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Beyond - Legends THE LIVING FORCE (NJO: Anakin Solo, Jacen, Jaina, Tahiri, H/L, L/M, Kyp, more) Completed 1/7/05!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by YodaKenobi, Jun 21, 2004.

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  1. Maggy

    Maggy Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 2, 2004
    Chapter 17: Gatherings and Partings

    She had to find him.

    JAG :D yay :D

    :eek: :( :_| :(


    Chapter 18: The Broken Glass

    Shada? :D


    Valin shifted uncomfortably.

    Hah! But the young man brought it all on himself

    The Jedi Master sighed. Like it or not, Valin was now his apprentice-- his responsibility.

    yay :D

    Chapter 19: Familiar

    nice catch of Anakins problems and his discussion with Luke
    Corious what it will bring that he could feel Sekot before [face_thinking]

    mhh... Tahiri and Sekot? [face_thinking]
    You have a point there

    the boy is thinking too much ...
    once a Jedi Master said to his young Padawan: Be mindful of the living Force

    the two are sooo cute [face_love]
    so those two are somehow connected to Sekot? Yes?

    Chapter 20: Quiet Before the Storm

    haha Tenel is ordering Jace to a party? *rofl*
    he worries too much

    more Kyp [face_love] :D
    slowly I start to like her ... :p

    *rofl* that is sweet payback *rofl*
    she shouldn?t have asked him that directly :p

    :eek: without telling? :eek:

    Chapter 21: Rescue?

    "Hey," Lomi said, accentuating the end of the word as her brow furrowed in suspicion. "That droid is up to something."

    R2 always is :p

    "I'm goal oriented," Han quipped. "Now are you going to help me get on that ship or shoot holes in the plan you helped create and agreed on?"

    haha ... that reminds me at something else :p

    cool fight even when it didn?t really help the matter :)

    Callista just smiled back at the insult. "When this is all over, I'll buy you a new ship-- I promise."



    Chapter 22: Coruscant

    Coruscant? What is Sekot up too?

    Nas Choka gestured to a quivering subaltern. "Get me Supreme Overlord Shimrra."

    courious what dear Shimrra says to it since it doesn?t exist :p

    back in the underworld ? tsk

    "Thank the stars," Sovv exhaled. "It's good to see you all-- another week and we would have attacked Coruscant without you... where are you?"

    already there :p

    Shimrra believes what he is talking? :p o_O

    Chapter 23: Imprisonment

    poor Leia ... :(
    she isn?t even able to contact him, talk with him

    Leia followed, feeling she'd made many mistakes, but not knowing which they were.

    start with your joining ...

    great feelings in the beginning ... Leia rushing toward Han so cute ...
    but a sudden turn :(

    She hugged him tightly again and kissed him lovingly on the cheek. "When this is all over, we can be a family again."

    when this is over like she wants to see it happen there will be no family left to return :(

    somehow Callista managed to stir up all frustration and hatred in her ...

    Chapter 24: The Defense of Zonama Sekot ? Part one

    He wasn't however, much of a pilot, and Jaina was surprised when three seed-partners had attached to him. It was obvious though, that Sekot was not picking them based on skills as a pilot, as both Tahiri and Jacen were also chosen.

    that cracks me up ... Jacen was also chosen ... [face_laugh]

    Jaina just laughed and shook her head. The last thing she need right now was another dark-haired man who was interested in her. She shrugged the whole thing off and went back to preparing her fighter.


    Luke smiled. Mara seemed more confident in this all then he did, and that made him feel better somehow. "Copy, Mother."


    they are all so confident ... it?s so ... sweet somehow :p

    superb call signs :D

    "You're very strict, Trickster," Zekk replied. "I think Jagged Fel must have rubbed off on you."


    amazing :D

    Jacen = Kermit? [face_laugh] *ROFL*

    "It's the Ryn," Jaina explained. "They helped us at Esfandia."

    w00t amazing battle and Anakin saved Kyps not so really girl :D

    ... need to continue on this ...
  2. Tahi

    Tahi Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    Chapter 44

    Poor Luke sensing Mara's pain while having to face Nas Choka. But I liked the irony of the warmaster being thrown into the sacrificial fire.

    Interesting scene between Anakin and Tahiri - a few echoes there of SbS, except this time Anakin acknowledges Ikrit's words. It's hard having to be the one to make the hard decisions.

    Luke turned quickly to see how his savior was, and somehow, wasn't surprised.


    "Good to see you, kid," Han replied with a roguish grin, before stepping around a pair of warriors embattled with three stormtroopers.

