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Beyond - Legends The Journal of Talon Tantiss (DDC 2013 ) Updated 22 Dec 2013--Complete.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jedi_Lover, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    I totally agree on that. Wookiee huggles[face_dancing]
    I hope the kid will be alright and safe
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Thanks Nyota's Heart and earlybird-obi-wan for reading and taking the time to give a review. Here we are at the last month of his journal. I don't know what I will do for next year's journal. I would like to continue with this alternate universe I created, but I am not sure whose POV the journal should be in.

    Thanks everybody for reading.


    Entry 178

    My parents entered the room and we walked over to where my son was sitting against the wall.

    “Marcus, I want to introduce you to my mom and dad, your grandparents, Mark and Kira Tantiss.”

    Marcus stood and walked over to my parents and offered them his hand in a formal greeting. My father would have none of that. He gave Marcus a big hug lifting the startled boy completely off his feet. My father must have felt Marcus’ surprise because he gave an embarrassed grin and quickly set his grandson’s feet to the ground.

    “Sorry,” my father said sounding choked up. “I’m just so happy to finally see my grandson. I can’t believe how much you look like Talon.” He turned to my mother. “Doesn’t he?”

    “Yes.” Mom was crying and she held her arms out and Marcus allowed her to hug him. “We are so happy to see you.” My mom let go of her grandson and sat down on a small couch and cried. “I’m sorry. It’s just…we missed so many years. Years we can’t get back and now…now I’m sure we’re just strangers to you.”

    “For now,” Marcus said softly with a sad smile. “But my mom…I mean my Aunt Kaie used to tell me that all friends begin as strangers.” He walked over and sat down next to my mother. “As long as I could remember, I wished I had a father. Every night I would pray that some miracle would occur and my father was alive. I would dream that he faked his death to escape assassins and he would one day return to me.”

    “Oh, Sweetie,” my mom sobbed as tears ran down her cheeks. She reached out and put an arm around Marcus and hugged him.

    “And then my dream came true. I have my father.” He looked over to me and I could feel an intense emotional turmoil emanating from my son. “I want to be happy, but I’m so conflicted—my mom isn’t my mom, my dad isn’t my dad. I now have my father back, but he is not the man I expected.” He looked up to me with a discomfited expression. “No offense.”

    Kriff, I didn’t know what to say to the boy, luckily my dad did. He walked over and sat on the couch on the other side of Marcus. The cushion springs screeched in protest from my father’s weight and Marcus couldn’t help but laugh when he listed to the side by the sudden shifting slope of the cushions. “Don’t laugh,” my dad said. “You’ll be as big as me in no time.” He pointed over to where I stood. “Look at your father and how big he is…and he’s the runt of the litter.”

    “No I’m not. I’m bigger than Jaden,” I protested sounding very much like a petulant child.

    My son laughed and I had to smile. My dad is good with kids. I loved being around my father as a child, so much so that I used to be terribly jealous of Ben because he spent so much time with my dad as his apprentice.

    “I can also sense that you are strong in the Force like your father,” my dad continued. “If it’s okay with your mother, I have some practice lightsabers on my ship. They don’t cut, but they sting when you get hit. Would you like to try them out in a sparring match?”

    I saw my son’s eyes go wide with excitement. “Wow, can I?”

    Dad patted Marcus on the knee. “If it’s okay with your mother.”

    Marcus jumped off the couch and ran outside where his mother and Queen waited. I could hear the boys excited voice followed by a very clear and whining, “Please!”

    “He’s a chip off the old block,” Dad said to me. “You used to try to wear me down with that begging.” He stood and clapped a hand on my shoulder. “You need to spend time with your son without all the angst and emotions of the situation as a distraction. Get him excited about saber training and then later you two can talk.”

    It figures my dad would know how to break the ice.

    “I guess we should get those practice lightsabers then,” I said.

    Entry 179

    Marcus’ introduction to the paternal side of his biological family had gone better than I expected. I was glad Dad had the forethought to bring the practice sabers. He was right about it making a great way to get to know my son. I was able to spar with Marcus and later talk to him more easily. My son thinks lightsabers are the coolest thing in the world…and he’s right. I remember when I was his age how thrilled I was to use the lightsaber. It wasn’t until later when I was dismembering people with the weapon that the coolness factor subsided considerably.

    My mother thinks Marcus is too thin and asked the palace chef if she could use the kitchen. She was introduced as a visiting culinary artist from the famous Manarai Restaurant. The royal chefs were actually honored to work with her. Ema later told me that there was a remarkable improvement in the food since her arrival.

    My brother and Marcus got along well. I guess it is not as awkward accepting an uncle as it is a newfound father. Jaden could also impress the boy with disgusting medical stories, like ‘Guess what the weirdest thing I have ever found in a person’s stomach’. The answer to that question is a glowstone found in the stomach of a Sullustan suffering from the eating disorder pica. At least Jaden didn’t get into some of the more non-child-friendly topics he used to gross me out with…like Hutt sexual disorders.

    Unfortunately, this was a terribly uncomfortable situation for Zylie. When I introduced her to my son I could see him visibly tense. He was polite but I could tell he saw her as the person that was keeping his parents from being together. That’s not true though. Even if I never met Zylie, I don’t think I could go back to Ema. She hurt me too much. When I look at her I don’t see the woman I once loved, but the deceiver that hid my son from me for years. I know that’s not fair, she didn’t have much choice in the matter, but it’s true nonetheless.

    When it was finally time to leave my father asked to stay. “Talon, you being around Marcus would cause questions since you look so much like him. I look nothing like him. I think I can stay and train him without causing much suspicion.”

    “It’s not up to me,” I told my dad.

