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    Chapter 30: Escape to Tatooine

    The hunter stopped a few feet in front of Obi-Wan, the trooper behind him.

    "I thought I felt a force presence here a moment ago," the hunter said, eyeing Mrs. Tachi, Obi-Wan and the child suspiciously.

    Obi-Wan's chin went up defiantly. "Nonsense. We were just getting ready to board. That fellow has already given us leave to depart." He gestured toward the trooper, who stood at attention.

    He could feel the eyes of other waiting passengers on them, a mixture of fear and curiousity agitating the force.

    "What does he know?" the hunter scoffed. "He could have been befuddled by a Jedi mind trick for all he knows. I think the two of you need to bring the child and come with me."

    The hunter stepped forward, reaching to take Sami from Samantha's arms.

    "Don't you dare touch her!" Samantha cried out. She backed away and held Sami more tightly.

    The hunter's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Strange how the child sleeps through all of this commotion, almost as if a force user had put her to sleep."

    "She's a very heavy sleeper. She could sleep through anything!" Samantha's voice was near panic.
    "Hm, I wonder." He glanced back at the trooper.

    "Detain the man while I take the child." The hunter's grin was grisly in it's menace.

    Samantha gasped in horror, desperately clutching Sami to herself. "No!"

    Obi-Wan tensed as the trooper stepped toward him, his hand subtly slipping under his cloak, ready to command his lightsaber to life when there was a new commotion in the area.

    A woman screamed and a child cried out. A new voice demanded, "Vaspar! Come quickly! We need you, now!"

    The hunter snarled with irritation. "What is it, fool? Can't you see I'm busy?"

    "It can't be helped, Sir, there's been a report of a nest of force users hiding in a nearby warehouse.

    This woman just old me where they were. I tried to grab one of the children, but he got away. We need everyone to help round them up. It is reported that they are defiant and will not come peacefully. We need you now, Sir!"

    The voice of the new comer sounded familiar to Obi-Wan, but his heart hammered at the thought of force users in danger. His thoughts briefly toyed with trying to help them, but then the new voice became a face. A very familiar face in a hunter's uniform.

    Ferus Olin.

    If he recognized Obi-Wan, he did not show it, but using his superior force abilites he convinced Vaspar to leave his current conquest in pursuit of a bigger one.

    "Very well. You take these people to the holding room, I'll be back shortly."

    Vaspar stalked away, muttering and cursing the "incompetant lackeys he has to put up with."

    Ferus went up to the trooper. "Better follow him. He's going to need all the help he can get."

    "Yes, Sir." The trooper nodded and took off after Vaspar.

    Samantha still fearfully clutched at the child, just as frightened of Ferus as she had been of Vaspar.

    Obi-Wan shot her a look of confidence. He grinned. "Don't worry, he's a friend," he whispered.

    "A...what?" Samantha said in hopeful surprise.

    Ferus looked closely at Obi-Wan.

    His eyes narrowed, but he only sternly said, "Come with me, please."

    Obi-Wan took Samantha's arm as she reluctantly complied. As they walked together, Ferus fell back and matched strides with Obi-Wan.

    After a moment he muttered, "I thought that was you. What are you doing here?"

    "On a little private mission," Obi-Wan muttered back.

    Glancing at the woman and the sleeping child, Ferus said, "So I see."

    Obi-Wan then countered, "And what, pray tell, are you doing in a Hunter's uniform?"

    Ferus snorted. "Double agent. Long story."

    They walked in silence for a moment. He drew them away from the main crowd and when he was sure they were alone, he stopped and turned to them. He looked a long moment at Obi-Wan, then at Samantha. His eyes widened in recognition. Then he looked at Sami, sleeping on her grandmother's shoulder.

    His eyes grew moist as he softly patted the child's blonde head. Samantha flinched, but Obi-Wan nodded assurance to her.

    "She's yours and...and my Masters?"

    Obi-Wan nodded. He really didn't want Ferus to know, but it couldn't be helped now. He would have to trust in the force that Ferus wouldn't be in a position to give them away.

    "And this is Master Siri's Mother?"

    "And who are you, young man?" Samantha wanted to know.

    "I was Siri's Padawan, a long time ago."

    "Oh," Samantha murmured, gazing at Ferus. "Siri told me about you. Thank you."

    "My honor, Mrs. Tachi. Master Siri was like a mother to me. I'm honored to help her mother and her"...his gaze drifted to the sleeping child. "Her daughter."

    He then turned to Obi-Wan soberly. "You are taking them to a safe place?"

    Obi-Wan nodded.

    "Can't tell me where, huh?"

    "Sorry, Ferus, but we've talked about this before. Your current line of work makes it too dangerous for you to know too much about me. "

    Ferus likewise nodded, understanding.

    "We'll, you don't have to worry about this secret." He gazed again at the sleeping child in her Grandmother's arms.

    " Just to know that you'll be with her and training her is enough for me."

    "Thank you," Obi-Wan said somberly, brushing his daughter's hair lightly with his hand. Sami stirred and opened her eyes.

    "Daddy," she murmured.

    Obi-Wan took her from her grandmother's arms and Sami rested her head on his shoulder as she gazed with sleepy curiosity at Ferus.

    "She has your eyes, Obi-Wan," Ferus said in awe. "She's beautiful, just like her mother."

    Ferus then shook his head, grinning. "You and Siri. I always knew there was something between you two, but I never dreamed it would result in this."

    "Neither did I. Siri kept her from me until after the war. She didn't want Sami taken to the temple. She had hidden her location in her crystal. I found it a few weeks ago."

    Ferus nodded. "No surprise. I never knew much about her visions, but I knew there was something about the Temple being attacked during a war. She was right."

    Ferus glanced at his chrono, and looked around.

    "Vaspar will be back soon, once he finds out it was a ruse. I've got my contacts giving him a good chase, but it won't last too long. We don't have much time. I can keep Vaspar busy, but you need to get them into the transport as quickly as possible."

    "What about you? Vaspar seems to be the one in charge here. Is he going to be a problem for you?"

    "I can handle him." Ferus snorted. "He's a puppet. And besides he's been given strict orders not to touch me."

    A look of curious wonder came over Ferus. "For some reason, Vader seems to want to keep me around. He seems to enjoy toying with me. I haven't figured out why yet."

    Obi-Wan nodded, a slight worrying grin tugging at this mouth. Vader indeed.

    Grief touched him for a moment. He hadn't given much thought to Vader recently with so many other things having happened, but with Ferus being in such close proximity...

    "Be careful, my friend." Obi-Wan said, gripping Ferus's arm.

    Ferus put his hand over Obi-Wan's and nodded. He gazed one more time at Sami and his lips curved in slight wonder as he gently stroked the tiny girl's head.

    Her eyes sparkled, dimples adorning her cheeks as she grinned contentedly at him.

    "There. Now she looks like you. You've been given a precious gift, Obi-Wan," Ferus said, a tender longing in his voice.

    "I know. She is a part of Siri, and of me. I could not have asked for anything better, except that Siri be with me."

    Ferus nodded sadly, then scanning the area for any interference and finding none, decisively said, "Follow me, I'll get you on the transport."