    Yay! Just like the old days - as you point out. :)

    "You are not welcome here! Leave now or suffer my wrath!"
    LOL So NOW who's having delusions of grandeur? :D

    And not only Threepio, but Shimrra - boy is he in for a nasty surprise. But will he get it standing up? ;)

    I like the idea of having Jaina and Anakin face him together. And I'm curious to see how the situation with Tahiri and Anakin pans out. And will Mara live? Dun, dun, dun, dunhhhhhh! Exciting. :)

  3. Tahi

    Tahi Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    Chapter 45

    "Guardian, this is Colonel Jagged Fel, reporting. I've brought the reinforcements as promised-- just tell us where you want us, Commander Sovv."

    The surprise lasted only a moment as the bridge erupted with cheers. The Chiss had come to their rescue.

    Yay for the Chiss. It's like the cavalry in the old westerns. ;)

    Good to see that Leia has sorted some things out in her head - like NOT falling to the dark side.

    Ooh - great idea to have Anakin using his granddaddy's saber. It gives the whole thing a sense of history - and redemption of the name. :)

    Shimrra was using his force to squelch the lambent crystal inside Anakin's lightsaber that he'd used to focus his blade on Yavin 4
    Gah - the rotter. That is NOT cricket.

    Shimrra surprised him however, when the weapon suddenly became flaccid
    Somebody forgot to take their viagra! Tut, tut.

    I loved the way you had Anakin's lightsaber going through a similar process to what he did at Myrkr. That was very cool. :cool: And what a fantastic fight sequence that was when Anakin killed Shimrra. Magnifico. =D= Great visuals with them fighting on the rainbow wing - I could see it in my mind's eye.

    But now there's Alpha Red and Onimi . . . uh-oh! I smell a rat. :eek: :D

    Chapter 45

    Jag wasn't sure what had come over him... perhaps it was Jaina's influence... he smiled at that idea, even though that sort of display was not a characteristic the Chiss were fond of. He hadn't done it all for Jaina-- he did it because it was the right thing to do... keeping his promise to Jaina Solo had just been an added incentive.
    I like the development you show here in Jag's character. Amazing what love can do to a guy.

    Great twist to have the Saa domain want to surrender to Anakin. Very in keeping with the Vong psyche.

    Am I weird or does Onimi remind anyone else of Gollam?

    "Oh dear!" Threepio screamed, moving back into the engineer's room with fright. "Look out, Master Anakin! One of the Yuuzhan Vong has snuck on board! He will kill us all! Oh, why didn't I listen to my own circuits and not come here?
    LOL You gotta love Threepio - you gotta. Otherwise you'd be tempted to kill him.

    "Looks like we're good to go,"Anakin remarked.

    Jaina deliberately and loudly cleared her throat. "Almost. You're in my seat."

    Anakin looked at her, mouth hanging open in a portrait of stupidity. "Why do you get to fly her?"

    "You got to pilot that speeder on Corellia," Jaina argued.

    Ah - sibling rivalry rules. Loved that bit.

    Wow! What an ending. I guessed Onimi was up to no-good, but not THAT no-good. ;) Is this the end for Anakin, Tahiri and Jaina? [Holds breath.]

  4. Tahi

    Tahi Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    Chapter 47

    His affinity with this Vong side of the Force had always stemmed from his ability to empathize with living things as they related to his slave seed, and coax them into assisting him as the kinship was formed. He'd done it with the World Brain on Coruscant, with the amphistaffs in the grove on the seed ship, and most recently with the yammosk at Mon Calamari.
    I like that explanation. So basically the seed is the conduit between the two aspects of the Force.

    And I like Jacen's reasoning about Tahiri - using her Riina warrior persona to fight the intruder poison. That is extremely cool.

    Aww - Uhla is worried about our Anakin. That's sweet, and completely understandable. And good old Nen Yim going after Onimi. You go, girl. Repay the little snot for all that degradation.

    "You sure you want me to go?" Tahiri asked, still feeling a little bitter about Anakin's decision to have her leave Shimrra's court. "Are you sure you can trust me?"

    Anakin's expression turned hurt as he studied her face. She felt self-conscious as his gaze brushed over the three scars of Domain Kwaad that ran down her forehead. "Tahiri, I've always trusted you. Someone had to save Mara and I knew it had to be you... Just like I know it has to be you this time. This is something we must do together."

    Tahiri's mind flashed to something the Jedi Master Ikrit had said shortly before his death... Remember-- together, you are stronger than the sum of your parts.

    "Together," she repeated, nodding in agreement as Anakin took her hand.

