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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Radiance, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC:Radiant Tide

    Rade felt a prickle on his neck as he edged the door open.


    Emergency lights finally kicked on and the halls were filled with white light.

    The door swung open as if someone had kicked it open.

    He leaped back from the door in a back hand spring and landed with his fists balled at his sides, ready to take whatever attack came at him.

    "They said you would be coming up here first..."

    Three men with vibroblades stepped out slowly, each of them rather large for Comm techies. The first spoke as the other two fanned out to pin Rade. Rade wanted very badly to simply underestimate them and stand easy but now was not the time. He had a job to do.

    "They huh... I guess my escape was expected then."

    The middleman spoke for the group, seeming the only one capable of rational thought at the moment.

    "Not expected Tide... but not underestimated either."

    Rade made an open handed questioning gesture at them.

    "And they left the three of you here to stop me? That's just insulting."

    This comment angered the left most assailant and caused him to charge forward, dagger out intending to gut Rade where he stood. Radiant simply raised his left hand as if he were letting water trickle from between his fingers. The mans weapon hand soared up in the same fashion, taking the man off guard and completely unawares of Jedi Master Radiant Tide's Phrik encased fist coming at him at lightspeed.

    The resulting impact, simply obliterated the mans face. Bone snapped in his nose and mouth and sent his attacker most effectively out of the fight and bouncing in spirals off the floor, finally sliding to a halt when he hit the far corridor wall.

    The other two attackers' eyes went wide at the display but they didn't back off. The left most one now came at Rade in an overhand slash to his face while the other attacked at the same time in a stabbing move. Speed took over Rade's body as both hands shot out and grabbed the wrists of both men. Iron muscle kept the weapons in place from cutting him. His right leg shot out and went in a ladder motion, kicking one man then the other in quick succession until he reached their heads. The kick pulled them away from him but his grip kept them within his attack. Rade wrenched both of his captured wrists towards him and clacked the two men against each other before flipping between them and ending with a quick jerk downards, flipping both of them to their backs groaning. Rade landed in a low crouch with his hands behind him, hands open.

    It was now that he realized he was being watched.

    He looked over and saw a non standard Illuminai Purification Squad standing before him. The keeper already had his sword out and pegged in front of him in the floor.

    "As expected.. well done Jedi. I appreciate you not killing... ALL.... of the men..."

    Rade stood slowly, anticipation of real battle gripping his stomach. He regarded all of the men standing there. Four swordsman and a Keeper...

    Damn... not good...

    Rade was unarmed for the best description of the word and he had all primary damage dealers of a squad here to kill him. The keeper would have been enough trouble on his own without a weapon.. now though....

    Rade whipped both arms to his sides, palms open and let the Force crash into him like a tsunami. Wind that should not be existent on a ship swirled around him fiercely as the Force permeated his every cell.

    Rade's eyes went wide, ready for battle. But still, he weighed his options. His senses knew everything and what was going on around him. Behind him a turbo lift opened and a few more normal soldiers piled out. Radiant thought quickly as both hands shot behind him and grabbed the men with his power. He wrenched his hands forward and the Force ripped the men down the hallway, flailing and flinging every which way, past Rade and into the crowd of warriors. The Keeper's hand shot out and arrested the motion. The soldiers were suspended in midair and were gently brought back to their feet. By the time the Keeper looked bac
  2. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, lying in wait on Ossuss....

    *He grinned again when Nate had said what he did. He had never fought the Illuminai as they had, but he remembered to tell himself two things: Remember to mind his surroundings as well as his enemies, and that they may be fearsome, but they weren't invincible, and that they could and had to be beaten, here and now.

    Before Nate had left to climb the waterfall, he gave him one last bit of advice*

    "Remember this one thing: They are force sensitive, and if you have malice in your intent toward them, the Force will carry it. So in addition to blending your force signature into the backround, don't think about the shot as it relates to hurting them, think about how to make the shot itself, the process, the advice. It may be enough to mask our intentions. Now go, may the force be with you."

    *He shook his friends hand and grabbed him by the forearm before heading to the side of the lagoon itself. Checking where the tracks they had made were, he circled back until he was roughly 200 meters away from the place where he would set up for his own ambush point. Taking a few stones away from the side of the lagoon itself, he drew more blast tape across a large stone, then set into that a concussion grenade for his launcher on his carbine. This would be one last trap, the one that would initiate the attack. This one had to count, had to injure or kill in a high degree, so he had to control its springing.

    He lifted one tab of the tape and placed a remote electronic arc detonator, which was remotely operated by him, then covered this last trap up as he had found it, with the river rocks, concealing the metal casing from all angles of light.
    This one would be similar to his escape pods trap. The thermal tape would blow rocks into them and start the trigger for the concussion grenade. Once it struck an object, it would detonate, and throw any fragments of anything forcefully in any direction, ideally right into the Illuminai themselves.

    He then took his civilian shirt and tore it into long strips, wrapping it around the barrels of his weapon and coating it with mud then circled back away from the lagoon, using logs and rocks to make his way to the depression with a fallen tree in front of it at the edge of the woods, the point where he intended to strike from.

    The depression was full of debris and other objects that had drifed down from the trees. Using this as cover, he rolled the mud-caked barrel cloth around in it, camouflaging it. Settling into a position where he could see the trap and fire both the launcher and the blaster itself. He took care to push some cover on him as well, knowing no camouflage is perfect.

    Trusting that Nathan had found a good spot to fire from that was concealed and was taking his advice of dampening his force usage, there was nothing left to do but wait...*

    IC: Illuminai hunting party, Ossus

    *Their instructions were clear: Attempt to capture and restrain any Jedi found at the planets surface, but if nesseccary kill them.
    The orders seemed unnessecary to the Keeper, who thought all Jedi must die anyway, and the capture order was another stupid bit of cleric foolishness. No Jedi should be left alive, he thought to himself "because if one is still alive, their blasphemous ways still exist"

    When asked, the Keeper chose to land at the closest Pod to their drop vector, which was Max's pod. Landing about a kilometer away from the escape pod itself, the force was rather sizable for a mere hunt: A full squad of seven troopers plus a Purification Squad, altogether 12 people. The five in the squad alone would be terrifying enough, but this show of force would surely force any Jedi to give in.

    When the hunting party reached the first escape pod, the Keeper nochalontley ordered one of the troopers to inspect the interior, while one of his swordsmen should inspect the exterior.

    The trooper, a Rodian Private named Sabahkan, had barely set foot in the door when the door of the pod itself seemed to vomit forcefully with
  3. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Purification Squad

    The Keeper, regardless of inner calm, was beginning to be agitated. He had already lost a few men and was now down to 6. One normal Trooper, a wounded swordsman and a banged up Priest. The Priest however, was still functioning well for his injuries. A final explosion occurred and took another man with it. Also further injuring his swordsman.

    All the while, the Keeper stood with his arms crossed. Aggitation growing. He tried to find his center when the Jedi popped up from a concealed position yelling obcenities at them. A few blaster bolts came their way and was simply absorbed by the personal shield generators that each member carried. No one went down with the fruitless attack. The Keeper stared after the Jedi.

    "Such a waste of power.... of life.." He spoke these words with a deep sadness. A thought moved across his mind and the squad went after the Jedi. No words were exchanged as they took off. His wounded man leading the way. Their only remaining trooper sprinted to keep up. But he was well conditioned. He didn't have the mind implants that his squad did but he knew what was going on.

    A random blaster bolt seared back and would have killed the soldier, but the Keeper struck his arm out and his shield caught the bolt, dispersing the energy harmlessly. He arrived behind his swordsman, immediately the Priest began building his power to the breaking point.

    The Priest shot out a hand and used the Force to slow the Jedi's limbs, weighing them down to make him slower and vulnerable.