    Obi-Wan and Samantha gathered their things, and hefting Sami onto his other shoulder, they followed Ferus.

    He walked them up to the entry ramp of the transport. The attendant stiffened in alarm at seeing a hunter approach him.

    Sternly Ferus said, "These people have been cleared, let them board."

    The attendant nodded. "Yes, Sir. May I see your tickets please?"

    Obi-Wan gave Sami to her grandmother, then produced the tickets from his cloak. After viewing them, the attendant nodded and said, "Welcome aboard folks. I hope your cabin is to your liking. Let us know if you need anything."

    Obi-Wan nodded. "Thank you."

    Putting his arm around Samantha, Obi-Wan made sure she and Sami were safely inside the transport hatch, then turned hoping to see Ferus one more time, to give him a silent thank you but he had disappeared into the swarms of people milling about. Obi-Wan grinned to himself. He knew Ferus would keep Vaspar away until the transport was well on it's way.

    He went inside to join Samantha and his daughter.

    Soon, Obi-Wan and Samantha were settled into their assigned cabin. Obi-Wan had tried to book two cabins, but with so many beings taking the trip, he could only get one. It was a small room with a bed on either side of two doors; the entrance to the room and a door to the tiny fresher.

    They stored their belonging into the overhead storage and then sat down to await departure. They wouldn't really relax until the transport was in hyperspace.

    Sami sat quietly next to Obi-Wan, her head resting against his arm. She seemed instinctively to know it wasn't time yet for talking or playing. He grinned and put his arm around her.

    Obi-Wan wasn't fond of the arrangements, but he had to admit having Sami near instead of in another cabin was preferable. He just hoped Samantha would be comfortable enough.

    Finally a gong sounded, signifying that they were now in hyperspace. Sami's eyes grew wide in surprise as Obi-Wan and Samantha breathed out a sigh of relief, then they smiled at each other.
    Sami rose up and climbed into Obi-Wan's lap.

    "When can I feel you again, Daddy?"

    "Soon, my dear. When we get home."

    "Home? Where's that?"

    Obi-Wan grinned. "On a very dry planet. I'm afraid it won't be as comfortable as the home you're used to. "

    He looked over at Samantha. "Are you sure you want to do this? Where I live is not as pleasant as what you're used to."

    "I know, you've told me all about it, but there is where my family is, so there is where I will be."

    Obi-Wan nodded. He had to admire her bravery in giving up the only home she had ever known and leaving to go to a strange, unknown planet to be with her family. His admiration further deepened when he thought about how she stood up to the Storm Trooper and to Vaspar. She would fit in just fine on Tatooine.

    "Can't I feel you now, Daddy? Pwease?" Sami's large luminous eyes gazed at him pleadingly.

    Obi-Wan felt himself relenting. He would have to watch out or Sami would have him twisted around her little fingers.

    "Too late," he grinned sardonically to himself.

    He sighed, then reaching out with the force, he scanned the entire transport.

    He felt no danger, the other beings were tranquil, resting, he picked up no other force sensitives, but he knew that didn't necessarily mean anything if they were shielding.

    He couldn't let her shields down completely, it was just too dangerous, but he did loosen them a little, letting a little wisp of the force pass between them.

    Sami's smile lit up the room. "Yay! I feel you a little!"

    "That's all you get right now, honey."

    Sami nodded happily and hugged him tightly.

    Samantha stood, straightening her tunic.

    "Well, now that we are on our way, I am hungry. How about you?"

    "I'm hungry, Gamma!" Sami squealed in delight.

    "I will go and find the food court, which should be open by now. I'll be back in a while."

    Obi-Wan stood. "I'll go. No need for you to get out if you want to rest," he offered.

    "Nonsense. I want a look around. How many times have I been on a transport, after all? You stay here and play with your daughter. You've barely had any time with her, you know."

    Obi-Wan reached out with a subtle touch of the force and still sensing no danger, he nodded.

    "Very well, then."

    After she left, he laid back on the small pillow and Sami crawled onto the bed, sitting next to him.

    "Ooof!" he gasped as she suddenly landed with a thud on his solar plexus sitting on his belly with her legs on either side of him. He grinned up at his daughter.

    "Careful, Sweetheart."

    She giggled, then began to sing a little tune. Obi-Wan watched her for a moment, amazed as she busily patted her daddy's chest to the tune she sang. She glanced up at him and smiled.

    "Do you like the song?"

    "Yes, it sounds familiar."

    "Mommy taught it to Gamma, and she taught it to me."

    "Oh, now I remember. It's a nursery song taught to us in the temple creche."

    His soft tenor voice joined her's as they sang the temple lullaby together.

    The song ended and she began to play, running her fingers like little people over his chest.

    She then leaned forward, almost lying on him and tugged on his beard.

    "Ow!" he said softly, grinning at her as she began exploring his face. He kissed her fingers as they moved over his mouth.

    Then she took her little hands and putting them on Obi-Wan's cheeks, began to pat them.

    "My daddy..." she intoned happily, then her face grew mischievous as she moved her fingers under Obi-Wan's chin.

    "Daddy tickly?" she wondered, lightly scratching under his beard.

    "Yes..stop.." Obi-Wan laughed, grabbing her hands. She giggled as he rolled her off of him and began to tickle her in return.

    Shrieks of childish giggles filled the room. Her mouth wide open, her blue/gray eyes sparkling, she squealed and wiggled as Obi-Wan ran his tickling fingers over her belly and then under her chin.

    Her laughter was infectious, and Obi-Wan found that he too was laughing. Their merriment lasted several minutes as she wriggled in his arms.

    He then felt wetness on his face and realized he had tears on his cheeks. He heaved in a sob that overcame the hilarity as a momentary pang stirred in his heart.

    He hadn't laughed like this since before Siri had died and although the empty place in his heart was healing, he still felt the pain of her absence.

    Obi-Wan gazed at this little girl who was so much a part of him now, and very much a part of Siri.

    She would grow up without her mother. Force, how he longed for her to be there with them now, to be laughing at their playfulness.

    Sami grew quiet watching him. Then she again placed her hands on his face, only this time with no playfulness.

    "You miss Mommy, Daddy?"

    Obi-Wan nodded. "Yes. I miss her very much."

    "I miss her too. And she misses you."

    Surprised, Obi-Wan looked at her. "How do you know this?"

    "She told me, when she comes in my dreams."

    "She comes to you?"

    Sami nodded. "Sometimes. Doesn't she visit you?"

    Obi-Wan didn't know how to answer this. Of course he had dreamed about her some, but he didn't take that to mean a literal visit, but Sami was very earnest in her question.

    "Well, I have dreamed about her..." he began.

    "Then she comes to you too! She came when I was asleep today."

    "She did?"

    Sami nodded. "When you made me sleep so the bad man couldn't get me, Mommy came to me and told me it was ok, and don't be scared, that my Daddy would po -potect me and take care of me."

    Obi-Wan didn't know what to think. He ran his hands over his eyes, wiping away the moisture that had gathered there.

    Was it possible? Would the force do something like this? He knew Qui-Gon had gained some knowledge from the Whills about moving in the force to sometimes appear. Hadn't he already received a couple of visits from him?

