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Saga The Gift: A Siriwan Story Ch.32 Epilogue - Complete

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by obimom, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Luna_Nightshade

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    Jan 25, 2006
    Quite an argument... but I agree that they should be able to work it out between the both of them. I love how Obi-Wan knows about Anakin and Padme but is letting it go on. Looking forward to how they patch things up!
  2. obimom

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    Oct 31, 2010
    Thanks Earlybird, I thought you'd enjoy the bit with the healers. For some reason I always think of you when I write Obi-Wan with healers. Just wait till you read the next chapter! ;)

    Thanks, Val. And you know they will. ;)
  3. obimom

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    Oct 31, 2010

    Thanks Luna. This next chapter where they make up was fun, I hope you'll enjoy it. :)
  4. obimom

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    Oct 31, 2010
    Chapter 20: Code vs. Force

    The continuous soft applause of waterfall meeting restless pool had soothed the edges from Siri's temper, the blowing mist had cooled her as she had been quietly lulled into meditation.
    She had been gently coaxed into quiet reflection, seeking the force for answers. Finding few answers but strange encouragement, she nonetheless felt better; more peaceful and settled. After awhile, she withdrew from meditation and with a sigh pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them.

    "No wonder Obi-Wan likes this spot," she mused, thinking of the words he had spoken to her so many months ago.

    "The waterfall has always been a symbol to me: a peaceful power, strong, ever moving, unstoppable - much like the force."

    Ever moving. Yes, it would seem so. In her meditation, despite their shameful display of attachment in the fight they had earlier, she felt no censure from the force, only a confirmation of its approval of their relationship, that their fight was merely a learning experience to be gleaned and used later. She was beginning to understand that a change in the code was coming, and that somehow Obi-Wan and she were a part of that change.

    "Why," she wondered. "Is the war taking such a toll that future Jedi will have to come from Jedi marriages?" She thought about the temple burning in her visions. If her visions were true, the Jedi would no longer be in the temple, but where would they be?

    The thought of that made her heart ache with grief. She couldn't imagine a universe without the Jedi temple on Coruscant, but that's what the force seemed to indicate to her.

    Why was she given this knowledge if she's not going to be here? Was Obi-Wan truly to be the only survivor? Was their relationship going to help him shape the future Jedi? Was this how she is to be a part of that future?

    The horror of Obi-Wan being the sole surviving Jedi staggered her. Obi-Wan alone. No temple, no fellow Jedi, no friends. She saw again the desert planet she had seen him on in her visions. Alone, sad, haunted by the past. She shuddered. Why him? she wondered. Will he truly be the only one left?

    And what about attachment, still forbidden by the code despite the force's approval, yet their argument earlier only seemed to prove what the code taught; that attachment brings selfish desire to cling, to not let go. Wasn't that what their argument was really about?

    Obi-Wan feared losing her. And if she were to be honest with herself, she feared losing him.
    This scared her a little. She didn't want him to make any decision based on his attachment to her. She didn't think he really would, he's too strong a Jedi for that, but his behavior this evening sure wasn't the way he would usually act.

    What then is the answer? Should they part? Should they keep a distance from each other?
    Her heart sank as she pondered that question, but maybe this, after all, was the right thing to do.

    She felt the stirring of the force within her, distressed and insistent. She closed her eyes again and let the stirring draw her again into a light trance. Then it whispered into her inner being, "You are bonded with him, even in the future. Obi-Wan will not be the only survivor. He will be one of very few, but he holds the key to the future Jedi. He will train the beginning of the next generation and as a result help the Chosen One bring balance to the force."

    "Really? Balance will not truly be accomplished until years from now?" Stunned, she thought about Anakin, his brash charm and wit. She knew Obi-Wan and the council believed he was the chosen one, and his brilliance in using the force seemed to testify to that. She searched the force concerning Anakin, but found it quiet. She wasn't to know his future it seemed, but somehow Obi-Wan would have a hand in Anakin's destiny. This seemed too much for her, that she should know this. Why her?

    "Why do I have this knowledge and not Obi-Wan?" she asked the quiet voice as she swam in the outer perimeters of the force trance.

    "His foreknowledge would burden him and cause him to try to change what must be. Your foreknowledge is to help him, to give him what he will need in the years to come."

    "What am I to give him?"

    "You have already given him much, but there is more. Do not be concerned about your disagreement with him. Learn from it. Help him."

    The voice quieted and the peaceful sounds of the waterfall, which had faded with the trance, now lulled her back into reality.

    The pieces were starting to come together, and she sensed there wasn't much time.

    "Why - why us?" she wondered again. "Why is he going to be one of very few survivors? Why was he chosen to be a central part in the building of the next generation of Jedi?"

    She considered what she knew about Obi-Wan from the perspective of a fellow Jedi, not as a woman in love with him. She recognized his strength, his character, his humility. He was brilliant with strategy and negotiations, which was why the holo-media labelled him "The Negotiator"- he had been known to thwart many potentially deadly battles already in the war, yet he was equally brilliant with a lightsaber and use of the force, and was always ready to employ what he and Anakin flippantly called "aggressive negotiations" whenever needed.

    He had learned wisdom and compassion as well as a bit of the maverick from Qui-Gon, which had at times served him well. He was also a steady beacon of light, even in this growing darkness. She could see that the proverbial hand of the force was on Obi-Wan's life and how so many times he was at death's door, only to be pulled back and miraculously recovered.

    With this insight, it was no wonder that he was, indeed, to be central to the future of the Jedi, but how was their love, encouraged by the force, going to help shape the future order? It went against everything she had ever been taught as a youngling and then a padawan. She knew they were not the first Jedi to be in love; there were some in every generation. A few left the order, but most had hid or denied their love and remained true to the order.

    She felt a pang of sadness at that thought – they did no different than Obi-Wan and she. So why them? Why did the force encourage them, if not others – what was different about "now" versus "then"?

    It had to be the war, she decided. This devastating war that was like nothing the galaxy had seen in at least a millennium. Thousands of worlds with millions of sentient beings have been forever affected by it, not least of which is the Jedi. Since it began she had noticed the Jedi coming together as never before, and among these she had seen a few that she could only describe as a "couple", yet the council seemed to be turning a blind eye. She was sure if they weren't deeply entrenched in this war, the council would be dealing with this rampant display of attachment and familiarity, but maybe even they were realizing that things are changing.

    These questions continued broiling in her mind until she finally took a deep breath and slowly breathed out, allowing the persistent questions to recede into the deep pools of her consciousness. I
    t was then she felt a touch on her mind. It was him. She reached for him and the bond they shared ignited once again, but more than the bond, she felt him. She realized he was in the Room of a Thousand Fountains.

    Without turning around, she felt him draw near, felt his pain as he limped closer to her. He really shouldn't have come out like this. Not in his condition.

    She sighed. "What are you doing here? You should be in bed."

    "And so should you," he said softly. She turned to look at him. He stood, cloak hastily draped around him but failing to hide legs still bandaged, arms pressed against his still wrapped chest. His face was pale and slightly pinched in pain. She shook her head.

    "Look at you. Bant's going to have your hide."

    "She won't be the first medic I've escaped from," Obi-Wan said with a grin.

    Siri stood and went to him. She took his hand and led him down to the grassy spot near the waterfall. He winced as he lowered himself down to the grass, finally sitting with his bare and bandaged legs stretched out. He covered himself with the robe, then sat silently for a moment, watching the water as it cascaded down the falls.

    Siri watched him, her anger long gone. Regret for the words previously spoken gnawed at her consciousness as her meditations, visions and questions swam around in her mind. She wondered how to begin but before she could say anything, he spoke.

    "Siri, I'm sorry about earlier. I had no right to challenge you about the starfighter. You did what you thought best and I would have done the same had I been in your place."

    Siri nodded. "I'm sorry too, Obi-Wan, I shouldn't have gotten so upset with you. I-I'm also sorry about throwing "attachment" at you."

    Obi-Wan closed his eyes a moment, and then opened them, gazing at her steadily.

    "No need to apologize for that. You were right, Siri. I had become afraid for you, I didn't want to lose you, then when you had that accident, I lost my focus for a while. I was wrong, and that was unworthy of me as a Jedi."

    Siri glanced up at him, saw shame written in creases on his forehead, furrowed brows and troubled eyes. She had a sudden urge to kiss away those troubled lines, but knew this wasn't the moment. Instead she reached out and rested her hand on top of Obi-Wan's.

    After a moment, he continued.

    "I just know that I never felt less like a Jedi than after that fight with you. It was beneath both of us, it just proves that the code is right. We should never have allowed our relationship to go this far."

    The shot of anxious dread felt like a punch in her belly.

    "Go this far? Obi-Wan, in the nearly twenty years since we realized how we feel about each other, we have actually talked about it maybe 4 or 5 times, kissed twice and then we had that episode on Tagon when you had been poisoned, but other than that, we've been nothing but Jedi, following the code. And you know that everytime something did happen between us we both felt the force's approval. You can't deny that."

    "No I can't, but I became afraid to lose you, Siri, I became angry that you were in that crash. That is attachment at its worst, and it's why we have the code. I think - I think we need to part. I mean really part, there is too much at stake. We cannot let attachment interfere with our duties as Jedi, especially now - with the war." Obi-Wan's face was set, firm in his decision.

    Siri now knew why her meditation had revealed what it did. Without the confirmation she had just received, she would have not been able to argue with his logic. Looking at it purely by the code he was right, but she also looked at it from what she knew the force was doing. She turned toward him and fully faced him, equally determined.

    "Obi-Wan, it's because of the war we need to stay together."

    He glanced up at her, startled. "Because of the war?"

    She nodded, but he shook his head. She could see he was trying to figure out what their being together had to do with the war, but she decided not to pursue that thought. Instead changed tactics.

    "Did you meditate after I left?"

    "Of course I did. I had to find my focus again, after what happened."

    "And did you find any censure or disapproval from the force about our relationship?"

    "No, but that doesn't matter. We pledged ourselves to the code, Siri. We've been deluding ourselves, but tonight my eyes have been opened. If we're to remain Jedi, we must follow the code."

    Siri felt like she was butting her head against a very solid plexisteel door. She tried again.

    "Obi-Wan, didn't Qui-Gon always try to teach you to follow the force first, even if it wasn't code?"

    Obi-Wan looked at her, puzzled. "Why bring Qui-Gon into this?"

