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    Our head prefect is gone, so I took the liberty of posting the tasks for the first week (thanks to the time difference I'm 6-9 hours ahead of USA... :p).

    And also to further annoy Targeter... :p [face_innocent]



    Will knowledge of the Wizarding world become common among Muggles at some point? Why or why not? 5 points

    Knowledge of the Wizarding world will not become common knowledge at some point because it is extremely well protected by carefully thought out charms and spells. Also wizards have memory charms.


    How exactly does one send a Howler? Does one write or record it? 5 points.

    To send a howler a wizard/witch writes the message with their wand then casts a spell on it.


    Name all of Voldemort's Horcruxes and where they are/were located. Some of these are given in the books and some should be guessed. 25 points

    Lord Voldemort had 3 known Horcruxes: The Diary, The Locket, and Marvolo's ring.

    The Diary of Tom Riddle was originally in Lucius Malfoy's possession. He slipped it into Ginny Weasley's book bag during an exchange with the Weasleys. Its current location is not among the things of this world. In other words, it has been destroyed.

    Next is Marvolo's Ring. In the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore destroyed the Horcrux with the cost of nearly losing his life due to the curse placed upon it. The ring, with a crack on it, is in Dumbledore's posession.

    Lastly, there is Slytherin's Locket. It was located in a cave and protected by an unknown potion. However, after drinking the potion surrounding the locket, it was discovered that it was not the real locket. It was a fake replaced by a person with the name R.A.B.. The current whereabouts of the REAL locket has not been reveled as of yet. But it could be the locket located in Sirus's house that Harry and the others came across.

    That leaves 3 left, if we agree with Dumbledore that Voldemort created 6 Horcruxes. Since it was stated by Dumbledore that Voldemort liked to collect trophies, he would try hard to collect items from all the houses. For example, Helga Hufflepuff's cup. Even though it was not confirmed, Tom Riddle/Voldemort did steal it from Hepzibah Smith and there is a high probability that he created a Horcrux with it.

    He also might have tried to get an item of Rowena Ravenclaw and Godric Gryffindor, but while it is unknown in regards to Ravenclaw, Dumbledore believes that the only known item of Gryffindor was the sword which is safely stowed in his office and the Sorting Hat.

    But if Voldemort did not get an item of the two founders mention above, then what would be the 5th and 6th Horcrux?

    Dumbledore had an inkling that the 6th was Nagini, Voldemort's snake. He noted that Voldemort seemed to always want to keep her close and Nagini displayed some interesting qualities.

    But as to the 5th Horcrux, Dumbledore stated that, "it is risky to have a part of your soul placed in something that can move and think for himself". Yet, if we believe that Nagini is a Horcrux, then we know that Voldemort took that risk. And that leads into the guess of who the 5th Horcrux could be.

    Harry Potter.

    You see, during that night that Voldemort killed Lily and James Potter, Lily protected her son and did not hand him over when Voldemort told her to. By doing so, when Voldemort moved to stike her down, Lily placed a protection upon her son. The Avada Kedavra spell repelled off Harry and struck Voldemort, nearly killing him. A part of Voldemort's power, was placed into Harry, marking him as the "Dark Lord's equal".

    It could be ventured that Voldemort's power being transferred to Harry also carried a part of himself: His power and a part of his soul. This gave Harry the ability to speak and understand Parselmouth and to actually see into the mind of Voldemort and the things that he himself possess, like Nagini and the Department of Mysteries. With t
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    [link=]LA VIE SLOSHED STU[/link]

    I am reposting this because EVERYONE needs to hear it! :D

    And Yubsie and I need to publically apologize to Devi and Lank for making Devi sound Swedish/Romanian and making Lank sound like a girl sang his part. Wait.... ;)
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    Mar messed up and is ashamed of herself and apologises, and is now going to whack herself over the head with a rubber chicken...
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    Mar, you missed one of mine :p
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    Hufflepuff Update


    Can one be an Animagus and a werewolf at the same time? Why or why not? 10 points.

