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  1. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007

    From the private journal of Radiant Tide, (former Jedi Master)

    History..... seems doomed to repeat itself again......

    I remember the days when things were simple. Light fought the Dark. We fought them until there were none left. The Jedi were the ultimate peace keepers in the galaxy. When the Dark ones rose to power... We destroyed them. We were the Champions of the Light. Nothing more pure. Nothing so right. So Just. The government was eventually turned over to our Council, and reluctantly accepted. Under our Regime, the galaxy flourished. There was no Darkness in our ranks. Our numbers grew to epic proportions. Peace reigned for years....

    And then they came. They came bringing a banner of peace to us. A new Force tradition was brought to our front door.

    The Illuminai.

    A group of Radical Cultist's that cruised the galaxy, searching for evil to expunge. They came preaching to the masses of peace and harmony. We believed them... Nothing was known about them. Not a thing. They didn't carry lightsabers like us. But rather swords of steel. They all wore white robes and white armor. A few of the Jedi nicknamed them the White Knights. Together, the Jedi and the Illuminai lived in co-existence for a time. Years passed. But then things began to decline rapidly... it started with my father..

    I remember the day my father was murdered in front of me. My former Master, and mentor, and my fathers best friend, Knite Shadowbane...captured and eventually killed at the hands of the Illuminai. It seemed like they were just playing us, infiltrating our infrastructure to the deepest levels. And then they tore us apart from the inside, casting us aside as heretics of the Force. To them, our ways were a perversion of the Force.

    My father had uncovered a secret plot to overthrow our Order. Most of the Masters thought that this was nonsense of course. I tried to support him as best I could, but our family is one not well known for following rules within the Jedi... We were ignored. My father confronted the Illuminai's supreme leader, Dantius Fortellah, a human man in his mid 40's. Dantius cut him down then and there. And we were all powerless to stop it.

    I survived somehow. And now we run. Now we hide. The Jedi Order has been destroyed. They leveled the Temple. Years have passed and thousands of Jedi have been murdered by the ?Purification Squads.? Many have gone into hiding on distant planets. I have elected to stay here, on Coruscant to bring the fight back to the Illuminai. I have revenge in my heart and vengeance in my veins. I have the hunger to avenge my father. But we cant even get close to them. I had to grow a beard and let my hair grow long and tassled, destroy my robes and all items linking me to the Jedi, so they wouldn't find me.

    Somehow.. Someway.... we need to strike back. We need to bring back the Order.... We need to end the Corruption......


    Welcome all to ? The Jedi Temple, The Second Coming:Corruption? This game is based off of the characters and happenings of my previous installment of ?The Jedi Temple.? Previous players are welcome to bring back the old faces but new characters are more than welcome to join. I should say now that absolutely NO DARKSIDE CHARACTERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Characters with dark side tendancies is one thing but there will be no absolutes and no switching to the darkside. Period.

    Here is the main info for this game;

    The Jedi Order entered into a trusting relationship with the Illuminai, an order of priest-like cultists said to cleanse the galaxy of evil. Years pass and the relationship between the two orders flourishes. A few jedi uncover the plot to overthrow the order and are immediately cast down and killed. The Illuminai become violent and eradicate the Jedi, hunting them to the last man. The general image of them however is that they are not dark siders. They are corrupted light siders. The Jedi Temple has been destroyed, and in it's place an even la
  2. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Name: Radiant Tide
    Species: Human
    Age: 45
    Rank: Jedi Master
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 205
    Facial Appearance: Once handsome, defined features. Now hardened and grizzled. Dark brown eyes, long scraggly hair, 2 week growth of beard to hide his true features.
    Strengths: Strong balance between Force techniques and lightsaber mastery, prefers hand to hand combat.
    Muscular Build: Muscular
    Clothing: Loose white stained long sleeved shirt, loose khaki pants with a hole in the left knee.Worn brown bantha hide jacket
    Weaponry: Carries his lightsaber hidden in his jacket pocket. Constantly has a pair of black fingerless gloves tucked into the waistline of his pants, the gloves have a phrik inlay.
    Habits: Plays with his pockets and jingles random objects
    Personality Traits: In his early childhood, Rade was hard tempered and was quick to act harshly. Throughout his training he transitioned to a more level headed, laid back nature. Due to events in the past few years, he has been driven into a difficult stand between the two traits.
    Bio: Radiant Tide grew up in a loving family. His father was a known Jedi Master. Master Xephron Tide. Exploits of Xephron's skills and achievements caused him to gain many enemies and before long, his family was discovered and attacked. He had supposedly been on a mission away from his wife and son the day when his home was attacked. He arrived only just too late to save his wife as she was murdered by thugs. Xephron cut them all down in a blind rage and then later found his son Radiant in a closet, terrified. Radiant had been forced to watch as his mother had been killed. The two Tide's formed a strong bond then and there, being the only thing that the other had left in the world. From that day, Xephron began teaching Radiant not only lightsaber skills but normal weaponry, and hand to hand combat. In Radiant's teenage years, word of his fathers death reached him by courier from the Jedi. He had died in a space battle protecting his best friend and fellow Master, Knite Shadowbane. Having nothing left to hold his sanity, Radiant turned to the Force itself. He became a mercenary and blade for hire to survive. Eventually he decided that he was tired of being harassed for his skills and came to the conclusion that he needed a Master to train him. This came to his surprise, in the form of Master Knite Shadowbane. The two learned much from each other and many hard times, they were the primary tools of fighting the Sith in their time. Rade however, was still seeing visions of his father, and would occasionally have, more than real training sessions while he was asleep with what he deemed as his fathers ghost. This excelled his strength quickly, though he did not understand what it meant at the time. He found out later that instead of being killed, his father had crash landed on a distant planet and had slipped into a Force induced coma. His consciousness was reaching out to Rade for help. And help he did. He found his father and rescued him from his predicament, and again the two Tide men were reunited.

    Time passed and Radiant became a Jedi Knight. He excelled in all kinds of combat, Force, Lightsaber, but especially hand to hand and the martial arts. His father had left him a set of black phrik gloves that were resistant to lightaber blades and generally kept his knuckles armored at all times. Radiant grew into a man and was awarded the rank of Jedi Master, he was finally his fathers equal. Peace began to spread in the galaxy. And then the Illuminai came. He was skeptical about them at first but eventually came to accept them. Then his father discovered that they had become tired of the Jedi's ways and wished them gone from the universe. When the aged, Xephron and Knite went to speak to Dantius about what they had found, the Illuminai leader ripped Xephron's personal Jedi Katana from his waist and stabbed him with it. Knite was rendered unconscious before he could protect his friend. And Radiant was again forced to watch helpless as his father was killed before him. For real this time. Radiant only
  3. Brute_Force

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    Jul 15, 2008

    Name: Nathaniel (Nathan) Green
    Species: Human
    Age: 32
    Ranks: Jedi Knight
    Height: 188 cm
    Weight: 87 Kg
    Facial Appearance: A smooth black face, simple yet beautiful. He has blue, clear eyes that seem to endow peace and calmness, but when upset they reflect the fierce passion within him.

    Strengths: Lightsaber fighting (Ataru). Aerial acrobatics. Diplomacy (Intimidation). Force Persuasion. He is adept with using the force with a small focus point. If executed skillfully, this can act as a powerful punch or even stab. This technique is called Nek'Toar.
    Muscular Build: Muscular, strong, large frame.
    Clothing: Simple, light-blue clothings with streaks of strong blue. He wears a broad utility belt with his lightsaber safely tucked away in the many folds.
    Weaponry: Lightsaber, a blaster pistol he found (with a not-so-dependable-power-cell). A personal energy sheild he stole from a fallen Illumiai before he fled. He is reluctant to use this, though, as it will be recognized by the Illuminai.

