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Star Wars The Invasion of Kata-Ralis

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Cheeseywob1337, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Cheeseywob1337

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    Oct 14, 2009
    OOC: One of my first posts. [Came here for the RPF, most of these have 100 odd pages so can't be bothered getting into one], but read the 2 RPF Threads, [New Players and New Gamemasters]. But I use RPFs on another forum so I know the gist of starting and stuff.

    Kata-Ralis is a planet on the edge of the Inner Rim, colonised in 327-BBY, by a exiled Jedi Knight, Master Kata.

    In 476-ABY it was invaded by Cyborgs and Androids Programmed by Darth Uzhag, who was the first Sith lord in Around 200 years, who had been exiled from the Jedi and decided to become the Next Sith Lord. Darth Uzhag had been known to unleash his Androids on Random Planets in the Outer-Rim, and was preparing to invade Coruscant by taking over Minor planets in the Outer-Rim, and was taking over the Colonial bases of Kata-Ralis as a new base while he prepare his Army.

    Once the Jedi had found out that Darth Uzhag, who had been one of their greatest knights before he was exiled, had begun to take over planets with a robot army, they sent Master Uzhba Tesim and the 138th Squadron to investigate, along with a few other Jedi Knights


    To Stop Overuse of the Force, and godmodding, I will use some kind of Force Points System. So We start with 750 fp, and here are the values and stuff. If marked with an Asterix, it is a Sith Move. Whenever you enter a Saber fight or a medium-large battle you use up 20 fp to enter. You get an extra 25 fp Per Post.

    10 fp - Pull - Pull Objects to you
    10 fp - Push - Push objects away from you
    20 fp - Force Jump - Jump High Up
    20 fp - Force Hover* - Hover when you have jumped
    40 fp - Saber Throw - Throw Light Saber
    50 fp - Jedi Mind Trick - Confuse some NPCs
    150 fp - Force Whirlwind - Cause heavy winds around you,
    150 fp - Anything to massively effect the environment*
    250 fp - Maelstrom* - A massive ball of Energy that wrecks the Enviroment
    500 fp & Lose Characters of all involved - Mind Bomb - if 5 Dark Characters agree to do this, they sacrifice them-self, 500 fp and everyone else within 2 Miles.

    Here is the CS. Miss out bits if you want to, but Asterix means Compulsory. PM Me and I will say in this thread if you can join. (Until I get 20 Posts, so I can PM in reply)

    ---Skin Color:
    ---Hair Color:
    ---Eye Color:
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details:
    ---Hyperdrive Class:
    ---Sublight Speed:
    ---Max Cargo (kg):
    ---Interior Description:
    ---Other Details*:
    The Force
    -----Handle Description(s):
    ---Force Abilities*:
    ---Force Weakness*:
    ---Other Force Object(s):
    ---Personal History*:
    ---Military History*:
    ---Traumatic Experiences*:

    I will Control Darth Uzhag and Uzhba Tesim, you can be a Jedi, Soldier (Any Rank) of the Republic, or one of Darth Uzhag's crew members/Human Soldiers


    1: PM Me Your CS, I will approve or not in here
    2: There can only be 5 Force Users at Once
    3: No Godmoding, violators will be removed from the game.
    4: Follow TOS rules.
    5: Have fun.
  2. Cheeseywob1337

    Cheeseywob1337 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 14, 2009
    OOC: Just Noticed Uzhba Tesim and Darth Uzhag are practically the same... Imagine it is Darth Azhug and Uzhba Tesim from now on

