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Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Winged_Jedi, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Considering its from 2005, I doubt it anyone did (and reasonably so). I talked with Earwen_Lightrider last night and I got the impression we're in the same boat when it comes to saving that thread.

    Once the truncations are solved, would that Jedi Outcasts RP thread be savable?

    (By the way, this is Bravo)
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    May 23, 2005
    I don't know how the backup tool works, as I've never made use of it. You'd have to ask Xani about its compatibility with XenForo.
  3. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    The tl;dr is I'm pretty sure it isn't, although manually saving pages should work.
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    The tool I made only works with the old boards, sorry

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Floor free for a game idea for ye all?
  6. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    I am pretty sure there is.
  7. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Go for it.
  8. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    It's really just to get it out of my mind, to be honest. Little obsessed with this time period currently. Oh, and before you ask - this is continuity gold. Hell, it's platinum. It syncs perfectly with all continuity. Perfectly.

    I have another, more important, idea coming out next week. I appreciate it's not overly original, but its creative enough.

    Anywho, without further ado.


    Gods War

    It is one century after the Hundred Years Darkness.

    It is a time of peace.

    Or so the Senate would have you believe.

    Ten decades ago, the Jedi Order and the Republic defeated the rebel Dark Jedi at the Battle of Corbos after one hundred and three years of bloody warfare. Disarmed, the seven remaining Dark Jedi Masters, led by General Ajunta Pall, were exiled with their villainous hordes.

    But in exile came opportunity.

    Making their way to the fabled Kingdom of the Sith, the Dark Jedi exiles manipulated the red-skinned species of Korriban into believing they were gods, and began a concerted effort to subjugate the worlds of the Stygian Caldera, securing more than a hundred worlds. With Pall as the Dark Lord of the Sith, the Exiles became Sith Lords, and formed the foundations of a powerful empire. But for some among the Sith Order...

    That was not enough.

    “It has been two hundred and three years since our kin struck the Jedi before their noose around our collective throats was finally secure,” said Ajunta Pall, Dark Lord of the Sith, grinning tightly, and wearily. “And a hundred since we Seven Gods arrived on Korriban and brought enlightenment to the Sith species.

    The man, former High General of the Dark Jedi, was an aged and terrifying entity. Draped in robes that were as black as the obsidian throne he was sat upon, he spoke to a conclave of dozens of Lords, apprentices, and throngs of crimson skinned Sith. His Order. A century of construction, of success, of a hundred worlds beyond the capital of Ziost fully and completely subjugated.

    The corner of his mouth was tugged in an exaggerated sigh, his robes shuffling as he sagged into his chair. “But five decades ago, three of the Gods left the safety of the Empire, taking with them their ships, their vassals... and never returned.” A collected gasp emerged from the Sith, and from the lesser of the various species of the Order. Leering, he leaned forward, eyes blazing yellow. “For there is such a thing as too much ambition, and so they threw themselves into the hands of fate, and succeeded at nothing.”

    “Now I am the last of the first Gods.” He sat back, and added, slowly, so as to dollop one more lie on to their slaves. "My colleagues in the pantheon have returned to the Force, to guide you from afar.” A small grin touched upon his lips, concealed beneath his all but white beard. Someone who knew him well, of which were none alive, would be able to pick out the flicker of uncertainty, of fear, to his expression, but Pall erased it with a grunt. XoXaan would have perceived that it was attached to his imminent death... to his succession.

    He stood, using the Force as subtly as he could to reinforce his motions.

    “Our Empire is complete! Revel in the long Golden Age... the Golden Age of the Sith!”


    They were gathered in the depths of the Senate, in a chamber reserved for secret meetings between the Chancellor, the Supreme Commander, and those few Jedi who warranted the executives complete confidence.

