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Saga The Journal of Jax Pavan [DDC 2014] Complete!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Ewok_Slayer, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Ewok_Slayer

    Ewok_Slayer Jedi Master star 2

    Nov 24, 2004
    I have been researching and Han was a young teen on Corellia during this time. Quinlan Vos, Callista, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Bardan Jusik and A'Sharad Hett all survived the purge. I can probably think of some reasons for Jax to meet maybe one of these people. I often wonder if Jax survived to see the Battle of Yavin. Yoda and Obi-Wan seemed convinced that Luke and Leia were the Jedi's only hope. Which would be sad. I sort of hope Jax and his friends live a long life and show up in some of the profic novels. Maybe Ben Skywalker later meets children or grandchildren of Jax Pavan.

    No, she is a bit pushy. :p Can you blame her? Jax is one of the last surviving Jedi and a nice looking dude.

    I am still confused as to why I-Five has a Force presence. He has no midichlorians so I wonder if the spirit of another Jedi is hanging around him. I think Jax noticed this weird phenomenon prior to Laranth's death, otherwise I would think her spirit is hitching a ride. I am not sure where Michael Reaves is going with that plot line. Is it like Pinocchio? Will he somehow truly become human in a future novel (either via a clone body or a Callista-like body snatching [face_worried]). Will he end up with a life similar to Data on Star Trek?

    I want to thank everybody for reading!


    Entry 5

    The Antarian Ranger’s had a nice dining facility set up. It was similar to what we had at the Temple with a long serving counter where one could request hot foods from culinary droids. At the end of the chow line there was a salad bar, fizz-drink dispenser, and a dessert cart. With the exception of I-Five, we all went through the line choosing from an eclectic assortment of foods edible by humans and other species. After getting our meals we found a large table to occupy. Geri, Den and I-Five sat across the table from Sacha and me. Geri was barely seated before he began ravenously slurping down a foul smelling stew.

    Den smiled at the teenage Rodian. “He’s a growing boy,” he said justifying the youngster’s lack of table etiquette.

    “He’s hungry,” I-Five said apologetically. “I kept him preoccupied most of the morning and early afternoon discussing droid programing and modifications. I sometimes forget that organics need to eat.”

    Sacha finished chewing a fried tuber and gestured to I-Five. “In that new HRD droid body, can you eat if you want to?”

    He shook his head. “Not really. If I was trying to pass as human and for some reason needed to pretend to eat I can go through the movements of mastication, but I could not ingurgitate the resulting minced bolus.”

    Sacha looked confused before asking for clarification. “So are you saying you masticate, but don’t swallow.”

    Geri went into a gagging fit and spit out a chunk of meat into a napkin. Den was snickering while slapping the boy on the back. “Don’t eat so fast. You’ll choke to death.”

    I-Five lifted one dark brow and smirked at Sacha. “That is correct. My oral orifice ends at the back of the throat and is waterproof. Otherwise my internal mechanisms would be fried.”

    She nodded thoughtfully. “Do you have the ability to perform any biological functions?”

    I-Five regarded her quizzically. “Captain Swiftbird…are you asking me if I am anatomically correct?”

    That question resulted in another coughing fit from the young Rodian and this time Den was too busy laughing to give the youngster a helpful slap on the back. I offered I-Five a disapproving frown to discourage this line of conversation, but he appeared to be enjoying himself.

    Sacha smiled coyly. “I have to admit I wondered exactly how human a human replicate droid is.”

    A slight smile crossed I-Five lips and for a nanosecond I thought he was actually flirting with the woman. “I have no oil or sweat glands nor do I produce saliva. I cannot cry for lack of tear ducts. He pulled the waistband of his trousers out away from his body and looked down his pants. “I do appear to have some unusual fleshy protrusions, but I believe they are only ornamental and not functional…at least not without further modification.”

    That was it for Geri. His green skin flushed red from laughter as he got up and excused himself from the table. Den made an amused snort before he buried his head in his hands.

    “Knock it off,” I said to the group. “We’re here to discuss room arrangements, remember?”

    Den composed himself. “True, true. I say we keep the roommate situation the same as when we were on Coruscant. Me and I-Five will bunk together.”

    I nodded. “Sacha said I-Five could have a private room as long as there were plenty of quarters available.”

    The droid shook his head. “There is no need. I don’t require a bed and I enjoy Den’s company.”

    The Sullastan beamed brightly at the comment. I-Five and Den have a deep friendship that developed years before I ever met the droid. I sometimes think Den is a little jealous over I-Five’s sense of devotion to me. My father, Lorn Pavan, was the person who tinkered with his internal circuits allowing him to become the sentient droid he is today. The Jedi Order had taken me from my father when I was two years old and the stress of losing a son was too much for my family. My parents’ divorced and my father developed a deep hatred for the Jedi Order. Before he died he gave I-Five a mission to protect and watch over his son. I-Five tracked me down last year, and from that moment on he has refused to leave my side…and in turn, Den has refused to leave I-Five’s side. It is a complex relationship, but not one I would give up.

