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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Radiance, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade stared down at the hand that Life produced to him, if he thought that simple words were enough to sway Radiant's decision then he was dead wrong.

    And then Max... Mad Max.... He had remembered this one well. Radiant Tide almost hated this man.... because he was very much like Radiant had been when he was younger. They were both strong in the Force and both had different views about the Force than most liked to even think about. The men of the Tide line were always a brash lot, but only in Radiant Tide had there manifested an actual will to explore different avenues outside of the Jedi.

    Because of his traumatic past in losing both parents at such a young age, Radiant had been overcome with the Force in his grief. It had even gone so far as to shift his eyes to a placid white, instead of their normal brown. He had gone years like that until he found something new in a man name Knite Shadowbane. Knite had been his fathers very closest friend. Knite had taught him many things that he still carried with him today.. but before that. Rade was a rogue Force User. He had experimented with the so called "dark side". He found that using it didn't make him any less of himself than using the light side. He was particularly adept in Force Lightning at the age of 18.

    Max had proven to him that it wasn't the Force that corrupted the person using it. Rade had always been on the brink of control with his abilities, the Tide line had a special one that he had not used in a long long time, rather has had to use it. For using it meant forfeiting control of his body to combat. But Max.... he had been in a situation that the Force could have been used to solve the situation easily without much incident, especially with no killing. But because of his experimenting in the darker portions of the Force, he had lost his control and serenity and because of it, a man had lost his life. It was for this reason that Rade had strongly suggested that he be removed from full mission status and brought back to the temple for observation. Radiant held him in contempt... because it could have easily happened to Radiant at a much younger age.. and he didn't feel that he could live with that.

    Presently he held his face a mask of stone. He was past expressing his anger. He was a Jedi Master.. and as such was above such displays.

    It was then that Si'Jin stepped in. The building shook and dust and small rocks fell from the ceiling with his strength in the Force. The power that this man possessed was enormous. If it came down to a battle between Radiant, and Si'Jin, and Rade had both of the others in the room assisting him, no weaponry and only the Force... he doubted that they would win. Si'Jin was just that strong. He reminded Radiant of the former Grand Master, Tenro. That man had been wedged so far into the Force that he had had to wear a crystalline Force artifact around his neck simple to keep it all in check. He remembered the day years and years ago when Tenro had been tricked into a fight at the senate building, captured by Dark Jedi... The necklace had been removed...

    The resulting display of power had leveled the entire senate building like a huge bomb.

    Tenro... where have you gone....we need you...

    Rade was snapped back to the present as he was being addressed by Si'jin. He blinked his surprise away and stood stock straight with a sigh..

    "You are right... I apologize for my display... but the decision still stands on Life. This isn't the time for that though...we need to get going.. I.."

    Radiant turned his head to the side as he felt something strange. It was coming from the lower levels of the temple. From Nathan... some kind of... experience in the Force... the young man was in pain and anguish. Rade shook his head as another feeling rushed over him. Danger.

    "It's time to go... right now. They are coming. Max.. take Life and get to the Tidal Wave outside.. Master Jin please accompany them and have Jae'den warm up the engines.. we alerted them to our presence as soon as we stepped off
  2. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    A moment after Rade sensed the incoming warship, Jin felt it himself. It had been foolish of him to use that kind of power to intimidate Max and Life. They were not the enemy, and using that power clouded his mind to the incoming vessel. He was glad that Rade was with them at this moment. Rade, from losing his parents at a young age, seemed always to be on guard and ready for battle. Even during times of peace he rarely wore a smile. During these times Jin's heart went out to him that he would find inner peace. This was a time of war though and he was grateful that Rade was the way he was.

    Not pausing to think another moment on it, he was out the door and moments later at the ship's entrance. Rade was correct. The ship was indeed not ready for combat, especially for what was coming their way.

    He boarded the ship and headed for the cockpit. "Jae'den, there is a warship heading our way, its time to fire the old girl up and get us out of here."

    Dashing behind the controls he set course to intercept the other Jedi in their departure. Coming to the entrance he hovered there awaiting the others to appear.

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  3. JediJumper

    JediJumper Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 5, 2008
    IC: Life Glane He felt something weird when he crashed landed, but didn?t seem as much as it was now. He wanted to help, and wasn?t fond of following orders. He wasn?t a Jedi therefore he needs not to act like one. Life as an Exile, he was an outlaw. His choices were the ones everyone else couldn?t or wouldn?t do. The outlaw held the temporary Lightsaber in hand that max had given to him. He used his senses to see what was going on below. Life didn?t know what to say when he saw the sight of the Illuminia. An Exile Life was and nothing could change that. He was the only Exile that lived, and it would stay that way. Looking over at Max, Life decided to stick with him and help with the old Jedi?s request.

    ?Max, I?m coming with you? Life commanded squinting his eyes. Taking no hesitation the outlaw ran out of the door. He looked back at Max and waited for him, impatiently.

    One thing the Jedi was right about. The Illuminia were here, and would be crawling up our iron engines if we don?t hurry.
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  4. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, in motion.

    *Max had taken a second to get his bearings. It had been a long time since he had been in this place and needed to formulate a plan.

    Tearing down the hall and passing Life in a hurry, he made a quick right then a left then came to a turbolift door. When Liferounded the corner, he had already ignited his lightsaber and cut the door away. He yelled as he ran in the door*

    "Put it in gear! Its a long climb!"

    *Rather than wait for the Turbolift, he merely jumped into the shaft and started rebounding off the walls at a high velocity.
    As he approached the stagnant lift itself that hadnt been used in years, he merely drew his SSK-7 and blasted at it, punching a hole right through it big enough for single file movement.

    When he got to the appropriate level, a well placed blaster shot activated the emergency open panel and the doors snapped open, and in short order Rades quarters were found.
    Pushing against various panels that looked suspicious, he eventually found the correct one through a bit of force-assisted hearing by rapping on the walls and listening for a hollow spot.

    Jamming everything into the nearest bag he could find, he shoved it into Life's Hands*

    "Take it, get it to Rade. I need to grab something right quick"

    *Not giving Life a chance to respond, he bodily flung himself out the window and began to free-fall. Putting two fingers in his mouth, he whistled like he was calling a dog. The Air-2 swoop, which had been dormant on the other side of the building, suddenly burst to life with a howl, and with incredible speed intercepted Max in mid-flight.

    Settling in behind the controls, he punched the throttle and quickly accelerated beyond 500 kph. Easily re-locating his shipping box, he punched the Comm system on his bike and activated a wide-band mode, making sure that the Tidal Wave could hear him*

    "It's Max! Start a slow takeoff roll if everyone gets back before me, just leave the back ramp down! Im about 30 seconds out at full bore!"

    *Rather than go through picking it up, he increased his immersion in the force and stretched out, grabbing it and hauling it out of its ditch.
    Letting the Force guide him, he rammed the throttle home on the Swoop and pointed it back in the direction of the old Academy*

  5. Brute_Force

    Brute_Force Jedi Youngling

    Jul 15, 2008
    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Temple Ruins on Ossus, Lower Levels

    Upon entering meditation again Nathaniel knew what the Force had to tell him and so he helt his guard up - he would try to control the images that he recieved...

