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  1. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, Tidal Wave cargo hold

    "Very nice Max. I applaud your ingenuity."

    *Despite the fatigue and his mental status, Max half grinned. Radiant had approved, and he had no idea as to who exactly it was meant for. Rather than take it back, Max held up both hands, palms outwards*

    "I'm glad you approve Rade, because it's not mine. Its yours. Heck its your crystal in there, I lifted it from the bag before I handed it to you.
    I can throw a punch or kick, but you're the martial artist here. Besides..."

    *Max reached behind him, un-holstered the black lightsaber then ignited it as it was angled away from them. The Maroon forked blade sprung to life, humming in space. While it was not an evil or dark-influenced device, it certainly generated a different feeling than its original sibling, the orange forked blade with its matte copper hilt.*

    "... I have my own tricks and misdirections."

    *Max de-activated the blade and snuged it back into its temporary holster. He would have to re-rig his spring-arm holster for his arm for other things, and modifiy the back holster a bit later, but right now he had another thing on his mind.*

    "I saw the datapad before you tucked it, so I know Vega is the destination. Just FYI, myself and Boom have a bit of a shopping list to take care of, hopefully they haven't done away with the arms market there. Boom is getting an upgrade most likely, and I need to re-stock in the weapons department."

    *Max yawned and stretched, forgetting for a moment that there might be a hint of alcohol still on his breath*

    "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a bed that I have an appointment with. Feel free to wake me in case the Illuminai have suddenly acquired a Star Destroyer between here and Vega."

    *Max walked past Radiant, giving him a half-hearted assuring pat on the shoulder. Making his way down the hall and up a turbolift shaft, he found an unoccupied cabin. Throwing off his holster/belt setup, taking off his swoop boots, and hanging the jacket he was carrying on a nearby hook, he was out before he ever hit the bed.

    However, while sleep brought rest, it brought no relief for him. Throughout his rest, he was plagued by visions of the previous battle, of his lack of preparedness for the Illuminai, and worst of all Nathans death.
    Weather or not anyone had heard him yelling in his sleep was unknown, but what Max had presently discovered was after a particularly traumatic nightmare, he awoke to find a piece of errant scrap embedded just inches from his nose in the bulkhead.

    Glowering and yanking the scrap out of the bulkhead, he sat up in bed, then did something not normal to Max: he meditated. Through his concentration, he managed to quell the storm that assaulted his psyche, and quelled the inner guilt he felt for not protecting his comrade in arms.

    Eventually, he quelled the inner turmoil to the point that he went back to sleep, this time uninterrupted by the Force latching onto his subconscious and influencing the environment around him. However, one part of him never truly rested, but really never needed it. His so-called Watchman stayed awake, keeping tabs on the ship and Max, watching either for any change, and listening for a voice over the comm system since Max was a notoriously heavy sleeper.*

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  2. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade's eyebrows arched skyward as Max proclaimed the new weapon his. While he did feel that the crystal powering the device was one he had in his old stash, he had never really tuned it to himself. The real reason he had asked Max to grab that bag in the first place was so that any Jedi on board would have plenty of crystals to work with to make new weapons.

    He looked down at the weapon in his hands as Max walked off to get some sleep. He would need to tweak it a bit to make it his own. For now he carried it back to his quarters and stopped at the door before leaving to finish his rounds on the ship.


    The little blue sprite appeared immediately and raised an eyebrow.

    "I want you to patch into my work bench mechanical arms there and affix a chrono and micro comlink transmitter into that .... "Light-Glove".... if you would please."

    "Sure thing boss. I'll have that done before we land. That's in 2 hours by the way.

    "Thanks Jae'den. Dunno what I would do without you."

    " You would have to fly yourself everywhere, thats what would happen."

    Rade smiled and went back about his business logging the needed repairs. To his list, he added an engine overhaul. That wasn't going to be cheap. And it was going to take time. Time was something that the Jedi didn't have a whole lot of. While they were remotely safe on Vega, they couldn't be careless. They had after all been on Ossus for all of 2 hours before a warship showed up. That was of course luck on the part of the Illuminai for having a ship on station already. Rade doubted that they would be waiting at Vega for the Jedi but one could never be too cautious.

    Within the next two hours Rade finished cataloging all of the necessities and packed a shore bag. He felt at ease going to Vega. It was a place he didn't have to hide his lightsabers.

    He walked up to the cockpit and dialed in the comm codes for Vega. The response was immediate and sounded as if someone had just woken up from a startling dream. Before he could open his mouth for access, a voice crackled over the speakers.

    "Is that the Tidal Wave? Tide is that you?! That better be you or I am going to blast you into space dust you ship thief!"

    Rade closed his eyes and smirked.

    "It's me Jorgan. Take it easy and power down those cannons."

    "Tide! I'll clear ya for landing right away, what are you doing here?! I thought you were dead!"

    Rade leaned forward in his chair to speak clearly.

    "Jorgan, the Wave has seen better days and needs some quick repairs. I can't stay here for long. But... sithspit, I'll explain in person. Meet you at the docking bay."

    The Wave was cleared for dock and Jae'den brought them down with precision. The docking sleeve extended to the hatch and equalized the pressure. Rade went quickly back to his quarters to grab the Light Glove, and slipped into an old spacer outfit that he had in his wardrobe. A thinly lined armor chestpiece that fit comfortably over his sleeveless ubese armor shirt. The chest piece had a simple cloth hood that could be brought up to plunge his face into shadow. He left his militaristic cargo pants on but strapped on an old Mandalorian Kama that his father had acquired long ago. It too was of course painted black. The Mando Kama was like a leather half dress that protected the backs of the wearers legs. More of an ornamental piece of armored fashion than anything else. But it would keep his lightsabers half concealed if he felt the need to do so.

    Once all of his gear was in place, Rade made the announcement on his comlink that they were finally at Vega.

    He walked to the hatch and opened it up, striding confidently down the tube and into a warm embrace from a tall, and rather pudgy looking twi'lek.

    "Radiant Tide! The ghost walks once more! How are you my friend!?

    After a weak chuckle from the bone crushing hug Rade stepped back to take in his old friend.

