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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by XLava_Dragon, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. XLava_Dragon

    XLava_Dragon Jedi Youngling

    Aug 4, 2006
    This is based on the game Runescape. You play your accounts you have in the game or make up an account if you don't play Runescape. Here are the rules:

    1) No godmoding

    2) If your in the wilderness, you must have permission of the person your fighting to kill them. (Note that in the game you never really die. You just start back at Lumbridge Castle)

    3) You may play Random Event NPCs but you may only have up to two of them.

    4) No foul language

    5) You may play as many monsters as you want, but there is only one of each boss monster. (E.g. only one King Black Dragon, ect.)

    6) Up to two accounts you may have.

    7) PM all sheets to me

    Account Sheet:

    Best skill:
    Kind of fighter: (Ranger, Melee, or Mage)
    Who you follow: (Zammorak, Sardamin, or Guthix)

    Random Event Sheet:

    Name of Random Event:
    Level: (only for things like Evil Chicken and Tree Spirits)
    Who you follow:
    What you do:
    Weapons: (if any)
    Monster NPCs Sheet:

    Type of monster:
    Who you follow:
    Weapons/ Attacks:

    Here's my sheets:

    Name: XLava_Dragon
    Level: 32
    Best skill: Woodcutting (lv 54)
    Kind of fighter: Melee
    Who you follow: Guthix
    Weapons: Addy scimmy and Addy armor
    Appearance: Long black hair, white, Black dress when not wearing armor

    Name of Random Event: Evil Bob
    Level: none
    Who you follow: I'll chose Guthix
    What you do: I teleport people to a weird place and make them get me food!!!
    Weapons: Teleporting you to the place I live
    Appearance: Black and white cat with a strange collar

    I will add more characters for me to play later! :)

    Enjoy!! :) :)

    LSA :) Edit: Only one game per user is allowed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.