    "Because if Qui-Gon were in this position he would follow what the force was leading him to do, even if it weren't necessarily in conjunction with the code. You of all people should know that."

    "Yes, but I'm not Qui-gon," Obi-Wan declared. She could feel that famous Kenobi stubbornness building in him; a wall she would have to break down. She grabbed his now crossed arms and pulled them to her, grasping his hands.

    "I know that, Obi-Wan, but we can learn from his example. I really think the force wants us to acknowledge our relationship. The force has a reason for this. I believe it has to do with future Jedi. Obi-Wan, the code has to change, don't you sense it? If anything, this war is showing the Jedi that we need each other, that maybe attachment isn't a bad thing. We have proven over the years that we are Jedi first. Just because we lost sight of that for a moment doesn't mean that has changed."

    Obi-Wan was quiet. Siri could sense the half built wall beginning to crumble under her words. Encouraged, she pressed on.

    "You experienced almost losing me for the first time, but do you know how many times I've almost lost you? The first time for me was the worst, it threw me so off balance. I had to come to terms with possibly losing you, I had to let you go. Now I've been through this so many times that even though it's not any easier, I'm stronger for it. It doesn't throw me like it did the first time. I can accept and deal with it now, should it happen. Every time you go to fight another battle I have to release you again, I have to accept the possibility that you might not come back.

    Obi-Wan nodded, eyes softening in understanding. "I always let you go as well. The hardest time was the first time I sent you out to battle when the war first started. I was worried I was sending you to your death, but I had to release my fears and do what I needed to do. This time I was faced with the very real possibility of your death when I found out about your crash. I feared for you, and then I became angry with you. The reality of really losing you hit much harder than the mental acknowledgment of its possibility."

    "You went through this when Qui-Gon died, didn't you?"

    "That was different. Yes, it devastated me, it rocked me to the core, but the difference is, although I loved him, I was never in love with him."

    Obi-Wan's blue/gray eyes penetrated hers with the truth of that statement. The inward flutter she had felt when they were younger returned and she felt herself flush. She slowly nodded, and swallowed back a lump in her throat as realization hit her; that what happened this evening would make him stronger and better able to handle her death in the event that that part of her long ago visions proved to be true.

    She grasped his hand a little tighter and said softly, "We need to let each other go to whatever fate the force places before us, but that doesn't mean we can't be together when we can, like now."

    She quieted, waiting for a response. There was none for a long while and she could sense him searching the force. She could sense his battle with the code embedded so deeply inside him versus the force's leading.

    After a while she reached up and gently stroked his cheek. Her thumb slowly rubbed over crinkled lines under his eyes. He slowly shifted his gaze and looked at her. He reached for her hand and lightly grasped her fingers in his.

    "I am a Jedi, first and foremost. I will do my duty, Siri. I follow the code in all ways except one. I have allowed my heart to be drawn to you, but until this evening, I never allowed it to interfere with my duty or my judgement. This convinces me how wrong we are..."

    Siri's heart sank. She knew what the force was doing, but it seemed that after all this Obi-Wan would choose against the force - against her, and choose to follow the code. She couldn't bear to hear his next words. She closed her eyes and lowered her head, ready to hear the words, "Good-bye".

    "..or how right."

    Startled she glanced up at him. Amusement touched his eyes as he grasped her hand tighter.

    "You were so sure of what I was going to say, weren't you?"

    "I - I..well..." she felt her cheeks redden again, only this time it wasn't in anger.

    "I don't understand it," he continued. "It is attachment, it is against the code, but somehow, it is right. The force shouts its approval of our attachment every time I think about ending it between us, Siri. This isn't the first time I've thought about this. I've meditated much looking for the rebuke, but none is there. I even went to Yoda once."

    Siri looked up at him, surprise. He's talked to Yoda about this?

    "Soon after the war began, I felt I needed to come clean to at least Yoda before going out to a war with so many lives under my responsibility. We talked for a long time, and he didn't seemed surprised by it nor disappointed. I mean, I knew what he said after Tagon, but I didn't realize he knew the extent of it. I should have known though, he knows everything. He told me that you and I have always put the Jedi first, that we have proven our dedication to the Jedi, and that this is something the force is doing. He doesn't fully approve but he will not hinder the force. He said he accepted our relationship a long time ago."

    "What about the council?"

    "They know. They don't approve, well most don't. A few do, but overall they have acknowledged the force in this and have agreed to allow it, at least until the war is ended, and then they will examine the code and discuss if it should be changed or not."

    Siri stared at him. This was unbelievable. "And you didn't tell me about this? And what was all the 'We need to part, we have to follow the code,' about then?"

    His eyes crinkled as his mouth twisted in a wry, slightly crooked smile. "Our argument tonight threw me into doubt about if this were really the force or if we were just trying to justify ourselves. It scared me to think I would act or say or do anything based on raw feeling instead of the force. We're in a war, we can't allow personal feelings to get in the way, thats why I considered if we should part. And besides, we've barely seen each other in the last several months. When I found out you were here too, and that we'd be here for a while, I was going to tell you when I saw you again."

    Siri squeezed his hand as she said, "You never stopped being a Jedi just because you got mad at me. You are and always will be a Jedi; a very strong, very good Jedi, no matter what you may think."

    Obi-Wan nodded, then said softly, "So what do we do now?"

    "We spend as much time as we can together, in between whatever duties the council assigns us while we're here. We enjoy each other while we can."

    Obi-Wan was silent for a moment, and then he glanced at her with eyes twinkling.

    "Lets go spar then."

    "What? Now?" Siri laughed softly, looking at the bandages on his legs.

    "Why not? In my condition, I don't think I'd whip you that badly."

    "Oh, says you," Siri said with a grin. "We'll find out who whips who..after you're released."

    "It's a date then," he said.

    She leaned up and kissed his lips softly, then he wrapped his arms around her and deepened the kiss. She revelled in the warmth and softness of his lips, and then she pulled away and whispered, "It's a date." His arms tightened around her again and she snuggled against him. She was conscious of his sore ribs but he didn't seem to mind.

    After a moment she pulled away and said, "Come on, I'd better get you back to your bed before Bant catches you out here."

    His eyebrows rose in amusement, his eyes glinting. "Too late."

    "There you are!" Bant approached from behind them, a padawan behind her with a hover chair.

    "Am I going to have to tie you down and hide all your clothes, Obi-Wan Kenobi? I swear you are the most stubborn man. Do you want your release to be delayed because you won't do what the healers say?"

    "Oh no, not that," Obi-Wan said with mock pleading in his voice. "I can't take much more healer torture. I'll be good, I promise."

    Bant grunted, her arms crossed, the indignant healer glaring disapprovingly at her wayward patient. Obi-Wan winked at Siri, who smiled.

    Bant pointed to the chair and sternly said, "Sit."

    Obi-Wan obediently sat in the hover chair as Siri stood off to one side, watching.

    Obi-Wan and Bant were such good friends, she had helped him through some really trying times when he was a young padawan. The old friends loved to get on each others nerves. She suspected Bant would have been disappointed if Obi-Wan didn't give her trouble. It meant he was getting better.

    In the midst of her musing, she felt Bant's eyes on her and braced herself for the rebuke.

    "And you! Didn't I tell you to go straight to your quarters and rest tonight? Am I going to regret releasing you today?

    Siri lowered her head demurely. "No, Bant, I'm sorry. I'm going now."

    "A lot of good it will do you now, do you know how late it is?"

    "No," she glanced at Obi-Wan. Just how long had she been here. Hours she assumed.

    ""Dawn is in just a few hours," Obi-Wan informed her with a grin.

    "Oh. Well, I'd better get then." She sidled up to Obi-Wan's chair as the padawan turned it to guide it back to the healer ward.

    She brushed his arm and whispered, "Don't forget our sparring date."

    He grinned at her. "I wouldn't miss it."

    She watched as Bant and the padawan led Obi-Wan out of the Room of a Thousand Fountains.

    She overheard snatches of Bant's scolding and giggled when she heard Obi-Wan's ironic response, "Yes, dear."

    "You're incorrigible,you know that?" she heard Bant say.

    "I try," she heard Obi-Wan's good natured response as Bant playfully slapped the back of his head.

    "Ow! That hurt!" Obi-Wan protested as they rounded the corner out of the gardens. "Help, Patient abuse!"

    "Oh, stop it! It did not, you big baby," came Bant's mock stern reply. "Now hush, before I tape your mouth shut, or better yet, I'll get Yoda to come after you with his gimer stick!"

    "Agh! Now she's threatening me!"

    "Ok, where's that tape?"

    Siri grinned broadly as she followed them out, listening as they continued their playful banter all the way down the hall.

    "Yup, he's in good hands," she thought to herself as a fierce yawn suddenly reminded her of how tired she really was.

    "Yes, my bed beckons. I won't delay it any longer."

    She hummed a little tune she had heard somewhere as she headed for the lifts going to her quarters.

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    Romantic and mature ending to a hard situation. I really like the decision they came up with. If Obi-Wan only knew what Siri had seen! Great update.
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    Love the new post with the romance and the banter
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    Thank you, Luna. If only...
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    Thanks Earlybird :)
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    Chapter 21 The Future Is Now

    Siri hit the lift control to open the doors. She stepped inside and hit the controls again for the dojos several floors below, then crossed her arms and sighed.

    Talking to Master Yoda could be so frustrating and she felt she needed to release some tension with some katas.

    She had just spent an hour in his quarters discussing the younglings in the temple. The burning temple from her visions seemed to loom so much closer, and she wanted to talk to him about doing something to protect them.

    His answers had held no promise of a solution, only possibilities, and he still seemed to believe the burning temple was something that "may" happen, not will.

    "Meditated much on that I have. Much darkness the future holds. Much danger there is for the younglings in the temple, but worse danger for them in the galaxy."

    Then he had shaken his head sadly. "Not clear what the answer is, young Siri. Working on possibilities, we are, but unsure about the future. Visions not writ in stone. Leave it in the force's hands, we will."

    "Leave it in the force's hands," she huffed. Then she sighed. "But maybe he's right." She couldn't imagine what worse danger could be lurking in the future for the younglings if they did manage to get them out, but the prospect seemed to worry Master Yoda more than them staying in the temple. Yet somehow in Obi-Wan's future, he would be training future Jedi, so would some survive? Who were these future younglings?

    Master Yoda had advised her to leave it in the force's hands as well; to trust the force.