    “That’s fine with me,” I said. I turned to Sacha. “Are there two rooms near your quarters?”

    A devastating smile blossomed across her face. “There is. Should I get them assigned to you?”

    “Yes,” I hesitated for a moment. “Can you get three? I eventually will need one for Magash.”

    That smile slipped right off Sacha’s face. “Magash? The Dathomiri witch?”

    I could feel the tension building up within Sacha. Den was right, there was some friction between the women. “Yes, I invited her to join me to train as a Jedi. I haven’t heard back from her yet, but if we can reserve a room for her that would be great.” I could see Sacha’s jaw tighten. “Is there a problem?”

    She shook her head a little too adamantly. “No, there’s no problem. Everything is fine.”

    The edge in her voice told me everything wasn’t fine. I looked over to Den and I-Five who were silently taking in this conversation. “Sacha, if her presence is going to cause a problem, please tell me now.”

    She shook her head. “I just found most of the witches…abrasive. One of the women bragged that their men know their place. They are workers, gatherers and breeding stock.”

    I nodded understanding her concern and somewhat relieved that her conflict with Magash was cultural and not necessarily personal. “It’s a different society and I don’t agree with their philosophy when it comes to their treatment of men, but one way to create change is to expose them to a different way of life. If we can show Magash that men can be more than simply slave labor and breeding stock, then she can go back to her world and hopefully work toward male equality.”

    She stabbed at her food with her fork while giving me an understanding nod. “I guess that’s a good plan…show her a man can be a woman’s equal.”

    I smiled broadly, relieved that we have come to an understanding. “Great. If we can get three rooms together near you that would be optimal.”

    “Will do,” she said before munching down on a large piece of nerf steak making it impossible for her to talk for a while.

    I noticed Den and I-Five glancing at each other as Den’s mouth twisted into a tight-lipped grin.

    I would have to ask them later what they found so humorous.
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] I-Five is a trip! Glad stuff is clarified about Magash and Sacha's issues with her.
  3. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    I five is great. Data and his explanations comes immediately in my memory. Jax has a nice group
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  4. Ewok_Slayer

    Ewok_Slayer Jedi Master star 2

    Nov 24, 2004
    I think Sacha is still a little jealous. She doesn't want this Dathomiri hussy to move in on her man. :p

    I will always remember that episode of Star Trek where Natasha Yar seduced Data and he showed her exactly how 'fully functional' he actually was. Best episode ever. My man Data scored! If the Enterprise is rock'n, don't come a knock'n! [face_laugh]

    Thanks guys for reading. :D
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  5. Ewok_Slayer

    Ewok_Slayer Jedi Master star 2

    Nov 24, 2004
    Thanks earlybird-obi-wan and Nyota's Heart for reading and taking the time to reply. I appreciate it. I need to get the gang together and then send them off on a mission.


    Entry 6

    The next day I was assigned billets. I have a nice room with a private shower. The quarters are not huge, but I have a warm bunk, a dresser, writing table, and a closet. I placed my Miisai tree on top of the dresser and made sure the automatic feeding system was working properly.

    I then put away what little clothing I owned to include the Inquisitor Uniform I acquired through Pol Haus, a Corsucanti Sector Police Prefect and undercover Whiplash leader. I had used it to walk into the Imperial Security Bureau and deep into the lair of the Inquisitoris—the secret division of Imperial Intelligence that uses dark side Force-sensitive agents. It was an excellent disguise. Most Imperial officers and troopers avoid eye contact with the Inquisitors, let alone talk to them. The black and maroon uniform sparks fear and dread throughout the Empire. Only Darth Vader could inspire more trepidation.

    I looked at my nearly empty closet and realized I really need to purchase some new outfits. Currently I had a couple changes of underwear, three tunics, a black bantha leather vest, bare thin trousers, black boots and a grey thigh-length greatcoat. I should go into the nearby town, Big Woolly, to see about purchasing clothing and personal items.

    I already needed more hair dye. The roots of my normally brown hair were showing under my black dyed locks. At least I no longer needed to shave—having permanently depilated my beard soon after Order 66 was issued. I ran a hand over my smooth face with a tinge of regret. After I was knighted I started growing out my beard and liked the way facial hair looked on me, but after Flame Night I was determined to live in obscurity. I cut and dyed my hair and removed my nascent beard in the hopes that I wouldn’t be recognized. I lived in the decrepit lower levels of Coruscant and took on paying assignments as a private detective, utilizing my Jedi skills to find missing people or to help an occasional scorned wife determine exactly what her husband was doing when he was ‘working late’.

    Unfortunately, when I joined Whiplash I was brought to the attention of the Empire and now they know what I currently look like. I guess I should dye my hair a different color, but I don’t think I would look good as a blond or a redhead. I’ll ether stay with the black hair or let my natural brown grow out.

    The door buzzer chimed and I went and opened the door. Outside I found I-Five and Den. “Come on in,” I said while motioning them inside. I gestured for Den to take the desk chair while I sat on my bed. I figured I-Five wouldn’t mind standing. “What’s up?”

