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    Chapter One: Arrival

    Kian Koon rose from his bed in his cabin and readjusted his breathing mask. He looked around at his small cabin and his eyes, hidden behind his goggles, locked on to a small wooden chest. His father, Torin Koon had put it there and in it sat a Jedi?s weapon, his grandfather?s weapon. Walking over Kian opened the box and picked up the small metal handle. He quickly thumbed on the blade and the one-meter yellow beam come to life in his hand. Kian?s grandfather, Plo Koon, was once a Jedi Master who sat on the Jedi Council. He had been around in the old days, when the republic had thrived, sadly though, on the Kel Dor home world of Dorin, Plo Koon was struck down by Anakin Skywalker during the Jedi Purges but before he became Darth Vador. Kian remembered the night his father took him to the cave in which his father fell, remembered the strong feeling of the force and of the fierce battle.
    ?Kian,? Torin called over the inter-com, ?come up here we?re approaching Yavin 4.?
    ?Yes father.? Kian said and strapped the deactivated lightsaber to his belt.
    ?Guide me grandfather.? He whispered to himself and left his cabin.

    ? ? ?
    Luke Skywalker sat perfectly still, concentrating on everything around him, but his concentration was soon broke by a presence near to him.
    ?Yes Kyle.? He said turning slowly.
    ?Luke you really are going to have to teach me to do that.? Kyle Katarn said with a smile.
    ?What?s the matter?? Luke asked sensing something was wrong with his friend.
    ?Nothing, but a ship is approaching and they?d asked permission to come see you.? Kyle said.
    ?They?? Luke questioned.
    ?Yes, the ship is called The Symbiot. It is piloted by Torin Koon and his son Kian Koon.? Kyle said.
    ?Torin Koon, don?t think I know any one by that name.? Luke said to himself more then to Kyle.
    ?I haven?t either.? Kyle said.
    ?What do they want?? Luke asked.
    ?I?m not entirely sure,? Kyle said turning, ?but maybe we should go find out.?
    ?Of course.? Luke said and stood up. He adjusted his black clothing and his saber at his side. Kyle was wearing similar clothing but in a brown color, his lightsaber hilt hanging from his belt as well.
    ?You lead the way.? Luke said as they walked from the room toward the lift. Taking it down they were now at the far corner of the hanger bay.
    ?That must be the ship.? Kyle said pointing to a small older ship. It was a ship nether had seen before.
    ?Must be,? Luke began as they walked towards it, ?I wonder what this man wants??
    ?Why not just ask?? A muffled voice said from behind. Turning Kyle and Luke saw two alien males. The older one who had spoken had a orange colored skin, while the younger had a unusual grayish colored skin. Both alien?s faces were concealed behind masks that concealed the bottom half of their faces and connected to these large organ looking things that protruded out of were a person would have ears, their eyes were also concealed by goggles.
    ?Torin Koon I presume.? Luke said.
    ?Yes,? the adult alien said bowing, ?and this is my son Kian Koon.?
    ?A pleasure.? Kyle said.
    ?I hate to jump right in, but what is it you need from me?? Luke asked puzzled at why someone he never meet would come to speak with him.
    ?Yes, and no offense, but what species are you, I?ve never seen you kind before.? Kyle asked obviously intrigued by the strange aliens.
    ?We are Kel Dors first of all, and I wished to speak to you about allowing Kian to enroll here at the academy.? Torin said and let out a breath. Luke had sensed the child, and the adult were strong in the force but the elder?s force presence diminished as though the power were being sucked right out of him. But the boy?s presence was strong and shown like a star to Luke?s senses.
    ?Well I sense the force is strong in him, but he is somewhat to old to start his training now.? Kyle said looking at Kian, who stayed silent, and appeared to be about sixteen.
    ?Well that?s the thing,? Torin began and nodded to Kian who bowed and walked toward the ship leaving them to talk, ?for m
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    Chap. 2: The Trial