    He had heard the story but the Force had not been satisfied with him. It had more to tell him! The wound had cut so deep in the Force that day that it felt an insationable craving to share its burdon. This Force adept was as good as anyone. And he was willing.

    Serenity was washed away in an instant. Like an insect on a hover-bike. On-lookers would have seen Nathan's eyes twitch. Some part of his conscious being was trying to tear free of the meditation. But the Force would not have it! It had been silent for too long!

    Nathan did not enter a vision like last time. But his mind built up a scenery based on the emotions instiled in him by the Force.

    He felt naked. Trapped. The flowing impressions made him feel like he was strapped to a pole on a rainy field while hungry hounds circled his beaten body. As the Force pierced through his mind's defense it felt as if the hounds launched at him and tore at his flesh.

    Further images of what transpired during that one day - that one single day in which over two hundred Jedi were slaughtered - blew through his mind like a harsh wind through a dusty tomb. The horrifying pages flipping back and forth to repeat the same story. Over and over.

    The horror. The pain. The extreme massacre. The Corruption.

    During fleeting times he saw through the eyes of one of the students. Felt his emotions. His fear. His angst. He pushed those images away. The last vision was too horrible and Nathan would not want to go through something like that again. But he did not want to deny the Force this opportunity to let go of its burden. He... wanted to help it. As much as he could.

    One scene broke through his mental defense. He was standing in the forests far from the temple. He was not alone. He was the only person there but there was something else... The Force. More manifested that he had ever sensed it.
    Look up. it said with a familar voice. He looked to the side and gazed upon the speaker. In his mind it had taken the form of Master Radiant Tide. The manifestation darted its hollow eyes on him and locked his gaze with its.
    LOOK UP!! thunder growled across the early morning sky as it howled its command. Nathan could not deny its will and looked up. Just as he did battleships dropped out of Hyperspace and entered orbit around Ossus.
    They are here. he heard Radiant say. He sounded almost content.
    Nathan. They are here. They have come. The Cleansing shall begin! Radiant's voice was trembling with anticipation. He sounded exited about the arrival of the Illuminai. Nathan looked back at the manifestation.
    It was staring at him with it's dead, white eyes. They filled Nathaniel with instant dread.

    Landing craft were dropping from the heavens were crackling in objection. Red lightning shoot from corner to corner. The wind increased and Radiant's white robes were blowing wildly. He screamed at Nathaniel insanely...

    Nathaniel's eyes popped open as he was abruptly torn from the nightmarish vision. Cold sweat. He was panting again and it took him a while to register Radiant's presence in the room.

    "Nathan.. we have to go.. right now. COME ON!" Master Radiant was speaking with similar power and hint of depseration as he had in Nathan's vision.

    I... Nathaniel began before he managed to gather his thoughts enough to realise what was happening. That last Force Vision had been strong enough to penetrate his mental blockade because it was happening all over again. They were coming.

    Radiant was already running for the door without another word. Nathan was up on his feet in an instant. To repress the impressions of his visions he, somewhat at least, fell back into his primal st
  6. JediJumper

    JediJumper Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 5, 2008
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  7. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
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  8. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade was breathing heavily as he entered the Wave with Nathan. The footlocker had confused Rade but Nathan had seemed rather set on it. Whatever the reason it was over now. They needed to blast off this rock as fast as possible. Rade sprinted to the cockpit and immediately strapped in with one hand while his fingers flew over the controls. He didn't even look at Si'Jin as he began to check the systems.

    "Thanks for keeping the engines warm."

    He flipped switches and pushed the ship forward at a slow rate.

    "Jae'den, who are we missing?!"

    The blue sprite that resembled Radiant himself flickered to life on top of the controls.

    "We are down one boss. That Max guy is coming up behind us pretty fast on a speeder bike."

    Rade nodded and flipped a switch.

    "Lowering the rear cargo hatch now."

    Rade slapped the comm button on the console which Jae'den immediately dialed to Max's frequency.

    "Max... the ramp is down but watch your entry, I have a fighter packed in back there. Come in to steep or too fast and you are going to go head first into it."

    A few moments passed and Jae'den confirmed that Max was indeed on board and that the Illuminai were making no attempt at hiding their presence. They were now in-system.

    Radiant sighed to himself.

    "Charging the cannons and shield generator."

    "Yeah.. about that... We have one laser battery online and the shields haven't been tuned for 3 years..."

    Radiant looked down at the sprite and frowned.


    He looked over at Si'Jin, his face a mask of no emotions once again.

    "I don't think I can out fly them this time... Any suggestions......?"

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  9. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, aboard Tidal Wave

    *To say that the entrance to the ship had been sporty would have been an understatement. A good natured fling of the box via a Force push, then accelerating up that ramp and stopping just short of a very concerned looking Life Glane.
    As he lashed his Swoop down next to the fighter itself he heard Radiance talking to the sprite about the shields and the status of the warship at hand, he reached the cockpit*

    "Thanks for the ramp up, I didn't hit anything as promised."

    *He took a look at the position of the warship, the charging status of the weapons, and formulated another quick strategy*

    "Rade, what kind of fighter is that and where's the helmet for it? I can fight with that thing, just give me a minute to prep and get ready to fight. I'll stall that ugly warship until the Tidal Wave has teeth again.

    Once we're clear of that warship, jump to these coordinates

    *He handed Rade a set of hastily scribbled jump coordinates on a scrap of paper*

    "I have friends close to there that have some serious firepower and that despise the Illuminai. Once I signal them to be ready, its only a matter suckering that warship into their maw.
    Don't even think about telling me to stay put either. We have limited options, and besides, who better to fly a fighter than a Corellian?"

    *Delivering that last sentence with a sardonic grin, he turned on his heel and took off running back to the bay, unstrapping the fighter and getting it prepped for a launch.

    Rade, Si'Jin

    OOC: Out of curiosity, what is that warship analogous to?
  10. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    Jin heard the ramblings of Max and saw the look of determination to help the cause by flying the fighter. Sensing that danger was around that fighter he went after Max.

    "I would not do that if i were you." stopping Max by stepping in front of him. "Use your senses and you will see that this ship is trapped." If i am right i believe only one with Rade's blood can fly this machine."

    He motioned Max to follow him to the cockpit. "Anyways, i do not think it will do any good. without any weapons we will be taken. A fighter stands no chance against a warship of that standard."

    Feeling secure that Max would not try to fly the fighter, he turned his attention back to Rade's question. "I do not think that we can get away. I believe the best course of action would be patience. Let them capture us and then when their guard is down, we escape when they are not looking for us." It was a dangerous plan, one that may result in the death of them all. They would have to be sure that the Illuminai would not kill them on site but would instead put them in a holding cell to await trial. Maybe taking the ship from the inside they could bring it down. Something they would not be able to do from the outside.