    She shook her head impatiently. "I hope Master Yoda is right," she muttered to herself.

    Her thoughts then turned to the other conversation they had had, about her relationship with Obi-Wan.
    "Sensed your fight, I did. From attachment it came, yes?"

    Siri nodded, "Yes, Master."

    "Attached the two of you are. Against the code, that is." His eyes showed no censure, only a curious reflection, an inward listening to the force, she could only assume.

    Siri wasn't sure if his statement was meant as a rebuke or as a statement of fact, but she bowed her head.

    "Yes, Master Yoda."

    "Yet, in meditation find I no accusation. Only acceptance. The will of the force, this is. Learn from your disagreement, you two have?"

    Siri smiled. "Yes, Master." The last week had been a pleasant week of daily visits with Obi-Wan in the healers room, often with Anakin or Reeft joining them. He had been a model patient ever since the night he snuck away to meet her in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, and had earned Bant's complete pardon. He was being released later today and wanted some time to do some katas and flex his muscles before their promised date to spar.

    Yoda nodded. "Good that is. Much is changing in the Jedi. Even the code, changes perhaps will come, when over, the war is."

    "The code?" she asked. "Master, what if my visions are true and the temple is gone when the war is over?"

    "Then work it out, the surviving Jedi will," Yoda replied. "If the visions are true, of concern the code will not be, I think. Survival, defeating the darkness, first priority will that be, then rebuilding."

    Siri arrived at the floor leading to the arenas, troubled by her talk with Master Yoda: the fate of the younglings, trusting the force, the temple being destroyed or not, future Jedi fighting the darkness, and then rebuilding, And somehow, Obi -Wan and Anakin would be a part of that future, and so would she, if her visions were to be believed. Her head spun with all of the possibilities.

    "Too much!" she said to herself. "Katas. Katas and meditation. And then later sparring with Obi-Wan..." She stopped cold, staring. She had reached the entrance to one of the sparring rooms and had opened the door.

    Her troubled thoughts suddenly dissipated as her eyes fixed on the sight before her.

    Obi-Wan, apparently released earlier than she expected, dressed only in tunic pants, stretched his full body in a kata she recognized, but had never seen performed quite like this. She stood, mesmerized, as he moved to the next stance, his lightsaber humming as it spun with lightening speed to stop at the next position where he paused, one bare foot held high, chest tight, glistening with sweat, chest hair dwindling down into a thin tantalizing thread into the top of his pants...

    "My, my! He has recovered quite nicely," she thought to herself and then caught her breath. She felt herself blush at her wayward musings and forced her thoughts and her eyes away from his body, and looked at his face.

    Deep in a meditative concentration, ginger hair falling over his eyes, she wondered if he knew she was even there.

    "Of course I know you're there," he said lightly, breaking his stance to grin teasingly at her. "Enjoying the view?"

    "I..well...I... Obi-Wan Kenobi, you can be quite aggravating." Siri pounced into the room, her voice sharper than she intended as she tried to cover her fiercely reddened face with bravado.

    "I was looking for a place to practice katas before our spar later. I didn't know you had been released, but obviously here you are.." She stood, head held high, and defensively retorted, "And I was not "enjoying" the view!"

    "Oh? Then why are you breathing so heavily? Were you racing to get here? You know the rules about running in the hallways. " His lilting, mock innocent voice was starting to irritate her.

    She glared at him as she marched to the other side of the room and dropped her cloak onto a bench. Taking her lightsaber, she said, "This room is large. I can do my katas over here and I won't bother you a bit." She swallowed hard against the tremor in her voice. " go on with what you were doing."

    She turned her back on him, forcing herself to breath and willing her heart to beat at a normal rate. She felt his amusement, and blushed again. She began the first movement of her kata, keeping her back to him as she fought to concentrate. She sensed him returning to his exercise.

    She had been in the midst of the meditative part of her kata when she felt him draw near. He had apparently finished and was now watching her. She wouldn't allow him to break her concentration. She blocked him out of her thoughts and finished the final two steps of her kata. Powering down her lightsaber, she took a few deep breaths, then released her emotions. She felt him again, now nearer than he was before. She did not turn immediately, but waited to see what he would do.

    He did nothing.

    "Dear force," she murmured to herself as she finally huffed out a quick breath and turned on him.
    "What?" she finally demanded. He stood silently, twinkling blue/gray eyes alight with humor.

    His disconcerting bare chest caught her gaze again; finely chiseled muscles just right, not too much for his slender build, then narrowing into a trim, tight abdomen, and the scent of him almost did her in.. Perspiration from his workout mixed with whatever soap he had used was alluring and Oh So Masculine. He was Oh So Masculine. She found herself blushing under his gaze, although she wasn't sure if he knew her thoughts or not. Then her eyes dropped to see his lightsaber turned off and dangling loosely in his hand, as if waiting for a challenge.

    She hid her discomfort as she arched one eyebrow and her mouth curved into a smirk. "Are you going to do anything with that thing or are you just showing it off?"

    He grinned and answered with a velvet, teasing lilt in his voice. "Oh, I am quite adept at handling my weapon. What about you?"

    Keeping her countenance firmly in the amused smirk, Siri in her jumbled thoughts vaguely wondered if they were still talking about lightsabers.

    She would counter with a challenge. "Bring it on, big boy. I'll show you what I've got."

    "As you wish, my lady." The sudden hum of his lightsaber almost startled her as the blue blade came to life.

    So they were talking about lightsabers after all. Ok, so be it.

    She swung her saber as her violet blade also came to life. Blue and violet blades sizzled as they met in between them,equally sizzling bright blue eyes met dazzling blue/gray eyes as they faced off. Each swung their lightsabers around and met again in the middle, the sparking blades vying for dominance. The battle was on.

    Bare chest and playful words forgotten, they were now two Jedi, competitive and determined to win over the other, just as they had done since they were younglings. Time was forgotten; minutes ticked away and became an hour as they danced around each other, sabers clashing and sizzling as they parried again and again. Each taking defensive and then aggressive turns, they spun, lunged, leaped and parried. They knew each other's moves so well, having sparred many times since they were padawans. Siri was tiring and she noticed Obi-Wan was near exhaustion. This was his first spar after leaving the med unit - she wondered if he was overdoing it, but she saw his determination to finish the fight. He backed away a moment to catch his breath, and she set herself to lunge at him, but suddenly he sprang first. Siri blocked his attack, then turned on him with an attack of her own. He blocked and then suddenly leaped in a magnificent arc over her head. He landed out of her reach, and then with a swagger in his hips and a twirl of his lightsaber he came at her again. Momentarily distracted by his moves, she quickly regained her composure and parried his thrusts, swinging her lightsaber around and lunging to strike his middle. He side stepped and swung his saber to deflect hers, then bringing his saber down and then up, he caught her blade with his own and she found her saber flying across the floor.

    Panting, she stared at him, not willing to accept defeat but his intense, brilliantly blue eyes caught hers and she froze, heart pounding and head spinning. He captured her with his very presence. Chest heaving, he slowly approached her and she stood, mesmerized as his glistening body drew nearer to her. He stopped inches from her and his hands rose up to touch her face. The air was electric between them as his hands caressed her cheeks, brushed over her mouth. Heart pounding, she licked her lips and closed her eyes, her body tingling at his touch. Then suddenly he dropped his hands, and she opened her eyes, disappointment stinging her as he backed away, uncertainty in his eyes. He reached out to his side and her lightsaber flew into his hand. He bowed and gallantly offered her lightsaber. She reached out as her slightly trembling fingers closed over the shaft.

    She slowly raised her eyes to gaze at him, still caught in his spell.

    He stood a moment as if unsure what to do next, and then he finally spoke.


    What did he say? Dinner? Mutely she nodded.

    She felt as though she could drown in those sparkling blue/gray depths. Again she heard his voice, sounding far away. He was saying something...about time she thought.

    "Main dining hall? Half an hour?"

    Half an hour till what? she wondered. Oh. Dinner. Yes, they should eat. She was hungry. Wait, not half an hour though.

    Why? Why not?

    "What is wrong with me? I've never been like this around him before. I've seen him this way plenty of times and it never affected me lilke this. Get a grip, Tachi!"

    She closed her eyes a moment, trying to bring jumbled thoughts and strange feelings under control. She breathed out and a sudden light headedness caused her to sway slightly on her feel.

    He stepped closer, grabbing her shoulders to hold her up, concern in his eyes. "Siri, are you all right?"

    She felt him trying to probe her mind. He was worried that something was wrong. No! She couldn't let him know what she was feeling, what she was thinking, but maybe he knew anyway. Maybe it didn't matter. Still she blocked her feelings, and smiled wanly at him as she grasped his hand.

    Finally she found her voice. "I'm fine, Obi-wan. Just tired. Let's make that an hour, ok? I need to do something first," she said.

    "Very well, an hour," he replied as he let her go and grabbed his clothes, throwing his cloak over himself. He headed for the door, then turned and said, "Are you sure you're ok?"

    Siri nodded. "Yes, Obi-Wan, I'm fine. I'll see you in the dining hall."

    He flashed her a quick smile. "Going up to my quarters to shower. I'll see you later."

    She watched him as he exited the dojo and then shaking herself out of her stupor, she grabbed her things and practically ran to her own quarters where she quickly showered and dressed in fresh tunics. Mind rattled in confused thoughts, she needed advice, she needed council, she needed her master.

    Twenty minutes later she softly knocked on her door. Master Adi Gallia opened it and smiled.

    "Siri! I'm so glad you stopped by. I was just making some tea. Come in."

    Siri entered the quarters she had once shared with her master. Nothing had changed, and a tinge of nostalgia swept over her as memories of many happy hours spent here with her master overcame her for a moment. Shaking them off, she accepted a cup of steaming tea and sat at the small table across from her former master.

    "What's wrong, Siri? I can see something is troubling you."

    "I- I... I'm meeting Obi-Wan in the main dining hall in about thirty minutes for dinner, Master. I - I suddenly just wanted to see you."

    Siri gulped the tea. The hot liquid burned her throat, but it woke her up. It cleared her head a little.

    "Did something happen?" Adi asked with concern. "I heard about the fight you two had."

    "That's old news, Master. It's what is happening now that has me concerned."

    "Oh?" Adi took a sip of her tea, and watched Siri, waiting for her to continue.