    Den leaned back in the chair, his large black eyes unblinking. “We were wondering if you could talk to Prefect Haus and see if he has access to some of the accounts Dejah was pilfering to keep us in credits.”

    It wasn’t a surprise that Den was concerned about our finances. Now that we were out of the private detective business we had no sources of income. The credits to which he was referring was money paid to us by Dejah Duare, a Zeltron business partner of the extremely rich Light artist named Ves Volette. When Volette was murdered Dejah hired me to find his killer. After that case was solved she decided to throw her lot in with Whiplash and having access to the late Volette’s monetary assets and real estate, she became our benefactor. Those months, living in the higher levels of Coruscant and not having to scrounge for credits were good times…until Dejah betrayed me to Darth Vader.

    My stomach knots up every time I think of that day and I often wondered why I didn’t see that coming. One of my Force skills was seeing a person’s connection to the Force in the form of string-like auras surrounding them. Usually if a person had evil intent the swirling aura would turn black. I should have foreseen her betrayal, but her Zeltron pheromones had my brain befuddled. She manipulated me like a beautiful holo-scarlet seducing a teenage boy. I was able to resist her sexual advances, but I didn’t realize she was subtly affecting my judgment to the detriment of my friends. I even abandoned an injured Laranth at the hospital because of Dejah’s mood altering pheromones. I still can't believe it. I lived in the same apartment with a traitor and I never sensed it.

    What made matters worse was her infuriating explanation for her treachery. She didn’t betray me for politics, for money or prestige. No, she betrayed me because I didn’t fulfill her desires. Her slight telepathic abilities allowed her to derive sensory pleasure via the Force, but only through close contact with a Force adept…but I never gave in to her seductive ways and always kept her at arms length. She betrayed me and double-crossed Whiplash so she could be around Vader and his Sith Inquisitors. According to her, she found touching the Force intoxicating, euphoric, putting her in an almost sensual rapture. I can only imagine Probus Tesla, the human male Inquisitor who almost captured me, was more than willing to satisfy all of Dejah’s…needs. The thought that Dejah’s pillow talk doomed some Whiplash members made me sick to my stomach. But in the end both Dejah and Tesla were dead. Dejah was killed by a strong burst of Force energy and Tesla… he was killed by a Sith blade welded by Antarian Ranger Sacha Swiftbird. Both deaths were a bit ironic.

    “Jax,” Den said while waving a hand in front of my face. “You’re zoning out on me.”

    I pulled out of my musings and chuckled. “Sorry. Hearing her name brings back memories and intense emotions…all of them bad.” I thought about their question and shook my head. “I can ask Pol Haus, but I am sure once Dejah betrayed us any coffers she had access to were quickly depleted by the Empire. Why?”

    Den looked to I-Five and then back to me. “We can’t find a suitable I-5YQ droid body for I-Five. Since those models are scarce we were hoping we could purchase a used C3PO body.”

    My brow furrowed as I looked over to I-Five. “I thought you liked your new HRD body?” I gave him a questioning gaze. “The teasing you received from Sacha and me didn’t turn you off from the model, did it?”

    There was a slight roll to I-Five’s eyes. “No Jax. Neither the accusation that I sexually propositioned you nor Sacha’s insatiable curiosity as to how ‘functional’ I am did not diminish my enjoyment of this particular chassis.”

    Den’s large eyes grew wider. “You propositioned Jax?”

    I-Five made a dismissive snorting noise. “No, I believe that was simply wishful thinking on Jax’s part.”

    “Please.” I gave a shake of my head and chuckled. “I wasn't the one putting on make-up and fishing for compliments.”

    "Huh?" Den said confused while looking back-and-forth between us.

    “You’re just jealous that I am now a more attractive human than you.” I-Five said with a smug grin before continuing with his explanation. “To answer your question, I do like this body and find it a preferable physical form in this particular environment. I have discovered that humans and other sentient beings treat me more as an equal when I am not in a obvious droid form.”

    I could sense a tinge of disappointment in his voice. I guess I could understand that. Everybody wants to be accepted for who they are. In this case most people will never see a droid as anything more than a cold, lifeless piece of machinery. “So why are you looking for a I-5 or C3PO body?”

    “I prefer using this body while here because of the favorable treatment I receive, but when on missions I believe I can be more of an asset in a conventional droid body. Protocol droids or R2 units often go about business unnoticed, which is an advantage in undercover missions. Besides, I don’t want to risk this HRD chassis being beheaded like my last few droid bodies.”

    That made a lot of sense to me. “I’ll try to find some funding. I would think the droid that was instrumental in rescuing Yimmon should be rewarded in some way.” I glanced over to Den. “In the meanwhile, I got a message from Dathomir. Magash agreed to train. We should make arrangements to pick her up.”

    Den gave I-Five an amused look. “Are you sure you are up to training two Padawans?”

