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    IC: Victus
    Oratory and beyond

    Victus listened as Galvan gave direction to others, in the order in which they came, and before he turned his attention to him Victus also felt the short, but focused gaze of the Gardener upon him. The man would want to speak with him, which would do well, he would know where Victus was going. The Zabrak finally turned to him, he spoke warmly, something he seemed to expect of those that were from this place. It was a simple motion of his hand, and a remote appeared, as Galvan mentioned summoning one to direct him, as though he'd been expecting it. He also mentioned a name, Lector Ghamal. But again, Lector, while a name, was also an archaic term, another related to places of faith, this one, related to libraries. He was beginning to sense a theme.

    Placing a hand on Kev-Mas' shoulder he gave the man a confident gaze, "I will find what must be done to save you brother." He then turned and dismissed himself from the Oratory, following the hovering remote down a corridor, not too different from the one he'd taken to get there. "Galvan seems to have a lot of you..." He spoke to the remote knowing it would not respond, at least not in a language he could understand. He had seen a large number of them move through the oratory for a short while, and even saw one interact with the young twi'lek girl. "It seems, unusual to have so many remotes, I doubt this place, so remote, would need such observation..."

    The flying remote guided Victus from the Oratory and moved smoothly. Victus followed and made polite conversation, or rather spoke some of his observations aloud.

    The flying remote bobbed and chirped as if in answer to Victus’ comment as it continued down the corridor. Though logic would dictate there was a reason for everything, even here on Decameron Alpha, they ‘why’ of it would not so easily gleaned.

    It was not long before the pair came to a lift, which opened to admit them. The remote issued sequential notes, which caused the lift to descend. Victus would be able to see the lit panel simply showing which sub-level they were going, but not how many there were.

    [Sub-level 4 ] the panel read.

    As expected, the trip was short.

    Once the doors opened, the four level Library was immediately revealed. Deep rows and rows of books of all sizes could be seen, as well as digital reading areas, computer terminals, resting island and crossing bridges could be observed. The chamber was comfortably furnished and modestly lit. The walls of books and tomes reached the ceiling, which was decorated with an holo-image of the moving galaxy. Archiving droids could be spied here and there, but not to be missed, was Lector Ghamal.


    “Welcome. I was told you would be stopping by.”

    The dark haired nagai nodded slightly and gestured for Victus to enter as he stepped to one side. He was dressed in dark robes and a few choice trinkets adorned his neck. His eyes seemed ‘sleepy’, but hey were anything but.

    “Is there anything in particular you were interested in seeing?”

    As the archivist spoke, the flying remote chirped its good bye and disappears the way they had come- via the lift.

    Victus returned the nod, and stepped inside. The man's attire and mannerisms, it reminded him of some of the more scholarly of the Inquisitorius, those more interested in educational pursuits than in acquiring power, or at least, power in a direct way. "The mark that my friend bares, I am positive it was applied using exceptionally strong Sith Alchemy. If I am to find a way to remove its influence I will need to research the phenomenon itself. While the subject in its entirety interests me I am mostly seeking information regarding it's use as a means to control an individual, or bind a person or object to a users will."

    " I see...." the nagai intoned, obviously intrigued as his dark eyebrow was momentarily raised.

    "I think I know where we can start, but I'll need to ask you a few more questions regarding the matter."

    With that, Lector Ghamal lead Victus inside the Library proper as he began to formulate a research strategy. This was going to take some time.

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    Kev-Mas Colcha
    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary, Oratory
    The Edge of Forever

    “After that episode in the Pool of Reflection, I can only imagine you would,” replied Galvan, nodding his head in agreement, “I’m pleased you seem alright at least.”

    “Yes,” said Kev-Mas with a nervous chuckle, “Thankfully I’m in good hands here. But thank you.”

    “Are there any particular features you would like in your room?”

    “Anything? Hmm… well in that case…. I know we’re too far removed from the rest of the galaxy for a holonet transceiver to do any good so that’s out of the question, but in addition to the standard fare of a bed, closet, chair, desk and bathroom, I’d like a fully equipped kitchen and AutoChef and dining area, a fully equipped computer terminal, a meditation chamber and a small conference area.”

    Before he could get a response from Galvan, Victus placed a hand on his shoulder offering parting words as he began to make his way out of the room.

    "I will find what must be done to save you brother."

    “I have full confidence that you will,” Kev-Mas replied as Victus left the room, “If anyone can do it, it’s you.”

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    OOC: For simplicity's sake, I'm going to say that The Gardener used the Force to translate his words or Galvan translated for him again regarding the rooms. I hope that's ok!

    Aicurn Ihi IC:
    ~Oratory, Grey Sanctuary, Decameron Alpha~

    At Galvan's response, Aicurn'ihi could only do a sheepish half-shrug with her right shoulder. What else was there to say, the tentacled one was creeping her out a bit. Perhaps he was a nice, stand up individual, but just by first appearance…

    That was when the older man who seemed to be the leader around here and speaking to the others for the most part got all of their attentions once more.

    Soon enough she processed the information about guest rooms and rest. The rooms, to be honest, she was rather unsure of. Too many things happening too fast! But the idea of rest overrode such uncertainties immediately.

    Yes, rest was something she needed desperately. After that, she could let it all sink in and figure out her next steps.

    Blinking at the sudden offered hand from Leto, she gave a small smile and shyly took it, allowing him to aid her back up. She gave a small bow to him in return.

    "Arni'soyacho." The way she said it with the bow coupled with it, it shouldn't need any translation. A clear 'thank you' being expressed at the simple kindness.

    At that point, she had to wait a bit as many of the others then came over to the zabrak to begin questioning about the rooms, making her subconsciously step back a ways and closer to Leto. The only one other than Galvan she felt any safety with at the moment.

    As expected, she didn't understand anything the others said. But she did understand what Galvan said in response, so that made things much easier.

    She took careful mental note of the described rooms with views. The Outer Grey Gardens, Artemis Forest (that must be the one she had arrived in!), Nexus Peak, or holo-views. Aicurn naturally also heard the careful tone about restricted areas. No way she was risking that when she barely knew where she was already!

    Then another man, rather imposing by the looks of him, inquired about a Library judging by the zabrak's response to him. That might be worth looking into at some point if she had to stay overlong and became bored. She was more of an active girl, but such things she did enjoy from time to time.

    And the other man who seemed to be friendly with him, whom she now saw had glowing red eyes of unnatural design, utterly terrified her. She kept herself firmly situated as far away as she could from him, while attempting to not make it obvious.

    However, after that she now faced her newest dilemma. A room.

    She waited a while to speak, letting Leto and those most active in the conversations to get themselves situated first. Then she finally shuffled up to Galvan once more.

    "Um…Toyid Clan-Gian sorse san ar a yinme. Ei yinme? Eti nilid go ersal'ehan ro sisalei'a, Do beyao."

    Sighing, the twi'lek teenager just looked away quietly while she waited for a response. Sleep. That was all that mattered right now.

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    Translation Corner

    Arni'soyacho - Thank you.
    Um…Could Three-Nine show me to a room. Any room? It doesn't really matter, I guess."
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    IC: Gildar

    Anywhere. For the first time in his life he could go anywhere. He heard some of the others requesting a library or a reflecting pool of some sort. Gildar might want one of those at some point, but, now sleep was the call of the day. The adrenaline in his system had waned, so he was getting very tired.