    Name: Uzhba Tesim
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Species: Kel Dor
    Homeworld: Dorin
    Affiliation: Jedi Order
    ---Traits: Well Trained with a LightSaber, Good with Blaster
    ---Clothing: Light Orange Robes, Maroon Cape, Eye Patch
    ---Other Details: 1 Eye Missing,
    Weapons: Lightsaber, Elite Carbine
    ---Name: The Light Rider
    ---Class: x-83 TwinTail [Heavily Modified]
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 0.95
    ---Weapon(s): 3 Dual Cannons, 4 Automatic Cannons, 16 Proton Torpedos, 4 Enhanced Heavy Laser Cannons
    ---Shielding: Equipped
    ---Crew: Astromech Droid [R1-K9], Captain
    ---Passenger(s): None
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 70kg
    ---Other Details: 6 Days of Consumables
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Strong
    ---Lightsaber [Normal]
    -----Crystal(s): Krayt Dragon Pearl
    -----Blade(s): Electrum
    -----Color(s): Orange
    -----Handle Description(s): Normal
    ---Lightsaber [Against Droids]
    -----Crystal(s): Luxum
    -----Blade(s): Standard
    -----Color(s): Blue
    -----Handle Description(s): 2 Long Electric Points down the side of the Blade, to electrocute droids
    ---Force Abilities: All Apart from Sith Powers
    ---Force Weakness: Telekinesis
    ---Other Force Object(s): Has A Collection of Jedi Holocrons
    ---Personal History: His Home Planet was attacked when he was a child, and when the Jedi sent help, they found him unconscious in his collapsed Hut, they revived him to find he was force sensitive, and he began training, to become one of the greatest Jedi
  3. bmwgurl17

    bmwgurl17 Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 11, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name*: Weston
    Gender*: Male
    Age: 22
    Species*: Human
    Affiliation*: Republic
    ---Traits: Quiet, Crafty
    ---Likes: Comedy, racing, upgrading weaponry
    ---Dislikes: Losing, being scolded by Masters
    ---Skin Color: Brown/Yellow tan
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Dark Brown
    ---Clothing: light medical garb and/or Jedi robes
    ---Other Attributes: Shoulder length lanky hair, faint 5 O'clock shadow
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons*: Blue Lightsaber, Waist high spear
    ---Name*: Sleek XC
    ---Class*: Star Saber XC-01
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 2.0
    ---Weapon(s)*: 2 Blaster Cannons
    ---Sublight Speed:
    ---Crew*: 1
    ---Passenger(s)*: None
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 45 kg
    ---Interior Description:
    ---Other Details*: 1 week of consumables

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity*: Strong
    -----Crystal(s): Nextor
    -----Color(s): Blue
    -----Handle Description(s):
    ---Force Abilities*: Force Pull/Push, Force Wirlwind, Force Heal
    ---Force Weakness*: Lacks in accurate visions and forms of general Force Awareness
    ---Other Force Object(s):
    ---Personal History*:
    Weston was born on Coruscant and like many other young force users, he was accepted into the Jedi Temple. Quickly descovering he wanted to cure more than fight, Weston began working hard toward obtaining healing powers. Becoming an obsession of his, Weston spent many years in the Archives researching illness cures as well as discussing with experienced Masters the best techniques for Force Healing. He wants to have the power of Force Protection by the time he is ranked a Jedi Master.
    ---Military History*:
    As war began it's march, many med droids and assistants were being called to action to help the injured. When Weston heard of the attacks on the outer-rim, he knew he would be part of the war whether he wanted to or not. His long time Jedi peers were excited about the opportunity to prove themselves with their battle skills, but Weston felt that his place was amongst the med unit. Packed and ready to serve, Weston was prepared for his first real war experience.
    ---Traumatic Experiences*:
    Severly injured in starfighter combat as a teenager, he occasionally has fears of flying when he has not been in flight over a long period of time.
  4. Cheeseywob1337

    Cheeseywob1337 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 14, 2009
    IC: Master Tesim

    The Light Rider entered Kata-Minor, one of the moons of Kata-Ralis and another Colony. Minutes Later it landed. Master Tesim climbed out, wearing a mask to survive in the atmosphere of the planet. He Saw a base in the distance, and began to walk towards it. R1-K9 dropped from the Light Rider, beeping.
    "Stop R1, set the cannons to auto-fire." Tesim muttered, and the Droid quickly headed towards the ship, but stopped suddenly, whistled and spun around, then suddenly a laser from the base hit it, causing it to explode. Uzhba pulled out his lightsaber, and ran to the burning remains of his Droid.
    "Show Yourself!" Tesim roared, picking up the R1-K9's sensor, and tapped a button. A hologram from his point of view played, as he headed to the ship, and sensed a threat, turning round. Tesim saw the place where the laser was shot, and pulled out his gun, a Elite Carbine, and fired towards the cannon. Seconds later the airlocks, and Tesim walked towards the entrance. A hooded figure walked out, one of Darth Azhug's Androids.

