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Star Wars The Hunt for Tavira- 11ABY (Immediately following I, Jedi)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Darth_Ziantor, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. Darth_Ziantor

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    May 5, 2005
    "Ladies and gentlemen, on the screen before you is self-styled warlord Leona Tavira. She commands the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Invidious. Until recently, she had been commanding a group of pirates out of the Courkrus system. Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn, on a solo operation, discovered her location and with the assistance of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, was able to free the system from her tyranny and send her running. Unfortunately, we have no idea where she now is, and what her plans are.

    "That's where you come in. Chief of State Organa-Solo has personally asked Alpha Blue to hunt down Tavira. While she has publicly appointed General Wedge Antilles to lead a task force to hunt down Tavira, she has asked Alpha Blue to also hunt her down. We will be operating outside the law here, people. The orders for General Antilles is to capture Tavira and impound the Indvidious, bringing it back to Coruscant for refits and commissioning it as a New Republic vessel. This is to appease various groups in the Senate who believe that the Imperials can be rehabilitated.

    "But the Chief of State wants us to instead stage Tavira's death and capture her and take her to a secret holding facility on the planet Anoth. We are also tasked with destroying the Invidious, because once Tavira is captured her lieutenants will be scrambling to take control of the ship.

    "Make no mistake. This mission won't be a blue milk run. We were given this mission because of it's difficulty. Tavira managed to elude us for years before Commander Horn managed to track her down. Now that's she been spooked, we believe she will go even deeper into unexplored regions. One of the pirate leaders serving under her surrendered and provided us intelligence that leads us to believe she will be heading into the Deep Core, possibly towards one of the Empire's old outposts.

    "Your mission is to hunt her down, using whatever means are necessary. You're the best field agents Alpha Blue. I know that you can handle this mission. Good luck."

    -Admiral Hyram Drayson to Team Nexu, Alpha Blue operatives

    Welcome to Team Nexu, a black ops group formed from the ranks of Alpha Blue. Quite simply put, these are agents who have been pulled from their posts in all sectors to join Alpha Blue, a clandestine organization working outside the laws to serve the New Republic. Their current mission is to track down and dispose of dictators, rogue Imperial warlords, and any others who might threaten the peace of the New Republic while they're rebuilding.

    To that end, Team Nexu has been tasked with hunting down Leona Tavira, who has just escaped from an encounter with Luke Skywalker and Corran Horn. They must find her, capture her, and blow up her Star Destroyer- all without being discovered.


    Team Nexu is a group of agents who possess a variety of skills, from monitoring enemy communications to precision shooting to slicing a bank's security system in less than thirty seconds. Furthermore, they are nondescript, easily forgettable, and subtle. Simply put- the best of the best. So this is your chance to create some skills for your character. They were the galaxy's greatest pod racer before they were approached by Alpha Blue to pilot speeders on covert ops? Awesome. They used to perform in an all Duros circus as a high-wire performer? Cool. Go nuts, but keep it somewhat realistic. No one's going to believe that you broke in to the Chief of State's office, spit on her desk and walked out while she watched.

    Let's keep it realistic with the special-type characters (Jedi, Mandalorians, etc.). There's no reason why a Jedi can't be involved in the hunt, or why a Mandalorian was invited to join the team. But only one or two, not eighty, please.


    [b][u]THE RULES[/u][/b]
    2.) No God-moding- yes, you have some awesome skills, but don't go overboard
    3.) Keep it realistic
    4.) Courtesy to other players
    5.) Have fun


  2. Darth_Ziantor

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    May 5, 2005
    Name: Tevin Katal
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corulag
    Affiliation: New Republic
    ---Traits: Quiet, Loyal, Intense, Humorless, Smart
    ---Likes: Corellian Ale, Cleaning his guns, target shooting, Training
    ---Dislikes: Terrorists, Loud people, sitting around doing nothing
    ---Habits: Cleans guns when sitting, steeples fingers when listening to information
    ---Skin Color: White/Caucasian
    ---Hair Color: Dark Brown
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Clothing: Black boots, pants, belt, shirt and flight jacket
    ---Other Attributes: Shoulder rig for blaster
    ---Other Details: Tall, muscular build
    Weapons: Double-barrel E-11 rifle, DL-44 blaster, vibroblade in boot, Mustafar bandit sword
    Starship (if applicable)
    ---Name: Double Deuce
    ---Class: Lambda-class shuttle
    ---Hyperdrive Class: Class 2.0 (military configuration)
    ---Weapon(s): Taim & Bak KX5 laser cannons (8 forward, 2 aft)- standard military configuration
    ---Shields: Multiple shield generators (100 SBD)
    ---Sublight Speed: 850 km/h
    ---Crew: minimum 1
    ---Passenger(s): up to 20
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 80 metric tons
    ---Interior Description: Standard military
    ---Other Details: Painted black
    The Force (if applicable) N/A
    -----Handle Description(s):
    ---Force Abilities:
    ---Force Weakness:
    ---Other Force Object(s):
    ---Personal History: Born on Corulag, Tevin Katal seemed like an ordinary boy. During his childhood he participated in various sports, and eventually became a star grav-ball player at the academy he attended as a teenager. After graduating Tevin joined the New Republic Armed Forces when a recruiter promised him a grav-ball contract if he served in the military for three years. After his three years were finished, no contract materialized as his recruiter had been killed in combat. Tevin signed up to play in a small league out on the Outer Rim. Unfortunately, the league was a cover for a drug smuggling ring. When Tevin was approached to be a bodyguard for a drug lord, he killed the man and went on the run. A huge bounty was put on his head. Tevin laid low for a couple years after passing his information on to the New Republic. When the drug ring was shut down and the bounty removed, Tevin rejoined the New Republic as an undercover agent. After three more successful busts, he was approached by Alpha Blue to lead a team of covert operatives into a highly dangerous and controversial mission- rescuing a surrendering Imperial official who had offered to turn evidence in exchange for asylum. Tevin succeeded in breaking in to the residence where the official was, but it was a trap. Tevin was the only member of his team to survive the explosion. He hunted down the Imperial official and killed him. From there Tevin was tapped to lead a new black ops team that would go in and kill the opposition, to prevent further mistakes like what had just happened.
    ---Military History: Served three years with the New Republic Armed Services; served as an undercover agent for New Republic Intelligence; recruited by Alpha Blue as a covert ops leader; now leads black ops group Team Nexu.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: His entire team was killed in an explosion set by Imperials.
  3. Tamlan_Eld