    No. They're two different things. An Animagus is someone who can choose to turn into an animal. A werewolf has no choice.

    The Creative Spirit

    Create some titles for the 7th book that will most definitely NOT be used. May do up to 5. 5 points each.

    1. Harry Potter and the boy who finally bites the dust
    2. Harry Potter and the dust bunnies revenge at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    3. Harry Potter and the boy wonder who lived no more.
    4. Harry Potter and Voldey's duel at dawn
    5. Harry Potter and Snape is really Voldermort

    The Literary Spirit

    In fanfic form, write about your favorite ship in the HP-verse. Mine is Hermione/Giant Squid. *blushes* 45 points.

    Title: She Loved Them Both
    Summary: Based near the end of their last year at Hogwarts. Hermione has a problem. She's in love with her two best friends and can't bare to make a choice between them.
    Disclamier: J.K. Rowling owns them all.

    It was the last month of their last year of School and Hermione had no idea how she was going to tell Ron about Harry. Over the last summer they had begun seeing each other secretly. Ron's sister Ginerva had no idea still. Dear Ginny. She had been in love with Harry her whole time at Hogwarts. It was only last year he had begun to notice her and they had dated as soon as Harry felt Voldermort had died down for the summer. But it was Hermione who had held his heart all along.
    Harry said it was that brief kiss on the head that Hermione had given him during the Goblet of Fire. He had wondered what a real kiss would be like with her after that. But then she was seeing Viktor Krum for about the entire School year and he knew he wouldn't stand a chance so he let himself fall for Cho Chang instead. It seemed like the more simple thing to do than pursue a girl who already had a boyfriend and a girl who had the heart of their best friend Ron but couldn't see it because of pride.
    Cho had found a special place in his heart that year but Harry never quite let go of the idea of Hermione. Hermione had been shocked and flattered when Harry declared his intentions toward her early that summer after their sixth year. They had all lost so much that year. It was wonderful to find something new and amazing and that something was that Harry Potter was in love with her.
    But why couldn't he have told her before Ron asked her to be his girlfriend at the end of that year? Hermione loved Ron as deeply as she'd ever love Harry. They were her best friends and also a second family and she loved them both.
    So she began seeing Harry whenever Ron wasn't about. She promised Harry to make a choice soon. She'd know by the last year. But here they were. Voldermort was gone. School was nearly over. And she was still seeing both of them.
    Hermione thought to just simply leave after graduation. Write them both a letter of goodbye and save their friendship at least. But her heart broke at the very idea. She loved them and didn't want such a lonely life for herself.
    So today she would tell Harry goodbye. He'd still be able to go to Ginny and tell her he'd made a mistake. Ron would have no one if she dumped him. That would be something that she could not bare.
    But that still didn't make things any better.
    She'd always love them both.

    What are some of the perks of being a Hogwarts professor? May do up to 20. 5 points each.

    1. You get to eat fancy dinners every night.
    2. You get to play with cool magic things.
    3. You can act crazy and they'd still hire you. Likely for Defense against the Dark Arts.
    4. They'll let you help in banishing trolls from the dungeons but if you brag too much you'll have to do it yourself.
    5. You might get to spy secretly for Dumbledore.
    6. You get to teach kids how to use cool magic tricks.
    7. You can work until you're really ancient and not have to retire if you don't want
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    Describe the magical properties of any potions ingredient or other object in the HP-verse. May do up to 10 and may make up magical properties as desired. 5 points.

    1) Lost Teeth: Unlike in the muggle world, where a supposed 'Tooth Fairy' comes and collects all the children?s' lost teeth, wizards keep a pot of all their families teeth on the bathroom windowsill for good luck. This is also very handy if any member of the family should come down with the chicken pox (not the spotty muggle kind, the wizard kind where the primary effect is turning spontaneously into a rubber chicken). The teeth are added to a simple brew of chicken soup in order to reverse the effect.

