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    The Lieutenant of Barad-Dur arrived the banks of the River Hoarwell, just east of the Trollshaws. For some time, he had been searching for the Ring of Power, the ultimate weapon. This Ring would tip the balance in the war upon Middle-Earth. As he approached the river, the Mouth of Sauron could feel power, darkness engulfing him and his surroundings. He could sense the Ring was close. He dismounted his horse and waded knee deep into the water. He could hear something speaking to him, perhaps it was the Ring, perhaps it was his master, or perhaps it was both.

    He reached his hand into the water and suddenly the Ring found his hand, as if it had a will of its own. The Lieutenant of Barad-Dur lifted his closed hand out of the water. He opened his hand and the Ring was revealed. Suddenly, the Lieutenant began to speak:

    Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk

    Writing on the Ring appeared as though it had been burned with fire. This was indeed the One Ring. The Mouth of Sauron finished the peom:

    Agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

    His task was done. Now all he had to do was return the Ring to his Master, and then it would begin. Suddenly, something caught the Lieutenant's eye on the far side of the river. He looked up to see Gandalf the Grey, sword drawn, mounted upon a white steed.

    "I heard rumours of the Mouth of Sauron roaming about these parts," the Wizard began., "but I did not believe them."

    "Leave, old man, before you expierence the wrath of Mordor," the Mouth of Sauron warned. "I have the Ring now, and soon Sauron will have it, and then your world will fall."

    "I shall not let you leave here unchecked," Gandalf stated.

    "You cannot defeat me, no more than you can defeat Dark Lord himself," the Lieutenant hissed.

    Gandalf could feel his spirit weakening, as if some spell had been cast upon him, "Saruon will never rule Middle-Earth. Not as long as King Elessar sits upon his throne, not as long as the powers of Rivendell and Lorein remain."

    The Mouth of Sauron laughed, "Are you so foolish as to believe that Men and Elves are the true Lords of Middle-Earth?" He cackled again, "Sauron has entered the souls of all who walk upon Middle-Earth beckoning them to make war and destroy each other, even the Elessar himself. Sauron is weakening Middle-Earth for his onslaught that is soon to come.?

    Fear began to creep into Gandalf?s mind, heart...and soul. He knew what the Mouth of Sauron was saying was true. Deep down inside himself, he knew.

    ?Do you know why Sauron forged the One Ring? Why he mingled his own blood in its creation?? the Lieutenant of Barad-Dur asked.

    Gandalf just stood speechless as the Lieutenant pierced into the very depths of Gandalf's being.

    ?Sauron forged the One Ring to attain himself enough power to....overthrow Morgoth,? the Lieutenant laughed again. ?It has begun Gandalf, soon the Door of Night will open, and you know what happens then....eternal darkness.?

    Gandalf snapped out of the trance. He lifted up his staff as a bright light began to shine from it. ?Enough of this,? he said, sending the ray of light toward the Mouth of Sauron. Suddenly, a ring of shadow and flame leaped from the Ring engulfing the ray of light and launching back at Gandalf. The ring shadow and flame collided with Gandalf, breaking his staff and knocking him off his horse.

    ?So passes Mithrandir, the Grey Pilgrim,? the Lieutenant laughed. He mounted his horse and rode east.

    The Lords of Middle Earth - Part II: Door of Night

    Middle Earth is in chaos. The once fruitful alliance between Men and Elves has long ended. Every king of every land of Middle-Earth has turned to greed and power, forsaking their history. Wars are raging across all lands, engulfing everything that is green and good.

    All the while the power of the Dark Lord is growing. The Mouth of Sauron, the Lieutenant of Barad-Dur, has found the One Ring and destroyed the great wizard, Gandalf. With the Ring in hand, Sauron is preparing to launch his final assault upon Middle-Earth.

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    GM approved.