    At the same time, a second swordsman performed a Force aided flip, landing behind the Jedi and already pushing his sword forward to impale the Jedi from behind. The third swordsman began to quickly move around to a flanking position as the Trooper caught up and even though he was winded, took a kneeling firing position and took aim to try and catch the Jedi off guard.

    tag max

    OOC: told ya it wouldnt be easy... ;)
  4. Brute_Force

    Brute_Force Jedi Youngling

    Jul 15, 2008
    IC: Nathaniel Green
    Loc: Ossus, Jungle

    The 25 feet climb was not an obstacle for a Jedi gifted in Aerial Acrobatics as Nathan was. His climb looked more like a series of great jumps. At the initial jump's peak he placed his hands and feet squarely on the flat wall, without finding so much a pinky hold, and, just before gravity took over, pushed away hard. As soon as both his hands and feet left the watery cliff he twisted his torso and faced the opposite side of the wall. He managed to grab hold of a small ledge with his fingertips. They shuddered under the preassure and without the Force he surely would have fallen. He crunched his body and brought his feet up as close to his chin as he could witout loosing his grip. He paused there for a second and prepared. Then he rasied his feet up the remaining foot getting hold of the ledge he held with his hands. He lost his grip and started to fall back down on his back. Now he paused to get his body in the right angle, then pushed away as hard as he could, straightening his legs. The result was a 9 feet backflip bringing him up to the top of the climb.

    He gazed down for but a second to make sure his miniscule Force alterations had been covered by the general Force emminations of this place. And to see how Maxehn wold set his traps...

    He paced around up there for a minute, working over the angles, possibilities and outcomes. The high ground ended in a small peak from which the water tumbled down. The remaining edge of the hill crept along the lagoon resulting in the possibility to completely surround your enemies in an ambush. It was almost impossible to do though, when you were only two.

    Ultimately, Nathaniel selected a position on the right-hand side of the lagoon, aligning his line of fire to grant perfect access to their right flank. Plus he would have an easier descent when he decided to circle around the densest vegetation to flank them once Maxehn had selected a suitable stand-off ground.

    The vegetation on his position consisted mainly of some sort of large palm trees stretching up well over a hundred feet with lianas, leaves and branches offering almost 7/10:ths protection. On the ground was large, multicoloured bushes, reaching up to almost 7 feet. Nathan tore of some branches and tied them around his head, face and arms. His black, chocolate-coloured skin was not blending in perfectly with the bright-green background... With his camoflauge as good as he could make it he dug into one of the thickest bushes, the only thing seen being the tip of his pipe. There he lay.

    After perhaps half an hour after the distant explosions from Max's pod he felt the Force grow denser. He remembered Maxehn's and Radiant's advice and threw away all those sensations. Nathaniel had grown a deep connection with the Force during his previous years and so disregarding it completely was impossible. He was confident, however, that his presence would indubitably be masked behind the general emmination of the lively forest and its critters.

    The squad was large. Larger than he had expected. He squinted his eyes to further minimize the chance of getting caught as well as to block out the rays of the sunset. The blazing, orange sun - Adega Prime filled the sky in a glorious array of warm colours as it slowly descended below the horizon, bathing the entire secenery in a spectacular, fiery, orange glow. Its rays reflected marvelously of the lagoon and the dew-filled leaves of the misty forest resulting in a breath-taking light-play. The next explosion went off and took down another set of soldiers and injured a pair of the Illuminai. The explosion set loose a series or rocks lying by the hill-side of the waterfall and Nathaniel was just about to reach out and give them slight little nudge they needed to crush the remainder of the troops, before he stopped himself. Max set into motion yelling, waving and blasting away simply in the general direction of the enemy group. His shots did some damage among the normal solders but did little to slow down the Pu
  5. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, Ossus Jungle

    *When Max felt his limbs grow leaden, he recognized that trick immediately, and had the counter.
    Since one of his early missions involved the Dark Jedi themselves, they had pulled that trick on him, and while it had been alarming at first, by sheer luck he had found the answer: channeling the Force elsewhere.

    Dropping his battle precognition, he instead directed it to his own aura, creating a slight interference that allowed him to move normally, and hopefully would backlash into the Priest as well and give him one large bad headache.

    Despite his shutting down of his precognitive abilities, he was not totally defensless. As people had observed, his natural senses themselves were enhanced by the force, something he actively worked on after the Dark Jedi mission.
    When he used the force to reach into his body and become more, he could see clearer, farther, more detailed, and possibly into different wavelengths.
    He could hear the neurons in a persons muscle fire as they readied themselves to act, hear individuals coming around the hall and what they were talking about.
    He could feel the very air itself being displaced by even a passing fly, or vibration from footfalls and impacts that were miles away, and be able to tell what caused them and why.
    He could taste and smell scents and particles on the wind, being able to determine how much of something was present and what it came from.

    It was a self-honed ability that he had kept to himself, lest the Jedi Masters discourage him, and only confided in a now deceased friend and fellow Knight from the old Order, and his thought that if the Force could do this with a Jedi, perhaps those who were blind lame or deaf could be healed this way. However, unbeknownst to him, he had spoken with the Jedi Masters mere days before the great purge, telling them of Max's discovery, and his theory on how it could be applied, imploring that the masters to
    "Encourage him to continue along this avenue of research. He intends to bring healing and peace to the galaxy in his own way, and is that not what the calling of a Jedi is?"

    While the words may have been lost to history, Max had only refined and practiced this technique, and it had become an integral part of him.
    It was this that allowed him to be aware of his surroundings and the Illuminai movements despite his precognition being turned off, which he hoped would render his intentions and movements at least less clear to the aggressors.

    Even before he submerged his battle precognition and used the surplus to interefere with the Priests own waves, he knew of the swordsman behind him and flanking him.
    When he turned it off, he suddenly realized their biggest flaw: They were traditionalists. Rather than use energy-based technology, they relied on things such as physical swords, shackles, and whips. Things that could be grabbed by the force, easily sensed, and very clumsy when thrown off balance.

    The Vibro-sword behind him hummed and sang, and the air displaced before it felt like a jet of lukewarm air.

    Moving out of instinct and technique, Max re-holstered his lightsabers and reversed his direction again by forcefully kicking the swordsman in front of him in the face with both feet, twisting his body to become perpendicular to the sword itself as well as dodging the blaster bolt, which he had heard a fraction of a second before sizzling through the air.
    When he got up close to the Swordsman, he simultaniously grabbed the arm that was holding the sword at the wrist and jerked forward, pulling the swordsman off balance. When he was at the correct distance, Max snapped a stiff vicious elbow that Radiant Tide would have been proud of into the swordsmans ribs, right where his lungs ran closest to the ribcage itself. Even before he had begun to throw the elbow, the two were dropping back to the forest floor, eventually landing.

    Then he came back up, and moved his arm from elbowing to placing it in the crook of his armpit, using it as a fulcrum. Simultaneously, he violently snapped hi
  6. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: I think we are all taking for granted the strength of these guys.. here.. let me show you

    IC: Keeper

    The Keeper had had enough. The ineptitude of his relatively new squad was overwhelming. Three trained swordsmen should be more than enough for a single Jedi. And they even had a Priest applying Force Affliction to the man and still.. nothing.

    Growing weary of these games, the Keeper removed his giant bastard sword and stabbed it quickly into the ground before stripping off his outer tunic. His bare chest revealed 24 neat, cut abs. The muscles on his arms the size of melons. He slid the holster back on his skin and strapped his sword back in as he saw the Jedi break the wrist of one of his swordsman.

    The Keeper simple shook his head in disgust.. they would have to be retrained after this ordeal. So that they could become closer to the light.

    The Keeper began walking at a brisk pace as the dropped blade came rocketing towards him. Without breaking pace his left hand shot out and casually snatched the blade out of midair, his hand engulfing the steel portion of it, and flipped it back hilt first to the waiting swordsman. Who took it with his remaining good hand. At this point the Keepers senses picked up the Jedi flying at his Priest. This.. he could not allow. His whip was in his hand instantly. The cord flying out and wrapping its barbed length around the Jedi's arms, pulling them closed together. Force Lightning coursed down the length and gave a quick jolt to the Jedi, causing him to lose grip of his weapons.

    The Keeper wrenched his arm and pulled the Jedi flying towards him in a spiral. The Keepers hand flung out and caught the man by the face with a slap, easily engulfing his head. A battle roar escaped the Keeper as he used the Force to sprint through the jungle before him, smashing the Jedi through the tree's like he was a rag doll. The trees broke as if they were mere twigs under the pressure. Finally the Keeper threw the Jedi down hard, releasing his head and letting the mans body fly to the ground with enough force to skip off of it. But the Keeper wasn't done....

    As Max skipped off the ground the first time, the Keeper grabbed his ankle and swung him around twice, the first revolution breaking yet another tree and sending the husk into the air. The second time around Max was sent through the same falling tree, splintering it again and went soaring at breakneck speed back into the midst of the waiting Swordsmen.