    Suddenly Siri was at a loss for words. How did she explain this? Why did it seem so important to talk to her former Master? What did she expect Adi to say, especially as a member of the council, "Oh, Siri, you want to sleep with him despite the code? Go for it! You have my blessing!"

    The truth of that flippant thought suddenly dawned on her.

    Oh, Force! This is exactly what she was feeling - what happened in the dojo awakened something in her that she had kept dormant for a long time. However it wasn't just a casual desire to "sleep" with him, although she had to admit he was one heck of an attractive man, but they had never acted on physical attraction before and she didn't want to do it now.

    No, this was something more, something deeper. A desire to connect with Obi-Wan on a level far more intimate, to give herself completely to him, to share with him in something that she could only think of as a completing of their bond. The force indeed had bonded them, but it didn't feel complete - not yet. Was this awakened desire truly to be acted upon? And what about him? The way he had acted in the dojo - she had never seen him sensually charming. Did he know what he was doing? Has something also awakened in him? Could it be possible?

    Was she right about this or was she completely out of her mind? Her confused thoughts rattled her - how could she explain all this to Adi?

    She took another sip of tea, and then cleared her throat.

    "Obi-Wan and I sparred today, the first time in a long time."

    Adi nodded. "That's good. He's recovered then?"

    "Very nicely," Siri thought to herself. She nodded. "Yes, he's recovered. Just needs to get back into fighting shape."

    "Won't take much for that, he's pretty much there," her thoughts informed her.

    "Well, what is it then?"

    "It's just, well." Ok, here goes! "I found myself having feelings for him...that is...tonight I mean, different feelings...well, Master, you know this whole story, how the force bonded us, how it showed me when I was at Ilum that we would love each know that all happened, but you also know that we have always kept ourselves ...I mean, we're Jedi first..we've never...that is, one night it got kind of close, but we didn't, and we always kept ourselves..I mean..."

    Siri never felt as foolish as she did at that moment. Her former Master must think her a babbling idiot.
    She glanced up at her and saw only compassion, understanding...and a touch of humor.

    "You want to consummate your bond with him?" she said gently.

    Siri stared at Adi a moment, speechless, then mutely nodded, then alternately shook her head. She rubbed her temples; her head was beginning to hurt.

    "No. Yes. Maybe...I don't know, Master...but I think so. I think we both...I mean, in the dojo..."

    She quickly explained the heightened atmosphere in the dojo and how Obi-Wan had acted, and what she had just realized.

    "I just don't know if this is what the force intended...that is...would it be right...the code...and all...?"

    Adi laughed lightly and placed her hand over Siri's. "My dear, the code has had very little to do with you and Obi-Wan for a long time. Other than your dedication to the order, the force has been the one directing your relationship this whole time."

    "What are you saying, Master?" Siri was astonished that Master Adi was so calm about it all.

    "I'm saying, I think this is a decision between you and Obi-Wan and the force. The council has been apprised of the unusual situation and although not all like what is happening, they are not so blind as to recognize the force's doing in this."

    Siri nodded. "I know, Obi-Wan told me, but they would approve?"

    Adi shook her head, "Oh, I wouldn't say approve...just accepting. Much has changed since the war began. You might have also been told that the council is planning to discuss the future of the no attachment code after the war...many of us have been wondering if it needs to be changed." Adi's face fell. "This is, if we are still here as a council. That remains to be seen."

    Siri nodded.

    Adi then continued. "I will say one thing though. I appreciate how you and Obi-Wan would not take something like this lightly. You technically could have acted on your feelings years ago, but you have not. You've proven yourselves Jedi of the highest caliber, and have always remained so. I must say, I'm not sure I could have done so were I in your place."

    Siri looked at her former master, astonished. "Master?"

    "If the force had bonded me with someone I deeply loved, basically giving us a freedom not allowed for most Jedi, I don't think I could have refrained this long our love."

    Siri blushed. "We never thought of it as such. We always believed that we love each other for a future reason, that our duty is to the Jedi first."

    "Well, my dear." Adi squeezed her hand and with a smile said, "I think your future is now."

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    Chapter 22 A Series Of Small Events That May Lead To...?

    Siri entered the main dining hall, glancing at the chrono on the wall. Nearly thirty minutes late.

    She looked around the room and finally spotted him sitting at one of the tables. Good, he hadn't gotten his food yet. What a gentleman to wait for her. She then noticed he was not alone. Garen was sitting across from him.

    Garen? Although she was happy to see him, his timing could not have been worse. She had hoped to have a certain conversation with Obi-Wan.

    Adi's acceptance of the whole thing had surprised her. Siri knew it didn't mean it was necessarily going to happen, but the way he had acted in the dojo made her wonder if he had felt the same thing she had. She still hoped to talk to him about it later this evening.

    She smiled widely at Garen as she approached. Both men rose from their seats as she drew near.

    "Garen!" she said joyfully. "When did you get in?"

    They gave each other a quick hug and then all sat.

    "Just a little while ago. I just came out of my debriefing with the Council and realized I was hungry. I came here and found this old gundark sitting all by himself. He said he was waiting for you!"

    Garen eyed Siri accusingly. Siri grinned and then leaned against Obi-Wan's shoulder.

    "I'm sorry I'm late, Obi-Wan. I was detained."

    "By my own emotions and certain revelations,"she finished to herself.

    Obi-Wan smiled easily at her. "No problem. Now we can all go up. Ready?"

    They rose and turned toward the line.

    "Not a very long line," Garen observed ruefully.

    "Not a very crowded dining hall, either." Siri said. All three stood a moment, remembering days when the dining hall was so crowded at the dinner hour one could barely get through the line. Now the room was barely a third full.

    Too many Jedi spread all over the galaxy fighting the war. Too many Jedi one with the force. This reality had not hit Siri until she stood, looking over a nearly empty dining hall. Suddenly she didn't have much of an appetite.

    "Well, there should be plenty then," Garen said, trying to put a pleasant tone back into the atmosphere.

    They passed a group of giggling younglings eating at one of the tables. The younglings grew quiet and stared at the three Jedi in awe.

    "Good evening, Master Kenobi," one said shyly. Obi-Wan glanced at them and smiled. He stopped and bowed to them.

    "Good evening, young Jedi."

    The children giggled. One boy piped up. "I remember when you couldn't find that planet!" he said, grinning.

    "Yeah, you couldn't find it!" a little girl echoed. "But Timothy did, he figured out what happened to it."

    Siri glanced at a shy little boy who blushed at the mention of his name. Obi-Wan also saw him and grinned.

    "Yes, I remember. You figured out what a Jedi Master couldn't. Very clever of you, Timothy."

    Timothy blushed again, but Siri sensed the pleasure in the little one at Obi-Wan's praise. She looked at their little faces, beaming at Obi-Wan. "They adore him," she thought, then a pang of sadness gripped her.

    "What's going to happen to these little ones?"

    "Now children, we must let the masters go on their way." The creche master lightly warned them, grinning at the three Jedi.

    "Yes, Master," little voices chorused. "Bye, Master Obi-Wan, Master Siri, Master Garen." Their names were all spoken in a jumble, and then one spoke up.

    "Master Obi-Wan? Where is Master Anakin?"

    "Oh, he's out this evening...with friends," Obi-Wan demurred. "He'll be back tomorrow. We're going to spar."

    "Oh boy! Can we watch?" the children spoke excitedly. Turning to each other, Siri heard them say,
    "Their spars are the best!"

    She watched as a couple of the boys began to play lightsaber with their eating utensils as another one described how Obi-Wan could fly over Anakin's head. He lifted his arm in an impromptu imitation of Obi-Wan's acrobatics and as it came down he nearly spilled the drink next to his companion. Like a shot Obi-Wan's hand came up and the disaster was swiftly prevented. Siri smiled as the children stared in wide eyed wonder at Obi-Wan.

    "Now,now, this is not how young Jedi behave!" The Creche Master spoke sharply, startling the children.

    Subdued, the children settled down with a "Yes, Master," and began eating again.

    "I'm sorry if I stirred them up, Master, but I have no problem with them observing if it would be alright with you."

    "Well, I would have to check with Master Yoda, but if he gives permission, we'll be there."

    Siri watched the children glance at each other with happy grins. The three Jedi bowed to the Creche master and continued to the line.

    "Wow, you have quite a group of fans there," Garen teased.

    Obi-Wan blushed. "Well, it's Anakin more than me. He's their hero. We've gone to see them a couple times, and one has declared his intention to become Anakin's padawan."

    "Oh you're too modest, Obi-Wan. Those children adore you," Siri said. Obi-Wan's mouth crooked in a half smile and he shrugged. He picked up a tray and handed it to Siri, then picked one up for himself.

    "Hey, I heard Reeft was here too!" Garen said as he picked up a tray and began loading it up. "Want to see if he wants to join us? You know he can't pass up a good meal."

    "Good idea!" Obi-Wan said. He took out his comm unit and called him.

    "I've already eaten, but never mind, I'll be right there!" Siri heard a muffled voice answer.

    The three Jedi got their trays and was soon sitting down to their meals. Reeft was quickly there, had his tray loaded up and was soon eating right along with them.

    "Didn't you say you already ate?" Siri asked him incredulously.

    "Hey! That was just my first helping. I'm here for seconds now!"

    "Or third or fourth," Garen quipped and they all laughed.

    They spent a pleasant hour eating and catching up on each others' lives. Reeft told Garen all about Siri's crash, to her chagrin, then Obi-Wan told him about his and Anakin's mishaps. Garen didn't pass up the opportunity to tease Obi-Wan about his near celebrity status as part of the Holomedia's dream team of "Kenobi and Skywalker". The two got into a bit of a friendly argument about that.

    "Now all we need is Bant, and she should be off duty soon. Then our group will be complete," Siri said at one point. They all agreed, and Obi-Wan commed her to tell her to meet them in the dining hall after she was off duty. An excited squeal could be heard on the other end.

    Siri realized her talk with Obi-Wan would have to wait. This impromptu reunion with their friends was sure to last into the night.

    "Oh well, maybe tomorrow," she thought with a sigh.


    The next day was proving to be not much better. Word got around about the spar, and when Siri arrived the observation seats above the dojo were crowded with excited younglings, initiates and padawans too young to join the war, Master Yoda and a couple other Council members, Jedi home on leave, and some of the incapacitated Jedi in their hover chairs. All had arrived to enjoy the spectacle.

    Obi-Wan cringed. 'I didn't expect all this."