    He gave me an earnest look. “Actually it is. Ema and the Queen said they have no objections and even the Seers have given their approval. Their only concern was with you. They weren’t sure if it would cause...bad blood between us if you were asked to leave and I was cleared to stay.”

    To be honest, if dad stayed I would be horribly jealous. But dad lost nine years with his grandson…and family is everything to the man…so I don’t blame him for not wanting to leave. Since he left the Jedi Order he probably misses teaching. He and mom had been traveling a lot, but that has to get old after a while.

    “I’m okay with it dad. Is mom staying?”

    He nodded his head. “Yes, we’re going to make arrangements for somebody to take care of the restaurant in our absence.”

    I couldn’t help but feel a little depressed and for the first time I wished I looked more like Jaden. He had my mother’s dark hair and bronzed skin and looked nothing like Marcus. If I looked like Jaden I bet I could stay.

    Life wasn't fair.

    I was jarred out of my reverie by my father reaching out and squeezing my shoulder. “Are you sure this is fine with you?”

    I gave my dad a reassuring grin. “Sure. You gave me a wonderful childhood. I have the best parents any person could wish for…I know you’ll be even better as grandparents.”

    My dad looked choked up by my comments as he pulled me into a hug. “Thanks, Son.”

    Jaden, Zylie and I went back to Coruscant without my parents. Nobody talked much on the journey back. I think everybody knew how sad I was.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    What a wonderful, touching and sweet update. [:D] Mark knows how to deal with awkward situations :D and Talon knows how to be gracious in a difficult one. [:D] [:D] Bless Zylie. She deserves a large reward for being kinda caught in the middle. [face_thinking]
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Oops, I guess i missed an update. Sorry!
    Anyway, rose were great entries, with great emotioal balance. Very nice!
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  5. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    A great emotional entry. Love how he and his parents interacted with the kid. And now the marriage?
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  6. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Thanks Nyota's Heart, Hazel, and earlybird-obi-wan for reading and taking the time to review. The marriage is coming up I think I have two more posts after this. I think I will continue this Journal next year but it will be The Journal of a Married Talon Tantiss. I am also thinking of writing another companion journal maybe in a droid's POV. I haven't decided yet. I think if I have two journals I will be less likely to write 100K epic journals. Talon is getting some more time with his son and I am doing some set up for my NaNo fanfic that includes Marcus, Talon, the Seers and everybody else. It needs some royal editing before it is ready to post though.

    Thanks again for reading!


    Entry 180

    My parents spent three months on Indupar. My father came back ecstatic. “Marcus is an amazing boy,” he told me upon his return. “He’s strong with the Force, polite, and kind. He has your strength and looks and he is really smart like your brother. He picks up things quickly.”

    I remember frowning at that backhanded compliment. Marcus has my brother’s intelligence? Does dad think I’m stupid? I was going to call him on that comment, but he looked so happy that I didn’t want to spoil his mood. Mom was beaming also.

    “We are going back in a few months,” my dad said. “Maybe we can get you to see your son for a few days.”

    I smiled. “I’d like that.”

    I am still a little bummed out that I can’t spend months at a time with my son, but with my dad with him I feel like I am gaining some fatherly satisfaction vicariously. My dad is a great father. If I can’t be with Marcus, my dad is the next best thing.

    Entry 181

    Jysella had her baby. My brother is now the proud father of a little girl named Jessa. My dad calls her his little princess (ironic since his grandson is a real Prince). Because of this addition to the family Dad and mom have been splitting their time between Coruscant and Indupar.

    Entry 182

    My dad is still training Marcus. The local HoloNet has reported that my father—a retired Jedi Master—has been training the ten-year-old Prince once it was discovered he had Force abilities. There hasn’t been a word said about Marcus’ paternity. I think everybody knows that non-Force users can have Force strong children. Because my father’s presence hasn’t been questioned I requested time with my son under the pretense of visiting my parents. I guess the Seers didn’t see any problem with that because I was given permission to come to Indupar for a few days. Zylie is getting ready for exams, so I went alone.

    Entry 183

    Once I arrived at the Indupar Royal Palace I was brought to the sparring room where my dad was conducting lightsaber training with Marcus. It was an impressively huge room with padded floors and ceilings three stories high interspersed with transparisteel windows that allowed people to view the practice. High up on the back wall of the room I saw a large transparisteel display case. Inside were a number of deadly weapons that I recognized as some of my father’s war trophies acquired during various missions. The weapons on exhibit included a Gamorrean Battle Axe taken during a raid on a sentient slave trade operation, a curvablade appropriated from a Spice Lord my dad captured, a Trandoshan double-blade from a bounty hunter he defeated and, of course, Lumiya’s lightwhip. He has dozens of such weapons at home. It looks like he brought some of his favorites to show Marcus.

    My son is too young to use real weapons but my father had a large assortment of practice armaments (shock only, not cutting) to include the practice lightsabers they were using, vibroblades, blasters, a shockwhip, an energy bola, and a Force pike. The exercise weapons were stored around the room on high shelves. Dad always believed every Jedi should be proficient in a multitude of weapons just in case their lightsaber was damaged or it simply was not the right weapon for the job.

    I was also told that my father and Marcus were learning the unarmed combat art form called Teräs Käsi from a Galactic Fighting Champion brought in from Corellia. Personally I think it is all a little too much for a child, especially since he’s not destined to be a Jedi Knight. He will be the ruler of the Indupar Crown Worlds, not traipsing around the galaxy fighting conflicts. I hope dad didn’t have some Force premonition that Marcus needed to be a weapons master and steely-eyed assassin in the future. I doubt it, though. My guess is Ema and the Queen were smothering Marcus with their overprotectiveness and now he’s relishing in the ability to do rough and tumble boy stuff…albeit the boy would have to be a Jedi or a Mandalorian assassin in training. Most kids don’t train to kill.

