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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Radiance, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Radiant stood and turned as Si'jin walked in.

    "You requested my presence? It is truly an honor to meet you."

    Radiant returned the short bow and shook the fellow Masters hand.

    "I take it you were my contact at the cantina... And somehow I doubt that you wanted to hire me for a delivery boy job...please.. have a seat."

    Rade motioned for the co-pilots chair. Not exactly an ideal meeting place but it was the best he could muster up for right now. He needed to speak to this man alone, away from the other Jedi. He himself took the pilots chair and began to flip switches as Ossus loomed before them.

    "I have a feeling you and I are going to be working very closely in the months to come, Master Jin."

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  2. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    Si' Jin sat down in the co-pilots chair, and laced his fingers together. He watched as Rade punched some buttons on the console. Rade gave off an air of confidence that made Si seem at ease. The past years must have taken its toll, but the young Jedi seemed to be holding it together fairly well. The force was strong with him, as it had been with his father.

    "I have a feeling you and I are going to be working very closely in the months to come, Master Jin.

    "Indeed," Si' Jin replied. "There is much that we need to discuss. I have been waiting for this moment for years now. Spying on the Illuminai. I know much about how they work, and have gathered a lot of data." As he said this his little droid popped out of his hiding place and hovered in the air above the two Jedi. A beam of light shot out from it and created a 3-D image of the Illuminai temple. "I have schematics of all the temple and most of the other major Illuminai buildings. I can get uniforms, and most any thing we need. What news have you brought?"

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  3. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Radiant frowned for a moment. Honestly he had spent the past few years setting up the safe houses that had never been used. He had stockpiled a few weapons and things over the time he was in hiding but honestly, now that he looked back on it.. the question stood.

    What did he have..?

    What had he been doing this time?


    Of course the thought had occured to him that that was a rational reasoning but, compared to the resurection of the Order... how did that stand up? With all of these Jedi here on the ship it wasn't as if he was the only one that could accomplish the feat.

    "Honestly... I don't have much to bring to the table except myself, my ship and Boom. I have networks and supplies and contacts on a dozen different worlds that are waiting for favors to be called in but I don't have a plan yet. I was hoping to pull something together on Ossus. With the rest of the Jedi here we should be able to come up with something."

    I hope

    Rade looked back out the planet before them. They would be entering atmosphere soon. He swiveled in his chair and strapped in his crash webbing, indicating that Master Jin do the same. He made a general announcement that they were coming in and for everyone in the back to secure themselves.

    "Uniforms and the layout will be good enough to start. We may need to get those uniforms sporadically so as not to arouse attention. The layout we can study when we get settled. You and I can look over those while the others work on the Tide.."

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  4. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008

    Si' Jin listend to the other Jedi, noticing the sad look in his eyes when Si had asked what he had been doing. As he strapped himself in, he turned and looked at Rade.

    "I know it has been hard surviving all these years. The fact that you are alive speaks well of you. Supplies and favors are a big thing to have on your side at a time like this." Si' Jin hoped that his kind words would sooth the young Jedi. He could see that Rade liked to take on a lot of responsibility for someone his age. He needed Rade to be at full mental capacity so they could form a plan and bring about the return of the order.

    "lets get down to the planet." Si prompted Rade putting a hand on his shoulder. "I think much better with both feet firmly planted on the ground." At this he turned his attention to the descent of the ship into the planets atmosphere. It was a start he thought. Something to build on. But would it be enough?Of that he was unsure. Only time would tell, he just hoped that time was something that they had.

  5. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    The Tidal Wave soared down through the atmosphere of Ossus easily. Jae'den was doing his job well. The ride all the way down to tree level was smooth. Rade took manual control for the landing. He had Si'jin scan the planet for lifeforms. But the only thing that came up was the local fauna. Nothing really intelligent. Rade was both relieved and disappointed at this. He had hoped that at least some surviving Jedi might come here to reestablish the order. Which was absurd given their situation. Anyone would see Ossus as an obvious fall back for the Jedi Order. The exception at this point was that it had been years since the Jedi had supposedly met their end. It was sometimes best to hide out in direct sight.

    Rade landed the Wave with barely a bump felt. It had been a while since he had gotten the chance to fly but he relished in the forgotten art now. He found it amusing at this point. When he had been a teenager, Radiant Tide had been utterly petrified to step on board a space faring vessel. Eventually he had worked out of it, from necessity of the times and because of his own stubborn nature. Radiant Tide didn't like being conquered by anything. Even his worst fears.

    His eyes popped up and stared out of the front view port as the revelation hit him.

    I don't like things ruling me..... The Illuminai are no different than flying... albeit a bit larger in danger, but something that can be taken in stride, and the right way. Just like my dads old fighter.... All I had to do was hop in and take off. Grab the ronto by the horns...

    A smirk cracked onto Radiant's face. He was ready to really step up to the plate now. He knew what had to be done.

    Rade unstrapped his crash webbing and stood with Si'Jin.

    "Master Jin, let's go stretch our legs...."

    All of the passengers dissmounted the Wave and walked around the old but familiar world of Ossus. The Temple lay before them in a damaged scene of misuse. No one had been here in years.