    The Keeper let out a steady breath and began to walk forward. His huge bastard sword unclasped itself and floated to his hand as he walked back.

    tag ground team.

    OOC: That ... is how strong the keeper is. I absolutely cannot stress enough that this is Force Unleashed. The tree breaking probably wouldn't have a terrible effect on max, save compressing a few organs and producing a little blood. its more a demoralizing attack.
  7. Brute_Force

    Brute_Force Jedi Youngling

    Jul 15, 2008
    Nathaniel Green
    Ossus, Jungle...

    The fight had taken him deep into the Jungle. He still kept his bearings as to where he was and how to easiest get to the real battle. He ducked as another powerful swing came in. He felt the rush of air above him from the close cut. Lianas, bark and leaves flew widely in the air. He took another step backwards to put some more distance between himself and his foe. Levelling his saber in a defensive stance he focused his mind and prepared to counter.

    The Modrol roared in defiance as its prey dodged another swing from its mighty claws. The species was native on Port Haven, another Jungle planet in a system far from here. It had been occasionally seen on other Jungle planets, though.
    It stood up straight, well above 8 feet with thick, bright fur and had hair-like tendris covering its snake-like head. It had thick claws easily able to tear through a tree. And its middle talons were elongated, resembling swords.
    Nathaniel skipped in and made a slight cut to further its rage. It barelled on, seeking to skewer its prey on its right-hand talon. This was the kind of attack the Jedi was waiting for. He nimbly dodged to his left and, with astonoshin speed, slized the beast in two.
    The fight was far from over though. This was Nathaniel's fourth kill and the beasts just kept on coming.
    The next contestant stood, staring at Nathan with its dead, venomous eyes, two strides away. Nathaniel paused for a second and then reached into himself...

    Darth Nek'Toar had developed a technique to amass the Force into an impressive push but, utilizing his passion and rage, he had been able to hold it back and channel it into very small preassure points. This could be used as hits or even stabs, if executed correctly. Darth Nek'Toar had been able to strike down Capital Ships using his frightening power. Nathaniel had, on his own, discovered this ability. During training he had seen a glitch in his sparring partner's defense. But, unable to reach it in time, he had visualized himself punching his opponent. The thought had taken its own form and the punch had been delivered from an unseen striker. Exploring this further, Nathaniel had realised that he could restrain a Force alteration into a very small bottle-neck, enabling him to utilize it as punches or even stabs. He had furthered this technique during the time after the fall of the Order and had grown quiet adept at it.

    Drawing strength from his surroundings and pulling the Force from the very forest itself, he pulled his hands together initiating a massive Force push. As he felt the energies bristle within him he released it at the puzzled creature, focusing it all on one small area on its chest. The air between them seemed to warp as the immensly dense alteration burst into the poor thing, killing it instantly.

    As two more Modrols crept into the area Nathan grew frustrated. He could feel Max through the Force - he needed him. As powerful and skilled as his friend was he could not survive against the force that faced him. He felt pain rippling like a fissure through the Force, coming from Maxehn's direction. Modrols be damned! Frustration grew further within him. The [hl=red]Dark Side[/hl] compelled him to give in. He could not - should not... But... what if he used it just now? For a good cause? Just the idea of possibly giving in raised his anger immensly. He knew not why. Perhaps it was the Dark Side's response at his doubt. He stopped thinking about it then when the fury got overwhelming! His entire body was cramping. His breath coming in short, forced bursts. Grunts even. His eyes flashed, reflecting the unquenchable passion within him. If this was the Dark Side taking over, then so be it! He was stronger than it, anyway! He would use it now to beat these pathetic animals and be on his way. How dare they stand in his way!?

    A growl escaped his clenched teeth as he charged the petty thing. It rasied its paws to meet his charge but just before coll
  8. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, fighting in the valley on Ossus

    *Maxehn had underestimated his opponent based on what the swordsmen had been beaten by, and gone for probably the worst ride in his life because of it. The whip and the force-lightning were bad enough, the slamming through the trees was even worse (which he estimated at about a dozen or so), and despite his best efforts, he was not able to cushion either landing. His body armor had taken the brunt of the biggest hits, but he still felt banged up, and when he coughed, a scarlet mist was readily available.

    To make matters worse, the beating had broken down whatever resistance he had to force affliction, and it was making his current task of avoiding the three swinging blades of the swordsmen while keeping that Keepers position noted.
    He had been tempted to let the fury and the rage that was screaming for attention be released, to guide his actions, but it would not. He heard a voice in his own head, it was what he called "the Watchman", a little reminder to himself that he always knew better. This time it told him,

    "Oh come on, a little spanking and you're contemplating trying out a force crush on his head? You TRAINED for this sort of thing, you trained against twelve and thirteen other people for this sort of situation. A little sickness and some big monkey is NOTHING for you. Get over it, knock these goons down, and make him realize that not all Jedi are the same! Now get up...."

    And with that, Max saw an opening. One of the swordsmen tried a downward stroke instead of a stab. Fighting off nausea pain and dizziness, Max rolled and grabbed onto the swordsman's wrist, thrusting himself forward. When the swordsman yelled, he realized that this was the one who's wrist he had broken earlier, and was about have an even worse day.

    Max kicked out forcefully while he was on the ground, driving both of his feet into the swordsman's knees. The result shattered the joints completely, throwing the goon completely off balance and loosening his grip on the sword once more, giving it to Max.

    He rolled through, sprung to his feet, and with a neat cross-slice beheaded the swordsman. No malice, no rage, just an opening and an attack.

    Waisting no time, he was about to go for the other two swordsman when he heard the ruckus behind him. Checking what was going on, he saw Nathan spinning like a razor-ball through the trees, which was amazing enough in and of itself, but when he gutted the one swordsman, that was even more impressive.. He realized that the growling, the ambiant energy, the crater, it was all part of Nathans animalistic connection to the force he sometimes felt, and it was a greater weapon than these fools could have imagined.

    With the swordsman off-balance from Nathans shockwaves, Max took the moment and thrust at him with the monster sword he had, while it didnt work, it did cause the swordsman to retreat quickly, and he noticed that even the keeper had stopped his advance, although that murderous bastard sword was still in his paw.
    However, he also noticed the Keeper had either forgotten or was too arrogant to learn another thing about actual combat, something that Max intended to make him pay for.*

    "Sorry I'm late. I got held up."

    *The voice was Nathans, but different, not sinister or angry, but hungry...*

    "Its ok, Im still alive and in the fight. Now, do you see that little monkey with his arm out just over there? Hes next to fall. Cover my back while I go deal with him. Oh and that animal thats raging, let it loose, let them feel it."

    *With that, he turned his attention back to the keeper*

    "Hey, ugly, you hit like a nemoidian."

    *and with that, despite his growing affected state by Force Affliction, Max found the willpower and the resolve from some fiber of his being to reach out with the force, grab two boulders the size of hover trucks, and brought them together as hard as he could muster, with the Keeper in between. The Illuminai had not realized or taken into account their terrain, a
  9. ceowyn

    ceowyn Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2008
    IC: Si' Jin

    Si' Jin waited a few minutes, letting his head rest and clear. He planned in his mind the steps that he needed to take in order to get his job done.

    First he had to break out of being sick. He waited for the nurse to walk back in, and when she did she looked worried. She strode over to the bed and knelt beside the old jedi. Taking his hand in hers, she looked into his eyes. "I know who you are."

    It was a statement of fact. He knew she was not lying. He only sensed the truth in her. He looked at her face sizing her up and trying to remember if he had ever met this women when he was on the council. Her faced remained a mystery though. Try as he might he had never met this woman before today.

    "How can this be?" Si' Jin asked.

    "I am part of a faction of a larger order that wishes to see the Illuminai in graves. I have seen your picture in the records of the order. You are Master Si' Jin."

    Jin looked her over. Sitting up he gripped her hand tighter and stood. He wanted to grab her and get her out of her as quickly as he could. she was not safe being among the Illuminai. If just one of the priests probed her feelings he would know her true intent among them.

    Just then everything went black. Seconds later the backup lights came on, and they both looked around perplexed. I see Boom is already at it. He told himself. I guess I had better keep up my end of the bargain.

    Looking back at the young nurse, he said, "We have to get out of here now. We are going to bring this ship down, and you do not want to be here for that."

