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    SUMMARY: Short story. Action/adventure set in Clone Wars era. Original characters and some familiar faces. If you are following Maya Qwan's adventures, great, but this can easily be read as a standalone.

    The Killers of Kashyyyk


    Chapter 1

    ONE WRONG STEP WILL KILL ME. Padawan Maya Qwan slinked in the shadows of the massive Wroshyr tree. Barely twenty meters from the slender human teenager, the swarm of Viper droids hummed like hornets. Their optical orbs focused on the outpost, up ahead through the jungle, but Maya knew all too well how sensitive their sensors could be. She dared not break a twig.

    She glanced to her flank. Ryooshaa and Ishacca crawled into position. The Wookiees’ shaggy brown fur remained hidden from the midday Kashyyyk sunshine beneath the lush leaves of the forest. Ryooshaa hefted his bowcaster to his shoulder and aimed for one of the reconnaissance droids. Maya could not see them, but she knew that Tarrok and Chalworr would also be poised. Her brother-warriors waited for Maya’s signal.

    Raddaugh gnasps whispered near her ear. A distant Agr bird squawked. She breathed in and out, the scents of tropical orchids perfuming the soupy humidity. Maya ignited her lightsaber with a snap-hiss.

    The nearest Viper whirled at the sound. At that moment, a blast from Tarrok’s long-gun smashed a hole through its cylindrical torso. Its nest of dangling arms flailed before it flopped onto the moss. Then Ryooshaa blasted another of the floating killers with his bowcaster. Four remained, and they reacted instantly.

    Maya scrambled from her hiding place and sprinted straight for the black robots, jinking left and right, leaping roots. The air sizzled with a storm of ruby arrows from the Vipers.

    The Wookiees howled their battle cries and charged after Maya, converging on the droids from both flanks. The Vipers spat blasts with deadly efficiency. Mighty Chalworr stopped one energy bolt right in his shoulder but did not break stride.

    Maya closed the meters in a flash, then vaulted from a Wroshyr root to leap onto a Viper’s head. It lurched to one side, its chest-mounted blaster spinning full circle, attempting to lock onto her. Then two mechanical claws rose up and clamped about her ankles. She did not give it time to wrench her from her perch. She rammed down her lightsaber, piercing the weak-point in its armour she had learned existed just between the two antennae. The droid wheezed then collapsed to the loam. Maya prized her legs from its dead grip, cutting her shins in the process, then glanced around the glade.

    Ryooshaa lumbered on, firing his bowcaster from his hip. The Wookiee Elder scored a hit, bashing the nearest Viper into a spin. Another blast and it crumpled into a smoking pile.

    To her other flank, Chalworr confronted his prey, then drove his sturdy Kashyyyk bladestick point-first into its visual orb. The droid screamed, its arms grasping for the brave, but he kept it pinned at the end of his polearm and smashed it into a Wroshyr trunk. Its torso-mounted blaster fired back, catching Chalworr in the chest point-blank. Both Wookiee and Viper crumpled and fell silent.

    Young Ishacca mirrored Maya’s tactic, swinging from a vine to land upon another Viper, then driving both of his curved Kerarthorr blades between its antennae. The shaggy-maned warrior rolled clear as it crashed.

    Only one Viper had survived the assault. Its processor enacted preservation protocols. The primary function of its mission – to report reconnaissance information – overrode its urge to murder. It whizzed away on repulsorlift engines.

    Maya signaled the Wookiees with the squawk of an Agr bird. Just one Viper escaping and transmitting almost always resulted in a bombardment minutes later. She rose to her feet and dashed after it. She halted at a warning growl from Tarrok. Though she did not speak Shirywook, Maya had learned the signals that saved her life. A javelin of energy scorched past her ear. It smashed into the retreating droid and it disintegrated into pieces.

    Maya turned and grinned at Tarrok, and the lanky primate raised his fat-barreled rifle above his head and roared. The other Wookiees converged on Maya and exchanged triumphant growls. Maya’s smile vanished as they turned and observed fallen Chalworr for a moment in silence. The smell of burnt fur tainted the air. But it was not the time to mourn yet. They all turned and approached the military base that the droids had been spying. The gates were open and they witnessed the macabre tableau inside.

