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The Jedi Warrior Bond by Gina *repost* AU

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Arctic_Wolf, Feb 20, 2001.

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  1. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000
    I did not write this series. Gina did and I have offered to repost all the parts for her. I hope to post at least one to two parts each day.

    's are thought

    . . . every saga has a beginning . . . .

    To Qui-Gon Jinn, walking the muted, subdued corridors of the Jedi Temple was always like coming home spiritually as well as physically. His earliest memories -- many years ago -- were of life here in these sequestered rooms and halls where solemn Jedi Masters intoned and imparted galactic wisdom to the young. To a revered order of beings regarded throughout the known galaxy, as the keepers of peace and justice, the Temple was an appropriately reverent edifice.
    In the last decade Qui-Gon returned to this Jedi haven only when summoned by the Jedi Council. Otherwise he preferred roaming from assignment to assignment, traveling to the far reaches of the Republic, fulfilling his calling as a Jedi and instrument of the Force. Anything to keep him from the memories and ghosts lingering here to haunt him.
    Having just completed a mission of assistance for the leader of Alderaan, Jinn could have reported to the council, as usual, through communications channels. His next assignment, in all probability, would have been given to him immediately. Instead, Qui-Gon exercised the unusual option of returning to the spiritual center -- the Temple. The return was not of his own choosing. Unmistakably the Force had drawn him here.
    Notifying the appropriate clerks of his arrival, he knew that soon enough the Council would be made aware of his presence here and summon him for an audience. No doubt that was when they would tell him -- whatever it was he was here for. Perhaps they did not yet even know. Often the Force pushed, influenced and guided the Jedi seemingly without reason or sense. In those times Master Yoda, the most powerful Jedi in Qui-Gon's lifetime, would recited the well known adage about paying attention to the Living Force.
    The quote was one the young student, then apprentice Jinn heard often in his formative years. Now that he held the level of a Master the quote was still something Yoda and other Council members advised him with annoying regularity. Perhaps if he had adhered more to those teachings he would understand why the Force drew him back to his roots here at the Temple. Perhaps this was an example of a hidden disadvantage for a maverick Jedi. He was usually adept at tuning into the Living Force, but was not so talented with seeing into the future.
    Over ten thousand Jedi were counted in the ranks and obviously there was not room in the Temple for everyone. Transient groups for the most part, Masters and Apprentices not regularly assigned to Coruscant were housed in temporary quarters. Since Jedi maintained a spartan, austere lifestyle it was never a problem to survive comfortably in guest housing.
    Unpacked and refreshed from his journey, Qui-Gon looked out his small viewport, observing the hectic, congested sky of Coruscant and longing for the freedom and space offered in less populated spots in the galaxy. Restlessly he paced the small quarters, knowing he had been brought back here for a reason. Solving puzzles was not only part of his vocation, but a skill he excelled at. Knowing himself very well, he understood he was avoiding the solution to this puzzle because he thought he would probably dislike the answer to why the Force wanted him back at the Temple.
    Walking out those closed doors might connect him with the answer immediately and he wanted to avoid that fate as long as possible. On the other hand, he could remain here, drive himself to distraction in the small room, and be summoned by the Council. Then they would tell him his destiny and he would have backed himself into a corner.
    While still a young student in these halls, Qui-Gon had accepted, more easily than his Masters, that he was a free and independent spirit. His schooling had been tests of patience for his Masters and him. How anxious he was to be through with the learning and get on with the active purpose of
  2. JediMasterAaron

    JediMasterAaron Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 14, 2000
    absolutely amazing story, but I've read this once before! Can't wait for the next post!
  3. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000

    "I am sorry, exalted Jedi Master, but we can't possibly continue without the General of Operations. But I can not allow you to leave, either. Your sense of peace brings stability to these talks."
    Not for the first time Qui-Gon Jinn was required in more than one place at the same time. Smiling to himself, he knew that was why the Jedi made apprentices. Glancing at the youngster beside him, Obi-Wan Kenobi's raising of an eyebrow confirmed they were thinking the same thing. How did the youth manage to instill irony in an eyebrow, an expression? He didn't have to say anything. The sarcasm was in the very air around the youth.
    From the beginning of the mission on Banton, Kenobi had asserted his opinions that the aquatic planet suffered from too much protocol and not enough workers to make functioning decisions. In a territorial dispute, the regulations had been more of a hindrance than the actual squabble. More than one lecture had been delivered to the young man, reminding him the Jedi were there to help stabilize the factions, not rewrite governmental protocol.
    "Pay attention to the Living Force," had been the oft-repeated lesson.
    "Yes, Master," with a sigh, had been the ever-quick response.
    In the last year together the Jedi Master and Padawan had achieved an acceptable, even efficient and solid relationship. The youth was quick to learn, quick to obey and eager to attain excellence. His training skills were first rate and his enthusiasm unparalleled. Occasionally that zealous nature translated into stubbornness, but rarely anything more than his obsession with mythical fantasies. Jinn had very few complaints about his apprentice and trusted him completely with responsibility.
    "Easily handled, emissary. My apprentice Kenobi can fetch the general. Kenobi is an experienced pilot."
    "Thank you, Master, for your confidence."
    Obi-Wan had more than enough self-possession for both of them and Jinn refused to encourage the high level of esteem. He felt the boy was always walking the invisible, subtly-perceived dangerous line between confidence and pride. Obi-Wan never seemed to slip into the darker emotions or perceptions, perhaps because Jinn was always there with a harsh and cold dash of reality to jolt him away from the danger zone.
    One of Jinn's greatest misgivings about taking on another apprentice was the ever-pressing shadow of dread that Kenobi, along with the dire second apprentice, would slip into the black void of the Dark Side. Even Master Yoda had warned Kenobi so strong in the Force that Qui-Gon should not worry about his turning to evil. But Jinn did worry. He had invested a lot in the young boy and would take any measures to insure a healthy safety margin between Light and the emotions of pride or anger that could be the first step on the path to Darkness. The Warrior Path was not an easy trail and nothing should be taken for granted.
    His voice was as cool as his expression. "Just be mindful of what you are doing. This general is important."
    "Aren't they all?" At the Master's glower over the smart remark, Obi-Wan smiled. "I shall be on my best behavior."
    Momentarily Jinn's anxieties nearly surfaced. To say something with the Prefect within earshot would be against Qui-Gon's established rules of Jedi etiquette. They were never to discuss anything of a personal nature, or doubts, concerns or complaints, in front of others. Jinn worried about sending the boy off alone. In their year together they had never been separated. Not as confident as the apprentice, Qui-Gon could really think of no other objections to the request. Uneasiness did not qualify.
    If they were more connected on a mental and emotional level his misgivings would be eased considerably. Some Jedi Masters had incredibly deep links with their apprentices, occasionally, including telepathy, but that was usually not between Humans. Except in a Warrior Bond, came the unbidden aside. His Padawan's favorite subject. Over their year together Obi-Wan had brought it up so often Jinn now forbid the youth to speak of
  4. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    These stories are excellently written, with good characterization, and very entertaining. I like Obi-Wan's slight cheekiness, and Qui-Gon's occasional self-doubts. I've read most of them before, but I'm looking forward to reading them all again, in order.
  5. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000

