was the more unpleasant one. The officer who did it was brisk but professional as he is supposed to be. Eddard stood with spread arms and legs and trying to be cooperative.

    “Isn’t there a female officer who can frisk the maids as in this way we could avoid the...”

    He was not able to finish the sentence as one of the troopers removed their helmets to reveal a tough-looking girl, to him almost everyone on-board qualified as boys and girls. She looked serious with her striking green eyes, her red hair cropped short with the fringe left longer. Eddard nodded in understanding.

    The female trooper along with her colleague went on to frisk the maids first as to be over with it. He could sense the tension emanating from the whole group, maybe with the exception of Thaddeus who probably didn’t feel anything at all. The girls were blushing, Eddard felt sorry for them. After all he was the reason for all these trials that they have to endure. The old man was amazed from the deep sense of loyalty that all the crew of the Aquila showed. They were ready to endure all kinds of humiliations if he asked them to.

    The officers were swift and efficient with the maids and the old butler Jarvis. It was the turn of the Death Guards and the single Royal Guard. This worried Eddard, he hoped they won’t ask them to remove their gas masks or Thaddeus to remove his helmet. This will be a big insult. Well they couldn’t do it even if they wanted as they will die for sure without them, at least the Death Guards. The big mechanical monstrosity was already dead and removing his helmet will probably reveal a very gruesome picture. That is why Eddard was tense.

    The Imperials were observant enough to see that the gas masks were fused with the faces and the oxygen tube probably went directly into the body under the dark grey overcoats they wore. The commissar and most of the soldier had a stylized human skull on their masks making him look even more inhuman. All of them were unmoving statues, for all they knew the troopers could be actually droids.

    They stopped in front of Thaddeus, the old Jedi could sense their confusion. They didn’t know how to proceed. The female trooper scratched the back of her head and turned towards Dorja.

    The procedure had been going well until this one snag... Dorja met the officer’s gaze and then regarded the standing hulk of the Royal Guard. Dondarion had informed him that the imposing figure of Thaddeus is dangerous and volatile around what they deem; ‘outsiders’. One would suggest to bypass the hulk however to allow Thaddeus to remain unchecked is a greater security risk and goes against protocol... protocol in which Dorja had instilled upon his crew. Without rules then there would be chaos and Dorja cannot allow chaos to have free reign on his ship. A compromise might have to be in order.

    “Master Dondarion...” Dorja looked to the Ambassador. “...may I ask that you assist Thaddeus and the officers with this final safety.. and security procedure?”

    Eddard snickered at the remark then turned towards Thaddeus in Basic so that the Captain will understand.

    “Thaddeus, you are following my orders, right?”

    After a brief pause came the booming voice.

    “Of course Lord Advisor!”

    Eddard nodded.

    “Good, now you listen closely. You are to remain passive unless a direct threat is perceived, which I really doubt. We are guests on this ship, as the Captain indicated. As good guests we cannot cause trouble. Her Ultimacy will be displeased if we ruin her mission of bringing peace to our societies.”

    It felt as if talking to a child but considering the fact that Thaddeus was effectively a machine, his human part long dead, the old Jedi needed to set the parameters in which he must act in this conflicting situation.

    “Very well, Lord Advisor.”

    The crimson visor was still scanning the area but everything else seemed relaxed. Well as relaxed as a machine could show. Eddard turned towards Dorja.

    “I am afraid you cannot open his armor for a complete search. Besides you wouldn’t like what you will see. If I am correct the human part of Thaddeus has been dead for some time and if opened I am sure the odours will be quite ‘exquisite’.”

    Dorja wrinkled his brow at the mention of the oddity that laid beneath that hulking armour, it was outside the realm of what he consider to be the norm. ‘What bizarre practices does the Union perform?’ He kept the comment to himself. The officers continued with the operation under the careful guidance of Dondarion and Dorja until they were satisfied that everything checked out. The officers stepped back and gave the all clear sign.