    I quietly entered the room and sat down on a small bench to watch them spar. Marcus is good with a lightsaber. He is holding up against my father fairly well. My father looked up and gave me a wink before he apparently decided to show me how Marcus can handle surprises.

    As they were sparring, my dad reached out with an arm and a shockwhip (nonlethal version of a lightwhip) sailed off a shelf and into his hand. He activated the practice whip and swung it at Marcus. My son acted quickly, ducking and rolling away. As he recovered from his evasive maneuver a lightsaber shoto flew across the room and into his free hand. Now both opponents had two weapons. Marcus was using the short-bladed shoto to deflect the lightwhip while he parried and attacked with his main lightsaber. He must have come to the conclusion that he wasn’t skilled enough to deflect the stinging whip forever. He looked over to another shelf and called to his hand a practice blaster (they shoot bolts similar to the ones fired by the practice remotes). He dropped the shoto right before the weapon smacked into the palm of his hand. He then began firing low intensity shockbolts at my father while still attacking him with the lightsaber. My dad was never good at deflecting shots with a lightwhip. Before he could change weapons one of Marcus’ shockbolts hit my dad in the shin. That prompted a yelp from him and I could see Marcus disengage and back away nervously. He actually looking shocked that he got past my father’s defenses. My dad called a ceasefire and Marcus deactivated his lightsaber looking both upset and proud at the same time.


    My dad grinned as he looked at his leg. “Don’t worry. It’s my prosthesis you hit and don’t be sorry. That was good thinking.”

    Marcus beamed proudly and said, “Even with the Force a blaster can sometimes beat a lightwhip.”

    The smile dropped from my face. That sounded so much like what my father said about his fight with Lumiya on Myrkr. ‘Without the Force a blaster beats a lightwhip every time.’ I was a little shaken because we promised never to tell anybody it was my father that killed Lumiya. We spread the word across the galaxy that Jacen had killed the Sith. Did my father tell Marcus what happened during Jacen’s run in with the darkside?

    I looked over to my father and I can see by his face and sense through the Force that he was just as surprised. His eyes drifted over to the transparisteel cabinet that held Lumiya’s whip. I let out a soft groan realizing what must have happened. If Dad let Marcus handle the real weapon…who knows what information he could have picked up using his psychometric post-cognitive abilities. Damn, we have to be careful not to let Marcus handle items that hold a secret. I can now control my psychometric abilities, but Marcus still has trouble turning it off.

    My dad quickly recovered and smiled at Marcus. “You did a great job.” He deactivated his lightsaber and clipped it back on his belt before giving my son a formal bow. “Your Excellency your skills with a lightsaber and a blaster will soon rival my own.”

    The formality of his interaction let me know this was not a secure place to talk. I looked up and saw people in the upper observation windows watching the sparring match. My son noticed me and smiled. “Jedi Tantiss, what an honor to see you again. Can I assume you wish time to visit your family?”

    I stood. “Your assumption would be correct your Excellency. If it’s not a bother.”

    He grinned. “No, not at all. Please join me in my quarters I would love a chance to talk to you both.”

    I followed my son and father from the training room to the Prince’s private chambers. Once at the door my father begged off saying he forgot something and he would return soon. I knew he was just giving us some time alone. Once the door closed behind us Marcus turned and gave me a hug. “It is good to see you, dad.”

    I hugged him back fiercely. “You look good in sparring practice.” I stepped back to view my boy. “You’re getting so tall.”

    I hate to say it, but reunions between my son and me are always a bit awkward. I am sure he feels like he is hugging a stranger. In contrast, Marcus looks very comfortable with my father. I hope when I can be around my son more often I will acquire that easygoing relationship.

    “I heard Uncle Jaden has a daughter now.”

    “Yes, you have another cousin.”

    Marcus nodded with a grin. “That’s great. Uncle Jaden will be an awesome dad.” His smile slipped a little. “I heard you’re getting married soon.”

    “Yeah,” I said cautiously. I know this is a sore subject for him.

    He simply nodded his head once again. “Cool.”

    My brow rose at his unruffled demeanor. “That doesn’t bother you anymore?”

    He sighed and then shook his head. “No. Mom explained things to me a little better. She said the Seers predicted you would marry another person…so Mom had to let you go.”

    I almost snickered. That was an overly simplistic and pleasant way to describe what happened. I guess it is better than saying she unceremoniously dumped me or that I was furious with her for hiding the pregnancy. But, in her defense, Marcus already knew she lied to both of us and she did tell me all those years ago that the Seers said I would find love with another.

    “So you’re not upset about me and your mother not getting back together?”

    He shrugged. “The Seers know all. We can’t fight fate.”

    I didn’t like the sound of that. “The future is always in motion, Marcus. Don’t let the Seers make you think your course in life is set and predetermined.”

    “They don’t, but they are right so often that…,” he trailed off as he walked over to a small cooling unit and pulled out a bottle of water. He held it up. “You want one?”

    “No thanks.”

    Marcus opened the bottle and took a long sip. He then walked over to his couch and sat down looking exhausted. My dad must have put him through a tough regimen.

    “The Seers gave me a class on the subject,” Marcus continued. “They agree that the future is always in motion. When they meditate they see something they call the time-stream. It is all futures flowing together running from the present to the future, but there are many eddies and currents running within the time-stream.” Marcus made wavy motions with his free hand to illustrate the various streams. “They said they can see all potential futures. They told me that a long time ago, way before I was born, when the Chancellor Palpatine ordered the Jedi purge and declared himself Emperor the time-stream churned like rapids on a river. Some futures veered off making small independent streams, but the majority of the futures were interwoven and all the Seers could see up ahead was the waterfall.” His one hand went forward before it plunged downward signifying the galaxy’s fall into darkness. He fell silent for a moment before he continued. “They said they never forgave themselves for not intervening.”