    "Well, what do you expect for the famous team of "Kenobi and Skywalker?" Siri teased. "Maybe you should have sold tickets. Oh, where's the holomedia? They'd eat this up. I'll call them now."

    Siri took out her comm and acted as if she would activate it. Suddenly it left her hands, floated in midair for a second and then landed in Obi-Wan's palm. She laughed as he gave her a warning glare.

    "Don't you dare," he warned. "This is enough of a circus as it is. I've half a mind to cancel this. Anakin and I can spar in the middle of the night if we have to."

    "And disappoint the younglings? Obi-Wan, you wouldn't do that would you?" Siri chided him.

    He glanced up at their eager faces as they began waving at him. He waved back with a rueful smile.
    "Let's get this over with," he growled.

    Siri watched as Anakin entered the arena with a confident swagger in his step. He was obviously delighted at having an audience. He stood before the onlookers and gave a slight bow, then smiled and waved at the younglings who squealed their delight at their young hero giving them attention. Siri noticed he didn't seem at all bothered by the disapproving looks of the attending Council members. Then he approached Obi-Wan with a challenging grin.

    "Ready to get trounced in front of all these witnesses, Master?"

    "On the contrary, my overconfident young friend, I think it's time you learned your manners."

    The two grinned at each other. They raised their ignited lightsabers in a salute, bowed to the masters in the observation balcony, then bowed to each other.

    The clash of their lightsabers were deafening. The children gasped in delighted awe at the brilliant display of lightsaber skill. Siri was impressed. Obi-Wan was quite something else when he was sparring with Anakin. They were driven, determined foes, vying for the others defeat, and loving every minute of it. They fought like the brothers they were, brothers who had sparred together for years and who knew each other's moves as well as their own. Anakin spun and flipped, Obi-Wan sailed over his head to the children's delight.

    Siri's heart hammered, watching him. It wasn't quite like yesterday; he kept his tunic on this time and the air wasn't charged with the flirtatious atmosphere of when they had sparred, but the grace and skill of his moves only served to stoke the fire in her that had been ignited the day before.

    After observing for a while, she stepped outside the dojo to get some fresh air and cool off. She shivered, her body tingling at the memory of her spar with him only yesterday. Her thoughts lingered for a moment on the memory of him standing so close to her after their spar, his bare chest heaving, glistening in the light of the dojo, damp hair clinging around his face, his blue almost gray eyes gazing at her with an intensity mixed with uncertainty, the way his hand had tenderly brushed her cheek before dropping and summoning her lightsaber.

    "Ok, enough. Get a grip," she warned herself. She took a few deep breaths, shook her head and went back into the dojo where Obi-Wan and Anakin's battle had increased in tempo and intensity, the two grinning as they sought vainly for a weakness in the other to end the bout.

    Finally the spar ended in a draw with cheers from the initiates. Breathing heavily, the two combatants bowed to the masters in the balcony and headed to the showers.

    "Master Obi-Wan!"

    Obi-Wan turned to find Master Yoda had deftly leaped from the balcony onto the dojo floor and was approaching him. He listened a moment and then bowed to Master Yoda.

    Siri went up to him, wondering. He glanced at her as he made his way to the showers again.

    "I've been called to the Council after I clean up," he informed her.

    "Surely he's not being called out already!" she wondered silently, but she nodded and told him she would wait for him in the dining hall.


    She was sipping hot caffe, thinking about the strange feelings of the last couple of days and about her talk with Adi yesterday. She still wasn't sure about all of this, despite Adi's seeming encouragement. Just spending as much time with him as possible while they were at the temple together was all she really wanted. The other part - well, she still wanted to talk to him about it, but if it was meant to happen, it would happen, she decided.

    However, as she stared into her caffe, her thoughts swirled. She sensed time was running out. She still hoped her vision was wrong, but thinking about Obi-Wan alone on that desert planet deeply saddened her. She wanted to do something for him, to give him something that would be a memory for him of their time together. She knew it wasn't necessary, really, but if it...

    A body interrupted her thoughts as it plopped down in the chair across the table from her. Startled, she glanced up to find Garen grinning like a felinus who had swallowed a chirping pooberry bug.

    "What?" she said.

    "Obi-Wan has news!" Garen said.

    She looked toward the doors to find Obi-Wan striding quickly toward her table. Anakin was walking next to him, waving his arms animatedly as he was speaking to him. Then Anakin clapped his hand on his shoulder as Obi-Wan grinned in amusement. They arrived at the table and Garen scooted over to make room for Anakin while Obi-Wan sat next to Siri.

    All three were suddenly silent as Siri waited for this big news. Anakin and Garen stared at Obi-Wan, as if waiting for him to speak, but he just sat there, serious and contemplative.

    "Well, don't everyone speak at once!" she finally said, exasperated.

    Obi-Wan opened his mouth, but Anakin blurted out, "Master has been appointed to the Council!"

    Obi-Wan shot him a look. "Thanks, Anakin."

    Stunned, Siri stared at Obi-Wan. "Is this true?"

    "I'm afraid so," he said with a shy grin.

    "Even with...? What about...?" She glanced at Garen and Anakin, who were both looking like eager boys waiting to hear forbidden secrets. Both knew about their feelings for each other, but that didn't mean she wanted to talk about it in front of them.

    Obi-Wan squeezed her hand. "Later," he said softly.

    "We need to celebrate!" Garen said. "Let's go to Dex's Diner! Anakin's treat!"

    "Hey!" Anakin protested, but before he could say more, Obi-Wan shook his head.

    "I can't. I'm expected back at the Council in less than an hour. We've received some news about the war."

    "Uh-oh," Garen sighed. "Guess I'd better repack what I just unpacked."

    Siri gazed at her friend sadly. She knew Garen was right. News of the war usually always meant Jedi being sent out again.

    "Well, lets just have a small celebration here then." She leaned over and kissed Obi-Wan on the cheek.

    "Congratulations, Obi-Wan. You're a perfect pick for the council."

    Garen suddenly had a mischievous look in his eyes. He stood up and leaned across the table and also kissed Obi-Wan on the cheek. His eyes widened in surprise.

    "I agree. Just think, one of my own age mates made it to the council," Garen grinned. Obi-Wan's grin matched his, and then all three turned and looked at Anakin.

    Anakin looked at each one incredulously. "Don't look at me! I'm not kissing him! That's her job!"

    "Anakin!" Siri hissed, and then giggled. "Don't say that!"

    "Well, it's true! Although I don't see how you can stand that scruffy old beard scratching you."

    "Oh, and you should know?" Siri retorted.

    "And besides, who's scruffy?" Obi-Wan asked indignantly.

    Everyone laughed and then Garen stood. "Come on then, lets get some lunch before Anakin really gets into trouble."

    A little while later, when they were leaving the dining hall, Obi-Wan nudged Siri. She turned to him and he said, "I'll come by later if that's alright with you."

    "What if I'm in bed by then?" she asked..

    "Then I'll just have to crawl in with you!" he said, a twinkle in his eyes.

    "Obi-Wan!" Siri was shocked he said that, as well as intrigued.

    "And who says I'll let you?" she teased back at him.

    "Ever hear of a little force persuasion?"

    "Now I know you wouldn't do that, you're too much of a gentleman. Garen on the other hand..."

    Down the hall, Garen called back, "Hey! I heard my name mentioned. You two had better be saying something nice!"

    Siri laughed and then turned to Obi-Wan who had come to a stop, looking at her seriously. She wondered what he was thinking.

    As if in answer to her thoughts, he said," Siri, there is something I want to talk to you about."

    Heart thumping, Siri drew closer to him. "What is it?"

    Obi-Wan paused, deep in thought for a moment, and then he smiled at her. "Later. It can wait. I'll see you tonight."

    She nodded. Tonight would be better anyway.

    It was late when Siri heard a soft knock at her door. She invited him in and poured the tea she had been brewing. He took it thankfully.

    "What? No caffe?"

    "I gave that up when I burnt my first pot of it with you," Siri said. He just smiled as he sat on her sofa. She remembered that night when they had nearly given in to physical desire. At the time there was no question that they should not move in that direction, but now...?

    She returned her attention to Obi-Wan, who had been massaging his head thoughtfully. Concern for him rose inside her. He only did that when he was tired and worried.

    Finally, he told her that Greivous was on the move again, and Dooku had coerced another world in the Solari system into leaving the republic and joining the separatists. This particular planet, Ithsus, was important to the republic and had been a member for years. It was a main supplier of textiles and goods, supplying designers with the materials used in creating fashions and the many amenities of life not only for Coruscant but many of the wealthier worlds in the republic. The taking of Ithsus from the Republic would suffocate the entrepreneurial trade that thrived on Coruscant and would likely result in affecting the overall economy of Coruscant. The Council agreed that this move was meant to discourage those in the Republic who depended on this kind of trade, which could result in them demanding that the Senate come to some kind of treaty with the Separatists. The Council with the Chancellor agreed that the Republic needed to win back this important world. This along with other trouble spots in the galaxy kept the Council members in session late into the evening planning strategies and making decisions on who to send where.

    The result of their long meeting resulted in several of the healthy Jedi in the temple being called upon. Among those were Reeft and Garen. Also, it was decided that Anakin would be one of the Jedi Generals sent to Ithsus. Rex and his clone company would accompany them.

    Obi-Wan wanted to join them, but the Council said no. Not yet. He was still technically on medical leave, and they needed him at the temple for awhile. Concerning Anakin, as one Council member put it, "despite his unJedi like arrogance in the dojo, he has proven his worth on the battlefield. For right now, we need him there, we need you here."

    Obi-Wan had finally conceded.

    After Obi-Wan told her all this, he grew quiet and reflective. They sat silently together, and Siri realized she could have been sent out also, had she not still been on medical leave. She sensed it wouldn't be long before she and Obi-Wan would also be once again dispatched to who knew where.

    "So what now?" Siri asked finally. She could see Obi-Wan was very tired. He had said they would talk about things tonight but she sensed it wasn't the right time. Instead she thought about just sending him home for the night, but she couldn't bring herself to. Time was running out for them and tired or not, she just wanted to be with him. Was this selfish? Was this the wrong part of attachment - wanting to cling? It didn't feel very Jedi, but a lot of what they did or felt concerning each other wasn't very Jedi. It felt right though. Which reminded her.

    "Why were you appointed to the Council when they know we have a relationship that strictly speaking is against the code? I know they're allowing things to happen for now, not just for us but for others, but the Council?"