    "It's good to see you Jorgan. It appears the years have not been ki
  3. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, aboard Tidal Wave in dock

    *Max had just started into a dream involving him and two Zeltron women at the Dorumaa Resort when Radiants announcement came over the ships comm system. Grumbling slightly, he sat up and on the edge of the bed, collected his thoughts, then got ready for the stay aboard Vega Station, which he had frequented many times before and after becoming a Jedi.

    After donning the essentials, Max dressed in his usual street garb, which was far as far removed from traditional Jedi as you could get. Starting with black relaxed fit pants and a dark gray t-shirt, he threw on his belt with the twin holster set-up. Even before he had gotten fully dressed, he made a slight adjustment to the holsters that would be placed in the small of his back, the one that held his lightsabers.
    Now instead of a saber and shoto, they held the two sabers in a vee form, and with the firm yet minimalist design, they would easily find themselves in his hands when he needed them.

    Also on the same belt, he secured the drop holster to his right leg, and after going over a check on his SSK-7, he re-holstered it after exchanging the inserted tibanna gas canister for a new one.
    The next item was the arm-mounted covert holster. After a quick re-adjustment and a few trials, he inserted the Shoto into it after securing it to his arm.

    Rounding off the outfit were his black Swoop boots, copper and black wrist chrom, and his brown textile squadron jacket, adorned with various fading and peeling yet still colorful squadron patches, as well as having a hidden pouch for his fiber-cord linked lightsaber.
    Catching sight of himself in the mirror, he noticed he already had a healthy stubble shadow and was on the way to growing a beard. He debated back and forth weather or not he should clean his look up before heading out.*

    "Hell with it."

    *He said out loud to himself, and rather opted to put on a pair of dark red-tinted sunglasses with black frames. As he got to the door he grabbed a datapad that had a list that he would go through once he found the market he was looking for

    Making his way out of the ship, he was bid farewell by the little sprite-thingy that Radiant had on board.
    Max just grunted. In actuality he wanted to strangle the annoying little hologram every time he saw it, but some things had to be dealt with.
    Max made his way out of the docking collar, and as he got into Vega, he took in the atmosphere*

    Aah Vega Station *he thought to himself* Just like I remember it. Chaotic, smelly, an imitation of Mos Eisley in all of the good and bad ways. Still, its one of those places that if you need something, you can find it.

    *Walking over to a kiosk, he got something that was borderline edible and deep fried, then pulled a comlink out of his pocket and clicked it down*

    "Boom, where are you metal-head? We've got some resources to procure..."

    *While he waited for Boom to respond, he munched on his fried snack, leaning against a support column. Observing the masses as they went about their business, he was reminded of the many such ports that he had frequented like this one as a soldier, and how that despite how tumultuous things were in the Galaxy, these places never seemed to change one iota*

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  4. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Aug 22, 2008
    IC: Bao Lucarious
    Vega Space Station

    Bao walked into the Hangar once again to see Jorgan talking to a man. He heard part of their conversation, it wasn?t hard with Jorgan yelling. The man was very powerful in the Force. Bao recognized him; he was Radiant Tide Grandmaster of the Jedi. They used to know each other, Bao wondered if he recognized him. The Zabrak jogged over to Jorgan and tapped him on the back. He looked at the Jedi in front of him.

    How we all changed?

    ?So you need the ship repaired?? Bao asked popping one of his tools off his belt.

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  5. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC:Radiant Tide

    Rade was walking with Jorgan, pointing out details about the Tidal Wave that needed repairs on the exterior.

    A Zabrak came walking up with some tools, looking directly at Rade.

    "So you need the ship repaired?"

    Something stood out in the Zabrak's voice, he looked familiar somehow to Radiant. That was when Rade looked at his arm.

    Only one being in the universe that he had ever met had had an arm like that.

    "Bao Lucarious?"

    He was careful not to make a full accusation until he knew who he was talking to. While he had recognized Bao, many Zabrak's looked alike to Rade.

    He pushed the Force around the man before him and nearly recoiled at it's return.

    "It is you! By the Force we thought you were dead!"

    Rade reached out with his gloved hand and clasped at Bao's forearm tightly in a general greeting.

    "What are you doing here my friend?"

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  6. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    IC: Bao Lucarious

    Bao smiled and shook Rade?s hand. He chuckled a bit and looked at his old friend.

    ?I never thought I?d run into you here,? Bao started, ?I?m here helping out a friend, then I was going to make my way back to Coruscant.?

    Bao was happy to see Radiant.

    ?I see you still had the Wave? Let me fix her up for you? Bao offered walking toward the ship.

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  7. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade was surprised at the abruptness of the conversation. But nodded anyway as Bao went off to start working on the Wave.

    He instead turned to Jorgen and continued walking along.

    "Have you seen any Illuminai out here Jorgen? I knew they would find this station eventually but I need to know what kind of time table I am working with."

    The Twi'lek's smile faded and he nodded.

    "They have been here. Looking for Jedi survivors. But let me tell you, the Station's locals gave them such a hard time they haven't been back since. Didn't even get through the whole station before they blasted out of here. And let me tell you, those buggers are thorough."

    Radiant's eyes narrowed only slightly.

    "Trust me... I know."

    They reached an intersection of hallways and stopped.

    "This is where I leave you for now my friend. I have much to do and little time to accomplish it with. I really appreciate your help Jorgen, you know I hate asking favors with haste. I will owe you one after this."

    Jorgen waved a hand dismissively.

    "Think nothing of it Rade. My family has run this station for generations. My father knew your father well. He was a dear friend of my family. Sithspit Rade, I even saw the start of your criminal career here. Who do you think started the nickname Air Rade? It sure wasn't Fett. You are always welcome here, even in the most dire of circumstances. I won't pretend to understand your situation. I surely don't. All I know is that somewhere along the line you stopped being the hunter I grew up with and started to be the hunted. I don't like the reversal. This is my way of helping to change that.."

    Rade smiled and clasped his friends hand fondly.

    "I assure you Jorgen, that reversal is going to happen sooner than you think..... I will see you again before we leave my friend."

    He winked and turned on his heel, striding down the hall. He reached behind him smoothly and eased his hood onto his head, throwing his eyes into shadow.

    He heard Jorgen's voice call after him one last time.

    "Hey Radiant! Nice chrono by the way!"

    A smirk spread across Rade's lips as he walked.