    I shook my head. “There was nothing they could have done.”

    “They believe they could have altered things.” Marcus gave me a level gaze. “Mom believes it also. She’s scared of the Seers. I can feel it in the Force.”

    I always disliked the Seers meddling in my life, but I never saw them as menacing. I would have to talk to Ema about this. “Well, I don’t think the Seers are all knowing and you shouldn’t either…you confounded them once. I was told on your ninth birthday you did something that made it impossible for them to see the time-stream. So don’t follow them blindly, they are fallible. And always remember, you are the ruler of Indupar, not them.” I gave my son a stern look. “Promise me that you will remember my words.”

    He nodded his head. “I will, Dad. I promise.”

    That was enough serious talk. We had a lot of catching up to do, and that’s what we did. I told him about my recent missions and he excitedly told me about his training and how my mother bakes for him the best cookies ever. Dad stopped by about two hours later. Together we had fun telling Marcus stories about the Tantiss family and all our adventures.

    It was a good day.
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    Feb 23, 2012
    A good day indeed.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    A good and exciting update with all the training and talks about the Seers
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    I laughed at Mark's backhanded compliment at the start there. [face_laugh] ;) I loved the quality time Marcus got with both his granddad and Talon and the serious but necessary talk about the Seers. [face_thinking] =D=

    Marcus' personality is coming through very well :) and I look forward even more to the Tantiss further adventures.
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    That was a fun day for father and son :)
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Thanks EmeraldJediFire, Nyota's Heart, Hazel, and earlybird-obi-wan for reading and taking the time to review This is the second to last post. The next one will be the wedding and that will leave us at the same point as the Epilogue of [link=] Second to None--Sacrifices[/link]. I am thinking of doing two journals next year. One would be a continuation of this Journal but it would be called The Journal of a Married Talon Tantiss. I may have another companion journal based on his droid (Yes he is getting a droid).

    Thanks again everybody for reading.



    Entry 184

    I talked to Ema the next day about what Marcus said about the Seers. “Are you really frightened of them?” I had asked her. We were sitting in the Queen’s office—a location with large transparisteel windows that allowed us to talk privately, but still remain visible. I didn’t want to be seen in Ema’s quarters or her in mine. I didn’t need rumors floating around right before my wedding about me being alone with my ex-lover. I don’t know if anybody in the palace knew about my previous relationship with Ema, but I wasn’t going to take any chances.

    She gave a slight shrug from where she sat. “I fear them, but not because I think they’re evil. It’s because they see time differently from us.”

    My face scrunched up in confusion. “What does that have to do with anything?”

    She sat forward and spoke softly, almost like she was afraid to be overheard. “Talon, if you could see a century or a millennia into the future, and you truly cared about the galaxy as a whole, you wouldn’t have the same concerns as other sentients.”

    I still wasn’t getting it. “How so?”

    “Humans and other sentients are usually concerned about things happening within their lifespan or the lifetime of the next generation. Most of us don’t care what is going to happen three hundred years from now because we’ll be long dead. The Seers aren’t just prognosticating about things that will take place during their expected lifespan; they are viewing the futures for the galaxy as a whole. I am not sure how far into the future they can see…it might be tens-of-thousands of years for all I know.” She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. “I don’t think they’re evil, but I think they can become somewhat detached to the needs of short-lived species like us. They are seeing the bigger picture. I think they want what is the very best for the galaxy and the future…and that may not be what is best for us personally.”

    “Oh,” I said softly. I thought I understood what she was getting at. It reminded me a little about some of Jaden’s medical patients. They would come in with Quillworms or other parasites from exotic worlds. He would treat them with medicine that kills the worms and the person would recover. It is great for the patient, bad for the Quillworms. In this case the patient is the galaxy’s future and we are possibly the Quillworms. “So, you are saying the Seers are dispassionate when it comes to us. They are looking out for the galaxy and if eliminating somebody improves the future…they will eliminate that person or persons?”

    She thought about it for a second before letting out a slow and controlled breath. “I don’t know about murder, but you and I both know from experience that they are more than willing to manipulate people to get what they want.”

    “Like Marcus?”


    “You think they wanted a Force-strong King?” When she nodded I asked. “Do you think your sister’s husband, the King, was murdered?”

    She closed her eyes and shook her head. “I don’t know. I don’t want to believe so. The doctors said Odaj died from a genetic heart defect that remained undetected until after his death. With a warning it’s possible that the Seers could have saved him and the baby that Kaie carried, but that child might have died from the same defect. Maybe they were simply trying to install a sitting King that had a better chance of a long life and therefore bringing stability to the kingdom.” She looked out the transparisteel window to the corridor outside. “The Seers want to stay here. That much I know. My sister had an argument with the head Seer last year and threatened to kick them out of the royal court. I remember his hair bristled with fear. He apologized and backed off. They possibly like the protection we afford them or perhaps the political connections or the fact that Indupar is not in Imperial or Galactic Alliance space—no matter what reason, they want to remain here.”

    I thought about it for a long while. I had no proof that the Seers were doing anything evil or threatened the life of my son. There really wasn’t much we could do about them until we found out more about their motives.

    I was going to be damn sure to talk to my father about this though. Since he will be on Indupar, he might as well watch the Seers.

    ~44.5 ABY~

    Entry 185

    Zylie and I have traveled to Indupar three times for short visits to see Marcus. My son seems to be warming up to Zylie. Of course Marcus might like her because she tells him funny stories about me—like the time she sic’d her vornskr on me.