    The intrior corridors were filled with dust and cobwebs. There were signs of battle under the dust and grime. Lightsaber scorches and steel slashes in the walls. But there were no bodies. Rade made it to the top level of the temple and looked out of the Temple Grand Master's chamber windows. Behind the temple was a graveyard. Patches of dirt with new grass growing on them. Old lightsaber hilts visible on the top of the grass to the corresponding owners. Galactic crosses marking headstones at the top of each marked grave. There were hundreds of them out there.

    Radiant's eyes narrowed as he shook his head, looking at the graves with sorrow.

    "Even though they hunt us to the last man, they still give an honorable burial to the fallen...How are we fighting someone that isn't evil?"

    Rade pressed his eyes into his gloved hand, saying a silent prayer for his fallen brethren.

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  6. JediJumper

    JediJumper Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 5, 2008

    Looking around Ossus the only thing around was a Temple. Life had gotten what survived the crash, not much except a few credits. The Exile saw a starship land and started walked toward it. He was depressed at the thought of never getting off this planet.

    But Life was more disappointed than depressed. There were no Jedi?s here, and the only thing here was ruins, one Temple, and a starship. And his only hope of getting of this desolate planet. The man tried to hurry to the starship.

    Life wondered if the people who were on that ship might be Jedi, who else would come here?

    Once arriving to the Starship, he senses told him people were inside the Temple. Life hesitantly walked inside. The Exile looked around and saw a few people that didn?t notice him walk by. Using a force power to turn down his energy to be read, so no one would be able to tell he was here by just sensing. Someone spoke behind him, when he turned around the man was pointing at him.

    Life dashed upstairs he reached the top and entered a room where someone was standing. The man before him seemed to be strong with the force. I wondered if he was a Jedi, but he must have been the man didn?t seem to be evil, nor did he seem joyful.

    ?Hello? Life Said, staring the man before him.

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  7. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    Si' Jin walked the halls of the temple alone, Noticing the signs of battle layered with dust. Tears began to form in his eyes as he walked by a door and remembered a training session he had had with mentor and master Ceowyn. More rooms moved by and everyone held a special memory, whether it was good or bad, they were still his and he cherished every one.

    As he continued down the hall he sensed something. A.... presence. He was not sure where it came from but was entirely sure it was not one that belonged to anyone he had arrived with.

    Letting the force guide him he force ran back the way he had come and stepped outside. Nothing.

    Closing his eyes he reached out with the force and searched for the source of the entity which he had felt. And then it was there. It was indeed a force sensitive, and did not have the same Aura as the Illuminai.

    He walked back inside and let the force guide him to the source. As he wound his way upstairs he came to a room just in time to hear a strange voice say hello. Peering into the doorway he saw a man approaching Rade who was standing by a window.

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  8. Brute_Force

    Brute_Force Jedi Youngling

    Jul 15, 2008
    IC: Nathan Green
    Loc: Tidal Wave, Ossus

    The cleansing white nothingness started to pull away from him uncomfortably. Meditation was not Nathaniel's strong point, but sometimes he could really find his way into serenity. Such clearity and calm that could still his ever-passionate spirit. The relaxed composure drained from his mind, became shallow. And eventually faint visions of his surroundings flashed before him. Nathaniel had been drawn from his mediative state and popped open his eyes. A few seconds later he heard Master Radiant's voice in the speakers. He strapped up and prepared for the landing.

    He walked out of the ship. Master Radiant and Master Si'Jin had made their way to the temple and so, having no real clue of what else to do... He obediantly followed.

    He made sure to shield his anger and hate for the corrupted, foolish Illuminai as he took in the scene of the Graveyard... He felt Master Radiant watching the scene as well and he would not want him to feel his passion. To see him weak.

    A longing had been awaken in Nathan when Radiant had adviced him. A great hole had been opened as he witnessed his former Master die. This hole had served to fuel his passion. He silently and somewhat shamefully admitted to himself that he had fed of this passionate anger and hate to survive up until now. But as Radiant had spoken to him - told him not to be so harsh in his judgements, that same hole, wound, was screaming emptily once more. He had been reminded of his Master - that much must have been obvious to Radiant as well as the other Jedi - but he had also been reminded of the profound love and comeradery he had felt when he had been tutored by his master...
    Not even he himself had known how deeply that garish wound had cut. He had used that vortex of lonlyness to create that endless passion and rage that he had used to flee and fight the Illuminai. It had served a purpose and thus it had been dulled. Now, the tutorship of Master Radiant had stolen the plug of that vortex and it, again, screamed out hungrily. He needed the guidance that Radiant could give. He craved it! The love and bond that forms between master and student is stronger than most Jedi can fathom. And only those unfortunate that get depraved by their beloved student or master can ever truly understand the depth of that bond. Now, Nathan had gotten a taste of what could be. Of what had been... And his entire being - sensibility, logic and emotion, pleaded for more.

    He stepped into the chambers where Radiant stood. He felt the mournful frustration emanating from him. For some reason, Nathaniel could only feel anger towards the Illuminai instead of sorrow for his brethren. A quick insight told him that it was his shield of passion and anger that successfully blocked out those emotions. Or turned into a hateful counterpart.