    “Thank you again for your cooperation,” Dorja projected his voice for both Dondarion and the rest of the guests to hear him, “I apologise for what inconvenience you might have experienced just now. You are our guests and will be treated as such.” He paused to let the words sink in and then gestured to the remaining platoon of Stormtroopers, “These officers will show you to your designated quarters. Please follow their guidance, I hope that your stay will be pleasant and most hospitable.”

    Dorja looked to Dondarion and regarded the elderly gentleman.

    He snickered feeling the man’s distress over Thaddeus, the Union was very alien to the people of the rest of the Galaxy. Clearly Dorja didn’t know the Union’s maxim ‘Even in death I still serve!’.

    “Thank you captain, we appreciate it and hopefully we will avoid any...incidents” smiled Eddard then nodded to the designated officers to lead the way to their cabins. “If you can excuse us, it has been an eventful day and I am not in my prime years anymore.”

    TAG: To be continued
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    OOC: Important! This is a long post reintroducing story line, summarizing the end of the previous installment of GAW, and inferring important plot points and the results of the final and victorious battle between the Galactic Empire and the Confederation of Independent Systems.

    Forgive my very long absence, life intervened. I am no less busy, but hope to write now with some greater frequency. Welcome back to any of you still wishing to continue and to any of you who may be considering joining the RPG.

    I have taken on Sithy's characters and Sin to finish this story arc and make a smooth transition forward. I will do so with other characters, as well, since we have been out of commission so long. If you have a character "dangling" in this RPG and I do not hear from you, I will eventually fade that character out or send it to "Neverland," in order to clean up the RPG. I want to thank all of you who have made enjoyable and entertaining contributions to GAW over the years and I wish you all the best.


    IC: Anakin, Lord Vader, Re of Ursa, Imperial Executor and presumptive Emperor, Commissar Ahsoka Tano, Captain Scyther Vectis & the AllStars, Colonel Sin, Captain Sohmer, Commander Merch, Lieutenant R’chel Yaar, various members of the crew of Krayt’s Dragon
    Location: Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    “I am sure Captain Sohmer knows how to deal with situations like this. I’m sure little things like transports don’t affect him either...Luckily Lieutenant Spencer of Unstoppable managed to find my group a more….interesting mode of transport.”

    Vectis walked alongside keeping stride with a certain bound in her gait that was not so much born of an expedience to make up for the height differential between herself and the longer-legged Executor, but of a brimming energy that Anakin decided was a constant for the fiesty Commander of the famed “All Stars.” He looked from the perfectly coiffed Vectis to Sohmer, noting the verbal volley Scyther lobbed at the slightly rumpled Krayt’s Captain.

    Captain Sohmer, for his part, seemed content in his slightly rumpled state to transcend Vectis’ veiled invective and respond to Anakin’s inference concerning Sin.

    “Sadly, Your Majesty, we were all too privy to the Colonel’s sense of humour. Nothing subtle about mind-tricking your lieutenant into thinking that she is a twi’lek lap-dancer with twenty ‘creds’ pushed down the back of her….and never a handy translator droid around when you want one, is there?” Anakin nodded in understanding of Sohmer’s self-censoring and his mind filling in the words the Captain, in his discretion, had left out.

    “I understand, Captain,” The young Emperor felt his right hand ball into a fist where it had been clasped with the other at the small of his back upon hearing of how Palpatine’s ‘Hand’ had managed, despite his extenuating circumstances on the cinder-ball that was Kalee, to disdain his saviours and harass and provoke them for the sole purpose of his dark little vanities.

