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Amph The Harpers discussion

Discussion in 'Archive: SF&F: Books and Comics' started by Zebra3, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Zebra3

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    Aug 28, 2004
    If you've read any of the Forgotten Realms novels then you've probably run across this semi-secret society, The Harpers. They are bards, adventurers, warriors, priests, politicians and everyday laymen who dedicate their lives to ridding Faerun and all of Toril of evil.

    What do you think of them? Brave souls who give everything to do what's right, or meddlers who only make matters worse?

    Personally I find most of their stories highly intriguing and very fun. Personally I like Danillo Than and Ailyn Moonblade the best. They're just such an unlikely couple

    Even though they can be found throughout many of the Forgotten Realms novels, TSR published a long series dedicated to every sort of Harper:

    The Parched Sea Troy Denning 1991 1360 Harpers 1

    Elfshadow Elaine Cunningham 1991 1361 Harpers 2; Songs & Swords Book I

    Red Magic Jean Rabe 1991 1362 Harpers 3

    Night Parade Scott Ciencin 1992 1359 Harpers 4

    The Ring of Winter Jim Lowder 1992 1362 Harpers 5

    Crypt of the Shadowking Marc Anthony 1993 1357 Harpers 6

    Soldiers of Ice David Cook 1993 1366 Harpers 7

    Elfsong Elaine Cunningham 1994 1364 Harpers 8; Songs & Swords Book II

    Crown of Fire Ed Greenwood 1994 1357 Harpers 9; Spellfire Book II

    Masquerades Jeff Grubb & Kate Novak 1995 1368 Harpers 10; (Finder's Stone Book IV)

    Curse of the Shadowmage Marc Anthony 1995 1360 Harpers 11

    The Veiled Dragon Troy Denning 1996 1364 Harpers 12

    Silver Shadows Elaine Cunningham 1996 1364 Harpers 13; Songs & Swords Book III

    Stormlight Ed Greenwood 1996 1365 Harpers 14; month of Flamerule

    Finder's Bane Jeff Grubb & Kate Novak 1997 1368 Harpers 15; Lost Gods I; (Finder's
    Stone Book V)

    Thornhold Elaine Cunningham 1998 1368 Harpers 16; Songs & Swords Book IV. Dates: 5-29 Mirtul 1368

    This really could exist within the current FR Discussion, as it's all about Fae'run there.
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