    Looking up from his vid screen Qui-Gon Jinn glanced at his Padawan who was similarly engrossed reading reports from his hand held computer. Pleased at the studious dedication of his apprentice, Jinn returned to concentration on the dry, boring, but necessary missive about their upcoming mission.
    On assignment from a Senate sub-committee on trade treaties, the Jedi team was given the task of bringing a settlement to factions disputing the rights to mine the asteroid field of Tongora. The solar system Vortog and the neighboring system Toneer both claimed rights to the mineral-rich asteroid belt located between both territories. Recently a battle had erupted, making travel in the entire sector dangerous. Usually governments would be left alone to settle such disputes, but the Tongora system was part of a main trade route for Republic shipping. Space transports freighters and private craft had been damaged, even destroyed as a result of the war.
    On the surface the assignment seemed a simple task for two Jedi. Qui-Gon and his able pupil had often brought success to similar cases. As they approached the Vortog system, however, Jinn felt some unsettling fluxes in the Force. Only to be expected, of course, since they were entering a war zone in a neutral commercial transport. Yet, some disquieting undercurrents had started to furrow through his senses and Jinn found his mind wandering from the report, trying to isolate and identify the source of the disturbance.
    Again glancing at his apprentice, Jinn wondered if Obi-Wan felt the undercurrent as well. There was an incredible level of Force-strength, presumably a high midi-chlorian count, within Kenobi. For a thirteen year old. Couched around that innate gift were the impatience, daring and stubbornness of a natural leader trying to grow up around the strict dictates of the Jedi code.
    Obi-Wan's headstrong, sometimes obstinate and often risky nature made him a challenge to direct and mold. Astute, intelligent, brave and devoted -- willful, independent and amusing -- Kenobi proved to be all a Padawan should be -- everything a Master could ask for in a pupil in this past year of their partnership. With each mission, Obi-Wan's mastery of the Force, of wisdom, of lightsabre techniques increased steadily and their unity strengthened. Still a student, the youth managed to juggle the demands of a pupil and an assistant.
    At every opportunity Kenobi worked to impress his Master, even to the honor of fashioning his lightsabre hilt in a near copy of Qui-Gon's (with a little bit more flair -- typical of the Padawan's personality) -- the ultimate mark of reverence for a Master. And in his own way of mimicking his Master's reserved nature, (he adopted so many of Jinn's good and bad habits), Kenobi was devoted and affectionate without being overly demonstrative. Taking his lead from his Master on that point. Which made things easier for the still cool Jinn. Only to himself would Qui-Gon admit his heart had thawed greatly for the boy, and he felt deep endearment for his Padawan. He also knew in his most private admissions he acknowledged how warm and comforting it was to have someone care about him. Holding a promising youngster's total regard and devotion was an honor. It was wonderful, he redefined with a smile.
    In the past year they had traveled to many planets around the Galactic Republic. Their missions became increasingly political because of Jinn's incredible skills in negotiations and diplomacy. Qui-Gon Jinn was rising in notice in the power centers of the Galactic Senate. Obi-Wan was learning the tedious and difficult points of discretion. For an impatient youth the lessons were sometimes boring, sometimes dangerous, yet Jinn had to rate him as an impressive Padawan in all respects.
    So far, the weak point of their relationship was their weak Force-attachment. The deepest they had managed beyond their initial link, discovered when they met at the Temple, was a connection made apparent on their last mission just weeks before. Qui-Gon had assigned Obi-Wan to fly f
  6. JediMasterAaron

    JediMasterAaron Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 14, 2000
    Excellent. Isn't there more of the story though? Like a sequel or something?
  7. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000
    Yes, there are about 14 more stories, unless Gina writes more.

    Stomach growling, Qui-Gon Jinn was reminded that the meeting had continued much -- much longer than expected. Sighing, he waited impatiently for the lift in the upper reaches of the Jedi Temple. From this vantage point, outside the Council chambers, he could see the sunset of Coruscant, the heavy air traffic, the bustle of the planet. Since the meetings ran late he wondered what his apprentice had decided to do with the extra time. Probably finishing the lessons in his usual quick fashion, Kenobi would have had plenty of free time on his hands. The youth would have found something unique and surprising to do probably. A smile crept across his face before he was aware of the outward emotion and he grunted with amusement.
    "You seem in good humor today, Jinn."
    Qui-Gon dropped a facade of neutrality across his features. Turning, he nodded to his old friend Plo Koon, from Dorin, who wore a mask that distorted his voice and protected him from the oxygen atmosphere of the planet.
    "Anticipating supper," he offered as a half-truth with a twinge of a grin. His apprentice had gotten him in the habit of frequent feedings. Obi-Wan was always hungry. "It's been a long day."
    "Wish I was going with you to Bhotar. You shouldn't go alone, and I doubt your apprentice is up to it."
    The thought of leaving his (recovering) apprentice behind during a mission was not just unthinkable it was abhorrent. So recently his Padawan's life was in jeopardy and he could have been alone for good. The fright still chilled him. Master and Apprentice for little more than a year he and Obi-Wan Kenobi had discovered they shared a mystical link the young man liked to label the Jedi Warrior Bond. After their last mission, the forming of their profound unity through a life-threatening crisis, he realized how extremely attached he'd become to his young one. He would no more think of going on a mission alone than he would think of sending Obi-Wan out on a solo assignment. They were a team. Their greatest strength was in their synthesis.
    "It doesn't seem much of a strain. It will be more of a party than a diplomatic mission."
    The Kel Dor shook his head. "There's still resentment on Bhotar. Some hatreds from the Hyperspace Wars never healed." He stabbed a finger toward Jinn. "You were a very visible hero, friend. Old warriors from the other side might still feel betrayed by you."
    The truth was more telling than Jinn would ever admit. Some old betrayal wounds never healed. His thoughts flashed to his second pupil.
    "You need someone to watch your back."
    "I'm sure my Padawan can manage." His defense was quick and probably sharper than necessary, but he didn't like anyone, even an old friend, slighting his brave Padawan. Obi-Wan had risked his life, been injured and nearly killed protecting Jinn, and the Master would not forget the chilling sacrifice. That intense event had forged the Warrior Bond and brought them both to a shocking comprehension of the depths and risks within a Master and Padawan link.
    Through the breathing mask Jinn couldn't see the eyes. "I hear they were going to send you to Bhotar last week, but your apprentice wasn't ready." He shrugged. "I would have gone alone instead of waiting for a young pup."
    "My Apprentice was badly injured on our last mission. He needed time to recover."
    The shorter man shrugged. Blunt and forthright, Koon had little time for amenities or chit-chat. "The Council wants me to check out the initiates preparing for apprentice trials. Guess it's time for a new apprentice." Plo's head tilted. "You're too soft on your apprentices, Jinn. Look what happened the last time." Koon wagged a finger at him. "Don't make the same mistake with this lad, Jinn. He's already too soft, I hear."
    "There is nothing wrong with my Padawan. Or the way I treat him!"
    Explaining this defensive, simple and obvious fact to his old friend irritated Jinn. Plo was a veteran of the Hypersapce Wars, where Qui-Gon had fought side by side with him. The Kel Dor w
  8. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000
    Up you go! Two more posts tomorrow!
  9. JediMasterAaron