    Habits: Nathan doesn't like to sit around. He had problems tolerating the Order's reluctancy to act on problems before. And now, with no guidelines, he tends to be very impatient. He has often had to rely on himself to solve emotional problems, so when he's assaulted by various feelings he turns inwards and seek relief withing the force and himself. A form of speed-meditation. So, often he reacts to situations with being quiet and closing his eyes. Or he'll fly into a fit of rage and impulsiveness, screaming incoherently about how he can solve any problem with his saber.

    Personality Traits: Nathan is very passionate. He feels love and anger. Anger he tries to repress but he has never seen the need to repress love. Love is what drives a Jedi, he thinks. But what Nathan truly realise is that this love leads to jealousy and fear of loosing what you love. Nathan had tendencies towards the Dark Side before the Illuminai. Before the corruption. Before the Order and his friends and family were destroyed. Before his Master was killed. *Now*, he is on the verge of falling completely.

    Bio: He was raised on Juvex as the son of a slaver and leader of a band of kidnappers that roamed the planet (and even adjacent planets) to find suitable slaves. Then they sold them to the House with the Highest bidder back on Juvex (Juvex is ruled by slave-trading houses).

    He was found there by a group of infiltrating Jedi and was taken with them on his father's command. This had been utterly devastating for poor Nathaniel as he felt betrayed by the only person he could trust - in the entire Galaxy! His father used to say: "I'm the only person you can trust - in the entire Galaxy!"

    The first years he felt anger, fear, sadness and even hatred towards the Order. Slowly he repressed those feelings and started to gladly accept the Jedi teachings. He has always struggled, though, with letting go of his passion.

    He did not think much of the Illuminai's appearance on Coruscant. The Galaxy was already prosperous and it wouldn't do much difference if the priest order joined the Jedi. At the time of betrayal, he and his master had just finished sparring in the sparring chambers. Soldiers working for the Illuminai had barged in and assaulted them. They had managed to flee but just as they had gotten to the hangar, his master had been forced to stay behind and hold their pursuers. He had died to protect Nathan. This, he could not let go. Passion is on the verge of taking over Nathan.
  4. Corbec637

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    Feb 28, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Eidos Einholt
    Species: Human
    Age: 29
    Ranks: Former Knight
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 189lbs

    Facial Appearance: Short black hair with a well trimmed beard. Light green eyes.

    Strengths: Good with a blaster. Great pilot. Before quitting the Jedi Order he was a strong with a lightsaber.

    Muscular Build:Strong, after many years of loading and unloading his ship he has grown quite powerful in the upper body.

    Clothing: Black leather jacket with a light brown shirt underneath. Brown cargo pants with a white strip down the sides. Black combat boots.

    Weaponry: DL-44 blaster which he wears on his belt. Decayed lightsaber, unused.

    Habits: Talks a lot when confronted with odds that don't look good. Hard of trusting.

    Personality Traits:passive unless pushed, hates to get involed in problems that aren't his yet hates to see others mistreated and sometimes goes out of his way to help those who need it.

    Bio: Peace reigned through out the galaxy, missions where few and this Jedi Knight felt as if his presenses was unneeded. Eidos Einholt hung up his lightsaber, so to speak, and left the order and traveled to the edges of known space. As time passed his lightsaber sat unused and started falling apart. His senses with the force fading, he became just a man with no purpose and a man who spoke little to nothing of his past as a Jedi or before.

    The Spirit, a YT-2400 Light freighter that has been apart of the Einholt family through many members became his home as he traveled further and further away from his former self. He wasn't running away from anything he just felt there was nothing for him anywhere. As time past he became quite the "transport" captain. Everywhere a man travels their are those that need help. Eidos, with nothing really else to do, gained a rep. for helping people escape problems. He was a smuggler you could trust. He lived this life, he was content, he had a place.

    One night, somewhere deep in space, rolled up in his bunk the nightmares began. Jedi he had known Jedi he had fought with were all dying. Swords of steel ripping through his old comrades flesh echoed within his nights sleeps. Days upon days of the same dream, every night he would wake in sweat, breathing heavily. Something was wrong, and he could not deny it any longer. He set a course for Coruscant.

  5. witchdoctor187

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Name: Gideon Sunweaver
    Species: Human
    Age: 30
    Ranks: Jedi Master
    Height: 6?1
    Weight: 165
    Facial Appearance: Gideon?s white skin has a tanned and rugged complexion but still has a look of youthfulness in it. His unkempt dark brown hair grows down behind his ears. His eyes are a penetrating grey and have the look of a man who has seen much death and loss in his life, but also the look of a man with years of experience and knowledge. And deep within those weary eyes lays a glimmer of hope. The unshaven stubble and his dark goatee on his face add to his tough and rugged demeanor.
    Strengths: was a strong leader when he was in the Order. He is also a very skilled lightsaber wielder and was known to be one of the best in the Order, but his grasp of the force is less than that of his skill with a lightsaber.
    Muscular Build: Gideon has a muscular build. His muscles are lean and taught but not bulky, making him to be an average size.
    Clothing: Wears light brown tunics. That of the civilians in order to blend in.
    Weaponry: He hung up his lightsaber but still brings it out on occasion when necessary.
    Habits: Gideon tends to play card games and enjoys a drink every now and again.
    Personality Traits: Gideon is a serious man a majority of the time but does have a soft spot somewhere. He is disciplined and loyal to his friends as well as his enemies, setting aside his naivety a long time ago. He also does tend to have a dry humor when the moment calls for it.
    Bio: Gideon had a childhood much of that of any youngling in the order. He didn?t know who his parents where or where he came from. Gideon was an average pupil from his days as a youngling up until the day of padawan selection. Many masters doubted that he would even pass the selection and would therefore never become a Jedi. But one master looked kindly upon Gideon and took him under his wig and taught him a better grasp of the force, his name was Kay Kai-Shek. Many were surprised at the Kay?s choice considering that he was one of the best masters of the order as well as a magnificent wielder of the lightsaber. He taught Gideon all he knew of lightsaber combat and the force, and even taught him a few languages.

    When Gideon was 20 he thought it time to take the Knighthood trials. He passed and was given his new rank, and for the last eight years he spent in the order he distinguished himself through selfless and heroic acts which later earned him the respect of the council, thus influencing them to allowing Gideon to take the Master trails. He succeeded in these trails as well, but his victory was short lived due to the building unsteady relation between the Jedi Order and the Illuminai. Within a few months the order had crumbled and the remaining Jedi were killed or sought Exile. Gideon was on Coruscant when it fell. He had to fight his way to freedom through the slaughter that was taking place inside the halls of the Jedi Temple. But to the Illuminai it wasn't a massacre, but a cleansing. Gideon?s old master had been one of the Jedi killed during the uprising on Coruscant. This infuriated Gideon making him want to seek revenge on those who had wronged him, but he knew now was not the time to strike, the Jedi were to thin, to weak to launch a successful counterattack, so he chose the path of many Jedi and went into Exile. His planet of choice, Galidraan, a snow covered forested world where few lived. He Gideon sought solitude, growing his hair long and letting his stubble turn into a short beard, changing his appearance from a Jedi to a vagabond, just waiting for the time to strike at these desecraters who dared to call themselves force users.
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    GM Update

    Well we have 4 players right now including myself. This is enough to get started. And we have at least 1 more that I am waiting on sheets from. The first couple posts here will be that of how the Jedi are living on Coruscant, to those who are not yet on Coruscant, please do your best to make it there in a timely fashion. Fights can occur at this time, but remember that we are being hunted and such actions are not wise. Other than that..

    Game on....

    IC: Radiant Tide (Former Jedi Master)
    Coruscant streets

    He was used to this kind of place by this point in his life. A lot of people came to the underbelly of Coruscant and balked at the sheer crime, death and corruption that occurred on a daily basis. It wasn't like the rich upper levels of the city planet. It was bright and clean. Down here it was always a hazy color and everyone you could pass in the street was suffering in one way or another. Be it money trouble, lack of food, or shelter.

    Radiant was one of the few lucky ones. Jedi were taught to rely on the Force in most cases to even live their lives. Radiant had trained with his father to physically improve himself without aide of the Force. And to be able to survive without, ironically for times very much like these. Sometimes, Radiant Tide wondered whether his father had always known about things that he trained his only son for.