    Master Radiant..
    He stopped abruptly, finding no words. What would he say? What could he say? He looked down into the dusty ground, avoiding eye-contact. Avoiding judgement.

    I feel...

    He paused well and long, gathering his thoughts. Master Radiant must have been frustrated at this point. They were executing one of the most intriquete missions in the History of the Galaxy and here Nathan was, pleading for help! Like some... child! Master Radiant would not need a sniveling welp in his team if they were to function and succeed!

    He swallowed hard and tilted his head up to make eye-contact with his field-commander and superior Jedi. He put on a stoic face. He was a Jedi, damn it! He would not be the weakest link!

    I feel we should gather up our team and start setting up objectives. It... he paused again not sure if what he was saying made any coherent sense... It... errr... feels like we could work faster.

    It's all...

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  9. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: New character (mod approved)

    *Out in Wild Space, while most former Jedi where busy trying to survive, another war was taking place.
    On the planet Koboth, a totalitarian regime had been installed for many many years. Differeing factions of The Koboth Union splintered off then re-merged as a new Koboth Democratic Combine, and promptly declared war upon the Union. However, at first it had been a one-sided battle. The vaunted S-Corps had remained totally loyal to the Union and had systematically wiped out every KDC stronghold they came across.
    Then the KDC had a remarkable turn of fortunes.
    Mercenary units, disgusted at the turn of events in the core and rim worlds had begun to seek employment in the Wild regions. It was by dumb luck that a prospector from the now famous Curhee's Riflemen had happened upon Koboth, and contacted the man in charge of the KDC.
    Flash forward a month, and not only were KDC fighters trained to meet the challenges of the S-Corps, but they had been bolstered by mercenary deployments.
    On this particular day, a combined KDC Security squad and a Rifleman Squad was engaged in a stalemate of an engagement with the S-Corps. Pinned down behind a low thick wall, one Kobok rifleman turned to the nearest mercenary, a human cradling a blaster carbine with an underslung secondary weapon*

    KDC Kobok fighter: Ssssoo Mad Maxssss, any new ideasssss?
    "Mad Max": For the third time, no! Theyve got a heavy repeater pinning us down here, and they can keep us here until we die of thirst, which seems to be their objective at this point.
    *As if to confirm his suspicions, a roar of hissing laughter went up from the heavy blaster emplacement. For the third time today, he wished he had chosen a different attachment for his Rancor carbine instead of the flamer.
    Suddenly, what seemed to be an idle hint of a feeling went through his head. It wasnt a course of action, but a vague impression, a fear of open flame.
    However, he knew damn well that this was no internal feeling, rather it had come from outside of him, from the other side of the wall even. However, it had just given him a course of action. Turning to the KDC fighter, he spelled it out for him*

    Mad Max: Listen! Im gonna count down from three. When the time runs out, I want you to huck a Subsonic grenade right at that emplacement. Stand up if you have to, they wont be looking your way I swear.
    *the Kobok nods, the count goes down. The man gets to his knees, clicks the fire selector to the flamer and shoots a jet of flame above the wall. The gunner behind the heavy repeater panics and starts sending bolts towards the flame, the KDC fighter rears back and lobs a SS grenade... (continued below)

    New Charater! (again, Mod approved)

    Name: Maxehn "Mad Max" Kiv (its an Ironic nickname)
    Species: Human (Corellian)/ Kiffar hybrid
    Age: 29
    Rank in old Order: Jedi Knight (on probation and barred from field service pending trial for questionable actions at time of Purge)
    Current Whereabouts/Profession: Koboth, Wild Space/ Full Time Mercenary rifleman with Churhee's Rifleman

    Height: 6'0''
    Weight: 189.5 lbs
    Build: Average sized but athletic, like a career soldier or fighter or swimmer
    Skin color: Tanned and weatherbeaten Caucasian
    Hair: Medium-Dark brown with coppery sheen/tinge
    Eye: Dark Green
    Facial Features: Oval/rectangular shape, slightly flattened nose (from multiple breaks), walnut-shaped eyes, average sized lips and mouth, small scar along left side of mandible, "ghost" tattoo on right eye (two sickle shapes above and below eye, reaching towards temple but come to a point at the edge of the eye socket) which is only visible under close scrutinizing or exotic light wavelengths
    Other Distinguishing Features: X Shaped scar near right collarbone, parallel scars on left ribcage, short scar on right knee, tattoo of Corellian Marines 3rd Brigade on left arm just below shoulder (downwards thrusting broadsword with ravens wings extending from hilt surrounded by i
  10. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade continued to look out at the graveyard below, his mind fraught with sadness and remorse for his fallen brethren.

    It amazed him even now how deep his roots went within the Jedi Order. Upon his first meeting with them as a teenager, Rade had sneered at them and their frilly ways. He had lived in the temple for years and still never truly felt a part of the Jedi family. It was only shortly after he was elevated to the Jedi Knight that he started to care and feel for the people in the Order. And now as a Master he felt them there in their graves as if they were brothers and sisters that had been cut down in cold blood. His eyes shut at tears began to well. His senses detected anger rising in the room, as he fought to clamp it down he realized he couldn't...