    He grabbed a bit more food and a glass of water and walked over to Galvan. He was describing to someone else the "views" he could request. Even that seemed unnatural and unreal. The bunkhouse with the other slaves was a sub-basement room with bunks in it.

    Without much fanfare, Gildar was notified that his personal flying droid would lead him to his room. The only other thing he requested was some clothes, since the only garment he had was currently on his back.

    The droid did lead him to a room. It had a window. He opened it and breathed deep. The air of freedom. He smiled. He laid on his bed. Sleep found him quickly...


    IC: Alejac Ridacuf

    Alejac stood, albeit with difficulty. His mind wandered to killing Jilljan. No. He attempted to push it from his mind. To breathe. Beings were starting to leave, led by or followed by these drones. Alejac looked up and saw his own drone. Strange that he hadn't noticed it before. More reason not to trust these Force users.

    Gildar had already left to find his quarters, too. So he was free. Certainly he couldn't argue that. Firstly, he had protection from these people. Then, let's be honest with ourselves here, Alejac now had sympathy for his situation.

    Should he stay here? Not likely. His ship had fold-away sleeping arrangements he could use and, honestly, he'd feel safer surrounded by the durasteel body of the ship.

    Alejac took a deep breath. He looked down at his once crisp uniform. He brushed off the dust on his knees and tried to straighten himself out. Pulling the jacket down to smoothe the lines, he held his head high. He had experienced a failure in diplomacy, but that did not reflect on him. He was Alejac Ridacuf.

    As he walked past Galvan, the Zabrak, he indicated the drone above him and nodded his understanding. Galvan was very busy making arrangements for multiple beings and didn't need to bother with him.

    Alejac would be happy to be away from these people, this place. He slowly marched toward the door with his hands clasped behind his back.

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    Grey Sanctuary
    Decameron Alpha

    “With the exception of a the small conference area, consider yourself accommodated , Kev Mas.”

    The zabrak nodded and gestured for one of his many remotes to guide he former Emperor’s Hand. There was little doubt Kev was would find his quarters quite to his predilection.

    “Three Nine. Do remain with and translate for Aicurn until otherwise instructed. I think that Leto won’t be the only one needing your linguistic skills.”

    The floating remote issued a series of happy bleeps at the trio. Galvan chuckled in response. “He seems enthusiastic.” The zabrak informed. “In any event, ‘Three Nine’ will lead you to your quarters Aicurn. I believe Leto already has his. Do enjoy your much needed rest.”

    The oratory was emptying out, as many of the newly arrived now proceeded to their assigned rooms. Two serving droids arrived just then, hauling a table with the sizable leg prepared just for Ezzuk on a large platter. For certain, the smell of it was quite becoming for a meal, but the looks of it revealed that this meal was not for just any sentient.

    It was at this point that The Gardener slipped out from the Oratory. Dicromatic eyes stoically followed his movements, but took no other action. Once he rounded the corner, Polmath seemed to vanish, then reappeared from behind a statue several paces ahead of Alejac.

    “If you are leaving us, at least allow me the courtesy to walk you to your ship.” The bearded man said with a soft smile.

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    IC: Lassin

    Now they were passed to Galvan, and Lassin pouted somewhat. Everything was nudge and nudge, and nudge and nudge. There was balance to the group, but he could not see it staying there, and Polmath could see it.

    But Lassin had no interest in being alone. He needed someone to bunk with; to avoid his nightmares.

    Lassin did not know anyone well enough to chime up. Ex-Jedi, ex-dark Jedi, strange creatures from the Known and Unknown.

    Lassin simply nodded and went to leave the meeting for wherever Galvan sent him. He kept himself as open as he could to the Force, to its currents, to its flow, trying his hardest not to impose his impressions upon it, nor his fear.

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    Kev-Mas Colcha
    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary, Oratory
    Halls and Chambers

    “With the exception of the small conference area, consider yourself accommodated, Kev-Mas.”

    “Ah, so not anything,” he replied with a smirk, emphasizing the word ‘anything’ as he said it, “Thank you though.”

    With a nod, Kev-Mas left the oratory, following the remote. As he walked down the corridor, he focused his cybernetic eyes on the remote, using the built-in sensor scanning features to try to figure out any details about the construction of the droid.

    “Let’s see if there’s anything special about you, shall we?”

    Kev-Mas was curious to find out if it was different than a normal remote in any way, because seeing how things on Decameron Alpha were so extraordinary he figured that there might possibly be some extraordinary technology to be found as well.

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    IC: Ezzuk

    The oratory was emptying out, as many of the newly arrived now proceeded to their assigned rooms. Two serving droids arrived just then, hauling a table with the sizable leg prepared just for Ezzuk on a large platter. For certain, the smell of it was quite becoming for a meal, but the looks of it revealed that this meal was not for just any sentient.

    It was at this point that The Gardener slipped out from the Oratory. Not that Ezzuk truly cared, he was enthralled by the table with food. His tentacles wavered and shook with the anticipation of the mere smell of it. As soon as the droids had ceased their motions Ezzuk Force leapt to the table, face planting in the most delightful way as his tentacles pierced through the flesh before coiling on chunks of muscles and rending them separate from all others. The taste as he did so was raw, the blood red juices that coated his tentacles a testament to that, the wet squelch as he shoved a piece into his waiting maw was the true gift though as he forced it down his gullet.

    Exhaling a breath that caused a spray of meat juices to splatter away from his head he slowly sat up as his tentacles cleaned each other off. A third of the leg was gone at this, his first break from eating. Grabbing the mug of ale he quickly downed a third of that in turn before looking at whatever droids or Grey were present with one simple question. "Can I get a method to take the leavings to my ship? I would like to share what's left of this feast as I have a needed conversation."

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    IC: Icharis

    “Please, call me Galvan.” The Zabrak instructed. “Yes, we do have rooms with views. You could face the Outer Grey Gardens, Artemis Forest itself, or even Nexus Peak.."
    "Nexus Peak?" Icharis briefly interjected before Galvan continued.
    "We could even set-up a holo-view of your choice. Do let us know.”

    "Yes, Nexus Peak. I'll take that one." he answered with a tone of desire on his words. Rooms were assigned but that wouldn't stop him from trying to call dibs..

    The zabrak smiled then, pleased to oblige in the matter, but then his tone changed, as it was suffused with warning.

    “There are restricted areas and they are marked as such. I strongly advise you to heed the warning signs. Trespassing here would be a grievous mistake.”
    "Whoa whoa Galvan, nobody said anything about trespassing." Icharis protested with his hands half-raised. "You needn't worry about this guest breaking any rules.." he continued while pointing to his own chest.

    Galvan shook his head lightly and sighed, yet did not remain in that moment.

    “Feel free to explore, and to that end I can even assign you a flying remote as a guide.”

    Icharis shook his head in response and bowed out from the conversation. His own implant mech, Q, was installed with enough language translators that he didn't need the remote. That, and he didn't want to be followed. Joining the rest of the group, Icharis filed out of the Oratory towards his assigned room.

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    Julius Agrippa

    Once again, Julius did not take advantage of Polmath's, or Galvan's opportunity for asking any questions. He was not sure what to ask per say. Maybe he could've started by asking what they would be doing. Julius was sure they would soon begin to learn the Grey way. After all, it was still their first day here, an orientation if you will.