    2) Fairy Floss: This is not the wispy sugar treat that muggles buy from a fair. This is the real deal. Fairy floss is particularly hard to come by these days, since the invention of charmed toothbrushes that come in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXS size. The potionary properties of the floss are variable, depending on which tribe of fairies it is pilfered from. It is rumoured that there is a tribe in Southern-North-East New Oldlands, found reportedly somewhere that does not lie to the West, whose Floss can be added to a potion of Unctuous Unction to turn the drinker's mother into a giant dung bomb. Since nobody has wanted to bear the wrath of their mother chasing after them wafting stench, or ever bear witness to it, the tribe has never been sought.

    3) Monkey Lice: Anywhere in the world where there are monkeys, there is monkey lice. And anywhere there is monkeys with lice, there are other monkeys who attempt to de-lice them (whilst enjoying a tasty, crunchy treat). A group of Wizards in the late 18C learned that monkeys who are struck by lightning breed some very interesting varieties of lice. The wizards at the time knew they were onto something. They were fully convinced that these lice would be invaluable to the forwarding of Potion Science, and so dressed up in monkey suits and attempted to steal the lice from some such monkeys. Alas, the wizards perished in the endeavour, due to the fact that they had grossly underestimated the intelligence of the newly lightning-charged monkeys (they had not been properly grounded during the strike), who proceeded to barbeque them, before offering their toasted head lice to the rest of the pack over some nice green tea.

    4) Beard Hair: Witches have joked for centuries that a man is only as useful as his beard hair. This is due to the fact that beard hair contains magical properties that can mimic those of others. Wizards, amazingly, have never worked this out. But due to the difference in personalities and pastimes of the wizards in question, it can take the witch any number of decades to fully understand the functional properties of her wizard's beard. This is why witches insist that dating, and newly-wed wizards must shave every day. The wizards of course believe that it is due to the sand-paper experience of kissing an unshaven man. They never quite seem to notice that by the time they arrive home in the morning, the shaven specks of hair they had lazily left all over the sink have mysteriously disappeared, despite the fact that the rest of the bathroom is still a mess.

    5) Bathroom Sludge: A dangerous substance that when left to grow can evolve into highly intelligent and sometimes sentient creatures. Most witches do not like to take the chance that their sludge will be nice and not devour her children in their sleep, and hence scrub any traces away. Other witches try their best to keep the sludge at bay, using what time and resources they have at hand. Still other witches enjoy living on the edge, and deliberately grow and foster their sludge, in the hopes that someday they can put a collar on it and take it for walks around the block. When used in potions however, bathroom sludge is extremely potent, and as in its evolved stated, volatile and dangerous. This is why the first rule of potion safety is that potions ought never to be concocted in the bathroom.

    6) Fingernail Dirt: Similar to pocket lint i
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    The Creative Spirit

    Draw some of the pictures that Colin Creevy might have taken while at Hogwarts. May do up to 3. 40 points.

    [image=]Hermione at the Yule Ball (arguing with Ron)

    Posted by crystalskye

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    Things to Come

    Make up some completely random and canonically impossible romantic pairings for the 6th and/or 7th books and explain just why they are so unlikely to happen. And ?It's just not possible/it's just wrong? is not a good answer. tongue For example: Hermione/Giant Squid because the Squid is a loner and Hermione thinks seafood is gross. tongue 5 points each. May do up to 5.

    1) Grawp and Hermione: It has the potential to at least get off to a good start, but it would not be long before Hermione gives up in frustration because Grawp can only say two words, won't study, and is far too tall to kiss.

    2) Draco and Nagini: They have nothing in common save the side they're on, Nagini can't stand Draco's whining, and Draco can't stand for more than two minutes without passing out and needing an antidote after a kiss.

    3) Crabbe and Goyle: They compliment each other and have been proven to get on well. However they are both as thick as bricks and hence would never work out that they actually like each other. So neither would ever initiate the romance.

    4) Hagrid and a Blast-Ended Skrewt: Hagrid would no doubt spend any amount of 'quality time' with the Skrewt, but would eventually run out of places he would be permitted to take it out for a date as it grew in size and blast-range.

