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Saga The Gift: A Siriwan Story Ch.32 Epilogue - Complete

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by obimom, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. obimom

    obimom Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2010
    Thanks Geri, If he woke up too soon we wouldn't have the scene you're about to read. :D

    Thanks Earlybird, glad you enjoyed my cliffie. Of course you know Obi does get out of this, but the question is, how? ;)

    Luna_Nightshade, I'm glad you came back. Everyone thought the doctor was one of the enemy at first, which I enjoyed, but yup, he's a good guy. Thanks for reading!
  2. obimom

    obimom Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2010
    The final chapter in this story arc - the rescue, but is it in time? :D

    Chapter 16 Rescue!

    Siri tensed as the force became agitated. She still could not feel Obi-Wan but she felt distress in the house and much emotion. She felt something was happening or getting ready to and that it wasn't good for Obi-Wan.

    "Oh, please hurry, Garen," she thought to herself. From her perch behind the bushes, she could just make out Garen and the team's quick, silent work to overcome the outer guards. Their stealth had paid off, and quickly Garen, Anakin and some of their team rounded the corner, heading for the outside entrance to the dungeon. It was only a matter of moments now.

    She breathed out her anxiety, moments ticking away as she tried not to think about what might be happening in that upstairs bedroom.

    There was a surge of the force as she sensed a battle taking place, then it quickly stilled. She then felt a release; a muted, hurried triumph of success coming from the back of the house. She sensed that the doctor's family was now free.

    She tensed, grasping her lightsaber and ready to spring at the first signal from them.

    Suddenly, Kondra's comm signaled, confirming that the first team was successful and Dr. Pau's family was safe.

    She clicked it off then looked at Siri.

    "This is it!" she said. She silently waved to the rest of their team and they sprang as one from their hiding place, their target the main house.

    As they ran toward the house, Siri could see many of the house guards subdued by members of their team. Other guards were part of the rebellion, and they stood, blasters pointed over their comrades.

    Kondra reached the door and kicked it open. The inside guards were immediately on alert, going for their blasters. They stopped when they saw Kondra, confusion on their faces.

    "Mistress, what are you...?"

    "Drop your weapons. The war is over and we are taking over," Kondra demanded.

    Three of the guards suddenly turned their blaster toward their confused comrades.

    "Better do as she says," said one.

    The guards slowly laid down their weapons. Kondra pointed Siri toward the staircase that would lead to Obi-Wan. As team members took surrendered blasters, the two women headed toward the stairs. A guard stood on the steps near the bottom, blocking their way. He, along with three other guards standing nearby opened fire on them. Siri's lightsaber was on in a flash, deflecting the blaster bolts. Kondra and the other team members returned fire.

    Siri glanced impatiently at the guard standing between her and Obi-Wan. He stared defiantly at her as he aimed his blaster. She deflected his shot as she stalked toward him, her eyes blazing with an intensity that made him nervously back up a step.

    Her hand shot out and suddenly his blaster was in her hand. She threw it aside and force pushed him over the railing. He landed with an "oof" as the team members with them quickly overcame the remaining guards.

    Kondra joined Siri and they raced up the stairs. Two more guards stood in their way, and began firing. Siri's lightsaber deflected them and one deflected blaster bold hit a guard, knocking him out. The other guard faltered as he saw the determined intensity on Siri's face along with her blazing lightsaber and he seemed to deflate. The team members following Siri and Kondra quickly had the upstairs guards under their control

    Kondra lead Siri to the door. Her hand reached the knob just as they heard shouted words from inside.

    "You just signed your family's death warrant, Doctor!"

    The door was locked, but Siri quickly rammed her lightsaber through the lock and kicked the door open.

    She immediately surveyed the room as she and Kondra entered. Dr. Pau was on the floor, weeping as a guard stood over Obi-Wan, holding a syringe that he was now emptying into Obi-Wan's arm.

    "No!" Her cry rang in the room, and she charged the guard.

    Kondra was just a few steps ahead of Siri. She reached the guard first as she shouted to Dr. Pau that his family was safe. Her blaster was pointed at the guard's neck as she wrenched his hand and the syringe away from Obi-Wan. The syringe fell to the floor, a few drops of the poisonous liquid dripping out, making a slight sizzling sound as it hit the floor.

    With pounding heart, Siri moved to the bed where Obi-Wan lay. With her lightsaber she swiftly cut the bonds from Obi-Wan's hands and feet. Team members had entered and had taken the guard from Kondra and escorted him out the door.

    Siri was only vaguely aware of these activities around her, knowing that Kondra and her team had everything else under control. She was solely focused on Obi-Wan as he lay pale and deathly still. Her focus was distracted momentarily as she became aware that Dr. Pau was now standing by her side, grabbing the already loosened IV and pulling it away from Obi-Wan. She nodded slight thanks to him, and then took Obi-Wan's face in her hands. He was unconscious and his face felt so cold.

    "Obi-Wan!" she said, shaking him slightly.

    Dr. Pau, who had picked up the syringe and examined it, said, "Almost half of the poison is in him. I loosened the IV a little while ago to give him a fighting chance. He was just starting to come around when this happened. Will it be enough?"

    Siri turned to him, stricken. She softened at the worried Kapaturian face. "I don't know. We need this force collar off of him. That will give him the chance he needs."

    Kondra spoke up, her comm in her hand. "I received the message that Tongo was successful in getting the key. One of the soldiers offered him a ride on his fastest speeder. They are on their way. They should be here soon."

    Anakin and Garen suddenly burst into the door.

    "Master!" Anakin cried, stunned and distressed as he ran to Obi-Wan's side.

    "Anakin! Tongo is on the way with the key to this collar. Go down and wait for him. As soon as you see him, grab the key and get up here as fast as you can!"

    He glanced again at his Master, not wanting to leave him, but Siri's flashing eyes told him he had better obey. He bowed, saying "Yes, Master" and with one more worried glance at his master, ran from the room.

    Garen approached. "How is he?"

    "The guard had almost half the poison in him when we burst in and Dr. Pau had removed the IV a little while ago, but I don't know, Garen. We need to get this thing off."

    She tugged at it. Garen took out his lightsaber and cautiously tried to break it, but the sturdy force resistant metal of the collar only sparked, the sabor merely making a small dent. The lightsaber might work if given time, but Siri didn't think they had that kind of time and the close proximity of the lightsaber to Obi-Wan's neck was a chance she wasn't willing to take, as much as she trusted Garen's skills. She grabbed Obi-Wan's face and leaned into him.

    "Come on, Obi-Wan. You've been through worse. Shake yourself out of this and wake up."

    She tried to sound firm, but the quiver in her voice was making that effort of little effect.

    Garen asked Dr. Pau, "Don't you have an antidote?"

    "Yes. This was a common toxin used in the early years of the war, and our medical scientists had worked day and night until they found an antidote, but it's locked away at the medical facilities. If we could get him to the medical unit, we could treat him."

    "How long would that take?" Garen asked him.

    "Well, we'd have to find a transport to take him, and we're over 30 minutes from my healing center. When this toxin was used during the war, most of the victims were dead within minutes. Even with only half the toxin in him, I'm surprised he's lasting this long. I don't have any of my medical healing supplies with me. The night they took me from my home, Samek didn't even allow me to bring my bag. He had the IV , sedative and poison already here. I don't know how he got them, but being Samek, he had his ways I suppose."

    "Maybe someone at the healing center was working for him, or being bribed." Garen suggested.

    Dr. Pau conceded the possibility with a nod.

    Siri, who had been concentrating on Obi-Wan while they talked, shook her head impatiently. "No, we don't have the time. Do you think they can bring an antidote here?"

    "I'll find out," Dr. Pau answered, picking up the comlink that had fallen to the floor.

    Siri stood over Obi-Wan, stroking his face, looking for any signs.

    Suddenly Obi-Wan's body began to convulse. He began choking. With Garen's help, Siri turned Obi-Wan over onto his side, and she held his head as he eliminated what little contents were in his body. The soiled stiffness of Obi-Wan's tunics and the sour, unpleasant odour of body fluids mixed with the pungent smell of chemicals were of little consequence to Siri at the moment, but the fact that he had not been taken care of disgusted her.

    She glared at Dr. Pau and Kondra.

    "Could you not feed him or at least try to clean him up?"

    Dr. Pau shook his head. "Kondra and I tried to care for him some, when we had the chance, but Samek would not allow him to be fed or cleaned up. He wanted to humiliate him as much as possible."

    "Why?" Garen demanded. "What does he have against the Jedi?"

    "Nothing we know of. He just doesn't like to be told no, and he wanted to "teach" the Jedi a lesson."

    "He could have died! Being on nothing but sedatives for days, anyone else would have. If this had gone on much longer, even without the poison, Obi-Wan ..." Siri stopped, choking on her words. She continued to hold Obi-Wan as dry heaves wracked his body. His fingers curled tightly around the edge of her tunic, he unconsciously tugged at her in desperation as his body shook uncontrollably. .

    A Tagonian came to the door. "Dr. Pau, there are some people here who want to see you."

    Dr. Pau started, then stopped to gaze at the Jedi. Garen nodded. "Go on. They are anxious to see you."

    In the midst of Obi-Wan's continued convulsions and heaving, Siri soon could hear the joyful cries of reunion.

    "Daddy!" children's voices cried out. "My Dears!" Siri heard him say, his voice emotional with relief. Their voices faded as they moved further down the hall. She was glad for them, but...