    Name: Gimli son of Gloín
    Age: 74
    Species: Dwarf, laddie!
    Affiliation: Dwarven
    Home Country: The Lonely Mountain
    Height: 4 feet
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown and shoulder-length with an equally long beard
    Clothing: Chain mail armour (dwarf size!), dwarven helm, dwarven boots -- predominant colours brown and green
    Weapons/Equipment: Three axes: Khazak, his double-headed, two-handed axe; a smaller hand axe; and two throwing axes
    Any Other Additional Features: Facial scarring which didn't occur during the original saga
    Bio: Gimli has been a staunch warrior of the Lonely Mountain for many years, and as the Shadow rises in the east, he has been instrumental in tightening the defences of the Lonely Mountain. Unfortunately, battles between the clans of the Lonely Mountain have resulted in the deaths of many of the ruling line, and with Balin gone to Moria (to a fate unknown) Gimli has assumed the temporary rule of the Lonely Mountain.

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    Approved by Nick...erm...Jango.

    Name: Usilidur Wenoway
    Age: 100
    Species: Human-Elf Crossbreed
    Affiliation: Gondor
    Home Country: Rhovanion
    Height: 6?4?
    Weight: 194
    Eyes: Solid Black with a Icey Blue Center
    Hair: Ragged Bronze Shoulder Length
    Clothing: Black Elven Robes with Black colored Chest plate and Leggings Armor. Weapons/Equipment: Black Shield with a Two Icey Blue Swords Crossing in the middle. Simple and Unbreakable Black Sword with a Black hilt and Red Grip.
    Any Other Additional Features: Has a ragged scar from his eyebrow to his cheek.

    Usilidur?s father was a human and his mother was an elf. The two fell in love and Usilidur?s mother went with his father back to Gondor. They were married there and before a great battle Usilisur was conceived. His father died in the battle and when his mother found out she was overcome with grief. She left Gondor to live with her mother and found that she was no longer welcome with her people. She was exiled and climbed up Misty Mountain and gave birth to Usilidur in a field. She built a small house for him to live and they survived. During the birth Usilidur?s mother could have transferred some of her immortality to Usilidur or all of it.

    He also came out different. He had the elegance of an elf and the strength of a human. His features were a mix of the two. However, the most surprising this about the boy were his eyes. His mother began to feel the strains of age and guessed what had happened during the carriage of Usilidur. She immediately began training him in sword fighting and in the ways of a bow. Using his strange mixed abilities he was able to learn quickly.

    Before his mother died she gave him the armor of her grandfather that she had kept after being exiled. He accepted the gift quietly and did not cry as his mother left the world. Usilidur went to Gondor and enrolled himself in an academy to become a tower gaurd like his father. While at the academy he was noticed by King Aragorn. Aragorn recognized his talent and trained him himself. Aragorn and Usilidur became friends and friendly rivals, even though Aragorn had his duties. Usilidur tried to go to his mother?s home and learn his heritage there but when discovered for what he was he was shunned.

    He lives in Gondor in a suite given by the king.
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    OOC: For all those awaiting GM Approval, be patient. I have been banned because of the CT Trivia Game and have not been able to access by PMs. This is Jango10's Sock.
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    To Avoid Some Confusion:

    This is an AU RP. Everything in the LOTR books never happened. Aragorn sits upon the throne of Gondor, and Gollum never found the ring. If you have any questions, just PM me.
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    Name: Evalynn Astalith

    Age: 23

    Species: Human

    Affiliation: Rohirrim

    Home Country: Rohan (Edoras)

    Height: 5ft 3in

    Weight: 120lbs

    Eyes: Blue-Grey

    Hair: Reddish gold, long, curly but usually braided

    Clothing: travelling tunics in dark blue, dark grey leggings, worn black travelling boots and belt

    Weapons/Equipment: Sword (similar to Eowyns in appearance) dagger, light shin, chest and forearm armour, Her horse Lunafaire

    Any Other Additional Features: fair skinned, scar starting at her left shoulder and ending part way down her back, and a faint one on her right temple


    Evalynn lived a simple life before the war of the ring. Being of the Rohan, Evalynn was around horses a lot and worked as a stable hand with her father in the hill fort of Edoras, looking after the horses of rohans riders. A curious and strong willed young woman, Evalynn was nearly always reprimanded by ?not knowing a woman?s place? She learned to handle a sword in her early teens as well as how to ride. She became very skilled and soon she received a horse of her own, which she named Lunafaire, as a gift of thanks for her service to the Rohirrim.