    JediMasterAaron Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 14, 2000
    Awesome absolutely amazing story. Bring on ye olde next chapter. I can't believe more people aren't reading this.
  10. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000
    "ALWAYS TWO THERE ARE . . . . ."

    'Your focus determines your reality.'
    'Your focus determines your reality.'
    'Your focus determines your reality.'
    How many times did he have to repeat it before he believed his own lectures? What was he trying to accomplish hidden in the meditation gardens of the Temple when his thoughts were elsewhere? Unusually he was not irritated at the distraction. The knowledge surprised him and he tried to repress the gentle grin that twitched mustache at the corners of his mouth.
    Not long ago he would have avoided being here in the meditation garden. The Temple only brought back the bitter memories of his times here with his last apprentice. Perceptions and experiences had changed in the last year since Qui-Gon Jinn's third apprentice; his new focus -- his pride -- came into his life. Now the regrets and disturbances from his Dark pupil were nearly replaced by new experiences with Obi-Wan. Every old haunt he had once traveled with Darius -- then dreaded after the Dark One's fall -- were palatable, even acceptable with Kenobi.
    For a Master renowned as a compassionate Jedi intimately in touch with the Living Force, Qui-Gon felt he sometimes had much to learn about relationships and the complexities of his own personality. How could he explain his aloof coolness to everyone around him, yet be considered an effective diplomat? How could he reconcile his near rejection of the Force when taking this new apprentice, even when he had felt the Force telling him that taking a Padawan was right? Stubbornness, he sighed knowingly.
    A twitch in the subliminal Bond link made him grimace. He was not the only Jedi around here with a headstrong streak. What was his distracting his focus now? A thirteen year old apprentice who insisted on testing the limits of his Master's patience!
    Giving up on the meditation idea as a lost cause, Jinn rose and stalked through the quiet halls of the Jedi Temple. A man with a purpose, no one stopped him to visit (that would have been rare anyway since he was not a gregarious sort). Few even gave him a nod of acknowledgement, so intent was his demeanor as he quickly strode through the corridors.
    Still amazed at this idea of the Jedi Warrior Bond, Jinn was intrigued and awed at the new facets of the experience even while part of his consciousness rejected the idea of being part of a mystical team structure. Obi-Wan believed in the myth-come-to-life wholeheartedly and insisted the Bond truly lived between them. After their recent experiences Qui-Gon was somewhat hesitant to test the limits of the incredible link.
    He had seen it save their lives. He could feel it now, even in the insignificant matter of finding his Padawan in the Temple. It was a connection somehow in tune with the Force without being part of the Force completely. Others could not really define the Bond between he and his young student, but they could sense some strong commitment -- beyond the Force -- beyond Master and Padawan.
    In the last few months there had been ample dangers to affirm the skill and bravery of both of them. Thrown into that was the testing of this Bond.
    Jinn didn't want to rely upon it too heavily, but adversely, found it a tremendous comfort to have it linking him and Obi-Wan. It served as a protection, a warning, and a solace. Now, he smirked, it was betraying the younger member of the partnership and for once Kenobi would find it a hindrance instead of help!
    Jinn stood in the doorway of the training room. So absorbed was Obi-Wan with his lightsabre battle with a practice droid that he had not felt the Master's approach. The sharp command startled the youth and he jumped, infinitesimally dropping his guard. The droid snapped a bolt out and struck Kenobi on the arm. He yelped with surprise and ordered the droid shut down.
    "I do not believe you received permission to train with a droid yet, apprentice." The voice was as cool as the frosty blue eyes. Some times it was harder to walk the warrior path than others. Impatient exasperation nipping at the seams
  11. Healer_Leona

    Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 7, 2000
    Took me awhile to catch up here.

    I'm familiar with these but it's a treat to read again. Wondrful series Gina! :)

    And Arctic Wolf, thanks for bringing them back again!
  12. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000
    Please tell me if I'm posting these too close together?