    They were here to receive a transmission from a Jedi Knight. Only one knew that was the reason for their meeting. The Chancellor stood at the window to the chamber – a hologram of the outside world, as they were deep within the Senate Rotunda. “One century ago we won the war,” he begun, and turned to look back at the others, looking haggard. “But we didn’t realise we had to fight the peace, too.”

    “Though we had disarmed and disbanded the Exiles,” he said, using the politically correct term to describe the ‘Dark’ Jedi. “We had lost the ability to police tens of thousands of systems, and faith in our ability to defend them was shattered. The borders shrank, and within that gap pirate nests and Hutt warlords moved in, nibbling further at the edges of the Galactic Republic. Our economy compressed, and billions were left destitute. Revolutions have undone millennia of unity and prosperity.”

    He shrugged. “Alsakan did as we would expect, and before we realised, the crisis had dragged on for five decades. And while we had also became more organised, and recovered, so too had the agents of chaos. More devastating pirate raids harried us, with some even reaching into the hallowed Core.” He had not said anything they did not know. They all looked at him, his officers and fellow Senators with furrowed brows, the Jedi with serene expectation. He pursed his lips, and continued. “Five more decades have passed since we stopped making headway against these new groups.”

    “We know nothing of them. Of their motives. Of the location of their base. Of how they have been successfully and, for the most part, all but secretly pulling apart the Republic.” The Chancellor grimaced. “And so four years ago I authorised the deployment of trusted agents into the Unknown Regions. To find these pirates. To join their cults. To report to us.”

    “They were all Jedi.”

    This time, the Jedi lost composure; the Chancellor had bypassed the Conclave in doing this. The Senators knew that he had bypassed the Senate, as well. And the officers knew that he had bypassed them, as well. They looked at each other with visible uncertainty, checking with their comrades as to whether they, too, knew of this.”

    The Chancellor gestured to the holoprojector at the centre of the table they each surrounded. “One, just one, of those agents has survived to report it. And that is why we are here.”

    The Supreme Commander stood, drew his blaster. “And it would seem I am here to place you under arrest for bypassing the Senate – for grossly exceeding your authority. For becoming what your critics believed – an autocrat who does ‘what needs to be done’.”

    “Yes, yes,” said the Chancellor, fluttering a hand and not betraying any concern. “But after the transmission, if you would.” The holoprojector in the middle of the table activated, revealing the close-up – far too close – of a dishevelled and bloodied man. A sharp intake of breath from the Jedi, a grimace from the Chancellor, and it began.


    His name was... Sunrider? He thought that was what it was. He had taken another name, or two, to reach this point... to join... the pirates? Yes, that was it. Sunrider ran his hand over his chin, picked up what had to be a good month of stubble. Which was strange, because he couldn’t remember losing a month. What had he been doing?

    Oh yes.

    He’d been detaching himself from the ‘pirate’ leadership, setting up to fake his death, so he could recover his beacon, and meet the message... he’d given himself a month to set it all up.

    Panic gripped him.

    Had he missed the appointed time?

    He glanced around in the dank of the dark and cold room, caught sight of the green, circular shaped beacon. Hope filled him, and he scrambled over, paying little heed to the scabs over fresh wounds, to the bruises across his skin, to the lack of vision in one of his eyes. He checked, saw it was but a few minutes from the allotted time.

    He rushed to sync the beacon, to connect with the Chancellor’s Office. It synced just in time.

    “This is Sunrider. I’ve managed to do it. To infiltrate the heart of the pirate nests.” His words tumbled from him as he sought to speak them before he was caught. “But you were right, Chancellor, you were right. The pirates are led by three of the Exiles, but they are more, much, much more than they once were.”

    He turned the projector on its side, to check the data he had to hand, ignoring how it would look for those watching him as he put the projector on its side. “I have coordinates of a world called Sigil. It’s their stronghold. Strike it, hard, before they find out. I’m transmitting them now, for you. Strike, and strike hard.”

    “Destroy them.”