    5) Poppy (Madam Pomfrey) and Filch: The reason is simple: Filch would be (as always) attempting to maim, mutilate or murder the students, whilst Poppy would be cursing him in his sleep due to the workload it makes.

    Who will be the new Headmaster/Headmistress of Hogwarts? Why? 10 points.

    Fudge. Having been disgraced in the 'Voldemort is not back' period, he will attempt to work his way back into a position of power. The school board will think that he is malleable enough to bend to their will. The ministry will agree as he is sufficiently neutral in terms of sides. Parents will be at first outraged at having such an obviously poor choice of headmaster for their children, but will quieten down once they realise that the benefit of having such an incompetent leader is that the staff at Hogwarts will be sure to ignore him and run things as per usual

    Speculate on the future of any of the characters in the HP verse in the 7th book in light of the events of HBP. May do up to 3. 25 points.

    1) Draco Malfoy: Draco is now embedded on what he must now know, even just subconsciously, is the wrong side. He does not even have to look at it in terms of good and evil; he knows now that he simply does not have what it takes to be on that side. He is not one of them. He will react in one of two ways. Firstly, there is the hope that this will cause him to question his life path and his own personal morals. In doing so, he may seek council with Snape (in the 'good Snape' scenario). The second path he may take is to make himself into the Dark Wizard he so wishes to be. In this case, he will look at his inability to kill Dumbledore as an intrinsic failure and a great shame to his family. He will then double his efforts to overcome any voices within him that are telling him he can't do 'evil'.

    2) Hermione: Gone are the days when life was akin to a charms test; you study hard, try your best and in the event of a failure to complete your goals, simply try harder next time. Now Hermione, like the others in the DA, has seen the result of failure; death. And sometime of the times, no amount of hard work, study or knowledge could have prevented it. She has long ago learned to bend the rules in the face of a greater need. Now I foresee her becoming somewhat of a Xena Warrior figure: the action girl. She will fight for those she loves and she will fight hard. She will do things that she would once have never even considered. She will live more on the edge than ever. She will remain the logical backbone of the trio, and try to prevent the others from being reckless, but she herself will also begin to cut loose and release some of the feistiness she has within her.

    3) Ron: In the past, he has taken the backseat in all respects. He n
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    Things that Were

    What House would Fleur Delacour be in if she attended Hogwarts instead of Beauxbatons? Why? 5 points.

    Fleur would have been sorted into Ravenclaw. She has a keen mind and seems to prefer to solve problems intellectually. She is quite sure of herself and her abilities, but does not have an obvious ego. She is determined to achieve her goals, but not at the expense of others. She has a strong set of morals that will not bend in the face of desire, such as a Slytherin might. She is a good sport and plays fairly, as a Hufflepuff would, but she is very competitive and sees the point of the game as winning rather than simply playing. She is brave and courageous like a Gryffindor, but knows when to let go and receive help. She plays for the intellectual benefit more than anything else.

    Why did Fenrir Greyback just bite Lupin instead of killing him? 5 points.

    Greyback revels in holding a sick sense of power. He knows from experience that the condition can be worse than death. He wants to be able to inflict this pain upon others. In this sense, his mind is much the same as the vicious animal he becomes. This could mean that when he transforms, he can retain some sense of desire, as long as it conforms with the attitude of the 'monster'. Also, the werewolf is really just another animal whose primary instinct is that of survival, and secondary instinct is to reproduce. Instead of mating, warewolves pass the condition on through a bite. This would indicate that depending on the circumstance, the warewolf might instinctively choose not to kill its victim.

    What exactly motivated Wormtail to betray his friends? 5 points.

    Wormtail was never their friend to begin with. He is the type of person who wishes to obtain power by leeching onto somebody else. This was exemplified in his school days where he chose to be one of the gang in the hopes to be one of the bullies, rather than one of the bullied. It is common knowledge that at school, he merely followed James and Sirius around like a puppy. It was not that he looked up to them so much as he looked up to the power they had in the schoolyard. The minute that Wormtail realised that there was somebody else with even more power, he was right there sucking up and hoping to get a share.