    Sweat poured in steamy rivulets down the face of Apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi. The salty liquid mercilessly stung his eyes and he wiped them clear, blinking, trying to focus. The steamy humidity robbed him of much sight beyond the sweltering mist that clung to him; his clothes, his eyelashes and imprisoned him in a small cocoon of isolation.
    It seemed as if he had been wandering the obscurity for -- forever. No reference points, no sound, no bearings. Only the inner compass of the Warrior Bond kept the young sixteen-year-old Jedi on his feet, kept him moving toward -- toward what he didn't know. But somewhere up ahead his Warrior Bond told him his Master was waiting for him. As if the fog clouded even their Force-Bond, they exchanged no thoughts, no silent messages, but Kenobi could FEEL his Master near.
    The apprentice tramped through muddy, clinging dirt and vines, through matted, close overgrowths that snagged his tunic and scratched against his face. The tropical jungle on -- what was this planet? -- was tight and cloying. The heat and humidity made it hard for even his fit lungs to breath. Nearly blindly he thrashed through the brush, sensing his Master close, so very close.
    Calling, his voice died before it reached his lips. The very air was closing in on him. Stumbling, he freed himself of the burdensome vines to emerge at the lip of a chasm. The fault was so deep it disappeared into blackness within a short distance of the rim. So wide was the rift that even his youthful strength and Force energy could not help him leap the divide.
    It hurt to move, to breath, to think. The mud was suckingly deep and sticky, the air thick. How could he go on? He had to. His Master was waiting for him. Rather than disappoint his Master he would endure any pain. Never would he want Qui-Gon to think he was weak or unworthy. No matter how painful he would struggle through this morass and find his Master.
    With effort he struggled out of the mud and was amazed to see his Master standing on the other side of the ravine. The Master was similarly worn, grubby and dirty. A gash along the side of Qui-Gon's head attested to an injury.
    Wincing, Kenobi remembered there had been a fight. They had been here on Archor as peace-keepers. A terrorist had bombed the negotiation room. How did they get into the jungle? Had they fled the explosions, the fires?
    'Master, you're hurt.'
    'So are you, my Padawan.'
    Glancing down at his tunic Kenobi realized the tan material was covered with splashes of red -- blood on his chest -- not just brown smears of mud. Touching his face his hand came away stained in crimson.
    Now Kenobi felt the distant echo of pain in his head. No wonder it was hard to breath, to talk -- he had been hurt. Not seriously, thankfully. And Jinn seemed generally all right, too.
    'I will come to you --'
    'There is no way to cross, Padawan.'
    'I can try --'
    'Not in your condition, Obi-Wan. It's too dangerous.'
    The youth touched his head -- yes, it hurt and so did his chest. Looking across the wide chasm at his injured Master, it hurt worse thinking about the danger Qui-Gon was in. There was no visible threat, no immediate identification of peril, but he knew from the Force that danger was close and pressing.
    'What shall we do?'
    'Continue on our journey, Obi-Wan. Perhaps the path will converge up ahead.'
    On the strange sojourn they walked side by side yet separated by the seemingly infinite gulf. Few words were exchanged but through the Bond they felt attached and as close as if they were walking astride touching shoulders. Occasionally a huge bending tree with thick, fluffy brown branches and leaves would block Qui-Gon's path. The Master would have to step away from the edge and skirt the obstruction. During the absence Kenobi strained their Bond link to assure that all was well. In those moments of invisibility the faint connection was his only source of confidence. Qui-Gon was injured, what if something happened to him during the exits
  13. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000
    I'm going to keep on posting even though nobody is reading. Maybe this one will pull people out of the wood work.


    Gritting his teeth to suppress a yawn, Obi- Wan Kenobi smothered his mouth with his hand and looked down at the floor, blinking. It was not much effort for the young Jedi to conceal his fatigue and boredom. When his stomach growled it took a bit more effort to screen that from the other members of the audience. Glancing around to those important personages sitting nearest him, he breathed a sign of relief. No one had heard him.
    Four seats down, his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn sent him a sideways, amused glance. The great Jedi Master had not "heard" the rumble, but undoubtedly "felt" it from the potent Force-connection established between them. Now well into their fourth year as Master and Padawan, their relationship was more strong, comfortable and formidable than most Jedi partnerships. Through the stress and dangers of their various missions they had turned to their mighty and bold powers of the Force -- blending them and melding them to become an incredibly effective unit.
    No question there was still much for Obi-Wan to learn. Now sixteen, he had periods of confidence that he had learned nearly all his Master could teach him. Then, through some blunder or oversight, he would be rocked back to reality and receive a flicker of understanding that he may never -- in his lifetime -- reach the wisdom and Force-vigor of the legendary Jinn.
    Jinn's lip twitched, his deep blue eyes sparking with humor. At times those compelling eyes could flash with incredible intensity as dangerous as Obi-Wan's lightsabre. Abstractly, he wondered if he had chosen the azure power crystal for his lightsabre to match his Master's sabre-like eyes? In the beginning months of their relationship those stern eyes had flashed at him with ominous fervor. Once they accepted and refined their Warrior Bond, the spark in those eyes had been more in amusement than irritation. Although Jinn would always present a patrician, dignified, even heroic image to strangers, Master Jinn was a warm, even humorous Jedi. Just like his personality, his complex nature had as many facets as a power crystal.
    Jinn caught the eyes of Kenobi. Without having to resort to thought-projection Qui-Gon sent a clear message. Easily received by a Padawan now proficient at understanding his Master's thoughts more by senses and feelings rather than actual telepathic messages. This time, Qui-Gon clearly agreed that the tedious talks were growing more insufferable by the minute since they should have concluded for supper three hours before. Still, Obi-Wan needed to control his stomach!
    Obi-Wan answered with a silent, imperceptible shrug, telling his Master that it was not his fault. He was still a growing young man and needed his food!
    The Malastare negotiator pounded his fist on the table, startling Kenobi into a higher level of attention. Thoughts drifting back to the business at hand, he didn't have to have much talent with sensitivity to feel the animosity and anger bubbling around the room.
    Malastare had colonized an outer planet named Kreeg centuries before. The planet was in the Kkorgar system, but the Kkorgar economy could not support expansion at that time. Now Kkorgar needed to colonize the habitable planet because of overpopulation and Malastare wasn't going to give it up. Since both governments were important members of the Galactic Republic, the Chancellor of the Senate himself had asked for Qui-Gon Jinn as a negotiator in the dispute.
    Across the table sat Jedi Master Phona Byl and her Padawan Phona Dar, both Altarans with nearly translucent, blue skin and wide, bulbous heads with huge, slanted eyes. The other Jedi team were negotiating in behalf of the Kkorgar delegation. In the interests of neutrality there was little contact between the Jedi contingents. Which suited Obi-Wan just fine. He found it tedious trying to mingle with Alterans, who were a cool, distant race and didn't socialize much. Of course, some outsiders might say the same
  14. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    I'm still reading these, I just didn't get a chance to reply last time.

    Yes, lots of good angst in this one. It was fascinating to see how Obi-Wan was able to put himself into such a deep healing trance, and how Qui-Gon knew that he wasn't dead anyway.