    He gathered Sami...Misi, his precious gift, into his arms and held her tightly.

    Whether Sami was merely dreaming or receiving visions from the force, it really didn't matter. He would do everything he could to honor Siri's wishes and protect, care for and train his daughter along with Luke. He sensed that this was more than his posterity at stake.

    The future of the galaxy would depend on it.

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    A very nice update with Ferus coming to the rescue. Great interaction
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    @earlybird-obi-wan - Thank you for the review...glad you liked the rescue. Here is the "final" chapter, although I do have an epilogue to come as well.

    Chapter 31: Hope Of The Future

    "Oh my little one," Obi-Wan brushed a kiss against Sami's cheek as he laid her sleeping form down to rest. "Good night, sweetheart, your Daddy loves you."

    He started to rise, but she opened her eyes drowsily and her little arms reached for him and pulled him down to her. She kissed him on the cheek and in a sweet, sleepy voice mumbled, "I love you too, Daddy."

    He delighted in the warmth surrounding them. His heart was full as he hugged her again tightly, then he gently pulled her arms back down and placed them to her side, and tucked her in. Placing a gentle kiss once more on her forehead, he watched as she sank once more into slumber, then turned and found Samantha sitting on the other cot watching him.

    Her smile was approving, her eyes warm. She nodded to him, and then saying good night as well, she turned down the light as he quietly left the tiny room.

    He had worked very hard on the room trying to make it as comfortable for the older woman as he could. He had built a shelf in a corner where she could put her mementos and had tried to spruce up the small cot so she would have more padding.

    If she found it uncomfortable, she did not say. She had seemed grateful and serene about it, as though realizing it was the best Obi-Wan could do with so little to work with and with so little time.

    "Mmm" Obi-Wan's head dipped momentarily with his yawn. He tried not to stumble as he made his way from the small room to the main living area. He rubbed his eyes, red from fatigue. It had been a very long day indeed.

    The rest of their trip to Tatooine had gone without incident, at least as it had related to their safety.

    "Oh, dear!" Samantha had quietly gasped as soon as they had stepped onto Tatooine soil. She had immediately pulled her robe up over her nose and mouth against the overwhelming stench of sand and heat, sweat and blood, filth and decay.

    Obi-Wan had over time grown used to the smells and sounds of Tatooine, and had endured this and worse over years of travel on Jedi missions, but this was a first experience for Samantha.

    Suddenly he felt a small but definite pressure against him. Sami! This was a first for his daughter as well! She had scrunched her face and pressed it against her daddy's shoulder as he hurried them away from the wretched display of less than savory markets, the confusion of many voices vying to be heard all at once, and the overall sentient depravity in motion.

    Having to take them away from a much more pleasant place to this new environment made his heart ache for them. He also ached for those who had never known anything else. He ached for them all, because his own heart was too scarred to ache for himself.

    He lead them further away from the noise and tumult and as they made their way further into the waste land that was Tatooine. Obi-Wan found an Eopie dealer a little way out of the main market and spent a half hour bartering the dealer for the rental of a Eopie for the night. Finally settling on a price, Obi-Wan gave him the agreed upon exchange in the credits Samantha had given him earlier.

    He helped Samantha onto the ponderous animal and then passing Sami to her, he jumped onto the front near the beast's neck, grabbing the reins. He pulled Sami to the front of him where she sat between his legs laughing delightedly at the "funny animal".

    Samantha held onto him for dear life as the animal began its trek across the desert, causing its riders to sway dangerously from side to side. Obi-Wan had given Samantha instructions on how to hold her legs and her back and to ride with the Eopie instead of fighting against it.

    Soon they settled into a smoother cant and a little over an hour later Obi-Wan had stopped near the Lars' homestead, keeping his promise to Beru to "stop by for tea as soon as they had arrived."

    Beru's face beamed as she opened her door and welcomed them into her home.

    "Owen! They're here!" she called excitedly to the back of the house where Obi-Wan heard a sleepy growl of assent.

    Owen appeared and introductions were made. Beru took a good look at Sami still in Obi-Wan's arms. Sami flashed a bright smile at Beru.

    "Oh, aren't you precious!" Beru cooed. "Ben, she is just beautiful!"

    Obi-Wan nodded with a soft acknowledgment, and Beru beckoned them to sit down while she got the tea ready.

    After laying the tea out for her guests, Beru excused herself and disappeared for a moment. Soon she returned with a just awakened Luke in her arms. Now about 9 months old, he looked curiously at the people in the room. He spotted "Uncle Ben" and grinned in recognition, reaching his arms out to him.

    Joy at seeing him became a lump in his throat as he opened his arms to the little boy, to Anakin's son. As he held him in his arms, Luke squirmed to get a better look at his "Uncle", leaning away from him and grinning as the bond they had begun to form twinkled to life again.

    Luke touched Obi-Wan's face, and then with a glimmer in his eyes and a baby's laugh slammed his head against Obi-Wan's chin.

    "Ow!" Obi-Wan lifted his hand to his chin and then noticed that Luke, his eyes wide in surprise, was patting the top of his head. He looked at though he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Obi-Wan reached up and rubbed his head lightly in amusement.

    "You're a pretty strong little guy aren't you, Luke?"

    Luke then chose to laugh, revealing new baby teeth poking from tender gums.

    He could hear the chuckle of the adults watching the exchange. He glanced at them and grinned.

    "I think I'll need to do my katas a little more often to keep up with him," he said.

    He then sat down on the floor and Sami curiously approached her father holding the little boy.

    "Is that Luke?" she asked shyly.

    "Yes, Sami. This is Luke. Luke this is Sami."

    Luke looked at Sami. Sami stared at him a moment, then reached out and touched his head.

    "Daddy, he's like us."

    Obi-Wan nodded. "Yes, dear. He is."

    Obi-Wan set Luke on the floor and Sami sat with him. The children stared at each other a moment, and then Luke gurgled. Sami laughed.

    "You're funny, Luke. Let's play."

    The adults laughed as Obi-Wan rejoined them.

    "They are adorable together," Beru said, heading to the small kitchen off the dining area to prepare the food.

    Obi-Wan observed as Samantha quietly rose to help Beru. He had taken Samantha into his confidence about Luke, Beru and Owen and their place in his life, and had wondered how two women from such completely different worlds would get along. He needn't have worried.

    Obi-Wan was gratified to see that the women were already becoming fast friends.

    Soon the rattling of dishes could be heard as Beru instructed Samantha on where to find the serving plates and other utensils needed. As they worked, they talked about the trip. Samantha told them about their harrowing ordeal when trying to leave Corellia and Beru nearly dropped the mugs as she listened, eyes wide with the horror of nearly losing Sami to the Empire.

    Owen, who had been silent during all of this now turned to Obi-Wan, concern in his eyes.

    "Ben, are you sure we are safe here? No one will be coming after our children will they?"

    It was a fair question. Was any place in the galaxy truly safe now? After many hours of meditation and consultation with Qui-Gon, who had spent some time hiding in shadows and watching Vader, he was convinced Vader had no interest in coming back to Tatooine. Too many memories were here; memories he was trying to escape. As for the hunters, the only way they might show up was if someone turned them in or if someone else on Tatooine displayed force abilities. It was always a possibility. They would have to be diligent in their caution.

