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Beyond - Legends The Legacy of Kian Koon: Chapter 2

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediKianKoon, Jun 19, 2003.

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  1. JediKianKoon

    JediKianKoon Jedi Youngling

    May 30, 2003
    Chap. 2: The Trial

    ?Ashina you are still leaving your guard open after each strike.? Kyle said with a smile as he trained one of his favorite students. Ashina was a fifteen year old Twi?lek with a pale green skin color.
    ?I know master.? She said sullenly as she raised her purple saber higher up and prepared to strike, Kyle?s blue blade also at the ready position.
    ?Know begin.? Kyle said and she struck. She went for his mid section with a jab and Kyle parried with all the skill of a Jedi. Ashina preferred to use a more strong attack method, but Kyle preferred speed, for speed with a saber had helped him greatly in the past. Ashina struck again this time with a diagonal slash which Kyle also parried.
    ?One of these days she?s going to beat you Kyle.? Luke snickered from behind.
    ?Yes I suppose so.? Kyle said deactivating his saber and turning to great Luke, Ashina did the same. When Kyle turned he saw Kian standing along side Luke.
    ?Hello Kian, I see you came to get some practice.? Kyle said when he saw the lightsaber at Kian?s side it was an interesting looking lightsaber.
    ?Yes master Katarn, Master Skywalker wishes to see how I do fighting.? Kian said, his voice hidden by the mask and yet oddly amplified.
    ?Ashina, this is Kian Koon he will be going through the trials to see if he will be accepted to the academy.? Luke said and Kian bowed to the young lady.
    ?Nice to meet you.? Ashina said almost taken by surprise with his bow.
    ?Hello.? He said simply and turned to Luke.
    ?Why is there a crowd?? he asked and looked over at the observation windows.
    ?Well they heard there was a new Jedi coming and that he and master Skywalker were going to duel. You have been the talk of the academy since you came here.? Ashina said.
    ?Interesting.? Kian replied.
    ?Well shall we give them a show?? Luke asked.
    ?Why not.? Kian said with a loud startling crackly. Taken by surprise the three stood there for a second until they realized it was a laugh.
    ?Come on we?ll go over here.? Luke said and pointed to an arena.
    ?I think we should have a seat and watch.? Kyle joked with Ashina and the two walked off.
    ?Did you remember to turn your saber charge down?? Luke asked Kian as they neared the arena.
    ?Yes.? Kian said and climbed the small stars into the arena. It was an interesting looking arena, about twenty-five feet in width and length and only about two feet off the ground. However, what was really interesting about it was that the floor was a stone that was completely clear. Looking over Kian saw look take his lightsaber out and ignite it.
    ?Ready?? Luke asked.
    ?Yes.? Kian said and using the force pulled his saber to his hand but before grabbing it he twirled it with the force in the air twice and then ignited it. Luke took his stance with his saber held out from his stomach with pointed out towards Kian?s neck. Kian held the same only his blade was pointed down toward Luke?s knee. ?He?s leaving himself open? Luke thought to himself and decided to start it off, lifting his blade he swung toward Kian?s should and found his strike parried. Again, Luke struck and again found his strike parried. ?He?s fast? Luke thought again to himself and the battle began. This time though it was Kian who struck, swinging for Luke?s mid-section. Luke quickly blocked and countered with a stab at Kian?s chest. Moving with the force, Kian was nothing more then a blur as he dodged out of the way and brought his blade up at Luke and the to blades locked. Luke?s green blade slowly began to gain supremacy and then Luke felt it, it was like a tickle at the back of his mind, but by then it was too late. Kian suddenly gave way and Luke?s blade dug down into the floor, recovering Kian again spun his handle in his hand and before Luke could react Kian?s yellow blade was at Luke?s neck. Luke saw his defeat and deactivated his blade.
    ?That was something.? Luke said out of breath as Kian deactivated his blade.
    ?Thank you master Skywalker that was a good fight.? Kian said as clapping began around them.
    ?Looks like you just made a lot
  2. Amidala_Skywalker

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    Jul 4, 2001
    Please post all the chapters of this fanfic in one thread. Each chapter doesn?t need a new topic created. I am locking this topic and leaving your ?Chapter One? thread open, so you can post everything in there. Send me a PM (Private Message) if you have any questions.
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