    Good plots, excellent twists, excellent characterizations, very enjoyable.
  15. JediMasterAaron

    JediMasterAaron Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 14, 2000
    Woohoo! Post more!
  16. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 19, 2000

    Strolling along the huge, tall, vaulted corridor of the Artan castle, Obi-Wan Kenobi couldn't keep from smiling. If he wasn't careful he might just break into song any minute. The morning had been a bit unsettling and rocky, but he pushed the unpleasantness out of his mind to enjoy the rest of the day. This was, by far, the best assignment he had ever experienced in his short career as a Jedi apprentice. Knowing galactic luck -- which Jedi weren't supposed to believe in -- it would be the best for a long time to come, so he intended to make the very most of it.
    Pausing to look out of one of the many tall, clear windows of the castle, he admired the view of a sweeping valley that stretched far in the distance, ending in a jagged row of rugged mountains. People from all over the galaxy came here to Artan to enjoy the natural beauty, but that was not the main attraction, or even the primary economic base of the planet.
    Artan was known throughout the Republic as the foundation of known civilization. It was from here the seeds of the Republic sprang over twenty-five thousand years before. On this planet the long-past ancestors gathered various species, races and planets together in a common government. On this scenic and serene soil was amassed the greatest archives of known history -- literally the entire planet's work force was dedicated to preserving the history of the Republic and ensuring the access of rich historical treasures to those who came here seeking knowledge and insight into the past.
    Being a curious, but energetic sixteen-year-old, Kenobi could appreciate the sense of antiquity and respected the fonts of knowledge. Gazing out at the far away mountains he also knew Artan was known for the tremendously challenging cliffs and natural spires -- one of the great challenge sports to be found in nature. And he was aching to try the exciting and sometimes dangerous recreation of rock scaling. Tourists from everywhere came to confront the mountains in a test of personal skill. With various levels of equipment -- the bravest using none at all -- those who dared were taken to a base camp somewhere in the mountains with the goal to climb the jagged cliffs. The tests became synonymous with endurance and hardship and many died from the ordeal. Many more still tested the mountains, vying for the sense of achievement that could come only from proving self against impossible odds and succeeding.
    That element of challenge and risk was inherent within Kenobi. It seemed absurd that he did not get enough of such danger on nearly a daily basis. Being a Jedi was neither easy nor safe. He frowned, thinking that only months ago he had nearly lost his Master to an assassination -- had seen two other Jedi murdered and barely lived through it all himself. Before and since there had been many close calls, many injuries, too many moments when it seemed they would not survive, but they had.
    Perhaps climbing the mountains would reaffirm some need inside to know he could do anything. Wryly, he suspected his longing for adventure was just for the thrill and excitement. His Master had said as much when he had categorically refused Obi-Wan permission to test the mountains. Jinn maintained that they had enough risk in their lives. This assignment was meant as almost a holiday and he would not let his Padawan get into trouble!
    Sighing, Kenobi checked the angle of the sun. Still well above the top mountain peak. At sunset the first of many official ceremonies would start and Kenobi was scheduled to be in attendance at the main castle gate. Continuing his walk he admitted the sanctioned rites of Artan were tedious, but not so bad as many other planets. And this mission was little more than showing up at the right time and place, smiling, nodding politely at dignitaries, and remembering which utensils were to be used at the official dinners.
    At the next huge window alcove Obi-Wan stopped and grabbed a sweet fruit, a bright purple ball that was dry and crisp but very tasty. Qui-Gon favored the orange, oblong fru
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    Hey! I'm enjoying these! But if you could just get some line spacing between those paragraphs, it would be easier to read!

    (I definitely appreciate a whole, entire story, rather than the series of cliffhangers we usually get).

    Okay? Happy now? Good! Now post more... :)

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    "Now, just a few more details before we set down." Senator Valorum turned from the veiwport to address the two Jedi seated at the conference table. Behind the politician, the hazy, grey/blue mist of the planet Xerilum floated in the depths of space. "I'm afraid we haven't really had time for a history lesson."
    "No. The current affairs seemed complicated enough." Obi-Wan's delivery was dry and slightly ironic.
    Qui-Gon shot him an elevated eyebrow, a silent comment that at least HE picked up on that wry tone of voice and that it should not be repeated.
    They may not like the politics, but much of their job was related to governmental trivia and Senator Valorum at least deserved their respect.
    For the most part they had spent the two days of travel in this very plushly furnished room aboard the senate transport, hashing over the political climate of Xerilum. A simple clan system of government had evolved into a complex structure of rules and regulation that were mind-numbing in both number and trivia. Getting down to the basics, three clans held power on Xerilum the prominent and most powerful clan owning the majority of rights to the beryllium mines. The Republic wanted to mine some of the energizing mineral and the Xer clan agreed to open negotiations. The Senate had insisted on Jedi at the talks and Xer's chieftain reluctantly agreed.
    "You will be entering a situation that is -- precarious to say the least." Valorum continued without taking much notice in Obi-Wan Kenobi , or either Jedi for that matter. "Xer's chief, Xor, does not -- uh -- respect the Jedi order." At this the lean, tall senator stretched the high, brocaded collar away from his neck, as if it was suddenly too tight or warm. "He looks on the Jedi as being -- uh -- weak. It is only at my insistence that you are here."
    Obi-Wan exchanged a surprised glance with his placid Master. Qui-Gon seemed amused and Kenobi smirked. Sometimes it was hard to restrain a little bit of arrogance at their powers in the Force. If some of these backward planets even knew . . . .
    'Of what, my Padawan?'
    The silent, dry comment brought a smile to his face. Through their Jedi bond their mental communications were as solid as voice exchanges.
    They knew each other so well they didn't even need the bond.
    "Is something amusing you, Apprentice -- uh --"
    "Kenobi, sir." The young man straightened in his chair. "Not at all."
    Looking at the senator with studious intent, the young Jedi sent a repost to his elder.
    'Master, you receive a malicious delight in getting me into trouble.'
    'Never malicious, my young one.'
    In his mind, Obi-Wan smiled at that.
    'I will be eighteen standard years soon, my Master. Hardly young anymore.'
    'Are you trying to make me feel old?'
    'Whatever, Master.'
    'Cheeky youth.'
    Valorum paced, clearing his throat, a sign there was more disturbing news. "Now, this is very serious gentlemen. Especially you must mind your protocol to the letter. And Apprentice -- uh -- "
    "Kenobi, sir."
    "Yes. You must be mindful of your Master's lead. Do not talk or initiate any action with anyone for any reason!"
    The unique mixture of curiosity, irritation and concern flashed over to Obi-Wan with amazing clarity. The expression on Jinn's face never flickered, but through their mental link the instant worry was shouting within the older Jedi. He was not known as a master for nothing. He could match inscrutable manners with any one in the galaxy.
    "What do you mean, Senator?"
    "Oh, well, the clans favor the strong, you know. Apprentices -- assistants -- that kind of station in life means -- uh -- little to them. That is why I didn't bring my assistant -- uh -- I brought you -- uh -- two."
    Qui-Gon's jaw tightened and he glared icy-blue daggers at the politician. "And why did you not inform us of this? I have a young Padawan with me. What kind of danger will he face? He is my responsibility as much as this mission!" His eyes narrowed.
    'More,' he finished silently.
    Kenobi valiantly kept his anger and affront from the Senator, but not his Master.
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    I'm still enjoying these stories. But can I make a suggestion? I have my options set to show 25 posts per page. The minimum is 20, I think. Anyway, these stories are very long, which is good--I like long stories, but unfortunately, it takes a long time to load the page. How about if you cut each story into three or four parts and post the parts one after the other? Then there wouldn't be so much sheer mass on one page, our eyes have a bit of a break, and yet the entire story would still be there?
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    Ok, thank you Jane Jinn for the suggestion. I will try problem is I wont be here after Mar 13 till about May.