    I sighed deeply. “I don’t know if I am ready to train anybody, but I don’t want the Jedi to disappear from the galaxy. It is my responsibility to repopulate the Jedi Order.”

    “I understand.” Den stood and gave me a pat on the shoulder. “I’ll get the Laranth ready for departure.”

    I-Five opened the door to leave. “I’ll help prep the ship.” He turned back to me. “I’m sure you, Sacha and Magash will want to get busy repopulating the Jedi as soon as possible.”

    Den gave a slap to I-Five’s shoulders with a laugh as the two left.

    I gritted my teeth as they departed. They never teased me about these things when I was dating Laranth. That is probably because Laranth would have shot those two out of an airlock if she found out what they were saying.

    So now I have four things on my “To Do” list. Find out about finances, buy new clothing, locate a protocol droid body and bring Magash to Toprawa.

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  6. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013
    Great update and new cover! Little Den with the big gun is hilarious.
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  7. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Great to read more about his past adventures and his musings about droids and credits.
    Nice cover
  8. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    Love the covers and the humor, I5 and Den are awesome! Grinning while reading :cool:
  9. Kahara

    Kahara Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 3, 2001
    I suspect that I-Five is just a one-in-a-zillion chance oddity. Something about all the unusual things he’s experienced and the tampering with his circuits and the fact that he was carrying Force-related artifacts around for years. Probably none of those things on its own would have succeeded and I doubt if the results could be repeated. He’s just proof that Star Wars takes place in a very weird galaxy where almost anything can happen now and then.

    Although, I think he’s also meant to make the reader question the accepted view on droids. One of the themes that seems to run through the Nights series is that our judgment of what we perceive isn’t always accurate. “Certain point of view” and all that. Just because the other characters believe it doesn’t mean that I-Five is truly sentient – or that Threepio and Artoo are not.

    Anyway, on to the new entries!
    Fun group interaction at lunch; they seem to have all settled into a comfortable atmosphere together – except for Magash, who isn’t there yet and we later see that Sacha is still not too happy about the prospect. I-Five has already mastered the art of answering a TMI question with a TMI answer. “Ornamental.” It was also interesting to see that Sacha’s dislike of Magash is partially about things other than jealousy. Though mostly jealousy.

    :rolleyes: Speaking of Jerry Springer… that excuse has not worked in over a thousand generations, Jax. ;) (Well, in context. But the line by itself made me snort.)

    Yeah, I felt rather bad for I-Five in the early books. It’s easy to believe that he would find sudden acceptance based on his external appearance really disheartening. Especially since his closest friendships even usually begin with him having to prove he’s actually a person. I-Five has the most tragic luck sometimes. I halfway expected that he would be the only character to survive the last time.

    [face_laugh] So that's what that other cover with the jacket was about. :p I like the second cover better. The first makes me think it's actually for a rather racy "based on a true story, no really" film version of the events...;) Also, the second has more of the cast in it.

  10. Ewok_Slayer

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    Nov 24, 2004
    I'm glad you like it. Thanks for reading!

    Thanks. I thought I would put in some background information for those people who are reading this journal, but never read the books.

    Thank you. I've been rereading the novels so I can get those two right.

    I never thought of that. Could his close contact with Force infused artifacts somehow changed him.

    I struggled to get I-Five in a human body right since the novels have not covered that yet. He is a smart mouth, so I would think this would carry on. I don't think I-Five has any sexual or romantic desires, but he has shown he is capable of great loyalty and friendship. I would think he would enjoy interacting with people that are his friends…and that includes teasing and perhaps harmlessly flirting with the ladies.

    For some reason I think being the last survivor would be devastating for him. He'd probably volunteer for a memory wipe.

    Thanks everybody for reading. This one is a little short post and then it is off to Dathomir.


    Entry 7

    We received clearance to go to Dathomir. Of course Sacha insisted on accompanying us. I told her we were not going on a mission, but simply a passenger run. She informed me that although I was a good pilot I still needed an engineer. Arguing with her would only make matters worse, so I relented, but before departure I needed to talk to I-Five and Den about keeping their sarcastic innuendoes in check during the flight.

    I went over to their room and entered after buzzing door indicator. Inside I found Den Dhur and I-Five packing their day bags. It was odd seeing a droid pack his luggage, but now that he was in human form he needed a change of clothing. He may not sweat like a human, but his outfit could be soiled by rain, mud, and any assortment of splashing liquid or solids.

    I shut the door and crossed my arms in front of me. “I don’t know why you two think it is so funny to make suggestive remarks about me and Sacha or Magash, but I would appreciate if you stopped. I don’t want the women getting ideas.”

    Den looked confused. “Sacha knows we’re joking around.”

    I drew in a deep calming breath. “Sacha may, but Magash will not understand your jesting especially when it comes to relationships between men and woman. She lives in a matriarchy, they have restricted contact with outsiders and as far as I can tell, they have a very a limited sense of humor.” I gave the two a stern look. “Also, don’t you think being flippant about my relationships with other females is a bit disrespectful to me and Laranth’s memory?”

