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    The Grey Way

    You have felt the silent call and heeded it. Your journey has led you to something new, yet old; known, but unknown. The Grey Way.
    This place can be reached by those who are lead to find it, those who listen to the Force. Located on the Eastern reaches, just beyond current galactic civilization, lies Decameron Alpha, home of The Grey.

    The Unknown Regions have long represented the edge of the true darkness of the Galaxy. Over millennia the edges have been driven back, revealing Mandalorians, Hutts and Sith, but more than fifteen percent of the main Galaxy has yet to be tamed. Into that void there are not only the Unknown Terrors, but Force users that have withdrawn into hiding over the years.

    The Great Jedi Purge saw not just Jedi withdraw into these depths to hide from the Inquisitors, but rival darksiders too. With the light side methods invalidated by their hidebound arrogance, and the dark side monopolised by the Sith and their agents, the opportunity for new thinking occurred. A new way was born within the Unknown, in the gap between knowledge and dragons, between light and dark...

    ... But of course the Empire reached out here, too, over time. The Empire of the Hand under Grand Admiral Thrawn has abided in these uncharted territories and expanded slowly, warring against the Terrors and making alliances with the lesser species here. Following the Battle of Endor, these territories have swollen with reinforcements, throwing the balance in the region astray.

    But the Empire of the Hand is between two regimes. The past of Imperialism, and the future of Order, and the Grey Way are about to clash and mingle in a way which will cast a pall upon the future...

    ... And usher in a new world order!


    1. All characters will be from Canon, in that they will be based on the current Disney continuity. There is room for Legends references, but on the basis that the Galactic Civil War in the Known Galaxy has ended at the Battle of Jakku and the Galactic Concordance is the name for the peace treaty that exists. Warlords such as Iceheart and Zsinj remain, but their relevance to the story will be minimal. The game is set in 5 ABY, just after the treaty ends the main war.

    2. Do not God Mode.

    3. Submit a Character Sheet to the GM(s) by PM before you post it - the GMs will be greyjedi125 and Sinrebirth.

    4. This is a formal associate thread of the Grey Jedi Fan Club in the Expanded Universe Community, and membership of the Club is not a requirement of the game itself.

    5. This will be a free-form game. You are welcome to GM yourself and others in accordance to the game’s theme and structure, but please have your proposal passed over to the GM for approval. The GM will also run their own plots for those among you to join.

    6. Have Fun and Explore the possibilities. Choose and Act, but expect the unexpected as well. Certain in-game events are pre-determined.

    7. May the Force be with you.

    Character Sheet

    Brief Description of Appearance:
    Personal effects:
    Personal ship: (Nothing larger than a freighter is allowed)
    Short Bio:

    Note: Each bio is required to end with the character having just arrived on Decameron Alpha, or having been there for some time, either with the intent of being a member or about to join the Grey Way.
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    Name: Unknown, goes by Leto
    Noms de guerre: Leto, the Hidden One. Mastema, the Avenging Angel. Sicarii, the Dagger
    Age: 177
    Sex: Male
    Species: Gurlanin, humanoid form most resembles a Thyrsian and that is what he claims to be.
    Homeworld: Qiilura
    Class: Shadow Walker (Ranger Archtype)


    Personality: A loner by nature, suspicious of others and slow to make friends, once he considers someone his friend however his loyalty is unwavering. Even then he is often quiet, speaking only when he feels he can add value to the conversation.

    He is a survivalist, a tracker, and a hunter. He is fiercely independent, and often times feels more at home outside of civilization.


    Equipment: Scale armor, composed of multiple grey scales from a Duinuogwuin, better known as Star Dragons. The scales are resistant to heat and force, making them a great alternative to modern armors. When asked where he was able to find such fine scales to craft this armor he will not give up his secret, it is his to keep....for now.

    Personal Ship: RZ-1 A-Wing, has seen better days but otherwise dependable and functional. Also, stolen. [​IMG]

    Weapons: 1 Orange Bladed Lightsaber, Force Imbued Dagger (flat black blade, not reflective of light).



    His life was good, full of love, normal. Then came the Clone Wars, and with it the Separatists led by Count Dooku. They were promised that war would not come to Qiilura, they were promised.

    As with many other people across the Galaxy it was not long before the Qurlanin discovered they were lied to. Not all of them caught on so quick however, some remained true to the Separatists in hopes that the promises were true. One such being was Leto, a Force sensitive Gurlanin who was for a time mentored by Count Dooku, he was fed lies and promises of knowledge.

    Leto received rudimentary training from Count Dooku, and he became the Separatist leader's pawn.

    He helped the Separatists conceal the location of their biological weapons lab, in that he failed. The results were not as he expected, not only did the Republic come to Qiilura in force but in the ensuing battle the Separatists burned their grain stocks. The Republic mission was a success, and the defeated Gurlanin leadership sided with the Republic on the agreement that all human colonists be removed from the planet.

    Again they were lied to. The Gurlanin people were assisted the Republic's espionage efforts across the galaxy, but they failed to keep their promise to the Gurlanin people and they suffered further. Hunger, sickness, and death plagued his people in these dark years.

    Finally a resistance rose among the young Gurlanin, they wanted more than this bleak future offered by the Republic. They wanted the promises to be fulfilled, they wanted the settlers gone and Qiilura to be theirs once again.

    Chief among this young group of Gurlanin rebels was Leto, he organized a resistance and a plan to force the Republic to listen to their pleas. He led a squad and attacked a Republic troopship, the mission was a success and the Republic did indeed take notice. That was not all however, under his order Gurlanin agents had infiltrated Coruscant and were standing by to act if the Republic did not act to remove the settlers.

    Wisely, General Tur-Murkan chose to act swiftly to remove the humans from Qiilura. It was not an easy task. The settlers were armed, they were trained, and they wanted to stay. Violence broke out across the planet, and many were killed before the settlers were removed. Finally, with great cost, a peace could be found and there was hope once again for the Gurlanin peoples.

    Leto's success was short lived however. With the rise of the Empire their solitude was broken once again, Leto had helped expose the potential danger that the Gurlanin people presented to the new government, it was not long before the Empire arrived in force to occupy the planet and subjugate it's people.

    Among the first to be captured was Leto, the Empire knew of his promise and sought him out as an agent....whether he wanted to cooperate or not. He was trained, and tortured, eventually he was molded into one of the Emperor's many Hands. His tasks were many. Spy, steal, kill, infiltrate. He did as he was told, no more was there hope for his future, he belonged to the Emperor now.

    That ended not long ago with the Emperor's death, in that moment his entire reality changed.

    He went back to Qiilura, most of those he knew were dead now. His people decimated and enslaved. It was only now that he was able to see the destruction that he had brought and in hindsight he could only blame himself for the suffering of the Gurlanin people. The Separatists had betrayed them, the Republic had betrayed them, the Empire had betrayed them, even he had betrayed them.

    His soul despaired as he left Qiilura and vowed never to return.

    In the months that passed he was found the Grey, or maybe it found him, regardless it offered him a new beginning and the inner peace he so desperately sought.
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    Name: Kev-Mas Colcha
    Age: 56; born 4 years BrS (Before ReSynchronization)
    Species: Half Echani, Half Thyrsian
    Homeworld: Mindor
    Brief Description of Appearance:
    Kev-Mas possesses many of the racial characteristics of both parents. He has his Echani father’s chalk pale white skin and his Thyrsian mother’s dark hair. Like both parents he was tall in stature, measuring at 1.9 meters tall. Kev-Mas is incredibly muscular and even at his advanced age his physique enables him to perform impressive feats of strength that most other humans could not. Additionally, Kev-Mas’ face is adorned with a thick beard (think ROTS Obi-Wan style but slightly longer and black) and a few wrinkles that show his age.
    Kev-Mas was blinded by the late Emperor Palpatine in 12 GrS (at this point in time however he was merely a Senator from Naboo and secretly the Sith Lord Darth Sidious) while being indoctrinated into to becoming one of his personal Sun Guards. He was given cybernetic replacements that glow a bright red that he still wears and uses to this day. Kev-Mas usually wears a mixture of black armor and robes. Kev-Mas also has a branding signifying the rank of Emperor’s Hand in the Emperor’s Secret Order, a permanent reminder of his dark past. He usually keeps it hidden for this reason.​
    Personal effects:
    • Cybernetic Implants: Other than his eyes, Kev-Mas has cybernetic implants (which interface with a HUD in his cybernetic vision). These implants provide him with a holocommunicator that can be accessed by waving his hand over his right temple, as well as a holocam (images and video are captured from his eyes) and datapad.
    • Armored Robes: Force imbued to provide minimal protection from lightsabers and other weapons, a necessity of Kev-Mas’ combat style, which is highly aggressive and leaves little room for blocking and deflecting blows.
    • Utility Belt: Contains spare comm-link (usually dialed into his personal frequency and given to an ally as needed to keep in touch), 5 days’ worth of rations and utility pouches that can be filled with various items depending on the necessity.
    Personal ship: (Nothing larger than a freighter is allowed)
    TIE/D Defender, outfitted with a stygium cloaking device (stolen from the Executor-class Star Destroyer Dominator, which was commandeered by the puppet Inquisitor Caiphas Coldrinn during Lord Cronal’s bid for the recently vacated Imperial Throne.​
    Short Bio: Yeah.... "Short"... that's not possible with this character.

    Kev-Mas was born 4 years prior to the Great ReSynchronization (39 BBY) on Mindor to an Echani man known as Ric-Ken Munzd and a Thyrsian woman known as Karnu Colcha. Karnu was a Thyrsian slave on the resort world of Mindor when Ric-Ken, an Echani aristocrat came to the world on vacation. Ric-Ken was one of the clients at a brothel Karnu was working at and that is when she conceived Kev-Mas. Eventually Kev-Mas was born, into slavery as well.

    Kev-Mas had a very rough childhood and was forced to grow up fast. Tempered by the fires of forced servitude and endless abuse, Kev-Mas trained in secret in the ways of his ancestral Sun Guard, encouraged by the tales told by his mother of their heroics in battle. Kev-Mas was determined to fight his way out of slavery, and in the process free his mother and all the other slaves.

    Eventually, at the young age of 14 years Kev-Mas found his freedom, as he murdered every single one of his handlers in cold blood. Little did he know, news of this act attracted attention from a powerful man across the galaxy, and he watched him closely while he pulled some strings to make sure his plans for Kev-Mas were set in motion.

    At 16, Kev-Mas traveled to Thyrsus to compete in for a place in the ranks of the Thyrsus Sun Guard. This competition was a gladiatorial type match, with every man to themselves. Kev-Mas, being a half-blood he was looked down upon as an outcast in Thyrsian society and the Sun Guard conducting the trials even tried to ensure his failure by refusing to give him a weapon. Despite that, Kev-Mas managed to steal a weapon from one of the competitors and come out victoriously. He fought to the death against other candidates, massifs and kath hounds and came out as the last man standing.

    However, Kev-Mas would not go on to become an ordinary Sun Guard. The man who had been watching him all along and making sure that his plans for him were set into notion was none other than the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. After his victory, he was sent to Sidious’ hidden Sith Stronghold at the Grand Republic Medical Facility, and forced into servitude amongst the Dark Lord’s personal attaché of Sun Guards.

    Kev-Mas was literally forced into servitude however. Defiant until the last and completely unwilling to bow to another master after his childhood as a slave, Sidious was left with no choice but to place a Sith amulet inside of him that enabled Sidious to have complete control over Kev-Mas’ will. Everything that ran through his mind, Sidious would know about and if he were to think of any thoughts regarding taking back his freedom, he would be hit with a powerful jolt of force energy; thus, reshaping his mind by force. This amulet was hidden with and attached to cybernetic enhancements that were necessitated after a show of force that injured him. Ironically, the very skills that had freed him from slavery had delivered him into the hands of the cruellest slave master of all.