    Before Julius could approach Galvan, he had slipped out of the Oratory. Most of the other beings in the Oratory had left after conversing with Galvan. Particularly following the droid remotes to designated rooms.

    He saw the person Lassin still in the Oratory, but shortly he began to leave.

    One being definitely remained, however. Ezzuk, the ghastly Ebruchi had received a meal from the server droids. For his kind, Julius was sure it was a fine, exquisite meal. But for humans, it looked absolutely repulsing.

    That didn't stop Ezzuk from...yes, Julius saw correct. The Ebruchi literally Force leapt to the table to begin devouring his food. What a savage, thought Julius. It slurped everything on its plate while stopping for a gulp of ale. Then it turned around and asked, "Can I get a method to take the leavings to my ship? I would like to share what's left of this feast as I have a needed conversation."

    With the creature waiting for a response, Julius shook his head and shuddered in disturbance. He realized he spent way too much time regarding the Ebruchi during his snack time, which was all the time.

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    IC: Alejac and Polmath (The Gardener), combo between greyjedi and DarthIshyZ
    Outside the Oratory, then in Alejac's ship

    “If you are leaving us, at least allow me the courtesy to walk you to your ship.” The bearded man said with a soft smile.

    "Leaving? No." he smiled back, "Not yet, at least. But I would like an hour by myself, if you don't mind." Alejac didn't wait for a reply. He walked on to his ship to change his dirty uniform and have a glass of... whatever alcoholic was on his ship. The alarm didn't go off in his head, so that was a good thing.

    An hour later, he was just relaxing when he heard a soft knocking on the hatch. Opening the hatch, Alejac gave his warmest smile. "Right on time. Please come in." Alejac showed the Gardener to a seat and offered a drink.

    The Gardener offered a curt nod as he entered Alejac’s ship and sat where he was indicated. He leaned his staff against the wall with almost an absent motion, his demeanor, pleasant all the while.

    “A cozy ship.” He observed as he gave his surroundings the once over, then returned his gaze to the man before him.

    “Your burdens are lifted. You are a free man.” Polmath slowly nodded at this.

    “What will you do now?”

    Alejac's eyes rolled. "My burdens. Lifted? Master Gardener, my burdens have not been lifted. 'Security Guard' has never been a well-paid position. Now I have to find some way to earn a living." He busied himself with something on the ship to hide his concern. "They say 'Credits make the galaxy move' and it's true, whether it's Republic or Imperial ones. And I've got to find this job after having failed my last charge."

    He looked at the Gardener, sitting there with a slight smile on his face. Obviously this guy had no worries about something as trivial as money. He stood up and challenged him, "I don't suppose you guys have a job to offer."

    The Gardener smiled at Alejac,regarding his last words. Sometimes one just needed to let the moment unfold itself and reveal its own opportunities. Credits, by his own admission, were the epicenter of Alejac's sense of security. Perhaps in time, he might learn different.

    "We have honest work for honest folk." Polmath replied easily. "If you believe you fit the bill, then yes. We can always use a good pilot."

    The bearded man's green eyes looked directly at the former security guard, almost as if he was seeing right into his soul.

    Stunned. Alejac did his best to keep his Sabacc face, but with this Force user, he knew that was near impossible. Still he had thrown down the Satellite and it had been called.

    He opened his mouth to say no, but then thought about his job prospects. He walked fore to the pilots chair an looked out the cockpit. He weighed the pros and cons for a moment or two. Certainly he was qualified. And the prospects of so good a position was interesting to him.

    Still, he had no love for the idea of remaining here. He had visions of these people using him as some sort of play toy. Making him dance and sing and do stunts to practice their craft.

    He turned back to the Gardener with a serious look on his face. "I don't like it. You want honest? I'll give you honest. What kind of assurance would I have that your fellow 'mind raiders' wouldn't take advantage of me again?"

    Alejac crossed his arms and waited for what was sure to be an entertaining reply. He was in a negotiation, now. If his destiny was to become a bounty hunter, instead of a pilot for these people, better get busy sharpening that skill.

    “Fear and Anger are sure paths to ruin.” Polmath assured.

    “If you were to be manipulated as you claim, by any of us, you would never know it. I ask you to trust me, to trust us, as I am willing to take an equal chance in trusting you. The Force is not exclusive to Force Users Alejac. We just happen to be likely candidates.”

    With that, the Gardener rose from his seat and availed himself of his staff.

    “Think about it. The offer is open now, but it will not remain so indefinitely. If you need to speak to me again, you know where to find me.”

    Polmath offered a sincere bow of his head to the deciding pilot.

    “Choose and act, Alejac. Let there be no regrets. No regrets.”

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    OOC: To show I'm still here. ;)

    Aicurn Ihi IC:
    ~Grey Sanctuary, Decameron Alpha~

    Aicurn'ihi bowed in thanks to Galvan before smiling at Three-Nine, who enthusiastically led her down some passages to where her selected room was. The floating sphere bobbing along merrily. It produced a small, breathless laugh from her.

    "Arni'soyacho toe de fa'kan, Clan-Gian. Do vlakan Do ohk elan ar laboo yeu ormudis bo eti ootay circaa."

    She marveled again at her footfalls along the way as well. All the pain was gone. The twi'lek even held up her hands to her face as she moved, the majority of the burns vanished or at least not sending burning sensations all along her body.

    Was it truly The Force? It seemed so unreal…

    And at the same time, a stark reminder of how far away from Ryloth she was. Her gaze sunk to the floor, instinctively following the remote now.

    "Fic dan yei karsan kor?" she whispered to her mechanical companion.

    A pause as she seemed to come before a door that marked a room all for her. She shook her head absently. Boc'ara! Aicurn gave a forced smile to the droid as the doorway opened up to the simple room inside.

    "Garei kkelesa. Arni, Clan-Gian."

    Her eyes spied the bed immediately and she went straight toward it. It was a plain room with nothing pleasing about it nor displeasing. Its what she got for saying she didn't care she supposed, but in truth she didn't. Not then. All she wanted was that bed!

    She was out cold within seconds of her head hitting the pillow.

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    Translation Corner

    Thank you for your help, Three-Nine. I believe I'm going to need every bit of it in this place.
    Have you ever felt lonely?
    Idiot! [Note: In truth, the literal Ryl to Basic translation of 'Boc'ara' is "smart like a rock" But also can be taken as 'Idiot'.]
    Never mind. Thanks, Three-Nine.
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    Decameron Alpha

    He lingered about in the oratory until most of the others had filed out to find their quarters, then he slipped away to gather his thoughts. It was typical of him to spend his time away from the buildings, he preferred the fresh air to the shelters provided.

    It only took a short walk before he neared the edges of the compound, here the forest took over quickly, this is where Leto felt most at home. This was his sanctuary.

    Immediately he felt the call to assume his natural form and run through the trees to hunt, but refrained from doing so. Instead he spied a branch that split near the trunk about ten meters from the ground, he jumped up and settled down on the branch, his back resting against the trunk.

    The wind through the trees relaxed him, and the song of the woodland creatures assured him that all was well. It did not take long before his eyes sagged, and finally closed. He leaned long ago to find his rest when he could, and years of intense training ensured that he would awaken at the slightest sound that was out of place.