    “You should have seen your dad’s eyes go wide with panic when Princess rammed her snout into his groin.” They both started laughing hysterically. I wish she would tell him some more heroic stories about me. I was in combat dozens of times, after all. Of course she wasn’t there to witness my bravery…she’s probably leaving those war stories for me to tell.

    I was happy when she started talking about how our two fathers fought side-by-side on Byss to take out the Emperor Reborn. That impressed my boy. I’m surprised my father never told him that story. Of course, my father wasn’t particularly proud about the accidental destruction of the planet by the Galaxy Gun. I think that’s an emotional wound my father still carries.

    ~45 ABY~

    Entry 186

    Zylie finally finished with her university studies. She is now a computer/Information Technology expert. I am sure she will put her knowledge to good use…like slicing.

    I went with her family to the graduation ceremony. Valla accompanied her parents so Ben made sure he was there with her. They had been separated for a few weeks and I know those two couldn’t wait for the ceremony and reception to be over with so they could sneak off together.

    After everybody got his or her diplomas we went to the reception. I was standing next to Zylie when her classmate Steben (the fanboy) came running up to her and put his hands on her shoulders as he grinned at her excitedly. “You’ll never believe what happened!”

    At this point he saw me and quickly broke contact with my fiancé. “Hey Talon,” he said before he continued his story in a rapid and animated manner. “You remember how you said I should apply for a job with Galactic Alliance Intelligence, more exactly the cryptology department?” He didn’t wait for her to respond but forged on. “And I said there was no way in hell I would get an interview, but you nagged me to put in an application anyway…well you will never believe what happened.”

    I had to suppress a laugh when he said Zylie ‘nagged’ him. Ha! “Did you get an interview?” I asked already knowing the answer. I didn’t need the Force to figure that out. He wouldn’t be this excited if he was denied an interview.

    He looked up to me grinning ear-to-ear. “Yeah, but not only that, guess who is conducting the interview?”

    I was about to guess Zakarisz Ghent because he is not only the Chief of the Cryptology department, but he’s an old friend of Talon Karrde. I opened my mouth to say just that but Zylie shot me a warning look.

    She smiled at her friend and said, “I have no idea, who’s giving you an interview?”

    “Zakarisz Ghent the chief of the department!”

    She did her best to look surprised as she gave a happy squeal and hugged her friend. “I’m so happy for you.” I gave her a knowing look. It is obvious that she had her dad pull some strings.

    Steben smiled as he pulled away. “I have to tell the rest of the guys from the study group. See ya.” He then ran off.

    I looked over to Zylie. “Let me guess. You never told him that Ghent used to work for your dad and that you know the man personally.”

    She shrugged. “I didn’t want him to think he got the interview just because of connections. He’s one of the best. Most of my study group passed their tests because he was there to tutor and encourage the students that were lagging behind. He really is a programming genius. Ghent would be lucky to have him.”

    I pulled her into a hug. “That was nice of you.”

    She smiled at me. “Thanks.” We walked over to where her parents were talking to one of the department heads. Zylie looked around the large reception hall. “Where are Valla and Ben?”

    I gave a cough trying to cover a chuckle. “Where do you think? They’re probably littering my couch with undergarments. Remember, they haven’t seen each other for three weeks.”

    She gave a faint smile. “We’re now going to face that problem, aren’t we, now that we both have graduated? Long separations.”

    I pulled her closer to me. “Maybe you can get a job on Coruscant.”

    She sighed. “Dad is sort of set on us going into the family business.”

    I remembered my earlier conversation with Ben about taking a break from the Jedi. I was willing to make the sacrifice if it came to that.

    “Don’t worry,” I told her. “I’m sure everything will turn out fine.”

    Entry 187

    It is wedding planning time. Force save me! It was decided that Zylie and I would have a big double wedding with Valla and Ben…and so Ben and I are now in Wedding Planner Hell! The ladies are continuously peppering us with questions. ‘What flavor cake should we have? Do you think the groomsmen should wear cummerbunds? What type of sparkling wine should we serve? Where do you want the reception at?’ To which Ben and I would reply, “Whatever you want, Dear.”

    We don’t care! Men don’t sit around in their youth fantasizing about their dream wedding…but females obviously do. Valla and Zylie were so excited about everything. I’m excited…for the Honeymoon portion of the wedding. Ha.
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    Exciting updates with all the plans he is making. Men never care about what women want;)

    Great news to see you continuing his diary and one for Zylie[face_dancing]
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    Interesting stuff about the Seers' frame of reference. And happy that Zylie is bonding with Marcus. :D I do hope the couples can avoid those pesky long separations :p
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    Oh Talon! Planning a wedding can be such a drag...

    I wonder what the Seers are seeing [face_thinking]
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    Thanks Hazel, Nyota's Heart, and earlybird-obi-wan for reading and taking the time to review. I was planning on just one more post, but it went a bit long so I broke it up into two posts. So there is this post and then one more and I will be done for the year. I want to thank everybody who has read the story. I appreciate you taking an interest in an original character.




    ~45 ABY~

    Entry 188

    Ema contacted me and said Marcus asked if he could attend my wedding. I said ‘Yes, of course!’ I was really shocked by his request. I thought he was still unhappy that I wasn’t getting back with his mother, but perhaps I was wrong. I guess Zylie won him over…or maybe he simply wants to see the entire Tantiss/Skywalker/Solo family while incognito. Ema said if he does attend that I shouldn’t bring attention to him when I see him. I should treat him like any visiting dignitary. He has another year before he is crowned, so they still have to keep his paternity a strict secret.