    Den's head dropped as his dewflaps suffused with shame. Even I-Five managed to look acutely embarrassed.

    I-Five was the first to respond. “We meant no disrespect Jax. Our unsuccessful attempts at humor had no ill intent.” He gave me a fixed gaze. “You were a very serious and unhappy man when I first met you. You appeared lost and running on automatic pilot. It was only when you established a relationship with Laranth that I saw light return to your eyes. When she died, a part of you died with her. You may not admit it, but some of your actions in recent months were almost suicidal. You left your friends behind to rescue Yimmon alone. You do not appear to care if you live or die.” He walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “But we care.”

    “It’s true, Jax,” Den said frankly. “You were crushed by Laranth’s death. You spend hours in your cabin meditating and shutting the world out. We just want to lighten the mood. Sacha is lighthearted and she has a way of cheering us all up. She’s a good person to be around.” He paused and averted his eyes. “But, you’re right. We were meddling.” He shook his head. “It’s just…you’re in your twenties. We didn’t want you to spend the next sixty years in mourning.”

    I heaved a deep sigh. “I know you guys are trying to look out for me. You’re my friends…”

    I-Five quickly interrupted me. “You are more than a friend Jax…at least to me. I don’t believe you fully comprehend how I perceive our relationship.”

    I raised a confused eyebrow. “And that is?”

    I-Five scrutinized at me intently. “Jax, your father is the man that created me. It’s true that I was built in a factory, but he was the person who altered my hardware and programing. Without him I would not be self-aware. He is like a father to me. No, he is my father.” He smiled at me nervously. “And therefore that makes you my brother.”

    My jaw dropped. “Your brother?”

    He gave me a sheepish grin. “At least half-brothers.”

    I laughed good-naturedly as I turned and looked at Den. “How about you? How are we related?”

    “I am your friend and roommate of your brother from a different mother.” Den laughed out loud. “Seriously, we’re family and we need to look out for each other.”

    “We thought being upbeat and jocular would bring you out of your melancholy quicker,” I-Five explained. “We should have realized our actions might be construed as insensitive so soon after your loss.”

    I took a deep breath and rubbed a hand over my face. “It is too soon. It will take years to recover from Laranth’s death.”

    The two stood in an embarrassed silence. I looked to them and gave a forced smile. “Hey, don’t get all gloomy on me. You meant well. Jesting is fine, just don’t involve Magash and Sacha. I don’t want to give them the impression that I want anything from them but friendship.”

    “We understand,” Den said as I-Five gave a nod.

    I opened the door and started to leave when I-Five called out. “Is it still acceptable for me to flirt with Sacha?”

    I turned to him and grinned. “Knock yourself out, brother. She seems to like it.”
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  11. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    =D= =D= Terrific clarifying talk. I-5 was sweet in what he said :D and I know they meant well, but no one needs to get the wrong idea, especially not a lady from Dathomir ;)
  12. Revanfan1

    Revanfan1 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 3, 2013
    Aww, I-Five and Jax are brothers. :)
  13. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Love to see Jax having a caring family. He deserves it and some loving friendship from Sacha
  14. Ewok_Slayer

    Ewok_Slayer Jedi Master star 2

    Nov 24, 2004
    Thanks. I don't know if you read the profic novels with these characters. If not, you should. The one thing I like about Michael Reaves novels is he is good at developing characters so that you actually like them. Some characters in the profics are very forgettable because they are just pawns to forward the story. What's the use of having an exciting story with a great plot if you don't give a crap about the characters? That's the trouble with a lot of the most recent action movies. We care about Tony Stark…but really would you care if Captain America bit the dust? His character hasn't been developed to the point that he is a cherished character. Michael Reaves develops the characters so you really want them to live and when they die you are actually sad. I like his Coruscant Nights books. I really liked his book Death Star.

    I sort of feel sorry for Jax. He didn't grow up with his dad. I-Five had a much longer relationship with the man. Jax's dad loved his son. He may have hated the Jedi, but he never hated his son.

    Jax didn't give his family a thought. The Jedi were his family. I can't imagine how horrible it is for him to know all his friends and instructors that he knew and loved while growing up were now dead. His entire Jedi family was dead. Then I-Five shows up and tells him his birth family was also gone and how the actions of Jax's beloved Jedi had crushed the spirit of his father. The man he didn't once give a second thought to had been heartbroken about the loss of his son for almost two decades. It has to be a lot for Jax. Then he loses Laranth (which really upset me) and then Dejah screws him over. I don't know how he could recover from this. Sometimes it looks like he is rushing headlong into danger because he is already dead inside. I really hope Michael Reaves writes more books and gives this Jedi a happy ending. I know Reaves is ill with Parkinson's disease. I hope he can continue writing for decades to come.

    Or Magash. :p Magash is a Zabrak/Human hybrid so they can reproduce with humans. I am partial to Sacha though. I have the next chapter written, but I don't want to burn myself out writing in the first month of this year long journal. I am thinking up an adventure for them to go on.