    He nodded. "Yes. I asked that as well. The Council, especially with the persuasion of Master Adi and Master Yoda, agreed that even though the force bonded us, we've proven ourselves through all these years and we have never let this bond get in the way of our duty. And they also said I have a knack for strategy and they need me in the Council room sometimes for that reason. They already had me sitting in on strategy sessions from the start of the war. Today they just made if official." His sigh turned into a yawn, which he quickly stifled.

    "You'll still be sent out won't you?" Siri knew Obi-Wan would hate being stuck in the Council if he were needed elsewhere in the war.

    "Yes, just like other Council members, I'll be considered active and available to be sent where needed in the field." The crease deepened in his brow as he frowned. "Except for right now, of course, because of my medical status."

    She drew a little closer to him and he put an arm around her. She said thoughtfully as she rested her head against him. "What a strange time we are in, Obi-Wan. Who would have thought that the usually staunch, "unyielding when it comes to the Code" Council would allow something like us being bonded and yet allow you to be appointed to the Council?"

    Obi-Wan shrugged, his mouth quirking into a crooked grin. "Yeah, who would have thought it possible? They said there will be much to discuss when the war is over."

    His statement unsettled her as she didn't want to think about the future at the moment. She shrugged out of his arms, asking "Are you hungry? I could fix you something." She started to rise from the sofa, but he pulled her back to him and she settled back into his arms, closing her eyes with a contented sigh.

    "I'm not very hungry tonight, but thank you," he said softly. "I'll probably just leave and go to bed in a little bit."

    She nodded. She knew he had a hard time sending Jedi out into harm's way, but if he was going to be on the Council, he had better get used to it.

    Being so close to him, she could feel the strength in him, his warmth and his scent began to stir up that new something within her. She lifted her face to his, and found soft, tender eyes gazing at her. He pulled her closer to himself, his arms circling her in a tight warm cocoon that made her feel cozy and almost breathless. Then his lips caressed hers in a tender kiss and the stirrings inside her intensified. He then surprised her by moving his lips away from hers and he began planting soft kisses along her cheek and then down to her neck. His beard felt soft, not "scruffy" as Anakin had teased earlier, and warm kisses tinged with a slight wetness from the tip of his tongue sent tingling sensations all through her body. She was beginning to rethink her decision to wait to talk to him. And then warm lips and a light flick of his tongue just behind her ear lobe caused an unsolicited moan to escape her lips.

    Ok, maybe she should just shut up and see where this takes them.

    And then the kisses ceased.

    "No, no, no! Don't stop now!" she groaned inwardly.

    She could feel his desire, but it was still mixed with uncertainty and something else: guilt. Now she knew he was experiencing the same feelings as she, but he still hadn't come to the same conclusion that she had. It looked like talk would have to come first. With some effort she banked the fire that had been stirred by his kisses and looked up at him. She found him gazing at her, his eyes flickering something...something smoldering but mixed with doubt.

    "What?" she asked breathlessly. She leaned against his him again, feeling the rise and fall of his chest against her pounding heart.

    He was silent for a moment more and then shrugged slightly. "It just seems wrong to be here with you, when my fellow Jedi, Anakin and our friends, are being sent out into the war. I should be going with them."

    She closed her eyes a moment, then leaned back and gazed at him and grasped his face with her hands.

    "Oh you," she muttered, slightly frustrated.

    "Obi-Wan, of course you do, but we will be sent out in a short while, maybe in as little as a few days.

    Besides the Council wants you here at the moment but don't you worry, Kenobi and Skywalker will be out saving the galaxy again."

    He rolled his eyes as his mouth turned up into a sardonic grin.

    "Right now, lets try to enjoy the time we have together. We don't know when we'll have this again. Ok?"

    He nodded, put his arm around her again and drew her close, but to her disappointment, did nothing else.

    She did not feel she should try to instigate anything more. She wanted him to be completely sure and at ease about it. She knew that he had fallen into deep thought, so she waited.

    She could feel his weariness, and wondered for a moment why he didn't just go to his own quarters, but maybe like her, he just wanted to be together. After a lengthy silence, he finally stirred and spoke.

    "There's something I..." He stopped, hesitant.

    She shivered slightly, feeling he was going to broach the subject after all. After a long moment he finally said, "It seems that something...something more is happening between us. You've felt it too, I think."

    "You think?"

    She pulled away from him and grabbed her tea. Taking a large drink, she nervously reflected that it would almost be easier to just do it than talk about it. Just like with Adi, she didn't quite know how to start. She swallowed hard and then softly said,

    "Yes." She stared into her teacup, feeling suddenly shy about looking at him. "Something is happening. I felt it in the dojo the other day, something I haven't really felt before, other than that night here, but this felt different. You know how we were bonded by the force? Remember how I even compared it to being married? Well, I think now...I mean it might be ok to know...complete the bond. Do you know what I mean?"

    She waited for his answer but she heard nothing from him. "Oh, dear, I did it now," she thought to herself.

    She hurriedly continued. "I mean..the other day in the dojo, you were acting and it did something to me. Something deep inside me, like something was awakened. And the way you were acting, I wondered if you felt the same thing. What do you think?" She turned to face him and found that his head had rolled back onto the back of the sofa.

    He was sound asleep.

    She groaned, but at the same time realization hit her. Obi-Wan just does not "fall asleep" on people. He's too proper, to disciplined. She had seen him go days with very little or no sleep because the intensity of whatever situation they were in demanded it. Why would he fall asleep now?

    The reason came quickly and obviously to her. He was in her quarters. They had a deep bond and he had relaxed. He felt safe and felt that he could be completely himself. He didn't have to be Master or Padawan here nor was there a need to protect anyone, be in charge or make decisions. He could let his guard down and be comfortable enough to fall asleep.

    Just like bond mates. And thats what they truly were. This realization spread a warmth through her so full of love, affection and devotion that she felt a deep intimacy with him that transcended any physical union they might share.

    She felt her throat tighten as she watched how he had totally relaxed, his head resting to one side against the back of the sofa, his arms hanging limply at his side, open and vulnerable, not closed to himself and protective.

    His face which had only moments before been tightly lined with concerns about the war, his friends and Anakin had now smoothed away in sleep. He looked youthful. His soft, long eyelashes slightly fluttered as he slept. Except for his neatly trimmed beard, he looked almost like he did when they were padawans. She ran her fingers over his brow, lightly brushing away a stray strand of auburn hair from his closed eyes.

    She resisted the urge to disturb his sleep with kisses.

    Suddenly, from nowhere a strange sensation swept over her. Suddenly she wanted to protect him. She wanted to save him, to keep him from his dark future, from everything she knew might happen, including her own fate. A near panic rose up to overcome her and her thoughts began to dart here and there, trying to figure out how to keep him with her, away from the war, away from all pain and loss.

    She gasped in horror and recoiled from her own thoughts, recognizing the seed of darkness in them. This was the kind of attachment that could destroy. This was the kind of attachment that sought to keep, to hold, to possess. She backed away from his sleeping form distressed and disappointed with herself.

    What just got into her? Were they wrong to have this bond after all? Was the code right?

    No! She felt the force rise up within her; an insistent wave compelling her to think, to learn.
    She paused, closed her eyes and brought her emotions under control again. She dove into the force and the wisdom that was there revealed it's truth.

    Love was the right thing, and a certain attachment came with it naturally, but true love was not selfish nor possessive. True love made room for duty, for letting go. The kind of attachment that tried to possess her a moment ago, she could banish. She could realize where it was coming from, deal with it and learn from it.

    She would let go of him and of any claim she thought she had on him. Yet she would also love him.
    This was new and a little confusing, but in this revelation she knew that if future Jedi were going to embrace this, they would have to learn this too.

    She gazed again at him. No, she couldn't protect him from his fate. He would have to face that dark future, with or without her at his side, and that would be ok.

    But it still made her a little sad to know that in that dark future he would not have cozy, unguarded evenings like this one, that these kinds of evenings were numbered. Once they were sent out again, she didn't know if they would ever have this kind of closeness again.

    She wanted to make every remaining evening with him like this one. Even if they didn't physically consummate their bond, she wanted him to look back on these evenings with fondness and remember when he felt comfortable enough with her to fall into unguarded sleep on her sofa.

    She rose from the sofa and he moaned softly and shifted down into a more comfortable position on his side, now resting his head on the end of her sofa. She smiled. Should she wake him, send him to his own quarters?

    No...he was exhausted and sound asleep. All her moving around and noisy thoughts didn't even stir him. And beside, she admitted to herself with a smile, he looked too adorable there on her sofa with his hands now tucked up under his chin, his knees drawn up to himself almost in a fetal position.
    She carefully tugged his boots off and placed them side by side on the floor next to the sofa. He stirred just a little, mumbling something about Anakin being careful, but he didn't wake up. Then she went to her room and found a little used spare blanket.

    She draped it over him, placed a light kiss on his forehead and went to bed.

    Tomorrow would be a new day, full of possibilities. She now felt confident that the force intended a deeper bond between them. She had waited almost twenty years for "when it's time" and
    she needn't worry about when or how. That would take care of itself.

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    loved the entire chapter with the friends together, the initiates and the sparring and ending with Obi-Wan asleep in Siri's quarters
    Wonderful and lovely^:)^
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    Sweet last scene--love that he was comfortable enough to sleep there, even though it put off other things. Sweet updates!
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    Chapter 23 At Last

    Obi-Wan stepped out of the shower and grabbed his towel. He ran the towel over his wet hair and body, then stood before the mirror studying his many new scars. This war was taking its toll on him, but he knew the physical scars would fade. It was the internal scars that would remain. It seemed he was nearly impossible to kill, according to the holomedia, who seemed fond of trumping up his near escapes. He frowned. His fellow Jedi didn't always fare so well.

    Obi-Wan had been constantly busy with duties in the Council recently. Four more Jedi had perished in battle and he with the Council had spent the last few days in meditation and consultations with other Jedi who had been there, getting the reports about how they had died and deciding on their next move.

    He grieved deeply for his comrades who had died in battle, just as he mourned for all the beings who had perished since the war had begun; Clone troopers who were more than just "clones" to him, but who had also become friends, Jedi he had grown up with, who had perhaps not been as close to him as Siri, Garen, Bant and Reeft, but were friends nonetheless. He mourned all these deaths, both close and far away. Both known and unknown. Every death was a blow that seemed so unnecessary. The things he had suffered in recent months seemed small in comparison to the loss of so many.