    Sin and his picayune dalliances with the Force, thought Anakin angrily. ...infantile, small-minded insecure grasps for power Sin ultimately feared he lacked and so he was a petty tyrant, a dangerous youngling, frozen in development at the time of his forced apprenticeship as a Sith, no doubt. Yet, how could it be otherwise. Sin was nothing more than an experiment to his Master, Lord Plagueis, a lab subject with little control over his own biological functioning - a changling Hsiss with but one ingrained, or rather, genetically engineered purpose; to serve and guard the Sith’arri. Yet, Sin increasingly lacked both the reasoning and discipline to override his many wayward and hair-brained impulses. He was unstable and becoming increasingly more so with time; a danger to himself and to others and yet, he was but one of a host of troubles Sidious bequeathed his second!

    Ahsoka followed Anakin’s directive and lead.. or more so co-lead the complement of troops with General Lekhauf beside her. Behind them, the troopers marched in uniform, their formation to box and escort the cuffed ‘Colonel’ and make sure he was secure. Ahsoka could sense that some of the sombre emotions in those officers about her were still strong from the ceremony. Their leader had passed away and it would take time for them to adjust to the changes.

    Ahsoka glanced over to Lekhauf as she heard one of the Captains in Anakin’s group recall their trip. It was more about the antics that the ‘one known as Sin’ had performed during the transportation of the late-Emperor’s body to the embassy. She could tell by the lines on Lekhauf’s face and the intensity of his hazel eyes that the Ursean was weary.

    He must have noticed her observing him as his eyes met hers and he gestured a quiet greeting. Ahsoka gave him a slight nod and a small smile before turning her gaze ahead.

    Gen. Lekhauf lifted his eyes, realizing the Togruta had glanced his way and by it, made conscious of the fact that he'd not slept in over 48 hours. He gestured in regard back to her. Noting the comely Togruta stood close at the side of the Re and Imperial Executor, that the Re had taken another Lieutenant while Lekhauf had been corralling the various security forces: Black Guard, Imperial and Senate. Lekhauf’s efforts had not been small for the task he’d been set was very difficult and the political reality was all three forces had their own culture and all shared overlapping jurisdictions. This was nothing new to Lekhauf, but penetrating the labyrinthine systems was like chipping away at basalt. Sin was but the cap to a harsh two days. “I'm General Lekhauft of the …”, he thought to himself for an instant. Yes he still was, "of the 501st and Black Guard. I'm overseeing the collapsing of various security units under one command...You are Ms. Tano?" he asked diplomatically, believing he had her name right.

    “I am,” Ahsoka felt the weight of her left lek as it shifted under her chin and against her throat as she turned her head again to face the General more properly. “Command...” She cleared her throat as she corrected herself, she wasn’t a Commander anymore, old habits die hard. “Sorry, Commissar Ahsoka Tano, a pleasure to make your acquaintance General Lekhauf.”

    Lekhauf saluted her by way of formalizing their introduction. “Commissar Tano.” He sized her up and down and then a flicker of recognition lit his face seeing the highly regulated weapon on her hip. “Am I to take it you knew the Re before the Empire’s inception?” He caught Sin’s expression and said, “Oh, forgive my omission. How could I forget!? This is Colonel Sin of the late Emperor’s...special forces, the Emperor’s ‘Hands.’ The Colonel has returned from the battlefield with the Emperor’s remains, so I’m sure you will forgive his rather rank odor. I’m sure, I speak for the both of us in saying it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    She smiled at the salute and the recognition Lekhauf had given her. “Thank you,” Ahsoka gave a nod over her shoulder to acknowledge the Colonel who took the opportunity to add a cryptic repetition of Lekhauf’s gentility, “...a pleasure..” and grinned back at her before Ahsoka had a chance to return her attention back to the General.

    He was impossible! That smarmy grin the Sith gave her left a virtual after-image that, once detected she ‘wiped’ quickly from her mind’s eye.

    Sin chuckled. He’d managed to get under the pretty Togruta’s skin - a glimmer of hope after all! As Sin congratulated himself, though, he again felt the disorienting queasiness that had accosted him when the Force dampening cuffs were clapped around his wrists. He stared ahead at the Sith’arri in anger and confusion. “No time for confusion...focus...” he told himself and began considering how he was going to extricate himself and exact revenge on the appropriate - oh nevermind, revenge on whomever!

