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  1. Headhunter0183 Jedi Youngling

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    As Mace runs down the hall he feels a new conciousness emerge from the void. And the force flows to it like a river! "A new player in the game" Mace says a littla sarcasticly. Mace wonders what the purpose of all this is and vows to find the answer after the present problems are dealt with!

    Mace **And Anakin??** continues to run down the hall toward where the sabers are hidden.


    **sorry double post** :(
  2. SamakinSkywalker Jedi Padawan

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    OCC: good Idea Headhunter! :D ;)


    You dont need to worry about me. . .
    I am already a Jedi Knight
    *I said as I ran the thin pipe through my hands*
    I heard about you
    *I said softly, not wanting the sith to here*
    You taught Master Luke how to use the force...
    Of course you probably havent done that yet... Judging from your age. . .
    *I said then silenced, the sith were
    getting closer*
    *I felt a new presence, a familiar one...*
    ///Exar Kun! but... I thought that his spirit was destroyed when Master Luke and the rest of the trainees banished him from the academy!///
    *I said to myself suddenly fearful*
    ///I remember what he made me do last time... I killed millions with that sun crusher! And almost killed Master Luke! What if he makes me do it again...///
    *I said to myself, very fearful of that ever happening again*

  3. Jedi_Satimber Jedi Knight

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    Yo da man

    The healing trance, helped it has.
    Weak my powers were, when awoke I did.

    I sought the healing powers of the force, to regain my abilities. Only now have I chosen to let myself flow with the Force.

    I have been one with the Force for a time now, a time too long.
    When first I awoke, no powers were present. Strong presences were felt though.
    My powers, I knew would be needed, therefore, I drew upon the Force for healing.

    There is one, that the Jedi hopes rest upon. The darkside has a lot of potential. But the light way is the right way!

    As the presences started to come to him, Yoda could feel Master Windu, Master Kenobi, Jedi Luke Skywalker, Count Dooku, Darth Vader and Darth Bane. Along with others...ones that he sensed were strong in the Force.

    Must join with Master Windu and the presence that is with him.

    And with that Yoda emerged from his cloning tube. He picked up a few pieces of metal casings that could be used for defense, and headed out into the hallway.

    A vision occurred, a room full of lightsabers? Make that 2 rooms of lightsabers.

    Yoda used a Force Projection to call Master Windu. And with that, Master Yoda headed for one of the rooms with the lightsabers in them.

  4. Headhunter0183 Jedi Youngling

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    "Master Yoda!"
    "I thought I recognised that aura"
    Mace veers to the left and heads down a wide hallway lined with empty cloneing tubes. He comes to a large room with a high glass ceiling, only one viseable entrance, and a round table with computer consoles. The wall behind the table apears to hold a display case of some kind. In it are several lightsabers. All unique and apparently all hand made. He scans the case and spots a familar saber. The sabers are locked into a charger with a thumb print scanner. Mace presses his thumb to the pad and the clamp releases the weapon.

    "Now we are getting somewhere"

    Mace presses the activation switch and a shaft of hard light leaps from the emitter!

    Mace swings the blade and goes through a couple of warm up exercises.

    "Now to find the others!"
  5. Jedi_Satimber Jedi Knight

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    Yo da man

    "Master Windu.
    Strange place, this is.
    Become, what of us?
    Strong presences in the Force, sense I.
    Some that are all too familiar.
    Trouble, we are in!"
  6. Headhunter0183 Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 19, 2002
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    "You got that right Jack!"

    "I mean..Yes master Yoda, we are definately in trouble. Lets see if we can share some with these sith!
    Mace consentrates on a projection of where this room is and tries to lead yoda to it.

    "Master yoda. I **and another jedi?**
    are heading toward the confrontation.
    Claim your saber and meet us there!"
  7. Lord_Monestario Jedi Youngling

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    "I sence that the jedi have found lightsabers!" He wispered to Darth Bane. "I am no use to you here, I will go and try and find some to use for ourselves."

    Darth Bane nodded, Maul made a slight distraction by kicking some wires and makeing them spark.

    Dooku slipped away and took off running. "I hope I dont find any jedi."