    "I am DA7-92. Why are you entering our territory?" The Droid asked as it reached Tesim.
    "I am a Jedi, why did you kill R1-K9!?" Tesim replied, igniting his lightsaber.
    "You Activated your Auto-Cannons; A Threat!" The Droid said, reaching for his own weapon.
    "So Your Master has taken control of the moons aswell?" Tesim muttered, swinging his lightsaber and chopping both the droid's hands off,
    "You Are a Threat!" The Droid shouted, and Tesim picked up the droid's hand, before chopping the head off DA7-92. Tesim realised the Droid had already signalled for reinforcements and pulled up his hood. He then pulled out his Comm System.
    "Message to Fleet, Kata-Minor and Possibly Kata-Major and Kata-Sinor have been invaded. End all scout missions, head to the Neighbouring Systems and wait for orders." Tesim spoke into it, leaping back into his ship.
  5. Cheeseywob1337

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    Oct 14, 2009
    Tag: I don't Care. (Forgot last night)
  6. Mercenary47

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    Jan 26, 2010
    IC: Kaiden Korr

    The Light's Glory dropped out of hyperspace just outside of the Kata-Ralis system. The slight jolt of the deceleration woke Kaiden from his meditation. After taking a moment to let his eyes focus he began to bring
    his A-Wing out of auto-pilot.

    "Well it looks like I'm not to far off course, Kata-Ralis is right where it should be."

    Kaiden, being an exceptional pilot, rarely got his coordinates wrong but it wouldn't have been the first time the
    auto-pilot lead him astray. It was slightly damaged from a dogfight with space pirates and wasn't as accurate
    as it used to be.

    "Well while I'm close I may as well check out Kata-Sinor, I may be able to find something interesting."

    With a flip of a switch the sub-light engines hummed to life. Kaiden mashed the accelerator and sent the Light's Glory into a lazy dive towards Kata-Sinor. Kaiden enjoyed the rush of plummeting through a planets atmosphere, knowing that failing to decelerate in time would cause him to slam into terra firma.

    He pulled up out of the dive a mere 60 meters from the ground and activated the nose repulsor lifts, leveling out the craft. Once he had bled off his speed he began searching for a clearing where he could safely stash his starfighter.

    His search was cut short however as his comm system beeped and a voice came through.

    "Message to Fleet, Kata-Minor and Possibly Kata-Major and Kata-Sinor have been invaded. End all scout missions, head to the neighboring systems and wait for orders."

    Kaiden immediately recognized the voice, it was Master Tesim. Kaiden flipped the comms on in his vessel and began to send a message to Master Tesim.

    "Master Tesim this is Kaiden Korr, do you read me?"

    <Tag Master Tesim>

  7. Cheeseywob1337

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    Oct 14, 2009
    IC: Tesim

    The Light Rider left the Atmosphere of Kata-Minor, and his dashboard began to beep and flash. He flipped a switch, a crackled voice came through.

    "Master... is Kaiden Korr, do... me?"

    Tesim groaned, R1-K9s destruction had somehow damaged his ability to receive signals on the Comms. He held a button on his watch, a small light on his headset lit up,

    "Master Korr, I read you. The Signal is scrambled, my droid was destroyed, Over."

    Tesim spoke into the headset, before letting go of the button. He then flipped the switch back, and flipped another.

    "I am returning to Base, I need a new Astromech. Prepare a R7 and S19 Type Astromech. Kaiden, be careful. Over."

    He said again, but this time to all units, before he headed for their flag ship.

    [Tag: Master Korr]
  8. bmwgurl17

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    Jul 11, 2005
    Weston carefully switched the controls of his Sleek XC off of auto pilot as he noticed he was nearly upon Kata-Ralis. His hands shook slightly when the small craft bounced a bit on the hyperjump out before he regained control. Clenching his teeth, he tried not to think of how much hated hyperspeed.

    Looking around, Weston saw Kata-Sinor and Kata-Minor shining boldy. He had never been on Kata-Ralis and he was eager to exlpore. However, he did not see Kaiden Korr's ship any where in sight. Weston had been instructed to be of assistance on Kata-Ralis but that would be nearly impossible if he couldn't keep up.