    Eventually, the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire, with Sidious (as Palpatine) becoming the Emperor. Kev-Mas attracted the attention of Palpatine because of his force sensitivity, which he could detect merely from the tales of his exploits. As such, when the Empire came into being Kev-Mas was placed into the ranks of the Emperor’s Shadow Guards.

    Kev-Mas did excellent work as a Shadow Guard, and eventually he earned the favor of the Emperor himself, who inducted him into his secret order as one of his Emperor’s Hands. Unbeknownst to Kev-Mas (especially considering the fact that he nor any of the other Emperor's Hands knew of each other's existence) his purpose to the Emperor had more importance than a normal Hand. The Emperor gave him a higher security clearance than he normally should have had as an Emperor's Hand to better assist him with the common task of assassinating high ranking individuals of the Empire who were deemed as traitors. Any members of the Imperial High Command and even Inquisitors and members of the Emperor's Inner Circle that were deemed to be traitors were common kills for Kev-Mas, serving as the ultimate extension of the Emperor's will - a literal extension as well, due to his mind control.

    After the death of the Emperor, Kev-Mas was finally freed, but his freedom would not come so easily. As part of a contingency plan put into place if the Emperor was killed, the rest of the Empire had deemed him as a flight risk and sought to kill him. Kev-Mas managed to escape his apartment on Coruscant from an assassination attempt at the hands of an Inquisitor and several Stormtroopers and flee to Utapau with the help of Vincent Mikaru, a second Inquisitor who was originally supposed to assist with his demise. Upon their initial confrontation, Kev-Mas noticed from his combat style that he was a fellow Shadow Guard, and appealed to his sense of honor and brotherhood as a Shadow Guard to gain his support rather than his ire.

    On Utapau, Kev-Mas and Vincent assisted with the planet’s liberation in exchange for asylum. However, it would not come so easily, as during the battle against the Imperials trying to reclaim the planet the two encountered some Inquisitors – one of which managed to escape. The pair of ex Dark Jedi had managed to fake their deaths during the escape from Coruscant, but now that an Inquisitor had escaped with the knowledge that they were alive they were sitting ducks and only put countless of innocent Utapaun civilian lives at risk if they were to stay.

    Also of note is that in the last moments of the battle the Rebel Alliance had come in to assist. Kev-Mas had been captured by the Inquisitor who escaped, Caiphas Coldrinn during the battle. Kev-Mas was rescued by Luke Skywalker, a Jedi. Due to the significance of Kev-Mas’ situation, it caused echoes in the Force to murmur all the way to the unknown regions. Kev-Mas was at a turning point in his life, going from being an agent of darkness against his will to being rescued by the savior of the light. Such duality had significant meaning to the sentient entity of the planet Zonama Sekot, Sekot, who took notice and immediately started to assist him and guide him in the right direction.

    Sekot sent Kev-Mas to the planet Dagobah, to test and see if he was the blank slate that he seemed to be and could be balanced after all. Kev-Mas entered the dark cave, and was confronted with an apparition of his former self, which resembled the darkness inside of him. Defeating the image despite great pain to himself, he passed the test.

    During Kev-Mas’ confrontation with Caiphas on Utapau, he revealed that he was trying to figure out how to take control of Kev-Mas’ mind with the amulet inside of his skull, and while on Dagobah, Kev-Mas was researching a way to prevent it, and he realized immediately that if Caiphas was to figure it out, he would need to find the information located at the Emperor’s Retreat on Naboo. Hastily, Kev-Mas left Dagobah and set course for Naboo.
    Unfortunately, Kev-Mas was too late, and he walked into a trap. Caiphas had discovered how to retune the amulet with a series of incantations, and as Kev-Mas battled through several Inquisitors to get to Caiphas, he made his chants and once he made his way to the aging Inquisitor he collapsed to the floor, to rise as a mere puppet of the Inquisitor.

    Or so he thought. Before Kev-Mas left to confront Caiphas on Naboo, Sekot had instructed him in the use of a force ability that was capable of channeling humility to minimize ones’ presence in the Force to undetectable levels – the art of the small. So, when Kev-Mas woke up aboard the Inquisitor’s flagship, the Executor-class Star Destroyer Dominator, he had realized that he still possessed free will. Thanks to Caiphas’ inability to detect Kev-Mas in the Force, he was only able to incapacitate him with the incantations, and his will remained intact.

    Kev-Mas used this to his advantage on the initial mission Caiphas had sent him on. Kev-Mas was given a TIE Defender and a squad of Shadow Stormtroopers in an assault shuttle, both equipped with a Stygium Cloaking Device, and ordered to assassinate a group of Thyrsian Rebels conspiring to free the planet, which was the homeland of his people, from Imperial control.

    Little did these Stormtroopers know, however, is that this mission would be their last and they’d be instrumental in the freedom of their targets. Arriving at the compound where the Rebels were located, Kev-Mas used the Force to choke the troopers to death, and went in alone, to make a deal.

    Kev-Mas granted the Rebels freedom in exchange for them to pass on a message to Luke Skywalker requesting assistance.

    Eventually, his call was heard. Luke Skywalker, accompanied by Vincent Mikaru, now calling himself Lord Victus had gathered a fleet together consisting of several Rebel ships (including Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon, and the famous Rogue Squadron) and numerous Imperial ships that were captured by Victus.

    They arrived in orbit over Thyrsus, and the battle began. Kev-Mas had managed to disable all but a few systems onboard the Dominator, taking it out of the battle. As such, the Imperials were severely outmatched and outgunned.

    Victus had infiltrated the Dominator, and after he met up with Kev-Mas the two devised a plan and split up to finally eliminate Caiphas. Victus was to confront Caiphas, and Kev-Mas went to eliminate the Inquisitors. Initially, Kev-Mas and Victus argued over who was to confront Caiphas, but Kev-Mas relented when Sekot reminded him that he need not focus on vengeance.

    It was during Victus’ battle with Caiphas that he, as well as Kev-Mas realized that he but a mere puppet himself, having been long dead and preserved as a hollow vessel of the will of Lord Cronal. With Victus’ final blow against Caiphas’ reanimated body, he held up a taozin amulet against him to try and detect where Cronal was hiding. He discovered that the Dark Lord was on Rhand, and he set forth a plan to seek his revenge. Part of which included faking the destruction of the Dominator and saving the ship for himself.

    After the battle, Kev-Mas was finally called to Zonama Sekot, where the identity of the guiding voice was finally revealed and he started training as a Grey Jedi under a Mentor by the name of Marcus Dade. Kev-Mas’ training was difficult because it turns out that he had yet another dark reminder attached to his body. When Kev-Mas was inducted as an Emperor’s Hand, he was given a branding to signify his rank.

    However, a fact known only to the Emperor himself is that this branding possessed Sith Alchemy that would make it near impossible for whoever was branded to escape the dark path. Once whoever possessed the branding of the Emperor’s Secret Order were to stray from the Dark Side of the Force, the branding would cause intense pain, enough to drive just about any Force user insane. So, when he tried to balance himself and clear his mind, he was met only with pain, sending him back to square one.

    Eventually, he could figure out how to dull the effects of the branding but he still needed a more permanent solution. His mentor advised him that in the past he encountered a separate but isolated Grey Jedi order on a planet known as Decameron Alpha, and that they had many in their ranks with Sith origins that might be able to help him.

    Kev-Mas set off for Decameron Alpha and his story in The Grey Way begins upon his arrival…


    IC: Kev-Mas Colcha
    Zonama Sekot
    Dragon Head Mountain, Hidden Grey Jedi Temple, Training Grounds
    40:4:20 (5 ABY)
    Kev-Mas Colcha was a man in a rather interesting place in his life. At 56 years of age, he was seemingly starting over again from a blank slate. With a limited amount of information about what Kev-Mas had been through in the past half a century one might simply assume that he was going through some sort of mid-life crisis, but that would be a dramatically incorrect oversimplification of what was going on.

    Most of what the man knew before this point was being relearned under a different perspective, and he wasn’t uneducated by any means. One year prior, Kev-Mas Colcha was (and technically still is) a very powerful Force User. He was capable of summoning torrents of lightning from his fingertips to assault his enemies. He could harness telekinetic powers to lift objects with his minds. Hide himself from plain sight and slip away into thin air. He could even manipulate matter and cause it to combust and explode. His ability to do these things remained the same but he had to relearn them nonetheless, because the methods in which he did so did not match his new way of life.

    You see, Kev-Mas Colcha used to be a Dark Jedi. Servant of the late Emperor Palpatine as one of his Emperor’s Hands. He did dark and malicious deeds, all of which he had no choice but to perform. His mind was the Emperor’s, not his. So, after the Emperor passed on aboard the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor he was freed.

    Now, a little over one year later Kev-Mas has entered a whole new world. Kev-Mas was training on Zonama Sekot to become a Grey Jedi. That is, a Force user who believed that the Force as an entity was pure and completely void of any “light” or “dark”, and that such characterizations were merely a manifestation of the user’s mind. They mostly studied the Force to its very limits in silence and solitude, but from time to time they worked behind the scenes to protect the balance of the Force whenever they deemed it necessary.

    There is very little knowledge of these Grey Jedi in the Galaxy or even that they exist in the first place, which proved to be beneficial to their survival during the days of the Empire when Force users were hunted to extinction. However, this wasn’t an intentional survival method, but rather an advantage provided by their ideology. The Grey Jedi were very humble, preferring to act under the guise of other Force using groups by proxy, or even hidden from sight completely. Once their deeds were done they refused to speak of them, simply letting the actions speak for themselves rather than for the one who did them.

    So as one might be able to conclude, being thrust into this new world was quite the revelation for Kev-Mas, and deep into his training one year later he hasn’t quite fully adjusted yet.

    “You lack balance, my young apprentice,” spoke the voice of Marcus Dade, Kev-Mas’ mentor. Marcus was dressed in ornate silver and blue robes with flowing silver hair that framed his gaunt face, pointed ears jutting through and parting it on the sides. Oddly enough, he didn’t look a day past 30 so at first glance it might have seemed odd that he was referring to Kev-Mas as “young”.

    However, he spoke with an elegant and refined inflection that indicated he had several more years of experience speaking, likely several more years than Kev-Mas had been alive.

    “But mentor, I completed the exercise in record time…” whined Kev-Mas, lightly kicking aside the dismembered head of a training droid that lay on the ground in front of him.

    “The results are only an outcome,” Dade replied, “They are not the main objective.”

    “But that doesn’t make any sense?!” replied Kev-Mas, seemingly frustrated.

    “Then let me show you. Try to push me over with the Force.”


    Kev-Mas then reached out to the Force, and let loose a concentrated blast to knock his Marcus off his feet.
    Instead of getting knocked back, the blast all but dissipated as soon as it reached his Marcus’ outstretched hand. Moments later, the blast was redirected, knocking Kev-Mas on his feet.

    “If you do not balance yourself before acting, you act out of that imbalance, you do more harm than good,” Dade explained, “You run the risk of all you worked for being turned against you.”

    Dade continued, “Like how I turned your attack against you just now.”

    “I see now…” replied Kev-Mas, “May I start again then?”

    “In the morning, after you’re well rested,” replied Dade.

    “I’ve still got plenty of energy,” argued Kev-Mas, “Why not now?”

    “Physically, yes,” reasoned Dade, “But your mind needs rest. Meet me back here tomorrow morning.”

    Kev-Mas nodded. “Understood...”
    Kev-Mas' quarters

    Later that night, in Kev-Mas’ dreams…

    “You are bound to serve the Emperor and the Dark Side,” was the words that came from a mysterious voice, resonating loudly in Kev-Mas’ mind, “If you do not, you shall die.”

    “The Dark Side is nothing more than a corruption of the Force… a manifestation of the will of whoever controls it,” argued Kev-Mas, “and the Emperor is dead. I serve no dead men. Only myself.”