    Si' Jin had been aboard many a warship on training missions. He knew them well and his little friend had a standard schematic and was quite adept at code breaking. "Jae' den, I have full schematics of standard warships. Would you please upload them from my little friend so that Boom can download them to himself?" By little friend he was referring to the little droid he kept in his pocket. Appearing, the little droid hovered over to a com center and plugged itself in. They needed to be as ready as they could when they were boarded.

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  11. Brute_Force

    Brute_Force Jedi Youngling

    Jul 15, 2008
    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Tidal Wave, Turret control

    The shaft up to the turret control was tight even for a smaller built man so someone with Nathan's frame had a hard time getting through. He strapped in and flicked the power switch. Nothing. All the displays were dead. He dried futelily to move the cannons without the hydrolics-based facilitation system.

    He produced his comm-link and opened the channel to the control center.
    "Nathan to cockpit. Turret's power relay system must be down. I'm not getting any juice up here." He flicked the switch again for good measure. "What's the situation down there? Any chance of jumping?"

    As he spoke he watched to huge Warship lay perfectly still not far up ahead. It seemed stoic in its own morbid sense. Proud over its powers. Or was it Nathan's fear talking? He closed his eyes as he awaited the cockpit's response.

    The last thing they needed was for anyone to be afraid. He breathed deeply and felt serenity wash over him.

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  12. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, in main hold.

    *A look of the worst kind crossed Max's face. It was a combination of betrayal, frustration, pent-up fury, and despite what Si'Jin had said, resolve.
    The old Master must have been concerned for a second that Max would lash out at him, but Max remembered who he was, and more importantly that when a block is thrown, there are ways around it.

    He simply nodded at Si'Jin to get him moving, then went over to where he had stored his swoop and his shipping case.
    He pushed a section of the swoop, and it hinged open, revealing a compartment where his Corestrike Rancor blaster carbine and its attachments were stored. He ejected the old case of Tibanna gas and clicked in a new one.
    Next he selected the Thermal Detonator Launcher and clicked it into place and locked it onto the Rancor.

    After making sure that the launcher was ready to go, he selected a Thermal Detonator and pushed it in the chamber, locking the bolt back. He then took 3 Thermal Detonators and 3 electro-net grenades and inserted them into his combat belt.
    He unholstered his SSK-7 for a second, checked the charge on the Gas chamber, then re-holstered it.

    He then walked over to his shipping case. An ingenious custom design from Corellia itself, the case was 5 feet long by 3.5 feet deep by 4 feet wide, and looked like a solid black composite black travelers case.
    However, it was designed in segments, with different compartments for different things that career soldiers carried with them, namely weapons and equipment.

    He pulled up the first section, and was relieved to find that his standard armor was not destroyed. Although his experiemental "Anti-Sith" armor that he was working on when he was a Jedi would have been preferable, that was lost to history as far as he knew, so his battle vest would have to do. Throwing his swoop jacket off, he slipped it on over his head, shimmying until he got the right fit, snug but not tight, and under the back holsters for his lightsabers.

    After slipping on his weighted combat gloves, which weren't exactly like Rade's Phrik wonders but would still ring somebodys bell if he landed a punch, he went through the next two compartments.

    Due to the rough landing, most of his weapons had been rendered unusable. His X-45 sniper rifle, which was already broken down for the trip, was a delicate thing and had been broken to the point he might actually need a gunsmith to fix it, and both of his Q2s had damage (cracked housing, bent trigger, and he decided not to risk it.
    So that just left his DX-2 Disruptor Pistol and his BlasTech Light Repeating blaster.

    Wishing like hell that he had brought a Concussion Rifle or even a lowly standard blaster as well, he grabbed the Repeater and the Disruptor, then headed towards the galley where Life was sitting

    After making a noise sounding like*


    *he waited for the Exile to turn, then tossed him the Disruptor*

    "Jin and Rade are willing to give up, get captured, and maybe, JUST maybe escape.
    I don't know about you, but im tired of running or giving in. If by some miracle they don't just blast us into dust and try and board the Wave, I intend to make them pay dearly for it.
    You can do what you want, but I sense that you and I are kindred spirits, in the fact that we would die on our feet rather than live on our knees.

    *If Life responded, he didnt wait for it. Instead, he went to the nearest comms panel and called up Nathan in the turret*

    "Nate, its Max, yes Mad Max in case you're wondering. Forget the turret, its a lost cause. I need your help with something in the galley."

    *He let go of the button, hoping Nathan would remember him from their many assignments together when they were both knights in the Order. He had always considered Nathan a friend, if a bit spiritual about things, and although he seemed to be possessed as of late by the ghosts of the past, his ferocity in combat would be something nesseccary at this juncture.

    Max was a stereotypical Corellian in some of the best ways. He indeed was
  13. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Radiant's eyes dropped as the star cruiser came into sight. He had no words to explain the fear in his gut that this was going to be the end of the line. After all he had been through with the Jedi... now was the end.

    Shut up.

    Radiant's eyes flashed up as the familiar voice in the back of his mind rose in protest.

    You giving up that easy? To these killers? After what they did the best thing you can come up with is, "I hope they don't kill us outright."? Stand.. and fight Tide....Use your brain.The Force isn't the only thing your family is gifted in...

    He gaped at his own faint reflection in the transparisteel window. As if desperately searching for an answer to his plight.

    But then he saw his own features. He was being weak. He was being whiny. This was hardly what a Jedi was seen as.

    And then the fear evaporated, to be replaced with anger and resolve. His face returned to it's mask of emotionless rage.

    Ok......Let's rock.
    HAHAHAH! That's more like it Tide!

    His mind began racing as the ship shook, being held now by a tractor beam.

    "Jae'den! Are the escape pods still working?"

    Jae'den appeared again and looked thoughtful.

    "Only two boss. You gonna try and outrun that thing or what? Cause I sure as hell don't wanna be memory wiped."

    "Don't worry about it Jae'den... if this goes to plan.. We wont be here long... ready the escape pods for me little guy."

    "You got it Boss."

    Rade unstrapped himself and took one last look at the warship drawing them in. It was the size of an old Impstar Duece. Which was in no way a small vessel... there were probably hundreds of Illuminai on that vessel... lucky for Rade it would be a small number because while they did outnumber the Jedi now, they didn't have the manpower to fully man ships with only Force Users.

    Most of them would be hired goons that couldn't feel the Force that the Illuminai had hired for strength. Radiant ran quickly to the aft section where Boom was being kept. He quickly knocked on the droids head with his knuckles, bringing him out of charging mode.

    "Boom listen up. We are currently trapped in an Illuminai tractor beam and are about to be boarded. I need your help."

    He quickly outlined his plan and left the compartment. He found Max, Nathan and the other Jedi arming themselves.

