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Discussion in 'Archive: The Senate Floor' started by jasman, Dec 28, 2001.

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  1. Jedi Greg Maddux

    Jedi Greg Maddux Jedi Knight star 6

    Aug 3, 1999
    A Day In My Life

    The university mornings are cold, quiet, empty.
    Inhabited by pigeons, grass, and wind.
    The students are wasted,
    The math teachers prepare for their lectures,
    and test days are like removing brain tumors.

    Oh, every loathsome Monday morning
    I have to wake up to a cacophany
    of loud buzzes and beeps.
    I turn my head and notice
    the large crimson numerals...

    Seven-fifteen. Do I get up or stay in bed?
    With a split-second decision
    I hit a college student's best morning friend:
    The snooze button.

    Nine beautiful but brief minutes later
    That awful ruckus awakens me again.
    I react in a flash of fury -
    and shut the cursed alarm off for good.
    I crawl out of my hole
    Groggy, wasted, beat.

    I trudge to the dank pit called a restroom
    And chill out in there for a few minutes
    God only knows what time it is when I emerge
    and plod on to the cafeteria.

    Same old boring cafeteria...
    I order an omelette sandwich and some bacon
    and chomp it down in a few short minutes.
    I notice the clock's swift hands
    Sometimes an enemy, sometimes a friend
    This time I knew I had to dart to my first class...

    Four hours of boredom and drudgery
    Take what little wind remains
    In my energy-deprived body
    The noon hour draws near and I plod back to my hole

    I grab a bite to eat
    And rest my weary body
    I feel so beat
    I need a vacation.

    Soon five o'clock passed me by, then eight.
    I suddenly realize how much time I wasted
    and crack on my studies.
    Suddenly, the midnight hour greets me

    I call it a night
    and am thankful that one more day
    of Hell has passed.
  2. Kerr_Plunk

    Kerr_Plunk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 2, 2002
    this one has an accompanying picture that i drew - please click on the image so you can see it in proportion :)


    Untitled - by Laurie R. Birdsong

    there was once a woman child,
    with ocean motion, vivid wyld...
    she turned her back on warnings fair,
    but found too soon the danger there...
    in her bed, in her bath,
    not knowing his passion would turn to wrath...
    so she let him stay, and made him food,
    and all seemed quiet good...

    until one night the beast awoke,
    his confines were weak and easily broke...
    then he found a victim in his lover,
    and crept to her bed to discover,
    she slept unaware that soon all the love
    they had shared would be met with an equal
    rage, his vision impaired...

    the next day, nobody dared to ask her about
    the bruises, cuts or bumps..
    it was easier for them that way...
    but she noticed that they wouldn't look her
    in the eyes...

    ~and Poe parts her robe to expose the naked truth,
    her heart is made of purest gold...
    but nobody ever believes her..
    and deeper in the void,
    the cloak conceals dreams, visions, magick, time and space...
    if they would only take the time to look a little deeper...~
  3. The_Last_Gunslinger

    The_Last_Gunslinger Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 17, 2002
    Another Year

    Once again another year has passed
    You wake up in the morning to see the sun rise, and set in the evening.
    The time for making friends, and for losing them.
    Throughout the year things change, but time always looks back and smiles at the birth of a seed.
    And as always, on that day, you grow older and wiser, in the world.

    Copy Right 1998
  4. PeterTutham27

    PeterTutham27 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 23, 2001
    Mind if I submit one?

    The Boat by Peter Tutham

    The salty waves lap against the side,
    so gentle, harmless.
    But with each smack it wears away,
    stripping away to its untainted inside.
    With a foamy crackle, the proud vessel
    boldly slices through the ceiling of the depths.
    So full, and alone.
    Isolated, without an isle in sight.
    With the gulls call, I find a gentle rhythm-
    a loss for myself as my body heaves a sigh
    as great as any wave.
    The rock from side to side is naught
    but the simple loving motion
    of the sea, my mother, cradling me.
    To sleep, she beckons. To peace.
    I find my peace in the exploration,
    my place when I have nothing as to compare.
    The seastruck islands that ne?er share its secrets.
    I find my place in the places unknown.
    No port in view, no one to judge.
    How can I be lost in the depths of my soul?
    Dispatched from my family that I am surrounded in?
    I laugh, and the foamy beat joins in.
    I am not the boat out to sea.
    I am the boat out to see.
  5. ImperialFC

    ImperialFC Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 29, 2001



    Rain clattering against the roof
    Like an orchestra
    conducted by
    a madman
    it is chaotic,
    .............but it has a harmony.
    ....then soft
    Gets me to sleep happily
    The good rain.