    Obi-Wan gasped and the heaving finally subsided. She felt his body relax, his fingers loosened their grip on her as she and Garen gently laid him back on the bed. He lay in a pall of stillness, his face a pale sheen of moisture. She ran her fingers through his dirty, sticky hair, damp with sweat. She searched for his force signature and could barely feel him. Something had to be done.

    Making a sudden decision, she jumped onto the bed and sat on him, straddling her legs on either side of him.

    "Siri, what are you doing?" Garen said in surprise.

    "Trying something." Siri said sharply. She placed her hands on his face, her palms touching cold, clammy cheeks, her fingers splayed out on the pressure points of his face. She closed her senses to the stench and bent over him, placing her forehead against his. She then closed her eyes and went into a meditation.

    When she was deep into the force, she searched for him. Waves of nausea swept over her, reminding her of the visions of long ago in the caves of Ilum. She swept them aside and searched. She finally found him, a beacon of light in the force, dimmed and weakened by sedation, poison and a force collar, but there nonetheless. The force collar hindered her making full contact with him, but she was able to reach him to a degree.

    She felt him reaching to the force, trying to grasp it but getting very little because of the collar. She touched him with her force signature. His reaction was immediate, and suddenly she felt every pain he was feeling. Hunger, nausea, the cold pain of the poison working in his body, intense aching in his limbs from days of being tied still, unable to move, and the sleepiness of the sedative not completely expelled yet. She stretched beyond all the physical sensations and spoke to him.

    "Obi-Wan, I'm here. You must fight this. Come on, let's fight this together."

    She felt him respond and their force signatures connected, but his strength was subdued and Siri felt she was fighting a losing battle. She despaired, frustrated that there seemed little more that could be done. At the urging of the force, she bypassed the Jedi and reached for the man.

    She touched him with her love, her commitment to him, her need for him. She felt him trying to fight the chemicals in his body.

    The force suddenly urged her to the surface for a moment. She became aware that Anakin had returned.

    She heard him say, "I have the key! What is she doing?"

    She heard Garen say, "Saving his life."

    She felt Garen approach. "Siri, I have the key. Let me get the collar off."

    Weak and still submerged into the force and into him, only barely aware of the surface, she pulled her face away for a moment to allow Garen to remove the collar.

    She felt the collar move away, and suddenly the hindrance was gone. Sinking back to her position against his forehead, the sudden outburst of light in the force almost took her breath away. Obi-Wan was there, himself and full of light. His signature connected with hers again and together they battled the sedative and poison in his body. The strong chemical toxin and its companion were no match against the two Jedi working as one to defeat them. She felt the chemicals weaken and then dissipate, leaving his system, burned out by the intensity of the light.

    Obi-Wan grew stronger in the force, and In his renewed strength she now felt a union with him that nearly overwhelmed her, more intense than anything she had felt when they had kissed. She felt his emotions; his joy at being with her, of being alive and rid of the toxins, she also sensed hidden guilt about Qui-Gon, about Anakin. She felt fear for Anakin and worry about his own capabilities. She also felt his deep, undying love for her. Their signatures embraced and melded together. They danced with the waves of the now fully restored force connection. Then their signatures kissed, or at least that was the sensation she felt, and they became one person. They were bonded. That was the only word she could think of at the moment, but Obi-Wan seemed to agree, and now the two who had become one entity danced as one in a light that seemed to emanate from every corner of the force.

    Finally, reluctantly, the dance had to end. Obi-Wan lingered a moment more with her, neither wanting this moment to end, and then he slowly withdrew his force signature from her, the intimacy of their spiritual union becoming something to be remembered and never forgotten, but a spark remained in each one of them; a shared spark that would forever unite them.

    Siri slowly became aware of the people in the room as she returned to the surface. She slowly sat up and glanced down at Obi-Wan and saw his face, now warm and nearly glowing, wet with his tears mixed with her own. She gently wiped the tears from his face and glanced hazily around the room.

    Garen and Anakin stood on one side of the bed, Garen stoic in his demeanor but eyes betraying an astonishment at what he had just witness. Anakin stood with jaws slack, tears tracking his face. He saw Siri look at him and in awe, he muttered, "I felt you connect with him."

    Dr. Pau, who had returned with the antidote in his hand stood with Kondra on the other side of the bed, both gaping in wonder, but not sure of what they had just witnessed.

    Siri suddenly felt a little embarrassed, wondering if these people had witnessed something as intimate as what they had just experienced. But they couldn't have, this was all in the force. Garen and Anakin may have felt something going on, but they wouldn't know exactly what it was. Anakin had said he felt them connect, but she was sure he didn't understand the extent of it all.

    Then she heard Anakin gasp and whisper to Garen, "Are they glowing?"

    She heard Garen respond in a voice almost hushed with reverence. "It would seem so."

    Siri glanced at Garen, her hands going to her face. He nodded to her, smiling.

    "You two have an afterglow. What happened in there? I could feel something going on, something very intense, but the force seemed to block me from seeing more."

    "Nothing..." she stammered. "We fought and got rid of the toxins and chemicals and Obi-Wan was restored to health." She turned to Dr. Pau. " He won't need the antidote now, Doctor."

    Garen offered his hand and helped her down from the bed. She gazed at Obi-Wan, who was beginning to awaken.

    Dr. Pau stammered. "Yes...yes, I can see that. I have never witnessed anything like that in my life. You Jedi are truly amazing."

    They watched as Obi-Wan's eyes blinked several times and then opened. HIs eyes first found Siri's and she felt the new connection between them spark. No words were needed. The gladness in his eyes belied the weakness still in his body. A shaking hand slowly took hers and squeezed softly.

    Then his eyes turned to Dr. Pau and Kondra. He thanked them hoarsely and they nodded.

    He turned to Garen and grinned. Obi-Wan's usually strong grip was much weaker as he took Garen's hand and shook it. Garen looked to Siri to be almost timid as he returned the shake gently, then placed Obi-Wan's trembling hand back on the bedside. He hurriedly wiped his eyes and said gruffly, "Glad to see you made it, Obi-Wan. Things wouldn't be the same without you around."

    His eyes then fell on Anakin. He face was a mixture of surprise, wonder, gladness and irritation. Siri said softly,

    "Don't be angry, Obi-Wan, Anakin couldn't stay away. He wanted to find you. He's already in trouble with the council, but he was wonderful here. He did what he was told and helped us today. And don't you tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing when you were a padawan and your Master was in trouble. I seem to recall a certain incident with a certain bounty hunter who had captured Master Qui-Gon and put him in the hands of a mad female scientist."

    Obi-Wan glanced at Siri. She grinned her most innocent grin at him and his face relaxed. He beckoned Anakin to him and he approached nervously. Obi-Wan slowly placed a pale, trembling hand on his shoulder and in a hoarse whisper said, "Well done, Padawan. I'm proud of you."

    Anakin beamed.

    "What happened with that bounty hunter and mad scientist who took Master Qui-Gon?" Anakin asked suddenly.

    Obi-Wan chuckled softly. He voice gained some strength and he rasped, "Another time, Padawan. Now you do realize you'll still be disciplined by the Council. You did disobey my instructions as well as the Council's."

    Anakin lowered his head, nodding. "I know, Master. But I couldn't stay and not help find you. I just couldn't."

    Obi-Wan gazed at him thoughtfully. " We'll talk more later. Right now, lets get out of here. I really need a fresher."

    Anakin waved his hand over his nose as he said, "Whew! You sure do, Master."

    Anakin and Garen helped Obi-Wan out of the bed. His legs were weakened by days of restraint and heavy sedation, but Obi-Wan stubbornly refused help to walk. When his legs crumpled under him and he fell to the floor, he waved away hands that reached to help.

    Siri felt the force surge around him as he drew the force in. Determinedly, he reached for the bed post and pulled himself to a standing position. He closed his eyes and took some deep breaths, then shakily walked himself to the fresher down the hall, Anakin hovering anxiously at his side with Garen following behind, ready to catch him should he fall. But he didn't. He silently entered the fresher and closed the door behind him.

    Siri watched all this, shaking her head. "Stubborn man," she thought to herself, and then cringed as in her heightened connection with him she could still feel every ache and residual pain he was experiencing.

    She shook her head and then noticed Anakin standing outside the fresher, looking a little lost and left out. She went to him and grabbing his arm, said, "Come on, Anakin, lets see if we can find your master's cloak and lightsaber. He'll need something to cover himself until we get to the transport."

    Kondra, who had disappeared while Obi-Wan was making his way to the fresher, returned with pale green tunics in her hand. "Here," she said, thrusting them into Garen's hands. "These are old tunics my father hasn't worn in years. They're much simpler than the magnificent robes of his office he preferred in recent years. I'm sure your friend will not want to put those soiled tunics back on."

    "Thank you, Kondra, and yes, I'm sure you're right," Garen said with a smile, accepting the tunic with a small bow.

    Kondra turned to Siri. "I heard you mention his cloak and that saber thing. I know where his things are. I'll take you to them."

    "I'll wait here until you return," Garen said. Tongo then approached him. Siri and Anakin left them to talk as they descended the stairs behind Kondra.


    Siri knocked softly on the door to the healer's wing in the temple. Obi-Wan had been ordered there immediately upon arrival at the temple. He and Siri may have flushed the poison and sedatives from his system, but his body was still weak and needed medical attention.

    "Come in, Siri," he called from the bed he was resting in. Bant was fussing over him, making sure he was comfortable and removing the tray from his bedside.

    Siri approached him, smiling. "Well, you're looking much better!"

    "I am, but have you heard from Garen yet?"

    She should have known Obi-Wan's first thoughts would be of the mission.