    “So long as his servants live, so does the Emperor and his will,” replied the voice, “The Emperor’s will is the Dark Side, and you are his servant. Your will is bound to the Emperor’s – the will of the Dark Side. To deny that will be your death.”

    Kev-Mas then awoke from his sleep to a burning sensation coming from his left forearm. He pulled his arm within view and he could see the branding he was given when he was inducted into the Emperor’s Secret Order as his Emperor’s Hand, glowing faintly.
    Temple Training Grounds

    “This dream you had last night…” began Marcus, “I would not pay much mind to it. Our past has a way of manipulating us and holding us back. Especially when it is in circumstances such as yours, where you had no control.”

    “Tell me,” continued Marcus with a sigh, “What is the grey code?”

    “There is no zealotry,” replied Kev-Mas, “There is moderation.”

    Marcus nodded, “Good. Go on.”

    Kev-Mas continued. “There is no Pride, there is humility. There is no hate, there is love. There is no good or evil, nor light or dark. There is the Force.”


    Kev-Mas then screamed out in pain and clutched his left forearm slowly removing the bracer that covered it in attempts to find relief.

    “Apprentice, what is it?” asked Dade with concern in his voice.

    “It’s… this branding,” replied Kev-Mas, his voice cracking under the intense pain as his bracer fell to the ground revealing it.

    “Perhaps then your situation is more dire than I had thought,” Dade replied, “I’ve seen something like that before… it’s Sith Alchemy.”

    “It was gi—“

    Kev-Mas tried to reply, but his words were cut short as he blacked out from the pain.
    Temple Med Bay

    Kev-Mas awoke several hours later in the temple med bay, greeted by a familiar face.

    “Your branding,” spoke the voice of Marcus Dade, “I’ve seen it before, on an Imperial Assassin that tried to kill me.”

    “Unless it was me that tried to kill you,” replied Kev-Mas groggily, still waking up, “I doubt it.”

    Kev-Mas continued, rubbing his eyes and bringing his cybernetic implants back to active status, “Even though I left that path behind me, I remember each and every kill I’ve made.”

    “What about the ones that got away?” replied Dade, playing along despite knowing already that it wasn’t Kev-Mas he saw.

    “When the Emperor sent the Crimson Dagger after his foes, they did not escape,” replied Kev-Mas blankly, “I had a one hundred percent success rating. Every single quarry I was sent to kill died the moment I set eyes upon them. Rebel dissidents. Pirates. Jedi. Traitorous members of Imperial High Command. Even rogue Inquisitors. When the Emperor told me that he wanted them dead, they died the next day.”

    “Well I did not see you that day. I knew that already because the fighting style of this assassin was much different than yours. They used two lightsabers in a defensive manner and you use one in a very offensive manner.”

    Kev-Mas shook his head, and pointed to his branding. “That’s impossible. There’s only one brand, and this is it right here. This branding is unique. It was only ever given to the Emperor’s Hand.”

    “Answer me this, my apprentice,” asked Marcus, “Hasn’t there been other things that the Emperor has kept from you?”

    “Well yes. There’s a sith talisman stuck inside of my head that is connected to my cybernetic eyes that the Emperor used to control me.”

    “Then perhaps,” replied Marcus, “the Emperor also lied to you when he told you that you were his only Hand.”

    “Your deduction seems rational,” stated Kev-Mas with a stare directed towards Marcus, “but it only under the condition that you aren’t misleading me as well.”

    “Be mindful of your past experiences my apprentice,” lectured Marcus, “Your previous master was a Sith Lord who fooled the entire Jedi Order into thinking he was nothing but a mere politician. He was the master of lies and deceit and he played the entire galaxy for a fool.”

    “I, on the other hand,” he continued, “Am just a mere Grey Jedi who has spent my life pursuing knowledge and truth so I could pass on that knowledge to a pupil. That pupil being you. Who do you think you should trust? The seeker of knowledge and truth? Or the master of lies and deceit?”

    Kev-Mas nodded and sighed, “You’re right, but there is one thing though.”


    “I thought a Grey Jedi had to be humble? What’s up with all that boasting?”

    “To tell the truth and nothing but the truth is no boast, no matter how bright it shines upon one’s self.”
    “Always a loophole, isn’t there?” asked Kev-Mas.

    “Wait a minute…” said Marcus, “Loophole… perhaps there’s one with this branding of yours that’s giving you trouble.”

    “What do you mean?” asked Kev-Mas.

    “You said that the Emperor used a Sith talisman to control you right?”

    “Yes,” replied Kev-Mas, not sure where Marcus was going with this.

    “The talisman is connected to your cybernetic eyes, correct?”

    “That it is.”

    “Then if what I’m guessing is correct, your Force presence is tied to the amulet. Try turning off your cybernetic eyes. Full shutdown.”

    “You’re telling me to go blind?”

    “If it means removing the problem that’s holding back your training, then yes, I am telling you to go blind. Besides, you’ve got the Force. You don’t need eyes to see.”

    “Even if I wanted to do a full shutdown, the most I can do is put them in standby mode.”

    “Makes sense honestly. If you linked a mind controlling Sith talisman to a pair of cybernetic eyes, wouldn’t you make sure that you couldn’t turn off the eyes and deactivate the talisman in the process?”

    “You have a point.”

    “Try meditating with your eyes in low power mode and see if the voices get quieter. It’ll be of benefit to my peace of mind regardless. The whole glowing red eyes while meditating kind of gives me the creeps anyways.”

    “It’s worth a try, anyways. By the way, why didn’t you correct me when I started to talk about my achievements from my past life?”

    “Those aren’t achievements. Those are scars from the past. Even you know this.”
    Kev-Mas Colcha's Quarters

    “All right,” thought Kev-Mas to himself, “Here goes… meditate in low power mode.”

    Kev-Mas waved his hand over his right temple and made a gesture like that of turning a knob, and the red glow in his cybernetic eyes faded away. Essentially blind now, Kev-Mas reached out with the Force to feel his way around the room and made his way to the corner of his quarters that he usually conducted his meditation in.

    Taking a seat in a cross-legged manner, Kev-Mas focused Force connection away from his surroundings and instead to himself. He had become blind to his surroundings while doing so, but at the same time he could see his inner being more clearly.

    Slipping into this meditative trance, Kev-Mas could see exactly what his Mentor meant when he said he “lacked balance”. It was a nightmarish world inside his subconscious, and it was clear that the corruption of the Dark Side was still present.

    You see, a common misconception is that the Grey Jedi did not believe one could fall to the Dark Side. However, this is a belief that is similar in manner to the ignorance that led the Jedi to exile the Potentium Heretics that created the Grey Jedi in the first place.

    The Grey Jedi fully acknowledge the dangers of the Dark Side, however their view on what the Dark Side is is different than what the Jedi or even the Sith believed. They did not believe that the Dark Side was an independent entity at its source, but rather a manifestation of the user’s dark intent. As such they believed that when someone fell to the Dark Side they weren’t merely becoming devoted to a “side” of the Force, but to a “side” of themselves. They believed that if one made sure to balance themselves and express a full spectrum of emotions, both positive and negative, that they could use the Dark Side without becoming corrupted by it.

    This was shown to be correct in practice by many a Grey Jedi, however it was not an easy task for most and as such there have been a great many failed Grey Jedi that have had to be exiled from the order, and since the risk of having their well kept secrets discovered was too high to simply allow an exiled member to go free, they were put to death. Kev-Mas realized that if he did not solve his problem with the branding that he too would suffer this fate. So, he persevered, and tried everything he could to find the balance within himself regardless.

    Kev-Mas began to center himself using the techniques taught to him by his Mentor. First, he had to center his will upon a singular goal. To this end, the goal he set forth for himself was simple – complete his training, and live out the rest of his life in peace and enlightenment.

    Next, he had to focus on the positive emotions associated with said goal to balance out the darkness inside of him. This was easy – there was a great deal of positive emotions associated with the goal he had in mind and it cut through the darkness like a lightsaber through zeyd cloth.

    Finally, he had to focus those positive energies towards empowering himself, for the sole purpose of accomplishing the very goal that the energy comes from. Like a superconducting loop, the very energy that drove him towards his goal came from the very goal he had in mind in the first place.

    In theory, this practice was flawless. There was no conceivable way that he could not find inner balance if he kept in line with the teachings… unless there was an interference. There was an interference however, and it was branded onto his arm.

    Kev-Mas winced in pain as the branding lashed out, attempting to bring him out of his state of enlightenment. He would not give in so easily however. Kev-Mas pressed on. He persevered. He did exactly what he had always done any time something threatened to take away his freedom. He fought back.

    The enlightened state of his mind gave him the clarity he needed to devise the strategy he needed to attain victory. He simply needed to use the Force to dull the pain. Something he was quite adept at, having once used that very technique during his days as an Emperor’s Hand to nullify stun bolts sent at him by Rebel troops trying to capture him while he struck them down one by one.

    This time, however, his use of said ability was much less malicious and was done to prevent a much more powerful foe from capturing himself – his inner darkness. So, he channeled the Force into the source of his wound, and the pain stopped. The whispering voices that called out to him stopped. He was at peace once again, and the battle was won.

    But it was won at a great cost to himself. If it were not for the fact he had turned his sight to low power mode, he would not have been able to balance himself, and even then, it was not enough to keep himself balanced on its’ own.

    Kev-Mas was not satisfied with this pyrrhic victory. It was not good enough.

    “Mentor,” Kev-Mas called out through the Force, “I need to speak with you at once.”

    “What is it, my apprentice?” was the reply that came from his Mentor through the Force.

    “I’ve finally figured it out,” Kev-Mas replied, “How to balance myself. But I’m not satisfied with my success. It’s not good enough.”

    “Not good enough? What do you mean?”

    “The voices still called out to me even with my eyes on low power mode. I had figured out that they came from the pain in my branding. So, I silenced them by suppressing the pain… but I cannot suppress the pain forever.”

    “Come to my quarters. I have an idea.”
    Later, Marcus Dade’s quarters

    “Mentor, what is this idea of yours anyways?”

    “I am sending you off on a mission of sorts.”

    “A mission? What do you mean?”

    “In the past, I have encountered another group of Grey Jedi. These Grey Jedi might be able to help you better than the order here on Zonama Sekot can.”

    “Another order? So, you mean this isn’t the only one?”

    “Yes. They are a separate and isolated order, so their methods may differ but I still recognize them as Grey Jedi no less, and their teachings are no less valid than ours. They are located on a planet known as Decameron Alpha. I have had our technicians program your hyperdrive with the coordinates.”

    “What does this have to do with my branding though?”

    “This order was formed during the Jedi Purge from exiled Jedi and Sith not adherent to the rule of two, and thus in opposition to Palpatine’s rule. They came together and formed allegiances to survive, eventually blending their teachings and finding enlightenment. In doing so, they became the Grey Jedi that they are today. Since many of these Grey Jedi have Sith origins, and your branding is Sith alchemy, one of these Grey Jedi might be able to help you.”

    “I see. Then when I come back, will you finish my training?”

    “No. You will finish your training over there. You will join this order, and train amongst them. A different perspective is something that should always be welcomed, and it would do you well to learn from a different set of teachings. There may even be the opportunity to eventually bring our two orders together, so that we all benefit.”

    “Yes mentor. Thank you for your guidance, it shall serve me well.”

    Kev-Mas then bowed, and left the room.
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    GM Approved

    Victus is a story character, with interaction being voluntary, as he is not part of the main order, nor a seeker of it's teachings. Victus' presence in the region is meant to facilitate his story, which originates from Star Wars: Shadows of a Shattered Empire: Unbound Fate, the same as Kev-Mas Colcha. Posts will only be as frequent as needed, and/or when I feel like posting an update. I hope you all enjoy the game, and interacting with Victus as he prepares himself for his later appearance, chronologically anyway, in Star Wars: After the Awakening.