  6. ImperialFC

    ImperialFC Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 29, 2001

    A few times close to the inside
    but mostly on the....................outside
    Even with company
    I can sit silently
    feeling like I'm on the...............outside
    Walking alone
    away from it all on the.............outside
    Outwardly not caring
    yet I silently wonder
    why I'm here on the.................outside

  7. Darth_SnowDog

    Darth_SnowDog Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 10, 2001
    Here's my contribution (mind you it's not a Darth_SnowDog original...)

    Ode to Flatulence'

    written by Madonna

    A fart is a chemical substance,
    It comes from a place called "bum",
    It penetrates through the trousers,
    and lands with a musical hum!

    To fart, to fart, 'tis no disgrace,
    For it gives the body ease.
    It warms the sheets on cold winter nights,
    and suffocates the fleas!
  8. PeterTutham27

    PeterTutham27 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 23, 2001
    ImpFC, I loved the rain poem- captures the essence of rain quite well!
  9. audio_karate

    audio_karate Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 23, 2001

    Lifetimes ago
    I eclipsed dusky melancholy twilights
    And you glimpsed drowsy golden moonbeams
    And I devastated brilliant sapphire frontiers
    And you preserved celestial crimson galaxies
    And I ridiculed timid smoky dewdrops
    And you wooed holy cobalt sunrises
    And I bruised noble lilac daydreams
    And you vindicated tainted vermilion honour
    And I betrayed lethal raspberry slumber
    And you surrendered passionate chartreuse memories
    And I vanquished majestic mahogany decrees
    And you scorned malicious ivory rumours
    And we both perished into violent obscure history.


    Stolen Kiss from an Oblivious Party

    Your fingertips dance
    Lightly over the metallic piece,
    Dark locks cascade forward,
    Shadow your face
    As you lean closer
    Your mouth welcomes the liquid,
    Soft lips parting,
    Accepting the wetness
    Dirty, untied converse sneaker tapping impatiently,
    Waiting for the liquid oxgyen
    To re-fuel the body.

    Fingertips cease dancing,
    Head tilts up again,
    Mouth closing,
    Back of hand wiping nonchalantly
    At renegade droplets.
    Sneakers make their exit.

    And I,
    I trace with my fingertips
    The metal that your own hands felt,
    Place my lips
    Where yours were before.

  10. audio_karate

    audio_karate Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 23, 2001
    A piece by Ginsberg On Burroughs' Work, but applicable to worlds more:

    The method must be purest meat
    and no symbolic dressing,
    actual visions and actual prisons
    as seen then and now.
    A naked lunch is natural to us,
    we eat reality sandwiches.
    But allegories are so much lettuce.
    Don't hide the madness.


    Something one of my German professors introduced me to, which is loads of fun to recite aloud:

    empfindungswörter, R.O. Wiemer

    aha die deutschen
    ei die deutschen
    hurra die deutschen
    pfui die deutschen
    ach die deutschen
    nanu die deutschen
    oho die deutschen
    hm die deutschen
    nein die deutschen
    ja ja die deutschen


  11. 1stAD

    1stAD Jedi Youngling star 5

    May 10, 2001
    My contribution :)

    "Dominos" - by Charles Thi
    © 2002

    The box is wooden, chipped and tattered.
    1954, it says on top. Duct tape binding the shattered box.

    I tenderly lift the pieces into my hand
    The cool ivory setting against my palm.

    Memories of a home long gone, a country no longer.
    The house in Nam now holding rockets and AK's.

    So old these pieces are, grown dull and weary
    Time's indelible mark etched across our faces.

    Two-nine is scarred in the middle, a shelling in Da Nang.
    The game abandoned as our roof collapsed.

    Three-five is chapped at the corner, the flight across the sea.
    Cracking against the rickety and leaking hull.

    The pieces grow warm and I set them back inside.
    The memory of whizzing bullets burns bright in my mind.

    Seen much have these dominos, as I
    Tempered not through play but through war.

    I put the box away one last time.
    1954, it says on top. Duct tape binding the shattered box.