    Talking into a comlink, "Kaiden Korr, I have arrived in the Kata-Ralis system. What is your location? Over."

    [Tag: All]
  9. Mercenary47

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    Jan 26, 2010
    IC: Kaiden Korr

    Kaiden?s headset burst with static as a broken message came through.


    To Kaiden the problem was clear, someone was scrambling their subspace communications. So there really is something going on here Kaiden thought as he sent his A-Wing screaming back through the atmosphere into the blackness of space.

    Just as he was about to boost his comm signal another message crackled through

    ???Korr, I?. arrived in ??Ralis system. What is ?..location? Over.?

    That?s Weston.

    Kaiden began flipping several switches to boost his communication array so that at least an audible response could be sent.

    ?Weston this is Master Kaiden Korr. Master Tesim is returning to the flag ship, he may have run into some trouble. I recommend we do the same before we run blindly into a rancor nest.?

    Kaiden turned his ship in a graceful arc and began to speed towards the flagship.

    [Tag: All]
  10. Cheeseywob1337

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    Oct 14, 2009
    IC: Master Tesim

    The Light Rider left Hyperspace, a minute away from his flagship, and Tesim flicked one of the buttons on the control panel. His Comms system Lit up.

    "Open The Doors to Hangar NR-103, I Repeat Open the Doors to Hangar NP-103, Confirmation; NP-103. Over." Tesim spoke into his headset, The Nearest hangar door opened, and he smoothly landed his ship. As he got out, Skarre, His Personal Gungan Technician Dude, walked towards the Light rider with R7 and S19 type Astromech Droids.

    "I want The Light Rider Scrapped, I will borrow a ship until I can make a personalised ship. Give me one with a decently sized area for Cargo and good battle capabilities" Tesim ordered, Clicking his fingers and Skarre's team of 5 More Gungans and a small towing machine began to drag the Light Rider away.

    "Master, We recently stole the plans for a fast starfighter designed for smuggling small amounts of goods." Skarre suggested, pulling out a small disk.

    "Show Me." Tesim asked, and Skarre activated the Hologram.
    "It is 12 Meters High by 17 Meters Wide, 1 Meter of Storage Space under the Cockpit and engines, with 4 Wings." Skarre Explained,
    "Make it for me. Fast, It looks like Darth Azhug is ready to advance to any of the nearby systems." Tesim asked, before deciding to cheat with his Jedi Powers.
    "You will make it within this week." Tesim said again, using a Jedi Mind Trick.
    "You will make it better than the plans." Tesim added.
    "I will Make the Ship Within this week and better than the Plans." Skarre muttered in reply.
    "R9, S19, Come with me, I want to Modify you." Tesim shouted to his 2 Droids. The 2 Droids quickly beeped as they caught up with him and they walked towards the exit to the hangar. Skarre began to order components, muttering about modern Jedi being too bossy.

    [Tesim - 700 FP]

    Half an Hour Later, Tesim walked onto the control deck of the Ship, running up to Admiral Iktha, A Trandoshan Smuggler who was recruited to the Republic Armies after he helped in the capture of Minta The Hutt.

    "Commander, Kata-Minor is Invaded, They have Reasonably strong Droids and Cyborgs on their side, and destroyed my Droid at the first sign of us being a threat, so they are reasonably clever. However R1-K9 is the only thing that kept my Comm System working so I am getting a new ship." Tesim explained.
    "I am Sorry for your Loss, Master. I Shall Direct our Troops to attack K Minor, and use it as a temporary base." Iktha replied.
    "Good Idea. Hurry up and Send the Signal!" Tesim shouted, walking away.

    [Tag: All]
  11. bmwgurl17

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    Jul 11, 2005

    Waiting for a reply, Weston tapped his fingers against the control handles. His eyes wandered between the giant orbs that made up the Kata-Ralis system.

    "I wonder if there will be a welcoming committee," he mused in a murmur.

    A message spoke and rang loud through the ship. Kaiden Korr's voice was calm and controlled as he gave instructions.

    "Will do Master Kaiden Korr. I am on my way," Weston replied.