    Maya said, “Tarrok, the long-com.”

    The lofty Wookiee shifted his backpack and offered the long-range comlink set to Maya. She took up the mouthpiece and pressed to transmit.

    “This is Maya Qwan to Command.”

    “This is Command. Go ahead, Commander Qwan,” said a gruff, distant voice. Despite the crackling interference, the voices always reminded Maya of Flint.

    “I have found out why we lost contact with Palsaang.”

    The Command signal was evidently passed on, as a wizened voice spoke next. “Report, young Padawan. Why do the clones at Palsaang our calls not answer?”

    Maya took a deep breath before replying.

    “Master Yoda, there is no-one here to answer. Everyone is dead.”
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    A sense of foreboding, brilliantly brought to a dreadful crescendo. But even Master Yoda senses that there is more. I will cue up with him in the waiting line.
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    Wait...this isn't a one shot, is it :( ? Great action sequences, and I loved the way that Maya & the Wookiees coordinated the attack, but...but...but...what happened at Palsaang? You won't just leave us hanging like this! (Will you?)[face_nail_biting]

    Great descriptions of saberwork. Writing batttle scenes isn't easy. These were great & easy to follow.
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    Kurisan - I've not replied enough lately, and I apologize for that ... [face_blush]

    Maya's back! Yaaayyy!!! :D And with :chewie: ! :eek: (Well, OK, that's a generic Wookiee, but the smiley works very well. :p

    Anyhow - Urk. Poor clones. Poor Chalworr. :( Hopefully, whatever hit Palsaang isn't as lethal to Wookiees and a Padawan as it was to the detachment ... [face_worried]
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    You are the Supreme Leader of Evil Cliffies. Nice! What a great start! Glad to see Maya's back!
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    Ah ha! Another Maya adventure, off to a rip-roaring start, tense cliffhanger and all! I'll be eager to get to know these new comrades of Maya's, and of course to learn what the San Hill happened to this base and all the clones manning it—sounds extremely sinister indeed, and I'm guessing there's a lot more to it than just Separatist shenanigans!
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    Ah, I'm glad you were able to look in on this my dear inspirational Angel, @AzureAngel2. You have been with Maya since the beginning. I... must... not... spoil... but this episode is special to me and I hope it is for you, too.

    @Mistress_Renata aha, no it won't end there! It's just the beginning. I dearly hope you get to come along for the ride too.

    @Onderon1 No apologies necessary as I have been on an extended enforced absence (with no wifi!). I do, however, have the excuse that I have just completed the mission of moving my life across the world. I'm glad to be back, and hope to see you around.

    @divapilot I very much like that nerd-title. May I adopt it officially? :p

    @Flyboy240 Many thanks for looking in and spending time to leave a comment. It is very much appreciated, and I shall make an effort to look out for you too! *shakes hands vigorously*

    @Findswoman And the team is fully assembled! I truly hope you get time for your famous analysis - but don't go guessing the ending too quickly, please! ;)
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    Yay, Maya is back! And with Wookiees too! They're my favourite SW aliens, so you can count me in for the ride.

    (Okay, who am I fooling. I'd be reading this anyway, there's Maya here!)

    Wonderful action-packed beginning here, although Chalworr's death made me very sad :( But there's more at stake than just surveillance going on; I suspect I know what the probe droids were there to report and I don't like it one bit! Maya's clone friends had better be very careful when they come. I'm also waiting for the Polis Massans and the baddies to show up ;)
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    No, the team is NOT fully assembled. :D Stop everything! :p I'm here, I'm here!

    Glad to see another Maya story and...with Wookiees! And this is off to a good start, despite the upsetting bloodbath.
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    This really takes you straight to the action--the battle scenes are great! My favourite line has got to be "the air sizzled with a storm of ruby arrows from the Vipers" --it gives an almost poetic imagery to the scene and the choice of words is great.