    "gone" - by Charles Thi
    © 2002

    the wind falls across the heavy night
    your visage haunts my dreams like a phantom,
    scorned in passing but aching as i sleep

    your prescence is palpable; my flesh aches
    for your touch. i burn a slow death inside
    waiting for your eyes to meet mine

    the breeze dies down and i hear your voice
    in it's stead. i reach out above the darkness,
    yearning for your touch

    met not by your hands but by winter's
    cruel lashing. i wake from my dream in a
    cold sweat. a love in passing, scorned in dreaming
  12. ImperialFC

    ImperialFC Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 29, 2001
    Many thanks peter. I probably need to change a line here or there, though.
  13. Lord Bane

    Lord Bane Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 26, 1999
  14. Kerr_Plunk

    Kerr_Plunk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 2, 2002
    untitled - by Laurie R. Birdsong

    one night i see my lover
    lying still beneath the covers
    and though i've never had him
    i can very well imagine
    storms 'round my fingers raging
    to touch his body shaking
    and to know such passion aching

    one night i feel like zero
    so i go to see my hero
    the nights a bitter cold
    and my body's feeling bold
    so i make a simple gesture
    but find my love is not sure
    how he wants his pleasure

    ... to know such passion aching
  15. Qui-Rune

    Qui-Rune Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 18, 2002
    It was a dark and stormy night
    And the captain said to his mates,
    "Let me tell you a story"
    And the story went like this,

    "It was a dark and stormy night
    And the captain said to his mates,
    "Let me tell you a story"
    And the story went like this,

    "It was a dark and stormy night
    And the captain said to his mates,
    "Let me tell you a story"
    And the story went like this....

  16. DarthSnuggles1121

    DarthSnuggles1121 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 28, 2002
    Anyone mind if I contribute? Okay, this is a sappy poem I wrote after my boyfriend broke up with me (yeah, I have no life).

    For every tear I could not disguise
    Every smile that did not reach my eyes
    And every sunset that went unknown
    For all the times I sat alone

    For all the times you made me cry
    And all the times I wondered why
    And every star I did not see
    For all the faults you found in me

    For every breath I gave to you
    And all the words I thought were true
    And every sound I could not hear
    For the sense I lost when you were near

    For the lies I received so lovingly
    For all these things you took from me
    I'm left with pain all through the night
    And my love for you, that I cannot fight

    Yeah, it royally sucks, I know.
  17. Darth Mulacki

    Darth Mulacki Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 4, 1999
    This is maybe a litle dark but there is a reason:

    "If life is a dream, please wake me up"

    As I stare aimlessly in to the
    dark night I try to realize were it was
    that I failed. Was it in love, was it inhate
    No it was in life itself.
    A single tear rolls down my face quickly followed by another as

    I silently start to cry. It starts to rain every drop a pain that I?ve felt I miss my friends, my loved one and my life companion
    I wonder if I will ever feel love again
    I do not think so

    Lightning rips the sky and for
    A glimpse I see the street, empty
    and dark like my soul. I?ve tried to change myself and my world, but every attempt has

    It feels like someone is keeping score
    And what could make my life complete
    was simply out of reach
    I scream to no one i'm all alone
    This cruel reality is nothing but a messed up
    dream that I try to awaken from.

    I fail an then it comes again like a fire
    burning through my veins, I know it
    all to well. I try to control it, but I fail
    It takes control and I give in to it for
    it is a friend, my friend, it?s name is

    Anger, the driving force of so many things
    I feel nothing but anger as I think of my life. What it has become, what I have become
    A cold wind blows it wraps itself around me
    like a shroud

    Often have I thought of death, if I would
    welcome it if I would fear it if I would fight it, I don?t think I would do either for death means release.

    Another lightning rips the sky, the flash
    reflected by the blade I hold.
    I place it at my wrist and look in to the rain feeling once again the pain that in moment will end, I close my eyes and say a silent prayer

    As I am about to take the final step in to eternity I am stopped by and angel in the form of my one true friend the friend that I care and love with all my heart, if only I dared tell her

    That is the small hope of redemption that I have left.
    That maybe she loves me like I love her.
    That is the last form of light I have left in this eternal darkness.


  18. DarthSnuggles1121

    DarthSnuggles1121 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 28, 2002
    I know the feeling, Mulacki. Great poem.