    "Yes. He said negotiations are going well, now that the two "egomaniacal wannabes" (his words not mine), are out of the way. A senate representative just arrived to help, the fledgling government is forming a charter, and they will be holding their first elections in over 20 years soon. Garen said that he and Master Ton'So should be heading home probably tomorrow. Now, what did the Healers say?"

    "They said I'm completely well and can return to my own quarters."

    "They did not and you know it," chided Bant with a poke at him. "He's malnourished and dehydrated from days of no food or water. It's a wonder he didn't die just from that! We're just keeping him a day or two to make sure his electrolytes become stable and he can take food and water without throwing it up."

    "Yes, yes, that's what they say. I feel fine!" Obi-Wan protested.

    "Now Obi-Wan Kenobi, you quit complaining and be a good patient. We'll have you out of here in no time."

    Siri grinned at Bant fussing over him like a mother hen, and Obi-Wan's long suffering sigh.

    Bant gave Obi-Wan a final pat on his leg and left the room, cautioning Siri not to stay too long, Obi-Wan needs his rest.

    She left the room as Obi-Wan said, "Needs my rest! That's all I've been doing for days! I need to move!"

    Siri sat down on the bed next to Obi-Wan. He reached for her hand and his fingers wrapped around hers. She was gratified to feel the strength in them; the weakness and trembling long gone. They looked at each other without speaking. The glow had faded a short while after they had left Samek's house. They spoke little on the trip home, but whenever they were in close proximity the spark between them seemed to intensify and she continued to feel the aches and pains from his ordeal. It was when they were almost to Coruscant that this heightened awareness of each other finally dimmed to a soft light in the corner of their minds, to be accessed when needed. They knew something had happened between them. Something important, something the force did, but that may be against the code. Siri had chosen not to dwell on it much during the trip home.

    Finally Obi-Wan spoke. "Do you understand what happened the other day?"

    Siri nodded her head slowly. "I think so. I think the force bonded us, or something." She looked at him, suddenly feeling shy. She quickly glanced back down at their clasped hands. "It's almost like we've been married."

    "Yeah, something like that, but we're Jedi. What reason would there be for this to happen?"

    Siri gazed at him, no answer on her lips. She knew he was right. No matter what may have happened when they connected in the force, they were still Jedi. She stilled the frustration trying to rise up within her. The force seemed determined to bond them, to bring them together, but every time a big, impenetrable wall called "The Code" stood in their way.

    She noticed Obi-Wan's slight knowing grin as he looked at her. She remembered he could feel her feelings as much as she could his. She needed to be careful not to give away too much. She released her frustration to the force and smirked at him.

    "Know I do, that something happened between the two of you, it did."

    Obi-Wan and Siri turned at Yoda's voice as he hobbled into the room. He gazed up at them, eyes wide and wondering.

    "Saved Obi-Wan, you did Siri, but the force did something between the two of you. Yes, connected you two, it did. Bonded you, it did." Yoda nodded, his eyes turning inward as he pondered.

    "Master Yoda, do you know why the force...uh...seemed us?" Obi-Wan asked pensively.

    "Understand it, I do not. Bound by the code, the force is not. We choose to live by the code. I said to Siri one time, when much younger she was, that know much about the force we do, know everything, we do not."

    "What should we do then?" Siri asked, searching Yoda for an answer. Obi-Wan squeezed her hand softly.

    "What should you do? Be Jedi, that is what you should do." Yoda tapped Obi-Wan's leg with the gimer stick. "Your first duty, this is. The rest, the force will reveal," he gazed up at them cryptically. "When time, it is."

    He turned to go, then turned back to Siri. "Stay not too late, young Siri. Rest, our Obi-Wan needs."

    Obi-Wan groaned as Yoda left. "Not Master Yoda too!"

    Siri giggled.

    "I guess that's it then, just like I said the other night in your quarters," Obi-Wan said, squeezing her hand gently, and then letting go. "We are Jedi first."

    As Siri nodded, pushing away a feeling of being let down. "For now," she thought to herself.

    ,Anakin entered the room then, a picture of dejection.

    "Ah, Anakin, my wayward Padawan. What has the council bestowed on you for your disobedience?" Obi-Wan asked cheerfully.

    Anakin groaned. "A week of kitchen duty."

    "That's all?" Siri asked incredulously "That seems awfully easy..."

    "Wait," Obi-Wan said, watching Anakin's face. "I think there's more."

    Anakin nodded. "And I have two weeks of meditation with Master Yoda on obedience."

    "Ouch," Obi-Wan said smiling. "Well, it will be good for you, Anakin. Yoda is a good teacher on meditation, and force knows you need it."

    Anakin glared at Obi-Wan a moment, then his face softened as a grin broke out on his face. "I guess so."

    Siri watched Obi-Wan and Anakin as they bantered back and forth. She had not given taking a Padawan a lot of thought, but the thought struck her that it may be time.

    She looked at Obi-Wan thoughtfully. She would tuck this most recent episode in the corner of her mind along with all the other episodes beginning with Ilum, and wait. She was getting good at that, she thought.

    She just hoped that someday that illusive "when it's time" would finally be revealed.


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  3. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Yes, Siri and Obi-Wan bonding and conquering the poison. Love the chapter and Obi and healers is always trouble;)
  4. Gkilkenny

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    Fantastic and I'm only half way through... I have to read the rest later have to go out now. But this part was lovely

    Finally, reluctantly, the dance had to end. Obi-Wan lingered a moment more with her, neither wanting this moment to end, and then he slowly withdrew his force signature from her, the intimacy of their spiritual union becoming something to be remembered and never forgotten, but a spark remained in each one of them; a shared spark that would forever unite them.

    I'll be back to comment on the rest later
    Great story.
  5. Valairy Scot

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    A nice chapter and a new development in their relationship. I like how Siri "warned" Obi-Wan about Anakin's contributions, and how Obi-Wan subsequently handled Anakin.
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    That was interesting about the code, it is man made and not of the force, so there is hope that they can be together.
    I always love it when Obi-Wan complains about resting.
    Great work.
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    I liked how Obi-Wan and Siri were able to connect to each other, and how that is separate from the code. It was very exciting watching Siri do what had to be done to save Obi-Wan. Great update!
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    Thanks Earlybird...and you should write healers so well and always have Obi-Wan running into them...:p

    Glad you liked it.
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    Thanks, Geri!! I really enjoyed writing that scene when she rescued Obi-Wan (and what a rescue!)

    And yes, I see the code as man made, and force for is not bound by them necessarily...;)
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    Hi, Val, Thanks! ;)
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    Thanks, Luna, I enjoyed writing that. It was pretty emotional for me...glad you enjoyed it. :)
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    This chapter is about Ferus, but is also a bridge between the previous years and the years getting ready to happen, as you will see at the end. Hope you all enjoy!

    Chapter 17: Ferus

    Siri was released for full duty within a few weeks after the mission on Tagon. Solo as well as team missions kept her too busy to think about visions, love, attachments, or a dark future. She saw Obi-Wan a few times during this time, but they never mentioned what happened. The spark between them was virtually dormant, but both knew it was still there to be accessed whenever needed. Things were settling into a Jedi routine of missions, sparring, training, meditation and for Siri, observing initiates.

    She was in the training salle one day watching a group of older initiates, when one particular boy caught her eye.

    He was a bright young man just short of thirteen, tall and lean, nearly black hair with a distinctive strip of gold on one side, his dark eyes sharp and intelligent. He was serious and attentive. His name was Ferus Olin.

    As Siri watched, he was sparring with one of his age mates. He spun and just missed tapping his opponent on the neck to win the bout. His opponent counter attacked, causing Ferus to stumble. Embarrassed, he recovered himself and took a defensive stance. Siri was impressed with his poise, but his partner was just a little faster and won the match in the end. They bowed to each other, but Siri could sense frustration in the young man. He seemed to take himself too seriously, and only barely smiled when the instructor commended him on a good match. Siri shook her head and thought to herself, "I will have to train him out of that."

    She smiled to herself at that thought and went to introduce herself. Beet red with surprise, Ferus bowed low when the instructor introduced her to him.

    A week later, with the Council's blessing, Ferus became her Padawan. Then more weeks later, Siri pondered why she had been so drawn to him. Certainly he was very strong in the force and was a great student. He listened very attentively to her instruction, which gratified her, but also at times almost annoyed her. She sometimes wished he would at least one time smart off to her, or do something out of the ordinary. He paid a great deal of attention to detail, and was adamant about following the rules. He seemed to be trying to be the perfect padawan, not unlike a certain other Jedi she was very fond of. She often wondered if that was why she chose Ferus; he had reminded her of Obi-Wan.

    However, she knew this was the will of the force, and they quickly grew very close in their bond. A few months later they were sent on their first team mission, with Obi-Wan and Anakin. Obi-Wan and Siri spent a great deal of the time divided between bantering and comparing notes on their Padawans, and breaking up Anakin and Ferus frequent disagreements. To Siri's surprise, they knew each other and were much less than friends; in fact, they were rivals. Siri couldn't help being a little relieved that Ferus was proving to be a little more human than he let on.

    As the years went by, and the two Master/Padawan teams found themselves sent on many missions together, Ferus confided to her one night that he sensed something in Anakin that disturbed him. She listened to his concerns, and didn't want him to feel she didn't value his feelings, but she also trusted Obi-Wan to help Anakin, and in the end cautioned Ferus to lighten up on Anakin, and realize where he had come from.

    She talked it over later with Obi-Wan, and both observed with some humor that it was no wonder they did not get along. Where Ferus was studious, serious and rule minded, Anakin was the opposite; spontaneous, quick to act rather than think, apt to break the rules rather than follow them, which was a continual source of angst for Ferus when they were on missions together. What the two padawans didn't realize was they really worked well together, because Anakin's often too wild ideas coupled with Ferus's attention to the rules and details balanced each other out, and they were able to accomplish whatever they set themselves to do.