    “Yes,” Ahsoka smiled to Lekhauf, “I was with the Re before the inception of the Empire." She kept the details short, it was not the proper time to divulge more. "We had served together for a time."

    Commissar Tano’s brief reply was enough to confirm Lekhauf’s hunch. She might have been an acolyte or a ‘Hand’ herself, for all he knew-the Emperor had so many “special operatives” and so did the Re, but the Re’s operatives tended to keep low profile compared to Palpatine’s. Ahsoka had a very generous and open nature about her and her light sabre looked well worn. This was a Jedi, and no doubt there! It was in line with the long running changes that the General had been observing in his commander’s bent.

    Well, he could understand her brevity. Certainly, she was cleared to move about and with some good measure of authority, but with the government unstable, alliances crossed and played “close to the chest,” it was wise to say little. Even now, as they moved through the august halls of the Ursean Embassy, one could feel the collective anticipation and unease under the order and civility.

    Lekhauf returned Tano’s pretty smile with one of his own, but said no more as the Re and presumptive Imperial heir spoke. The General looked up in attention. It was then he fully appreciated the transformation that shone in his superior’s face. The ravages of battle, the angry blistering welts, the thickened tissue, all was renewed, not even the time worn ‘badges’ of his previous life as a Jedi guardian remained. The reddish brown hair in its signature ‘nest,’ so oddly out of character for the Executor which had been all singed away was now a long silken mane spilling over the man’s shoulders in shiny skeins, no longer dry and brittle from radiation exposure to which small craft pilots were habitually subjected.

    Looking about, aside from some spit and polish amongst the estimable Captain Vectis’ group, everyone looked battle weary, particularly Sohmer and the Krayt’s Fire crew, but that was surely largely due to dealing with Colonel Sin and his brilliant sense of humor, thought the General wryly. The Sith was a piece of work that had Lekhauf as near the boiling point as anyone had ever gotten him. He could not lie, he would love to have shoved Sin into the hole beneath that wreck of a black pyramid the old Emperor had made his palace.

    Roused from his thoughts by the undercurrents sustained beneath Vectis and Sohmer’s restrained replies, Anakin offered his apology for Sin’s offense toward the young Lieutenant in Sohmer’s crew to whom he glanced over his shoulder and then also for delaying the introductions; though, he had to wonder whether civility would improve matters between the two Naval officers walking at his side. “Captain Vectis, Captain Sohmer, I am ...grateful for your discretion and effective actions.” Gesturing, he indicated all should follow him into one of the Embassy’s more modest receiving rooms where a large table and chairs had been set up to accommodate all involved in the operation and including two Imperial and Ursean legal officers of minor rank to record the debriefing.

    The long oval table seemed dwarfed by the large and polished marble columns that lined the two-storied room along with the busts of Ursean philosophers and potentates whose visages seemed to look down from the gallery above on the precedings with gravity.

    Anakin stood behind a chair midway along the length of the large dark highly polished wooden table. Opposite him, were places for Sohmer and Vectis, their various crew members and the legal witnesses at either end. Sin, General Lekhauf and Commissar Tano were assigned seats opposite Anakin and toward the left of Captain Vectis and her officers. Around the room were posted a combination of white clad troopers and Black Guard. Two officers of the Admiralty, two from the ISB and several other Imperial departments stood at attention, where they’d been standing anxiously for some 15 minutes waiting for the landing party to arrive in situ.

    “Please, be seated,” the Re said, sitting and beginning immediately, “You can all appreciate that time is of the essence. I’ to running debriefings off the field of battle, so bear with me and forgive me any roughness. I’ll begin. This debriefing is to give record by all immediately involved in events leading to the
    death of His Imperial Majesty and the recovery of the late Emperor Palpatine’s body, as well as it’s subsequent ...ahem conveyance here to Imperial Center...