    Because it wasn't his own.

    "Master Radiant...."

    Rade turned quickly and blinked away his surprise. It was Nathan standing before him.

    "I feel..."

    Radiant tilted his head to the side ever so slightly, as if trying to hear something unspoken from the younger man.

    "I feel we should gather up our team and start setting up objectives. It... It... errr... feels like we could work faster. It's all..."

    Radiant gave a sidelong smile.

    He is trying to get my approval... looking for my acceptance and guidance. Like a Padawan... I am not too sure I want an apprentice right now.. but I can at least guide him until I am sure of how to properly mentor him..

    "Yes... I suspect you're right Nathan. We have little time to work with and much to do."

    Rade placed a strong hand on Nathans shoulder and looked him dead in the eyes.

    "I want you to scour the halls for any supplies you might need, and then scout the perimeter surrounding the Temple for at least a click and a half around. Make sure there are no Illuminai lurking out. No heroics if you find something. If you see anything out of the ordinary, I want you to comm me immediately. I'll send Boom with you to keep you some company. Just don't let his appearance fool you, he is very capable...get started as soon as you are rea...."


    Before anyone could blink Radiant Tide had his crimson lightsaber long blade activated and pointed an inch from the newcomers throat behind him. Slowly, Radiant turned to meet the gaze of the man before him. His face was unfamiliar to Rade. No one that came here with him, but he felt the Force within him. It didn't feel like Illuminai but Rade wasn't so sure about what the Illuminai felt like anymore.

    He saw Si'Jin come up behind the man and Rade gave him a small lift of the chin as acknowledgment before returning his attention to the newcomer. His eyes suspicious as he stared down the new man.

    "Who are you and what are you doing on this world?"

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  11. JediJumper

    JediJumper Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 5, 2008
    IC: Life Glane

    Shocked by the Lightsaber the man had darted toward Life?s neck. As foolish as this exile was he cautiously moved his hand toward his own Lightsaber. The man looked over to the door to see someone else looking at him along with the angry Jedi pointing his Lightsaber to his neck. Coming to his senses Life stopped his hand before reaching his Lightsaber unconfident he could fend off the two Jedi near him. An exile shouldn?t come as a threat to Jedi such as these, for Life had been exiled long ago from the order. Rejoining the order he hadn?t occurred to Life yet, if they would even let him back. The angered man stared at the exile, then he spoke.

    "Who are you and what are you doing on this world?"

    Life wondered if these people here had gotten his distresses message. They must have due to their ship landed here shortly after his crashed. Decided to be nice hoping that Life could ask for a ride off planet he hesitated and spoke.

    ?Life Glane, Jedi Exile. My fighter crashed landed here, shortly after I sent out a distress call? Life started raising an eyebrow, ?Now can you lower your weapon??

    Life hoped the man would let down his weapon; Life was getting nervous around the blade. The exile felt like fighting back but he would have no way of getting off the desert waste land.

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  12. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade listened carefully as Life spoke. The name didn't ring any bells but as he had said, he had been exiled. Rade hadn't made it much of his business to become familiar with every Jedi Exile in his time.

    But here one stood before him. He almost had the audacity to try and pull his own lightsaber when Rade only need to lean an inch forward and end him.

    Maybe he was exiled because he wasn't very smart...

    Radiant's crimson blade lowered but did not power down. He was weary of the newcomer. He only knew what this Life character had said about himself in the past minute. Rade didn't know what Life had done to be exiled but it must have been a hell of an action or standpoint on something to have him kicked out of the Order. And even then, he still retained his lightsaber, or had built another one.

    Radiant was cool headed and laid back but he still looked dangerous.

    "It was your distress call then... I am sorry what happened to your ship, I doubt you will find a replacement here. However we are on a mission. Ossus is a stop before we go back to restore the Order. It is a bit too dangerous for an Exile to accompany us on...You can stay here for as long as you need, but do us a favor and stay out of the way.. We have Jedi business to attend."

    Rade powered down his lightsaber and turned his back on Life. If it was a normal person he would maybe feel bad about being so cold. But he was an exile. Someone who either committed something terrible, or stupid enough to earn the contempt of the Jedi Council and be expelled... or someone who had simply walked out. Looking at the graves before him... Rade prayed he didn't find out it was the latter. Otherwise the blade wouldn't be a comfortable inch from the mans throat next time.

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  13. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Maxehn Kiv, aboard Outrider
    *for the duration of the trip, after a few comm calls, Max had resigned himself to chatting up the Zeltrons, who were quite fascinated that the dirty merc was actually eloquent and very cultured.
    However, he had taken time to meditate and practice, to re-enforce his link to the Force itself and to shake off the rust that had come with disuse of his abilities.

    During one meditation session, images flickered across his mind. Never that skilled in far precognition, he was surprised to see the contingent of Jedi in the same place. Si' Jin, Nathan Green, Radiant Tide, Dresden Sunweaver, heck even that exile Life Glane, and others, all in the same place, but where?