    Name: Lord Victus
    Age: 35
    Species: Echani
    Homeworld: Eshan
    Class: High Inquisitor
    Brief Description of Appearance: Middle aged, white hair, silver eyes, scar over right eye
    Weapons: 1 Inquisitor’s Dualsaber, 1 Extendable Saber-pike, 1 Blaster Pistol (nothing fancy)
    Personal effects: Taozin Amulet (masks presence, has other unique properties while in Victus’ possession), Cortosis weave armor and robes, Inquisitor’s utility belt
    Personal ship: The Wraith a Raider-II Class Corvette, formerly belonging to Kev-Mas Colcha, along with two escort ships Abaddon and Nova Mortis which are Arquitens-class light cruisers, along with their standard complements. Wraith bares an extra TIE/Ad x1M that acts as a personal craft for Victus, though he rarely sorties.
    Short Bio:
    Victus is a man with a mission and a seemingly renewed purpose. A former High Inquisitor of the Galactic Empire, Victus was quick to shed his chains upon hearing of the death of the Galactic Emperor. Victus knows little of his life before he was ‘inducted’ into the Royal Shadow Guard Academy, and much of his life after that point is not known to the rest of the Galaxy outside those few who remained close and well informed around the Emperor.

    Victus was last seen shortly after the Battle of Endor participating in the Battle of Thrysus on the side of the New Republic, where he aided in the defeat of a fledgling warlord and his quest for dominance alongside Kev-Mas Colcha. Following this event Victus seemingly vanished for the better part of the remaining year. That is till recently.

    Seemingly out of nowhere Victus was seen leading an archeological expedition to the planet Belsavis, where he spent several days before a large number of ships baring his emblem (A cracked Imperial Seal with the crack in the shape of his facial scar) appeared at the planet and carried away a large number of unknown artifacts.

    Following this Victus again disappeared, seemingly heading towards the unknown regions, though other vessels baring his mark have been seen around the Galaxy along trade routes, though their activity has not been seemingly unusual, with most performing trade runs, or investigating local histories.
  5. Snokers

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    Character Sheet
    GM Approved!


    Name: Daigo Tyruuk

    Age: 28 Standard Years

    Species: Kaleesh

    Homeworld: Kalee/Takodana

    Brief Description of Appearance: Tall, thin, but muscular form allowing for agile movement. His face is covered by a traditional Kaleesh mask, only revealing his yellow eyes with a bandana concealing the top of his head. His pale-red skin is covered completely by long brown robes on top of light battle armor.

    Weapons: Hunting staff, one yellow bladed lightsaber

    Personal Effects: Bone charm necklace gifted to him along with his siblings when he reached adulthood.

    Personal Ship: The Black Guardian - TL-1800 class freighter ship with black reflective plating to blend into the natural backdrop of space to compensate for a lack of cloaking capability.

    Short Bio: Born on Kalee, Daigo never knew his parents, he was instead raised by an ageing female Kaleesh in a large hut along with seven other children of his kind who would grow and become additions to a tribe in the years to come.

    In his teenage years Tyruuk took his study of martial art very seriously, practicing religiously with his hunting staff each day without fail and engaging in friendly duels with his brothers. He never gave much thought to his biological heritage as the woman he called Grandmother forged a close, warm but firm relationship with each child. She had a soft spot for Daigo though, referring to him as Sheelal which meant ‘dreamer’ in their native language due to his curious and adventurous nature as well as the bombardment of questions he plagued her with on an almost daily basis of life beyond their world. He harbored a deep longing to explore the galaxy.

    Though his Grandmother had encouraged him to remain loyal to the tribe and live out his days on Kalee as she had, at the age of twenty three, Rio sat with her on her deathbed and was told, as she took her breaths, to travel and fulfill his dreams. She then produced a glimmering silver artifact from her robes just before passing away and placed it in his hands. A lightsaber, a weapon he’d only heard tall tales and whispers of and thought of as nothing more than fantasy. He honored her wishes – and his – and set out in the dead of night in a small star ship in the neighboring village.

    After spending several months hopping from space station to space station, Daigo found himself on Takodana in the Western Reaches which he only planned to visit in order to trade some of his plummeting credit balance in exchange for fuel for his star ship, or even for a freighter if there were any within his budget that would enable him to embark on further journeys across the galaxy.

    He stayed on Takodana for five years after happening upon a castle owned by Maz Kanata. The quirky alien took a liking to him and allowed him to reside in the castle in return for contribution to her bar establishment where he worked most days each week. In between, after sensing he was extremely Force-sensitive, Maz imparted her wisdom onto him while still keeping her own past illusive. This offered an insight into why he had such a strong bond with his Grandmother – he felt the same connection to Maz as he had to her when she lived, that feeling must have been a bond through the Living Force, he concluded. This must also be why he had never been particularly interested in war – a notion characteristic of his species.

    He continued to refine his skills with his staff and eventually incorporated the lightsaber into his techniques.

    One night, when he felt he was ready to move on, and with Kanata’s blessing, he took a freighter ship she had gifted to him and headed out into the unknown. The Empire had fallen so movement around the galaxy was a lot easier.

    He put in a set of co-ordinates without thinking, letting the Force guide him, and a short time later The Black Guardian burst out of hyperspace and the planet Decameron Alpha rushed forward to greet him…
  6. Darth Master Titus

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    Dec 10, 2014
    Name: Julius Agrippa
    Age: 41
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Brief Description of Appearance: Julius Agrippa is a 6' male who has an athletic build, curly hair, and casual beard.
    Weapons: 2 wood carved lightsabers. One blue saber, and one dark yellow saber (disregard 2nd blue blade in pic). Julius uses one lightsaber in most circumstances, but rarely uses two blades; only for when the occasion calls.
    Personal effects: Julius Agrippa is an outgoing but serious man. One of the many things the Clone Wars taught him was to be careful making friends. Those who were there might be there tomorrow.
    Personal ship: A small but useful shuttle. The Classis Romanesque serves its purpose. It is a sleek looking shuttle. This Kappa-class shuttle is manufactured by Republic Sienar Systems. Julius bought it from a ship yard for a half a million credits. Many people underestimate this shuttle, but those who have picked a fight with it have not lived to tell the tale. Or so the story goes.[​IMG]
    Short Bio: Julius Agrippa was born on Coruscant to a decent hard working family. At the young age of 2, Julius was taken to the Jedi Temple of Coruscant to begin his training. Born approximately 17 years before the Battle of Felucia, his life would change there forever.

    Julius was the padawan to a relatively unknown Jedi master. Fifteen years of training led him to the Battle of Felucia in 19 BBY, at the age of just 17. The Clone Wars seemed to be nearing its end, but of course that could've been another two or three years. Led by the Jedi Master Aayala Secura and Clone Commander Bly, the battle on Felucia had been Julius Aggripa's first deployment in the Clone Wars. Rewind three years to the beginning of the Clone Wars, Julius had watched many Jedi Knights leave for Geonosis and saw only a few handful return.

    Many friends from the Temple were deployed before Julius, giving he was particularly young. He had pleaded with his master to talk to the Jedi Council members about deploying him early. It wasn't until the waning moments of the Clone Wars until his wish was granted, simply because many Jedi had been spent. So there Julius Aggripa was, on his way to Felucia to help the Republic's war effort. When they touched down the action was thick, but Julius was confident in their chances of victory, especially with a Jedi Master leading the attack. However, even though they were winning the battle, there were still way too many casualties for Julius's liking.

    Many clone troopers had fallen while a few of his fellow Jedi padawans had been killed in the early stages of battle. That one that hit hard the most was two of his friends Krail and Voht who were killed right in front of Julius. Krail, who courageously rushed ahead of the squadron to clear the path had been shot by a battle droid right in the throat, while Voht was hit with a electromagnetic pulse grenade just beside Julius.

    Then the unimaginable came. Without a moment's notice, the clone troopers turned their guns on the remaining Jedi and gunned them down. Julius was lucky to escape, cutting down whatever clone stood in front of him. He sought out Jedi Master Aayla Secura who he just witnessed being shot down. So much anger filled his body he could not think straight. But one thing he knew for sure, he was now an enemy of the Republic and he needed to flee.

    Twenty-three years of hiding had now brought him to Decameron Alpha, ready to embrace the Grey Way.
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    Name: Ezzuk. E to most.
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Species: Ebruchi
    Height: 1.75 meters / 5.74 feet
    Weight: 103 kg / 227 lbs
    Homeworld: Unknown / Deep Space
    Occupation: Mechanic / Scout
    Physical description: Wiry build with strong muscles built from grueling hours of labor. Constantly writhing scent tentacles / eating tentacles about his mouth.

    Clothing: Space and toxic environment capable body glove, hidden re-breather, eye protection lenses, layers of torn and grease stained animal skins, gloves and common tools hanging from his belt along with a collapsed helmet with attached internal re-breather.

    Weapons: Random tools, shrapnel pistol, survival knife, Schostri defense gauntlets (Vigari bio weapon). Lightsaber with an adjustable blade length from shoto size to normal.

    Description of Abilities & Short Bio: Mechu Deru, Force Push/Pull, Force Lightning. Expert mechanic and mediocre scout. He has been loaned out to the Blazing Chains by his clan the Blazing Gear only to be treated poorly and 'liberated' by a Hand of Thrawn ship who mistook the neck shackle as his status aboard ship and not the story that it told as a part of his clothing. Once 'freed' he was able to choose his place of release and made his way to something, a someplace he spied the co-ordinates off in a brief Blazing Chains holo. A place that was not to be messed with lightly, something he deeply wants to be.

    Affiliation: Originally the Blazing Gear, then to a lesser extant the Blazing Chains, and recently himself / Grey Jedi.

    Ship: Turnabout

    (Wings collapse/retract in to tuck the multi-directional thrusters/boosters to the side of the hull. Was a 'reclamation' project from a dead world, the original alien builders are an unknown to him. A light/medium freighter with short range shuttle/escape pod on top.)
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    Nov 15, 2004

    Name: Lassin
    Age: 24
    Species: Human, for the most part
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Brief Description of Appearance: Non-descript; plain faced, brown hair, standard build, save for two things. One, the perpetually sour expression on his face and that his eyes are dichromatic; one brilliant blue and the other glaring yellow.
    Weapons: A pair of lightsabers, one red, and one white bladed, and whatever blaster he can fit in his holster. Which is not many as it's a bit on the small side.
    Personal effects: A single holo-locket.
    Personal ship: A very aged Imperial ARC-170, but with a fitted hyperdrive rather than a ring attachment.


    Short Bio:

    Lassin's eyes blinked open as he made it.

    Wherever here was. The Unknown Regions were just that, and his flight from Dyspeth was rushed. A tugging had been building at him for some time now, since the Battle of Endor, in hindsight, though on faraway Dyspeth such news had not reached them until several months after the fact - when the Imperials began to arrive, seemingly retreating from the galaxy at large.

    He absently wondered, painfully, what would have happened had he embraced his longing to leave the community of the Disciples of Twilight earlier. Would his mother now live? Would those Stormtroopers? The children?

    Lassin did not know.

    All he knew was, as his eyes blinked hot tears away, that he was about to begin anew.


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    Approved by The Grey One and the Rebirth of Sin!
    Character Sheet

    Name: Aicurn’ihi aka Aicurn Ihi

    Age: 17

    Species: Twi’lek

    Gender: Female

    Homeworld: Ryloth

    Appearance: Light Purple skin Dark Purple eyes, 5’6” height and a slender build, and two lekku as per biological norm

    Weapons: None

    Personal Effects/Equipment: None

    Personal Ship: None

    Bio: Aicurn’ihi was your typical teenage twi’lek girl growing up on Ryloth, with its vibrant culture and clear dangers. With the end of the Galactic Civil War and the signing of the Galactic Concordance, her people decided not to join the New Republic. Too much damage and too much hurt from galactic governments, they wanted a hand at independent freedom.