    She also became attracted to a young rider called Arabryn who thought her slightly rebellious side was endearing, and started a relationship with him, much to the delight of her family. It was also rumoured that the two would be wed, and the future looked bright for them both

    But soon, unrest began to make itself apparent in the kingdom of Rohan. Wars are raging; the once good ruler of Rohan is now greedy and hungry for power. Rumours of a great and powerful darkness rising, causes great fear and panic. Her family fled in fear. Arabryn, forced to perform his duties as an outrider, his destination is unknown. Unable to stand for the justifications of these new wars, Evallyn rides away from Rohan, looking for refuge from the wars and an answer to the reason for the darkness and bloodshed
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    Name: Aranarth II - Chieftain of the Dunedain
    Age: 63
    Species: Human/Numenorean
    Affiliation: The Dunedain, Rangers of the North
    Home Country: Arnor
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 205 lbs.
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: Long, Black, Shaggy
    Clothing: Black Leather Armor and Robes, Boots, and Cloak
    Weapons/Equipment: An Elvish Sword by the name of Nînerulissë, Bow and Arrow, Small dagger (He is most skilled with the sword)
    Any Other Additional Features: A black goatee
    Bio: Aranarth was named for the first Chieftain of the Dunedain, and is a cousin of Aragorn the son of Arathorn. His parents were killed by orcs while Aranarth was young, and so he was raised by the other Rangers. He grew up to become a skilled hunter and warrior, and worthy to accept the title of Dunedain. When Aragorn became the King of Gondor, he made Aranarth the Chieftain of the Dunedain, and Aragorn's emmissary to the Rangers of the North. Upon receiving word of Elrond's call for a council, Aragorn sent Aranarth to represent Gondor and the Rangers of the North.

    Sorry for the short bio, it is late. I should expect more of myself.
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    Name: Lillithín (pronounced lil-lith-EEN) Cidell
    Age: 1698
    Species: Elf
    Affiliation: Lothlorien/Rivendell
    Home Country: Lothlorien
    Height: 5?5?
    Weight: 120
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Golden blonde, straight, waist-length.
    Clothing: Usually a simple dress and cloak. Occasionally wears a tunic, leggings, and boots.
    Weapons/Equipment: Sword, a pair of elven daggers, a longbow and a quiver of arrows.
    Any Other Additional Features: Is always wearing a thin gold chain around her neck, from which hangs a small gold pendant shaped like a lily.
    Bio: Lillithín Cidell was born and raised in Lothlorien. After reaching adulthood, she served on the border patrol for several years, but at her mother?s insistence, left the guard in favor of a less dangerous lifestyle, and joined the ranks of Lady Galadriel?s maids. Over the next several centuries, she not only gained the trust and friendship of the Lord and Lady, but also that of their granddaughter, Arwen Undomiel, and her father Lord Elrond. Many times, Lillithín accompanied Arwen on her journeys between Rivendell and Lothlorien, acting as both companion and bodyguard. She is currently in Rivendell, having just completed one such journey.
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    C'mon! We need more people!
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    Name: Gorlak the Killer
    Age: 450?
    Species: Uruk-Hai
    Affiliation: White hand of Sarumon
    Home Country: Fangorn
    Height: Average hieght for a Uruk
    Weight: 180
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Clothing:Classical Uruk armour
    Weapons/Equipment: Uruk Blade
    Any Other Additional Features: none
    Bio: As a boy he was a wood elf who was very naughty by elf standerds.
    As he grew he started to read about Sauron and his evil, he soon grew fastinated. One day he traveled to Mordor to see the great man himself only to be corruted by his evil and the evil around him.
    He was sent on hunts with other corrupted elves(Uruks). One of his reported assignments was to hunt down Isildor only to fall prey to a land slide in Fangorn forest right where A great tower will be built by a wizard, Sarumon.
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    Age: 25
    Species: Man
    Affiliation: Dale
    Home Country: Dale
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 203 lbs.
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dark brown, shoulder length
    Clothing: Valbrand typically wears light clothing that allows ease of movement, and is reinforced with stiffened leather for defensive purposes. The fabric is of a shade of blue so dark it nearly looks black. He also wears a black leather belt that holds his knife, axe, and other tools, black leather boots, and a cloak of the same color as his clothing.
    Weapons/Equipment: Valbrand's primary weapon is a longbow made of strong and sturdy Elven wood, which was a gift from King Thranduil of Mirkwood. When fighting up-close he wields a long knife and a one-handed, single-bladed fighting axe, the axe having been forged for him by the Dwarves of Erebor. Both double as utilities when Valbrand is out in the wilderness.
    Additional Features: Due to Dale's proximity to Mirkwood and the Lonely Mountain, Valbrand has a very good relationship with both Elves and Dwarves. He is fluent in Sindarin, and even has some knowledge of the Dwarves' secret language.