    "Thanks Jorgen... it's one of a kind..."

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    OOC: Feel free to move about the station and do what you want. But no Illuminai action here. If anyone has a question about the Fett reference let me know. I would be happy to explain
  8. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    OOC: Fett, Fett, that name sure rings a bell. Ill happily assume that its a certain Mandalorian clan with the surname of Fett that you are referring to...

    IC: Max, leaning on a support column in the outer layer of Vega

    *If he waited for Boom to show up, it was already too long. Max had the list for himself and the ship, so he decided to get started. Pulling out his comlink, he clicked the button down.*

    "Hey Metal-Head. I'm going to go take care of the list. Meet me at Point Able when youre good to go."

    *Point Able of course being the slang term for the semi-black arms market that Vega was home to.
    The Arms Market, while outright illegal under the Vega charter, was not only tolerated but allowed to thrive and expand. This was because long ago, the Arms market dealers realized that while clients for chemical and bilogical and high-yield weaponry would pay a hefty price for their items, the station officers would come down on them quickly, rather than turn the other way.
    Plus, those who sold such destructive weaponry to individuals found out that these people actually USED them, and when they were used, the poor slob who sold them the device or chemical compound or germs was usually found and brought to trial pretty quickly, the kind of publicity that arms merchants did NOT want.

    As a result, those in the arms market had become a policing agency of sorts. When an individual or group that either solicited the arms market for such catastrophic weapons or used items from the market to cause trouble and bring unwanted attention to their business, the bodyguards and smugglers associated with them "dealt" with such people.
    Max could recall a time during his first stint as a mercenary when the drop-ship he was piloting was en route to a docking bay. The craft had bumped into an errant object, later discovered to be an Iridorian who had bought a Vibro-Blade from the market, then gone on a frenzied slashing and stabbing spree. The enforcers had caught up to him and made sure that the found himself on the wrong side of an airlock depressurization.

    However, Max was neither crazed nor megalomanical, plus he knew several key merchants, one of which had a storage section with large items. They were the individuals who he sought out, and it did not take long to find them. Indeed, a Skeebo and a Kushinan arguing over a manefesto was easy enough to pick out*

    "I'm tellin ya you little fur-ball, that Diollan snake never BROUGHT us those gas-feeders!"

    "And you're wrong again patchy! You just let the droid misplace things one more time!"

    *Max shook his head. Always an argument about something with these two. Rather than let it go on to its inevitable conclusion, Max decided to break it up, this time he really needed what was on his Datapad*

    "Hey, what do you say Dent?"

    "I say shove it ya...."

    *The Skeebo that Max had addressed as Dent squinted, then craned his head from side to side. Then the bricks of recognition fell on him.*

    Maxehn Kiv! Mad Max! How ya been m'boy!?

    *Dent practially flew over his kiosk counter and furiously pumped Max's hand*

    "Can ya believe this Esilit? Mad Max is back!

    *The small-rabit like Kushinan named Esilit did a backflip in sheer excitment*

    "Its been too long mutt! Hows that Rancor carbine working out for you?"

    *For the first time in a long time, Max couldnt help but look sheepish, and scratched the back of his head while delivering the news*

    "Well guys, I hate to tell you this, but the Rancor and the detonator launcher are history. Some clod from the *ahem*, the Illuminai..."

    *Max took a quick look around when he said that*

    "...stepped on it, bent it at a 90 degree angle. In fact all I have left is the SSK and a Q2 holdout, so I come to you two with a veritable laundry list yet again."

    *Esilit picked up on Max's slight tension instantly*

  9. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: Great post, but you gotta remember the details lol. Rade was already gone when Bao decided to walk into the ship and repair it. I can write it off this time though, as Jae'den looks exactly like Rade, if only a hologram.

    IC: Radiant Tide

    Jae'den had been chatting with Bao Lucarious about repairs and maintenance on the Wave. The AI seemed rather impressed with the Zabrak's tinkering skills. As Jae'den was calculating the work needed to be put in to get his vessel, and he saw it as nothing less, he detected a droid approaching. One of the old 5YQ series. They were obsolete these days. It seemed strange that one was approaching now.

    "Ehr Um, excuse me gentlemen, oh hello Master Lucarious. I am looking for the owner and captain of this vessel. I am G-5YQ, and I represent the D&E Security Suppliers Company. I was sent by a Maxehn Kiv to offer you a free unlimited upgrade of your ships offensive and defensive capabilities..."

    Jae'den did a deep scan of the droid to see if he was carrying anything dangerous. It seemed alright by the looks of it but Max had only been gone for about 20 minutes now. Already he was sending parts and help over to the ship.

    Well... the boss DID say we were in a hurry here I guess....

    The little sprite showed no signs of answering but sent off a quick com signal to Radiant.

    ---------Walking around the Station------------

    Rade's earing began to vibrate lightly, catching his attention. It had been one of his fathers inventions. A simple silver looking stud clipped to his ear, but was in reality a decently powerful transceiver for his comlink hooked into the new Light Glove on his right arm. He tapped the transmit button in the "chrono" and immediately heard Jae'den's voice in his ear.

    "Boss, we got a droid here, says it was sent by Maxhen to upgrade the ship. Should I let the junker on board?"

    Radiant thought for a moment before answering.

    "Go ahead Jae'den, just keep an eye on the things he does. I trust Lucarious, but new faces are always something to be weary of. If he tries anything. Fry him."

    "Yup. Got it."

    Rade closed the link and began walking again. He passed tons of people. This place brought back memories for him. It was the first place he had started his carrier as a blade for hire. It was back before he had met Knite Shadowbane, his future Master and friend. Shortly after his father had allegedly been killed in a space battle, Radiant Tide had come to Vega station for work. He was 13 at the time but already so skilled with his lightsaber that he had attracted the attention of some of the most notorious criminals in the sector. Everyone wanted to hire him to take out their enemies. It was one particular job that caught his memory though. About 34 years prior.. on a normal time line.... he had met Boba Fett, the most feared bounty hunter of his time. Because of his skill and fearless nature, Fett had taken a kind of liking to the young Tide boy. He had even taught the kid a smattering of Mando'a, the native tongue of mandalorians.