    Risking the ship and possibly his own life, he focused, and determined that Ossus was where they were at.

    Heading up to the cockpit, he consulted with the Captain and the Droid, and found that Ossus was just a short jaunt from their current position. A slight course correction was made and the ship headed towards Ossus.

    Before Planetfall, Max worked with the droid to attach a one-use repulsorlift to his supplies. The plan was simple: The YT-2400 would fly low near where he thought the building was, would drop the supply crates out of the back, and ride his Air-2 Swoop down with it, landing gracefully (or at least landing anyway) near the point where he deduced the other Jedi were

    As the point approached, he thanked the captain, shoved the crates out of the now open back, and jumped on the swoop and followed it out, with an audible scream of*


    *Despite his misgivings, the plan mostly worked until the last 100 feet above the ground. At that point, something caused the Repulsorlift to break and skitter away, dropping the crate straight down onto a square stone, shattering it and scattering clothes, supplies, and weapons every which way.

    Not above using the Force for some cleanup, Max quickly gathered up what he could, noting that a few of his weapons would take some repairs. It was then he got the second flicker in the Force, guiding him in the direction of a large building that was all too familiar to Max*

    The Blasted TEMPLE, of all things. This is either a brilliant ploy or a stupid idea, by Rade himself most
    likely He thought to himself

    *Hiding his supplies in a nearby hollow, he checked his Swoop, assured himself that his blaster carbine and its attachemnts were in their compartment. He strapped his SSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistol to his right hip and leg, making sure it was secured yet easy to draw. He made especially sure that his lightsabers were in place: The saber and the Shoto in a holster in the small of his back, the fiber-cord linked saber in a pocket in his rancor-skin swoop jacket.

    He then hopped on the Air-2, gunned the throttle, and took off at a frightening speed through the trees, arriving at the temple in less than 5 minutes.

    He had to admit, he didnt exactly cut the natural image of a Jedi at this moment. Although he had shaved the stubble off of his face, his hair was still noticeably shorter than his Jedi years, plus the black Swoop Boots, dark khaki pants with his Blood Stripe, the black long sleeve Tshirt, the Rancor-Skin Black and Neon Green Swoop Jacket, and of course the Blaster in the Quickdraw holster, it all added up to somebody who screamed "Bad impression of a scoundrel" Rather than "near-excommunicated Jedi Knight looking for comrades"

    Still, it was him, and it wasn't jedi robes, which would have been highly ill-advised at this point anyway.
    Willing his connection the Force to be re-established, he intentionally gathered more of the flow and let it pass through him, hoping it would be an indicator of "Friend" rather than "Enemy"

    As he stepped up the stairs and entered the large main hall, he decided to try the acoustics out, to see if somebody was listening at least. In a loud but controlled voice, he called out*

    "Hello? Anyone!? Its Maxhen, not a Purifier of any kind! You can tell because I
  14. JediJumper

    JediJumper Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 5, 2008
    IC: Life Glane Relieved that the Lightsaber wasn?t at his neck anymore Life rubbed it nervously. Life walked to the side of the Jedi, and looked out the window to see the grave yards. The exile looked at the man?s face to see sadness, and he understood why. Life turned back to the window to look at the graves of Jedi, and sighed.

    ?I decided to leave the Order? Life started, ?I wanted to search the galaxy and gain knowledge??

    Life turned his back on the Jedi and walked forward and put his hands behind his back and stared at the ceiling. He cocked his head to look at the man in back of him. ?Until now, it had never occurred to me that I had left the Jedi. I thought I was just taking a break? Life sighed, ?And I would now like to rejoin the order, If at all possible??
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  15. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade heard someone blundering down the hallways. And then Life's explaination..

    Something in his brain snapped. As if he had been walking through the forest quietly and then someone stepped on a weak twig, shattering the peacefulness of the area and exploding his mind into instant chaos of sound and rage.

    Rade's hand flung out and slapped down on Life's shoulder, spinning him around and pressing him hard into the wall. When he was firmly against the wall, the hand went roughly to the mans chest, pinning him against the wall..

    "Rejoin? Don't know if you heard yet Glane... the Order was destroyed! We strive to rebuild it through blood and war. Because that is the only way we can. It is the same way we fell. But we will win this, the Force as my witness. You come in here... looking for a leg up... to rejoin a thing that you CASUALLY KRIFFING WALKED OUT ON?!"

    Rade's fist balled up, taking with it a handful of Life's shirt. The former Master dragged the exile to the window and forced him to look out the window at the graves below.


    Rade wrenched his arm in the opposite direction, hurling Life away from him. But not before yanking the lightsaber from the mans belt.

    Radiant was breathing heavily, trying desperately to gain his anger back under control.

    He looked down at the lightsaber in his hand. He held it up at Life, his eyes narrowed and full of contempt.

    "This is the mark of a Jedi... You gave that up, and so too do you forfeit your right to carry this honor..."

    Radiant flipped the lightsaber into the air before drawing his own.

    The crimson blade sprang to life again, it's extended energy shaft adding an eerie glow to the room. The crimson blade sliced down and bisected Life's lightsaber hilt. The two pieces clattered useless to the floor.