    This life, it was not like the one he knew previously.

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    IC: Lassin

    The group was dispersed, unable to reach an accord, but also a great many of them were seemingly hungry. The tentacle one was busy with that, and in many ways it seemed to break the tension. Galvan entreated people as to their rooms.

    "Hey, you got any rooms with a nice view? Also, are there any restricted areas we aren't allowed to poke around in? I've been itching to explore this place a bit more.."

    Lassin heard that as he drifted to the table and pocketed a few pieces of food, similarly scoffing on what appeared to be a fruit. He absently tuned into the food, but around the crunch of the tangy treat, he then heard the words 'restricted areas'.

    That was not what Lassin wanted to hear. Keeping himself to himself as best as possible, Lassin stepped away from the room and went to seek these areas. With Imperials here, and darksiders to boot, it had the stink of a trap. He would poke around, check on the state of his ship, and see what he would do next.

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    IC: Gildar
    Grey Sanctuary, his quarters

    Gildar woke up. It was still dark out. This space-lag would improve, he hoped.

    He got up to look around a bit. First thing he did was look out his window at the forest at night. The trees were black, but distinguishable with some light from the compound. They were tall. Yet, most had branches almost all the way to the ground. That was fortunate for him since that is what broke his fall yesterday. He rubbed his arm where he had hit one branch particularly hard. Very fortunate.

    He turned his head some. At the extreme side from his window he could see the area where Alejac's ship was still docked. He thought, "That kriffing man better not be thinking about staying. I was polite to him in the Oratory, but that politeness will not last. He may yet meet an untimely end."

    Gildar turned to go to the 'fresher and noticed the droid hovering still. "Can't you... ummm... turn off? Or go outside for a minute? I'd like a bit of privacy." The droid stayed. *sigh* OK, so no privacy, yet.

    He entered the 'fresher and started to clean up. While doing so, he considered what he would look like now that he had some choice. Long hair? Short, like it is now? Would he still wear brown? Or black? He always liked seeing people dressed in red.

    His train of thought continued from there to his homeworld. How did they dress there? How did his parents dress? Was he sold because they were slaves, too? Maybe his mother was a slave and his father was her master. It's been known to happen. Where did Gildar get his Force abilities? His mother? His father? Both?

    When he was finished cleaning up, he put on the only clothes he currently had: his slave clothes. That was the first thing that would need to change. He spoke to the droid, "Well, now, my droid, can you lead me someplace where I can get some clothes?" The droid beeped something and turned to the door. When the door opened, it exited.

    It flew down the hall and down some stairs. It was early enough that he didn't expect anyone to be around, yet he heard soft shuffling in the silence. Obviously someone else had some sleep problems.

    It entered a store room similar to the room he had entered first here. In that one, he had only found robes. Gildar thought, "I so hope I won't have to go around looking like a monk."

    He nodded to the droid and started opening chests. It seemed he was out of luck until he noticed the droid was hovering near one specific row. He went over there and opened the nearest chest. Paydirt. He pulled out what appeared to be some pants with elastic at the waist. The droid shifted. In the indicated chest he found some workable, comfortable shirts. There were actually a couple red ones, so he took those as well as some socks. He said "Thank you!" to the droid and started back towards the steps.

    It responded "You're welcome, sir."

    "Heh! You talk!"

    "Yes, sir."

    Gildar looked annoyed at the droid. "Lose the 'sir.' I'm not your master, you're not my slave. How about 'Gildar'?"

    "Yes, Gildar."

    "That will do if nothing else comes up. What do I call you?"

    "I am PD-30. I've been called Pede for short."

    "Good. Pede it is." Arriving back at his room, he changed into the clothes he had found. They fit surprisingly well, albeit a bit baggy. "Well, let's fill these out some. Is there a kitchen? I'll get started on breakfast."

    "The droids can prepare anything you would like, Gildar."

    "Yes, but droids can't taste, can they? The one thing I agreed with Jilljan on was her refusal to use chef droids. Let's go."

    With the droid leading the way, the two headed to the kitchen.

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  16. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    IC: Icharis
    Guest Chambers

    Icharis let out a low whistle as he took in the view from his quarters. Nexus Peak was a sight to see, with it's stony face jutting up through the green foliage. He began to imagine the trek it would take to climb it when Q signaled him.

    *Deep boop wop.*
    "What do you mean the bounty price has lowered? Refresh your connection and check the listing again."

    Icharis moved over to the bunk near the window. Whoever he was sharing the room with hadn't stepped in yet, so he took the bunk with the better view, naturally.

    *Pop click wooo*
    "Odd. They must be worried about the bigger fish out there. Keep an eye on that list."

    *Beep click*
    "Very funny, I know you don't have any eyes. Just pay attention to that bounty roster."

    Icharis stowed his gear into the footlocker near the bed, locking it once all his non-essentiall items were tossed inside.

    *Wap bap blooo?*
    "Just a walk. Need to stretch my legs. Besides, there's gotta be a few extra power cells lyin' around we can charge you up with, c'mon."

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    Dec 15, 2002
    OOC: Slight joint post with greyjedi125; , though mostly just for information on what Kev-Mas can identify about the construction of the droid and its reaction. I also took some creative liberty with some of the technology in Kev-Mas’ room, designing it in the same style as interpreted from the description of the droid.

    Kev-Mas Colcha

    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary, Main Corridors
    Lucid Nightmare

    Viewing the flying remote and understanding what was being viewed would depend on the observer’s familiarity with technology, Kev-Mas’ cybernetic eyes picked up very little waste emissions from the droid. The latticework of micro-repulsor technology was far more advanced than anything he had seen before. The same could be said for inner circuitry, which seemed to glow and pulse not unlike the neural system found in living organisms. However, there were also distinct similarities to one piece of technology that was very familiar to Kev-Mas – there were crystal shards within the complex network within the remote which reminded him of his weapon of choice, a lightsaber. This certainly seemed like something achieved beyond the limits of existing technological advancements, even beyond a lightsaber, if only for the fact that it was a much more intricate piece of technology that achieved a different purpose.

    “Fascinating,” Kev-Mas thought to himself, “That is most definitely something I’ll have to ask about eventually. That is, if I’m not taught about it first.”

    Almost as if noticing Kev-Mas’ scrutiny, the flying remote turned one of its larger eyes at him and seemed to wink. It emitted a curious bleeping sequence, which could be interpreted as a chuckle, before it returned to dutifully guide him to his quarters.

    Eventually he arrived, and the droid floated away as he stepped inside, having fulfilled its duties as necessary. The room was equipped as expected, to his requests besides the small conference area.

    Night had fallen on Decameron Alpha, and that much could be seen from the room’s exterior facing window. Kev-Mas was more practical in manner and didn’t care for sight-seeing, so the view outside wasn’t particularly breathtaking, overlooking more of the Sanctuary Grounds rather than the surrounding landscape of Decameron Alpha.

    Deciding to turn in for the night, Kev-Mas made use of the Meditation Chamber to prepare. As he sat at the chair, which was a small and unassuming chair resting on the floor, intended to be seated while cross-legged an energy bubble projected around him and blocked off his senses to the outside world. This bubble, from what Kev-Mas could sense, was pulsing with the living Force, almost in the same way that a lightsaber blade would be. Yet, it did not seem that it was harmful to the touch, and instead of giving off heat it regulated the ambient temperature to a very comfortable 24 degrees centigrade.