    "Max, I admire your enthusiasm but I need your cooperation on this. You, Nathan and the others are getting into my escape pods and heading back to Ossus.... Jae'den is programing the landing to bring you to the jungle. With your military background and the Force as your aide, you will be able to make a stand there. They can only send one squad after you because of the size of the crew. It is still going to be risky but we cant put the fate of the Jedi in two mens hands. Remember their personal shield generators and balance of power. The keepers are likely to not stay out of the fight for long. DO NOT... ENGAGE A KEEPER BY YOURSELF... I cannot stress that enough. You will have to get up close and personal with these guys, they can feel the Force same as you and me so they will likely detect you before you attack. Keep your mind clear and don't think about harming them, that way they wont pick up your intentions in the Force and you will have the element of surprise. Once we escape the ship we will get down dirt side and retrieve you. If all goes to plan... we should come out of this just fine. There are no time for questions gentleman. I need you to trust me on this. May the Force be with you."

    Rade turned to Si'Jin and smirked.

    "Got those Illuminai robes handy..?"

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    OOC: if you have questions about your roles PM me and i will explain. keeping the overall scheme a secret so you can play along authentically :)
  14. Brute_Force

    Brute_Force Jedi Youngling

    Jul 15, 2008
    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Tidal Wave

    Oh, he remembered. Maxehn Kiv. Mad Max. He was a fellow Knight within the Order and they had gone on a few missions together. Maxehn, he had always preferred to call him Maxehn - Mad Max was not the Jedi Nathan had grown so close to, had grown strong with the force. Initially, Nathan had kept up with him well and fine. Maybe even exceeded him in command of the Force. They were both fiery spirits. But they had developed differently. Nathaniel was passionate and head strong. Maxehn was eager and confident. And while Maxehn had restrained his eagerness and developed well. Beyond some expectations (especially in field tactics and commands) Nathaniel had been held back by his innate passion.
    In battle, the two were unstoppable. Maxhen's sense of tactics and stratergy (and fierce combat abilities) combined with Nathaniels lack of serenity and calm in combat there was no assignment that even proved a challange for the pair. Due to the pair's inability to restrain themselves they were usually accompanied by a master. And just as usually they would take matters into their own, seemingly more capable hands, and finish the mission in their own preferred way. Aggressive negotiations.
    Maxehn had completed the trials with ease. Indeed they questioned his eagerness and strong will. But he had indeed achieved Master Rank. Nathaniel did not know too much of what they had told his friend. After he achieved the Rank Master the two had drifter a part.
    What the Masters had told Nathaniel, though, was that they were worried about his excessive passion and his inability to control it. He had been etremely strong with the Force but he simply could not control it... And so the Masters had held him back - rightly so.

    But he remembered Max alright. Nathan strolled up and put his hand on Maxehn's shoulder. He smirked at the memories that came back to him. Better times. Easier times.

    "Will do, boss. But I just want to mention that my thoughts are with Max here. If we keep running now, there won't be a stop to it. But maybe you're right. Maybe now is not the time. Either way - you're in charge." he commed back to Radiant. He sure hoped he knew what he was doing...

    Something streamed up inside him. A brief sensation.

    "Max. There's something I have to get! And I believe we should do what Rade says; besides, the two of us. In the jungle? Fighting off Illuminai? It'll almost be like the old days."

    He smiled at his old cohort as he darted off to his cabin.

    "Prepp the shuttles, Max, I won't be long!"

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    OOC: Hope you don't mind me shedding some light on our common past?
  15. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    Si' Jin was just finishing putting on his Illuminai robes. He stood there looking down at himself wishing that he never had to wear this blasted outfit again. The plan that he and Rade had come up with was risky. He knew from past experience that most Warships carried at least 4 sets of Squads. He hoped there was not a training squad or two on board as well. If they kept to the plan, they should be able to avoid most of the gifted Illuminai.

    He tucked his feelings inside himself now as he set his mind to changing his aura. He hoped that the sudden change would not be detected from any of the Illuminai on the incoming ship. His mind was strong though and he assured himself that they had not. It was thinking like that, that would get you into trouble. He needed to be confident and bold if this was to succeed.

    It was a good thing sending the other Jedi to the surface. He was sure that together him and Rade would stick to the plan. The other two were rebels though. Outcasts of the order, and not use to following commands. They would be safer in the jungle. their they could make a stand. If the mission failed aboard the warship, and Rade and Jin were cleansedas they call it, then at least a few Jedi would survive to keep the fight going.

    Walking back towards the cockpit, Si' Jin put on a face of cold resolve. He would see this plan through to the end, hopefully taking a few Illuminai down with him. Stop thinking this way.He had to tell himself. You need to be strong now. Show no weakness and let the fear drain from your body. You are a Jedi master, trained in the use of the force. And the force is with you

    He could feel the force melting away his fear. His mind was now clear and all he could see was the mission ahead. Looking over at Rade he faced the man and closed his eyes, bracing himself for what was to come.

    "I am ready master Rade. Make it count."

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  16. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC:Radiant Tide

    As soon as the pods with Nathan, Life and Max were away, Radiant grabbed the bag that had been gathered from his room. He quickly strode to Boom and handed it off before the droid shut down.

    He saw Si'jin and nearly blanched at the sight of an Illuminai priest standing before him. Even the aura was different from before. Radiant shook his head as he approached. They only had moments before they were to be boarded and captured. He was banking a lot on the fact that he did not carry a physical weapon. His lightsaber was with the gear he left with Boom. All he had on him was his Phrik gloves and the Force.

    "I am ready Master Rade. Make it count."

    Rade nodded. It wasn't an ideal way to handle things, but the dire situation they had been thrust in made it necessary. Rade pulled off his right glove, and stood before Si'Jin uneasily.

    "Sorry in advance for this...Hopefully when you wake up, I'll still be breathing and we can escape..."

    At a nod from Master Jin, Rade pulled back and punched the Master square in the temple with a right hook, dropping him into unconsciousness.

    The deed being done, Rade dragged the Master into a storage closet and stuffed him in it, then locked the door. At that moment, the outer airlock door burst inwards in a shower of sparks, followed closely by a squad of soldiers, most decidedly not Illuminai in Force nature. They looked like normal men holding blasters. But behind them was the person that caught Rades attention.

    A single Keeper with his huge sword drawn was staring directly at him as his men took firing positions before him. One of the men called out, his voice semi-muffled because his cheek was pressed so tightly against the stock of his weapon.

    "Radiant Tide... You are under arrest!"

    Instead of answering with bravado... Rade took a half step forward and thrust his elbows back, gathering energy to his palms and thrust his arms forward, rather slowly for the action really. It looked as if he was pushing some great wall in front of him. A grunt escaped him and veins in his neck bulged as he sent a massive Force wave at the squad before him.

    Pieces of flimsi and random items not nailed to the ground flew madly around his side of the airlock as the blast passed by. 7 soldiers and a Keeper rose from the ground and flew back the way they came. Some of the men dying abruptly as their necks struck the sides of the walls at odd angles. The Keeper was less surprised than the rest but had still been taken off guard. He stood quickly as Radiant charged down the corridor with a war cry. He leaped at the Keeper in a spinning back kick aimed to take him off his feet once more. The larger man slapped the leg aside easily with an open palm and Rade left a dent in the wall.