    Rade walked alone to his contact point, hands jammed into the pockets of his worn brown jacket. His eyes glanced down to his waistline and saw the worn black gloves hanging there. A small smile came to his face as he remembered the day he had received them.

    The "Down on Your Luck" cantina loomed before him. It was a big place as far as cantina's went. It was settled almost smack dab in the middle of the Taaz sector here in the lower city. Which was convenient for Rade to meet his clients, being not far from his shabby residence. Radiant Tide was indeed Down on his Luck. He had gone from a Master in the Jedi Order to this meager living as a contract man. Either escorting people through the city as muscle or helping to locate beings. Whatever a person was willing to pay for he would step up and get the job done.

    It was dark in the cantina, which worked just fine for Rade. It helped keep his face hidden in the best of times to anyone looking for him. His beard and long hair only aided in this. Ordinarily in a place like this when he was looking for someone, he would enhance his vision straight away to take in the entire place. But nowadays, Rade had to be careful about his usage of the Force. The Illuminai had the same source of energy that he did after all. Meaning they could sense it's use just as he could.

    Radiant Tide slowly walked into the dive and glanced around as his eyes adjusted. The booth he was supposed to meet his contact in was empty. He walked casually over to it and signalled to the bartender for someone to bring drinks. The tender nodded and continued to clean a glass. Rade sat with his back to the door and ordered a cup of caf while he waited. His contact was going by the name of Angelo. He would say his name when he walked up and that would commence the dealings.

    Until then he would have to wait. Rade didn't like waiting. The longer he stayed put, the longer that the Purification Squads had to look for him.

    Not even I want to go up against one of those squads alone...

    5 men. 3 Swordsmen. 1 Priest. 1 Keeper.

    The Swordsmen were pretty much the Illuminai muscle. Strong in combative nature. Not so much dealing with Force powers, save the ones that enhanced their muscles and speed in a fight. Rade could take all of them in a fair fight. It would be tough but he could probably manage. But then there was the Priest as well. The mystics of the Illuminai. Those were the tricky ones. They dealt only in the Force, they didn't even carry weapons... that were visible..

    The Priest's could exert enough energy themselves to crush a cantina like the one that Rade was now sitting in, like a Fiz can.
  7. ceowyn

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    Jul 24, 2008
    Name: Si? Jin
    Species: Panatha
    Age: 121
    Rank: Jedi Master
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 175
    Facial Appearance: A salt and pepper colored light beard, with gentle, worn brown eyes. He is missing the tip of his left ear, and has an enlarged forehead specific to his species. His hair is pulled back and always well groomed.
    Strengths: His force powers are very strong, and is gifted with foresite. He is also adept at mind control. His saber skills are not great but enough to hold his own.
    Muscular: Medium build
    Clothing: A long white robe, with a hood that hangs down over his face most of the time. He is under cover so dresses like an Illuminai Priest. He wears a newly polished set of brown shoes.
    Weaponry: Carry?s only his Mothers light saber. A old style hilt with a red beam. He also carry?s well hidden on him at all times is his Mole droid. A small circular droid that can access terminals and gather information. It can hover in the air and from time to time makes small bleeps. It is commonly mistaken for training drone once used by the Jedi in their teachings.
    Habits: Folding his hands in front of him with the fingers laced. Has a Tendency to talk to his droid companion in his left pocket when he needs guidance. He is also a little OCD. He likes things kept neat. Often finds himself straightening things in other peoples homes.
    Personality Traits: He most often lets reason guide him. Never quick to jump to conclusions. He keeps a calm demeanor in most all circumstances. Though always ready with an intelligent joke to lighten the situation.
    Bio: Si? Jin was born on his home planet of Panatha where at the age of 7 was brought before the Jedi council and accepted into the Jedi order. His mind grew strong and fast with the force and by age 15 was already stronger in force powers than most Jedi Knights. His lightsaber skills were not as proficient as others his age. Instead of practicing he would spend his time reading everything that he could get his hands on. It was also this age that he discovered he was gifted with foresight. The waking dreams of these moments would sometimes haunt him for days. At age 67 he joined the ranks of Master. His mother was also a Jedi Master but left the order to have Si? Jin. She was killed in childbirth. When the Illuminai came he was away on assignment for all the years of peace the Jedi had with them. Waking one night from one of his visions in a cold sweat, he knew that the Illuminai would betray them. Racing back to Coruscant to inform the council, he was ambushed by a Purification Squad. Barely escaping with his life, he went into hiding.. After a year of hiding he contacted some of the Jedi he knew to be still alive. He then developed a plan to infiltrate the Illuminai Citadel, and join the ranks of their priests. He still resides at this post..
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    Feb 28, 2007
    Sweet, quickly up and going.

    IC:Eidos Einholt
    Orbit above Coruscant

    The rumours he had heard during his journey where true. Eidos slammed the comm panel in front of him, denting the metal casing holding it. The Jedi Temple no longer existed, instead he was getting a signal from a group called Illuminai. It was nothing but a bunch of nonsense about purity.

    "Damn..." he says in a defeated tone. His dream had been real, no matter how hard he had tried to write it off as a bad dream it had been real. It had been the force telling him, speaking to him for the first time in years. He had forgotten his senses to long ago to recall the feel, the sound, everything he once trained so hard in. But what did it matter now? From all accounts of comm traffic he could pick up, or ilegally listen into, the Jedi had been wiped out.

    "Damn!" With all his might Eidos ripped the comm panel from the bulkhead of his ship and threw it out of the cockpit. He stood staring at it spark and then go dark. He shook his head as he tried to calm his anger. "Great job Eidos! Now what good did that do?" Again shaking his head he walked over to the panel, picked it up and placed it on the floor below where it needed to be replaced. Well thats another few credits I'll be spending.Credit was low after spending almost all he had to pay for supplies and many other repairs to get back here, to the Core. At least he had gotten clearance to land before he had let the anger get the better of him. After a breif moment of just standing and staring at his mess he moved over to the pilots chair and got ready for entire. The Spirit began its descent into the atmosphere.


    "Yeah yeah, look...600 and thats as high as I'll go. You don't want the credits? Fine, there are plenty others who will work for cheaper!"

    "Yessss...but they can'tsss fixsss it asss well asss I."

    This was not a creature Eidos had ever met before, and he had traveled to the edges of known space. But that was the beauty of this galaxy, you always see something new. It spoke basic well enough and all the other machanices around here said this creature was the only one here that could do a decent job without having to pay through the nose.

    "Ok look 700 hundred and no more, final offer." Eidos looked into its eyes to make sure it understood he was serious.

    "Deal, but it'll takesss some timesss it itsss all donesss." The creature looked from Eidos to the ship then back at Eidos. "Maybesss even longersss" it smiled at him, least Eidos guessed thats what it was doing.

    "Fine, I won't be leaving anytime soon anyway." Eidos handed over the credits then turned around to his ship and crossed his arms. The Spirit was beautiful, but of course only he saw it. Sure there was scrapes and blaster holes, along with patches that were of different colour but it was his home, his escape from everything that troubled him. The newer blaster marks were the ones he was getting patched along with his comms which somehow got removed. He smirked at the thought. "Hey" Eidos quickly turned back to the creature for a moment. It was still busy counting and recounting the credits. "There a place to get a drink around here? Some place....outta sight?"

    "Can'tsss get more out of sightsss then heresss" It was reffering to the lower part of Coruscant. "Theresss a few dinersss and a cantinasss around." It said all this without looking up from the credits and then pointed a very skinny finger down a dark passage further into the under city and away from the very narrow landing pad that had taken a good bit of flying to get down too. Few pads like these where accessable by a ship of Eidos' size.