    "I agree" she replied, "lets get o......"

    Jin looked at her waiting for her to finish what she was saying. Looking down he saw a blade sticking out of her stomach, and a low laugh behind her. Gazing stunned, he then noticed an interrogator standing behind her holding the opposite end of the sword sticking through the nurses stomach.

    "That's what we do to traitors around here" the interrogator whispered in the nurses ear. He then tossed her aside, the blade sliding free from her almost lifeless form.

    Time seemed to slow down for Si 'Jin at that moment. He watched helplessly as the body of the beautiful nurse fell to the cold metal floor. His pulse slowed, and he could hear the rhythmic beat of his heart pounding in his ears. With the nurse out of the way the interrogator came at Jin. He watched as the man lifted his sword already stained with the blood of the nurse high into the air, readying to strike down. The blade came closer and Si'jin still had not moved.

    It started in him slowly, like a spark igniting something deep inside him. It grew quickly and heated its way into the old Jedi's heart. He gave way to this feeling and narrowed his eyes at the man before him. There was no thought, only action. With only a few more inches to reach his mark, the Interrogator was suddenly blown back and through the doorway. The force of the blast crushing most of the bones in his body before stopping limp in the hall.

    He then looked back down at the fallen nurse. Her eyes were open and she unsteadily reached something into Si' Jin's hand. They had one more look before her eyes glazed over and the light in them was forever burnt out.

    He did not hesitate or pause to reflect on the situation. He stood and let the anger take him. Anger had not entered him since he was a boy, and he had let his temper go to a stronger Jedi who was bullying him. After almost killing the boy that day, his master told him to put his feelings of anger aside. To lock them up and to never let them out. Always think things through he had said. Anger was a path to the dark side.

    He forgot his teachings this day and broke the lock on his temper. He lost all reason and judgment, and was acting only out of instinct and border line hate. He stepped out the door then and headed towards the tractor beam. Nothing would get in his way.

    TAG: Any
  10. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    IC: Boom

    --Microfiber Beacon Signal Tracker Online--

    ... Beacon Signal located at -30, 2, -327 meters from current location.

    Boom looked down into the blackness of the chasm, pinpointing Master Tide's location and without a pause, lept over the railing and began to drop.

    --Estimating time until target reached--

    ... Complete.

    He fell downwards, his internal computer ticking away the few short seconds before his programing would react. When the lights went out, his sensors had automatically switched to his night vision and below him, the tiny dots of his targets began to grow.


    Boom fired up his repulsars to full as his heavy metallic body came crashing down on the Keeper below. The weight of his body and the added thrust of the repulsars violently pushed the man downwards, denting the catwalk and snapping his spine like a twig. The swordsmen, startled at the sudden appearance and the audible snap of their squad leader's back, looked at each other for a moment as Boom's repulsars cut and he landed with hardly a sound.

    Behind him stood his primary objective, alive and well, but unarmed. A small panel opened on his back and two lightsaber hilts sprung out from his chassis, waiting for Rade to remove them.

    "Greetings once again, Master Tide." Boom said, not looking back. "And it is a pleasure to meet you four as well, but I am afraid my programmed logic and mission objectives state that I must destroy you should you threaten the life of my master, Radiant. I am terribly sorry."

    "Are you ready to depart, Master?" Boom concluded and anticipated the question didn't need to await an answer. His left arm shot up and spewed a massive torrent of flames towards the four swordsmen standing on the narrow catwalk before them.

    Tag Radiant
  11. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    He was outnumbered, physically unarmed... and cornered into blackness where if he fell.. it would surely mean death. Force or no Force, you don't survive a fall into the reactor core of a star cruiser.

    The Keeper drew his huge sword, bypassing the whip altogether at close range. He was about business. Rade's hands went up in his martial defense. His senses roared as he felt something heavy and metallic hurling at high speeds from above. He had just enough time to look up as Boom came tearing from above and folded the surprised Keeper backwards like an old lawn chair.

    "Greetings once again, Master Tide." Boom said, not looking back. "And it is a pleasure to meet you four as well, but I am afraid my programmed logic and mission objectives state that I must destroy you should you threaten the life of my master, Radiant. I am terribly sorry."

    Rade looked over from behind Boom's shoulder at the quickly deceased Keeper. His hands absently reaching for the twin lightsabers and the low hanging belt that he had given to Boom earlier before capture.

    Xephron Tide had always made sure that his ship, the Tidal Wave, was always fully stocked with weaponry and supplies for lightsabers and energy weapons. The secondary blade that Boom extended to him now had been his father's old back up lightsaber, always hidden and ready to go aboard the Wave in case something happened. Rade snapped it onto his upper left thigh, where the belt hook came to bear on his harness.

    "Are you ready to depart, Master?"

    Radiant stepped to the side of Boom and nodded his affirmative as the Swordsmen before him exchanged uncertain glances between their mirrored faces. The tide had just turned against them. Though they still outnumbered the two here... their greatest asset in battle... the Keeper, was now dead and useless.

    Their senses were not however.. dull. When Boom extended his arm they were already moving out of the way in opposite directions. The two swordsman on the left, leaped out of the range of the flames, both over top of Boom's head and coming at Rade directly. The other two were not that fast. Both of them were instantly cooked by the extreme fire.

    When Boom had squashed the Keeper, it had driven his sword into the deck and pinned it there. Rade acted fast and used the force to yank the huge blade free and send it soaring at high speeds into the ceiling. Unfortunately where the second swordsman was passing directly in front of it on his decent from the leap and took the huge wide blade square in the chest and pinning him to the ceiling.

    The second warrior landed and immediately swung his steel blade at Rade. His crimson lightsaber longblade sprang to life in the nick of time, intercepting the blade in a reversed grip and batting it wide as he spun on his heel. In the spin, Rade wedged the hilt between his thumb and bottom knuckle of his index finger while he gathered the Force to his palms. He ended the spin with his back slightly hunched forward, his knees bent and his lightsaber out to the side. Both of his hands directly at the off balance man. He sent a huge Force blast at his chest and sent the Swordsman screaming into the black abyss below.

    Rade powered down his lightsaber and patted Boom on the mechanical shoulder as he moved back towards the lift.

    "Right on time as usual Boom. I micron later and I would have been toast.. Come on.. we have to find Si'Jin and get the hell out of here.. Matter of fact. I need you to go and secure the hangar with the Wave in it. Get her online and link up with Jae'den We are going to have to punch out quick. I'll get Si'Jin and meet you there."

    Rade stepped into the lift and searched his weapon harness. He had a small data viewer stashed in a tiny holster. It had the technical readout of the vessel as provided by Si'Jin earlier.

    He noted where the tractor beam generator was and figured that that would be Si's first stop.

    Rade needed to hurry though.... he felt like something was wrong with Si'Jin and didn't want it to get in the way
  12. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Keeper

    The boulders came at him quickly. The Keeper Force leaped out of the way quickly. Almost sighing at the lack of challenge...

    But then his expression turned to anger as he realized his mistake. His hand whipped back and tore back forward as the whip lanced across the empty space. But it was too late... The vine whip went and wrapped around the Priest's neck and cut into his flesh.

    The Keeper narrowed his eyes as Max ended his priest. Now there was just the Keeper, and two swordsmen.

    Before he hit the ground, the Keeper focused his attention solely on Maxhen. His mind grabbed both boulders that had been sent to crush him originally. He flung both at Max with all his might.

    His feet hit the ground and he let out his war cry again, bastard sword cutting a wedge through the air at Max as he ran forward.

    tag ground team
  13. ceowyn

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    Jul 24, 2008
    IC:Si' Jin

    The backup lights flashed. People ran from station to station. The ship was at full alert and the red alarm lights gave off an ominous glow. Si' Jin strode down the corridor barely conscious of his own actions. The anger swelled inside him. He was no longer the person he was when he came aboard the vessel.

    A soldier approached him from behind, thinking that he was a Priest. He cut in front of Si' Jin, and started to speak. "Sir, what is go...." Those were the only words the soldier could get out. Si' Jin reached out with his hand, gripping the soldier by his neck and slamming him into the corridor wall. The man's neck snapped instantly and Jin let his lifeless body slump to the floor.