    Wish I'd brought the keys with me,
    Wish I knew the stick well enough to drive away,
    To fly away.
    Sat pondering the wheel for an eternity,
    Longest three minutes of my life,
    My hand on the brake, searching for the strength to push it down and drive away,
    The strength to fly away.
    Don't have the courage to leave, not strong enough to stay,
    Wish I could just grow wings and fly away,
    Fly away,
    God let me fly away.
    The pain takes me, shakes me, rips me apart,
    Piece by piece I fall apart, no one there to see,
    I fall apart, they turn away,
    I fall apart, there's no escape,
    No where to fly away,
    God let me fly away,
    Stars above take me away
    Life let me run away...

    I know one day I'll learn to fly,
    And then I'll find my peace.
    That fateful day I'll fly away,
    Away, to find my peace.
  19. JediofJade

    JediofJade Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 25, 1999
    Okay, I wrote this one in about 2 minutes ago, so sorry if it sucks

    Your Field

    I'm riding horseback
    Through your fields
    Lavender, lily, beauty
    Runs as my shield
    The sunlight I basked in
    Has disappeared
    Replaced by violent gray
    And skylight seared
    It rains on me
    While I ride through your field
    I welcome the icy sting
    It runs as my shield
    Through the forest now
    And rivers I ride
    Branches grasping and gripping
    And groaning at my side
    It's hard to see
    Hard to breathe in your field
    Hard to understand
    Why I can't raise my shield
    Thunderous dark
    Races after me
    I gasp and blink back tears
    It's hard when you're not with me
    I can't beat back the rain
    Or the dangers in your field
    Not when I am alone
    And you are not my shield

    And I wrote this one last night:

    Rusty Frame
    You tore down my home
    With your fingers and your tongue
    Quietly licking and lapping
    And grinning when you're done

    A bike with no wheels
    Just a rusty frame
    We're going no where
    Going nowhere in the wrong lane

    Spiders dancing around
    Where is my tangled web?
    I've looked around
    And I cant find my tangled web

    Get off the bike
    We're going nowhere
    You're choking me
    Going nowhere

    Tuck me in, I'm all choked up
    Tuck me in, I'm all choked up

    Get off the bike
    We're going nowhere
    Get off of me
    We're going nowhere

    Tuck me in, I'm all choked up
    Tuck me in, I'm all choked up
    In the fast lane
    Tuck me in, I'm all choked up

    Little weird, I know, and also probably not right. I typed that one from memory cuz I don't have my poetry binder right now, so I might edit it later when I have the actual poem.
  20. Darth Mulacki

    Darth Mulacki Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 4, 1999
    Woohoo, somebody likes my poetry.

  21. RidingMyCarousel

    RidingMyCarousel Jedi Master star 6

    Feb 20, 2002
    Pulled Through Dirt
    The most painful things are those that you can't cry;
    They stick to your soul, their thought makes you sigh,
    Through the odd ends, they drag you down --
    Torture your essence, spit you around.
    At the end of their string is tied a key,
    That will open you body to love and set you free.

    A Simple Dream
    Such a beautiful place, such a beautiful time,
    Sitting here, wishing you were mine.
    The purple clouds overhead against the night sky,
    All the geese have laid to rest, past time for them to fly.
    The crickets chirping, sweetening the night's air,
    My soul longing for someone as sweet as you; as fair.
    And as the night fades into my soul, I sigh-
    -Because I hope to be with someone as sweet as you before I die.
    Because I am afraid of the distance we share,
    And I fear that we shall never breathe each other's air.

    My Prayer
    My thoughts seem clouded, life can seem so blue,
    Then I join my fingers together and trust in you.
    Praying allows me to release all my worries into the air,
    And your loving touch manages to wash out my dispair.
    As I lay and bed and pray for those I love,
    Your caress helps me fall asleep as you watch above.
    I am thankful for every day you give me to see,
    and I pray that your love will guide me.

    The previous poems are (c) 2002 James C. Traver, Jr.
  22. Darth Dark Helmet

    Darth Dark Helmet Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 27, 1999
    In the silence
    Before the lights shines
    Everynight we feel
    The things that can't be expressed
    Through merely words alone
    In the silence
  23. JediofJade

    JediofJade Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 25, 1999
    Stuff like that, DDH, can really hit home. :)

    My writing has been influenced by Radiohead recently for some reason, so if it doesn't make any sense...that's why.