    Great... Eidos nodded his thanks and started walking. Every step moved him further into darkness, at least the landing pad had some light shinning down apon it that wasn't a bulb or electric lighting. The further he moved into the under belly of the city the worse the smell. However, Eidos knew all about the dark places of the galaxy. He had spen
  9. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade was still rubbing his eyes wearily when the drink was set down in front of him.

    How could they beat the Illuminai? There were almost no Jedi left to stand against them, only Force users it seemed would be able to take them on. That was how Rade saw it anyway. If more than two Jedi were in the same place they were likely to be detected and eradicated swiftly. But a single Jedi would probably not survive an encounter with a Purification squad. Rade didn't even want to think what the defenses on the Citadel were looking like at this point. And nothing short of an assault on the Citadel was going to suffice to bring about the return of the Order.

    He reached down lazily and began to nurse his drink steadily.

    What options did they have? Rade was having little to no luck even contacting any Jedi so far. It had been a year in hiding and still no word from anyone. For all he knew, Rade was the la...

    Rade's eyes shot up as he looked at his drink. Had he felt it? Either there was another Force sensitive in the room, or the Illuminai were looking for him and sent an agent to scout.

    Slowly, Radiant casually looked around, trying to pinpoint where the feeling was coming from. His brown eyes scanned the room but he couldn't seem to put his finger on it. Whatever or whoever was here, didn't wish him harm or he would be able to feel danger. Then again, the Illuminai knew how the Force worked as well as he did. Scouts would know how to mask intentions. Because of the possible danger, Radiant slipped his hands under the table and inconspicuously pulled his gloves from his waistline and slowly slipped them on. When he was finished, he flexed both hands and felt the material stretch comfortably. If anyone attacked him. They were going to have a bad day.

    Was the contact here only a set up? To draw him out in the open? There were no armored figures in white breaking down the door so he was alright for the time being. Even so... he was torn between leaving immediately and waiting to see who his contact was. In the one hand he needed work to eat. No credits meant no food. Rade could survive without it but he was trying to hold true to the Jedi ideals. He would only steal if he needed to. Right now he wasn't so bad off.

    But was risking his life a suitable exchange for that?

    Was it worth risking exposure to find out of this person was even aware of their Force Sensitivity?

    So many decisions... But which was the right one? He had to trust instinct at this point. He couldn't open himself to the Force to let it guide him or he would really be discovered. Keeping himself open enough to even sense another sensitive was problematic enough. So what was the right one?

    He looked around again, a single face stood out this time, someone who had just recently come in. The face looked familiar but he wasn't sure how. No names came to mind. But it was definitely familiar. Radiant turned in his booth to watch the man discreetly. He would wait here until his contact showed up or someone was dumb enough to attack him.

    He hoped that the contact showed up first...

    tag corbec and the contact.
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    Aug 14, 2007
    OOC: Sorry for the name change but I kinda liked Dresden better so I decided to changed it, sorry for the confusion.

    Dresden Sunweaver

    Galidraan wilderness

    Dresden stood alone in the cold snow covered wilderness of Galidraan. The large evergreens surrounded him, clumps of snow falling from their boughs. His cortosis axe was in his hand. Slowly the axe rose and then fell in a quick downward slice; the blade fell, hacking deep into a downed evergreen trunk. Dresden continued this for a few more minutes before he felt a chill wind on the air, not unusual for Galidraan, but this wind carried a message, a warning to the ears of Dresden. He was just about to swing his axe down one more time when suddenly he stopped mid swing. He slowly let the axe fall to his side and then the ground. He then just stood there as still as possible and listened as the wind died.

    Gideon slowly turned to face five figures, they were mercs, odd to Dresden, but they had to have been workign for someone. but who that was was a mystery to Dresden.

    Hmm I must have been fairly important for them to come after me, thought Dresden.

    He turned to face the squad of mercenaries. He was lucky, that they were guns for hire and not real soldiers. Dresden gave a simple nod and then with lightning quick reflex, one of the things that he hadn?t lost over the years, he drew his lightsaber tucked inside his coat. At the same time two mercs with vibro blades rushed at him. Dresden quickly countered their attacks as he rolled in between the two of them. He jumped up from his roll and threw his lightsaber at the swordsman to the right, separating the man?s upper body from his lower. The lightsaber returned to Dresden?s hand.

    By this time the other merc had recovered and was now rushing Dresden again but this time he was more attune and centered, but it didn?t matter, Dresden quickly cut him down when the merc overcorrected on a block and his sword cut into the ground, leaving an opening for Dresden to cut him down.

    The two other mercs ended up the same way when they tried to attack Dresden, they ended up dead. But it was the head merc that proved challenging to Dresden, his heavy blaster ripped over Dresden's head, blowing through the tree's. this went cat and mouse game of dodging and firing went on for five minutes, but seemed like a lifetime. In a last ditch effort Dresden threw his lightsaber, slicing through a tree trunk behind the Merc who had moved expecting the lightsaber to hit him, but instead he stepped right into the path of the falling tree. The heavy tree crushed the merc, leaving only his hand visible under the felled tree.
    Dresden then knew that Galidraan was no longer a safe hideout from the enemies hunting him, whoever that was. He was about to turn and head to his cabin, when he saw a datapad that had fallen from a pocket of the head merc. He read it and became infuriated as it gave the position of Dresden among other Jedi. Apparently they had gotten the information from a crime lord on Coruscant named Sirus. Apparently Sirus and his goons were working for the Illuminai, searching the outher rim for Jedi in hiding. Dresden knew Sirus and where to find him; he had to keep from other Jedi befalling their fates to the Purification Squads. Dresden returned to his cabin and packed his belongings and then uncovered his hidden craft, an old Eta-2 Jedi Starfighter

    When he had exited orbit, he punched in the coordinates for Coruscant. Maybe there were some Jedi left on Coruscant. He also had some business to finish with Sirus.

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  11. Corbec637

    Corbec637 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 28, 2007
    IC: Eidos Einholt

    "What will it be?" The Waitress asked with a smile apon making it to his booth.

    Eidos looked up and smiled warmly. "Well beautiful I think I'll be needing something with a wee bit of a punch." Eidos scaned the room quickly as the waitress stood thinking and wondering if he was going to say anything further. "What do you suggest?" Eidos' eyes finally came back to hers.

    "Well...we have....many different Whiskeys, we have Corellian Whiskey.."

    "Corellian Whiskey, that will do fine." Eidos cut her off and smiled once more. She nodded and walked off. He watched her move off before returning his eyes to his own table. He started to think of all the faces he had seen when he scaned the room only moments ago. He had a good memory, you needed one as a smuggler. Nothing really stood out. The bar was pretty normal. One entrance at the front, a rear exit near him and a bunch of drunks who....
    Eidos frooze as one face popped back into his mind. Theres no way he'd be here. The last time Eidos had seen him was...

    Slowly he scaned the room again making sure not to start with the face he thought he knew. There was no threat he could see, no one watching him, he turned his attention to the man he'd seen and just stared.

    "What is this a joke..." he said to himself.

    "Th..this is what you ordered."

    Eidos snapped his attention away from the man and to his side. The waitress had just surpised him which is not easy to do. He had been to focused on the man and had lost his surroundings. He sighed at himself for being such a fool.

    "No no its fine was just in me head thinking of something."

    She looked at him strangly dropping off the order then walking away. She mumbled something he didn't catch. Well there goes your tip. He stared at the drink thinking, wondering what he should do. If it was who he thought it was should he go over and say hi? How ya been? Heard we lost all our friends. Whatta think of this weather we be having? He shook his head and took a long swig from the drink dropping it to half full. He made a face, it was strong stuff.