    Gotta admit--I'm a bit curious about the Agi bird.
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    That's my parrot and it's an inside joke. :p I believe the one in the story is an Agr bird. I want it to be an Agi bird, darn. :p
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    I have no idea why I saw "Agi bird" instead of "Agr bird"----now this is a bit hilarious given the backstory :p
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    @Ewok Poet Yippeeee! Great, I know you're busy so thanks for taking the time for looking in. [face_love]
    @Chyntuck I suspect you have figured it out! It's so nice when you guys remember the last stories. =D=
    @gizkaspice Thank you so much for that compliment! And I love your name - it sounds like the noise I make when I trap my finger in a zip. [face_laugh] Welcome to the party. And now to chapter 2, most probably proving Chyntuck's prescience...

    Chapter 2

    “DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME. I will return soon, just look after Ishacca and Tarrok,” Maya whispered. Ryooshaa hoisted the waifish Padawan into an affectionate bear-hug which she could not have escaped even if she wanted. When he finally released her Maya straightened her ruffled short tunic. The old Wookiee yowled a reply, before returning to his kinband. Then the hirsute warriors left her alone, disappearing back into the Wroshyr forest.

    Maya composed herself then climbed the branch-corridor onto the main treehouse platform. This high up, a breeze of sea-air gave cool relief from the afternoon humidity. Beside a tactical display computer, which looked quite out of place amongst the curving wooden architecture, stood a small green figure. The diminutive alien waited patiently, radiating wisdom as Maya approached and bowed.

    “Master Yoda,” she said. “You summoned me.”

    Little Agr, that Wookiee called you. Great respect you have earned,” said the Jedi Master.

    “We have fought and bled together. We share the life debt.”

    Yoda’s pointed ears twitched.

    “Hmmm. A great honour that can be, but a burden too.”

    Maya shifted under the elder’s questing stare. He seemed able to see right into her soul. Yoda spoke again, “When was the last time you communed with Master Chodo, young Padawan?”

    That question caught Maya by surprise. “I’ve been so caught up in the war, Master Yoda. It has been a long time…”

    Yoda harrumphed. “So we all have. Amends I must make…”

    “Master Yoda, why have you called me here? What happened at Palsaang?”

    Reminded of this, Yoda stepped aside and motioned. Two others entered the disc-shaped platform; a clone commando in camouflaged armour, and a gnomish alien medic in blue. Maya grinned. She had not seen them in what seemed like a lifetime.

    “Flint! Dr. Xam!” She almost dashed to hug them both, but remembered the calm decorum with which a Jedi was supposed to conduct herself. She frowned, then. “What brings you to this warzone?”

    “I am afraid that it has begun,” Dr. Xam said, fiddling. Though the Polis Massan transmitted the words through mental oscillations similar to telepathy, Maya could not mistake the worry in his tone – as if he had spoken out loud, “The Phantom virus has been used at last – here on Kashyyyk.”

    “Oh no… Palsaang?”

    “Perhaps Commander Flint should brief you on the details.”

    The ARC trooper slipped a datacard into the tactical computer. A flickering holographic map sprung from its projectors, showing chains of islands blanketed with deep forests. Before he started, Flint gave Maya a sharp nod that she decided was the closest the stern soldier would come to acknowledging seeing an old friend again. He cleared his throat.

    “Five cycles back there was an ordnance barrage on Grunnrurr, here.” He pointed to a coastal village on the Wawaatt Archipelago. “Anti-missile defenses were deployed, but then a single rogue rocket got through here at Warralokk.”

    “A feint…” Maya commented.

    “Yes. The initial barrage was just to tie up the defenses so that this one could get through at Warralokk. When it landed the local lookouts reported it was a dud – it didn’t seem to go off with full explosive power – so they ignored it. Then, next cycle, some illness struck down the troops garrisoned at Warralokk.”

    Flint looked at Dr. Xam. The scientist spluttered, “Four hundred casualties the first night! It claimed ninety percent of the garrison before we could isolate the area.”

    “Oh no…” Maya clapped a hand to her mouth. Flint continued stoically.

    “We retro-tracked the launch site to this point here in the Kkowir Forest,” he pointed to a spot amidst the massive green regions to the northwest. “Then our One-seventy bombers flattened a 3-kilometre patch.”