    They made their way through the forward hold, slowly overcoming the venom as they moved towards the landing ramp-- together.

    Woopee! The way it should be. Why, why, why didn't the profic do it this way??????

    He had an opening where he could kill the Shamed One, severing his body with one clean sweep of his lightsaber-- but it seemed wrong somehow. It felt like murder... perhaps, because for all of his tricks, Onimi was unarmed.
    He may be unarmed but he ain't 'armless. ;)

    Jacen would have to stop him-- his mind flashed to the possibility that Onimi might have infected himself with the disease, and that?s why he?d tricked Anakin and Jaina into bringing him to Zonama Sekot-- his very presence on the world already spreading the virus.
    A Vong suicide bomber! Gah!

    Marvellous scene with Anakin and Tahiri facing Onimi together. I loved how Anakin finally worked all the connections - and then even when he thought he had the answer, Tahiri managed to surprise him by taking the brunt of Onimi's power herself. What a woman! Great explanation of the Force aspects, and yes, Onimi's inexperience with the Physical Force was his undoing. I also loved the idea of Anakin's grandaddy's saber saving the galaxy. In a sense you could argue this was him FINALLY bringing balance to the Force, because now the Force can be understood as something much larger than previously. You brought all the interesting bits from Keyes's books into this story, and dealt with them in a very cool way. =D=

    Goodness me, I got so excited I forgot about poor old Jace. ;)

    Chapter 48 and 49

    "Well, you remember when I gave birth to Ben?" She asked sarcastically. "Well that pain was supposed to happen. There's something wholly unnatural about Shimrra turning me into a Mara-cabob."
    LOL Good old Mara.

    "Nom Anor was killing him when I arrived... I was too late. It must have been Corran who killed the ship-brain and allowed Anakin and the heretic army to enter... Tekli has told me a little about the battle."

    Luke found his jaw grinding. He hated no one-- as a Jedi, he knew he couldn't allow himself to go down that path-- but Nom Anor came dangerously close.

    "Well... It sounds like something he would do," Luke agreed, choking back tears. "I don't know if hearing this will be more painful for Mirax and the kids than when I told them months ago that Corran was dead."

    "Probably more," Mara said, sounding distant. "Knowing th
  5. Maggy

    Maggy Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 2, 2004
    Chapter 24: The Defense of Zonama Sekot ? Part Two

    silly decision

    Chapter 25: Manipulations and Treachery

    Leia should listen more to her instincts then to Callista

    And Raynar? [face_thinking] [face_mischief]

    and that?s quite an outburst from Leia in the end ...

    For a protocol droid, the entire situation was distressing. Despite Han Solo's sometimes... rough treatment of Threepio, he had been as much a master to him as Leia. When Han was placed in Potentium custody, an imprisonment sanctioned by Leia if not at her behest, Threepio felt as though his loyalties were split.

    poor little 3PO

    oh oh oh those two are great :D


    :( you killed Kunra :eek:

    Chapter 26: Force Meld

    I was reading this like :eek:
    it?s amazing =D=

    amazing ... it?s so good I can?t even stop now ...

    The comms were silent as the Alliance pilots stared wide-eyed at what had just happened. Zonama Sekot had joined the fight.

    most effectively I may add [face_thinking]
    if it?s good? [face_worried]

    superb fighting

    Chapter 27: Escape

    "Oh," Han said, realization dawning on him. "It's not your blood."

    teehee ... tricked them? :p :D

    "Strange," Han said thoughtfully.

    R2 let his magic work? o_O

    "Quickly!" Shada whispered, grabbing Han's shoulders and shoved him towards the open landing ramp on the Millennium Falcon. As Han stumbled up the ramp, he realized that the discussion was over and that they were going to have to stop the Potentium and Alpha Red on his own ship.

    [face_thinking] Leia is the weak link ... now it depends on her [face_thinking]


    He's alive!... barely.

    :D yay :D

    On some level, he was vaguely aware of the transparent walls of the vivarium that encased him and the shaper out side who wept almost as often as she worked... frustration and fear were driving her to tears. He was also aware of his missing sections of skin, exposed muscles and veins, his raw nerves and flame scorched flesh, singed hair and broken bones. The pain was incredible and the only certainty for Corran. It was the only way he was sure he was still alive, even at its crudest level. He still felt... but it was all pain, and he was barely aware of any of it.

    poor Corran :(

    Then he felt it. Then he understood. The power... Corran knew their secret. He knew the secret.