    He landed on the ground and the Keeper was about to swing his sword...

    But then the larger man noticed that Rade was unarmed.

    ... The sword dropped to the floor along with the whip he had curled at his waist.

    "I will not let you besmirch the Illuminai name, Jedi Tide. I will fight you with honor and nothing less."

    Radiant raised his fists in a defensive fashion and hid his smile behind a gloved fist. But again, he said nothing.

    Both men ran at each other and immediately began trading blows. It was almost as if the fight were choreographed, each move perfectly blocked or brushed aside as they moved backwards into the Illuminai vessel.

    Radiant gave a weak Force push to the stomach of the Keeper, who grunted and staggered back slightly. But that was the only blow Rade landed on this man.

    The Keeper became angry and swung his massive arm at Rade. Tide hadn't taken into account that the muscle mass of the Keepers was only truly useful when they had time to swing fully. Rade was able to block the bantha sized fist, but the sheer impact of it slammed him off his feet and his head hit the floor, hard.

    Lights danced into his vision as he noticed two figures standing over him. One was the keeper judging by his size. The other was a common soldier. Radiant only h
  17. Brute_Force

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    OOC: Okay, I was waiting for a TAG from Mad Max before I hit the pods but since Radiance wanted to move things along just add this to my previous post.

    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Tidal Wave, Escape Pods

    Nathaniel rushed through the cockpit and gave a meaning and worried look to Master Radiance and Si' Jin but didn't stop or slow down. Things were going down. More-so than ever.

    He grabbed the doorway to his quarters and swung in, hardly even slowing. He snatched up the footlocker by his bunker and turned - his feet working with lightning speed.

    When he reached the escape pods, Mad Max was already climbing in his. The other one, meant for Nathan, had been opened and he more leaped into it than climbed. Strapping himself and his supposedly precious cargo in he flicked the switches and buttons. There weren't that many controls or displays in an escape pod... Exited, he humorously mused; "Wonder why". A twisted smile found his way across his face as he felt the passion rise withing him. It was like a drug - he didn't want to hinder it! He welcomed it and let out a morbid laugh as the pods were shot out from the ship.

    What surged through his mind during the rough descent were that they were finally doing something! No more running and hiding. No more desperately fighting for survival in the disgusting ground-leves of the Illuminai capital planet. Now, he felt that he, again, was with his brethren fighting the greater evils of the world. At this point it would not have mattered if he had died - as long as he had tried! Not just rotted away in the filth of Coruscant. Or been executed by the Cultists. Now, he would go down swinging.

    A while later - he could not keep track of time - his pod crashed down in the Jungle area of Ossus. He had sensed the impact long before it happened but was still unable to keep himself conscious. He must not have been out for long though, because when he came to, the closest surroundings were still covered by small sporadic embers and the Force gave him no signs of any Illuminai dropships or soldiers nearby. Coughing he took a brief survey of his immediate area.
    The Jungle was dense and full of chirping critters. No signs of Max's pod anywhere nearby. And no signs of its descent in the sky. He swapped away some insects he could only hope weren't deadly, produced his comm link and contacted Maxehn on a concealed channel. No reply.

    Best not to use this too much - The Illuminai must be listening to every channel, he thought. He did his best to dull the fire around him before he headed off into the Jungle. He had no idea where he was going but if - or when - the Illuminai found his pod he sure woudn't want to be near it.

    After a long, speedy walk he came across a lagoon with a large, beautiful waterfall. He went to drink from it, thinking this would be a good place to meditate and search for Max in the Force. As he reached into the cold, brisk water, he found that there was a space behind the waterfall. He could not make out what it was using the Force due the hum that the waterfall gave out, but as he investigated further he found that there was a large hollow behind the waterfall. He put his head through and found that the hollow was more of a cave.

    "How original..." he whispered as he entered. He had not sensed the Cave earlier because the waterfall had hidden its presence in the Force. Water itself did not give much of a read but the lively descent of playful water gave out a humming sensation in the Force. He removed his wet clothes, taking great care to see that his his gear was not damaged, and explored the cave further. It was about the size of three escape pods. A suitable place to use as a hideout...

    He produced his comm link and tried opening the channel to Maxehn Kiv again...

    "By the Force, Maxehn, pick it up...

    TAG: Could Max *be* more tagged? :)
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    IC: Si' Jin

    Darkness. Not the kind of darkness you see when you go into a dark room. Usually you can see a silhouette of objects, or the hand in front of your face. In true darkness, nothing is visible. Its like being in a giant abyss not knowing which direction to go, or even if you have been going in one direction.

    A light enters the darkness. Not a bright light, but a light just barely visible and then it was gone. Seconds later another came, and just as quick it was gone. The procession went on for several minutes, each light became brighter than the next. Soon he was able to tell that they were lights on a ceiling. Stumbling with that thought, his ears began to make out sound. Voices talking. Some louder than others. A deep voice cut through the other voices and seemed to gather all of them up and swallow them. The voice was commanding, yet passionate at the same time. "We do not have time to take him all the way down to the infirmary, he needs attention now."

    A face came into view. The eyes behind this face were comforting. They had a grayish Hugh to them and the signs of many years. His smile was rough and seemed to be almost forced, though sincere. The man recognized that Jin had come around and was conscious. "Don't worry my friend i will take care of you. You've obtain a rather nasty head wound, but with a little rest you should be ok."

    The man took hold of Si' Jin's hand as they continued to make their way down the now brightly lit hallway. Coming to a room, they entered and moved Jin over to a bed. The man looked Jin in the eyes. "You were lucky. I am surprised the Jedi would have kept you alive as long as they did. When you are feeling up to it I would like to debrief you myself. I have a couple of questions rolling around in this head of mine. Come see me on the bridge when you are ready to talk." Turning in a military style fashion, he turned and walked out the door.

    Moments later a nurse walked in. Normally on Warships such as this they employed droids to act as nurses. Seeing this one now was almost unsettling. She was dressed all in white, with her blond hair swept up in a bun. Her lips were full, though they would have looked better had they been wearing a smile. She had emerald eyes that took in the light as she walked into the room. Her steps were graceful and quick, and she used them to make her way over to the edge of Jin's bed.

    "Hello I see you are awake after all. They said you were still out when they brought you aboard." Handing him a cup, she said "Here drink this. It will make the nausea go away, and settle your stomach."

    He gratefully took the cup and drank the liquid down. She took the cup from him and was out the door moments later. Si' Jin looked around. His room was small, only big enough for the bed and a couple pieces of medical equipment. The florescent lights extended the entire ceiling which gave the impression that the room had a white glow to it. The door was not shut and it appeared that he was totally alone.

    He reached out with the force trying to ascertain whether he was really alone. Sensing someone just outside the door, he laid his head back down and closed his eyes. Ok just a few more minutes of rest then I need to get out of here. Rade is counting on me to do my part. Maybe just one more visit from the nurse. After all Rade packs quite a punch.