    Cold certaintly was evident in Radiant's eyes. He stared directly at Life as he deactivated his lightsaber and returned it to his belt.

    "Get out of my sight..."

    Radiant leaned against the window.. both hands on the sill and his head tilted to the ground.

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    OOC: sorry for the character seizing. Needed to do it for story progression. Life is not out of the game, he is free to roam the halls but should do so with caution and choose who he speaks to carefully.

    game on!
  16. Ithonya

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    Aug 9, 2008
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  17. JediJumper

    JediJumper Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 5, 2008
    IC: Life Glane ?I helped, by KILLING! Whatever Sith I could. Even when I was exiled. And that Lightsaber wasn?t just a mark of the Jedi to me. It carried the blood and souls of the Sith Spit. I helped I tried to help.? Life Yelled as he got to his feet.

    He walked to the middle of the room and started screaming again ?You see this!? Life Yelled taking off his glove revealing a robotic hand, then pointing to a few scars on his face, ?Token of War. I got this from sith as I tried to kill everyone of them in my sight. They were the lowest scum in the galaxy, and they by far killed the Jedi order!?

    Life went to where his Lightsaber was and picked up the remains and threw them to the ground. Tapping his foot the Exile smashed a hole into the wall with his fist. Then looking at the old man of a Jedi, and sighed.

    ?You, have no Right! To judge me of what I did! I want to help the Jedi order reestablish and make it flourish.? Life spoke calmly.

    Life put his face in his hands and turned his head back to the Jedi in fury.

    ?If you won?t accept that. Just drop me off at the nearest planet with a population. Tell me when you are going to depart off the planet.?

    Life was about to leave the room, but instead he walked back in. He went to a wall and sloped down and sat. The young man went into a meditative stance and began meditating. The sun came into the room, Life?s hands up to the world. Gold washed over him as he thought and regained to be calm and serene. He opened his eyes and sighed as he put his hands together and picked up a remnant of the Lightsaber he cut it in half. When Life threw it the remnant landed here. The exile took out the crystal and put it in a pocket within his robe. The man sighed as he put his head to the wall.

    ?I am not the bad guy, you know??

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  18. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Peace.... serenity...

    Radiant turned almost incredulously to look at Life sitting against the wall.

    "Sith? SITH?! Our numbers were unparalleled Glane.. The Sith were under full control where we found them. The ILLUMINAI WERE THE ONES THAT KILLED US! You weren't here for the main crisis. Your blade could have been directed to protect the younglings that lay dead out in that field right there. Do not attempt to preach to me about wounds. We all have them. The Sith were nothing compared to the Illuminai... and if you wanted to help the Order... you would have been here before.. That is all I have to say to you..."

    Radiant turned to Si'Jin and motioned for the other Master to come forward so they could begin their plans. They didn't have a lot of time. Especially with the Force roiling around the planet now with all of them there. The Tidal Wave was a safe place to stay because of the special properties of the hull but the planet Ossus itself, even if it was a Force Boon... any Illuminai with talent who actually really wanted to find them could do so without breaking a sweat.

    They needed to move on things and move on them now. Otherwise the last of the Jedi would die soon enough.

    Rade could not let that happen... not so long as he still drew breath..

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  19. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Maxehn Kiv, rounding the corner into the room

    *Max picked up the pace when he heard Rade shouting and carrying on. He rounded the corner just as Radiant made his remark and slashed the saber in two. Being a career soldier and a Jedi, he could see the folly on all parts, yet the reaction was what irked him the most, and he could not hold his tongue*

    "My my, all this time gone and you're still dictate ones actions Rade? Stay where you're at Life, don't be afraid of the big bully."

    *he looked around at the faces, enjoying the genuine shock that he would have returned*

    "Yes yes, its me, THAT guy. Like it makes much of a difference at this particular juncture anyway. And I can feel where you're headed Rade, but heed this: Try that stunt like you did with Life and you'll have a more immediete problem to contend with than the Purification Squads."

    *He leaned against a wall and crossed one leg over another, then reached behind him and brought the Shoto out from behind his back. Without igniting it, he idly flipped it from hand to hand as he spoke*

    "Lest you forget Rade, we've all lost somebody thanks to the Illuminai, myself I lost three Padawans that I had helped train before you put me on probation, and there is not a single person here that doesn't want to force them to their knees in defeat for what they've done.

    I'm sure Life felt the disturbance, felt the pain as hundreds of our brothers and sisters fell for no reason. It was his choice to leave long before any of the rest of us had a clue as to what the Illuminai were up to, and we cannot fault him for that

    Besides, even if he had managed to come hurtling to the rescue like a mass driver gone awry, what would he have been able to do really? Die like so many others? Or end up right back here anyway? Great choices either way. As I understood it, one of our core beliefs was that one could choose their own path in the force. This is the second time I've personally experienced that so far, this order does not believe in that anymore."

    *He strode towards the center of the room slowly, replacing the Shoto in its holster and moving his hands to his hips*

    "Like it or not, we cannot run anymore, nor can we pick and choose who gets let into this little glee club of ours. Life was once a knight, and he can help us again, we can all help each other again.