    :eek: what secret?

    poor Corran, it?s a miracle that he endured the pain and torture that long

    Chapter 28: Ackbar's plan

    "Yeah... I'm starting to realize why I feared it... why the Yuuzhan Vong fear it."

    it?s not intelligent to get on the planats wrong side :p

    [face_thinking] So they are going to fight on their own ... [face_thinking]

    Ackbar strikes again? :p
    like the idea that Luke feels remembered of Hoth ;) :D
    interesting idea to let the Jedi command the ground teams ...

    Luke's mouth fell open and he looked at his wife beside him in complete bewilderment. Mara had said nothing of the mission to him and the orange flowing hair shielded her face from Luke's piercing gaze. She wouldn't look at him.

    [face_thinking] It reminds me of RotJ with Han and Leia :p

    She turned away from him and started for her bunk but Luke grabbed her upper arm and turned her around. "If you leave, you will die and Ben will have to grow up without his mother."

    :eek: he didn?t say that?!? :eek:
    that?s backmail!!

    There was only death.

    that?s Mara we are talking about!

    Chapter 29: The Battle Begins

    Tahiri smiled mischievously, a look he'd not seen in years. "You will, but I just realized I owed you one from last time.?

    [face_love] cute ? sweet excuse :p [face_love]

    cool to read this part from the POV of a Stormy :D
    and Kyp must be really hated :p

    Chapter 30: Specter of the Past

    The Fosh's smile became big, as if she were very proud of Jacen. "How can I know whom you're speaking to?"
    "Vergere," Jacen gasped.

    holy sith!! How the heck ...
  6. Maggy

    Maggy Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 2, 2004
    Chapter 32: The Battle of Jrade

    great insight of Mara und her insecurities. How she worries about Luke, her son and the whole galaxy :D

    amazing inside into Jaina while having to watch the battle

    poor Valin :(
    great of Kyp to let him come along

    ohoh doesn?t look good for Jaina and Anakin [face_worried]

    Chapter 33: Crash Landing

    silly Jacen
    go girl :D

    I enjoyed reading Callistast thought
    strange ... but somehow it?s something Jacen things

    sweet that Anakin?s ship recognizes her :D

    Chapter 34: Journey Through the Wasteland

    looks not good for the two of ?em but Tahiri is near to rescue ?em ;)
    ?I Tahiri Veila, I am here to rescue you? [face_whistling]

    did I told you I love how you characterize Kyp?

    great turn of events :D

    Chapter 35: Alpha Red

    [face_thinking] What effect will this have [face_thinking]

    Zonama being a Yuuzhan Vong life form would also suffer from Alpha Red [face_worried]

    what?s a help with the Alliance Froces is a horror with the Yuuzhan Vong ones :p

    :eek: *swallows hard*
    she really did it :eek:

    Chapter 36: Tracking the Shamed

    wow =D=
    Great interactions

    Chapter 37: The Breaking of the Potentium

    Leia had to hit her head first, huh? :p

    poor Corran, more torture for him
    so Shimrra can read minds .. but what?s with his jester? [face_thinking]

    Luke should concentrate on the matter at hand, not dwelling in memories and fears

    :eek: massmurder? [face_thinking]
    Shimrra -> 8-}
    :p ;)
    but he knows how to get attention

    Chapter 38: Yuuzhan'tar

    *is worried about Mara and her team*
    Luke and his worries are even reaching her *shrugs*
    would she stop to worry and trust her abilities she would have no reason to worry :p

    "Maybe you haven't noticed," Talon Karrde explained, "but they're deranged."

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] =D=

    "Save them?" Talon Karrde asked. "I'm curious how exactly we do that."

    with secreat weapon with the klinging name Corran Horn? [face_whistling]

    *shrugs* somehow I?m in a weird mood, still think Luke should stop to worry and think on the matter of hand and not to worry what will be or what would be.
    It can be somehow compared to DN where he frozes out of fear and Jacen and Mara get wounded. (and yes I know that?s older then DN)

    [face_thinking] Leia and Han are themselves in trouble ... :p
    Luke will do fine as will Mara and they are ready for some surprises on the surface ;)

    "Yes; this world was once known as Yuuzhan'tar."

    :D great
    Love the reasonings and how Sekot develops his former memories

    Chapter 39: Nom Anor's Trap

    Nom Anor he is a very traitoros Vong

    =D= greatly done, love how it is so running, so strong

    "Astral!" Valin Horn exclaimed.