    It was then that he heard him breath. The armoured man. The monster. And memories flooded pack – of the torture, of the horrors, of the information he had poured out of him into the cup that had been Tulak Hord. The panic he had felt beforehand was nothing in comparison to this, this overwhelming dread, and he froze as the monster took a clanking step towards him.

    Strength surged within him, and he pulled the scanner back to his face. Part of him acknowledged that they, too, had seen the monstrosity behind him. Part of him felt even their fear, across this vast divide. Their shock. Their horror.

    He went to lean forward, but a massive hand clawed at the back of his neck, gripping him, choking him, pulling him up from the floor. He held the projector, trying to say the word. The name for this terrible, shadow Order.

    It squeezed from his lips as he fought back, with all the Force he had, with all his power.

    The hand opened by no more than a millimetre.


    And then it contracted, hard, and he heard nothing at all.

    Forever more.

    The Factions in 6800 BBY

    The Galactic Republic

    Democracy incarnate, the Republic is a recently reunified political body that exists beyond definition. In this day and age, the Republic has quietly suffered from the Hundred Years Darkness. Following the century long war, and the following century of Hutt depredations and terrifying precise pirate raids, the Republic’s borders have withdrew to the Inner Rim in the east, and all the way back to Colonies in the north. The Perlemian Trade Route and Corellian Run are the only hyperlanes in the galaxy, and they run deep into the Outer Rim, with the former meeting the Tion Hegemony and the latter carrying on into the closest of the satellite galaxies – the Rishi Maze. The years since the Hundred Years Darkness have caused the people of the Republic to suspect the Jedi, though that suspicion has slowly given way to respect once again. Politicians, however, have longer memories, and they keenly watch their protectors... aware that they can become enemies with ease. But, for now, they are happy for the Jedi to assist the over-extended navy in hunting down the pirate nests that have emerged throughout the Rim. One threat at a time, the wounds between the Jedi and the Republic heal.

    Positions available within the Senate, Navy and Army

    The Jedi Order

    Older than the Republic itself, and originally descended from the Deep Core, the Jedi defend the Republic from its fortress on Ossus, as well as maintaining a presence on Coruscant. The Hundred Years Darkness weakened the Order, and the Jedi Council has been vigilant in keeping the Jedi whole. That stranglehold over the Order has bred dissent, and the label of ‘Gray Jedi’ has become prominent among those zealots who hunt the fringes of the Unknown Regions for traces of the Dark Jedi or who simply disagree with the conclusion that the Jedi have learned all that can be learned. As with much of the galaxy, the Jedi are healing the gap between their principles and the realities of the galaxy.

    Positions available within the mainstream Jedi and Gray Jedi

    The Empire

    Secluded for a century, the Empire of the Sith lies, all but trapped, within the boundaries of the hyperspace sinkhole known as the Stygian Caldera. Under the rule of the aging and, whispers abound, waning, Dark Lord of the Sith, Ajunta Pall, the Empire is a hotbed of intrigue. Though there remain worlds within the Caldera that have yet to be conquered by the Empire, it contents itself with the riches of what it has thus far, though it is not idle. New Sith Lords join the hierarchy from the Academy on Korriban, one of a hundred worlds commanded from the capital on Ziost. Intrigue seethes within the undercurrent, and Pall, the last of the first Exiles, and Lords old and new must usher the Empire through a dangerous time period.

    Positions available within the Sith Council, Order and Academy

    The Exiles

    Three Dark Jedi Masters left Korriban two decades ago, taking with them their ships, their hordes, and half of the new Dark Jedi. But, they left with a plan. For five decades their fleet has grown in strength, as they raid the Unknown Regions and fringes of the Republic. Drawing upon the strength of species such as the Taung, Kaleesh and Dashade, the Exiles, as they call themselves, wage a silent war against a Republic and Jedi Order which is unaware of the Sith that now plague them. From their prior knowledge of the world of Fluwhaka, the Exiles have conquered other worlds beyond the borders of the Republic, including Syngia and Sigil, and are neatly poised to continue their campaign of terror...