    From her vantage point, Ahsoka looked on as her Master retold the final moments of the campaign. She knew well her Master’s gestures and expressions. Though he addressed the assembly with authority, she knew he cared no more than he ever had for debriefings, but he was... focused in a way she had not seen before. She reached out into the bond to touch his mind and lightly gave him a comforting nudge, conveying to him in that brief connection that he had her support. The tips of her lekku languidly curled and unfurled as she listened and leaned closer.

    “The three front battle design was largely my responsibility with contributions from the Imperial Admiralty, but the Emperor took his own prerogative in orchestrating an advanced operation with the purpose of disabling the main power source for the believed to be still slaved Separatist battle platform, the Requiem-the capture of which was one of our stated objectives.

    His Imperial Majesty placed a small force of specially trained troopers under the command of Colonel Sin whom he charged with the execution of this covert operation planet side and another team was to take the station. For the record, I made express my opinion that Colonel Sin was inappropriate to this level of authority due to past failu...incidences of negligence both here on Coruscant and in Ursa.” Having said this, Anakin bore Sin a steely glance before continuing-a glance which Sin returned with the most non chalant aspect as he could marshall.

    The Scarlet clad “guardian’s” delusions and “visions” lent him to making unwise choices, meeting mear “pit fires” with “deadly force” or Hsiss rampage, the result - total failure on Sin’s part and yet, Sidious insisted he be spared, citing his own ability to keep Sin under control and Anakin had believe in that ability of Palpatine’s. He’d believed a lot of things Sidious had said, inferred or implied, too many things!

    “Further, I was unaware of the Emperor’s intentions of joining the battle and initial push to capture the Mountain power generator along with me until he revealed himself on our transport to the insertion point on Kalee. The military briefing and archives will show the Emperor’s inclusion was not a part of the stated plan.

    Colonel Sin had landed some time before my contingent and breached the CIS defenses at the power plant. Colonel Sin’s actions in the power pits directly precipitated the explosions that decimated several of our own battalions and destabilized the slope of the mountain and eventually lead to the volcano’s eruption.”

    Ahsoka cupped her chin with the palm of her hand as she leaned her elbow in the table. Her fingers curled inward, her knuckles resting against her mouth. She bit her bottom lip, her upper teeth scrapped across the skin as she listened intently to the recount of the final operation. She conjured up the imagery from her own memories of past campaigns to picture what Anakin had experienced on Kalee. The scorching heat and sulphuric fumes from the broken world, Lola Sayu... that Citadel debacle... Tarkin.

    ‘Would Kalee have played out differently if I had been there fighting alongside them?’ The thought crossed her mind, ‘but then again... what would be the cost to my participation there? One must not dwell on what if’ she reminded herself, pulling her mind away from a possible series of tangents.

    “During the battle, I was separated from my men and the Emperor by lava flow, but I was able to see the Emperor thrown from the mountain with enough force to send his body a great distance behind our offensive line. I did not, however witness how this action was effected or how it ended. I could only infer what the late Emperor’s condition might be. The lava was taking most of our contingent and it traveled fast and covered most of the valley in the few seconds I could see. It was the bluff opposite the city below that channeled the molten river from moving further beyond to the point where his body disappeared from my sight. I knew no more.”

    The young Emperor looked down at his hands clasped before him on the table, his shoulders sagging as he sighed inwardly. Even a seasoned force-adept could be overwhelmed by the super-sensory, super-sentient manifestations of the Force. How to frame the seemingly impossible feats and actions of that day or many others he cared little to recount, but recount he must, if there was to be the transparency necessary for rebuilding the government, for enculcating the belief in the people that the government could work!