    However he felt he couldn't tell Owen all of this, yet he felt he should be as honest about it as possible.

    "Owen, I'm afraid no place is completely safe, but I have a reasonably good idea that Tatooine will be safe for us. The planet is run by Hutts, and the Empire so far seems to be leaving Tatooine alone. However, I will do everything in my power to keep the children safe, and train them to hide their abilities. Eventually they will go to school..."

    "Is that wise?" Samantha interrupted, worry flickering through the force.

    "Samantha, they will need to be as much a normal part of life here as possible, and that includes going to school. I will train them to shield and to never reveal their abilities in public or to anyone but those of us in this room, but we shouldn't draw curiosity by keeping the children too aloof from everything. It will take some work, but we will need to find a balance. "

    "Well, all right, but it's just so dangerous out there. I'll worry constantly."

    "Well, no need to Samantha, I know how to keep a discreet and watchful eye on those I aim to protect."

    "Tell me about it," Owen snorted. "No matter how much I tried to discourage him, he would not stay away...he had to keep coming around to make sure we were ok."

    "Now he's a part of our family," Beru said warmly, smiling at Obi-Wan. "And now here he is with a daughter. What a surprise that was, but a delightful surprise."

    Samantha patted Obi-Wan's arm. "Surprise indeed. Imagine my shock when my long lost pregnant Jedi daughter showed up at my door. At first I was angry that as a knight of the famous, highly regarded Jedi order she had gotten herself pregnant, but when she told me the story, and showed me the holo pics she had of Obi-Wan, I realized this was something special and that her pregnancy was not the result of a cheap one night stand, but the result of a deep, abiding love they had between them, and a union as real as a marriage. I was grateful Siri had found such love as a Jedi. Knowing their code, I didn't think that it would ever be possible for her and I always regretted that. I was delighted that for my daughter, their force had alternate plans. So now here I am with my granddaughter and this young man, who I now consider to be my son-in-law, every bit as if they had really taken the galactic marriage vows."

    She gazed at Obi-Wan sadly. "I only wish she were here."

    Obi-Wan placed his hand warmly over Samantha's. "As do I, Samantha." They gazed at each other in quiet understanding of mutual loss.

    After everyone had eaten their fill, the group moved to the living area.

    The women doted over the children as the men sat watching.

    With consternation, Obi-Wan listened as Samantha and Beru planned the outfits they would get for Sami, how adorable she would look in a babysilk playtunic with ribbons in her hair.

    "Don't you look at us like that, Ben Kenobi!" Beru exclaimed suddenly as she saw the look of alarm on Obi-Wan's face. "I know she's going to be trained as a Jedi and you have much to teach her, but this is not the temple and you need to let her be a little girl!"

    Samantha nodded her head in agreement, her eyes humorous as she noted Obi-Wan's discomfort with this turn of events.

    "And besides, you yourself said these children will need to be as much a part of the life here as possible. This is just a part of it for little girls, even here on dusty old Tatooine." Beru finished with a defiance tinged with humor.

    He hadn't figured on this. Sami was to be a Jedi, not a little princess to be pampered and primped. Obi-Wan closed his mouth, unsure how to respond.

    He noticed Owen eyeing him with a smirk.

    "Better give up on this one, Kenobi. You may have fought and defeated the worst in the galaxy, but against two determined women, you don't stand a chance."

    Sighing in momentary resignation, Obi-Wan turned his attention back to the children. He would have to think about this.

    He watched as Sami and Luke interacted. They sat across from each other tossing one of Luke's toys back and forth between them, Sami frequently filling the room with delighted laughter at Luke's excitement at the game. Obi-Wan noticed they also seemed to be enjoying a silent communication between them. They were already forming a bond, he could sense. Good.

    They would train together, at first much like the younglings in the temple under creche masters and Master Yoda. Luke was of course much too young for anything more than very simple exercises used in the creche. With Sami, who was not that much older, he would begin her training with a slightly more advanced exercises, the first of which would be on shielding. As they grew older they would become his ...well...Padawans...although they would not carry the traditional braid or other symbols of the status. This saddened him a little, but Obi-Wan shook it off.

    After all these two were the foundation of a new Jedi Order and he felt that many changes would be made, including a new code, one that would allow attachments. He would need to meditate much on this.

    In the temple it would have been a very unusual, but not an unheard of arrangement, for a master to have two padawans, but Obi-Wan knew he could do it.

    If he could handle the handful that had been Anakin, he could handle this challenge.

    Returning his thoughts to the present, he glanced at Owen sitting next to him on the sofa. He had been rather stiff and silent around the children all afternoon. He loved Luke, Obi-Wan sensed, but two children seemed to be a little overwhelming to him. Obi-Wan noticed that he had been staring rather curiously at Sami, but had not said anything to her.

    As if sensing Owen's attention, Sami rose from her place on the floor and moving toward Owen, she stopped in front of him and stared at him. Owen's brows rose as he stared back at her, waiting. Then Sami did a most unexpected thing. She climbed up into Owen's lap and placed her head against his chest.

    Then she said softly, affectionately, "Unca Owen."

    Obi-Wan watched as Owen's eyes softened. He put an arm around her and gruffly muttered, "Hey there, Little One."

    "Awwww," Beru said, tears standing in her eyes. Samantha seemed moved by the gesture as well as she clasped her hands in front of her and beamed at her granddaughter.

    The two sat as such for a moment, then Sami moved from Owen to Obi-Wan. After hugging her daddy, she jumped down and rejoined Luke on the floor.

    Finally, late in the day, it was time to leave. Promises were made of many visits to come with discussions of when Obi-Wan would begin training, which would be very soon. Owen now completely accepted Luke's training, and seemed even to be eager for it. He seemed to realized that the sooner Luke began training the better equipped he would be to handle the obstacles in the future.

    Sami now in bed, and Samantha as well, Obi-Wan moved into his living area. How different this all was to him, to be a part of a family without the boundaries of a temple and code and all of the expectations it carried.

    This was an experiment in a way, the first step toward the New Order he had contemplated earlier. These children would be trained in a way no temple children had been before; surrounded by a loving family. He sensed this would be the way of the future Jedi. He would talk to Qui-Gon about it, and through him find out what Yoda thought, as Qui-Gon sometimes visited him as well.

    He moved to his little trunk in the corner of the room and opened it.

    His hands lingered over some of the objects he had placed inside the trunk : The holomessage from Siri telling Obi-Wan about Misi Samantha Kenobi, other holopics of her during her pregnancy and right after Sami was born. Obi-Wan swallowed a lump in his throat as he gazed for a moment at the sweat soaked, tired, happy face of his Siri holding their newborn daughter. He found himself wishing he could have been there with her.

    His fingers moved over a little further and he picked up a few holopics of himself and Qui-Gon. Also there was one of him with his friends, and then there was Siri. There was one taken of them together when they had been padawans, he with his short ginger hair standing on end and his padawan braid trailing down his chest, an open, dimpled smile on his face. Siri stood next to him, an impish grin on her face, her elbow almost jabbing him. His sharp wit had gotten him into trouble, he was sure, and she looked as though she would mete out that trouble.