    He loved communicating in space. The messages were always short and to the point. Weston guided his ship back in the direction he had come from as he prepared for a jump into hyperspace. He flipped up two contols but there was a crisp ring through the force. The hair on his neck raised gently when he heard the distant clinking and clacking of armor and metal.

    "What in the galaxy...?" He said, looking back down on Kata-Ralis. Weston left his question unanswered and took off in search of the ship.

  12. Cheeseywob1337

    Cheeseywob1337 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 14, 2009
    [IC: Tesim]

    A Couple of Days after he had ordered his Ship, Master Tesim left his small room and headed to Hangar 103. The Doors Slid open and he saw 6 Gungans, who seemed to have not slept for the last few days, finishing of his ship.
    "Skarre, Is it Complete?" Tesim asked, walking towards the tired Gungan Mechanic.
    "Yes Sir." Skarre murmured,
    "How Many Passenger Seats are there?" Tesim asked.
    "I Installed 2 In the Cargo Compartment, Along with 3 Astromech Droid Charging Devices and Sockets and another Meter of space after that." Skarre replied, opening the compartment. It was directly underneath the cockpit, 1 Meter and a Half High, 7 Meters Long and 2 Meters Wide. Tesim climbed in, ducking. The 3 Astromech Chargers and control Panels were at the front, with a comm system to the cockpit, then 2 Seats opposite each other and then the Meter of Space for Cargo.
    "This Compartment can be Ejected as a Escape Pod, and will fly to the Nearest Space Port or a Chosen Location." Skarre added, walking out. Tesim followed him, then looked up to the Cockpit.
    "How Will I get up there?" Tesim asked,
    "The Ladder." Skarre replied, pressing a button on the side. Tesim climbed up, and looked along the top. He saw a hatch for a Astromech Droid and the glass shielding over the cockpit. He climbed into the cockpit, and examined it. It was an Average Cockpit.

    [Off Topic]
    I'll do another Thingy for this Ship here.

    ---Name*: The Protector of Light
    ---Class*: Custom
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1
    ---Weapon(s)*: Advanced Proton Torpedos, Laser Cannons
    ---Shields: Sirplex P-12
    ---Sublight Speed: 12
    ---Crew*: 1-4 Astromech Droids
    ---Passenger(s)*: 2
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 5 Tons
    ---Other Details*: Made from a Stolen Protoype of a Starfighter which was Designed for Smuggling and also Designed as good in combat. It has a Small Cargo Deck at the Bottom with 2 Seats that fold away and drop down chargers for up to 3 Astromech Droids. The plans were stolen from a criminal gang of smugglers hiding on Tatooine, and the plans were about to be copied ready for production.
  13. Cheeseywob1337

    Cheeseywob1337 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 14, 2009
  14. DarthPingu

    DarthPingu Jedi Youngling

    Mar 19, 2010
    OOC: Not passed 20 Posts yet. Is this Ok?

    Name*: Polcyc Morkta
    Gender: Male
    Species*: Barabel
    Homeworld: Tatooine
    Affiliation*: Illegal Bounty Hunter,
    ---Traits: Good at Sabotage and Assassination, Skilled Pilot, Is good with Blasters.
    ---Habits: Torturing his Prey/Victims, and killing whoever he is working for after he receives the money.
    ---Skin Color: Red
    ---Hair Color: N/A
    ---Eye Color: Black
    ---Clothing: Brown Armour
    ---Other Attributes: One Arm is Robotic, In-Built Wire-Cutters and Flame-Thrower.
    Weapons: Sabotage, Modified Blaster, Robotic Arm, Thermal Detonators,
    ---Name: The Green Wookie
    ---Class: Built from Scratch, Star fighter and Multi-Person Transport Ship.
    ---Hyperdrive Class:
    ---Weapon(s): In-Built Blasters, Proton Torpedoes,
    ---Shields: Heavily Shielded
    ---Sublight Speed: Fast
    ---Crew: None
    ---Passenger(s): Up-To 7
    ---Other Details: None
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: None
    ---Personal History: Was Brought up on Tatooine. Parents were shot down by a gang of Cathar when he was nine, and he joined a rival gang when he was 17. Eventually, the Cathar and the Group of Bounty hunters had a large skirmish in a small city on Tatooine, and Polcyc snook on-board their leaders ship, and cut the brakes. Minutes later, the leader of the Cathar was leaving the area, and crashed into another Catharian ship, and caused a chain reaction which destroyed the entire space-port. Polcyc was promoted to second-in-command as soon as the survivors were killed, because 3 of the current command staff had been assassinated. Years later, a separate faction of the Catharians did a bomb raid on their village, and he led the forces defending the village. A Bounty Hunter watched him, and he got him hired for Minta the Hutt. When Iktha, another Smuggler assassinated Minta, Polcyc began to work on his own, and had earned thousands in republic credits from it. None of his Targets or Clients Survived. After a few more years, he joined another gang, and left Tatooine. Eventually, he was partnered with Iyeedo, a Rodian. Iyeedo had been on Kata-Ralis at the time of the Invasion, trying to kill its leader, so Polcyc went to investigate.