    “A curtain of lava prevented me from seeing more and I had to defend my own position.” Anakin didn’t want to address the matter of the issue of the dark entity “Umbrus.” That force was more than he could comprehend without further meditation. Even as he thought of how the compelling entity had tried to lure and deceive him, how hard he’d had to struggle to resist her or …Yam...-he couldn’t remember what Revan had called it, he remembered the slithering, cold ‘touch’ of it! He shook his head slightly and straightened to hide the shiver that subtly traversed his spine. Just remembering brought back the infinite cold of that being. It promised power, ultimate and supreme with the death of nothing less than the Force and it proceeded to draw the Force in using Anakin as a beacon. The Force funneled through him like a raging river, scouring, upbraiding and scraping as the Umbrus fed its insatiable appetite. The young Emperor had had to choose, in that moment, distill the mess of his life and atone. The death of everything for ultimate power - how could he put that detail before this bevy of officers and bureaucrats?!

    “The planet grew unstable and dark, as if eclipsed. Our forces literally fell where they stood or flew. Why some and not others, I’ve no idea. This event can be corroborated by logs from the various destroyers and group leaders across the Kalee theatre...”

    The words flowed and he no longer spoke as sovereign, but as one who stood amidst that ashen inferno and beheld this black/red melee in all its brutal, scalding terror, as one who looked on as if he’d never before seen the naked ugliness of it all before. He recounted how the wall of fire cut him off from the battle frey, the boom and thunder of which he could still hear over the roar of the volcano, the fumes so permeating the air, he had strained to draw sustaining breath. The black shadow of that death came suddenly and ships fell from the sky, he told them.

    He unclasped his hands before him on the table, palms down.

    “That was the last I saw of Dantius Palpatine till identifying the corpse minutes ago.”

    Anakin again surveyed those seated about the large table and told them, his features set in sphinx-like still, how after his urgent foray across the steaming riverbed, through the charred stumps of what had once been thick rain forest, he trudged knee deep in ash, searching.

    “My initial inspection of the environs around the mountain power plant yielded little other than the curious fact, I could not sense His Imperial Majesty’s presence anywhere. The planet’s tectonic activity was still quite violent and the lava field was vast. Due to my injuries, I had to quit my search before I could discover more.” Clearing his throat, Anakin paused.

    He relayed his return to the Executor and the failure of the expeditionary force to take the battle platform, Requiem. The catyclismic explosion which destroyed it, recounted Anakin, cast the nearby ships about in their moorings like toys in a bathing pool.

    “Upon returning to my Imperial flagship, Executor, the Emperor’s personal beacon, which apparently had been turned off, was remotely engaged and located on the planet beyond the base of the volcano where the power plant was located and upon the canyon wall I mentioned earlier, opposite the city. For a brief few minutes it signalled and then ended transmission. A search party was sent to investigate, but was unable to find the Emperor or any further evidence of him remaining.

    Everyone in the room seemed to inhale at once as the Re ended his part of the debriefing concerning the late Emperor’s demise.

    Anakin made Captain Sohmer’s introduction and urged him to give his account.

    Sohmer must have surprised not only his officers but himself with the succinct and thorough retelling, for he blinked and stood in quiet for a moment after he announced his conclusion.

    Sin, for his part, had lain his head upon the table in an attempt to stop the room from turning and harrumphed at the several time Sohmer invoked his name. He would have been content to rest just so a little longer, but his ease was interrupted by the expectant stare of all around him.

    Phhhhhtt! Sin said, leaning back in his chair and shifting his shock of jet black hair that perpetually hung in front of his face and that seemed to please and attract the sort of female attention he desired. A dull thud and then another rang in the reverberant room as one and then the other of his heavy buckled boots landed on the table. The “Hand” leaned back and stretched his legs on the table before him tilting the chair back.

