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    I know something is coming, I know it is. I want to leave the capital. My name is Qualude. I am just a citizen of the republic, no, not a Jedi, but defently want to be. I have their powers, but I know I will never be accepted on the council. Yet I have a friend there, met him on the steet with his master. His name is Anakin.

    I saw him in a nightclub in the Entertaiment District the night he and his master arrested the bounty hunter.

    I was on the refugee ship that took him and his future wife Padme to Naboo. Oh yes, I know alot about Master Anakin, well he will be soon.

    I hope.

    I wake up everymorning in my tiny appartment. You see I am not from this part of the Galaxy. I am from another, a small blue green planet called Earth. There we call this Galaxy Andromeda. I woke up here one morning and I totally fell in love with it for I knew it was my destany.

    Who could known there were more humnoids in the galaxy.

    Yet in my whole adventure, I feel the distant "Clone Wars" are comming closer. I feel my friend Anakin starting to slip from his already unstableness.

    Things happen for a reason, you see back on Earth, I was a healer, and my high priestess always said Destany puts us where she wants to. I see this coming, and I feel like my warning are unheeded.

    Anakin is gone now, and the sirens have started, There is a galatic battle going on in the heavens above, and the Chancellor has been kidnapped, although I doubt Papaltine has even raised an eyebrow.

    The last days of the republic, have begun.
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