    He went through numerous rooms looking for the sabers, when he saw a slight opening, kindof like a seceret room. Dooku walked over to the wall pushed and another room revield itself. In the middle of the room there was a glass case with specially made lightsabers. Dooku tried to pull off the glass but it was sealed. He looked around and saw a thumb scanner. The glass slid right off when it scanned the thumb. Dooku took four lightsabers, one for himself, one for Darth Bane, one for Droma, and a double bladed lightsaber for Darth Maul. Dooku retraced his steps back to the room as fast as he could, when he arrived he saw that the fight had started, no one had a lightsaber.

  8. The_Darkside_Prophet Jedi Youngling

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    Droma saw the old man run away from the battle, when he returned he was carrying four sabers. He egnighted one, The two other sith heard the noise of the saber and ran back to get theirs. Droma called for one and the old guy threw it across the room to him. He egnighted it to find a yellow blade. The Two Jedi in the middle were terribly frightened and went back to back.

    ooc:How did Yoda know that mace windu was in the complex?
  9. Space_Cowboy Jedi Youngling

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    im not sure if yoda would have been able t pick out names, at that stage of awakening, he would have been able to sence things but not send a message to him.
  10. Jedi_Satimber Jedi Knight

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    OOC:I mentioned that I had already been awakened and used a healing trance to gain a small measure of my abilities back. I only used a Force Projection to say a name. Everybody has been posting that they have sensed so and so...I only went with what every one else was doing.
    Plus, in the books, things can be sensed in the Force that can be translated into words.


    Master Yoda found the chamber and retrieved his lightsaber.

    "I feel a few more presences that are in need of help. Jedi and Sith. Battle has begun."

    With that, Yoda grabbed 2 more lightsabers, not really knowing why.
    He then followed the hallway around. He came to the room where the others where.


  11. The_Darkside_Prophet Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 10, 2002

    Droma saw behind him two jedi. He egnighted is lightsaber and turned toward them and started walking backwards towards the other sith. "The Sides are even now, I think we should regroup in the room that you found the sabers."
  12. Lord_Monestario Jedi Youngling

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    "Yoda, my good friend, my it's been a long time!"
    "Mabye some other time,I'm kind of tired, mabye I should metitate."
    Dooku started for the door.
    The Jedi watched as the sith exited through the door. Dooku started running in the direction of the room he had found the lightsabers in. When they reached the room, they closed the secret way in and searched for other ways in, it had a door leading outside, the planet was covered in water, always raining. The team of four explored the area around the room, memorizing it. The Jedi will never find this place. The sith took turns metetating and taking gaurd.
  13. Headhunter0183 Jedi Youngling

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    Mace comes up just in time to see the sith retreating. He spots Obi Wan and another man he dosent recognise.
    "Obi Wan, its good to see another familar face. I see you managed to chase off those sith even without your sabers."

    Shall we withdraw and regroup?"
  14. Headhunter0183 Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 19, 2002
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    **OOC Who is all here now. And who can be here this evening? I think its going well, Im haveing fun!***
  15. Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus

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    Sith Lord Exar Kun.

    It was done. he thought, as he tiredly sat back, panting with exhaustion.
    He was annoyed, he could feel the others had found lightsabres.
    But this mattered not. Another person's lightsabre forged from another's hands was not the same as one made of yourself, from yourself, with your perspiration.

    Everyone knew for a lightsaber to be worthwhile, and trusted, it must have the Force of you imbued in it, a manifestation and extension of your will.

    Exar Kun's will was steadfast.
    Kill Jedi.

    Switching on his vibrantly golden blade, with a spiderweb core of black obsidan that drew the eye to the deepest corners of despair and loathing, he examined his craftsmanship.

    None doubted his ability to forge, in the Jungle Temples of Massassi he had managed to refine the Sith skills of Alchemy, deftly heralding a new era of power.
    Before the purge.
    Before the Jedi!!

    Fuelled with overwhelming hatred and anger, he felt the Force coursing through him, like a sweet nectar purging his mind and body of aches and concerns, focusing his mind in the task at hand, a dark voltage crackling and seething through his veins.