    As he finished drying himself, Obi-Wan's thoughts turned to the previous afternoon when he had stood with his fellow Jedi and other invited guests to watch his four comrades return to the force. Siri had stood next to him, her countenance quiet, thoughtful and sad. She had slipped her hand into his and he could feel the slight tremble in her. The funeral ceremony had seemed to trouble her more than usual. He had sensed her distress and squeezed her hand gently, sending comfort to her through their bond. She had responded, grasping it like a lifeline. She had squeezed his hand in return and then let go, but they had kept their bond intact through the rest of the ceremony, drawing strength from each other.

    Afterward, Obi-Wan still had many duties to take care of, and had wanted to spend some time with a young Padawan who had just lost his master. Siri had nodded, giving him a smile of solemn understanding. With some regret he had watched her walk away, and had been glad to see Master Adi put her arm around her as they left the funeral hall.

    He hadn't been able to spend much time with her the last few days with so much going on, but he hoped to make up for that very soon.

    The towel fell to the floor as he quickly dried his hair and then combed it. He began to trim his beard as he thought about her and certain unusual events concerning her over the last several days.

    He remembered that morning only a few days ago that now seemed like ages when he had awakened to find himself on her sofa, her blanket wrapped around him. It had smelled of her, and the sweet, enticing scent had roused him in a way he had not felt in a long time. He had risen from the sofa and peeked into her room, where she was curled up on her side facing the door, her blankets twisted around her. He had smiled as he had watched her sleep for a few moments. She was relaxed and peaceful, her blonde hair tossed over her pillow, partially covering her face.

    He had considered climbing into the bed with her just as he had teased the day before, but decided against it. He wasn't sure he was yet ready for what that might result in. He knew something was happening between them, something old yet new, but he had felt he needed a little more time to think about it.

    Instead he had quietly left the apartment to go to his own to shower. A little later he had met her at the Temple landing to see Garen, Reeft and Anakin off on their missions.

    He was proud of his former Padawan. Anakin had fought valiantly these many months and had earned his Knighthood, but he pushed himself so hard. Obi-Wan had cautioned him not to rush in and do anything foolhardy. Anakin had acted affronted and asked when did he ever do anything foolhardy? Obi-Wan had told him he didn't have time to go through the list. They had then grinned at each other.

    Obi-Wan's heart had twisted at seeing his former padawan leave without him. Usually they would have been going together, but he knew that wasn't to be at this time.

    Obi-Wan and Siri had watched their friends take off into the Coruscant skyline, and then had gone to a quick breakfast. That was the last time he had really spent any time with her as it was in the Council session later that morning that they had learned of the fate of the four Jedi.
    Obi-Wan left the fresher and entered his bedroom, tossing the towel into the clothes bin. He dressed quickly and then donned his cloak. He headed toward his door, looking forward to an evening with Siri.

    He thought back to a few hours ago when she had been given a complete medical release and shortly afterward was assigned to accompany Master Kit Fisto on a campaign. They were to leave early in the morning. He had sat in his seat in the council, not allowing any emotion to betray him, but he had drunk in the sight of her standing stoically if a little surprised that she was being sent out with Master Fisto, her hair pulled back in a braid, her cloak nearly dragging the floor. Jedi tunics and robes were notoriously unisex, but even cloaked he could just make out the soft nuances of her curves underneath the folds of cloth. A sharp glance from Yoda brought Obi-Wan back to attention, but he thought he noted an almost inaudible chuckle come from the diminutive old Jedi.

    She, like him, had betrayed no emotion, but he was sure he had seen her glance his way a few times, but seemed to not want to meet his gaze. Probably wise, he thought. It wouldn't do to ruin years of proving themselves stalwart Jedi despite their attachment by an unseemly public display of emotion.

    However, alone in his quarters as he reached his door to leave for the evening, sadness, dread, and almost a sense of loss twisted in him. This would be the last evening he would have with her for awhile. They were to dine with Bant first, but afterward he wanted to spend as much of the remaining evening as he could with her, and just maybe...just maybe...the night.
    He knew the feelings he had for her were forbidden, and although over the years he had sometimes pined for the intimacy he thought he could never have with her, he had chosen to enjoy what he could have. Close friendship, companionship and comfort they had shared up to now. He felt the force had approved of their connection and had even bonded them, but for years he assumed that didn't mean they should take it any further.

    Until now.

    The other day in the dojo seemed to speak otherwise. When he had opened his eyes briefly during his kata and found her wide blue eyes fixated, hungrily taking in every inch of him, he had quickly closed his eyes again, but remained conscious of her presence and her intense reaction. What had surprised him was that instead of it making him uncomfortable and self conscious, as it had when other women had ogled him over the years, this had instead excited him, stirring something in him so deep he could neither deny it nor sweep it away. So he had teased her. He grinned to himself as he remember how flustered she had become, and how he had encouraged it. He had to confess he had liked the way she had been looking at him.
    And after their spar, the atmosphere in the dojo had been so charged with with a yearning ache to take her into his arms right then knowing she would respond in kind, it had scared him a little and he had backed away, unsure of what to do.

    "Don't start,"he had warned himself."You've tortured yourself too many times with these thoughts, and you always come to the same conclusion. It can't happen, so get over it."

    With those strong words of rebuke to himself, he had resolutely stepped away from her, retrieved her lightsaber and invited her to dinner. He had become concerned when she seemed mesmerized and nearly incoherent. A battle of emotions had waged within himself: that of guilt at what he had done to her, concern, pleasure and amusement. He had waited until she seemed to pull herself together and then walked out of the dojo, but he couldn't help the grin that still played on his face as he departed, remembering how she had affected him and how she had been affected. He had wondered if it had been right to tease her like that. Perhaps he had gone too far, or perhaps not far enough. That latter thought had shocked him in its strength, but he decided he would have to think on this, to examine it in meditation.

    And then the night he had slept on her sofa, once again he had come close to acting on the feelings that he had not been able to successfully banish, but which instead seemed to be encouraged by the force. He had stopped again, still unsure and also feeling a little guilty, thinking about his comrades out fighting a war and here he was...well.

    He had felt her frustration as well as his own and had thought that it couldn't be good to keep doing this, but he had wanted to ask her about what was happening first, not just assume anything. Unfortunately, he barely remembered bringing it up that night. His fatigue from the long day, his still recovering body and the relaxing, comfortable atmosphere of her quarters had lulled him, and thus he had found himself waking up early the next morning on her sofa.

    He opened his door, took a quick glance around his rooms, flipped off the main light and closed the door behind him.

    He would enjoy this last evening with her, however they spent it but after several days of thinking and meditating about this new direction they seemed to be heading, he had finally come to a decision, and it felt right. If things progressed as it seemed to be, he would no longer resist. The force seemed to approve this new step in their bond, and if the force was fine with it, then he would be also.

    He headed toward the lifts down the hall. He turned the corner and smiled when he saw Siri coming toward him. How beautiful she looked to him. Her blonde hair had been unbound from the earlier braid and now fell loosely almost to her shoulders and her shining blue eyes were warm with affection. Dressed in her simple temple tunic, her slender form bespoke a grace and femininity that she too often hid in the cloak of duty but here, for him it seemed, it shone bright and clear in the force. Her scent nearly captivated him and the bond they shared ignited between them and he felt their unity as bond mates.

    Bond mates?

    Yes. He sensed those words in her, and felt the truth of them. The force had made them bond mates. He warmed at the thought and felt almost like a groom, and she his bride as she came closer to him.

    He shook the fanciful thoughts away, thinking to himself that he was letting things get to him a little too much. He smiled and taking her arm, led her to the lift and together they took it down to the cafeteria to meet Bant.


    After a very pleasant dinner enjoyed by the three friends, they had decided to take a walk in the Room of a Thousand Fountains.

    Siri was happy to see Obi-Wan smiling again. He'd had so little time to relax lately. Not since the night he fell asleep in her quarters.

    He seemed content, happy. She watched as his teasing blue/gray eyes sparkled and his all too often missing smile lit up his face. He seemed sure, confident, as though something that had been bothering him had been settled.

    She knew they would not let this final evening pass without some time alone. She didn't want to leave early the next morning without giving him this one more evening. She smiled to herself. She felt almost giddy, like a youngling as they approached the falls.

    An idea struck her. It seemed silly but at the moment she felt too good to care.

    "I have an idea, lets go swimming!" she announced.

    "Now?" Obi-Wan stopped.

    "Of course now! Can you think of a better time?" Siri demanded, eyes twinkling humorously at him.

    "But we don't have the clothes for it! I haven't just "gone swimming" in years! It..."

    "Then it's about time you did!" Siri tugged on him, pulling him toward the pool. "And we do have clothes; our underclothes!"

    At Obi-Wan horrified look she laughed. "Oh,don't give me that look. I've seen you in the dojo!" She winked at him as she began removing her tunic.

    Bant, who was born in the water, was delighted at the idea. In no time she was down to her undergarments and had dove in before the other two had finished removing their tunics.

    Soon the two stood together, Siri in her undergarment, Obi-Wan only in his shorts.

    Once again his bare chest taunted her, and she shivered slightly and dragged her eyes up to his face.

    Their eyes suddenly locked, and it was as if both had the same thought. They quickly looked away blushing and Siri covered by teasing Obi-Wan.

    "Whoo-hoo! Look at those legs!" Siri cried. Bant, who had popped her head out of the water, laughed.

    "Siri..." Obi-Wan growled softly at her, and the tone of that growl made her skin tingle. Better dive in before something happens before its time, she decided.

    She quickly dove in to join Bant and they splashed around for a moment before noticing that Obi-Wan was still standing on the edge.

    "Well, are you coming?" she demanded.

    "I'm thinking," Obi-Wan said, hand on his beard.

    Siri glanced at Bant. "He's thinking, he says. Well, watch this."

    Siri gathered the force and drew in a big wave of water. Bant joined her and together they blew a large wave at Obi-Wan. His eyes widened as the water loomed over him then came down with a big splash, soaking him and everything in the near vicinity.

    The two women laughed.

    "Now you did it!" Obi-Wan warned, wiping the water out of his eyes and dove in, immediately plunging underwater. Siri looked around but the water had stilled and he was nowhere in sight.
    "Where has he gone to?" she wondered when suddenly she felt a tug and before she could react found herself pulled underwater.