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    Jun 22, 2010
    Name: Dart Aldis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Dantooine
    Affiliation: New Republic/ New Jedi Order
    ---Traits: Sarcastic and loyal
    ---Likes: Long walks on the beach? Oh, seriously? Warm caf before a mission
    ---Dislikes: views unfair fighting as cowardly
    ---Habits: aside from being a caf addict? Strokes his gotee when thinking deeply
    ---Skin Color: light
    ---Hair Color: brown
    ---Eye Color: blue
    ---Clothing: wears a blue shirt under his black nerf hide jacket and black pants and boots
    ---Other Attributes: has a brown gotee and a scar on his chest, just above his heart from a blaster shot
    ---Other Details: at five foot six, he isn't very tall
    Weapons: a DL-44 blaster on his hip, a modified hold-out blaster that he conceals, and his lightsaber
    Starship (if applicable)
    ---Name: The Longshot
    ---Class: YT-1000 freighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.5x
    ---Weapon(s): quad lasers and proton torpedos
    ---Shields: normal
    ---Sublight Speed: 850km/hr
    ---Crew: 3 (when alone, Dart uses a pair of droids to aid him)
    ---Passenger(s): 10
    ---Max Cargo (kg): can carry five tons
    ---Interior Description: very symmetrical
    ---Other Details: a bit banged up, but Dart wouldn't have it any other way
    The Force (if applicable)
    ---Sensitivity: yes, at 7500 mpc
    ---Religion: the living Force
    -----Crystal(s): a Dantooine crystal that was a family heirloom
    -----Blade(s): a single blade
    -----Color(s): Cyan
    -----Handle Description(s): a basic silver handle with some electrum detail
    ---Force Abilities: the core powers as well as having the ability to heal and a talent with the mind trick
    ---Force Weakness: Dart's body is weak to Force lightning
    ---Other Force Object(s): none
    ---Personal History: Dart's parents were Jedi who survived the purge. His father, however died at the battle of Yavin and so his mother retreated to Dantooine to raise him and teach him the way of the Jedi. He and his mother often settled disputes between farmers and defended the against the occasional raider trouble. Most of his training took place in the Jedi ruins where he believed he could hear whispers from the Jedi ghosts there. The fateful day came when the Emperor was killed and eventually the New Republic was at last in control. Dart's mother was reluctant in aiding the fledgling government, but Dart himself wasn't. He immedeatly began going on covert missions to do what an army can't. A few months ago, while he was taking some r&r at home a group of Trandoshan slavers had assaulted a nearby town and Dart's mother had gone to defend the people. Dart and his mother saved most of the farmers, but his mother had die in the battle. Following his mother's death Dart went to Yavin 4 to finally meet the legendary Luke Skywalker. At the Jedi Praxeum Dart had found a new home, until the New Republic needed his help once more...
    ---Military History: Dart has, on occasion aided the New Republic on missions to thwart the remnant. These missions had been both public and black ops. Dart has always jumped at an opportunity to help those in need. He is used to being a leader of small strike teams, but he has experience as a follower as well.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Seeing his mother die by the vibroblade of a Trandoshan raider.
  4. The_Cheshire_Cat

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    Jul 3, 2009

    Name: ?Riddle?
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Species: Kiffar -
    Homeworld: Kiffex/Coruscant
    Affiliation: Galactic Republic/Team Nexu
    Personality: Rigid, quiet, tends to be quite gruff and a little more than rude
    ---Traits: Straight forward, quite stubborn, if employed many have found that it was best to keep him on a tight leash
    ---Likes: Doing things his way, attention, anything that will get him high, and Twi?lek females (he has an infatuation)
    ---Dislikes: People doing things other than how he wanted them, the law (as a general rule) really tight pants, and people who appear to be, or are, weak
    ---Habits: Tends to draw capital letters on his cheek with his finger if deep in thought, or posed with a problem, he also tugs his lower lip. He grinds his teeth when he?s angry, and when he?s asleep, causing his many bed partners to deliver a resounding ?WHAP!? just to shut him up. It usually works in a way they had not intended, which they quickly find as they gather their clothing from outside of his door and trek home.
    ---Skin Color: Dark brown
    ---Hair Color: A red, brownish hue
    ---Eye Color: A steely grey
    ---Clothing: Whatever?s appropriate for the situation, whether formal, informal, or during an operation
    ---Other Attributes: He would be best described as almost lithe and catlike
    ---Other Details: His face is a canvas for what they call qukuuf distinct facial tattoos in order to distinguish clan. They are of dark blue colour, gracing his face as one might see elaborately arranged vines upon a stone wall. His hair is shorn very close to the skin, causing some to mistake him for a human since most male Kiffar set their hair in dreadlocks as is widely preferred.
    Starship-Not applicable

    The Force-Not applicable

    ---Personal History: ?Riddle? was born on Kiffex, son to a pair of Kiffu Guardians ( ) Much of his young life was spent in an expectedly strict household, adhering to the many rules one would impose upon a child, such as wiping your feet upon the mat before entering the house, paying homage to your elders, respecting your siblings and such. ?Riddle? was not alone in this endeavor of ?growing up?, accompanying him were two sisters and a brother, ?Riddle? being the oldest out of all 4. As a child, he was joyful and carefree, as those of such an age are apt to be, and he generally found his pleasure in going with his parents to the prisons, whether touring, or just learning about overall prison life, both for those guarding and for those sealed in their cells. He turned out to be an eager learner and his parents oft commented on how fast he did so, including, how well he did. Sadly, as to every bright ray of sunshine, there was always a black cloud to obscure it. As ?Riddle? tagged along his parents while they went about their rounds, along with his sisters and brother, they were beckoned over by a group of inmates, far behind their parent?s line of sight. Being children, and being inquisitive, they sidled up to the bars. ?Riddle?, knowing the dangers of getting so close to inmates, kept his respectful distance, his siblings, however, crowded against the durasteel rods. Enclosed behind was a mighty dreadful pair, including that of a Devorian, and a large, abnormally shaggy, Wookie. In one sudden movement, the Wookie wrapped his arms around his sisters whilst the other slipped his arm around his brother?s neck. Grinning widely the Devorian winked at ?Riddle?, ?Hey, kid, wanna see somethin? cool?? This entire time, the young Kiffar had remained frozen stiff out of pure fear, unable to muster enough voice to croak out for his parents who were, by now, a good distance away down the hall, keeping with their rounds. With a sudden jerk, the Devorian broke his brother?s neck, laughing, as the Wookie quickly squeezed the life out of his sisters, their wide, imploring eyes fixed on him as he was rooted to the spot, unab
  5. Darth_Ziantor