    His lightsabre was double-ended, such as his original one, but here he had made a neccessary alteration considering the bent ion efflux he had found.

    Whilst one end was straight and could be used singularly for duelling, the other was bent and curved, like a scythe, a powerful combination that required an ultimate dexterity in fighting style, but would inspire fear in his enemy.

    Running at break neck speed, looking like a demon from the dark side of Moondus Mendel, his robe's flew in the air as he raced powered by the Dark Side, his blade at his side ready to ignite in a large thunderbolt like extension of his will.

    Locking on to the Jedi, he raced, and sought out his enemy.

    TAG: Jedi, you might feel me coming.
    And cry in fear...
  16. SamakinSkywalker Jedi Padawan

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    OCC: Have any of yall read the Jedi Academy Trilogy? If not, then I will tell you a little so yall will understand my posts:
    Exar Kun's base was on Yavin 4, and that is where Luke's training academy was. Kun's "spirit" lived there, he would influence some of the Jedi, and he ended up influencing Kyp. And Kyp turned to the darkside for a little while. And then Kun got banished from the temple. And Kyp went back on the right side :)
    that is why he recognises him and is afraid of him ;)
    just wanted to let yall know so yall would understand my posts! :D :p


    *I sensed Kun's presence nearby*
    ///Stay calm Kyp, just stay calm... he can no longer bother you! He can no longer Bother you Kyp!///
    *I said this to myself repeatedly, the fear increased as the presence drew closer and closer*
    *I felt a familiar presence nearby, a very nice presence it was*
    ///Master Skywalker!///
    Master Skywalker!
    *I yelled to myself and out loud*
    *Obi-Wan looked at me puzzled*
    *I was a lot more hopeful now, not as afraid as Kun as I was earlier*
    ///I just hope I dont do what I did last time and betray everyone...///
    *I said to myself as I remembered that I had nearly killed Master Skywalker, that made my fear well up inside of me even greater this time, Threatening to over take me*
    *I remembered just then that there were still sith in the room*
    *One of them had left*
    ///I wonder where he went...///
    *I said to myself*
    ///This is a standoff... they dont feel to much like leaving...///
    *I said to myself frustrated*
    ///well if its a fight they want... then its a fight they will recieve. . .///
    *I ran forward, I attacked the one with the horns*
    *I swung my metal rod at his head*

    TAG to a sith or jedi :D ;)

  17. BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus

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    OOC: Sorry, I can only get on once a night.

    IC: Anakin Solo

    Anakin followed Mace, met Master Yoda, found a lightsaber and is now wondering what in the Emperor's black bones is going on right now. He's also wondering why his lightsaber seems to be a living creature itself...
  18. 6-6-6 Jedi Youngling

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    sorry Samakin Skywalker, but all the sith in the room had run away, not just one.
  19. Obi-HaCoR Jedi Knight

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    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Back to back with Kyp Durron, we soon notice the Sith quickly run away in a hurry. They seem to be in a rush. They run not in fear but of desperate need to find a personal belonging.............they're lightsabers.

    *Grabbing at my waist, I realize I do not have mine, neither does Kyp*

    I slowly place my metal rod down and look at Kyp. He seems very strong with the force as I examine the way he holds himself.

    "You must be a Jedi?" I asked.

    "Yes I am, trained by Master Luke Skywalker" " Kyp said"

    I looked at him in amazement. Could it be, the son of my apprentice Anakain Skywalker. The one that I left to stay with Beru and Owen?? Wow, so he truly has grown up to be a great Master. I knew it the moment he was born I thought to myself.

    A feel a strong pressence soon awaken..............Master Yoda! Coming with more Jedi I assume. I look at Kyp and he nods at me. We both start off running, hoping to run into Yoda as well as the others..............who they are, we will soon find out. I feel a lot more suprising coming our way. Old faces and old enemies. May The Force Be With Us.


