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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by shalto, May 26, 2008.

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  1. shalto

    shalto Jedi Youngling

    Jun 10, 2007

    I am currently in preproduction on a Star Wars fan film. The reason I am posting this on the fanart site is that I was wondering if someone would be interested in doing just a few concept drawings for a scene that we are working on.

    The jist of the story is that between Ep I and II a Padawan Learner named Shalto leaves the Jedi Order under mysterous circumstances. Still wishing to help others he elects to become a bounty hunter in the Outer Rim territories. He takes on the near impossible task of trying to bring the criminal elements of the Outer Rim to heel.

    He is dealing with not only the negative perceptions of bounty hunters in general but also the disapproval of the Jedi Order. Things become even more complicated when he becomes entangled with not only the Trade Federation but also a nihilistic dark side cult dedicated to destroying everything that stands in their way of fufilling their dark destiny.

    The scene we are prepping for takes place at the begining of the film. Shalto arrives at a planet to collect a bounty on a gang of pirates who have taken over a small town. The scene takes place in a bar where the pirates are engaged in drunken carousing.

    What we could use is some concept drawings to give us some idea of which direction to go in terms of costuming.

    I do have a strong concept as far as Shalto's appearence. He is human, and he should have the appearence of a western gunslinger. He should have a long western style coat, twin gun holsters, fairly plain shirt and boots. He should also have the stub of a Padawan braid just behind his right ear. (A symbol of his broken Jedi training.)

    The pirates I confess I have less of a visual concept for so feel free to use your imagination. Just keep it within reason given the fact that we don't have a large budget and keep them human. We also have a human bar maid chacracter that we could use help with.

    Natrually you will receive proper credit in the film as a conceptual artist and (with your permisssion) we will include you work in a gallery page on the production website we a currenlty developing.

    We appreciate any and all help you can lend to our production. Thank you.

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