    ?Ashina you are still leaving your guard open after each strike.? Kyle said with a smile as he trained one of his favorite students. Ashina was a fifteen year old Twi?lek with a pale green skin color.
    ?I know master.? She said sullenly as she raised her purple saber higher up and prepared to strike, Kyle?s blue blade also at the ready position.
    ?Know begin.? Kyle said and she struck. She went for his mid section with a jab and Kyle parried with all the skill of a Jedi. Ashina preferred to use a more strong attack method, but Kyle preferred speed, for speed with a saber had helped him greatly in the past. Ashina struck again this time with a diagonal slash which Kyle also parried.
    ?One of these days she?s going to beat you Kyle.? Luke snickered from behind.
    ?Yes I suppose so.? Kyle said deactivating his saber and turning to great Luke, Ashina did the same. When Kyle turned he saw Kian standing along side Luke.
    ?Hello Kian, I see you came to get some practice.? Kyle said when he saw the lightsaber at Kian?s side it was an interesting looking lightsaber.
    ?Yes master Katarn, Master Skywalker wishes to see how I do fighting.? Kian said, his voice hidden by the mask and yet oddly amplified.
    ?Ashina, this is Kian Koon he will be going through the trials to see if he will be accepted to the academy.? Luke said and Kian bowed to the young lady.
    ?Nice to meet you.? Ashina said almost taken by surprise with his bow.
    ?Hello.? He said simply and turned to Luke.
    ?Why is there a crowd?? he asked and looked over at the observation windows.
    ?Well they heard there was a new Jedi coming and that he and master Skywalker were going to duel. You have been the talk of the academy since you came here.? Ashina said.
    ?Interesting.? Kian replied.
    ?Well shall we give them a show?? Luke asked.
    ?Why not.? Kian said with a loud startling crackly. Taken by surprise the three stood there for a second until they realized it was a laugh.
    ?Come on we?ll go over here.? Luke said and pointed to an arena.
    ?I think we should have a seat and watch.? Kyle joked with Ashina and the two walked off.
    ?Did you remember to turn your saber charge down?? Luke asked Kian as they neared the arena.
    ?Yes.? Kian said and climbed the small stars into the arena. It was an interesting looking arena, about twenty-five feet in width and length and only about two feet off the ground. However, what was really interesting about it was that the floor was a stone that was completely clear. Looking over Kian saw look take his lightsaber out and ignite it.
    ?Ready?? Luke asked.
    ?Yes.? Kian said and using the force pulled his saber to his hand but before grabbing it he twirled it with the force in the air twice and then ignited it. Luke took his stance with his saber held out from his stomach with pointed out towards Kian?s neck. Kian held the same only his blade was pointed down toward Luke?s knee. ?He?s leaving himself open? Luke thought to himself and decided to start it off, lifting his blade he swung toward Kian?s should and found his strike parried. Again, Luke struck and again found his strike parried. ?He?s fast? Luke thought again to himself and the battle began. This time though it was Kian who struck, swinging for Luke?s mid-section. Luke quickly blocked and countered with a stab at Kian?s chest. Moving with the force, Kian was nothing more then a blur as he dodged out of the way and brought his blade up at Luke and the to blades locked. Luke?s green blade slowly began to gain supremacy and then Luke felt it, it was like a tickle at the back of his mind, but by then it was too late. Kian suddenly gave way and Luke?s blade dug down into the floor, recovering Kian again spun his handle in his hand and before Luke could react Kian?s yellow blade was at Luke?s neck. Luke saw his defeat and deactivated his blade.
    ?That was something.? Luke said out of breath as Kian deactivated his blade.
    ?Thank you master Skywalker that was a good fight.? Kian said as clapping began around them.
    ?Looks like you just made a lot of
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    Chapter 3: Preparations
    ?No master Skywalker I do not believe she would just rashly attack the academy, maybe she and this Tavion have a plan or even better maybe someone on the inside.? Kian suggested.
    ?I do not believe she would have someone working as a spy here without our noticing it.? Kyle said sifting in his chair. The three Jedi, Kian, Luke, and Kyle, had been sitting in the room of Skywalker?s for hours and had gotten nowhere.
    ?The Dark Side can easily be cloaked.? Kian said.
    ?I agree with Kyle, I don?t think there is an inside agent, but that?s not what bothers me.? Luke said.
    ?Well then what does?? Kyle asked.
    ?How many reborn escaped from here when Desaan attacked?? Luke asked. Kian had been filled in on the whole situation with Desaan and the reborn troops and sat listening with interest.
    ?A few, and any one of them could explain the layout of the academy to Tavion.? Kyle said catching on to what Luke was thinking.
    ?Yes, and that is what worries me.? Luke said leaning forward.
    ?What I don?t completely understand is why we are so afraid of their attacking. It after all is just Tavion, Kian?s sister, and possible a reborn Jedi.? Kyle said.
    ?I don?t want to kill my sister Master Katarn, that is why I am worried.? Kian said.
    ?I can understand that.? Luke said.
    ?But how are we suppose to expect them to attack, and why do you.? Kyle asked again.
    ?It?s a feeling a get master, a feeling that tells me she is coming,? Kian said, ?I am sorry masters I have brought this burden here.?
    ?Yes Kian this is your burden, but we will bear it with you.? Luke said and rose.
    ?Time already.? Kyle asked.
    ?Yes we must fill in the students, Kian is your father going to attend the meeting?? Luke asked.
    ?No master, he isn?t feeling up to it.? Kian said. Luke had thought the man had left, because no one heard from him, but Kian had informed him that his father?s illness was getting the better of him.
    ?Would you like us to send our healer to him?? Kyle asked.
    ?I asked him that, he said no. He is ready to face death.? Kian said rising as well.

    ? ? ?
    ?Welcome everyone,? Luke said glancing around the room, ? good to see you all here on such short notice.?
    ?Why are we here?? a young girl in the front asked. Loria, Luke thought her name was but couldn?t really remember.
    ?We will get to that.? Kyle answered for Luke.
    ?It has come to our attention,? Luke began, ?that there may be an attack on the Academy.?
    ?Who would be crazy enough to attack here?? A younger male Jedi sitting on a stool asked.
    ?Tavion, the former apprentice of Desaan, and there is another.? Luke said.
    ?Who?? Another Jedi asked.
    ?My sister.? Kian said.
    ?Your sister.? A few people repeated and murmurs sprung around the room, looks of shock on everyone?s faces.
    ?Yes, she fell to the darkside young in her training with my father. She went to Tavion to finish her training as a Dark Jedi.? Kian said.
    ?What makes you so sure that she will attack?? Another Jedi asked. His name was Tassmin, and he was the twin brother of Marcon. They were both very promising students.
    ?A feeling.? Kian said.
    ?All this for a feeling.? Marcon said.
    ?The last time I got a feeling like this, my sister came to try and kill me.? Kian said.
    ?What happened?? Tassmin asked.
    ?It is a long story I don?t?? Kian was interrupted when he saw a medical droid come into the room. Looking over to Luke he stopped what he was saying and walked over to it. The droid said something inaudible to Luke or Kyle and then turned to lead Kian out of the room. Kian looked back before he left and Luke saw or rather felt pain, a pain he knew all to well.

    ? ? ?
    The dew was still visible on Yavin 4?s forest floor, as the small party of Jedi walked deeper into the woods. Kian and Luke both clasped onto the small metal casket that held the body of the late Torin Koon. He had died quietly in his sleep, but he hadn?t disappeared into the force like most force wielders.
    ?Kian.? Luke said quietly.
    ?Yes, master Skywalker?? Kian asked almost
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