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    May 5, 2005
    OOC: Was hoping for some more people to join, but haven't had any more responses. If anyone else does want to join, PM me your character sheet and we'll make room for you!

    IC: Tevin Katal

    Tevin surveyed the two other people in the room before him. To his right was a Kiffar who appeared to be daydreaming, lazily drawing letters on his cheek with his fingernail. To his left stood the Jedi who had been appointed to the team. He was guzzling down caf like it was going out of style. Tevin found it strange that one of Luke Skywalker's pet Jedi was part of a black ops team working for the government but shrugged it off. After all, if an alien could become a Grand Admiral in the pro-human Imperial Navy, then anything was possible.

    Still, only three of them to hunt through the Deep Core to find and destroy an Imperial warlord and her Star Destroyer. It was a tall order for anything short of a full team of those Noghri commandos General Cracken had discovered and the power of a Mon Cal cruiser. But if anyone could do it, it was the team in front of them.

    Taking a breath, Tevin addressed his team. "Alright, listen up. I'm Tevin Katal. Admiral Drayson has put me in command of Team Nexu. None of us hold a commission, so don't try any of this 'sir' nonsense. I'm Tevin, plain and simple. You know our objective. I know there's only three of us for now, but Admiral Drayson assures me that he has complete faith in us to complete this assignment."

    Tevin clicked a button and the holoprojector switched to the image of a Lambda-class shuttle painted black. "This is the Double Deuce. It will serve as our mobile base and transportation while we hunt through the Deep Core. It's currently parked in Docking Bay 34 on level 17 of the Intelligence building. You are to report to the ship tomorrow morning at 0700 for departure. Until then, unless you have any other questions, I'm releasing you for the remainder of the time to make your goodbyes, gather your belongings and do whatever else needs to be done. Remember, this is a top secret assignment, so don't tell anyone what you're doing. The cover story is investigating illegal podracing on Malastare.

    "So, if you have a question now, ask it. Otherwise, try to stay out of trouble and I'll see you tomorrow morning at 0700."

    TAG: Riddle, Dart Aldis
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    Jun 22, 2010
    "So if you have a question now, ask it." Tevin had said. Dart had one. "How will we be travelling? I have a freighter, it was my parents'. It can get us where we need to go, but if you've got something else in mind I can leave it here." Dart considered a fourth cup of caf, but decided against it.
  7. Tamlan_Eld

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    Jun 22, 2010
    OOC: sorry I didn't write much this time I'm dealing with a lot today, this won't be the norm.
    "So if you have a question now, ask it." Tevin had said. Dart had one. "How will we be travelling? I have a freighter, it was my parents'. It can get us where we need to go, but if you've got something else in mind I can leave it here." Dart considered a fourth cup of caf, but decided against it.
  8. The_Cheshire_Cat

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    Jul 3, 2009
    Riddle finished with 'Z' and started over again as he surveyed the 'Double Deuce'. At 'C' his observations had changed from the ship itself to the owner, a well built man with glinting green eyes and an imposing presence, radiating a clear air of authority. Tevin. Tevin Katal if Riddle remembered the file right. He had made it a habit to read about his companions before each and every mission, it helped to see what made them tick, as well as to see what experience they had. It certainly made his job a whole lot easier if they weren't greenhorns. While his finger tips traced an 'H' he turned his grey eyes to the Jedi with unconcealed distaste, there were countless accounts in the galaxy's history where untold amounts of life had been lost because of the Jedi's involvement. Loss of life that could've been prevented if their council had enough mind and wit about them to keep their religious noses out of other people's business. Peacekeepers. The Kiffar scoffed aloud, an obvious mockery to the Jedi Order and what it stood for, and a clear insult aimed torward the Jedi himself. Dart Aldis, Skywalker's little animal. Where was his leash? Word about that his own parents were Jedi themselves until the Purge and a slaver raid caught both of them. Riddle was unsure as to Aldis' experience, the Council had put a lockdown on his files. He could only hope he was as good as all the Jedi claimed to be, though he had his heavy doubts. He scoffed again, allowing a cold smile to grace his lips as Dart asked, "How will we be travelling? I have a freighter, it was my parents'. It can get us where we need to go, but if you've got something else in mind I can leave it here."

    "He just said that we're taking the Lamda shuttle," The Kiffar rebuked in a strong Western Coruscanti accent, his steel grey eyes slowly inching their way back to the front of the room, "Don't be dense. If you're as slow as this on the mission, don't expect the Imps to offer any mercy, they prey on the weak." Riddle angled his head slightly so that he could see the Jedi out of the corner of his eye, "So do I." Nodding to Tevin, the Kiffar pushed himself to his feet, "I'll see you tommorow." He offered the Jedi, Dart, another cold glare as he breezed from the room with the pure intent of getting himself a pack of deathsticks. He needed to get high.

    Tag: Tamlan_Eld and Darth_Ziantor, perhaps a parting shot? ; )
  9. Tamlan_Eld

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    Jun 22, 2010
    After the Kiffar walked from the room Dart looked at Tevin, "I can tell we're all gonna be good friends already." Dart let a smile spread across his face. The smile was short lived as Dart stood and lowered his gaze to the ground, "I will be honest with you... my mind has been a little cluttered latelym I'll meditate this evening and get it clear for the mission." Dart turned to leave, but decided to fill his caf cup before he headed off for his hotel room.

