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Beyond - Legends The Jedi and the Ambassador - Kyp/OC and J/J - post LOTF - Final Post 5/1 - Completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by jadesabre75, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. jadesabre75

    jadesabre75 Jedi Knight star 4

    Nov 14, 2007
  2. jadesabre75

    jadesabre75 Jedi Knight star 4

    Nov 14, 2007
    I'm not quite sure what happened...but it looks like everything after page 20 disappeared! :eek: So I'm gonna post the rest of the story.


    Chapter 22


    Kyp was walking down a hallway in the temple when he reached up to rub his chest unconsciously. He shook his head, pushing the small ache from his mind then stopped in his tracks.

    ?Kyp?? Jag asked, when he realized his friend had stopped.

    The master looked up and Jag knew something had happened. ?The apartment.? He simply said, then after a moment of hesitation started running down the hall, Jag close on his heels. Thankfully Jag?s speeder just happened to be parked out front.

    He somehow managed to give Jag directions and thanks to his friend?s superior driving skills they were there in mere minutes. Kyp didn?t wait until the speeder had stopped before he jumped out and ran up the steps towards Jared?s apartment.

    The sight of two Intel agents lying dead in the hall stopped him in his tracks and he fought to keep his panic down. Jag came up behind him and swore something in Chiss bringing him back to reality. He stepped over the men and cursed himself when he found Jared just inside the door.

    ?Jared?? He asked, panic starting to creep into his voice. The young guard?s eyes fluttered open at Kyp?s voice and he grimaced as he took a shallow breath.

    ?Hang on buddy. We?ll get a medic.? Kyp started to rise, when Jared?s hand shot out to grab his arm. He felt the man?s pain through the force and took a deep breath to keep from being sick.


    Jag stood behind Kyp, blaster in his hand and pulled his comm off his belt. Before he could even turn it on, it trilled.


    ?Jag. Is Kyp with you??

    ?Yeah, listen Iella, we need a medic at Jared?s apartment now.?

    ?Ok. I?ll be right there. Don?t leave until I get there.?


    ?They took Jade.? Jared whispered. Kyp swore his heart stopped.


    Jared shook his head slightly and clenched his teeth as a wave of pain washed over him. ?Don?t know.? He said, then took another breath as the wave passed. ?They took her to a warehouse.? Jared finished, then closed his eyes and relaxed his grip on Kyp?s arm.

    ?Jared? Jared, don?t you pass out on me, man. Stay with me.? Kyp told him, turning back to find Jag?s gaze.

    ?Medic is on it?s way. Iella said not to leave until she gets here.? He offered and Kyp nodded, realizing there was nothing he could do but wait.

    ?Who are you?? Jade asked the man sitting in the front seat next to the driver. She had been pushed into the back between two men who badly needed a shower. The man simply ignored her and she huffed and looked out the window. They were down in the industrial section and the only thing she knew was that they were taking her to a warehouse. She just hoped that Kyp could find her soon. Spending time with these men was not exactly on her list of things to do.

    A few minutes later, they pulled up to a huge building and Jade was jerked out of the backseat and set onto her feet. Before she had completely regained her balance one of the cronies pushed her towards the door, but with her wrists shackled in stun cuffs she couldn?t catch herself. Two strong arms caught her and set her back upright. Looking up she saw Edward and gasped.

    ?Ambassador. It?s nice to see you again.?

    Jade cocked an eyebrow. ?Wish I could say the same.?

    ?That?s enough. Let?s get inside before someone sees.? The big man said, waiting for the group to get moving. Someone grabbed her arm and practically dragged her towards the door. She was sure that her arm would be covered in bruises if they kept it up.

    The inside of the building was empty except for a table and a few chairs against the far wall. She was let go as they came to the table and she looked around, trying to see if there was a way out.

    ?You won?t get far if you run my dear. Might as well make yourself comfortable.? The big
  3. jadesabre75

    jadesabre75 Jedi Knight star 4

    Nov 14, 2007
    Chapter 23


    Jade went to stand up, but her legs had other ideas and she lost her balance. Kyp?s arms caught her and she threw her arms around his neck, clinging to him.

    ?You ok?? He whispered, not wanting to let go, but knowing that they weren?t done.

    She nodded and leaned back to look at him. He gave her a smile and a quick kiss, then turned to hand her to an agent. Kyp watched her progress to the far wall for a minute, then turned back to the task still left. Iella?s men had surrounded the small office, with Jedi backing them up. Jag and Kyp were the only ones left who were not in place.

    ?You ready for this?? Jag asked him quietly and smiled when Kyp nodded. He actually felt sorry for these people. They hadn?t even realized the huge mistake they had made in pissing Kyp off. This might actually be fun.


    ?What?!? Edward?s voice screeched and Shaw rolled his eyes. The urge to push the man out the door and hope he got shot was strong, but he still needed him. His presence would need to be tolerated a little longer. Shaw glanced at his captain and nodded. His men spread out in a line just in front of the door and brought their weapons up.

    Most of them had blaster rifles, but there were a few that had surprises in store for the group outside. Shaw stood towards the back of the room, his hand rubbing the weapon at his side unconsciously. He sent a nudge through the force to his captain, then his men fired.


    Kyp felt the nudge and immediately moved into action.

