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    IC:Eidos Einholt

    Ducking, weaving and dodging from side to side Eidos tried his best to avoid the large sword that was being swung at him. The swordsman was very good, not allowing Eidos a chance to react or pick up anything that could be used as a defense. How he longed for his lightsaber.

    "Can't" Eidos side steps to the right "We talk" he then side steps to the left again avoiding the sword. "about this?" The swordsman said nothing, no reaction at all. Grumbling Eidos ducked and rolled right and finally into a bit of space. The swordsman turned to face his target but Eidos had his first chance to strike. Keeping low after the roll he swepted his left leg low in a half circle and caught his attackers legs. The swordsman fell hard and landed squarely on his back. With all his might Eidos jumped atop of the man and swung down hard with his fist. The impact cracked the helm of the swordsman and rendered him out cold, however Eidos paid for it with a now broken hand.

    "Son of a...." Eidos yelled and rolled off the man clutching his hand. The pain distracted him for a bit to long. However he seemed free and clear. All the other Illuminai were busy with the other jedi. Eidos took the time to scan the battleground. There was more jedi here now. He knew it by looking at them more than feeling them. He didn't trust his senses much anymore, he had abandoned them to long ago. One of the priest of the Illuminai was yelling in pain, seems like someone had done a number on him. The other two swordsmen had Dresden, least thats what Eidos thought the mans name to be, busy. The first squad had all left to fight Rade outside. Eidos shuddered to think of how Rade was holding up. The last person Eidos focused on was the keeper of the second unit. He had his attention on a newcomer, most likely the one that put the priest out of action. The keeper had drawn his whip and was ready to strike.

    "Come on, who uses a whip?" Eidos yelled out. He grabed his blaster with his other hand and began firing at the keeper, his aim terriable. The shoots did little to nothing but distract the keeper from his intended target. "Thats right ugly, over here!"

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    ooc:I didn't kill but if by knocking the one I did out is not what you have planned I'll edit or repost =). I however did pay for it heh.

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    OOC: If i wrote something that displeases the GM, lemme know ;) Oh and a wall?? Common! Aren't these supposed to be hard? Bring it! :)

    As the old door slid open Nathaniel knew at once that there was a fight to be had. It was as the many Jedi and Force-sensitives that had died during the ?Cleansing? screamed out to him but were quickly drowned out by some sort of mocking laughter that echoed throughout the entire force. Not just locally, like a normal Force-sensitive but something that had penetrated the very being of the Force. It felt, at that moment, that the entirety of the Force pleaded to Nathan.

    He was set back by this and before he knew it something massive hit him, not just in the torso or in the gut or in the head. But everywhere. At once. He tried to resist the immense push but could not. He felt as if he clutched his feet and fingernails into the force and they ripped up long crevices in the fabrics as he did his best to stand his ground. The entire section of the building came tumblind down on him. Most likely a supportive section...

    ?Not good. Bad? pumped through his mind and he used all the energy he could muster without a complete focus to keep the rubble from crushing him. He had not even seen the cause of this! He knew it was the Illuminai though. But there was something more here. Perhaps more than one party. But something else called out to him as well. The Force-echo that he almost constantly used as a scanner came back to him with almost double strength. This was something he only remembered from his time in the Jedi Temple during the Reign of the Order. From other Jedi that had had a similar aura or echo that could fill the entire room with a sensation of purity. Were there Jedi here?

    The very idea filled him not with the familiar fury he had used to survive so far but with hope. Hope he had not felt for so long. Hope that gave him strength. He panted heavily and started pushing the rubble up. Slowly... Slowly it began to rise and he could practically see the look on the face on the Priest that had done this as he would gut him with his saber. He went up to one knee and growled fiercly. The wall was gaining momentum... He saw the battle?s movement between the cracks. Almost there. He had almost risen to one knee as it happened. If he could have seen his own face he would have been terrified. The Force was fleeting away from him! Something was draining him!

    He had almost pushed up the entire wall as it happened so he managed to get a glimpse of what was happening. The Priest was stuck with some... thing. Some creature! It seemed to suck the Force from everyone around it. Which included Nathaniel.

    With the last of his focus fleeting away he looked around desperately. He saw where his best chances where to escape his tomb were (for the wall would truly have crushed him without the Force) and he took it.

    He dived into a quick roll diagonally away from the Priest that was flailing about trying to grasp the creature. The roll failed halfway as the rubble came tumbling down on him. He was trapped from the knees down. He got his first real glance of the room around him and saw that indeed there were Jedi here! Or rather ex-Jedi. No normal man could withstand a Illuminai Keeper. No man with no command of the Force would survive that long fighting two Illuminai Swordsmen. And yet these men were. Hope!

    He also noticed that the room was practically filled with white-robed Illuminai. He winced as he caught the attention of a nearby Swordsman. This was even worse that before! A quick feeling surged through him, telling him that he missed the time he was getting crushed by the wall. ?Aah, remember that time under the wall? Those were good times. Better than these?.

    He tugged and tore on his legs but they did not budge. The Priest was still flailing about the room... making his was further away from Nathan.

    The Swordsman?s steps increased.

    Why could he not command the Force!? Frustration was bubbling up in Nathan?s subconsci
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    Location: Coruscant, Lower Levels, Thopwarp Cantina

    Since the fall of the Jedi Order, the Illuminai had risen to dominance in the Galaxy. Nothing but a few survivors of the Jedi stood in their way now. They were the last hope it seemed. Oclo sat in a pod, a half-full Alderaanian ale by his side as he lent against the wall. It had been months, hell maybe even years since the fall, and all Oclo had done since was hide -- hide from what seemed an impending doom. Nonetheless he kept his head up, hoping he'd come across at least one force sensitive in the various cantina's strewn across the lower levels of Coruscant, who'd tell him everything was ok and that there was a large group of old Jedi preparing to fight the Illuminai!

    Who was he kidding... no-one was coming. Finishing his drink Oclo grabbed his jacket, pulling it on as he made his way for the exit of the Cantina. He figured he'd probably make his way back, do a work out or something before taking a nap.

    He froze at the door, emotions flooding into his body.. auras filtering in and out of his head, like an explosion in his mind. Force Sensitives. They were pretty close. It would only be a matter of time before the Purification squads were on them.