    Other soldiers walking down the hall saw the whole encounter and raced to engage Jin. Pulling their blasters, they began unloading into the Jedi master. A round hit him in the shoulder turning him around to face the new threat. The blast did nothing to slow him though and he was not even aware that he had been wounded. The anger exploded inside him. With one wave of his hand the blasters detached themselves from their owners and smashed to pieces against the wall. With another wave, the soldiers met the same fate.

    Another soldier behind him now radioed for help and ran down the hall. Turning to the man Si' Jin reached out and tore some piping from the ceiling and launched it at the retreating man. The pipe caught him behind his knees felling him to his face. With another flick of his wrist, a portion of the ceiling ripped from its perch and crushed the soldier.

    Si' Jin continued walking the anger building itself into a crescendo. His eyes turned the deepest black, and an energy built around him lifting him till he was just barely gliding along the floor on his tiptoes. The hall began to shake and loose objects began to rise and start spinning around Si' Jin. He was totally consumed by the anger inside him, only a shell of his former self.

    As he glided along, men ran in front of him, only to be struck down by an object thrown by Jin. Nothing seemed to be able to stand in his way. Anger tore through him and he focused that anger on anything that moved. He did not discriminate between those running away and those trying to stand in his way. Everyone that came into his sight was destroyed.

    He was almost to the tractor beam generator, when a squad stepped into his path. The keeper stood in the back with the priest and the 3 swordsman unsteadily stood their ground, not sure what to think of the man dressed in priests robes hovering inches above the floor in front of them. Si' Jin narrowed his eyes at the new threat and sent a barrage of objects sailing at the squad.

    At least 25 objects flew at the men, and suddenly the squad was on the defensive. The priest and the keeper stood patiently dodging objects and using the force to protect the rest of the squad. But too many objects where hurled their way. One swordsman was hit directly in the head with an entire console unit. He sank to the floor dead.

    The other two swordsman, seeing that their ally had fallen, rushed the old master. The priest put up a shield around the two, diverting all debris so that the swordsman could reach the mark. As they got closer, Jin's lightsaber jumped to his hands and ignited.

    The swordsman engaged Si' Jin, and a fierce battle ensued. Objects still flung themselves around, distracting the swordsman on occasion. A few hit the mark on one of the swordsman, the priest not being able to deflect so many things at once. The crippled the man and he lost his grip on his sword. Seeing an opportunity to strike, Si' Jin connected his saber with that of the other swordsman, and then kicked the man in the ribs knocking him back. Turning, Si' Jin cut down with his saber at the fallen swordsman and cut clean through his torso.

    The other swordsman regained his composure and lunged back at Si' Jin. Within moments, the swordsman had the upper hand, and knocked Jin's saber from his hands.

    Si' Jin cried out in rage. A vein in
  14. Brute_Force

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    Jul 15, 2008
    Nathaniel Green
    Ossus, Jungle...

    Sparks blazed the battlefield as Nathan's lightsaber connected with the over-sized broad sword. He used his body as a counterweight to put more power into the parry as well as skid to the side for his counter...
    The Swordsman was off-balance, still stumbling from Nathaniel forceful parry. In the blink of an eye, Nathan was to the side of the Swordsman - faster than any of the trio could follow. He started of with a knee in the side then used his free hand to punch him in the face, furthering his stumble. Lastly, he followed up with a Force Push. The Swordsman stumbled three steps before he fell to his knee. Nathan was upon him like a mountain cat on its prey. He had not consciously made the move but the burning hunger within him had... Nathaniel realised that he couldn't stop himself. Even if he tried.

    The other swordsman was upon him in an instant, taking advantage of Nathaniel's brief pause of introvertness he kicked him in the chin with a primal growl. The Force of the hit sent Nate flying three meters away hitting the ground hard. His eyes flickered... The sounds and sights came to him in blurry forms. He tried desperately to get his focus back but he could not. A fuzzy form walked up to him, sword lowered. Nate shut his eyes for a moment then looked up again, now with a better view. The Swordsman had raised his sword over his head - poised to kill Nathan in a sacrifical manner. As he got a better sense of his surroundings he felt his lightsaber was gone. The sword came down and he rolled to his left in the last moment. In the middle of the roll he shoved away with the Force and continued the spin in the air. He landed nimbly two strides from his opponent, dropping into a defensive, un-armed battle position. The swordsman smirked at him, thinking this would be an easy kill.

    "Foolish Jedi!" he barked as he closed in on Nate. "If you love the Galaxy as much as you claim, why then don't you just lay down and die!? We are much more fit to rule than your Council ever was!! We are ENLIGHTENED!!"

    His mockery became a battle cry as he charged Nathan. The Sword came in in a low, diagonal cut, aimed for his hip. Nathan dived over the sword coming in to a roll as soon as he had cleared the weapon. Half-way through the flip he kicked out - his leg connecting solidly with the Swordsman's temple. The Force roared within him like a stormy ocean, sending wave after wave, assaulting his conscious mind. Wearing him down, little by little...
    Little by little the beast within took over.
    Little by little, he lost sense of his surroundings and relied more and more on instinct.
    Little by little, he became one with the Force - in such a primal way that it frightened him. "Let is loose", Max said. There was no stopping it, rather, Nathaniel observed remorsefully whilst watching the Swordsman fly like a ragdoll from his kick.

    Upon landing he gave a quick glance around for his weapon. But before he managed to find it, his passion and lust for retaliation took over. He leaped up at the tree next to him, enhancing his leap by running along the trunk. When he had reached about 20 feet he pushed out. The trunk shattered under the force and chunks of wood were strewn over the small arena.

    He rolled in the air to regain his balance and control during the brief descent. His body trembled under the Force that was pulsating within him. Let it out! He bore down on the Swordssman that was just regaining his footing, punching down with both fists.

    A roar echoed through the forest sending flocks of birds scurrying away in fear.
    It had come from Nathan's lips. But it was not his.

    TAG: Remaining Swordsman, Keeper, Maxehn, general GM:ing

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    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: Alright. I think we are all getting a little confused and off base here.

    I need to make a few points to clarify things.

    1:Swordsman wear helmets with blast shields.(Resembles futuristic motorcycle helmets)
    2:Swordsman wield normal length and sized katana swords, resembling samurai blades. only the Keepers have the broad swords the size of men.
    3:Swordsman rarely talk, if ever. The Keeper is the squad leader and makes decisions for them all, IE when to talk and when not to.
    4:The Illuminai do not taunt. The speak calmly and confidently. Sometimes with remorse towards battle. They are light siders, just like the Jedi but with extremes in their views. Which is why the hunt the jedi, due to their difference in views.
    5:Lightsaber battles will NEVER... produce blood and gore. Wounds dealt by a lightsaber are immediately cauterized, leaving little to no blood at all. They are neat, and clean.
    6:Lightsabers do not give off heat.
    7:Swordsman do not carry vibro weapons.
    8: And most importantly. These forums operate off of a strict pg-13 content margin. please respect and obey this so that we can continue to operate the game on good standards.


  16. Imperial_Hammer

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    [hl=black]Moderator's OOG:[/hl]

    Alright folks, listen up. I just completed a massive cleanup in this game when it comes to your battle sequence. As you may be realizing from my edits, they were waaaaay too gory.

    Now don't get me wrong, the writing was wonderful. Very rich in details and the like. BUT it was way too adult. Bear in mind people, that there can be 13 year olds reading your posts. Some of the detailing I saw here was not appropriate for that age group. This is a family friendly site. PG/PG-13 only please.

    Normally what I've seen here would be ban-worthy, automatically. But since you all are new writers, and I haven't mentioned this to this particular group before, I am giving you this one and only warning. If you have 2 or more edits, next time I have to gore-edit you, its a ban. If you have only one edit, the mod team may be a little more generous.

    If you have any questions, I urge you to PM me about it to discuss. Also, I am always happy to pre-read your posts if you think it might be questionable. Saintheart or myself would be happy to let you know if your post is TOS appropriate.

    Finally, there were some language edits also in my little sweep. All players here are urged to refresh themselves as to the official list of disallowed words on this forum. Multiple language edits will also result in disciplinary action.

    Sorry to have to post this, please continue with your game, and direct all questions to PM.

  17. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    OOC: Point taken and internalized imp-ham! Anywho...

    IC: Max, Ossus jungle valley/battlefield.

    *Max was nearly surprised that his ruse and his improvised weaponry had worked, but not too much. He had made it his business as a soldier and a Jedi to use whatever he could to bring an enemy down.

