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OKC, OK The INCREDIBLY BELATED September Club Meeting minutes!

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by RedneckJedi, Oct 18, 2002.

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  1. RedneckJedi

    RedneckJedi Historian, JediOKC Manager Emeritus star 2 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 20, 2002
    Jedi OKC Club Meeting Minutes
    Mazzio's, N.W. 70th & May

    [ul][li]Great turnout this month![/li][/ul]

    Upcoming meetings
    [ul][li]Monthly Weekend meeting: September 13th - N.W. 70th & May[/li]
    [li]October meeting: October 26th, location to be determined[/li][/ul]

    Figure Update
    New stuff:
    [ul][li]12" Luke w/ Tauntaun[/li]
    [li]12" Zam Wesell[/li]
    [li]25th Anniversary Landspeeder[/li]
    [li]25th Anniversary X-Wing Fighter with Luke figure[/li]
    [li]Unleashed Darth Vader appeared in limited quantities[/li]
    [li]Mace Windu bust[/li]
    [li]Kohl's had the newest action figures, but at $10 a pop[/li]
    [li]Suncoast is clearancing their Star Wars-themed merchandise[/li]
    [li]Electronic $99 R2-D2 is available on-line[/li][/ul]
    [ul][li]Silver Anniversary R2-D2 figure[/li][/ul]
    [ul][li]Hasbro has acknowledged the problem with the Jedi Starfighter vehicle's wing problem[/li][/ul]

    Window stickers
    [ul][li]There's still a few members who ordered a window sticker who haven't picked there's up. Come 'n git 'em![/li][/ul]

    Future Events
    Wed., Sept. 25th - Group Family Dining. We plan to meet and get to know each other's families at a restaurant to be determined on this date.
    Sat. & Sun., Oct. 11-13th - Plano Sci Fi Expo. We will have a booth there, perhaps shared with Tulsa's FanForce. Caravan opportunities will be available for this show, too.
    [ul][li]Carrie Fisher will be signing autographs[/li]
    [li]Voice actor for Taun We[/li]
    [li]Mark Dorman[/li][/ul]
    Sat., Oct. 26th - Red Ribbon Week, Moore OK. Rick W. has plans for us to enter a Star Wars themed float and hand out candy to the kiddies during the parade.
    [ul][li]Later that day, the October meeting will be held at a member's home[/li]
    [li]Annual Star Wars Costume Contest[/li]
    [li]Chris Montana WILL NOT be covering this event[/li][/ul]
    Jedi Nights? Tournaments for the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Trading Card Game (TCG)
    [ul][li]Held officially at Wizard's Asylum in Norman, OK. 749 Jenkins.[/li]
    [li]$3 entry fee. Card-related prizes go to the top 3 winners, plus one random prize given to one of the participants.[/li]
    [li]Upcoming tournaments are Sun., Sept. 22nd, Oct. 6th. and Oct. 20th @ 1 p.m.[/li]
    [li]Tournaments will be held at the same time every other Sunday @ 1 p.m.[/li][/ul]
    Non-sanctioned Star Wars Trading card tournament to be held at Al's Sportscards in Edmond on Sept. 29th and Oct. 27th.
    We may have that Laser Quest bout against the Tulsa club in November
    Episode III production to begin March 2003
    Celebration 3 will be held in Indianapolis again, tentatively scheduled for May 2005
    Episode II will be showing at IMAX theaters very soon! Hopefully Tulsa or Dallas will get it!

    [ul][li]Mark wins... something I didn't see...[/li][/ul]

    Rick's "Durango Surprise" story
    [ul][li]Talk to Rick if you really want to know.[/li]
    [li]The story is spec-cat-ular![/li][/ul]

    2 New Sponsors
    [ul][li]Wizard's Asylum in Norman[/li]
    [li]E&R Tires (thanks to Rick Y.)[/li]
    [li]Also, BJ's Action Figures is quitting the biz. You may still place case order through him.[/li][/ul]

    [ul][li]Jeremy won![/li]
    [li]Matt took home the Star Wars figure shelf![/li][/ul]

    Official JediOKC Chat
    [ul][li]The MSN Chat won the vote[/li]
    [li]We may still have occasional IRCq chats for the non-MSN chatters and Mac users.[/li][/ul]

    Rick's Game - Star Wars Wheel of Fortune
    [ul][li]Len wins![/li][/ul]

    Show & Tell
    [ul][li]Vintage Tydirium Shuttle[/li]
    [li]Also discussed the differences between it and the FAO Schwarz exclusive that will be coming out... with a hefty price point to boot.[/li][/ul]

    [ul][li]Jason wins! Jason always wins... :([/li][/ul]

    Happy Birthday, Adam!


  2. FettsBounty2

    FettsBounty2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 15, 2002
    Let me see, it's almost November now.... :p

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