    OOC: Oh, man. Sorry about my first post, four hours of sleep and a hellish day at work equals a sloppy post.
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    May 5, 2005
    IC: Tevin Katal

    Tevin watched as Riddle mocked the Jedi, keeping silent. What little he knew of the Kiffar told him that there might be a little friction there. But Drayson had assigned them to the team, knowing their full histories and he was sure that the Admiral wouldn't have made a mistake like that.

    Riddle walked out of the room, clearly expecting some sort of parting shot. For whatever reason, the Jedi didn't rise to the bait. Maybe he's better focused than I originally thought. Asking about taking his freighter just after I introduced the Double Deuce made me question his judgment, but he seems pretty well trained. I'm not fond of Skywalker's lackeys, but he's trained a few of them to work well in the normal realms.

    Dart came up and apologized, then walked out, cradling a half finished cup of caf. He was going to be in for a rude awakening when they left port and the limited supply of caf was going to have to be split three ways.

    Shutting down the holoprojector, Tevin made his way to the door and out the hallway. He had lived in the barracks at Alpha Blue for the past three years, and he always had a bag packed for missions like these. He had no one to say goodbye to, so instead he grabbed a quick dinner from the cafeteria, then retired to his quarters and settled in for a light sleep. He had a feeling he would be receiving a call to bail Riddle out of jail or something later that night. The Kiffar seemed to have a drug problem, and his arrest record was quite impressive. Tevin was convinced the man would try to score one last time before they set out on their mission, and it was sure to go horribly wrong. And Drayson would call Tevin to bail Riddle out, and then the Alpha Blue techs would wipe him from all records.

    Tevin settled in for sleep, and closed his eyes.

    TAG: Riddle, Dart Aldis

    OOC: This is a chance for you to go on a mini-adventure before the game really gets started. I'm not always consistent with the Internet so there may be a little lag at times. Also, one final note which kind of flies in the face of this, but please keep OOCs to a minimum. Any comments or questions, please PM instead of posting in the thread. Thanks! Sounds good so far
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    Jun 22, 2010
    The Jedi got to the hotel and went straight to his room, once inside he sat on his bed and closed his eyes to catch some sleep. Images of his mother's broken corpse at the feet of a reptilian monster flooded his fatigued mind. "This isn't gonna happen." He said, rising from the bed and walking to the door. Dart caught a cab speeder and decided to head off to the nearest cantina.

    Paying the driver, Dart mused at his choice of cantina; The Belly of the Beast. To say that this was a rough place was like saying Palpatine was harsh on Jedi. Dart wondered fopr a moment if he chose theses places because he was looking for trouble. He shrugged the thought off. As he approached the entrance a gruff Weequay held a hand up to stop him.
    "You want go in, you pay toll to Garuta." The Weequay could use a Basic lesson, and a breath mint.
    Dart shook his head. "Look, I just want to get a drink." The Weequay shook his head and folded his arms against his chest. Dart sighed and waved two fingers at the alien. "You just relized we go way back and you don't want my money."
    The Weequay's eyes went wide and a smile exploded onto his face. "My friend, your money's no good with me! Go, enjoy your self!"
    Dart smiled and nodded, and in he went.

    Dart sat himself at the bar and scanned the scene; a mixture of species drinking equally diverse drinks. The Deveronian tender turned from his duties and regarded Dart with caution, sizing him up. "What'll it be?" The tender asked.
    Dart looked the Deveronian in the eyes. "Tarisian ale." He said, laying a credchip on the bar. A Zeltron next to him took notice. She turned and gave Dart an innocent smile. Dart wanted to roll his eyes. "Can I help you?" He said.
    "Well," she said, "maybe we could help each other."
    Dart smiled. "Or you could tell your partner to not even try taking my credpouch." Her eyes went wide. "C'mon chic," Dart said with a grin, "that's an old trick." The Zeltron in front of him and the Sullustan behind him got up and left. Dart thought he heard her say something about a shabla jeedai as she left, but only smiled. Why does everyone seem to have a problem with Jedi? he thought.
    The tender returned with the ale and Dart gave him a nod. "I don't want any trouble. I haven't paid this place off yet." The tender seemed to be pleading. Dart just gave him another nod and a smile. He began sipping his ale slowly.
  12. Darth_Ziantor

    Darth_Ziantor Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 5, 2005
    OOC: Welcome to our newest player, grayaus. He'll be posting his character sheet soon.

    IC: Tevin Katal

    Tevin woke up to a beep from his comlink. He reached for it, fully awake. This was the call he was expecting. The damn Kiffar, Riddle, was probably in prison from feeling up the wrong woman or attempting to buy deathsticks from some undercover security officer.

    But he was wrong. On the other end was Admiral Hiram Drayson.

    "Katal. Last minute addition to your team. We just got the paperwork back on him this evening and he'll be a prime candidate for your team. Jacen Werin. Chiss. Looks kind of like Thrawn, which is disturbing, but might be helpful when you run into the Imps. Can say he survived the attack, or had a decoy or something. Mandalorian trained, so we know he has the combat ability. He's ruthless. There might be an issue with the Jedi, but frankly, we need this guy, and I'm sure the Jedi can handle it. Skywalker trains his students to withstand all kinds of things. And you can handle all of them.

    "I'll let you get back to sleep. We can't really risk Werin being seen out in public, as he doesn't exactly blend in and the propaganda footage of Thrawn is still fresh in everyone's minds. He's in a secluded room on the far side of the complex. We'll get him to the Double Deuce tomorrow morning. Until then, sleep well, Captain."

    Tevin had scribbled down the information as Drayson relayed it. Mandalorian as the same species as Thrawn. That would be interesting. Tevin rolled back over and settled back in to a light sleep, waiting for either a call from prison or an alarm.