    Ice Breaker

    Sometimes you say too much/ The moment's ruined/ I wish we could all shut up/ And life would be simpler that way

    Am I right or wrong?/ I hope I'm right/ Probably wrong/ But there's a chance I'm right

    I don't know what to say/ My mouth runs on/ Never out of breath/ A tired machine

    Doesn't need oil/ Just an ice-breaker/ So don't break the ice/ Keep the playing field frozen

    Keep it cold
    Keep it cold


    You ask me to smile when you know I'm not right/ You whisper with bowed heads and take pleasure in the sight/ I hear my name and you look up and smile/ I know what you were saying and you say it with no style

    I am so frustrated with your secrets and shut-outs/ You're a friend for a minute and an enemy for fifty nine/ can you take a breath and bother to realize/ That I'm not a selfish girl bound with haughty ties?

    Just stop saying my name and telling me to smile/ You b****es and you ba*****s who think trust is not worthwhile/ Just because I'm tired and upset/ Doesn't mean I'm angry at what you don't regret

    A River

    A story of beauty is in your eyes
    A legend of longing you share with me
    Through your sighs

    I'm walking through a forest
    Of untold history
    I can stare at the leaves as they seem to fall from the sky

    I need to breathe quietly now
    To hear the sounds of the river pasing by
    Flowing by

    Here is a flower
    Lowering its petals as I cry
    caressing my hand as it unfolds before my eyes

    Endless blue covers the sky
    Enveloping the earth like a lover
    Enveloping me like my lover

    A rain falls now over me
    A rain falls softly
    Over me

    I turn to my left
    A thorn scrapes my cheek
    I thought I saw you

    I wish it was a memory
    Not something as real as the rustle of the leaves
    Beneath my feet

    So it's twilight in this forest now
    Blooms close as I pass them by
    I've got breathe more quietly

    In the distance, there is a river
    Flowing past a waterfall of lilies
    Like winter in my heart

    Releasing the pressure on my chest
    The stars begin to shine
    I wish you were a memory

    Hearing a song
    I turn to my right
    I thought I had heard you

    The storm keeps running my way
    A rain falls over me
    Like no other

    Sometime later
    I fell onto a bed of leaves
    A felt a rose's silk

    There is a clearing across the way
    I almost stop breathing
    It's like beauty in my heart

    Running into the clearing
    The rain stops
    My tears fall

    I thought I had seen you

  24. Darth Geist

    Darth Geist Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 23, 1999
    The Ballad of King Hippo

    King of Hippos
    In the Ring
    When the bell
    Begins to sing
    Coming at you
    With his fist
    Took a swing?
    Too bad, you missed
    He will knock you
    To the mat
    Would you like
    Some more of that?
    Mash the buttons
    On your feet
    King of Hippos
    Can't be beat
    Coming at you
    Once again
    With the strength
    of fifty men
    One and two
    And three and four
    Now you're back
    Down on the floor
    Do the smart thing
    And stay down
    No? Then he'll
    Take you to town
    You've got style
    You've got grace
    Till his fist
    Impacts your face
    He will send you
    Straight to hell
    Oops--you've been
    Saved by the bell
    "Don't give up."
    Your trainer says.
    There's a weakness;
    Use your head!
    Then, too soon,
    Here comes Round Two,
    And the pain
    Begins anew.
    King of Hippos
    Comes your way
    With his fists
    He whales away
    And he pounds
    You like a punk
    With his battle
    Cry of "Unk!"
    Then you see it;
    On his gut
    Are two band-aids--
    Was he cut?
    Well, regardless,
    Take a jab
    Pound your fist
    Into that flab
    Direct hit;
    His pants fall down
    And he pulls them
    Up around
    Drops his guard
    And you decide,
    "Time for hippo
    In a flurry
    You attack
    Drive the King
    of Hippos back
    Till he leans
    Upon the ropes
    As if older
    Than the Pope
    And you wind
    Up one last blow
    King of Hippos,
    Down you go!
    He collapses,
    Down and out,
    And the crowd
    Begins to shout,
    Hail the winner!
    Hail the King!
    And your praises
    They will sing.
  25. Darth Geist

    Darth Geist Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 23, 1999
    The Ballad of the Double Post

    Wrote a poem
    And sent it here.
    Where'd it go?
    It disappeared.
    So I hit "post"
    One more time.
    Double posted!
    What a crime!

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