    Slipping into a meditative trance, Kev-Mas found that while he still had some of the same issues as he did before, he found that it was a lot easier to center himself and find clarity. He was also able to effortlessly slip into the ability known as the Art of the Small yet again. Whether this was due to the meditation chamber assisting him or simply because he had practiced enough he did not know, but he welcomed the change regardless.

    As soon as Kev-Mas opened his eyes, the energy bubble around the chair dissipated, and much to his surprise, it began to float back to the ground. It had seemed that while he was meditating, repulsorlifts in the chair had activated and lifted him a meter off the ground. He had surmised that this was another means of enriching the sensory experience with the soothing effects of a gradual elevation change and didn’t think much more about it.

    Feeling refreshed, Kev-Mas laid down on his bed, put his cybernetic eyes into standby mode and began to sleep.

    Moments later, he began to be haunted by another nightmare. This time it was more vivid than the others before, and felt almost as if it were lifelike.

    He woke up, in the same intense pain that he felt in the dream. Even worse, it continued to pulse through his body, with an intensity so severe that if it got any worse it would instantly kill him. In this state of continuous, agonizing pain he lost any progress he had made in the meditation moments earlier, including his grip on the ability known as the Art of the Small.

    For any force sensitive across the entire sanctuary grounds, intense pain and darkness could be felt from Kev-Mas. It was as if millions of voices were suddenly crying out in terror, wailing on without any end in sight.

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  18. Darth Dnej

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    Apr 27, 2013
    Name: Ten-Minuss Ago
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Dantooine
    Brief Description of Appearance: 6'0"(1.83m), athletic build, cybernetic ears (indistinguishable from organic ears when covered with synthskin), buzz-cut dark brown hair with widow's peak, hazel eyes
    Weapons: Green Lightsaber with interchangeable pommels (as to allow for a standard saber or curved-hilt saber), Yellow Standard Lightsaber
    Personal effects: Jedi Utility Belt, Jedi Tunic, Holovids of his family, Spare clothes (loose-fit, casual), Personal Care Kit
    Personal ship: Blue Eta 2 Actis-class light interceptor (modified to contain a Class 4 Hyperdrive Engine with a Class 9 Backup)
    Short Bio:
    Ten-Minuss Ago (sounds like a slurred version of Ten Minutes Ago) was born to wheat farmers on the planet of Dantooine during the Battle of Geonosis. Ten and his parents even interacted with Mace Windu during the Battle of Dantooine in 21 BBY. Mace could sense the force in baby Ten. However, Mace did not take Ten with him for training.
    Shortly after the Empire's birth, Ten's mother abandoned the family, due to a fear of the Empire and Ten's father's harsh attitude. Two years later, Ten's father abandoned him as well. Five years old and alone, Ten lived off the farm for the next six years. He did get help from the droids on the farm, but they never showed him the compassion and nurturing he so needed. When he was eleven, the Empire found him and brought him to an academy.
    Ten performed well in the academy, but ran away when he was 16. This was because the Empire found out he was force-sensitive, and was going to send him away by threatening one of his friends.
    To make a long story short on what comes next: Ten met several friends, including an astromech droid, a Magnaguard, a Kiffar, Zabrak, Chiss, and Tholothian. Ten also found an old master to teach him the ways of the Jedi. After his knighthood, he was kidnapped by the Empire. He served as a double-agent and worked under Vader. Throughout his years as a Jedi, he encountered an agent of the Empire who he dueled several times (their second duel cost Ten his ears). Ultimately, Ten soundly defeated his enemy at Endor. Ten rejoined the Alliance at this point.
    He began teaching Lyla (the Kiffar) the ways of the Jedi. She died near the war's end. Her death left Ten disillusioned from the Order. After the Battle of Jakku, he left the Jedi and the New Republic.
    Now he has found himself on Decameron Alpha...

  19. DarthIshyZ

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    Jan 8, 2005
    IC: Alejac Ridicuf
    Aboard his ship

    Alejac stayed in his bunk later than he normally did. Although he freely acknowledged that this was still earlier than most. The sun hadn't risen on this rock they called Decameron Alpha and Alejac had some thinking to do.

    He had not planned to stay here even this long. Finding Gildar under the protection of these Force users had put a bit of a damper on those plans. However, having that vision shut the door on it. And, now he'd been offered a job by the very one that had given him that vision.

    “If you were to be manipulated as you claim, by any of us, you would never know it." the Gardener had said. Obviously he didn't know about Alejac's implant and Alejac would keep it that way. He needed some kind of advantage if he was going to stay here. Kriff, it is incredible he was even considering this.

    Alejac got up and looked out the transparisteel windshield. Usually his workout entails a morning run, but without knowing more about the fauna here, he wasn't going to risk it. It was important to keep himself physically fit to deal with these people, so he did what he could in the confines of his craft.

    Before he went to the fresher, he put in a message to the Gardener, "I do accept your offer. You have your pilot. I have one question. Are you Jedi or Sith?"

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Ten Minuss

    The Battle of Jakku.

    What a grand mess. So much death. So much waste. And for what?

    The Imperial Machine would not go quietly into the night- and they proved it. Was the battle even won? The answer depended on who you asked. War, was a terminal cancer that ravaged the mind, the body and the soul.

    Perhaps there was a light at the end of that tunnel, but with Lyla’s death, there was a cave-in, sealing up the tunnel and the light with it.

    Was the darkside stronger?

    Ten didn’t get much time to ponder the unspoken question.

    He’d left all he knew behind, following his deep and unshakable feelings of disillusionment-with virtually everything. But he’d heard whispers of a place where he could go. He knew not where this place could be found, but perhaps there was a way to find it.

    Ten was aboard his Jedi Interceptor and strange things began to happen once he entered a search for Decameron Alpha into his ship’s systems. It looked as if his navi-computer was going through some kind of malfunction. Coordinates kept changing and shifting- and the hyperdrive was about to engage all on its own.

    What was going on?

    The emergency shut down function had failed as well- and that’s when the star-field elongated and Ten’s starfighter launched itself into hyperspace.

    The swirling blue corridor now greeted Ten. Though he knew not where he headed. At least he had some time to ponder his present situation.


    It wasn’t overly long before Ten’s Jedi Starfighter finally emerge from hyperspace. At first glance, the planet that greeted the estranged Jedi counld be mistaken for his home planet of Dantooine, but certainly that was just a trick of the eye. The sensation Ten would feel in the force would be nigh-overwhelming. This certainly not his home planet. Within himself, he could feel it. He had arrived at Decameron Alpha.

    Looking down at his ship’s instruments, nothing seemed amiss and he was free to control the ship and bring it down for a landing. The ship’s sensors would confirm that this planet was full of life, but there was a single settlement not too far above the planet’s equator.

    That was the place where he should go.

    The sun was setting on that side of the planet, but that only meant that the curtain was closing on the past and would re-open to a new beginning.

    Tag: Darth Dnej

    Decameron Alpha
    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary

    The man known as Alejac remained aboard his ship- and perhaps with good reason. At least in his ship, he was surrounded by familiar things and familiar memories. Because out there….

