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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarthSubZero, May 7, 2007.

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  1. DarthSubZero

    DarthSubZero Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 10, 2006 a good way....wait still the bad way, yeah you're being fooled, Har har har.

    The Story

    The Jedi Council Forums is right now the most respected place on the internetz, the most 31337 reside there. Created by many, they decided to pass it down to few, and only display their superiorty at necessary times. The most respected of these were NaboosPrincess and LightSide_Apprentince , and with their's, and many others', guidance, the community flourished....

    ....untill one day....

    LSA suddenly stepped down. The community was shocked...but one saw his oppurtunity. NP decided to hold elections for the Role Playing Forum, him being gone, and she herself, like many mods like her, soon reaching admin-hood. The condition was that the candidates have more than 600 posts...but this little man right here, due to mysterious h4x1ng skillz, did this....he was quickly found out though, his name removed from the ballot, and hunted down....he was never found, though.

    The great admins then layed down a rule, only known to them and some mods, and the circles of senior members having limited, but still some knowledge. The one to capture this thief was to receive the title of [hl=black]GREATEST.MEMBER.EVA[/hl]. This will grant the winner with the power beyond those of the admins themselves. All would go for it. n00bs to prove their worth. Seniors to prove they are....and always will be, the greatest. And even the staff to have unquestioned power....even over their peers...yet there was one problem. The little man could always could always blame anyone else, with the right amount of fake evidence, and become the winner....this must not happen.

    Now it is your turn....theiving n00bs, cunning seniors, and even powerful mods and admins will test you beyond your limit......good luck, young, frogman.

    The Rules

    1. As you can see, the objective of the game is to catch the culprit, but also to live out your life in the Forums themselves. Events like the election are still goin' on, and winning that and other events will win you recognition or VIP-ship, making your quest that much easier.

    2. Money here is considered the posts a member has when starting the game, and will increase as long as the person is a real active member. Threads are considered "shops", but can still be called threads. Buying "a post" will cost your posts, but will win you recognition, albeit small, but bigger the larger the thread.

    3. Places in the forum-----

    [li]Welcome: Here, new members learn the way of life in the forums. No recognition is earned here, but you can gain some valuable info, and is the center of your "investigation", with it's vast library.[/li]

    [li]TV and Movies discussion: Here, you can watch every move ever made.....ever. If you watch the latest movies, you can become "cool", other words gain recognition.[/li]

    [li]Role-Playing Forum: Here you gain ludricous recognition at ludricous prices, participating in famous plays and theatrical events. It is here where the legendary Christian Bale resides. By somehow defeating him, you will become one step closer to reaching your goal.[/li]

    [li]Debate Forum: Here are elections are run for political spots, more requirements the bigger the posistion. Also, furious debates are held in the Senate floor.[/li]

    [li]Administration: Important announcements are held here.[/li]

    4. 2 CS Sheets per character, plz.

    5. Absolutely NO KILLING OFF OF CHARACTERS THAT ARE OR BASED ON ACTUAL MEMBERS. NPC's, you can kill over and over.

    6. Obey the TOS and have FUN!

    Character Sheets


    Favorite Forums(aka: where the guy/girl lives)


    Super-Duper abilities that no one knows but will soon find out:

    Amount of posts:

    Special Positions(Admin, Mod):


    1. Christian Bale

    2. The Bloody Smi
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