    "Oh, god, no.." he whispered under his breath, it seemed he was wrong. What he could sense was a Purification Squad. Two in fact. So that explained why the auras were so carelessly hidden. There had to be Jedi, it was the only explanation. Why else would there be two Purification Squads fighting? He paused in the doorway, then outstretched his arm. Ripping down a 'Wanted Poster: Zaknafein Toras; Dead Or Alive' from the notice board, he crumbled it into a ball and tossed it to the floor. The guy wore Jedi attire, he couldn't have left it there. Exiting the cantina Oclo made his way down a nearby alleyway, making his way towards what he had sensed.

    He decided he'd keep a low profile, check the place out before throwing himself into any kind of danger. He didn't want to get himself killed afterall.

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    IC: Si' Jin
    Location: Outside the Down on Your Luck Cantina

    Si' Jin stared back at the keeper. It had been along time since he had been in a real battle. And he was more than ready for a little payback. The keeper leaped from atop the Cantina, doing a flip in midair as he descended. He landed in in a crouch position looking at the ground. As his eyes slowly gazed up at Si.

    Si' Jin took on a look of determination. He stalked confidently towards his adversary, reaching down to grab his mothers Lightsaber from his belt. The keeper did not move. He stood there silently waiting for Si to approach.

    Once he was in ear shot the keeper spoke. "Jedi, I now perform my duty to cleanse the univ..." As the words escaped his mouth, the oncoming Ji' Sin pushed both hands out in front of him and put his strength into a giant force push. The suprised keeper was thrown back through the wall of the cantina, through the tangle of Jedi and Illunimai, and into the back wall of the cantina. As he fell to the ground he left an indention of where he had collided.

    Back outside Si' Jin continued his approach to the cantina, thinking that was the last of the keeper. He could hear the sounds of battle from inside, and picked up his pace to help in any way he could. The force rang in his mind, and he ducked just in time to miss the keeper springing through the opening, sword drawn. The keeper flew over his head taking a swing as he passed. Si' Jin rolled to the right, the sword just missing his head. Any closer to his right ear and he would have had a matching set.

    As he came out of the roll, he turned to meet the keeper thinking he had more time, but the keeper was already up and on top of him. All he could see was a sword coming at his face. Reaching out with the force, he stopped the movement inches from his face. The force in which the keeper pushed down with the sword was incredible. He was having trouble sustaining the movement downwards, and reached up to grasp the hilt to help. The struggle lasted minutes, but seemed to Si like hours. Neither of the men was gaining any ground. The keepers mind was strong. Stronger than most keepers he had come in contact with. Si' Jin had to think. As his mind began to turn a thought came to him. He let a small gasp escape his lips as he spoke. "KP-4!"

    Suddenly out of his pocket a small circular droid erupted into the keepers face making him fall back. The droid then raced off out of range. Using this opportunity, Si' Jin used the force to barrage the keeper with small short blasts, enough to knock him back and off balance.
    Springing to his feet, Si' Jin reached his hand out to his saber that had fallen during the struggle. It answered his call and and jumped to his hand. Igniting the saber he turned to face his foe.

    By this time the keeper had recovered. The two circled each other, neither one willing to make the first strike at this time. They seemed to be measuring each other up. Both had underestimated the other and both would not let it happen again. At almost the exact same instant saber and sword collided. Each warrior seemed to be at the same time defending and attacking. Saber skills though were not Si' Jin's strong point, and soon the keeper had him steadily loosing ground. Si' Jin knew he would not win out against the keeper in a standard melee fight. He had to think of something and think of something quick.

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    OOC: All of those posts were good guys, great job. I am having a great time reading all of your stuff. You are truly doing an amazing job bringing out your characters personalities. Excellent stuff. Go ahead and start taking out the illuminai now as well. The one that got knocked out can stay knocked out if it is the wish of the one who did it.

    IC: Radiant Tide
    Roof of the Cantina

    There was a muffled flapping of robes and the 3 swordsmen standing over Radiant, turned their heads to see what had happened.

    The Illuminai Priest lay dead on the roof behind them. The Keeper seemed not to notice and instead began stalking towards an unseen attacker. Something must have taken out the Priest while he was distracted with Battle Meditation. But that meant....

    The blades are distracted t...

    Before he could even finish his thought, Rade struck out hard with his unoccupied fist and went straight into the kneecap of the Swordsmen standing in front of him. This brought the attention back to him. The Swordsmen went down screaming, his leg below the knee jutting at an awkward angle.

    Radiant flicked his hand around to the opposite side of the blade that he held at bay and brought it slamming to the ground. In the same motion he sprang to his feet with a little aide from the Force and delivered a spinning uppercut to the bottom of the helmet of the first attacker, taking it clean off the mans head. Then as he was spinning, Rade whipped his leg around the top of his foot brought the second mans head to the ground. Of course it was probably for circumstances such as these that the wore helmets, it wouldn't cause any real damage, save to the roof, but it would certainly daze his opponent for a moment. And a moment was all Rade needed to gather himself.

    He stepped back lightly and took a breath as the two began to recover themselves.

    The fight had gone from 5 on 1 with the 5 dominating, to a 2 on 1 where the 2 didn't stand a chance.

    Radiant assumed his favorite martial arts stance, hopping on his toes and swaying his open fists with the momentum it carried. He flicked his nose twice with his thumb and stopped hopping as they came at him again.

    "You guys are good. But I am afraid this is the end for you."

    They were flustered now. That meant they lost concentration and were attacking in a blind rage. Bad idea to be doing that against a Jedi Master...

    Their timing was off. Rade's enhanced Force Vision saw the left most slightly ahead of the man on the right. He was already swinging. As the right man was beginning to charge. With no Battle Meditation holding him down, Rade was just too fast for them. The slash down to his head was easily sidestepped. Rade grabbed the wrists of that attacker and spun his weight around. Bringing his own sword in line to block the strike planned by his partner. A knee was delivered to the stomach of the swordsman who had his wrists bound, and in the same move Radiant's long legs speared out and nailed the man (now without a helmet) square in the chin, taking him clean off his feet and knocking the wind from him as his back hit the ground.

    Radiant turned again and began delivering blow after blow to the stunned mans body. He was backing him to the edge of the roof, and the Illuminai was losing footing fast. The steel sword hit the roof and clattered useless from it's former owners grasp.