    TAG: Rade, all
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    OOC: Sorry about the lateness, I was having so much fun watching the Cubs SPANK the Marlins. Oh and by the way, excellent back story Brute, you took my idea and ran with it, excellent work.

    IC: Max, on Ossus.

    *When Rade had first addressed him, he had thought that the outcome would have been a lecture from Rade for following his lead.
    The end result had been an invigorating surprise, a rush not born of the force but of his Corellian spirit and pride. Here was a chance to fight back! To strike, to take them down not as a fugitive but as a soldier!

    Springing into action, he had told Nathan and Life to share a pod, he would come down with all the proper equipment.
    Running back to the bay, he had bodily picked up his case and flung it over his back, as well as shouldering the bag containing the keepsakes of Rade's from the academy.

    He had greeted Rade at the door to the escape pod, and when he saw the old masters look when he saw the nondescript bag with his keepsakes, he explained*

    "The Tide family legacy will continue no matter what. Even if you are struck down, ill take it upon myself to use this to honor your memory Rade."

    *as soon as he said that, a funny little thought popped into his head, which he jokingly asked of Rade*

    "Do me a favor. If any of those dogmatic goons so much as nicks my Swoop, keep them alive for me, ill take them for a bit of air-boarding, the hard way"

    *He chuckled and grabbed Rade's hand firmly*

    "Stay alive, both of you. May the force be with you both."

    *with that, he stepped into the escape pod and made his exit.

    He kept himself busy on the descent, changing out of his civilian clothes into his military-spec gear of jungle camouflage clothes, brown military boots, jungle camouflage over-cover for his body armor, the body armor itself, a multi-cam type cap used by Rebel scouts on Endor, and his black military combat gloves, which he took particular enjoyment in putting on because of the heavy but small metal pellets in a sac over the first three knuckles on his hands, deisgned to deal additional damage with any punch he threw while cushioning his hands

    He had barely gotten finished when a klaxon went off, signaling planet-fall in less than 30 seconds. Hurredly strapping himself and his case into his crash webbing, he still felt sore after crash-down, but miraculously was unscathed for the landing.
    Moving quickly, he took stock of his situation. Once again, his SSK-7 blaster, the Rancor carbine, and his lightsabers had proven the most hardy weeapons despite the beating they took, with only the SSK displaying a scuff from the impact.

    He checked to see that his holsters were functioning, which they were, and proceded to "arm up" as it were.
    His combat utility belt as well as slots on his armor quickly expanded with more gear: Tibanna gas charges, small med-kit, more detonator charges, this time adding a couple of concussion rounds as well, hand-thrown thermal detonators and concussion grenades Corellian military knife, flashlight, and various other items used in the sundry business of being a Mercenary.

    The last things to go on were things that he himself had either cobbled together or had aquired somehow through hard-won experience.

    First to go on were two rolls of thermal detonator tape, strapped to his left upper arm in a special impact and thermal resistant casing, normally used for breaching doors, but useful for other things as well.

    Secondly, another small case was strapped to his left thigh. The beauty of being a Corellian is that you came into frequent contact with brethren that were of the shady type, and they could acquire the most sundry of things for the right price.
    Take for example what was in this little box of fun: living weapons.
    Fed by a sugar mix that had to be replenished ever month, this case contained 8 Yuuzhan Vong projectiles: 4 Thud Bugs, 2 Razor Bugs, and 2 Blast bugs.
    The beauty of these things was that they were not detectable through The Force, so they posed no liability to bei
  20. Radiance

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    IC: Radiant Tide

    Darkness. Claustrophobia. Tiny lights dancing around his vision. And a massive throbbing in his skull.

    All of these emotions assaulted Radiant Tide at the same time as he finally came to.

    A small groan escaped his throat as his vision slowly returned to him. He was in a dark room. A tiny room that did not at all resemble a cell, much to his surprise. Just plain walls and a single door. A small amount of light peeked out from the seems of the door. Just as he thought his eyes were used to the dim room an overhead glowpanel cranked to life and poured bright light in a circle around the chair he was sitting on. He had to squeeze his eyes shut quickly to keep from passing out from the extreme light. The door opened and a dark figure stepped through.

    Rade squinted against the harsh light and could only make out the outline of the man as the door shut again. It was now that Rade found his wrist bound behind his back, not stun cuffs, but rather metal bands that covered most of his forearms and bound them together by two bridged areas in between both arms. He couldn't see what the man was doing but he didn't feel like an Illuminai.

    Finally after what seemed like a century, the man stopped playing with his various toys he had taken out of a bag. He stepped slowly into the light. The effect would have been entirely intimidating.. Had Rade not been expecting such bravado and intimidation tactics. The light poured over the man, making his hair very bright, and casting shadows over most of his face.

    "Ah... you are awake. I am glad. I was beginning to think that the Keeper had killed you. If he had, I wouldn't have been able to fulfill my purpose here. And what is a man without purpose in the end?"

    Rade put on a show as if he was barely conscious. His head rolled back on his shoulders and he took shallow breaths, as if fear had gripped him.

    "And what purpose is that exactly.....?"

    The man pulled on some gloves and made a show of wriggling his fingers into them.

    "To gather information from you of course. You have vital information to the Illuminai cause. My job is to get you to tell me. It would be very easy for you to just tell me. But a stoic old Master like you... I doubt you would be so indulgent."

    Rade waggled his head around and brought it down to stare at his lap. His voice came easy and mockingly soft.

    "... Oh I dunno...You never really know until you try right?"

    This stopped the interrogator pulling on his gloves in surprise. He knelt close to Radiant's face and asked cautiously.

    "Alright then. How about a question to test your authenticity.. What is your name?"

    Rade rolled his head up to his shoulders again.

    "Raaaaaadiant Tideeeeee...."

    The interrogator nodded and walked slowly around Rade's chair.

    "Good... And what are you?"

    Rade nodded his head slowly as if an admission was coming.

    "Alright interrogator man.. you caught me.. I'll spill my secrets."

    This brought a smile to the mans face, as if he had just won an extraordinary victory without trying.

    "....I.... am...... a Jawa commando, cruising the stars fulfilling my true purpose! My name is Radiant Tide... captain of the Jawa commando Snatch and rescue squad... I..."

    This wiped the smile from the interrogators face. He lashed out quickly and delivered a harsh backhand to Rade's face, snapping his head to the side.

    "...Insolent.... little..."

    Rade brought his head back to the center and looked earnest at the man.

    "You should be careful! Soon as I am free from these shackles my squad mates are going to bust through that door and when you wake up you wont have a belt buckle or a shirt. I don't know, maybe the gloves too but that's kind of pushing it, what are those bantha hide? Maybe we could get a good price for tho..."

    Another backhand snapped Rades head to the other side, a painful laughter escaping his lips.

    "I should have known better than to trust you.."

    Rade brought his head back up, still laughing.

