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    [face_laugh] That droid cracks me up!
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    I've been slowly catching up on your Diaries. What an amazing AU you've created, with terrific, three dimensional original characters! I am completely loving it.
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    The conversations betweel Talon Ben and the droid[face_laugh] and Marcus got his wish two weeks away from palace life :D
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    [face_laugh]about the droid talking about the men and who's best. And Marcus as a stowaway can lead to more;)
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    Oh, Marcus! I kind of saw that coming. Loved this part...

    “Dad, it’s me!” a small voice came from the metallic container.

    “Who’s me?”

    There was a slight pause. “How many people call you dad?”
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    Thanks. I was never one to discuss such things, but I was told women often do engage in such conversations.

    I can't imagine how scared his mother would be. I bet she let him stay with Talon so she could calm down before talking to him.

    Thanks! Talon thinks he's better, but I am sure Ben has all the moves. :D

    I usually don't like writing droids, but I thought this one could give Talon (and the readers) some insight about what was going on when Talon was not around.


    Thank you. This story started...I want to say three years ago and it is still going. I'm glad you find the OCs interesting.

    Thank you!

    I'm sure Marcus is going to get in trouble. He takes after his dad.

    Thanks. Who knows how many kids Talon has. :p

    Thank you.

    This next chapter I wrote rather quickly. I am leaving for Scout Camp on Saturday and I know I will be freaking out about packing tomorrow and who knows how long it will take me to recover from a week in a tent.

    I hope you like it.

    Entry 33

    After my conversation with Marcus’ mother I clicked off the transceiver and turned to my son. “So you want to be like a normal person and part of a crew. Is that right?”

    He grinned ear-to-ear. “Sure. I want to be a smuggler.”

    I had to laugh. “First of all, we’re not smugglers. We’re traders. We move cargo from point A to point B.”

    His enthusiastic grin started to wane. “Yeah, but you are also Jedi.”

    “Yes, we are.” I pointed to Ben. “And if we’re called out on a Jedi Mission you’ll stay here with the ladies. Your mother would have my head if she thought I put you in harm’s way.”

    “I think you should add him to the duty roster, Talon.” Ben gave me an evil grin. “I know a job that would be great for a Prince.”

    I wasn’t sure what he was getting at. “What?”

    He gave a lopsided smirk. “A prince taking care of a princess.”

    That got me laughing out loud. “That’s perfect.” I put a hand on my son’s shoulder. “You are now demoted from Prince to cabin boy and your first duty is to clean out Princess’ cage and urine waste system.”

    Marcus couldn’t hide the disappointment in his eyes. “Why do I have to get the worst duty?”

    I crossed my arms in front of my chest trying to look the part of a stern father. “Because I’m the Captain of this ship and I said so.”

    “Sir,” ID10T interrupted. “As I clarified earlier, you are not the…”

    “Ten-Tee do you wish to remain on vornskr duty indefinitely?” I shot back.

    The droid hesitated for a moment. “No Captain Tantiss, Sir.”

    I snorted at the droid’s response before I turned my attention back to my son. “You might as well take over the other cleaning duties I had assigned to Ten-Tee and that includes cleaning the ‘fresher and making sure it is properly stocked with toilet paper.”

    “And make sure the toilet seat remains down,” Ben added.

    “Oh yeah,” I agreed heartedly. “Force forbid if one of the ladies topples into the toilet late at night because the seat was left up. You’ll wish you were back home.”

    Marcus’ shoulders slumped as the excitement melted from his face. “Okay.”

    I felt a little bad about putting a crimp into his adventure. I smiled and gave him a fatherly one-armed hug. “Don’t sulk. I’m sure we’ll have time on Corellia to do something fun.”

    He gave a slight nod. “Okay.”

    I guided him off the flight deck and down the corridor. “I’ll have Zylie introduce you to Princess and show you what you need to do.” I stopped in thought. “We may have to do something about your looks before we get to Corellia. As a leader of two worlds your face might pop up in some face recognition software. Zylie and Valla sometimes use disguises since Karrde’s organization is banned from doing business in some sectors.”

    Marcus’ face lit up. “So sometimes you are smugglers.”

    I never really thought of it that way. “I guess on rare occasions we are…but not on this run. I want you disguised because I don’t want anybody recognizing you. We can dye your hair and maybe put on a temporary facial tattoo. That is the best defense against face recognition software.”