    <tag> Rad
  12. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007

    Witchdoctors last post is nullified and has no effect. please redo it and follow the rules. Purification squads do not travel without keepers as they are a squad. This was a plot line planned for later and will be exploited as such. Also, the squad would not be so easily defeated by one man. a couple of tree trunks doesnt exactly cover the extend of damage. As I said, One on one fights will be handled by the character. but an entire squad is to be handled by myself. please redo this post to encompass this.
  13. RockDragon

    RockDragon Jedi Master star 4

    May 2, 2002
    Name: Elijah Viir?r
    Species: Firrerreo
    Age: 24
    Ranks: n/a
    Height: 5?9?
    Weight: 140lbs

    Facial Appearance: golden skin, hazel eyes, shaggy hair a collage of browns, blacks, coppers, and reds, a usually hidden scar vertical from the back of his left ear to his shoulder

    Strengths: heals very quickly, has a number of material advantages at his disposal, is incredibly clever and convincing, loyal

    Muscular Build: small, but toned ? has kept fit but never experienced combat so has limited strength

    Clothing: clean, black boots, slacks, and an officers shirt, an organic, black bracelet that holds to his left wrist

    Weaponry: nothing to speak of but a light blaster

    Habits: always calm, Elijah does not even feel worked up in situations where it would be advantageous. Due to the nature of his business is often more quiet than is appreciated.

    Personality Traits: Incredibly kind and compassionate, Elijah has dedicated his childhood and now his life to assisting and equipping the persecuted Jedi.

    Bio: Elijah was born on Firrerre to his Jedi mother, Elisiiah, shortly after one of his father?s third-pary business dealings on Nal Hutta went sour ending the successful businessman?s life. The first few years of his life, Elijah, in his mother?s footsteps, was trained in the ways of the Force. However, as with any peace ? the safety and security of the Jedi came to an end with the betrayal of the Illuminai. Elisiiah took her son away from Coruscant and away from the Jedi way, which was being purged by the Illuminai. They stayed safely tucked in the outer-rim planet where Elijah had been born, but as the Illuminai stepped up their search for the Jedi, Elisiiah knew that she must help the persecuted Jedi around the galaxy escape the dreadful fate of the purification squads.

    Though she had given up the Force for herself and her son, for nearly a decade, Elisiiah, with Elijiah at her side, provided safe havens wherever she could for any Jedi with whom she could come in contact with. Using the stored wealth of her husband, and a vast fortune he inherited from her own family ? she was able to provide this selfless service. However, the Illuminai and the purification squads became more adept and widespread, and helping the rogue Jedi became more and more perilous. Though she had not been revealed as a sympathizer and her operation remained under wraps, a close call with the Illuminai revealed that they had surely not forgotten about her Jedi past, and with her un-disguisable features of mood affected gold/silver skin she knew that she must go into hiding. When Elijah was barely at the dusk of his teen years he said his final goodbye to his mother as she took off for the Unknown Regions, and he vowed to stay away from the Force and to continue helping the Jedi however he could. He has since spent most of his time traveling the galaxy following leads and whispers of hiding Jedi, but basing most of his operations, under the guise of a travel agency, out of Chandrilla, and more recently Coruscant, which he currently calls home.
  14. witchdoctor187

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    Aug 14, 2007
    OOC: oh sorry my bad, i was just trying to get my character moving a little faster i wasn't clear about the Purification squad rule. sorry i'll change it.

    Alright it's all fixed. actually sounds a lot better. sorry it's morning and i don't write so good in the mornings.
  15. witchdoctor187

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Dresden Sunweaver
    Coruscant Orbit

    Dresden was soon orbiting above Coruscant. The lights of the large metropolis covered planet could even be seen from orbit. Dresden guessed that it was around night time planet side, which was good, darkness, that meant that he could move around easier without detection. Dresden was given permission to land in the undercity of Coruscant, another good bit of luck that was on his side. He was then barraged by a spew of useless Illumnia garbage welcoming him to Coruscant, the home of the Illumnia government, something like that, it didn?t matter to Dresden. They were going to pay every forsaken one of them.

    He landed in the small hangar the port authority had appointed him. As soon as he landed he was greeted by the port workers who wondered if they could take care of anything on his ship for himself. Dresden went to talk to the worker in charge.

    ?You the one in charge here?? he asked

    ?That?s right,? answered the man simply as he looked at his datapad.

    ?I want to sell my ship,? said Dresden. This was immediately met by a strange look from the head worker.

    ?You want to sell your ship?? he asked surprised

    ?That?s right, I?m not going to be leaving for a long time,? he said. Soon his ship was sold and Dresden had a decent amount of credits. The way Dresden figured is that that ship would draw more attention than he wanted due to it being mainly a Jedi craft. Dresden soon checked into a hotel named the Allana?s Palace. It wasn?t much but it was cheap and wouldn?t draw attention. There was a small barbershop inside the lobby, once Dresden got squared away in his room he got a hair cut. He cut is long dark brown hair very short as it used to be when he was in the Order. He also got his beard shaved to where it was completely gone, a risky move considering that the Illuminai had pictures and backgrounds of all the Jedi that were still alive. But Dresden wasn?t a regular man, he was a Jedi, and so he was trained to survive in situations like this, to survive and evade.

    He also sent one of the bell boys out for some new clothes that he had given him a list of. The boy soon returned, Dresden took the clothes and tipped the young boy. He went into his room and began to change. He looked out his window at a larger than most cantina that was just a little ways down the street from him. The Down on Your Luck cantina it was called.

    Hmm. Maybe I?ll have to go for a drink after I get dressed, and just maybe I?ll be able to dig something up about Sirus, thought Dresden

    He was finished dressing. His ensemble included tan cargo pants, a black to shirt, and black boots. Dresden went into the bathroom and splashed water onto his face, giving him a slight jolt to wake him up. He slipped on a cargo jacket that contained a few hidden pockets, one of which Dresden used to put his lightsaber in. He was never fond of blasters and would probably never resort to using one. He carried his lightsaber but would never use it on a planet like this, especially now with the Illuminai Purification Squads wandering around. Dresden turned off his room light and locked his door. He walked down the hallway of the hotel and headed downstairs to the lobby.

    Once out on the street he looked to the left and right of him to check if the street was clear of white figures. Upon seeing no one, he headed down the street to his right and into the Down on Your Luck cantina. As soon as he entered through the doors he scanned the area. At first not seeing anyone he knew, until he saw two faces, one he knew right away. This surprised Dresden to where he was almost taken aback but he kept his head on straight, not wanting to give away that he might know the men. He looked over at the first man, and even though his hair had grown long and he had a beard he knew who it was. He was never certain if he had survived the cleansing, but now his worries were aid to rest, Rade was too good of a Jedi to let the Illuminai kill him. The other was a face that Dresden couldn?t place a name on but he had
  16. RockDragon

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    May 2, 2002

    on-board Farore; Coruscant orbit

    Elijah Viir'r

    Even with a place to call home on a number of planets, the cool familiarity of his state room aboard his beloved yacht, Farore, was always the most comfortable place for Elijah. Despite the comfort and relative safety of his orbiting ship, Elijah could not help but feel the weight of some impending crisis. Though he had not felt the Force for many years due to the living, ysalamiri-derived bracelet his mother had fashioned for him, and the creatures themselves which he kept as pets - he sometimes still longed for the feeling of life and belonging around him. Splayed lazily across his bed, Elijah tried steadily to feel the Force, but knowing too well that as long as he retained the savior and captor that was clasped across his wrist, he would not feel the Force whatsoever - and neither would anyone within a roughly five-meter bubble of him; a sensation that has startled many of the Jedi he had come in contact with over the years. Slowly Elijah drifted into the best meditation he could muster without the Force, only to be abruptly retracted from his almost slumber by the buzzing of the room's hologram communication device.

    He quickly, though without urgency, made his way to the comm unit, opening the incoming channel. Before him, in a dank and poorly lit room was Aerre, a usually tall, pale Shi'ido, who was now a relatively short Bothan with a bewildered look across his small face. "I have news, Eli, I believe that I just found a know...master. I want to compromise nothing, but I am nearly positive it is him."