    "Yeah... you should have.... But seriously.. you should let
  21. Brute_Force

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    OOC: You make me great Murphy! But the post itself sucked. I wrote it 6:45 AM, half-drunk on my friend's laptop that, for some reason, hit page up every time you hit space. Lol. Oh, and Life? I missed the fact that you was in my pod too. I must have lost you at the crash site :) Is it possible to assume that you took your own pod? Otherwise my previous post won't make much sense...


    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Ossus, Jungle, ?

    "Good to hear your voice old friend". He replied while shaking his head in disbelief - how did he do it? Really? Nathan had barely gotten his meager equipment with him, including a cumbersome box and Maxehn had set up booby traps? Nathan wouldn't be surprised if he got there in a tank made out of sticks and mud along with a plutoon of droids of rock and lianas.

    "Well, I can't get any coordinates on this thing but two clicks from my initial position? And your sensing a waterfall? That's..." He hesitated a moment. Who knew how well the Illuminai were tapping their channels? Best be on the safe side.

    "That doesn't sound like anywhere near where I'm currently at. Oh and, while setting the booby traps, did you notice that... the circuit was broken? And that the pipe is made out of lead-polymers, not the charcoal derivative?"

    The terminology was something the pair had developed while working undercover in a smugglers' nest. It had been most amusing coming up with the terms but it had ultimately been quite successful. What he said was that someone might be listening and that what he said earlier had been the opposite of the truth.

    Nathaniel held his breath while waiting for the response. Odds were that Maxehn had no idea what he just said...

    TAG: Max. Lol, that was not my territory :)
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    OOC: Well thanks for the appreciation, but save the guy love for later lol [face_laugh].
    And it was a good drunken post then. Anywho...

    IC: Max, a little more than 300 meters from the waterfall cave

    *Without clicking the mic, Max spoke out loud to nobody in particular*

    "Has he lost his fraxing mind? What the..."

    *Then it came back to him. That bizzare code language. It had been Nathans idea, one that he had initially resisted, but had given in, and it had actually saved their life. He cursed himself for not thinking of it, knowing all too well that while his comlink was secure, Nathans most likely was not, and that could have cost them big-time.

    Clicking the speak button down, he answered right back in code, minding that while his link was most likely the secure end, there was no guarantee.*

    "Right, those lead-based polymers are soft as well. Ill see to that broken circuit, probably use some Spacer Tape on it."

    *Which meant that he had understood perfectly, and that the next time they would talk it would be face to face

    Within minutes, he came across the waterfall itself. Despite its height of upwards of 30 feet, the water flow itself was not at all what one would expect, more of a lapping flow than a raging white-water affair. The waterfall itself was terraced unevenly, so that the water flowed from precipice to precipice like an ornate fountain, which reminded him of one on his homeworld of Selonia that he enjoyed going to.

    Despite the somewhat meager trickle of water, there was a large lagoon at the base of the waterfall itself, although it narrowed into a stream which continued into the woods. The Lagoon had a small clearing around it, full of rolling uneven terrain and some scrub bushes around it.

    The trees surrounding this clearing were all very large and unevenly spaced, but the effect was dense cover, made moreso by the crossed and hanging vines, as well as the fallen mossy longs, dense leaf clutter, and other assorted debris one would expect from the jungle.

    Taking stock of the situation, he was running several courses of action in the back of his mind when he came to the waterfall. In the code, Nathan had told him about the cave behind it, and after taking a long hearty drink of the clear water, he stepped on through, not minding the water since he was an avid swimmer through it all, his clothes would wick away the dampness, his weapons worked equally well wet when dry, and the fact that water was nothing compared to some of the things he had been forced into crawling through as a Warrant Officer.

    Setting foot inside the small cave, he heard the rustling of clothing before seeing Nathan hurredly throwing clothes on. Not able to resist, he looked around him jokingly*

    "Ok Nate, where's the Twi'lek?"

    *he didnt laugh, but the screwed-up straight face of his was a giveaway that he enjoyed Nathans hurried remarks*

    "Oh, I am just being my usual "Corellian Jerk-arse" self, as some people have eloquently put it. Hopefully you don't mind getting wet, since we're going to get that way in a second. However, I have to re-pack some items and make a quick fix on the X-45 sniper blaster here. Brief me on what happened when you crashed down until now, anything that you think I should know of."

    *he listened while Nathan gave him the account of his ordeal, letting him describe it in his own words. While he listened, he focused with other senses on the rifle first.
    Aside from a slightly bent trigger which was fixed with the multi-tool, one of the compression coils near the power cell was slightly out of alignment.
    This had happened before to this model, and Max had taken the time to mark its ideal setting, which he rotated it to and locked. A quick priming and the whine of a charge meant the X-45 was now ready to go.

    Valuing his friends insight as well, he picked his brain further.*

    "Alright, you had an easier time than I did, although I gave myself more work to be sure. Now, given that we've stopped here, I guess th
  23. Brute_Force

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    Jul 15, 2008
    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Ossus, Jungle

    "Ok Nate, where's the Twi'lek?"

    Sithspit! It works, damn it! He was going to shout back somewhat frustrated but more amused really. Max stopped him though, proceding to more hands-on matters. And Nathan gladly recited the rather uneventful journey so far, sharing his thoughts and insight where ever he had any. Maxehn was a good listener and did not only take everything in but processed it thoroughly coming with remarks and ideas that furhtered both's reasoning.

    Maxehn was a brilliant tactician when it came down to fights like these. He had been good back in the Order as well but it looked like his time away from the Jedi teachings had truly awakened the soldier in him and tapped at least some of his dormant potential - there was most likely more to be had. When all this was over, Nathan could really see Maxehn in command over a Fighter Wing or maybe even an entire Division. It would relly be interesting to see how Max would develop if given command over Space Units.

    Nathaniel nodded the entire time Maxehn described his layout plan. The only problem would be the escape. Where would they go?
    While "Mad Max" described the remainder of their plan Nathaniel grabbed his strong-blue tunica - a color not ideal for escaping well-trained soldiers in a jungle. "Hmm, needs some re-decoration." he thought and looked back up to Max to let him know he was still listening. Then he walked over to a puddle of thick mud and grovel, engulfed his tunica in it and rubbed it hard and well. When he produced it before himself and Max it had taken on a browner, filthier tone. He did the procedure a few times more to make sure it wouldn't get rinsed of as soon as he exited through the waterfall.

    "Get ready to get wet in a second, but before we do..." Maxehn walked over and took some of Rade's equipment. A frown found its way to Nathan's face immediately - He did see the logic in it and it would make their job a whole lot easier (rather; a whole lot less impossible) but there was a good chance they would be destroyed by Maxehn's detonation and Rade would not be too happy about that fact. He made sure to put on a worried look when Max met his stare again.

    "Trust me, that will be nothing more than the decoy, something to get them looking the wrong way.

    "The end justifies the means." Nathan replied, bringing another smile to his old friend's face. That was something the pair had recited many times during their missions for the Order. Something to justify their brash behaviour with. Their methods may have been a bit... unconventional, but be golly, they had gotten some of the best results in the Order.