    “Can I get some Nightbrother tattoos?”

    I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “Sure, if you allow me to shave your head and screw cranial horns into your skull.”

    He chewed his bottom lip deep in thought and I realized he was actually weighing the pros and cons of such a drastic disguise. “I was being facetious! I’ll have Zylie paint Kiffar tattoos on your face.”

    I brought him to the supply closet and showed him where the ‘fresher and vornskr cleaning supplies were located. “I’ll get you started in the ‘fresher and then Zylie will help you with Princess.” I grabbed a sponge and disinfectant spray bottle and shoved them into his hands. “You wanted to see how normal people live and now you got it. Have fun.”

    He grumbled something under his breath as he shuffled over to the ‘fresher.

    I chuckled as I returned to the flight deck where the rest of the crew was now located. Valla was in the seat I vacated and was giving flight and docking instructions to Ten-Tee. Zylie stood behind Ben in the pilot’s chair. When I entered she flashed a good-humored grin. “Have you totally squashed your son’s adventurous spirit?”

    I shrugged. “I doubt it, but he hasn’t dealt with a vornskr yet. I’m leaving that to you. The only advice I can give him is he should never, ever move when a vornskr shoves her snout into his groin.”

    Zylie smiled sarcastically. “She only does that to you because she likes you.”

    I snorted. “She must love me.”

    Valla looked up from her datapad. “We have a problem Zylie.”

    My wife walked over to the co-pilot seat and looked over her sister’s shoulder. “What is it?”

    “Our contact for this run is Captain Tarpolli.”

    Zylie’s face scrunched up as a visible shudder ran down her spine. “Uh…I hate that guy.”

    I looked at the two ladies. “Is he dangerous?”

    Zylie flashed her sister an inquiring gaze. “I wouldn’t call him dangerous…would you?”

    Valla shook her head. “No, if anything he’s too friendly.”

    “Ohhh...” I said knowingly. “Is this the guy you said had the eyes of a serial rapist?”

    “Oh, no, no, that’s not it at all,” Zylie clarified. “He’s some sort of alien and in their culture they hug people as a greeting.” She scrunched her face in disgust. “I don’t like hugging him…he’s too alien.”

    “And he’s way too huggy,” Valla added.

    I frowned at Zylie’s statement. I can understand not liking to get touchy-feely with a client, but the too alien comment bothered me; it sounded like something a human-centric speciesist would say. “What type of alien is he?”

    Zylie shrugged then looked at her sister. “Do you know?”

    “I can’t remember. He’s the only one of his kind I’ve ever seen. He’s big and hairy…sort of like a Wookiee with clothing.”

    I shook my head not understanding the problem. I’ve seen Zylie hug Chewbacca in greeting before. Never has she shown prejudice toward any sentient. Hell, she even loves vornskrs the most obstinate and vicious creatures I have ever met. “Would you like me and Ben to do the drop off? I can bring Marcus.”

    Her face lit up. “Would you? I’d appreciate it.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek before moving to the flight deck exit. “I’ll go help Marcus with Princess.”

    I frowned at her behavior. She was acting strange.

    Entry 34

    Well, I just returned from my meeting with Captain Tarpolli, the cuddle-loving alien. I now know why Zylie was behaving strangely…and I am not amused.

    The day started out normally. We arrived to Corellia, docked the freighter and the men of the ship disembarked for the cargo exchange. Marcus was excited about his disguise. Valla and Zylie did such a great job that I’ll bet his mother wouldn’t recognize him. His hair was dyed jet-black and he had a thick red Kiffar line-tattoo painted across his face just below his eyes. Because he wanted to look like a smuggler he asked Zylie to use some make-up putty to add a scar running down the side of his face from the forehead to the chin. I have to admit, he looked menacing…until his face broke into a boyish grin.

    We let Marcus order up a cargo mover droid to unload four large crates. Ben looked to me and smiled. “So, you know the drill. We will meet Captain Tarpolli, he will do a traditional greeting consisting of a hug and then he will press his forehead against ours. We get the credits, he gets the cargo and we’re done.”

    “Yeah, yeah…I got it. Remember I don’t have a problem with aliens…and I didn’t think my wife did either, but…I don’t know. I guess you can’t like every species in the galaxy.”