    Speculate on the past of any of the adult characters in the HP verse. May do up to 3. 25 points.

    1) Madam Rosemerta: After finishing her schooling, she sang with a jazz band called The Charmers. They toured extensively around the world, and made somewhat of a name for themselves. Unfortunately, their time together was cut short whilst playing in a bar in Bermuda. During one up-tempo number, the alto sax player mis-charmed his instrument before his solo and started playing Green sleeves instead. In a bizarre turn of events, this triggered a long-ago implanted hypnotic command in the bass player, who began behaving like a rabid gorilla, using his guitar as a bat and demolishing half the building, leaving the occupants running for their lives. Consequently, they had to pay for damages and compensation, which cleared out each of their bank vaults and left them stranded. They were deported back to England where they parted company, seeing as how they were now on the black-list of every bar in the wizarding world. Madam Rosemerta decided to give it a second shot and went entered into a business partnership with a man called Red Ted, and together they had The Three Broomsticks up and running, complete with regulars, within six months. Madame Rosemerta did try to find a new band to sing with, but to this day has been unable to put together a good line-up who won't try to kill each other while the others are not looking. So when she found Red Ted dead on the bed with a bump on his head, she decided to focus all of her attentions on running the successful bar.

    2) Madam Pomfrey: While she was at school, Madam Pomfrey trained in wizard athletics. This was because she had been identified as a child as a talented garden gnome chucker. Her coach insisted on h
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    Absolutely Random

    If your House was a tree, what tree would it be? Suggested by Yubsie. No, I am not hat insane. 5 points.

    *snickers* If Hufflepuff was a tree, it would would be an Oak tree. It's slow growing, but it becomes a huge tree that's powerful and strong. It can remain standing through almost anything.

    Creative Spirit

    Nominate some characters from the HP-verse (some can be of your own making, as well) for the Wizarding Darwin Awards. Describe just what s/he did that was spectacular enough to remove them from the Wizarding gene pool. May do up to 3. 20 points each.

    1. Lavender Brown - This may seem like a minor infraction, but I think that forcing everyone in Hogwarts, and more specifically the Gryffindor Common room, to suffer through hearing Lavender call Ronald Weasley, Won-Won is a sufficiently spectacular offense to get her kicked out of the wizarding gene pool. *shudders*

    2. Crabbe and Doyle - I count them as one because well, they I don't think their combined brain power would add up to that of one person. C'mon, they saw cupcakes floating in mid air in the middle of a random corridor and they didn't even suspect that something unusual might be going on there?

    3. Samantha Denton - A witch who practiced the Dark ARts, Ms. Denton attempted to attack a small village in the country side. Unfortunately she stopped at the Pub first to knock back a few drinks. By the time that she started her attack, she was pretty drunk. She was, in fact, so drunk that she slurred her curses, causing them to backfire on her. She was almost comatose by the time that the Aurors found her.

    Literary Spirit

    Write an entry for the History of Magic textbook.

    1. Werewolf Uprising - 1777

    During the winter of 1777, there was a werewolf uprising in many parts of Europe. There was a rash of werewolf deaths among the population. Many werewolves who had previously lived in communities and caused no trouble were suddenly scared for thier lives and being hunted down. For fear of being destroyed, the werewolves attacked first. They destroyed several entire villages before the uprising was surpressed.

    2. Avada Kedavra - One of the Unforgivable curses, the origin of this curse has always been very mysterious. It's first verifiable use was recorded in 358 BC during a heated battle between two wizards over a long standing family feud. The curse effectively ended the feud. It has been speculated that the curse was in use well before that according to some fragmented eye witness reports, but nothing can be proven. However, by 1300 AD it was outlawed in most wizarding communities throughout the world.

    3. Magic Carpets - Originating in mostly middle eastern magical communities, magic carpets flooded the European markets during the mid to late 1800's. They were considered a fine form of magical transportation, especially for families traveling together. They were the first serious competition that broommakers had recieved in years and they were considerably cheaper. This led to a severe downturn in the manufacture of home grown broommakers and resulted in severe restrictions on the importation of magic carpets. Further concern about muggles spotting magic carpets led to more extensive tightening of the regulations.