    ... if they can keep working together a little longer...

    Positions available within the Black Knights (the elite), and the Horde (the soldier caste)

    Character Sheet

    Affiliation: (Either of the four factions above)
    Personal weapons: (Note, lightsabers have power cords in this era)
    Personal ships: (Note, only senior officers within the Republic, Sith Council and the Black Knights have capital-class ships to hand)
    Biography: (Short, to the point)

    1. GM is God.
    2. Everything bar Interdictors and cord-less lightsabers is acceptable technology
    3. Play nice; none of you are a Skywalker
    4. GM will take your character off you if you miss two updates without notice of your absence - be warned
  9. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Well is nice to read, but to be honest, it is hard to junge because I have no idea of the context ... or in other words: What is the game about? A huge sandbox that plays Out in 6800 BBY? As such it is an interesting idea, although a bit force-centric
  10. Nick of Time

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    Jan 15, 2013
    I think that that time period has great potential, if only because its hardly ever touched upon on the boards. I can imagine that one of your toughest problems would be rooting your players in the period, though. I feel like something so far in the past is going to be cause for a lot of confusion.

    I'd also like to post an idea, if no one objects.
  11. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Shoot, definitely.
  12. Nick of Time

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    Jan 15, 2013
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

    Long have the names Skywalker and Solo since lost their meaning. The blood of these families and the spread of their offspring have diluted beyond recognition. Some thousand years after the Battle of Yavin, from the ruins of Republic and Empire, arose new powers.

    In a bloody coup that absorbed the Jedi Order and saw the apparent destruction of the Sith, an Empire of forces beyond conceivable measure took grasp of the galaxy. Such was the swiftness of this ascent, that its establishment was attributed to the will of many greater powers, not least of which the Force.

    Dubbed the Empire of the Stars, it saw a meteoric rise, followed by several hundred years of near static prosperity. But, as with all great Empires, there came a breaking point. The moment when expansion reached a distance far too great to control. When corruption demanded far too great a toll. Death came to replace order. Chaos.

    It started small, as whispers of dissent in the farthest reaches of the Empire’s grasp. Militant citizens began to question whether an Emperor that they have never met, nor seen with their own eyes deserved to dictate their lives. Perhaps they could far better govern themselves.

    In response to this growing tension, many tactics were utilized. Appeasement: for the citizens closest to the capital. Pressure: applied to those in the middle-rim. Violence: to keep those farthest away in check.

    But, there is no stopping a storm once it has begun to brew. It started as a cloud of doubt and whipped itself into a tempest. And, suddenly, the galaxy was alight with war.

    Year 691
    Three years into the Force War

    It had been months since Tyro Arcturus had been home. He glanced around his meager lodgings and sighed. His eyes flitted to a hologram photo of his wife. He lifted his glass to his lips and drank. The spicy warmth of Abrax tickled his throat. Outside, he could hear the faint din of blaster fire. The sounds of explosion. Occasionally, the final, anguished cry of the dying. Each scream weighed on his conscience.

    Three years. Three years of battle, across every planet you could imagine. Three years of death. Tyro stood and strode to the mirror in his refresher. He had new lines across his forehead and by his cheeks. Each line caused by some new pain, of which this damned war was a never-ending source. Tyro closed his eyes, just for a moment, but that moment proved too long. The face of his eldest son flashed in his mind. His eyes opened again. “So much death,” he whispered to himself.

    Outside, Tyro heard someone yelling commands. The voice was closer and more familiar. It was Tyro’s oldest friend and brother-in-law, Sal Modun. Tyro reached his hand to his lightsaber, and sat his glass on the counter. He hadn’t heard what was happening.

    An explosion shook the metal barracks, and Tyro staggered. He recovered quickly and swept open the door to his building with a swipe of his hand. A cacophony struck Tyro full in the face, as he walked out into a maelstrom of death. Lightsabers flashed, the telltale viridian blades of the Imperial Guard were intermixed with many different colors. Tyro could see several Imperials fighting each other, as well.