    Maya started with alarm. The Wookiees would not be happy at such destruction to the Great Wroshyr. Flint was not finished.

    “Command thought that was the end of that. But then another bomb got through just outside Palsaang: Same M.O. – no big bang, but it went quiet two days later. You saw the end result. It must be the same weapon as was used on Warralokk.”

    “The launch site is mobile,” Maya thought out loud. Flint gave her an appreciative look.

    “Yes, that’s what Command thinks. As long as they keep it under the cover of the Wroshyr trees, we’ll never be able to pinpoint it.”

    Maya looked at Dr. Xam. “You have a cure for the Phantom virus?”

    “Not a cure I am afraid, dear Maya. The counter-measure I have been able to create is an anti-virus, a virus-killer if you like. It eats the Phantom organism – but only in its embryonic form before it enters a bloodstream. Phantom seems to mutate – I think it is getting into the water – and once those poor souls contract it, it’s too late!”

    Maya sighed, looking at the holo-image, thinking hard, remembering the terrible sight of all those clones; the bodies lying limp on the ground. Though Flint showed no emotion, she could only imagine his horror; that men born for war should die in such a helpless fashion.

    Yoda cleared his throat. “The ability to wipe out an entire army at a stroke… Turn the war against the Republic, this Phantom menace could…”

    He watched the others carefully, as if waiting for them to catch up to what he was thinking.

    “So, you need to get to this launcher in order to utilise the virus-killer?” Maya said. Dr. Xam nodded his white featureless face, the wide black eyes full of trepidation.

    “I’m afraid it’s the only way, Dear Maya.”

    “Then we have to go out there and find it.” Maya said.

    “There are thousands of square kilometres of enemy-controlled territory to search…” wailed Dr. Xam.

    “We start at the last launch site and find its tracks. It’ll leave tracks, right Flint?”

    The soldier nodded, again giving her an approving look.

    “From the range and estimated payload delivery, Command thinks they’ll need something big with a modified ICBM launcher. Oh yeah, it’ll leave tracks.”

    Yoda finally stepped forward and all eyes turned to the Jedi Master.

    “Dangerous… Very dangerous this mission will be. A full scale assault their sensors will see coming…”

    “So just me, sneaking in behind enemy lines.” said Maya.

    Yoda leant on his gnarly walking stick and peered at her. “A fearless warrior you have become, young Padawan. Without hesitation, you volunteer for this mission?”

    “My life debt is to the clones, too, Master Yoda,” said Maya. She glanced at Flint, who was standing at stiff attention. “They are like my brothers. And I’ve been operating on Kashyyyk for six moon-cycles now. I’ve lost count of the ambushes and raids my Wookiee team has carried out. I know the Wroshyr forests. It has to be me.”

    And me,” said Flint.

    “And us!” said two more voices in unison. Maya turned to see Blanco and Marker rushing onto the platform hefting hastily packed kitbags, their clone battle armour also painted in jungle camouflage. They greeted Flint with clasped handshakes.

    “Thought you’d never turn up, you lowlifes,” said the commander.

    “And miss the reunion tour of ARC 3-1? Never!” smiled Blanco. The pilot turned to Maya. “Nice to see you again too, Fox.”

    Maya beamed back, raising an accusing eyebrow at Flint. He said, “You didn’t think I’d let you do this on your own, did you?”

    Blanco rubbed his hands and grinned. “So, when do we get to blow things up?”

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    The band is back together! But tragedy looms close on the horizon.

    We've all seen ROTS.
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    I just love Maya being called "little Agr" (secretly Agi :p ). I am really interested in this Phantom virus.
  17. AzureAngel2 Jedi Grand Master

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    Your Yoda scenes in this update were brilliant. You offered us a mix of wisdom, sneaky humour and great sadness when writing him.