    When the boys were in their mid teens, Obi-Wan and Siri were captured and held prisoner when they had attempted to infiltrate a criminal gang to investigate threats against the planet's king.

    Neither had been seriously injured, only their dignity bruised when they had realized they had walked into a trap. They had been knocked unconscious and woke up chained tightly to the wall of a prison cell, their lightsabers, cloaks and equipment no where to be found. Barefoot and wearing only their tunics, they found one guard sneering at them through the thick, durasteel bars. "I'll be right outside in case you try anything," he snarled, "but wait till the boss gets here..then we'll have some real fun." His eyes traveled over Siri hungrily, then laughed in a snarling growl and slammed the prison door shut behind him. They were left alone. They began working the bars with the force, slowly bending them and working them to get them to break. The bars were extremely thick and progress seemed slow, after awhile they stopped for a brief rest.

    "What do you think our Padawans are doing right now?" asked Siri, trying to turn enough to look at Obi-Wan from her confining chains.

    "Oh, if I know my Padawan, he's ready to rush headlong in here come hell or high water to rescue us, force help anyone who stands in his way," Obi-Wan remarked ruefully.

    "Yes, and Ferus is trying to hold him back, to form a cohesive strategy and not just rush into a fools errand. He's also likely mindful of our last instructions to them," Siri said, shaking her head as best she could in the restraints. "He tries so hard, sometimes too hard, to be the best Padawan he can be, but he needs to lighten up a little. I've been working with him."

    "Don't work with him too much. He's very diligent and gifted, a great Padawan and he'll be a great Jedi. It's a good thing he takes being a Jedi so seriously, I wish Anakin could be more like that."
    "Hmph! Sometime I wish Ferus were more like Anakin!"

    "Don't wish that!" Obi-Wan groaned, "One Anakin is quite enough. I find Ferus quite...refreshing."
    Siri snorted, "Yeah, that's because he's just like you in so many ways."

    "Oh? Is that why you chose him?" Obi-Wan twisted to give Siri an impish look.

    If Siri could have moved her legs, she would have kicked him.

    After a pause, Siri said, "Surely they will work out a plan of some kind, but we need to keep working these chains. I hope Ferus isn't being overly bossy to Anakin, spouting Jedi rules and edicts. Anakin just hates that." Her brow furrowed worriedly. "You don't think they'd come to blows over this, do you?"

    "Oh, I wouldn't think so," Obi-Wan said matter of factly, "but Anakin does not like taking orders from anyone except who he has to, and then often begrudgingly. They're Jedi, even if they're young. They will find a way to work together, especially when their Masters' lives are at stake."

    He glanced at her over his chains. "You seem to worry as much about Ferus as I do about Anakin, but for different reason."

    "Well, I just want Ferus to relax more and not think he has to be so... so ...perfect."

    "Oh Siri," Obi-Wan sighed, "I had to learn this, just like he will. Part of perfection means to realize one's own imperfections. By realizing one's own imperfections, then perfection seems closer; however if one is perfect in his imperfection, then he really isn't perfect after all, is he?"

    Siri looked at him quizzically, straining to turn her head toward him.

    "Did that guard hit you a little too hard earlier? What in the blue stars of Zema are you talking about?"
    Obi-Wan just laughed quietly. "Oh, nothing, it was some nonsense I used to say to myself when Qui-Gon would talk to me about trying to be too perfect."

    Then he stopped suddenly and listened. "Wait. Do you feel it? Our Padawans are here."

    Siri nodded and braced herself. "Time to get out of here," she said."

    Their masters had nearly broken the chains when the padawans overcame the outer guards and triumphantly burst into the cell room, Anakin dangling the keys to the cell door in his hand. The boys had retrieved their master's lightsabers and things from an outer wall as well. They quickly freed their masters and the four fought their way out of the prison.

    After a successful battle and escape, they finally captured the boss and presented him to the King. The mission had been successfully concluded and on the way home, Obi-Wan asked the boys how they had come up with a plan to rescue them. Siri almost wished he hadn't asked as the firestorm of disagreement between the two boys almost gave her a headache.

    Ferus had been calmly laying out the plan they had made, and Anakin had waited impatiently while Ferus talked. He soon could keep quiet no longer and began to complain that Ferus being a stickler to the rules delayed them coming sooner to rescue them, and it could have been much worse had they delayed any longer, and Ferus countered by saying Anakin's foolhardy desire to just rush in and attack could have cost their masters their lives.

    Ferus had examined and carefully plotted out a strategy for the rescue, and while Anakin grumbled about it taking too long, did offer some suggestions and finally conceded it was a good plan, but while Ferus thought they should begin just before dawn, Anakin wanted to begin as soon as possible. Ferus had settled himself to meditate when he realized Anakin was gone; he hadn't waited until the agreed upon time. Ferus had no choice but to catch up and implement his part of the plan.

    Both stood stubbornly, convinced of the other's "fault" and it took a while for Obi-Wan and Siri to convince the Padawans that both of them had been right, that they had balanced each other out and that is what had led to their success.

    Ferus had finally bowed his head in concession, apologising to Anakin for not listening to him more, and Anakin begrudgingly conceded that Ferus had been right to make a plan first, and he should have told him he was leaving instead of letting Ferus figure it out by himself. Obi-Wan and Siri had glanced at each other with raised eyebrows and a sigh of relief. Another chapter of the rivalling Padawans put to rest.

    Siri later had quipped to Obi-Wan that they may as well be married, they already had the teenage sons who can't get along, why can't they have the fun part of marriage too. Obi-Wan had just shaken his head at her, an "I can't believe you just said that" grin on his face.

    As the years went by, the boys grew to a grudging companionship. Never friendship, but they realized they had better get along some, because Obi-Wan and Siri were very close and they wouldn't be rid of each other that easily.

    And then the day came that Ferus left the order.

    He was nineteen and Anakin eighteen. They with their masters had been on a very difficult mission with two other Master/Padawan teams, joining Obi-Wan on his nearly obsessive quest to find and capture Granta Omega, a mysterious void in the force who hated the Jedi, was fascinated by the Sith and who seemed to find particular pleasure in toying with Obi-Wan and his padawan. During this final and harrowing mission to capture Omege, the Jedi had found themselves on Korriban in a grueling fight against not only Omega, but various sith zombies haunting the ruined passageways of the ancient Sith temple. During this battle, one of the padawans, Darra Thel-Tanis, had been killed during the mission.

    Siri didn't know what had happened for sure, they had been in the heat of battle, but somehow Ferus had taken responsibility for the incident. The guilt he had carried had been too much and despite the efforts of Siri, Obi-Wan, Master Yoda and others, Ferus had decided to leave. Siri noticed how quietly smug Anakin had been about the whole thing.

    Siri stood at the temple spaceport with Ferus. His face had a set, determined look, but his eyes betrayed him. Filled with anguish, he had hugged his former Master, whispering "Thank you, Master, for everything. Please don't blame yourself. You did nothing wrong."

    Siri pulled back from him and looked up into his stricken face. "And neither did you, Padawan. I wish you could see that. You don't have to leave! We've all had to make very difficult choices. You could see a mind healer for awhile, that's what they're here for."

    Ferus shook his head. "I can't. If you only knew...I broke a rule, and because I broke a rule, Daria is dead. I just can't stay here." He turned away. "I just can't."

    "Ferus, Please." Tears threatened Siri, she tried to hold them back. "Couldn't Obi-Wan even help you? If anyone knows about misplaced guilt he does."

    "I know. He did help me some, but this is something I have to do." He turned back to his former Master. "I'm sorry, Master. Maybe...Maybe if I figure this all out, Maybe I can come back..."

    "Of course you can. You're always welcome here, Padawan."

    She watched as Ferus boarded the transport, she watched as it merged into the busy Coruscant skyline, then broke out and soared into space. She watched until the transport was a tiny speck in the sky, barely recognizable. She felt someone approach and stand next to her. She turned, and Obi-Wan was there, eyes grieving and unspeakably sad. She almost gasped, his look was almost like the one in her vision of the older, lonely Obi-Wan on the desert.

    She turned back to look into the sky.

    "Why didn't you show me this?" she cried inwardly to the force, "Why didn't I know I was going to suffer loss too?"

    "Siri," Obi-Wan's gentle voice spoke next to her. "Come inside. Standing here watching the sky won't bring him back."

    Siri tried to push him away, but he wouldn't budge. He put his arm gently around her and slowly but firmly turned her resistant body toward the hangar doors. He walked her indoors, and she found she was glad for his support, she didn't think she could stand anymore. He led her into the temple and didn't stop until they found a private alcove just off of a meditation room. The small room was simple with a couch and a large picture window overlooking the Coruscant skyline. Obi-Wan sat her on the couch,then closed the door. He sat with her silently for awhile as she tried to come to terms with everything.

    "What just happened?"she finally said numbly. "I don't know what to think, what to say? I never thought this would happen. Ferus... he was so promising...he..." she stopped, choking on her words.
    Obi-Wan put his arm around her again, and pulled her to him.

    "It's all right, Siri. It's me. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere."

    Siri leaned into his shoulder, her heart lilke a thousand shards of glass jabbing into open wounds. His gentle words undid her.

    "Blast you, Obi-Wan," she said into his shoulder, then the tears came.