    IC: Polcyc landed his ship, and climbed out. He had landed in a crater on Kata-Ralis. He smirked, and activated his ships cloaking device. Iyeedo's ship was parked next to his own, so he knew it was the right planet. He walked to the edge of the crater, and found a metal arch-way.
    "Brilliant." Polcyc muttered, and pulled out a small slab of explosives. He slapped it onto a control panel and stepped back. It exploded, metal shards flew everywhere, and the door slid open. He had reached his destination.

  15. Cheeseywob1337

    Cheeseywob1337 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 14, 2009
    OOC: Nice. Accepted.

    Master Tesim was sat at a meeting table with Admiral Iktha and the Bothan who had been in orbit of Kata-Ralis as a spy, there was also 5 holograms, 4 of them were the commanders of the command ships. Tesim stood.
    "We will strike Kata-Minor tomorrow, and set up a base there." Tesim announced, then the Bothan stood, Tesim sat down.
    "I have detected a un-known ship has landed on Kata-Ralis." The Bothan declared.
    "Thank you..." Tesim began.
    "Utric Sl'yar." The Bothan replied.
    "Master Sl'yar." Tesim finished. "Did you trace where it landed?" He added.
    "In a crater, along with another ship that has been parked for weeks. He came from Tatooine." Sl'yar replied, sitting down, Tesim nodded.
    "Admiral, I would recommend all command ships and mass transport vehicles to form a blockade around Kata-Minor. All transport vehicles for less than 120 people and all starfighters must attack the planet. Only the Pilots, Techinicians and us must stay." Tesim asked. Iktha nodded.
    "That is a good idea. Commanders, send all ships with more than 120 passengers to blockade the planet." Iktha ordered. Tesim sat.

    "I will go to Kata-Ralis. Sl'yar, you may assist me. I will take the Gungan." Tesim muttered. Sl'yar nodded. Iktha turned to the commanders.
    "Less than 120, Storm the planet, More than 120, Blockade. All Spies and Scouts to continue." Iktha ordered. The Holograms faded out.

    10 Minutes Later

    Sl'yar and Uzhba Tesim walked onto the Hangar where 'The Protector of Light' was parked, and the 6 Gungans where relaxing in their small pit, with the Protector parked over it.
    "Skarre, Get out. Bring my Astromech Droids with you." Tesim shouted. Skarre climbed out of the pit, and the 2 Astromech Droids hovered out.
    "The 3 of us are on a scout mission to Kata-Ralis. There is a unknown ship parked in a crater on the planet, a few miles from their base. Get in." Tesim muttered, and the Passenger compartment of the ship opened, and Sl'yar walked in, followed by Skarre. The 2 Droids went in, and parked in the charging units.
    "Skarre, set the escape pod location to the nearest command ship. Prepare your weapons." Tesim muttered, walking out. Moments later, the ship flew out of the hangar.

    OOC: Pingu, do you mind changing to Darth Azhug at some point? or become his apprentice or something.
  16. DarthPingu

    DarthPingu Jedi Youngling

    Mar 19, 2010
    OOC: Cool.