    Bio: Valbrand is the younger son of the current King of Dale. His mother comes from a noble Gondorian family, and was wed to Valbrand's father to cement an alliance between Gondor and Dale. He is descended from Bard the Bowman, who slew the dragon Smaug and restored the ancient kingdom of Dale several decades ago.

    To help further Dale's relationship with Mirkwood and the Lonely Mountain, young Valbrand spent some time as a ward in both realms, learning their customs and languages. He became a skilled woodsman and fighter, his natural talent with the bow only enhanced by his training with the Woodland Elves.

    With Dale falling under the same troubles as most other realms, Valbrand was sent to Rivendell to act as its emissary in place of his father. While Dale is a young kingdom compared to Gondor and Rohan, Valbrand is eager to prove that they are just as worthy of being a part of Elrond's council.
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    OOC: We will hopefully start tomorrow! Anyone is still welcome to join.
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    Name: Markash the Slave.
    Age: 163
    Species: Goblin
    Affiliation: White Hand of Sarumon
    Home Country: Grey Mountains
    Height: 4' 3''
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Cut short, Black
    Clothing: Rags combined with scrap goblin armour.
    Weapons/Equipment: Long pole with one sharpened end that can be used as a spear, Also a short bow with a quiver and a few arrows. He also has a long dagger.
    Any Other Additional Features: Several piercings in nose and ears.
    Bio: Markash was born a slave in the Grey Mountains of the far north. He lived as a slave, worked as a slave, faught as a slave. He was given wepons training with many other slaves so they could fight in feuds between the goblin chieftans. Markash would only survive by hiding in a hole or under the corpses of fallen warriors. He grew good at the act of thieving and used that to survive, he mosly stole food. Now, still a slave, he has been forced to work in the Uruk pits of Isengard.
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    OOC: Since there are only two players that are "evil", I'm going to ask them that they submit a character sheet that is a "good guy", so that they may interact with the other players. I'm also going to ask that any further characters added be good.

    IC: Elrond


    Dusk. It is a strange time, it is not in the day, but yet it is not in the night. Dusk lies upon all of Middle-Earth, it doesn't change into day, just into night and back to dusk again. A shadow has fallen, a sign of the times. Lord Elrond pondered these thoughts as strangers began riding into Rivendell.

    Rivendell itself has changed. It is no longer that jewel of the west, as it used to be. No longer does it shine with Elven beauty. It is dull and lifeless. Even the river that runs through its heart is murky. Yes, even the water is succumbing to the darkness.

    But yet, some form of hope still exists, even if it is minute. The old elf still believes that Middle-Earth can be saved, that they apocalypse can be averted. But all that lies with the other Lords of Middle-Earth as they ride into Rivendell.