    After what seemed hours she finally lifted her face from his shoulders, brushed away tears, her eyes and nose red from crying. He gave her some tissues and she cleaned up a little. She smiled tiredly at Obi-Wan and leaned into him again, grateful that he was there. Soon they heard a light tapping on the door. They turned as Yoda hobbled into the room, his gimer stick tapping on the floor.

    Siri sat up away from Obi-Wan and became flustered. "I'm sorry Yoda," she said, "this is a terrible way for a Jedi Master to behave."

    Yoda shushed her with a look. "Worry not, young one. Think do you that many tears I have not seen when a master loses his Padawan or a Padawan his master?" He lightly tapped Obi-Wan's knee and nodded. "Good friend you have, to comfort you." Obi-Wan's head dropped as he blushed lightly.

    Yoda looked at Siri sympathetically. "Came to tell you I did. Meditated I did. Why, I asked, did Ferus leave? Very sad I was. Then a vision I saw." He leaned into Siri, his large eyes wide with intensity. " A purpose, the force has for young Ferus Olin. Leave the temple he did. Leave the Jedi he did not."
    Siri looked at him, puzzled and hopeful. "What do you mean, Master Yoda?"

    Yoda smiled. "Thinks he left the Jedi, young Ferus does." Yoda chuckled softly, "yet the force is with him, and with him in the future, it will be. A purpose he has. Find it, he will someday." Yoda looked sagely at Obi-Wan and tapped him with his gimer stick. "A part you will have to, in his destiny, young one." He nodded, then turned and hobbled out of the door.

    Siri looked at Obi-Wan. It seems Obi-Wan will be in the center of many things in the future, even more than what she knew of.

    Yoda's words had given her hope though. She might not know where Ferus would be, but the force was with him. Yoda assured her of that.

    Siri and Obi-Wan sat for a while longer, leaning against each other in companionable silence.

    Little did they know that only a little over a year later they would face the loss of more Jedi than they ever thought possible in a devastating war that would change the whole galaxy: The Clone Wars.


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    Chapter 18 Battle Over Geonosis

    Shortly after Ferus's departure Siri had requested to be sent on a solo mission. She wanted to be alone, not even wanting Obi-Wan's company for awhile. During the following year, she was only at the Temple for brief respites, rarely seeing Obi-Wan as he and Anakin were usually away on missions themselves. A little over a year after Ferus had left she returned to the temple after a lengthy mission. She had found herself thinking about Obi-Wan during her trip home and realized how much she missed him. She hoped he would be there when she arrived.

    Her mission report was mercifully brief, as the more she thought about him the more she longed to see him. She realized how much she missed his smile, his companionship and friendship. She had needed the time alone she thought, but now she needed her friends, especially him. As she took the lift down, heading for her quarters, she reached out with the force. Feeling through the many signatures in the temple, she focused on his unique signature, and found it. Her heart leapt in anticipation.. He was here, in the room of a thousand fountains. She changed the lift setting to stop on that floor deciding that going to her quarters could wait.

    She entered the Room of a Thousand Fountains quietly, taking in the aesthetic beauty of the gardens. Flowering bushes dotted the walkway, trees and foliage representing many worlds softly rustled in the automated breeze blowing softly across the open, enormous room. She heard the sound of the waterfalls in the center, it's gurgling music peaceful and inviting. There she found Obi-Wan, sitting in the grass facing the waterfall, deep in thought.

    She thought to sneak up and surprise him, but he looked around at her, and his wide, inviting smile lifted her heart in a way she hadn't felt in months. He stood and walked toward her as she approached. He took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, then he lead her to back to his spot on the grass and together they sat, enjoying the company of each other once again. However, although she could feel his gladness that she was there, something wasn't quite right with him. His smile, although stunning when he saw her, was also brief, and his face quickly returned to the thoughtful, almost brooding look he had when she first saw him.

    "What's wrong?" she asked finally.

    He sighed, glancing at her. "Oh, it's this investigation I'm doing. Assassins tried to kill Senator Amidala, and I have a lead to a Kamino connection, but the planet is mysteriously missing from the planet archives."

    Memory stirred in Siri. "Senator Amidala. Wasn't she the young queen you and Qui-Gon went to help on Naboo, who Anakin had a deep crush on at one time?"

    "Yes, thats the one. She has become a powerful voice in the senate against forming a Republic Army, and someone wants her stopped, although I think it goes deeper than that. It almost feels like vengeance."

    "Who would want revenge against her?"

    "She made many enemies during the Naboo could be anyone." Obi-Wan stretched his legs out on the grass, leaning back on his elbows.

    Siri noticed he had let his hair grow a little longer, although it was still shorter in the front. His eyes looked huge in their sparkling blue as he stretched out, thoughtfully watching the waterfall cascading down to its depths.

    Siri finally asked, "Where's Anakin?"

    Obi-Wan shot Siri as look of vague annoyance. "He has been sent to Naboo alone with Senator Amidala to protect her while I do this investigation," he said sardonically.

    "Is that wise?" Anakin's brief mention of her years ago revealed how smitten he had been with her.

    "No, it is not, but it was out of my hands. Chancellor Palpatine requested it and the council agreed."

    Siri could feel Obi-Wan's displeasure in the situation, and then he sighed again with resignation.

    "There's nothing I can do about it now," he said, "except find this assassin as soon as I can and get this mission over with, so Anakin can be back here by my side, where he belongs. "

    Siri nodded. "So what is your next move?"

    "Well, since sitting here trying to meditate on it hasn't helped much, I think I'll go see Master Yoda."

    Siri pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them thoughtfully. 'Weird that you couldn't find that planet in the archives."

    "Yes. Very weird."

    A shiver went down Siri's spine at that statement. She sensed they were on the brink of a turning point, of long ago visions being soon fulfilled. She shook herself out of the thought then asked,

    "Want some company?"

    He looked at her, the smile quickly flashing again as he said,. "Sure. I think he's in the training rooms with some of the younger initiates."

    "Oh, that'll be fun. The little ones are always so cute."

    They stood to go when Siri's comlink chimed. She answered it, then regretfully closed it.

    "Master Windu is requesting my immediate presence. He has a mission for me."

    She could see disappointment flicker in his eyes for a moment, but it quickly passed and he nodded.

    "Well, duty calls then. I'll see you later." He looked as though he wanted to say more, to do more, but he only gave her arm a gentle squeeze and they parted.


    "Oh dear force, this is it, isn't it?"

    War. Devastation in the galaxy, the temple attacked, darkness, death, fear, everything she had dreaded since returning from Ilum so long ago.

    Visions that had haunted her dreams and memories for years now danced in her head as her Jedi Starfighter approached the red planet known as Geonosis. It had barely been a week since she had last seen Obi-Wan in the room of a thousand fountains. Now here she was, surrounded by dozens of other Jedi Starfighters lead by Mace Windu. She was part of the fleet heading to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan; to confront something so awful, so deadly that it would take a whole fleet of Jedi, not just a Jedi team to accomplish this rescue.

    She wanted to run from this, she wanted to hide, to push her visions back into that secret corner where she had kept them for so many years, but they wouldn't stay put. They came back at her, pounding at her; This is it, this is where it all begins, right here on Geonosis, with Obi-Wan somewhere down there in the center of it.

    She pushed away the fear, swallowed back the lump in her throat and stilled the pounding of her heart. With sheer will she forced the memories of those visions back into place and made herself face the reality of this moment. She had to face this. She would face this. Jedi do not run, do not hide from duty, and she was a Jedi first. She would do her duty.

    She thought about Obi-Wan being down there; a prisoner, and opened her connection with him a little. He was in a peak of intensity, he was fighting for his life. She felt him battling what seemed to be strange deadly creatures, and to her surprise, she felt Anakin's signature as well as the presence of a third being, a female.

    She was abruptly brought back to where she was by the sudden explosions blasting around her. She closed her bond with him to concentrate on the moment at hand. Anti Orbital Cannons were firing on the Jedi fleet. Several Jedi Starfighters were destroyed by this attack, the force twisting in pain and turmoil. Siri had to get a grip on herself to keep from losing control. More droid defenses came upon them, but the remaining Jedi forces overcame them and destroyed them.

    She was now in her own intensity; swiveling, twisting, angling her starfighter as she avoided cannon blast after cannon blast. She spun and blasted away at them, watching them explode into glittering starfire into the black of space. She sensed Garen and others nearby, and as one they fought against the onslaught of these droid attackers. She felt something brush against the tail of her fighter, and turned just as Garen shot his lasers seemingly at her. She felt the explosion of the droid fighter that had come so close to her.

    "Thanks Garen," she said with relief into her comm.

    "Piece of cake. " Garen's voice came back to her and she smiled briefly at his familiar and favorite saying.

    She quickly returned the favor when a droid fighter was bearing down on Garen, aiming it's blasters right at his cockpit. As she blasted the droid into oblivion, she commed to him "Now we're even!"

    "Yeah, and let's keep it at that. That was too close!"

    Siri glanced to her right, noticing that Mace Windu with Luminara Unduli had slipped past the attacking droids as the Jedi defended them. Mace announced that he would land, find and destory the last ground cannon and called for all available Jedi to land and join him when he gives the signal. Others were to keep up the sky defense, as Yoda was on his way with an army.

    Adi Gallia commed Siri to follow her. She did so as a huge assault ship, the Aken, was approaching carrying Yoda with the army he had picked up. Adi signalled Siri and any other available Jedi to protect the Aken as it approached the planet. Siri and Adi lead the way with Garen, and other Jedi Starfighters close behind. They banked the Aken and defended her against the attacking droid vessels until it had cleared the battle ground and headed to land on Geonosis.