    IC: Polcyc continued to climb through the service hatch. He had been sneaking around the underground tunnels underneath the base for a while, and had entered a service hatch. As he continued, he found another entrance to the hatch. He grinned, and kicked it open, and slid out. He landed in a large hangar, the factory room. He stood up, grinning. It was automated, with no androids running the machines. He walked through another large arch, and entered an even larger hangar. Thousands of the Androids, deactivated.
    "They stole Iyeedo." Polcyc muttered, and he pulled out his blaster. He then flipped a switch, and looked around the room, and saw a small podium with a few androids inside, controlling the robots.
    "You Stole Iyeedo. I will Steal YOU!" Polcyc shouted, firing the blaster towards the podium. The switch he had flipped on his blaster had charged the bolt, and the bolt exploded on impact. The Androids simultaneously woke, and turned to face Polcyc.
    "So that Activates them." He muttered, pulling out a Thermal Detonator. The Androids raised their weapons, and a large circle of them appeared around him.
    "Prepare to die." He muttered, throwing 3 thermal detonators in random directions. He pulled out his 2 blasters, and began to shoot at the androids, then the thermal detonator erupted, and the shock-waves knocked down hundreds of Droids. He held a gun behind him, and used the other to blast himself a path to the small door. He charged through the Droids, and after a few hundred meters, he leapt through the door, and slammed it. There was 4 Circular versions of the androids, similar to Droidekas.
    "You will come with us." They ordered, and their shields activated. He followed them, and minutes later arrived in a prison block. There was 15 large test tube like chambers, and 7 of them had prisoners floating inside them. The 5th one had Iyeedo floating up and down in it. This was Polcyc's chance to escape and rescue Iyeedo.
    "Bye." He muttered, sliding behind the 2 circular androids, and pulling out his blasters. He shot them both in the back, the only area unprotected by their heavy armour. 2 Androids arrived at the door, and without looking he shot the switch to the door, and it slammed down on them, and one of their heads rolled to Polcyc's feet. Polcyc swooped down and pulled it up, slamming it into the glass, it shattered, the liquid poured out, and Iyeedo slumped.

  17. Cheeseywob1337

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    Oct 14, 2009
    OOC: This is 'IC' as Darth Azhug, to possibly make this last longer.

    Darth Azhug heard alarms sound from his underground tunnels. Another person had found the secret entrance. One of his Droids ran up to him, and stopped him from standing.
    "We have caught the intruder." The Droid announced. Azhug stood, and walked towards the large command computer, and pulled a switch under it. It split in half, and the halves slid away, revealing a suit of armour, - Sith Stalker Armour; The Armour of Darth Starkiller, which had been discovered near Coruscant. He grinned, and slowly pulled it on. He pulled his 2 Lightsabers to him using the force, and ignited them. They were both dark orange.
    "I will deal with him." Azhug muttered. He began to walk to the door, but he was stopped again.
    "He has escaped..." The android added. Azhug spun, and stabbed both lightsabers into the Droids head.
    "No one Escapes!" He shouted, leaving the room. He used the force to smash a hole in the floor below him, and landed in the Prison cell room. He knew it was a good idea to have his office above the prison, and to give it weak floors. Polcyc and Iyeedo were in the other side of the room.

    "Iyeedo, You have failed me." Azhug muttered, lifting the Rodian with the force. He threw him across the room, and used the force for the other cells to crush together and then threw them at him.
    "A Tomb of Debris is more than you deserve. You were not meant to get yourself caught!" Azhug shouted, pulling Iyeedo from the debris, and made him float in-front of him. Azhug grinned, and with his other hand chopped off Iyeedo's right arm.
    "Your plan was to appear as an assassin, and join forces with the Republic, without arrest!" Azhug continued, severing the left arm.
    "Then you drag in your friend!" Azhug added, chopping his left leg off.
    "Which gives me a chance to rethink my decision of hiring you." Azhug finished, chopping the final leg off. Iyeedo dropped to the floor, and Azhug pointed his lightsaber in the Rodian's face.
    "Polcyc, we have you in our files. We were going to ask you to do this for us, but you were killing a Senator at the time. So we got the second best. The Loser. Your hired." Azhug added, swirling his lightsaber before digging it into Iyeedo's stomach.
    "Polcyc, come to my office with me. You would be good on my side." Darth Azhug ordered, leaving the prison. Polcyc followed.
    "Thermal Detonator?" Azhug muttered, and Polcyc passed him one.
    "Thank you." Azhug replied, rolling it into the prison.