    Aicurn’ihi wanted nothing more than to embody that freedom. And thus, like her world, she would have to earn it the same way it did. One moment she was walking the streets of her home city of Rhovali, the next she was waking up in a cell in a slaver’s ship, already far from her homeplanet. There was nothing she could do. It was over for her.

    Till she remembered all the times her people fought and eventually won their freedom after the Clone Wars and after the Empire. She would have to do the same. And with a mixture of bravery, cunning, and some dumb luck thrown in (or was it luck?) she did just that. Managing to get free of her holding cell and rescuing some others, she helped stage a mutiny onboard. It failed, yet she managed to escape into hiding elsewhere on the ship due to its decent size and crew’s own smuggling compartments. From the sound of it, the fighting forced the ship to head off course and appear in the Unknown Regions, but she didn’t care about that yet. She bided her time while the slavers repaired the ship and prepared to head back for their original destination, whatever it was.

    Right before they finished, she succeeded in sneaking out once more and releasing the prisoners a second time, at least the ones that hadn’t been killed, and staged a second and more calculating mutiny. It was successful…and pandemonium. In the midst of the uprising, the ship came down on a world she didn’t know was called Decameron Alpha and crash landed terrifically. As far as she knew, everyone aside from herself was dead in the crash if not the fighting right before. The wreckage was astounding to behold and she could only wonder how she managed to survive with relatively minor injuries.
    If only she knew how the Force swirled around her and the path it now set her upon.

  10. A Blind Prophet

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    Greyrebirth approved

    Name: Herana A'qa
    Age: 29
    Species: Caamasi
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Brief Description of Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapons: A blaster, several vibroblades of varying length, shape and size.
    Personal effects: The varied sundries that one needs to survive in this crazy galaxy, everything is on his ship as he long ago gave up ties to any world as his home. Has been smuggling needed goods into planets with heavy tariffs or control, trying to make some amends for the things he has done.
    Force Sensitive: Yes, but is unaware of it.
    Personal ship:

    A modified YV-560 known as the Airdeallach ar Thromluí (Caamasi for Waking Nightmare)

    An AI has been added to cover everything that the pilot isn't capable of doing, the engines have been upgraded to a .8 class hyperdrive, upgraded armor plating and more powerful normal engines.

    Short Bio: Having witnessed his parents brutal murders as a young child, he has never been able to escape the horror of that nightmare memory, following him everywhere and in a way tainting or dictating everything throughout his life. Having no surviving family members, and having been far from his people, Herana found himself in an orphanage, and we all know how cruel hurt children can be to someone that is different. That cruelty in essence shaped him into a killer, the only way he could find to actually fill the gaping hole in his life and give him the needed control to even remotely function.

    Upon reaching an age that he could actually leave the orphanage, he signed on with a spacer, using the fact that he was seldom in the same place to make it harder to trace his kills, and eventually he killed the owner of the ship he currently uses to run much needed supplies to various hurting worlds, doing what he can to cover up his multitude of sins and trying to appease his crippling guilt.

    After taking over the ship at the age of 22, he had the name officially changed to it's current one, and had an AI installed that would help him pilot, removing the need for a co-pilot.

    Eventually he ended up recreating the scene that had created him, and he broke, realizing that he may have set another child onto a similar path to the one he's on, and so he ran, far as he could manage, unsure of what he seeks, but desperate to change his life. He's plagued by nightmare memories of what he's done in his sleep, but most frequently the event that ultimately shaped him into the monster that he is. He's completely unsure who might be able to help him, or better yet who would even want to. Something called him into the eastern reaches, to Decameron Alpha, though what he doesn't truly know. As far as he's concerned it's simply his desperate need for a fresh start. But the Force has other plans, for this highly broken man.
  11. The Vanguard

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    Apr 12, 2016

    Name: Icharis
    Sex: M
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Onderon
    Occupation: Cybernetics Engineer
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 196 lbs.
    Physical Attributes: lean, fit, cybernetic ear implant
    Clothing: Modified flight suit enhanced for ground movement and mobility
    Abilities: proficient in sword combat, force sensitive
    Weapons/Tools: Vibro-dagger, TC-22 blaster rifle (with auto-tracking), disposable tracking beacon
    Biography: Icharis was a steady tradesman until his business went under after his partner was killed during a pirate raid. The brigands boarded their vessel and after a short firefight, Icharis and his partner were subdued. The pirates executed his partner in front of him and before they could move on him, were interrupted by a skirmish that engulfed the surrounding area between the Empire and Rising Rebellion. Icharis was able to jump in and eject himself in an escape pod.
    Since he lost everything he has been working as a contractor for whoever offers him work. But now, he feels something that he hasn't felt before. Something not even his trusty implant can pick up on. Hopping in his S-250 Chela-Class Fighter, he embarks to Decameron Alpha...[​IMG]
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    Apr 29, 2002
    New Arrivals

    [hl=black]A[/hl] Meteor Shower is a celestial event, and quite common in most worlds. In as much that they may go largely ignored by most, except by those who are said to have a greater awareness of such events.

    This day in particular might prove to be eventful; not unlike the days preceding, for these were no mere meteors.


    Decameron Alpha
    In-System, High Planetary Orbit

    The S-250 Chela-Class Fighter shuddered and shook as it unexpectedly exited hyperspace. Navigational instruments and telemetry remained unresponsive, though life support and maneuverability seemed largely unaffected. There was no immediate explanation to why it had happened, but Icharis found himself in an unplanned situation.

    There was a planet in his ship’s path, and he was about ten diameters out, give or take, which meant he was caught in the planet’s gravity well. The verdant sphere seemed to calmly stare up at him, gauging him.

    Amid the suddenness of his predicament, he would feel sensations such as panic and fear, but also calm and focus would also be present. All he had to do was choose and act.

    Tag: @The Vanguard


    Decameron Alpha
    In-System, Entering low orbit

    Many moments before the S-250 Chela-Class Fighter entered the system, another ship also appeared suddenly.

    The Black Guardian, a TL-1800 class freighter, burst into medium orbit, seemingly out of nowhere. Its only passenger, a kaleesh named Daigo Tyruuk, could sense it almost immediately: This was no accident.

    Be that as it may, the green planet rushed forward to greet him, as the ship encountered rapid orbital decay. All systems seemed to be functioning within order, however, the pilot’s quick thinking and reaction time would be put to the test- and above that, his trust in something greater than himself.

    Tag: @Snokers


    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface

    Somewhere in the verdant forest,a meteor had come crashing down- with great finality.

    All that remained of her previous life was now a burning wreckage and fire. It was clear that no one had survived the ship’s terrible and fatal crash. How could anyone have, given the level of devastation. How did she? She only had cuts and bruises to inform her she still lived, but that might just be a temporary condition.

    Burning debris and roaring flames were all about her, surrounding her, seemingly trapping her where she was. Was this fate? Was she finally free, just to be consumed by flames?

    There was noway to know where she was, for her priority was that of survival. Would she panic, give up, look for a way out?

    The heat and flames seemed to mock her, almost as if feeding on her hope, but there was something else there, something she could feel.

    Faced with her sudden new life and freedom endangered by her predicament, what future could Aicurn possibly hope for?

    ’Do not fear, my child….’

    Tag: @Darth_Elu


    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface

    This was a very long way from Dyspeth, this place.

    The ARC-170 flew over the forest canopy, almost gliding like a mechanical bird. Underneath its mechanical wings, the verdant forest spread for as far as the pilot could see, the being only known as Lassin. There were almost no signs of civilization, but he knew.

    It would seem that he didn’t need coordinates as he continued to pilot the ship. The sensation guiding him was very strong and palpable. It felt familiar, yet not.

    Whether or not Lassin sought to make radio contact was chiefly his choice, either way, he would soon come to an area, a clearing, where he would recognize a landing zone with an adjacent communication tower. The landing pad would be deserted once he made his first pass.

    He would know that this was the place.

    There would be no doubt in his mind.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth


    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, underground hangar

    The Turnabout was brought down smoothly by the landing platform, then taxied to waiting berth inside the bay. Mechanical clamps secured the ship in place as several flying remotes began to flit about, scanning the ship.

    There were other ships already docked in a neat row inside the bay, several undergoing various stages of maintenance, as well as a variety of fighters.

    From within his ship, Ezzuk would not need to guess that he was physically alone inside the hangar bay, even though it would not necessarily feel so. Once he exited his ship, he would see a trio of flying remotes, one which would stop to regard him, almost curiously.

    Tag: @Mitth_Fisto


    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary


    The Grey Sanctuary. A place built from and into the forest itself. It is a modest structure, constructed to be in balance with its surroundings and in harmony with the environment. Its architectural philosophy typifies the very beings which reside within its halls, yet like them, it is so much more.

    Those who have embraced the Grey Way have been found to be few throughout the ages, as such practitioners have been satisfied to remain secluded from the galactic stage and in the shadows, for such is their way. However, the winds of change have come upon them. Those truly seeking the Grey Way have been drawn to Decameron Alpha, a planet not found by accident or design.

    Certainly, one as sensitive in the Force as Kev-Mas Colcha can attest to this. Decameron Alpha, a planet which feels as deeply steeped in the force as Zonama Sekot did, if not more. Full of vitality and mystery.

    To unlearn what one has learned, to become empty in order to be full.Such tenets are much easier spoken than actualized. Still, the path to the summit is filled with stones that prick, yet he remains committed to the challenge. The time to induct the new novices is almost at hand.

    “Good day, Kev-Mas.” Greeted the man known as ’The Gardener’, also called Polmath. “The Force is with us.”


    “I trust you’ve had a good morning?”

    Polmath offered a cordial nod and smile as he reached the half-echani force user, his robes flowing around him and staff lightly tapping the floor.

    “I shall be in the oratory. Today, like yesterday, is full of promise.” The bearded man said knowingly, before turning and heading along straightaway.


    There were only a few areas which were restricted within the Grey Sanctuary, as most were open and accessible to all residents. The oratory was one such accessible place, where Polmath received guests, both expected and unexpected ones. The gardener also liked to hold discussion there, especially with some of the recent arrivals, who’s faces were no doubt becoming more familiar.

    The one known as Leto frequented the talks and seemed to listen in earnest, though his participation was usually brief, but insightful. His cloaked presence was one that could be counted on at such times. It appeared that he too wished to commit to the Grey Way.

    Though it is not generally known who arrived first between Kev-Mas and Leto, a young coruscanti by the name of Julius Agrippa did arrive some time after them.

    All who arrived at Decameron Alpha, brought there past with them, as well as their hope for the future. Julius was no different. Though he had learned much in his travels, he had much to yet learn and unlearn. Everything was changing, yet one thing remained constant. Their path they ventured on and their consequence hinged on how they would ‘choose and act’.

    At the very least, Galvan was getting good combat data on his Zark-7 combat droids. The highly modified IG-Series droids were due for a second upgrade already.


    The zabrak engineer called out the moment they crossed paths.


    “When you get a chance, find me. I may need you to recalibrate one of the combat sequences I wish to upload.”

    Galvan offered an apologetic nod and a curt salute of his repulsor arm, as he was clearly in a rush. Two remotes hovered around him and blinked their lights intermittently.

    “Force be with you.”

    With that familiar sentiment, the zabrak engineer rounded a corner and disappeared. Just as well, for Polmath was likely expecting him at the oratory.

    Interestingly enough, Julius was not the only being who hailed from Coruscant,

    The caamasi, Herana A’qa had also called Coruscant home.

    Presently, he is one of the more reserved and recent newcomers, but no less welcomed. Some may not be aware of the path they are on, or the reason they have been drawn to Decameron Alpha - but in due course, all mysteries are revealed.

    For now, The Gardener awaits.

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    A message delivered, though listed as miscellaneous, it is encrypted. One privy only to Lord Victus.

    The message is brief. One he would understand.

    [We haven’t found him yet. We shall continue our search.]

    -End of Line-

    TBC, @Kahn_Iceay



    In the now, there’s a powerful disturbance in the force, one which feels not unlike a tremor, accompanied by a foreboding chill. The cause? Presently unknown. Still, it’s a Harbinger of things to come- a shade of the near future.