    Back when he was younger Radiant Tide had been all about acrobatic combat, mostly taking his marks by surprise by attacking from above. Boba Fett had nicknamed him Air Rade, and from that day forward, his criminal career took a head under the alias of Air Rade. That seemed like a semi-distant memory now. In actually it was around 100 years prior. Knite, Rade, and Xephron had gone through a kind of time warp when fighting the greatest evil of their time. It brought them out to the current time stream.

    Rade shook his head and cleared his thoughts. He had work to do after all. He passed a few shops with various things of useless nature to him. He needed food and medical supplies. He was fairly certain that after his first run in with the Illuminai back on Coruscant, the Tidal Wave's supply of bacta had been severely depleted.

    As he walked the streets, he noticed a few people looking at him. He would seem a normal type of person walking t
  10. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    OOC: My bad, ill adjust

    Max, in D&E Storehouse

    *Max was grinning inside. Only mercenaries could pull the kind of individual weapons, ammunition, and equipment orders that he placed and get away with it.
    Three crates of Corellian Destroyer blaster rifles, crates of gas canisters and various equipment, plus individual cases containing the carbonite gun, the shotgun, as well as a J1 Palm blaster, a .48 cal. Enforcer slugthrower pistol, an LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle repeater gun, a DXR-6 disruptor rifle, and a PLX-1 man-portable missile launcher with over a dozen individual missiles for re-loads.

    All in all, not only did he have extra weaponry, but it was more rugged, reliable, and above all more powerful. The Corellian Destroyers alone were enough to make all but the most insane individual back down. Max had seen them punch holes in re-enforced gunnery positions, slice through armor that withstood splash damage effect from errant turbolaser shots, heck, when he was a Jedi, some nut had pulled one on him.
    While Max wasn't directly hit, the blast was so strong that it knocked his lightsaber out of his hand after striking the blade near the hilt. Granted his grip was not fully seated and it wasn't a good block, but the point was these rifles were not something to be taken lightly.

    Max was going over the mental tally in his head when Dent seemingly was struck with another brick of recollection*

    "Hey! I almost forgot, that stuff you wanted for your death-machine finally showed up, as if that thingamajig wasn't dangerous enough already."

    *Max chuckled and slapped the Skeebo on the back*

    "Well Dent, you don't get it then. Swoops are always fun, but the point is to see just how fast you can go. Besides, the faster you go, the more stable you are. Plus in case you forgot, I do have a connection to this little thing called the Force..."

    "Yeah yeah, stuff it. At least you're not like that karking Nog that came through here earlier. That lizard was looking to buy out all sorts of explosives, and the biggest blasters he could lay his scales on. There was something not right about him, so I told the snake to go kark himself and move on..."

    *Max grabbed Dents shoulder, glowering*

    "What was his name, do you remember anything else? About a week ago some no-brain Noghri bounty hunter ran into a cantina on Kobol with a Ysalmir and some backup, tried to take me in for a reward from the Illuminai. Had a penchant for stupidly large guns and grandstanding."

    *Dent, while considering a sarcastic remark, was none to fond of so-called Jedi hunters these days, and if there were a grain of truth to what Max had just said, he would have shot the Noghri in the gonads without a seconds hesitation*

    "I hope it's not the same guy that tried to do a number on ya buddy. Said he was gonna go to some watering hole on the upper level, Misty-Five I think? Called himself Davf or Zaff..."

    "It was Kahff. Send the crates to the Tidal Wave, theres something I need to take care of. Thanks again Dent!"

    *Max turned to leave but still heard Dent's parting words*

    "Good ta see ya again Maxie. Put a boot up the rear of the Illuminai for us!"

    *Max was walking briskly up a flight of stairs, once again frustrated.*

    The miserable chunk of bantha-fodder... *He thought to himself* ...he shows up HERE of all places? Well he does not have a ysalmir with him, there's more of us than him, AND hes gonna get more than just a little glass in the face, a bolt through the foot, and a bump on he head...

    *Max whipped his comlink out and called up Radiant*

    "Rade, hustle it up to the upper level, meet me outside of Misty-Five. I just got a line on a wannabe jedi hunter in there, the same guy that tried to take me in to the Illuminai on Kobol. He may be out of favor, but im sure we can get something useful out of him."

    *Max let go of the button, and just o
  11. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Jae'den

    Jae'den's programing prohibited him from making rash outbreaks but his logic sensors pretty much proclaimed that the Y5Q was a bumbling idiot. While it did it's job well, it's owner had done little to upgrade it's memory banks to the capacity of being able to maintain proper bearing and balance. The semi-transparent eyes of Jae'den's hologram looked over the droid skeptically.

    "All of that sounds good, but the hyperdrive is a bit out of date as well and the number 5 engine housing and engine itself is a bit out of whack. The housing can be repaired with the right tools, that shouldn't be an issue. The housings on these boats seem to come loose easily these days anyway. But the engine itself needs an overhaul. Otherwise everything sounds good."

    Jae'den adhered to Xephron Tide's original programing of his AI, in that he almost seemed human in his reactions. He didn't compute things... per se, the AI construct allowed him to think. In reality, Jae'den still computed things with the best of his droid counterparts. But the sprite had humility and preferred to believe that he was part human. In this respect he acted the part, even if it was rather quizzical to his mechanical brethren.

    In that respect, Jae'den's hologram looked bored and glanced at a non-existent chrono on his holographic wrist.

    "Yeah look, why don't you come up with the estimates for the cost on this while I let your boys in. And before you say "It's on the house," The Boss doesn't like being in the debt of people he doesn't know. All the gear is fine for Master Maxhen but Radiant Tide pays his due's. All this equipment isn't cheap and no one works for free. Especially not on Vega. The boss and me aren't out to put anyone out of business here. So draw up the bill and forward it to me, and I will make sure everyone here gets paid proper."

    The holo feed to Jae'den remained but it seemed like he was looking towards the access hatch. The blast door slid open and admitted the crate-bearers. Another hologram of Jae'den popped up before them, making an inviting gesture.

    "Come on in gentleman, form an orderly line please, just indicate the crate you are carrying so me and the boys can direct you as to where they are to be kept."

    And with that, half a dozen little blue Jae'den's popped up sporatically throughout the ship all waving from different directions to guide the workers.