    In the heavy cuffs, Sin turned his left hand before him in a flourish. “I didn’t see a thing. As it happened, I myself was hurled from that erupting mountain, so I can’t really add more to the story. As for Captain Sohmer’s finding me and the Emperor’s personal beacon, yes, I found it and switched it on and off. I thought it might get me off that “ash-hole” of a planet myself and finding the Emperor’s body was probably due to the fact we were thrown from the mountain at the same time by the same force. That’s all I have to offer. I myself sustained injury and as you find me now, I had very little latitude at the time.” Tossing his cuffed wrists up for all to see, Sin stuck his tongue in his cheek, raised his brows, and nodded to Anakin. He would say no more. Sin had given his recount about meeting a woman in the core of the power plant who lead him afield and he blamed the whole explosion on her deception, how she tricked him into thinking she was someone he knew.

    Apart from sounding for a brief moment like the late Emperor’s aviary, the room grew tense, the laughter dying down as everyone realized Sin and the presumptive Emperor were at odds.

    Anakin stared a hole in the table beneath his clasped hands. What he wanted to say was, ”Yes, Colonel, you do seem to need rescuing from the “fires” you set,” but nearly a decade as Re of Ursa had taught him a modicum of restraint, and he had to be satisfied with warning, ”Your cooperation will go some way in mitigating your current circumstances, Colonel Sin.

    Sin sat in silence as both Sohmer and Commander Merch exchanged knowing glances. You could cut the proverbial tension with a blade. A glance to the Sith’s wrist cuffs was inevitable, as Sohmer clear his scratchy throat. This seemed to amuse Sin, upon whose face Sohmer could spy a slight grin. The Captain reminded himself to make a list of all Sin’s “cooperation.”

    Zero sector’s comptroller sent an officer who was invited to present information on comings and goings of all the parties involved, the last of whom mentioned was Captain Vectis and her battle group.

    ”Captain Vectis, we shall hear your accounting of your knowledge and involvement in the matter of the Emperor’s death and the return of the corpse. You are free to speak plainly to this convention,” said Anakin, gesturing to Scyther with his right hand, ungloved and new flesh warmed in a shaft of light.

    Anakin inhaled deeply. Now was not the time to relate his experience en route to battle, his encounter with the 'alien'. He looked about carefully and wetted his lips, the image of the warrior felled upon the deck, his scarred face and bony protuberances harshly shadowed in the dark, his strange crab-like armor so distinct and vivid in his memory.


    He looked to Captain Vectis with her crisp, well kempt uniform and coiffed hair, her almond shaped eyes direct. He hoped to discern just how much information had gotten round concerning the Emperor’s death. It would be instructive, either way, to hear what this singular officer had to say. She was without doubt both wise and prudent to tracked so far up through the ranks of the decidedly misogynist Admiralty.

    Ahsoka shifted her weight from her elbow and sat back with her hands clasped together as the invite was given for Captain Vectis to speak. She glanced over to Anakin and saw something in his eyes a look... as though for a fraction of a second he was transported to a place far away. She pursed her lips... she knew that look. Was he experiencing a vision of the Force? Or something had lingered that was left unsaid? It was clear to her that Sin’s abrasive personality and his snide remarks irked most of those at this table, was it related? It is another thing to ask Anakin once this debriefing concludes, she thought to herself as the tip of her right lek swished on her lap. Her hand subconsciously reached down and held it as she turned her head to direct her gaze to the Captain to give her undivided attention.

    * * * Meanwhile... * * *

    The aliens were in disarray. They were of a primitive stage in their own development and their minds cut off from each other. Like soil tillers, their minds were hardly put to much use and they blindly pushed ahead after vain pursuits that did little to improve their awareness and reach or connected, for that matter.

    The General folded his arms across his chest and flexed his wings as watched the mad activity their ship’s arrival had provoked. A sea vessel had been absorbed due to it’s proximity to the Cha ship and now the inhabitants of the world swarmed about the gargantuan Cha’ ala ship in fear and anger . Their craft bussed the ship in swarms like gnats, their columns of fighters splitting and banking acutely after they let loose a rain of ineffective missiles.