    However, we cannot turn somebody away merely because "They weren't there." Rade. We cannot afford it. Our numbers are too few for that as it is.

    Ill fight as a Jedi, ill die as one if it means sending the Illuminai into their own personal sarlacc pit, but not because of Radiant Tides bullying or even the weariness of running.

    That time is over. I intend to fight and win, hopefully with all of you, but if I have to, I will go alone again."

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  20. JediJumper

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    Aug 5, 2008
    IC: Life Glane Nodding to the long speech the Jedi that just entered, he got up and walked over to the old Jedi that likes to pick on people. Life put on his glove and attached it, and then he looked over to the Jedi who just entered.

    ?May I ask your name? Life queried?

    Then the exile went over to the Old Jedi and put his hand out and said ?I will stay with the Jedi until I die. I will try my best to reestablish the Jedi Order again. Allies??
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  21. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, in the Room
    *Max noted the Exiles scars and felt a kinship in a way, considering he had earned his own during sustained combat*

    "I'm Maxehn Kiv, but call me Max, everyone eventually does anyway.

    My apologies for the long-winded speech, I felt the need to emphasize that petty bickering will be our downfall faster than anything else.

    I gather that you're the infamous Exile I kept hearing about, whats your name?"

    *Max glanced at Lifes now broken lightsaber, and realized that he needed to sacrifice a bit for the greater good.
    He reached into his Swoop Jacket and pulled out his Fiber Cord Linked lightsaber, then lightly tossed it to the Exile*

    "Here, use this in case we get attacked right quick. Its tricky, but it gives anybody fighting you a headache trying to figure out how to defend against it.

    As I understand it, there's a cave not too far here that has crystals. Id be willing to help you find a suitable one as well."

    Life directly, again anybody can chime in

  22. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    Si' Jin took in the scene before him. He could tell that Rade's temper was about to explode. He needed to step in and stop the escalation. Walking further into the room, he removed his hood and stood in front of the new comers.

    "Enough!" Si' Jin's voice exploded into the room, shaking it and sending debris falling from the ceiling. Making sure that all attention was on him, he slowing stalked around the room circling the one's called Max and Life. "It does not matter what has occurred in the past. The time is here and now. The order is dead, and is not coming back soon."

    Closing the distance between himself and Max, Si' Jin glared directly into the man's eyes. "Make no mistake my young friend, Myself and Rade are not running a democracy. As i said the order is dead, as well as the Jedi code. If you wish to aid us in our journey, you will be quiet and do as you are told. If not you will rot here on this planet hoping someone will come by to save you, and hope its not the Illuminai. They wont care if your an outcast, or how many weapons you carry. YOU WILL BE DEAD!."

    Spinning around, Si 'Jin started to walk away. Stopping suddenly he turned back to the two men and stared. "And if by chance you do not like those options...there is always option three." As he said this the building began to shake hard. Glass could be heard shattering, and things could be heard falling in other rooms. It was like the planet itself had awakened and declared war on the temple.

    As quickly as it had started, it stopped. Si' Jin remained staring at the two men as if nothing had ever happened. Waiting patiently for an answer.

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  23. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, in room
    *Had the display come from another person, he would have ignored it, but the voice and the presence was instantly familiar to Max, and in fact recognized the change in the old Master*

    "My apolgies Master Jin, the years must have worn on you, like they have all of us. Its been a long time since ive been in the company of other Jedi, and had started to forget the lessons you gave me outside of my studies."

    *It all started to come back to Max. Many years ago, before his probation, Master Si'Jin had given Max the tools to become a better teacher, that is, the ability to let pure knowledge flow through him and pass through to the next generation.

    Even before that, he had sought Si'Jins council when he was developing his own form of Lightsaber Combat, and he had taught him how to sit and observe, to not merely view the way the practitioners moved, hear how their muscles and their bodies reacted, or feel the air as it circulated from their movements, but to feel the Force flow through them, to know how they channeled their connection to the Force, and above all to find what each form meant to him.

    Although not directly responsible, Max always considered Si'Jin a major part of the innovation of his form, heck he was instrumental in quite a few things that Max managed to accomplish*

    "You are wrong however master, the Order is not dead. Look around you, look at all of us here gathered because of the bindings of the Force. We are living proof that the Jedi will never truly be extinguished.


    *he looks over at Rade, then Life when he says his next words*

    "...we cannot let petty differences consume us, and that means all of us, including myself."

    *he looked back over at Si'Jin*

    "It is good to see you again Master Jin.
    I brought something with me that might interest you my old teacher, from the Outer Rim, a bit of Jedi history that I picked up while in transit on Tatooine with the Riflemen."

    Si'Jin, Life, Rade primarily, any in general
  24. Brute_Force

    Brute_Force Jedi Youngling

    Jul 15, 2008
    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Temple Ruins on Ossus

    A warm, soothing sensation washed over Nathan as Rade placed his hand on Nathan's sholder. He closed his eyes half-way, giving in to the numbing comfort that beat down his anger lite powerful waves on a vast ocean wearing down the sharp rocks on the stony shore...