    TAG: Riddle, Dart Aldis, Jacen Werin
  13. The_Cheshire_Cat

    The_Cheshire_Cat Jedi Knight

    Jul 3, 2009
    IC: Riddle

    Riddle swore colourfully as he dodged his way through pedestrians and vehicles. Everyone else swore just as colourfully back, fist waving, eyestalks quivering with indignation, while the Kiffar stole his way around them. Following close in hot pursuit was the local law enforcement, their tell-tale blue coats flashing ever so often as they pounded after him. Riddle threw a glance over his shoulder, swore again, and ducked into a nearby alley, pushing apart a couple that had gone past the limit set in public. They shouted after him in anger, but that quickly turned into suprise as the police shoved their own way past them, two of them stopping to reprimand them for public indecency. 'Good,' thought the ex-thief to himself, 'Less to deal with later...' If they allowed a later. Ahead of him there loomed a steep wall, the dead end to this byway, but this perturbed the Kiffar not. With a grunt, he launched himself up and latched himself on, crawling almost spider-like up the surface. Hand over hand, hand over hand. His keen eyes spotted an over hang which he could easily grab hold of, and with the surity of a professional he shuffled right into the path of a stun bolt.

    He was barely aware of tumbling away from the surface of the wall, his fingers scrabbling for what was no longer there.



    Caught, and laid upon the ground.

    Blurred faces passed in and out of his eyesight, leaning close, studying then pulling away.

    Calling to someone away.



    Lifting him up now, sound is muted, as if he were underwater.



    Someone was waving in his face., waving something in his face.

    A light? hurt...and suddenly in a rush of noise and feeling, his conciousness swooped back, leaving him gasping, sweaty. Firm fingers gripped his chin and tilted his face up.
    "I...I swear...I didn't know she was 16..." Riddle protested weakly, supported by strong able arms on either side. "Yeah, yeah, that's what they always say." The voice came from the human who had lifted his head, and who now let it fall back down again, "Didja search 'im?" There came a grunt from out of Riddle's sight, "Yeah, Cap, we found these..." The Kiffar looked up in time to see his pack of deathsticks passed from one hand to the other and a chill rippled through him. No! Not his 'sticks! "Hey, hey...c'mon now, ye cain' just cain't take me 'sticks, huh? I paid fer 'em, right? So they' they're mine, right? Mine own?" In his desperation he had reverted back to his old street speak, something he hadn't used in years, but was still mightily proficient at.

    "They're illegal, that's what they are, they are HERE, anyways." Said the human, slipping the deathsticks into a clear bag and sealing it with a glowing wand, "Cuff him and stick him in the wagon, aight? We'll deal with him back at the station." As they led him to the wagon to slip the cuffs on, Riddle mind swam in panic. This wasn't good. Not good at all. He had a mission to go to tommorow, and he might miss it because he touched the wrong Twi'lek and had the urge to get him some 'sticks. He noticed, through the swirling thoughts, however, that the cuffs they snicked onto him were the new Las-links, sonium alloy rings connected by a beam of red light, designed to keep a con within a specified space before hand. If he left that space, the cuffs would shock him, or her as the case may be, until they could barely breath and the coppers could come pick them up. Riddle shook his bindings experimentally and only elicted a hum as they hustled him into the back of one of their Enforcement Wagons. "Wait!" He called before they closed the door, "Don't I get one call? One holo-call, right? Con's rights and all? Right?" A burly Duros scoffed as she closed the door "Sure, if you think that'll help..."

    Which was how Captain Katal was woken for the 2nd time that night by a call from a
  14. grayaus

    grayaus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Name: Jacen Werin
    Gender: male
    Age: 39
    Species: Chiss
    Home world: Mandalore
    Affiliation: Mandalorians, republic
    ---Traits: good sense of hummer, loyal, sharpshooter, and will not by any means necessary kill a woman.
    ---Likes: guns, his home world.
    ---Dislikes: drugs, jedi, people with no respect for women
    ---Habits: tends to look at his holograph of his wife
    ---Skin Color: blue
    ---Hair Color: black
    ---Eye Color: red
    ---Clothing: Mandalore heavy Armor
    ---Other Attributes: has a scare going down his eye
    ---Other Details: sharpshooter
    Weapons: X-45 sniper rifle
    Starship none

    The Force n/a
    ---Personal History: he was born on Mandalore, his parents crashed on the planet when they were children. There parents died in the crash. They were raised to be Mandalorian solders. Jacen had a normal life until he was 5 that's when the training began
    ---Military History: he was trained to be a killer from the age of 5. When he was 15 he meant and married a beautiful human named Alexander Cray. She was murdered (under) when she turned 25. He then left mandalor doing odd jods for the republic and anyone who was willing to pay
    ---Traumatic Experiences: his wife was brutally stab to death in front of him with a knife. he was stad in the leg not being able to do any thing. when she was lying down dead and the man started taking her cloths of, Jacen took the knife out of his leg and threw it at the man.
  15. Darth_Ziantor

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    May 5, 2005
    IC: Tevin Katal

    The comlink rang for the second time that night. Tevin rolled over and answered it.

    "Captain Katal."

    The voice on the other end was the gravelly voice of what Tevin recognized to be a Duros.

    "I'm sorry to awaken you Captain, but we have a bit of a situation. We just picked up a Kiffar down in the underground for possession and soliciting a minor. As you are aware, these are both very serious offenses. We have him in holding, but he insisted that his one phone call go to you. He claims that you're his superior."

    Tevin silently swore to himself. Damn it Riddle. We're undercover. You can't be saying things like that.

    "Well I don't know about that. I serve with New Republic Security, and we have on occasion worked with some fringe types to gather information. The exact details are outside your clearance level. I remember one particular Kiffar was particularly helpful, but I don't know why he would call me. Still, I'd better come down and check it out. If he's one of our agents, his capture could greatly compromise our ability to hunt down some of the other criminals in the underground."

    It was a cover story that Tevin had used numerous times to get members of his team out of trouble. But they had never before slipped that he was their commanding officer. Tevin was going to have a long conversation with Riddle about this.

    Tevin got the location of the holding cell and signed off. Pulling on his boots and a black flight jacket, he headed to the motor pool to sign out a speeder. As he piloted along, he gave his roster some more thought.

    A Kiffar who clearly had a drug problem, not to mention a host of other criminal activity. A caf-addicted Jedi. And a Mandalorian that he hadn't met yet. What was Drayson doing? On other undercover ops, Tevin had at least had a say in who was on his team. To be perfectly honest, he wouldn't have selected any of the current Team Nexu members. But Drayson had shut him out after the operation on Balmorra went bad. He had kept his commission but Admiral Drayson had said that he wouldn't be involved with selecting operatives. He had let his personal feelings decide the matter, not who was best for the job. As a result, his friends had perished.