    The main Jae'den remained with G5 and seemed to lean in and whisper, although it wasn't necessary.

    "...say.....Gee five... Your owners wouldn't happen to have a...*Jae'den looks to see if anyone is listening*.... starship radar cloaking device, would they....? And if we have time.... maybe a new paint job? I wouldn't hold my breath for either but if we have time to aquire such things..... it could only benefit us. Your benefactors stand to make a lot of credits over this deal...."

    Jae'den winked and plastered a sly smile on his holographic face.

    Tag mister murphy for the details.

    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade was walking with Tanis down the mock up street, pointing out things to buy and handing his old friend money to go retrieve them, while he went in opposite directions to buy different items. He had just picked up a box of power supplies, varying in size and capacity, for use as spare lightsaber parts, when his comlink buzzed on his earlobe again. He reached over and tapped the button with a smile on his face.

    "Tide here, go ahead."

    "Rade, hustle it up to the upper level, meet me outside of Misty-Five. I just got a line on a wannabe jedi hunter in there, the same guy that tried to take me in to the Illuminai on Kobol. He may be out of favor, but im sure we can get something useful out of him."

    Because of his good mood and the ease at which he was able to move around the station and be himself, Rade decided not to try and scold Max for the informality at calling him Rade. They were, aft
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    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, outside of Misty-Five

    *To be fair, the old Masters leaping had been impressive. While Max prided himself on being able to move with the Force without thinking about it, Radiants leap was so perfectly executed, Max made a mental note that he would have to practice such maneuvers when given a chance in the future.

    Still, despite his being impressed, he played it off coolly, barely nodding Radiants way when he landed next to him. Rather, he stared right at the entryway to the bar, at a gray-skinned Noghri who seemed to be in the initial stages of Noghri drunkenness, the part right before they went berserk and started trashing the place they were in.*

    ?This is your show Max, I'll follow your lead. But remember that we are Jedi again. No killing unless it is unavoidable. And try not to break anything in there okay? I used to know the guy that ran the place, he did alright by me as a kid.?

    *Max was truly impressed. Radiant Tide would actually let Max run the show this time. Well, now was not the time to drop the ball.
    Max gestured to Kahff, who was starting to become more than a pest to the bartender*

    "Thats the guy, name's Kahff. If you couldn't tell from here, hes Noghri, so he won't go down easy. However, he's also a drunken mess by this point.
    I'll sit down next to him, give him the willies and some physical persuasion. You find a clear line of sight. Ill give him a heave your way, all you have to do is give him one of your chops or punches or what have you, and we'll take him to the Wave, bleed him for info.

    *Max noted the worried look on Radiants face*

    "Don't worry, I wont destroy anything, and he'll live, although what condition he may be in is questionable. Now lets go."

    *Max walked into the bar. The blasted Noghri had picked one of the higher end places, most likely because of an overblown sense of self-importance. Max wordlessly sat down next to Kahff, who had his back turned to him, ogling and harassing a female patron. At that point, Max decided to clear his throat and make an order*

    "Two Corellian Spiced Ales barkeep, if you please."

    *Observers would have thought Kahff was stung on his rear by a fire wasp, because he sat bolt upright suddenly, and turned slowly. Max was not even looking at him, rather swirling a glass of Spiced Ale and sipping it a couple of times.

    If there was a way for a Noghri to look surprised, Kahff found it quickly*

    "You, you's...."

    "Uh huh"

    *And with that, Max's hand shot up and grabbed the back of Khaffs head, then with a bit of a force assist drove it straight down on to the top of the bar. Picking it back up, Max noticed that despite his earlier promise, the impact had in fact made a rather large and noticable dent, something which he would pay for anyway.

    Continuing his surprise assault, Max dropped his hand to the collar of Kahffs top and grabbed his lower jaw with the other hand. Then with another force assist, he flung the bellowing Noghri right at Radiant, who was waiting for it close by.*

    Your show now Rade, don't let me down *he thought*

    On board the Tidal Wave

    *The flurry of activity that was the loading crew putting things aboard had come and gone like a Bespin storm. Now all that was left was G-5YQ, who seemed to be stuck in some sort of loop after the requests and questions that Jae'den had posed to the droid. In actuality, Gee Five was going through the ships basic schematics, the models of the four or five different sensor-jamming suites that they had in stock, conferring with Esilit on a quote and a final bill, and desperately trying to remember how to get out of the freighter without hitting walls.
    While the last item would have to be tested after he got done giving the news to Jae'den, the hologram would undoubtedly enjoy the first bits of news*

    "There is an 340-SIG Tactical Universal Jamming Array that would fit to this ship. The 340-SIG attaches to your current sensor an
  13. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade walked into the bar in step with Max and fell back towards the entrance to watch. No sooner had Max sat down to spook their quarry, than had a large powerful looking hand grabbed Rade's shoulder and squeezed tightly. A burly voice spoke behind him that he instantly recognized.

    ?Rad'ika?? (Little Rade?)

    The mandalorian lingo was a dead giveaway.

    Rade spun around with a smile on his face and flung back his hood.

    ?OYA! BUIR! SU'CUY GAR! ? (Hey! Father! You're still alive!)

    An old Mandalorian man with graying hair pulled Rade into a bone breaking hug, which he willfully returned in kind. Both men laughed heartily as they separated to take each other in. The years had been kind to Marek it seemed. While he looked the age, he also looked to be in great shape.

    Marek shrugged innocently at Rade's comment on his age.

    ?Verd ori'shya beskar'gam Rad'ika? (A warrior is more than his armor, little Rade)

    Rade smirked. He understood well. Basically Marek was telling him that there was more to him than just battle, and it would take more than simply time to kill him.

    ?Tattoo's are a dead give away lad! I had feared you dead in the purge. Seems like history likes to repeat itself over and over again with the rise and fall of Jedi. But look at you! You look so healthy!?

    Rade smiled wide.

    ?Verd ori'shya beskar'gam Buir.They got my real dad though.. right in front of me. And that guy over there that my friend is tal....?

    Rade stopped himself as he glanced over. Max was doing anything but talking to the noghri.

    ?Well, he hunts the last of us down and sells us out to the Illuminai. Excuse me one moment please.?