    He looked at another pic, the two of them with their Padawans. It had been on a mission. Ferus was standing at Siri's side, Anakin on the other side next to Obi-Wan. If they had not been Jedi, he would have thought this pic was of a family travelling together, and in a very real sense they were.

    Sadness touched him as he gazed at the pic of Anakin, grinning as Obi-Wan's hand rested on his shoulder. Obi-Wan thought of Anakin's son living with the Lars. He only hoped that when Luke would someday confront his father, as he knew he would, that somehow Vader...Anakin... could be reached.

    "There is still good in him, Obi-Wan. I know it."

    Padme had whispered those words to him as she lay dying. He remembered how he had stroked her cheek while she had spoken, her eyes pleading, believing in her husband, wanting Obi-Wan to believe in him as well. He wasn't sure he could, but for Luke's sake, he hoped Padme was right.

    His gaze drifted over to Ferus, who at one time broke Siri's heart by leaving the order. Now he was a Jedi, working surreptitiously against the Empire; a double agent doing what he could for the galaxy. Siri would be proud.

    He grinned to himself as his fingers lightly traced over the outline of her face in the holopic.

    How he missed her still, even though his heart was now being filled up by their daughter and his new family.

    Ruefully he wished again she were there, but again reminded himself that Jedi do not deal with "what if's" or "I wish."

    "But human beings do," he muttered to himself sardonically, and then reminded himself that he was a Jedi first and a human being second. He shrugged off the doleful thoughts.

    As he put the pics away, his hand brushed against something hard and cool. A shiny cylinder that lay in the box. The pics were replaced by something real. Something that held real memories, the residue of a force signature now lost to darkness.

    "This weapon is your life, Anakin!"

    The memory of Anakin's young, eager face as he gripped his saber for the first time pierced Obi-Wan, an inside cry that wanted release, but Obi-Wan would not allow it. His hand shook as he held the saber and remembered.

    This saber and the man who had held it had stood side by side with Obi-Wan for many years, first as a student and then as a partner. It had been used over the years in many battles; Kenobi and Skywalker fighting to save the galaxy from the encroaching darkness.

    One corner of Obi-Wan's mouth quirked upward as he remember the many sparring matches with his best friend, his brother. Their sparring was as sharp in wordplay as it had been in swordplay, and he had loved every minute of it.

    And then...No! He wouldn't go there, but his mind insisted.

    The final battle; a battle in fire,hatred and darkness, in desperation, tears and heartbreak. Two brothers battling to the death. Obi-Wan closed his eyes against the searing memory of that battle. He gripped the saber firmly, feeling the weight and balance. He also felt him; Anakin. The man who was once a good man, who perhaps could one day be again. A passionate man, headstrong and loyal, but as he held the saber he also felt darkness, the residue of the last time he had seen Anakin in the fire of Mustafar.

    He used the force and for several minutes concentrated on the saber, banishing the dark memories it held. He felt the darkness release it's grip, the saber felt clean again, the harsh memories softened and burned away. And then he realized, it wasn't the saber as much as his heart that had needed to be cleared. He took a cleansing breath, blew it out and then sighed, a gently smile playing at his lips. He carefully placed Anakin', now Luke's...lightsaber back in it's place.

    He stared for a moment at the other item in the box and then carefully, almost reverently, picked it up. It was a lightsaber as familiar to him as his own. For a moment, he was taken back to one of many sparring matches with the owner of this saber; a petite, flashing eyed blonde striking at him in playful spar.

    Siri's saber.

    Adi had approached him not long after Siri's death, just before he and Anakin had been sent to the outer rims.

    "Take this," she had said, offering it to him.

    "Adi..." he had begun to protest, but she shook her head.

    "No. Take it. I have a feeling it may come in handy for you someday."

    At the time, Obi-Wan had no idea what she meant by that, but now he understood. Adi must have known about Sami.

    This would be Sami's saber. Emotion gripped him as he handled this saber, the same one Siri had built in the caves of Ilum when she had her visions. It was not uncommon for Jedi to go through several sabers during their lifetime, but Siri had never changed her's. She had carried this with her to her dying day.

    He felt her lingering signature in the saber, as he had before when he had handled it. This was as much a part of her as her stone, as he was and as Sami was.

    "Your daughter is beautiful, Obi-Wan," a calm, baritone voice spoke behind him.

    Obi-Wan turned and smiled at the blue ghostly form in front of him.

    "Thank you, Master. I..." suddenly Obi-Wan wasn't sure how to explain to his master about Sami, or if he should.

    "No explanation necessary, Padawan. You followed the will of the force. Isn't that what I always taught you to do?"

    "Well, yes, but not necessarily so outside the realm of the code."

    "But not necessarily inside it either. The force works whatever is needed, and obviously it needed you and Siri to create Misi Samantha. Siri told me everything. "

    "Siri? " Obi-Wan started.

    "We retain our identities in the force, Obi-Wan, I just learned how to project my identity a little farther. That's what I will teach you."

    "Oh." Obi-Wan gently placed Siri's lightsaber back into the trunk and closed the lid.

    "I want you to know how very proud I am of you, Obi-Wan. You faced some of the most dreadful darkness we've seen in years and you stood strong. You are still a beacon of light. Many changes will come to the Jedi, as you have already discerned. The future of the Jedi is in your hands, beginning with those two young lives."

    "Kenobi and Skywalker will once again fight to save the galaxy."

    Obi-Wan gasped. His thoughts flashed to a few moments earlier when he remember Anakin and had thought of the team of "Kenobi and Skywalker" for the first time in many months.

    He gripped the trunk, frozen in place for a moment as he realized that in the future their children would take the moniker, with all it's danger and responsibility.

    Suddenly he was whisked away, sailing into a whirling future. He saw two warriors clad in Jedi-like tunics and pants, belts clasped about their waists, lightsabers blazing in their hands, eyes tenaciously shining in the face of a ruthless foe.

    Two warriors; a young man tall and lean, muscular from years of training, light brown hair, blue eyes gleaming and a clean shaven face radiant with nobility and truth.

    Next to him and only slightly shorter, a young woman, blonde ponytail trailing to her shoulders, resplendent blue/gray eyes obstinate and resolute , strong in the force.

    Two stalwart, unwavering beacons of light facing down a murderous adversary in a black robed garment, a black head mask hiding features long ago marred by a molten lava bed, breath coming in pained rasps as he slowly stalked the two young people, menacing intent purposeful and deadly as he commanded them to turn or die.

    Obi-Wan closed his eyes, shaken by the vision, but quickly he opened them again.

    Yes, the future of his children would be filled with danger, all the more reason to use all diligence to train and prepare them for the destiny they must someday face.

    "I truly am a part of your future, Obi-Wan, just like my visions showed me."

    Obi-Wan's eyes widened as another blue form took shape, holding the hand of his former master.

    Siri stood radiantly next to Qui-Gon, her eyes shining and full of love for him.

    Obi-Wan stepped toward her. "Siri!" His throat seemed to close as his heart yearned to take her into his arms. He knew that couldn't happen, so he stood still, staring at the beautiful vision before him.