    Coughing out the green, silty dust from his lungs, Qui-Gon Jinn wiped the sweat-smeared grime from his face and grimaced. Pacing a track in the dirt, he idly studied the patterns of lime-colored sand on his brown boots and tried to concentrate on solutions, not allowing his mind to wander.
    The Darvon people were a literal, stubborn group that had proved difficult in a peace treaty with the Comdor settlers who had taken up residence around the planet's moon. Comdors were a space-faring vagabond race and usually traveled quickly through solar systems or dominions, trading, taking what they needed and moving on. The Darvon moon, however, had proved to be rich in the mineral Tritam and the gypsies started mining the element. Darvon claimed the mineral riches as their own and the region was threatened with a space war unless mediation was accomplished.
    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had been unfortunate enough to be the closest Jedi available. On the insistence of both factions, the Jedi had split up, Jinn remaining on Darvon and Kenobi in space with the lead Comdor ship. At this point the dialogue had stalled and the Jedi were striving for a strategy to bring them back to at least speaking terms.
    Irritated at the Darvon's, Jinn sought distance and meditation in the dusty lane outside the central conference hall of the capitol city. Unofficial citizens were not allowed in this diplomatic area, which afforded him privacy and peace. Jedi were not particularly liked here. Too close to the gypsy Comdor race, many believed. Rooted as they were in practicality, Darvons didn't hold much respect for the Force -- for something mystical that they could not see. The Jedi were negotiators out of law by the
    Republic Senate, not by choice of Darvons.
    Both races were not usually violent or extreme, but the situation was tense. On the planet especially, emotions were running high and the obvious feelings of anger and antagonism were hard to tune out even for a Jedi Master. Accompanying the sense of unease was the disquieting necessity of Obi-Wan so far away. Occasionally the Master and Padawan had been separated, but it was a rare occurrence and rightly so. Young Jedi apprentices were not to be left on their own. So much could happen to them.
    Some could get into a great deal of trouble without any prompting.
    Eighteen-year-old Obi-Wan was no troublemaker. For his age he was unusually sober, diligent and uncommonly brave -- reckless -- the appellation leaped into his thoughts. He was also an eighteen-year-old Human. Susceptible to the temptations and weaknesses inherent with that condition. And alone with a civilization of gypsies? Qui-Gon was nervous and worried and he would not
    deny that. It would not do to mention this to his Padawan, but the irritating assignment couldn't end soon enough for the distressed, over-protective mentor.
    By eighteen, his first apprentice had already taken her trials and become a Knight. Comparing apprentices -- a dangerous game. It automatically flashed a Dark shadow on his mind -- his second pupil. At eighteen the youth had already abandoned Jinn, the Jedi Order and the Force.
    Remaining outwardly placid, Jinn strained to invent a solution that would solve this dilemma quickly. Images of the gypsies leaping off into hyperspace with his apprentice came to mind all too easily. He actually had nightmares of Obi-Wan receiving a binding curse -- inhibiting Kenobi from using the Force -- from the space people who -- it was rumored -- still believed in magic.
    Not that he believed the idea. Force manipulation, yes, he believed in that, both Light and Dark. They had experienced that firsthand earlier that year on Xerilum. The Warrior Bond, the incredible, seemingly supernatural link that bound him to his Padawan in unique and profound spiritual, emotional and mental levels.
    Aside from the extreme and exaggerated imaginings, Jinn did feel a true tremor of jeopardy on Darvon.
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    So distracted, astounded, disturbed by the sudden emotions, then the telepathic silence, his guard slipped. Two projectiles hit Qui-Gon in the chest and shoulder. Backing away, he scrambled over the debris. Distracted by the mental search for his Padawan through their Bond, defensive of the danger facing him, the elements left over in his brain scanned for the elusive touch of the Dark Side.
    Leaving the crumbling hall he took to the back alleys of the central city. There was a sinister shadow over the populous. Menacing hate bubbled in the very air. Folding into a sheltered corner, Jinn concentrated on finding his Padawan. The sense of Obi-Wan's Life Force was still there, so the youngster was alive. Unconscious, perhaps, since there was no response. What had happened?
    'Obi-Wan, talk to me!'
    Jinn reached out with the Force to locate his Padawan. Touching Qui-Gon's intense probe was a Dark shade -- a counter mastery of malevolence. Someone trained and formidable in malfeasance knew he was here. Quickly Qui-Gon shut down his Force. It made him feel isolated and bereft. Worse, it impressed him that he was abandoning Obi-Wan by not expending all his energy to find his Padawan.
    Luckily, there was still their Bond. Using almost no power of the Force, their link kept them completely connected. Since their nasty encounter with anti-Jedi blast bombs a few years ago, they had trained on low-Force techniques, including manipulation of the Warrior Bond.
    'Obi-Wan, answer me!'
    A surge of Darkness and vehemence swept toward him. A very disturbed mob was coming his way. How had they found him? Darting out of the corner he ran down another alley, the shouting, outraged rabble behind him. Blaster bolts sizzled nearby. Unlatching his sabre he ignited the blade, deflecting bolts as he ran. Most of his mind was intent on escape, on getting ahead of the throng and finding a place to hide. Very little of his mind could be used to call for his apprentice, whose silence worried him more with each passing minute.
    At last a faint tickle of a message touched his mind.
    'Hurt . . . . help . . . .'
    Over and over he repeated the name, but there was no answer. His apprentice was hurt and through their brief link he could sense the confusion, pain and trepidation. Now there was silence and the frustrated, anxious Qui-Gon could not get a sense of direction or status.
    Planet dusk was nearly upon the city. Concealing his face in his hooded robe, Qui-Gon blended well with the crowds preparing for the chill of nightfall. Masses of people milled the streets in discontent and anger. Demonstrations against Comdors seemed to grow spontaneously at every street corner. People carried blasters and energy staffs. The mood was ugly everywhere he turned.
    At the edge of the city a fire burned. Murmurs through the crowd blamed it on a Comdor attack. Listening carefully, Jinn's skin crawled with anxiety as he heard the rumors that a Comdor ship had been shot down, the enemy pilots dead. Obi-Wan had been coming in . . . .
    Coursing along with much of the main mob Jinn made his way to the outskirts of the city. On a nearby hillside a small spacecraft was shattered, in ruin, most of the split hull burning. Darvons ringed around the wreck, some taking wild blaster shots on the hulk, some throwing rocks or other projectiles. The mood was insane, unabashed hatred. And behind it all Jinn could sense a malicious purpose, a controlled conspiracy of malevolence.
    As his heart ached, staring at the burning flames of the Comdor ship, Jinn wondered what had happened to his Padawan. The Warrior Bond still told him his youth was alive, but where was he? As long as he was away from here he would probably be safe.
    Slipping through the crowd, Jinn wandered around the area trying to pick up a sign of his Padawan. Resting in a small indent in the rocky hillside, Jinn observed the madness below, wondering how he would reunite with his apprentice and how they could escape this mad planet. The farther away from the city and people, the clearer the
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    The Jedi turned as one, momentarily frozen at the sight of Tor standing in the doorway.
    "The young one lives and has come for his master. How touching." Tor laughed with a brittle scrape of malice. "The Jedi sorcerer and his apprentice. Now I can destroy two of you. Slowly."
    Unguarded, weak, the sizzle of hatred and fear spiked from Kenobi in an unwary instant. Tor and Obi-Wan had both felt it, the knowledge flickering in their expressions. For an eternal moment Kenobi stared at the obscure eyes of the Dark Side, aware he had left himself open to perilous vulnerability with that instant sliver of Dark thought. In the next instant the Dark Force hit Obi-Wan like a collapsing wall. He staggered back, summoning his own Force too late, fighting to block the evil power from crushing his head, his mind. Through the Bond he felt a nudge of energy from Qui-Gon and it was enough to keep him on his feet.
    Tor advanced to the center of the room. He drew a lightsabre ignited with an orange blade that sizzled in the still, dim room. No weapons. Little strength. What could they do against a powerful, armed former Jedi?
    'What we always do, my Padawan.'
    Strength, confidence, calm washed over Obi-Wan's dreaded senses. His Master at his side, they would find a way. '
    Stay close. Do not let him separate us.'
    'But two sides --'
    'Stay close, Padawan! If we separate he can play off our weaknesses.'
    The sharpness of the thought betrayed the anxiety coursing through Jinn. Now his apprentice was trapped and he would do anything to save Obi-Wan from torture and death.
    'Always, Master. We are always stronger together.'
    Even in the dire situation, Jinn felt the wry tone, and was ashamed of fear reflecting to the one closest to him as a harsh rebuke.
    'Yes. It has saved me more than you know.'
    'As I hope to again, my Master.'
    Staying close to the window, they waited as Tor approached, swinging his lightsabre. Training exercises included fighting in unarmed combat. On a good day this would be a challenge. Injured, it would be tough, but Jinn relied on his experience and his Bond with Obi-Wan.
    As Tor jabbed, slashed and swept the deadly blade, the Jedi moved as one, diving, bending, and sweeping away. Each time the Dark Knight moved, the Jedi eluded and counter attacked.
    Suspicious, Tor backed off, warily swinging the sabre from side to side. "Jedi sorcerer, you are more cunning than I remember, Jinn." He stared at Kenobi. "And you are very good, apprentice. Too good." The dark eyes narrowed. "There is something between you -- something -- elusive and --" His eyes blinked, then widened. "There is power, a connection between you! How remarkable."
    Obi-Wan went cold with icy grips of fear and Jinn felt it as clearly as he felt his own lament of dread. Tor could feel their Bond! They had used it too freely, too carelessly to gain an advantage. Where was his patience and control? He was supposed to be the Master, the wise one! He had led his Padawan into the horrendous arms of Darkness because of his rashness.
    "This will be quite a challenge, Jinn." Tor stared at the youth, flinching as his senses examined the young man. "Taking apart a pure, young, heroic apprentice. I have never had such a prospect before." The Dark energy tingled the air. "It should be easy to turn the untrained mind. I shall keep you around, now, Jinn, sparing your worthless life till the last. So the echo of your Padawan's screams can resound in your mind for as long as you live."
    Jinn pushed the Force at Tor, shifting the lightsabre away and Jinn lunged, only to be knocked away by Tor's more fit strength.
    In the blink of an eye Obi-Wan jumped, using his remarkable athletic prowess to summersault over Tor. Once behind the former Jedi, Obi-Wan attracted the attention. Tor swept the blade, cutting through part of Kenobi's tunic sleeve. In that instant Jinn pounced on the foe and wrestled to gain possession of the lightsabre.
    Cunning and might on his side, Tor twisted and jabbed back, slicing along Jinn's thigh. The Master cried out, curl
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    #11 of 17 in the series.