    Exhaustion and sadness gripped Siri and she felt that everything was suddenly changing, never to be the same. This was war, not a peacekeeping mission, and many of her fellow Jedi had already perished. As she and her comrades continued to fight off the last of the attacking droids, she felt a strong disturbance in the force coming from the planet. She let herself search the ground for a moment. She sensed the battle had changed and become more deadly. She could feel Obi-Wan, now not fighting the beasts, but fighting next to other Jedi against ground forces of the droid army. The force screamed with grief and turmoil, and Siri found tears in her eyes as she felt life after life snuffed out, both Jedi and other sentients.

    She forced away the sensation and searched for her former master. She found Master Adi and turned her starfighter toward her, to draw up next to her and await her next orders. The battle in space seemed to be waning down. It seemed most of the remaining droids were heading toward the planet as suddenly as new army seemed to rise...strange white helmeted beings fought as one both on the ground and in the sky, side by side with the Jedi to defeat the droids.

    Adi instructed those who had survived the air battle to maintain defense positions and wait. Siri longed to be on the ground fighting by Obi-Wan's side, but at that moment she knew her place was where she was, with her former master. She glanced over and spotted Garen nearby. Although grief marked his face, he gave her a nod and a thumbs up. She nodded back in acknowledgment.

    One of the new arrival's starfighter suddenly exploded as a renewed droid attack began. She, with her fellow air borne Jedi along with the strange soldiers, fought side by side against them. Fatigue was beginning to plague Siri as she once again danced around enemy fighters, shooting them down one by one.

    At last, victory seemed eminent. The battle had slowed again; the droid armies just stopped and retreated, as though they had been called back. She knew they hadn't been fully defeated, she felt this was a strategic move on their part, but she sensed that at least for now, the battle over Geonosis was at an end.

    Wondering again how Obi-Wan was faring, she opened her bond briefly and her heart skipped a beat as she realized he was injured. At the same moment, from her peripheral vision she spotted a strange sight in the far distance. A ship with strange billowing sails was leaving Geonosis and heading in the general direction of Coruscant.

    Before she could say anything about it, Adi commed the remaining fleet, saying they could now land. They needed to help with the injured and help set up temporary shelters.

    Siri eagerly obeyed, wanting to help her comrades all she could, but also wanting to find Obi-Wan.

    Hours later, Siri ended an exhausting shift helping the medics move and stabilize patients, administering what Jedi healing she could offer until she was called away to help with serving food to those who could eat. She had no appetite, but worked tirelessly until late evening, when everyone was settled down for a restless night. The strange soldiers, who she later learned were a clone army that Obi-Wan had discovered on Kamino, kept a diligent watch around the perimeter of their camp, alert for any enemy attack.

    Siri combed her fingers through hair damp with sweat. She felt tired, more tired than she ever had. She sighed deeply then turned and entered a temporary tent holding many of the injured. Dozens of Jedi as well as clone troopers lay in various stages of injuries.

    Getting a closer look at the clones, she was struck by how they all looked alike, yet each one seemed like an individual. Some were comforting their brothers, others were ministering aid. They seemed serious but cheerful, in a warrior kind of way.

    She remembered that In another tent about a mile away lay both Jedi and Clone troopers who had died in battle. The Jedi were being prepared for their final funeral bier to take place on Geonosis, the clones were being prepared for their funeral biers as well.

    It all seemed so surreal to Siri, it didn't seem real. Were they really here? Did more Jedi than she'd ever seen other than in the temple really just fight the opening battle of a war that, if her visions were to be believed, would devastate the universe? She wanted to pinch herself to make herself wake up from this nightmare. This just couldn't be real.

    Her gaze swept over the room, looking for the one face that would assure her that everything would be all right. In the mix of all these strange same looking men, she also saw some Jedi who had suffered injury, but her heart yearned to see his face, to see his reassuring smile. She didn't see him. She opened their bond again, and then she felt him. He reached back and touched her mind. She smiled in relief. He was in the next tent.

    She left the big tent and walked the short distance to the smaller one nearby. Inside she saw Mace Windu and Yoda conversing with other council members in one end, and on cots lining both walls she found several Jedi, in various stages of injury or recovery. She searched the room until suddenly she felt a second touch on her mind. She smiled as she turned and saw him lying on a cot, Anakin lying unconscious in the cot next to him. She went over to him, saw the exhaustion and sadness in his eyes. There was no reassuring smile; his mouth was set in grim worry, brow furrowed as he observed his sleeping Padawan. His thigh was bandaged, but he seemed all right otherwise. Siri looked at Anakin and gasped. His right arm was much shorter and heavily bandaged and her heart sank as she realized what had happened.

    "" she murmured to Obi-Wan.

    "Dooku," he answered bitterly.

    She said no more, he would tell the rest later. She took his hand and he squeezed hers lightly as he looked at her, gratitude in his eyes.

    "I'm glad you're ok," he said.

    "I"m glad you are too, but ...Anakin...will he...?"

    "He will recover. A robotic prosthetic will be made for him at the Temple, he'll be fine. I just wish..."

    Obi-Wan stopped, regret darkening his eyes, but then he closed them tightly for a moment. Siri felt him fighting for acceptance and release. When he opened his eyes again, they were clear.

    "A Jedi doesn't live in regret and what ifs," he said finally. "What is done is done."

    She sat down next to him and together they watched Anakin sleep.


    A week later Siri wandered into the Room of a Thousand Fountains and once again found Obi-Wan sitting by the waterfall. She approached silently, and he turned.

    He stood as she came to stand next to him.

    After a moment he spoke.

    "You know, this has always been my favorite spot to meditate and think, especially when things were troubling me. The waterfall has always been a symbol to me; a peaceful power; strong, ever moving, unstoppable - much like the force. I've always taken a great deal of comfort from it when I came here."

    He looked at her. "The force is stirred and troubled, darkness looms, and I'm finding little comfort here now, especially when the Jedi have been commissioned by the Chancellor to lead the armies of the clones into battle. Several have already been deployed to various worlds already suffering Separatist attacks."

    She nodded. The Chancellor had convinced the council that the galaxy needed to see the Jedi take the lead in the fight against the Separatists, that it would give them hope.

    "And where are you to be deployed, General Kenobi?" she asked a little flippantly, trying to throw a little lightness into the mood. He rolled his eyes.

    "Don't remind me. However I have just come from several hours of strategic planning with the council and the Chancellor. We've been plotting courses of action and where to send the troops.'

    "I'm being sent out tomorrow morning," Siri said.

    "I know."

    Siri realized he was likely there when the decision was made on who to send and where. She gazed at him. Was he sending her to her death? She didn't think it was time yet for that and she realized it couldn't have been easy for him, but she knew he would do what needed to be done. He always did.

    He looked at her soberly, regret and grief lining his face in a way she had not seen before. "This war comes against everything the Jedi have always stood for," he said. "It comes even against the code, I think, but we've been called to duty, we are needed and we have a responsibility to the peaceful sentients of this galaxy to put a stop to the Separatist war machine as soon as possible, to capture Dooku and bring him to justice for his crimes."

    After a pause as he glance again at the waterfall, then back to her. "I may not like what has happened, but I will do my duty."

    Siri nodded, understanding. "And Anakin?"

    "He will be at my side. As soon as he has returned from taking Senator Abidala home to Naboo, we will go wherever we are needed."

    'He's taking her home? They're alone again?"

    Siri looked at him, her brows raised in surprise.

    He shrugged as he gazed again at the water. "I really don't care anymore. Too much has happened. Everything seems to have changed. Yes, we're still Jedi, but he needs more. I'm not going to encourage him necessarily, but I'm not going to stop him. He won't have much time anyway if there is anything going on between them; we have a war to fight."

    Siri gripped Obi-Wan's arm and he turned to her.

    "And what about you? What do you need?" Siri asked him, gazing into troubled depths flickering into hazy grey.

    "I am a Jedi, the need of my duty comes first." His voice sounded hard and uncompromising and her heart sank, but then his eyes softened into soft azure as he gazed at her.

    She stepped forward and reached around under his cloak, wrapping her arms around his chest. His arms wrapped around hers and they stood, holding each other close for a moment as though to shield each other from the dark storms to come.

    Obi-Wan nuzzled his face into her hair, kissed the top of her head lightly, and instead of speaking the traditional "May the force be with you" he whispered a most un-Jedi like sentiment.

    "Please be careful out there, Siri, I need you."

    Siri basked in the warmth of his tender words and pulled him tighter to herself. Then she returned words to him in an equally un-Jedi like sentiment.

    "I will, but you be careful too, Obi-Wan. I need you as well."

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    Nicely done. So - Jedi.
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    Love to see the POV of Siri on all that was happening on Geonosis and afterwards and Obi-Wan's change. He will need Siri
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    Love seeing Siri's point of view of Geonosis and the start of the war. Their relationship is very mature and understanding. It is a lot of fun to see things from this different perspective. Great update!
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    Thank you Luna, I enjoyed writing it from Siri's POV, it was an interesting way to see what happened on Geonosis...from the air. I read up on Siri's part in the battle on Wookiepedia to get an idea of what happened. Too bad she wasn't in the movies... but on the other hand that could have been a distraction for Obi-Wan - ;)
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    Chapter 19 Wounds

    "I'm hit!"

    White knuckles gripped the controls as trickles of sweat beaded down Siri's face. Black smoke billowed out of the rear of her starfighter as it shuddered from the impact, the engine sputtering out its life just within the atmosphere of the planet over which the dog fight had taken place.

    "Hold on, Siri, I'm coming!"

    It wasn't the voice she wanted to hear; Obi-Wan was across the galaxy with Anakin on their own mission, but at the moment, any helpful voice was welcome.