    Thanks for reading!
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  15. Ewok_Slayer

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    Nov 24, 2004
    Thanks earlybird-obi-wan, Revanfan1, & Nyota's Heart for reading and taking the time to review.


    Entry 8

    We arrived on Dathomir a few days later. Sacha set the Laranth down in an open field near the Singing Mountain Clan’s village. During our last visit we were met by a number of the witches on foot, but this time things were different. We walked down the boarding ramp of the ship and found ourselves alone. I knew the ship’s approach and landing couldn’t have gone unnoticed, so I was a bit confused that a greeting party was not sent.

    We closed up the ship and prepared to walk to the village when we heard a terrifying roar of a large beast. Den looked up at me with panic on his face. “Is that a rancor?”

    “Rancors,” I said. “It sounds like more than one.”

    “Then lets get back on the ship,” Den started to retreat back to the Laranth, but I grabbed him by his tunic holding him fast.

    “I sense riders with them. They are under the control of the witches. This might be a test.”

    Den’s voice raised a hitch. “A test for what? Who can soil their trousers the fastest? Because I think I just aced that exam.”

    I-Five chimed in. “It is more likely that they wish to see if we are worthy enough to take one of their sisters off planet.”

    I nodded. “I-Five is probably right. We are asking them to send one of their top lieutenants to train with a man. True, I am a Jedi, but I am still a man. Probably many women in the village think Magash is being foolish and want to demonstrate that even a Jedi male will flee at the sight of a rancor.”

    “Well, I’m not a Jedi and I’m not going to train her…so it should be acceptable if I stand behind you.”

    I shrugged my shoulders. “Fine. But I really don’t think the riders will allow their mounts to eat you.” As I said those words, three rancors with riders burst out of the tree line and quickly headed in our direction.

    Sacha was standing by my side and I could feel a ripple of fear radiating from her, but much to my surprise she stood firm, head up, with a determined look on her face. The beasts halted approximately twenty meters from our position. We were out of range of the monster’s enormous claws and jaws, but close enough that we could smell the carnivores’ foul breath wafting over us. I looked up and saw Magash riding the center rancor. She swung her leg over the animal’s neck and dropped down from its back, landing deftly on the ground.

    I know my jaw went slack as I took in her striking figure-hugging outfit. It appeared her people were sending her off in the Dathomiri wardrobe equivalent of a dress uniform. She was wearing a skintight, cleavage enhancing, bustier-like tunic that appeared to be made out of lizard skin leather. The lower part of her body was covered with a colorful knee length breechclout and protective leather leggings that began just below her knees and extended down to her well-worn leather boots. As she slowly walked toward me I couldn’t help but noticed the tone of her muscles and the grace of her movement.

    I gave Sacha a furtive glance. “She reminds me of the heroine of the holo-series Xuna-Warrior Princess.”

    Sacha gave me a slight shrugged. “Or Xuna-barbarian pole dancer.”

    I shot her a warning glare. “Be nice Sacha.” I could hear her snicker under her breath, but she didn’t expand on that thought.

    Magash walked up and stopped in front on me. Her face was a mixture of defiance and determination. “I accept your offer to train, Jedi Jax Pavan.” Her gaze travelled over to Sacha and I saw her eyes narrow before she turned to addressed me. “I can feel her fear of the rancors.”

    Sacha wasn’t the only one frightened by the beasts. None of us were comfortable around animals that could swallow a person whole. Den’s apprehension flowed through the Force with such abundance that it put me on edge. Sacha glowered at Magash but didn’t respond to her taunt.

    Magash turned her regard to Sacha. “She fears the animals, but she did not flinch.” She looked to where Den was now pretending to be adjusting his boot instead of crouching behind I-Five. “Unlike others in your party.”

    Den’s face flushed as he stood and tried to look nonchalant. “I was just getting a pebble out of my boot.”

    Magash laughed before she turned her attention back to Sacha. “Having fear of rancors is understandable. Overcoming that fear is admirable.” She gave Sacha a nod of her head. “She has the heart of a witch. Perhaps she should stay here and train. There is much we can learn from each other.”

    I could feel a spike of irritation from Sacha. “No thanks. Jax is training me to be a Jedi Knight.” She put a possessive hand on my shoulder.

    Magash nodded and then walked back to her Rancor and untied a carrying bag from its saddle before she tossed the animal’s reins to one of the other witches.

    “Return soon,” one of the riders called out.

    “Learn much,” the other added.

    The women kicked the side of their rancors with the heels of their boots. “Go.” The animals roared, then turned and stomped off in the direction of the clan’s village.

    Magash watched her sister’s disappear into the woods before her gaze travelled across the green landscape. I could sense she was anxious about leaving her home and her clan, but there was an underlying curiosity and resolve that overrode all wariness. She turned and gave me a grim smile. “I am ready to train.”