    Right cross to the helmet, left jab to the stomach, snap kick to the back of the knee, dropping him to one knee, right lift under the chin bringing him back to his feet.

    Rade growled as the Force grew in his grasp. He gave one last spinning kick and put his full Force power behind it. The kick snapped ribs like they were twigs and even stopped the mans heart with the sheer impact. But it didn't stop his rag doll of a body to be sent 200 meters through the air and break through a window of a nearby apartment building. He turned slowly and calmly, once again at ease within the Force as his final obstacle lay before him. His opponent staggered to his feet and tumbled a punch at
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    IC:Eidos Einholt

    It took a lot of effort to get a solid grip on the keepers robes. His one hand screamed in pain but he fought through it to hold his man. The Keeper turned his head in utter suprise, questions forming on his lips.

    "Hi ugly" Eidos said with a smile. With that he jumped up and with all his might he pulled the Keeper up and over himself. The Keeper lost grip on Rade, Eidos only hoped the man could grab or land on the ledge instead of falling. It was all risky, but Eidos saw no other option. Stand by and let the Keeper drop the Jedi or do something. As the Keeper's arms released Rade the Keeper came up and over Eidos flying backwards. Eidos himself landed squarely on his back and knocked the wind out of himself. He craned his head around to see how the Keeper had faired and his jaw dropped. The Keeper had simply used the motion to flip himself upright and land neatly on his feet.

    "Foolish man!" The Keeper whipped out his whip and caught Eidos around the neck. Grabing at the barbed whip dug into his neck. He gasped and struggled unable to breathe.

    Well Eidos, you had a good run. Wonder what will happen with my ship....

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    The Keeper tugged harshly on the whip and violently tossed Eidos to the side. Radiant Tide was the true prize in this fight and he wouldn't dare report his death without witnessing it. He strode slowly over to the ledge, an enlightened look of calm on his face- much the same as many of the Illuminai wore. Peering over the edge, he saw nothing below but the drop. He would have to send a team to recover the body to be sure.

    He spoke to the night air, "Pity, you were one of the last great fights in the galaxy."

    The Keeper turned in place and faced Eidos once again. "It was brave of you all to gather like this so close to our Citadel. But I need not tell you it was foolish. It is a mistake that will cost you all your lives as it cost Tide his."

    As the Keeper spoke, a dark object slowly raised up from behind him. It was humanoid, but larger. A pair of green glowing eyes shined to life and a look of confusion and surprise appeared on the Keeper's face for a moment before an un-muffled Flechette shot rang out into the quiet night, lighting up the area for a split second. The Keeper's body lurched into an unnatural shape as it flew a few meters forward, rolling to a lifeless stop.

    In the darkness, the silhouette of bulky droid legs could be seen between a series of blue repulsars that were lifting the machine onto the platform. The blue lights dulled and finally darkness enveloped the area once again as the repulsars set the droid on the platform. The arm mounted flechette barrel was still smoking as it lowered and the eyes turned to look at the lifeless shadow of a man across his other outstretched arm.

    Tag Eidos, Rade

    GM Approved:

    Character sheet:

    Name: B-00M (Bee - Zero Zero Em), Pronounced "Boom" for ease.
    Species: Prototype War Droid
    Age: Unknown, manufactured in the Clone Wars era
    Ranks: Commander, Chief Security Officer
    Height: 7' when fully upright
    Facial Appearance: http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w227/knite16/b00m.jpg
    Strengths: Self-improving and adapting, protocal brain
    Weaponry: Where to begin?

    Detachable arm-mounted turret containing various blasters including triple barrel Flechette, Laser Gatling, Ion Gatling, Bowcaster, and extending long-range Disruptor. The turret itself is detachable and can be set up as an auto or remote operated turret.

    His fingers are rocket-propelled miniature concussion missiles with an auto re-load station in the ammo storage area on his back. His wrists house 3' retractable durasteel blades. His left wrist also houses a flame thrower, while his right houses twin parallel green lightsaber emitters. (lightsabers are like the forked end of this picture: http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w227/knite16/Saber-design-02.jpg )

    His shoulders each house an energy net launcher and within his chassis is a 6' retractable rail gun barrel that protrudes out his neck and is capable of firing high-powered laser or ion bursts.

    Personal shield generator and self-electrifying chassis security system.

    Infra-red, and night vision as well as a sonar back-up should opticals fail.

    Collapsible legs and repulsar lift system allows for his to shape himself into a mini "hover-tank" form.

    Habits: His protocal brain forces him to be polite, even when performing his combat duties.

    Personality Traits:
    Polite, knowledgeable, and completely loyal to those he is programed to follow.

    Bio: Originally assembled during the clone wars as a prototype war droid, B-00M's creator wanted to not only create the ultimate war machine, but also one with the ability to think for itself, adapt, and modify its own chassis. The cache of weaponry installed made Boom ready for any situation. Clones being a dime a dozen, the project was scrapped due to the high cost of production as well as the "protocol politeness" of the unit. Boom's memory was wiped during the clone wars at some point and he was deactivated. A rebel special forces unit led by Colonel John Spartan discovered the deactivat
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    IC Radiant Tide
    Unknown building

    It happened so fast that in future recollections, Radiant probably wouldn't be able to remember everything that happened. His vision had started to blacken at the edges and his hearing went out as the oxygen was cut off to his brain.

    The Keeper still had that serene look in his eyes that Radiant despised. Before he knew what was happening, that peaceful expressionless face turned to one of surprise and the Keepers grip was released.

    Unfortunately, Rade had absolutely zero energy to lift his arms to grab hold of something. And so the darkness of night took him. Down. Free falling hundreds of meters above the ground. Plummeting towards his inevitable death. He closed his eyes and let the darkness take him.

    But then he woke up.

    He was confused at first. He was back in the room where he had been dropped. Laying as comfortably as he could expect on his back. Eidos was here.

    Rade's vision came back slowly, he probably had a mild concussion from going through so many buildings before. Physically he felt like he had just gotten hit by a hover bus. But then he saw who had saved the two of them. A painful smirk spread on his face and he closed his eyes again. He tasted blood in his mouth.

    "Boom....what took you so long....."