    She held her breath and spun around but didn't see him. She was being held, but everywhere she turned he seemed to dodge her line of sight. Suddenly he let her go and she rose to the surface, gasping for air.

    "Obi-Wan!" she spluttered furiously, wiping the water out of her eyes. She turned and he was there, eyes shining and mouth wide in laughter. She hadn't seen him so delighted in years and couldn't stay mad at him.

    "Oh!" She pushed him underwater, and swam away. He surfaced and swam after her. Bant swam close to them and they spent an hour racing, splashing and laughing. They felt like Padawans again, like they did in the carefree days when they had no worries but lightsaber drills, classes and obeying their masters.


    On the other end of the pool and beyond the trees, Master Yoda and Master Windu were strolling. They heard the commotion and thought some Padawans had come in the late evening to play. It was past Padawan curfew and the two venerable Masters made their way toward the waterfall pool ready to scold when they came through the trees and saw the three friends splashing and playing like initiates.

    "Can you imagine," Mace tsked, tsked.

    Yoda chuckled in amusement as he watched them. "Good for them this is. Too much seriousness, too much death they have to face. Good for them to forget and be children for awhile. Let them play. Soon enough, to battle they will again go."

    Mace thought a moment, then nodded in agreement. They continued their stroll through the garden and out the door. Mace glanced back and smiled. He almost wished ...but no. He turned and again joined Yoda.

    "Wish to join them, you do Mace?" Yoda asked impishly.

    Mace grimaced. Yoda knew him too well.

    "You may, if wish to you do."

    "I know that, Master Yoda, but we have much work to do."

    Yoda sighed. "As you wish, Mace."

    "And besides," Mace said, "They might laugh at my purple underwear."

    A snort sounded from the small Jedi master, and Mace laughed with him. Their laughter rang through the halls of the temple, causing a surprised Knight to raise his head and wonder what could have tickled the two distinguished Jedi Masters. No matter, it was good to hear laughter in the halls again. The Jedi smiled and went back to his work.


    Siri and Obi-Wan had pulled themselves onto the beach area near the waterfall and was laying side by side, breathing hard and giggling. They glanced at each other and their giggles ceased as they silently gazed at each other.

    Then Siri sat up and wondered, "Where did Bant go?"

    "Underwater somewhere. She can go a long time down there. She taught me how to hold my breath longer underwater without a re-breather. It has saved my life a few times."

    "I guess it pays to have a Mon-Cal as a friend," Siri commented.

    "I guess so," Obi-Wan agreed, then turned to his side and pulled her back down. She settled on her side facing him and once again they gazed at each other.

    Siri's heart began to flutter as she gazed into eyes that caressed hers with a soft and tender gaze. She felt something had changed in him...something good, and the sense of timing pounded in her. No more hesitancy, no more doubt, this was it.

    Her arm rested in front of her next to him, and he gently began to stroke it.

    "I fell asleep the other night," he said softly.

    "I know," she answered equally as softly.

    "I'm sorry."

    "Don't be. I enjoyed watching you sleep, and besides, there were some things I had to come to terms with."

    "Like what?"

    "Oh...stuff." she took his hand, feeling his strong, saber callused fingers as they twined in between hers.

    "Are you coming to my quarters later?" she asked finally, almost demurely.

    "Of course. You're leaving in the morning. I want to be with you as much as possible, barring any emergency Council session I might be called to."

    "Oh, please, don't let that happen," Siri thought to herself.

    She raised her hand to his face and gently stroked his beard.

    "I look forward to it," she whispered.

    Their eyes locked again. Both knew what the other was thinking; it hung unsaid between them, but the meaning was clear.

    A low rumble of anticipation stirred deep within Siri.

    They heard a splash and sat up as Bant emerged from the water, smiling and leaving a trail of water as she approached her two friends.

    "I'd better be heading back. I am on call tonight and need to rest."

    Obi-Wan and Siri stood as Bant dried herself off. She then gave Siri a quick hug.

    "You be careful out there, Siri. I don't want to have to nurse you back to health again."

    " I will, Bant. Thanks for everything. Tonight was fun!"

    "It sure was. I only wish the rest of the gang could have been here." Bant's face sobered a moment, and they all thought of their comrades out in their respective battles.

    "May the force be with them," Bant whispered, and the other's nodded silent agreement. Then her face broke out into a big smile as she turned to leave.

    "See you two later! Have fun!"

    Obi-Wan and Siri glanced at each other. Did Bant know...? She couldn't.

    Obi-Wan grinned and nodded to her. "Oh, we will." he said.

    Siri elbowed him as Bant departed.

    "Shall we go?" Obi-Wan asked her.

    Suddenly a nervousness tickled inside her, mixing with the other feelings that had been stirring. She nodded.


    Siri had been back in her quarters for about twenty minutes. Obi-Wan wanted to get out of his wet things and had gone to his quarters to change.

    "He could have done that here," she said to herself with an almost gleeful giggle, but no matter, it gave her time to get ready herself.

    She sat in a light meditative pose until she finally heard his soft knock. She opened her door and there he was holding a rose to his nose, his mouth curled in a smile that was almost shy, his dazzling blue eyes twinkling at her. She smiled as she took the rose he offered her and invited him in. He stood waiting as she put the rose in some water, then she took his hand and led him to the sofa. He sat down and she sat next to him. She was wrapped in a light robe that opened just a little in the top. She was aware of his eyes drifting over her, and the chill of pleasure that brought made her shiver just a little.

    She had already poured two glasses of a bubbly alcoholic beverage she had purchased that week in the Coruscant shopping district. She handed him one and took the other.

    "What's this?" Obi-Wan asked, sniffing at it.

    "It's from Corellia. I did a little shopping one afternoon when you were busy."

    "Didn't you raise eyebrows, being a Jedi and buying something like this?"

    "Not really. I didn't dress like a Jedi, and besides, they enjoyed making the money. They didn't care who was buying it."

    Siri took a sip and crinkled her nose. "Oh! The bubbles went right up my nose, but I like it."

    He grinned at her and took a sip. "Mm..different, but yes, I agree. I like it too."

    Together they sipped the drink. She settled back against him and he draped one arm around her as they drank, neither saying anything as they enjoyed this moment of just being together. Finally Obi-Wan drained his glass and then asked. "Why did you buy this?"

    "Well," she sat up and put her glass down and then took his glass, putting it next to hers. "It's a favorite drink on Corellia when newly bonded mates are going"

    Suddenly she couldn't quite look at him. "Consummate their bond."

    Obi-Wan said nothing, but just nodded slowly. She couldn't quite tell what he was thinking. Had she misread the signs? She swallowed and then plunged on.

    "Ever since the dojo, I knew something was happening between us. Something deeper. I've been experiencing a feeling that our bond needs to be completed...that is...I want to give you something...I mean," she was growing more flustered, especially as he didn't seem to be responding at all. She finally fell silent, waiting for him.

    He took her shoulders and turned her to him, making her face him. "What do you want to give me?" he asked very gently.

    "Me," she whispered.

    "I...I've never given myself to anyone else and I never will. I...well, you know we're bond mates...and I want to give you this gift of myself as a token of our bond...I mean..." Why isn't he saying more?

    Frustrated, she looked up into his eyes and found them moist, tender and passionate. She saw a flickering flame in those blue depths that reignited the fire that had begun in her in the dojo.
    He spoke then, his voice gruff with emotion. "I've felt the same thing recently, Siri. I wasn't sure if it was right, and spent many hours thinking and meditating about it, and I finally see that this is what I want too. It's the logical next step in our bond. I feel the force's approval. I too want to give you myself."

    Tears came to Siri's eyes for a moment, and she gently pushed him back onto the end of the sofa. Then she removed her light robe to reveal a silken, shimmery gown, short and clingy in all the right places. She had purchased more than that bubbly beverage the day she had gone shopping.

    His eyes grew wide in surprise, then in appreciation. She pulled off his boots, setting them on the floor as she had done the other night and then stretched out on top of him and kissed him. He arms wrapped around her, his hands gliding over the soft silkiness of her gown, his fingers made gentle strokes down her back and then slid a little lower and she shivered. Their kisses deepened and became more passionate as with a force wave of his hand he moved her table out of the way. His hands tightened around her and then to her surprise he rolled off the sofa taking her with him. He held her firmly as he used the force to land them gently onto the floor, she on her back and he over her, being careful not to land on top of her.

    There he hovered, his knees on the floor on either side of her hips, his arms propping him up as he gazed into her eyes.

    "Are you absolutely sure about this?" he asked.

    "Absolutely," she murmured, caressing his face, letting him feel the anticipation in her. She felt him tremble just a little.

    "And you?"

    "Well..." a teasing lilt in his voice was usurped by the pressing of his body as he slowly lowered himself down to her. She felt his weight on her and then with a sense of almost blushing wonder she felt his body responding to the moment.

    She grinned and said in a gentle tease, "Shall I take that as a yes?"

    "I guess I am outnumbered two to one," he replied, and grinned with a playful sexiness she had seen only a hint of that day in the dojo.

    She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. They kissed deeply, locked in an embrace that left her breathless and yearning for more. He finally pulled his lips from hers and then his kisses were once again warm caresses moving from her mouth, over her cheek and down to her neck, only this time he didn't stop there. She tilted her head back allowing him access to her neck, and moaned when his tongue tipped kisses traveled down over her throat and then went lower. Panting, she pressed her hands against his chest and backed him away just a little and then pulled off his tunic top. She ran her hands over his bare chest, and leaning up began kissing him, running her tongue over the hair on his chest and belly. As her tongue flicked over him, inching lower to the edge of his pants, she felt him respond with light moans, felt his abdomen tighten in light spasmodic quivers.

    They suddenly paused, staring at each other as if in wonder at what was happening. He then slowly grasped her gown and pulled it over her head, tossing it onto the sofa. He grinned and then began kissing her again, letting his hands roam freely. She grasped the hair on his head and broke the kiss enough to whispered huskily, "Want to go to my room?"

    He nodded and slowly rose to his feet, then taking her hands, he lifted her from the floor. His eyes were dark with passion, with a hunger she had never seen in him. The way he was looking at her turned her to quivering jelly inside, spiking a desire for him that made her knees buckle weakly. She leaned against him, a moan escaping her lips. With a soft grunt he picked her up and carried her to her room.

    The door closed behind them.


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