    ?Incoming!? He screamed and brought his lightsaber up as he hit the ground. The other jedi had felt it too, managing to get the others out of the way before a sheet of blaster fire ripped through the windows of the office. Glass rained down over Jag and Jaina, who were the closest to the room. Jaina used the force to deflect as much of it as she could from hitting them.

    An abrupt silence brought Kyp?s head up and he groaned when he saw a small silver cylinder roll out of one of the broken windows. Standing quickly, he grabbed Iella and one of the agents near him and urged them towards the back wall. A few seconds later a wave of light filled the room, followed by an ear-piercing scream. Kyp managed to create a small force bubble around himself and the other two that filtered most of the noise, but what got through still hurt.

    Opening his eyes he saw that a couple of the agents had been knocked out by the sonic grenade, but most of them were still standing thanks to the jedi. Their quarry however, had managed to blow a hole in the back wall of the office and disappear down a darkened staircase.

    Cursing loudly, Kyp?s gaze traveled over the rest of the room making sure everyone was ok. His eyes finally rested on Jade and he found himself walking towards her, where she was talking to Jag. Not caring if he was being rude, he pulled Jade into a hug and buried his face in her neck.

    ?I?m fine Kyp.? She told him quietly as she tightened her grip on him.

    ?I just needed to hold you for a minute.? He whispered, raising his head to place a small kiss to her temple.

    ?Go.? She told him quietly when he looked torn between staying and going after Shaw. ?He needs to be stopped.? Kyp searched her eyes for another second then kissed her briefly and turned, running in the direction that Shaw and his men had taken.


    Unbeknownst to the group, most of Shaw?s men had circled back around to take out as many of them as possible, per his orders. The less people who could follow him the better. The five cronies, armed with their rifles and some more sonic grenades crept into the shadows that were now forming in the building. Evening was slowly stealing all the light and no one had bothered to see if the lights still worked in the derelict building.

    Jade was standing with Valin over near the destroyed office, listening to Kelvin as he directed the rest of the security force. S
  4. jadesabre75

    jadesabre75 Jedi Knight star 4

    Nov 14, 2007
    Chapter 24


    Two weeks later?

    ?How in the Sith am I supposed to be a credible witness when I?ve lost my mind?? Jade asked, talking to no one in particular. She?d taken to talking to herself in the last two weeks and that scared her just a tad. The guard across the room from her chuckled and she was thankful that at least he had a good
    sense of humor.

    ?I?m not sure he?s worried about that.? The guard, Devin, answered her not looking up from his data pad.

    ?Obviously.? Jade said, sarcasm dripping from the word. Devin had gotten used to the ambassador?s ramblings and he honestly couldn?t blame her. She?d had no outside contact except for him and one of the other guards the entire two weeks she had been sequestered. Actually, he was surprised she hadn?t lost her mind yet. At least he got to go home one day a week and see his wife.

    Devin went back to the messages he had waiting and nearly jumped when his comm unit trilled. Setting the datapad down, he stood up and walked down the hall to take the call.



    Devin came back into the living room a few minutes later and Jade looked up to see him smiling.

    ?What? They?ve canceled the trial?? She asked, knowing that wasn?t the answer.

    ?No, but this one I think you?ll like.?

    ?What?!? She yelled, making him laugh.

    ?They?ve moved your place in the docket up. You testify tomorrow.?


    Next day?

    Michael made his way through the throngs of people to find a seat in the third row of the courtroom. He?d been to the trial everyday and while it was interesting, he was not the only one who wanted it to be over with. Jade was a very missed person right now, especially by one person. He had been to lunch the day before with the Jedi master and had to say that every time he talked to him he liked him even more. There was hope for Jade to be happy yet. If the two of them didn?t get in the way of realizing that fact.

    Someone sat down next to him, but he didn?t turn to acknowledge them thinking it was just a stranger.

    ?Do you know how hard it was for me to get in here??

    Michael turned in surprise and laughed when he saw Kyp sitting next to him dressed in casual clothes. Somehow, he wasn?t surprised to see him here.

    ?You didn?t wipe any minds, did you??

    ?It was hard, but I resisted the temptation.? Kyp snarked, joining the governor in a chuckle. Even without the force, Michael knew Kyp was anxious. Jared had told him the master had not handled being away from Jade for the last two weeks very well. He had pretty much kept to himself, snapping at people when he did happen to venture out of his apartment or office. Michael started to say something, when he heard the noise of the room die down signaling the entrance of the jury and the judge. He frowned, not seeing Jade, and wondering if they were going to make her wait until the end of the day to testify.

    ?The matter of the 25th Circuit Court of the NR vs. Senator Bela Mnaa will now come to order. The honorable Judge Ruben Fey presiding.?

    ?Please be seated.? The judge commanded and it was surprisingly quiet as everyone complied. Kyp figured it was because people wanted to hear every word of this trial. It had sparked so many discussions and debates in the two weeks since its inception and was the talk of the holonet almost constantly. He didn?t even watch the news anymore--he was so sick of it.

    ?I?m hoping it?s going to be a short day, gentlemen, since we only have one witness on the docket.? Fey threw out to the two lawyers sitting in front of him. A murmur ran through the crowd and Kyp and Michael glanced at each other. Interesting.

    Both lawyers nodded and the judge looked back down at his datascreen. ?Mr. Lowen, I believe you have the witness first.? He said, looking up at the Defense attorney. Jade didn?t like Marv Lowen. She never had. He?d been Bela?s attorney for as long as she had known him, and he just gave her a weird feeling.

    ?Please state your name for
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