    Once the Temple had been taken by the Illuminai, Rade of course went into hiding. It seemed that fortune smiled upon him at least a little, because days after the temples fall, he had found a familiar robotic face. B-00M. Former temple security guardian under Knite Shadowbane's instruction. The droid had a quirky personality for a war droid but it made it all the better when he showed up to the rescue. Together, Rade and Boom had set up a few safe houses along the under city with varying degrees of supplies for weaponry, clothing and medicine. Had they ever found more Jedi, the original plan was to ferry them away safely from Coruscant and start over somewhere like Ossus. Eventually the plan turned into all out war on the Illuminai, but the safe houses remained. And now his partner had pulled him from yet another jam.

    He looked over at Eidos, he had definitely broken his hand before. Both of them needed medical attention, as well they needed to find the other jedi that had shown up at the Cantina tonight. To make sure they faired alright. Or at least got away.

    "Boom. Please tell me you have transportation here.... We need to get back to the "Down on Your Luck, to see to the others. They all showed up out of nowhere.. tonight of all nights. There are more of us still alive."

    A feeling of elation pulsed through Radiant Tide but he cut it off promptly because it hurt his guts too much.

    "I don't think I can move. But we need to get out of here and to one of the safe houses after we get to the rest of the the Jedi."

    His mind was racing a parsec a minute on how to handle the situation.

    "Also.... we need to clean up the bodies of the Illuminai, they were just patrols but I doubt they gave it much time to call us in when they got to us. If we can cover up their deaths by Jedi then we might buy some time before the heat really comes down on us... I need you to take care of this Boom... I am dropping into a healing trance before I die here... Kid I know you aren't as banged up as me but you should do the same for your neck and hand."

    He looked over at Eidos who was still on the floor.

    What a night. And it wasn't over yet. But for Radiant right now, it was. He closed his eyes and slipped into the famous Jedi Healing Trance. When he awoke, hopefully he would be near medical supplies.

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    Sorry if it?s a little short, I was kinda in a hurry to catch up. So say if it needs to be edited and I?ll fix it, I just didn?t want a fight scene that went on forever.

    Dresden Sunweaver

    Dresden was now fighting for his life. The fight had started off easy enough, but now it had rapidly escalated. Throughout the fight Dresden had suffered wounds to his left arm and torso, just cuts from the sword, but they were fairly deep, thus causing Dresden?s new shirt to become torn and blood stained. The fight then began to fair well for Dresden, one he had fully centered himself and Battlemind started to kick in and fully function from its years of disuse.

    The swordsman lunged at an opening in Dresden?s defense, which was quickly countered by Dresden with a simple sidestep, not much but effective. Dresden then used his force throw, something he hadn?t also used in a long time. He concentrated and ripped a cabinet out of the wall behind the bar and flung it at the swordsman, who almost doge it, but it managed to catch him in the right should , thus catching him and flinging him back a few paces, giving Dresden a moment of recovery. The two soon both recovered and locked blades. It was then a that a thought came to Dresden as he shifted his energy to his right arm in order keep up the block successfully against the swordsman, while with his left, he lifted it up and with all he might he let off a powerful force push that caught the swordsman of guard, thus sending him through on of the walls of the cantina and over the ledge of the railing outside which continued to drop into the dark abyss of the Coruscant under levels. Dresden looked around him and saw no one but still heard the last

    Remnants of the battle which slowly began to end, he hadn?t known how Rade or Eidos had faired. All he knew was that he was totally diminished of energy from not using the force in years. He then fell to the ground and then drug himself over to the bar and sat up against it. As he sat there slumped against the bar, he slipped into unconsciousness and let darkness take him. He didn?t know where he would wake up at, and frankly he didn?t care, he just wanted the pain to go away.

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    IC:Eidos Einholt

    "Kid I know you aren't as banged up as me but you should do the same for your neck and hand."

    Rubbing his neck and nursing his hand Eidos sat up from the cold solid ground he had been laying apon. He was still trying to get air into his lungs, taking large gasps of air till he finally started breathing normally again. His head was swimming in fog, the pain of his broken hand dulled for a few wonderful moments till he began to start feeling things again.

    "Remind me never to punch solid hard objects ever again!" Eidos said in a soft voice as he tested his abilitly to speak for the first time.

    "And the last time I used that heal thingy was years ago...I'm no Jedi now Rade...that was a long time ago." Eidos gripped his broken hand and started resetting the bones. His jaw clentched shut as every press and pull filled him with white hot pain. After a few moments he finished. He pulled from one of his cargo pant pockets a small squared piece of metal that fit the palm of his hand perfectly. After that he ripped a strip off his shirt and tied the metal piece to his hand. The metal had been ment to be welded to a hole on his ship.

    Wonder if my ship is ok... Eidos thought to himself. He also wondered how all the others had faired. He shook his head and a slight smile creeped across his lips. In all the nights and in all the places in this damned large galaxy how had so many ex-jedi come to bump into each other here of all places.

    "So...Rade...how you been?" Eidos smile brightened further. His eyes gazed over to Rade but he was in his trance and wasn't going to answer. Eidos picked himself up and started moving back towards the cantina. B-oom had Rade looked after, besides Eidos needed a drink.

    As Eidos walked in through the blasted open doors of the cantina he saw the fight was all over. He spotted Dresden leaning heavily on the bar and Eidos smirked.

    "What? Is it break time?" Eidos crossed the cantina and moved in behind the bar. He pulled up two glasses from behind the counter and then a bottle of Corellian Whiskey. He poured both glasses and moved one close to Dresden.

    "Heres that drink you ordered, sorry it took so long the place just filled up so fast I became so busy with other customers." Eidos laughed before pounding the drink back.

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    OOC: Right guys, I'm a little confused as to who is exactly in the bar, so I'm sorry if I miss you out!

    Location: Coruscant, Lower Levels, 'Down on Your Luck' Cantina

    He'd been walking for some time now, not daring to change his focus from the group, even for a second. He rounded a corner and came to a stop, his eyes wide open. There it was, the 'Down on Your Luck' Cantina.. and boy did it look a mess. Rubble littered the street, parts of the bar, walls, doors and the roof -- it looked like someone had dropped a proton bomb on it. He saw no movement in and around the Cantina from where he stood in the street, gaping through the large hole in the side of the building. He worried for a minute, hoping that there was someone alive.