    Hah! Silly boy :p

    the part is great :D
    I so like it when you slip into Kyp?s POV

    *is left stunned in awe*
    just great :D

    The smell was unbearable as he was stuffed in a large room with thousands of other slaves, so close and crowded that he would barely move. It was obvious that many of the slaves had not had regular access to shower facilities.

    he shall not be that picky :p

    "You are Yuusung Saa," the warrior said. "Blessed by Yun-Yammka and Yun-Yuuzhan. You are the greatest warrior-- the great Jeedai."

    o_O that I call turn of events

    Anakin was stunned. He'd never seen this coming-- his alliance with Vua Rapuung had brought the Shamed Ones to believe that the Jedi were their path to redemption and the Shamed Ones actions in the arena had helped push the ideal that Anakin would somehow lead the warriors of Domain Saa to victory. They now viewed him with pride, as the hero of their domain, and Anakin didn't know how to feel about it. At the moment however, he couldn't worry too much.

    aww, sweet :D

    how to say ... a nice twist, awesome reasoning and even more stunning action and fights

    Artoo responded with a ser
  7. Maggy

    Maggy Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 2, 2004
    Chapter 40: The Place of Sacrifice

    The Place of Sacrifice would come down to slaughter, as Alema had said... but Luke had a feeling that both sides would end up slain in the end.

    there will be a way?

    The pointy-eared Yuuzhan Vong began to speak with the help of an amplification biot to the crowd. Han didn't understand a word of the invader's language and found he wished Threepio were there to translate. I miss Threepio... it really must be the end of the galaxy.

    perfect [face_laugh]

    Leia looked up at him, fear in her all-encompassing brown eyes. "I think the ceremony's about to begin."

    *pretends to be worried* [face_whistling]

    Corran is back in action :D
    and he even jokes about Wes :p

    She took another labored breath and her eyelids fluttered a bit as she stared up at him. "At last... the final release... I... will know... if the gods exist... soon... enough," she managed, coughing again. "Corran Horn... you must... succeed."

    *now she slowly turns really worried*

    A glimmer of hope sparked inside Leia at the familiar sight of the starfighters-- perhaps they actually would make it out of this alive.

    was there ever a doubt? :p

    teehee great

    Chapter 41: Revelations

    They were close now, only a few meters from the entrances to the worldship... but how were they ever going to get inside?

    let Corran worry about that
    doh! She doesn?t know

    It was over.


    Now they had to charge to the back of the arena and secure the dais to save the prisoners-- but they were now surrounded in all directions by a sea of warriors-- it was not going to be easy.

    it never is nor was it ever nor will it ever be ;)

    He could see in Corran's sorrowful eyes that he knew what was coming and Nom Anor's grin only broadened as he removed his coufee from its sheath.


    "Emperor's black bones!" He whispered. "It's you."

    o_O :confused: um? *confused*

    Chapter 42: Standing Up

    There was no acknowledgment on Shimrra's part, his now dim maa'it implants continuing to stare into nothingness.

    Onimi laughed.

    [face_thinking] :confused: [face_worried]

    "Come with us, sir," the trooper ordered. "We're going to get you out of... Han Solo?"

    "My name is Luke Skywalker and I?m here to rescue you" :p

    As he watched her twirl by two enemies before killing them with her aggressive swings, and enjoy it the way she seemed to... Luke felt ice in her veins. The dark side had entered the battle.

    what?s with this phrase ?there is no dark side? [face_whistling]

    Nas Choka took three painstakingly slow and heavy steps towards his vulnerable prey-- Valin could feel the vibrations in the ground with each one. Hovering over him, the warmaster bore his sharp teeth and growled a Yuuzhan Vong phrase at the helpless human-- and Valin couldn't even scream.

    :eek: silly boy </screams>

    Corran finally released the tension in his body and a strained gasp escaped his ragged lips. His brow curved into a sorrowful expression as tears filled his eyes. Corran Horn's last thoughts were of Mirax and his two children, and the regret at having to leave them forever, as Nom Anor brought his coufee forward, spinning it to catch the light before driving it down yelling, in a stab to end Corran's life.

    don?t wanna see Corran die :(

    Note on the side ...
    how do you manage that every Chapter ends up with more then 15 pages?

    Chapter 43: Fall of the Jedi

    Taking a few calming breaths, Mara continued down the bone-framed corridors, when she felt a spiking pain in the Force. She looked up in alarm, her emerald eyes narrowing as she searched for the source of the agony. Mara couldn't put an exact fix on it, but she knew it wasn't far, and she burst into a run, suddenly finding the strength when she felt another Jedi was in danger.

    that has to be Corran since the ro
  8. G__Anakin

    G__Anakin Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2006
    I love this story!!!!!!!!!!!

    This series of books yov've written were one of the first fanfictions i ever read Thanks for the goood story
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