    Still, this ragtag group was surely not going to play well together. The Jedi didn't like criminals, Mandalorians hated the Jedi, and none of them were exactly staunch supporters of the New Republic. It was going to be difficult to work together to accomplish their goals.

    Tevin landed his speeder outside the jail, and entered. A young Gotal sat at the reception desk. Tevin pulled out his fake New Republic Secruity clearance badge and handed it to the Gotal. "Captain Janix Katal, New Republic Security. I was contacted about the Kiffar you guys picked up a couple hours ago."

    The Gotal nodded and handed back the badge. "Right back that way, sir," he said as he indicated a door behind his right shoulder.

    Tevin breezed through the door and down to the desk of the man who was clearly in charge, a large Duros man.

    "Captain Katal. You called me about the Kiffar prisoner."

    "Ah, Captain Katal, nice to meet you. I'm Brevet Captain Erons Fa. The prisoner is right this way."

    Fa started to lead Katal down towards Riddle's cell, trying to start up a conversation.

    "So, New Republic Security? You know, I applied there, but ended up choosing to stick with Coruscant. Let's me stay close to my family. Never know when they'll send you out to the Outer Rim or something, right?"

    Katal sighed inwardly. Another toadying lackey, trying to look tough in front of a superior. He just gave the Duros a curt nod.

    "So what kind of work do you do that you have this drugged out Kiffar as an informant?"

    "That's classified. Let's just say that there are some... unsavory types who wish to harm the New Republic. We don't let them."

    Finally, they arrived in front of the Kiffar. Riddle rose to say something, but Tevin ignored him. He turned to Fa.

    "That's the one. I'll take him from here as soon as you release him."

    Fa nodded, and let Riddle out
  16. grayaus

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    Jun 30, 2010
    IC: Jacen
    "Damn racists People!" Jacen screamed as he was being chased by two Chiss haters. he could have killed them with out worry, but being a Mandalorian and Chiss plus two dead bodies, wouldn't really work out. he turned a corner hoping to get to his destination faster, but he came to a dead end.
    "Now we got you." one of the Chiss haters said to Jacen drawing a kitchen knife, the other one did the same.
    "come one guys, cant we be friends?" Jacen asked distracting them as he reached for his X-45 sniper rifle.
    " Are you for real, your going to die Stoopa, and so is the res..." he didn't get to finish talking as Jacen shot him through his right eye, the other one jump back surprised. Jacen went and picked up the dead chiss haters knife walked over to the other one with a smile on his face. the man was scared.
    "ah, you wet yourself. here let me take you out of you humiliation." Jacen said putting the knife in the air. there was a scream in the air that night.

    As Jacen entered the place were he was suppose to be everyone started to stare at him. He kept on walking smiling like there was nothing wrong. even though there was blood on him and he was suppese to be in his room. some one came up and asked what happen.
    "cut my self scaring some chiss hater,he will know better than try to pick a fight with a Chiss next time." he said kindly. he went to his room were he was suppose to be but he really didn't care about that, just because he was a Chiss the republic thought they could lock him were ever they wanted.

    he entered his room. through his bag on the floor and activated his hologram of his wife. she died 14 years before, but he still loved her.
    "I could use a drink" he said getting up. he walked back down the stairs of the Alpha Blue barracks.

    when he got down to the bottom of the stairs the first thing he saw was a knocked out Kiffar, then he saw from his hologram image of his team, Tevin Katal, he went into an attention stance and saluted to his superior.
    "sir, Jacen Werin reporting for duty."
    Tag: Tevin Katal
  17. Darth_Ziantor

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    May 5, 2005
    IC: Tevin Katal

    The Chiss stood in front of him. While he didn't look like Thrawn, the blue skin and red eyes were still disconcerting. And he was out of his room. There were people around. The whole point was to keep him a secret. Even one person spreading a rumor that a Thrawn look-alike was running around would compromise their mission.

    "What the hell are you doing out of your barracks?! Admiral Drayson had you there for a reason. Your species isn't exactly wide-spread throughout the galaxy. If anyone were to see you out, even in these secure barracks, it could still compromise your effectiveness to our mission. If you're going to stroll around here, keep your damn helmet on! I know that you just cleared as an operative, but Admiral Drayson gave you an order to stay put. What do you have to say for yourself, soldier?"

    Tevin hated having to pull rank on his team, but he was in charge, and he would do what he had to. First the stupid Kiffar had gone and got himself arrested on serious charges, and now the new guy was walking around, broadcasting his presence to the world.

    TAG: Jacen Werin
  18. grayaus

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    Jun 30, 2010
    IC: Jacen Werin.
    Jacen stood there taking in everything the commander gave him, then he lost all respected for him.
    "ah hell why did I leave Mandalore .I will put my helmet on, not for you or the republic, but for the mission" he said walking away from his commander.

    He entered his room looking for his red and green helmet that matched his Armour. Damn raciest,thinking all Chiss are the same. telling me to stay in my room like some child, that will never happen. He thought to himself as he put his helmet on. he walked out of his room down the stairs ignoring anything the commander was saying to him and walked outside. his helmet was on just liked the commander said.

    He started walking over to local cantina. he was stopped outside of the door by a Weequay.
    "stop right there, You want go in, you pay toll to Garuta." the Weequay must have said that alot it looked like it as is 9 favorite words.
    "Hey body have you ever meant a Mandalorian before?" He shook his head. " then you don't want, to trust me." Jacen started walking into the cantina, when the Weequay reached out for him. Jacen turned around quick and injected some kind of poisen into the Weequay. as it started gasping for air Jacen entered the bar.