    Even as he had dispatched the Priest and felt the affliction on his body lift, he knew that the Keeper most likely would not be far behind, and his suspicions were confirmed when he heard, felt and sensed the boulders lift and fly in his direction, and the subsequent bellow from the Keeper.

    Doing a quick estimate in his head as to how close he would have to time his next maneuver, Max opened the case on his leg and grabbed the two Blast Bugs. Knowing that even though the Illuminai were adept light-siders, as far as he knew they never encountered the Yuuzhon Vong, and therefore most likely didnt know about their force-dead bio-technology.
    However, he didn't develop the Vong-sense that the previous generations had, which would make this next move just as hazardous to him and Nathan as well as the keeper and the Jedi.

    "Still, no risk, no reward. Just hope this doesn't screw me up too badly.." He thought to himself.

    Holding the sword that he had taken from one of the swordsmen earlier, he jinked sideways and slashed diagonally while turning around, cleaving the boulder and sending both halves caroming off into the forest. As soon as the second boulder was cleaved, he let go of the blade and discarding it like it was a useless item of field gear, and took a look at his incoming quarry.

    It was then he realized that his reliance on his Force-augmented senses had not fully prepared him, and the Keeper was closing quite a bit faster than he had estimated. His blade was cocked inwards, in position to come down at a diagonal slice intended to leave him no room for error if he decided to perform what he was about to do any closer than what he had planned to do.

    "Shut up, don't think about it, don't get mad, react." His internal watchman said to himself. He was right of course; the closure rate didn't matter, it just hurried up his movements. By this point he had a sardonic half-smirk on his face. He was beyond hurling insults, but the trickery was going to continue, albeit this time it would be cutting it close.

    The Keeper had closed to 20 feet before Max reacted. He opted not to move with a Force-assisted leap which would telegraph his intent, and wasn't nearly forceful or quick enough to accomplish what he had in mind.
    Instead, he channeled the move into a massive Push against the ground, throwing him forcefully at a near right angle away from the Keeper at high speeds.
    At the same time, he brought his left arm down, flinging the Blast Bugs down in the rough general area where he previously occupied. The only way Max could tell they had been used was that he felt and saw himself throw them, holding true to previous stories of Vong bio-technology being invisible to force-sensitives who were untrained in their nature.

    The resulting blast would have made heavy weapons, combat engineers, and demolitions crews proud. The twin Blast Bugs exploded with a sound and fury that dwarfed his previous efforts. Max quickly lost all track of the Keeper in an enormous gout of greasy orange-yellow flame, bulbous, angry, and fast-moving. The shock waves picked up errant debris and flung them with such violent force that even his vision in this state had trouble tracking some objects. While still in the air, Max felt the pressure wave push him slightly, spewing debris around him in a blinding cloud.
    Suddenly a blur flew past his face, and he felt a slight sting on his cheek.

    However, he barely registered, because somehow, fate had shined on him. Despite the force of the blast and the subsequent firestorm and shockwaves, his lightsabers had survived somehow, and were seemingly hanging in space in front of him, albeit in the path of a rather large jagged and fast-moving log. Quickly pulling them in with the F
  18. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade felt the Force boiled over the seems of this ship. It was almost too powerful for anyone but the man he felt it could be emanating from. Something was wrong with Master Si'Jin and he had to get there fast before the Master tore the entire ship apart with them still in it.

    He sprinted down he hallways, always a blur to anyone who counted. The air was like streaks to him, flashing by his body. The wind he generated was causing objects to be hurled around behind him as he sped by. He had one other thing he needed to do however before he could get to Si'Jin. Rade pulled out the thumb sized hacker droid that his father had created years before and clutched it in his palm tightly. He passed a room filled with computers and skidded to a halt. There had to be a data jack in there somewhere.

    He strode in confidently and only when the technicians inside saw him and began to rise, did he even take notice of them. One of them tore a knife from his boot. A spindly little blade that looked more like a paper cutter than anything deadly. Rade simply waved his free hand in an arc to the room and pushed his mind into theirs.

    "None of that now, go to sleep."

    All three men fell into a deep slumber as Rade walked in. His eyes searched until they found what he was looking for. A small port that his little droid could connect into. He plugged in his old friend and waited for power to return to his circuits. A small screen on the thumb sized hacker activated and a small smiley face appeared. It let out a digital yawn as it looked expectantly at Rade.

    "Good to see you my old friend... I need you to hack into the Illuminai network and pull down all data regarding..... you know what... just pull it all down. Anything you can get your hands on ok?"

    The little face gave him a small thumbs up and then took the form of putting on a miners hat and light and digging through a bin that had appeared, tossing out random objects.

    Rade smiled. "I'll be back for you soon."

    He jogged out of the room and took hold of his senses, he felt that Si'Jin was near, but at the same time the power he felt overflowing had suddenly stopped. He hoped that didn't mean that he old Master was dead. Radiant rounded a few corners and went up a couple of small deck inclines until he found the Master face down on the cold deck.

    His eyes flicked around the scene, taking in the details. Si'Jin on the deck, swordsmen strewn about like dolls. And a Keeper... very dead by the looks of it... lay indented in the machine once known as the tractor beam generator. He didn't even look human anymore. Just a black, charred imitation of something that once was.

    An entire Purification Squad? By himself?!

    Of course he was unconscious now himself... but that was still an amazing feat to have accomplished and live to tell the tale later on. Radiant was lucky he found the man when he did. Otherwise the Illuminai would have killed the man after finding out that he was no Priest..

    Rade bent over to pick up his comrade when he heard boot steps. His eyes flicked up in time to see 2 swordsman rounding the corner with blades in hand, ready to fight. Immediately they charged him, their expressionless visors, reflecting his own face back at him.

    "I don't have TIME FOR THIS!"

    Rade was still in a crouch as both lightsabers sprang off of his belt and ignited behind him. He sprang forth like a mad jungle tiger towards the duo and engaged them directly.

    Silver and Crimson blades lit up the corridors as he swung madly. His blades coming to strike from all sides, high and low.

    At an early age, Radiant Tide had been taught the seven forms of lightsaber combat by his father. The first he learned was possibly the most difficult of them all. Vapaad.

    It was the day after his mothers death when Rade began his training in Vapaad, his emotions still raw from seeing what he had. Like his father Xephron, Radiant Tide was fast. His speed and agility, along with his connection to the Force allowed him to do amazing things with a blade
  19. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Name: Bao Lucarious
    Species: Zabrak
    Age: 42
    Ranks: Jedi Master
    Height: 6?1
    Weight: 210
    Facial Appearance: Bao has a slight tanned face with no facial hair. He has Spikes mostly coming out on his Cranium. He has lines on his face, which is native to their species.
    Strengths: Bao is strong in the Force, and very talented in Lightsaber Combat. But over all he is very smart, wise, and a very good mechanic. His species is a very smart specie and he happens to be extraordinary in repairs and construction.
    Muscular Build: Strong
    Clothing: Same as in the Picture, he has regular Mechanic clothing.
    Weaponry: Bao constructed a Lightsaber that looks exactly like a tool Mechanics use, but to be careful he keeps it in a secret pocket inside his pants. He also carries a Blaster and a Dagger for protection.
    Habits: When troubled Bao works on his Starship, or does Mechanics for others. The Zabrak also creates designs for new Fighters and Cruisers. But overall he is found pacing; or talking to his Remote. [image=]
    Personality Traits: He?s enthusiastic about most things he meets and sees new challenges as something to be overcome in a practical manner, not the fanciest or the most impressive way. Simplicity is the best way to go about things, but he believes you should seek simplicity and distrust it. Often things are not as they appear to be and he?s well aware of it. He could be called borderline paranoid or suspicious because of this, but he sees it as simply logic and a way of survival.