    Choose and act….
  13. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Kev-Mas Colcha
    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary

    There was an overwhelming aura in the Force present on Decameron Alpha, and Kev-Mas Colcha, despite having stayed on the living planet of Zonama Sekot for about a year, he was overwhelmed. Zonama Sekot was a planet and force sensitive sentient life form in one, and as such the planet was overwhelming in its own right. However, Kev-Mas was still incredibly attuned to the Force and after experiencing Zonama Sekot he had not expected the Force presence on any other planet to come anywhere near close to it. Not only that, but the Force presence on Decameron Alpha was even stronger.

    So needless to say, when the man called Polmath, otherwise known as ‘The Gardener’ greeted him he wasn’t all there, only regaining his consciousness once he told him where he’d be.

    Kev-Mas noted the bearded man’s distinct Force presence and marked it. A trick he used back in his days serving the Emperor as an Emperor’s Shadow Guard and later as an Emperor’s Hand to track down Force Sensitive prey. Only this time his use was not malicious at all; he was merely trying not to get lost in a new place.

    Following the “scent” of The Gardener, Kev-Mas then made his way to the Oratory.

    A short moment later he arrived, and he greeted Polmath.

    “Apologies for my absent-mindedness earlier,” stated Kev-Mas, “After Zonama Sekot I hadn’t thought I’d find a planet as deeply steeped in the Force as it is. I was… overcome with it.”

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  14. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, underground hangar

    The Turnabout was brought down smoothly by the landing platform, then taxied to waiting berth inside the bay. Mechanical clamps secured the ship in place as several flying remotes began to flit about, scanning the ship. His feeding tentacles curled slightly at this, it was a show of strength and position that they did so without requesting his permission first. A position he had to acknowledge, for now. But acknowledgement was not submittal.

    There were other ships already docked in a neat row inside the bay, several undergoing various stages of maintenance, as well as a variety of fighters. He paid them little heed, beyond cataloging what he saw. One never knew when happenstance would become valuable, and observation survival.

    From within his ship, Ezzuk felt out, heeding the intuition that came without reason. That grain of being that allowed him to know without seeing nor properly having a good reason to know the truth or form of a being or situation. So he knew that he was physically alone inside the hangar bay, even though it would not necessarily feel so to his other senses. Buttoning up the ship he slowly stood and made his way back, luckily he had nothing to hide at the moment and so did nothing to deter the scanning. Once he exited his ship via the hallway, ladder, across the bay and through the airlock, he came upon a trio of flying remotes, one which would stop to regard him, almost curiously.

    A sentiment which he returned. Feeling out with the Force to know this thing, to own the very weld and spark of purpose that was the makeup of such as thing. As he did so his tentacles writhed, feeling and squirming upon his face as he thought of what he felt back from the probing. "You have questions? So do I." he simply stated in the soft guttural tones, interspersed with the clicking of his own inner beak. "Shall we ask them?"

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  15. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary, Oratory

    The Gardener stood upon a dias set partway inside an indoor pond where fish with iridescent scales darted to and fro. He casually looked out one of the oval windows which adorned the far wall, his countenance possessed a serene bearing. His keen green eyes peered into the distance as he silently watched several plumes of smoke rising above the green forest canopy.

    The man did not look troubled whatsoever, not in the least.

    Smoothly, he simply turned in time to see Kev-Mas Colcha enter the oratory, and offered a silent nod to the man who was but a few years younger than himself, at least in appearance.

    “Apologies for my absent-mindedness earlier,” stated Kev-Mas, “After Zonama Sekot I hadn’t thought I’d find a planet as deeply steeped in the Force as it is. I was… overcome with it.”

    Polmath offered a knowing smile.

    “I can’t promise the sensation will pass after sometime.” The Gardner confessed easily. “The wonders of the Force are without number.”

    There seemed to be a deeper meaning to his words, but he did not elaborate at the moment. Instead, he said;

    “Someday, I would very much like to meet your brother in the Force, Marcus Dade. He has taught you well.”

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    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, underground hangar

    Ezzuk emerged from his ship, the Trurnabout to a seemingly empty underground hangar. His ship was secured in place and three flying remotes scanned it, their lights blinking rhythmically. One of the remotes stopped and turned, then seemed to look upon him with curiosity.

    Ezzuk returned the sentiment, equally curious.

    He felt out with the force, opening himself and establishing a connection between himself and the flying remote via the force.

    For a moment, Ezzuk could feel the remote, sense the intricate network of electrical pulses and data pathways coursing through it. The remote seemed to register something akin to surprise. It was, or seemed to posses, intelligence. Not only that, it seemed to be connected to…

    The other two remotes stopped their flitting about and turned to face the newcomer, the lenses on their spherical bodies adjusting their focus.

    “You have questions? So do I.” Ezzuk stated simply, in his guttural manner.

    “Shall we ask them?”

    As if in answer, a sound was heard, one that would catch Ezzuk’s attention. The sound was that of several air valves releasing pressure, not unlike decompression. Once he turned, he would see a spherically shaped vehicle egressing from the far wall and landing. It’s hatch was already opening, and out of it, a zabrak male jumped out with practiced grace.

    The horned being who’s garb and gear marked him as some kind of mechanic or engineer, walked briskly towards him. The most distinctive features on him would not be his horns or facial tattoos, but his left arm; more accurately, his repulsor arm.

    “Yes, questions…!” he said, calling out as he neared. “Perhaps I might have some answers.”

    Two personal remotes hovered over each shoulder, keeping pace, even as he walked.

    “Sorry I’m late.” he said in frank apology, standing now before Ezzuk.

    “I’m Galvan. Welcome to Decameron Alpha.”

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  16. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    Kev-Mas Colcha
    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary, Oratory

    “I can’t promise the sensation will pass after sometime,” Polmath confessed in reply, “The wonders of the Force are without number.”

    Kev-Mas remained silent, as he could sense that the man was not done speaking.

    Kev-Mas, whose mind was no longer wandering off from the overwhelming Force presence on Decameron Alpha but now focused on the present, could carefully study the man who stood before him. Polmath looked to be only a few years older than him, but from his experience with his master back on Zonama Sekot, Marcus Dade, he knew that appearances were deceiving.

    Marcus appeared to be a man half Kev-Mas’ age, but when he spoke he did so in a well cultured manner that made it clear that he had been doing so for much longer than Kev-Mas had even been alive. Indeed, he had, as the man was over 1000 years old. Polmath gave off that same telling clue, but even beyond that, as it seems he had enough sage wisdom to sense exactly what Kev-Mas was thinking. Whether that was through the power of the Force or wisdom of old age remained to be seen, but Kev-Mas had a feeling it was a little bit of both.

    Polmath continued. “Someday, I would very much like to meet your brother in the Force, Marcus Dade. He has taught you well.”

    “Unfortunately,” replied Kev-Mas, “he was not able to continue my training as he would have liked.”

    Kev-Mas then rolled up his sleeve to reveal the branding on his left forearm, the Sith Alchemical Mark of the Emperor’s Hand.

    “Certain scars from my past have made it rather difficult to properly empty my mind, and he sent me here to seek a cure,” continued Kev-Mas, “Also, to continue my training and maybe even bring our two orders together.”

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  17. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    The Unknown Regions
    Deep Space

    Victus stood gazing out the large viewport at the fore of his sanctum. The room once acted as a War room, a mighty command information center, back in the days when the vessels previous honor had been a Hand of the Emperor. Indeed it could still fill that purpose, but Victus had chosen it to be his realm, where he’d meditate on the Force and continue his search. The quest for the man who once laid claim to this ship. His friend.

    We haven’t found him yet. The words stung, in a way that the Sith had not expected, even though it was the same each time. Colcha was as he was, a relic of a now shattered brotherhood. The last two Shadow Guard that he was aware of and Victus, to his hubris, was aware of many things.

    Taking in his breath, Victus held out a hand and gazed at it. It had taken time for him to acclimate to things, after the events of Balmora. The knowledge, and changes that came with it, that he’d experienced on the ancient world were unexpected, and now his body no longer felt as though it would tear itself apart, or that he would burn from the inside out. “Necessary sacrifices…” he told himself.

    It was then, that he felt it. That it washed over him like a waterfall crashing against the end of the precipice. Something had, what? Awoken? Maybe. He wasn’t sure, all he knew was that he felt it and that it was obscured from him. He knew not what it was, nor where it was, only that it was deeper, further away into the unknown regions.

    Turning he placed a hand on the holographic console, now adorned with meditative aids, innocence and tomes. “Victus to the Bridge.”

    Yes M’lord?” A voice called back, stoic as genetic template it’s owner was based on.

    “Prepare the ships for departure. We’re going to proceed deeper into the region, and prepare another batch of probes. We must find Lord Colcha, as well as the relics.”

    As you command, we will begin calculations immediately.”

    “Good, Victus out.” Releasing the switch Victus turned back to the viewport, hands clasped behind his back. He knew Colcha was out there, somewhere. He could still feel the man through their bond but something clouded it, at times a searing pain, at others a fog, regardless of the Inquisitor’s intentions he could not see past it. “We will find you my friend… and discern what is happening together… Just like old times.”

    Tag: greyjedi125 perhaps. the journey will tell us in time.
  18. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    IC: Icharis
    Decameron Alpha, Inner-Orbit

    Icharis checked the coordinates he acquired for Decameron Alpha, hoping they were good. He double checked the nav computer just to be sure. His fighter was armed and nimble, but he didn't need to find any unwanted trouble. He wanted, needed, guidance and direction, and for some reason that old "gut feeling" of his that got him out of so many jams, was telling him to come here.
    Whizzing through hyperspace always made him relax. Maybe it was the blue-ish hue that gave him a peaceful feeling, or maybe it was just the ship's hyperdrive humming that made him dozy. He placed his cybernetic ear implant on low reserve, in case the trip was longer than expected.

    With that, a sudden jerk threw him back to full alert. His Chela-Class Starfighter dropped unexpectedly out of hyperspace without warning.

    What the! he puzzled aloud.

    Navigational readings and instruments were offline and unresponsive, but the thrusters were still hot and he had control.
    Must have been the apparent planet's gravitational shadow. He couldn't be sure if this was Decameron Alpha, but it looked like he was going to find out either way.

    Looks like I need to do this the old fashioned way. he muttered as he navigated the ship towards the planet surface.


    Icharis took in the greenery that littered the planet surface. He had grown so accustomed to city life that he forgot about the natural beauty of things.
    After a half hour he finally saw a comm tower, and then a pair of landing pads that looked deserted. Since there was not really any other sign of any trading posts or Imperial presence, he decided to land.

    Here goes nothin..

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  19. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Aicurn Ihi IC:
    ~Crash Site, Decameron Alpha~

    …Q…Qa? Qa iniban…?

    Aicurn'ihi slowly came to. Just a second ago, at least to her, she had been in the room right outside the cockpit and they…

    She sat up suddenly. Too suddenly, making the world spin around her and her stomach lurch unpleasantly. As she leaned forward from the vertigo, a hand on her head and one on her stomach; her mind reeled along with her.

    Cea ohk banhsli! Oo-Ootay ohk yeu? Ji slavers? Ji a'an si'emalu'a? Gan were…

    Crashing. What should have been instantly obvious, made less so due to waking from unconsciousness in the most bizarre of ways, finally came to realization. Her mind slowed, her stomach eased. And the purple twi'lek slowly gazed up at the slaver ship. Or at least what used to be the slaver ship. It was a crunched up, fiery mess that looked nothing like a spacecraft in even the most remotest of ideas. The majority of it seemed to be a little here and a little there in this forest she was suddenly in.