    “Yeah,” Ben said slowly his voice sounding oddly strained. “We’ll set a good example for Marcus.”

    “I got all the crates out of the cargo hold Captain.” Marcus popped to attention and gave me a crisp salute.

    I shook my head wondering if he really thought he was acting like a smuggler. “Thank you.”

    Ben’s comlink beeped. He pulled it out of his pocket and listened for a second before putting it away. “Valla is on the flight deck. She said she saw our contact enter the bay.”

    “Good.” I straightened my tunic and we started walking to the bay entrance to greet Captain Tarpolli. When I saw him I stutter stepped as my breath caught audibly in my throat. “I am going to kill Zylie,” I mumbled to Ben as I slowly resumed walking. When I heard Ben chuckle I turned to him fuming. “You were in on this, weren’t you?”

    Ben couldn’t answer; he was having too much trouble containing his laughter.

    Marcus looked at me confused. “In on what?”

    “I’ll tell you later,” I whispered through clenched teeth as I tried to suppress a shudder.

    I was had! Zylie purposely didn’t tell me what type of species we were dealing with…Captain Tarpolli is a member of the Harch species from the planet Secundus Ando.

    A Harch is basically a giant, hairy sentient spider with huge fangs, two protuberant chelicerae, and six red eyes. They walk on two legs and use their other six limbs as arms. This Harch was clothed in a casual outfit, which consisted of a short, six-sleeved tunic and pants. Instead of boots he went barefoot, his two large furry toes sticking out from the hem of his trousers.

    I started to hyperventilate at the thought of touching him.

    I have arachnophobia.

    Everybody at the Temple knows that I have this particular aversion. It started when I was a teenager. Jacen Solo had a pet jumping-spider that he took out of its cage to show Ben and me. That spider jumped out of Jacen’s hand and onto my shoulder before it skittered down my tunic and past the waistband of my pants. I freaked out and started tearing off clothing until the spider fell to the floor. Unfortunately this happened in the Temple gymnasium and dozens of apprentices saw me screaming like a little girl while doing an impromptu striptease. Since that day I have not been fond of spiders. I know I never told Zylie this story…so I was confused as to how could she have set me up this way? I turned to Ben who was turning red and biting his bottom lip. “You told Zylie and Valla about what happened in the gym. You put the girls up to this, didn’t you?”

    Ben shrugged. “Maybe.”

    We met up with Captain Tarpolli in the middle of the bay. He made a frightening facial expression that probably was a smile, but to me it looked like he was going to bite my head off. “Hello, I’m Captain Tarpolli. I was told the lovely Valla and Zylie were currently unavailable and members of their crew would welcome me.” The Harch spoke in Basic with a harsh, throaty voice. “Greetings.” He stepped toward Ben and gave him a six-armed hug before he dropped his hairy forehead to Ben’s temple. He then did the same for Marcus who took the entire custom in stride. Then Tarpolli twisted his large nightmarish body to face me. I started to break out in a cold sweat as he leaned forward, arms out for an uninviting and horrifying embrace. I closed my eyes as his hairy arms pulled me tight against his body. I winced when I felt his warm, sour smelling breath waft over me as he lowered his forehead to mine. I let out an audible sigh of relief when he finally let go of me.

    I don’t remember the rest of the transaction. Ben handled it. I was busy going through my Jedi relaxation techniques in an effort to calm my nerves.

    We finished the deal and were walking back to the ship when I whispered to Ben, “I will get back at you. I don’t know when or where or how, but I will get you back.”

    Ben gave me a teasing grin. “What was that you said earlier? Oh yeah, I recall, it was, ‘Remember I don’t have a problem with aliens’." He broke out in laugher while Marcus looked on confused.

    “You are so dead.”

    I swear, before this assignment is over Ben will get his comeuppance.
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    Oh god, as someone who also has arachnophobia, Zylie is the spawn of Chaos and I'd want a divorce.
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    Thanks. I think Ben talked the girls into doing this. Valla may have mentioned to Ben who the contact was and Ben just couldn't help pranking his cousin.

    I'm trying to clean up the formatting. I don't know why paragraph spacing disappears sometimes when I cut and paste.

    I don't like spiders. I got the creeps writing this.
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    Poor Talon, Ben was just sneaky.
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    Alas, nobody appreciates Tarpolli's hugs. He's really practiced a lot! :(


    I'm not a super big arachnophobe unless it's a Surprise Spider that wasn't expected -- but I think I'd have trouble with hugging a giant tarantula. Eep.