    A virus is never a good thing, as I know from kindergarten teaching experience. I wonder where this will lead to.
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    Hail, hail, the gang's all here! It's wonderful that this won't be "just me, sneaking behind enemy lines" and that Maya once again will be going on an adventure with her trusty her trusty clone posse. (With invaluable ground support from dear old Dr. Xam too, of course.) We are clearly dealing here with a much more concrete and insidious Phantom Menace (!) than, well, whatever the one in the SW film of the same name was supposed to be. :p Accordingly, combating it calls for a stealthy approach to combat it, and Maya's very much the woman for that job. The fact that she's earned the respect of the Wookiees will undoubtedly stand her in good stead, and I'll look forward to seeing more of her interactions with them.

    Now, all that said... "You didn’t think I’d let you do this on your own, did you"—aw, Flint is such a dear behind that grizzled ARC exterior, and I can't help but think that there's a touch more behind this sentiment than just battlefield camaraderie. <3
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    That's right, because chronologically, they're around the same age.

    Dang it, now you've got me shipping Flintaya as well as Rexsoka!
  20. Ewok Poet Force Ghost

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    Yay for Flint! For the others, too...BUT FLINT. OMG. [face_love] Flintaya 5ever!

    Love to see Maya thinking in Wookiee terms when it comes to ethics and so glad that Master Yoda is there to mentor her. Let's hope the gang manages to eradicate this awful virus!
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    @gizkaspice Hello again and thanks for that comment. I did think of "Little Katarn" originally, but, well, you'll see...
    @AzureAngel2 I'm relieved to hear that Yoda came off well. Like everyone, I worry about writing established characters.
    @Findswoman and @Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Now what have you started with all this 'shipping business? [face_laugh] Well, I have to admit I've flirted with this throughout the series. And it does sort of come to a head soon. Cowgirl, you are proving quite prescient actually - must be learning from Findswoman. [face_thinking]
    @Ewok Poet Now you're at it too! :D Thanks again for looking in.
    As that's everyone except @Chyntuck and @Onderon1 and I want to get this all posted before Christmas holidays, I'll post second update this week. apologies if too fast - just holla and I'll slow down.

    Chapter 3

    “TWO PREDATORS, CLOSING ON STARBOARD!” Maya yelled over the roar of the gunship engines. Gripping the controls in the cockpit, Blanco nodded. The Low Altitude Assault Transporter banked steeply and the lithe teenager clung to the overhead strap in the passenger section, bracing against the motion. Screaming javelins of ruby energy filled the humid air around them.

    The LAAT rocked as enemy bolts smashed into its shielded hull. Return fire thundered as Marker triggered the ratchet-mounted multi-blaster on his side of the gunship. On the other side, Flint also opened fire and Maya spotted two more discs closing in from port; ominous silhouettes against the beautiful tropical sky. Maya realised the battle droid flyers were swarming them. The commando turned his helmet to her.

    “I think we’re on the right scent, and they know it too.”

    “Oh dear, oh dear!” squealed Dr. Xam. The Polis Massan was too short to reach the high straps, so hugged a strut at the back of the passenger section for all his worth. Maya spared a moment’s sympathy for the scientist; he was no soldier but had volunteered for the mission anyway. They would need his skills.

    More impacts jolted the LAAT and Maya heard Blanco curse as the swifter Predator-droids circled like birds of prey. He banked the transport again at a crazy angle, and for a moment Maya was looking directly down onto the lush rainforest. The clones in their camouflaged battle armour hung on to webbing straps designed for the purpose.

    Boom, boom, boom. A drumbeat of direct hits pounded the LAAT, the last followed by the plaintive wail of an alarm from the cockpit. Maya struggled across to behind Blanco’s chair as he wrestled the gunship onto an even trajectory again.

    “What’s that flashing?” she shouted.

    “Main repulsor’s out. We’re going down,” said the clone pilot.

    “Oh dear!” said Dr. Xam.

    “How about over there?” Maya pointed.

    “Yeah. That looks good,” said Blanco. “Everyone, get ready for a swim!”

    “Oh my… I can’t swim!” said Dr. Xam.

    Blanco guided the gunship toward a deep lake. Sunlight glittered off wavelets from its sapphire surface. The LAAT skipped several times before splashing to an abrupt halt, throwing its passengers to the deck. Maya rose to her hands and knees and checked the others. Dr. Xam was still clinging on to his strut. Flint and Marker were already moving as the gunship began to sink. Blanco unstrapped and struggled out of the pilot’s seat, then rummaged through compartments at the side of the cockpit.