    Elijah's demeanor became slightly more somber, as he took in this intriguing information. Over the past 5 years, finding Jedi at all had become more and more rare, but he had not been in contact with a Jedi Master in the better part of a decade. After momentarily musing the situation, Elijah returned his focus to Aerre, the ancient friend of his mother who was now back to his near-human form. "Where at Aerre? I must be able to locate him...and on Coruscant; I'm fearful you may be mistaken". Thoughts raced wildly through Elijah's brain, only to be interrupted yet again by more information from his friend. "Yes, son, I know it is a lot to take in, but you must investigate. Be cautious though, this man was wryly eying some young, lone patron, but if something is about to happen, you may be able to assist. I will send you the coordinates, but for now I must be gone." With that Aerre's form disappeared, leaving behind the coordinates and address of some seedy cantina in the lower levels of the city. Elijah rarely went anywhere beyond the most pristine neighborhoods and cities on Coruscant, but he knew that even more of a rarity was the chance to find a Jedi Master...

    lower-levels; Coruscant

    Elijah stepped out from the small airspeeder and paid the driver, who sped off without offering change on the large credit piece Elijah handed to her. He warily made his way down the avenue toward the large cantina, "Down on Your Luck", which Aerre had suggested he go, and which Elijah was nearly 7 blocks too far from. Criminals and hustlers from all corners of the galaxy had seemingly droved to this slovenly, dark conglomerate of hovels, and Elijah was frightened. He did have a small security detail, but had instructed them to stay in orbit aboard Farore to avoid any misconceptions on the part of the Jedi he was seeking out, though after seeing a small pack of Gank hurrying through the menacing storm of aliens on this murky street, he began to question his decision.

    Upon finally arriving at the dingy establishment, Elijah was not relieved, and the calm attitude he maintained naturally slowly began to wear. He entered "Down on Your Luck", and was immediately disheartened by the number of humans and aliens in every smoky corner. Immediately he wished to feel with the Force, to find this Jedi, but he knew the ysalamiri and stronger still, the Illuminai, stood in his way....

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  17. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    He was sure of it. The man had seen him. Though he had played off like he didn't know Rade. Good.
    The Force user was familiar to him but still. No names came to mind. But then Rade's mind sparked as features became younger and more defined.


    It was merely a whisper to himself but he nodded in satisfaction. Eidos would be no threat to him. Quite the contrary really. It was amazing to see the former Knight alive and kicking. Rade was about to get up and cross the room to greet the younger man when his senses were set off for the second time in as many minutes. His eyes casually traced their way to the door and he nearly blanched. Dresden Sunweaver had walked through the door and was looking around.

    You gotta be kidding me...

    Dresden Sunweaver, a fellow Master has somehow found his way into the same cantina on te same night as 2 other Jedi.

    This was bad. This was very bad. He could mask his own presence in the Force, but found that both Dresdan and Eidos were not masking themselves at all.. And to do one worse, Dresdan looked almost exactly like a photo pulled from the old archives might look like.

    Fool! You don't know what they are capable of!

    Radiant stood as calmly as he could given the situation. The Illuminai were almost certainly on their trail now. He tossed a few coins on the table to pay for his drinks and headed straight for Dresdan. He put aside the notion of getting out unassociated and looked over directly to Eidos, he snapped his fingers at the younger man to get his attention and then pointed to Dresdans table.

    Rade went straight up to him and looked him dead in the eye.

    "I am affraid the time for pleasant hello's and hugs is going to wait until later. We need to get out of here.. Now. Keep any weapons you have in rea...."

    Jedi Master Radiant Tide's neck hair stood up on end and a tingle ran down his spine. The Forces way of telling him trouble was not coming.

    ....It was already here.

    He turned very slowly to the door once again to see the patrons steadily running for the exits. Armored men in white uniforms came waltzing slowly in, staring directly at them as far as he could tell. The reflective blast helmets made it near impossible to tell. But he could feel the eyes. Robes flapped around as they decended the steps, hands on their steel swords. Behind the 3 swordsman came another two, the left of which barely fit in the door with his huge frame and gigantic sword. The second had his head down and a white cowl covering his features.


    Rade turned to face the Purification Squad.

    "Hello gentleman.."

    No use in hiding now. They knew who they were looking at. Beard or not. He let the Force flow into him He had to find a way out of here to spare the other 2. The Force flowed into his eyes, for the first time in too long Radiant felt whole as his eyes turned a shade of dark red. His enhanced Force sight was something developed by his father. It gave him a heads up in color who had what intentions, and was invaluable in a fight, for it allowed him to see intentions and possible avenues of attack from his opponents. He was about to take a step backwards, hoping to give a distraction and use the back door to get out. But the Illuminai were smart. He saw a second Purification squad dismounting the second transport and begin to file in from the rear of the building. This place was too confined for any hope of a stand. With one squad they could have run. But two... they had no choice.

    The three Swordsman drew their blades menacingly and created an arc in front of the door. Radiant sighed and pulled off his jacket, then tossed it aside. Inside of his pocket, he pulled out a short string. With it he pulled his hair back and tied it out of the way. He then rolled up his sleeves and revealed the twin black tribal dragon tattoos running to his wrists and ending at his gloves. His hand reached out and the elongated black lightsaber hilt that he had created long ago flipped out of the jacket and into h
  18. Corbec637

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    Feb 28, 2007
    IC: Eidos

    "I just got my drink!" Eidos yelled aloud as men in white armour entered the cantina. He saw the man he had spotted earlier already up and getting ready to face the first unit that came through the front entrance. Radiant Tide, he was now sure it was him. He was going to try and hold the first by himself. Eidos shook his head. The second unit was now entering through the rear door when Rade blew a hole in the roof and disappeared. It was enough to draw the attention of the second team as well.

    With all his might Eidos pushed the table with his legs and it slid neatly towards the three front swordsmen of the second squad and caused two to jump aside but the third stood his ground and simply swung his sword and broke the table in half. Eidos frowned still holding his glass of whiskey. The third swordsmen moved toward him followed by the other two that picked themselves up quickly.

    "Hold on hold on...." they didn't slow their pace. "Gah" Eidos quickly downed his whiskey and lept to the side as a sword landed neatly where he had been sitting and splitting the booth chair in half. His leap moved him towards the middle of the cantina and to where Rade had been standing. He whiped his blaster out and started firing wildly hitting the third but Eidos' only reward was to watch the bolt bounce off him and hit harmlessly into the bar. Personal Shields.

    "I just wanted to drink in peace!"

    <tag> Dresden Sunweaver, Rade and Elijah Viir'r who I believe also made it to the cantina.
  19. RockDragon

    RockDragon Jedi Master star 4

    May 2, 2002

    Down on Your Luck Cantina - lower levels, Coruscant

    Elijah Viir'r

    Within a moment of situating himself at the bar, Elijah had noticed a man who was unmistakably a Jedi convening with two others. In an instant though, his hopes were ignited and crushed as he saw the purification squad crossing the wide avenue towards the cantina entrance. Without any time to properly react, Elijah slipped another large credit piece, this time to the Rodian bartender, and motioning with his neck toward the door, suggested the alien leave. The Rodian let out an almost sonic squeal and raced toward the entrance, where the patrons would soon follow. Still with even less time now to think, Elijah ducked under the counter and behind the woven bar. He knew the purification squad would not be able to feel him, and that he need just stay out of their line of sight. With all the self control he could muster, Elijah took advantage of his relatively small stature, and spied nervously through a tiny slit in the metal weaving of the rusted bar. There was a small verbal confrontation between the purification squad and a man Elijah soon recognized as a Jedi because of the famous blade. With the sudden commotion Elijah had almost failed to notice the second purification squad entering the back door, and as if happening in slow-motion and hyperspeed at the same time - the Jedi who had extended his blade blast through the roof, sending the first purification squad scrambling after him, and the other two men, one of which he knew was a Jedi, the other which he was assuming, to face the second squad.

    Elijah knew that he was no match for any sort of combatant, but immediately his mind began to race. He would wait for the right moment and hope that he could blockade some or all of the squad's Force power with his bracelet. He just needed the two Jedi to be more than 15 feet away from the squad. Elijah knew he was about to do something more courageous than he had ever attempted before, and he knew that it may cost him his life.

