OKC, OK The INCREDIBLY EARLY November Club meeting minutes!

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    Jedi OKC Club Meeting Minutes
    Mazzio's, N.W. 70th & May

    Another great turnout!
    The planned DVD viewing was a bust, but we got to see the big hunk o' man that is... El Presidenté!
    If you ordered a t-shirt, be sure and make it to the next club meeting to pick it up!

    Upcoming meetings
    November Saturday meeting: November 23rd - N.W. 70th & May
    December Thursday meeting: December 12th - N.W. 70th & May ~ We may have a gift exchange ("Dirty Santa" style). Details are forthcoming.
    December Saturday meeting: December 28rd - N.W. 70th & May (may change)

    Figure Update
    New stuff:
    • Latest 3 1/2" figures are showing up in quantity

    • Action Fleet

    • More 12" Figures

    • Geonosian Arena playset

    • Republic Gunship

    • A New Hope-based cards for the Trading Card Game were released

    • "Clone Wars" cartoon to appear on Cartoon Network???? (Confirmed!)

    • The new LEGO Star Destoyer is shipping at a later date

    • LEGO mini-vehicles will be available soon

    Bryar is the win-nah!

    JediOKC Multi-media Event!
    • Moore Red Ribbon Parade footage!

    • Tulsa IMAX appearance featuring the Three Stooge-troopers! OR: What do you get when Star Wars fans don realistic Stormtrooper and Jango gear, greet movie-goers as they file in, and have 2 hours of "free time" between showings? Len gives it two thumbs up! A definite must-see! (Oh, and no offense on the "Stooge" comment, you guys were funny and cool!... in a Star Wars-y way.)

    Austin and Bryar are the honorees. Mmmm... birthday cake...

    The win-nah is Austin!

    Future Events
    Sun., Nov. 24th @ 1 p.m. - Al's Sportscards TCG tournament
    • Al is hosting another tournament, so all TCG players come out an show your support!

    • Located about half a mile east of 15th St. & Broadway.

    Jedi Nights? Tournaments for the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Trading Card Game (TCG)
    • Held officially at Wizard's Asylum in Norman, OK. 749 Jenkins.

    • $3 entry fee. Card-related prizes go to the top 3 winners, plus one random prize given to one of the participants.

    • Upcoming tournaments are Sun., Nov. 17th. and Nov. 31st @ 1 p.m.

    • Tournaments will be held at the same time every other Sunday @ 1 p.m.

    Sat., Dec 7th @ 6 p.m. - Bricktown Christmas parade
    • The club Star Destroyer float will make another appearance!

    • Watch the forums for more details.

    The ever-languishing Laser Quest bout!

    Forum status
    • There was some more discussion about the Forum move to Fan Force.

    • There's a definite drop in overall forum activity since we made the move.

    • After slightly edging out Fan Force in the on-line poll, the Council decided to re-open the MSN Forums on our JediOKC site.

    • There is no "wrong" forum to post to. Post on whichever you prefer, or both if ya can!

    The win-nah is Danny!

    Rick's reruns the "7-11" game
    Ummm, everyone's a win-nah!

    Rick W. is a win-nah!

    --Redneck Jedi
    JediOKC Scribe
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    you can also comtact me about the t-shirts and i will see if i can meet you somewhere if you can't make a meeting so email me at xwing25@cox.net
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