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    Here we go with another instalment to the Fan Art Challenge. The main idea of the challenge is not to be a contest to beat out your fellow artists, but an outlet in which we can all grow and explore new ideas and possibilities together. So, here we go...

    What is the Official Fan Art Challenge?

    A place for artists and fans alike to participate in themed drawing exercises.

    Who can participate?

    The challenge is open to anyone and all skill levels. It doesn't matter if you can paint like Picasso or you can only draw a simple stick figure, you're more than welcomed to participate.

    How does the challenge work?

    Any medium is accepted and as I said above, all skill levels are welcomed. You are free to submit a simple sketch or a finished piece of art.

    What to expect from this version of the challenge:

    The theme is the Galactic Civil War, the Alliance to Restore the Republic against the Galactic Empireā€¦ the setting we all know and love starting from the victory at Yavin as shown in the climax of A New Hope. We will be running concurrently with the in-depth discussions that are to take place on the Literature forum. You can view the thread here.

    However, for this challenge, we will not be focusing on the films. Instead we will be delving into the months that followed the Battle of Yavin and bring to life important moments that happened within that period.

    Each month, a new time period will be give and a list of events/sources. You may pick an event/source and base your artwork on a canonical event that took place within that time.

    You may do more than one, however, you must complete and post your first one before you can on another.

    Where should I post my challenge entries?

    Right here to this thread. I want to keep all the entries in one place, but as always, you're more than welcomed to post them to your individual threads as well.

    Are critiques allowed?

    The short answer is yes. Let's remember to keep things within the TOS and to keep things positive and constructive. Critiques are meant to help an artist, not tear into them like there is no tomorrow.

    How will voting work?

    At the end each month, all the entries will be gathered together and voted on by your peers. This is not meant to be a serious contest, but a way to give back to the community for all the time and effort you put into this place. The entry with the highest amount of hits at the end of the voting period will be displayed in the discussion thread during the intervals.

    If you have any questions or would like to suggest a topic for a future challenge, please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM!

    Special thanks to HanSolo29 for developing the original Fan Art Challenge format and to The2ndQuest for suggesting and help organise this!

    Sources from the 1-2 months ABY (Provided by The2ndQuest)
    1: Vader's Quest
    2: Marvel Star Wars #35-37
    3: Marvel Star Wars Annual #1: The Long Hunt
    4: Shadow Stalker
    5: Devilworlds #1-2
    6: The Second Kessel Run
    7: The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell
    8: Darth Vader Strikes
    9: The Serpent Masters
    10: Deadly Reunion
    11: Traitor's Gambit
    12: The Night Beast
    13: The Return of Ben Kenobi
    14: Star Wars Missions #9-12
    15: Jedi's Honor: A Solitaire Adventure
    16: Star Wars Sourcebook: Imperial Communique #87341.36a (Chapter Fifteen)
    17: Crossing the Dark Lord (Galaxy Guide I: A New Hope; The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook)
    18: Star Wars Science Adventures: Emergency in Escape Pod Four
    19: Star Wars Science Adventures: Journey Across Planet X

    For assistance, Wookieepedia has the answers

    Due Date: March 31st/>
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    Looks like I have research to do! :D

    Hopefully I can squeeze in a little something in-between projects.
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    To make things easier, I'll try and get an event list compiled and posted too of these events. Stay tuned :)
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    Awesome! That sounds like a plan! :)
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