    Flinging her bag over her shoulder, she briskly walked up the boarding ramp of the ship.
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    =D= =D= Magash's send-off and joining the team - very well written. Very impressed at Sacha's determination not to show fear of the Rancors. (I think I'd be more like Den in that regard.) ;) Whew! Magash's outfit sounds - amazing! If TK ever dressed up that way, it's no wonder Jacen had the hots for her LOL
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    Nice post showing Magash and her ride. And the various reactions at the rancors;)
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    Den’s face flushed as he stood and tried to look nonchalant. “I was just getting a pebble out of my boot.”

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    I am fairly sure TK dressed in lizard leather or something like that. I think Magash was trying to get rid of Sacha by saying she should train on Dathomir. lol!

    Riding a Rancor has to be so cool. I remember when Ventress rode one. I think she was chasing after Obi-Wan (I think she had a thing for Obi-Wan). I hope I am describing Magash right. She was not described much other than she was a human/Zabrak hybrid. When I looked up these hybrids on Wookiepedia it said they were Dathormiri Nightsisters and they would have pale skin and no cranial horns. But then I found out that the Witches also had Hybrids and they had Zabrak skin color and horns. I am assuming she looks like a Zabrak, but if Michael Reaves writes more books with her I may be proven wrong. That's okay, this is an AU.
    Den doesn't have to outrun the Rancor. He just has to outrun the other members of his party. I would be standing behind them also.

    Thanks everybody for reading. I am going to wait until the start of next month before I post more. I need to slow down posting or write faster.
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    Thanks Revanfan1, earlybird-obi-wan, and Nyota's Heart for reading and taking the time to review. I truly appreciate it.


    Entry 9

    This was the first time Magash had been in a spacecraft, so I thought she would enjoy sitting up in the cockpit to see the sights. She was fine until the ship roughly lurched upon take off. As we gained altitude her grip on the armrests grew tighter and tighter until her knuckles were white. Once we breeched the planetary atmosphere we leveled out and had an amazingly beautiful view of Dathomir. I looked over to Magash and noticed her normally red skin was now blanched from fright, but she kept her facial features even in an attempt to hide her apprehension.

    Without taking her hands off the steering yoke, Sacha glanced over to the Zabrak woman and smirked. “Having fear of flying is understandable. Overcoming that fear is admirable,” she said parroting Magash’s earlier remarks about the rancors. I groaned inwardly hoping Sacha’s sarcastic quip didn’t lead to fisticuffs. To my surprise Magash lips twitched with amusement. “My clan has an old saying, do what you fear and fear disappears. You have helped me overcome a fear today. When we return to Dathomir I will teach you to ride a rancor so you may do the same.”

    I saw Sacha’s smug smirk quickly fade. I don’t think she really wants to overcome her fear of rancors if it requires her to ride one. I wasn’t sure if this verbal sparring would continue, so I decided it was best to separate the ladies.

    “Magash, let’s go into the passenger compartment so Sacha can concentrate of piloting.”

    She nodded and followed me to the back of the ship to where Den and I-Five were sitting. She sat in a dining area seat and eyed I-Five for a very long time. He and Den were sitting on a padded bench attached to the bulkhead. “This one is different.” She pointed to the droid. “He is a handsome, strong looking male, but his spirit is faint.”

    Obviously Magash picked up the fact that I-Five could be felt in the Force.

    “I-Five is not a man, but a droid. The last time you saw him he was in a different droid body. We can switch his computer brain into different chassis.” I explained.

    The Zabrak woman’s eyes went wide. “This is a mechanical being?”

    “Yes, I am,” I-Five informed her with a disarming smile.

    She stared at him intently, in near awe. I supposed it is a lot to take in. Dathomir is not a high-technology planet and the presence of droids is exceedingly rare. Now she is faced with one that looked eerily human.

    She looked over to me and said, “May I closer inspect your droid?”

    I saw I-Five frown. “You can ask him yourself.”

    She turned her attention to I-Five. “May I inspect you?”

    He squared his shoulders as he returned her gaze. “As long as it doesn’t involve taking me apart.”

    She nodded and then slowly approached I-Five. Her gaze slowly raked up his body from his feet to his head. She then moved closer so she could inspect his hair, running her fingers through his tresses as she tried to determine its composition.

    “Is this real hair from a human or some type of fiber?” Magash asked as she leaned forward to inspect the droid’s dark brown hair more closely. It became painfully obvious that Magash did not see I-Five as anything but a droid… or else she probably wouldn’t be standing in her current position with her breasts only centimeters from I-Five’s face.

    Dhur was sitting next to them and biting his bottom lip to keep his laughter in check. If I-Five was uncomfortable with the Zabrak woman’s intense scrutiny he did not show it.

    “It is a synthetic polymer fiber,” he explained to her. “It is designed for strength and flexibility.”

    She knelt in front of I-Five and gazed at his face, examining his eyes. “I can see flickers of intelligence in your eyes.”

    I-Five gave her a wry grin. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

    She reached forward and ran a caressing hand over his face. “It is difficult to believe you are not a man. This feels like real flesh…and I can feel your spirit, but that is impossible for a machine. Only living things can be sensed through our magic.”

