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    OOC: Hey guys welcome to my very first RP which takes place in the Vampire Hunter D universe. First things first... Let's lay down some rules.


    1. Be kind and curtious to each other

    2. One character per player

    3. POST or PM your character sheet before hand.

    4. No killing other players unless you get permission from the GM to do so

    5. Only Original characters please

    6. No controlling of NPC (non-player controlled) characters

    7. No characters from the movies (D, Doris, Camilla, etc) , however some of them might make cameos as NPC's o_O

    8. No GOD MODING!!!! (I.E. "IC: A bazooka magical falls from the sky into Bob's hands")

    9. If you want to be something either than a human, please PM me first.

    10. HAVE FUN! [face_dancing]


    PROFESSION: If you are a hunter, there are four classes to choose from...

    Preferred Weapon: Gunmen
    Strength: Below Average
    Agility: Above Average
    Wisdom: Average
    Speciality: Werewolves

    Preferred Weapon: Swordsmen
    Strength: Average
    Agility: Above Average
    Wisdom: Above Average
    Speciality: Vampires/Vampeels

    Preferred Weapon: All around
    Strength: Above Average
    Agility: Below Average
    Wisdom: Below Average
    Speciality: Good with a wide array of weapons, Can take the most hits

    Preferred Weapon: Staffs, Exorcism books
    Strength: Below Average
    Agility: Average
    Wisdom: Above Average
    Speciality: Senses the supernatural, Senses danger, Can dispell evil souls

    BIOGRAPHY: What has your character been up to before this point in the story?

    Okay guys, Good luck! Let's get started!

    IC: GM

    In a distant future, where mutants and demons slither in a world of darkness there was a small town surrounded by thick woods. The fog crept along the ground... As the clouds overtook the sky, a ray of moonlight broke free from their clutches. The Harvest Moon has begun...

    In the town known as "Draco" , each Harvest Moon brings forth an unspeakable evil. Those that survive the cursed night are cursed themselves. A town that is cursed... And doomed to the gates of Hell. A call was put forth for every Hunter in the land, to lift this curse and dispell the evil. Gold and rewards for those that claim the challenge... The Hunters that lift curse would then become myths, then stories, and then finally... Legends.

    LSA :) Edit: Locked due to inactivity.
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    god i would love to join,But i'm really trying to stay loyal to the steam chronicles!Otherwise everything is so confusing(I'd start firing silver bullets at zeppilins and fighting wherewolfs
    in steam-powered robo-suits!Actually,That would be awesome.
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