    His old life was basically over and new opportunities were ahead of him. Of all the choices he could have made, Alejac chose this one.

    Of sound body and mind ( as far as he could tell anyway ), he put in a message to the Gardener.

    "I do accept your offer. You have your pilot. I have one question. Are you Jedi or Sith?"

    The response came after a very brief pause. One could imagine a soft smile appearing upon the Gardener’s bearded face as the response was made.

    [Neither. And sometimes both. We are the keepers of the balance- the ones in the middle. Do get your rest, Alejac. I’ll have a room prepared for you. Where you lay down your head tonight is your choice. Be well, and welcome to Decameron Alpha.]

    After that, a secondary message appeared in Alejac’s ship systems, informing him that he now had free access to the Grey Sanctuary’s ships Hangar.

    One decision. One choice. A single act- and the path in his future had changed from where it could have gone.

    Tag: DarthIshyZ

    Icharis & Gildar
    Grey Sanctuary

    Whether it was insomnia, excitement, or just being in an unfamiliar place, Icharis walked ambled down several corridors within the Grey sanctuary. They all seemed strange, with their paintings, statuary and banners. There were strange objects on display as well- not to mention doors and stairwells.

    One would think a place like this would be more populated, yet though it seemed strange that it wasn’t, it also seemed right.

    As the cyborg moved about, the sound of conversation caught his attention. Someone else seemed to have trouble sleeping-or so it seemed. Icharis descended the short flight to what looked like a series of storage rooms, and there, in front of him, was the youth that had come in with the old man. The one the Imperial man was after.

    He’d ditched the ‘monk robes’ for something more in keeping with current styles. The youth also seemed to be in conversation with his accompanying remote.

    “Heh! You talk!” Gildar exclaimed, clad in his red shirt.

    “Yes, sir.” The remote responded in a friendly electronic voice.

    “Lose the ‘sir’. I’m not your master, you’re not my slave. How about ‘Gildar’?”

    “Yes, Gildar.” the remote said in compliance.

    It was quite a charming sight, human-droid relations.

    Aside from taking-in the scene before them, Q would be the one to detect a stash of power cells nearby.

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    Grey Sanctuary, Corridors

    He walked. So she followed.

    Clearly, he was not interested in rest, since he was not headed towards the dormitories- which was fine and almost expected. Everyone who had arrived did so because they were ‘called’ and everyone would react differently to that calling. How far down the path would they go? Well, only the Force knew the answer to that.

    Still, there was something about this one.

    Interestingly enough, she was not hiding her presence, but also, she didn’t wish to appear rude- at least not yet. Polmath had lectured her enough about ‘first impressions’ and she had just as pointedly given him her opinion on the matter as well.

    The robed newcomer kept moving without a hurry. Maybe he was interested in the statuary? Who could know?

    After several moments, Xaan finally called out to him. Her dichromatic eyes fixed on the figure, her senses as always, alert.

    “Perhaps you would like me to show you around, yes?”

    Her voice was direct and sufficiently diplomatic in tone. There was no one else in the hallway but the two of them.

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    Ezzuk & Julius Agrippa
    Grey Sanctuary, Oratory

    The droids had no reaction to the Ebruchi’s actual dinning etiquette. Different species consumed their meals in their own unique ways. As it was, they merely catalogued the results, noting that the meal did meet the subject’s expectations, as inferred by behavioral patterns.

    Cleaning droids would be called in after their guest had departed, of course.

    ”Can I get a method to take the leavings to my ship? I would like to share what's left of this feast as I have a needed conversation.”

    “Of course.” Answered one of the serving droids, who did comply with the request. Reaching under the table, the droid produced a sizable carton-box, and packed the rest of the meal within it.

    ‘There you are.” It announced, presenting the boxed meal back to the Ebruchi.

    “Will there be anything else you require?”

    Galvan shook his head lightly at the scene and decided not to interject, at least not yet. Instead, he turned to the transfixed human standing close by.

    Julius, is it?” He said, by way of getting the man’s attention.

    Everyone else had been sorted out by now and the Oratory was near empty.

    “Are you ready to be assigned a room?”

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  21. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Decameron Alpha

    Grey Sanctuary

    Time did not slow down for Lord Victus, as he poured over information hour after hour. One would image he’d probably wish it would. One subject lead to another, as is common during research- and such knowledge, some which was reportedly ancient- seemed far more advanced that what was known.

    Still, the man stayed the course; and so did Lector Ghamal, the Chief Archivist.

    Would night turn to day for Victus? Perhaps so.


    In his chambers, Kev-Mas was under assault by a lucid nightmare of terrifying proportions. His tormentor appeared to be none other than the late Emperor Palpatine.

    Kev-Mas was defiant, as any man who cherished his new found freedom would be. But was it enough?

    It would seem the clash of Master and Servant was destined to continue for sometime to come. Kev-Mas endured excruciating pain during his nightmare, to such a degree, that it was contained to his chambers by an outside force. But perhaps only his friend, Lord Victus, might be aware of it, given their bond.

    In an instant, the apparition vanished-leaving Kev-Mas fully awake. Would he dare attempt to rest anew, or remain as he was, fully awake until morning?


    It was an unspoken opinion that perhaps Leto was ready. The subtle signs were there, even now.

    Atop a branch, he slept. Wanting nothing and needing little. Perfectly balanced. With himself, with his surroundings, with the Force. The night creatures that moved about, at least the ones that managed to perceive him, did not view him as a predator or prey.

    And so, Leto managed to get some rest and prepare himself for whatever the next day had in store.


    Back in her own spartan chambers, Aicurn was met with restful and peaceful slumber.

    Three-Nine, now responding to Clan-Gian, hovered by the door of the bed. Watchful. Protective.

    Aicurn would feel completely restored come morning, all her past discomforts washed away- at least the physical ones. The Twi’lek would dream, but she would not remember it- not until the time when she needed to.

    Sleep for now. That is all that she needed. Rest and Freedom.


    Ezzuk would find no trouble reaching his ship- all with his meal package.
    The evening would be mostly uneventful for the ebruchi. There was much more to learn about this new place, and much they could learn from him in return.

    The Force was powerfully mysterious, and Decameron Alpha was no exception.



    The coruscant-native would find his room to be spartan, but familiar in its set up.
    Still it was a fairly comfortable affair.

    However, his sleep would be of familiar themes. Krail. Voht. Bly. Master Aayla Secura. The end of the Clone Wars.

    He had been young and his life had changed in ways that could not be easily described. Who and what was Julius Agrippa today?

    That’s why he was here. To find out.


    He had new clothes, had eaten a good meal and had someone new to talk to. His flying remote.

    By the time Gildar made it back to his room, he was ready for a good night’s rest.

    And so, sleep found him. Both sleep and dreams.

    The young man would not recognize the people in his dream, but he would see figures, men and women, some robed, other armored, many of different species. All who were force users. Some used the force to defend, others to attack, yet others to heal.

    To which ones would he feel drawn to? Whom would he reject. For now, Gildar was just an observer- a curious bystander.

    But that would not remain so for long.


    Perhaps at first he didn’t recognize his assigned room once he returned, but it would only take him a moment to understand what took place.