    TAG: Corbec, Witchdoctor
  20. witchdoctor187

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Dresden Sunweaver

    Well it looked like he was on his own for the time being. Rade had jumped up through the roof and was holding off one of the squads, not a good move he thought. And Eidos was holding his own on the other side of the cantina. Well at least he had Eidos for back up if things got sticky. That is if things could get any stickier. For a split second Dresden?s attention was drawn to a figure behind the bar, a man who hid behind the bar. Who was he? Dresden didn?t see him come in; of course he may have been too concentrated on the Purification Squad that just busted down the door.

    ?Sith spit!? proclaimed Dresden as a swordsman made his way toward the corner table he was sitting at. Dresden jumped up and flipped the table over in front of him as a blockade that would give him enough time to draw his lightsaber. Needless to say it didn?t work. The Swordsman hack right through it, Dresden still wasn?t able to get out his lightsaber, so he picked up a chair and swung it at the Swordsman, who again swung his sword and sliced through the chair. Dresden gave a simple frown and then dropped the legs of the once whole chair. He almost hlightsaber when a sword swung down towards him, almost taking his head off, but Dresden leaped out of the way just in time to see the sword lodge into the corner bench.

    That leap out of the way gave him enough time to draw his lightsaber and ignite it. The blue blade illuminated the dark cantina room. He was now ready and armed and was actually able to defend himself, which was not what the Illuminai wanted. Dresden was surprised though that it took him so long to get his lightsaber drawn. He just blamed it on getting old and his time away from practicing the force.

    Dresden quickly reeled up from the floor with an upward stoke of his lightsaber that he was hoping would catch the Swordsman off guard, thus giving Dresden an opening for a finishing strike, but the Swordsman was good, really good. He wasn?t even taken aback by the surprise rising attack from the Jedi, he simply dropped his sword in a downward block and countered the lightsaber. Dresden was now on his feet and fully centered and decided to call upon the force power of Battlemind, he figured he?d need it while fighting these kind of warriors, that and their cover was already blown and they knew he was a Jedi so there was no need to suppress his force powers.

    Tag: Corbec, Radiance, RockDragon

  21. dab

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    May 24, 2008
    [hl=black]GM APPROVED![/hl]

    Name: Oclo Placidus
    Species: Human
    Age: 31
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 200
    Facial Appearance: Oclo's once short black hair, now very much reaches down by his shoulders, and almost shields his sharp piercing brown eyes. His face is still simple and plain, though it is now weathered due to his time on the run. Oclo now wears a messy, yet short beard, which disguises his face somewhat.
    Strengths: Whilst not lacking in force abilities, Oclo excels in lightsaber combat and was once known to be 'one of the greatest prospects in combat' of his time at a young age.
    Muscular Build: Muscular
    Clothing: Dark brown tunic, dark trousers and a belt concealed by an old, worn black jacket
    Weaponry: Rusted lightsaber hilt
    Habits: Tendency to be immature and shed light on the darkest of situations
    Personality Traits: His life on the run has seen Oclo become a very shy and hidden man. A man shrouded in mystery. However the few that know of him well enough are fond of him as a result of his sense of humor and generosity. He is also known as a man who is willing to take the back seat in most situations.
    Bio: Oclo Placidus was a human child born into a moderately wealthy Alderaanian family. His father was the descendant of a long line of distant relatives to the Royal family. At a young age Oclo had been known for various acts of 'magic' and was discovered by a Jedi Knight visiting Alderaan on a mission. On testing the Knight found the child possessed high midi-chlorian count and persuaded the parents to give their child up to the Jedi.

    Oclo was accepted into the Jedi Order as a Padawan to the Jedi Knight who had found him, Fectio-Con. Years passed and Oclo excelled as a Jedi Guardian, having passed his trials at the age of 19. He was recognized as one of the best duelers of his generation.

    Since the destruction of the Jedi, Oclo has been in hiding on the planet of Coruscant, hoping of one day to aid in the destruction of the Illuminai and see a resurrection of the long forgotten Jedi Order.
  22. Brute_Force

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    Jul 15, 2008
    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Coruscant, lower levels/'Down on Your Luck' Cantina.

    Push back.


    Push back...

    Lift... Push... Lift... Push.



    Run. Run damn it!

    The one sensible thought his own mind could form.
    It assailed him with dreaded flashes of the hunters; from every angle on his conscious being. They were not only behind him and beside him. They were everywere. They encompassed the streets. The sector. The entire planet.

    Obstructions, houses, walls, garbage, other people; he didn't notice anything. His primal mind worked instinctively to both keep him pushing himself and to avoid and use his environment.

    The sound of his own pulse overtook everything around him. He heard nothing. Another part of his mind - somewhere between instincts and highly cognitive thinking - worked furiously. It allowed him to reach out with the Force and interpret the signals that bounced back to him. He reached close and far, both to avoid any kind of hinder that rushed past him and to know where the predators were. He reached out to the entire district to know where he had to run. To plot out his course to avoid, and throw off his pursuers.

    He actually didn't know how to do what he was doing. He had no war-experience; he knew little about planning strategic courses but all the same he had to do it. And so he was. Masterfully.

    He should have passed out a long time ago. Hours ago really. But there was nothing in him that told him that. In a way, he had passed out. The exhaustion had taken over a long time ago and had disabled almost all of his higher, logical senses. To keep on his feet he had, as many times before, turned inwards, to the Force. And the bottomless passion there was within. It had, in collaboration with the inhuman exhaustion, taken over Nathan long ago.

    He was making his way across the horrid streets of Coruscant. During his time in the Order he had never visited the streets and had never felt the planet's true pulse. The horror and tragedy that was Coruscant - the real Coruscant. How easy it would be to fall into Darkness when surrounded by such desperaion.

    After a while, the real Nathan was coming to. He kept goin for another minute, not at all at the same pace, and he did not feel the previous Threat closing in on him like the jaws of Rancor.

    He had escaped another squad.

    He stopped and fell onto a trash heap. The world spun around him. He felt so empty. He commanded his body to shut down - with no regard of the dangers of doings this. It obliged.

    After a while, he had no idea how long, he felt the energy come back to him. He opened his eyes and stood on frail legs. He blinked a couple of times to freshen his eyes. As he started to come to, he realised he had no idea where he was. How long had he run?

    He started to walk around in the vicinity to get a feel for the place. And maybe find somewhere to eat.

    In this dark world that was the lower levels of Coruscant the Force crackled with Dark Energies; hate, fear, desperation and sorrow growled at Ex-Jedi like Nathan like red-eyed angry dogs in the side-alleys of a dark street. But in this pitch-dark crevice of the Galaxy there shone a beacon. It called to him, and almost blinded him through the Force, so strong was it. And in an instant he realised that when he had fallen back into his primal state and used the Force to guide him it had guided him here. To this bulge, this intense focus in the Force. It wanted to showm him this. And Nathaniel had learnt to trust the Force. So, even though every fibre in his body screamed that there was trouble in there, he knew that the Force would not lead him to his demise.

    He came to the local Cantina - Down on Your Luck. The doors were old and even rusty, but it still felt surreally hard to open them. Something held him back. He realised that there might very well be Illuminai here. No matter, he thought, this was meant to be.

    He swung the door open and peeked inside.

    TAG: GM, Eidos, Elijah, Dresden (others in the Can
  23. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide
    On top of the "Down on Your Luck" Cantina

    Another tingle in the Force told Rade that there was yet another Sensitive entering the fray.

    Kriffing great.... as if there isn't enough collateral at stake here to begin with..

    The Swordsmen were coming at him relentlessly. One would strike high, another low. Rade would block one and jump the other, as he was about to counterattack, his blade was blocked in the area that should have been open by the third swordsman, they covered each other perfectly.

    Energy met steel and neither gave way, time and time again. For all of his combat prowess, Rade was struggling. If he didn't think of something soon he was going to be in trouble.