    Oclo made sure it was all clear before equipping his rusted lightsaber hilt. It sure had been a long time since he'd used it in any case. He flicked the switch, sighing with a great pleasure as the blue blade of energy erupted from the hilt, buzzing drearily. He walked forward briskly, not wanting to be seen in public with a lightsaber and quickly made his way through the hole that used to be a 'doorway'. Upon entering Oclo saw a similar scene to outside, a complete mess. Broken chairs, tables, glasses, parts of the ceiling and walls littering the floor once again. He saw the bodies in there, all of which wore Illuminai robing.

    His attention had been taken away by the mind-blowing scene that lay before him, he didn't even notice the four figures standing & sitting near the mingled bar, pouring themselves drinks or just resting. He just knew they were Jedi and the fallen bodies of the Illuminai proved that somewhat. With a smile he dis-ignited his lightsaber and made himself known.

    "So, guys, down on your luck?"

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    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: "Down on Your Luck"-Cantina

    The Swordsman flung his sword around to, in at least some way, connect with the attacker?s lightsaber and diminish the momentum of his strikes. His attempt was mostly futile. Nathan?s flurry was unstoppable at this pace. After he had started to attack the Force had helped him to build up strength and speed and now he was barely even conscious of what he was doing. His saber was coming in on the Illuminai from every angle conceivable. The Swordsman had taken hit after hit ? most of them were nicks really. Nathan was just forcing the man back and further off balance before he went for the gruesome kill.

    Letting out an innate growl, he stepped up the flurry and then stopped suddenly. The Swordsman stumbled backwards and almost tripped. Nathan jumped forward and kneed him in the guts. The force of the impact would have sent the man flying had not Nathan already spun up behind him and, spinning and gaining momentum, sliced right through his thick armor and his torso. The two halves of the cleaved man continued their path about a meter behind Nathaniel. Gruesome.

    As he was about to wipe the blood from his face he sensed something for but a second and reacted instinctively. He threw up the lightsaber in air and spun around, twirling his hands back, cupping them over each other and then pushed them out, executing a difficult Force technique called Nek?Toar. You focus the Force on small, tiny even, points resulting in a penetrating thrust. The first Jedi to master this technique was Darth Nek?Toar. He could use it to bring down Capital ships in orbit - truly a fearsome technique in the wrong hands. After the move, he nimbly caught the saber before it hit the floor and turned the blade off.
    The oncoming Swordsman had stepped back from the impact and doubled over in agony. Blood immediately flowed briskly from his chest. He fell down on his knees and death came quickly. Nathan closed his eyes and let the anger and sorrow flow from his mind. He was so quick to forget the Jedi Code. The Order was gone, he knew, but the spirit of the Jedi could only live on if he... and these others would carry it with them. Abide by it. And he was ultimately incapable of following it in a brief fight! He felt disappointment and frustration. Followed by anger. He breathed deeply, closed his eyes even harder. It did not help.

    He turned over to the bloodied corpses by his feet and was filled with regret. He hated the beast within. It was no Jedi. It didn?t follow the code. Or even common sense! And he could not control it. He sighed and said out loud...

    May the Force be with you... Always.

    He wanted to say more. Say he was sorry. He wanted to punish them too. He was so torn. When you gaze into the abyss like we do, we must know that the abyss gazes back at us. His master had said when they were working an infiltration mission in some Gas-Mines on the Outer Rims. His master had always been worried that Nathan would become the monsters that they fought. Nathaniel was now afraid that he had failed his master... He offered a quick glance to his bloodied hands. They turned his guts inside out.

    He snapped out of his contemplation and became, once more, aware of the others. He put on a stoic facade even though he knew that most of them would sense his turmoil. He offered a weak yet polite smile as he approached the fighters from the battle sitting by the Cantina.
    He nodded to them and introduced himself.
    ?Nathaniel Green. Former Jedi Knight.? I am relieved to find more of my brothers, he said and glanced at the people.
    ?I saw at least one more during the battle. A Master, no doubt. We should find him and get out of here. Do any one of you have a hiding place or something of the like??

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    IC: Si' Jin
    Location:eek:utside the Down on Your Luck Cantina

    The fight had went on for a fierce couple minutes. Si' Jin had given a lot of ground, and now found himself fighting in a dark ally. Numerous times the keeper almost had Si, only to be pushed back by a force blast, or having to dodge large objects thrown at his face.

    "You should give in Jedi. Your cleansing will promote peace in the galaxy." The keeper stated calmly. "I am sure your companions have already been cleansed, I do not understand why you keep fighting."

    Si' Jin let the words roll off him. He could not afford banter with this man less he lose his concentration. He had purposely led the keeper down this ally, making the man think he was losing the fight. As they came out of the ally, the keeper backed Si onto a ledge that lead deeper into the Coruscant underground. The keeper seeing Si, his back so close to death, came at him even stronger. Si dodged and parried with all his strength, but to no avail. The keepers sword came across and over Si's head, Si just barely ducking out of the way. Then the sword raced back and up and under Si's defenses hitting his lightsaber and knocking it to the side.

    "This could have been easier on you Jedi, I would have made it painless." The keeper spoke with a calm expression.
    Si' Jin replied in the same calm demeanor, "No, my young friend, we could have peace if your people had not come here, now i have no choice in what i do."

    Stepping to the side in a force lunge, Si' Jin was suddenly behind his foe. As the keeper turned to strike at him, Si pulled his arm back and put all his strength into a force embedded uppercut.
    It struck the keeper square in the jaw. Bone was heard cracking, and the life went out of the keepers eyes. The force of the blow lifted the keeper off his feet and sent him flying 7 stories into the air before falling lifeless down into the pit below.

    Reaching out with the force for his saber he turned and headed back to the cantina to see how the others were fairing. It had been many years since he had been forced to kill a man, but he would have to grieve later. Other Jedi may need him. A flash and he was gone, arriving seconds later in front of the cantina. The site before him was a dismal one, but he could sense that no Illimunia aura's were present. The fight was over and it seemed the Jedi had won the day, but at what cost. He could sense pain from inside and knew that it was not only Jedi and Illuminai that had been hurt this day. Gathering the force to him, he prepped his mind for the healing job that was ahead.

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    OOC: For this post I will be taking temporary control of Knite's character under the permission of the user. I will also be moving everyone around here to get things together.