    "You two are adorable together, and I did laugh when you were playing with her on the transport." Siri had the same playful smile he had just seen in the holo- pic a moment ago.

    "So you did come to her when I put her to sleep," Obi-Wan said.

    Siri nodded. "Qui-Gon has taught me some. I can appear in dreams easily enough sometimes, but to come to you like this, it can only be done with someone trained like Qui-Gon, and only while holding his hand, and only for a short while."

    "I'm glad you're here Siri. I miss you so much."

    The image was already beginning to waver.

    "Obi-Wan, I love you." The vision faded.

    "Siri!" Obi-Wan reached for her, but the blue form had disappeared.

    "Don't worry, Obi-Wan, she'll come again when she's able, but mostly it will be me who comes. You have much to learn Padawan, and only about 18-20 years to learn it."

    Obi-Wan bowed his head. "Yes, Master."

    Qui-Gon's image faded and Obi-Wan laid down on his cot. In the next room, sleeping peacefully, perhaps even receiving a visit from her mother in her dreams, lay one part of a future hope for the galaxy and the Jedi. In a homestead not too far away, sleeping in his own little bed, lay the other part.

    The hope of the future was in his hands, and he would not fail the galaxy this time.

    The End

    Epilogue to come soon! ;)

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    A very touching chapter with all the memories. Great to see Obi-Wan getting lessons from Siri and Qui-Gon.
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    This is a really great story. I read it over on FF.Net but thought I would leave a review here! You have an excellent hand on writing characters and I especially love how you've written the Siri/Obi-Wan aspect of this story. Well done! =D=

    This chapter, especially, was very touching.
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    Very well done. =D= Siri telling Obi-Wan she loved him and then him reaching for her--heartbreaking. Looking forward to the epilogue.
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    Thank you, Earlybird, Hope you enjoy the epilogue.

    Thank you, @hlc88 ! I'm glad you enjoyed it. HOpe you also enjoy the epilogue.

    Thank you!! Yes, it was. The epilogue will bring some closures...
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    Hello everyone! Here at last is the promised epilogue. I have a lot of information sort of crammed into this, and it bounces around a bit as Sami is "reminiscing". Hope you all can keep up and I do hope you enjoy this final installment of "The Gift".
    Thanks once again to everyone for your following and reviewing this story, and a big thank you to Valairy Scot for staying with me as my beta through this. ;)
    Ch. 32: Epilogue
    Brilliant beams of evening gold wafted its way across the indigo sky. Finally, they poked long iridescent fingers into a window that had only recently undergone a hard scrubbing to rid it of years of grime and filth that had been caked on it. Now the window sparkled in absurd contrast in the midst of a filthy, ancient structure made of old fashioned stones; stones darkened with age, showing the chipping mortar of many long years standing unattended. The golden light broke through the newly opened eye of this venerable relic and gently brushed the brow of a young woman sitting at an antiquated desk, a desk that was nicked and scarred, yet lovingly polished by its new owner who was now poring over plans and outlines.

    She raised eyes red from fatigue and gazed at the setting Corellian sun. Brows that had been pinched in concentration now relaxed, smoothing out lines of work and worry. Her lips parted in a smile as blue/grey eyes flickered warm with happy memories of sunsets past... sunsets spent with the one person she adored more than anyone else - her daddy.

    She loved her grandmother, and Luke, Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, but these cherished moments with her father was just theirs alone. Just the two of them; she curled up in his lap when she was little, later as she grew older, sitting next to him on their favorite rock, watching the suns sink in a blaze of desert glory. He had a contentedness to him that was not often seen during the busy days training his two charges, and being trained by Master Qui-Gon. During those times he was truly happy.

    Many evenings she had sat with her father, watching the twin suns of Tatooine sink into a khaki horizon. She knew he loved the sunsets, for to him it brought many memories of evenings watching the sunsets on Coruscant with his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. During those evening as she sat with him, he would tell her many stories of his life in the temple, of life as a Padawan and then later as a Jedi during the heyday of the republic when the Jedi were respected and sought after as peacekeepers, before the Clone Wars and the darkness of the Empire took it all away. He also told her stories of her mother, Siri Tachi. Sometimes they even felt her close by and when that happened her daddy would get a special look in his eyes and the lines seemed to disappear from his face and he would look years younger.

    She never tired of hearing his stories and would ask for them again and again.

    Now, eight months after the Empire had been finally defeated, she sat in the ancient temple of a long ago forgotten order, the structure having been given by the government of Corellia to the fledgling New Jedi Order, made up of Luke Skywalker and Misi Samantha Kenobi.

    The work of rebuilding the Jedi Order had begun in earnest.

    Sami and Luke had arrived on Corellia only a month ago after spending seven months on Coruscant testifying to a senate that had experienced its own housecleaning shortly after Darth Vader and the Emperior had finally been defeated. Senators who had been sympathetic to the Empire had been removed from office, some facing charges of crimes against the galaxy. The new senate included Luke's sister, Leia Organa, who with her now husband Han Solo had been a huge part of the defeat of the empire. Although Sami and Luke helped her train in Jedi disciplines for a short time, she had felt that her place was in the Senate, following in her adoptive father, Bail Organa's, footsteps. She with Han were now settled in their large apartment near the Senate building.

    When not in the Senate testifying about their part in the Rebellion, they spent time in the burned out Jedi temple. They had been unprepared for the effect the temple would have on them. They stood in the main foyer, gripping one another's hands as they swallowed past tight, clenched throats and wiped away tears from their eyes. The presence of so many long ago Jedi ran through them like ghosts, made all the more poignant when they found Obi-Wan and Anakin's old quarters and each experienced a trace of their fathers' lingering presence. For a moment, Sami could almost see her father, a young Jedi in his prime steering a headstrong padawan Anakin through meditation exercises or sparring practice. Tears once again coursed down her cheeks as she found herself wishing she could have known her father and her mother when they had lived here, wishing that she could have been a part of this life in the temple. Luke, whose eyes betrayed a similar longing, cautioned her that they needed to focus on what they were there for, and to remember what Obi-Wan had always taught them: Jedi do not live in wishes and regrets. They needed to move forward.

    Sami had nodded and wiped away her tears. The left the old quarters to find their way to the object of their visit; the archives. Her father's instructions had been thorough, and it did not take them long to find it, despite the rubble and debris.

    They spent much time in the archives, or what was left of it after the Empire had burned and gutted just about everything in it. However, they did find in a hidden vault some holocrons and old tomes, filled with ancient Jedi teachings and wisdom. They studied them and gained much wisdom and understanding of the old Jedi order and it's code, but they knew the New Jedi Order would be different. For one thing it would embrace love and families. The basic tenets of the Jedi would remain intact...duty, loyalty, sacrifice, obedience. The basic code would live, but would just be augmented a little.

    Pulling her thoughts back to the small room she sat in on Corellia, Sami glanced about her. There was much work to be done here; the first building of the New Jedi Order.

    Upon completion of their investigations, the new senate had voted unanimously to help the Jedi rebuild, and the first act had been the old temple building on Corellia, offered by a grateful Corellian senator. The temple on Coruscant was also offered, and Sami felt that at a future time the temple could be restored, but they wanted to establish a new Jedi home away from Coruscant.