    I need to get my father to teach Marcus to shield his Force presence. Force signatures of family members sometimes have a similar feel to them. It is not one hundred percent accurate, but with a wedding party full of Jedi I don’t want to take any risks. Luckily my parents will be on Indupar for a few more days before returning to Coruscant.

    Entry 189

    Today was my wedding day!

    Zylie and I are currently being chauffeured via airspeeder to our Honeymoon destination, a luxury resort on the Western Sea. Zylie has fallen asleep…hopefully she will wake up for our wedding night. Ha! I really can’t blame her. Her and Valla were really stressed the entire week prior to the wedding. Those two wanted everything perfect, so they were double and triple checking everything. She didn’t get much sleep so she’s exhausted and probably a little tipsy from one too many sparkling wines during the reception. Since neither of us has to drive I have a few minutes to write in my journal.

    The wedding turned out great. The ladies did a great job in planning our nuptials. Zylie and Valla wore similar wedding dresses while Ben and I were in our full Jedi robes. The Grand Master himself performed the ceremony. I got a little nervous during the vows but I didn’t pass out like I feared I would. My mother cried at the wedding (she cries at all happy occasions). I am also fairly sure Zylie’s mom and Mara Jade Skywalker were both a little teary eyed.

    After the wedding and holoimages were done we all retired to the grand reception hall of Coruscant’s Imperial Palace for a big meal and then dancing.

    I could see my father walking around in a double-breasted suit with red cummerbund and grinning ear-to-ear as he talked to the guests and Jedi. I think he misses his old Jedi friends. He never returned to the Jedi Order after the fiasco with Jacen. I still don’t know what he and Commander Deke Tavik did when they left Coruscant and personally I don’t want to know…I say let sleeping neks lie.

    After all, everything turned out perfectly for our family. Jacen is happily married to Tenel Ka. He now has two daughters, Allana and Teela, and the family is joyfully blissful. At least that is what I assume. Every time I see Jacen he has a big smile on his face. I don’t think I have ever seen him this carefree and happy.

    Jaina married her Imperial boyfriend Jagged Fel who ended up as Emperor of the Imperial Remnant (I bet that drives my Uncle Han crazy). So now my cousin is Empress Jaina Solo Fel. They have a son (Jag Junior) and she is pregnant with their second child.

    Anakin and Tahiri are still happily married and have three children now. I am not sure if they are done having kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have more.

    My brother and Jysella are Jedi Healers at the Temple and they are wonderful parents to their daughter Jessa.

    The Skywalker twins and sister Hanna were finally knighted. Hanna is currently dating a Jedi Knight from the Temple. The twins…I don’t believe it…but the twins are dating identical twin girls from the local university. They met at some ‘Identical Twin’ conference. I don’t know how serious it is, but it just serves to confuse the hell out of me. At least if they dated different looking girls I would have a chance at figuring out if I am talking to Jak or Owen.

    All of the above mentioned were at the wedding in addition to other Jedi, college friends and some of my jump trooper buddies. It was a wonderful evening.

    Near the end of the meal the sound of metal striking a glass echoed through the hall and I spotted Jaden clanking a knife against a wine glass. "Can I have everybody's attention?"

    The banquet hall fell quiet as all turned to my brother who was Best Man to both Ben and me. Jaden held up his glass. "I want to thank everybody for attending this grand occasion. I would like to congratulate the parents of the brides, Talon and Zara Karrde and the parents of the grooms, Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker and my parents Mark and Kira Tantiss. I also want to welcome our regal honored guests, Emperor and Empress Fel and Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo and Royal Consort Jacen Solo."

    He turned toward us. "I remember the last time Valla, Zylie, Ben, Talon and I were together at a wedding. It was thirteen years ago at Anakin and Tahiri's nuptials. We caught an underage Valla and Zylie trying to sneak two glasses of champagne away from the open bar. Of course Talon and Ben stopped them and confiscated their drinks. That resulted in an angry outburst from the girls informing Ben and Talon what incredible jerks they were." Jaden paused while a few people laughed. "I will always remember their response to the girls' anger. Talon said, 'Gods, I feel sorry for anybody who dates those girls.' To which Ben responded, 'I know'."

    Everybody in the banquet hall laughed. I know my face turned red as I looked over to Zylie who was trying her best to look mad, but failed.

    Jaden gave me a tooth-filled grin before continuing.

    "Back then I never thought the next wedding those four would end up at would be their own." He turned to us and raised his glass. "Here's to a lifetime of happiness and love for the two couples. To family!"

    The guests all raised their glasses. "To family!"

    A broad smile crossed my face as I looked at my bride and all in attendance. It was nice having all of my family together. Well, almost all my family. So far I haven’t seen my son.

    I was about to drink my sparkling wine when my eyes fell upon a young boy with blond hair with blue eyes standing at the back of the banquet room.

    My son made it to the reception!

    He gave me a big grin and a slight wave of his hand. He was standing next to Kaie’s royal consort, Captain Dentti. I was overjoyed that he was able to attend. I wanted to run over and give him a hug, but that is the last thing he would want. I was told not to call attention to him.

    “To family,” I said as I lifted my glass up to my son and his pseudo-stepfather. Both gave me a slight nod. I drank down the contents and smiled.