    IC: Radiant Tide
    Transporting back to the Cantina

    In fact Boom did have transportation. The droid had no qualms about "procuring" vehicles for the cause. He had brought a large passenger transportation speeder that resembled a hover bus. Boom loaded Rade into one of the front passenger seats, as the Jedi Master was in too much pain to move any of his body, barely managing to blink without yelling in pain. He had failed to put himself in a healing trance. It had lasted about five minutes before necessity kicked in.

    After he was situated, the dead Keeper's body was loaded in the back. In a less... ceremonious fashion. IE, simply dumped like yesterdays garbage.

    Rade was giving Boom orders on how to proceed. Which he didn't like doing, but given his situation and inability to move his arms, and taking into account the processing speed of the droid's brain, it was at this point inevitable and completely necessary.

    ?Boom.... activate Jae'den and get the Wave moving please. We need an our from Coruscant for a few days to recover. That is the only place we will be safe for the time being.?

    Boom said nothing to Rade but instead complied as he piloted the hover bus over to what was left of the cantina.

    ?Activate Jae'den, protocol 22415 Authorization...?

    Boom's arm comlink swung back in front of Radiant's mouth and the Jedi sighed as he spoke.

    ?Radiant Tide?

    There was a click heard after a few moments of audible systems powering up on the other end a small blue holographic sprite that looked like Rade's little brother appeared from on top of Boom's wrist. The sprite gave a fake digital yawn and rubbed it's eyes.

    ?Hiya boss. Long time no see. Whats up??

    Rade smiled.

    Jae'den, the onboard computer AI for the Tidal Wave. Xephron Tide's old, but heavily modified YZ-775. The little sprite was extremely smart and just as capable of doing what he was programed for. He had another quirky personality like Boom, but always got the job done. He was tweaked by Xephron to look like his son, so that on trips Radiant would still be there somehow. After Xephron had passed, his ship and belongings had passed to his only son. But Radiant had left the Tidal Wave as a failsafe in case there was absolutely no option left but to flee Coruscant. The Wave had sat on an abandoned landing pad for years in one of the labor districts of the under city, where light never shined. It was left powered down but not unprotected from thieves and the like.

    ?Good to see you are still operational Jae'den. I need your help. We've found a bunch of Jedi and we need to get away from Coruscant for a little bit. Get the Wave prepped for launch, I want micro jumps all around the system to lose tails when we are on board. Then plot a course somewhere where we can rest and heal. Boom, myself and the others will be there in about 30 minutes. Oh... and get the bacta tank fired up....?

    ?You got it boss. We will be ready to go when you get here.?

    The link closed as they stopped in front of the Cantina.

    Boom herded the Jedi and the single non Jedi into the bus and stuffed the bodies of the Illuminai in the back. The bus was getting crowded quickly. Once everyone was on board, Boom locked his photo receptors on Rade who nodded and spoke quietly.

    ?Lose the evidence..?

    Boom went into the remains of the cantina and into the back utility area. He scanned the area and then reached out, pulled a gas line free and sent highly flammable gas spewing into the room. He then returned to the bus and lifted off. When they were a safe distance, his arm cannon went out the window and targeted the room with the gas. A rail shot lanced out and went straight through the building, ignited the gas and blew the cantina to oblivion. Boom had made sure to pick up Radiant's fallen lightsaber befor
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    IC:Si' Jin

    Si' Jin looked at the tattered warriors from under his hood. He could feel the power emulating from the room. He sensed pain and anger, though both emotions were trying to be suppressed.

    Standing up, he went over to where Rade lay suspended in the bacta tank. Touching the sides of the tank he added some of his own powers to aid in Rade's recovery. Sensing he would be alright with some rest he went to a deserted section of the ship and sat with both legs crossed on the floor

    Closing his eyes, he began opening his mind to the force. Reaching out he tried to get a vision of what was to come. Since he was a child he had convinced himself that he could control the visions if he tried hard enough. Try to find them himself instead of them always finding him at inopportune moments. He pushed with his mind as tiny beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead. He tried to go farther in his mind then he had before, concentrating like never before. He could sense he was close. The sense of urgency pushing him to his limits.

    Suddenly he saw an image. A girl stood on a hill looking out at the sinking sun on some planet. Only her silhouette was visible. Then everything went black, and Si slumped to the floor in a heap. Balancing back up on one hand he tried to capture the image in his mind. who was she? Why was he having visions of her.Only time would tell. For now he took this as a triumph and stumbled to his feet. Walking back towards the others, he sat back down and let himself fall into a quite slumber.
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    ~Radiance Approved~

    Name: Life Glane
    Species: Human
    Age: 22
    Ranks: Exile Jedi
    Height: 6`1
    Weight: 175
    Facial Appearance: Handsome, with dimples on both remnants of cheeks. Life has long curly, pushed back, brown hair.
    Strengths: Life is Strong in the force, along with Lightsaber combat. He prefers melee combat from force battles.
    Muscular Build: Strong
    Clothing: Life wears a long black coat over his black smuggler suit. On his long coat is a large hood that could hide his entire face in emergency. Life has a belt around the waist and on slouching to the side. Life?s long coat has many secret compartments, one specifically designed for his Lightsaber. He has black gloves to match, along with black boots.
    Weaponry: A blaster hidden in the side of long coat, A Vibrosword in a sheath on his belt, and his Green double bladed Lightsaber hidden in a secret pocket in his long coat.
    Habits: Pace, Hit his hands together, cross his hands to think while sitting.
    Personality Traits: Life is very kind overall, but lately he has been more aggressive because he has to hide like an exile. But he has a great sense of humor, and doesn?t like to be made fun of. Life is understanding and wise, along with careful and edgy. But at other times he?s hardheaded, ignorant, and listens to no one.
    Bio: Life is a very talented Jedi, who hates hiding that. He often travels to mountains and climbs them. He has been frustrated with the Jedi Order not being reestablished. It seems life is not sleeping often. His mind is racing with him all day and night. He comes to the point where he needs to punch his fist into a wall to calm him down. But a drink and sitting on a balcony helps to, along with a long thought. He is swift, fast, and quick and he helps people with that. Life is very strong and loves to fight. He is great with melee, and knows a large variety of force powers that he uses to help people;
    And himself.