    4. Salem, Massachusetts - Many of the witches burned at the stake and persecuted during this time were not actually witches. However, some of them were. The area became so dangerous for witches and wizards to live that they avoided it for several decades. Exact records of how the real witches and wizards were unable to elude capture or keep themselves hidden are not available so the events of the time are still somewhat a mystery. This incident however, has served as a very prudent warning to keep witchcraft well hidden since it occured.

    5. Official Owl Service - Owls have commonly been used by witches and wizards to relay messages for close to five centuries. However, the official Owl Post service was only created about 158 years ago. The service was quickly lauded for i
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    Due to unforeseen personal issues I'm going to take a break for a few days, I will be back though, just not 100% sure when.
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    I hope everything works out mouse. :) Will miss ya.
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    Note to Ravenclaw:

    You do realise we have nine weeks, right?

  14. Mara-Jade-Skywalker Jedi Knight

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    I think Ravenclaw's goal is to get me progressively closer to killing them for each of the 9 weeks. Thus, this is only the beginning and I'm already frightened. :p

    PS, I'm working on the totals now and they should be up in a little bit.
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    Wait, what's that about points? :p ;)
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    Soon is a very relative term in Nicky-world. :p
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    I agree, soon just means it is possible to get the points sometime before the weekend ;)

    (lub you Nicky [face_love] :p )
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    Hurray for points. And Nicky, this is just the beginning from the Claw. [face_devil]
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    I actually had them done last night, but didn't feel like doing the formatting before I went to bed because I was tired. :p So there.
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    Yeah, about you Slytherin traitors . . . you are branded [face_devil] Moleman, I changed your status to evil ravenclaw traitor [face_devil]

    DarthFisto, thanks for letting us know, but next time please PM me since I'm the one who was just about to PM you and ask why you hadn't done any tasks :p

    [:D] for JediANGELA [:D]

    [:D] to Mar for posting the Task list for me :D
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    ATTN: Slytherclaw
    Amber has more points than both your Houses combined. :p

    AmberStarbright - Prefect
    Jaina Byrd - Prefect
    jedichef1 - Prefect
    ShasaWaterwalker - Prefect

    Total: 11

    Sara_Kenobi - Head Prefect
    Amaya_Unduli - Prefect
    crystalskye - Prefect
    Jaina_Solo_15 - Prefect

    Total: 7

    Daughter_of_Yubyub - Head Prefect
    Miana Kenobi - Prefect
    Lank_Pavail - Prefect
    The_Standmaiden - Prefect
    thecleric007 (defector)
    Moleman1138 (TRAITOR!!11)

    Total: 10

    NYCitygurl - Head Prefect
    Jedi_Whispers - Prefect
    CodeName_Targeter - Prefect
    Mar17swgirl - Prefect

    Total: 10

    House Totals
    Gryffindor- 1745 points
    Hufflepuff - 930 points
    Slytherin - 590 points
    Ravenclaw - 215 points

    Individual Totals
    Amberstarbright - 995 points
    amaya_unduli - 435 points
    Jaina Byrd - 370 points
    Darthishtar - 320 points
    Codename_Targeter - 280 points
    Jaina_Solo_15 - 275 points
    Sara Kenobi - 180 points
    Jedi_Whispers - 140 points
    Miana Kenobi - 110 points
    Daughter_of_Yubyub - 95 points
    Jedivegeta - 70 points
    jedichef1 - 60 points
    Cobranaconda - 50 points
    Moleman1138 - 50 points
    thecleric007 - 50 points
    crystalskye - 40 points
    Raincloud - 30 points
    Jaina_Solo_59 - 10 points
    Mar17swgirl - 10 points
    Sar-Tamber-Lac - 5 points
    TIEPilot051999 - 5 points
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    Awesome first week, everybody. =D=
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