    She glanced again at the plans she was putting together. She was not an architect, but drawing on the wisdom of her father and the force, she was becoming satisfied with how the new temple would be. The old building would be restored of course and be the new main temple, housing the new Council, made up right now of only herself and Luke she thought with a rueful smile.

    The temple would also hold dorms for Jedi, students and Jedi/padawan teams who did not otherwise have families, classrooms, training salles, a cafeteria, and a creche much the way the old Temple had done. Around the grounds would be new housing for Jedi families who did not want to live in the temple itself, and also a garden, patterned much like the old Room of a Thousand Fountains her father had told them about. There would also be outdoor training areas.

    As soon as they had arrived on Corellia, they sent messages all over the galaxy for any remaining Jedi to join them, but they had received no response, a testament to the thoroughness of the Empire's purge.

    Messages were received by them though. Thousands of beings, upon learning that it was the once hated Jedi who had delivered the galaxy from the evil that reigned, were eager to send their force sensitive children for training. Luke had sent them all messages telling them that the children would be examined and chosen when they were ready to receive them at the new temple.

    Sami sighed and folded the plans to carry home with her. It was getting late and Luke should be back shortly. He had spent most of the day trying again to find Jedi who could join them. He had told her earlier that he might have a surprise for her.

    She wondered what it might be. Suddenly she felt a stirring within her. She glanced down, putting her hand on her belly. At six months her unborn child did not like to be ignored, it seemed.

    "Now Obi-Wan Kenobi Skywalker, you be still. Your daddy will be here in a while."

    His daddy. Her husband. Sami smiled as she remembered the first time a ten year old Luke had announced that he loved Sami and that someday he would marry her. She had laughed in his face.

    At the time it had seemed a ridiculous joke. Luke was more a brother than anything to her and she couldn't imagine them ever being anything more. He had never given up though, and throughout their adolescent years it had been a game between them, he reminding her of his feelings and she rebuffing him. She never thought it would ever be anything more, until that awful day.

    A shudder went through her as her thoughts once again turned to that day on the half finished new death star over Endor. They had faced Vader together, had fought valiantly together against him. He even made a comment about how well Obi-Wan had trained them, but then added that it was shame such talent was being wasted. With their moves and leaps, their sabers humming in perfect harmony they held their own against Vader and at one point nearly defeated him, but Luke did not want to kill him, only stop him. He had felt he must try to reach the man inside the helmet; his father. Sami respected his wishes and likewise only fought defensively, the way her father had taught her.

    Vader, who had learned of their existence when the Rebellion first began and had been trying for months to capture them, had in turn only fought enough to slow them down. Sami was sure if he had really wanted to kill them they would already be dead. She had never felt such dark power, and tactics unknown by the Jedi. Obi-Wan had prepared them well for surprises, and on how to deflect force lightening, but the sheer oppressiveness of the dark side was almost more than she could bear.

    At one point they had retreated, turned their sabers off to try to hide a moment, to try to find another advantage over Vader. However Vader soon found them and stalked them, his breath coming in ominous rasps, warning them, enticing them to turn and join him. That Kenobi and Skywalker, the children of the once great Jedi team, would be a formidable asset to the Empire, a team that would once and for all shut down all resistance against the Empire. The Emperor himself had hidden in the shadows, listening for Luke and Sami's answer, waiting for his moment to strike. When Luke and Sami had refused, he had stepped forward, his voice dripping with malice.

    He had mocked them. He had reminded Luke that his father had abandoned him, that he had killed his mother, had urged him to kill Vader now and take his place by his side in the Empire. He had then turned his evil intentions on Sami, remarking what a lovely young woman she had become, how much she looked like her parents. Then in his hissing rasp, he made remarks about Obi-Wan and Siri's "illicit" affair.

    Sami had been surprised by the rush of anger burning in her cheeks. She knew he was only trying to bait her; her father had warned her of this. She knew the truth about her parents, about the love they had shared, that in all the years they had loved each other they had only one night together, a night carefully considered and decided upon with the force as their ally and not just a base, one night stand. How often had her father told her that she had been a precious gift given to them as the result of that night? That she was a gift of their love and for the future Jedi. She knew all this, and wanted to defend their honor, but she didn't want to give this monster the satisfaction.

    Feeling the turmoil in her he rasped gleefully, a gleam in yellow eyes piercing her soul.

    "How does it feel to be the bastard child of the great Obi-Wan Kenobi?" he had spat out, using her father's name as though it were a curse word.

    Her blade blazed as hotly as her cheeks, propelling her to rush him angrily, foolishly thinking she could catch him by surprise. Her father had warned her all her life against her often brash, thoughtless actions, but here she was again, in the most important confrontation she might ever have, and she allowed the Emperor's cheap words to hit their mark.

    His laughter was derisive and cruel as his blade shot out in a heartbeat. He had sliced her thigh as soon as she had thrust her blade at him. He then force pushed her against the far wall, and hit her with force lightening. As she had fallen to the floor in the agony of this moment, she had breathed apology to her father and to Luke for failing them. Luke had cried out in horror and his blade was again activated. Vader blocked his blow against the Emperor and the two battled, lightsabers clashing in the blinding spark of red vs. blue.

    Sami, now out of commission could only watch, her leg throbbing with pain, her head pounding from the effects of the lightening, her saber out of reach.

    She watched as the two combatants slashed and parried, then she watched as the Emperor cajoled and encouraged Luke to kill Vader, watched in horror as Luke finally threw his saber down and refused to fight his father anymore; refused to kill him. She had winced as the Emperor then maliciously growled, "Then you will die".

    The force lightening was intense. Luke had fallen to the ground, this body thrashing, his face torn in agony. He was dying, and it was then that Sami realized that she loved him. Not like a brother, but truly loved him, that she couldn't imagine life without him. She had stretched forth her hand and had begun to retrieve her saber when a most surprising thing happened.

    Vader himself had picked up his master, and with the electricity now averted from Luke, and now surrounding the two Sith Lords, Vader had pulled the Emperor over his head and hurled him into the reactor shaft in the center of the death star.

    Luke had saved his father, and his father had saved him. Relief filling Sami, she had passed out.

    She had awakened later in a makeshift bed on Endor, a strange little creature called an Ewok tending to her. Her Jedi clothes were gone, she was draped in a tunic and her leg was bandaged. She learned later that Leia had taken care of her. She searched for Luke, and he was not far, talking to Leia and Han. When he saw her, he ran to her side and took her hand. She took one look at him, and he knew. It was then they had shared their first kiss.

    He told her later about Vader, about how Anakin had returned, had died in his arms a redeemed man..a Jedi. They had wept together for joy.

    She had suddenly sensed her father's presence nearby, a presence she had cherished ever since she and Luke had witnessed him lay his life down to Vader on the first Death Star to allow them to escape.

    Stunned in agonized speechlessness, Luke and Sami could only watch helplessly on the ramp going into the Millennian Falcon as her father had lowered his saber and allowed his former student to cut him down. Then most astonishingly, his body had disappeared. Sami was numb, her father was gone!