    The noghri was flung bodily over in Rade's direction. He spun around fluidly and planted a firm boot in the mans stomach, knocking the wind from him and sending spittle to the air, and stopping him dead in the space he occupied as if he had just sprinted full tilt into a solid duracrete wall. Before he could stumble back, Rade whipped the same leg around and, with a lot of Force assistance, caught the noghri under the chin and lifted him off the ground by the neck.

    Rade stood with a full sized noghri suspended off of his foot for a few moments, Kahff clawed at his ankle but stopped at the look in Rade's eyes, seemingly boring into his skull.

    ?How many of our friends have you helped kill, I wonder...??

    Kahff began to stammer something but Rade flung out his hand and waved it downwards as if shutting a dead mans eyes for the last time, if not from a distance.


    The Noghri fell limp on his foot and Rade dropped him to the floor. The impact did nothing to rouse Kahff. He nodded his chin to Max that they were done here.

    ?Buir, I wish I had more time to talk but we are in quite a rush. Nowhere is safe nowadays.?

    Marek Bralor nodded sadly and pulled Rade into another hug.

    ?Time has not dulled your skills Rad'ika. Nor your tongue. If ever you need anything.. you have but ask my boy. Take care of yourself.?

    Rade smiled into the hug again and patted his surrogate father on the back.

    ?That goes for you as well. I will leave my com frequency with you. Just in case.?

    Rade disengaged from his old father and lifted the noghri with a simple raising of his open hand. He then slipped under the unconscious man and carried him out on his shoulders, walking in the direction of the Wave.

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  14. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    IC: Boom

    Boom's sensors detected a breeze of pleasing temperature to a normal humanoid sentient and with that his scanners auto adjusted to compensate for the, likely, higher abundance of sentient traffic out and about. He had been following Max for lack of any other specific orders from Master Radiant, but he also had a mission for himself.

    Max had communicated several things to him, but, for the most part, Boom had remained silent and unresponsive. He was there more so to complete his mission and ensure the safety of Max in this time where they'd already lost so many. It was not a mission that was assigned to him, but rather one that coincided with his needing a visit to the vendors of the city.

    Upon Max reaching his destination though, Boom took his leave. He was a comm away should there be any danger, but he wasn't going to find the upgrade he desired at a weapons shop. He already had an arsenal that would make the vendor blush. He instead followed his sensors and newly downloaded internal map of the area to a deep space packaging facility where he accessed the computer at the entrance for personnel names.

    At that moment, through his command, the computer initiated an all systems page for a Davin Grache, the project coordinator of the deep space cryogenics project. A few moments passed and a very confused Mr. Grache emerged from the factory area to see Boom standing before him.

    "Greetings, sir. My designation is B-00M and I have come here today in an attempt to procure a suppl..."

    "Listen you little Mynock sniffer, I don't know who you think you are or how you got the system to page me all the way up here, but I'm a very busy person and I can tell that you're kriffing wasting my time!"

    "You have my sincere apologies, sir, but since you are here anyway, it may be worth a few credits to you to hear me out."

    "Listen tin face, you have 5 seconds to turn and remove your rusty kriffing backside from my sight before security is called and they blow you into more pieces than Alderaan."

    "I understand your frustration, but my mission is to improve myself. Perhaps you'd like to see the weaponry I already possess?"

    "Alright that's it, I'm--" The man stopped short and his jaw dropped as Boom began to cycle through his weaponry in a non-hostile show of what he had. The man, on the other hand, now feared for his life so much that he could barely contain his liquids from involuntarily releasing. "--I'm more than happy to take you where you need to go Mr. Doom."

    "It's Boom, sir, and thank you for being so kind as to oblige."

    An hour later, the man could breathe easily once again as Boom emerged from the facility with a large drum and some mechanics. He made his way back to the Tidal Wave's onboard work station and set to work.

    A quick internal request to Jae'dan was sent and, in a moment, a small target dummy sprung up before him. His sensors immediately locked on and he raised his left hand and spewed forth a cloud of Nitrogen, almost instantly freezing the target dummy in a thin block of ice. Boom cocked his head curiously and took in the readings. The results showed a low probability of survival to many sentient beings. He held up his other arm and the already installed flame thrower went to work and destroyed the dummy in little effort.

    He made a few final adjustments to his new propellant device and turned back towards the exit.

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  15. PTMurphy84

    PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, aboard Tidal Wave

    *Max had been fully impressed with Radiants swift kick, then application of Force to put the Noghri out, all while chatting away with some roguish-looking individual built like a duracrete wall.

    When Radiant was done, he had nodded to Max, and he had dutily followed him out, but making a mental note that Radiant seemed all too familiar with this place, which meant that all may not have been as it seemed when it came to the old master.

    When the had gotten to the Tidal Wave, Max took silent pleasure in the old masters surprise at the extent of the upgrades being performed to his ship. The old freighter would have new, very sharp teeth, a nasty surprise for anybody who wanted to take the Jedi in.

    After climbing the entry ramp, Max took a quick look and reach with the Force and noted the only technicians in the interior were working in the smaller spaces or near the scanning equipment, installing new and better hardware. Under this pretense, he lead the way, directing Radiant to sit the Noghri down in a basic chair in a side compartment off of the primary cargo hold.

    He then took spacer tape, bound the Noghris arms behind him by his wrist, and bound his wrists to a loop in the floor, using three rolls because Noghri were not exactly delicate creatures.

    Once he was done with that, he turned to Radiant Tide.*

    "Leave us, this is not something for your eyes."

    *As predicted, Radiant had protested fiercely, citing the Jedi values, his seniority, and all sorts of other things. Max stood there like a statue, unmoved and seemingly emotionless. When he was done, Max simply made one final statement*

    "Look, I won't kill him, but this is for your own protection. If this chunk of bantha-fodder wants to claim a Jedi acted sith-like, it will come down on me alone, not you. Now go, before I make you do this solo."

    *Max had noted the look Radiant had given him as he left, and pushed it out of his mind when he shut the door behind Radiant. Some things were nesseccary in times of war, and if this was not a war, Max did not know what it was.

    First he prodded Kahff, murmuring for him to get up. When that didn't work, he shoved the Noghris head back and spoke louder, which also didnt work.