    A forest. That was a new one. She was so used to the cavernous and rocky Ryloth cities that this was a new experience. Pity it was so full of fire rather than the scenic greenery that it should be. There was also no way anyone else had survived the crash, that much was clear. It also begged the question. How did she survive? Casting only a quick glance at the fire around her, she checked her own condition. Some bruises and minor cuts. In a crash like that? With the results like that?

    Frowning heavily, she couldn't even fathom how she possibly could have survived that event even if she had been flung out of the vehicle before impact like it seemed. But she wasn't going to complain! Her equally purple eyes gazed once more at the flames, now first priority again. And that was when she decided, maybe she would complain.

    The orange-red glow reflected in the violet orbs that were her eyes, her lekku swaying as she turned this way and that. Fire to the life. Fire to the right.


    Aicurn spun around in a complete circle, her breathing exhilarating as she did so. Eyes widening. Fire before and fire behind.


    She had to get out of here. She had to get out of here now. The flames were everywhere, blocking every direction. The heat was unbearable. She had only just gotten freedom returned to her!

    The wreckage. Her mind remembered it. Perhaps there was an opening on the other side of it? Well, the main part of the wreckage that was, seeing as it was a little bit everywhere as well. Breaking into a full sprint, the twi'lek teenager circumvented the main crash and found….only more fire.

    "Koa…" she whispered. Fear was grabbing hold now.

    Was this fate? Was she finally free, just to be consumed by flames? The heat and flames were mocking her, it felt like. Growing in strength by leeching out the hope. Feeding on it. Soon to feed on her.

    "Fa'kan san…"

    She ran back the other way and the inferno only continued to close in on her, the heat plastering her with sweat.

    Cough. Cough.

    And now the smoke began to set in.

    "Fa'kan san…!"

    Her eyes, wild with fear now, gazed upon the only thing she could think of for escape. Yes, desperation was taking hold now. Cough. Cough. It would hurt possibly, but to survive? Anything. Cough. Cough. Aicurn'ihi ran for the main wreckage, leaped up through the flames still surrounding it itself and clambered up onto what remained of it. The heat roiled off of it with an intensity she never before could have imagined.

    It lashed at her, it bit her hands. Her feet. She felt like she was melting with every step she took, every hand hold she was forced to take. With every breath the air seared her lungs.

    Cough. Cough.

    As she reached the apex of the main wreckage, tilted upwards slightly as it was. She gazed over at the tree branch just above the flames. For now. Its trunk was already alight and it wouldn't be long before the rest of it went too. But…but if she could only make a leap over to that branch, she just might clamber over the fire to safety.


    Cough. Cough.

    But the distance was daunting. Too daunting.

    Ohk Do elan ar chir?

    What future was left to possibly hope for now? She had nothing left. All was over for her before it all had truly begun.

    'Do not fear, my child….'

    Her head, slowly drooping, shot up. Those words? Where did they come from? Who were they? They were clearly Basic, she had heard the language before but never understood it.

    But she understood it.

    Yelping, she danced around on the wreckage again, remembering the heat and couldn't help but drop back down to the earth of this mysterious and random planet she found herself on. She yelled out immediately upon coming out of the fall and subsequent roll.

    "Ji-Jinga? Jinqa ohk dan!? Narsu vla san!"

    Narsu vla san

    Tag: greyjedi125

    OOC: Ok, so I bet you're wondering what the hell she was saying. She was speaking and thinking in Ryl, her native tongue. And here are the answers to what you are wondering, color coordinates to meaning.

    Wh-What? What happened…?
    That's right! Wh-Where is everyone? The slavers? The other prisoners? We were…
    Help me…
    Am I going to die?
    W-Who? Who are you!? Please save me! Please save me...
  20. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Decameron Alpha
    Planet subsurface, underground hangar

    As he felt out with the Force, opening himself and establishing a connection between himself and the flying remote via the Force, he found a brief yet telling tale through that bond. For a moment, Ezzuk could feel the remote, sense the intricate network of electrical pulses and data pathways coursing through it. The remote seemed to register something akin to surprise, a sign that it was aware of what he was doing, of his presence that he was not merely looking with his protected eyes. It was, or seemed to posses, intelligence. Not only that, it seemed to be connected to…

    The other two remotes stopped their flitting about and turned to face the newcomer, the lenses on their spherical bodies adjusting their focus. Perhaps they were truly one? A networked sentience?

    “You have questions? So do I.” Ezzuk had stated simply, in his guttural manner. “Shall we ask them?”

    As if in answer, a sound was heard, one that would catch Ezzuk’s attention. The sound was that of several air valves releasing pressure, not unlike decompression. It caused a natural and automatic response, he whirled about, crouching into a bracing position as he brought the collapsed out and above his head. Only a second away from having it snapped into place the logic of the situation and what he saw brought him up short, it was a spherically shaped vehicle emerging from the far wall and landing. A controlled situation, and in no way one that required him to worry about depressurization. Standing upright he re-collapsed the helmet and secured it back into its rightful place upon his belt as he observed the hatch open, and out of it, a zabrak male jumped out with practiced grace. Interesting beings based on ability of their innate forms, but always a little gamey for his tastes.

    The horned being who’s garb and gear marked him as some kind of mechanic or engineer, so it was someone to be given a modicum of respect. The other walked briskly towards him, but he had nothing to dread, nothing came back from the Force nor taste of this one of danger. Although if Ezzuk had to note the most notable thing about this zabrak male, it would not be his horns nor facial tattoos, but his left arm; more accurately, his repulsor arm if he judged correctly. As it was a part of this one and possibly of one he wanted to learn from he would not invade his being to study it now. Although Ezzuk did have to note a strong desire to do so.

    “Yes, questions…!” he said, calling out as he neared. “Perhaps I might have some answers.”

    Two personal remotes hovered over each shoulder, keeping pace, even as he walked. “Sorry I’m late.” he said in frank apology, standing now before Ezzuk.

    “I’m Galvan. Welcome to Decameron Alpha."

    "Then you have already answered two. I am Ezzuk, and are these you as well?" He simply asked with an air as though asking as simply as could be whether the hull plating was satisfactorily dense about the power core of a new ship. "I do not mean to be rude, but they are extraordinary, and a diversion from why I am here. I am seeking to grow my abilities.”

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  21. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    Decameron Alpha, Maintenance Hanger en route to the Oratory

    He had made it habit to rise early each day, long before most others would. He enjoyed the quiet. His typical routine was to exercise, meditate, eat, then most days he ventured into the wilds or spent time at his studies. This day found him in a maintenance hangar instead, sitting on the nose of a well used A-wing wiping his hands clean with a rag. The little ship was agile, fast, and reliable. They were also easy to work on, and there was no shortage of available system upgrades.

    He was fond of this one.

    Over the years, long before he had arrived here, he had improved the shields, targeting, and sensors. Today he had completed the installation of a rear cannon, just now having synchronized it with the targeting system.

    He felt good for having completed it on his own, after all the work that had been done on this ship Leto had in fact become quiet a mechanic.

    Hopping down he walked over to a storage container upon which was laid his cloak, as soon as he was satisfactorily secured he set off for the oratory. He made a point to not miss the discussions if at all possible, especially those led by Polmath.

    His time here had been that of healing, thanks in part to the wisdom of the Gardener but additionally to Decameron Alpha itself. For a long time before arriving here he had felt nothing but the desire for vengeance, he had arrived here morally and emotionally depleted but this planet instilled in him a sense of peace. Slowly, over a course of months, Leto began to feel something foreign to him. Hope. It was then that he had truly begun the long and arduous process of unlearning that which he had learned in his previous life.

    His eye caught sight of a stream of smoke on the distant horizon. He knew someone was out there, this was not the first visitor who had come in such a way. There had been a flurry of such arrivals as of late. He always found that he was anxious at the prospect of their community growing, this still felt fragile to him, he feared losing another home.

    His practice in mindfulness made him aware of his fear, he acknowledged it, let it pass through him without becoming attached to it. His fear subsided, Leto smiled, a personal victory. Entering the Oratory he saw a few had already arrived, The Gardener and Kev-Mas Colcha among them.

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  22. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lassin

    The great Unknown.

    The Unknown Regions were labelled thus as they represented the parts of the galaxy unmapped, untouched and undiscovered.

    Mechanically, accessing them required taking dozens of jumps to avoid catastrophic stellar encounters. The rift that ran across the length of the Galaxy had in essence cut fifteen percent of the disc from general access. Even then, there were very few egress points. While rumours abounded of Imperials extending the Braxant Run beyond Sartinayan, or Rago providing an anchor for accessing Wild Space, by and large such knowledge was in Imperial hands. Even then, those Destroyers which fled into the Unknown Regions in the wake of the Battle of Jakku were considered to have committed suicide.

    Lassin had been required to take one of the very few publicly accessible routes. From Terminus in the very corner of the Outer Rim, he had skirted the edge of the extremely hostile Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium, and then he was reliant on the Force. That being said, he knew that the sacred world of Ilum had originally been found by Jedi who had jumped from Metellos, even if the Empire had subsequently locked down the world and erased it's coordinates from many a navicomputer update. Lassin even knew, thanks to his lessons on Dyspeth, about the ancient Eternal Empire, which had erased a thousands years of Sith exploration in the region and promptly burst free, crushing the Empire and Republic and ending the Second Galactic War. Legend had it that many of the key battles of the Eternal War had been fought between the cartographical nightmares out here, at worlds as mysterious as Lehon, Zakuul, Iokath, Odessan and Asylum. The subsequent New Sith Wars had erased what little understanding had made it of entering the region, though it was rumoured that the Sith retained material knowledge of ways into the northern half of the Unknown Regions. But access to the south, the Disciples of Twilight had hazarded, was the exclusive Provence of the Jedi, who had, they believed, established the first Jedi Temple deep in the Unknown Regions after they left Tython, before they set up their home on Ossus.

    Lassin had all of this in mind when he went into these uncharted depths.

    But he was, in many ways, happy with how little he truly knew.

    It reflected how little he understood about himself.

    And how much he could learn.

    His ARC-170 was old, but sturdy, like the Headhunter design that preceded it, and the X-wing design which had followed it. Ostensibly, the war was over, but Lassin would never have left Dyspeth without something approximating a weapon of war. He had built the hyperdrive into it, with a great deal of technical effort that he would struggle to duplicate, but never embraced his longing to depart. Instead he had stayed, and learned histories which were not his own, absorbing the fantasies of the Jedi and Sith Wars, a millennium past, and playing out again until the Battle of Endor finally decided an outcome.

    Of course, as with many decisions put off, they are made without you.

    But he had never expected to happen like this.

    Lassin dreamt all this, putting himself into a rudimentary hibernation trance to conserve oxygen for the long trip. His hyperdrive fuel would likely give out if his instincts were proven wrong; if, when he arrived here, he found nothing.

    Not that he knew where here was.





    When he emerged from hyperspace, he emerged from his trance, to his new world. He found he was not the first to arrive, which should have excited him, but instead, it disappointed him.

    But he had been searching for something, so why did he feel this way?

    Did he want to be special?

    He had faced enough special treatment by the Force and its whims.

    Maybe... He admitted to himself with a dark strain of thought; he had wanted to fail, and be lost within the depths of the unknown, within and without.

    He slowly brought his fighter towards the habitats on the world of his dreams and nightmares. The next page of his next chapter.

    Lassin cast his senses out, and quietly hoped that he found something to live for.

    And so he landed, took a deep breath, and popped his canopy.

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    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Decameron Alpha, Underground Hangars


    Such a simple thing.

    Worlds become filled with struggles and conflict, succumb to lustful desires and easily forget all about the wonders of peace.

    Icharis manually flew his ship and felt it. The sensation penetrated the core of his being. Balance. Peace. Harmony. These were real and attainable, not empty promises to be scribbled on leaflets of political propaganda.

    With calm and ease, did the newcomer pilot his Chela-Class Starfighter towards the waiting landing pad, which responded immediately after his ship completed its landing cycle. The pad hummed and softly vibrated, almost becoming alive as it began to descend ever downward as the greenery disappeared from view. Within moments, the pilot and his ship were inside a dimly lit elevator, that suddenly opened into a spacious underground hangar.