    "Have I got your attention, Padawan?"
    Kenobi blinked and sat up straight, startled back to alertness. "Yes, Master?"
    "I asked if you understood the schedule for tomorrow."
    Qui-Gon Jinn was in one of his stridently efficient moods. The rigorous tasks assigned to the two Jedi kept them busy during their stay on Pahuu.
    After one thousand years of leasing Pahuu to the immigrant natives, the planet Kelnor was reclaiming their property. They had asked for an independent review of all holdings for the property, supervised by Jedi. The natural distrust of the Kelnor made everything more complicated than necessary and after five days of constant work even Jedi reserves were failing.
    "Yes, Master. I am to oversee the vitally important technicalities of the farming droids on the southern continent."
    Qui-Gon cleared his throat in irritation. "I hope you can restrain your sarcasm while working with the Kelnors."
    "Yes, Master." He pushed his food around on his plate with the long stick used to skewer the appetizing foods grown here. Right now he wasn't hungry. Rubbing at tired eyes, he was too drained to care about anything, even pleasing his very cranky Master. "I'm sure I can find it in me to be civil." Inwardly he groaned. He swore he didn't have a death wish, but when he was fatigued his innate sarcasm surfaced with a vengeance.
    Really, he wasn't trying to provoke Jinn, it just seemed that way. In a contrite tone he added, "I will be on my best behavior, Master."
    "And the curfew?"
    "I should be back before nightfall due to the silver moon phase." Finally he pushed away his plate, giving up all pretense of eating. Rubbing his face, resisting the exhaustion edging his senses, he glanced hopefully at his Master. "Do you think that will complete our assignment?"
    Jinn took another handful of pinoi nuts, a snack favorite of his for years since discovering them on Kreeg. Obi-Wan preferred the less tart conc nuts, but tonight he had left his bowl mostly untouched. Unlimited supplies of rich, exotic foods were not common for the young man's diet.
    Perhaps the food, stress, heat and excessive work of the planet was getting to him.
    "Obi-Wan, focus on the moment, on the Living Force, not the future."
    "Yes, Master." Kenobi didn't even blink at the standard lecture he'd heard two milliontimes. He was too tired to rise to the bait and he knew that Jinn was not in a teasing mood. The disquietude of the planet's strained relations had filtered into Jedi relations. More correctly, had added to the tension that been there since before they came to Pahuu.
    Eyeing his Padawan with acute scrutiny, Qui-Gon released a sigh, obviously restraining the impatience and tension uncharacteristically tightening his nerves. Their mission was a source of anxiety for him and he double-checked everything for the sake of protocol. To keep peace, Obi-Wan ignored the overt display of long-suffering from his Master and closed his eyes.
    Fortunately for Kenobi, he had always been able to function on more than one level at a time, a natural skill enhanced by Jedi training. Thus he was able to make his mentor think he was attentive when really he was falling asleep in his chair.
    If Qui-Gon had been more attentive himself -- of his Padawan, not of business details -- he would have noted the acute fatigue. If he would have tuned into the Warrior Bond . . . . Obi-Wan caught a sigh in his throat. Qui-Gon had withdrawn for the last few weeks, keeping his distance emotionally and mentally from their Bond. Kenobi had searched his memory of the immediate past, wondering if he had done something stupid or thoughtless to drive his mentor away, but could recall nothing. Perhaps the gossip at the Temple had been true and Qui-Gon would be leaving him soon. The distance then would be explained.
    It did not forgive Qui-Gon's transgression. Once, when Obi-Wan was thirteen, Qui-Gon had tuned out of their Bond. After wards he had contritely promised to never close out his Padawan again. If he had been feeli
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    I;ve read these before!!!! Excellent work GINA!!!!!
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    There had been cold within him once before. On Xerilum, Obi-Wan wondered? No --somewhere. Ice. On his skin. This was ice inside. Not a chill, an ice flow -- prickling blue shards stabbing at his pores from within the tissue. Like snow washing through his blood and nerves. He kept his eyes closed because then the vertigo was in blackness instead of swirling shapes and colors.
    At first he had thought the hangar was frozen and had crawled down to a lower maintenance bay. The shadows were deep and cool here, but with no relief. How could anything help when the cold was within?
    "Master, help me, please."
    He couldn't remember ever being in such pain. It was all consuming and exhausting. Wanting to cry -- to beg -- for sleep, for relief, for warmth he tightened his lips to contain the whimper and squeezed his eyes shut. His mind would no longer focus, no longer grasp the Force. What else was there to do?
    His mind drifted and he imagined Jinn shimmering before him. Blinking, he realized it was a memory, one of the happiest moments of his life.
    On his eighteenth birthday, when they had stood side by side, reflected images in the window. Obi-Wan had wanted the moment to last forever, to always have his Master that close, to always have that inner glistening sparkling in his heart and mind. The Warrior Bond at it's strongest.
    "I want to give you a special present."
    Touching his fingertips onto Obi-Wan's temple he imprinted a memory of the moment, a stamp of the image burned into their minds.
    "We are reflections of each other, my Padawan. Always together. Whatever reality lays beyond, this image will hold true in our
    minds, in our hearts."
    The image blinked away, leaving the cold, stark, shivering reality of his illness and the loneliness of the foreign planet. But the vision reminded him that help was never far away. As it had before, the Bond could save him again. Twisted on the floor, his muscles, stomach, limbs felt clutched in icy fists of agony. How could a body be so cold, hurt so much, and still live?
    "Master, where are you?" Was there a reason that Jinn was not with him? He couldn't remember. All he knew was that he was suffering and in his whole life there was no one better he could -- would rather -- turn to. He had to rely on the Bond to bring his Master.

