The Jedi Knights of Cleveland: Jedi Code and Calander

Discussion in 'Cleveland, OH' started by Bobafemme, Feb 23, 2003.

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    Hello everyone, welcome to the Cleveland chapter of Fanforce...known as The Jedi Knights of Cleveland.

    Like "The Jedi Code" there are some things about this Fanforce chapter everyone needs to know. The following are some of the basic rules and commonly asked questions for the Cleveland chapter of Fanforce.

    * How do I join "The Jedi Knights of Cleveland?"
    The answer is real simple, if you're a registered member of's Jedi Council Discussion are more then welcome to join. There are no membership fees, and registering at is free.

    * What kind of things do "The Jedi Knights of Cleveland" do?
    We do more then just post on the boards. Once a month, we try to hold an official "meeting" where we can discuss anything related to the Fanforce in-person. It's also a nice way to get to know the other members of the group. More often then not, our meetings are held in public places (Southpark Mall is one of our favorites) but we've started having events at people's homes as well. We try to keep the "meeting buisness" to as little time as possible, and spend more time socializing (doesn't always work that way). One of the things we've taken to doing is seeking out, not only SW fans from the Cleveland area...but other Fanforces as well.

    * If I have any questions, who should I ask?
    There is a "Jedi Council" of The Jedi Knights of Cleveland. As Chapter Representative (the only title given by Fanforce), DonC is one person you could direct your questions to.

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    The Jedi Knights of Cleveland - JEDI COUNCIL

    There is a committee (refered to as THE COUNCIL) that handles important planning and organizational matters for The Jedi Knights of Cleveland. Each person has areas of responsibility, and specific questions can be directed to the appropriate person.

    Chapter Rep: DonC
    Public Relations: Krash
    Voting and Policy: _-Reborn-Jedi-_
    Treasury Darth-Zod
    Webmaster: Jedi_BMack
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    Underage Member Policy

    The Jedi Knights of Cleveland is an unofficial Star Wars fan club (not affiliated in any way with Lucasfilm, Ltd or its subsidiaries). It is made up of people who enjoy the Star Wars films and their various spin-offs. We enjoy spending time with each other in various pursuits, such as, but not limited to: discussing our love of Star Wars and collecting; movie outings; cookouts; and science fiction convention attendance.

    Star Wars has always been a story for all ages, and The Jedi Knights of Cleveland is comprised of members of various ages. However, we feel it is important for parents/guardians to be aware of some things if they choose to let their minor child join our group:

    No one will be supervising your child. While it is never our intention to disregard the saftey of a member, the responsibility for their actions lies with the parent/guardian.

    We encourage parents/guardians to be involved. We would like parents/guardians to get to know the other members of the group and the types of activities in which we engage. Also, if parents would like to monitor the amount of time (and content) of your child?s online activity, they are welcome and encouraged to do so at any time.

    Alcohol may be around your child. While no alcohol will ever by served to the minor by the group; meetings sometimes take place in venues where alcohol is served (sporting events, restaurants). Adult members of legal age may be drinking alcohol during meetings and social events.

    Language used. The group attempts to maintain all discussions at the PG level. However, some inappropriate language might inadvertently be used.

    You are responsible for transporting your child. The Jedi Knights of Cleveland,, or are not being responsible for transporting your child to or from meetings or social events. If you do not attend the event with your child, please be sure your child has a safe mode of transportation to and from club events.

    Get to know us. If you would like to learn more about our group, or if you need to get in touch with any member of the Cleveland Jedi Council, please contact the Fanforce Chapter Representative via the ?contact your local city rep? link on the Cleveland boards; or contact Midwest RSA Krash for more information.
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    2003 General Meeting and Event Schedule

    3/15 - [link=]Amy Allen[/link] @ Colossalcon 2
    3/16 - JKOC 1 year anniversary
    3/27 - [link=]Troy Denning[/link] @ Joseph Beth Booksellers

    4/5 - WRHS/Dave and Busters (Detroit)
    4/24 - Bowl For Kid's Sake 2003

    5/17 - WRHS/Dave and Busters (Pittsburgh)

    6/7 - GENERAL MEETING (Tinkers Creek)
    6/27 - Star Wars Breakfast @ Columbus


    8/2 - [link=]All Ohio Fanforce Cookout[/link] (Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton)
    8/5 - [link=]Mullet Appreciation Night[/link], Quaker Steak and Lube/Valleyview Cinemark
    8/23 - JarJarJedi's [link=]pool party[/link] (cancelled)
    8/23 - GENERAL MEETING (cancelled)

    9/6 - "Martix Reloaded" (Parma Theater)

    10/4 - [link=]Underworld with Candace[/link]
    10/11 - [link=]ManhaTTan Comics[/link] "Character Day"
    10/18 - [link=]GENERAL MEETING[/link]

    11/1 - [link=]CLEVELAND FORCE[/link] home opener
    11/29 - Mid-Ohio Con [link=]Saturday[/link] (Columbus)
    12/6 [link=]DARKXMAS[/link] Youngstown
    12/16 LOTR [link=]Marathon[/link] Valleyview Cinemark
    12/21 - GENERAL MEETING/Christmas Party (Sunday)
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    Official Voting Rules for The Jedi Knights of Cleveland

    Contact _-Reborn_Jedi-_ for questions.