    The battle continued overhead with clone troopers blasting at the droid attack vessels. The battle was nearly over, the planet would soon be free from the separatist attack forces.

    Her starfighter careened toward the planet and she fought to land the vessel rather than let it crash into the planet's surface and into the village looming below. Drawing on the force, she managed to level the starfighter enough to pass over the crowded village and fly into the jungle foliage. Branches snapped and cracked against the windshield of the flyer, and a large branch crashed through, shattered glass flying everywhere as spear-like shards of broken wood barely missed impaling her. She covered her face with her hands against the flying debris, causing the starfighter to careen and shudder out of control.

    Her body bounced with the fighter and she gasped in pain as she grasped the controls again, pulling on the force to steady the craft, going for a more controlled crash. .

    As she fought with the controls, she noticed her hands were cut and bleeding. Something warm tickled against her head and she raised her hand up against it, trying to swat it away. She brought her hand back down to find it smeared with blood. The warm liquid trickled down the side of her face, and dripped onto her arm.

    She shook off the tickle of fear that tried to raise up at the sight of her own blood and hardened her face in resolve. She doubled her efforts to survive.

    "This is NOT my time," she swore to herself. The last several months had meant too many Jedi deaths and funeral beirs at the temple, now taking place every few days. She was not going to be one of them, at least not yet. Pulling with every ounce of strength she had left, she cleared the jungle only to find a very large cliff looming ahead. She rammed the controls, fighting to turn the fighter away from the cliff and finally slammed it into a nearby tree, not good but not like the cliff. She could survive this. The ear piercing sound of crunching durasteel collided with the thunderous clap of splintering wood. The impact jarred her, her arms flailed and her head jerked violently backward, slamming against something that had been shoved up against the back of her pilot's seat. She gasped for air, her lungs heaving in choking breaths as her body lurched forward into the controls, then violently back again.

    The star fighter finally came to a screaming halt perched at a precarious angle over the broken heart of the mutilated tree. Bleeding and dazed, she shakily unhooked the harness and tried to move out of it, but found she couldn't. She sank back down, her head pounding and her ears ringing. She turned her head and observed the black smoke billowing all around her. She became vaguely aware of voices and pounding feet racing toward her as she blacked out.

    Pain brought Siri back to consciousness. Throbbing, pulsing, searing waves blanketed her with excruciating misery, several drums were keeping time in her skull with the machine beeping next to her. Eyes blurry, she blinked several times to try to figure out where she was. She turned her head and tried to sit up, but found she could barely move. She was attached to machines in a room warm and clinical. A blurry image appeared to her, and a gruff voice spoke to her.

    "Lie still, General Tachi. Your injuries are serious but not life threatening. You'll be fine. It's a wonder you survived that crash."

    She blinked several more times, and then her vision finally cleared to reveal a white robe. The reptilian head coming out of the robe tilted to peer at her and a wide mouth opened in a grisly, toothy grin.

    Alarmed, Siri stared at the speaker. She instinctively reached for her lightsaber which wasn't there, and a momentary rush of panic seized her. Dazed and confused, she wasn't absolutely certain this strange being wasn't going to have her for lunch. She pushed past the pain and made herself think, and finally remembered the crash. She was in a med ward, the being was a healer. She settled down with a sigh of relief. Another being drew near and Siri recognised him as Reeft, followed by his teenaged Padawan. He patted the healer on the back and thanked him for doing such a good job. The healer bowed his scaly head and left the room.

    "Wow, Siri you gave us quite a scare back there," Reeft said with his customary grin. "What were you thinking? Why didn't you eject?"

    "I...I don't know..." she mumbled, trying to remember. Her fuzzy brain tried to piece together the events leading up to the crash.

    "Air fight. I was hit, going down fast."

    Her hand came up to rub at her head and felt the bandages wrapped around it. The mere touch was a new adventure of exploding rockets in her head. She quickly lowered her hand, panting. Reeft touched Siri's head lightly. She could feel the force build and the pain eased. She sighed and nodded thanks to Reeft. After a few moments, in a weak and halting voice, she tried to speak to him.

    "I was ready to eject..the force alerted me...sentients on ground, my fighter was heading right toward them... I couldn't ...I couldn't risk... I had to stay to keep the fighter,,, from crashing into...innocent villagers."

    Her voice faded off. She remembered grasping the controls and she seemed to remember trees - lots of trees crashing into her, and a cliff, then another tree.

    She closed her eyes, exhausted.

    Reeft patted her arm. "Don't say any more, Siri. Rest. The force was obviously with you, you could have been killed. We're leaving for the temple in two hours. You'll be able to finish healing there under Bant's watchful care."

    SIri smiled to herself. She marvelled at how ridiculously comforting that sounded.


    "Siri Tachi! What are you doing out of bed?"

    Bant's voice sounded more firm than her face looked, and Siri grinned. "I'm tired of laying around all day. You and Healer Gunn gave me the all clear this morning."

    "Yes, but we didn't say you could leave yet! We want you to rest until after dinner, then you can go straight to your quarters and sleep, then tomorrow, you will be able to begin some light training and duties."

    Siri groaned and allowed Bant to fussily tuck her back into her bed.

    "Stars end!" Bant sighed. "Between you and Obi-Wan, it's a wonder I'm able to tend to my other patients."

    "Obi-Wan? He's here?" It had nearly two weeks since Siri had been brought in. Some time in the bacta tank followed by complete bed rest, healing meditations, and the dedicated ministrations of Bant and Healer Gunn had done its work: her body had recovered and her head injury was completely healed.

    "He was carried in about five days after you were."

    "Why didn't I feel him?" .

    "I would imagine it's because you were so out of it for several days and then your body has been working overtime with the force to complete your own recovery. You've been preoccupied - as you should have been. It would have done you no good trying to run to him in your condition."

    Bant could be so much the scolding motherly type when she wanted to be.

    "Is he all right?"

    "Well, after being almost blown to bits again, he's fine. He needs a few more days and then he'll be pestering me to let him leave, as if he hasn't been already."

    Bant tsked softly as she shook out a fresh blanket and placed it over Siri. "I don't know what I'm going to do about him. Between being tortured within an inch of his life by Ventress, and rushing headlong into dangerous situations trying to save others, and having to be rescued by Anakin everytime he steps into some trap, it's truly a wonder he is still in one piece. He seems to be invincible, at least thats what the holonet news has painted him to be. Now, you be still and rest. We'll let you know when you can leave this room." With a firm tap on the end of the bed, Bant left Siri to her thoughts.

    Siri had shuddered at Bant's mention of those horrific weeks when Obi-Wan was missing, assumed dead. Siri and Anakin had known he wasn't, but there was nothing they could do. No rushing to the rescue on that one, only endless waiting and hoping. Then when he was brought in after he escaped, she had been appalled at his emaciated condition, his body bearing the marks of weeks of starvation and brutal torture. It was several weeks before he was back in fighting condition again, and some doubted he ever would be, but she knew her Obi-Wan. There was not a " give up" bone in his body. If there were ever a text book on perseverance and survival, Obi-Wan would be the book's shining example.

    Yes, he did seem some ways this assessment by the holomedia rang true, unlike so much of the hype they usually spew about Obi-Wan and Anakin. In the months following the start of the war, the holonet media had seemed to be smitten with the team of Kenobi and Skywalker. They made headline news almost every night, and it seemed they had become the face of the Jedi at war, the media calling them heroes and plastering their pictures all over the holonet. They were dubbed General Kenobi: the Negotiator and Anakin Skywalker: The Hero With No Fear. They gushed about the teams exploits in the Clone Wars - another term coined by the media. The two seemed to have achieved near celebrity status, which caused Obi-Wan much chagrin and discomfort, but Anakin seemed to thrive on it. Obi-Wan usually let him take the lead in interviews and photo opps, but invariably, the media managed to get shots of Obi-Wan - the quiet one, the mysterious, noble Jedi side by side with the flashier Padawan Skywalker, and then later, Knight Skywalker. .

    The council had spoken to Chancellor Palpatine about the unbecoming attention they were getting, but the Chancellor had merely dismissed their concerns with "It's necessary. The galaxy needs heroes, and what better heroes can they have than the best two Jedi in the galaxy, Kenobi and Skywalker." Siri had little doubt that the fact that Palpatine had taken a deep interest in young Anakin years ago had played a significant part in this attention.

    So now Obi-Wan tried to largely ignore the media, while Anakin basked in it, never failing to turn on the charm when a camera crew was near and he soon became the darling Jedi of the holomedia.

    Siri had observed all this with some amusement, but had also agreed with Obi-Wan when he privately lamented the attention they were getting when Jedi all over the galaxy were doing heroic deeds, being injured and dying with barely more than an obligatory mention. Not that the Jedi needed or wanted the attention of the media, but he couldn't understand why they seemed fixated on the team of Kenobi & Skywalker.

    Siri had seen little of Obi-Wan since the war began, but often heard of their heroic deeds on the holonet news..and then later heard what really happened on rare visits to the temple. They had been able to spend a few fleeting moments catching up during the last several months, but now both would be in the temple for a few weeks, healing, recovering and building up strength in training, readying themselves to be sent out again into the fields of battle.

    Siri knew that at least some of his time would be spent with the council planning war strategies and working out ways to finally capture Dooku as well as their new nemesis, General Grievous, a grotesque blend of human man with robotic machines who had become a terror to the galaxy in recent months. He took extreme pleasure in killing Jedi and taking their lightsabers as a souvenir, hanging them on his belt. Siri felt a pang of grief as she remembered that Master Ton'So had been one of his recent victims.