    The skimmer shot across the amber ocean like a rocket. The engines whined, pushed to the red-line limit, Jinn was literally burning up the craft, using the excessive speed for this one-way trip. It didn't matter what happened because in the next few minutes everything would shut down. If he was in flight over the ocean he would go down with the craft. He did not intend to do that because he was on a rescue mission of the highest priority.
    Almost there. The onboard computer was blinking out information on local poisons that would effect someone with the symptoms that Obi-Wan exhibited. Fatigue, red spots, loss of appetite -- vague. If he had been paying more attention to his Padawan than his reputation or future he could have prevented this. His subconscious knew Obi-Wan was sick and not normal, but his efficient, aloof mind ignored the signs.
    Since entering the small craft he tried to raise Obi-Wan -- anyone -- at the hangars at the southern continent's main space port. Nothing. They were all home awaiting silver moon. Where was Obi-Wan? Several subliminal attempts to contact him with the Bond had failed. Why? Was it too late? Or had Obi-Wan shut down his link because Jinn had pushed him away weeks ago?
    The sun dropped behind the horizon and to the left Qui-Gon saw the top quarter of a silver moon. Just ahead was the main city of the southern continent. Only another few moments and he would be there. He started pre-landing commands.
    'Master, help me, please.'
    His hand on the controls jolted and the craft shifted dangerously as the agonized message shot straight to his heart. Compensating, he stabilized the power and calmed his nerves, bouncing back a smothering wave of succor and tranquility. Even with the pain and anxiety coming throug
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