    Icharis would see that his room was now for a single occupant, instead of two. The change took place quietly and efficiently while he was gone - with a great deal of precision. Of course, this was intended for his benefit.

    A note confirming the change was left on the desk.

    Now, with the extra power cells he wished, he could likely sleep a bit easier, though his mind was filled with unspoken concerns.

    Once the cyborg finally allowed himself to relax and sleep, he would feel a much needed sense of comfort. Truth be told, the journey to Decameron Alpha had taken a toll. Like any machine or organism, he needed a recharge.

    Today’s mission was accomplished. The next would soon reveal itself.

    The Razor’s Edge.

    Alejac accepted the offer to become a pilot for the Gardener.

    He’d originally come to this place for a very different purpose.

    How strange it all seemed.

    So why did he do it?

    Good question.

    What would he do now?

    A myriad possibilities could be guessed. The choices one made is what mattered at the end.

    For choice begat consequence.

    This was a new chapter for Alejac. He could put his old life and his old mistakes, behind him now, and hope he was not making new ones.



    Was now far, far away from Dyspeth.

    But, had he brought Dyspeth with him?

    Only he could tell.

    He was a mysterious man in a mysterious place, but they were not one and the same. No, at least not at the moment.

    In his mind, he had many questions about the past and what would have been, what could have been. But what of the present and what could be?

    To begin anew one first had to begin.

    But…how to do so.

    How to do so, indeed.


    On the next day, all of the new arrivals were free to begin their day as they saw fit. They could have their morning meals brought to their room, or have breakfast together in the Refectory, were serving droids would attend them.

    At the end of their refreshment and restoration period, they would be directed once again to the Oratory.

    There, another figure would be waiting for them. Instead of the Gardener, they will see the robed female with dichromatic eyes waiting in his stead.

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  22. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Kev-Mas Colcha

    Decameron Alpha

    Planet surface, Grey Sanctuary, Kev-Mas Colcha’s Quarters

    This Pain

    Pain - Intense, unrelenting pain. This was not something unfamiliar to Kev-Mas. In fact, even the pain he was going through, as intense as it is, strong enough to kill lesser men was all too familiar to him. This pain, in regard to how it was triggered by his defiance, inflicted by the man known as Sidious and the intensity of it all, reminded him of a very specific moment in his life. The very moment where the late Sith Lord first broke Kev-Mas’ will and revealed exactly how much control he had over him. That being, complete control.


    Coruscant - 4:12:24 (31 BBY) – 1822 hours

    Planet surface, Grand Republic Medical Facility

    A young, 16-year-old Kev-Mas awoke to find the scowling face of Darth Sidious looking over him. Defiantly, Kev-Mas sent a punch towards the Sith Lord. A punch, that would stop before he even got mid swing.


    Kev-Mas screamed out in pain as his body convulsed with electrical Force energy. Little did he know, the Cybernetic eyes that the Sith Lord had installed inside his body weren’t normal Cybernetic eyes, but a specially designed Sith talisman. His new eyes, were kyber crystals attached to this talisman. Much like how a kyber crystal inside of a lightsaber was bound to the will of the user, changing color accordingly, so did the crystals that gave Kev-Mas his own sight, and his user was Sidious.

    “I’m afraid that you can’t do that anymore. You are mine.”

    Kev-Mas was nothing more than a weapon to be wielded by his master, his will forfeit and replaced. So, when he attempted to use his will in a way that went against his master, he was punished for it. Punished with intense pain that would not stop until he submitted.


    But Kev-Mas persisted, as he still did not understand the gravity of his situation. The pain increased, his screams grew louder and he collapsed to the floor, unable to stand as the electrical energy coursed through his body.

    “It is useless to resist. If you do not bow to me, you shall die.”

    Kev-Mas was left with no choice. He had come to a rather… shocking revelation. The very same training that delivered him from slavery, had just gotten him enslaved to a far more dangerous and powerful master. He had been broken. There was no use resisting anymore. His dreams of restoring the Sun Guard to their former glory had been replaced by the very Sith influence he had sought to remove.

    With a somber face, the expression of a young man who had nothing to lose and still lost more than he had, Kev-Mas took a knee and bowed.


    36 years ago, Kev-Mas was hopeless to resist. He was an untrained Force user who could not even comprehend the scale of his master’s power.

    But now, things were different. Sidious, while his spirit still flickered in orbit above Endor, in the same place he was when he died, he was weakened significantly. Then, Kev-Mas was significantly more powerful than he was 36 years ago. Nearly 4 decades of training in the ways of the Force honed him into a force to be reckoned with, and he had a trump card.

    Channeling the Force to resist the pain coursing through his veins, Kev-Mas crawled back to the meditation chamber, and took a seat. Activating it as he had before, he meditated upon the ability known as the Art of the Small once more. Ironically, the pain he had endured had made it easier to humble himself for the ability than it had ever been before, and suddenly his presence shrunk yet again. Without a presence for the Emperor to latch onto, the pain suddenly subsided.

    Additionally, the damage to his nervous system that he had endured from the constant electrical currents flowing through it suddenly reversed. Knowing full well that if Palpatine had his way the damage would have been permanent, Kev-Mas guessed that it was a possible side effect of the Art of the Small. It seemed that the ability had healing properties. He made a note to ask Polmath about this later.

    Opening his eyes, Kev-Mas stepped out of the meditation chamber as the repulsorlifts lowered it back to the ground. Looking towards his bed, Kev-Mas shook his head, opened a pouch and pulled out a ration capsule containing a caf supplement.

    “Looks like I won’t be sleeping until this problem is solved,” he thought to himself, as he swallowed the supplement.

    Kev-Mas left his room and roamed down the halls until he found a remote, which he asked to direct him to a training room. With a chirp and a beep, it complied, and Kev-Mas followed the droid down the halls. His mind was still weary, and the best way he knew to focus it was through combat.

    Arriving in the room, Kev-Mas would train until the dawn of the next day. Upon receiving the call, Kev-Mas wiped the sweat from his brow and went down to the Refectory for breakfast. After he finished he was directed towards the Oratory, where instead of the Gardener, the robed female with dichromatic eyes was waiting.

    Kev-Mas greeted her with a nod.

    “Good morning.”

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  23. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Victus
    The Library

    Victus had gotten lost in the books, moving from subject to subject, looking for something on the subject of Sith Alchemy that would help him. And as he got lost, time passed, day passed to evening, evening passed to night and and in his focus Victus passed into sleep. So deep in his studying was he that he passed into deep meditation, and as the world of Deacameron Alpha swirled about him in the force, he took to dreaming.

    His mind fell back to places he’d been recently, Belsavis, the Deep Prison, and the machines he’d seen there. Machines, that beyond all reasoning, were able to interact and manipulate the Force. His mind fell to Ashaa, the machine whose memory in the Force had called him to the ancient world, and the dark and terrible revelations he’d learned from that interaction.

    It was in those revelations however, that stirred Victus from his meditation, and gave him the epiphany he needed. “I have it.” He slammed his hands to the table and pushed himself up, the chair skidding away behind him as he startled Lector Ghamal out of his own studies. “Tell me, of all that we know that is true, we know that the Force is a form of energy, an energy field that binds everything in the Universe.”

    The Nagai blinked for a moment, confused, before nodding. “Yes, that is a way to put it. The Force is an Energy Field and it does bind us all together.”