    So this was it then. Facing the Illuminai again - this time together with an old friend and kindred Jedi. Nathan wore a serene and content face as the plan became clear. They would strike back. And by the Force, they would reestablish the Order! They were finally getting some headway now, it felt. Even though the situation was dire indeed, it was looking better than ever before.

    "Life? Life... Glane? I have no kriffin idea. Was he aboard the Wave? Didn't he leave the Order, years ago? Huh. Life Glane. I've never actually met that man. No, no he was not in the pod with me. That would've been weird. I'm sorry no. You haven't recieved a comm from him? Well, we will find him. As soon as the Illuminai have detected us we will reach out to him. He'll turn up."

    The pair started for the cave exit again. Nathaniel flung the heavy repeater over his shoulder and grabbed the sniper rifle in his hand. He glanced at it on his way out. He had never been too good with a blaster, and that went for all types, but long range snipers and him got a long well. He could even say he was quite adept with them. Even so, the idea of using a weapon like this again troubled him. They felt unreliable.

    His thoughts went up to Master Radiant and Si'Jin on the Battleship. How in the world would they pull that off? Or maybe they wouldn't. In that case Nat
  24. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    The pandemonium in the hallways was delicious. It was almost too easy. The Illuminai had had to much faith in simple facts, to the point that it was going to cost them dearly.

    Fact one; to their knowledge, a single Jedi was stranded on board a vessel filled with soldiers. Escape would be impossible for one man.

    Fact two; the Illuminai were not evil beings. They were above committing attrocities such as interrogation, but were not at all suffering headaches from hiring normal people to do it for them. Physically speaking they had no role in this, being nowhere near the room when it was taking place. A foul mistake.

    Now the entire ship was rushing to find out why their power had failed. Soon they would discover that the energy capacitor had been overloaded and/or destroyed by means unknown. It would take a while to replace it or get a backup even to get the warning lights back online. However Rade needed to move quickly. Now that he was almost free to move about the vessel he had to take out the ships communications so they couldn't squawk for help.

    He should have time to do that, this was just a power failure, and while it was serious on the ship now, it couldn't possibly be due to the Jedi captive they had on board. He was... after all.. one man.

    Though Rade didn't push his hopes up. While far from completely enlightened to the ways of the universe... the Illuminai were also equally far from stupid. They would dispatch some soldiers to the holding room he had escaped and would inevitably discover the body of the interrogator. And then things would get trickier for Radiant Tide and his companions. Si'jin was free to move about the ship in his disguise but Boom was rather conspicuous and while Rade could hide his presence in the Force, his clothes stuck out rather easily. He was wearing black in a sea of white uniforms and robes.

    But Rade had been a master of stealth before he had been a master in the Jedi Order.

    His eyes flicked around the corridors, trying to look for signs leading to the comm center. He followed a few painted marks and accessed a turbo lift. Lucky for him it was empty when it came down. The main problem with hiding in the Force was that he also had a massive drawback on not being able to feel anyone as well.

    He stepped out on the designated level and walked forward slowly. The corridor was void of life. This troubled Rade slightly. He didn't have anywhere to blend except the darkness. Which wasn't as full as he would have liked. His eyes flicked around quickly, taking in every detail.

    The immediate problem was not finding the comms machinery.. but rather how to destroy it when he got there. He had no weapons but his fists, and the Force of course but the problem was that in using the Force.. he would give away his position prematurely. He could simply shut it down but that was far from permanent, and he needed to take it out as much as possible. He could destroy the wiring, but that could be replaced in time. Well.. it was an idea anyway.

    Rade continued to creep forward slowly, hugging the wall and staying in as complete of darkness as he could find.

    tag ship players.

    ooc: you get the people there and spring your traps, i will take control of the npcs in combat.
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    IC: B-00M
    (moments before the power outage)

    --Movement sensor scanning--

    ... Motion is still being detected. Cycle program.

    --Movement sensor scanning--

    ... Motion is still being detected. Cycle program.

    --Movement sensor scanning--

    ... Motion has stopped. Beginning silent system restoration.

    --Enabling vision and motor systems--

    ... Enabled.


    ... Two life signs detected in immediate vicinity. Expanded scan aborted.

    Boom's internal processes began to take in his surroundings while his chassis remained completely immobile. There were many things surrounding him that one would find in a workshop or Engineering storage- which is where his sensors soon located himself thanks to the uploaded information the Tidal Wave's Jae'dan had supplied him with.

    His mission was crystal clear. He was to silently reactivate from within the Illuminai's ship, disable the vessel's main generator, and rendezvous with Master Tide.

    "Would you look at this thing!? Who in Hutt's name did this thing work for!?"

    His repulsars glowed to life silently as their ion matter overcame the simulated gravity of the ship, lifting Boom's heavy chassis from the ground without a sound louder than a soothing hum. He looked forward towards the two engineers who were examining his detached arm turret.

    "I've never seen so much hardware on a droid." The man spoke again followed by his partner. "Are you kidding me? I haven't seen this much hardware in a military base!" The man tapped the turret with his palm as he spoke the words.

    --Activating Remote Turret System--

    ... Online.

    On command as if nothing had prompted them to do so, 8 metallic legs unclasped themselves from their hidden compartments and lifted the turret from the ground as an acklay would his body and the turret turned towards the men. This startled the men greatly and they each took a couple of steps back, looking at each other.

    Silence filled the room as the spider-legged turret ceased all motion. The two men breathed in unison.

    "You're lucky." The one said to the man who touched the turret moments before. "If that thing would have ripped my face off I would have kriffing killed you."

    --Activating Personal Force Field--

    ... Online.

    With an audible hum, Boom's force field activated, causing the two men to turn abruptly. A fraction of a moment later, a flechette spread fired from the turret behind them and the two watched the area around the droid flicker green a moment before blackness overcame their vision and they slumped to the floor.

    The turret dropped down from the table and creeped its way across the room, climbing up Boom's back and attaching itself there, leaving both of his hands free.

    Boom continued out into the corridor, his feet never touching the ground as he accessed the ships schematic from his internal memory. His repulsars slowed as he came to a doorway he needed to enter. His scanners detected one humanoid sentient within. As the door slid open, he lifted his arm and fired a silent electro-dart into the man's chest, essentially shorting out his nervous system and sending him convulsing to the floor.

    The room opened up into a huge open area with catwalks and a chasm of a tunnel which housed the reactor as far up and down as a sentient's eye could see. After one final scan for life forms, Booms neck made a metallic clank and was lifted off his shoulders. His feet set down on the metal catwalk and the repulsars dimmed. Compartments opened from the backs of what would be his thighs and stabilization legs extended themselves towards the walk, clamping into place as a long and massive blaster barrel extended itself from his neck and took aim on the core. his body glowed blue for a moment as it charged and finally sent a massive Ion burst directly into the core, whirring it to a halt as the lights all around flickered into darkness.
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