    Eventually yelling and a stiff boot to the groin roused the Noghri, rather quickly, but before Kahff was fully awake, Max had taken a step back and leveled his blaster pistol right at his head.*

    "Whu, huh wher YAH! Please! Don't Shoot! I only got drunk.."

    "Shut up no-clan. You did more than get drunk here. You've sent countless number of my comrades to their deaths through your profiteering as a so-called Jedi Hunter, all paid for in blood money by those psychopaths.

    I'm really tempted to execute you right here, you know that?"

    *Max stepped forward and pressed the muzzle against Kahffs skull*

    "Butbutbut, but you's a Jedi..."

    *Max slammed the barrel of the pistol against the side of Kahffs face forcefully, started to yell*

    "No, I am not a Jedi! I am an angry, distraught, and above all desperate force-sensitive individual who right now has zero tolerance for the Illuminai or anybody associated with them in any way! Remember those little taps I gave you on Kobol?!
    That was a mere small fraction of what I can do, what I have no problem doing to those who have killed my comrades from the Jedi Order! You and every other scumbag will pay the price for your crimes! The galaxy will be sodden with your filthy kinds blood! And there will be plenty to go around once this is all over!

    *Max stopped there, he was going into full Mad Max mode, and he needed to reign it in before he actually hurt Kahff*

    "But fate smiles on you today Kahff. I need information more than the satisfaction of turning you into food for that diodonga on the lower level.

    Why do the Illuminai use bounty hunters to find the Jedi? Why don't they just gain outposts and move warships where needed?

    *Kahffs fac
  16. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade was dubious about leaving the noghri with Max, but understood the need. There was little reason to send him out however, Radiant Tide hadn't always been a Jedi after all. He knew the darker parts of interrogation rather well. While they were Jedi, the Jedi had been thrust into a harsh time and sometimes desperate times called for desperate measures. But Rade let Max have his way this time.

    He took his hood down and looked around as the last of the crates were being brought on board. His eye twitched when he saw all of the weapons crates being brought to the cargo hold that he assumed were for Maxhen. Upon inspecting some of them more closely and opening them, he was even more surprised to find that a few of them were filled with the same style of weaponry.

    Rade began whispering to no one in particular.

    "By the Force Maxhen... why do you need so many of the same weapon...?"

    He removed a rifle model in particular. The one that looked rather aggressive for it's styling. Rade glanced down at his Light Glove and thought for a moment.

    New times call for new weapons that think outside the box...

    Radiant nodded and closed the crate with his free hand as he ported the rifle to his shoulder.

    Upon returning to his quarters, Rade set the rifle on his work table, then slipped off his lightsaber belt and tossed it to his bed. Rade then sat down and began to ponder at what he could do the even the playing field against the Illuminai. All of them wore personal shield generators, causing all opponents to go close combat. What he needed was a weapon that could bypass that so that snipers like Maxhen could get the drop on them without them knowing. Upgrades like this probably wouldn't last long once they were figured out. The Illuminai would simply beef up defenses even more than they already were.

    Radiant sat back in his chair and reflected upon different types of weapons that had been used throughout various ages that had been effective against Jedi.

    And then it came to him. One of the Old Orders greatest failures had given him the answer he needed.

    ...Rade set to work with his idea in mind.

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  17. knite16

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    Sep 20, 2007
    IC: Boom

    Boom had no sooner completed the work on his Nitrogen Propellant addition when he removed his turret and placed it on a work bench.

    He took the short journey down to the cargo hold where he saw his Master rummaging through exactly what he was looking for. Tide took out a rifle and looked it over while Boom walked up to him.

    "Greetings, Master. I am in need of a couple of these as well."

    Boom could tell immediately by the sly grin on Radiant's face that the man knew he was upgrading again. Rade always got a kick out of the new weaponry Boom upgraded himself with and if calculations worked out, this particular upgrade would be similar, but of far greater importance.

    Boom collected two of the rifles from the and with a nod and movement resembling a bow, he departed the master, once again heading for the workshop.

    He tinkered away at his new upgrade for a couple of hours before he was ready to test it out. Examining the new barrels that protruded and switched up with his other weaponry he found them to be set perfectly, just as he had calculated. There were two barrels on this particular partition- one stuck out exactly two inches further than the other.

    Raising the weapon, he fired, both shots rang out in unison, just as designed.

    Boom activated his comm and sent a message out; "Master Tide, at your leisure could you join me in the training area?"

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  18. PTMurphy84

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    Aug 12, 2008
    IC: Max, Tidal Wave cargo hold.

    *After performing a base checkout of the weapons systems, Max headed back to the cargo hold to go through his own long list of upgrades he needed to perform.

    First up was a Corellian Destroyer. After going through the crates and finding not only the highest serial number (which meant the newest rifle), but several other items that were included with the rifles. This combined with a datapad and a small black box that he had obtained from D&E resulted in a few frustrating moments, but through some perseverance and a bit of judicious work with a hydrospanner, he ended up with a weapon that would prove a nasty surprise to the next Illuminai goons that they ran into.

    Next came the swoop itself. After wincing at the long scratch that somehow had been put there, it was a simple matter of turning the machine on, placing it on 4 solid containers, shutting it off, then working the gauges, control pedals and throttles, repulsorlift, and engine out of it.

    Awhile ago, when Max bought the swoop, he had purchased a hard-to-find kit from D&E. What he had was a complete overhaul of the swoop, making it ridiculously fast, far speedier and maneuverable than any logic would dictate. Though he couldn't put his finger on exactly why since the Force wasn't giving him any answers, Max had a suspicion that the raw speed and performance of his Swoop would come in handy in the near future.

    The last bit was going to be the most difficult, because it involved one stubborn, albeit polite battle droid.
    He had seen Boom making his way to the designated training area earlier, and grabbed a bulky but still managable case with one hand, and a set of tools with the other.

    He entered just in time to see him take the shot with his new turret. If Boom liked the new rifles, he was going to love what Max had found.

    "Hey Boomer, nice shooting."

    *He held up the case in his right hand*

    "How's about an upgrade? One that could let you shoot single atoms off of a flies' wings?

    And while i'm at it, where the hell is Radiant? Ive got a datapad here with the manifest of upgrades by D&E plus a nearby belt where we can test the new weaponry out."