    Tyro’s black hilt was in his hands and his crimson blade leapt forth into the cold night air. Through the smoke, Tyro saw Sal fighting three soldiers at once. Tyro sprinted towards his friend, cutting through armor and flesh, tearing a swath through the battle. Several foes leapt to meet him, before he could break through to Sal. He engaged them, sending several flying through the air with the Force and stabbing the last in the heart.

    Tyro turned to where Sal had been fighting, only to see his friend impaled by several blades. Tyro’s eyes widened and he let loose a yell, but no sound escaped his lips. He ran forward, but suddenly tripped, overcome by weakness. He fell against a post, unable to hold himself up. His grip slackened and his lightsaber fell to the ground.

    Tyro heard footsteps behind him. He felt the warmth of someone close to his face and could smell his or her breath. An icy voice whispered, loud enough to be heard over the fighting. “It’s a good night to die, Your Imperial Majesty.”

    Tyro closed his eyes, his thoughts flickering over the faces of his family. After the longest second of his life, Tyro felt the blinding pain of a lightsaber entering his back and exiting through his chest. Tyro slumped into the dirt and his eyes never reopened.

    Welcome to Star Wars: Inheritance!

    Our story is set in the seventeenth century after the Battle of Yavin, in the year 691 of the Empire of the Stars. While the total scope may stretch across the entire galaxy, the brunt of the story follows the Imperial family and the aftermath of the death of Tyro Arcturus, fifty-third Emperor of the Stars. Because the galaxy is shifting and anyone can affect change in such tumultuous times, there is no restriction on what character you may play. Be that heir apparent, any member of the Imperial Senate, or any other character you can imagine, they are all open.

    However, because of the immense control of the Empire, there are no Jedi or Sith Orders of substantial power. Both have either been eradicated or exiled, and to identify as either is considered illegal. Any apparent Jedi or Sith character will have to be in hiding or under extreme caution. In the Empire, all detected Force sensitives are trained by the Imperial Order of the Force to serve the Empire as its protectors.

    While not legally treated as such, Force sensitives hold an important place in Imperial culture. Every Emperor or Empress has been Force sensitive and the majority of their children are also.

    Character Sheet

    Home Planet:




    1. Respect your fellow players.
    2. Respect all forum rules.
    3. PM your character sheets to me for approval.
    4. GM word is law.
    5. Enjoy!

    In order to facilitate cohesion, I will be happy to work with anyone on developing his or her characters or offering any other advice or information.
  13. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    From a players perspective I must say the story intrueges me, but at the end of the OP I still feel like I need a hook of some sort. Something to work with to create an OP. A bit more on the factions, maybe? It is a good OP, it just feels like there is still something missing. We had a similiar game with a similiar problem here, not long ago. The Forever War. Draco made a second post which gave some outlook on what the factions are like and that worked very fine, I think. Maybe worth looking into . . .
  14. Nick of Time

    Nick of Time Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 15, 2013
    I could put a bit of information about the Senate, the Imperial Army and the Dissidents, perhaps a blurb about their positions on the war. Something that Sinre mentioned, was making a library post in the RPR. Do you think that having that information in the game thread would serve better?
  15. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Do it in the game, if people shall read it, it must be there. The library threads are good and fine, but I think they have their effect much later on in the life-cycle of games.
  16. Nick of Time

    Nick of Time Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 15, 2013
    I added this between the welcome and the character sheet:

    The Powers That Be


    The Imperial Family: The Arcturus lineage, in all its expanse and intricacies, maintains the throne despite the death of their patriarch and his three eldest children. Besides Tyro and his six living children, the Arcturus line is also made up of Tyro’s six other siblings’ families, as well as his three illegitimate siblings’ families.