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    IC Radiant Tide
    Aboard the Tidal Wave

    Bubbles. Haze.. pink film over his eyes.

    The bacta drained slowly as Rade's immersion ended. He wasn't 100% but his immediate issues were taken care of. He had been in the tank for 4 hours according to the chrono. He felt better but a sense of foreboding had come into his path anew. He feared that because there were so many Jedi together now, wherever they landed would not be safe from the Illuminai. And Rade could not ask all of them to stay on the Wave for the rest of their days.

    Radiant was removed from the bacta tank and given a towel to dry himself. He sat thoughtfully on the medical bed and noticed that a fresh outfit had been laid out for him, most likely by Boom. His old favorite style of clothing sat before him neatly. He smirked at the thought. All this time he had been unable to wear such things for fear of being discovered through sheer nostalgia. The Illuminai drained the Jedi archives upon their takeover. And so had the name, title and physical description, as well as mental and physical temperament of every Jedi alive at the time.

    He looked at the garments and smirked again with a sigh. It was time to go back to basics. Instead of concentrating on sole surviving, he needed to get back to the mission at hand. To take out Dantius and his Illuminai. The odds of surviving a direct assault on the Citadel were about a trillion to one, given the endless numbers the Illuminai seemed to have. He would have to come up with something clever. But before he could do that he needed to fix up the Tidal Wave and make sure that all aboard had enough provisions to last however long it was that they needed to stay. He buried his face in his hands and mumbled.


    An audible computer click was heard and the little blue sprite appeared before Radiant.

    "Whats up boss?"

    "Thanks for the bacta dip. I Needed that. Feel like a million credits now."

    "That's funny, because you look like two."

    Radiant's eyes glanced at a nearby mirror and realized that the AI was right. His beard and tassled hair made him look like a street bum. He looked twice his age. It was time to change all that. He wasn't running anymore.

    "You are absolutely right. Give me the status of the Wave please Jae'den."

    Rade crossed to the refresher station and pulled some supplies from the cabinet in there as he listened.

    "Well... the Wave has enough supplies and food to last all on board a week tops. Enough weapons to level Corellia of course, but that's rather a moot point if theres no one to use them. Currently we are running on 4 engines with 2 down and inoperable. Those will need to be repaired as soon as possible, and the hyperdrive has enough juice in it for one jump. Which is actually zero jumps now because we burned it all escaping the Capitol and covering our tracks. Soon as we exit this time, thats it boss. I have us on a course for Ossus. We should be well protected there and able to repair what we need. Get a fresh start.

    Ossus.... thats a good idea. When you want to hide from an army, do so in plain sight. The Illuminai wouldn't see a move like that coming.

    "Good idea Jae'den. The temple on Ossus is still standing and they should indeed have enough supplies to get things running properly again. How far out are we?"

    "5 hours until we are in system."

    Rade nodded as he exited the refresher with the towel on his head. When he removed it. He looked nothing like he used to. He in fact, now resembled Jae'den, in that his face was void of the beard that had resided there before. Now his hair was trimmed and far from neat, but short and spiked, as it should be. Rade slipped on the black cargo pants and tucked them neatly into a pair of new black boots. He slipped on the tight, sleeveless black shirt and breathed easily. It was good to be in fresh clothes and something he was familiar with. Finally he looked down and smiled as he found his phrik gloves alon
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    IC: Life Glane
    Location: On Route to Ossus

    Life had just got out of Onderon and began his trip to Ossus. He had started from Coruscant, and spent the night in Onderon. Life?s plan was to travel to Ossus to see if he could find any Jedi. Long ago when the Jedi had still been established he was exiled from the order. Now he seeks to rejoin if the order would reestablish. Life heard rumor in his travels after the order?s destruction. Life saw another ship after a while it was pretty large, he zoomed near it and contacted it.
    ?Hello? This is Life?? He tried contacting them. No answer cam, so Life passed the ship. After a while of flying away from the unidentified freighter, Life noticed his freighter was losing fuel and the power was failing. Then his astromech droid, TK-78, started continuously making loud noises, then in the middle of one TK-78 stopped. He looked out the side of his window to see a weird circular droid near the power distributor, and one on his fuel tank. They must have been tampering on his ship for some time. That freighter hadn?t answered because it wanted Life?s ship systems to crash. Life boosted all his backup systems. Then he reactivated his shields, the droids busted into pieces but his fuel, and power was still dropping rapidly. The droids must have made a big hole in his fuel line, and somehow destroyed his power. He pressed on and used what power he had left to go into hyperspace.
    Life dropped out of Hyperspace and was right outside the orbit of Ossus. Unfortunately he was stuck there. His fuel and power were scraped. And TK-78 was destroyed by the droids. Life tried to get into contact with anyone near him.

    Life sent out a signal to whoever was out there.

    ?Hello, if anyone is out there I am need of assistance. My ship was attacked by droids, and my fuel and Power is gone. ?

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    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Tidal Wave, En route to Ossus

    Nathaniel had done his best to converse with the other Jedi aboard the Wave, as Radiant Tide had called it. He felt filled with exitment and euphoria. This would go well. This was the Jedi that were to re-establish the Order. And bring peace and justice to the Galaxy. They would become legends! And Nathan was with them. He could see their adventure before them. Young as he was, and relatively untrained compared to his Jedi allies, he had seen little battle and he could righly say that he was very exited about the trail ahead of them. This would be the content of his life!

    Radiant Tide had been very forthcoming to the strangers in his ship. He felt almost as exited as Nathan. Most likely was he also worried about the dangers that they would face. He had immediately established himself as the leader of the group. They were now on their way to Ossus, to seek shelter and restore their powers. He felt this was somewhat redundant. They should take the fight to the Illuminai! But Nathan kept his mouth shut. He was in the presence of far more powerful Jedi than him and he would do best in not make a fool out of himself the first thing he did. He smiled as he looked around the group. This was going to work out just fine!

    "So..." he started as most them were making themselves at home. "What's the plan? Go to Ossus, rest up. Then what?"

    His thoughts were interrupted by the ship's AI.

    "Sorry to interrupt you guys, but there's an incoming Mayday-transmission from a... Life Glane. Should I put him through?"

    The AI sounded much like a secretary. Or just a friend. He needed a memory-wipe, Nathan thought.