    As he entered he headed towards the bar tender. when he saw Jacen it was like a beacon of hope.
    "hey Mando, can you do me a favor?" he asked Jacen. he waved his head yes "good, you see that man there" he pointed to a man in a robe."he's a jedi, been casing me some trouble. Can you deal with him, please. I will pay"
    "no problem, Jedi are hard to kill, but I killed one 5 years ago, the same way I will kill this one." he said. "In his next drink put this in it" he handed the bar tender the thing he injected the Weequay with.
    Tag: Dart Aldis
  19. The_Cheshire_Cat

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    Jul 3, 2009
    IC: Riddle

    The wait was a torturous one, and the guards didn't have the decency to remove the cuffs, so everytime Riddle wanted to scratch his nose, he nearly burnt it off with the beam that connected his manacles. It took an hour before they finally cleared his request for a holo-call, but they wouldn't let him near it, he had to relay his message to the Duros in charge, some captain something or other. They all looked the same to him. When they had finished, they hustled him back to his cell, and the next half-hour was the most tense in the Kiffar's life. Aside from the time when he had gone to the Lady Ionpe's mansion to get one of her priceless gems, only to find out it was in her room, and when he had snuck in she and her butler were...but anyway. When the Duros stalked in with Katal in tow, Riddle shot to his feet, attempting to quickly explain himself, but anything of that sort was quietly dismissed as the Captain kept his eyes on the Duros. Mumbling to himself, he glared at the Duros when he led him out, then turned to ask Katal what took him so damn long, but never finished the turn before he was struck in the back of the head. The ground rushed up to meet him, and the last coherent thought was: 'I'm REALLY going to get it...'

    For the second time that night, he regained conciousness in a place where he would've paid dearly to get out of. He found himself, thankfully unbound, seated in a chair across from Katal from where he was positioned behind his desk.
    "Cap...Cap, I..." He began, staggeringly, but was interrupted as a Chiss marched in and saluted Katal, barking his name. To which promptly, the Captain ripped the man a new one, allowing Riddle to breathe slightly easier, and his shoulders straightened in relief as he realized he wasn't the only one positioned under the guillotine. He couldn't help but feel a slight flare of anger as the Chiss responded with impunity, a clear lack of respect and stalked out, yeah, sure, the Cap could get on your case about a few stupid things sometimes, but that wasn't a reason to spit in his face. Realising he had the floor once more, he coughed, "I...I didn't know, Captain, I mean...she...she told me she was of age and all, and so I went with it, and...don't kick me off, Cap, please."

    This was something he was unaccustomed to, begging, he could barely remember the last time he had done it, and he wouldn't have even come close if the Chiss had stayed, or if even Dart had been present, forbid it all. Noticing he was coming off somewhat weak, he straightened his back, held up his chin, and let his eyes glint with a deep light as he rephrased, "I was unaware, Captain, I didn't do the research as should've been proper in seducing, sir. If you see it fit to keep me of this team, sir, I'd understand, I overstepped my bounds, sir, it won't happen again. In your knowledge." He added, because there wasn't any way he was going to give up his 'sticks.

    Tag: Darth_Ziantor
  20. Tamlan_Eld

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    Jun 22, 2010
    Dart turned as he heard another being enter the room, a Mandalorian? Here? Not good. Dart could sense a fading life outside the door and shook his head, Garuta should have just let the Mando go. Dart turned back around and tried to supress the urge to gawk at the Mando. Dart waved at the tender for another drink, and it was there quickly. Too quickly. Dart once again reached out with his Force senses, danger from the cup. Dart sighed, why can't I drink in peace? He stood from his stool, laid a credchip on the bar. "Keep the tip, pal." He said with irritation in his voice. You'd think this galaxy would be more appreciative of Jedi, he thought as he made his way to the exit.
  21. Darth_Ziantor

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    May 5, 2005
    OOC: Taking GM control to get game back on track

    IC: Tevin Katal

    Tevin watched as the Mandalorian marched off, still fuming. This wasn't the first time Tevin had dealt with such disobedience, but Werin was the most disrespectful man Tevin had ever commanded. He sighed and pulled out a comlink.

    "Control, I need a security detail on Jacen Werin. Keep track of him via holocams while on base. But I have a feeling he's going to rabbit. I want two plainclothes on him. Keep me updated on his whereabouts once he leaves."

    Tevin watched the Kiffar squirm a little bit, even begging. Finally, the Kiffar straightened up and apologized in a tone worthy of someone of his background.

    Tevin nodded his head. "It's alright Riddle. We all make mistakes. I was expecting this call. One doesn't rise to the rank of Captain in Alpha Blue without being able to read his subordinates. And you saw how Werin behaved. You at least listen to orders. Don't mistake my tone. You are still in a lot of trouble. A mistake like this on some backwater planet, and my credentials wouldn't have been able to secure your release. Until we take off tomorrow, you are going to be under lock and key. We have holding cells that we're going to keep you in. This is just to keep from running this risk again."

    The Kiffar nodded meekly as two men came in to lead him to his cell. Tevin checked his comlink. It was the surveillance team.

    "We've tracked Werin to a cantina down in the underground. He just killed the Weequay bouncer and is entering the cantina. Orders?"

    "Stay there. Do not interfere unless need be. I'm on my way. Be prepared to take him in to custody. If he's killing civilians then we can't afford to let him stay out in public. We're bringing him in."

    Tevin went back to the motor pool and once again checked out a speeder. He arrived outside the cantina ten minutes later. One of the surveillance team members was waiting outside.

    "The bartender has just engaged Werin's services to take out a Jedi inside. My partner reports that Jedi Altis is inside. A confrontation is likely."

    Tevin swore and entered the cantina. Sure enough, a helmeted Mandalorian was inside, watching the Jedi. Tevin walked straight up to Werin.

    "Back down. You are under arrest. You've killed an innocent civilian and about to attempt murder on a New Republic servant. You will stand down."

    Werin stiffened. Tevin knew that there was no peaceful way to resolve the issue. However, Captain Katal was more than just talk.

    A quick jab, maneuvered around the Mandalorian armor, landed in the location of Werin's kidney. The man let out a small oomph. A kick to the back of the knee knocked him to the floor. An elbow to the base of the neck, right under the helmet, knocked the man out. The Mandalorian was incapacitated. Nodding at the surveillance team, Tevin turned. The men loaded him up into a secure speeder with arm and leg restraints. They travelled back to Alpha Blue, where Werin was thrown in a holding cell. Aldis was brought in as well, and given a single secure room in the barracks.