    I ? Rules and Policy Council Member: When a vote is required within The Jedi Knights of Cleveland Fanforce chapter (JKOC), THE COUNCIL member in charge of voting and policy will start an online poll within the forum in regards to the issue at hand.

    II ? Process/Rules for voting: For purposes of controlling socks, trolls, flames, and non JKOC members, no one with a TheForce.Net (TF.N) registration date newer than three months will be permitted to vote. Anyone without a TF.N registration must get special clearance from THE COUNCIL to participate in voting. Candidates for voting who have been registered with TF.N for three or more months, or requesting clearance for voting, must then complete one of the following to be eligible to vote:
    * The person may attend one JKOC meeting or event.
    * The person may petition THE COUNCIL for the privilege to vote. Upon receiving the request, council members will check the posts of the candidate to see how they have contributed to the chapter. The candidate must receive the approval from the majority of THE COUNCIL (2 votes) in order to receive the privilege to vote.

    JKOC members who are eligible for voting may cast their vote by selecting the option box next to the choice of their preference and clicking the vote button. This must be done within the allowed polling period. After voting in the poll, must post how they voted within the thread in question. This must be done within the allowed polling period. At the end of the polling period, the choice with the most eligible votes will be declared the winner.

    III ? Council Votes: In the event of a tie, members of THE COUNCIL will hold a vote (amongst the choices that were tied) to determine a winner. Only members of THE COUNCIL can vote within this poll following all of the rules described within the Official Voting Rules for the Cleveland Fan Force. In the event of a split decision, the Chapter Rep will have the deciding vote.

    IV ? Suspension of Voting Privileges: THE COUNCIL reserves the right to revoke the privilege of voting from any member of the JKOC, for socking, trolling, flaming, or abuse. THE COUNCIL will post an announcement, stating the reason for the suspension of voting privileges on the Cleveland boards.
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    Membership Levels

    Contact _-Reborn_Jedi-_ for questions.

    Regarding all new members - please take the time to read this post, explaining the different levels of membership in the Jedi Knights of Cleveland. If you are unsure of your voting priveleges, please check here first to determine your eligibility.

    Level 1 - Youngling:

    Has not been registered with TheForce.Net's forums for at least a three (3) month period.

    Has not attended at least one (1) JKOC event.

    CANNOT currently vote in offical JKOC polls.

    Level 2 - Padawan:

    Has been registered with TheForce.Net's forums for at least a three (3) month period.

    Has not attended at least one (1) JKOC event.

    CANNOT currently vote in official JKOC polls.

    Level 3 - Jedi Knight:

    Has been registered with TheForce.Net's forums for at least a three (3) month period.

    Has attended at least one (1) JKOC event.

    Can vote in official JKOC polls.

  7. DonC Jedi Master

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    The JKOC 2004 Calendar (a work in progress by DonC):

    January -

    1/11 - [link=,_OH/b10344/12697931/?44]Cleveland Force game[/link]

    February -

    2/9 - [link=,_OH/b10344/14011429/?30]Timothy Zahn booksigning[/link]

    2/21 - General Meeting

    April -

    4/17 - General Meeting


    6/4 - [link=]Harry Potter trip[/link]

    6/5 - [link=]Costuming meeting/cookout[/link]

    6/19 - General Meeting

    6/27 - [link=,_OH/b10344/15853707/?8]Origins 2004 Convention[/link]


    7/3 - [link=]Free Comic Book Day w/Dark Horse's new "Clone Wars" comic[/link]

    7/16 - [link=,_OH/b10344/15446291/?22]Akron Aeros game[/link]

    7/20 - [link=]Star Trek IV with Jon on American Movie Classics[/link]

    7/31 - [link=,_OH/b10344/15070110/?79]All-Ohio Cookout[/link]


    8/13-15 - [link=]Wizard World Chicago[/link]

    8/21 - General Meeting


    10/16 - General Meeting

    10/16-17 - [link=]Motor City Con[/link]

    [link=]October 27 - November 2- WalMart/Children's Miracle Network Fundraisers[/link]


    11/27-28 [link=]Mid-Ohio-Con[/link]

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    Don't forget to visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the Jedi Knight's of Cleveland at:

    [link=] [/link]
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    Unlocked at CR's request...if you want to move the 2005 calander here, go for it!
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    Don, just post the 2005 calander in HERE!
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