    The Senate: Elected officials from every obedient Imperial world serve to affect political policy in the waning Empire. As with any government, there are those who support their leader, and now his heir, and those who secretly work against him.

    The Imperial Military: Comprised of the Army and the Navy, this group governs non-Force members of the armed Forces. There are outposts of soldiers on planets that aren’t affected by the war, though many of these soldiers and officers have grown complacent. This also encompasses active duty troops and troops who defend the Imperial capital planet of Alsakan.

    The Order of the Force: Responsible for locating and training potential Force users, the Order is headed by the Emperor and a Grand Master, with various other positions leading down to the lowliest apprentices. The ranks are borrowed heavily from the defunct Jedi Order, wherein the typical system of one master and one apprentice was employed. Force Masters and Knights also participate in combat, typically being assigned to a platoon of soldiers. The Grand Temple is located on Alsakan.

    This refers to all those who are in opposition to, or otherwise unaffiliated with, the Empire. It includes governments outside Imperial control, warlords, pirates, smugglers, other Force users, and, most extensively, any dissident militiaman who is currently engaged against the Empire in the war.

    Does this satisfy, or is more needed?
  17. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    I feel like what your game needs is a bit more info about those militia guys . . . who actually is the enemy? They are so faceless, obviously not a possible player choice and yet they promise the most freedom to develop an own faction . ..
  18. Nick of Time

    Nick of Time Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 15, 2013
    To be honest, I kind of want it to be that way. If anyone gets involved with the militia they will be doing so more on a planetary basis, rather than a universal one. The main focus of the game is the way that the death of the Emperor affects day-to-day life, rather than the conflict between the Empire and it's citizens. That's just a stage to display the political fallout as those who may have opposed the Emperor in the past grow bolder. The dissidents are going to look like any other character when they don't have a gun in their hands. So, while there will be an enemy, its primarily the faceless mass of the mob, with a few people pulling the strings.

    I suppose I could make that easier to understand, by making everyone start under Imperial control, however. Do you think that would be better?
  19. BLemelisk

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    Aug 19, 2003
    I'm trying to get a handle on this premise, because I like it a bunch.

    First, and this is more of a lore question, are we to assume the Force users are a kind of patrician status among the Empire? And people that could be of equal standing but outside Imperial jurisdiction are the rebel leaders? Because I think that could offer really cool RP and writing opportunities. If that plays into your plot at all or you're not trying to answer that at this stage, just be like "hey dude I'm not trying to answer that at this stage." :p

    Next, based on your latest post, I think that having characters starting off being a part of the Empire would be the best way to go. You could even have an invisible "Imperial Loyalty" factor and reasoning that might be attached to a PM'ed character sheet. From there you could dictate what kind of situations that character might get into that would test or strengthen their ability to stay true to their or their family's long-held beliefs. Think of it as a tool to accentuate the whole "empire in decline" feeling that it looks like you're going for.

    Just a thought.
  20. Nick of Time

    Nick of Time Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 15, 2013
    For your first question, absolutely, that's a great way of putting it. Because of their status within the Empire, families with strong inclination towards Force sensitive children are typically much more supportive of, at the very least, the Empire as a whole, if not necessarily the Emperor. So, while there may be strong Force pedigree families outside of Imperial control, they are not necessarily more likely to support the rebellion. There are still families of course, where only one member may be found to be Force sensitive every several generations. There are also families with no Force ancestry. There is simply a trend towards certain bloodlines producing large amounts of Force sensitive children, and these families would encourage this trend by arranging marriages with other families. Without it being officially labelled, Force potential has become a sort of nobility. Anything else you might be thinking is pure conjecture at this point. :p

    As to the next, duly noted. Since you and Draco both commented on that, I suppose a change is in order.
  21. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    I'm getting a Game of Thrones vibe from it, and I like that a lot. Star Wars, Game of Thrones style? Shut up and take my character sheet.
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  22. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    In my usual format:

    The Good:It is a well written OP, which very effectively sets up the situation and the scene is really, really setting the mood. An Emperorless Empire and a battle about the heirs of this Empire coming right with it. Game of Thrones indeed comes to midn, but actually my first thought was Tudors, Caprica, Medici (both series). Don´t know why, but I simply think I imagine it a bit more intruigue and a bit less violence. But who can predict such things?