    She deeply mourned all of the Jedi the temple had lost. There were still thousands of Jedi, but they were thinly spread over the vast galaxy on different battle fronts, as well as non war related missions. A few hundred remained in the Temple; healers, teachers, some council members, the elderly and the very young, but the Jedi ranks had decreased much. At the last Jedi census, it was estimated the Order had lost thiry-five hundred Jedi in the months since the war began. That was an incredible number compared to the five or ten typically lost in a standard year previous to the war.

    Siri stirred, kicking Bant's carefully placed blanket off her legs and stretching. She was tired of laying around when her Jedi comrades were out fighting the war. She wanted to get back to work, to end this war as quickly as possible. She knew Obi-Wan would feel the same way.

    She thought of the visions of long ago. She was sure this was the time of those visions coming to pass, and she knew Obi-Wan would survive and be a part of the future Jedi, but what about the temple? She thought of it being attacked, burning. What about the younglings? She decided in the coming days she would talk to Yoda again.

    She yawned. Then she thought of Obi-Wan in another bed in the healers ward. She stretched out with the force to find him. She smiled as she felt his steady presence a few doors down from hers. He seemed to be sleeping. Probably something she should be doing, but she wasn't tired. She turned to her side and stretched again.

    Really, Bant could be so overprotective. She could be starting her training today. Siri huffed out her exasperation, and began making mental plans for the next few weeks. As she relaxed into her thoughts, sleep beckoned again. "May as well," she thought, sighing to herself, and she let it come.

    After her dinner tray had been taken away, as promised, Bant released her from her medical prison.

    With a sense of freedom, Siri almost felt like skipping out of the room, but instead kept her cool, calm Jedi persona as she bowed thanks to Master Healer Gunn and to her friend Bant, and then walked out. Instead of heading for her quarters as ordered, she headed toward Obi-Wan. She followed his signature until she found the door.

    She opened it quietly to find Obi-Wan awake and talking softly with Anakin. Both turned their heads when she entered.

    "Hey!" Anakin smiled widely at her as she came closer. "I hear you're trying to out do me in starfighter crashing."

    Siri was puzzled by a momentary bristle of irritation from Obi-Wan, but she grinned at Anakin and shrugged.

    "Well, I gave it my best shot anyway."

    "Yeah, and it almost got you killed," Anakin said with a smirk. He shook his head solemnly, his longer, curlier hair lightly blowing with the motion.

    "Better leave crashing Starfighters to the experts, Master Siri. Obi-Wan and I are accomplished at it." He flashed a conspiratorial grin at his former master.

    Obi-Wan snorted. "You more than me." He turned to Siri, "It's his specialty."

    "Yeah, so next time you need to crash a starfighter, just let me know and I'll handle it for you."

    "Thanks, Anakin, I'll remember that next time I find myself in a spiralling fighter," she retorted sarcastically.

    There it was again. That lightening flash of irritation, quickly snuffed out. What's going on with him?

    She then crossed her arms, appraising Anakin. "And I see becoming a Knight hasn't curbed your impertinence."

    "Oh, it's worse," Anakin said, his eyes sparkling with mischievous humor.

    "I can attest to that," Obi-Wan said, giving his partner and former padawan an affectionate look. "You going now?"

    "Yep. I have some people I want to see while I have the free time."

    Obi-Wan nodded and Anakin was gone.

    "By people he means Senator Amidala," Obi-Wan said with a slightly rueful grin.

    "Do you say anything to him?"

    "Why should I? He's not my Padawan anymore, and beside, like I told you before, I don't care anymore as long as it doesn't interfere with his duties, which it hasn't. If anything, he seems more dedicated to the Jedi now. He thinks he's hiding it from me, and I let him think it."

    Siri nodded. Then she looked him over. His face was more drawn, lines creased the corners of his eyes that weren't there before. Weariness seemed to envelope him, the light in his eyes had dimmed a little by long months of war, devastation and grief. His legs were still bandaged and his chest still swathed in cloths.

    "How are you doing?"

    "These bandages come off tomorrow and I'll be out of here in no time. I'll need to do some training to get back into top form before I'm sent out again. I'll probably be around for at least a couple weeks. The council wants to meet with me during this time as well."

    "I hear you were hurt pretty badly when they brought you in."

    Obi-Wan shrugged. "No worse than usual. Anakin pulled me out of the fire just in time. A few more minutes and I probably would not be here."

    Siri shuddered, thankful that Obi-Wan had Anakin by his side. The force truly was with Obi-Wan. He had much left to do.

    Suddenly, something unexpected shivered down Siri's spine.

    "Ok, here we go," she thought to herself. She glanced at Obi-Wan, sensing displeasure. Blue eyes that only a moment ago held warmth now reflected a steely gray coldness as he linked his hands behind his head.

    The amiable mood in the room changed as Siri recognized his look as one he had given Anakin many times over the years when he was particularly displeased with him.

    She braced herself, her chin going up as she stared him down.

    "What?" she finally said, somewhat defensively.

    Obi-Wan didn't answer right away. He continued staring at her, his eyes flickering conflicting emotions, his lips closed in a thin line, as though considering his next words. Finally his silence was broken.

    "I thought I told you to be careful out there."

    Told me? Siri remembered those words being spoken months ago as being tender, full of love and concern, not the almost commanding tone being used now.

    She narrowed her eyes as she looked at Obi-Wan.

    "What do you mean, told me?"

    "I mean you should be more careful! It seems to me you needlessly put yourself in a life threatening situation by not ejecting as soon as you were able."

    Needlessly? Irritation rankled Siri's nerves and she crossed her arms, fingers drumming impatiently against her elbows.

    "Oh, I see, and you and Anakin always take the safest way in any situation. Thats why you're in here so often almost blown to bits...because you're so careful."

    "That's different."

    "Is it?" Siri's voice rose slightly as she noticed Obi-Wan's face beginning to flush.

    Before she could say any more, Obi-Wan, with arms now crossed and eyes glinting icily, spoke, his voice quiet but hardened on the edge of anger.

    "Reeft told me that it was nothing short of a miracle that you weren't more seriously hurt, much less killed. It was foolish to try to save that starfighter, you should have ejected and let it crash."

    "Foolish? I should have?" This was turning into an inquisition and Siri wasn't going to stand for it. Her cheeks burning as biting indignation swelled in her throat, her voice rose in her retort as she drew close to him, challenging him like a fighter facing his opponent.

    "It wasn't the starfighter I was trying to save, Obi-Wan! It was..."

    Siri suddenly stopped and turned around, shaking her head. She angrily paced away from him. She didn't have to answer to him. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. This didn't sound like him at all.

    She spun and pointed at him, her voice shaking with emotion.

    "Who do you think you are, Obi-Wan Kenobi? My master? I have news for you, I am not your Padawan, and I don't have to answer to you."

    Obi-Wan drew up, his eyes large and intense. "I know that, but you could have died!" His rebuke was sharp, his voice equally raised in intensity. .

    "So? Everytime we walk out of here we're in life threatening situations. How many times have you been on death's door? How many times have you put yourself in situations for the sake of others? Do you really think that you're the only one who can make those kind of decisions?"

    "I never said that, but I do what is necessary for my troops and the mission we're on."

    "And so do I, Obi-Wan," Siri spat. "And neither you nor anyone else is going to make me feel guilty about steering that dying starfighter away from a village full of innocents instead of saving myself."

    Obi-Wan stopped, his mouth gaped open in surprise. He quickly regained his composure and said, "Reeft didn't tell me that."

    "Well, maybe he felt he didn't need to, Obi-Wan. Maybe he thought you trusted me enough to know I made a decision based on the situation I was in, that I did what was necessary."

    Feeling as though the room was closing in on her, Siri wanted to escape, to leave for awhile and clear her head.

    Obi-Wan gazed quietly and miserably at her.

    "Siri, I'm..."

    "No!" Siri turned toward the door. She was still mad at him and wasn't ready to let it go yet. She knew she wasn't acting much like a Jedi at the moment, but neither was he.


    She spun around to face him again and was stuck by the look in his eyes. The steely grey eyes were beginning to soften, but it was what was behind that look that stunned her. It was like looking in a mirror, a reflection bouncing back to her and seeping inside her with accusation. It was the reason he was acting the way he was, and why she reacted the way she did. It was the truth.

    This realization staggered her, but she was still too angry and emotional to deal with it right now, especially with him.

    She wasn't sure if he saw what she did, but she was still annoyed with him enough to slap him with it.

    "I'll talk to you when the Obi-Wan I know has returned. Oh, and your attachment is showing." She opened the door. She glanced back just enough to see that her words had hit home.

    She immediately regretted her words when she saw the stunned look in his eyes; saw the same revelation reveal itself to him. She hurriedly walked out, letting the door slam behind her.

    Walking quickly down the hall, hot tears stung her eyes. She wiped them away, thinking about the fact that neither of them had been acting like Jedi at that moment.

    She had become defensive, feeling attacked by the man she loved, feeling like she had to defend her decisions as a Jedi. She resented him for making her feel like a wayward Padawan needing correction.

    No, they hadn't acted like Jedi, they had acted like two people in a lovers spat; like two attached people.

    Cheeks flushing with shame at her own behavior, she thought about turning around, going back and apologising, about talking to him about what they had just experienced, but she still felt unbalanced, emotional, off center.

    Meditation first, then she would seek him out.

    She headed for the Room of a Thousand Fountains.

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    WOW what an update. Siri and Obi-Wan sure have an aversion to healers. And the discussion between them. Loved it
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    I have no doubt they'll work it out and go on stronger and better.