    With his dedication to the Jedi, he follows the code closely, but believes in bending some of the less serious rules the Jedi have set for themselves. He is, however, a ferocious fighter against even a show of a spark of darkness in Jedi, with his knowledge of history he knows very well what it can lead to. As they are very few, he believes they can?t afford too many Jedi to cross over down a path to the dark side; he does not hesitate to warn a Jedi if they seem to be walking on the fine line between the two sides of the Force. As a direct result of this, he?s specialized in ways to suppress the dark side of the Force, and even the Force itself.
    Bio: Born on Alderaan to a middle class family, Bao had barely reached a year old when the Jedi found him. His parents, who knew of the Force Sensitivity that ran in their family, handed him over without complaint, knowing that he?d become one of many defenders of the galaxy, even if the Jedi?s former glory had faded some. Whisked away to Ossus, he grew up knowing nothing else but the life of the Jedi. As an Initiate he was of ordinary skill in most areas, but did show a high potential in wielding the Force.
    His time before becoming a Padawan was not spent in constant study however. When not in classes, his frequent haunt was the hangar bays in the Jedi Temple, questioning the coming and going pilots, the resident mechanics and Jedi returning from mission. Eventually he became such a frequent visitor that people found it almost surreal when he wasn?t around. As he familiarized himself with those who resided in the hangars, they slowly started teaching him what they knew, pilots and mechanics alike. In this respect, he was showing potential as a Sentinel. The Zabrak had Mechanics and Piloting in his blood, learning about it intoned his skills.
    It didn?t take long until he met trouble on that front as well. His diplomatic skills were less than desirable, and his Master once described him as more likely to start a war than solve one. His diplomatic methods were often akin to either a Guardian or a Sentinel, and his useful skills within piloting and mechanical knowledge happened to help out on a mission more often than the Force powers he learned as time went by. Steadily he started focusing on his abilities within the Force, and his skills within that area eventuall
  20. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC:purification Squad

    The thud bugs soared straight and true. The Keeper ran straight at them. Having never encountered the Yuuzhan Vong, he was unprepared for the impending doom that was speeding towards him. Instead of moving out of the way, the Keeper swished his hand to the side, bringing a wave of the Force with it, knocking the bugs from the air in his path.

    .... but they didn't move.

    His eyes went wide as the Force had no effect on the weapons blazing towards him. It was now to late to turn back. The Jedi had outsmarted him. The look of rage disapeared from his features, his blood lust and craving for an honorable battle quenched in his last moments.

    His eyes closed and he whispered to no one...

    "Well fought Jedi.... well fought..."

    And then the ground rocked with the explosion. When the main seismic shock wave had finished.. there was no body left. The Keeper had been utterly vaporized by the explosion. All that remained was his huge sword, which remained smoldering with fire, sticking upright out of the ground.

    Unfortunately for the duo of Jedi battling them.. tragedy had come with the victory. Nathan had effectively run one of his opponents through with his lightsaber, and he fell to the ground, dead. The other was easily dispatched when he was on his own. But there was one thing that Nathan had forgotten about. That none of the Jedi had foreseen.

    Nathan let out his enormous war cry, but it was cut short as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he slumped to the ground.

    A weary hand was outstretched to him. It shook with lack of strength. The Priest that Max had thought he ended with his vine whip had had a few last breaths left in him. And with them he used a last ditch effort technique that stopped the heart of his opponent. It was an Illuminai technique reserved for only the most dire of situations. The situation for the squad had indeed been dire. And so the need arose and was used.

    His power exhausted... the blinded Priest fell to the ground, leaving only the battered Maxhen standing from the battle....

    It was only now that the Tidal wave came down from the atmosphere at breakneck speed. The Jedi aboard rushing, too late, to the aide of their compatriots.

    tag max, si'jin, boom
  21. ceowyn

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    Jul 24, 2008
    IC Si' Jin

    Si' Jin lay on a medical table unconscious. His robes were torn, and the wound on his shoulder was dressed. His droid hovered nervously over him waiting for any sign of movement.

    He was lost in a Nightmare. screams filled his ears, torment and agony ripped through his mind. He had watched the events on the Illuminai ship take place as though he was trapped in his body not able to control it. Anger had taken him. It had been 50 years since this had happened. The images of the dead soldiers and Illuminai that he had killed rolled through his mind. Image after tormented image ripped through him. He was a Jedi. Jedi were not suppose to give in to the dark thoughts of anger and fear. Worse yet he had been a Jedi master on the council. He was suppose to be the best of the order.

    Now here he was trapped inside his own mind running from the thoughts that gathered there. He had to find someway to come to grips with what he had done. If he did not he might not awake, but forever remain in his silent purgatory. In his mind he forced himself to regain a little composure. He gathered to him the teachings of the order and embraced them. Holding them close he forced the images out of his mind and strained to open his eyes.

    As the room came into focus, he could feel the pain of the wound in his shoulder. He winced and tried to remain as still as he could be. Sadness took him. All those people dead. Many of them were not standing in his way and he had cut them down anyways. He knew that in war their had to be casualties. That was not what was bothering him. What bothered him was that he had lost control and tapped into his dark side and let it take over.

    Pushing these thoughts aside he looked around the room and noticed Boom checking his vitals. He needed to rise and check on the situation. He would have to put his feelings of remorse aside for now. Rising on his elbows he looked to boom.

    "Could I have something to drink?" He asked. "Its been a long day."

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  22. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, Ossuss jungle.

    *Max had crowed in victory when he saw that his blast bug ruse had worked and killed the Keeper, and again when Nathan had dispatched the two swordsmen.

    His high spirits were sent crashing though when the flicker of force was felt, and Nathans light was extinguished. Even his adherence to threat-reaction could not save Nathan. He had dropped his saber and drawn his heavy blaster pistol, firing off a shot at the Priest.

    The diseased Bantha had died before Max could avenge Nathan. Blinding white fury washed over Max. He screamed, letting the Force mirror his pain, frustration, emotional agony. Boulders and trees flew at odd angles, the ground rumbled, animals small and large alike fled in a maddening stampede. For a moment his anger took over, generating the largest Force signature that had ever come from him.

    However, despite his humanity, he regained some of his composure, and set to work, attempting to rectify the great wrong that had been committed...

    Half an hour later, Max had given Nathan a proper Jedi funeral, willing his friend to become one with the force as his remains were cremated in a traditional Jedi funeral pyre. Conversely, the remains of the purifiers and the soldiers had been left exposed, and their weapons had been driven into the nearest stone with as much force-assisted strength as Max could muster.

    After returning to the waterfall cave and retreiving Radiant's belongings as well as his, he had gotten to the entrance when his Force-sense flickered. Turning to a point in the wall, he noticed a crystal had been embedded there somehow...

    Taking his combat knife, he chipped away enough stone till he could pry it from the wall. Turning it over in his hand, he felt the resonance that it created in the Force, and decided to put it in a pocket. Coming back out of the waterfall, he made one force-assisted leap to the top where there was a clearing, then turned on a locator beacon, giving Radiant his co-ordinates for pickup.

    As he sat on a stump and waited, he palmed Nathans lightsaber, turning it over and over again while making a promise to the other living Jedi, Nathan, and himself*

    Light-side users my ass, that was more dark-like than any sith or Dark jedi ive ever faced down. Ill make sure each and every one of them dies, no exceptions. Forget the Judge and Jury, its time to become their executioner, that I can promise.

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  23. Radiance

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    OOC: Sorry for the wait all, been a bit tied up lately.

    IC: Radiant Tide

    Even through his exhaustion, Rade somehow managed to stay awake during the short trip back down to Ossus. The Force was storming down there and he was already had Jae'den pushing the engines to their max, straining the hull in it's state of disrepair.

    Radiant Tide had a bad feeling about what he would find, but was hoping against hope that it was just apprehension at their situation. But then he felt it. The spark. The light that carried essence of life being extinguished suddenly.


    It was over in an instant. Rade pushed into the Force deeply to try and find what happened. Nathan had felt no pain. It was simply as if he simply shut off like a flip switch on a droid.


    The Force power Morichro. It was extremely difficult to master. It slowed and sometimes shut down the cells in a beings body. It was possible to set someone into a forced coma, or in this case... simply stop their heart altogether.

    Rade ran a hand through his spiked hair and closed his eyes wearily. The Force had taken yet another hit. Another death in a long line of honorable beings cut down in their prime. Nathan had been so young. He had had so much potential. Rade would make sure that each and everyone of the Illuminai he came into contact with would be given the same chance as they had given Nathan. In essence...


    Jae'den appeared in front of Rade and spoke quietly, aware of his masters expressions and well versed in what his current one meant.

    "...Hey boss.... I picked up a rescue beacon from the surface. Looks like its Maxhen.

    Rade kept a gloved hand on his eyes and nodded.

    "Pick him up Jae'den.... and get us away from this nightmare.. You know the place."