    “No time for mementos,” Flint barked at him, “Essentials only.”

    Maya crossed to Dr. Xam as water slushed into the transport. She prized the skinny alien’s arms from the pole and looked him in his large, black eyes.

    “I’ll take you,” she tried to sound reassuring. The gurgling betrayed they had only moments before the LAAT went under. Trembling, Dr. Xam allowed himself to be dragged to the lip of the transport’s open midsection, then clung onto Maya’s neck as she pushed off into the deep waters. Flint, Blanco and Marker were already swimming for the distant bank, goading packs on emergency inflatable cushions.

    With the geneticist clinging to her shoulders, Maya paddled on behind the clones towards the beach. Her short, sleeveless tunic allowed for free movement of legs and arms. She glanced back as the LAAT slipped beneath the lake surface, a few bubbles giving the only clue that it had been there a moment before.

    They reached the bank and struggled onto the hot sand, taking a moment to draw long breaths. Dr. Xam stood trembling and peered out at the now calm lake.

    “Why, oh why did you elect to alight into a lake of all places, you imbecile?” he rounded on Blanco.

    Maya lay a hand on Dr. Xam’s shoulder.

    “This place is going to be crawling with battle droids searching for us. The longer they think we’re at the bottom of that lake, the longer we have to get away.”

    “Oh, I see…”

    Flint joined them. He removed his helmet to reveal a clean-shaven face and regulation buzz-cut. He gave Maya an appreciative look.

    “What?” she said.

    “You’re thinking more and more like a commando.”

    Maya sighed. “It’s been a while, Flint.”

    “OK, we’re here,” Marker joined them and produced a three-dimensional map from a miniature holoprojector. “The first Phantom bomb hit Warralokk, here. And the launch point was here. Six clicks that way.”

    The clones all gazed into the lush jungle beyond the beach, where their objective lurked. Maya remembered an important detail of the mission.

    “Do you have the virus-killer, Dr. Xam?”

    Dr. Xam nodded and patted his plasteel-reinforced satchel.

    “It is quite secure in this, my Dear Maya.”

    “Then let’s move, before this place is swarmed with battle droids…”

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    A daring escape indeed! For a bit there I was wondering the same thing as Dr. Can about why Blanco put them down in the lake, but his reply does make sense and very likely saved everyone's bacon. Absolutely wonderful work by Maya in transporting Xam and his precious cargo across the lake—she's the St. Christopher of this mission, for sure! And she's definitely getting the commando mindset down, thanks to her natural empathy and adaptability.

    A word about the shipping guess: I'm not meaning to pressure you (or Maya) into anything, you know! :p However things may or may not go in that area, I'll continue to enjoy the series all the same. :)
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    Breathtaking action scenes. I hope that you do not update before the 9th October, otherwise I will miss a lot.
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    The landing in the lake thing reminds me of a certain episode of Dukes Of Hazzard, for some reason. :)
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    Oops, I missed an update! (Don't worry about updating twice a week on my account though – worst-case scenario I'll get two chapters for the price of one, like today.)

    So that was it! The clone-killing virus has been deployed, and the gang is back together. Now we can expect that they'll be running into some baddies soon [face_nail_biting]

    I enjoyed the scene with Yoda; it's good for Maya to have an elder Jedi coach in such a situation. I understand that it must be difficult for her to communicate with her own master, with her being in the thick of the action and him remaining a steadfast pacifist despite the on-going war. But she needs this sort of guidance from time to time, and it was nice to see Yoda playing the role of the grandfatherly mentor here.

    It's interesting to see Maya thinking increasingly "like a commando". Did I miss an indication as to how much time has lapsed between The Justice of the Judland and this story? From the interaction between Maya and Flint it feels like they've been apart for a while, am I getting this right? And if I am, am I also correct to assume that her solo adventures in the meantime were not of the pleasant sort?

    And now, off for a trek across the Kashyyyk forest... I can imagine any number of things that could go wrong before they even meet the baddies.
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