    "Daddy!" She had cried out, feeling as though her heart had just physically been ripped out of her. Vader had turned in surprise, staring at her. Luke gripped her arm as she choked back sobs. Suddenly her father's voice was there. Both Luke and Sami heard it.

    "Run Luke, Sami! Run!" Tugging on her arm, Luke had dragged her onto the Millenium Falcon.
    He had appeared to them several times since then the way Master Qui-Gon used to appeared to them during their years on Tatooine. He had guided them and adivised them through the war against the Empire. Although she was grateful for this she had missed him being there to hug her, to place his hand comfortingly on her shoulder.

    On Endor, along with his presence, she had felt others near as well; Qui-Gon, Yoda and a new had to be Anakin Skywalker. Luke squeezed her hand as they nodded respectfully to the masters. Peace had filled her then. She knew it was over, the Jedi would begin again, and Luke would always be by her side.

    It had been a lovely double wedding, with Luke and Sami, and beside them, Leia and Han. Sami had been aware of two blue presences quietly watching the proceedings from afar. She had sensed their pride and joy as her parents watched her wed.

    In the old office, Sami stood and stretched, feeling a slight tug on the scar that now ran down her left thigh, so similar to the scar her father had carried from his fight against Dooku at the start of the clone wars. The child inside her suddenly moved and kicked.

    "Yes, I know, enough with the reminiscing. Daddy's coming."

    The door suddenly opened and Luke bounced in with a happy grin. He swept her in his arms and kissed her, then swung her around. She gasped, her head spinning but she laughed.
    "What?" she asked, clutching him as she regained her balance.

    " I have good news for you," he said. "I found Ferus Olin! He's going to join us!"

    "Wonderful!" Sami exclaimed, and throwing her arms around him, they danced around the room in celebration, laughing in between hugs and kisses.

    Ferus had hidden in plain sight, watching over Leia for most of her life after his stint as a double agent was finished.

    He had disappeared after the war was over and had not responded when the call had gone out for any remaining Jedi to contact them. Sami and Luke had been very disappointed. They had thought that even if there were no other Jedi left, surely Ferus would join them. Luke had been focusing his search on finding him and they had been close to losing hope, thinking that perhaps Ferus didn't want to be found.

    "He only just now heard about the call and had contacted me this morning. He's coming in a few days. Now we are a council of three. Not a bad start!"

    "I'm so glad. I wonder if he'll accept the revisions to the code, allowing for marriage and families."

    "It's different for him, but I assured him that the main tenets of the code will remain intact, but we just felt that we need to allow the Jedi to marry and have families if they wish...and that we will just need to teach them to be able to let go if need be. If marital attachment leads someone to the dark side, it will be because of a flaw in their character or we failed to teach them, not because of attachment itself. And besides, in rebuilding the order, many of our students will be much older than the initiates that had been in the temple, they are already accustomed to attachment. It's just a new age for the Jedi, Ferus will have to understand that."

    "He's a reasonable man. I think he will," Sami said.

    "Let's go. Dinner with the new Senator tonight, and then bed for you. You need your rest." Luke patted Sami's tummy affectionately. "And how is my son?"

    "Doing well. He sensed you coming and gave me a good kick in the ribs."

    "Good for you, son!" he laughed, and Sami felt another kick in response.

    "Hey, don't gang up on me!" Sami protested.

    Luke opened the door. As they exited, Sami asked, "You wanna spar later?"

    "In your condition? I think not!" Luke said, closing the door.

    "What's the matter, afraid I'll give you a sound thrashing?"

    "You wish!"

    Laughter rang in the hall as they departed the old building, and in a corner of the room just vacated, more laughter echoed.

    Two blue images appeared in the room, Siri held Obi-Wan's hand as they enjoyed the banter of their daughter and her husband.

    Laughter subsided, Siri said softly, "You raised her well, my Love,"

    "You've only told me that how many times already?" Obi-Wan responded, putting his arm around her affectionately.

    "I know, but I can't help saying it again."

    Obi-Wan nodded, smiling at her. His blue/gray eyes held deep joy as he beheld his love.

    Together they were now in the force, never again to be parted. Soon they would move deeper into the force joining their comrades already gone before.

    Siri leaned against Obi-Wan's chest as his arm moved down to wrap snugly around her waist .
    "So many changes to the order," Siri commented. "Did you see how much freer they are then we were in expressing emotion? They were almost downright silly about it. I couldn't imagine Mace Windu acting like that."

    Siri giggled, amused at the thought.

    Obi-Wan nodded. " I don't think we got quite that silly about things." He then grinned at her. "But we did have our moments. Remember that night in Garen's quarters where we had a certain water fight after dinner?"

    "Oh yes," Siri said with a smile. "We all ended up on the floor in a tangle of arms and legs, soaking wet."

    They laughed, and Siri also remembered that that was the night she had surprised Obi-Wan with her return to the temple after her undercover mission.

    "Yes, we had our moments of silliness as well I guess, but will all these changes be a good thing for the Jedi?"

    Obi-Wan shrugged. "Time will tell, but you know what? It's not ours to be concerned about anymore. I trained Luke and Sami to carefully consider the old code and any changes they believe might be necessary and to never forget the basic tenets of being a Jedi. They may discover some things need to be changed more or restricted more as they move forward, but overall I think they will be fine. And I think Ferus will bring a good balance as a former member of the old order, I'm glad he will be a part of it. The New Jedi Order is in good hands, my love, and I think it's time for us to let them go and move on."

    Siri agreed, except for one more thing.

    "Obi-Wan, I want to see our grandchild born."

    "Attachment, Siri," Obi-Wan warned her impishly.

    She gazed at him, her blue eyes large and teasing. "Don't give me that attachment tripe. I know you want to see our grandchild born as well and don't you deny it!"

    Obi-Wan grinned. "I could never fool you, could I?"

    "Good, it's settled then."

    He wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed her tenderly. "I love you, Siri Tachi."

    "I love you too, Obi-Wan Kenobi."

    They kissed again, letting it linger between them as their blue forms faded back into the force.
    Suddenly the door opened again and a puzzled Sami glanced inside, shook her head and then closed it again.

    "What?" Luke said from a few feet away.

    "I don't know..I just felt...well, I could have sworn I heard my parents laughing!"

    "You probably did. If they had wanted to visit they would have. Come on, let's go."

    "Coming!" Sami joined her husband and hand in hand they walked out into a cool breezy twilight evening. As they headed toward their transport to take them to dinner, she glanced up toward the twinkling stars and smiled.

    Her parents had sacrificed everything, even their own lives to give her and the Jedi a future and hope. She would honor them with her life, her service to the Jedi order.

    She and Luke together would honor not just their parents but all the Jedi who came before by rebuilding the New Jedi Order to be the peacekeeper of the galaxy once again.

    And she would honor her father's name by raising her son to be the kind of Jedi his namesake was; devoted and brave, humble and honorable, a good man as well as a good Jedi

    She couldn't think of a better way to remember her parents and their gift.

    She took her husband's hand. The past behind them, they were ready to step confidently into the future.

    THE END @earlybird-obi-wan @Luna_Nightshade
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    Nice to see them with plans for the new Jedi order.
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