    The little AI nodded slowly and disappeared.

    Xephron Tide had always taught his son to have an out. Always have a fall back. Rade had many of them but there was one in particular that he felt almost 25% safe at any given time. Given the situation of the Jedi and their infamy... that was a drastic improvement from his normal estimation of about 5% in any given place. And so once they picked up Max, they would be heading to a remote space station, little known throughout the galaxy to all but the most notorious characters. It was a place for pirates, thieves and pretty much the scum of the galaxy. It had been years since Rade had frequented the "Vega" space station but he had a few contacts there that would keep him and his companions as safe as they could.

    While Jedi were a huge issue for the pirates and thieves back in the day... those same professions now had even less love for the Illuminai. And they all knew that, were there to be any surviving Jedi... they would want retribution, and those said pirates and thieves were all to happy to lend a hand. If only to throw a hydrospanner in the plans of the cultist's.

    Forty minutes after they dropped to Ossus and picked up Max, and the Jedi had payed their respects to the newly fallen Nathan, they were back in space and jumping into Hyperspace.

    It would take a day at least of microjumps and well plotted routes to get to the Vega. Rade would take the time to rest and try to come up with a plan.

    Currently he was in his own quarters.. staring into a mirror and being shocked at the face looking back at him. His eyes looked haunted, he felt thinner than he was used to seeing. His lip had a long line of dried blood from his battles on the Illuminai vessel. His Phrik gloves were tucked into their customary spot on his waistband. Rade started some cold water from his tap and washed his face, trying to drown his sorrows away in the crisp liquid.

    It was going to be a long battle, but it was a fight that needed to be fought.

    Radiant spent his time alone in his quarters for the entire journey. He didn't want to think about what fights were to come. He instead occupied his attention with tinkering with his lightsabers, making sure that the calibration was cor
  24. PTMurphy84

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    OOC: Rad you sand bagger! lol kidding!

    IC: Max, aboard the Tidal Wave

    *Max had not said much since the Tidal Wave picked him up. In fact, he had not said a word, only acknowledging grunts here and there.
    Even before he had checked, he knew he had a lot of equipment to procure at their next stop. His carbine and his sniper blaster were destroyed, and after pulling the gas canisters he left them behind to be reclaimed by the forest in due time. His comlink had also been crushed and was useless, and he was reduced to a field pack rather than a full blown case.
    Fortunately all of his lightsabers had survived, as well as his SSK-7 Heavy blaster pistol and the sole remaining Q2 blaster, as well as virtually all of his equipment.

    Once underway, Max had taken the time to grab a shower, wincing at the various injuries. Refusing to enter a bacta tank, he instead patched himself up from an errant medical kit as well as self-medicating from a bottle of Corellian Whiskey that he had stashed on board the Air-2 Swoop.

    Before he started about his own work, he conferred with Boom, whom he had occasionally worked with in the past as well. Going over both his own and Booms firepower, they came up with a general laundry list for the next stop they made, with the remark from Max that*

    "We both need upgrades, don't we boomer?"

    *Max then got started on his own work. Work however was not the proper term for it.
    It was more akin to possession, fueled by grief, determination, and his own subconscious desire to escape what had just happened.
    After checking every inch and facet of his original lightsabers, he started in on the first of two projects he ascribed to himself. Scouring the ship for loose items, he eventually gathered what he needed and settled into a corner of the primary ships hold, secluded enough but not cut off from the ships goings on.

    The fist was easy enough. Essentially he constructed a basic replica of his primary saber, albeit different in many ways.
    The hilt itself was matte black, dark to the point that it seemed to suck the light down. Not only that, Max used the crystal he found in the cave behind the waterfall, and when activated for the first time, it surprisingly glowed a maroon color, radiating a different kind of aura altogether than any known Jedi or even sith blade.
    After giving it a few preliminary motions and adjustments, Max was satisfied with the outcome, and resolved to practice with both blades simultaniously in the near future.

    He then turned to another project. Although he had unceremoniously had handed the bag of Radiant Tides belongings back to him, he did it after pocketing one of the crystals that was in it. Weather Radiant didn't catch on or knew and didn't react right away was anybody's guess, but in any event, Max pressed forwards.
    This next project would be a new endeavor, and as far as he knew it had not been undertaken, meaning that he would have to work through the night to figure it out...

    The next morning, Max was going through slow motions with both the maroon and the orange-yellow saber. He had gotten through a half twisting slash with one saber and a rearward stab with the other when Radiant passed by the bay.

    Max was about to whistle but stopped himself suddenly, remembering that a certain Swoop would react rather quickly to that kind of signal. Rather, he opted to yell*

    "Hey, Rade! If you've got the time, I'd like you to take a look at this, try it out, tell me what you think of it."

    *deactivating both sabers and placing them in their respective holsters, he walked over to a crate and picked up a rather unusual item. It started off with a small ring of surplus crash webbing. Attached to the webbing on top by a pair of brackets was an oval-spheroid construction, about the width of the hand and as half a roll of spacer tape. Protruding from the construct yet blended into it were two emitters.

    Attached on the opposite side of the emitters was a long length of shielded fiber-cord, which ran into a flattened quar
  25. Radiance

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    IC: Radiant Tide

    After a couple of hours of mulling over his thoughts and tinkering with his fathers weapon, Rade decided that it was time to get back to business. In the past week he had met many Jedi he thought dead.. And of the many he had met with, 2 remained besides himself. Now they actually were dead. And in no small part to his actions.

    But why was it his fault? Upon looking back at the actions taken.. he could see no alternative. Taking Nathan with him to be captured would have been a shot of long odds as it was. The chances of the younger knight surviving the encounter even more slim. He had had no choice but to send them away.

    No.. Radiant wouldn't have done anything differently if he could have. There was no time for full thought in situations like those and he had made the right decision. Once the decision was made, fate took those lives out of his hands. Fact was, while young, Nathan was a more than capable combatant, the duo planet side had fought their hardest against tall odds and against numbers greater than their own. The fact that Max survived alone was a testament to his skill.

    Rade placed the lightsaber on the workbench in front of him and rubbed his temples. He needed to move around. He was inadvertently secluding himself from his other companions. Radiant decided that it was time to take hold of the situation and be prepared for once. He picked up his fathers lightsaber and clipped it back to his "quick draw" belt opposite from his own. He then walked over to his bed and picked up his datapad.

    Rade began walking around the Tidal Wave, marking things down that needed to be replaced or repaired upon their docking at Vega. The shield generator was outdated a bit and could use an upgrade by Jae'den's estimates. A few panels here and there in the corridors would need to be replaced, as they were hanging awkwardly off of half covered wire sets, some of the overhead glowpanels were flickering and would need to be replaced as well. On top of the already obvious food and supply issue, he would want to restock on spare parts and any equipment he could get his hands on.

    He was jotting down little notes to himself on the datapad when he passed the cargo bay. Which reminded him that his old Delta 7 Aethersprite could use a tune up as well. From what Si'jin had told him earlier, apparently the security mechanisms hadn't even tried to kill max when he had entered the day prior. This was both good and bad news. Max being alive was obviously a positive thing, but the fact that his prized vessel had fallen into such disrepair troubled him. He was thinking about this as he passed the door and heard Max call out.

    "Hey, Rade! If you've got the time, I'd like you to take a look at this, try it out, tell me what you think of it."

    Rade paused in the hallway and returned to the door as Max went to put something on. He tucked the datapad in his belt and watched carefully. Trying not to let annoyance drip into his feelings. He was trying to get things done and Max was down here playing with...

    That was as far as his thoughts got as his attention span immediately snapped back into focus at the realization of the new weapon displayed before him. He watched the twin blades spring forth like sheathed daggers of pure energy erupting from Max's knuckles.

    Radiant walked slowly around the blades and examined the construction. It was crude but it could be worked into anything it needed to be. It could be passed off easily as something else. A perfectly deadly, concealed weapon that could change the tide of a battle at a moments notice. Or potentially end the fight quickly with the element of surprise.

    "Interesting design... the idea of the claw like blades is genius Max....A weapon well suited for someone who doesn't mind getting up close and personal. I hope you use it well. Just remember not to flick your wrist down when you scratch your head....."

    Rade accepted the glove like weapon and slipped it on his own right arm. He held his arm out to the side and flicked his wrist as Ma
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