    Love how Marcus is really eager to play space pirates. Arr. Nightbrother tattoos, please! (Ahahaha! Jedi kids could horrify their parents with tattoos really easily. "I'm a Sith now. My scary tattoos prove it. Umm, where's the cereal Mom?")
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    Fun with Talon and his spider-trouble.
    Great to see Marcus assigned some duties and the hilarious situations
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    [face_laugh] I can't wait for Ben to get his comeuppance. :eek: I don't like spiders or snakes! Talon needs to 'freeze' Zylie out. That'll cut the pranks out in less than a minute. [face_laugh] [face_laugh] No hot Tantiss fun for you for a while. [face_laugh]
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    Ben had best watch his back!!!! hahahahahaahaa Poor Talon. I would not be amused, either. And I love that Marcus got what was coming to him--but that he's also getting to have a bit of fun. [face_love]
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    I totally get it! I REALLY don't like spiders too ;)
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    In either the Essential Reader's Companion or maybe the Essential Guide to Warfare there is a drawing of Admiral Trench who was a Harch. I remember thinking that was the most horrific species I had ever seen.

    I have no idea what their greeting customs are but I thought it would be funny if they greeted people like some European people know hugs and kisses on the cheeks.
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    Somehow, the human-like hands kind of make that worse. [face_hypnotized]
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    I know. I hate spiders. I spray so much poison in an around my house it's probably not healthy for me to live here.

    That was mean of them.

    The two cousins are like brothers. They like harassing each other.

    [face_laugh] Let's hope he doesn't go Sith. He's probably just as strong in the Force as his father.

    I don't think he will like Vornskr duty.

    Yeah, if Talon cut off Zylie she wouldn't be able to hold out for long.

    I wanted to get Marcus more writing time because I do have that story Secrets that has been sitting on my computer for almost a year. I am using this story as a set up for my NaNoWriMo story.

    I hate them! We used to have wolf spiders and tarantulas where I lived as a kid. I hated them!

    This next entry is short, but I wanted to get one in before the end of the month. I am writing too many stories at one time. I'm over my head.


    Entry 35

    Marcus was jabbering excitedly as we walked up the boarding ramp of the Vazy Princess. “What kind of alien was that? I’ve never seen anything like it. He seemed really friendly.”

    I rolled my eyes. “Extremely friendly.” I noticed Ben was trailing behind us just out of punching range. As we entered the ship we could hear the ladies laughing and my ire grew with every snicker. I don’t know how my own wife could find such amusement in my discomfort. The two women came down the corridor chatting and laughing with each other. When Zyle saw us a broad smile crossed her face as she put her hand out and said. “Pay up!” I realized she wasn’t looking at me but at Ben straggling behind. He gave a moan as he plunged a hand deep into his pocket.

    “I think you warned him,” he complained as he pulled out a fist full of credit chips.

    Zylie gave an incredulous snort. “You know I didn’t.” She held out her hands as Ben deposited about a dozen hundred-credit chips into her cupped palms. A smug smile blossomed across her face as she gazed up to me holding her hands out, offering me the credits. “I knew my brave Jedi wouldn’t falter.”

    I took the chips in my hand and gawked at the large amount of funds. I looked up at my wife questioningly. “You bet on me?”

    She looked a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but when we told Ben our contact was a Harch he claimed you would freak out and run away. I told him there was no way. He then bet me a thousand credits and I took him up on that bet.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. “I knew he was exaggerating your fear of furry eight-legged creatures.”

    ‘More like eight-legged demons from hell,’ I thought but didn’t try to dissuade Zylie of her beliefs. I turned to Ben and glared at him. “Ha! That’s a lot of credits to lose.” I turned back to Zylie. “What should we do with Ben’s hard earned money?”

    “Shopping!” Zylie said excitedly. She grabbed Marcus around the shoulder and grinned. “Let’s take Marcus shopping for clothing.”

    I made a face and so did Marcus. Guys just aren’t into clothes shopping. I guess Zylie couldn’t help but notice our twin expressions. She frowned with a roll of her eyes. “Okay, how about we go shopping for blasters, tools, vibroblades, and bedazzler balls.”

    My brow furrowed in confusion. “What are bedazzler balls?”

