The GREAT CIII Caravan!

Discussion in 'State College, PA' started by jedi_master_sal, Nov 30, 2004.

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  1. jedi_master_sal Jedi Master

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    Hello folks!

    I've been in talks with several FanForces about having a caravan of sorts to CIII. For those of us coming from the NE part of the states we have a fairly direct route.

    There will be a couple of "Staging" areas. That is to say FF's will meet up at a regional location, travel to the next regional location and so on til we get to Indy.

    Logically, Philly works as the first staging area, then Pittsburgh, Columbus and finally Indy.

    Basically those further out than Philly will coordinate with Philly's FF on where and when to meet (bearing in mind that you will be meeting all the rest of us along the way, so you would need to start very early Wednesday (4/20/05) or possibly Tuesday (4/19/05). From there you can either take the PA toll (it costs but it's most direct to Pittsburgh) or figure out another route. Next those further out from Pittsburgh (Including the caravan coming from Philly) would meet in Pittsburgh. BTW, these staging areas are meant to 1) break up the monotony of driving, 2) provide time for bathroom breaks, 3) BRIEFLY get to meet others from our respective FF's and 4) a safe place to stop. Okay so anyway, From Pittsburgh we will travel Interstate 70 straight to Indy with the last staging area in Columbus. That will give the other Ohio FF's a chance to meet up and the rest of us NE chapters as well. We'll possibly pick up Dayton and maybe Cincinatti on the way, but that's for them to decide. If your chapter is a bit southerly of Philly and you want to meet up in Pittsburgh that's fine. Or maybe you want to meet in Columbus, that's okay too. Let's just make this big and FUN!

    So that's a plan for those who would like to join in the GREAT CIII Caravan. For those who do, I'm going to look into getting special made large Vehicle car magnets to show who we are and to help in identifing each other on the road. (That's not mandatory, just something cool to do and would be a nice "collectible" for the drivers.

    I already have Pittsburgh (of course), Cleveland, Clarksburg WV, and Rochester FF's on board for this. Let's make this even bigger and more fun by having as big a caravan as we can! And we won't drive single file to hide our paraphrase Obi-wan. Ha ha.

    Please sign up in the official thread here, if you'd like to join the caravan:

    Please state:
    1)FF Chapter
    2)Number of vehicles from chapter
    3)Total people traveling from chapter

    There will be more to work out, and there's still lots of time, so no need to sign up immediately. Let's say an March 31st deadline. That will give us all almost 3 solid weeks to firmly plan the trip out there.
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    Wow. This is a great offer. I am not sure, but it is possible that my cousin and I could go up just the two of us. Of course we would meet with you guys somewhere if we do in fact go. I will look into those matters later on.
    \Thank you for the offer I will look on it as a back up. Dont worry you will be hearing from is again soon.
  3. CommanderSesfan Force Ghost

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    Chim - WesJanson and I are also planning on going to C III. Rides are definitely available for you and Thrawn, should you wish to go with us also.
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