    His jaw worked as he concentrated, reaching out to Se’Iva’s mind, nearly touching now. Ch'o etas was undone by his sister's treachery, but she was a dominant and the commune would not break from the way of the collective without first reading her intentions themselves. Ch'o etas did not relish the division her departure had made between pride mates but more importantly, making him take the dire action he had had to take after the ones who called themselves Sith had muddled their way into the core.

    For eons, the aliens outer and more farther flung parts of the galaxy were known to the Cha' ala, but sometime in the distant past, the Cha had left them to their own "desserts." They were an impossible collection of frenetic races, riddled by unbridled compulsions of individuality and greed. They lived, for the most part, cut off from each other and blind to their own inner selves and the way of their host worlds. A Cha felt nature, felt it's vibrations, it's carbon cycles, read and digested through sense of smell and through synthesis the life around them. The Cha’ala lived a fluid existence, their awareness extending far beyond their own skin. In contrast, to the Cha, it seemed that the aliens were dull, even heinous in their plodding self-exile from their own habitats and their solitudinous sense of the self.

    His subordinates hummed with exact and perfect coordination as the mayhem they had perpetrated on this alien world erupted in smoke and hissing steam. The Cha'ala ship had penetrated the planet's atmosphere, inserting from hyperspace after having traced Se'Iva's signature. The General felt her so near, pursued her though she pushed him away, a thing she would never have even thought to do before the miserable Sith arrived!

    Ch'o etas’ Lieutenant fidgeted nervously, at the General’s side and Ch’o etas was aware his second wished to commune, but the General dare not let go of his connection with the Dominant or he might lose her yet again. So close! She was flagging and he compelled her to return with him, but Se'Iva continued to try shutting him out of her mind and just as he thought he had her, the light of her being winked out. Disappeared and fell away as if severed crudely from her heritage, as if ... gone on beyond the horizon.

    His second leaned in to say, "The aliens are attempting to communicate with us and probing to…."

    Ch'o etas smashed the living console before him and the ship screamed out in anguish just as the General did. He fell back and screamed too in great pain. Cut away from him, Se'Iva seemd to have died and disappeared from existence altogether. "Revert, revert. We return to the collective. I need to ... I need to ... it can’t be ..." He stumbled. The crew looked on somberly, sensing what the General had surmised and felt. Yet, no one could accept the Dominant had died.

    "Miserable, dross! Cut a hole in that sky and get us home..." he cried, back handing the dazed second and leaving the bridge angrily, left a trail of fury behind him.

    The ship pulled away from the seething, boiling sea it had made of the ocean beneath it. It turned, glowed brightly and sucked over 20 of Kaladan's best defense craft into its hyperspace wake in a ripped fracture of atmosphere that arced as the Cha'ala ship reverted and the Union ships became a mass of debris permanently rolling end over end in hyperspace just beyond the gravity well of Kaladan.

    The aliens deserved the conversion that must surely come. He would later fold his hands and rest his brow there as he considered the Collective's possible imperatives. A Cha'ala could consider the merits of efforts so far from the core worlds, the progressive or regressiveness of the billions of "extractions" that must be taken of the aliens. They were dangerous dolts. It cannot be helped. Those who called themselves "emissaries" should have been absorbed to begin with, their life forces directed toward more useful purposes from the start.

    He had been angry enough to challenge Se’Iva, to hurt her if he could get at her, but now that it seemed she had died, he grieved. His mind flooded with so many questions. How had it happened? Why? Was she wounded somehow? Did her alien friends betray her?

    He would look over the data they the Cha’ala had collected and make what determinations he felt he could. The aliens were not going anywhere.

    The General regretted his wasteful outburst at the helm. Such manifestations of emotion were strongly trained out of all Cha'ala as counter to the Collective good. He would channel that energy towards the task to come. Regrettable that the aliens had brought the Collective's "eye" upon them. But unruly cancer must be curbed, mustn't it...

    TAG: Scyther Vectis and any with characters already in the room who wish to continue.
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