    TAG: Everyone

    OOC: I'm finally glad to get this started.
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    OOC: I would still like to be evil even if i dont interface with the other charaters.
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    IC: Usilidur Wenoway

    Usilidur rode his black horse into the Elven town of Rivendell. He had been sent by Aragorn, after a request from Elrond called all Lords to this city. He had been here once before a long time ago and then it had been bustling with energy and life. The place he entered was dying. The water was filled with algae. He was only slightly surprised, though. The same had been happening everywhere. Middle Earth was losing the ability to grow. A darkness was spreading.

    Soon enough it would hit the people. Some were already showing signs of lost energy. Usilidur was untouched by the plague. He accredited this to his mother and his mixed heritage. It had been said that he had the combined power of an Elf and a Human. It had been true in battle. He had yet to be defeated. Usilidur adjusted his black shield on his back. He gripped his sword as he looked at the dying foliage all around. It was painful to watch such elegance fall.

    Usilidur finally passed through the city into Elrond?s home. His private estate was little better. Usilidur respectively pulled his sword from it?s sheath and kneeled in front of the old Elven Warrrior.

    ?Aragorn hopes you have been well. He regrets not being able to attend, but sent me as he best warrior in his place.?

    Usilidur twirled his blade as he stood and sheathed it?s black length.

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    IC: Lillithín Cidell

    She had seen Imladris in better days, and Lillithín knew that it was now but a shadow of what it once was. The once-clear river was dingy, and algae covered its surface in smoother waters. The trees were dying, and dried leaves lay scattered across floors and paths. The sky was always clouded, as if a storm might break at any moment--though the storm, Lillithín suspected, was not one of the weather.

    It was quieter, too, for many of the Elves had heard the sea calling them into the West and departed to the Grey Havens.

    And while all this may have shocked anyone who had not recently been in Rivendell, none of it came as any surprise to Lillithín. It was all happening in Lothlorien, as well.

    She had arrived in Rivendell just hours earlier, after journeying from Lothlorien with Lady Arwen. Usually, after such journeys, Lillithín would remain in Rivendell for a brief period--not more than a fortnight--before returning home, and, so long as she was not causing trouble--not that she would: Lillithín had always been very quiet and well-behaved--she was permitted to go about as she chose, and do as she wished.

    At the moment, though, she wasn't really doing much of anything. She had exchanged her travelling attire for a simple but presentable dress--white with floral embroidery at the sleeve and skirt hems--and now wandered somewhat aimlessly through the halls. Passing an open door, she heard a voice beyond it:

    ?Aragorn hopes you have been well. He regrets not being able to attend, but sent me as he best warrior in his place.?

    So, others had begun to arrive. She had heard that Elrond was holding some sort of council...

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    IC: Evalynn Astalith
    En route to Rivendell

    A hooded figure on horseback rode through a dense forested trail. The dark grey horse neighed and whimpered, the creature as was almost as tired as its rider. Both weary and weak. The rider gently reached over and stroked the horses mane

    "Were almost there Lunafaire. Stay strong"

    Evalynn Astalith said softly. They had been travelling almost none stop for days, though complicated terrain and bad weather. Their small supply allowance almost depleated and with wars being raged in the lands of middle earth, it did not make this journey easy nor pleasant. One such land in the grips of war was Rohan. Evalynn's home.Its peoples scattered in fear, Its king corrupted, its outriders forced to follow his command. Her family had been amoung the villagers of Edoras who had managed to flee, but where too, she did not know. Nor did she know the fate of her dear Arabryn. Who, dispite his reservations, had reluctantly answered the call to war.

    Now she was alone, choosing to separate from the refugee's and make her own way to Rivendell. Where there was rumour of a gathering. She volenteered to represent them. To see if she could amass some help. She doubted they would tolerate her presence, being female and a lowly stablehand, but she had took on this journey to find answers. And she intended to get them.