    It became clear that the ship’s onboard computer was in communication with some kind of automated control tower, gauging from all the flashing lights on the navigational panel.

    Shortly, the Starfighter was directed to an adjacent bay, next to another ship. Looking out from his viewport, Icharis could see two beings on the hangar floor, engaged in conversation, one which looked like a zabrak at first glance.

    His ship came to a stop, where locking mechanisms emerged and held it in place. Outside, flying remotes began to flit about his ship, scanning it as their onboard lights flashed intermittently.

    It had been a long trip, and finally, he was here.

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    Aicurn Ihi
    Crash Site

    They were getting closer, the flames. They seemed to snarl in anticipation as they emanated their heat, trying to keep her from thinking straight.

    “Jinga? Jinga Ohk dan!? Nary vla san!”

    Aicurn called out in her native tongue. Someone else was here. She could feel it, even though she could see no one else.

    ‘You have not come here to die, though death be only a door to what lies beyond. You live, and that is no coincidence. The ship. Your past. They are no more. Be calm…feel…and become something new’.

    The voice now spoke in a manner which she could understand. She could hear it inside her mind, hear it all around her. Calming, soothing, encouraging.

    'Fear not the flames. They cannot harm you; not if you don’t let them. Feel it all around you, Aicurn… feel it…and awaken'.

    A sense of calm watch over the twi’lek female, allowing her to collect her wits. The flames, they seemed to get no closer- though a moment later, something nearby exploded and roared, billowing plumes of fire, smoke and debris into the air, almost as if in protest.

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    Decameron Alpha, Grey Sanctuary, landing pad

    The ARC-170 maneuvered with a great measure of response, despite the ship’s age. This was also partially thanks to the ship’s pilot.

    Lassin saw no one, but could feel the presence of force sensitive beings below. Not just that, but all around as well. The Force was certainly strong here. Which begged the question, what manner of beings inhabited such a place?

    The Twilight Disciple disembarked his ship, which allowed him a better view of the forest canopy all around him and filled his lungs with fresh air.

    Some distance away, plumes of smoke would be visible to the naked eye, but also, unseen were the ripples in the force emanating from that direction.

    A much closer sound would catch his attention just then. A panel on the landing platform. He would clearly see a light turn from yellow to green, followed by an even thrum. At that moment, the landing platform would begin to descend, going below the tree line and disappearing into the earth.

    Lassin would feel no need for concern, for within moments, he would find himself inside an underground hangar, where many ships were already docked. Two sentients would be in plain view as the pad finally settled on the ground. At which point, he could step-off, or remain on, just to ensure that his ship was well secured.

    Whatever his choice, Lassin would be drawn to join the two individuals on the hangar floor.

    Of course, he would also notice the flying remote taking note of him.

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    Kev-Mas Colcha & Leto
    Grey Sanctuary, Oratory

    The Gardener took a step closer, his staff tapping the floor as he neared Kev-Mas Colcha.

    The former Emperor’s Hand had rolled up his sleeve to reveal the branding on his left forearm, a Sith Alchemical Mark.

    “Certain scars from my past have made it rather difficult to properly empty my mind, and he sent me here to seek a cure,” continued Kev-Mas, referencing his former mentor, Marcus Dade. “Also, to continue my training and maybe even bring our two orders together.”

    Polmath nodded slowly, stroking his beard with his free hand as he studied the mark.

    “How far you go in your training is entirely up to you.” He said, stating what could be construed as obvious.

    “As for our respective ‘orders’ as you put it, we are already together.” Polmath intoned knowingly.

    “That brand. It is a truly insidious device, but the cure you seek comes with depth of understanding.”

    At this Polmath regarded Kev-Mas, much like he would someone he would consider his own son.

    “The Force is One.” he said simply, as if that explained everything.

    “Does your left hand wage war against your right? Do your feet row against one another when deciding whether to go hither or tither? No, of course not, because they are under your direction.”

    “Can I command your limbs then, which are not my own? Who do they consider their Master?”

    The Gardener nodded slowly at Kev-Mas, then moved once again to the central pond.

    “Light and Dark are within you, as you already know. The man who controlled your ‘darkness’ is no more. Then how is it that his influence over you remains, if the strings have been severed?”

    “You must go deeper. Seek and root out the imbalance inside you. Perhaps renouncing those implants might be a good start, hmmm?”

    At that moment, the Oratory door offered a small musical chime, announcing Leto’s presence.

    “Welcome and Good day to you, Leto.” The Gardener greeted with a sage nod.

    “It is always good to have you here with us.”

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    Mar 5, 2006
    The Unknown Regions, Hyperspace
    The Wraith, Sanctum

    Hyper-rapture, as some called it, was a madness induced by staring into hyperspace. Victus had put little weight into it, and in fact had never found a reason to gaze into the swirl. Of late however he’d found it soothing, a trait he doubted was actually his own. He continued to gaze however, till the viewport dimmed and a report filled out in the view of it. A Hypercom signal had been received before the last jump to hyperspace and his personal computer had been decrypting it.
    Waving his hand over the symbols they shifted and formed coherent sentences.

    Lord Victus,

    We’re pleased to report that the 34 volunteers who received the same treatment as you at Belsavis have stabilized. More-so they are thriving. All the changes that you experienced have been recorded in each subject. We will continue to observe the subjects as the project goes forward to your specifications but we believe that things will continue to progress smoothly from this point forward according to the documentation you procured.

    Research lead Vintala,

    Gehenna Complex

    That’s good news, he thought to himself as he waved the report away, the viewport returning to it’s previous opacity and as he placed his hands back behind his back to enjoy the view he watched the corridor flare before the ship dropped out of hyperspace. Around him the ships lights shifted to red, not a combat alert, but a condition red non-the-less. Turning back to holotable he placed a hand on the surface, activating the comm system. “Bridge, report.”

    Apologies sir, the navigational computer registered an unusual gravimetric anomaly, and well…” There was a pause, and the holotable came to life fully, showing a long range scan of a star system. More than that it showed what seemed to be fluctuating gravity shadows about the system. “The shadows don’t seem to be natural gravity but instead fluctuations within the magnetospheres of the planets within the system strong enough to fool the hypersdrive's safeguards. We were only able to detect them early due to the modifications we preformed on Belsavis. However we have also picked up other hyperspace signatures, deeper into the system, but we’re still several light hours out of the system so we can’t get a clear reading.

    “I see.” Victus stood up, eyes gazing over the system’s hologram. “This system was not in the navigational database, nor was it on any navigational sensors up until we were almost on top of it… That’s certainly worth looking into. Launch a probe, in fact launch several. If others were not so lucky in dropping out in time there may be people in need of assistance. For now however, let’s remain here while we take sensor scans.”

    “Right away sir. Bridge out.” Once the channel was closed Victus turned and gazed out the viewport at the solitary dot that seemed to burn brighter than the others around it. “A mystery…” he mused, but it was then that he realized something. He could not simply see the system, he could feel it. He hadn’t been focusing, distracted by the report and the sudden change in plans. A fault he’d seek to correct, but now that he had a moment to collect himself he could certainly feel it’s presence.

    Someone, something, or perhaps even somewhere in that system was strong in the Force. “A wellspring?” He asked himself. The Industrious held records of vergences in the Force, records given to them by the late Emperor, and likely truncated. Ruusan held one of interest for example, as did Ossus by Victus’ own research. Perhaps this was an unknown one, lost in the unknown regions. He mused these thoughts as the lights of several probes flared off towards the distant dot.

    Maybe he had found one of the places he’d been seeking, without knowing he was seeking it?

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Kev-Mas Colcha
    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary, Oratory

    As Polmath studied the mark Kev-Mas had just shown him, Kev-Mas in turn studied him. The man was a very mysterious individual and spoke in a riddle-like manner and it was difficult to tell what he was really trying to say. However, if one paid attention, clues might make themselves visible and a hidden meaning could be found. As such, this was why Kev-Mas chose to pay close attention to the old man when he spoke, analyzing his facial and hand gestures carefully and listening intently to the words he said and how he said them.

    Polmath began to speak. “How far you go in your training is entirely up to you.”

    “Well thank you, captain obvious,” thought Kev-Mas in reply.

    “As for our respective ‘orders’ as you put it, we are already together,” Polmath continued. This revealed what was either a truth that Kev-Mas was not made aware of previously or the old man merely speaking figuratively. Time would tell before Kev-Mas found out if he was being literal or not with this statement, but at the very moment such semantics were unnecessary.

    As Polmath continued to speak, Kev-Mas could tell that he was trying to speak to him like one might speak to his own son. However, Kev-Mas just took it as condescension. He knew the teachings of the Grey Jedi quite well already. They had already been pounded into him for the past year and philosophy was one of his strengths. He just sometimes struggled to embody the philosophies he learned of. Such as his lack of patience at times like this.

    “That brand. It is a truly insidious device, but the cure you seek comes with depth of understanding.”

    “What’s next? Are you going to tell me that Coruscant is one giant city?” thought Kev-Mas sarcastically.

    “The Force is One.”

    Kev-Mas’ patience was starting to wear thin, but he began to realize that the man might very well be testing him. He did not like people who beat around the bush, especially when they spoke to him with obvious truths. Regardless of whether he was trying to test him or not, it did seem like Polmath did not fully understand the situation at hand. Worse, he made no attempt to inquire further about it and assumed it was a far simpler problem instead.

    As logic indicated however, that obviously was not the case. The man knew of Kev-Mas’ prior training and he knew of his master and likely his training methods. He very likely knew that during a year’s training with Marcus Dade that the things he was telling him would be permanently etched into the back of his head. Still, Kev-Mas calmed himself and listened intently to what he was saying. After all, there might be something more to what he was saying than he initially revealed – just like he had suspected in the first place.

    “This must be some way of reinforcing patience and humility. That’s the only explanation for it. Treating me as if I know nothing when he full well knows that’s not true.”

    “Does your left-hand wage war against your right? Do your feet row against one another when deciding whether to go hither or tither? No, of course not, because they are under your direction.”

    “Can I command your limbs then, which are not my own? Who do they consider their Master?”

    “Oh, you have no idea…” thought Kev-Mas, as the two moved towards the central pond.

    “Light and Dark are within you, as you already know. The man who controlled your ‘darkness’ is no more. Then how is it that his influence over you remains, if the strings have been severed?”

    Kev-Mas finally decided to speak. “Unfortunately, he lives on through the pain he inflicts to me with this mark.”

    “You must go deeper,” replied Polmath, “Seek and root out the imbalance inside you. Perhaps renouncing those implants might be a good start, hmmm?”

    “That’s what I’ve been trying to do,” replied Kev-Mas, “Unfortunately it’s a lot more difficult when every time I successfully balance myself I black out from my past striking back in anger.”

    “Also,” continued Kev-Mas, “I’m afraid I can’t remove the implants. If I do, I die.”

    At that moment, a man who the gardener would greet as Leto walked into the room. This man looked similar to a Thyrsian, but Kev-Mas could tell that he was not. Kev-Mas was part Thyrsian himself, his mother was a Thyrsian, he had trained in their ways as a Sun Guard, he had fought off and slain several Thyrsians for the right to become a Sun Guard and Thyrsus was the very planet in which he had ensured what seemed to be his freedom from his past life – which from there he made his way to Zonama Sekot to begin training as a Grey Jedi.

    No, this man was slightly different. His species however was one that Kev-Mas was not familiar with. Perhaps the Force wasn’t the only thing Kev-Mas would be learning of here on Decameron Alpha.

    “Welcome and Good day to you, Leto,” the Gardener greeted the man of curious ancestry with a sage nod.

    “It seems my patience is indeed being tested,” thought Kev-Mas, as he nodded to the man who was then greeted by Polmath, abandoning their conversation to do so.

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