    My entire family was now together.
    ~ to go. The chauffer has pulled into the resort parking lot. I need to wake Zylie up. She doesn’t want to sleep through our Honeymoon. Ha! I have a lot more to write about, but that will have to wait until later.
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    Hi!!! Oh that was great!!!! The toast by Jaden made me laugh. :) And it's wonderful that literally the whole family was together. @};- You bring everyone together in such a fun and comfy fashion... [:D] No crazy delays or false starts for J/J especially. Thanks! LOL [face_dancing]
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    What a wonderful party. To see all the Solo and Skywalkers happy and married. Pro-fic should have turned this way
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    Totally awesome.e as usual

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    The "resolution" of the Jacen situation feels like it might backfire horribly at some point, so every time he's brought up afterward there is this sense of impending doom. By the way, I haven't gotten around to reading Sacrifices yet and the chapters that overlapped it weren't confusing. However, Talon's POV by necessity leaves a lot of missing pieces with regards to why Mark made that particular choice, so it will be interesting to see the other side of that when I get there. There are a lot of ways to interpret the cover-up decision, some way more flattering than others. Is it taking the quick, easy (ha! Somehow, I suspect it was not at all easy for Mark), wrong path, or is it just the best way that was left to them? Reminds me a little of the debates over whether Batman should just kill the Joker, thus saving all the bystanders that he kills every single time he escapes from prison.

    Yay for embarrassing stories brought out at the wedding! That's what your friends are for. ;) I'd really like to see the further stories in this AU and what happens with the Seers. Kind of creepy there, even if they mean well... It's nice to see everyone having a few more peaceful years, with Talon's generation getting to fall in love, start families, have careers, and annoy each other now and then instead of just being flung from one galaxy-ending war to the next.
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    You are absolutely correct. If anybody found out what Jacen really did, it would be a mess. Luke only knew about Mara and Mark getting attacked by Jacen. He also knew Jacen studied under Lumiya. Mark knows a lot more, but his loyalty is to his family first. So he covers up for Jacen...and he knows it is wrong and that is why he leaves the Jedi. He was faced with either doing what's right and just and destroying his family or doing something Luke would never approve of and save the Skywalker/Solo/Tantiss families. He picked the latter. Mark is a slightly gray Jedi. I always see Luke as trying to uphold the morals and ethics of the Jedi Knights. It is almost religious in nature. Mark has a secular morality outlook, such as Consequentialism or Utilitarianism. To him the end can justify the means in some cases.

    @Nyota's Heart, I know it is not very realistic, but I am tired of all the death and suffering in the Star Wars novels. Crucible was the worst of the lot. The story wasn't bad but there was too much sadistic things going on. I grew up with TV shows like Get Smart, Batman, Gilligan's Island and Wonder Woman. Every week the good guys faced a lot of danger, but they overcame the bad guy and it was a happy ending. That is why I loved ANH. We have a horrible villain, a huge battle station that blew up a planet and the threat of defeat, but the good guys beat all odds and overcome. To me that is Star Wars. George Lucas himself said he based the movies on the cliffhanger serial films that he watched as a kid. Let me tell you I never saw Ming the Merciless threaten to put a cigarette out in Flash Gordon's eye...and you shouldn't see it in Star Wars. It has gotten way too dark.

    Thanks earlybird-obi-wan and EmeraldJediFire for your kind words. I appreciate it.

    I am working on the last post. It should be up by Monday. Thanks everybody for reading!
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    You've done it again, gal! I know there's one more post to go, but you amaze me with these year long fics!! I'm glad that Ben and Valla and Zylie and Talon are all happily married, now. I love the big family wedding and that Marcus was there. [face_love] Can't wait for the last post!!!
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    I want to thank everybody who has read this incredibly long Diary Challenge. I think it is just under 125K words. It is my longest story to date. A special thanks to anybody who gave a review to include: Briannakin, Hazel, Nyota's Heart, ginchy, Demendora, EmeraldJediFire, earlybird-obi-wan, Kahara, newdawn12, and JediMaster_Jen.

    I would love to hear from any lurkers out there!

    Well, here is my final post of Talon's journal for 2013. I plan to continue his journal as a married man in 2014. I am also working on my NaNoWriMo story that includes all the characters seen in this journal. That one is coming along slowly.

    Thanks again for reading!

    I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! [face_party]



    Entry 190

    I woke up a little early this morning to order breakfast from room service. Zylie is still asleep. I kept her up most of the night, but she didn’t seem to mind.

    I had a very nice and romantic wedding night with my wife. My wife! I still can’t believe it. I’m married! For the longest time I thought I was doomed to go from relationship to relationship like Valin Horn. Not that Valin is miserable. I don’t think he wants to settle down. It just wasn’t the life I desired. I wanted to be with somebody I could start a family with. I wanted a happy marriage like my parents have. I’m thrilled that I found the perfect mate.

    Anyway, I need to record what happened at the reception after I saw my son.

    I wasn’t supposed to make a scene, so I finished my meal and then Zylie and I did our first dance. While swaying to the music I told her I saw Marcus and I wanted to go say hello. We decided I should go alone because if we both disappeared the guests would think we started our Honeymoon early. Therefore, while Zylie was dancing with her father I went out the door where I last saw my son standing, but I couldn’t find him.

    “Are you looking for Marcus?” I heard my dad's voice from behind me.

    I turned and grinned at my father and mother who followed me out of the reception area. “Yeah, did you see where he went?”

    “He’s going to meet us at the large capacity hangar bay,” my mother said with a wide smile.

    I could feel a huge amount of anticipation radiating off of my parents, which didn’t seem odd at the time because they’re always thrilled to see their grandson.

    We took a lift up to the higher level of the palace and then a short tram ride to the hanger. I followed my parents as we approached a large Wayfarer-Class Medium Transport. I was somewhat familiar with this type of ship because it is very unique. It was built by Kuat Systems Engineering and is one of the few freighters that included a hanger bay module that could hold small shuttles. It was used extensively by smugglers since the entire cargo pod could be jettisoned to avoid customs and because it had a hanger module the Rebel Alliance often used this type of ship as an assault shuttle. I believe the Kuat Shipyards stopped making this particular transport model twenty years ago, so this pristine looking ship must be a completely renovated model.