    They rode on for another hour or two, before they finally reached the elven city of Rivendell. Evalynn had heard about the elves, their grace, their skill in combat, craftsmanship and weaponry. All were to be admired. But as she entered the city, she noticed the failing flowers, murky waters and the atmosphere. It was as if the darkness that engulfed middle earth was sapping the life out of everything. She passed two elves who looked weak and drawn. They gave her a strange look, a mixture of anger and sadness. The elves and the men did not have a very solid alliance. She soon found her way to The elf Lord Elronds estate. She left Lunafaire to rest before entering. She felt his eyes on her but shook off her uneasyness as best she could. Kneeling somewhat shakily with her sword drawn, she bowed her head. she probably looked a right state. muddy, disheveled hair and tired, but she could'nt care about that right now

    "Lord Elrond. I am here to represent the people of Edoras and Rohan. The people being destoyed by this war. I ask your permission to be present at this council. I have many questions I would be grateful if you could answer"

    TAG: Jango10, NickLitYouAFlame
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    Name: Tom GreenCliff
    Age: 53
    Species: Hobbit
    Affiliation: The Shire
    Home Country: The Shire
    Height: 3' 6''
    Weight: 78 pounds
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Short and Reddish Brown
    Clothing: He usualy wears red, light leather armor. A belt goes down his chest, in it are many throwing knives. His belt is light brown leather.
    Weapons/Equipment: Stuck in his belt is a Dwarven throwing axe that he uses as a melee wepon as well as ranged. He has a large, for a hobbit, pack on the back of his belt where he keeps the simple things he needs to survive in the wilderness.
    Any Other Additional Features: He is well known at Bree, The Shire, and most of the Taverns in MiddleEarth.
    Bio: Tom was born and raised in the happiness of Bag End. As a child he loved listening to Mr. Bilbo's storys and the fire works of Gandalf. He was gifted at rock throwing as a child and almost never missied. As he grew and grew he started throwing differnt items, like a marble, a plate, and butter knives. Soon he started using deadlier knives, he stole them from the town's butcher. When he was of age he left home looking for an adventure. Now he travels Middle Earth, still looking for his Adventure.
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    IC: Aranarth II

    Aranarth upon his horse Beleg, approached the Elven city of Rivendell. As he trotted closer and closer, something felt different. Rivendell was not as he once saw it two years ago. It had changed, along with the rest of Middle-Earth. But it wasn't only the land, but the people. Even Aranarth himself could fell the Shadow.

    Aranarth had heard stories of the First Great Darkness, when Sauron first created the Ring. Elves of old told these many times during Aranarth's childhood. Little did he know he would grow up to be in the Second Great Darkness. It was evident, Sauron had returned to Mordor. He had heard reports of Barad-Dur being rebuilt, but he dismissed them as folk tales. That was until the sun ceased to rise. Aranarth knew Elrond well. He also knew that this meeting would be of the utmost importance. One that would decide the fate of this world.

    He entered the gates of Rivendell, and was greeted by the somber faces of elven children on the street side, curious of the strangers riding into their city. He put his horse in a stable, and continued through the city to Elrond's quarters. There he saw the half elf, Usilidur Wenoway, greeting the Elven Lord.

    ?Aragorn hopes you have been well. He regrets not being able to attend, but sent me as he best warrior in his place.?

    Elrond placed his hand on Usilidur's shoulder, "And what would be your name, young warror?"

    "Usilidur," Aranarth said, walking to the half elf and embracing him. "It has been too long."

    Aranarth turned to Elrond, "My Lord Elrond, this is Usilidur Wenoway of Gondor."

    He looked back to Usilidur, "What can you tell me of my cousin?"

    Before Usilidur could answer a woman entered the chamber with great urgency.

    "Lord Elrond. I am here to represent the people of Edoras and Rohan. The people being destoyed by this war. I ask your permission to be present at this council. I have many questions I would be grateful if you could answer."

    "All those who have not succumbed to the Shadow are welcomed in Rivendell. This Shadow faces all of Middle-Earth, and it falls to everyone to take part," Elrond said.

    "And what shall I have the pleasure of calling such a fair beauty as yourself?" Aranarth asked.

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    Evalynn Astalith

    "All those who have not succumbed to the Shadow are welcomed in Rivendell. This Shadow faces all of Middle-Earth, and it falls to everyone to take part," Elrond said.