  18. DarthPingu

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    Mar 19, 2010
    OOC: I am guessing because that post isn't finished, you are giving me Darth Azhug? And I was planning to kill Iyeedo anyway, but I would have preferred if you asked me first.

    IC: The Prison exploded, and the blast doors slid down.
    "Excellent. Come with me." Darth Azhug muttered, walking down the corridor. Polcyc followed him, and walked into a room, similar to the one where Anakin became Darth Vader. Azhug turned, and slammed his lightsaber into Polcyc's stomach.
    "Upgrade him!" Azhug grumbled, walking to the side. Polcyc grunted, as 2 androids lifted him onto the table. Within an hour, he had become a cyborg, one of the Androids heads had been built into his own, and Modified Android armour built onto his body.
    "Revive Him!" Grumbled Darth Azhug, walking to the table. It tilted, and the hand restraints unclipped. Polcyc stumbled out, and dropped to his knees.
    "I feel... Weak." He muttered.
    "This Planet has a Force Nexus in its core, and we set up the base here to reach it. We retrieved the source, a Crystal, and we left it in a room under specific conditions along with your new armour!" Azhug grumbled in reply.
    "This... is armour?" Polcyc mumbled.
    "No. This is Armour." Azhug replied, and an android brought in a replica of Chop'aa Notimo's armour.
    "Wear This. This should have given you basic force ability. Under my training, that will rival the power of the Enemy." Azhug grumbled, passing the armour to Polcyc with the force. Minutes later, he had put it on, and they were training.
  19. Cheeseywob1337

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    OOC: DarthPingu, you are doing it wrong. No offence, but I am taking your character. I am sure there is something in the thread about being a GM allowing me to do this.

    IC:A Day Later

    The Protector of Light entered the Atmosphere of Kata-Ralis, and its wings suddenly tilted, and the ship began to slow down.
    "It was too fast!" Muttered Skarre through the comms, who had activated the emergency slow-down system.
    "You could warn me!" Tesim replied.
    "How did you know anyway?" Tesim added.
    "I have been monitoring the ship. It has overheated too much, and it breaks the speed limits." Skarre answered.
    "Sl'yar, press the undo button, and activate the turbo-boosters." Tesim muttered into his comm system. Sl'yar nodded, and the wings un-tilted, and 5 small rockets appeared under the 2 large rockets at the back of his ship, and the fire shooting from them turned green. The Ship sped up.
    "Tesim!" Shouted Skarre. Uzhba winced from the noise, and accidentally pulled a lever. The Ship suddenly braked, and it began to fall.
    "I should remember to bring a Trandoshan Ex-Smuggler than some dumb Gungan mechanic next time!" Tesim muttered.
    "Skarre! Emergency Engines!" Tesim said into his comm system.
    "You...!" Began the Gungan, before the comm systems cut. Suddenly, Sl'yar's voice appeared over the system.
    "I activated the emergency engines." Sl'yar muttered. "Land in that crater." He added. Tesim turned, and began to head for a crater. Suddenly, the engines re-activated and the ship shot towards the rock crater.
    "What the heck!" Shouted Tesim, accidentally doing a barrel roll.
    "You have lost control!" Skarre muttered sarcastically into his comm.
    "Turn it off!" Tesim replied, struggling to control the ship.
    "Yes sir!" Sl'yar replied. The ship began to slow down, but then the turbo-boosters re-activated again, on maximum. Master Tesim pulled on the brake lever. It failed.
    "Eject yourselves!" Tesim muttered into the comms, trying to stay calm. Then, one of the rockets on the back exploded, and the ship spun out of control. Tesim screamed, and he heard the passenger compartment begin to eject, before the ship crashed.

    Uzhba climbed from the wreckage, and looked at his ship. It was a burning wreck in the middle of the forests, and he couldn't tell whether they had escaped or not. One of his droid's heads rolled past him. He pressed a button on his watch, and held it to his mouth.
    "Commander Iktha, we have lost our ship. Have Sl'yar and Skarre survived?" Uzhba muttered, before beginning to search the forest for the escape pod.
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