    We walked up the boarding ramp where I was met by Captain Dentti and my son Marcus. Marcus gave me a big hug and I was astonished at how big he's gotten. He's eleven-years-old and was easily over 1.7 meters already.

    “Nice seeing you dad,” he said before he broke away and about crushed my mother in a big hug. “Grandma, I missed you.” He then turned to my father and hugged him. “You too, grandpa.”

    I gave a sad smile. I am glad my parents have a great relationship with my son…I just wish I could spend as much time with him as they do.

    Captain Dentti came up to me and shook my hand. “Congratulations! I’m happy for you. Ema and Kaie decided that Marcus and I should come alone.” He gave a slight shrug. “I guess Ema thought she would make things uncomfortable for you and if Kaie showed up the media would follow her every movement.” He motioned his head toward Marcus. “We were able to sneak out unnoticed.”

    A wide grin crossed my face. “I am so happy you two made it.” I looked around the large ship. “This is a nice transport.”

    Captain Dentti gave me an amused chuckle. “You like it? Allow us to show you around.” He turned to my son. “Marcus, why don’t you show your dad the ship?”

    My son gave me a mischievous smile that made me wonder if there was a private joke I was missing. Marcus grabbed my hand and pulled me down the corridor. “Come on dad.”

    He showed me the ship’s bridge, two large staterooms, offices, conference area, ‘fresher, galley and sickbay. The ship came with two droids to assist in the day-to-day operation of the vessel. There was a hybrid pilot/protocol droid that could act as pilot, navigator or interpreter. There was also a medical droid inside the sickbay.

    We then walked through a hatch to the cargo area. I was impressed by the capacity of the ship. It could easily hold two hundred metric tons. It was an extraordinarily large ship to use to simply transport two people, but perhaps nobody would expect the Prince of Indupar to be traveling in a freighter.

    From the cargo area we went through another hatch to the hanger bay. There I stopped in confusion. Inside were two StealthX fighters. I turned to Captain Dentti. “I didn’t know the Indupar government used StealthX’s.”

    The Captain’s grin grew wider. “We don’t. This isn’t my ship.”

    I looked to him and then my parents whose glee was permeating through the Force. “Then who does this ship belong to?”

    My dad gave me a sly grin. “You…well you and Ben and your wives.”

    “It’s a wedding gift,” my mother explained.

    My legs started to feel weak and I leaned against the bulkhead. “For us?” I looked around the huge ship confused. “Dad, I know the restaurant business is good, but how could you afford this?”

    “I sold the restaurant.”

    “What?” I looked to mom in shock. The restaurant was her life. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

    My mom came up to me and gave me a hug. “Don’t worry about it Talon. We made a great profit…”

    “An obscene profit,” my dad added.

    My mother chuckled. “He’s right. The profit was obscene.”

    “And we didn’t spend it all on this ship,” Dad explained. “The Karrdes and Skywalkers put in equal amounts into buying this freighter.”

    “We took the extra money and put it in a trust fund for your brother and his family and we kept some credits to travel,” my mother said. "Besides, I have been traveling back and forth across the galaxy to see my two grandchildren. I didn't have much time for the restaurant anymore."

    I still didn’t understand why they would purchase such an hugely expensive gift. I guess my father saw my confusion and explained. “Son, we want you and Ben and your wives to have a good, happy marriages. Your wives are traders and traders are on the move all the time. You are Jedi that are frequently deployed. You four would probably be separated all the time and that’s not good for a relationship. We thought if you could have a ship that could hold your StealthX’s then you could be roving Jedi. You may be separated from your wives some times, but this would help keep you together a bit more.”

    I was so overwhelmed that tears rolled down my face. “Mom, Dad…” I grabbed my mother up in a big hug and then did the same with my father. "Thank you!" I then turned to my son. “You were in on this surprise.” I shook my head. “I didn’t suspect a thing.”

    “Now you are going to have to act surprised when we show this to Ben, Valla and Zylie,” my dad warned me. “We just thought since you needed a private place to see your son, this would be an ideal setting.”

    My voice was faltering I was so overcome by emotion. “I have the best family in the galaxy.” I went and gave Marcus a hug. “Next year, you’ll be crowned and I will make up all that time we have been separated.”

    He gave me a soft smile. “I know you will dad. I can't wait.” He turned to my parents. “This is a great family to be part of.”

    I smiled. “Yes it is.”

    I stayed with Marcus as long as I could without being terribly missed by the wedding party. I then went back to the reception and found my lovely bride and gave her a long lingering kiss until my brother yelled out, “Get a room.”

    I chuckled and thanked the Force for everything it has given me over the years. I had a wonderful childhood, great friends and family, a son and now a wonderful woman as my wife.

    The rest of the night was wonderful. Ben, Valla and Zylie were amazed by our parents’ generous gift. I'm glad Ben's been my roommate for the last few years and I know we get along…because it looks like we are going to be spending a lot of time together with our two brides. This is going to be an adventure. Zylie and Valla grew up on a ship. Living on a freighter will be new to Ben and me, but I think having two beautiful women on the ship will make long flights tolerable. Ha!

    Somebody's at the door. I think breakfast is here. So I guess I should close this journal with a few words.

    My time as a single man has come to an end and as I start my new life as a married man all I have to say is ‘life is good. I cannot wait to see what the future brings'.
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    What a terrific surprise. And great segue to next year's adventures. Nice way to keep the couples together. :cool:
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    Great ending. Sorry I haven't been keeping up. But marvellous job and I can't wait to read what you will do in 2014.
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