    Evalynn nodded slightly and stood, moving to one side. She was glad Elrond would allow her access to the council. And he was right, at times like these, a united front was a strong front. She was pulled out of her thoughts as a man who had been in the room before she had entered asked her a question. He was tall, what looked like middle age and with shaggy back hair.

    "And what shall I have the pleasure of calling such a fair beauty as yourself?"

    Evalynn respectfully bowed her head slightly to the man

    "Evalynn Astalith, of Rohan, my lord"

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    Usilidur Wenoway

    Usilidur returned the hug in full. It had been a long time since he had seen Aranarth.

    "What can you tell me of my cousin?"

    Usilidur's expression turned serious.

    "Gondor has seen the same as Rivendell. It is getting harder for him to leave the city. Problems sprout the moment he leaves his quarters, God forbid he set foot outside Minas Tirith."

    Usilidur listened to Aranarth sweet talk the newcomer, Evalynn Astalith. He smiled at both of them in kind and tried a little charming of his own. Usilidur took Evalynn?s hand and planted a kiss on it.

    ?A beautiful name to accompany a beautiful woman. Nice to meet you Evalynn.?

    Usilidur glanced around the room. He immediately noticed a figure missing. One not easily recognizable because of his height. Gimli son of Gloin. Usilidur spoke to Elrond.

    ?Where is the good dwarf, Elrond? Should he not be here??

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    IC: Lillithín Cidell

    Shortly after the first arrival came another, who seemed to know both Lord Elrond and the first warrior, whose name was Usildur Wenoway. She'd heard of him, he was supposed to be half-elven, and had been rejected by the elves of his mother's homeland, presumably due to his human blood, though Lillithín did not think this a proper excuse. It was true, elves and men did not have such strong relations as they had had in the past, but prejudice was not a fair reason to refuse anyone of anything.

    Now another newcomer arrived, this one a woman, disheveled and wearied in appearance. She addressed the Elf Lord:

    "Lord Elrond. I am here to represent the people of Edoras and Rohan. The people being destoyed by this war. I ask your permission to be present at this council. I have many questions I would be grateful if you could answer."

    To which Elrond answered: "All those who have not succumbed to the Shadow are welcomed in Rivendell. This Shadow faces all of Middle-Earth, and it falls to everyone to take part."

    The woman accepted this answer with a slight nod. The next moment, the two men were introducing themselves to Evalynn, in quite complimentary fashion. Lillithín only shook her head. The way men behaved when there was a woman around...

    However, Usildur did not attempt to charm Evalynn for long, and soon returned his attention to Lord Elrond, and the upcoming council. Thinking about it, Lillithín supposed that she ought to attend the meeting as well, though she hadn't originally intended upon it. Still, if she went to the council, she could later pass along any information revealed therein to Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel upon her return to Lothlorien...

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    IC - Gimli son of Glóin


    "If by the dwarf ye be meanin' me, then he's standing righ' here, laddie," came a gruff voice in reply to Usilidur's question to Elrond. There was the rustle of chain mail and the gentle tap of an axe's wood butt on the ancient flagstones of Rivendell.

    Gimli moved out of a half-shadow where he'd been, tapping out the pipe he'd been smoking. It had been a pretty task convincing some of these elf-folk to rustle up a half-decent pouch of pipe-weed for him, and as it was the only thing they had here was half-stale stuff from the north farthing of the Shire -- not exactly Longbottom Leaf, but it would do the job.

    "I've been here fo' a few days now," continued the dwarf. "I'd been hoping tha' young Valbrand of Dale might ha' made it here by now, but the road from Esgaroth is long and perilous these days, e'en with the aid of the fair folk in Mirkwood. We are well met, anyway." He looked around at the rest of the group gathered, particularly those who did not know the small, compact form standing there with a double-headed axe in hand. "I am Gimli,, son of Glóin, lord of the Lonely Mountain, as close as ye'll come to a lord of dwarves in these dark days. At yer service and tha' of yer house."

    He bowed low to Elrond in acknowledgment of the half-elf's authority.

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