    Another high strike and he parried away from himself, using the Force to deliver a quick knee to the mans stomach. He heard a muffled oof, and smirked in satisfaction that he had actually hit one of them, only to be punched in the face by another. He did a back hand-spring over a horizontal slash from behind him and landed light footed and back in the fray. Parry parry parry parry, block, kick, parry parry parry. He was on the defensive.. He needed to turn this around. As the Swordsmen closed with him again he pulled the Force around him and sent a massive shock wave at them. All three of them immediately stabbed their katana's into the roof and were surprisingly not knocked from their feet but instead pushed back a few meters, leaving long gouges in the roof in the paths they had braced themselves. Rade felt slow. And it had nothing to do with the years in exile, but more so that Priest using battle meditation on him.

    The warriors came back in a rush. Radiant was barely able to keep up at this point. Almost immediately he was kicked in the gut and dropped to his knees. A stab towards his head and a slightly too slow reaction to which left a long gash along his cheek. He tumble rolled to the right to be met by a blade coming to take his neck. His saber went up and was knocked out of his grip in the resulting block. The blade deactivated and rolled away from him.

    Radiant was now left on his knees with his head down and a blade on his neck.

    "Time's up Jedi."

    Rade had nothing right now. Was this the moment he was about to die?

    The blade went up and Radiant's eyes closed. His father's voice flashed into his head.

    "A Jedi is never defenseless Radiant. Remember the gifts I have shown you.. and the one's I have left you...."

    The blade came down.

    Rade's fist came up.


    Steel met the back of Radiant Tide's Phrik glove. His arm shook under the pressure of the sword. His eyes found the silver plated helmet of his attacker, the helmet turned sideways slightly. Radiant nodded to the man.

    "...Yeah.... Time's up."

    tag Rade's contact.


    Secondary Purification Squad

    Two Swordsman began to cross blades with Dresdan with masterful hands, each covering the other perfectly in whatever he threw at them. But right now He was on the Defensive. He did however have other avenues of attack left to him. Being inside the cantina he had many objects with which to grasp in the Force.

    The final swordsman went straight for Eidos. Swinging left and right, up and down. Trying to prevent any type of defense that the younger man could muster.

    The Priest was more interested in the young man that had just stumbled into the cantina fight. Another Force sensitive.

    The Priest nodded to the Keeper who smiled.

    "How fortunate. Take him."

    The Priest walked around the fighting in front of him and stalked to Nathan in the door. His white robes flowed around him as his arms were drawn back. They came forward in a heavy Force Push that was like a hurricane. Not only did the door Nathan was standing in get ripped off the hinges, but the hinges, and the entire wall connecting that side of the cantina went with it as well. Nathan was going to need help. And soon.

    Because of the fighting going on, no one seemed to
  24. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    Location: Lower levels of Coruscant

    He needed to hurry. He was already an hour late in meeting with his contact. Normally he was the most punctual person he knew. He could count on one hand the times he had been late in his life, though this incident might make it a two handed ordeal. Sweat beaded on his forehead, and his left leg was starting to incur a minor cramp. "I blame you for making me run like this my little friend." He said talking to his left pocket. "You and the foul training exercises of becoming Priest in the Illuminai order."

    He had been in training there for a good while. He had taken the test numerous times to become part of a purification squad, but purposely failed each and every time. He was not about to put himself in the situation of becoming something which he hated. He was here on a very precise mission, and joining a Purification Squad was not one of them.

    As he raced through the crowded streets, he realized that he still was using his powers to put up an Aura to match the Illuminai's. He was no longer in the white ropes of the priesthood and was trying to be as discreet as possible. Lowering the Aura, he put up a shield on his feelings and locked it up tight. He did not want to chance a run in with any Illuminai at this point. Having to hold his true emotions inside was the hardest thing he had had to do in his entire long existence. He hated them for what they had done to the Jedi order. He hated it even more that he had not been here to help defend his fallen comrades. Though he probably would not have been here this day if that had been the case.

    As he ran on towards his destination, he tried to turn his thoughts on other things so as not to betray his true feelings. Rounding a corner he stopped short. It was a feeling he had not had in a long time. He let it seep into his mind. Closing his eyes he reached out to the source. It was clouded but there. He could feel at least 2 Jedi somewhere nearby. And then the pain came. He closed his eyes tighter with the pain and knelt down closer to the ground.

    The vision came fast. Two Illuminai Purification Squads entering a cantina filled with two, no four Jedi inside! The vision faded, and he slowly opened his eyes and stood up. Four Jedi here on Coruscant! It was unthinkable. And now faced with not one but two Purification Squads! He had to hurry. He knew these two Squads and knew that they were some of the best at what they did.

    Cutting through an alley, he takes a corner just in time to see the roof of the Down On Your Luck cantina explode outwards. Si had to shield his eyes from the wooden and metal debris. When he looked again a lone figure stood on top of the roof.

    Suddenly 3 Purification swords men bound up to the roof behind him. As if on cue, a keeper and a priest walk out the front door and leap onto the roof. He could see the priest going to his knees in meditation. Si knew what was about to happen, he had practiced this very thing many times in his training.

    He continued to watch the events unfold. He wanted to help the Jedi but knew that any rash decisions would come to the demise of both of them. He watched as the agile Jedi took on the three swordsman and even managed to hit one before getting hit himself. Suddenly the Jedi seemed to slow, and Si knew it was time to act.
    Closing his eyes he concentrated his mind on the Priest. The Priest was absolutely dedicated to slowing the Jedi, and never realized the threat from below. Raising his arm, Si pointed at the Priest and unleashed his power.

    The priest had enough time to sense the danger and turn to look at Si before his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His brain imploded on itself, and he fell over on the roof dead.

    The keeper seemed to be the only one to realize the source of the attack and turned and smiled at Si' Jin. He knew then that the fight was far from over.

  25. RockDragon

    RockDragon Jedi Master star 4

    May 2, 2002

    Down on Your Luck Cantina - lower levels, Coruscant

    Elijah Viir'r

    In the short moments that had passed since arriving on the lower levels of the city, too much had happened to even begin to question things. And now Elijah sits quiet, waiting to do something, anything to help. Two of the swordsmen were facing off with the blaster wielding man, while the third, alone, apparently was underestimating the ability of the other obvious Jedi. Again, without any notice or time to formulate some course of action, yet another man entered the cantina, and with a verbal encouragement from the Keeper, the formerly idle Priest blew the face of the building down with an incredible Force push.

    Even with the addition of this newcomer, Elijah knew that things were about to get worse. With all three Swordsman and the Priest occupied, and the Keeper intently monitoring the actions of the Priest - Elijah decided that since they were distracted and would not be able to feel him in the Force, that now was the time to act. He felt for his blaster, though it seemed like it would not be of much help, and located it making sure he would be able to draw in a seconds time. Knowing that he had all but rested over the past weeks, Elijah decided that he was readied and agile enough to maneuver rather quickly. As fast as he could muster without the force, Elijah bolted from under the bar and toward the Priest who was facing the other direction. As he burst towards the white-robed killer, he tore the living, Force-blocking organism which had immediately conformed to his wrist upon placement, and leapt, wrist bleeding from the thousands of razor-like arms which had been pulled from his skin, for the only unclothed area he could see on the Priest; the back of his neck, and slammed the gelatinous organism upon the evil man. It worked, the small creature splayed itself across the back of the Priest's neck, no doubt causing crippling pain down his spinal cord as the tiny arms all searched for a spot to lock themselves onto their new host.

    Elijah tumbled off of the Priest opposite the intimidating Keeper. The Priest would be rendered nearly useless without the Force, but unfortunately so would anyone within roughly five yards of him. The Keeper's reaction was immediate. As Elijah hit the floor the Keeper already had his whip in hand. Elijah reached for his blaster, knowing it would not do much good, and was caught on the ankle by the electrocuting barbs, sending his laser ricocheting off the back of the bar. There is no way a blaster alone could take on such a foe. . .

    TAG: Brute_Force, and anyone else in Cantina
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