    “Exactly,” Victus said pointing at him with a nod as he started to pace to the side, hands motioning to exemplify the points he was about to make. “Now we know that Energy, just like Matter, cannot be created, or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. It’s simple physics. Right.”

    “Yes, I suppose... but I don’t see...”

    “I’m getting to that.” He said raising a finger, “See, energy can be converted, but it can also be transferred and stored. Just like capacitors take energy created from my ships reactors and store them in a form that can be used later, the Force too can be transferred. We know this is true, as in the past people have managed to use the Force to transfer the essence of themselves or others into other bodies or forms.”

    “The energy that resides in Kev-Mas’ arm belongs to Palpatine, and that mark is born of Sith Alchemy and acts like a battery, it houses that energy and keeps it in a constant state of, well existing, and that is how it binds Kev-mas to the will of Palpatine. But what if we transferred that energy to another medium, something with which Palpatine would have no direct control or will over but would still be able to keep that energy contained?”

    The Lector’s brow’s furrowed for a moment as he mulled over the idea and he then crossed his arms. “Hypothetically it could be possible, but you would need a medium exceptionally powerful in the force on an innate level, we’re talking something alive, something you’d be dooming to torment.”

    “Not necessarily,” Victus rebutted, hands quietly resting on his hips, or more specifically, one on the holster that held his Lightsaber, though it seemed an absent minded gesture. “I need a place to meditate, some place devoid of distractions, preferably strong in the Force... I need to communicate with someone.”

    "Devoid of distractions and strong in the Force....hmmm"To be honest, the echani leader could be asking about a great number of places on Decameron Alpha, but the archivist was fairly certain he meant someplace close to the Sanctuary."Well, there is a place you might find suitable." He said finally. The nagai moved with purpose and grace as he reached a lift-tube which was separate from the one Lord Victus had arrived in. With practice motions, he quickly tapped upon the keypad, then passed a pocketed gemstone for scanning. A blue light came on and a chime was heard."Take this lift down to the Well of Solitude. It's located in an underground cavern. The Force will lead you to it- but I must caution you: Be careful with what you bring down there."Lector Ghamal offered a cautionary look, then stepped aside for Victus to proceed freely and of his own accord.

    “I take only myself and what I need to save my friend.” Victus was adamant at that, because he truly believed it. He had no need to pause, no need to steel a resolve already hardened as he stepped into the lift tube. “I shall return, soon.”

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  24. Darth Master Titus

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    Dec 10, 2014
    Julius Agrippa
    Decamaron Alpha

    Galvan had taken Julius to his new room. Once arriving at the door, Julius gave Galvan a respectful nod as he retired to his quarters. Inside the room, Julius began to examine everything. He checked for listening devices, security cameras, and anything that he did not feel comfortable with. There was nothing worth noting, at least not that he knew of.

    Satisfied with his sweep, Julius took off his robe and hung it on a rack. He then removed his two lightsabers from his belt and placed them down on a night table next to the bed. Once down to his bare minimum, Julius laid down in bed and tried to fall asleep.

    An hour must've passed, and he was still tossing and turning. Finding sleep hard to come by. His mind was too busy racing. Many questions flashed through his mind in the matter of seconds, minutes and hour.

    He rose from bed and sat upright on the edge. Running his fingers through head, he decided it would be best to meditate. He sat cross-legged on the floor, and sought peace and quiet, and most of all the Force.

    Within minutes he seemed to be relaxing. But a noise in the hallway broke his concentration, and he decided it was time to try for sleep again. The few minutes of meditation did allow him to ease into sleep a little better. But once asleep, he was consumed by his dreams.

    His first dream took him back to Felucia. Immediately, Julius began to toss around in his bed. Horrible sights of Jedi, and Clone Troopers alike being shot down, and blown to pieces. He relived Krail, and Voht's deaths. Krail getting shot in the throat. Voht being caught in a pulse grenade explosion next to Julius. The emotions he experienced felt just as real as the first time he experienced them.

    This time, however, Julius was viewing from third person. It was an out of body experience. He watched himself scramble outside of the blast radius a mere second in-time. He watched, in full detail, Voht being thrown tens of meters away by the blast. He also saw Aayla Secura being gunned down, not by battle droids, but by their own Clone Troopers. That feeling of betrayal stung the most. The look of shock and confusion of Jedi Master Secura had saddened him. No one saw it coming.

    He then watched as his 17 year old self fled from both the droid army and the clone army. Julius couldn't find the courage to fight, but only the strength of his legs to run. He once felt ashamed of himself. Not staying and helping those he could. But viewing his situation from the third person, he saw it was his best and truly only option.

    Julius jumped awake and called on the Force to guide his lightsaber to hand. Drowning in sweat, Julius flopped back down into his bed to gather his breath and mind. He went into the wash room as he freshened up for the day. It was early morning now.

    The Coruscanti ate alone at breakfast. He was not too eager to make friends, at least not now. Once he finished eating, a service droid directed him back to the Oratory from the Refectory. A robed female awaited him and the others to arrive from breakfast.

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  25. Kahn_Iceay

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    IC: Victus
    The Well of Solitude

    The lift opened to a cold darkness. Not a darkness as in evil but one seemingly devoid of anything, a neutrality that felt as unnerving as the cold. It sent a shiver down him, as he stepped off the lift and into the cavern, and the chill quickly passes. Though raised light years from the world of his birth, it did not take away the fact that he was born of a species acclimated to the cold. It would serve him well here.

    As he progressed the world around him flickered, lights in this section of the cave did not exist, save for the form of small insect like creatures, and what seemed to be naturally occurring ‘motes’ of light. They reminded him of wisps that he’d read about in certain mythologies, he only hoped they were not here to lead him astray.

    Eventually the cavern opened up, revealing a wide natural chamber at the center of which resided a pool some several meters wide, surrounded by what appeared to be a stone ring that had naturally formed, maybe by erosion, or by influence of the Force presence this world held. Light stands filled this area, showing that it was likely used as a place of deep meditation, or at least observance of some rituals, enough to require artificial light.

    Reaching out he placed his hands along the wall, feeling the stone and the roots of the trees that dug their way down here. He could feel the strength of this world beating in the walls, and a calmness that eased weariness in his mind. The world was centering, he had to admit, but how far that would go he did not know.

    Pushing that uncertainty from his mind however Victus stepped over to the edge of the well and slowly removed his outer robes, setting them to the side, along with his utility belt, and the holsters that held his blades. Once freed of their burden, he lowered himself to the ground before the still waters, their crystal clear sheen reflecting the light as it danced across the walls.

    Closing his eyes he held out both of his hands, clearing his mind, he released a breath and gave himself focus. Amidst the pile next to him his holsters shook, and slowly one of the hilts, the single one, rose up into the air and began to spin slowly before the Echani. There was a click, as some interlocking piece set free, and slowly parts began rotating off, settling off to the side in neat piles until only one item remained.

    It cast a light of its own in this dim setting, and as it descended into Victus’ palm it gave out a pulse of warmth and greeting. A small smile formed on the Echani’s lips as he closed his hands around the Kyber Crystal, holding it close to his chest. “Hello my old friend... it is time we talked.” It pulsed again in the Force, confirming his statement. “Yes... I know you have been listening... and now... I have much I have to ask of you...

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