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  19. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: Sorry for the delay people. The game has slowed down a bit, I was hoping that some people would post up but it was too much to hope for apparently. I'll keep this show running though.

    IC: Radiant Tide

    Rade was tightening the new attachment to the rifle when his comm beeped and he realized it was Boom.

    "Master Tide, at your leisure could you join me in the training area?"

    He tapped the button on his fake chrono to open the channel.

    "Boom, I'll be there in a few minutes, just need to finish up doing something here. Stand fast."

    Radiant Tide had never been a fan of blasters or projectile weaponry, simply put, most projectiles and blaster bolts could be reflected directly back to the source when fired at the right person. Not to mention that almost all of the high profile enemies that Radiant had made over the years almost always used some kind of melee weaponry to varying degrees of success.

    But this would help the chances of survival for their little band of Jedi. The next Illuminai that they came across was going to get a nasty surprise. Their group now had a handful of new weapons that were designed specifically to combat their natural enemies. Of course, using these weapons was dangerous to them as well. For it meant that if anyone seeing it survived the battle to tell of it's properties, the enemy would have a chance to adapt and find ways around them. It meant that if the weapons were used in battle.. then the push to the Citadel would have to be much sooner rather than later. For this purpose, Rade kept his mind clear of the Citadel. If he had no thoughts about bringing the place down, then the leader of the Illuminai and his many priests would never be the wiser when they looked to the Force for hints of the future.

    He picked up the rifle and examined it briefly. When he was satisfied, Rade grabbed a box of the special ammunition he had made and slipped them into a pocket. He laid the rifle on his bed while he strapped his lightsaber belt back on, then picked it up and made his way to the training room.

    It was one of the many large scale modifications that his father had made to the vessel. A room with super advanced holographic technology that allowed any kind of enemy imaginable to be represented and slightly solidified in representation so that a combatant could train against any possible threat. Radiant had not used the room in years simply because the Illuminai were unpredictable at best and in most circumstances, the computer just couldn't keep up with the kind of actions they would take.

    He found Max in the room already, talking to Boom, and he caught the end of the conversation and smirked.

    "Maxhen, if you can find something to upgrade on Boom, then you are a smarter man than I. As of this moment I believe that he is the most sophisticated piece of war machine, decked out with more weaponry than any droid has ever even thought possible."

    He tossed the rifle casually to Max as he continued talking.

    "I don't think I have ever heard of a droid with lightsaber attachments, and the programing to use them better than some organics. Anyway. I want you to test out the attachment on that rifle."

    Once Max had his hands on the rifle, Rade reached into his pocket and tossed him the magazine that he had created for the new attachment. Now his smirk was gone, and he was all business once again.

    "Jae'den.... Give me a rifle dummy equipped with a personal shield generator please."

    The AI complied immediately and a panel on the ceiling opened to drop a torso with a bullseye on the chest and a smaller one on the head.

    He grabbed a blaster from a weapons rack nearby and set it to a low setting so it wouldn't ricochet around the room and damage something.

    "What is our main issue with the Illuminai? We have to always engage them at close combat."

    He pointed the blaster with a complete lack of finesse and fired 6 shots rapid fire into the target. The shield immediately popped up and caught all of the bolts on it's tip, immediately dissipating the energy an
  20. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    IC: Boom

    Boom's turret barrels spun a few times and retracted in as his sensors picked up Max in the room. The droid turned to face him.

    Max began speaking of a new upgrade for Boom, which caught his attention. It was one of Boom's primary functions to better himself and if there were a time when his charge was not in immediate danger, he cycled through previous battles, making adjustments to his already massive cache of weaponry and devising new weapons and tactics, assimilating them into his chassis and matrix.

    "My long range sensors are quite modern, Sir Max, but I would be quite interested in seeing what you may have."

    Master Radiant was walking in at this moment and Boom gave his usual flawless bow, no doubt the object of many tweaks when he'd first been built.

    "Maxhen, if you can find something to upgrade on Boom, then you are a smarter man than I. As of this moment I believe that he is the most sophisticated piece of war machine, decked out with more weaponry than any droid has ever even thought possible. I don't think I have ever heard of a droid with lightsaber attachments, and the programing to use them better than some organics. Anyway. I want you to test out the attachment on that rifle."

    If a droid were possible of smiling and beaming with pride, Boom would have been Luminous. Acknowledgment from his Master that he'd thus far completed one of his primary functions beyond expectations was the best praise a droid could ask for.

    "Thank you, sir. I am most pleased to hear that you are pleased with my-"

    He was cut off as were the usual case and he cocked his head as Rade spoke aloud.

    "Jae'den.... Give me a rifle dummy equipped with a personal shield generator please."

    Following the demonstration, Boom was addressed once again.

    "What did you want to show me Boom?"

    "Well, sir, it seems that you and I have employed near the same thought process using a small and contained Electro-Magnetic Pulse to create a small dissipation in the shield generator, though, I am sorry to say that I have outdone you in your planning."

    Boom waited a moment to make sure he hadn't over-stepped his boundaries.

    "You see, sir, while a dart can be quite effective against most targets, you have said yourself it does not immediately eliminate the threat. This allows time for retaliation and warning to our foe's allies."

    He took aim at the shielded dummy.

    "Notice the two protruding barrels from my turret. If you examine them for any amount of time, you will see that one barrel is slightly longer than the other. My advanced droid logic allows me to simultaneously fire both of these barrels at once, without fail."

    The battle droid fired off a shot, causing the forcefield to waver as if it had been struck by a blaster bolt, but as soon as the shield has calmed itself, a large black blaster burn could be easily seen between the eyes (or where the would have been if the dummy were sentient) of the dummy.

    "You see, sir, instead of emitting the charge on impact, I am sending forth an Electro-Magnetic Pulse much as I would a blaster bolt or ion discharge. This is a much more subtle dissipation of the shield which allows just enough time, thanks to my precise calculations, for the actual blaster bolt to penetrate the fissure before it re-closes. The bolt fatally strikes our opponent, yet gives off the illusion that their shield did not malfunction."

    Boom lowered his arm and turned to the two.

    "Your idea is still a novel one, sir. I cannot expect a sentient to have the same firing precision as a droid and a weapon such as this require precise timing."

    His head turned back and forth between the two as he awaited a response.

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