    Radiance mere presence felt like draining a cup of warm Honey-spiced Corellian ale after a long day of hard work during a cold, biting winter. It filled his entire being. He felt renewed. They were going to make it.

    He smiled contemptly at Rade as he gave the orders.

    "I want you to scour the halls for any supplies you might need, and then scout the perimeter surrounding the Temple for at least a click and a half around. Make sure there are no Illuminai lurking out. No heroics if you find something. If you see anything out of the ordinary, I want you to comm me immediately. I'll send Boom with you to keep you some company. Just don't let his appearance fool you, he is very capable...get started as soon as you are rea...."

    Nathaniel had already started for the door, nodding to Si'Jin. Just as he had taken a few steps down the hall he heard Life introducing himself to the Masters in the room. He looked back over his shoulder and confirmed that he had no idea who the new addition to the meager team was. They would surely exchange pleasantries later on. Now, though, he had no real reason to stay longer.


    He made his way to the lower level, thinking to scour them bottom-to-top.

    Training grounds.

    The dusty stone halls were filled with the former presence of students at work. And their Masters offering tutorship.

    Frustration... Exhaustion... Happiness... Serenity... Contemplation. Many different impressions hit Nathaniel as he took in the entire scene.

    He stood in the centre of the large chamber. Eyes closed. Arms out wide to facilitate opening himself in the Force. He stood in silent meditation.

    A cold wind blew in from one of the entrances... His clothes filled with the gust and they swayed as the dust and leaves played in the lonesome chamber.

    He let his mind be stolen away by the echoing memories of times past that were pulling at him like submarine rivers in a pitch-dark ocean...

    He felt the winding blowing warmer... A bright light made him open his eyes.

    He was still standing in the same Chamber. In the centre of the Training Grounds. Now it was filled with Padawans, Apprentices, Knights and Masters. His kin. He was almost overwhelmed by the raw happiness that filled him through the Force. He was seeing the Chamber in a golden hue instead of the black-and-white imagery before...

    These Jedi had brought peace to the Galaxy. The ever-bonding oath they had taken as they undertook their apprenticeship had been fulfilled. People everwhere looked up to them. They encompassed justice throughout every system!
    Some were chatting with their Masters or students. Others were practicing hard to refine their techniques. The emotions that had first hit Nathan were still there. But stronger. No longer echoes but serene and real.

    No one paid him any heed as he strolled through the Chamber, smiling. Studying the Jedi at work there. How he missed the Order... He thought of their current predicament. Of the few Jedi that were left. And how they all were on the brink of over-powering rage and sorrow. How different times had been.

    Cursed Illuminai!

    As his mind wondered into the present a young Jedi Knight rushed into the Chamber and stole everyone's attention. He was gasping for air and could barely get his message through...

    "The Illuminai... they... They're killing everyone! They... They're... cleaning out every Jedi on every Planet! And they're here!"

    Nathan felt his face twitch.

    "Prepare defensive perimeters! They fight in squads of five! Two Swordsmen -" He started to say but was immediately interrupted by another...

    "Preposterous!" A seasoned Master had st
  25. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    Si' Jin let the tension slip from his shoulders. The effect had worked, and things seemed to be settling down. He listened to Max as the man spoke. He had been worried at first that being this long outside of the order had been hard on him. He seemed to remember the teachings, and understand that the order was a living thing, as long as even one Jedi was around to uphold it.

    "I am sorry my friend," Si' Jin began. "I have lived a long time among the Illuminai, and i believe it has taken its toll." Lacing his fingers together and lowering them he made a slight bow. When he rose he spoke again.

    "I will take it that you are with us then. And we are glad to have the help. As for the artifact, it will have to wait till we are back on board. I sense danger closing in. We best not delay on this planet for long.

    He turned his attention to Life. Looking at the man before him, he could sense a great longing. He was looking to Si' Jin to revoke the sentence that Rade had laid before him. "As for you I am not sure that we can entirely trust you at the moment." He placed a hand on the young exile in a calm and reassuring way. "We will not leave you here on this planet though." Looking back at Rade hoping for a nod of approval. It was hard to read Rade, he was a master and very adept at masking his emotions. Turning back to Life, he began again. "We are the new Jedi order. We need all the help that we can get in defeating the Illuminai, but until we are sure that you can be trusted, you will not be a Jedi. You chose to leave the order on your own accord and as such you will remain exiled. You will not dress like a Jedi or carry the weapon of a Jedi. If such a time comes and you earn our trust, we will meet and decide whether to resume your trainings. It is not an easy road you are about to walk. It is a humble road full of trials and hardships. Coming back to the order was never an easy thing, but made even harder during these times. May the force bring you strength."

    Turning around, he made a motion with his hands towards the temple. "We need to be quick, if you are both with us then go now and gather any thing that you think may be of importance. Rade and I have things to discuss, and plans to make. Find Nathan and tell him we need to hurry and get back to the ship. Now go."

    With this he strode towards Rade, a worried look in his eyes.
    "Put your feelings aside my friend, we have bigger enemies than a mere exile to concern our selfs with. what are our plans?"

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