    Tevin waited until the Chiss mercenary came to. When he did, Tevin removed the helmet and punched the man in the face.

    "This is how it's going to be. You listen to MY orders. If I tell you to stay in your room, you better kriffing STAY THERE!" and Tevin punched him again.

    "I know you're used to following your own orders and ignoring anyone else. But this won't fly here. I don't like to pull rank, but I will. There are five captains in Alpha Blue. There are only four people who are my superior. I worked my tail off to get my rank, and I am not afraid to put you in your place again, like I did tonight. You don't like how I do things, then you can quit the team. But the only way a person leaves Alpha Blue is an honorable discharge... or in a body bag. And so far, you have done nothing to warrant any honor. Do I make myself clear?"

    The Chiss just glared at him. Tevin was no longer put off by the glowing red eyes.

    "You're officially under lockdown until we leave in two hours. You will remain sha
  22. Tamlan_Eld

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    Jun 22, 2010
    Dart sat in his seat, staring off into hyperspace. Then he gave a slight chuckle. He thought that flying with other sentients instead of his droids would be wonderful company. He noticed the others looking back at him and gave them a nod. Dart thought about the mission at hand; Imperial warlord, Star Destroyer full of stormtroopers, and the whole thing had to be secret. Damn he could use some caf.
  23. The_Cheshire_Cat

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    Jul 3, 2009
    IC: Riddle

    Thankfully, the night spent in the holding cell had been a quick one, Riddle barely had time to think before he lost any ability to stay awake, that night's events having completely sapped any energy he had, or even dreamed of. He didn't mind, he needed the sleep, and it allowed him to be able to stand the ungodly cold, the flaking paint (were those flowers?!) and the permeating smell of urine. He could've sworn those dark streaks on the wall were NOT blood like he originally assumed but the OTHER material that made dark streaks on the wall. He couldn't fathom how anybody couild touch their own...he had shuddered and quickly turned away. Sleep quickly claimed him, and it wasn't long before he was being shaken awake by a weary looking guard who looked like he spent his own night in a cell similar to his own, "Up and at 'em, big boy, time for you to get goin'." The Bothan intoned, his voice a perfect example of what you would sound like if you talked the blues instead of singing them. Riddle had only mumbled something and turned over, smashing his nose against one of those dark streaks. "Leemmeealone5moreminutes..." He said through his pillow, his eyes squeezed shut. Unfortunately, the guard knew nothing of sleeping late, he had been up since 2 himself, and by the Force, if he was going to suffer by getting up early, this no-good piece of Bantha dung Kiffar could too. Besides, he was only getting up at 6, so what was his problem? It wasn't like he had a time consuming job consisting of making rounds through cells filled with inmates who had no appreciation for what you did for them, such as giving them their sorry excuse for slop. I mean, c'mon, it was food wasn't it? Would you rather starve? No? Then drink your dinner. Sighing a sigh so deep you would think he was about to cut his wrists the Bothan, who's name was William for anybody who cares, (And not very many did, there are close to zero people out there who actually care about unnamed guards and what they do for their community) shook Riddle again, ripping off the Kiffar's blanket in the process, "Let's go, man, c'mon, it's not hard, just get up and get going, I've got rounds to complete. C'mon...please?" He started gently slapping Riddle's cheeks, and the Kiffar had only slung him off, "Gerrof me! Stupid...not lettin' a man take his sleep...what is that SMELL?!" He shouted, forcing open his eyes to find that the 'smell' was in fact one of those dark streaks pressed against his nose.

    "Oh. Um. I'm up. I'm up." Scrubbing his schnozz with a blanket Riddle had quickly come to his senses, scrabbling to his feet, stumbling out the cell block, anything, ANYTHING to get away from those dark streaks. Amidst an ensemble of yawning, scratching, making wierd noises, shuffling and snorting, he was led out of the containment area, past the front desk (where he found his confiscated 'sticks) Given his already packed luggage (all one tiny bag of it) And hustled off to the Double Deuce, where he now found himself seated with the Jedi scum, and the insane Chiss character. A deathstick dangled from his mouth as he ever so slowly went through the alphabet on his left cheek, looking at the Mandalorian, Jacen Werin out of the corner of his eye. "Uh...excuse me? Excuse me?" He called out to the front of the cockpit, hopefully where the Cap still was. "Why is he out of his chains? Is this safe? Seriously? The man's a cold blooded murderer, he looks like Thrawn for Sith's sake! Look at him! How do you know he ain't Thrawn, huh? The thing's dangerous, it is. Anybody got spare cuffs we can link him to? Am I just talking to myself? How do you know he ain't just gonna whip out a blaster and gun us down, huh? Do you trust this guy?" He directed this last question at the Jedi, who he found a closer companionship with now that the Mandalorian was roomed with them. "Do ya? 'Cause I sure as hell don't..." Scooting away for the 15th time, he wondered when they were going to jump out of
  24. grayaus

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    Jun 30, 2010
    IC: Jacen Werin
    Jacen turned his head and looked at the Kiffar. He stared at the man for a few seconds ready to rip his head off. The night before was horrible. He was beaten by Tevin, and was now being harassed by the Kiffar.
    "You really want to die don't you?" He asked the Kiffar. He stood up reached his arm for his face, and took the Death Stick out of his mouth and threw it on the ground. He left and went to the storage lockers. Once in he walked over to his, and took out his hologram of his wife. Jacen sat down were he was for the rest of the ride to the star destroyer.
    Tag: anyone
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    Jun 22, 2010
    Dart watched in awe at the Chiss' tantrum, gutsy, he thought. I wouldn't even try taking a deathstick from a Kiffar. After the Chiss stormed out Dart turned to the Kiffar. "Well," he said, "this is gonna be a long trip. At least if we survive sergeant psycho back there," pointing toward Jacen, "Tavira should be piece of cake." The Jedi stood and stretched his legs, then started going over the gear he had on him, just as a double check. Lightsaber, DL-44, commlink, thermal detonator, concealed hold-out blaster. Satisfied he looked once more at the Kiffar. "Those things'll kill you anyway, right?" He said about the 'stick.
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