    Before Radiant had time to reply, Nathan shot in,

    "Isn't it odd that a ship gets stranded out here? Now? I mean, a large group of powerful Jedi just escaped from the capital of the Illuminai. And then - barely out of Orbit! - we get contaced by a stranded ship in need of aid? Isn't it a little suspicious? Besides... I sense the Force aboard this ship. What are the odds that there'll another Jedi? Out here? NOW?. The odds are somewhat greater that it's an Illuminai ship...

    The others looked at him, some seeing his point, agreeing and some with a demeaning face - like, "Know your place young one".

    "I have a baaad feeling about this... It's all I'm saying." Nathan said crossing his arms defiantly.

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    OOC: For future reference, please refrain from taking control of NPC's without first consulting me.

    IC: Radiant Tide

    Jae'den had appeared directly following Radiants description of the current events.

    "Sorry to interrupt you guys, but there's an incoming Mayday-transmission from a... Life Glane. Should I put him through?"

    Radiant was immediately suspicious that they had been found out already. But the notion was immediately dismissed. They had taken many precautions to avoid suspicion upon leaving Coruscant. Rade turned to answer his AI when Nathan cut in.

    "Isn't it odd that a ship gets stranded out here? Now? I mean, a large group of powerful Jedi just escaped from the capital of the Illuminai. And then - barely out of Orbit! - we get contaced by a stranded ship in need of aid? Isn't it a little suspicious? Besides... I sense the Force aboard this ship. What are the odds that there'll another Jedi? Out here? NOW?. The odds are somewhat greater that it's an Illuminai ship...

    Radiant turned to the young man and stared. He was definitely bold in his thoughts to say the least. Rade didn't recognize him as a former trainee from the Temple, but then again it was almost impossible to know everyone, there were so many Jedi back then...

    Radiant turned to Jae'den to answer the computer AI after a moment of staring.

    "Jae'den, don't put them through right now. No communications of any kind this close to Ossus. Bring us down on the temple when we get close enough. But keep a monitor on that vessel. Keep me updated on their progress please."

    The AI nodded and disappeared. Rade then looked back to Nathan and clasped his wrists behind his back.

    "Be mindful of what your feelings are telling you young one. It is obvious that a Force sensitive is indeed on board that vessel but whether or not it is a Jedi or Illuminai remains to be seen. At this point there is no point in speculating as to which faction if any. The only thing we can sense is that the person or people aboard that damaged vessel can touch the Force. While you are right to show caution upon trust, you should not jump to conclusions so soon before you understand a situation."

    Rade turned and walked to the cockpit. He sat in the pilots chair and watched as Ossus grew in front of him.

    On the plus side of all of the days events, he had found out that his contact had made it aboard the Tidal Wave. And was indeed a former Jedi. He needed to talk to that person now that he was fit enough to hold conversation.

    "Jae'den, please bring Si'Jin up to the cockpit. We have some things to discuss."

    Jae'den found the old Jedi Master and notified him of Rades request for audience.

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    IC: Life Glane

    Life sighed when no one answered. He looked above him and around him. He could see millions of stars, and a comet flew across the space sky. Life looked at the fuel and energy levels, and he started to tamper with the buttons. The engine puffed up and died. Life took a part the controls and saw many wires. Life saw a few sparking and detached. Life put them together and the engines blew up and throttled him into the atmosphere of Ossus. Life took off his three seat belts and grabbed all him supplies and whatever else he could carry.

    The ship started to burn up in the atmosphere as it got closer to the ground.

    Life sat in his chair and waited for the perfect moment to jump. The ship started to twirl and topple in the air. Life used the force to level the ship. Life?s ship started flying straight down, but when Life let go it started turning again. Life hesitantly moved his hand toward the eject button. Life had everything. Life slipped on his Jedi Robe and sat back down. He slammed his hand onto the eject button. Life flew out and started to fall fast than the ship. His robe blew up with and slowed Life down. Life flattened his robe and began to fall. Once he nearly reached the ground and Life used the force to slow down the fall. Life landed on his knee.

    Life got up and smelt the air around him; he soon realized he was on top of a temple. Life jumped down to see his ship crash in a massive sand dune.

    ?What a day?? Life sighed as he walked off to his ship.
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    IC: Nathaniel Green
    LOC: Tidal Wave, closing in on Ossuss

    "It's just that!... you're right. I guess. No, you are. I'm sorry my brash thinking... I should me more mindful of my actions, master.¡¨

    This felt familiar.

    Nathan didn't say another word and entered a small one-bedded chamber that had a good feel to it and packed up his meagre equipment.

    It consists of... his large lightsaber. The blade is longer and broader than normal because of a powerful Damind crystal he managed to install. The hilt is larger than normal, caught somewhere in between single hilt and double-bladed hilt. The large blade and the large hilt makes for a huge sword compared to most lightsabers. This takes away some of Nathan's finesse while fighting. But, combined with his favoured form - Ataru - and his skill in Aerial acrobatics there's pretty much nothing that can stand in his way.

    ...a half-broken blaster whose power-cell is on the verge of collapsing and seems to do so whenever he needs it.

    ...a personal energy shield he stole from and Illuminai keeper just as the Temple got run over. This he rarely uses.

    He hung up the over-hangs of his blue outfit and sat down for some well-needed meditation.

    TAG: No one, I guess. Unless someone wants to speak to me :)
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    IC: Si' Jin

    Si' Jin was drained. He had used a lot of energy today and it was taking its toll. He listend carefully to Rade speak to the young Jedi, and his take on the distress call. Si believed Rade had made a wise decision. After Rade retired to the cockpit, Si' Jin lowered his head to get some sleep. He had just closed his eyes when Jae' den awoke him. Informing Si that Rade needed to speak with him, the robot went back to its duties.

    Stretching, Si' Jin rose from his chair and made his way down the corridor where Jae' den had told him Rade was waiting. He knew that Rade was the contact that he was suppose to meet at the cantina. He sensed great power from this jedi, and knew that he was the one that would lead them against the Illuminai when the time came. As he entered the room he saw Rade standing before him looking much better now, even donning the uniform of a Jedi! Seeing this he wished that he had thought to bring his.

    "You requested my presence?" Si' Jin asked while bowing. "It is truly an honor to meet you." \

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