    OCC: Just so you know, I am using a clone of Obi-Wan right after AOTC and the birth of Luke and Leia. So he is unaware of what Luke has become in the future.
  20. Maulfly Moderator Emeritus

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    //The Darkside of the Force is all...as death is a certainty, so too is the Darkside. I will fulfill my desitiny...again. There must be ONE vessel...ONE servant of the Darkside if it is to be strong. ...and one apprentice to carry on the legacy. Only then can we truly destroy the Jedi...//

    *Bane awakens from his meditation. He can feel his powers reawakening in him. Bane looks to his left and sees Dooku meditating over in the other corner. Looking before him, he sees Maul and the one known as Droma standing guard. Maul, silent as ever, is caught in a moment of contemplating Dooku.*

    Droma...that name of them all is familiar...

    *Bane manages to control his reaction as he remembers who and what Droma was. Then he shakes his head as if to clear it.*

    I will not be distracted, there are Jedi about and we are hiding in this rat hole...

    *Bane examines his saber, making adjustments to it. All eyes turn to him as he ignites it to test the blade and only turn away again once he shuts it down.*

    Heh...good, at least they are not like the simpering fools of my time. None actually trust eachother. Encouraging and dangerous both.

    *Having not yet used up his alotted time, Bane returns to his meditation, gathering strength in the Force while secretly monitoring his suroundings.*
  21. SamakinSkywalker Jedi Padawan

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    OCC: sorry about that 6-6-6 I had thought it was only one :(


    *I ran with Obi-Wan to go and find someone*
    ///I dont know who it is he is trying to find. . . But whoever it is is strong in the force... Master Yoda did he say? That name sounds familiar, did'nt Master Luke say something about him once???///
    *I asked myself*
    *Me and Obi-Wan rounded a corner and found two people, a dark skinned human and a really short green thing*
    ///this must be Yoda! I remember him now... He was the one who trained Master Luke!///
    *I didnt know who the dark skinned guy was though...*
    *Obi-Wan seemed to recognize him though*

  22. Headhunter0183 Jedi Youngling

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    **All the Jedi are together now right. Except Luke who is sleeping in.**


    "Well it seems the sith have retreated. They will surely plan to destroy us. I sugest we withdrawl and come up with our own plan. We may make introductions there also, as their are several new faces to me. But I sence we are all strong with the force. These sith are all formidiable foes, but we will show them the strength of the Jedi!"

    All the Jedi go to the room that contained the sabers and regroup.
  23. 6-6-6 Jedi Youngling

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    Maul became impatient, standing guard while the other Sith meditated or waited. His anger boiled over. In order to try to contain his hatred, he channeled his energy outwards, accidentally causing a cloning vat along the wall to burst.

    "RAAAHHH!!! Why are we waiting? The Jedi are weak. They always have been. We have weapons, and he have the determination. I can already feel my powers returning to me, and I can sense that they are for you, too. Let us strike before the Jedi grow strong as well. Let us show them the true power of the Dark Side!"
  24. Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus

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    Exar Kun, Sith Lord.

    Smiling cruelly, he opened his eyes and closed them to slits, as he looked out to the Jedi as they all filed back into the room which stored the lightsabers.

    They fiddle around with their weapons whilst I forged mine. It is mine, not someone elses.
    This will give me an edge.

    He knew other Sith were in the facility. He detected them and they detected him, with a question hanging in the air of his joining them. He didn't bother trying to establish a telepathic link: the Jedi might sense such a link. But he made it clear in his emotions that for now, he would be more effective as a freelance.
    Later, when he had blood on his hands, he would approach them. Not as an equal...but as a Lord. Inhaling slowly, he allowed his presence to boil back under the surface of the Force's flow, hiding his presence, his robes seemingly blending with the background. Reaching inside the bulkhead of the Jedi's room, he found the wire he was looking for, and by triggering a simple spark, he burnt through and shorted all lights and electricity in the room, even the blast doors. Smiling, he withdrew and allowed himself to sense the Jedi, feel them startle.

    They were now locked and trapped in a room without power, in the dark.
    And Exar Kun, Sith Lord, was hunting them.

    I have you now Jedi...Soon, revenge will be mine!!!

    TAG: Jedi, I'm here.... :)
  25. Headhunter0183 Jedi Youngling

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    **OOC, Is it just me or is Protege creepin you guys out too? :eek: **
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