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Beyond - Legends The Life of Lara Skywalker - second post 3/22/03-

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Aeron_Azzameen1839, Mar 19, 2003.

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  1. Aeron_Azzameen1839

    Aeron_Azzameen1839 Jedi Master star 1

    Feb 22, 2002
    This is a old story that I just recently found under my bed. the bold print is staight out of Lara's Journal. I had to re-poet this because of the forum split. Lara Skywalker is Luke Skywalker's other sister. She's two years younger than he and Leia. Lara had recently lived on Earth, in Washington State, USA, for 16 years. (Luke and Lara were seperated at birth. This story starts out right after the battle of Endor, in Lara's journal:

    *Chapter 1*
    Monday, Augusta 10, 4018,
    Dear Journal,

    It?s over.

    Tuesday, Augusta 11, 4018,
    Dear Journal,

    I?m sorry I didn?t write that much in my last entry. It happened all so fast. I?ll try to explain as much as I can.

    When we arrived on the Planet Endor, it reminded me of the state of Washington. The trees and foliage made me miss home. And the rain! It felt like I was in a flood sometimes back there. Back to the point.

    Our mission was to find the main deflector shield for the second Death Star in the middle of the forest and disable it so our X-Wings could go down a tube into the core and blow up the energy source.

    Han, Luke, Chewbacca and I were looking for Leia when Chewbacca found a piece of a dead animal and pulled on it. We got hung up in a net. R2-D2 cut the net by using a power blade. When we all recovered from the fall, the bushes started to move and little teddy bears came out with spears pointed at us. When Threepio sat up they started praising him. Goldenrod said that they think that he was some kind of god. Luke was chuckling and I was laughing half to death! I thought it was really funny.

    Next, they tied us to poles and carried us into the their little tree house village. now that I think about it, their names were Ewoks. They kind of looked like a teddy bear and a dog of some kind mixed together. They spoke some strange language, but Threepio understood every word of it.

    I don't remember how we exactly defeated the Empire. I do know that Luke finally told Leia that he was her brother and that I was her sister. After that, he left, and no one saw him until the end of the next day. He told me what he was doing.

    He turned himself into the Scouttroopers and they took him to Darth Vader. Vader brought him to the Emperor on the Second Death Star. The Emperor tried to bring fear and hatred into Luke to transfer him to the Dark Side. Luke called his lightsaber from the Emperor's throne and soon found himself battling his father. After watching Luke suffer from Palpatine's Force Lightning, Darth Vader threw the Emperor into the Core shaft. Luke had brought my father, his father, and Leia's father out of the shadows of the Empire

    My father eventually died on the Death Star. I never knew him, and neither did Luke or Leia. Luke barely escaped from the super station and burned Anakin Skywalker on Endor.

    Now I remember what happened back on Endor. The little Ewoks did not burn us because of some magic floating air business with Threepio. I wasn?t really paying that much attention.

    After Luke left, the Ewoks led us to the back entrance to the bunker. We got caught a few times by the Imps, but we blew it up eventually.

    Now, I know that I really do belong here, like Luke said. I'm legally changing my name to Lara Skywalker. Since I'll miss María, I will use it incase I become a New Republic Intelligence agent and have to use a code name.

    Now we are rejoicing the destruction of the Death Star, and the death of Emperor Palpatine.

    This will be the last time I sign out as María Haro.

    María Haro

    The next time I write, I will be Lara Skywalker forever.

    Larana Skywalker finished writing in her journal. She looked over at her brother Luke, fixing her crushed blaster.

    "Done," he said standing up from the bed. He walked over to Lara and handed her the weapon. "Be careful with this. This is the only weapon you have until you finish your lightsaber."

    "Yes, Luke."

    I won't be able to post anymore tonite, but maybe tomorrow. Please read!
  2. Aeron_Azzameen1839

    Aeron_Azzameen1839 Jedi Master star 1

    Feb 22, 2002
    *Chapter 2*

    Lara climbed the stairs up to her sister's room. She was very careful to lift her crutches up on every step.

    "Leia? Are you home?" she said, knocking on the durasteel door. Hearing no reply she balanced on her one good leg to press the door release. She hobbled into the apartment. She laid her crutches on the armchair and sat down on the couch. It wasn't long before Leia Organa entered the room.

    "María? What are you doing here?"

    "I wanted to tell you that I'm no longer María Haro." Leia sat down on the couch beside Lara.

    "You changed your name?"

    She nodded. "I'm now Lara María Skywalker."

    "That's wonderful. But I've got a surprise for you, too," Leia said.

    "Really?" Lara said sitting straight on the couch.

    "Yeah, but I'm not telling you 'till dinner tonight."

    Lara slumped back onto the couch. "That's no fun to keep secret's from your sister."

    "Actually it is. I've never really had a sister before. It's quite amusing to taunt you." She laughed and walked into the kitchen. "I'll see you at dinner. Tell Luke to come at 1600 hours."

    "Fine." Lara grabbed her crutches and left the room. She hopped down the steps. She was nearly pushed over as a man ran up the steps, a younger man following him.

    "Watch it Han!" she yelled menacingly. "Whatcha' in a hurry for? My sister?"

    Han Solo turned around at the top of the staircase and glared down at her. "Very funny, Haro. But, no, I'm not running to Leia. I'm running away from this recruit."

    "You wish!" she yelled back. "Haven't got anywhere to run to at a dead end!" Han looked around and saw that he was at dead end. "But then again, you are his superior officer. Just order him to stop." Lara suggested.

    "You're right. I think I'll do that. Thanks, Haro."

    "It's Skywalker!" she reminded him as she hobbled down the steps to her quarters.

    "Since when?!" he countered.

    "Since today!"

    As she closed the door, she heard Han yelling orders at the young recruit. She snickered and pressed the lock mechanism.

    "Hurry up, Luke!" Lara yelled at the doorway of Luke's apartment. "Leia's room is on the other side of the complex, and we're supposed to be their in 15 standard minutes!"

    Luke finally emerged from his bedroom, toweling off his shaggy blond hair. He was wearing his black Jedi tunic and robe.

    "If you were meeting Admiral Ackbar, Mon Mothma, and Crix Madine, you wouldn't want to smell like ion exhaust like Han."

    Lara smirked at his light comment and opened the door. They reached Leia's apartment in record time. 6 minutes, due to Luke carrying Lara.

    "You ready?" she asked suspiciously as Luke cleared his throat.

    "Aren't I always?" he said reaching for the door release.

    The door opened and they stepped into the room to find it bustling with commanders. Lara saw Mon Mothma talking to General Crix Madine. Mon Mothma smiled and waved Lara and Luke over. Madine left and the two siblings joined.

    "It's good to see you, Mon Mothma," Luke said, almost nervously, Lara noted. What was he up to? She hadn't seen him this skittish since the ride to Endor?

    "Like wise, Master Skywalker," Mon Mothma replied. "Young Lara, what are those devices that are holding you upright? I believe that I have seen them before, but I cannot recall their name.." she trailed off.

    "These are called crutches. On Earth, they have not yet developed such a wonder as bacta. I prefer to stick with my homeplanet's culture."

    Mon Mothma nodded. "I hope that you recover quickly."

    Lara felt a familiar presence in the Force. Her sister was walking toward them.

    "Luke! There you are, I've been waiting for you." Leia embraced her brother and turned to Lara. "Mar-I mean Lara, I need you for a second, do you think you could help?"

    Lara nodded. "Please excuse me," she said to Mon Mothma. She turned herself around on her crutches and followed Leia to a remote corner. Lara saw no other occupants except for a young recruit. He looked almost too young, and strangely fa
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