    Marcus bit his bottom lip in an effort not to laugh. I am fairly certain whatever imagery that popped into my preteen son's head was either entirely inaccurate or something terribly vulgar…or both.

    “You know, they are those tactical ball that you throw at people and it delivers a bright flash and a loud banging sound that disorientates your target and allowing you time to make a quick exit.”

    “Ohhh…that’s a stupid name,” I said while putting the credit chips into a trouser pocket.

    She put her hands on her hips and glared at me with a slight smirk. “Would you rather they were called ‘Flashy Bang Balls’?

    Marcus started giggling again.

    “How about we call them dazzticals,” Valla offered.

    A loud laughing snort came from my son before he turned around trying to hide his amusement.

    “No, I’d rather you not call them anything.” I gazed at Zylie in disbelief. “Have you actually used those?”

    “Sure. Our father was a smuggler for Sith-sake. He’s got all types of weapons like that. In fact I have a pair. I know you’ve seen them in the top drawer of the bedside table.”

    “Ohhh,” I said slowly. “That’s what those are.” I chuckle as my face heated in embarrassment. “I thought those were something completely different.”

    He brow rose in shock. “What did you think they were?!”

    “Nothing, nothing!” I coughed to hide a laugh as I decided to change the subject. “What other weapons did your dad train you on?”

    She glowered at me, but dropped the subject about the bedside balls. “He trained us to use just about every legal weapon he owned.”

    “And some illegal weapons,” Valla pointed out.

    “Oh yeah, do you remember that disruptor rifle he bought on the black market?”

    “The Tenloss DXR-6. Dad took us to target practice with it on Tatooine. He shot an old abandoned speeder out in the desert and all that was left was a black stain on the sand and a bit of ash.”

    “I want a disruptor rifle!” Marcus said enthusiastically.

    “No! If I did get you one I’m sure you mother would take it away and use it on me.”

    “Excuse me, Sirs,” came Ten-Tee’s mechanical voice over the ship intercom system. “There is a priority message from the Jedi Temple for Jedi Skywalker and Tantiss from the Grand Master.”

    Ben and I looked at each other before hurrying to the ship’s flight deck. “Play the message,” I ordered the droid. A wavy image appeared above the holoprojector before it solidified into the face of Grand Master Skywalker.” I was relieved when he smiled, knowing at least it wasn’t bad news.

    “Ben, Talon. I hope things are well. I was told you would be on Corellia. I need a couple of Jedi to meet a contact with information that he claims is important for the Jedi to know about. He is an old friend of mine from the time of the Rebellion. There shouldn’t be any danger, but he has me worried. When I talked to him he refused to discuss why he needed to talk to a representative of the Jedi…just that it was important.”

    “Sure, Dad. Just send us the contact information and we’ll be on it.”

    Ben’s dad gave us the name of the contact and a location to meet and after a few pleasantries signed off.

    I gave Ben a smug look. “I guess this means we get out of clothes shopping.”

    My cousin gave me a hoot and a high-five. “Poor Marcus. Those ladies will have him modeling outfits all day.”

    “He’ll never want to stowaway on the Vazy Princess ever again.” I picked up the mini-datapad where I stored the contact information. “I guess we should get dressed in nondescript clothing and meet our contact.”

    I knew Marcus would want to accompany us and it was possibly safe enough for him to do so, but after all the worry and grief he put his mother through he deserved to be dragged to the mall.

    Ha! Better him than me!
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    Great update. Wonder who the contact is.
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    [face_laugh] on the bedazzler balls. I do believe Talon's idea of their usage was more on the lines of vulgar. [face_mischief]

    Curious about the contact also and the crucial information.
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    fun with the balls and shopping
    action coming I think with the mission
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    “Ohhh,” I said slowly. “That’s what those are.” I chuckle as my face heated in embarrassment. “I thought those were something completely different.”

    I don't even want to know! [face_laugh]
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    [face_laugh] loved this update and I wonder who the contact is. Can't wait for more :)
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    [face_laugh] Yep.

    Loved Zylie and Ben's bet -- and I see she's trying to use the "since you're such a brave Jedi Knight" excuse... yeah, Zylie. Spider legs. Giant hairy spider legs. Not going to cut it. :p

    Interesting message. Of course, just benign enough that they'll take Marcus along. He'd probably prefer danger to vornskr-cleanup duty...
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