    The Emperor is defined quite good, before he bites the dust and I appreciate the room it leaves for development of characters within this Imperial hierarchy.

    It also is ambitious and makes no secret of that fact. It simply is attempting to portray a tapestry of events, that is quite clear. So there is room. a lot of room.

    The Bad: The first thing that jumps to my mind is the Enemy. Those dissidents are . . . single planets building no kind of alliance against the clearly superior foe? I also feel the opportunity is lost here to establish rival factions. Hapes. Warlords and the like. I join Draco in his comment, that it feels originally like htere might be the second big chance to play (despite the family of the Emperor) and probably the one with great potential. Yet, the OP seems to keep that from me. So you should consider opening up to the idea of players creating smaller sub-sections to play a role in this. Planetary alliances who might influence the battle for the Throne and the like . . . a counter-Emperor? Like the Counter-Popes? That could all be potential, that players like to explore. I feel you can hardly keep them from it without frustrating them.

    The second point I felt the game needs a bit more definition is the actual hierarchy. Shall I invent my title while joining the game? High Priest of the Force? and then another guy comes up and is First Knight and basically we need to see how these two fit? A little hint how the Empire is organized, what positions it hold, what the court looks like . . . that might be useful.

    The Ugly: No pictures yet? I need pictures that underline the epicness of this story . . .
  23. Nick of Time

    Nick of Time Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 15, 2013
    Thank you for your praise, I really appreciate it.

    I’ll try to address the bad in the best way I can think of. I’ve got ideas of how to make it more open, to allow for rebellion characters, and more closed, a la starting with everyone as Imperial citizens and devolving from there. I’m considering both, but before I change anything, let me see if this satisfies you.

    My idea behind the rebellion, at this point, is that it is still a developing organism. That no definitive, clear opposition exists is because the majority of these rebels are still essentially citizens of the Empire. The Empire, nearing the end of its maturity and edging towards decline, is still very much a powerhouse in the galaxy. The rebellion seems disorganized because if a group were to publicly declare itself, that would give the Imperial Army a very clear target and they would be able to rally and destroy the offending party. In essence, being a member of the rebellion cannot be commonly known.

    If a player desires to support an alternative path for the galaxy, they will most likely start as someone who is already a citizen of it and has been affected by some policy made by the deceased Emperor or the Senate. I am absolutely unopposed to that. Honestly, if everyone wants to support the rebellion, I’ll find a way to make that work. But, much in the way that in game supporting the rebellion must be a secret, I also want it to be kept quiet from the people playing characters that support the Empire.

    That being said, the Emperor’s assassination is intended to be a catalyst for the building conflict. Those who support the rebellion will want his death at the hands of an ordinary citizen to be known and those who support the Empire will want his assassination to look more like an accident or an act of sacrifice, in order to preserve the sense of power. So, therein, lies our conflict.

    As for the ugly, pictures are the final touch, to pull everything together. They will come.
  24. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    THAT, the above, THAT is what you should write into the OP. That it is still developing, that support is kept secret, there is a sense of Paranoia in that, . . . a bit like the communist paranoia. That is I think a good take on the rebellion, that you should include to give the players an idea what it is like to oppose the Empire.
  25. Splinterthemindseye_

    Splinterthemindseye_ Jedi Padawan star 1

    Feb 24, 2012
    I would like to run a game OP past everyone if that is ok. That is if Nick of Time doesn't mind. I wouldn't want to cut him off.
    Btw Nick I really like you OP. I agree that it has a Game of Thrones feel from it. I would expect to be sending you a CS when you get it going.