    I-Five reached up and took her hand in his and drew it away from his face. “I don’t know why I can be detected in the Force.” He let go of her hand and then looked over to me. “Even Jax can’t explain it.”

    She sat back on her heals, her eyes never leaving I-Five’s. “You are like the Spirit Ichor demon of our legends.”

    I-Five’s brow creased slightly. “And what exactly is a Spirit Ichor demon?”

    “There was an ancient story about a powerful Nightsister who could craft idols of her enemies. By using Spirit Ichor…or as Jax would call it—the Force—she could bathe the idol with the spirit of her enemy. She would then throw the totem into boiling water and the pain would transfer to the victim the idol represented.”

    “How delightful,” I-Five said sarcastically.

    Either Magash didn’t catch his sarcastic tone or chose to ignore it. As she continued her story I could see Den was captivated by the tale. He leaned forward to better hear the witch. “One day the Nightsister shaman constructed a humanoid idol carved of a sacred wood from the forbidden forest. Her victim was an enemy clan elder. She spent days casting spells and calling on to the spirits to bring life to the totem. But the enemy she wished to kill was a more powerful witch. The shaman’s magic was turned against her and brought death and destruction to her people. The wooden totem awoke and grew in size. The creature picked up a knife and killed Nightsister after Nightsister until the morning dawn. Only a few Nightsisters survived. They mounted their rancors and fled the village during the night. The creature was never found and many believe it still roams the forests looking for new victims.”

    At this point I-Five quickly turned to Den and gave out a startled yell, “So watch out.” The sudden noise made Den jump back in fright before his face burned with embarrassment. He punched I-Five in the shoulder. “Don’t scare me like that!”

    The droid smiled at his friend. “I could not stop myself. I may need my programing checked.”

    Den scowled at him. “Yeah, sure.”

    I-Five turned back to Magash. “I can promise you I am not a Spirit Ichor demon. Nobody conjured up a life-force to make me a living thing.”

    Magash cocked her head to the side in confusion. “Then why do I feel the Force in you?” She looked over to me. “Did a Nightsister suffuse the spirit of the living into this mechanical man?”

    I shook my head. “We have never encountered a Nightsister. His weak Force signature is a complete mystery to me.”

    Magash rose and stepped back from the droid. She put her arms out with her fingertips touching and began uttering words in an unknown language. When I-Five startled in his seat I realized she was scanning him with the Force. I underwent such a scan by the Singing Mountain Clan when I first went to meet their leader. After a few seconds she seemed to relax. “Whatever is in him is not from darkness.”

    I-Five shuddered and I was afraid his droid brain was damaged. “Are you alright?”

    I-Five looked up to me, eyes wide in a very human look of surprise. “It felt like a warm, humid breeze ran through my circuits.”

    I nodded. “It is the way Dathomiri witches scan sense your intentions and Force presence.”

    I-Five remained still as his eyes blinked a few times in concentration. He looked back to me. “I ran a self-diagnostic. I do not believe I am compromised.” He looked back to Magash and frowned. “The next time you want to enter me and take a look around, could you please give me a warning. I felt…” He paused for a moment until he found the right word. “…violated.”

    Magash gave a slight bow of her head. “I apologize.”

    “Apology accepted.” I-Five said curtly before he stood and moved toward the cockpit. “I am going to see if Sacha wants some company. Hopefully she won’t molest me.”

    Den laughed. “Poor I-Five. We better hurry and get him a new I-5YQ or C3PO body before one of the lonely ladies on Toprawa snatches him up.”

    I had to chuckle at the droid’s predicament. First he was irritated when people ignored him, now he’s getting too much attention. ____________________________________________________
    Author's Note: In the Coruscant Nights Trilogy and the novel The Last Jedi, I-Five mysteriously acquired a Force signature. Jax has no clue as to why this has occurred. So this is not something I made up. It is canon.
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    love your new update with I-five getting all the attention
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Yes, I can see how I-5 could attract attention LOL The ladies keep wanting to know how anatomically correct he is. [face_rofl] !!!! The Force signature would doubtless arouse curiosity among other Force sensitives. [face_thinking]
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    Love the update. I imagine Magash would be very confused by all this technology!
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    I didn't realise that there was another book with Jax in it, so I shall have to pick that one up. I've not really been keeping up with Star Wars novels for some time and was unaware of it. (I've been reading mainly fantasy and urban fantasy.) I have started on Coruscant Nights II and I like what I've read so far and I'm about half way through it.
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    Liked Magash's send-off with the rancor riders. Everyone's reactions seemed spot on. The exchange between her and Sacha over that and then the spaceship takeoff was funny. They seem like they might eventually learn to get along, if they don't dismember each other first. (By the way, the only thing I remember about Magash's description from the books is that she had Zabrak-type horns. So what you chose for her appearance fits just fine.)

    The earlier post where I-Five says that he sees Jax as a brother is sweet. Of course he would, but I hadn't put it into those words to myself. So it was a nice "aha!" character moment that blended well with the books.
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